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The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 13
by | February 15, 2012 | 169 Comments

And thus begins the noble sacrifice portion of the drama. At least the dramatic tension is certainly higher when the baddies gain some traction—it’s been a while since we’ve felt some real conflict around here other than broken hearts, and this episode marks a turn in upping the stakes. (At least death and torture are inarguably scary, as opposed to the gasp-he-might-sleep-with-his-wife storyline.) Ratings hit another high at 38.4% today.


Hwon flips Bo-kyung on her back, ready to bed her angrily out of duty. ‘Cause nothing says romance like royal heir-making on Grandma’s orders.

Bo-kyung cries a tear, saying that she’s a woman too. How long will he keep his heart filled with the memories of a dead woman?

But elsewhere in the palace, two forces are at work. Nok-young and the others in Seongsucheong pray for the consummation to go well, while the other shaman that Nok-young confides in casts a spell to disrupt it.

Suddenly Hwon clutches his heart and gasps for air. Bo-kyung practically rolls her eyes, asking if he’s going to play this ol’ game again and set everything back to zero. But he’s not playing, and loses consciousness, right on top of her.

She screams for help. Looks like you’ll have to wait another supernatural cycle to get your man.

Meanwhile Yang-myung asks Wol if she won’t come with him, and she says that a shaman cannot love because, “We are simply bowls to be filled with the spirit of the gods, and nothing else can fill that bowl.”

But she thanks him sincerely for treating her like a person, for wanting to take her away from all this. Wol: “But I can’t give you a false heart, out of gratitude.” Oof. It hurts, but it’s the truth he needs to hear.

That shaman stuff doesn’t make any sense to Yang-myung, who just sees people as people, and asks, “Is there no one who can move your heart?” Her gaze shifts, but she doesn’t answer.

Jan-shil comes running up to her to say that the king has collapsed and they’re calling for her. She runs off in an instant, leaving Yang-myung to muse that she shouldn’t have given herself away so easily. Man, little bro beats you even when he’s unconscious.

The king’s physician tends to him, everyone in worried fits and Hyung-sun in tears. Wol rushes in and sits by his bedside, and then instantly, his condition changes and he gets better. The doctor gapes at the sudden recovery. Well if they didn’t believe in Wol’s powers before, this pretty much settles it.

She sits by all night, crying and worrying. The gong sounds and it’s time for her to go, but suddenly Hwon grabs her hand and opens his eyes. She smiles in relief and he asks if she was worried, “That I would be with another woman?”

She says she has no right to feel anything about that, and he smiles, asking her to stay till morning.

The Euigeumbu investigates what happened to the king—is the consummation date to blame, or did his physician miss something? But they sensed a new spiritual energy at work last night, and determine that someone was purposely attacking the king.

Queens Mother and Grandmother rest assured now that the king’s condition has stabilized, and go to see Bo-kyung. She apologizes profusely to them, saying that it’s all her fault. They tell her there’s no way she could be at fault for this, but she says there’s something she didn’t tell them…

Trembling, she says that she had a bad dream the night before last—a woman dressed in white came to her in her sleep and said that the king’s bedside would be hers to protect from now on, and that Bo-kyung would never bear his heir.

Oooh, nice move. I find it entertaining that everyone in this world is so superstitious, and that for the smart characters, this is an advantage—they use it to get what they want.

She tells them everything—the rumors that the king has shown affection for this shaman, the fact that he knows of her presence (despite her duty to slip in and out in the night without his knowledge). They reel from the shock, and Bo-kyung smiles to herself.

I like that she’s stepping her game up. Bo-kyung was mostly ineffectual before, but now her sharper instincts are showing, and she’s starting to be a bigger obstacle. Bad for the heroes, good for the story.

Meanwhile the council of evil meets to discuss what they should do with this delightful new development. If the king acknowledges that he kept a shaman by his bedside every night knowingly, he’s admitting to an unapproved union.

And even if he denies it, they’ve decided that Wol will carry the blame for using her mystical powers to keep the king from bedding the queen. Well, it does make for a salacious tale. Basically it’s a win-win for the baddies, who know how to manipulate the power of public opinion. They gleefully debate how to begin their smear campaign.

Wol overhears some of the other shaman discussing theories on why the king always falls ill whenever he’s with the queen. One thinks that he’s faking it because he can’t forget his first love.

The other thinks that’s ridiculous—it’s been eight years. Yeah, I’m not really that sold on it either, but whadduya gonna do? She says the other rumor must be true: that the ghost of the dead princess bride who lives in the Silver Moon Building haunts the palace and keeps the king from being with anyone else.

I like that theory. Untrue of course, since she’s standing right there, but it’s more poetic. Er, poetically vengeful, but yunno… she had some stuff to feel revengey over, if you’ll recall. Wol thinks back to Hwon’s reaction to that building, and her own.

Kyu-tae (the Sungkyunkwan-scholar-turned-cop) is on the case that Hwon secretly assigned him, and heads to question the apothecary who gave Minister Heo medicine for his daughter eight years ago (though not the fatal dose he’s looking for).

The old man recalls being called after Yeon-woo’s death to find her parents clutching her for hours, and remembers how odd it was that her body was still so warm after she’d been dead for a while.

Yeon-woo’s mother arrives soon afterwards with Princess Min-hwa in tow, to order some medicine to help her bear a child. Min-hwa adorably whispers to the old man that she’d also like something for her husband as well, wink-wink. She’s so cute.

Mom stops to stare wistfully at some old markings in a pillar, recalling that she used to bring Yeon-woo here when she was little, and they’d mark her height. “I wonder how tall she’d be now, if she were still alive…”

Min-hwa watches uncomfortably, carrying the guilt of Yeon-woo’s death in secret. The old man notes that a man was just here, asking about Yeon-woo. He had claimed he was a distant relative, which surprises Mom.

Wol sits in her room saying the pieces of the puzzle aloud: “Silver Moon Building… princess bride… daughter of Heo… Yeon-woo… Heo Yeon-woo. Heo Yeon-woo. Heo Yeon-woo.” It triggers memories of others calling out her name—Hwon, Yang-myung, Mom and Dad. Her eyes grow wide.

Suddenly there’s a call from outside—the Euigeumbu is here to arrest her. And it’s Kyu-tae who leads the charge. Seol and Jan-shil discover her as she’s led away in red ropes like a criminal.

Nok-young goes to see the shaman who cast the spell, and argues that Wol’s connection to the king was to be severed. He’s firmly in the other camp though—he argues that the place by the king’s side is Wol’s, and that it’s a union that must be protected.

Nok-young says they crossed the point of no return when she first made the deal to save Yeon-woo’s life. But the man argues that it was an act to save her, and that everything must be given a chance to return to its rightful place.

He says it’s not too late to put things back, but Nok-young digs her heels in and recites that age-old nonsense that paves the path to evil: that she’s come too far to turn back now. WHY IS THAT EVER A REASON FOR ANYTHING?

Wol gets interrogated about her whereabouts the evening of the attack, and when asked if there’s someone who can vouch for her alibi, she remembers Yang-myung, but says she was alone, of course, to protect him.

Minister Yoon charges in to question her himself. She insists she didn’t cast the spell, but he says she misunderstands him: “Someone must pay for that crime. Whoever that might be.”

He says that she will undergo unthinkable torture and have every bone in her body broken to pieces. But depending on her answer, he can change that and let her walk out of here on her own two legs.

She asks what it is he wants. He lays out the charge: that she had a secret affair with the king, and that to disrupt his consummation with the queen, she cast that spell to harm him. She denies it fervently.

Yoon: “That’s not the correct answer.”

The deal is basically this: if she acknowledges it as truth, she gets to walk out with her life, and if not, she pays the price in torture and death. She quakes in fear.

Seol paces outside, waiting for a chance to see Wol, and Nok-young joins her. They quickly hide when they see Minister Yoon walk out. He pauses outside, wondering where he’s seen Wol before, because her face feels familiar.

Nok-young finally gets inside to visit Wol in her jail cell, and the first thing she asks is if the king is okay. Nok-young chides her—her life is at stake and THAT’s what she’s worried about? The king’s health?

Nok-young asks if she doesn’t understand the serious charges against her. But Wol knows exactly how serious they are, and also how little it matters whether or not she’s guilty of them. She knows now how convenient and disposable a shaman is, to use as a political scapegoat.

She says there’s no way out for her now, and begs Nok-young to help her figure out how to save the king—what can she do to keep him from falling into their trap? Nok-young calls her crazy for planning to admit to the crime just to save him, and reminds her that her sacrifice will scar him just as well.

Wol cries to think how much he’d suffer and blame himself, for not being able to protect her, because she is one of his people. Yeah, that and he’s in love with you, but whatever, let’s go with a king’s love for his people.

Nok-young shares the same exasperation I feel, because for crying out loud, You’re facing death and torture and many many broken bones! You’re worried about the king’s FEELINGS? Someone knock her upside the head, please.

Soon enough, word spreads and Hwon hears of her capture and scheduled sentencing.

Yang-myung does what he always does after a broken heart, and packs for another trip. He takes one step out the door when Jan-shil comes running up to ask for his help. She pleads with him to help just this once, but he turns away, saying that Wol doesn’t concern him anymore. Well you sure picked a fine time to get over it, didn’t you?

Wol gets dragged out and tied to the chair for her sentencing, and Minister Yoon keeps wondering to himself where he’s seen her before. His associate remembers her from the street the other day, and that jogs his memory—he saw her run past him with the king. He smiles.

But before they can begin, Hwon bursts in, demanding to know what they’re doing without his orders. Wol turns away and hides her face from him, and he trembles with anger to see her bound like that, feet cut up and bruised.

But of course he finds that they’re just salivating in wait for him to do something about it. Minister Yoon practically taunts him to his face. Back in his chamber he roars in rage, and then gets up to go back there and save her anyway…

Hyung-sun stops him with a reminder of who he is. He is the king of the people, and if he tries to save her, then the people lose a king. He says that Wol is a sacrifice he has to make—”You must lose one to save the rest.”

Hyung-sun reminds him that Wol is smart (yeah I’m not sold on that either, judging from her recent actions), and that he should trust her to save herself.

Wol screams in pain as they torture her, and everyone winces except for Minister Yoon, who presides as if he’s watching a soccer match. He finally raises his hand for them to stop and asks why she did it.

