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The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 10
by | February 2, 2012 | 287 Comments

What a fantastic episode for our men. This really should be The Sun Embraces That Other Sun (And Heck, Also Those Other Friendly Suns, While We’re At It). Yes, the two suns are brothers and that would require breaking a number of taboos, but hey, I’m game if you are. Sigh.

Another ratings increase (the ninth straight one) with today’s episode bringing in a 37.1%. (Ratings were 7.5% for Captain and 4.5% for Wild Romance.) Good grief. I mean, I’m entertained so I’m not complaining — it’s just way beyond my expectation. Timing and circumstance really have so much to do with which shows hit which numbers; previous sageuk hits Princess’s Man and Tree With Deep Roots are both better dramas, but they aired in different circumstances. But Moon/Sun can thank them for setting the stage for it to come in and dominate.


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In his bedchamber, Hwon addresses Wol in language that I’m sure must have been carefully and intentionally selected to hint at the underlying sexual tension driving everything — this drama’s whole conflict centers around sex, after all — as he tells her she must make him forget his exhaustion and put his pain to bed. She says she will, as the spiritual object she believes herself to be.

Standing just outside, Bo-kyung cracks open the doors and is immediately alarmed at Hwon’s reaction to Wol, and readies to storm in. But Woon pushes the door closed and she loses the moment. She glares at him, but forces a smile as she tells Hwon’s entourage that she was merely worried about the king.

Back in her own room, Bo-kyung breaks down in angry tears. Her fears have been realized, because she had recognized that Hwon was looking at the shaman with the eyes of a man for a woman, not a king for his good-luck charm.

Hwon calls for the court doctor, surprising all by saying it’s not for him, but for Wol. Hyung-sun protests, because the royal physician is reserved for royalty. Hwon says that her job is to absorb the evil energy from him, and therefore ensuring her health is for the king’s benefit, overriding Hyung-sun’s horrified protests.

Hwon reads a book while his physician attends to Wol, although he can’t help sending her longing glances, which don’t escape Hyung-sun’s notice.

Then, Wol takes her usual position and watches over Hwon’s sleep. After she leaves, Hwon opens his eyes, not having slept after all.

Woon is given the note taken from Wol, intended for the king, and in the morning he gives it to Hwon. It basically tells him that though she’s not considered a person, she wishes to be the king’s citizen. He recalls his harsh words earlier, and reads this as a rebuke of his dismissal of her worth: “She means that a shaman is still a person, so I shouldn’t disregard her.”

Hyung-sun muses that it’s rare enough for a shaman to know how to write, but also that she’d dare send this kind of message. Yet this also stirs another memory, of another letter he received from a 13-year-old. His thoughts echo his 15-year-old words: “How could I forget you?”

Hyung-sun knows what he’s thinking, and gently reminds him that Wol is is not Yeon-woo. Hwon gets defensive and can’t even bear to hear Hyung-sun continue with the reminder that she’s dead, and he angrily shuts him up.

Hyung-sun informs him of Bo-kyung’s visit and entreats Hwon to consider her feelings, and how hurt she must have felt to have abandoned pride to come to him.

Bo-kyung is moping in her room when she receives word that the king plans to see her. This is great news for all the queens, especially queens mother and dowager. Granny attributes this to the shaman-charm, who has single-handedly improved the king’s health and facilitated reconciliation with Bo-kyung, and she takes this as proof that Wol is indeed the successor to Nok-young. She decides to request another fortune-reading to move the consummation date up while things are looking good.

Bo-kyung happily receives Hwon, who mentions her unannounced nighttime visit. She says it was purely out of concern for him but he cuts to the heart of the matter, as always, insinuating that it was really about keeping tabs on him.

He says that there was no person in his room that night, merely an amulet, as a way of dismissing her concerns — See? It’s just a thing. No reason for you to interfere. The words are polite but there’s a menacing quality to Hwon’s tone, and Bo-kyung is ill at ease. Hwon reminds her that they are to keep their space until the consummation in a month, and Bo-kyung understands that he’s really warning her not to visit his quarters again.

Bo-kyung grapples with her frustration after he leaves, wondering what he is trying to hide from her, and why he has to go so far as to order her away. She breaks down in tears as she wonders if the thing he’s covering up for is love. First the dead girl, and now the lowly shaman?

She orders her lady in waiting to find a court lady with close access to the king. She wants someone to watch the king’s visits with his shaman-charm and report to her — secretly, of course.

Yang-myung returns to town to search for Wol, to no avail. He recalls Wol assuring him that she was safe, and wonders if that’s true.

He passes a group of young court shamans, and Jan-shil recognizes him from that time years ago when he saved her from the quack peddlers. She runs after him, adorably calling him “Oraboni” and grabbing him in a bear hug.

He doesn’t recognize her, all grown now, and is confused until she reminds him of the “magic stone” he once talked about. Memory thus jogged, Yang-myung greets her warmly.

Jan-shil tells him she’s no longer a phony seer but the real deal, one of the shamans of Seongsucheong. And that makes the pieces fall into place for Yang-myung — Seongsucheong is the safest place for a shaman in the city — and he asks urgently whether a girl named Wol is among them.

But Jan-shil remembers how furiously Nok-young warned her to keep her mouth shut about moon/sun related talk, especially regarding Yeon-woo, and the bodily harm she was threatened with. So she shakes her head no and says that there’s nobody like that around.

