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History of the Salaryman: Episode 20
by | March 7, 2012 | 123 Comments

Insert any and all superlatives here, this is a show among shows – and this was an episode among episodes. One of the strongest yet in terms of balancing raucous comedy with shock-inducing drama, in fact. Our villains find themselves answerable to the law as well as their own senses of guilt, while our heroes get some much-needed time to put their carefully laid plans into thrilling motion. It’s an unforgettable hour, and one that has me itching for the finale. Is it Monday yet?

With a great episode comes great ratings – History of the Salaryman finally broke the 20% mark today, bringing in 21.0%. Huzzah! Light and Shadow continues to hover around the 17.6% mark, while Dream High dipped down to 6.4%.


Yeo-chi’s meeting with her grandfather’s chauffeur is a letdown and a half. He’s clearly been bought since he’s wearing nifty designer duds, and even when faced with the text message he sent Yeo-chi during a drunken binge he denies any wrongdoing. According to him, he just sent her the text because he felt like he didn’t serve the Chairman well enough while he was alive.

At the same time, Bang is met with disgruntled, entry-level prosecutor PARK MOON-SOO* (cameo by Kim Sung-oh!) who tries shooing Bang out the second he enters the interrogation room. Bang wonders if the prosecutor has the right to be angry, considering that he was the one forced to stay overnight for this investigation party. Ha. (*The name is a reference to a legendary secret royal inspector of the Joseon era, who worked under King Yeongjo to protect the people by fighting corrupt royal officials.)

Moon-soo is mad at the world, or maybe just the fact that he does all the intern work for the higher-ups. Bang refuses to leave until he’s eaten his jjajangmyun, though it seems like he’s quickly sized up our Prosecutor Moon-soo. He wonders if Moon-soo would like a case to really test his mettle. Moon-soo clearly bites, asking, “You got good material?”

After studying him, Bang tries some mind games to test whether Moon-soo is a Chun Ha pawn or a justice seeker. He tells Moon-soo to forget it, that if it’s a conglomerate that even the president can’t touch… well how’s an average prosecutor going to do anything about it? Clearly, Moon-soo wants a chance. Bang tells him that the opponent is a large corporation. Does Moon-soo have the confidence to investigate them fairly?

Moon-soo couldn’t be more confident. Hee. I can already tell I am going to love this team.

Bang meets his team outside, and they’re all ecstatic to see him. Before he goes for mandatory post-prison tofu he lays out his plan using the stratagem ‘besiege Wei to rescue Zhao’, which is used against an enemy (Chun Ha) that is too strong to be attacked directly. They’ll find a gap in the armor and attack there. Defense time is over – now it’s time for some offense. Go Team Bang!

Hang-woo places a frenzied call to Bum-jeung to hide all the illegal ledger books, because the prosecution office is on the way. Hang-woo orders Woo-hee to stop the elevators as he comes face to face with Moon-soo and a search and seizure warrant. Hang-woo tries to buy all the time he can.

The two men have a stare-off, and we know Moon-soo is well aware of what Hang-woo is doing. He orders his men to take the stairs instead.

Chun Ha goes into lockdown mode, with men scurrying about hiding ledgers and Bum-jeung deleting files left and right. Moon-soo and his prosecution team rush up the stairs, and this moment is surprisingly suspenseful.

Yeo-chi sees Chun Ha minions running away with the boxes of illicit materials, and decides to follow them. I love her.

When Moon-soo finally arrives in Gabi’s office, she’s coolly playing golf instead of screaming at her minions to hide files faster. He sets his team to search the office, but by now it’s been cleaned. It’s all up to Yeo-chi to keep trailing the illegal accounting books.

Gabi is slack-jawed to receive a summons from the prosecution office. Bum-jeung wonders what’s caused the prosecution to stage a full-on assault, to which Hang-woo quips, “If the boss of Chun Ha Group was Jin Shi-hwang, they wouldn’t be acting this way. They are biting us because we look easy.” More specifically, though, it’s Gabi that’s the easy prey.

While Yeo-chi keeps a sharp eye on the secret Chun Ha files, Gabi readies herself for her court summons with a little war paint makeup. When she’s bombarded by the press outside the court, she answers all questions with the assuredness that all will be clear once the prosecution reveals their findings. Bang and Jang Ryang look on and take the time to poke fun at the way she’s lavishly dressed. Boys will be boys.

Prosecutor Moon-soo questions a reticent Gabi on her spending, but she interrupts the flow of questions to ask if she can smoke. She not allowed, so she says they can just fine her for it. She reveals a lot of thigh to remove her cigarette case, leaving Moon-soo and the men behind the two-way glass gawking. She looks everything like an old Hollywood villainess now, cigarette, fur, and sinister violin music and all.

Gabi has got the sex kitten dial turned to cougar for sure. She purposefully crosses and uncrosses her legs oh so casually, of course. Moon-soo even has to wipe his brow, but he stays the course. Good for him.

She then offers her bargaining chip – insider information on important politicians and bureaucrats using slush funds. “If you want to mess with us, mess with all of us,” she says. “If this is a targeted investigation, I will not sit idly either.” Aah, blackmail. One of the mysterious men behind the glass looks concerned.

Hang-woo hosts a feast that he declares is like a feast before war, replete with modern gisaeng and a load of lawyers. He offers a toast, “To victory!”

Woo-hee is waiting in a car outside and brings in a bag to Hang-woo when he calls her. She’s not happy at the sight of Hang-woo cuddling up with such a questionable woman, and shoves her aside to give Hang-woo the bag. Ha. I love this girl.

He orders all the women out, and Woo-hee stays. No, he means her too. Isn’t she a woman? “Did you go to the army and come back?” he jokes at her expense, and all the men laugh at her. Aww. Hang-woo, you are such a tool.

As usual, Woo-hee loves to eavesdrop. She sees him pass out envelopes to all the men, each containing a whopping $100,000 that he calls “incentive money.” He promises them even greater rewards if they can solve this case, and Woo-hee looks concerned to see this side of him.

Still, she carts his drunk bottom home and puts up with his shenanigans, which are pretty hilarious. They share some cute moments that end in him snoring, repeatedly murmuring her name with affection. Her expression grows serious as she watches him in such a vulnerable state.

Woo-hee: “I’m worried, Hang-woo. Mo Gabi… I’m afraid she’s going to destroy you.”

Acting on a tip from Investigator Yeo-chi, Prosecutor Moon-soo and his team find the boxes of files Gabi tried to hide. Both she and Bang watch the proceedings with smiles on their faces. Ah, sweet victory.

An enraged Gabi shrieks at Bum-jeung for allowing the files to slip out of his hands. She knows there’s a traitor within their midst, and orders that he fire all of his subordinates responsible for hiding the files. He finally grows a spine and refuses to relent, saying that he would rather turn in his resignation. Gabi is stunned – is he actually rebelling against her?

Moon-soo finds Bang and Yeo-chi at a cafe, the latter of whom is pleased as punch to meet such an esteemed prosecutor. Their flirting is a little obvious, and Bang learns what it feels like to be insanely jealous. For the rest of the coffee date, he keeps his eyes firmly glued on Moon-soo to make sure he doesn’t do anything fishy toward his girl. Ha.

We see Bum-jeung doing an angry walk before we cut to Gabi venting her worries to Hang-woo. She practically throws herself at him and clings hard, even when he tries to pry her off, saying that she’s scared. Can’t he do something?

But Bum-jeung arrives just at that moment, seeing the two in an embrace. He levels Hang-woo a look of betrayal before slapping his resignation letter down. In a last-ditch effort, Gabi tells him that if Bum-jeung leaves now, she will never see his face again. “You and I are forever done!” she screams at his back, though he’s firmly set on leaving the room. Finally, Bum-jeung!

