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The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 12
by | February 9, 2012 | 250 Comments

All right, time to up the stakes, and ratchet up the emotion on all sides. People are pushed into corners, and characters take one step closer to making some finite decisions. Hwon takes one step forward in the big mystery of years past, but also suffers a setback as the baddies get crafty, too. And that cliffhanger leaves us wondering if we’ve hit a point of no return, or if our hero can find a way out. (Okay, I’m pretty sure it’s not a real point of no return, but at the same time I’ll have to remain in suspense another week. As will we all.)


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A discouraged Yang-myung walks away from the puppet show, having seen Hwon and Wol sitting together. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Without looking, he addresses the silent follower he knows is nearby, asking, “How long have you known?” Woon steps forward and asks if she really looks that much like that child. That’s enough to tell Yang-myung that the king has that same feeling of deja vu, and he suspects that this was meant to be kept a secret from him. He tells his friend, “Now you’ve become the king’s man entirely.” Woon looks sad, but can’t exactly protest that.

That evening, Hwon and Wol walk through the town. He says he enjoyed the show, but calls the story ridiculous — a commoner girl meets a king without knowing he’s the king, and they fall in love? How does a king even have time for romance with all his duties? The nation’s in trouble with such a foolish ruler at its helm. You might want to tread lightly there, King Loverpants, you’re pretty much asking to be smacked on the head with an anvil of irony.

Then he adds that the girl is just as absurd, for not realizing he’s the king from his kingly aura. Lol, I enjoy that Hwon has a streak of vanity. He starts to go on a rant about the implausibility of the script, but finds Wol looking at him, and she says, “The story is possible, because they are people. How can you explain what happens between person to person using only logic?”

He says he’ll pay her back later, and as he goes, she thinks to herself sadly that she won’t be seeing him tonight.

Yang-myung approaches as she walks along, telling her he sent Jan-shil back home. She confirms that he’s Jan-shil’s supposed generous and free-spirited helper, having worried that she’d gotten caught in a scam. Yang-myung steps up and asks, “If such a scammer were this handsome, wouldn’t it be worth being caught once?” Ooh, yes please.

Wol turns to leave, and he gets serious all of a sudden, asking why, if she was so worried, she’d only remembered Jan-shil now? He asks if she was so captivated by something that she forgot who she’d come for, and who would be waiting for her. He says he doesn’t know if he can do it again: “Watching you looking at another place, another person.”

He leaves her wondering at those words.

Hwon is prepared for bed by a nagging Hyung-sun, who is lecturing him about the wild snowman chase from earlier and all the pains he went through to get the pointless thing, with fresh snow from the roof. Hwon just says, “But luckily, you’re still alive.”

Hyung-sun whines about his poor hands, so cold from all the snow, so Hwon grabs them in his own. He pulls Hyung-sun toward himself and says, “Let me warm your hands with my hot chest.” Omg, he cracks me up. Hyung-sun is the very definition of “can’t take a joke” and given the rumors that are already swirling about the king’s preferred bedmate, Hyung-sun reliably freaks out and scrambles to leave, arms crossed over his chest.

Hwon smiles as he anticipates Wol’s arrival, having prepared money as repayment for the puppet theater.

At the same time, Nok-young is giving Wol her instructions for leaving the capital the next morning. Wol has misgivings and asks if she can see the king one last time, wanting to say goodbye and last words. She promises to leave right away, and pleads for permission.

Bo-kyung stews in her chambers, recalling her spy’s latest report about Wol’s resemblance to Yeon-woo. So she sets out and intercepts the shaman-charm on her way to the king; she slaps on a smile and asks Wol to uncover herself so she can speak to her.

She complies, but it’s not Wol — just another shaman. Bo-kyung finds nothing remarkable in her appearance, and looks appeased.

Hwon hears his doors opening and starts to address Wol, but when he looks up his face hardens — it’s Bo-kyung standing there. She tells him she has figured out what he’s been hiding from her, because eight years ago when she first met him in the Silver/Hidden Moon building, he had shot her the same look when he realized she wasn’t who he meant to see.

Hwon angrily reminds her of his warning not to drop in unannounced. Bo-kyung raises her voice too, asking what about that lowly shaman has him so captivated. She tells him to go ahead and take that shaman into his heart; she won’t care. Because no matter whom he loves, she is the one seated at his side: “You will have to acknowledge that soon.”

The new shaman enters, explaining that she is the new amulet, working to facilitate the consummation. The amulet to draw out evil has finished her duty and will be leaving Seongsucheong soon.

Seol can tell from Wol’s expression that she’s on the verge of tears as she packs her things, saying that the hard-hearted Nok-young could have at least consented to let her say goodbye. Just then Nok-young enters and orders Wol to dress as the amulet; she’s been called by the king.

As he leads her, Hyung-sun tries to politely ask her not to upset the king, but she understands without being told and assures him that she won’t.

Hwon paces anxiously, and when Wol enters he demands to know who gave her permission to leave, especially after she told him she would ease his pain. She says that her job is done now, and that she can’t replace that other woman. He loses his temper and she reminds him forcefully that he’s the one who ordered her not to come close. Hwon yells back, “I did not order you to go far away!”

He calms down and tells her she’s right. Looking at her now throws him into confusion, because he can’t tell if he’s looking at that child or Wol’s past self: “But until I can put that confusion to rest, until I can know what it is I feel, don’t you dare… go far away. That is a royal order.”

Queen mother tells Bo-kyung of their new consummation date, which is in several days’ time. She’s smug that this time Hwon won’t be able to thwart the issue with excuses of his health, and asks to see her father.

Minister Yoon finds record books being taken outside and confers with the minister in charge. He hears of Hwon’s angry fit, and how the damaged books are now being laid out in the sun. Now they realize that a few volumes are missing from eight years ago, and this fact strikes Minister Yoon as alarming. And yet, when the official goes to check, the books are back in their place, thanks to Woon.

That’s one point for Team King, but they’re met with bad news: the former attendant to the previous king has committed suicide.

Officers swarm the estate, where they find the man’s body hanging from the ceiling. The chief officer declares that it’s a pretty obvious case of suicide, so what they should look at is the reason for the death.

Hwon fixates on the mystery: What was the man hiding? What is it that he’s being kept from finding out? He sends Hwon to bring every relevant record on file with the Euigeumbu (a royal investigative/judicial department, like a cross between police and courthouse), and to make sure this remains hushed up.

This calls for the reappearance of a familiar face, and a man is brought before the king, wondering at the summons and feeling a sense of deja vu. It’s the same Sungkyunkwan scholar young Hwon had once persuaded into leading students in a rally, now in service at the Euigeumbu, named Hong Kyu-tae.

Hwon explains that when records pass through other hands first, he is kept from the truth. Therefore, he assigns Hong Kyu-tae to pretend to be investigating the suicide, while actually finding out the truth of the princess’s death eight years ago.

Minister Yoon is wary enough to report to the queen dowager that the king has been engaging in suspicious behavior that seems linked to the events of eight years past. On the other hand, queenie is feeling comfortable, saying that moving up the consummation was a heavenly boon.

Ah, and here we have another fissure in this alliance, with one side using logic and the other relying heavily on the Powers That Be. I find the queen’s obsession with the supernatural intriguing, and wonder if it will be her undoing.

