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MBC strike threatens to delay Moon/Sun finale
by | March 5, 2012 | 98 Comments

Some possible bad news for fans of MBC drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun: head PD Kim Do-hoon has joined the ranks in the ongoing labor strike over at MBC, in what will probably be the union’s big last-ditch effort to turn the tables. The drama finally managed to pass the 40% ratings mark and became designated a “national drama,” which means delaying production and derailing this train just before the finale would be the biggest blow the union could deliver to the network. It’s as good a bargaining chip as any, and the timing isn’t trying to deceive anybody — it’s we’re going to leave you hanging when you’ve promised your advertisers 40% ratings. The hit series has two episodes left, scheduled for this coming Wednesday and Thursday.

The labor strike has been going on for over a month now, since January 30. It’s just that dramas haven’t been affected until now because they’re often produced by outside companies. But more and more crew members have been joining up, and last week High Kick took a whole week off due to the strike, airing specials instead, which is something variety shows like Infinity Challenge and We Got Married have done for a month.

Now key drama PDs have joined the ranks, including the head PDs of weekend dramas Feast of the Gods and God of War. The strike is against MBC’s unfair administration and is primarily aimed at forcing the resignation of MBC president Kim Jae-chul. I just know this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to overthrow this guy, so I’m just gonna go on a hunch that this guy isn’t exactly a saint.

MBC claims that Moon isn’t in danger of missing its finale schedule (which of course they’d say), while Moon‘s production team confirms that the PD has joined the strike, along with their head cinematographer. Uh…that seems like a problem, no? The show’s been shooting with two crews simultaneously on a tight live schedule, and the main problem they’d face with a delay is that stars Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Il-woo aren’t available for more days — they’re due on other sets (photoshoots, advertisements, etc.) the day after the original wrap date.

So basically, they’re going to have to complete shoots on schedule, come hell or high water. The production claims that even if they manage to do that, without their head PD, the shows won’t be edited in time for broadcast. My guess is that MBC won’t let it come to that, because it’s not often that a ratings hit rolls around for them, and it would be dumb to let the final episodes just sit there, as potential ratings dwindle away by the day. I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday, whether the Moon/Sun chip was the one to bring down the house.

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98 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. BellaMafia

    I wonder how many fans going nuts about this? ..lol..

    • 1.1 Anne

      I am one of them, I’m gonna be nuts …… LOL

      • 1.1.1 gaea

        I’m gonna mad..because it means the conclusion will delayed, and I’m craving for seunggi and Hajiwon already!!

      • 1.1.2 kbap

        Same here lol. Can’t I have my drama in peace? I hope this doesn’t affect Moon/Sun by any means though…hope MBC will do something about it. Can’t let this drama’s finale suck, since it was such a success…*holds last string of hope

        • gg

          if so then the president of MBC should just resign and let us fans have our drama!!!

    • 1.2 Arhazivory

      Bella Mafia…I loved that show! *totally offtopic*

    • 1.3 mary

      As much as I’m a fan, I want the crew to win this.

      It would mean a bit of improvement in the lives of our beloved oppas, noona-killers, actresses, and hardworking staff. 😀

      We can wait.

      Union people, FIGHTING!!!

      • 1.3.1 Roake

        I am with the union too.

        Stop treating the crews and staffs like crap!!!!!

    • 1.4 Di

      *raise her hand* 🙁

    • 1.5 YUNA

      I’m gonna be 1 of them

  2. lovedramas

    I’m more interested in how this plays out then the finale of Moonsun. I don’t know all the moving pieces here, but when I was younger, I would have been like huh? But now, I can understand what’s going on more between upper management and the rest of the workers. I’m not sure what to think but it sounds like the unions have a good point and I hope that the Moon sun chip will help them out.

  3. srkambbs

    I still cant get over the fact that this became a national drama. Major thanks to the child actors. Its a predictable drama, but the novel (eventhough predictable as well) had a more complex feel to it cuz wol never loses her memory. She instead struggles to choose between her happiness or her family’s, while here in the previous episode she just lets out the fact that she is Yeon Woo so easily. Its a bit frustrating because I don’t really see the tough and smart child Yeon Woo in the adult version.