Hang-woo finds Bum-jeung outside the office and tries to tell him that Gabi won’t be processing his resignation letter. That doesn’t matter to Bum-jeung, because he’s sticking by his guns on this one. Even though his feelings for Gabi are sincere, he doesn’t have the courage to watch her dig her own grave anymore.

Bum-jeung packs up his belongings, but not before taking a look at Chairman Jin’s will. What he doesn’t know is that Gabi installed a camera in his office, and that he’s being watched at this very moment.

Yeo-chi has offered her apartment as a strategy room for Moon-soo and his team to work on the Chun Ha case. She also happens to share sparkling chemistry with Moon-soo, who compliments her on her beauty and personality (much to the amusement of Team Bang, who know what she’s really like).

Bang finally takes action with a game of one-upmanship with Moon-soo, making it his life’s mission to steal his thunder at every turn while they discuss the case. Ha!

Hang-woo tells his team that they can no longer use creative accounting under such scrutiny, and that they’ll settle their deficits by selling Chun Ha stocks to institutions abroad. We cut straight back to Bang’s team working through the illicit ledgers, while Moon-soo and Yeo-chi get cozy. Moon-soo gets taken for a ride when Bang reveals himself to be a human calculator, and it’s not long before he’s attempting mental math in order to impress Yeo-chi.

Soon enough, both Bang and Moon-soo are engaging in a competition of who can do more math without a calculator, since Yeo-chi’s affections seem to go toward whoever is more capable. The rest of the team gets the bright idea to just leave the two of them to balance the books while they take a break to eat – and they’re none the wiser. The faces the two of them make while solving the problems are just hilarious.

Wondering how Bang became such a mathlete? In a near-throwaway line, Bun-kwae says it’s all due to the Eternal Youth drug he took a while back. Ha. Well that answers all of our questions, doesn’t it? (Sort of a cheap way to do it, though.)

Hang-woo gets Gabi what she wanted – a contract with a company called the Golden Brothers – and after all the work is done she tries to get him to drink with her. He declines just as Woo-hee rounds the corner, and Gabi springs on the opportunity by springing on Hang-woo. Holding him in an embrace, she locks eyes with Woo-hee as if to say, I’ve won.

But Hang-woo proves his loyalty by prying Gabi off, claiming that his work is done. He sees Woo-hee and leaves with her, which is a huge burn to Gabi’s pride. Woo-hee lets Hang-woo know that she’s worried about him and how he doesn’t trust Gabi, though he says he doesn’t fully trust her either. He just wants the two of them to move to the States – even though Woo-hee reminds him that she hasn’t fully accepted his proposal yet. We know she has, but she’s got to keep up appearances.

Yeo-chi tends to a beleaguered Bang as he suffers from headaches due to all that math. (No lie, I would be too.) He claims he has a cramp in his leg, which Yeo-chi massages out. Then his arm. Then his lips. Er, wait – how is she supposed to massage that?

Bang points at her lips as the cure, and she resigns herself to the task… telling him to sit back and close his eyes as she clamps her hairpin onto his lips. Ha! And aww. No kiss? Come on, Salaryman, you are breaking my metaphorical balls here.

Woo-hee makes Hang-woo breakfast while dodging his questions about accepting his proposal. He takes one bite and tears well up in his eyes. This is just like the food Mom used to make for him… Aww. Okay, that’s really cute. Woo-hee is beside herself with joy, until Hang-woo continues with the same sad expression: “My mom… didn’t know how to season. It was really tasteless.” BAHAHA. Oh my goodness, I’m dying laughing. Woo-hee is left devastated. Is that a compliment or a complaint?

Their cute moment is interrupted by a phone call – Hang-woo is being summoned to the prosecutor’s office as well. Hang-woo steals Woo-hee away before leaving for his summons to assure her that everything will be all right. This sort of thing is nothing for him. “I’ll promise that you’ll never cry because of me. Never,” he says.

She hugs him so he can chant his spell for victory with tears in her eyes. Instead of his spell, he kisses her. Okay, I wasn’t moved by last episode’s kiss, but this is just so much sadder.

Hang-woo gives Gabi some advice before he’s taken in for the seventy-two hour investigation period. He tells her to make some liaisons with the other big conglomerates, because they know that they’ll be next if Chun Ha goes under.

In the interrogation room, Moon-soo accuses Hang-woo of unfair internal dealing, with the numbers to prove it. Hang-woo shoots back that any slush funds created were done by the former vice president, Ho-hae, and that the economy is in too bad a state for the prosecution to go on a conglomerate witch hunt.

Moon-soo is prepared, and cites the fact that Chun Ha just sold unlisted stocks to the Golden Brothers above market price. Apparently this sort of dual contracting is highly illegal (which makes me wonder why the contract-signing was made into such a big affair), but Moon-soo doesn’t have the physical contract to back up his claim. Hang-woo is so sure that he’ll never find it that he says he’ll gladly be arrested if Moon-soo can produce that dual contract.

Like I’ve said before, I’m not that versed in business. But from what I can gather, a dual contract in this case means that Hang-woo sold the same stocks twice, and fooled whoever bought them into thinking they were real. In this case, the Golden Brothers. I’m probably off on this, so I leave it to our more business-minded commenters.

While Hang-woo fights off the prosecution, Jang Ryang reveals to Bang that they now have everything they need to take Gabi down. She’s lost fifty million dollars in investment money thanks to Jang Ryang’s efforts. They ask Yeo-chi if she’s ready… it’s time for some revenge.

Gabi is hopping mad to find herself at a board meeting discussing her dethroning. She screams at them to reveal who organized the meeting, which is the perfect cue for Yeo-chi to enter brandishing a power of delegation that Jang Ryang entrusted to her. She’s also brought the statement of Gabi’s loss in investments, telling the gathered executives that she lost a walloping fifty million dollars of company funds. Ouch!

Gabi screams at her to shut up, but this is Yeo-chi’s time to shine. She remains calm and cool as she addresses the executives and Gabi, asking her to step down now and pay back the embezzled money with her shares. How does everyone feel about a stockholder’s meeting?

The executives agree, and Gabi looks as though she’s about to devolve into hysterics. No amount of screaming is going to help you now, Gabi.

Gabi makes a move to slap Yeo-chi, which Yeo-chi deflects. “It’s you who killed my Grandpa, right?” Oooh. Straight to the point. Gabi swallows hard. Yeo-chi continues that she knows Gabi switched the insulin. Gabi dares her to use that evidence, if she even has it, to go to the police and reveal the truth. Yeo-chi scoffs. The truth?

Yeo-chi: “The truth, God knows and my Grandpa knows it. And more than anyone else, Mo Gabi – you. You know it better than anyone else. In truth, you killed my Grandpa. You will never be free and never be honorable, since that will not ever be erased from your heart.”

Gabi knows all this is true, and tears spring to her eyes even as she clings to her anger as a shield. Yeo-chi leaves her with a question: “How did you turn out this way?”

The look on Gabi’s face is devastating, as though she’s hidden all these realizations from herself for self-preservation and Yeo-chi has just laid them all bare. She crumbles under the weight of all she’s done, standing in an empty board room.

Hang-woo hasn’t slept in sixty hours, and he’s only got twelve more to go before he’s free. Moon-soo tells Bang that unless they can find something on him within that timeframe their cause is lost – and the only lead he has to go on is the deal with the Golden Brothers. Bang goes to Woo-hee for information, but she somberly tells him that she can’t help him from now on and that she’s sorry. He sees the ring on her finger and realizes why.

Bang gives an unreadable look toward Woo-hee as he leaves, and she’s so sorry that she stays crying in the restaurant. Sad.

