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Kim So-eun to star in Chinese drama
by | March 5, 2012 | 49 Comments

Actress Kim So-eun (A Thousand Kisses) will be taking a break from domestic projects to star in a Chinese drama next, a web-series called Secret Angel. She’ll actually be starring opposite another Korean star: Jang Woo-hyuk. Wait, H.O.T.’s Jang Woo-hyuk? Well that’s a twist. What a strange pairing. I guess this is his second drama in China though, so maybe it’s not a weird pairing overseas?

The drama will air online on Sohu.com, which is an interesting trend that I wish were a more common and viable option for television — basically going ‘indie’ and making and showing your own stuff, in some capacity (though I have no idea if that’s actually the case for this drama). The problem, of course, is always that making a good show costs more than a pretty penny, and not all websites are guaranteed to be any less corporate, besides which regaining your production cost that way is near impossible. But I always thought we’d see more of the kind of stuff Joss Whedon did when he made Dr. Horrible. Okay, I totally just geeked out on a tangent, but television distribution is interesting (sometimes… and possibly only to me). But Chinese tv is something I know nothing about, because the show is also reportedly being aired on “digital tv” in select cities.

ANYWAY, Secret Angel is a ten-episode drama where Kim So-eun plays a bad angel — not evil, but bad at her job. She’s accident-prone and constantly makes mistakes, which I’m guessing is a big deal if your mistakes have cosmic repercussions. Sounds like a cute character and a fun idea. I just wish starring in a drama overseas didn’t automatically mean dubbed voices, ’cause then I’d watch more of ’em.

Secret Angel will premiere March 21 on Sohu.com.

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49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fasiris Fay

    She’s so cute…I wish she did more kdramas.

  2. Thatgirl

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! Why do I get the feeling I’ll be the only one excited for Jang WooHyuk?! Lol! Jang Woo Hyuk, Jang Woo Hyuk, Jang Woo Hyuk!!!!

    I saw his name and I spazzed and fangirlled like crazy. xD *Reminiscing of my H.O.T days.*

    And Kim So Eun!!!! It’s like a meshup of my First Generation of Kpop and BOF (The Drama that sucked me back into the Kpop culture after the ending of 1st Generation Kpop.)

    Ok, well it’s not a meshup of the 2, but I feel like it is. Lol

  3. Ladymoonstone143

    I am still waiting for the day that she and Kim Bum will have a drama. I just have to keep on hoping….

    • 3.1 Tammie

      You and me both, sister!

    • 3.2 bsmm

      i’ll forever be waiting for them to reunite! soeul couple hwaiting!!!

    • 3.3 Rovi

      SoEul mates forever…!

    • 3.4 kewbie

      Oh girl, I am waiting for the day when I see Kim So-eun and Kim Bum together again…either in a drama or in real life. Both would be the best, though!

    • 3.5 Roxy

      I second this!

    • 3.6 ibelieveinsoeulmates

      couldn’t agree more!

      SoEulmates hwaiting! <3

    • 3.7 Mango

      Same here!!!
      kim bum played the role of an angel in Padam Padam…..
      and now what do we have here?? Kim So Eun as an angel!!

  4. mmmaggie

    Woo Hyuk was adorable on 1N2D and Kim So Eun is adorable in everything she does so I’ll have to keep an eye out for this. So is it dubbed in Chinese with English subtitles?

  5. Jules

    Aww, I love Kim So-eun! She’s the only reason I managed to watch (almost) all 50 episodes of A Thousand Kisses.

    • 5.1 DramaticTeacher

      Was it worth it? I watched half of ep 1 but the 50 ep’ amount scared me and I stopped. Can you tell me if they, Kim So Eun and Ryu Jin end together in the drama?

      • 5.1.1 Liz

        They end up together (they actually get together pretty early on), but I would NOT recommend the drama at all…I just wanted to get it over with. I’m sure the majority of viewers would agree?

        • skelly

          YES. Avoid this drama if you value your sanity! A Thousand Kisses is one drama that made me seriously consider giving up on long dramas altogether. It was either that, or gouge out my eyes with a hot poker. ATK was 50 tortuous episodes of possibly the most horrible waste of talent in the most poorly written drama with the most annoying, illogical plot of this millennia. Seriously.

        • queencircles

          yeah I stopped watching around 25 or so. I just couldn’t handle the drama anymore. SO much fricken DRAMA that really seemed extremely unnecessary and contrived and ridiculous.