She grits her teeth and declares that no matter how many times he asks, the answer will always be the same: she did not commit this crime.

He approaches her and mutters under his breath that he gave her a way out, but she’s not taking it. Oh well, then he’ll just have to torture her until she complies. And they begin again.

Nok-young begs the queen dowager to let Wol go, since she doesn’t even possess the kind of power it takes to cast a spell of that magnitude. But Grandma’s more than suspicious of Nok-young now, since she’s heard that Hwon has known of Wol’s presence for some time.

She accuses Nok-young of trying to use Wol to seduce the king and gain political favor. That just gets Nok-young fired up, asking if she has such little faith in her, how she trusted her to kill the princess bride eight years ago.

The veiled threat isn’t lost on Grandma. Nok-young spells it out for her, since she points out that she has nothing to lose—what if she just wanted to kill the king? How about that? Or better yet, what if she felt like telling the king about what really happened eight years ago? Grandma’s face goes white.

Hwon comes to see her, cutting the conversation short. He surprises Grandma by bowing to her, and asking for her help. She asks if it’s true then that he’s fallen in love with a shaman, and he smiles and says he’s man, is he not?

He admits that he was attracted to her, but that it was nothing serious. He’s mindful enough of his position to throw it away for a lowly shaman. He smiles and appeals to Grandma’s vanity, saying that she’s the only one who has the freedom and the power to intervene.

He thinks to himself that if one is to be sacrificed to save the rest, then he’ll give up himself to save her. Of course you are. Le sigh. Although your current tactic (if it works) is sly enough not to throw yourself completely to the wolves.

Minister Yoon continues relentlessly with the torture, and asks Wol for the millionth time what she was doing the night in question. Suddenly Yang-myung bursts through the gate to declare that she was with him.

That throws a wrench in Yoon’s plan, and he asks Yang-myung quietly why he’s throwing himself into suspicion. (Admitting that he was at Seongsucheong that night means he’s a suspect, and of course, next in line to the throne is the highest motive there is in threatening the king’s life.)

Yang-myung doesn’t budge, and says, duh, what other reason is there for a man and a woman to meet secretly in the night? See, I think this plan could work… but then Wol cuts in to say that she asked him there, to beg him to take her away.

Okay, what now? Let’s everybody jump on the freaking merry-go-round of noble idiocy. Can’t we at least let one person go at a time without piling up on top of each other? You’re getting in each other’s idiot paths!

So to try and keep Yang-myung out of the crosshairs, Wol says that he’s just someone who’s saved her life before, and that she called him there and pleaded with him to take her away from this life. She’s essentially taking the fall for seducing him.

Yang-myung says in any case, they were together that night, so doesn’t that prove what he wants to know? Just then, Minister Yoon gets a message from the queen dowager to halt the interrogation.

He goes to see her and asks what she’s doing, but she says that they’ve gotten what they wanted from this—to show the king who’s boss. Besides which, Wol’s sudden new alibi provides them with something even better—a way to get rid of Yang-myung once and for all. They chuckle in evil glee.

Yang-myung comes to see Wol in jail, and tells her reverse her statement—that he seduced her and not the other way around. That clears her of everything and he says he’ll deal with the fallout. I’m not quite sure how this works out as a solution, because basically they’re just splitting hairs at this point.

Regardless, she refuses. He says she did a good job of lying earlier, so what’s another? If she’s trying to protect him… but she cuts in to say harshly that she didn’t do that to protect him; she did it to save herself. Well that’s just a load of crap.

They both lie through their teeth at each other, all I’m totally not doing this for you! even though it’s absurd because there’s no one else in the equation.

Alone, she says to herself that she’s sorry for the heartache she might’ve caused, but this is the only way to sever ties to both Hwon and Yang-myung and keep them from harm. She asks them not to forgive her.

Hwon hears of his brother’s intervention, which is the first time he finds out that Wol and Yang-myung even know each other. He sees from Woon’s expression that it’s not news to him.

Yang-myung comes to see him and the air is tense between the brothers. Hwon says he heard about the witness testimony he gave today, and muses that it’s unlike him, to stick his neck out for some shaman.

Yang-myung: “Then you don’t know me very well. Unlike Your Highness, to gain one that’s precious, I am willing to give up the rest.” Hwon: “Are you saying that because of my greed to protect all, I don’t know how precious the one is?”

Yang-myung asks him point-blank for Wol, declaring that he’s willing to give up everything to protect her. But Hwon fights back, refusing the request: “When I was a prince, you said that you would’ve protected her… that you would’ve staked everything, your life, to protect her.”

Hwon asks if this is really the way to protect Wol—would she truly be safe by his side? Well listen, she’s safest away from both y’all, but I’m not sure you’re one to argue that she’s safer by YOUR side. Just sayin’.

Yang-myung storms out of the palace, burning up with anger. He thinks to himself: “You who grasps so easily in your hand everything I’ve tried to have, everyone I’ve ever wanted… If you won’t grant me this one request…” The screen goes white before we hear the rest of his thought.

Hwon sighs to Woon, wondering if he was cruel to his hyung. “Woon-ah, I no longer want to lose the people precious to me.”

He says with a heavy heart that now Yang-myung isn’t safe anymore—just as they tried to use Wol to attack him, now they’ll use his illicit love affair with her to kill him. And he says the worst part is, the one who will suffer the most is Wol.


Okay, so we knew it was coming, and yeah, noble idiocy is the name of the game in a drama like this. But it was far from the smoothest execution around, because I couldn’t help but feel that it came a little too soon. The minute-by-minute is certainly better now that the stakes are raised and everything has big dramatic consequence. I do like that we’re going somewhere with the plot in that department.

But the thing that I find a little hard to reconcile is the fact that the political stakes are now up at 10, but the love affair has yet to become an actual love affair. It’s true that to keep Wol in noble sacrifice territory, you want to keep her free and clear of the crime, sure. But it’d be more of a dramatic push-and-pull if she actually DID have a love affair with the king. And I don’t mean just sex, but they’re barely in the flirting/denial stage with each other, except now it’s suddenly life or death. It feels a little like we skipped the crucial steps, yunno, like when two lovers realize their feelings and declare them to each other?

If their relationship had come to a point where they were declaring their undying secret love, this merry-go-round of noble sacrifice would have a little more weight. In some ways Yang-myung actually has the upper hand in this scenario, because not only has he declared his feelings for Wol and not ghost-of-Yeon-woo, but he acts on them.

The problem right now is that Wol doesn’t think she’s allowed to love either man, but is willing to die for them both. That’s tragic and all, but it doesn’t get me in the heart. Because if she’s not going to save herself, and fight for love, then why am I rooting for her? I’d feel differently if she were madly in love with Hwon and willing to sacrifice that love due to the impossibility of their positions. That I get. But right now she’s acting out of a sense of duty to what the king is, not who Hwon is.

I don’t think it’s a leap to say that they love each other. I don’t need to be told that in words to know. But the way the drama has unfolded makes us rely on the love of teenagers to carry the dramatic consequence of their actions as adults… and that’s starting to buckle under the weight of all the noble sacrifice. I feel like it just needs a push to anchor the love in something real and in the present, to make me feel like it’s the kind of love I’d go to the gallows for. I’m not opposed to all noble sacrifice, because if it’s done right, I’m right there with you, bleeding heart and all. Make me want it, Show, or else you risk taking your characters to the brink but leaving us behind.


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    • 1.1 lezzy

      ..I don’t really know what to say to this recap except that I have PERFECT timing. Giggiddy giggiddy.
      But anywho.
      Mainly I’m just waiting for next week.

      Shut Up: Flower Boy Band!! Awwyeah.

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        haha me to!

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            i officially have no life!

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    YESSS finally! Thank you so much! You will not believe how many times I refresh the page until the recap’s up :)

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      hehehhe… I was like that too… but now, I know when dramabeans recap is up :) *I follow their twitter :p it gives me a hint when I should check my web to read dramabeans recap 😀 you should try it :)*

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    thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ilikemangps

    Nyeh… Forewarned.. explicit rant.
    I really just want him to find out by tomorrows episode.. Is that too much to ask for? I would hate it if they crammed everything in the last few episodes where he finds out then. I just think it would be such a waste of potential conflict.. &plus there would be much more time for us viewers to enjoy just seeing how their relationship plays out after he actually knows she’s yeon woo.. They need to keep it going! I am getting a bit impatient..
    Personally I feel like he should have just found out when he compared the letter. And then confirmed it by going on a rampage and FINDING THE DANG HAIRPIN. Is that idea a bit crazy? Idunno, I am desperate for anything at this point. Now that’s where the fun begins. At least then the conflicts that arise won’t seem to be teasing us at the end and then the next week we find out all that hype was really for nothing. The beginning of the episodes are somewhat disappointing…it prepares you for not that great of a bang that the previous eps usually end with..
    Perhaps being in the palace all the time prevents all the fun.. cause when they leave that’s when I really do enjoy the scenes.

    It seems like yeon woo always has to constantly freaking pay for things she didn’t do! She’s not even a real shaman for Christ’s sake.. yet she always ends up being tortured..
    It’s like a repetitive cycle…the conflicts just really seem like its revolving around the same push and pull of does he know? Does he not? Does he? NOPE, he doesn’t. Almoooost thereeee!
    Come on.. must this conflict drag for majority of the show? Not to mention…
    I don’t want to consummate with the queen. Fine. I’ll consummate. Oh wait just kidding.. fate (more like magic) wasn’t on our side.. It’s the dang nobody shaman to blame, let’s throw her to the torture chair… the writer need to up their game!
    I mean even the first time she was sent to be tortured I thought it was ridiculous.. she was only doing her job, and ended up hurt anyways. Am I being too harsh? I really loved this drama in the childhood portions because it was so blissful and heartfelt… and I kept quiet and just sat back and enjoyed it even when the drama didn’t live up to the ratings after the children grew up in the story..
    I say he finds out NOW and the writer throws in some sitting-on-the-edge-dying-to-see-next-episode conflicts .. like how I felt watching the princess’s man. Even though it revolved so much around the main couple’s love, there was always something different and fascinating about each obstacle they encountered…like jb said, you wanted to root for them not because you’re supposed to but because you genuinely felt that way about their love, which felt so real.
    And can we get some mother-daughter scenes as well? The mother doesn’t have to find out now but it would be nice if they atleast saw each other or met.. It’s fair to say.. since it’s past the half-way mark of the drama..
    Quit testing out the waters already, and dive into the deep end! Show, I am yelling at you because of my love for you, and out of the kindness of my heart. And I know you have the potential.. or had.. to make it work!
    Man,show.. I want you to be the drama that deserves the ratings. Ironically, you probably just need some ‘magic’ with your conflicts.. You may still be able to win my heart at the end… if you dare take risks!