Jan-shil goes to Wol’s room with a heavy heart, sorry for lying. Sleeping Wol has a fitful dream, and relives the memory of that long-ago night at the festival. Out of context, though, the sight of Hwon wearing that big mask is spooky, and the dream has teh tone of a nightmare. Just as he lifts the mask to reveal his face, she wakes up.

It’s a recurring nightmare that always ends before seeing his face. Wol’s particularly disappointed tonight, feeling like she was just about to see his face. Seol is there when she wakes and thinks sympathetically that the face she wants so badly to see is the one she looks on every night.

That evening, Hwon is waiting for Wol when she enters and refers to her letter, which conveyed her resentment of him. She protests that she didn’t mean it in that sense, and he allows that maybe she doesn’t resent him — but she did mean it as a reproach.

She answers that she only meant to say that she would undertake her duty to the best of her abilities, and that misunderstanding is bound to arise if the reader of the note approaches it with preconceived notions. If he felt something in her note, perhaps it’s because there was a reason he made that inference.

Hwon reads into that remark as well, supposing that she’s insinuating that he’s ruling badly. Even though Wol has a tendency to speak in poetic riddles, Hwon does seem to be overreacting this time and he gets worked up, reminding her of her place and that he is not to be trifled with. He exclaims, “I am Joseon’s…!” in much the same way he had at their first encounter.

Hwon cuts himself off, recalling that very thing, and declares he’s in need of some air. Wol, as his charm, is ordered to follow him outside.

He orders his entourage to stay at a distance, keeping only Wol nearby with the excuse that she’s his charm. They stand outside the closed palace building that was once hers, and that stirs a memory — of young Hwon crying after her as Yeon-woo was kicked out. Assuming her medium powers are responsible for the vision, Wol asks if this place holds sad memories for the king: “Was the person who shed tears at this place… you?”

He looms over her and asks intently, “What did you see?” Then he grabs her even closer — rawr! — and asks if she knows this because of her supernatural powers.

She says yes, and he tells her to use those powers, then, to answer a question: “What do you think I’m going to do now?”

Watching from across the courtyard, Hyung-sun and Woon avert their eyes as Hwon asks whether she thinks he would embrace her, disregarding her status. And then he eyes his uncomfortable staff, all shifting and looking down — and grabs Wol’s hand to run away. HA! (I love that he was being intentionally discomfiting to get everyone to look away.)

Racing across the palace grounds, Hwon ducks into an empty building and demands to know who she really is: “You are not Wol.” But she has no other identity, and she says that before he gave her a name, she was just a nameless shaman.

Hwon looks at her entreatingly, asking, “Do you really not know me? Have you truly never met me?” Wol asks if he’s looking to find Yeon-woo in her, and if her resemblance to that woman is why he’s keeping her close. He looks devastated as she tells him that she isn’t that person.

Lashing out, he says she’s overstepped her bounds for assuming he cared for her, and that she’s a mere charm, not a person. Who is she to send him into such chaos? He warns her to keep away — if she crosses the line again, he won’t forgive her.

His entourage awaits outside, and he leaves with them, dismissing Wol’s services for tonight. He does send Woon to follow her back to her quarters, though.

Nok-young finds Wol outside and asks in concern if something happened, alarmed when Wol asks, “Who am I?” She confesses that she’s seeing strange visions, and while they must be someone else’s memories, they feel like her emotions.

Not really believing it, Wol asks, “I can’t be the owner of those memories, can I? No matter how much I resemble her, I can’t become her, can I?” As though she wishes she were, so she could have the king’s love or maybe just ease his pain. Seol witnesses the conversation with tears of sympathy.

Yeom freaks out to have Yang-myung pop up outside his house, and the two friends are then further freaked out by the silent arrival of a third party — Woon. Ha. Woon is here to convey Hwon’s orders to Yeom to appear at the palace, and on his way out gets a glimpse of a letter written on familiarly bright yellow parchment. Yeom explains it as an old letter from Yeon-woo.

Seol once more visits Yeom’s house to get a glimpse of him, not seeing that Woon has clocked her shadowy presence. He surprises her with an attack and asks who sent her. Seol knocks his sword aside and runs away.

The two remaining friends have a drink, and Yeom asks whether it’s true that Yang-myung has a new sweetheart, wondering what she’s like.

Yang-myung reminisces about that one instance eight years ago, on the night before Yeon-woo was to be decided as the princess bride. He’d offered to take her away, but she had dismissed him by telling him not to joke, and he had let it go at that.

Yang-myung: “If I hadn’t disguised it as a joke… If I’d had more courage, and held out my hand… If I had shown my true feelings and asked her to run away… would she be with me now?”

Seol finds Wol waiting up when she returns, and explains that she was visiting her former owners’ house. Wol smiles and says they must have been good people for her to still feel attached, and Seol answers that they were: “When I was not even treated like a beast, they treated me as a person and gave me the pretty name Seol.” She finishes the thought in her head, adding, “That’s the kind of person you were.”

After Yang-myung leaves, Yeom goes to Yeon-woo’s old room… where he finds her old chest. OH THANK GOD. Will somebody find that damn letter already?

Yeom remembers Yeon-woo’s words about going through with the bridal selection despite her family’s worries. He lifts the lid to find the scrap of paper, curiously out of place, which immediately grabs his attention. He pulls it out, and sees that it’s addressed to the Crown Prince.

