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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 375 (Season 1 Finale)
by | March 2, 2012 | 94 Comments

EPISODE 375. Broadcast on February 25, 2012.

javabeans: Last one!

girlfriday: Say it ain’t so!

javabeans: Well, there’ll be another episode next week… but it might not be what you want it to be.

girlfriday: *covers ears* I CAN’T HEAR YOU! LALALALALALA.

javabeans: If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist? Or in this case, if you don’t watch the ending, it never happened?

girlfriday: Right, exactly. If I don’t watch it end, it won’t end. Right?

javabeans: Um. Am I going to have to write this one myself while you battle your denial?

girlfriday: Denial? What denial? Just pass the soju.

javabeans: Aw, the show gets a cake. It’s even crying. (Under the Good-Bye is “ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ” which indicates crying eyes.)

girlfriday: And then it suddenly turns into an impromptu fanmeeting with the audience, where MC Su-geun announces that they’ll draw random numbers for a Bokbulbok. Prizes include: a hug, a backhug, dinner at Seung-gi’s house… waitaminute…

javabeans: Ha, that can’t be real. Seung-gi’s all, “WHAT?” and Su-geun says this one’s MC’s choice.

girlfriday: Su-geun prompts Seung-gi — how much is he willing to give? Seung-gi: “I’ll do whatever [she] wants.”

javabeans: And then Jong-min says, to the same question, “I’ll do whatever I want.” Haha.

girlfriday: Pfffft. Good timing, Jong-min. He’s up first, and the prize with Jong-min is a sexy dance. Oh dear.

javabeans: I love the very clumsy “sexy” dance he demonstrates, and as he moves to pull a name, Ji-won jokes, “I think the most nervous right now are the male guests.” He pulls a number, and everyone actually holds their breaths hoping it’s not them, since they’ll have to be part of the sexy-dancing. He calls 103… and there is no 103. Is somebody lying?

girlfriday: You know they are. So Su-geun re-picks and calls out someone in the front row.

javabeans: I love that they don’t trust the guests in this round, so he forces the lady to show her ticket number, then Ji-won declares she’s it, regardless of whether she is.

girlfriday: She follows him up to the stage, a ball of nerves, and then Jong-min greets her by taking off his jacket as the audience squeals. He asks her right away, “Are you married?” HA. Su-geun: “What were you going to do if she weren’t?”

javabeans: That should not be a part of this game! Hahaha.

girlfriday: They tell them to start, but she interrupts the proceedings to say that SHE has to get ready… and takes off her jacket too. Wait, this is going to an unexpected place.

javabeans: Cue song (“Trouble Maker”) and the guest takes her pose… and then rocks the sexy dance so much that it’s Jong-min who’s standing there agape. Ha! Banjun!

girlfriday: Pwahahahaha. Oh my god, does this stuff actually happen? She was an ajumma shaking in terror one minute, and now she’s all c’mere, baby.

javabeans: Omg, Jong-min is so weird at this dance. ISN’T HE A PROFESSIONAL? And then she returns to her seat all shy again.

girlfriday: This is the funniest and weirdest thing I’ve ever seen an ajumma do. Afterwards, Jong-min just stutters in shock, “I lost!” The boys agree, she totally out-danced him.

javabeans: Next it’s Seung-gi’s turn to pick a number, and when he says it’s in the hundreds, there are squeals of glee and slumps of disappointment. The guys point out that when Jong-min called out for his hundred-something guest, everyone was basically shaking their heads, “Not it!” Aw. Seung-gi’s guest runs up excitedly for her hug, and I think there just may actually be tears of jealousy in the crowd from all the disappointed guests who weren’t picked.

girlfriday: Oh no, the hug goes embarrassingly awry (he’s supposed to pick her up and twirl her, per Su-guen’s instructions) but he just ends up dragging her.

javabeans: But on the upside, she gets a SECOND HUG. Tae-woong is next with a back-hug, and announces his number speedily without fanfare. How like him. The guest is from Japan and I don’t think she understands what she’s getting till Su-geun demonstrates, and then she’s all excited. The “scenario” is for her to be waiting for her late date, and he’ll surprise her with a back-hug… only it’s Jong-min who sneaks up behind her. Oh no! That’s so mean!

girlfriday: I don’t know what’s worse–trading in Jong-min for Tae-woong, or the way she runs away from Jong-min like he’s covered in boils or something. The boys just die laughing.

javabeans: I’m pretty sure it was Seung-gi’s idea (he whispered something last-minute) and he and Ji-won bounce up and down, laughing.

girlfriday: They go again, and this time Tae-woong backhugs her for real. Aw man, I’m actually jealous right now.

javabeans: Oh man, you have to admit Tae-woong has an awesome backhug. It’s not all limp and anemic, but a good-ol-fashioned manly embrace.