    • 4.1 misso

      well said! (ranted?)

      gahh i’m feeling equally frustrated with how the drama is developing.. I’ve been waiting for MORE interactions and more revelations.. and not just a repetition of what happened last episode. I also want more Seol.. i feel like she should be used more.. not just thrown into the scene as one of wol’s “posse” but an actual character with her story. She’s tough, she’s loyal and she knows the truth…I wish she had more scenes.. I was curious how the whole seol-yeom-woon? thing would turn out.. and other than that little scene with her checking up on yeom and fighting with woon.. she wasnt used again.. such a waste of character.

      • 4.1.1 Kay

        Agreed, I have to say I enjoyed the first chunk of the drama so much more than where this is leading…could be partly in due to the child actors who brought the characters alive…and by each passing episode the current actors seem not to live up to the magical world those younger actors had created amongst themselves…

        One thing that still bothers me and its veryyy minor, but drives me crazy because its such an annoying casting error…but why not cover Ha Ga In’s birthmark on her nose? I mean, the child actress didn’t have one…7 years later, shes got this on her nose!? lol sorry, maybe its my dislike for Ha Ga In’s acting that’s bringing out little grievances

        • phoebe

          Heh, too funny! That birthmark is the least of my worries about Han Ga In right now. But yeah, it is distracting.

          So, is it already too late to send her to acting bootcamp? Her acting is seriously lacking, to say the least.

          • ilikemangps

            even though she worked those tears in this episodes, i was somehow not very captivated..
            maybe it’s her facial expressions..
            perhaps if she had distorted her face a bit more.. it might have been more chilling.
            she is improving..tho.. nonethless..

        • Ani

          It may be your dislike for Han Ga-in. I don’t mind the birthmark since you can file it under the Suspension of Disbelief category. Heh.

        • katkat

          Birthmarks or Moles can appear years later. Even if you don’t have when you’re a kid, it’s possible to have one when you grow up.

          • misso

            I dont mind the birthmark/mole.. whether they cover it up or not.. doesnt matter to me. The thing about han ga in.. she reminds me so much of the Z:ea guy from killer girl k.. It used to be “oh he looks like han ga in”.. but now every time I see her on screen I cant help but see the resemblance right away which distracts me.

            oh.. and thank goodness they didnt add the mole to the younger version.. would be too easy to figure out wol and yeonwoo thing if they had the same beauty mark. LOL

        • Twinkles

          Totally agree with u, i dont understand what people see in her-dont think shes a great actress at all. She is just emotionless.

      • 4.1.2 crazymouse

        about soel,is she crushing on the main leads bro or the friend?Kindda confused there

        • bbangie83

          it’s the bro i reckon :p

    • 4.2 diorama

      I’m joining in the rant! Oh jeez, will something interesting, unexpected, or meaningful happen already? For a drama about the king of Joseon having a love affair with a shaman, this is getting so trite and Disneyish.

      I really did enjoy this drama in the childhood portions, but now it seems like the adults are just joining in the same Love Triangle and Conspiracy Round 2, without getting any more complex. It doesn’t help that Kim Soo Hyun is trampling all over Han Ga In like a rhinoceros (not that she’s bad, but she’s acting at the level of the script, while he’s running what’s now a one-man show). Give me some Seol/Yeom, some stakes, some smart decisions, something different from the previous 12 episodes.

      • 4.2.1 sally_b

        wheee ~ me too…I’d like to join in the group-rant.

        So this is my thing: there’s so much Mystical-Shaman-Intervention going on in this show…why the hell can’t the *good guy/gal* shamans lay down some serious “Clouds of Doom” on the evil-baddies?

        I mean seriously…NokYoung & her male counterpoint are totally *skilled* when it comes to death-voodoo-streams-of-fire-and-smoke ~ ~~

        …why aren’t they using them (OFTEN) on the villains?
        If the current secret..ie. murder of the chosen Princess/future Queen — can be kept for 8 (!) years….why would they fear getting caught, say, causing Minister Yoon to choke on a chicken leg? They could use the consummation chicken —-presumably it’s still around. 😉

        • geanna

          “…. causing Minister Yoon to choke on a chicken leg?”

          • daniela

            This made my day!!!!!!! Chicken fighting!!!!

        • crazymouse

          lol choke on a chicken leg ?Really?

        • YY

          What kinda shaman show is this anyways? I’m losing my patience! USE THAT DANG CHICKEN FOR PETE’S SAKE! Just unleash that blasted chicken and let it RIP! Witness the fury of a possessed consummation chicken hell-bent on revenge!

    • 4.3 kbap

      Now I can’t not join this rant, can I? 😛

      I feel that this drama had such a rich and promising beginning, but it’s not delivering right. Side characters like Jangshil, Princess Minhwa (I think that’s her name), even Yeom, Seol are pretty much forgotten. They’re all in the background, and while in the beginning they all had depth, I don’t think that it exists anymore. The people are pretty much just background now. The only tiny development that I saw in Minhwa was when she looked slightly flustered when Wol’s mom was talking about Yeon-woo (and how tall she would be).

      This drama establishes more than one love triangle/rectangle, but I don’t feel anything. (and the other one is probably pure forgotten. Minhwa-Yeom-Seol? I don’t see it). I would be satisfied (I guess) if the main love triangle (polygon) was moving (heart-wrenching) and brilliantly (dramatically too) well done, but even that’s not moving me. And THIS is supposed to get me to love this drama? I feel zero chemistry.

      I think, in terms of math, it works this way: KSH’s giving all he’s got 100, while I feel that Yang-myung’s not really moving me (*sob, sorry JIW. Your character is so wasted here. Please star your own drama soon! And for the sake of math because I can’t do advanced math) 0, and Wol…-100. I don’t mean that harshly it’s just I don’t really get her acting. Well at least I don’t think it’s moving. And she really needs to step it up a notch. KSH and (sorta) JIW are just emoting so much that HGI needs to at least be on par with them for me to be happy. 100+0+(-100) = 0. please forgive me for using math…! But honestly, I feel bad for KSH for having to do all the emoting. JIW does some too but it feels like the brothers are emoting to no one. Like thin air, or something. They should just start emoting to each other, hee. (I wish.)

      I may be harsh but the list of wasted characters for me goes like this: Yang-myung, Bo-kyung, Min-hwa, Yeom, Wol, Seol. I didn’t include Jang-shil because I don’t think she was supposed to have such a big role (she wasn’t at the press conference, I believe?) Yang-myung, I’ve already ranted before about…the character description is just not working here. I don’t see the “playboy” protecting his brother. (in fact I think he’s about to be enemies. No protecting there, huh?) I just see a lovesick puppy. I’m not fond of Bo-kyung, but really, even her evil-ness isn’t delivering (for the past few episodes, not this one. I’m just ranting). She’s just there whining/complaining/being bitter. And that’s it, she’s not advancing in her evil-ness. I don’t even find her that hateful (like I DO, but not really). Min-hwa and Yeom, their development? 0. Yeom finding out that Min-hwa (not on purpose-ly/not really but he should still know) had a hand in Yeon-woo’s death? None. And the amount of screentime (like time to develop, not literally since she’s in the background) Seol has? Yikes. Not much I’m afraid. And Wol, well truthfully I think HGI is trying too hard to be youthful. The wide-eyed I-don’t-know-anything-I’m-so-innocent thing is really bugging me. It seems like Wol’s character is completely lost, and there’s no more of the feisty, smart girl I saw in the earlier episodes. Wasted. (Plus, she’s pretty but she looks her age. Seriously.)

      PLEASE in the last few episodes at least develop the other characters! They have so much background but it’s not being used as a plot devise or whatnot! I feel that it’s so wasted because the characters seem so rich and complex, but now almost all of them seem really flat. Just there. Like wallflowers or something. And the main love triangle. If the drama’s main focus is gonna be that love triangle, please at least make us FEEL for some of the characters. I think the story’s also kind of abrupt. At least we’re moving along the plot (finally)?

      • 4.3.1 ilikemangos

        Tell me about it kbap.
        where the heck did all our wonderful side characters go?
        they all seemed so promising.. i was hoping to grow with them as they continued on their journey.
        Apparently, we’re only gonna grow with ‘the king refuses to have sex with his queen!’

        • kbap

          haha, I love your comment! Yeah, I guess this story is just gonna stem from the king refusing to sleep with the queen. *sigh. And personally I think in some other dimension our side characters are acting in such a wonderful and complex (and thrilling! yay!) drama when they return they’re just all too tired to give it their all. And plus the story’s a little ridiculous. (Maybe they even asked for less screen-time so they could act like 120% in that other dimension-drama. Damn. Now I wish I over there.)

      • 4.3.2 phoebe

        I hear ya, sister. I know this sounds harsh but at this rate, KSH might as well act opposite a tree or something. At least I will not expect anything from an inanimate object and can just pretend that there’s someone there with KSH doing all the emoting.

        As it is, HGI is not responding to him at all. Or if she does, it totally doesn’t translate onscreen. Its like she’s in a different dimension altogether and not connecting with her partner.

        P.S. Love the math, by the way! And agree with you, someone’s gotta up the numbers.

        • kbap

          Thanks! I was worried the math wouldn’t work out too well (though I’m Asian, Math hates me. I tried to be its friend, but it took my pie and slammed it in my face). And yes, someone’s got to up the numbers. Even I think so. And I’m horrible at math. (I’m so bad at it I could cry. But I still try. And fail. So I turn to dramas for comfort lol).

      • 4.3.3 akikisetsu

        Sometimes I wonder if the reason why they prolong the memory loss plot is because of HGI sub-par acting. Layered/in-depth acting would be needed in order to portray a character who knows her tragic past but pretends not to. You need to be emotionless, but at the same time brimming with pain (Kim Min Seo’s portrayal of the Queen as an example). I’m sorry if I’m being to hard on her, but I seriously can’t feel portrayal.