    • 3.1 anais

      I think acting is in part responsible for this difference. The child actress is one of the best. Han Ga In, on the other hand, delivers an inconsistent performance. Her work in Moon/Sun is probably one of her better ones to date, and at times she delivers. However, it’s just not consistently good or excellent. She’s serviceable. I especially dislike her lapses in line delivery. At times delivering the cadences of sageuk speak, at other times lapsing into cadences of modern day speak. She also doesn’t convey the dignity that the child actress delivered, which can be rationalized as her having grown up thinking herself a lowly shaman. However, I still can’t buy it. Her facial expressions are so different from the child actress’s that it’s jarring.

      • 3.1.1 sally_b

        @anais – appreciate your comments. you offer a great deal of generousity on Ga In’s behalf.

        My personal opinion is no way near as nice as yours..and I’ll leave it at that.

        @srkambbs – re: can’t believe this became a Nat’l drama.

        ditto. episodes 1-6……….then 17-18. (that’s a looooooooooooooooooong pause between quality)

        However…if it’s popularity can be used to improve working conditions (or at the veryleast, oust a major BAD DUDE)….then perhaps it has served it’s purpose.

        I’m going to ((hug)) the SHOW and call it a vehicle~

        for the young cast. Give those babies some MORE roles and let them run with it. That’s the GOOD to come out of this. 🙂

      • 3.1.2 Ajusshi

        Well said.! You articulated everything I have thought of.

  4. Arhazivory

    And MBC wants The King (2Hearts? What is it now anyway?) to be aired right after and ride on the lovely coattails of Moon/Sun (hopefully), so…I think this will work in the Union’s favour.

    I’m a closet activist. If that many people can’t stand the guy and are willing to strike for so long, all power to them. I feel like getting a placard all of a sudden.

    • 4.1 malta

      Ditto. I don’t know anything about MBC’s president, but he sounds like he’s a sucky guy/president. I hope they get what they want from the strike.

      • 4.1.1 Salie

        I agree with you.. Oust Kim Jae-Chul!

    • 4.2 Tishi

      Lemme join you. I’ve wanted to kick that guy out of his chair ever since they delayed new episodes of WGM. They’ve aired the new ones last Saturday, so I hope MBC’s finally going to patch things up within the network. Should they delay this drama’s finale, TK2H would have to move its opening for another week. I’m not sure how that will play out, but the advertisers of both dramas won’t be happy with this.

    • 4.3 78446

      Agree as well. Dunno what’s going really going on in Korea but the all the bad news about this guy is pretty consistent. I hope the union gets what they’re asking for (this guy’s resignation , I think). And I think it was a pretty brilliant idea to hold MBC’s cash cow hostage. It’s probably the best way for them to be heard.

      Now, if only there’s some way this won’t affect the quality of the finale. (Although you could also look at it as the best excuse if the final two episodes end up crashing and burning.)

    • 4.4 3hoshi

      Here’s an article that kind of enlightened me to the strike situation, in case you guys wanted to know:

      • 4.4.1 Arhazivory

        Wow. Thanks for the artlicle. I was wondering about the behind-story and I did hear that it was due to politics in some way but this really shows what it is.

      • 4.4.2 tarianantatoer

        I thought the strike is about the welfare of the workers, more kudos to the union then. I’m form what they call third world country and our media bashes our president on daily basis, from his party corruption to his hobby.

        • Arhazivory

          lol. Me too. Our media doesn’t mince words and because of that politicians in general get no love here.

      • 4.4.3 Kim Yoonmi

        You need free press for an equal democracy. Strikers have to win!

        Free press! Yes! Kim Jae Chul–No!

    • 4.5 Elizabeth

      Why do I get the feeling that the strike is more interesting than any of the dramas going on? Maybe one day someone should film a drama about all these strikes. it will be interesting, digging up dirty laundry for all to see!


      • 4.5.1 Llamaesque

        I totally agree about giving up with this live shooting—it’s amazing how high quality they manage to make the shows, given this huge handicap. Why bother, though, when they could get most of it filmed before it even starts airing, allowing for better storytelling, acting, and production values?

        Naturally, I just broke down and started watching Moon/Sun yesterday, and I’m a marathon-only girl—I loathe waiting for new episodes.