The queen dowager says the king won’t find anything, and even if he does, they’ll cover it up. What, with six feet of dirt? Her complacency is interesting, and satisfying (given that she’ll get hers in the end).

Yeom reads, bathed in soft backlighting, which is the way Min-hwa views him through her lovestruck eyes. She tells him dreamily that he’s at his most handsome while reading, but then sighs that he won’t spare a glance for her. An idea pops into her head: “If I covered myself in writing… would you look at me more?” Ha. I dare you to say yes, just to make her do it.

But a servant is on hand to dash the romance in that idea, telling her that erasing the writing is sure to be a pain. And then we see that Yeom isn’t in the room after all — since he’s away on his travels — and Min-hwa had been fantasizing the whole thing. Hilariously, she’s annoyed at her servant for interrupting just when she was about to meet Fantasy Yeom’s gaze. What, you can’t even make him love you in your dreams?

She decides to look after Yeom’s mother, per his request, finding her reading a letter from the queen dowager. Hearing about the soon-to-be consummation night, Min-hwa decides to drop by the palace to see Bo-kyung.

First, Min-hwa consults her books to jot down some helpful tips, like how lying on one side increases your likelihood of bearing a son.

She runs into her grandmother at the palace, who teases her about never visiting. Min-hwa visibly stiffens to confront her grandmother; it’s likely she’s never been comfortable around her since witnessing Yeon-woo’s death rite. She stammers at Granny’s invitation to walk together, inventing an excuse to leave right away.

Hwon is visited by the head of the royal astrology office, which is in charge of designating those consummation dates. He is given the new date, and responds that his health is not improved enough, overriding the physician who declares him fit. The astrology officers urge him to make use of this fortune before the heavenly energy shifts, but he angrily orders them away.

Bo-kyung tells her father she’s not worried that this upcoming date may not happen, saying that she’ll find a way. Her father is alarmed when Bo-kyung tells him that the king’s behavior points to him being in love with the shaman, and he wants to dismiss her immediately. Bo-kyung says no, that until the royal consummation, that charm must remain by his side. She will use the king’s affections in ensuring the consummation. Um, I hope we’re not talking about costume changes or tricks, because I foresee that ending badly for all.

Bo-kyung has accepted — prehaps for the first time — that she wno’t win Hwon’s love after all, so now she says that if she can’t have it, she’ll at least use it to her own ends.

An extravagant delivery is made to Seongsucheong, containing shamanic accessories of high quality. Jan-shil (who has been accepted back after all, perhaps after Nok-young was assured she’s been scared straight) hands over the deliverer’s letter — Yang-myung.

Wol immediately heads out and finds Yang-myung waiting. She asks why he sent her the gifts, and he says, “Because I like you.” Woot woot for the assertive prince! She tells him the joke is inappropriate (the same words Yeon-woo used), and he says he’s not joking.

She says he can’t know enough about her to declare affection. He replies, “Because you were the first. You told me not to hide behind laughs, and not to deceive myself. That I should let go of the pain in my heart. You were the first to say that to me, and those words comforted me.” He concedes that she’s right in saying he knew little about her, but for her resemblance to someone else, “But now that’s not the case. The person I see now is you.”

Aww. Pick him! Pick him!

Nok-young stands before her shrine, worried that the fates of those who must not meet are once again entwining. Bad mojo is in the wind, and it makes her uneasy. She’s with her old accomplice, who wonders how a human can interfere with the winds of fate. Nok-young answers that the chance to end all this disruption comes in three days’ time. If the consummation is successful, the connection will sever and she will be able to send Wol away to safety.

Her accomplice warns her of “the truth we buried” coming to light, but she says that it won’t matter even if it does.

That night, Wol sits with Hwon, looking at him while he reads. He tells her that he knows he’s good-looking, but that she shouldn’t stare, and she laughs. He gets all, “Did you just laugh at me?” and orders her to follow him out for a walk.

Standing outside in the snowy courtyard, Wol asks what has him especially troubled today. He tells her that a man took his life today, and that he was the reason for it: “Death’s shadow always follows those around me. The people I care for all fall into danger. I could not protect them all, and not only that, but I could not ease their bitterness.”

Wol tells him this is not his fault, and that those people all know how he tried to protect them. He tells her to use her mystical powers to answer him: Will the truth he seeks come to light? She says yes, and he repeats the question, asking her to answer with her personal thoughts this time. She says yes again, telling him she has faith in him: “A tangled knot will not unravel all at once. But if you pull at each part of that knot, one by one, one day that hidden truth will be revealed.”

He thanks her, moved by her faith: “That is the first warm comfort I have received in a long time.”

Minister Yoon presses to retain the new consummation date, to the ire of Hwon, who insists he’s not well enough. But the minister has prepared a crafty trap of technicalities, saying that he has kept the evil-warding amulet with him for quite some time now. Is he saying that it has had no effect? Because if not, perhaps it’s the fault of the amulet, who will be have to be dealt with accordingly. You know, destroyed in the name of national security.

Ah, so this is how Bo-kyung will manipulate Hwon using his love. The end result will be that Wol leaves the palace, either alive or dead. Minister Yoon had asked her what she would do if Hwon insisted on keeping Wol with him even after the consummation.

She had replied that this means Daddy gets to step up and mobilize the scholars for his purposes, because how could the king, the model of the state, justify hiding a woman away in the palace in light of the Confucian principles holding up the nation?

The shamans busily clean Seongsucheong, and when Jan-shil protests at the excessive chores, another shaman tells her that they have to prepare for prayers, in light of the consummation tonight. Wol registers this with alarm, while Hwon sits in gloom, immune to Hyung-sun’s attempts to reason with him.

Hwon bursts out, “How can you say that, too?” Hyung-sun tells him that continued refusal only increases the danger to Wol. Hwon puts his head in his hand and tells Hyung-sun not to bring her to him tonight.

He is attended to that night by the royal physician, dressed, and treated with acupuncture and medicine.

Bo-kyung, meanwhile, is dressed in her own finery and awaits the king’s arrival. He makes the walk to her quarters like someone heading to his execution, stone-faced and morose.

Wol is given an order to stay away. Yang-myung finds her fighting tears in the courtyard, having guessed she heard the news. He tells her that this is to be expected of the king, who must provide an heir, which doesn’t ease her heartsickness any. She knows everything he’s telling her but her tears come anyway, and with hers come his. He asks if he can’t be the one for her.

The king and queen sit together, and he starts to undress according to the procedure outlined for them. Are they not even to have this allowed them in their own way? Yeesh. I’m pretty sure the order of hat-belt-sock removal won’t affect rate of conception.

Unforgiving to the last, Hwon says that Bo-kyung must be happy to finally have gotten her way. She answers that this isn’t something only she wants; it’s the hope of everybody, including their citizens.

Wol tells Yang-myung to go back home, but he presses — will she come with him? It’s an echo of their earlier conversation as teenagers, only this time he won’t back down and play it off as a joke. He says he’s tired of being a prince and wants to leave that position. He is ready to run away, and furthermore, continuing as shaman is not good for Wol, either. If she wants to run away, will she run with him?

Hwon sits silently simmering, and Bo-kyung reminds him that no matter what, she is his woman. And all of a sudden he grabs her, pulling her toward him, and touches her face. He says, “Even if you cannot have my heart, you still want to mother the nation’s next king. Fine. For you, I will untie my robe.”