      • 4.3.4 KRush


        I REALLY like the sis…mance? Ha. Seol is really wasted!!! I DID want to see what would go on with the side characters, since they were so compelling in and of themselves. Don’t get me started on Seol-Yeom-Woon(AH!!!)

        I was really excited and felt that the show had so much awesome potential until the last three very repetitive episodes where it’s just…stalling. I’m keeping the faith a little longer though, that we quit wasting screen time and get some relationship development…for all parties. I REALLY want to care..so make me, show!

        I KNOW we’re all tired of hearing Princess’ Man comparisons, but I really liked how they handled their characters there, and the organic GROWTH/feel of really, believable LOVE/envy/hurt/betrayal for all parties. Especially since, like this one, it was marketed as a love story.

        I made the mistake of FINALLY watching PM right now….and it just makes me dislike the recent development (or lack thereof) in tMEtS in comparison. PM, I CARE SO MUCH, even side chars. TMETS? I used to and just really want to again.

        Also, I agree with someone above…I think Han Ga In is acting at the level of the script, while KSH is being forced to carry the weight of the show now due to the nature of our so-called “conflict”, so he’s overshadowing. She’s just okay, while he’s being allowed to EMOTE LIKE A DEMON…her character is written that way, so perfect and ugh…she hasn’t been given any scenes or lines to come off as the feisty girl she was…also…there was a flicker when she’s outside the palace, like when she was saving that kid…but typically, nope.

        the thing is, guys, we can’t un-cast HGI now. She’s here. We’re stuck with her, much like when I was stuck with her in Bad Guy. So there’s no point in continuing to moan about it. Sure, someone else might’ve squeezed a little more out of this terrible writing, but it wouldn’t have been too much more, think about it.

        COME ON SHOW, DON’T BREAK MY HEART!! Or…do…just make me root for someone/thing again! <3

    • 4.4 ilikemangos

      and in the beginning when they said the good moon was fated to be near him but not too close i was like OOOH i wonder what that means.. must be some baddass future conflict.

      ..it was really for the king because he’d be ill without her.
      I mean, i guess it’s cute and stuff..
      But isn’t it kinda disney-level?

      I guess i was expecting a more.. mature reason as to why she was fated to be near the king but not be the queen..

    • 4.5 cherisse

      Again, this DAMN brother of his is getting on my last nerves. He is constantly talking about what he did and did not have. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. If anything he have more than the King has. This episode is a prime example of why the King can not have an heir why it is so horrible to be married to that big teeth wench. He is the King and his father in law had more power over him. The brother just thinks he knows everything. That he “suffering”. I swear it is getting to the point i want to slap the hell out of him to make him come to his senses.

      “You who grasps so easily in your hand everything I’ve tried to have, everyone I’ve ever wanted… If you won’t grant me this one request…” Seriously Yang-myung, serously. What makes you think he has everything. HE DON’T. His life and Wol’s parents life went straight to hell after what happened. He can do whatever he wants but yet he rather hold on to the pass and think that his life is bad. Well i got news for you its not asshole. The King doesn’t not have a free will. The King does not get to live his life the way his wants to. The king does not get to choose who he wants to spend the rest of his life with, the king does not have people who is surrounded by him everyday that he can trust or support, the king can’t follow his own orders, the king doesn’t get the chance to run away or go on trips like you, the king does not have the opportunity to see whomever he pleases, i can go on for days hell years. I mean YM has everything in the world he has a great ass life yet ONLY HE doesn’t see it.

      And don’t get me started on that ugly ass sister of his. She did the same thing that everybody else did in that palace. She knew what was going on and what happen but kept quiet for what because she wanted to marry her brother!?! Everybody keep saying that “she is a comic relief” well she is not! She’s a back stabbing conniving cunt and is the same as her fugly ass grandmother and big teeth sister in law and rat face father in law.

  5. sora

    i love this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Han

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  7. fruit

    Thanks GF!

    I like this episode ! Kim Soo Hyun, you are really good!

    You are king first, before you are a man. Poor thing!

  8. kbap

    Oh sigh. Sometimes I think writers forget to do their work when ratings shoot up straight into the sky (and in this case waaaaaaaaaay too early).
    But still, I’ll be sticking around to watch for my beloved JIW!
    (P.S. I know this is irreverent but Lee Jun-ki got discharged from army! Anyone else excited? I’m uber excited b/c he’s my first celebrity-crush (and still is lol) and I thank him in My Girl for getting me hooked onto dramas :) )

    • 8.1 KRush

      OH MY GOSH…ME TOOO!!!!

      LJK made me get into Kpop/Kdrama!!! <3 I am SOOOO HAPPY he is back.

      He's a good actor, I first saw him in Iljimae, then in Time of Dog and Wolf. I haven't seen My Girl. Wasn't he a second jilted lead as my sister and I call them?

      Also, have you seen that he was supposed to be the hero in Faith (Saeguk-medical-comedy fusion), but left for the army, and they're still looking for a hero? I REALLY hope they get him back so we can see him soon in something.

      • 8.1.1 kbap

        I nearly squealed hearing that Faith still does not have a hero! (LJK please!! be in that drama! :) ) And if he doesn’t he really does need a project soon. That preferably could be released next month at latest. Mostly to satisfy my need of Junki-dom. lol.

        And yes, he was that poor second lead. :( My heart broke for him in My Girl. I was practically gnashing my teeth at the main lead (though I learned to like him now. Yep.) He was so pretty/awesome I just had to Google him up, and that led to a marathon for Iljimae, and I think a year (?) or so later I watched Time Between Dog and Wolf. Not the greatest drama but I LOVED it. It was so fun to watch :) Haven’t watched Hero yet though. On my ever-growing list of dramas *sigh. Yay LJK fans! *high-fives

  9. sootyxsnowpetal

    Thank you! Gosh, they need to start unraveling who she is already. That way the stakes are even HIGHER!

  10. 10 78446

    “You’re getting in each other’s idiot paths!” Bwahahahahahaha! GF, you should copyright this!

    Okay, it’s probably just me but I really really liked this episode. I know we’re still in the same status quo spinning teacups (in addition to the noble idiocy merry-go-round harhar) we’ve been for the past 3 or 4 episodes: Wol still has amnesia, Hwon still doesn’t know she’s Yeonwoo, Yangmyung’s still obsessed about her, Bokyung still can’t get any, I still want to punch Minister Yoon’s face when he appears on screen but DUDE, how much do I ♥ Wol in this episode? She basically manages to save the lives/reputations of a KING (by not lying that she seduced him) and a PRINCE (by lying that she did seduce him), all while tied to a chair and getting tortured half to death. That is badass. It was the first time I saw a little glimpse of the old Yeonwoo in her. I got so excited and started thinking, “wait til she remembers she’s Yeonwoo and becomes Queen. Ooh, these fugly ministers are gonna get their asses handed back to them on a plate…yesss”.

    And my bets were totally off on the supernatural cockblock. I was seriously gunning for the earthquake, it never occurred to me that a spell might be more, you know, practical. Lol.

    Maybe I’m just in a really good mood because I’m still a bit hungover from that awesome awesome SUFBB episode the other night but I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I’m pretty sure no preview means something epic is about to go down, yeah?

    • 10.1 diorama

      I knew the King and Queen weren’t gonna happen, but I was getting to the point where I wished they would actually do it. It seems like the writer’s sabotaging her own script by having the king refuse to sleep with the queen – I mean, he’s very much a king and married and knows it. What’s he planning to do with Wol? Make her a concubine? Short of Bo-Kyung dying or her clan being pushed out of power, I don’t see Wol becoming queen; not that she’s queen material anyway. Too bad some of Nok-young’s political sharpness didn’t rub off on her. And I say this wanted the King and Wol to get a love affair, I really do, but even after 12 episodes nothing has happened yet. Plus Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Min Seo are actually acting at the same level, which makes their interactions really taut.

      • 10.1.1 78446

        I was also one of those people wishing all that hate sex did happen because seriously, what a waste of sexual tension. However, I’ve found that if I pretend that Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In have chemistry and that Hwon and Wol have been secretly pawing at each other when Woon wasn’t looking, I enjoy the episode a hell of a lot more. Hell, I think I’m just really easy to please.

      • 10.1.2 kbap

        Ugh, I think they don’t want them to have sex because it’ll ruin the innocent “we’re both virgins and in love!” thing. I don’t even know where that came from but I’ve definitely heard of it before.
        I dunno why but if they did just do it (God chances are she won’t even get pregnant) that’d put a lot more…I dunno actually, spice things up a bit? And he’s the KING, (this sounds awkward) but he’s supposed to…yunno, yeah. Make babies. It’s practically his duty (as Grandma has stated quite clearly in this drama).
        Also, I think they won’t make Wol a concubine, and they don’t want to brand her as “adulteress” so they just try to make it work by going like, “Well, yeah, technically he’s married, but they didn’t have sex yet so technically this marriage doesn’t really count if you know what I mean and like he doesn’t like her anyways! Therefore this love relationship works. Without having to cheat.”
        Just my two cents. I may be wrong, but I think the drama should’ve just left that part out if they were gonna have him faint anyways. It seems a little like a waste of time.

  11. 11 KC

    That moment where she was repeating her former name Heo Yeon-woo – did she perhaps figure out then, who she really is?

    • 11.1 jessybee

      Yeah! I thought for a moment that she did figure it out thats why she so strongly want to save Hwon n Yang Myung… alas no.. she’s still being her noble self.. which is frustrating just as GF mentioned, its not strong enough of a reason to drive all her actions, it doesn’t move me! c’mon show! u can do better!

  12. 12 teachermok

    thanks for this!

  13. 13 Yannie

    I totally agree I am not feeling the love! And Wol needs to remember she’s Yeon Woo. I hope the love between Wol and the king picks up cause now I am rooting for Yang myun

  14. 14 Jennyforthewin

    Thank you for the recap.

    I enjoyed the episode, that’s all I can say. I think there’s enough stories for me in there to anticipate the next one.

    Loving this drama so far.

  15. 15 Briggy

    I’m frustrated now.I agree,go Yang Myan.Wol doesn’t deserve this.its too much.I wish the prince would just take her away already.I can’t take it.something good needs to happen tomorrow.by 9am eastern time,I’ll know.kikiki.had to find Korean friends IN Korea to get the 411!!!!