girlfriday: It’s totally hot.

javabeans: She flips out, and I totally don’t blame her. How weird to give this sizzling backhug and then end it with a handshake, though. Seung-gi handshakes her as she leaves in a similar gesture, and Su-geun interrupts, literally telling him, “No touching!” Hahaha. He can’t just give it away for free!

girlfriday: I love that he backs away with his hands in the air, like Okay, okay, I will not touch the girls! Next is Ji-won’s turn to give a backhug, and he happens to draw the first male contestant, the guy who fed them on one of their winter training camps.

javabeans: Aw, how cute! This one’s supposed to be a backhug-turned-fronthug, and Ji-won approaches the guest and jumps on his back, like a little boy.

girlfriday: How perfect for Baby Bear. I love that he’s the only one who could’ve turned it into a daddy-son moment. Back at basecamp that night, the boys wait for dinner and play on an old swing set. Seung-gi watches Su-geun swinging and wants to try too, so he takes a turn… and what?

javabeans: Has Seung-gi never ridden a swing before?

girlfriday: What kind of weird childhood did he have?

javabeans: He looks so funny, trying to pump for leverage but doing it all backward. Ji-won demonstrates the proper way to gain momentum, and Seung-gi gets back on, confident in the technique… and does it all wrong. Ji-won coaches him through when to sit and stand, but it’s like teaching Tae-woong how to dance.

girlfriday: He is the poster boy for brain and body acting of their accord. Even Seung-gi’s like, “Does it look that weird?” Yes, yes it looks that weird. I love how he asks Ji-won for a push though, like a little kid. Not that it helps. They get a delicious samgyupsal dinner (aw is Na PD being nice?) and head inside for games, where Na PD declares today’s mission-for-indoor-sleeping-rights moot. Aha. Nice my foot.

javabeans: They’ll play an old game tonight — the zombie game — where the last man standing will get to sleep indoors and pick a friend to join him. Basically you’ll blindfold everybody but one person, throw them into a room together, and hope for the best. The zombies have to catch the guy decisively, so more than just a tag to get him out.

girlfriday: It’s more like they get to bite him until he screams, “Surrender!”

javabeans: I love that they get all into it, grabbing for their prey (Seung-gi), but then you have the other guy shouting back, “It’s just me! It’s ME!” It totally doesn’t work when you break the chain of arms, though, huh? Seung-gi’s doing so well that he actually goes around poking the guys in the butt, haha. Such a schoolyard thing to do.

girlfriday: Typical boys. Finally Tae-woong manages to get a death grip on him and the zombies attack.

javabeans: That’s what Seung-gi gets for taunting them, though he lasted a good five minutes. Su-geun’s next and he evades them for a long while until he’s finally cornered, and the boys dogpile. But what they don’t know is that Su-geun has wrestled free, so they’re basically dogpiling and biting each other. Poor Jong-min gets the brunt, even though he’s screaming, “It’s me! Jong-min!” Su-geun basically spends the rest of his turn taunting Jong-min, literally running circles around him.

girlfriday: Hahaha, he starts blowing in Jong-min’s face, making him look spastic as he tries to reach for him. Owwwww, when Seung-gi finally catches him, he clamps onto his nipples and twists, getting an immediate surrender.

javabeans: Su-geun lasted an impressive fifteen minutes, mostly thanks to Jong-min. Third to go is Ji-won, and Su-geun assembles the boys for a strategizing session, having seen where the weak links are, and strengthens the line of defense. The result is that Ji-won has a much tougher time getting between them, and is out in just under two minutes.

girlfriday: Tae-woong doesn’t last too long either, and the funny thing is his dogpile ends up being a second chance for the boys to attack Su-geun, who gave them so much grief.

javabeans: Haha, someone even tears a hole in the seat of his pants. Ha, and ew. The game definitely gets harder the longer it goes on since the boys are learning tactics, so I’m impressed Tae-woong even lasted three minutes. Jong-min, on the other hand, gets dogpiled hard after two minutes.

girlfriday: Ji-won warns that there’s no surrender for him: “This game ends when you die.” HA.

javabeans: It’s what you get when you continue biting your prey after they’ve surrendered. As the winner, Su-geun picks Ji-won as his sleepytime partner and as the guys rest, they get another cake, this time for Su-geun’s birthday. I love how they eat it with chopsticks, which is something I totally do.

girlfriday: I don’t think there’s anything Korean people don’t eat with chopsticks. As they eat, Na PD offers up a quiz just for fun, about past episodes of the show. Ji-won balks that no one can win Seung-gi at that game, because he freakishly remembers every last detail, like what they ate on what day and where. Yeesh. I have friends like that. I’m the other one, always going, “Huh? Did we go there?”