Lordy, this drama takes “Will they or won’t they” literally, and to extremes. It’s an interesting conflict, and one we don’t often see, so I welcome the fact that we’re exploring a familiar problem (two lovers who Cannot Be) in a new way.

That said, it does keep the romantic angst at a fairly basic level, which makes me wish there were more to this story. Somewhere in the past week or two, the story has become all about the king refusing to bed his queen, and the opposition insisting he do it. The arguments have been going around in circles for a while now, and every time the king roared, “I cannot!” and “This is a royal order!” I felt like we were pulling the string in the back of the talking doll.

I wish the Hwon-Wol romance had more development to it, because now it’s in that stage of the story where they’re apart, then they’re not, and then they are again. If this were a modern drama, this would mark the umpteenth time the hero moved out of the apartment, or the heroine ran away to spare him pain, or maybe an enraged parent stepped in to oppose the relationship. Round and round we go.

On one hand, I really like that the hero is married, on a narrative level. It takes the forbidden romance to a realistic place, with some real stakes. But on the other hand, this also trips me up a little, because he’s married. It wasn’t to the woman of his choice, but as a head of state in a patrilineal system of rulership, he’s also got a duty to procreate. (Not saying I agree it’s right, but them’s the facts of the time and of the position.)

So when he refuses to bed his wife out of hatred for her clan, I don’t know what to make of it. Is he actually defying the entire dynastic system and determined to let it die out? Or is he just crossing his arms and digging in his heels like an angsty teenager refusing to be ordered around? I’d like to believe his stance has a nobler intent behind it, but since he’s never expressed a problem with the nature of succession or an ideological resistance to monarchial rule, I can’t help but feel the latter is more likely. And that feels like a narrative problem to me.

I suspect that if the romance felt more… desperate, I might be rooting more for him to chuck aside the wife. I buy that he loves Yeon-woo and is attracted to Wol, and I buy that she’s starting to fall for him too, but their attachment seems so tentative. I might be pulling for them if their relationship felt stronger, if it conveyed the feeling of star-crossed lovers like Moon Chae-won and Park Shi-hoo in The Princess’s Man — there, the connection ran so deep and was fueled with such fierce attachment that you believed they’d do anything to stay together. Here, not so much. I don’t need them to be like the other couple; they just have to have more rapport. He’s the king who — like the puppet he mocked — is preoccupied with a love life that keeps him in fits, and she’s a morose, fatalistic heroine who decides she has to just let things happen as they’re meant to happen.

Yang-myung is the only character who’s showing some gumption now, which is such a relief. Despite my love of Jung Il-woo, I was pretty much on the Hwon train all this while, more than anything because Wol/Yeon-woo has never shown interest in him. But when he gave his “I see you” speech, I felt myself pulling for him for the first time.

I don’t know. The show’s entertaining, for sure, but it’s not really sticking with me these days. There isn’t enough to cling to, because the story’s sort of stuck at surface level. At least it’s a very pretty, elaborately designed surface. I hope the upcoming murder investigation delving into Yeon-woo’s death will bring some of that excitement back.


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      Hmmm, I definitely agree with you about the show not grabbing me as much these days. I’m in the middle of episode 11 and feel the same way.

      The actors definitely have it in them to make the show rock, and I think KSH and JIW are doing great. But the story is just sort…I dunno, lying flat at this point and it hasn’t really grabbed my heart like I wanted it to (and like it did in the first few episodes).

      I still have high hopes, and am hoping the writers take it up another notch.

      • 5.1.1 ninsarama

        I agree. I loved this drama, but my interest has begun to wane (unintentional pun). Perhaps when Wol finally realizes that she is Yeonwoo I’ll be back on board. I loved how fast the story moved along, but this week it slowed down a bit. I am so glad they chances of an extension are slim.

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        I think this was the episode they should play the hairpin’s story …Yeon Woo is still alive and the king beds the queen – double dilemma it isn’t right to not consummate with the actual queen.. but it isn’t right either to do it while YW could be around…. not as WOL but because that hairpin is the symbol that YW is the rightful queen

        btw what happened with the lil blue pouch?

        is it me or the king didn’t check YW’s tomb yet?

        • Roggy

          Thats the first thing i thought of, but they wouldnt dig up the dead. Its not only disrespect but, (to them) there is always a chance they’ll find her rotting body, AND THAT would be a fatal blow to the already devasted king. He wouldnt risk seeing that.

          • NuDaFu

            Also considering the dead being quite important in the Confucian society, doubly unlikely. Plus, her death was not outwardly considered a murder – so, Korean Bones not touching her!

          • Leona

            in some countries (like mine Eastern Europe) after 7 years we keep a ceremony and “dig up” the dead… see him/her and bury the deceased again… this tradition is almost lost because it is replaced by a chicken given across the grave and end of story

            yet we are famous for strigoi meaning undead/vampires being the smoke from real stories about bodies in abnormal positions in their coffin or the scratched coffin …. not all the time … the dead was really dead or another truth… some bodies mummify and look just the same as the day of their death – a few years ago they even released some news on TV and they put and old guy on his feet to show him on TV in the middle of the day – it was spookiest TV experience ever

            so 8 years after – here would be about time for the King to pay her a visit

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      Kim Min-seo is one hell of a moon.She is so wicked that she drives him wild (I do enjoy seeing that side of him lol). They have such great chemistry together it’s too bad that they cant stand each other.

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      coitus interruptus *snort*

      i do find all this cockblocking tiresome. especially because he is the king and is very much human and can very well sleep with any woman that he wants to. so having the main conflict centered around it is just…eh, strange. where are the concubines when you need them?

      but hey, on a shallow level…KSH and Kim Min Seo have such raw chemistry its riveting. even if they hate each other, its still there and even more so because they (or rather, he is) fighting so darn hard against it. or is it just that KSH is so darn hot? *fans self*

      and yes, the OTP does not do anything for me either. the story was simple and fun in the beginning and we were hooked because Hwon and Yeon Woo’s love was fresh and felt all too real, in that awkward and nerdy first-love way.

      however, now that they are adults, that natural chemistry is just not there anymore. and i can’t blame the writers if they will put in more scenes between Hwon and Bo Kyung..at least these two sizzle together.

      i dunno, i’m starting to check out too. its too bad because KSH is acting his heart out. and so does Kim Min Seo and JIW.

    • 14.3 howforwardsale

      Que the sageuk version of Marvin Gaye, I’m ready for somebody to have a romp and it may as well be the King and Queen. At least they have some type of chemistry. At this point the story needs something to resuscitate it.
      Btw I’m on the YM train now too. Let’s just cut ties and end it smoothly.

      • 14.3.1 TyTash

        Question: Where is everyone seeing all of this chemistry between KSH and KMS? I see none.

        Is it just me? They could have done a better job on both of the female leads in my opinion. KSH is prettier than both of them.

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    Agree, This drama makes me appreciate The Princess Man more because they did a better job of displaying unyielding love…..! Moon/Sun is not progressing at all.

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      I second it. TPM will always be the best historical drama ever made for me. I feel the main character’s connection deep and through. Not only it grips a strong hold in my heart, it lingers for a long time afterwards.