Hang-woo is all arrogance even when he’s left only with Bang to interrogate him. His tune changes the moment Bang mentions how worried Woo-hee is about him. He tells Bang his tricks are stooping low, to which Bang replies:

Bang: “To you, this all just sounds like trickery, right? But if you saw Woo-hee’s tears, you couldn’t say such a thing. The Woo-hee I knew was the most good-hearted and most bright-tempered in the world. A woman like that… right now, you’ve made her a woman of abject misery. Did you come to love Woo-hee for that? To make her the most pitiful woman in the world?”

Hang-woo’s eyes display raw emotion as Bang’s words hit home. My goodness, that heartbroken stare breaks my heart.

Somehow, Woo-hee ends up accessing the hidden camera mainframe Gabi installed on her computer strictly by accident. Or if it was on purpose, she didn’t know what she was looking for. She’s shocked to find herself on camera, but even more so to see the whole of Chun Ha on her monitor. Uh oh.

Gabi’s always got her eyes on the monitor, and she sees what Woo-hee’s watching on her computer screen – out of all the hours and hours of tape, Woo-hee has found the one moment where Bum-jeung took out Chairman Jin’s will. Now Woo-hee knows and Gabi knows that she knows. Gabi orders her minion to get rid of Woo-hee, forcing him to comply because he was a part of Chairman Jin’s murder and will go down if she does.

Gabi smiles to herself. First it will be Woo-hee, and next it will be Bum-jeung.

The twelve hours are over, and Hang-woo’s been released. He’s happy to call Woo-hee the moment he gets out, but she’s already in the parking garage headed toward him. Oh no. I have a bad feeling about this.

Gabi’s minion is dressed like the City Hunter’s evil twin as he revs up his car, aiming straight for Woo-hee. Oh no! (Granted, Bang is in the same garage and driving like a man on a mission, but noooo!)

Hang-woo sees the car coming and knows what’s happening. He cries out as the headlights from the speeding car engulf Woo-hee…


Okay, Salaryman, I am really, really sorry that I said bad things about your cliffhanging abilities. I admit that I was completely in the wrong. Please, please don’t kill Woo-hee!

Even though Bang is on the scene and looks like he’s poised to save Woo-hee, it would make a lot of narrative sense for her to be killed in this instance… if the story is going to follow the original Chu-Han Contention by pitting Bang against Hang-woo. Up until now I’ve honestly written Hang-woo off as being an unworthy opponent because, simply put, he’s too nice to be super evil. Yes, he’s done bad things, and as for one of the biggest gripes about his character (leaving Woo-hee in the fire) – I honestly think the writers didn’t think anything of it, and they probably didn’t mean for the message to be that Hang-woo purposefully left her to die. If they cared that much, Hang-woo wouldn’t have been tending to his arm like nothing was wrong right after the fire. (Basically, it seems like more of a writing error than a character one.) He might have helped to cover up a murder, but he doesn’t seem the type to commit murder himself. Yet.

Let’s be clear: I’m not forgiving him just because he’s handsome and has great comedic timing, but for all the nuances the writers have given him through the series. He can be a little uneven, but he’s certainly layered. He really turned me over to his side this episode when he displayed such profound sadness when faced with Woo-hee’s concern, more so than any slapstick moments he ever had before. I think it was the moment he almost cried while eating Woo-hee’s breakfast that did me in.

The thing is, Woo-hee’s historical counterpart does die before Xiang Yu (Hang-woo), even though that was a suicide. Her death would be the perfect catalyst to send Hang-woo completely toward the dark side, since he’s been toeing the line this whole series. And there’s nothing like the death of a loved one to send you spiraling down into the right sort of tragic rage needed for an epic battle.

Granted, this whole discussion might become moot next week if Bang saves Woo-hee. If that’s the case, with only two episodes left, I’m wondering how on earth they’ll set up this fight to the finish that (I’m guessing) is supposed to take place between Bang and Hang-woo. Their conflict was the crux of the Chu-Han Contention, after all. I’m all for creative deviation from source material, but it would all seem sort of anticlimactic if that didn’t happen, wouldn’t it?

Yeo-chi’s restraint with Gabi surprised me. She’s certainly grown since the beginning of the series, and though I felt like her words could have had a little more punch (considering that Gabi hasn’t lost sleep over murdering the Chairman), I enjoyed their showdown. Kim Sung-oh’s cameo was an unexpected delight – I’d forgotten how much of a scene stealer he was. This episode brought back the magic from the first half of the series in full force, with a cliffhanger that makes me wish I could fall asleep and wake up next Monday. Except I’d probably be dead.

(This screen cap is from today’s epilogue – Bang fends off Moon-soo’s text message advances toward Yeo-chi by pretending to reply as her. He pretty much tells Moon-soo to forget it, because Yeo-chi has already promised to marry him. They just can’t help being adorable.)


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    • 1.1 lish839

      no way, it only took me a year… ๐Ÿ™‚ So cool it was Salaryman!

  2. kikilala

    i. thank. you. so. much.
    you. are. so. awesome.

  3. Fasiris Fay

    what an awesome episode…thanks so much for the recap!!

  4. Hell0kittyangel

    I think Yoo Bang also sees it happening and when I watched it, it looked like he was trying to crash into the car to save Woo Hee? I’m not too sure though…

  5. Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap !
    I’d like to say no comments. But i can’t shut my mouth. Or hold my fingers. Whatever.
    This show is just one of the best i’ve ever seen. Those characters are so interesting, so crazy and so adorable… You just have to surrender to that magic. And the ratings are deserved contrary to what is given to a certain other show…
    Ga bi is finally left alone, facing herself and it’s the almost end of the road.
    Hang woo not freshly shaven is so sexy. And i don’t want Woo Hee to die. Or let them die together. Because really that would be too hard for my little heart.
    I almost didn’t recognize Secretary Kim. Cameos are getting more and more interesting in dramas lately. They are really integrated to the story.
    I bet the final will be a firework. Just blow Chun Ha building already, and let the all team restart something fresh and honest with good foundations.

    • 5.1 ahjummabunny

      your secretary kim is really cha bu chol since this is a giant cameo!

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      I thought that was him! I kept looking at him saying, he looks so familiar…..

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    what an episode!!!!! I think this is my favorite episode out of all the episode so far. THANK YOU HeadsNo2

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    Omg the epilogue was SO cute! Loved those two ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also loved reading the ‘City Hunter’s evil twin’ bit…that’s what I thought too!!

    A really great episode, all in all, Hang Woo has definitely grown on me this whole series, and it doesn’t help that he’s gotten better looking!! ^_^

  8. ck1Oz

    Thank you. So. Much.

    I cried laughing just thinking of the breakfast scene. I swear, I was expecting a compliment as well.

    That… that epilogue this week, just slayed me with the cuteness and YC’s face when listening then when she put a clip on his lips. OMG ๐Ÿ™‚ rofl

  9. waterfight

    Maybe it’s just me but I had a hard time trying to picture the actor that played the Prosecutor as a “good” person because of his role in The Man From Nowhere. He was so vicious in that movie that my image of him outside of that character has been forever tainted. =(

    • 9.1 ~Feather~

      I’ve only seen him in Secret Garden, and I must say that I ADORED him! He has such beautiful eyes! And his acting as the secretary was so cute!

    • 9.2 elle loves kdrama

      You are right. I still cringe a little when I see him, he was such a dark bad guy!

    • 9.3 Mr Bloo

      I have been seeing Kim Sung-oh everywhere and this is the first time I knew his name. Saw ‘The Man from nowhere’ 2 nights ago and he was such a despicable, evil psychopath.