javabeans: The first question is about which episodes brought in high ratings, which gives us a flashback to one of the game sessions where basically the rules were super-simple and the outcomes hilarious: hackey-sack competition and sit-up race.

girlfriday: Hey! That’s the episode I first made you watch with me! Remember? This is one of my favorite episodes. I die laughing every time.

javabeans: Haha, yeah totally. It’s even just as hilarious knowing what’s coming as it was when I was surprised by the image of Seung-gi bouncing around on the ground trying to anchor Ho-dong’s situps.

girlfriday: I’m pretty sure I remember us gasping for breath as we laughed, watching those situps. There may have been tears.

javabeans: The guys make a few wrong guesses for the other ratings hit, until Na PD gives the clue that there was a “very big wager” on the line, and Ji-won immediately knows — it’s the episode where he shaved his head, right?

girlfriday: The Ping-pong Con!! It’s funny that I’ve totally made you watch these episodes before.

javabeans: But it makes sense, if they’re the best. Hehe. Na PD tells them that the very moment Ji-won’s head was shaved, ratings shot up to 49.3%.

girlfriday: That’s CRAJEE. If you haven’t watched the episode, one day Ji-won randomly decided to bluff that he’d been practicing ping-pong and gotten really good, and made this wager against Ho-dong that escalated into insanity. The end result was that Ji-won and Mong had to shave their heads.

javabeans: They reminisce about the time Seung-gi broke his finger, and now he can say that it was MC Mong who sat on it. He says that Mong felt so bad about it that he has since erased the day from his memory.

girlfriday: Hahaha, do I even want to know how you broke your finger on Mong’s ass? Footage shows him arriving at Su-geun’s wedding with a cast on. I love that Su-geun says he can confess now that it’s in the past: “We were really worried… But after we visited you in the hospital… we went to play pool.” HA.

javabeans: Na PD busts out gifts for the boys, and lines up five ring boxes, containing five matching rings (which Ji-won bites to confirm it’s real gold, haha). Tae-woong wonders why his is so yellow, and Na PD reveals that even the rings are a Bokbulbok. HA! He instructs them to look inside the band, to find out how many karats their rings are.

girlfriday: Hahaha, evil till the end. Tae-woong has the 24kt one, while Seung-gi gets the 5kt one, which they don’t even make, but Na PD had special-ordered. HEE.

javabeans: Seung-gi says he feels sorry they didn’t do something like this in return, but Na PD says that after he had these ordered, he wanted one for himself so he got them made for the staff, too. Haha. Wonder how many karats his is.

girlfriday: That’s cute. I love that they say “Wild” on them. We get a montage of bromance through the years, and the boys ask if they can talk amongst themselves on their last night. So for the first time in five years, the cameras go off, and they get to just hang out with each other. Aw, how sweet.

javabeans: In the morning, the others join Su-geun and Ji-won inside and they climb under the blankets together. The VJ comments that the guys must really not want to get up this morning, since they’re lingering in bed. Tae-woong says they remind him of a literal dogpile, and they totally do look like one — limbs sticking out in random directions, bodies all curled up.

girlfriday: It’s so cute how affectionate Tae-woong is with Ji-won. The PDs note that they look like a real hyung-dongseng pair.

javabeans: Everyone eventually wakes and does his morning routine, but Ji-won’s just curled up on the floor, even when the PDs take away the blankets and pack them away. Finally Tae-woong comes by and puts Ji-won’s head in his lap, and the guys muse that this is a truly Ji-won-esque way to go out.

girlfriday: Seung-gi asks Na PD to take a picture with him, just one loving shot, and Na PD tells him to beg a little harder, only to cave and give him the cutest hug, cheek-to-cheek. Awwww.

javabeans: They head outside for the closing comments, and Ji-won finally joins them. He says it really doesn’t feel like it’s their last day, and Seung-gi says that they’ve heard that word “final” thrown around a million times but it hasn’t sunk in. When it’s pointed out that next week there’ll be another guy sleeping in the spot where Seung-gi used to sleep, he realizes that’s true and jokes that he’ll be watching this on TV from home, crying.

girlfriday: Su-geun says that Ji-won said something to him last night: “Hyung, this is the last time we’ll be laughing and talking like this, isn’t it?” *whimper*

javabeans: The tears start flowing as they think of what the show has brought them, and how much they’ve felt and gained because of it.

girlfriday: They clearly don’t want it to end, because every time someone starts to close the closing, they change the subject.

javabeans: I do think it’s a good thing that three are staying behind, because as it is most of the goodbyes are directed toward Ji-won and Seung-gi. If they were all leaving, I think it would be a mess of tears. Su-geun notes that today’s the hardest to get through, because it’s so tough holding back tears, and they’re pretty much just barely holding on.