      Here, in Moon/Sun, I don’t quite understand why the two brothers can’t get over YW even after she’s declared dead. And I began to lose my interest in Hwon after a few episodes. He doesn’t seem to have matured enough for someone who’s meant to be a king, I feel like he’s no different at all with the 13 year old Hwon. A guy who can do whatever he wants even it means holding his clan line’s continuity at stake, what, for a dead girl? And Han Ga In’s acting irks me a lot. And putting her aside KSH, JIW, KMS is not helping at all. The other three shine like gems while she doesn’t. I don’t even get why ppl are so crazy about her beauty. (yes, she’s pretty, just not that pretty to me.)

      But I feel this is KSH’s turning point as an actor. Props to him.

      • 15.1.1 Jen

        Me too. Her acting annoys the heck out of me. I was really hoping that she will step it up a notch but no, her portrayal of Yeon Woo/Wol is so bland and underwhelming. Her eyes barely registers any emotion and its especially disappointing in some of the key scenes. For instance, that moment when she was watching the puppet show and Hwon asked her if she likes it and she said “yes, I like it” but her expression was saying otherwise. C’mon, woman….wake up a little and show us some enthusiasm!

        And no, I don’t buy the excuse that because she’s a shaman, she’s confused about her identity, etc. Lee Yo Won (who was with JIW in 49 Days) played someone who was confused, depressed, and suicidal all the time but she was still able to show her internal conflict with her nuanced acting without saying much.

        I just don’t feel like HGI has it in her to portray the quiet moments, especially those with KSH. Thus, their romance does not feel compelling anymore. When they were young, the kids made us root for them because we see their affection for each other. Now, all the energy/affection is mostly coming for Hwon.

        • Jen

          *from* Hwon.

          • momosa

            Just compare the scene where Nok Young spoke about the voices to the Queen. KMS put her hands on her face so that we can see she’s shaken physically, not just her expression (check how she placed her lips). That was really good acting.

            HGI seems to be narratting all the time, the lines from her are so monotonish plus expressionless. It’s getting a bit frustrating already, I really, really hope she gets on to it soon.

        • NuDaFu

          Respectfully, agree to disagree.

          I find HGI’s portrayal captivating, not always perhaps, but enough for me to look forward to her coming onscreen. When she expresses “I like it” for the puppet show, I found her inflection and tone to convey a conviction of a child – giving us a wisp of innocence, from a time when the technicalities of form and substance play no role in deciding what one likes or dislikes. Her eyes declared yearning, clashing with a hint of self-consciousness, almost as if this response is foreign to even herself.

          I think it’s not so much an excuse that she is a shaman; more like it’s a reality of her position. For who she is, I don’t think it appropriate for her to be blatantly expressive. Consider her being (A) woman, (B) a ‘thing’ (presumably less than a human), (C) at the mercy of Nok-young’s whims; I wouldn’t call her a woman with much choice or personal control over her life. The near branding-on-forehead more or less sealed the latter reality on Wol.

          And yet, Wol still shows her deeply buried spirit in subtle ways e.g. standing up for the abused child, arguing with Hwon about relationships. Some may argue it’s all script, or HGI is just doing the motions. To mine eyes, her portrayal is using understatement to reflect the normality of her actions; to paraphrase Chris Guillebeau: Moral actions should be an automatic response, rather than an afterthought. I think HGI shows me this – which is very good indeed.

          • Lizzie

            Still HGI could show more emotions with her eyes no? I mean I get it she has to be like a thing, not considered much, can’t have emotion and blah blah blah, but everyone show emotiong through their eyes even if they don’t want to or shouldn’t. HGI can’t show emotion when she is able to.

            Example: when she was freaking out in the jail. She didn’t seemed that scared! Or when the king grabbed her close to him, I get she was confused and shouldn’t do anything, but she wasn’t even nervous??

          • Jan

            I thought HGI’s acting finally improved in this episode. She gave out much softer vibes and was surprisingly quite luminous at certain moments. Loved her interactions with the king during this episode, especially their conversations in his room and in the courtyard. I could feel their connection at long last. Her smiles and expressions were just so sweet and I felt her happiness and her sadness. And thank goodness-no more bug eyes!

          • Kayleigh

            Completely agree with you and couldn’t have put it better myself. I often find that heroines in certain sageuks are quite frustrating and I think that has more to do with the limitations of a woman’s status at the period represented which is then highlighted by the narrative/characters.

            If anything, heroine’s love rival – usually villainous – is a lot more satisfying to me because she’s more scornful of the values held by the lead which gives the actress a bit more sink her teeth into.

          • Jen

            I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. 😀

            I know what she is TRYING to portray, her character’s limitations as a woman during the Joseon era and as a shaman who is reduced to a mere “thing”. I get that Wol can’t be assertive and that she doesn’t have the freedom to exercise control over her life. This is what the writers wants us to feel.

            But the reality of the matter is, I don’t feel that way when I see Wol. HGI’s acting is so vapid that it barely registers. I want to see her inner conflict reflected in her eyes, in her facial expression, in the nuances. Yes, she defends the poor and voices out her opinion on things but it feels merely lip service, like she is just saying that because that’s what the script requires her to say. I want the spunk that Yeon Woo had to be reflected in her even in the most subtle ways, despite the limitations of her position.

            And don’t even get me started in her scenes with Hwon. Whether he is yelling at her or pleading with tears in his eyes or pulling her close, she is just standing there with the same bland expression. She doesn’t react to him and if she does it doesn’t pull you in to what her character is feeling. Compare it to Kim Min Seo who’s facial expression can go from hope to annoyance to anger then hate in mere seconds, without even saying anything. Kim Min Seo’s screen time is but a mere fraction compared to HGI’s but you can definitely feel her character’s internal dialogue.

        • Jacintha

          Lee Yo Won is a TOP teir actress though, and has been doing this for years.

          That is to say, I agree, poor Wol here is just being out-acted on all sides.

          • Jacintha

            (I kinda wish they’d let Bai Noo Ri have the role.)

    • 15.2 Kayleigh

      Perhaps, but remember that the characters in TPR had a more equal social status (at least to begin with) when they fell in love and it was unfair political corruption and underhandedness which pulled them apart and helped fuel their drive to stay together.

      Yoon-woo and Hwon were never on an equal footing, even when they first met and especially later when she became a shaman.

      As much as I love The Princess’ Man, I appreciate how well this show conveys that even most powerful person of a dynasty is trapped by it’s laws and traditions.

    • 15.3 Briggy

      Thanks.ill be watching the princess man this weekend.I like progression!!

  16. 16 fruit

    Kim Min Seo is Very good in potrayal the queen character.

    And Kim Soo Hyun is Hot!

    I love the scene of Hyung-sun with King, so funny!

    Thanks Javabeans =)

  17. 17 SparrowBell

    I started watching the drama after ep 3-4, but today it took a turn to something not quite my liking. Understand this is romance drama, not historical, but the idea the king has to sleep with her is such a big deal is just strange … Or the logic just doesn’t work for me. I am used to kings with thousands concubines, the king might held hostage for many things, forced to sleep with someone just sounds bizarre. Now, it feels more like teens dramas.

    • 17.1 Roggy

      Yea, I feel the same. And its not like he’ll definately impregnate her in one go or something. Really they treat it like a do or die situation, like that one night will save them all or soemthing. Kinda getting annoying. If the actors weren’t this good, i don’t think I wouldve like this drama much… it really has become slow.