      • 4.5.2 Kim Yoonmi

        But the strike isn’t about live shooting… the strike is about station neutrality. Apparently Kim Jae Chul fired some new reporters who wanted to report on the president having an affair and then forced then to run a lesser story that wasn’t even interesting. =P Since this is the second time he’s pulled a stunt against the union and is taking money from the president, I don’t blame them for striking. I really hope they win–like they do in the dramas. =P If SBS or KBS make a drama out of this, I’d watch it, even if it’s a bit tasteless to do so. ^.~

        Go Free Press! Win!

        I don’t care if the other drams get held up on MBC, I wish for them to win!

  5. noodles143

    wtf?! no. i want my MOON SUN!

  6. all4movies

    I don’t care about Sun/Moon, but I will be really upset if the strike affects Feast of Gods.

    • 6.1 Kim Yoonmi

      It’s affecting Feast of Gods, from the last report since all of the other PDs have joined in. I want the strikers to win this one. I wish to see free Press win. I think that’s a lot more important than finishing a drama.

  7. yingz

    This is excellent timing for the union, sounds like its their best bargaining chip. Hope they get (at least most of) what they want!

  8. angie

    It’s about time that declared a strike! They really need to give more time for everyone on their cast, crew, writing and production team to get everything together instead of doing live schedule. More time = (hopefully) better writing = more well rested actors/crew = better dramas that make sense!

  9. ccinta

    Considering that both Jung Il Woo’s and Kim Soo Hyun’s schedules will be packed the day after the original airing date, it will be nearly impossible for TMTETS to shoot after 8 of March.

    Saw the news that they are not filming today, Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun are resting at home – which are good because the casts really need to relieve their fatigue; but headache for the production team. MBC will need to act really fast now.

    I agree that this is their best bargaining chip, because MBC will not only be dealing with the fans dissatisfaction, but they’ll be dealing with the advertisers as well. Hopefully they can reach some sort of agreements which will be beneficial for the union.

  10. 10 Yeng

    bad news and good news…good for them to fight for their right and they deserve better, but bad news for us fan who just cannot wait!

  11. 11 diorama

    I’m with the strikers on this one. It’s not just a small niche group like writers or such, it’s pretty hefty people like head PD’s of hit shows…and delaying 40%+ ratings is likely to make Mr. MBC spit nails. Would be interesting to see the result if they do end up pulling this strike off.

  12. 12 Ariel

    So the strike is about:

    “Kim Jae Chul being a puppet of the Lee Myung Bak administration and interfering with the neutrality of the station there is no confidence in MBC’s newsroom chiefs with MBC journalists criticizing biased and substandard news reporting”.

    I’m all for the strike once the press has been muzzled then your country is on its way to hell.

  13. 13 Brenda

    How did the strike start?

  14. 14 Laeah

    This drama is ridiculously overrated. National Drama? More like National joke.
    I swear it’s just the men finally tuning in for wood board Han Ga In’s circle lenses.

    Whatever. I hope it never finishes.

    And I hope Lee Myung bak gets his butt out of office ASAP.. along will all the other corrupt people in the entertainment business.

    • 14.1 anais

      Actually, I think those are her natural eyes. I’ve seen her in numerous dramas and her eyes are no different in those.

      Han Ga In now looks just like the child Han Ga In. Unbelievably unfair of mother nature.

      • 14.1.1 Rovi

        That’s what I noted too, ever since Han Ga-in appeared ep.6. Han Ga-in’s “Wol/Yeon-woo” looks (or more like, made her look) scarily similar to Kim Yoo-jeong’s Yeon-wo. Da eff.

        Also, both have facial moles (yes!) that had been more active in the 8 years that passed; slightly more erratic than Siwon’s eyebrows (Shibrows) wiggling are out of place with each other:
        -KYJ’s were under her left eye off-centre
        -HGI’s on the left side of her nose, near the bridge

    • 14.2 topper

      Men are the minorities watching such dramas, in fact K-Drama in particular, because the storyline is extremely skewed towards women’s view of romance (like going 8 years celibate when you are a Joseon King). So they have little sway on ratings.

      • 14.2.1 Laeah

        I don’t think you know how popular HGI is.

        • Kiara

          I dont get why she is so popular but then I’m not Korean. Her acting skill is just meh. She looks lovely but definitely not the most beautiful Korean woman I’ve ever seen.