  16. 16 stars4u

    I wish Wol’s memory came back sooner…
    Nuf with the noble idiots sacrifice please.

  17. 17 shl

    Any news of an extension, or not?

    • 17.1 Kiara

      They are milking it for 4 more eps.

  18. 18 Yeng

    This shows is just adding too much stuff randomly…well not entirely random, but it really needs to finish one thing first before it hits another conflicts. Like girlfriday said, it really needs to show us more romance as in “I cannot live without you” kind of romance before they move to the life and death part. As of now, things just seem to be thowing at us. And Really, wol has suffered too much!

  19. 19 anya

    I think the writers have figured out that the romance isn’t working because there is zero chemistry between the main leads, so now they’re doing plans B and C:

    Will the King sleep with his Queen?
    Will the King and the Prince go against each other?

    The problem with this, as GF eloquently puts it, is that we are not invested in the romance so the fact that Hwon is now willing to risk his neck for Wol is definitely premature. Especially since they haven’t even moved beyond Shaman/King stage. And now…this?

    The way I see it, Wol/HGI is not connecting with either of the leads and as a viewer I’m also not connected with her the way I was rooting for Yeon Woo before. I think the writers are now putting her in a position where the audience will feel sorry for her, thus roping us all in again. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t make sense and that torture scene was just so unnecessary.

    And seriously, will this people really blame the shamans for everything? Its so absurd.

    Show, I gave you a chance. But six episodes in and we’re still not going anywhere. I think its time to jump ship. Sigh. I weep for what could have been.

    • 19.1 ilikemangos

      Supposedly i read somewhere that han ga in & kim soo hyun are still not comfortable around each other & awk..

      yeah, this may explain a few things..
      but even so.. kim soo hyun tramples over han ga in like no other..
      man.. the potential the romance & chemistry woulda been if it was a better actress.. >_<..

    • 19.2 sally_b

      hey @anya – thanks for your comments …. I wrote basically the same opinion as yours over at Soompi last night ~an honest statement about how I felt the *torture of Wol* was a lame attempt to garner viewer sympathy for a lead actress who is not connecting with her lead actor.

      I got FLAMED…in all RED CAPS…that “I was entitled to my opinion”….blah, blah…..hahahahaha.

      Seriously….so much Minister Yoon being a smirking, monkey-sideburns evil torturer ~really? How did that move the plot forward? We KNOW he’s a bastard, willing to kill….why not spend that screen time fleshing out …say…Janshil’s psychic B-BAM! …or maybe Minhwa confessing to the Mom-in-Law….anything…anything

      (on knees begging show ~)

      p.s. As others have mentioned KSH is delivering this performance like his life depended on it….would be nice if others stepped-UP.

    • 19.3 Alona

      How could the actors step-up when the script was written interestingly for the KING only.

      What is yang myung,s character ? If it is written as a rebellious than it would be more interesting and also the rest of supporting actors no strong charcters written to carry their “weight” except TtHE the KING THE KING THE KING !!!

      tHANKS gf.

      • 19.3.1 sally_b

        you’ve certainly got a point…and more so, the King’s role isn’t *arc-ing* in any perceivable way~either.

        Honestly, ALL of the characters seem to be locked in a time-loop.

        But I will still argue that pound-for-pound…KSH is still giving the most
        *for God’s Sake this is an important story!* performance.

        oh please….episode 14…rain down some awesome plot movement/character development…we are weary.

    • 19.4 momosa

      Frankly, I’m more excited with Wild Romance than Sun Moon. I can’t stand noble idiocrasy and they get me riled up so bad everytime. Please, show, get it moving!

      • 19.4.1 sally_b

        @momosa – the DongAh & Dir. Kim romance line in Wild Romance has ME HOOKED. ❤

        • zsa

          If i’m there, it’s not for the main couple…they are just…meh…the robot couple on the other hand (yum yum)

        • momosa

          Such a sweet side story with powerhouse performances, I like it that now Mu Yeol is making a move at Eun Jae & that the antagonist didn’t seek revenge or something. Nice, entertaining.

  20. 20 gominam

    I think Wol knows that she’s Yeon Wooh…before she was arrested….

    • 20.1 crazymouse

      i’m not so sure.That girl is kinda slow

      • 20.1.1 loveyoumomo

        was reading all the responses and then i saw yours. major lol session in the library hahahhaha…really needed that laugh. thank you!!

        • crazymouse


  21. 21 crazedlu

    do. not. dig.

    oh, totally laughed at all the intense close up screen caps of the leads towards the end. hahaha.

    what the frig, drama? *shakes head

  22. 22 Kannitha

    @ilikemangps, u’ve juz laid out the whole thing I’ve been feeling out. It’s true. They need to update their story line, the angst’s not strong and interesting enuf and to be honest, the romance of the youngsters r actually more fun and heartbreaking to watch. It’s actually not living up to its ratings, this drama, which is kinda upsetting….

  23. 23 Fiercediva

    Excellent analysis, although I’m still finding it hard to suspend disbelief that a gal would pick broken femurs over running away with hottie in a hanbok Yang Myung. Like the honey badger, YM is badass and a man of action. Too bad this “playboy” only has eyes for one girl in all the land.

    • 23.1 kbap

      Sigh, I once ranted long and hard about how his character was “flat”…Or at least how the drama didn’t deliver what the character description had…*sigh. (disappoint, Drama. Please get better and awesomer.)

  24. 24 cv

    Thanks for recap GF! ^^

    I’m still liking this drama much but this episode didn’t do much for me–was dragging.
    Wol gets torture, King can’t do anything, baddies all happy and Nok Young may be wrong about keeping the right moon beside the sun? Geez….
    Let’s hope the next episode does better in tying the loose ends and push the plot forward—Wol get’s knock in the head and remembers who she is—or King finds out she’s his bride from 8 years ago–because I can’t see them having some sort of affair with what’s going on in this episode unless something dramatic changes.

  25. 25 Kay

    Agreed…the characters actions really don’t make any sense…..Wol’s character, Ha Ga In’s acting…everything is just getting worse by the day….I don’t really understand her motives anymore..one day she was ready to leave the palace cause the King wanted her, now she’s ready to stay and take the blame….

    And there is absolutely no love or chemistry between these leads….I really can’t connect with either of the two, nor see this “intense” love story they’re trying to portray….
    Personally, Kim Soo Hyuns baby face paired with the Ha Ga In just makes it super weird/akward…

    i say, bring back the child actors!! I could watch them forever!

  26. 26 Dara

    I was disappointed when the king couldn’t help Wol this second time around, and what a waste of YM’s character. Are they going for 30eps? Because it looks like they stalled the story somehow. I hope the story will go somewhere fast, like the king fights back to protect his throne ,not just his love, from the evil grandma.

    Also, am I missing something? Because I don’t get why grandma forced her power over the previous and the present king. She wants the throne or what? Or just power to control? Why don’t they blame the queen that when she was near, the king fell sick? Cuz maybe she was born with the killer star to go after the king’s life, everybody seemed to easily come up with their own story, why not this one then?

    • 26.1 crazymouse

      woah!Dara we might be twins .I thought the exact same thing,how come nobody blames the queen when the king always gets sick whenever he gets near her?

      • 26.1.1 daniela

        Not, twins, but triplets :))) When I read that king collapse while with the queen I had the same thought: blame the queen!!!!!!! she’s a bad influence!

  27. 27 Brenda

    First off . . . THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE RECAP!! <3

    Okay, I get that their "in love" and all . . .

    BUT. . . last week Hwon was screaming at her to not leave his side until he figures out the feelings he has for her and now all of a sudden in the time it took Hwon to pass out on top of Bo Kyung they are completely in love . . .
    I'm sorry but I kind of don't buy it. I feel like it took them 7 episodes just to figure out that they feel an attachment to each other and now within 10 minutes they're already drowning in "their love" before either of them admits that anything is there.

    I think one of the things in this drama that bothers me is that Hwon has NO political allies. I mean in the Princess' Man and Queen Seon Deok at least allegiances are split so there's back up on both ends. However it feels like it's Hwon vs everyone in the palace.
    To put it bluntly, he's a King with no power since there's no one who can make a difference on his side and since it's obvious who his weaknesses are it's easy to target him. Then there's the problem that everyone who's against him can't dethrone him since there's no one of royal blood to replace him.
    So overall, they're all at a standstill.

    When is she going to get her memory back???
    I had hoped it would've been revealed by now. It's also about time everyone who knew what happened 8 years ago opened their mouths (ie: Nok Young, Seol, and Min Hwa), they owe Hwon and Wol at least that much.

  28. 28 Maria

    Agreed, it’s still good, but personally, there is not much that pulls me towards this any further, shut up flower boy band is now my new favourite

    Hehe, totally agree, I would have Still followed that drama all the way with the young cast

  29. 29 Serena

    I always feel like I can’t get enough of this DRAMA. So rich…yet so short of development in each episode……sigh

    • 29.1 crazymouse

      i think the writers r doin this on purpose.Someone pls tell them its gettin old

      • 29.1.1 Kiara

        IKR the writers are driving me nuts with this mess of a story telling.

  30. 30 Raitei

    I do’t know what to say. This ep. isn’t that great, but I’m sooo looking forward to the resolution for this. I hope I won’t have to wait several eps. for that, though…

  31. 31 omo

    That figures. For the last 3 episodes, I’ve fallen asleep 15 mins into the episode.

    • 31.1 fantaCake

      This episode bored me like hell.

      • 31.1.1 omo

        Thanks for the heads up. I will start watching this episode when I need an instant lullaby.

  32. 32 21

    I yearn for a lot more love between Hwon and Wol, so far I don’t feel much chemistry between them and I desperately want to see more!!!!!! Thanks for the recap!!

  33. 33 Ani

    It’s weird, but I’ve noticed the less stuff that really happens – and I mean important stuff people – in an episode, the shorter the recap. Episode 13…. So that leaves us with 7 episodes to go, and nothing much happening on the love front. That…… sucks.

  34. 34 Pitch

    Is it certain that there is no extension? Cause that is the only thing that could explain this mess of a plot.