      I saw his KBS drama special, sometime last year with Lee Eun-Ji, where he was the spirit of the husband who can’t go to heaven because the wife guilt complex refuses to let him go. I thought he was adorable there and his tandem with Lee Eun Ji was really good too. Then saw ‘Man of Honour’ where he plays the straight, meticulous employee.
      His roles are so diverse that I am looking forward to seeing him in more dramas/movie.

    • 9.4 Mr Bloo

      I have been seeing Kim Sung-oh everywhere and this is the first time I knew his name. Saw ‘The Man from nowhere’ 2 nights ago and he was such a despicable, evil psychopath.

      I saw his KBS drama special, sometime last year with Lee Eun-Ji, where he was the spirit of the husband who can’t go to heaven because the wife’s guilt complex refuses to let him go. I thought he was adorable there and his tandem with Lee Eun Ji was really good too. Then saw ‘Man of Honour’ where he plays the straight, meticulous employee.
      His roles are so diverse that I am looking forward to seeing him in more dramas/movie.

  10. 10 Junhee

    Thanks for the great recap! As usual, a great job!

    A dual contract is when there are two contracts for the same deal but with differing terms. Such as one public contract with prices at one level and another secret contract with different prices and terms. This is illegal and usually frau-DUAL-ent, lol. (I am awfully punny sometimes…)

    Search the business dictionary website for dual contract for more information.

    I hope that helps!

    • 10.1 KK

      Yup, usually an addendum to an existing contract stipulating different terms (kickbacks, etc). They are not always illegal, depends on the terms on the dual contract.

      In the US, a good example is a purchase agreement for a property. In fraudulent cases, the seller marks up the home value way above market, the buyer gets approval from the bank for the full loan, and there’s a side agreement for the seller to provide a concession to the buyer. Effectively the seller and buyer collaborated to steal money from the lending bank. That’s just one of the many reasons for the housing crisis.

    • 10.2 ahjummabunny

      I’m pretty sure dual contract in this case means gb didn’t buy anything, and chun ha didn’t sell anything they just helped each other cover up their slush funds. It’s what us companies are always trying to do to avoid taxes- I guess chun ha offered a better deal than a cayman bank this time.

  11. 11 Jules

    Personally, I can’t see them killing Woo-hee this late in the game – how are they going to have a happy ending if one of their main characters is dead and the others are in mourning?

    My best guess is that they’ll have Bang save her, or that she’ll be hit but will slip into a coma. Hm, and now I’m wondering if there’ll be some sort of misunderstanding, with Hang-woo thinking that Bang’s the one who tried to kill Woo-hee.

    (on a lighter note: I’m waiting [im]patiently for the Bang/Yeo-chi kiss. *waits*)

    Thanks for the recap, Heads! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 11.1 lizzy

      I’m with you Jules.

      I was thinking… oh no.. now Bang will be accused of trying to hit Woo Hee.

      Another entry onto HW list of YB hate list.

      WH may be close with Bang… but love is blind .. yes? Hence definitely she will support HW eventho she knows deep down he’s wrong

  12. 12 Ani

    “Bang and Jang Ryang look on and take the time to poke fun at the way sheโ€™s lavishly dressed.”

    Ok, how much do I love that Bang and Jang Ryang are such doofuses? Love. Them. They’re hilarious.

    What moved me this episode was the tears between Woohee and Hang-woo. This: http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2012/salaryman/salaryman20/hots20-00689.jpg – yeah, felt it right here *points to heart*. It was moving because of the impact of Bang’s words.

    I love how at the end of the episode I muttered “I wonder what HeadsNo2 will say about this cliffhanger” and you immediately addressed the fact you were wrong last time. XD Ok, maybe not wrong, but HOTS heard you’re complaints and stepped it up. ^^

  13. 13 mskololia

    Another winning episode.

    Mo Gabi is cra-cra. LOL

    I like the prosecutor and am glad they added him at the last minute.

    HW had me with the teary meal (and interrogation with YB). Poor WH; I laughed so much at that breakfast scene. I will be silent re speculations about her character’s demise after watching this episode.

    YC calling Gabi out was wonderful to see….She’s trapped exc for the will. I still cannot believe grandpa Jin gave it to his driver.

    I don’t know exactly what HW did with the Group’s stock, but I hope it’s Gabi’s shares that will be required to buy back the shares netting her a huge loss by the time the meeting with the shareholders takes place.

    Anyways, thanks for another wonderful recap HeadsNo2.

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    Thanks for the recap. Great as usual.

    I think Bang is an idiot…not saying I don’t like him, he’s annoying.
    I would love to see Chun Ha get returned to Yeo Chi and Bang to run the company. Love Woo Hee and Hang Woo together.
    I would still love all four of them to have been conspiring together from the beginning and all of the contention to have been a ruse.

  15. 15 Carrie

    I know Gabi is spiraling down pretty quickly at this point but why is it that she always seems to have an upper hand even when disarmed? Woo-hee will probably die now (or have amnesia) and Gabi will only have to steal the will from Bum-jeung to destroy it. She is pretty crafty and cunning, I’ll give her that. The illegal cameras she installed everywhere is brilliant giving her the advantage in this fight as she can monitor everybody everywhere.

    I know Woo-Hee is torn between her alliances because of Hang-Woo and feels badly about it but I’m pretty disappointed that she could just turn a blind eye to what hang-woo has been doing just because she is “engaged” to him. I can’t believe she would just betray Bang like that after everything he has done for her. Granted, she is still helping their team but her being tied to Hang-Woo is a big problem. Really hope the writers don’t kill her off though. ๐Ÿ™
    As dense and dim witted as she can be in life matters, she’s one smart girl who has the key to solving this game.

  16. 16 Jeonsa_nim

    Thanks for the recap. Great as usual.

    I think Bang is an idiot…not saying I don’t like him, he’s just annoying.
    I would love to see Chun Ha get returned to Yeo Chi and Bang to run the company. Love Woo Hee and Hang Woo together.
    I would still love all four of them to have been conspiring together from the beginning and all of the contention to have been a ruse.

  17. 17 KDrama Fan

    Thank you Heads!

    I can’t think of a better way to start the day than a new HOTS recap:)

    • 17.1 WaAw

      Yes I totally concur

  18. 18 aya

    the epilogue killed me… XD

  19. 19 kbap

    I swear,
    please don’t let Woo-hee die, please don’t let Woo-hee die, please don’t let Woo-hee die, please don’t let Woo-hee die,
    I don’t care if it defies history or whatnot just don’t let her die! Ack. She is my favorite character in this drama, though I can’t really put my finger on why. Besides that she’s awesome and all. ๐Ÿ™ Anyways *desperately searches for preview

    • 19.1 hamsandwich

      I’m going to be chanting that allll weekend too ha ha

  20. 20 John

    Thanks for the recap Heads. I really do appreciate your work.

    Look out Woo-hee! Please don’t killer her, please. Although I dislike the Handsome Punk (Hang-woo) having wooed her, I don’t want her to die or so I thought.

    Woo-hee declining to help Bang disappointed me. She knows HW is up to something shady and is trying to destroy Bang.. Major disappoint Woo-hee.

    Is the Handsome Punk willing to die to save Woo-hee? I bet Bang would if he had to, he’s a stand up guy. Hang-woo? Mmmm. Maybe. We’ll see.

    Anyways, I loved how Woo-hee bumped the gisaeng out of the way.

    Yeo-chi/Bang/Moon-soo “triangle” = LOL.

    • 20.1 Carrie

      My sentiments exactly (in comments above ^^). I can’t believe Woo-Hee could just betray Bang like that. She stopped all the elevators (to help stall so the others can hide the documents) and refused to assist Bang in every way by withdrawing information. She is pretty much an accomplice to Hang-woo now. >.<

      I hope Woo-Hee lives to tell a tale. She may make some questionable decisions based on cloudy judgement but she has a good heart. I want to see her be happy in the end.