      Its true the only character improvement has been my MY who finally decided that he had enough of living for others and decided he’d fight for her. And the only highlight for me on the romantic aspect of things was when he gave that “I like you, not your doppleganger” speech.

      • 17.1.1 Jan

        Yes, it seems that the king and queen have to have an heir to secure the succession. That’s why in DongYi, the queen adopted DongYi’s son to give him “legitimacy” and a right to the throne. In Moon-Sun, the king is avoiding consummation, as he knows that having a child with BK may cause him to lose his life/throne. And it’s really not difficult to get pregnant isn’t it, especially in K-drama land.

    • 17.2 bishbash

      because only the offsprings between the queen n king can be the next in line.

      look at yang myung. he spent a great deal of time outside the palace BECAUSE he’s an offspring of a concubine.

    • 17.3 Kim Yoonmi

      In History there have been Kings with no concubines (in East Asian countries no less), so I wouldn’t go so far to assume that concubines were de facto of every reign.

      Example: Tokugawa Hidetada only strayed once, but he never took the woman as a concubine because his wife was scary. ^_^ (Plus he must have been really devoted to have all those extra children.)

      Kim Suro–Had TWELVE children and only one wife. Heo Hwang Ok, Three Kingdoms period. The report goes he had ten sons two daughters. He must have loved his wife very much.

      I’m sure there are more.

      But another reason he could not take another concubine is that even with a concubine, he can father an heir. Considering his brother, he might want to avoid that whole drama. And add to the fact that if he fathers an heir he becomes useless and you can see why he avoided even that.

      • 17.3.1 Kiara

        Right, I dont find it strange that he doesnt have any concubines. Didnt he agree with Queen B that she needs to find him a concubine?. What happen to that?. I can easily forgive any inaccuracies since its based solely on a novel and not real history.

        • Brenda

          I think he only said yes to call her bluff. I think the thought of being with anyone other than Yeon Woo was too unbearable.

          • Kiara

            You are right and its not that important but I think Queen B wouldnt have any problem with it because what she REALLY wants from the King is for him to acknowledge her as the mother of the nation and the one by his side. I think she gets it, she is not going to win his heart and that is not what she’s after.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          The Queen was clearly playing the pity train, I mean palanquin, so he played with her as if to say he saw her “check” but he has “Checkmate” and wouldn’t give in. She fumed. Though she would hold rank over any concubines until their son(s) became King.

  18. 18 stars4u

    I love their lines repeated in a new way echoing their conversations when they were younger… both Wol with Yang-myung about the running away and Wol with the king in the don’t blame yourself talk.

    When the episode started with Wol walking away from the puppet show empty handed I was already wondering what happened to Jan-shil’s things that she was bringing, was it just a technical glitch but then when Wol was walking alone she realized that she forgot it somewhere right before she got distracted by Yang-myung. I wonder if Woon happened to pick it up since he was watching over them from afar and would see the binyeo and show it to the king?
    I’ve been waiting for that binyeo to reappear and just after the episode it showed up now it’s gone?

    I’m sure Hwon would come up with something clever to stop the consummation… (I was saying in my mind “pull off some ninja moves like a pressure point or something to knock her out!!!)

    I hope Wol gets her memory back soon…
    Yang-myung… my heart breaks for you…

    • 18.1 fruit

      Yes, that make sense. Probably with Woon.

      • 18.1.1 Roggy

        Hmm… that means the king will find it first.

      • 18.1.2 luna

        i agree, that would make sense if Woon finds Jan-shil’s things and shows it to the king. I wonder how they’re gonna play out the “hairpin” scene/discovery.

        ahh, i can’t wait for Wednesday. sincerely hope there’s gonna be a lot of development. Sun/Moon, don’t disappoint.

    • 18.2 falda

      “I was saying in my mind “pull off some ninja moves like a pressure point or something to knock her out!!!”

      oh my god, that just gave me the best mental image haha that would be great

  19. 19 YBisTOP

    OMG! I hope the honeymoon thingy doesn’t happen! I feel sooo sad for Wol! She NEEDS to remember!!!!! T.T

  20. 20 Kiara

    Lol @ “Let me warm your hands with my hot chest”….. YES PLEASE ?

    Thanks for the recap JB <3.

    • 20.1 KRush

      Yep, pretty much everyone could hear me laughing across the whole house.

      YESH!!! <3 So much love for that scene!

    • 20.2 kia

      LOL.. that was so hilarious! couldn’t stop myself from laughing at hyun suns reaction!

  21. 21 KRush

    Refreshing and refreshing, THANK YOU!!! FINALLY!!!

    UGH, it still makes my skin crawl to see the queen on him. I think, if they do, I might not want to continue on…might be childish, but hey.

    I sort of agree with you, there…I even thought, hey, isn’t this a drawn out …but again, I’m still holding out that this lull will end with more investigation time!

    Because otherwise the focus on this one issue is taking up valuable screen time we could be seeing great character/relationship development, including our wonderful side characters!

    Also: Every time I see Woon on screen I yell “WOON-A”…since day one. I’m not sure why. xD

    • 21.1 sally_b

      re: “Every time I see Woon on screen I yell “WOON-A”…since day one. I’m not sure why….”

      In my head I say: “”Woon-ah…”
      He replies: “Highness, give me your orders”

      …which is pretty much the line he utters everytime the King calls him. I’d like to *call* him ~ woot!

      • 21.1.1 Kiara

        These pictures will make you really go WOON AHHHHHH.


        • KRush

          Bahaha, you’re terrible guys….but..



          We’ll be the Woon-ah brigade.

          • Kiara

            Sooo JB and GF can we have WOON AHHHH’s own thread with some more hot pictures PLEASE pretty please. This is my “first and final reques”t hahahaha.

        • Briggy

          I’m sorry King Hwon,kill me if you want to but I want your bodyguard!

  22. 22 21

    I totally agree with you on that the last two episode haven’t felt that compelling. A week ago and I was hook on this drama as things were happening. Now it’s like we are going round in circles after circles and nothing (relationship wise) have changed that much. I still love this show to bits but I really hope we get more events happening.

  23. 23 Brenda

    I agree with Javabeans. It does feel like the drama rotates around when they are together and when they are apart. We’re already on episode 12 yet all we have for a story is Hwon yearns for Yeon Woo/ Wol … Wol is fighting her feelings for the king … Yang Myung can’t/ won’t stand to see her chose Hwon for the second time. I mean I understand the seriousness of their love, but with both Hwon and Yang Myung, it still feels like they are still drowning in their memories of Yeon Woo and refusing to get over her.Then, since they are still in love with Yeon Woo, they still see her through Wol. Like Javabeans stated above, their relationship doesn’t feel concrete enough.

    I had hoped that the story development would involve everyone we were introduced to at the beginning. A story that had character development between Hwon, Wol, Yang Myung, Woon, Yeom, MinHwa, and Bo Kyung . . . perhaps even between the Queen Dowager, Minister Yoon and Yeom’s parents. Instead all we get is the central love story and their yearning for each other.

    On a positive note, I’m glad Bo Kyung actually had an active part in today’s episode rather than her usual “mope around because Hwon refused to sleep with her”.
    I was holding my breath towards the end because I didn’t think they’d actually give us actual intent that Hwon would be cornered into consummating the marriage with Bo Kyung.
    However, I am terrified that he will have to sleep with her unless he arranged for something to happen that night that would make it inevitable for them to have to sleep together.
    I know they have to sleep together because of the necessity for an heir, but if they do end up sleeping together I’ll be pissed.