    • 34.1 cv

      I hope not! NO extension please! eeeeek! Most show’s that get extended tend to have boring episodes towards the end and does not end with a Bang. I’ve seen quite a few that went with a blah… Why oh why couldn’t they have kept the pace like the earlier episodes? Is the writer out of ideas? doesn’t know where the story is going? cuz if that’s the case…..this just suks. But I’ll wait and see until the end.

      • 34.1.1 kbap

        *sigh, I heard from soompi Moon/Sun has been granted a four-episode extension. I usually don’t like extensions but at the pace this drama is going (quite a few episodes per problem) it might as well do this drama good. Can’t believe I just said that lol. Ummm I still don’t like the idea of the extension, but I hope this drama makes it work.
        (It’s scary how much love I still have for this drama despite how much ranting, accusing, complaining, and sounding like I hate this drama I’ve been doing lately. It’s JIW love, I swear.)

  35. 35 M

    I’m hitting the point in a drama where I’m not eagerly anticipating to watch. Woot!

    So I’m just going to wait till it ends and do a marathon from 10 till 20! haha

    Thanks for the recaps! (I don’t really read since I can’t do spoilers…)

  36. 36 wootwoot

    *spoiler alert*

    frankly, the last two episodes have been kinda boring for me.. all this lovey dovey between the leads yet nothing substantial happening’s been getting on my nerves.

    BUT tomorrow’s episode’s supposed to be BIG (wol recovers memory) finally… some kind of progress. so stay tuned =)

  37. 37 laurenc

    I have downloaded the series until episode 10 (but only watched it until episode 3) while continuing to read the recaps.
    honestly, I don’t feel the need to continue watching this drama anymore. Nothing really happens, the characters are too one-dimensional, and I don’t believe we have enough time to resolve everything smoothly with only 7 episodes left.
    Maybe the writer intend to extend the drama? so that’s why the plot feels dragged right now?
    I don’t know *shrug

  38. 38 Joy

    I feel like ranting just by reading the recaps alone! Thank god I gave this up at ~ep 9 or 10. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band all the way. Thanks JB and GF for enduring this for the rest of us. Kudos to you guys. If we ever meet in person, the drinks are on me.

  39. 39 Sam

    i guess the noble stuff has to happen bec it’s a kdrama; h/e it should have happened earlier. I agree. They haven’t admitted that they love each other, or W hasn’t, and now H has to save her?

    Is it only me, but Seol seems like a useless character? She’s done nothing for her bff. She doesn’t sword fight. She doesn’t slip the truth like Jan Shil did. She doesn’t seem to care about YW at all. I mean she cares abt her, but she doesn’t really care either way – that going into the king’s chamber (is dangerous) and will make Wol be discovered that YW is not dead, or that there’s a solid reason why the king is so stuck on Wol. She just always cries, ‘someone else go save her’. Whereas Jan Shil wants things in order and is proactive. Seol just stands around and reacts to thesituation. If they have been bffs for that long, you’d think Seoul would have greater influence in W’s life. Just like Yeom has in Hwon even though he doesn’t serve him anymore.

    • 39.1 diorama

      I think it’s more how Seol is written as a character. Heck, all the other side characters (Seol, Yeom, JangShil, Minhwa) basically pop in and out around the main characters’ angsting. They had really interesting potential storylines too, but I guess the writer is just going to churn out whatever’s driving the ratings up.

      • 39.1.1 solera

        I totally see a wasted potential storyline for MinHwa. Sigh there is so much that can be explored from her as a kid knowing and witnessing what happened to YW. Until now only in this episode that we get to see her uncomfortable feeling when YW’s mum mentioned YW. Sigh sigh.

    • 39.2 momosa

      The writer have done a good job with SKKS side characters but fair so poorly here. What’s with Seol, YM, MinHwa, Woon, Janshil, Yeom etc, its just flat without substance.

  40. 40 Roggy

    Damn drama. Well…at least you look pretty.

  41. 41 Lotte

    I’m a bit disappointed they haven’t really done anything with the brothers’ relationship. I can’t really see much affection there, at least not on Yang-myung’s part (e.g., his bro keeps collapsing and he doesn’t seem particularly bothered), and I was hoping for more of a bond, if only because it makes the love triangle more interesting. But then again, I dislike love triangles in general so maybe I’m watching the wrong show!

    I’ve really tried to warm up to Han Ga In but…I just can’t. I think she is improving, but she’s never convinced me as an actress. She has this sort of default wide-eyed expression which bugs.

    OT, but a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while: I’ve lost count of the number of times in k-dramas I’ve seen characters hit each other round the head. Sometimes it’s comedic, sometimes not – I remember watching OBGYN and there was a scene where a little girl was crying cos her mum was dying or something and her grandma, who was not in any way a villain, thwacked her round the head pretty damn hard and no-one batted an eye. So my question is: is that normal? Like, is it acceptable behaviour in real life? I still find it very off-putting on tv, even when it’s used comedically, so this really baffles me!

  42. 42 sally_b

    RE: “So my question is: is that normal?”

    …if you watch enough Kdramas…apparently it is.

    Korean actors seem to take a lot of blows to the head..whether or not that’s a cultural truism, I’m not in a position to say ~

    equally repugnant, in western thought, is the proliferation of wrist grabbing & dragging that is often portrayed as the ultimate expression of “I like you a lot, but I’m an immature douchebag…so this is my skill set.”

    dunno (scratches head) 😉

    • 42.1 sally_b

      @41 Lotte – oops…mistyped…^ earlier comment meant for you

      • 42.1.1 Lotte

        Oh GOD the wrist-grabbing/dragging! Don’t even get me started on that! I think that’s probably one of the reasons I very rarely get invested in k-drama romances. There’s a lot of things I love about k-dramas – the scores, cinematography and the preponderance of historical dramas to name a few – but romances are definitely not on that list.

        Again, clearly I’m watching the wrong show, but I’m also not a fan of the childhood romance reunited trope – a reciprocated crush when you’re a kiddy does not = a match made in heaven. Apparently people never grow up and change. It’s one thing to fall in love with the older version on their own merits, but shows rarely bother to do that. Not to mention I find it impossible to root for Yang-myung to ‘get the girl’ because his significantly older teen crushing on little girl YW creeped me out too much! I don’t know how much older he’s meant to be in the show but the actor age difference is something like 18 to her 12 which…ew.

        Phew, sorry! Went a bit off-topic there – apparently I have a lot of feelings about this!

        • sally_b

          @Lotte – imma go way out on a limb ~and might get bashed for it….but what the hey~

          Being American….dating…is just that. a Date.

          “do we like each other? do we have common interests”

          from what I can tell from Asian dramas in general….romance & dating are almost exclusively precursors to …..marriage.

          there seems to be no *in-between*……yes, it’s a broad-brush I’m stroking here, but my round-about-point is…if your culture considers dating/even childhood crushes to be SIGNIFICANT, in a long term way, then that GRAY-AREA of *do we even LIKE each other?* that western dating represents…..does NOT exist in this realm.

          (that was really convoluted…apologies) ~

  43. 43 nik

    Exactly what I’ve been feeling, gf.

  44. 44 saranga

    i’m so squeamish about pain that i couldn’t bring myself to watch this episode. i knew wol would be tortured, so i purposely waited for the recap to get brushed up to speed. lol so thank you.

  45. 45 fruit

    China news said the show will be extended by 4 episodes (22nd Mar 2012) last episodes.


  46. 46 fruit

    Korean news also :

  47. 47 Lady Seoul

    Thank-you so much. Been checking the site several times waiting for this recap! Appreciate it! I feel the same way as you that the drama is becoming..EH. I mean its pretty good and everything, but I hate how WOL doesn’t love the King without his crown & her sense of duty and blah. blah. blah. I want to root for her too, but what is she doing to make me root for her if she is just going to sacrifice for nothing.. Show please get better! ^^

  48. 48 feyje

    “Because if she’s not going to save herself, and fight for love, then why am I rooting for her?” As I watched this episode this thought summed it up. I feel the same way you do, where you can get behind sacrifice for the sake of love, but duty come on then why do I want you win. Maybe it is our day and age but I would be willing to take a bullet for love but out of duty and in two different cases that just gets me. I find self sacrifice in this case makes me want to root for Bo Kyung because at least she is fighting and scheming for what she wants. Lets see what the next episode brings.

  49. 49 Jo

    I dislike where this drama is going so much, I refuse to watch it and have a really hard time reading the recaps. Ick. I think it mostly has to do with the character development. Yes, the children were good, but even then the characters fell flat. I loved Yang Myung’s character but Yeon Woo felt “too perfect”. There was no real depth to her besides her “intelligence”/wisdom. BUT, even then, I feel like it doesn’t add any depth to her character. In Princess’s Man the main girl had intelligence and thus a feisty character because she knew, as a woman, she was being short changed. Idk, like because she had knowledge she had the insight to have that anger..DEPTH. CHARACTERR! gosh. Princess’s Man was 100x a better drama than this one. AND, I know that they are essentially different types of sageuk dramas, but still. I can’t excuse the lack of thought in this drama’s script etc. ickickick

    • 49.1 Jo

      ALSO, the evil people. In Princess’s Man, no “evil” person was actually evil. You saw how they could be good fathers, or people who cared about people. It was just that they had ambitions that were logical but not reasonably sound (convoluted reasoning). Suyang was greedy, but you did see glimmers of humanity in him. sigh. I’m only going to read the recaps of this drama. NEVER EVER WATCHING IT! I dislike the script sooo muchhhh.

    • 49.2 hahaha

      So why are you here? Hmmm

      • 49.2.1 zodd

        Like anyone else for Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo otherwise most people would have already bailed on this draggy series.

      • 49.2.2 CreamPuffs

        This isn’t exactly a Moon/Sun fanpage…

  50. 50 FishFillets

    Moon/Sun is going to have a 4-episode extension ._.

  51. 51 ypr32


    Hwon’s Grandmother Queen Yoon embodies 2 queens from 2 Lewis Carroll’s novels:

    1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Queen of Hearts

    2. Through the Looking-Glass the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Red Queen


    “I pictured to myself the Queen of Hearts as a sort of embodiment of ungovernable passion – a blind and aimless Fury.
    The Red Queen I pictured as a Fury, but of another type; her passion must be cold and calm – she must be formal and strict, yet not unkindly; pedantic to the 10th degree, the concentrated essence of all governesses![1]”

    — Lewis Carroll, in “Alice on the Stage”

    Waiting for Grandmother Queen Yoon to say the
    Queen of Hearts trademark phrase:

    “Off with his head!”

