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All About My Wife’s bold and sassy teaser poster
by | March 26, 2012 | 31 Comments

All About My Wife caught my attention from the get-go with its amusing premise — and okay, the casting of Lee Seon-kyun, Im Soo-jung, and Ryu Seung-ryong didn’t hurt — and now that its teaser poster is out, we can start seeing the bold, comedic premise starting to play out.

The movie is about a meek husband (Lee Seon-kyun) wants dearly wants a divorce from his “sexy but scary” wife (Im Soo-jung), haha. She appears to be the perfect spouse with her sweet, pure looks, her awesome cooking skills, and her innate sexiness, but she also bulldozes over her husband and makes him miserable with her domineering ways. Hence the poster copy that reads, “Please, help me break up with this woman!”

Enter Ryu Seung-ryong, who is the Casanova who makes the moves on Im Soo-jung… at Lee Seon-kyun’s request. PWAHAHAHA. It’s part of his Break-Up With Wifey Project, and he hires Ryu to help him along. ‘Cause I guess it’s just easier to hatch an elaborate scheme hiring actors and manipulating people than to just tell the truth these days, hm? I can’t wait for the hijinks.

All About My Wife comes from director Min Kyu-dong, who had successful projects with the hit sensation sports movie Forever the Moment and the pretty-boy-filled Antique Bakery.

All About My Wife releases on May 17.

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31 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Danna

    I was already anticipating this because of the cast, but now I’m even more excited after knowing who the director is…I love his works….also the trailer is out:

  2. bourbon

    LEE! SEON! KYUN! THE VOICE!*faints*

    • 2.1 MJP

      *Goes to get the smelling salts.*

      Sigh… Bourbon, Bourbon… Come on wake up now.

      *Mumbles* She does this EVERY time.

  3. mary

    So LSK is going to be “not perfect” this time around?


    Wish I could watch this and see The Voice acting as a non-alpha male.

  4. gusya

    Lee Seon Kyun!! Its been 2 long years since his last drama…definitely cannot wait for this drama to air!! ^___^

  5. pohonphee

    I LOVE Antique Bakery! Bring it on the dark humor Director-nim πŸ˜‰

  6. dramafever

    First we’ve got “Never Ending Story”, then we’ve got “Introduction To Architecture” and Now “All About My Wife”. How can a year start so awesomely?? Oh my…=)

    • 6.1 Danna

      my list is even longer with Kabi, Thieves, Gone with the Wind and some more

      • 6.1.1 Ani

        Gone with the Wind (Korean Movie) needs to hurry up and be released already!!! I need another Cha Taehyun movie ASAP. The whole cast for that movie is reason enough to want to watch it.

        • MsGB

          The Thieves is also taking it’s sweet time to come. Seriously I think I have METS withdraw……….or is it just Kim Soo Hyun withdraw……hummm…….either way I’ll be fixed when this movie comes out.

          Did anybody else notice his arm in the Thieves poster? Pure Fine-ness that boy!!!!!

  7. Cam

    BWHAHAHAHA! πŸ˜€ I will be DEFINITELY watch this movie, heh! Aw…Im Soo Jung look very adorable-ish, ofc.

  8. Aya

    gurl, u forgot ur pants

    • 8.1 Noelle


  9. tintin

    Promise me that Im Soo Young’s character will still be breathing at the end and I’ll promise to watch this one… ;(

  10. 10 Keylye

    Oooooh, looks fun. I love all the actors. πŸ™‚

  11. 11 Fate

    IM! SOO! JUNG! That is all.

  12. 12 Noelle

    Wow! that’s an eye-catching photo. I really miss The Voice. He needs a drama stat! For instance, a buddy comedy with bestie UTW.

  13. 13 Jomo

    For some reason, maybe stereotyping by age, I wish the roles were reversed.

    Not that I don’t think RSR can be a sexy ahjussi – he is all about intense charisma – but I want to hear LSK seducing the girl.

    Since it is a many episode show, we have to assume it won’t be smooth sailing for RSR Love Express. That means comedy in his failures, right? Disbelief that he would fail, exasperation, determination, adjusting strategies…Yes, I would like to see him try.

    • 13.1 Jomo

      Strike that! It’s a film not a drama!

      (Actually, now it makes sense that they have this cast. There would have been a lot more rejoicing if they were ALL going to be on the tv.)

      Love everyone there!

  14. 14 mjfan

    Lee Seon Kyun >>>
    the voice is finally back >>
    he looks great >>

  15. 15 bd

    Looks promising; love the 2 leads.

  16. 16 Mia

    Im Soojung!! yay! so excited!

  17. 17 Hannah

    omg I wanna watch this !!!!!!!!

  18. 18 ocramevoli

    im soo jung—-my all time favourite……

  19. 19 conan

    Thank you for casting Im Soo-jung as the lady on top. Metaphorically, I mean, unless you think otherwise. Ehem. Because damn can she rock a hot red mini dress. Lee Seon-kyun and Ryu Seung-ryong added to the mix ain’t so bad either. I also appreciate Min Kyu-dong, the director, who I’ve found has a very lovely, yet sometimes wacky, way of capturing everyday life. This movie is a must-watch for me.

  20. 20 Carinne

    She’s sweet in … ing now she’s all grown-up. Wowza!

  21. 21 21

    I adore Antique Bakery so I am very excited about this!!! Woot!! More shows to look forward to!!

  22. 22 Porcelain

    Good god! Im Soojung is gorgeous! She always strike me as really young. But I really see the wife character come out in this images.

  23. 23 Maddy

    the premise, the teaser… im soojung (gorgeous!!)— I cannot wait for to premier.

  24. 24 Christine

    omg im soo jung! Ive missed her so!!!! gotta see this! she’s AMAZING

  25. 25 Catherine

    She looks dazzling in RED.

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