      • 20.1.1 kbap

        Same, I want to see her happy. I just hope Hang-woo will save her, because he loves her, right? Plus as HeadsNo2 says, he’s too…soft to be a villain. I would prefer a final showdown between Gabi and Bang rather than Bang and Hang-woo, since I’m sort of thinking that it’ll be anti-climatic (or something). Am I the only one still clinging onto the hope that Bang and Hang-woo will team up and make a Superteam to beat Mo Gabi’s butt?

      • 20.1.2 ahjummabunny

        yeah, woo hee should make sure that a rival of her company puts her company out of business so that she can go back having to using cash advances from her credit card, just because this guy who can’t offer her the same salary or use her skills, keep his small company from failing.
        you people are ridiculous!

        • Ani

          *cringe* Wow ahjummabunny, I like how you were being sarcastic because I’m sure that drove your point home. It’s a smart way to make a point…. But calling people ridiculous for their opinion is a bit much right? I swear, sometimes I wonder if two people use your name handle. In some posts you’re uber nice and understanding or diplomatic/intellectual about your approach to different topics, and other posts you kind of get mean. And I don’t mean the best kind of mean where you can be snarky towards the drama and such, but the worst kind of mean where you attack people. X/ *scratches head*

          • ahjummabunny

            no, as far as I know it’s only me. I don’t intend to be mean, and I can’t accept that I have been mean either. My memory has weak points. No blanket apology here. If I’ve attacked you at anytime say something. I react very strongly to having the quality of my socialization questioned and will apologize and make amends if necessary.

          • Ani

            Well I can’t point to the other instances I’ve seen, but one that involved me…. You, er, here: http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/01/youre-here-youre-here-youre-really-here-an-introduction/
            Basically, it came off hypocritical (considering most people ’round here – yourself included – covet the men and women of kdramaland with shameless glee and have said much more explicit things) basically calling us childish and I really wanted to knock you off your high horse. I brushed it off and didn’t make a big deal out of it because it may have been a joke, but know it didn’t seem like a joke. It came off as someone who thought themselves above the lot of us and decided name calling (age calling? Heh) was an appropriate way to react. I could have read into wrong and I apologize if I did, but it’s how you came off.

            I like you, mostly because you’re a fellow F-Fam fan. Other times because, like I said, you’re one of the numerous wonderful intellects here at DB. I don’t like calling people out on their behavior (and I too have behaved badly before) when I can easily ignore it, but ask and you shall receive.

            Er, I hope this doesn’t cause a rift between us. I really am not saying any of this with malice.

          • ahjummabunny

            dear ani!
            I’m sorry I didn’t mean it at all in a mean way. It’s very much like the “dorks” comment I made to zgz last week or so, I wondered if she realized I was joking and then someone commented “lol” so I didn’t follow up. I really didn’t mean that I wasn’t 11 as well. I see how it might seem that way when I write it without lol’s or j/k. But that stuff always makes it seem like less of a joke to me somehow.
            Actually in real life I do joke with a straight face and I can see why people some people react the way they do now. In fact one person got really upset with me recently. In any case I don’t separate myself from any of my beloved dramabeaners. There’s no rift at all I’m glad I didn’t say something to you after drinking or other judgement impairing medication.

          • Ani

            I feel the same way about saying “joke” or “j/k” in a message, because it always seems like they mean it but are trying to cover it up. I’m not saying everyone is like that, but they do say behind every “j/k” is a bit of truth. TFrankly I always just do an aside comment if I’m talking to someone who doesn’t know my sense of humor like *mutters*I know what you mean*cough*. XD

            I think in real life you and I would’ve probably got along well since I have the Pacific Islanders sense of humor where we’re either sarcastic or deadpan about everything. I’ve tried not to do it as often since I’ve moved to the States (er, USA) because people don’t seem to get it until I clarify. Sadly, this means I’ve become just as bad at discerning jokes from non-jokes. Heh. Glad to know you’re a jokester too. Now I can rib you back easily. <3

    • 20.2 diorama

      I don’t think it’s a moral weakness in her character that Woo Hee didn’t help Bang. It’s just that now both her professional and personal loyalties lie with Hang Woo. Of course being a genuinely good person she’s crushed at having to make this choice, but that’s what makes her such a layered character (honestly, she’s the most straightforward character out of the lead four and this helps to give her depth).

      • 20.2.1 Niklaus

        I dont see it as betrayal on Woo Hee part not helping Bang, in fact that what she refuse to say is as good as betraying Hang Woo. Even non-genius would know that Hang Woo is involved in the Golden Bro deal when Woo Hee breakdown on the the question. Bang, ever the people person, just did not tighten the screw on the spot to let Woo Hee off.

        She know that Hang Woo will be charged for fraud if the golden bro deal is tied to him, I would say most people will first tried try cover up for their loved one if in the same situation. (At least she only refused to comment, not a outright lied)

      • 20.2.2 ahjummabunny

        actually I think a lot of people miss that about this show- how realistic this characters are. I mean, sure there is a fantasy element, and some people’s smarts seem born of a night’s slumber but there are some real people here. I don’t think bang isn’t straight forward- or represented too fantastic. I always remember little moments of him kissing hang woo’s butt when he was his boss, even though he hated his guts just to keep him away from the factory.

  21. 21 Koreandramasrock

    So I think Woo Hee will only be hurt and that Hang woo will find out that Mo Ga Bi plotted to kill his girl and then Hang Woo and Bang will join forces to defeat her! If this happens it would be a dream come true as I have ALWAYS wanted Hang Woo and Bang on one team!

    • 21.1 Mystisith


    • 21.2 ahjummabunny

      that’s what I think too. I don’t even care if she dies or get’s hurt I just expect that there will be a new team.

  22. 22 inarihan

    I love Mo Gabi on this episode. I can’t help but remember Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct interrogation scene this one is one great Basic Instinct copycat!!! Mo Gabi is smokingly sexy as Sharon stone.

    • 22.1 Linda165

      I think that was the intention. Is a clear reference to Basic Instinct.

    • 22.2 neliq

      Gabi is no Sharon Stone and her rendition of the very famous scene on Basic Instinct was hilarious. She tried but came up short. I did have a good good laugh and I praise her attempts to pull the scene but she came up short.

  23. 23 Liam_H

    How would HW turn to the dark side completely if WH dies if it is Gabi’s fault? It would seem it would be the opposite effect.

    • 23.1 Koreandramasrock


    • 23.2 Koreandramasrock

      Esp if Bang goes out of his way to save her..

  24. 24 nik

    That comments of yours scares me… I was confident since I saw ep20, that YB will manage to save WH for sure… but-but… arghh! Monday come!

  25. 25 Daniella

    For the first time I’m just going to say a few things:

    GO Yeo-Chi! Mo Gabi is indeed Cray Cray! Loved when Yeo Chi brought her to tears.
    HANG WOO! It’s about time you move over to the good side. I hope he sees that it’s Gabi’s minion that is out to kill her. I was also surprised the guy with the glasses had genuine feelings for her, I thought he just wanted some!
    And the prosecutor! The first thing I thought about when I saw him was Secret Garden!
    Monday, come quick!
    Thank you as always for the recaps! See you all monday/tuesday!

  26. 26 ์ •๋‚จ

    I wouldn’t mind Hang Woo dying in her stead, I can’t warm up to his character, his layering just seems like very inconsistent writing and it’s not so much that they have made a complex person but decide what traits of his to turn on or off when the story calls for it.

  27. 27 Liam_H

    The Mo Gabi scene of her being interrogated is a straight ripoff from Basic Instinct. Thought the writers dropped the ball on this reference when the Oldboy one worked.