    “Off with her head!”

    “Off with their heads!”

    “I warn you dear child if I lose my temper, you will lose your head.” Understood?

    “Don’t let him/her/them get away!”
    “Off with his/her/their head/heads!”


    which she utters at the slightest dissatisfaction with a subject.

  52. 52 Lisa

    I don’t love where this story is taking us because the plot (I feel is a mess and the solutions given are not too plausible even in mystic world.)

    YM is equally passionate as Hwon but I like how JIW is pushing for his character for you to root for.

    Hwon looked like he was about to cave into BK had it not been for male shaman. Did anyone kinda freakout when Spiritual Mother went all evil on him?

    I saw glimpses of young YH in HaGaIn but her development is getting better. That scene with Hwon was touching you could see that she loves him but has no clue she is in love even though almost EVERYONE KNOWS SHE DOES. LET US SEE SOME COOL INTELLECT FROM HGI? Maybe she lost some of her brain in that memory lost

    I still have no clue how this drama will play out.

  53. 53 via

    this is my first time giving comment of this drama pages, for a while i just read the recap while watching online raw, i have to say that i love this show and i believe everything happend here is definetely for a reason, since this show based on a Novel, so they will at least make it like in the Novel. All I know that the story is a lil bit pervert and many romance scenes in it, and the ending is Yeo won will be together again with the King ‘Hwon’

  54. 54 Evi

    I think this drama is sooo….over-rated. What make the rating go up all along is just because the child actors, KSH and anxious ending. That’s it. I’m going to lose grip on this drama cause don’t want to have more heartache on the story, unless they giving out Cool and Clever solution and more Depth to the Characters. Otherwise, I’m not going to let them ruin my mind again for another week. (I specially don’t like to hear the 4 ep extensions, cause I don’t want to give myself high hope and be disappointed again).

    Sigh…I think the MBS already become greedy for the rating and willing to do anything to make it 40%, including making the story different from the novel (ex: the torture scene).

    • 54.1 Evi

      Also, agree with gf, until now the chemistry between Hwon and Wol is not strong enough that can make us understand why they want to sacrifice themself. The story left the important part of letting the viewers to FEEL the depth of their love. From ep 7 – 12, we only catch a glimpse of their flirting and affection only. That’s not enough for us to root in.

  55. 55 magnusremixico

    come on YM take the throne !!

  56. 56 pohonphee

    Am I the only one who want the king get laid already with Bo-kyung? I don’t know perhaps having a child will give the king a smack on his head, put him in a dillema a love for the girl in his dream and the love for his child, and then he grown up eventually. I want the stakes are higher in this drama. All these childish loves irk me. Everybody should have moved on already! Gah.

    • 56.1 sally_b

      “@pohonphee – RE: “Am I the only one who want the king get laid already with Bo-kyung?

      hahaha!! that totally cracked me up.

      every since the line, “ok, just this once, I will take off my belt/robe for you ~”

      …I’ve been rooting for KingHwon to get laid by pretty much anyone in the palace.

      It’s been 8 years since he was 1st engaged to be married…it’s TIME. (no silk-wrapped chicken needed)

      • 56.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Haha. What is it with the men in this drama? I’d be happy to see Min Hwa and the brother finally “consummate” too! What’s his excuse? Seriously, you’re going to tell me all these guys are chaste for 8 years? Is there something in the water in that town?

        Somehow I feel it’s a little creepy for Hwon to still be pining over a 13 year old while never having done anything with his (very attractive, in my opinion) willing wife.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          He never liked his wife in the first place. I think he resents her on some level and blames her for what happened…

  57. 57 abby

    Guys you are awesome w/all your comments.Thanks ’cause I can understand what the episode ia all about. Since like some that can’n wait for the sub this really helps me to understand the story line.But eventhough I’m frustrated with the king I love him the fact that he was able to interact w/his brother point of view about wol.I gues we will see the real battle next episode in regards for the love triagle that’s going on in this very episode.. Thnaks guy I will wait for the sub.patiently.

  58. 58 aisuzieya

    I was actually very surprised when someone said this is a recap for ep13 (yes I didnt read the title, just anxiously clicked on it and read) bcos i feel like we are still in ep 7 (plot wise). see, we are going round in a circle here, when is this going to end? why is there no progress between YW & Hwon? What happen to the secret investigation abt YW’s death? How is the palace affair? and WTH exactly is Yeom? everything is going on so slow (esp the YW & Hwon stuff; when is he going to realize, recognized her as YW, their romance etc), so inconsistent and some scenes feel almost unnecessary. Please writer-nim, step up the game!

    and HGI is very pretty, but sadly that’s where it ends. the girl can’t act to save her life. I’m sorry, bit harsh, but truth is like that.

  59. 59 daniela

    I love the comments more then the show now! really – really!

    I was thinking off sending a letter to the novel-writer to pray her to sew the drama script writer for killing the characters, the plot, everything. Or maybe she just doesn’t care for this drama cause her novel is selling better now?!

    I will not watch the show until it’s over, with all the subs for an easier fast-forward of HGI scenes. The actress still has the filling that she is playing the architectural genius? lady, you’re in a historical drama here! Why did she accept this role? she needed money? please!

    I miss Dong Yi, Yi San, The Princess Man – even Warrior BDS, and I can’t say how much I miss “Tree with deep roots” – my all time love!

    • 59.1 ilikemangos

      Tell me about it daniela.
      i watched princess’s man, warrior bds, & tree with deep roots…
      and i’m in a saeguk frenzy.
      why can’t this show live up to those?!

  60. 60 zhyeezah

    ◦†нªηк’s◦ for the sinops.. Waiting for episode 14

  61. 61 Cool

    Will this drama ever surpass 40% in ratings !?! I mean, 37%, 38% WTF??

  62. 62 Gemini

    I saw the live streaming of this episode last night, and honestly, as much as I love this drama, I got disappointed with the story development… But I think the writers are aware of our concerns…


    Here’s to hoping… =)

  63. 63 Anime1234

    Yup. Still waiting for the dang Moon who witnessed the evil done in episode 1 to come after these bad guys. I always hoped that the Moon referred to here meant that Wol was coming after these bad guys but that would require some major character growth here in terms of a. Yeon Woo must remember who she is; b. YW must want revenge on every one. c. YW must have enough political savvy to stop them all.
    I know she has a sense of righteousness for others but can she do it for herself?

  64. 64 John

    Gah! Haven’t watched it yet, (waiting on Viki to finish the subs), or read the recap. Can’t wait to do both.

  65. 65 YourElle

    when will they ever know that Wol and Yeon Woo are the same person?

    Damn! I hope Bo Kyung won’t bear Hwon’s child!!!! no i can’t take that. >><<

    that would be not be a perfect ending with hwon and yeon woo there would be strings attached between them. i hope not(fingers crossed!).

    Waiting for the recap tomorrow. :))
    Javabeans and GF FIGHTING~ ^^

  66. 66 testify

    To me it becomes a little uninteresting, cause I feel like, since those shamans have this kind of power, to kill a person or make them ill, just by some spell. Why are they serving at all.
    Wouldn`t people get interested in ruling the world or the king by themselves?
    What kind of an explanation has the king for himself?
    Why wasn`t he able to bed his queen. Why did he become sick?
    And why are those shamans using their power only for the benfits of the queen mother?
    Why aren`t they using it from the beginning for the king and the previous queen at that time?
    Since they have this kind of power shouldn`t she kill with a spell the queenmother right from the start.
    This wouldn`t cost so much peoples life and strength of the king.
    Even the teacher of him became a princes consort, what made the king more powerless.
    The father of Wol had to die. Her family was trapped.
    I feel the head shamans are useless. They only made everything more complicated and took the kings strength.
    And this makes me thing, what power do those people have at all?
    Whether they are king or queen, they seem to be the puppets of the shamans decisions.
    Its their thought what counts and nothing else…..
    “so it should be renamed like the power of the shamans” or something.
    ” cause in my eyes it is no more the moon that embraces the sun”.

    • 66.1 Kim Yoonmi

      And why are those shamans using their power only for the benefit of the queen mother?
      Why aren’t they using it from the beginning for the king and the previous queen at that time?

      From the late Three Kingdom’s period Muism has been primarily for women by women. (Cowardly) men abandoned Muism for the new Buddhism. This was in part because Confucianism and the switch to more of an agricultural lifestyle made a religion primarily female-based look uncool to men, thus when it lost its power, the religion was primarily run by women.

      (The mountain spirits, for example, were all women… the sun was a male and the moon was a female. But the majority of the spirits before Buddhism seem to be female-based.)

      Men like prestige in most societies, so being the cowards they are, they ran from the religion once the persecution started and there was nothing in it for them.

      These days Muism is dying and it is hard for the female Shamans (Mudang, not Munyeo–like in the drama) to survive because of the pressures of Christianity (which likes to call anything outside of itself the work of the devil.) and also from the government. Paksu are male shaman, however, most of them in today’s society are outcasts, such as homosexual, transvestite, etc. There probably were more back in the day, but I have a gut feeling women basically still ran the show.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think the real Muism is represented in this drama. Rather it borrows from Muism, such as making it female-centric. I would have expected more colorful offerings, an altar and some fast dancing–plus channeling of Gods and Goddesses (especially in the Northern style) I thought that would have been far more interesting to watch. I was a bit disappointed when the drama chose to go with the “safe” route to make muism look more tame and Shinto-ish. (Shinto is Japan. Praying to fire is more of a Japanese thing.) Oh well, maybe they’ll make a proper drama on the mudang someday, but for know we’re stuck with the Munyeo-wannabe-shintos.

      Anyway, what I assume they are saying is that this Shamanism is dying (’cause it ain’t muism–if it’s supposed to be the author did less research than I did–and I do mean the author.) and the only thing stopping it is the Queen Mother’s belief in it–because anything female-centric in a Confucian state would have been demonized, but with the most powerful person in the country backing it, no one would dare to cross it. The Queen Mother might have even helped to revive it from the ashes from the way she acts…

      I would have preferred to see more true Muism though… been much more fun and more Koreanish. You should look up Kkut on You Tube to see why I’m complaining. The style around Seoul is really cool.

      • 66.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        *Queen Dowager–sorry.