Yang-myung walks along the deserted road, stopping short at the sight of a dark figure. It’s Jan-shil, and she tells him emotionally that she’s sorry, and that she’ll help him find the woman he’s looking for. She grabs him in a hug, crying, “Because you saved my life. I’ll repay that kindness, I promise.”

Yeom visits his mother prior to making his trip to the palace. Min-hwa’s disappointed he didn’t tell her in advance so she could go with him, and Mom asks if she’s angry. Min-hwa says no, not angry — uneasy. Because if her husband goes to the palace alone…

Cut to: Yeom, stirring up a frenzy among the court ladies, just like old times. Hwon warmly receives Yeom, whom he still calls Teacher, and invites him to settle in for a chat.

Our axis of evil plays the role of today’s political exposition fairies as they receive word of Yeom’s sudden appearance at court and try to unravel its significance. I guess “Because I wanna hang out with my friend” doesn’t compute with this council of backstabbing conspirators?

One minister comically complains that his hottie ranking slips whenever Yeom’s around, but then they get to the crux of the problem: As the princess’s husband, Yeom isn’t supposed have anything to do with politics, and thus his presence at court is dangerous. His very existence is problematic on a symbolic level (not unlike Yang-myung), since there are those willing to rally around him, perhaps moved by his father’s lingering influence.

Yeom has deliberated over the letter, and now presents it to the king, explaining that he decided the right thing to do was to return it to the rightful recipient. Hwon can’t hide his emotion as he confirms that this is Yeon-woo’s last letter to him.

Bowing respectfully, Yeom advises Yeom to forget her now, and to remember his wife. He says that Yeon-woo wouldn’t have wanted him to stay stuck in her shadow either. Hwon notes sadly that everybody is telling him to forget her.

After Yeom leaves, he sits there staring at the unopened letter for a long while, and finally reads it.

Yeon-woo: “Crown Prince, I gather the last of my strength to leave this letter. I do not know if it will cause trouble or even if it will reach you, but I write this anyway. Before I leave, even only through the things I have learned from you, I was very happy. But now you must stop blaming yourself, and think of me as a memory. My father will bring me medicine soon. Then I will no longer be able to see you. You must forget me, and years later become a good and wise king.”

He cries, asking, “How much must she have hurt? How painful must it have been?”

He asks Hyung-sun to bring him his old chest, and sobs that he can’t remember Yeon-woo’s handwriting anymore. He has to see her old letter as confirmation.

Bo-kyung’s court spy reports to her about the king’s nighttime stroll, as well as Yeom’s visit. He was seen in troubled spirits afterward and asked for a chest bearing the hanja character for rain. Bo-kyung seems to recognize this immediately, with some concern.

Hwon takes out the old letter, the apology she’d spent so much time on. But as he reads, it triggers another thought and he fumbles for a different letter — the one he recently received.

Hwon compares the handwriting of the letters, which contain some of the same words. He orders Wol brought to him immediately.

Wol is escorted to his quarters, but along the way she’s jerked to the side by Yang-myung, who asks intently, “Do you recognize me?”

As he does, Hwon finishes his comparison and looks up with conviction.


Ack! He knows! They both know! You’re just going to cut out here?? Right, of course you’re going to cut out here; you don’t get to 30%+ ratings by just giving it away, I guess. I’ll give it to this show — even in a slower episode (which is what I thought of this one), it always pulls out a cliffhanger designed to rope us back like a crack addict at the bottom of his pipe, or however else you run out of crack.

I said before that I wished Bo-kyung had been developed differently, to not be so outright malicious from the start, and that feeling is growing. I understand that she was raised by a villainous father, but she would have been such an interesting character if she had been allowed to “choose” her evil, so to speak, rather than have been marked from the start as a dark soul.

This also stems from Kim Min-seo’s portrayal of Bo-kyung, which I think is fantastic. And yet the problem is, I think she’s giving the character depth that isn’t there in the writing. That’s not as bad a problem as the reverse scenario, but it does give me moments of confusion as a viewer.

As a child, when she saw the lovebirds slipping away from the festival and cried, I felt nothing for her because there was nothing to show why she should feel so crushed; they had no existing relationship, and she’d never even looked at him admiringly. She could have been smitten by him at the soccer match, but again, wasted opportunity.

Thus I felt (and still feel) that Bo-kyung’s issue is about jealousy over all the things Yeon-woo had, rather than jealousy over the king’s heart — because as far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t care for Hwon, the person. It’s all about what this represents: She’s always felt inferior to Yeon-woo, and her insecurities aren’t dead just because the girl (supposedly) is. It would have been a wonderful thing to explore, wouldn’t it?

Here’s what I would have done: In their youths, I would have had Bo-kyung misunderstanding Hwon’s request to see her in secret, rather than realizing the truth in two minutes. She could have then built him up in her mind for days and read signs into everything, so when she later found out he meant to see Yeon-woo, that crushing disappointment would have had some bite. Then she could feel hurt over their relationship, whereas right now I feel like she’s a toddler unwilling to relinquish a toy because it’s hers.

I’m not saying we can’t enjoy what we have, because I’m going with the story that’s given to us and it’s still entertaining. It’s just rather one-dimensional, ignoring its early potential to cultivate richer characters and more believable emotions.