          I actually liked the actors, and I watched it because I wanted to see Kim So Eun and Ryu Jin, but episode after episode where everyone was just so annoying really tried my patience.

          I never even checked back in to see what happened with everyone. Just avoid this drama.

      • 5.1.2 trixicopper

        Is this drama worth it? In a word,NO! Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction! 🙂

      • 5.1.3 Jules

        Was it worth it? The short answer is: no.

        Woo-jin and Joo-mi (Ryu Jin and Kim So-eun) do end up together, but that was fairly early on in the drama and honestly, after their marriage the tone of the show seemed to shift from ‘dramatic-with-light-moments’ to ‘full-on-melodrama’.

        (and imo… the character of Ji-sun – the mother/mother-in-law – was supposed to be the catalyst in the story; she wasn’t supposed to actually be the story. ugh.)

    • 5.2 kewbie


  6. JoAnne

    Love that Dr. Horrible got a shout out! Such an awesome production. Could we just, please, drop either NPH or Nathon Fillion into a KDrama and let my head explode from the awesomeness?

    • 6.1 trixicopper

      Yeah for Dr. Horrible! 🙂

    • 6.2 asianromance

      I love the Dr.Horrible shoutout too!

    • 6.3 TiaC

      Or Dr. Horrible the K-Drama with Yoon Kye Sang as Dr. Horrible, Cha Seung Won as The Hammer, and Gong Hyo Jin as Penny. And the kid who plays Ding Dong as Moist.

      I just had a nerd-gasm.

  7. Noelle

    Aww. Dr. Horrible. My nerd heart went ding.

  8. Arhazivory

    I liked him in 1N2D. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in anything but the concept of the drama sounds cute and humorous.

    But the dub thing puts me off too. Um….why do they keep using non-Chinese people for Chinese dramas? -_-‘ Its just a little odd to me because I know there are many Chinese actors and actresses already.

    • 8.1 ililaa

      Exactly! Why pick Korean stars for a CHINESE drama. I mean I see the appeal of it and all but still. I find it a little too much.

    • 8.2 asianromance

      China does produce a bunch of dramas, so i guess it couldn’t hurt to have one or two be sort of hallyu dramas – as long as the Koreans aren’t playing famous historical figures. Even if Kim So Eun and Jang Woo Hyuk speak great chinese -good enough to blend in, as a Mainland China drama, they would have been dubbed anyways because China’s super strict on what accent gets aired. This also means that it’s easier for koreans to blend into C-dramas. When it’s a taiwan drama, it’s awkward when you have one character that is dubbed and everyone isn’t.

      At least it isn’t another remake of a korean drama.

    • 8.3 Laica

      The weirdest thing to me is that they choose actors who don’t even speak Chinese – and I noticed yesterday when I was watching Skip Beat (only for you, Siwon) that Siwon’s mouth movements don’t correspond to his “voice”. And I realized when I paid closer attention that he was actually saying his lines in KOREAN. O.O

      I don’t get it. At least if they want to exploit the Hallyu appeal, they should cast someone who speaks Mandarin and can at least say the right lines, like Lee Da-hae (even if the pronunciation isn’t great and they end up dubbing over it).

      Anyway. No one ever said Drama Logic was like real logic.

    • 8.4 bjharm

      China makes over 500 drama each year, that is mainland china, then you can add the hong kong one and the one from Taiwan and the figure must be closing in on 600, So you can get the idea that having the odd drama with a korean in it really not a big deal and more of a selling point as something a little different. Heck any chinese drama with the likes of Jang Nara is pretty much already a hit before it made such is her selling power in china. Indeed her last two chinese acting work have as suggested been acted out in Mandarin and as said even in doing that there no 100% that she still not going to get dubbed if her accent is not considered good enough, I think they have to pass some sort of test, not good enough then you get dubbed, and that for chinese actors as well be the way. In historical dramas it not odd to find most of the cast getting dubbed.

    • 8.5 Jessica

      The Chinese Entertainment industry is like Hollywood in that they don’t really seem to care about the ethnicity of the actor, as long as they fit the role.

      Hollywood has tons of Australian and British actors play Americans and most people don’t seem to care.

      Also, like others have mentioned, Chinese companies produce a ton of TV series and movies so some projects cast “foreign” actors to attract attention.

      • 8.5.1 Laica

        I understand your point, but Australian and British actors are still speaking the same language, unlike Chinese dramas where the actors are talking to each other in different languages. Still, it can work sometimes, I guess. And I can understand the desire to appeal to wider markets.