girlfriday: But saying the words aloud makes them even harder to hold back, and Seung-gi starts crying, and then Na PD chokes back his tears, which I don’t know why, but is always the thing that opens the floodgates for me. I think it’s like you said–watching the dad cry is just the hardest. He can barely get the words out, but he just says, “You worked hard,” like a proud dad.

javabeans: It takes them a while to get control over their emotions to do the final ending, and Seung-gi manages to put on a cheery face just as Ji-won starts to cry and buries his face. Seung-gi gives him the chance to say a few last words, but Ji-won tells him to do it, so with a final burst of energy, they raise their hands and do the 1N2D cheer.

girlfriday: WAH. They hug and ask Ji-won if he’s okay, and he refuses to admit that he’s crying, saying that it’s because he’s cold. “This is a cold and hungry show!” Heh. How like him to joke through his tears. They take pictures with the crew and hug them goodbye one by one. Ji-won’s bearhug with the camera director breaks my heart. And then we flashback to earlier that morning, when Seung-gi cried by himself in the bathroom and didn’t want his hyungs to see.

javabeans: Basically the entire staff is wiping away tears, and when you think about it five years is a long time to spend at a job, making friends with the crew and building relationships beyond just the cast.

girlfriday: And that even the average family doesn’t go on trips every other week. I know that 1N2D will live on, but I do feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend. So long, Seung-gi, Ji-won, Ho-dong, Kim C, Mong, and Na PD. We’ll miss ya. LOTS.

javabeans: Yeah, we’ll get to see them in the future so it’s not a true goodbye, but it’s a goodbye to this version of themselves. Like Ji-won, whom we’ll hardly ever get to see if he’s only available as his musician persona. For that reason I’m glad that at least three of them will be sticking around. But while I hope the new 1N2D is just as strong, this one will always have a special place in our hearts.


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    • 1.1 otchosais

      the time I watched this finale I am crying, sobbing like,
      I WILL BE SEEING Seung Gi and Ji Won in 1n2d??? :'(

      I am in DENIAL!!! :'(

      I am still teary eyed now…

      and reading this, I am still in a teary-eyes mode…


    • 1.2 Lenita

      *teary group hug*

    • 1.3 Jossy

      My sentiments exactly! From now till this ep airs on kbsworld in 2weeks. (TT_TT)

  2. Jennifer

    haha Seung Gi looks like a dorky little kid with that new haircut.

    But I’m gonna miss ya “original” 1N2D!!! Especially Ji Won 🙁

  3. Schmazel

    1N2D Season 1, YOU WILL BE MISSED!

    *passes around the Kleenex*

    Looking forward to the second season with the new additions.

    Hwaiting! 😀

  4. adette


  5. A_Donuts

    I cna’t believe its over. Best off luck to the cast and their future endeavours. I’m sure they succeed in whateve they do.
    It’s so sad, such a huge part of our lives. :’-(

  6. Noelle

    HAHAHAHAHA That woman is my role model!
    Goodbye 1N2D!

    • 6.1 Noelle

      So flipping sad!

  7. x0mi07

    Ep 375 huh? What an awesomely long run. I haven’t even watched it yet and I’m a bundle of tears. Thank you so much for sharing this recap with us JB and GF. It was a truly remarkable show. <3

    • 7.1 jane

      you HAVE to watch this show. 🙂 it’s a must.

  8. dramamama

    Bwawawawawaaaa…… why must this end! My heart ached when Kim C left, I grieved when MC Mong left and was in trauma when Hodong left. Just when I recovered from my grieve this had to end!!!!

  9. saranghae_12

    wahhh!whenever i think about the last ep of 1n2d, there’s this ache in my think that i only started watching the old episodes last year.i will miss their brotherhood.

  10. 10 Ani

    Jiwon Oppa don’t gooooo! Please don’t go!!!! I’m going to miss how Eun Jiwon always manages to make everything naturally family-like, whether it be as Baby-Bear or a dongsaeng, or the natural oppa or the one naturally calling out to his noona. <3

    It really is a sad goodbye. Over the years we've had to say goodbye to some of the other cast members we loved dearly. The last couple of years has hit 1N2D the worst. But it was a fun ride and I hope I get to see some of the guys leaving as often as possible on Variety Shows. And I look forward to 1N2D season 2 as well.

  11. 11 h311ybean

    *sigh* And so ends Season 1. I had been waiting for this recap to appear all morning.

    I feel let down that it’s over, but it seems that the season ended on a nice note, that was neither too cheerful nor too sad/sentimental. I’ll probably have to see the ep for myself to be sure, though – and I kind of don’t want to, because if I don’t see it, the ending won’t exist, haha.

    Will Dramabeans carry on with recapping Season 2?