I have found the continued dumping on Han Ga-in a bit excessive, but it’s true that she doesn’t measure up to the men. I like her quite a lot in this role when she’s with Seol and Jan-shil, and I love that this drama shows us some solid female friendship, as fierce and loyal as any bromance. (More of that, please!) Han is managing the sageuk-speak pretty well and I think she bears a striking physical resemblance to child counterpart Kim Yoo-jung, so good casting on the looks front. But it’s too bad that Kim Soo-hyun blows her out of the water, and so does Kim Min-seo.

I never really thought Yeon-woo was terribly nuanced a character to begin with, though, even in childhood; she was the simplest role of them all, and I partly blame the writing for being flat on that front. That’s true of a lot of the characters, actually, and we are just blessed in some cases with some actors who transcend their material.

And boy, did they transcend in this episode. Kim Soo-hyun was pretty much on fire the whole episode through, whether he was being hurt, furious, confused, or heartbroken. And Jung Il-woo is at his best when he’s letting down that mask of mirth, as he did when he confessed to Yeom that perhaps he might have been able to keep Yeon-woo alive and with him if he’d been emotionally sincere. He’s wrong about that — y’know, Fate and all — but that regret is a bitter pill to swallow.


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            It might have been better though if Hwon was attracted to Wol as a person and was not interested in her just because he thought she was YW.
            Sometimes Hwon and YM can be a little “Santa Barbara” ish. OMG! I still remember that one! Geez I’m old!

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          Besides, Bo Kyung’s doesn’t seem all that interested in happyhappyfun time for the sake of happyhappyfun time; seems more like she’s in it for the opportunity to one-up a dead chick and prove her superiority to the king. But BK’s a wild card; her character is pretty shallow but the actress plays her with startling amount of depth so it’s hard to read where her motivations are coming from. For all we know she could be interested in Hwon sexually; I mean, he’s kinda hot. :3

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      I’ve known a guy in reality who lost his gf to liver failure… it’s been 8 years. He’s still not completely over her. ๐Ÿ™

      I feel so bad for YM, though… *sigh. I just want to hug his character and tell him, “You won’t love the same way… but you will love again.”

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        I think that’s vastly different from two people who loved each other wholly and completely and then one of the two was taken away by death. In the case of the guy you know, he loved and was loved in return so getting over the GF would, understandable, be difficult.

        In YM’s case, it was one-sided pining then and it’s one-sided pining now. Hwon’s case is like the one of your friend; he loved YW and she was prematurely and unfairly snatched away so I can understand Hwon still grieving.

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    Kim Soo Hyun blew me once again, his anguish, his smile, his cry; he’s just fantastic! Cried with him when he read the last letter from YW T__T Didn’t surprised reading the news that the rating topped up to 41.3% during this scene.

    I really feel sorry for both Bo Kyung and Yang Myung…

  23. 23 stars4u

    I thought it was an easy going episode until they cut it at the very interesting part… I was chanting “don’t end here. DON’T YOU DARE END HERE!!!” then poof!

    Kim Soo-hyun was soooo good in today’s episode not that he was bad the past episodes though.

  24. 24 tpsnowangel

    jung il woo <3

  25. 25 nuri

    I was disappointed by episode 9. I don’t know why, now I feel like the show is already overrated. I still like it so much, but not that much?

    I think this is a good episode and massive cliffhanger (again!). Maybe that’s why ep9 disappoint me because what I thought a massive cliffhanger just fell flat?

    I haven’t watched this episode yet, so I’m really excited to see Kim Soo Hyun!!

    • 25.1 Meg

      i was in love with this show from episodes 1-5. but now i agree with you. it is starting to get overrated. i wish it had the same political IQ as tree with deep roots then it get more intriguing. the romance is starting to get boring.

      • 25.1.1 twentyonebuds

        Omg I was just thinking the same thing.. I find the pace slow and draggy after the awesomeness of tree and princess’s man! It’s the acting (Kim So Hyun and Jung Il Woo!!) that keeps me watching.

        But despite Jung Il Woo’s talent YM is getting a bit too pathetic to me. And The King’s harshness is becoming quite tiresome. I kind of wish they’d taken the whole letter misunderstanding intentions thing further so we could get some intelligent friction between the King and Wol because to be honest the chemistry’s not happening for me. Not nearly as strongly as I felt it between the child actors. Wol seems a bit dead (excuse the pun) in contrast to YM and the King and i feel that more so than the acting it’s the writing of the character that’s to blame.

        Nevertheless, cheers for the recap jb ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 25.1.2 nuri

        i haven’t watched tree yet, but i think Moon/Sun didn’t try so hard on political issue (like SKKS). it basically just plot point. im saying its not a bad thing but if its stronger the story will be more believable.

        and i also agree the acting (and the pretty boys) that keeps me watching

      • 25.1.3 lulu

        lol I wasn’t alone. I’ve lost appetite about this drama already. HGI has no chemistry with any of the male leads. I couldn’t care about the other characters and their love polygon. If there’s anything new to this, it’s just how politics and religion plays on a king’s life. I’d probably just continue this again when the drama’s finish.

        • Korazy Lady

          I’m glad to see others feel this is getting draggy and frankly, kind of boring. The child actors were amazing and so engaging – I thought they had so much life and appeal in their faces. But I’m not attracted to any of the adult actors, and while I loved JIW as the Scheduler, isn’t his voice even higher than the boy who played him as a child? It’s just not good or believable casting to me.

          And does anyone else think it’s a little strange for these two guys to be pining for 8 years over a 13 year old? While first loves do tend to stay in your heart, you’d think the maturing process alone would have loosened her grip a little. I’m really surprised this is getting higher reviews than the Princess’ Man.