    I thought Bo Kyung brought up a very good point when she went to visit Hwon. When she told him it didn’t matter where his heart went because she’ll still be the one by his side it got me thinking . . . if this story is going to have a happy ending, how will they end up together? Even if he exposes his grandmother for all the heinous things she’s done or strips her clan of power, it doesn’t change the fact that Bo Kyung is his wife. Since divorce was impossible at that time, what is he going to do? I’m positive none of the viewers nor the characters would settle for Wol becoming his concubine. . .

    • 23.1 cv

      yea, i wonder too…. how will they have a happy ending? unless bo kyung got into an accident and died? or her clan gets wipe out because of the crime against the king? mm, I really wish for a happy ending because this is a fantasy drama and they are fated to be together. 0_0

    • 23.2 Hillary

      I believe that if it could be proven that his father-in-law had a hand in killing YW (who was selected at the time) and definitely had a hand in killing Hwon’s uncle, then his father-in-law and his family (including Bo Kyung) can be stripped of their power and put into exile (just as they did to YW’s family because her father put her up as princess “knowing she was sick”).

      And, if YW is alive, and she was the one selected, then really, Bo Kyung is the concubine not YW. Besides, as king, I think he would be able to do put aside Bo Kyung anyway, especially if the family is weakened.

      The dowager queen is counting on the fact that even if Hwon knows, he will protect her and her line as the previous King did. I think this is a wrong assumption but I could be wrong.

      Anyway, this is all conjecture on my part … no insights through reading the book or anything.

    • 23.3 twentyonebuds

      I wondered the same thing. I think the whole mystical interference stuff will be revealed and Wol will be revealed to be Yeon Woo in the end. But is that enough for her to take the Queen’s place? :S Or will the show kill of Bo Kyung (which seems like a cop out..)

      Argh!! It frustrates me how good this show could be if it fleshed out all the potential conflict and storylines for different characters :/

  24. 24 Joy

    just got to say that ill kill myself(not really though) if he ends up sleeping with Bo Kyung.
    cus it would irk my mind every time i see the Hwon-Wol moments, and i really LOVE those moments…
    so im crossing ALL my fingers for nothing to happen.

  25. 25 wen

    Thanks for the recap! I just finished watching this and I found javabeans’ recap… 🙂 What a great day!

    I find that the story got stuck at the same place for so long! They like Wol because of her resemblance of yeon-woo. We got it! so What’s next?!!

    I’m a bit disappointed this week, because we didn’t really go any further.

    There is lots of potential for the story and I’m really looking forward for them to tell us more!! Argh!

  26. 26 LindeB

    thanks for the recap. l tried going to sleep (it’s 11PM here) but l can’t so for the nth time, l checked my pc and walla! there you are.

    now back to bed. l can surely fall asleep now.

    thank you, thank you , thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 27 appreciate

    Thank you. Love this drama.

  28. 28 melanie

    thanks for the recap 🙂
    i love this drama and i love kim soo hyun. while the plot may be slow, i am excited to see how the story will progress and sadly in just 8 episodes remaining. i have hope it will become more exciting next week. and can wol possibly retrieve her memory back? i mean i know she thinks she is able to sense spirits and people’s past and what not but in those flashbacks, she was part of the scene and wouldnt she have seen her own face? idk, just because she grew up, doesn’t mean she forgot how she looked when she was 13, especially since she woke up at 13.

  29. 29 mol

    same here teachermok,, I did refresh many times just to wait for the recaaap. hehehe Jeongmal Gamsahamnida Girlfriday….

    anyway I just can’t wait to have the dvd of this movie ASAP in Indonesia ^^^

  30. 30 cv

    tHANK you for the recap!
    Yea, the past two episodes has gotten slower then the previous few. It’s almost like the situation of finding wol to be yeowoo had to be dragged out in details. If only it was fast paced like the rest of the episodes, awsome!
    Overall, love the cliff hangers–almost as good as tree with deep roots. hehe ^^

  31. 31 Ani

    Hmmm…. I wonder if Hwon will be able to perform considering, well…. Kindof hard for a man to get in the mood when he’s in no way attracted to the woman. Is he going to just boil up and make himself perform? Is he going to picture Wol?

    My guess is nothing is going to happen. Why? Because this ain’t cable yo. Heh. Only at episode 12 and we’re already stalling? X/

    • 31.1 Roggy

      haha “because this aint cable yo” wish it was though, itd bring some ecxitement back atleast.

    • 31.2 Lizzie

      lol so what? They don’t have to show they making out to show us they did. Just a morning where both are in the same bed is enough.

  32. 32 mol

    Ah ya I’d like to comment,, I guess it’s ok if we haven’t seen any Princess’ man strong lovey dovey things in this movie yet. cause Hwon isn’t so sure whether she is Yeon woo or not. and his hesitation revealed through his statement that said he didn’t want Wol to get really close nor far away from him coz he wants to make sure his feeling first. Whether he really likes Wol because who she really is now or because she resembles Yeon woo.

    I do believe once it’s revealed than we can see how strong their love is in upcoming episodes. ^^

  33. 33 noelle

    It’s stated somewhere in the drama that the baddies will kill Hwon once an heir as been born, and Hwon is aware of this. Not exactly an incentive for consummation, methinks.

    • 33.1 jomo

      That fear is one of the reasons Queen Elizabeth I never married.
      She feared everyone around her would conspire against her for the throne. (She was right, after all!)
      No hubby to take the throne, no baby to chase her out.

  34. 34 Dara

    I didn’t feel Yang-myung’s love, couldn’t understand why he’s so stuck with Wol, when they are not even close. To my believe, it’s something that has to do with the king, not directly competing but it’s that wound from losing his young love eight years ago and his own down-side as the illegitimate child. I hope he won’t turn against the king just because of a woman tho, that would be tragic and unnecessary imo.

    I agree that I was hoping the story would be broader than the king and his tragic love, cuz he rules the nation, right? But on the other hand, the hidden truth if it comes to light, will surely effect in a really large scale i.e the princess, the grandma eye-forever-wide queen, the queen. And that keeps me going, also KSH behind a curtain was just so smexy!

    And I don’t think this clever king will bed her next week, instead, it could be Wol by the power of the universe so called fate, overrules the so-hard- to-believe-the palace-believe the shaman burning the shine thing. Seriously, this supernatural belief is starting to worn me off, I hope they will reduce that to only necessary.

    Thanks JB.

    • 34.1 Leona

      I don’t think they use the supernatural more than a grannie who goes to Church every Sunday.

      More I like it that only Grandma queen is the one who truly believes in supernatural. Except her believing NK every time NK opens her mouth, everything else we can be seen easily nowadays without sounding too crazy – think about the kids who sleep with the book open under their pillow … or Dream High 2’s heroine – she is the perfect example of a student who wants a lil extra help from divine sources even though that student knows very well the power of science

      Only the atheists don’t believe at all in a God ( be it God, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Zoroaster etc) therefore a bit of supernatural is welcomed

  35. 35 jomo

    Thanks for the recap! Agree on:
    “Aww. Pick him! Pick him!”