  12. 12 saranghae_12

    It was funny how seunggi was hiding behind jiwon while the ahjumma did d sexy dance with jongmin like he was seeing something he shouldn’t.

  13. 13 dk

    Just reading the recap made me cry again. 🙁

  14. 14 john

    all good things have to come to an end eventually. Hopefully the second season won’t be compared too much/unfairly to season one.

    • 14.1 jenny

      i agree.

      but T_T…

  15. 15 Celest

    It’s the end of an era. I stopped watching religiously after over a hundred episodes but would periodically tune it. I LOVED this show to pieces and I wish all the cast and production crew good luck.

  16. 16 Mimiejay

    I don’t know if I could watch this..I’m so going to miss PD Na! All my favorites are gone.. Huhuhuhuhu This is so sad. Why am I crying over a show?

  17. 17 Ace

    *sigh* @Seung-gi’s exit on all his variety shows. Hoping for success on his other stuff and hope he guests again in 1N2D. And hope that his new drama’s worth his time. And mine. 😉

    No more genius Jiwon & evil genius Na PD? 🙁 I’m not sure what the new members and new PD will bring to the show, but I’m glad the other 3 will stay on.

  18. 18 78446

    Awww. It was an awesome awesome first season and I’m hopeful the second season can carry on a little bit of this legacy. Thank you so much, JB and GF, for these wonderful (and hilarious) recaps. It was so much fun to read and you guys were able to capture the spirit of the show so well that sometimes I feel as if I’m really watching it. I’ll miss Choding, Huhdang and Na PD, but I think I’ll miss you guys talking about them even more. Thanks for taking the time to recap. Goodbye Season 1!

  19. 19 kbap

    Awwww my god I actually cried enough to use up five tissues. Just reading the recaps. 1n2d, I’ll miss you, hopefully season two would be as good…(and witty. W/o Seung-gi and Ji-won, I don’t know who would be the creepy-smart people.)

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    oh man… how can a recap to such a simple episode make me cry?? T___T

    A part of my heart will always belong to Season 1…

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      Same here. I didn’t even watch 1N2D, only read the recaps, and I’m still tearing up!

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      I feel the way you do.. I have been waiting for this recap, didn’t know it would make me so saaaaaaadddd. 🙁

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    I’m glad that they showed Mong’s footage… I miss him, truly….

    1박2일 (season1) annyeong….annyeong season2…

    Btw, anyone notice? The cake isn’t only one! There is another cake beside that dc cake!!

    • 22.1 key

      Ohhh.. the cake that the international fans gave!

    • 22.2 Deets

      Yeah, I was really, really pleased they acknowledged MC Mong. It was truly a nice touch.

  23. 23 booksarehoney

    I almost didn’t want to read this b/c I didn’t want to admit to myself that Seung-gi and Ji-won were really leaving….but I’m glad I did. Thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday for this great post!

  24. 24 ck1Oz

    Crying through your recap. I can’t imagine Season 2.

  25. 25 Kukilas

    The other cake was a fan project from our international fan community. We were so happy to see our cake on screen along with the cake from the DC fans. During SuGeun’s birthday celebration, there was also the cake for JiWon from his international fans as well. It was very nice of Na PD and the production staff to include our cakes as well as part of the finale.

  26. 26 koreancraze

    im still going through the denial stage 🙁 wahhhhh!!! i cried watching this episode w/o subs… i cried reading this recap and i will for sure cry when i watch the subbed episode three weeks from now 🙁 this is going to be a long comment, so please bear with me 🙂

    i only started watching 1n2d last year… i’ve actually seen some newer episodes first before backtracking to the older episodes.. i immediately fell in love with the group of hodong, kim c, sugeun, jiwon, mc mong, seunggi and sanggeunie… i’ve enjoyed every watching moment and my only regret is that i didnt get to watch this show when it started.. i wish that i would have been there when it began (i was in kdramas too much at that time)

    for me, the group of guys mentioned above plus the staff (pds, writers, etc) are the amazing people that made 1n2d so popular and loved by all!! i became so attached to this show and to these people… the older episodes helped me go through a depressing time in my life…

    i remember the episode where the members first came up with the zombie game… that episode where sugeun’s jegi broke and hodong using seunggi as an exercise machine… i laughed so much at these episodes:) i will miss the OB vs YB… the seop seop dang brothers… the haenam and hwancheon line… i will miss seing these guys trick each other while playing rock, paper, scissors… so many memories!!

    to this wonderful show.. thank you so much! thank you for providing me with laughter and tears… thank you for inspiring me!! if i have the space, i would list all the episodes that made me laugh, made me cry and inspired me… thank you 1n2d for the great memories!!

    thank you JB and GF for your awesome recaps! i always enjoy reading them!

    its a blessing in my life that i got to know this show!!! i wish all the best and success to the new season of 1n2d ( i read somewhere that kbs didnt put season 2 in the title… it made me sad.. but that just me being petty 🙂 ) i hope that the new season will continue the legacy of this show and will continue to inspire people!!!

    thank you 1n2d! im missing you already!!!