    • 25.2 Ace

      With the ratings climbing up, I’m thinking it’s kinda overrated too. Not that I resent the high ratings, but like some have mentioned, TPM & Tree were better and deserved high ratings too.

      In SKKS, except for Jun Tae-soo’s wide-eyed glare acting, the rest of the characters were more interesting to watch (even Sun-joon and Yoon-hee). The pace of SKKS was better at this point too. Heck, if not for Kim Soo-hyun’s acting (& Kim Min-seo too)….

  26. 26 M

    I watched the Princess’s Man and I do agree that it has better story but a good drama doesn’t mean good ratings and good ratings doesn’t mean good drama.

    However, and luckily, in this case MoonSun has a pretty good plot and also very well received ratings.

    Although, I still feel terrible for the other two dramas. Captain is a good show (as far as I’m in right now, episode…5) I don’t know about Wild Romance though.

    Han-Ga In is not bad. For some terrible reason, she doesn’t really fit the screen very well. There are some actresses that just pull people in when they act and some don’t. She kinds of reminds me of SHK. I really like SHK but for some reason I don’t really feel much emotion when I watch her act. This goes for HGI. I mean, she delivers her dialogue fine, she cries when she needs to, she acts like a beautiful and tender lady like she should be. However, that’s it. I just see her as a character but not someone that is like right in front of me.

    As for JIW as Prince Myung Goon, I think I like LMH portrayal initially. I can feel that he really care for Hwon, but at the same time feel terribly sad that the things he wanted do not belong to him. He smiles but his eyes show a lot of sadness. As for JIW, he smiles like a joker and his eyes show sadness but it’s so terribly…for love. As for LMH, I see in it a lot more. I guess this character, too bad for JIW, is just so one-dimensional as the story progresses. Every time I see him, he is always thinking about YW. JIW, JIW, what a waste, what a waste…

    KSH. This shows must really love him to give him better depths than the other characters. Or maybe he must be super excited that his first real lead role (Dream High in my mind is sort of like and idol show) sparks such high ratings that’s why he puts like 120% effort in every scene he does. Sometimes, though, I think he screams a little bit too much? He seems to put a lot of tension to his character and somehow it fits well with this show. But..where is my cute young Hwon…? *sigh

    Personally, I don’t hate Bokyung at all. I have no connection to her really. I don’t see why she is so hung up with Hwon. If the show put her as someone solely for political power, then I can understand. But KMS seems to portray her as really in love with Hwon which…confuses me.


    • 26.1 Hell0kittyangel

      I donโ€™t know about Wild Romance though. imo Wild Romance is pretty good as well; I’m liking it better than Take Care of Us, Captain, but I think it’s due to SNSD’s Jessica. Her character is kind of mysterious, and so I guess that’s what’s good about that drama.

      And about Bokyung, I totally agree. In the novel, she doesn’t play that big of a role (according to my friend) and so I kind of don’t like how it seems like she plays a bigger role in the drama.

      • 26.1.1 M

        Really? I haven’t watched it yet. I guess I will watch it when it is complete.

        Hopefully, this show will turn out well. i sort of lose a little feel for it as the story progress. I’m hopimg for a more depth to it than just romance. I want to see the king kicks asses in his court.

      • 26.1.2 Ani

        Actually, I found Jessica’s character in Wild Romance boring and bothersome. She doesn’t intrigue me, which is sad. What’s a love triangle if one of the legs of the triangle is boring? I’m not blaming Jessica (SNSD fans don’t kill me), but on how the character was written. Her only good now is that she will be reason enough for our main leads to be in close proximity to each other.

        I think another reason for the ratings sweep here is that TPM and TWDR were such stellar sageuks that people are probably in the mood for more. Add in the story for Moon/Sun and the excellent lead in with the young cast and a stellar older cast, and you pretty much have people hooked. With not much else to compete with it for it’s genre, Moon/Sun is likely to break 40%…. That’s if I hadn’t gone and jinxed it I mean. XD Superstition for the win.

        • Ani

          Oh, add in that this fusion sageuk has supernatural elements and set in an alternate world where unless people read the novel people are here to stay to find out what happens in the end.

        • luna

          Ratings growth for this drama has been exponential. With episode 10’s cliffhanger ending, it’s no surprise if it breaks the 40% mark next week. ONE WHOLE WEEK. Arrrrggghhhh!

          Wednesday can’t come soon enough . . .

    • 26.2 kbap

      I’m also kind of disappointed of how one-dimensional JIW’s character is. I love him, and he’s pretty much my ultimate bias, even against those other youthful flower boys (the LMHs! Jang Geun-seok! etc.) but I feel that the drama could have given him more…depth. I dunno, but I thought he was gonna be such a complex and conflicted character from the earlier episodes, but now…he seems kinda flat. He’s still my bias, but I wish that he would at least see his brother once in a while. So the bromance might make up for it? I wish he had more…action, too. I’m not entirely sure, as I haven’t really watched the episodes myself, but it seems that he doesn’t do much, not much happens to him, he doesn’t have such a great journey ahead of him (unlike Hwon, for example)…like he travels from palace to streets, everyday. Not only physically but also changes emotionally (I can’t really word it right). I’m pretty sure I’m being confusing but I really don’t know how to put it in words. Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I just want Yang-myung to end up with his brother (for bromance explosion, not literally, since I already know it’s not possible *sob) or Jang-shil. I hope I got her name right. I really wish Yang-myung would take what Wol said into consideration and move on. I love this show but find it a little ridiculous of how both can’t move on from the same girl in nine years. With that being said, I guess I just want Yang-myung to have a meatier roll (though this is way better than My Fair Lady or whatever it was called). Or just more like a main character. Even though he’s the second main. I seriously can’t type my thoughts coherently. One of my special talents.