    I love KSH’s confusion and anger and kingly “Oh HOH’s!”
    I feel, however, as if he is playing an intense game of handball against a nice cushy soft padded wall.
    He keeps serving up big emotion at her, but all that energy just gets absorbed into her, nothing comes back at him:

    K “You WILL have sex with me!”
    S “The heavens have fated me to leaveandcomeback.”
    K “You don’t understand, I have been waiting 8 years for you in my white pajamas.”
    S “Yet, your hot, prone body before me moves me not. I must open wide my eyes now.”
    K “Remember when I grabbed you two episodes ago? Wasn’t that awesome?”
    S “I have great faith that you will untie the knot.”
    K “If we are finally talking about removing hanbok’s, I am cool with that.”


    There is no way he can replicate his genetic code with the queen. As long as that marriage isn’t consummated, Wol will be acceptable to the audience as his future true love.
    Even I would think the King’s kinduv a jerk if he treated queeny poorly after they do it.

    I can’t wait to see how it gets stopped!

    • 35.1 78446

      “You don’t understand, I have been waiting 8 years for you in my white pajamas.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA

      On the sex-stopping, my bets are on:
      1. Woon cockblocking by bursting in the room and whisking Hwon away (because Hyungsun won’t, he wants a baby dammit!).
      2. Hwon can’t get it up — as pointed out by Ani’s comment above, unless he imagines Wol’s face on Bo-kyung’s . . .
      3. Wol’s tears hit the ground and causes an earthquake, forcibly tearing Bo-kyung from Hwon’s embrace and scaring that chicken somebody was holding outside the door (what was that about anyway, Joseon viagra?). —hey, if we’re going to go it’s Fate and Supernatural and shit, we might as well go big or go home.

      • 35.1.1 Roggy

        “–K “You don’t understand, I have been waiting 8 years for you in my white pajamas.”
        S “Yet, your hot, prone body before me moves me not. I must open wide my eyes now.”–”
        LMAO HAHAHA Totally agree with you.


        5 dollars on no. 3
        Wol’s tearful earthquake sounds the best LOL

      • 35.1.2 yeisha

        bwahahahaha…your 3rd scenario is pure win! it’s Fate, yo! and “Joseon viagra” killed me!!!

        but seriously, what is up with that chicken? *shakes head*

        glad this drama is good for snarking, at least. 😉

      • 35.1.3 Gemini

        I go with number 3… Lol

      • 35.1.4 Ani

        I vote for Tears and Mayhem.

        *clears throat* And, it has been noted that Chicken, like soy products, turkey, fish, peanuts, almonds, avocados, milk, etc., are natural aphrodisiacs. Although, and I quote “Western medical science has no substantiated claims that any particular food increases sexual desire or performance” *cough*

        …. I say instead of a chicken, they should have got bunnies. Bunnies = Fertility. XD

        • Roggy

          wait, does that mean theyre gonna eat that chicken?

          • Ani

            Who knows. Maybe it’s part of the consummation ritual – sort of like how they have to take off their clothes in a certain order.

            I bet Hwon would’ve just ripped his clothes off if it was Wol. Hehehe.

        • S

          got this on lifeinkorea.com regarding the chicken in this episode:

          A male and female chicken (one wrapped in a blue cloth, the other in a red one) sit on or under the wedding table. One meaning is the symbolism associated between roosters and the morning. The crowing of the rooster marked the beginning of the day, a bright, fresh start, just like the marriage should be. The crowing of the rooster also told the evil spirits that day was coming and they had to disappear. The rooster in the wedding ceremony marks a hope that evil spirits will go away and not trouble the new couple.

          A secondary meaning represents the hopes that the couple will have many children, very important in a traditional agrarian society. As productive chickens made many eggs, thus should the new bride produce many children.

      • 35.1.5 lena

        Ahem…where do I sign up to be one of those attendants fixing the king’s white pajamas? 😀

      • 35.1.6 S

        they gave him consummation meds me thinks to help him get hot and bothered so he can do the nasty nasty w his queen

      • 35.1.7 sally_b

        re: “and scaring that chicken somebody was holding outside the door (what was that about anyway, Joseon viagra?). —hey, if we’re going to go it’s Fate and Supernatural and shit, we might as well go big or go home.”

        o.m.g …that cracked me UP !! (tears…TEARS of laughter) Thank You. …bowing at 90d.

      • 35.1.8 HalfALu

        Hahaha! Go big or go home! That’s it exactly. I wanna see some real “supernatural shit” go down!! That will really spice things up. Cuz if the white pj’s aren’t coming off from our OTP then I at least want to watch something blow up!!

    • 35.2 Kiara

      Jomo I’m in tears from laughing so hard <3. ok waiting for part 2.

    • 35.3 YY

      JOMO!!!!! LOLOL!

      I believe the C-word will not happen.

      My predictions for next ep: Pick one.

      1. The bed collapses in a cloud of majestic dust because it wishes to show its displeasure. The ceiling collapses on top of the queen’s head the next second. The senseless queen is carried out on a stretcher. Cut to next scene. Evil guys looking evil and laughing evilly together heh-heh-heh

      2. Wol remembers who she really is holy shit! and rushes past the guards into the bedchamber, drags the shrieking queen offa the king’s prone body screaming THAT’S MY BODY OH AIN’T IT HOT YOU’RE LYING ON YOU B**CH!, wrings her neck expertly from years of wringing lazy Nok-young’s underwear, and with superhuman strength coined through years of fetching water for lazy Nok-young’s hot baths, hurls her through the air up and out where the ceiling used to be. Wol climbs into bed and she and the king proceed to have a romantic conversation:

      King: So. It is time.
      Wol: Yes, indeed. It is time.
      King: It’s a good thing I’m already undressed. Hahaha…..(laughter dies off as Wol stares frozenly at him)
      Wol: One should not be burdened by tight attire when sleeping.
      King: Huh?
      Wol: I said one should not be burdened….
      King: Yeah, yeah, I heard all that. But why are you talking about sleep?
      Wol: It is time. To sleep. In your Majesty’s words, begging your humble pardon.
      King: What the heck?! No! No! I don’t mean time to sleep, I meant TIME TO CONSUMMATE!
      Wol: (Big-eyed stare) Shouting is not a good inducement for sleep. Begging your humble pardon.
      King: You’re driving me nuts!
      Wol: (Opens mouth and keeps it open)
      King: ARGHHHH!!!!

      • 35.3.1 tarianantatoer


      • 35.3.2 jomo

        Here is their theme song:

        Move around the bed in a consummation
        (C’mon, baby, do the consummation)
        Do it holdin’ hands and beget for the nation
        (Come on, baby, do the consummation)

        There’s never been a dance that’s so easy to do
        It even makes you happy when you’re feelin’ blue
        So come on, come on, do the consummation with me
        (Come on, baby, do the consummation)
        (Come on, baby, do the consummation)
        (Come on, baby, do the consummation)

        • YY

          OMG hahahahhahaaha

        • Jacintha


      • 35.3.3 jomo

        By the way, now we now what the King means when he says,
        “C you later, Shammy!” [Eyebrow raise]

      • 35.3.4 luna

        Seriously, you guys have some pretty WILD imaginations! Pwahahahaha!. I can see it in my mind’s eye – Wol dragging Bo Kyung by the hair. I’m in stitches with that “conversation”. Pfffft! *belly laughs*

      • 35.3.5 Sheng

        OMG!! Im speechless!!! Ha ha ha LOL

    • 35.4 Kim Yoonmi

      I’m putting my bets on:
      1. He’s just messing with her.
      2. He wants to request in her ear that they pretend to do it to make the Dowager Queen happy–no harm no foul, right?
      3. The cornerstone of Sageuk: “Some Big trouble happens” “Outrage at interruption” (though secretly happy in this case) “Begging for pardon by saying one should be killed” “Interruption and long explanation of political turn of events.”