  27. 27 fangirl98

    I’m so glad I got to experience the show with this cast. So much fun! My friend ‘b020’ introduced me to K-variety a little over a year ago and I’ve been hooked on 1N2D ever since!

    I’ll be fair and give the new incarnation a try, but this season will hold a special place in my heart. <3

  28. 28 Helena

    Owh… sad. Sobs sobs.

    The one and only variety programme that I love the most.

  29. 29 wanne

    1 Night 2 Days.

    I will remember you fondly for a long long time.
    Thank you for the laughs, joy and tears this past 4 years.

    Na PD, Seunggi, Jiwon and all the staffs who leave, you’ve worked hard. Na PD, get your much needed rest, I wish you all the best in your future project. Jiwon, he said he’s maturing now. I think he wants to move on from being called a ‘choding’. All the best and may you get little choding soon! Seunggi, it must be hard for you to jungle singing, acting and mc-ing. I wish all the success for TK2H, and I’ll be looking forward to your next variety.

    As attached we are to this show, the members and the staffs, what more the members and the staffs themselves.

    The former PD and writer of 1n2d who come out with a new project now, ‘The Romantic’ has Seunggi as the narrator for their show and group Dalmatian under Mc Mong sing their ost.

    and its rumored that Seunggi will be the mc in PD Shin’s (a former 1n2d pd as well ) Table for 100 show.

    I’m sure, we can see the members back together in one way or another even not as a whole.

    *sigh* I know it wont be the same TT TT TT
    I need to move on now.

    Anyway, thank you JB and GF for this recap!

  30. 30 Wood

    I cried when i watched the ep, cried again when I re-watched the older episodes with Kim C , Mong. I realized when they left, esp with Mong and KHD the reasons they left, a part of my heart broke and never fully recovered too. I feel like i grew up with JW and SG. Sure, there is season 2, but the original will always have a special place in my heart. We can only be young and innocent once.

  31. 31 miaa

    “Hyung, this is the last time we’ll be laughing and talking like this, isn’t it?” —-> it really break my heart TT TT… why they must spread apart…huuuu

  32. 32 mmmaggie

    Seriously, I rewound Tae Woong’s back hug like 5x. SO. HAWT. And then I wept through the entire episode. I love you, Show! I love you, Ho Dong, Su Geun, Kim C, Ji Won, Tae Woong, Seung Gi, Jong Min, MONG.

    As Peeta said to Katniss, “Always.”

  33. 33 whatis

    T_T so sad!

    I started watching 1N2D same time Javabeans started watching… I just had to see what the fuss was about! And I totally fell in love with the show, through its slower episodes and their hilariously ridiculous ones.

    The show won’t be the same T_T, but I’ll tune in next week and hope for the best!

  34. 34 omo

    I’m a mess right now.

    Just a week ago I watched Win Win with Sugeun as the guest. O man, I have a new found respect for this guy. His wife had toximia (spelling?) from the second pregnancy. With her kidneys damaged, her father donated one of his kidneys. The transplant took place about 2 months ago and now they are waiting for the donated kidney to start functioning. Apparently she is so bloated and swollen, Sugeun spend all his time at the hospital when not filming. Also, as a result of that difficult pregnancy, their second son has cerebral palsy.

    Sugeun also shared that his mother is a shaman with whom he has been separated from very young. When they were younger, Sugeun’s hyung wanted to see their mum so bad that both sneaked out and visited their mum at a temple. It was to their horror when they saw her living below poverty conditions. Sugeun wept so hard when he said this and all the Win Win hosts were crying just as hard.

    For someone who makes everybody laugh, you’d never know that all these things are happening in his private life.

    All the best to the 1N2D Season 1 members and crew.

  35. 35 key

    When I was watching this with my cousin, he panicked when I began crying. I was crying nonstop and blabbering about how they mentioned Mongie and Kim C and then he just stared at me and was about to cry too. And now that I read this recap… *goes in a dark corner and cries* TT____TT

  36. 36 octoberholt

    Out of curiosity, I tried watching an episode of this show and it happened to be ep 27 which is the first ep of Seunggi on the show. And since then, I’ve been watching every episode of 1n2d. I even have a list of all the uploaders of the show from bee, ahboo, finah etc. coz I was behind 70-80 episodes. I would watch the show from the time I get home from school to the wee hours of the morning.

    It feels so surreal that the show that I always look forward to every weekend has ended. A lot of things have changed since I started watching the show, from the stars to the production and even to the fans of this show. I was a college student when I started watching this and now I already am working after earning my degree.