      • 26.2.1 Jomo

        I agree with you and M.
        it seems that he doesnโ€™t do much, not much happens to him, he doesnโ€™t have such a great journey ahead of him (unlike Hwon, for example)โ€ฆ

        The original description way in the way back when the drama was announced said he was a fake playboy. That he was pretending to be like that so he did not pose a threat to his little brother, the King.

        JIW can do that. Instead, we have a hobbled JIW pining alone after an impossible love. OK OK, this is standard 2nd lead stuff, but come ON! It’s Jung Il-woo.

        I was hoping to see him hanging out at with the gisaengs, getting thrown out of clubs, attempting to seduce ladies while really truly suffering silently after losing Wol.
        You know: a little City Hunter LMH + SKKS SJK + Untold Scandal BYJ. (starts to picture JIW in the BYJ role…………)

        This was supposed to be my favorite future drama ever in the history of time because of the cast.

        I still enjoy JIW’s sad faces, but if he doesn’t do somehting interesting soon, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll keep watching and dreaming of the JIW who takes my breath away just looking at a girl.

        • tarianantatoer

          *imagining JIW hanging out with gisaeng and getting thrown out of clubs* instead of doing that swooning things he just wandering at the marketplace like everyday, I get it that he’s trying to find her but…I guess the writer and director forgot about that awesome description *sigh* between this and your post no. 41, I love your version of Moonsun a lot better..

      • 26.2.2 alexis

        I sorta cant really agree with you cos my sister lost her husband 10 years ago and she still hasn’t moved on. I guess it’s unthinkable for her when she still loves him today. We can all tell her to move on cos we are not really her and cannot feel the same intensity of the loss, the potential future they could’ve had together, the dreams and all they shared. But if there are times i think would i be like her if it happened to me, and i hoped to God i never had to go through what she has and continues to go through everyday for God knows how long. So in that same aspect, I can understand completely why you would want to hold on to someone who is not there and will never be there anymore.

        • M

          You did mention that it is her ‘husband’. In that sense, it’s a mutual love between two people. If there is a point that one becomes husband or wife to another, then there must be a process of wooing, falling in love.

          I guess the show never really shows ‘how’ or ‘the process’ of what makes YW so lovable to YM. The story just hits, ‘bang’, that he loves her. With H and YW, they at least have a process, albeit fast, where they fall in love and she actually becomes his wife. He called her ‘his wife’ before she was led away. Hwon’s attachment to YW until he grows up is understandable on that part.

          For YM, I don’t get how he is so in love with a person that never really respond back to his love. I think that I can agree he ‘likes’ her but ‘love’ is something that grows from like. Despite what dramas show, ‘love’ can be let go off if there was never really a point that connects two person together, emotionally. YW and MY was never connected in that aspect, as far as the show portrayed, in any way that would show he should be so hung up on her.

          That’s one of the reason why I think dramas are unrealistic. In real life, people ‘do’ let go. Oh well, that’s why it’s drama.

    • 26.3 lulu

      HGI is monotonous, doesn’t use/have a lot of facial expression, always keep her eyes round and wide-opened no matter what her scenes are (well, almost). omg, I’m sounding like an HGI-hater so I’ll stop now.

  27. 27 tpsnowangel

    saving this for summer break…till then~~ jung il woo <3

  28. 28 deasy

    Hufth I can’t stand seeing Hwon Crying. I wish I could be His Handkerchief….

    • 28.1 lishuys

      LOL funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny:):):):)

  29. 29 Ani

    Ah, and my love for Kim Soo-hyun continues to grow…. but he’s not mine. *shakes her fist at fate for having found out about Kim Soo-hyun through Dream High and not sooner*

    All in all, I’ve found Han Ga-in likable since that puppy pout she gave to Seol a few weeks back. Maybe it’s time people just let themselves be swept away with the story if they can’t stand the actress.

    I can’t wait to see what Hwon does with this new found information. And poor Yangmyung, Poor poor POOOOOOOR Yangmyung.

    • 29.1 kbap

      *sob. My heart breaks for Yang-myung. Like every episode D: he needs to get a girl. Seriously.
      If he doesn’t couple up with someone by the end of this show, I swear I’m really gonna just cry in a corner.

      • 29.1.1 Selli

        Doesn’t Jang-shil have a thing for him? And Woon and Seol also seem to be set up as a pair, though it’s a pity that he’s so wooden.

        Aw, Kim Soo-hyun looked like a little boy when he cried. I’m 19, but that awakened motherly feelings in me! XD Kind of weird.

        • Ace

          Seol’s (still) in love with Yeom, not with Woon.

          • midori

            Wait and see.. there something will happened between them… woon will be curious why seol always look at yeom

          • Ani

            I’ve been thinking Seol might end up getting shipped with Woon considering Yeom is too honorable of a guy to leave his wife – after he gets over the whole thing with his wife not telling him about the cause of his sister’s “death”.