  67. 67 Sabah

    “right now she’s acting out of a sense of duty to what the king is, not who Hwon is. ”

    Like many others I too was feeling a little ‘distant’ with the characters at this juncture. Truly there was something amiss.

    At first I felt that maybe the discordance lay with the brothers ‘love’ for Wol and to ‘misuse’ your phrase above they couldn’t see Wol but for Yeon-woo. My soul can not help but scoff a little when love is associated with either brother and ‘Wol.’

    However whilst deliberating and pondering over this palaver I had an epiphany. If I viewed the brothers current actions not as people fighting for love but rather a chance of it, or hope, then I understand.

    Those flecks of Yeon-Woo that they find in Wol come from a light that is ablaze in both Yeon-Woo and Wol’s heart/hearts. I find I can understand their need to warm themselves through closeness to such a rare thing.

    Some may scoff and say that surely Yeon-Woo can not be the only one with such light in her soul, but alas this is truly true. Such lights are far and few between and I can readily believe that the years since their separation neither brother was able to find a comparable light, except in maybe a friend or two. Just like Seol whose travels to distant lands did not garner another person comparable to Yeom. I can understand that because I live it.

    People like Yeon-Woo and Yeom are rare, so just like people who love flowers would seek them out over weeds, I can understand the brothers seeking out Yeon-Woo in Wol. Sure, some may argue that people should just be grateful for anything that blooms in their garden but if that wild flower is within your grasp, isn’t it something worth striving for?

    So, with a turn of a heart, I find that I can understand the brothers needs to fight for Wol and in turn for Wol for them. In a world where good souls are few and far between, even one fleck, one instant, one moment in their fragrant company can feel like a lifetime. It isn’t length of time, but rather depth and width of time.

    This ‘fight’ isn’t about love per se but rather about goodness; something worth striving for, dying for.

    Feel free to whitewash and ignore. WIth love Sabah

    • 67.1 Emmie

      Thanks for this comment, I enjoyed reading it :)

  68. 68 YY

    I’m getting less and less optimistic with each ep about the king ever bedding anyone. It’s a case of too little time and too many distractions. The way it’s going, the will-he-won’t-he will just drag on and on and on. Everyone is understandably frustrated, and especially the consummation chicken. Chicken, I feel your pain. Hang in there.

    Maybe the problems the king is facing with consummation has to do with bad feng-shui. Maybe he should get rid of those white silk pajamas he wears. Maybe switch to a nightie? Like the one Dobby wears in Harry Potter? It’s cool and airy and it shows off the legs. Nothing like a pair of sexy hairy legs to seduce a woman, my grandmother always says. He could stroll in the garden and pause every now and then, taking careful pains to stand with the moon behind him. I think that position would make him look more alluring.

    • 68.1 momosa

      Buahaha..understandably the chicken is most frustrated as it’s gonna be shoved again to the bedroom for more rounds thus interrupting its nightly sleep.

      Am counting the episodes to when they will realise it’s the queen that has caused all the bad energy, not the chicken, talis(wo)man or the room.

      And how is acupunture on lower sexy hairy limb going to help with sexual life, by common sense (for someone ignorant) it should be the thigh, so roll up those whitey nighty pants and show us the real thing!!

      At the end of the day, I wonder (& smiling to myself) as to how the show is going to actually show us the bedding scene with Wol, it might even take place during daytime, hehe, like maybe solar eclipse.

      This is a rant of frustration!

  69. 69 Gemini

    O. M. G. *spoiler alert*

    Just watched live streaming of episode 14… I’ve never seen a kdrama who has the most dramatic way to bring back one’s memory… eclipse and all… epic… just epic…

    *bow! bow! bow!*


  70. 70 aries

    han ga in daebak!! XD

  71. 71 lc

    I don’t know if anyone will see this comment but… EP 14 IS EXPLOSIVE AMAZING!!! Han GaIn acting daebak seriously and the plot went crazy addictive. the ending was superb <333

  72. 72 halom

    waw what a great moments today

  73. 73 Rita

    Why are there so many “noonas” to the young lead actors in this drama? Couldn’t they have found a younger one to be the lead actress? There’s a lot talented actresses but younger ones in Seoul for goodness sake! She is much older than the young king!

  74. 74 Rita

    And the actress who played the “young” (?) queen – she is not pretty and her face, esp her eyes is a tale of eyes surgery! Ugh!

  75. 75 yinnie

    I actually find it refreshing that she’s protecting both, not out of love but out of political sacrifice..per se because it’s just so much more worthy. And also, I love that she’s not giving into the torture either, strong woman throughout the drama and thats something completely different in K-dramas. Along with Seol and Janshil, I like that they kick ass and they still do as the drama progresses on.

    Maybe its the inner feminist in me, but this is a breath of fresh air in k-dramas especially because the female characters always turn out to be even more pathetic as it progresses.

  76. 76 rjyuggy

    Han Ga-In is so beautiful! She’s at par with Song Hye Kyo and Lee Da Hae.

    • 76.1 yumi

      their acting is also on the same mediocre level. sorry. they’re all pretty but their acting doesn’t move me.

    • 76.2 Ace

      As long as LDH focuses on her work, she’s better at both comedic & drama roles than the other two. SHK I like only when she’s being cute. HGI I never liked in both comedy and drama roles. Her expression never changes.

    • 76.3 Kiara

      LDH–> SHK ———————————————–>HGI. She is so NOT there.

  77. 77 ehparrish

    to those of y’all ready to give up hope, I pray that you will not because episode 14 was one of THE BEST episodes by far. It will make you bawl your eyes out and remember why you became addicted to this drama in the first place.

    Don’t lose hope!! :)

  78. 78 Ace

    Okay, it got kinda interesting near the end of ep.14. But now, I’m hearing rumors of a four-episode extension? NO way. It took soooo long to come to this point and I don’t want to spend 10 episodes more on an hour-length show with mostly fillers.

    That said, Kim Soo-hyun rocks as always.
    Kim Min-seo’s electric.
    Jung Il-woo’s character’s still not doing anything for me as he seems to be always pitying himself. (Ah, Cha Chi-soo I miss you!)
    Han Ga-in – *sigh* (Kim Yoo-jung, please give her acting tips!)
    Secondary characters – where are you? Yeom?
    The villains – so one-dimensional, irritating, gloating old goats

    Show, bring the excitement (and depth) back. Or fire the current script writers and get the ones from SKKS.

  79. 79 colleen

    …extended episodes???….I could understand if this drama maintained its initial riveting momentum level, but the writing and story line has hit a snag at the midway mark. Fortunately, the ratings have been strong, but unless there’s a second wind of inspired writing, this lagging story line begs for an episode 20 finale. Maybe Ha Ga In can enroll in an acting class or two before taking on her next role. She was the weakest link in this other wise stellar cast of actors.

  80. 80 Suzi Q

    The ratings for this episode was phenomenal; however, I think people were curious about whether they were going to finally consummate the marriage.The cliff hanger was a major disappointment from the prior episode. People thought that the horny queen would finally get some action, but the king only fainted instead. Aww rotten tomatoes!

    HGI should have gotten slapped on the side of her head while she was being tortured. Maybe then she could remember her true identity.This part of the story is beginning to be worn thin.Her acting is driving me crazy. Another actress would have done better. She should serious take some acting classes.Totally stuck in a rut.BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!
    Some of the characters who were so interesting in the beginning are getting boring. JIW is like a love sick puppy following HGI around and getting kicked around.Seol is doing nothing except being a sword carrier.Yeom should find out that his wife knew about the plot against his sister soon.
    KSH is trying his best, but he should stop fainting all over the place.How long can he keep carrying this drama?

    I hope they don’t extend 4 more episodes unless they can breathe some action and life into this mundane plot.

  81. 81 crazyjnx

    Thanks for the recap! ^^ this is the way i’m gonna watch this series.

    I agree. I too feel like the main girl-lead is no longer an active participating character that I can buy into and root for, but more like a tool to move the lack of actions and conflicts along. Move to where? I don’t know….and from these last episodes I feel the writer isn’t sure either. Its good (ABOUT TIME) that Yang-myung is doing something, having an actual role in this play(of moons and suns, lols).

    Unfortunately Hwon has been benched to cute king with angry spouts, but all talk and not enough actions. It’s a freaking fantasy, let the king do something! Bypass the saguek kingly norms and limitations! AND PLEASE, give us some actual adult love to root for, and some strong reasons to why the supposed star-cross lovers can or cannot be together!
    Suggestion: If the moon and sun come together, all the people will die on December 2012! Therefore for the better of humankind(and their super noble k-drama characteristics), they must sacrifice their deep teen love to save us all.

  82. 82 Carinne

    I like how soccer was mentioned. It’s like Nazi Yoon watching a game. Dull and utter Communist boredom. That was fun to read.

  83. 83 sb

    Did anyone else noticed the GORGEOUS orchestral music playing when Wol was watching the unconscious king/Hwon lying there until he wakes up? Love the music!

  84. 84 Lilian

    Hmm…i wished they could have fallen in love with her for who she is now, not becoz she resembled the old YeonWoo!

  85. 85 John


    I don’t know what I’d do without the recaps. You’re a life saver.


    Viki’s subbers , (for some unknown reason } decided to skimp/skip on the subbing on the Hwon /Yang-myung scene where they’re discussing Wol.
    I mean, really, you sub 98% of the episode and you skip/skimp that particular scene? WTF? Really? Thanks.


    Yeah, Wol finally wakes up and hows a little spark. Why the king is so wishy washy is beyond me. I’d have killed Minister Yoon long ago.

  86. 86 Selina

    The king doesn’t want to consummate the marriage with the queen because he’s afraid if he does, she’ll carry the heir and the evil guys will just kill him off. If the queen gives birth to an heir, then the queen’s father obviously gets power through a regency with the death of the king. That’s why he’s been putting it off for so long. He says in a previous episode to Woon that the evil guys still have need for him, which is to produce the next generation and not create a huge power struggle with his death.

  87. 87 asdf

    I can’t wait for the next few episodes! Things are going to get interesting :)

  88. 88 ro

    i dont know and i’ve nothing much to say but i seriously love how they casted the young/child actors and adult actors :) not only their looks have rather striking resemblances, their acting skills are no joke as well… 😀
    i am loving this drama even if im only reading the recaps!!!

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