    However, whenever Mo Gabi tries to seduce anyone now its just creepy and awkward. Felt that way while watching it so I guess it works in that sense.

  28. 28 Kou

    I seriously thought that the first screencap was No Minwoo. He’s just too pretty.

  29. 29 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Great re-cap. Though, I don’t think your doubting of the cliff hanger is what might Woo-hee killed (release yourself from blame – the drama gods are not mad at you). I am so sad that it’s almost over. This has been the most entertaining K-drama that I have seen so far.

    • 29.1 Lisa-Loo-Loo

      Second only to Ten… That show drama rocked (have a weakness for detective shows)…

  30. 30 pumpkinattack

    Yes, it was an awesome episode. It’s been a loooong time since a show has made me wish that every day could be Monday.

  31. 31 taro_milktea

    It’s good to see another Giant alum making a cameo. The PD has turned Kim Seong Oh into such a nerdy looking guy. Cute and funny, especially his reaction toward Yeo Chi. And yes, the epilouge is LOL.

    On the other hand, Woo Hee, please don’t die.

    Thank you for the fabulous recap as always, HeadsNo2. Waiting eagerly for monday to come.

  32. 32 Christy

    Crazy Mo Ga-bi! She’ll be one of the most unforgettable k-drama villainess ever!

  33. 33 subject

    I’m sorry, I don’y buy Hang Woo as a mistaken chaacter by the writers. I wrote so much on him at soompi, so I have no energy to write again, but I do want to say another thing about him. Don’t care that loves and cares Woo Hee. I do care that he’s evil and misleading the roles, break the law and acts intentionally to hurt others in order to advance his personal interests.

    I know one thing for sure. loving someone special and be soft and kind to him doesn’t make a person to be good one while he hurts all the others. and I’m saying it again: almost all the biggest criminals during the history had one person whom they act different with, but that fact didn’t made them angels in the next world. sin is still a sin, don’t make us believe that a sinner can be a little less sinner cause there is one person that he doesn’t sinning against him.

    Also Woo Hee. I really loved her character till the moment she started work as a secretary of Hang Woo and the romance between them developed. yes, I admit – they are super cute together. So? is that really the same Woo Hee that we knew? maybe I was wrong about her, but I was impressed by her strong, independent, seductive, intelligent, resourceful and full of a high moral. Where that woman go?

    I bet that each one of you had or have a friend that really changed after she met a guy. the change was too big to endure that you eventually untie conection with her. I have one like this, and I hated it so much. sorry, can’t understand how GREAT woman Completely eliminates the person she was and what she believes in. For a man. I’m not upset cause she rejected to help Yoo Bang, I’m upset cause she changed too much and I can’t understand anything anymore. I hope she won’t die and I hope that if there is a real Woo hee, she’ll return to her old great self, dump Hang Woo and fing a real man, so she could be a real woman with him.

    I think I wrote too much for now. In short: LOVE yeo Chi – you are total QUEEN! anf of course, LOVE Yoo Bang, you’re definitely KING! all their moments are priceless, you can’t not to fall in love with them.

    Writers, what’s going on? is history repeats itself? like in “Giant” we will see the long-awaited kiss only in the last episode? why to drag us till then? why?

    Thanks for your brilliant recap, headsNo2. even if we don’t see eye in eye about Hang Woo, I still love to read your insights.

    • 33.1 nomu nomu nomu

      I’m with Subject on this

      but i’ll just make this short, HW is a complete immoral A–Hole.
      “show” does not need to bash my head with a metaphorical sledgehammer of mustache twirling and evil cackling for me to realize he is a villain (not a super villain, but still a villain)

      • 33.1.1 ahjummabunny

        while traditionally the message in dramas is “let’s show these people their places, good will triumph over evil” there are no true villains in this drama about salarymen- hang woo’s business requires him to be ruthless, that spills over into his personal life sometimes, but it’s mostly gone when he washes the gel out of his hair at night. I only just realized.
        If yeo chi had somehow managed to get her act together before her grandfather died it would’ve been her in mo gabi’s seat and doing almost exactly what mo gabi is doing ( maybe not as much spending) but equally ruthless and definitely concerned with making sure her weight is felt, and that the company has enough money to buy off politicians, steal from other companies and whatever it takes to survive in the business world.
        the bullshit yoo bang said to his employees when he opened his factory would never happen in real life. that was something that the two different “management trainers” scenes were supposed to portray and that yoo bang actually loses his company ( while he did use some cunning in that process) is proof that his way is a failure. You need both.

        • nomu nomu nomu

          If someone framed YOU for murder and imagine that you were convicted and served many years in prison (luckily, it got all got resolved for YB) make no mistake, HW is the type that will let you rot in jail. would you still be thinking the same

          when i used the word “Villain” I don’t mean it in the context of drama or movies, I mean in the context of REAL people. Based on what i have been given from episode 1-18 his character lacks morality. I have no sympathy for a person committing wrong after wrong after wrong and never learning from his mistake.

          • nomu nomu nomu

            *episode 1-20

          • subject

            I’m so agree with you. I’ve already said as you, that Hang Woo need to do lots of good stuff for society in order to get some forgiveness. I’m sorry, I read so much comments on Hang Woo, but seems that only the two us really can’t stand him. I have nothing against people who “understands” his motives and use the cliche that everything is fair in love and war, cause it’s just eventually a cliche. if everything will work by this idiom it would cause to chaos and creat a world that allowed to execute all necessary to achieve the goal, unable to distinguish between good and evil. Hang Woo by any definition is a bad guy.

          • ahjummabunny

            I’m not saying that hang woo isn’t a villain nor that he isn’t a bad guy I’m only saying that guy is hang woo the business man getting the job done. yes that hang woo is horrible and will do whatever he can for things to go his way, but he is different from hang woo the lover. realistically there can’t be that much difference. i have this image of the guy who keeps his job as a hitman a secret from his family or the special forces military man who comes home for dinner.

    • 33.2 diorama

      I wouldn’t go that far with Hang Woo. The thing with him is that he is a ruthless businessman. He can definitely be petty or vindictive in his private life, but only in business will he play as dirty has he can to get the job done.

      This isn’t admirable, but the show is making a point that all’s fair in love and war (barring a few exceptions). All the characters, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, have had their moments of ruthlessness: Jang Ryang, Bum Jeung, Mo Gabi, Jin Shi Hwang (remember how the same loving granddad was the same person who called the police on his factory workers), and Yoo Bang himself. Nothing is really black and white when it comes to the characters: Woo Hee did betray her own company in the beginning before she allied herself with Hang Woo, and technically Yoo Bang created Paeng Seong Enterprise with stolen technology.

      Well, this is not to say I really disagree with your post: Hang Woo is more than capable of unnecessarily being an ass; it’s just that the show has been well-written enough to make him layered and believable. Just my (four) cents ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, I’m cheering for a Bang-YeoChi kiss.

      • 33.2.1 ahjummabunny

        yes exactly. he’s a business genius but he’s also a regular guy.

        • Liam_H

          This guy has shown mostly arrogance and vanity outside of the office.

      • 33.2.2 subject

        I’ll try to respond for some of the things you wrote shortly, but somehow, deep down, as my BF said, people who thinks so different then you won’t change, so give up. I’m not that kind of person who gives up without a shot.

        Hang Woo is not that great businessman, after all, a regular guy like Yoo Bang keeps defeating him time after time in “simple” methods and with a lot of soul. cause what drives Hang Woo in life and business is pure hate, revenge, imperialism and power while Yoo Bang is driven by survival instinct, really strong belief in his inner and ability to understand the smallest to the point where where it begins and where it ends. pure logic. pure heart.