    This show has started a lot of firsts in the Korean Variety Shows. I believe that this is the first unscripted variety show and that the punishments are really carried out by the production and that the casts, though they complain a lot, they never skipped any. The very first to include the people behind the camera and so we got to know Na PD, K PD, Daeju and the others. Correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I know, it was the first show that never relied on any love lines to make it successful. And that this show was the first that didn’t end because of low ratings.

    Before this show, I thought that real brotherhood can only be developed or be seen in the army but I was proven wrong. This show made me realize that when you put a group of people together, regardless of their backgrounds, and make them go through A LOT difficulties , you will surely see a bond that will stand the test of time.

    This show maybe have ended but the laughs, the tears, the pains, the joys, the lessons learned and the memories made that 1N2D had given to its casts, crews, and fans will remain in the hearts of everyone who had the privilege to be part of it in one way or another.

    Truly, 1N2D is DAEBAK. It broke all the barriers –language, race, culture, age, gender- and no one variety show comes close to how GREAT this show is. And so everyone, let’s all shout “EEELBAAK-EEEEELLLL!!!!”

    • 36.1 oozzeee

      ,couldn’t have said it better.. FB?

  37. 37 Arhazivory

    When will the tears stop? *sniffles* I haven’t even watched the subbed episodes yet so I guess I have three more weeks of crying to go.

    Thanks for the recap ladies. You’re right – this cast will always have a special place in our hearts.

  38. 38 stars4u

    I had my alarm set at 4 am just to catch this live and cry while watching the live stream! I must have gone crazy to wake up so early on a Sunday morning!!!

  39. 39 anna

    Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry… bawling!!! I’ll miss the original gang so much. I hope the new 1N2D will deliver, but as always, the original will always have my heart.

  40. 40 song pong

    I will miss them but I’m looking forward to the new crew as well! I love the show and it’s really sad to see Seungi-gi and Ji-won leave, they have been a vital part of it for so long. Thank you for the recaps and I hope you’ll like the new one enough to recap it.

  41. 41 Angelwinks

    I am missing Seung Gi already ! I am heart broken . Thanks for your recaps, probably reading it for the last time. Adieu.

  42. 42 nuri

    Tell me ITS NOT HAPPENING *couldnt see/type because all the tears in my eyes*

  43. 43 Ariel

    I’m crying reading the recaps but then I just had this ray of inspiration the network could not afford 1N2D to end. Why you ask? Well think about it the Korean film industry is so active and cable networks are popping up everywhere they would need exceptional crew to handle all that work better yet why confine them to Korea. If you’ve worked for 1N2D you have the license to rule the world.


    Na PD applying as head honcho of KBS1 and KBS2 and his resume would read:

    My negotiation skills is honed to such a fine edge I even cut myself. I have negotiated with actors to give me great footages of them at their silliest with food and sleeping rights as the reward and be grateful for it.
    My budgetting skills is that of a tight fist ajumma, for 5 unrelenting years I made top stars eat ramyun for breakfast, lunch, dinner and made them think that I am giving them a chinese banquet.
    But my greatest skills of which I am proudest is my people skills I could control my cast and crew with my melodious voice. I could call them out of bed at godforsaken hours, make them climb mountains in the dead of winter with zero visibility just for the pleasure of seeing the sunrise, go fishing in a tub of a boat with 4 meter high swells while pucking their guts out, make them sleep on cardboard boxes, frozen tents, haunted houses, take a dip in winter oceans, frozen river and any and all cold body of water. All of these they did with glee and I admit some tears.
    Who among these applicants today could say that they have done as much. All of these I did while giving KBS lots and lots of money and the highest rating variety program on earth!!! (Standing ovation)

    Food Truck Ajumma applying for a franchise for her food truck in New York:

    Omo didn’t you know that at the sight of my food truck top stars of 1N2D will start to salivate. They have looked at me with longing, betrayed and stabbed each other in the back and bowed in thanks to the gods because they were able to win the privilege of eating at my truck.
    Through the searing heat of summer, torrential downpours and deep snow I was able to prepare meals for a hundred people using the freshest ingredients from land and sea.
    Top star Lee Seunggi is my number 1 fan and makes the most beautiful orgasmic face when eating my food. (Takes a moment to remember). Now that I think about it New York is small fry, Paris, Tokyo, London… wait for Food Truck Ajumma at a street near you.