          • anais

            She’s considered a beauty ideal, along with Kim Tae Hee and some others. I forget where I saw this, but on one variety show, somehow Han Ga In was mentioned, and the male guest who was a fairly big name himself gushed gushed gushed about how it would be such an honor to work with her, that all men would. That was my introduction to the how she’s perceived by men.

            She’s definitely pretty, but my tastes run more to Kim So Yeon and Shin Mina.

          • Kiara

            Thank you anais :). I didnt know she was up there on the ideal beauty for Koreans.

  15. 15 pemborit

    i’m a fan of the drama but ok with the strike. sometimes you need a great bargaining chip to be heard.

  16. 16 chasen8888

    I am angry all around. I am angry as a fan with the possibility of not getting my final TMETS fix. I really don’t care for the replacement show despite the line up. Angry on behalf of the workers who worked such ridiculous hours to please all and sundry with such cruel deadlines that is both actors and crew for such pittance. I am angry at the MBC administration for letting it go this far & this long, angry at the netizens who in a way bring about the situation with our ridiculous demands/criticisms which usually affects how a show is played. Finally I am very angry that they have yet to come up with a feasible solution to fix this long standing problem with all the networks and the last second editing, working inhumane hours therefore causing sleepless nights, stress , mental & physical exhaustion for everyone. I said in the past that it may take a death to fix this – there have been accidents already what else do they need to see – declaring that the whole filming process/scheduling/management is wrong? I am very sure that these heads, cronies & their sponsors manage to get a good meal and sleep while the others have to suffer. Its a shame.

    Frankly I don’t know what to think. I want my show but I do understand the stand that the workers are making which is a justifiable one. My question is this – will it work & for how long?

  17. 17 danna

    damn…sometimes I wonder why MBC is still around…hasn’t had one hit show in years and when it does, it comes down to this..also whenever there is strike (like the last one which almost ruined Dong Yi) MBC is always the last one to holdoff….it’s like they are writing their own death sentences for their biggest shows…..It’s already Tuesday in Korea which means the episode should like air in less that 36 hours and what the hell are they going to do without a head PD???….If they don;t postpone now they are going to have to wing it….this reminds me off what happened to Bad Guy’s ending because of KNG’s military entry except here it’s not even something they can;t do anything about

  18. 18 dash

    i so desperately want to find out the conclusion of moon especially when the episodes are starting to get good again. so much questions and anticipation.

    at the same time i want the crew to be paid fairly and deserve the rewards for their hard work. *sighs* mbc should have settled this case a long time ago before it escalated to this. i still remember 2010 as the curse year for them where their dramas were not so hot (even though personal preference did decent in ratings but the story was so bad) and now that they have this national drama and this just has to happen right around 2 episodes remained

    i always wonder why dramas were filmed a week before the episodes are suppose to air. i wonder if they were to film the entire drama first, would the actors have more time to rest and theres more time to develop the story and writing

  19. 19 Bern75

    wow. this strike and the fact that it may derail the finale of the “national drama’ is a drama in itself, huh?

  20. 20 MeeisLee

    Oh yay, more drama behind the drama.
    I’m all for striking for fair administration or production and all that jazz. But in all honesty, I would be completely miffed about not being to watch Moon/Sun this Wednes + Thurs. It’s been th sonly thing I’ve been looking forward for the end of this week. I expect to bomb my English presentation so a drama is always a pick me up. But what will I do when there’s no pick me up?! I will have to lie on the floor, that’s what.

  21. 21 topper

    I don’t think MBC will budge, Moon/Sun does not hold that much sway. KBS never budges and is still surviving well.

  22. 22 joey

    can we just kick that guy off and get on with our drama. im pretty sure that’s what everyone wants. why let it drag out for so long?

  23. 23 tikaa

    so many haters to this drama. this is fantasy saeguk, it’s all about love. why can’t we just enjoy it. everybody hates it because of han ga in. they forget how awesome kim so hyun, jung il wo, nam bora, kim min seok’s acting are. heck, even hyun sun is adorable.

    • 23.1 sally_b

      @ tikaa – re: “so many haters to this drama. this is fantasy saeguk, it’s all about love.”

      In some ways I agree….it’s just a love story. And it started out so well…yes?

      However…it’s garnered a 40% viewer following, which is PHENONMINAL for a poorly written show.

      …the characters (the interesting ones) get almost ZERO screen time and the OTP have the sexual energy of two 12 year olds….attempting to hold sweaty hands.