        The show makes lots of points beside “allโ€™s fair in love and war”. it also declare natural selection, David and Goliath metaphor and Love is blind and is accompanied by her madness. everyone wants to get first to the finish line and apparently could be expected only laws that existed in this world are laws of the jungle, that is the strong survive and the weak is irrelevant and uninteresting. BUT, everyone choose his path by deep understanding of his abilities to achieve his goals.

        Maybe I can’t see clear cause I really love Yoo Bang’s character, I just can say that person like him, not cause he’s a regular who fight against Goliath, makes me believe in goodness in life. I love him cause he ALWAYS care (not only to the woman he loves, but to his employees, his friends, his factory). He DIDN’T created Paeng Seong Enterprise with stolen technology, he took technology that no one used, develop it and use the same method that Hang Woo used to create himself a chance to discover.

        there is one thing that surely Salaryman did. they makes all of us think, really think about life. check our borders as humans, to know how the line separating good and evil is blurred and indistinct, and especially to understand how we, in this life, fragile and full of flaws.

        • diorama

          Haha, I’m glad you didn’t ‘give up without a shot’! I like your points, and they are valid.

          You get to the crux when you mention the difference between Hang Woo and Bang’s characters. Hang Woo, methods aside, is motivated by far more selfish reasons than Bang, and this is why he is going to lose. Yet I don’t think he is a villianous character because in business you compete or die, and both men are following those rules. I can understand Hang Woo and not hate him even when he crosses lines.

          It also has to be mentioned that at heart Bang may still be compassionate, but he is not the same small salaryman he used to be. By angling for ownership of Chun Ha, the writers have placed him on the same plane as Jin Shi Hwang, Mo Gabi, Bum Jeung, Jang Ryang, and Hang Woo, all of whom wanted the chairman’s seat for their own at one point. His motives may be self-preservation, but I don’t think that Bang isn’t acting out of personal ambition at this point (and given his abilities, rightly so). Notice that he isn’t talking anymore about handing the company rightfully back to Yeo Chi.

          I make this point because the writer-PD team here also wrote last year’s great Giant, which also followed a man’s ambitious rise in business and featured a lot of corporate intrigue. The writer knows that these are the people who populate the world of free enterprise, and aren’t afraid of creating complex realistic characters.

          And I do agree with your last point – the sign of a great drama is that it can foster discussions like these ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • mud

            I still believe Bang is doing this to return Chun Ha to Yeochi because how else did she get the resources to one-up Gabi at that meeting? He may be testing his own business acumen more at this point and has his own goals in mind, but I do not think he is angling to gain possession of the Chairman seat. I am hoping that Hang Woo and Bang join forces to take down the evil Gabi.

            Thanks for the recap Heads and I am really liking these discussions.

          • subject

            Thanks for the mature discussion and even though we still not see eye in eye, it was the reason why in the first place I decided to start dialogue, so I might clear my points during interaction with others.

            And thanks also to HeadsNo2 for giving us the platform for that. your recaps are simply the best!

    • 33.3 dingdongbl

      this is exactly my feeling about WH.

  34. 34 fabmari

    Don’t die, Woo Hee!!!!

    Is it possible that Bang does intercept the car and gets badly hurt, and it finally dawns to Hang Woo that Bang is a good guy, and Hang Woo and the rest fight as Bang fight for his life (or so we think, until Bang appeared out of nowhere to cower Gabi into admitting her crime)?

    Sorry, I love Bang, but I love Woo Hee even more so it’s better if Bang is the one with broken bones. Oops.

    • 34.1 Koreandramasrock

      Hear hear!

    • 34.2 mskololia

      I think YB will get hurt and WH will come to her senses and snap out of it and join forces with him again.

      HW will have to make a choice…It’s eithr his useless vengeance or the woman he claims to love who has joined the other side…

      Go into the light HW….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. 35 Chongtom

    I love this show! I can’t wait for next week to see how it ends. I like trying to guess what is coming next. I think Yoo will save Woo by crashing into the killer’s car and then the four of them will join forces to bring down Gabi. The ultimate hoot to this sforyline is that grandpa resurfaces, having been hidden by Jang, while Yoo and Hang finish fhe final test to see who will take over Chun Ha company. Grandpa retires. Yuh and Yoo marry, Yoo becomes President, and Yuh gives Grandpa a great grand-daughter. Hang and Woo marry and move to America. Gabi and Beum go to jail, she for murder and he for fraud (stealing the will). Jang returns to be VP. Yoo and Hang become best friends, and I must admit I would like to see them work together and father babies at the same time. Good story!!!

  36. 36 bjharm

    well considering how grandpa died the writers are fully capable of killing off Woo Hee. It is interesting that though everyone thinks Gabi had something to do with grandpa death, it more they think she ’caused’ his death with switch the drugs, ie classic woman way of killing someone with poison, when in fact she physically killed him like stabbing him with a knife, only of course it was a syringe but the shock value was the same.
    Hang Woo? spoiled vindictive brat really, ruthless in business in the worst way, a child in personal relationships.
    It always amazing how K-drama alway make big business [and most politicians] total crooks as an accepted fact of life

    • 36.1 bjharm

      Have to add the business side of the program has never made much sence, the basic moves are ok but if you look closer it just doesn’t make for any logic at all and considering how much time is spent in the drama on those matters it very distracting. Like this episode, ok with the stock proxy I can see that allows Yeo-Chi to call for a vote but even if Gabi is ‘dethroned’ it still will not make Yeo-Chi the one to take her place or give her control of the company. Plus Gabi has control of grandpa stocks even if that is only 30% of the total they still worth a great deal more than the 50 mill she stolen, so there no reason for her to sell all of them to pay that back.. ow forget it I sure once they wave the magic k-drama wand and it well all come true lol
      And last, 70 hours forced without sleep? Isnt Korean signed up with the UN treaty on torture? and that making prisoner do without sleep is classed as just that?

      • 36.1.1 tinysunbl

        lol your comment seriously made me burst out laughing in the middle of the night!

      • 36.1.2 Kbnhkr

        Earlier they said if she sell all of her stocks it will be not enough. She spent much more money from the company fund than her stocks’ worth.

        • bjharm

          …… but they also said the company worth billions not millions and now Gabi has the grandfather stocks, and I guessing that is the biggest shareholder, though not a controlling one, her stock would still be worth a heck of a lot more than a mere 50 million? I mean a billion alone a Lot of millions….
          but even if we pretend that a huge company is indeed only worth millions, it still will not make Yeo-Chi either the new president or get her company back. OK let say the real will turns up..then yes all Gabi has goes back to Yeo-Chi, but ow no she already [according to the millions not billion] spent all the money and if she sells the stock to pay it back…how is Yeo-Chi going to get anything back? if you follow….lol heck as I said forget it as K-drama magic

          • mskololia

            I think it has something to do with the “phantom” deals they make.

            It looked like HW’s former employer is in on this ruse to make hay will the sun shines with the stocks and will return them to the Group since it was all a heist anyway. This way HW got Gabi to use all of her stocks (for real) thinking she was under the cover of some phantom deal that did not exist but made to look like one publicly. Only, HW tricked her.

            HW helps YC out and gets some praise from his “future” employer for helping them make money off the short-term stock deal. At least, that’s what it looked like to me, but I generally just go with the flow of this drama because it keeps surprising me so I stopped guessing….