    1N2D VJ applying at National Geographic:

    I have 30 percent more lung capacity than the average human. My legs and arms are imbedded with titanium steel alloy that allows me to go up a mountain in deep snow carrying 20 pounds of gear and still capture the silliest expressions on people and animal. I am impervious to seasickness, I learned how to do the irish jig while balancing my body on deck of all manner of fishing vessels to capture the abject misery of my subject for posterity.
    (All other applicant has gone home and the NatGeo team are contemplating doing a special entitled “1N2D: WORLD’S DEADLIEST JOB”)

    • 43.1 DB5K

      This is just PURE WIN xD. It deserves to be the top rated comment~~

      And reading all these long, elegiac comments makes me feel slightly better, since I am in the midst of fellow diehard 1N2D fans sharing with one another why this show was so special and meaningful to us. This show provided a lot of laughs for us, but it was so much more than that. It showed us the bond of friendship, jeong, the importance of family, and gently reminded us to give our grandparents a call telling them that we love them.

      I couldn’t resist reading this recap, darn you guys for posting this, jk, and I couldn’t stop my tears flowing at all the small moments: at the mention of Seung Gi crying quietly by himself, by Lee Su Geun trying to be strong as the hyung, by Eun Ji Won and Na PD’s outburst of emotion….waeeee must this show be so heartbreaking. In a way, this show is like a first love. Bittersweet. It will inevitably end and it will always hold a special place in your heart, your memories.

      I’ll watch 1N2D season 2, and I’ll probably enjoy it. I really like Lee Su Geun, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Jong Min, and come on, it has freakin’ CHA TAE HYUN. But I know that it will never come close to the affinity I have for the original cast of 1N2D. Besides, without the leadership of Kang Ho Dong, there’s no way the new cast members will go through all the insane hardships the original cast members went through, like breaking through ice to jump into a ravine, hiking miles and miles uphill treacherous mountain trails in the dark and bitter cold, sleep in cardboard boxes or homemade plastic tents infested with mice, etc. It won’t really be 야생 (wild) variety any more. It will be 야생’s milder cousin, 미개한 (uncivilized).

      Girlfriday and all the other diehard 1N2D fans, though we feel distraught and heartbroken right now, let’s be thankful for the 5 lovely years. *trying hard to smile bravely and think positively*

    • 43.2 wanne


      Its true though, 1n2d members and crews have gone through the hardest than those in any other korean variety shows ever.

      The length of what the members and staffs are willing to go for the show is totally admirable. Jiwon and Mong shaving their heads, Kim C wearing just a box to cover himself in cold winter, Seunggi dressing in hanbook complete with wig bathing in a tub of icy water while being filmed, he never want to remember that moment ever again. and like you mentioned, hiking the mountain. The crews who have to carry pounds of weight of the equipment while still filming along the way.
      Its enough they have to go through this for more than 5 straight years. like Seunggi and the writer who is leaving the show as well said, they wont feel regret because they have done their best for the show.

      1n2d is one rare kind. Its hard to find such a show ever again. I think what makes it different than others are, its not just wanting to provide laughs to people but also trying to touch people’s hearts and instill good manner and patriotism in its viewers. It deserves the Nation’s variety show title. it must be hard for those to decide to leave such a show but since its been 5 long years, surely they want to move on to something new. I wish the best of luck to those who leave and those who remain.

  44. 44 chipskjaa

    i feel so sad!
    this is one of those variety shows that i’ve been watching for a long time now. i can’t believe this is really the end…
    i know there will be a season 2..
    but what will happen without eun jiwon — the elementary school kid…
    what will happen without lee seunggi!
    it was sad having kim c, mc mong and kang ho dong leave the show.. but this is sadder..
    but some good things never last..
    i can only breathe a heavy sigh 🙁

  45. 45 otchosais

    going to miss this great show!!! 🙁

    no more YB vs OB!

    no more Eun Ji-ONE!

    no more Heo-dang/ Maknae/ Brainy Seung Gi!

    no more Baby Bear JiWon with Papa Bear Ho Dong!

    no more musician Kim C!

    no more MC Mong-key!

    no more evil Na PD!

    going to REALLY miss them!!! 🙁

    • 45.1 otchosais

      ooops! I forgot to add:

      no more Sang Geun the Mascot dog! 🙁

      1n2d is MORE than just a show!!!

      5 years!!! 🙁

  46. 46 Rubysing

    KBS World is showing repeats of past best episodes on Saturday morning, calling it 2 days 1 night Special.

    Btw, Win Win featured Sugeun in the MC Special (parts 1 & 2) and it was heartbreaking hearing Sugeun talk about his childhood pain and currently, his wife’s struggle with ill health due to a kidney transplant. My heart just goes out to him.

    My wish is for the new season to take off and do well.

  47. 47 IzOcha

    I will miss this show in this iteration (so much) [crying]… I hope the future is brilliant for all of them.

  48. 48 Joo


  49. 49 Dolce

    OMGGG!! I would love to get a back hug from Uhm Tae Wong, in his manly embrace XD
    Just hold me and never let go* swoon* 🙂

  50. 50 olsen

    Thanx for this.
    I don’t think I could watch this episode

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