      ~which would be cute, or the Korean version: Kyuuu-tuh —— IF they were in fact 12.

      but it’s been an 8 year gap between a would-be love for the ages who are now fully adult (including the mis-cast female lead who clearly looks like Hwon’s Aunt instead of lover) ~~~~…….

      the show…and it’s PASSION died out mid-stream. With only two episodes left, all we can hope for is a decebt conclusion.

      which frankly…is pretty lame of the producers.

      p.s. I’m not attacking you or your comments…I just wanted this show to be great…..and it petered-out. It’s my disappointment speaking.

      • 23.1.1 sally_b

        *hope for is a decent

      • 23.1.2 girlatsea

        I think we’re all forgetting how terrible Baker King was and it still qualifies as a “National drama”. I literally wanted to slit my wrists. “National dramas” in the recent years haven’t even been that good to be honest. Moon/Sun is definitely lacking (they could have done so much more with eps. 6-16) but at least it can be endearing at times.

        And this is Korea, if you want anything more than hand holding and kissing, you have to turn to cable.

  24. 24 frosty_spice

    Gah!!! WTF??? Just finish with the series already!!! I also found this article on the internet and I dont know if this is true… I don’t even care if they kill all characters in MoonSun, just finish THE LAST TWO EPISODES so that everyone can have a piece of mind… Sadness… =(


    • 24.1 frosty_spice

      Btw, this is like Myung-wol the Spy all over again… the drama behind the drama… tsktsktsk…

      • 24.1.1 ekap

        I’m agree with you frosty_spice….
        It’s drama over the drama…but i hope everything getting better soon..sigh,

      • 24.1.2 Rovi

        Oh my, yes…I remember that now, HYS walking out of everyone…

  25. 25 Jaykah

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Please let the last 2 eps air this week! They would be stupid not to.

  26. 26 Heelie

    As much as I want to watch the finale this is the best time to try and turn the tables. I hope they get what they want and I will get my finale!

  27. 27 kitkat08

    i hope this will be over and done with.. the strike and all… and I hope that King 2 hearts wont be affected…

  28. 28 abby

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I.m deadly waiting for his finale, and I want to know what’s the final decision of king who towards his queen dowager and her sister now the he knows she’s pregnant. Hopefully no bias in giving his punishment to those who committed the crimes and use his judgment as the real sensible king no matter what their relationship might be. Please don’t hold the two episode… Thanks.

  29. 29 Dyu

    Most Koreans support this strike.

    If you want to just enjoy tv shows as neglecting this situation in your own coutry, you are jerk.
    I know you guys are non-Koreans and just want more entertaining programs, but this is a really big thing to Korea for press of freedom in MBC. You cannot blame MBC’s labors.

    So, what’s the big deal about delaying some dramas?

    • 29.1 Izzati


      All we need to do is just sit tight and hope for the best for those who are involve in this strike. Hope they will get what they are fighting off.

      • 29.1.1 JG

        Best of luck to PD Kim and his colleagues! This drama can wait.

    • 29.2 steve

      freedom of the press my but. i might have taken that argument seriously if MBC news desk really reported the news. Instead they make up the news to support there left wing, anti-american politics.

  30. 30 Angel

    The drama will be postponed to dunno when…

  31. 31 mariolawpanda

    NOOOO!!! This is my one of two drama cracks this time around. I’ve dropped a lot of dramas cause nothing else piqued my interest. This and Flower Boy Band are all I’m riding on right now. *Drama addict*

  32. 32 coby

    can’t they just love one another and produce good kdramas?

  33. 33 Cindy

    From what I heard, the delay seems confirmed….my gwad…and Kim Soo-hyun will keep to the original schedule that he will end filming on 8th…which is -.- What will the drama end up to be without him?!

  34. 34 foolmoon

    Drama over drama … *sigh*
    Well, undoubtedly the end of Moon/Sun will be a happy ending. My curiosity just lays on how they’re gonna get it and the . It’s all about closure. Never mind that when I look back this drama is not as good as I thought is gonna be. The story could explore many interesting things but turns out to be really simple and become such a waste for so many talented actors and actresses (I’m not expecting another Dae Jang Geum here, but a little Sungkyunkwan Scandal will be happily welcomed). But still, the drama was fun enough to watch.
    And for MBC’s president, you should really listen to their demand, unless you want to bring all down. For the MBC union labor, HWAITING!!