  9. Cam

    Yay! Kim So Eun look so adooorable-ish (from 1st picture) & I don’t know why I still like her, haha! 🙂 Ooo, she will be playing in Chinese drama with H.O.T. Jang Woo Hyuk…?? Hmm, I will try to watch this and what it look like that, ofc. ^_^

  10. 10 Cynthia

    One of these fine days, the separate paths that Kim So Eun and Kim Bum are traveling on will come together – Serendipity 2.0? – and out of all the characters written for K-drama, how odd is it that he was an angel, and she’s going to be an angel?!

    This plot for Secret Angel gives me vibes for ‘Touched By An Angel’, only instead of Della Reese and Roma Downey, it’ll have H.O.T. Boy and KSE.

    • 10.1 kewbie

      That was exactly my thought. First he was an angel, now she’s going to be one. There’s something stirring in the k-drama cosmos for these two.

    • 10.2 belle

      True! It must be fate. I miss the Bumsso couple. 🙁

      It’s really nice to know that she’ll be playing such role. It suits her perfectly. I still wish to see her and Kim Bum as leads in a romantic drama.

    • 10.3 marry

      It’s not just that. First KSE was starring in The Man Who Can’t Get Married (2009), then in 2010 KB starred in The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry. Both romancing much older actor/actress. They took the same period when they’re taking a break from acting, and went back to school. And now this “Angel” thingy. And so on, I can’t possibly mention them over here, but they do have so many coincidences, they’re giving me goosebumps. It’s like they’re imitating/following each other’s path. I don’t know it’s just merely coincidence or not, but it’s kind of amazing if it does.

      End of my ramblings.

  11. 11 milkmustache

    I hope this drama does well. Kim So Eun seems like she’s had no luck in her dramas since BoF. 🙁 Plus, A Thousand Kisses got really boring and angsty, and I got sick of watching it.

  12. 12 snow

    for a while i thought i was looking at brian joo, haha.

  13. 13 Uca

    I dunno why I have taken it seriously. But, why do She and Kim Beom always have something in similar? It scared the hell out of me.
    He was an angel and she is an angel. grr they should do the angel drama together!

    Well, Secret Angel, I’m excited!

  14. 14 obsidian

    Totally agree with you about dubbed dramas. I really wanted to watch Skip Beat with Donghae and Siwon, but then they were dubbed!!! It just ruins the show and so I stopped watching it.
    I would rather just make that giant leap of faith and logic that they all understand one another even though they speak different languages.

    • 14.1 Laica

      Haha like Seducing Mr. Perfect with Daniel Henney and Uhm Jung-hwa? They spend the whole movie talking to each other in different languages.

      I’m still watching SB, only because I have an irrational love of Siwon.

    • 14.2 bjharm

      there is a skill in acting while the rest of the cast is speaking another language, you have to still look natural you have to get the timing right your body language is important, Siwon I found was very much just saying his lines and that about all the first few episodes but after time he seem to be, well acting more and understanding how it works. It really double acting you acting the lines and acting as if you where speaking chinese and fully understand what being said and going on. Of course a skilled voice acting dubbing you is like gold!
      When Jang Nara made bratty princess they would have someone in the back ground speaking along with her in chinese [sound edited out of course] so the rest of the cast could know when to start their lines. That helped them but she had to go on body language and facial expression to time her lines, as i say it is a skill

      • 14.2.1 Jessica

        Totally agree 🙂

        Actually if the dubbing voice is good then I don’t mind as much, but I do like how Jang Nara learned Mandarin and then spoke her own lines in later dramas.

  15. 15 Jaykah

    Yes it is an odd pairing but the H.O.T fangirl in me is cheering and Kim So Eun stole my heart in BOF so I may tune into this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim So Eun was a H.O.T fangirl at one point too hehe

  16. 16 jessie

    Is there any way that she’s ever going to be casted in one of Hong Sister’s drama?
    I just think that her bubbly and adorable charm is really suitable for Hong Sister’s drama… Don’t you all agree with me?

  17. 17 Kennedy

    I just watched it and I was scared the dub would turn me off but the story is set in Korea and everybody talks in korean. The only one who’s dubbed is the Chinese actor who plays Shi-young. Btw, Jang Woo-hyuk is HOT!

  18. 18 Meljul

    The secret angel drama was very good! Short drama but full of love, comedy, etc. and I love the main star on this drama Kim So Eun and Chen Xiang! I hope they have more drama to come

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