        • kbap

          Haha, I know but Yang-myung’s still so in love with Wol, and now that they both figured out that she’s Yeon-woo (is that her name? I seriously don’t remember names), it’s more likely he’ll chase after her than Jang-shil. But yes, I want Jang-shil and him to couple up. They’re so cute! (*ahem.) I hope Jang-shil doesn’t become those poor rejected girls I cry for (hah, even more crying from me?)

  30. 30 Kiara

    I pretty much agree with you and I’ll say it again. Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Min-seo are rocking their roles. Is it so bad that I secretly wished that Min-seo was playing Wol instead?. OOOPS did I say that out loud?…

    • 30.1 starkid

      I like to see king and Bo Kyung sence more than Hwon and wol. I think next time kim so hyun should play bad guy character…^^

    • 30.2 Ace

      Yeah, had the same thoughts. But then if the young actors playing Yeon-woo and Bo-kyung were interchanged too that would be just tragic. Kim Yoo-jung rocked and her Yeon-woo cast a long shadow to both drama characters and drama audiences. I could see HGI as older Bo-kyung though.

  31. 31 AbaTeka

    Thanks for the great recap!

    I am really hoping that YW will be able to regain her memory back. KSH and JIW’s acting are really superb and I wanted to see the the same passion and angst I’ve seen in their eyes with YW’s eyes! I understand that she doesn’t know her identity and she has already accepted the fact that she is just a shaman that’s why she cannot return the same intensity. Though I want to understand BUT I am really frustrated! I want more…. and more and more!!! hehhehe!

  32. 32 chewy

    Kim Soo-hyun was the highlight for me. This boy was awesome.

  33. 33 girl

    yes, kim soo hyun was on fire this whole episode ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait for next week!! thank you javabeans !

  34. 34 Mol

    DB and JB thanks a looooot for the recap!!! I can’t wait for next week’s episodes recap ^^,,still KSH is Daebaak!!!,,he’s so young yet he’s a great actor ^^

  35. 35 MJ

    I just notice something at an angle Yoon Bo-Kyung (played by Kim Min-Seo) – wife of Lee Hwon – looks like the young version of Lee Hwon’s wicked grandmother Queen Yoon.

    Thanks for the recap.

  36. 36 all4movies

    Great recap.

    I agree that Han Ga-In is the weakest link, but for me it’s her best acting so far as I haven’t really cared for her past work. It’s too late to cast a different actress, so we’ve got to appreciate what we’ve got since everyone else is doing such an awesome job.

    Can’t wait to go home tonight and watch the RAW version.


    • 36.1 BlondieDanny

      it would be MORE interesting if the “shaman” wear funny clothes, not HOODING ALL THE TIME !! it remind me of little red riding hood !

      it would be more interesting if the “shaman” is screaming, jumping, shivering and dancing, running with some kind of magic stick and wear skimpy clothes and the queen will go more beserk !!

      that will be more interesting and fun rather then sitting and watching him sleep SO … SO…… SO… boring !!

  37. 37 ekap

    Thanks for this JB! After the letter could they find the hairpins please…coz it’s also important clue about YW/wol. MBC is know for sure how to make us wait for another episodes.

  38. 38 Evi

    My initial thought is: Wol, please runaway with Yang Myung ๐Ÿ™‚ Not because I want them to be paired, but because now the palace is not safe for her, furthermore I want the King feel remorse and regret of what he already did to Wol previously (the arrest, the yelling and especially with the iron incident). Although I know it’s not his fault entirely, but boy I surely like to see he’s reaction when he’s found out that he’s missing Yeon Woo once again, but this time it’s because of him.

    Can’t wait for the next episode, siigh….

  39. 39 Fasiris Fay

    Kim So Hyun ROCKED this episode. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!!

  40. 40 everriell

    I looove!!!!!

  41. 41 jomo

    Thank you for the recap.
    Love this: In his bedchamber, Hwon addresses Wol in language that Iโ€™m sure must have been carefully and intentionally selected to hint at the underlying sexual tension driving everything โ€” this dramaโ€™s whole conflict centers around sex, after all-

    Every time she goes into his room, even with all those other people hanging around, I get a little nervous. I love the dark, and the night, and the doors closed, and the king laying out in all his regal splendour before her….
    And the King, with his angry eyes trying to hide his lustful eyes…ahhh…The whole set-up is delicious. I know it is not going to be a sensual drama, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were able to work in some real and mutual forbidden contact between the OTP in plain sight? You know, the good kind, nothing more than a hand touching a wrist lightly, or the brief reveal of an ankle. I did like his pulling her towards him outside, middle to middle. Omo!

    I agree that KSH seems to be doing all the heavy lifting mixing up the chemistry (OK Is that even possible?) but part of it is the plot, right? Or that darn virginal ideal these women are supposed to uphold. Uri Wol is not allowed to meet him halfway with the longing, she has to sit back and wait for him to come to her. If the director wanted, he could have Wol dare to meet and hold his glance, or leave her hand on his head as he wakes up and becomes aware of her.
    Maybe later…

    I did get my wish, that they would actually speak to each other, and that Wol would show some spunk at him when he was awake.

    Love the cliff hangers in this show.
    I wonder when gramma is going to finally see Wol?

    • 41.1 aisuzieya

      and damn it! could anyone ever look so sexier in white like KSH did in this ep and those eyes like u said….filled with lust and anguish. always the awesome mix of emotion ;p

      i want MOOORE KSH and HGI on screen!!!