  35. 35 Yeezong

    waohhhhh… i dont get it.

  36. 36 Nokcha

    Wow! Freedom of the press! These protests against MBC and other media are really focusing on the issue of free speech. Korea is a very new democracy and is still working out the kinks. It also has a long history of protests and strikes by unions to have their voices heard. If I’m not mistaken, the newspapers in Korea also have the same issues on what they report, in regards to the government.

  37. 37 Scheduler Is Mine

    This isn’t fair for viewers like us! We have been waiting for the finale, and it seems to be going strong right now. This strike could ruin that! Ugh, MBC better given in.

  38. 38 Elena

    Darn it! I only really got into this drama last week (and maratoned all 18 eps in 3 days XD) and was sooooo happy I didn’t have to wait all that long to get to the end! T.T

  39. 39 Pitch

    Wow, is MBC run by idiots? (One might think so, considering the strike, lol)

    I´ve read that that MBC tampered with the script because they anticipated an extension….which then didn´t happen. It would explain the awful episodes in the middle and the general lack of cohesive storytelling.

    • 39.1 Kim Yoonmi

      MBC’s president is apparently an idiot. He needs to step his biased butt down so we can get the final two episodes of our drama.

      Go free speech!!! Go free press!! Fighting!

      Totally support the strikers on this one.

  40. 40 rjyuggy

    I will be disappointed to MBC if the strike will continue. Moon/Sun is the only drama I’ve have watched from MBC since 5 years of producing dragged dramas. I guess I will stick to SBS and cable dramas. KBS is also run by idiots.

  41. 41 Lavony

    I actually want Moon/Sun to get delayed.
    Cause I wont be able to watch it this weekend.

    And also I want the crew to win against the prez as well.

  42. 42 AuntieMame

    Hey, if that’s the idiot, at MBC, making all the lousy decisions, then, I’ll join the strikers, too.

    If the strikers don’t win, that guy will squash the striker, with a vengeance. Then, we’ll get even lousier dramas.

  43. 43 kktt


    this is pretty awesome tbh, the union is holding the wild card.

  44. 44 LoveMoon

    Please no!!! I’m waiting patiently for the finale

  45. 45 Carinne

    Oh noes, I shoulda stuck being oblivious to this news. Well, I kinda figured the MoonSun crew wrapped up already since their stars are active elsewhere now. I only expect news of their wrap-up party by end of this week to get published.

  46. 46 Muriel Gibson

    I want to union to win. Fighting!!

  47. 47 living and learning

    Thanks to 3hoshi (see above) for the link and enlightening us.


    This is a step backwards for democracy. How is S. Korea different from N. Korea, then? This is an important issue for S. Korean citizens. Those of us from other countries should give them support instead of being self-concerned (myself included) about watching the next episode of a drama.

    This strike does not appear to be about working conditions (that’s another fight … )

  48. 48 Mystisith

    I suspect it’s a massive rebellion against a lot of unbearable things. We all know what can Korean cast, crews, and diverse workers do for their jobs. If they are at this point, then it’s a proof on itself of all the abnormalities going on. I love my dramas, but we are talking about humans here : Dismissals, depressions, suicides, blackmailing of journalists, corruption… This has to end. As far as i’m concerned, they could black out the screens to obtain what they want, i would still support them. Because those rotten chiefs know only about money and profits, and this is where you must strike to get their attention.

  49. 49 abby

    we symphatize the problem that moonsun is facng right now . We are not getting it to your bones to force the production and mentioning guys you are not a korean that why. We are also part of the success of any dramas even though we are not korean . Mocking us over this liitle comments I guess you are being rude and sarcastic.Be nice to your words and be undrestanding to every opinions. ok

  50. 50 anonymous

    WTF… I don’t care if it’s delayed as long as the quality doesn’t decrease in anyway!! How can Kim Soo Hyun not be in the finale =.=
    MBC should just give in, holy crapppppp, it’s time you treat your workers better anyway!!!!

    • 50.1 Kim Yoonmi

      This is for the fight for free press! So the fight is on larger principles… ^_^ I’m cheering fr the strikers on this one. You need Free Press for a democracy.

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