      (Please name me on Sageuk with a King that hasn’t done that… set in the Joseon era)

      4. Someone gives a head blow to all of the grieving characters and friggin’ makes them realize that Wol is Yeon Woo (OK, this is self-wish fulfillment–something that won’t happen.) Friggin’ blow down that stupid tree of “Big Secret” and give it a firm burning.

  36. 36 crazedlu

    wow. this show meh-ed for me a while ago. saaad. shut up: flower boy band! hee.

  37. 37 Gemini

    I know I maybe in the minority and Hwon-Wol has been fated from the beginning but… I will root all the way for Team Mystical Munchkin!!!! Yay!!!

    Hwon and Bokyung can savor their weird chemistry for all I care…

    And HGI and JIW actually look good together… =P

  38. 38 RealKdramaaddict

    Jomo, that was the best summary ever! I laughed.

  39. 39 Gei

    Aaaack HGI drive me craaazy! Kim yoo jung potray yeon woo as strong, smart young lady, but grown up yeon woo look weak and boring.. Its like 2 dif person

  40. 40 fangirl98

    I am so glad Yang Myung spoke up and put all his cards on the table. Like many other, I do not understand his undying attachment/longing for Wol/Yeon Woo and maybe that’s the fault of the writer -who knows-. BUT he finally spoke up! No more couching his feelings in a joke. His clear declaration makes me wish Wol was even a little bit conflicted about her feelings for him and Hwon.

    Ok…I say all this and I’ll also admit that I did go *awwww* at Hwon’s “royal order” for Wol not to leave his side and go far away.

    • 40.1 belle

      it’s the same with me. I wish yang myung ends up with wol. I just feel that yang myung and wol are just true love and pure love. yang myung loves wol with no reason and waits for her even she only looks at the king. But it’s a drama. I’m sure wol will definitely end up with hwon. I hope in the end yang myung will end up with another girl who truly loves him like he loves wol. According to me, eventhough the plot is slow, but I like it overall. The tension between the 3 main characters make me like this drama more and more. Maybe it’s me who don’t like kinds of swordsman-type-story like the princess’ man. I don’t really like TPM despite the great actings of moon chae won and park shi hoo. I think PSH is really great, but moon chae won (I find her annoying). * no offense for TPM fans

  41. 41 irene

    I love the possibilities that maybe they fall in love once again, but not related to their past.

  42. 42 Roggy

    I might (no, im definately in the minority) but I actually hope MY starts becoming politically active, even if its just to annoy Hwon and get his girl. He is shown to has such potential that was ignored because he was the son of the concubine.

    IM HOPING, that even if Hwon and Wol are fated to be together, he should atleast get something to make up for it. Like, yunno, the nation!

    I absolutely love that he’s taking more steps forward, and he’s soo clear about his feelings too.

    Hwon and BK, loving their raw chemistry, even if it stems of hatred.

    • 42.1 Roggy

      Just wanted to add,

      I think the most heart-breaking moment for MY so far was when he confronted Woon.
      “Now you’ve become the king’s man entirely.” The end of that bromance was what broke my heart for MY in this episode!

      • 42.1.1 Hillary

        The thing is, I don’t see Yang Myung running to tell Yeom that someone looks like (or may be) his sister. He is really close to Yeom, is he not? So, why is he upset that Hwon did not tell him about YW/Wol? Probably for the same reason that neither Hwon or Yang Myung has mentioned it to Yeom (or Yeom’s mother, as a matter of fact).

  43. 43 Saturnstar

    Thanks for the re-cap! I find it even more entertaining to read the re-caps due to the comments added in! 🙂

    Would like to add, even if the king consummated the queen, it does not mean that she will definitely bear a child. Even if she gave birth to one, it does not mean that the child will live to grow up healthily due to all the bad deed she has done. Dong Yi has shown a variation of this kind of fate.

    • 43.1 S

      in the mist of shamanism and witchcraft, i’m sure supposedly one night is all it takes.

  44. 44 shincp

    Thank you for the recaps ^___^ /

  45. 45 yohj

    I think even if they do it, she won’t get pregnant because she’s infertile or something like that… remember the QD and NK conversation about successfully having the consummation happen… but then at the back of NK mind she says, the queen will not bear a child or something along those lines… so even if they do it, the ministers, the QD, BK herself will get frustrated and their plans thwarted… I hope this will happen… I agree that Wol should have her memory back… soon…

    • 45.1 jomo

      I never even thought of that. What if she can’t have a baby?

      • 45.1.1 yohj

        then H is safe, because they can’t harm him if he doesn’t have an heir…. that’s my guess, and I wish that the people will disapprove of BK and oust her from her position and they reinstate W/YW as Queen…. That’s why she needs her memories ASAP…

    • 45.2 S

      but just the thought of the queen getting what she wants and defying our righteous king’s body makes me want to throw up my liver. Heck if he’s been able to resist 8 years without Yeon Woo around, it doesn’t make sense that he can’t continue to do it with Yeon Woo in the picture now even if they are using her to threaten the king.

      • 45.2.1 yohj

        i hate the thought too… I’m just preparing myself for the worst case scenario… but I do wish that something (the chicken) or someone will interrupt everything… because if H suddenly falls ill then they will punish W, but if its something (like the chicken) else then both H and W are safe…

  46. 46 almontel

    i didn’t particularly liked this episode…sorry….
    and i don’t think i can stomach the king to be with that q*

    i do feel bad for Wol, since everyone around her seems to be protecting her the wrong way…i think she should be told the truth so they can all put their brains and powers together to get that darn dowagerq and her minions out of the palace for good!

    i’m crossing my fingers….that NOTHING will happen…there should be an ECLIPSE soon! so that they will all think that them being together is totally eerie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 Zoee

    Never thought i would say this, but the child actors have me more of interest to the story than the older ones. Hope the drama progresses, because so far, nothing is new. Uff why are the dramas disappointing me right now! 1st Wild Romance, and now Moon/Sun!!!

    • 47.1 Joun

      I think the exactly same thing.

  48. 48 Spring

    Your analysis of the drama is very correct. I too feel that the story has been evolving too much on the surface and the love between the King and Wol has still not been developed into something more deep and concrete. Let’s hope that the balance 8 episodes will become more exciting and the two main leads will reunite and cope with the ostacles ahead.

  49. 49 Carinne

    The entire episode, and all I care about is the ending… plus what leads to the next episode.

    This ending gave me shivers, yes, I tell ya it’s all in KSH’s tone of voice, the tantalizing tease in the forefront while the repulsive onlook quiver in the back of his throat forced to mate with his Queen. Oh yeah, the hat skinship and tug-of-war caresses nearly burst me in flames.

    Where did this boy learn his bedside manners? Gawww~

  50. 50 lena

    Oh, KSH.

    Only you, and your hot heart.


    • 50.1 jomo


      I want to be looked at like that. Ha!
      Oh? That is a hatred look? I’ll take it anyway!

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