          • mskololia

            *while the sun…

      • 36.1.3 ahjummabunny

        they’re not asking her to sell the stock. that is not her place to do or only a crazy person would do that. that stock has tied into it a birthright. The meeting is only so that she can say yes, I did wrong in order to be responsible I’m returning the “ownership” to you all. Yes that stock would be sold to raise capital for the company, but only if it was hers to give up and since it isn’t it’ll go to the rightful owner. Usually a ceo in this position would make an alliance with another shareholder heavy weight or a few of them so that they would buy the stock ( deficit taken care of) and the ceo would still keep their seat even if only out of courtesy since they definitely have to sell at least 10%. And since gabi has definitely sold a lot of stock already, she only has enough to keep her rights and I don’t see anyone balking at the chance to push her out ( not allowing her to keep the position) or her pride allowing her to form such an alliance.

      • 36.1.4 ahjummabunny

        the business side has no problem. it’s only you’re thinking of the company as something some one person owns and everything in terms of cash when it’s mostly just credit and this is a publicly traded firm and at anytime if the right amount of stock is owned the “ownership” can pass to someone else. Something I’ve been considering while watching these dramas is the case of inheritance of management rights, I think it is possible that management rights are a separate commodity from stock since you don’t really need to be the largest stock holder to be the ceo. anyone with info on that?

  37. 37 howie


    then you may be right.. although it does seem as if bang will save her in time, if it does follow the chinese history, she will die first. hmm.. this makes me sad :(((

    but i really don’t think the writers would kill her off, just wouldn’t fit.

    what i don’t get is the part woo hee comes across the hidden camera… Why was she able to access it in VP’s room? monitors were only installed in Gabi and her secretary’s office… that makes no sense at all

    • 37.1 bjharm

      At a guess (and as if the writers cared if it made sense] all office computer are networked, somehow she was able to get access by mistaken, then she is back to her smart girl persona, she is a scientist after all, and hacked into the whole system.

      • 37.1.1 Niklaus

        With her been the secretary to vp for so long, I forgot that she has written research paper on genetics….. She is more than capable of hacking in to the system… She did screw with the research lab cctv in the first episode…. But the screen showing some wave form and console if really a creative way representing hacking in progress….

  38. 38 Rob


    • 38.1 mskololia


  39. 39 Eliza Bennet

    Thank you for the recap ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. 40 sugarpunch

    Thanks for recapping such a wonderful show! I was so resigned when I saw the ending. I am really really really prepared for the worst. In a way, woo hee’s death might give hang woo the smack in the head to wake up and turn 100% against Gabi. On the other hand, i won’t be able to forgive the scriptwriters for stealing away my 3rd favourite person in the show!!!! i guess we have to wait till monday to find out.

  41. 41 Lady Seoul

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I’m so happy they decided to make an extension! WONDERFUL! =D

  42. 42 harimsam

    whoa no way WH gonna die unless we have like another 10 eps or something.Salaryman got more issues to settled in the last 2 eps than to create another big plot like that.In the last 2 hours of salaryman its gonna solved all the misdeed ,wrongdoings,showed a bit of redemption and bring all the 4 leads forward with all the big revelation that we are dying to see.

    • 42.1 Daniella

      unless they’re going for another season which would be daebak ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. 43 ahjummabunny

    I thought that ending meant that hang woo and bang would finally form a team to shock gabi to her senses, reclaim chun ha for yeo chi. Of course when the will is revealed yeo chi will get her stocks and management rights restored but I don’t think she should manage chun ha for some reason.

    • 43.1 bjharm

      that is of gabi dosnet sell those stocks to pay back what she stolen from the company….then even if the will comes out, what is left for Yeo-Chi? ..lol perhaps that will be the big end a race to what comes out first the will or gagi selling the stocks

      • 43.1.1 ahjummabunny

        typically 15% is required for management rights she definitely has already sold some stock so maybe she has the exact 15% including what yeo chi got as a child in that family when she was born. maybe 20% since I don’t think yeo chi had more than 6%. They’re not asking her to get cash to return to the company only that she give up her stock and management rights. But since all the stock she has is stolen, she’ll definitely be arrested and have to pay back what she stole (the red sticker men will descend on her!) she’s trying to stop the return of the stock by killing woo hee and bom jong and destroying the will, maybe she still thinks it’s possible for her to frightening the shareholders into keeping her. they didn’t make any money from the golden brothers deal if I understand it correctly so there’s no way for her to put back that money.

  44. 44 nn

    i thank you for your effort! I also think Woohee will die to make Hang Woo to have reason to turn against Gabi. BUT, I dont want her to die!! She and Hang Woo are adorable!

    I HATE GABI AT MOST.. and I love Bang and YeoChi.. They are just funny and dorky..

  45. 45 harimsam

    @HeadNo2 your recap is fabulous but what i like the most is how your recap had bring out many intelligent and resourceful comments in here.Lots of information being discussed and its really makes me happy to read many good points here and there.i admire how civil is everyone even if they got some clashing in their opinion and i am really enjoying it.Thanks guys for not really bashing out the actors that you may not like but rather be understanding.

  46. 46 mandelbrotr

    Helloooooo?! Basic Instinct interrogation scene! Anyone? The moment Mo Gabi sat down in the blue tinged light I started yelling at my friends. But they were too young Koreans who haven’t seen the movie.

    • 46.1 mandelbrotr

      Whoops. Accidentally searched for “Fatal Attraction” in the comments and didn’t see the other comments about BI.

  47. 47 ingridine

    I think Hang Wo is certainly the most interesting character of Salaryman !
    A real bad jerk and proud manager but as the same time a fragile and nice guy who lost his father and his hyung for business …
    He said that he never fall in love with a woman …now he’s discovering a new form of relationship.

    JUNG GYU WOON made a great job … look at such different point of view !! Proud of him… he really improves drama after drama !

  48. 48 Niki

    This show is awesome. All the characters are funny and makes you think about how people are treated. There are flaws in every storyline, and the writers can cover everything. It’s an entertaining drama that made me laugh mans cry. HW character has a lot of depth, and he has made character development. He is loved and hated. Awesome show!

    • 48.1 mskololia

      I love the HW character too.

      For me, HW and YB are good sparring partners.
      What does not kill you, makes you stronger…..Both are becoming stronger—->HW is becoming more compassionate or human, and YB is gaining more confidence in himself.

      They needed each other and so the drama universe put them together….

      His and YB’s actions or reactions look like two athletes competing and gaining knowledge and strength with each offense or defense. Whether or not they know it, they are helping the other becoming better at whatever it is the other is lacking. HW is lacking in the EQ area being all business (smash the oppositionโ€ฆ.lol) and YB is lacking in self-confidence due to many past failures. Both chose wrong paths for the sake of their fathers when they entered the Group.

      Now both are gaining from their exchanges or fiery volleys.

      Itโ€™s all good.

  49. 49 danielkim90

    I might be going out on a limb, but does no one think that there’s a possibility that Woo Hee get killed and Hang Woo ends up thinking that Yoo Bang killed her? Talk about ultimate shocker!

    • 49.1 dee

      and im going to cry all day long ……….

  50. 50 Robin

    2 episodes left? Are you sure? Dramafever has it listed as 24 episodes — which I’m devoutly hoping to be true because I want A LOT MORE HOURS with Yeo-chi, Yoo Bang, and the gang!

    I LOVE how I’m sitting on the edge of my seat as I watch this, following every twist and turn. I have no clue how it will all play out (though I can sure see *sob* Woo-hee not being saved in time – hope I’m wrong).

    As for Hang-woo, it’s hard to hate him when you look at him as a man who’s goofy in love (“Am I going to have to carry you home every night?!”) because he’s just so handsome and a little dorky in those moments, but this is a guy who’s had several opportunities to walk the path of righteousness once his primary opponent was dead (and murdered) and he’s passed them by. Just because he has some good in him doesn’t mean that his wrongs are erased. It’s kind of like those people who are interviewed after it’s discovered that their next door neighbor is an axe murderer…. “He was always quiet and he would carry my groceries in the house for me; he seemed like such a nice manโ€ฆ”

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