    • 41.2 tarianantatoer

      “nothing more than a hand touching a wrist lightly, or the brief reveal of an ankle” makes me think of Edith Warthon’s The Age of Innocence. Omg that’s one spicy idea! My mind in the gutter already *fans self*

      But in the novel (I read Blue’s and Jaejongstolemyheart’s translation) Hwon is nothing like Newland Archer, heck, he is kinkier than Oliver Mellors. Loved it!!

    • 41.3 YY


      The days have been long and bleak without youuuuuu!

      If King and Virgin Shaman finally DO IT, I’m betting there’s going to be a major eclipse.

  42. 42 cv

    thank you for recap!

    this was a intense episode in the fact that we deal with Wol getting her memories back–a little at a time while she thinks she’s seeing someone elses, King who feels as though he knows Wol–felt the pull to her but doesn’t understand it–His brother who feels the same way, wanting know for sure if wol is yeon woo.
    Can’t wait for the next episode. that cliffhanger really had me going! arrrgh! LOL
    Now that both brothers know she’s alive, wonder what’s going to happen? When the brother pulled Wol aside, didn’t the guards see? and if so, shouldn’t they have stopped him? I mean, I thought wol was just a shaman amulet that no one elses was suppose to know about that she goes and see the king. So where were the guards? I suppose that’s going to have to wait until next Wednesday night. ^^

  43. 43 holysmokes

    im so done with refreshing like 20 times to read your re cap on episode 10, a little k drama crack head is what ive turned in to bcoz of the TMTETS.. lol. i watched the episode with out subs twice, and ive read your re caps.. im one happy addict.. lmao.. thanks JB u seriously rock…

  44. 44 Lady

    OMG what’s going to happen now?? ack!!! I’m obsessed with this…much the same way I was obsessed with Sungkyunkwan Scandal :3

    • 44.1 Bluefyre

      I feel the same way!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. 45 sootyxsnowpetal

    I love your recaps! And yes, this ending was particularly cliffhanger-y, and I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that Bo-kyung dies a bitter virgin (I’m assuming that Hwon is still a virgin at this point, but… well, it’s not realistic :P)

    I understand the idea that these characters are a little too one dimensional, but I’m a sucker for huge romances like this that aren’t blown out of proportion. And you’re right, Kim soo-hyun does blow the rest of the actors out of the water with his acting. My reason for sticking with this (besides the awesome actors) is the anticipation of how they’ll unravel who she is at the end. I mean, c’mon, even if we all knew this was going to happen, all of the links (like Seol/Woon occurrence today and Jan Shil/Hyung sun, and how Nok-young is the person with answers to everything) are convoluted in a way that I want to see how they bring it all back together when the truth reveals itself at the end. I hope it does, because otherwise I’ll be really unhappy!

    Which leads me to another point – I hope that this drama ends with a bam, because I’d like to leave dramas with a good feeling, thankyouverymuch.

  46. 46 Bluefyre

    Seriously. Kim Soo Hyun in that white “night gown” is driving me nuts! WHY does he look SO good in it?! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Bravo, SunMoon, bravo!
    I want this boxset whenever it comes out! It’s too good! ^^

    Anybody know who’s doing subs for this?
    Why isn’t it on Dramafever? I REALLY wish they’d include this on the simulcast list too!

    • 46.1 cv

      viki is. all episode are subbed. ^^ if u live in the americas region, I believe.

    • 46.2 Fiercediva

      It is on Hulu Plus in the U.S., very nicely subtitled although they are not caught up yet to the latest episodes. Drama Fever just got Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, so I guess they can’t get every drama licensed.

    • 46.3 luna

      I know what you mean. Seriously, why taking so long, DF? *sigh* it’ll be available in DramaFever on 2/15/12 (or so the schedule says). Until then, viki has subs up to ep 10 (yay!).

      • 46.3.1 Bluefyre

        Oh thank you! You just made my day…
        (also feel a little silly >___> Must pay attention to that section *facepalm*)

      • 46.3.2 Bluefyre

        Really though…why so long?


  47. 47 luna

    Thank you for the super fast recap! It’s such a joy to read your insightful writing and witty comments.

    I LOVE this episode! Kim Soo Hyun – why are you so awesome? So much emotions! I was an avid fan but now I’m a rabid fan. Seriously, Show, what have you done to me?

    Waaah! One whole week before the next episode. It’s gonna be a looong week again. The anticipation is killing me – this show sure aced Cliffhanger 101 in college. And what? no preview again? Where is my blankie?! I need my blankie!!

    Can’t wait for next week . . .

    • 47.1 Bluefyre

      LOL! Here’s your blankie! ๐Ÿ˜€

      *throws soggy blankie*

      Sorry, I used a bit of it! ^^

  48. 48 Julyssa

    Gdi is Kim Soo Hyun slaying me in this drama. I agree with you, he was on fire in this episode!

    We are now at the middle point of the drama. Just 5 more weeks to go!

  49. 49 kikoprincess

    great recap. the descriptiveness was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up the great work.

  50. 50 Serena

    I’ve always been a silent reader, but this show just ties me up even tighter every week that I’ve come to a point where I Must rant and rave here….thank you for the as always AWESOME recaps…what would I do without it. The story itself is rich but with your detailed analysis and critique it just add more fun and enjoyment to the drama itself. Daebaaak! Thanks again.

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