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Oh Ji-ho joins Third Ward
by | March 13, 2012 | 56 Comments

girlfriday: What? Is Third Ward going through Round FOUR of hero-swapping?

javabeans: What’s wrong with it, that it can’t hold onto a hero? Cha Seung-won → Uhm Tae-woong → Kim Seung-woo and now Oh Ji-ho?

girlfriday: No, he can’t actually be a replacement for Kim Seung-woo!

javabeans: That would be a terrible replacement.

girlfriday: It would be like taking away your steak and replacing it with a gardenburger.

javabeans: You mean like those horrifying Boca burgers that taste like charbroiled beef, when none of those things are true?

girlfriday: Don’t get me wrong. I love veggies. I just don’t like my veggies masquerading as meat.

javabeans: OH wait! Apparently Oh Ji-ho isn’t being swapped in for Kim Seung-woo, but will play the rival doc. Oh I see, it’s not a replacement meal, but a contest.

girlfriday: Not much of one.

javabeans: Talk about a skewed rivalry. Y’know, since this is an East-versus-West drama, with Western science goin’ up against Oriental medicine.

girlfriday: But… it’s about neurosurgery.

javabeans: Uh… West all the way, dude. No way you’re going to cure my brain tumor with some crushed deer antler juice stewed in essence of seahorse.

girlfriday: Right? I’m not sure there are enough herbs in all of Asia to keep that saw from hurting when it grinds through your skull.

javabeans: So Oh Ji-ho plays the warm-hearted Oriental doc (why is that a thing in dramas?)… which must mean Kim Seung-woo is the cold-hearted Western medicine dude with the painkillers and fancy machines. I pick him.

girlfriday: Ooh ooh me! *raises hand* I pick Painkiller Man too!

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56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. djinni

    he is pretty.. but cant act his way out of a paper bag imo.

    • 1.1 twreckx

      Loved him with Uhm Jung Hwa in ‘Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung’.

      Oh the pretty! It hurts my,erm…(placesicantreallymention) eyes?

      • 1.1.1 Pipit

        I LOVE HIM both in Get Karl Oh Su Jung and Fantasy Couple. Though I can’t find enough will power to finish Chuno.

        I love Kim Seung Woo to pieces in Hotelier evev when he was against the all mighty Yon sam a but against my Oh Ji Ho?

        OJH for the world! Go my pretty! Conquer the world with that dimples of yours!
        (off to prepare the most potent second male lead syndrome and leads swap concoction)

  2. Ahjumma

    I actually thought he was alright in fantasy couple…but did not do it for me in Chuno except maybe his arms

    • 2.1 Mystisith

      I only saw him in fantasy couple. I didn’t finish the drama (the only Hong sisters work i disliked actually), and i found him OK but not super.
      This third ward drama is becoming an enigma for me.
      Oh, and before i lose my memory because of a strange neurological disease, i choose the painkillers too.
      Unless we use the Hannibal Lecter’s premise: *The brain doesn’t actually feel pain, you won’t feel anything*— Pouring olive oil in my frying pan—

  3. Toya

    So I am not the only one that thinks his acting is random…

  4. Sabah

    hehe. East Vs West.

    It reminds me of this story where a Western doctor met this Asian healer and scoffed at his methods. He contended that you must apply actual medicine and treatment. The healer then called him a donkey (apparently, something highly derogatory at that time) to which the doctor became visually upset as his face reddened. Then the healer called him a pig which pretty much sent the doctor into a verbal rampage.

    After the doctor finished, the healer calmly stated, ‘you say such methods carry no weight, yet look at your disposition. I said just two words to you and look at their effect.’

    Sure Western medicine is significant yet I do not think it wise to disregard eastern wisdom in this sphere, either. I would even contend that it holds equal weight.

    Thanks for the update, hoping this role brings out development for this actor.

    • 4.1 Sabah

      Also maybe not ‘all the herbs in Asia,’ but licking one ‘special’ toad from the Amazon might do the trick.

      Truly I would say that nearly all Western medicine is synthesized forms of natural remedies, some dating back to our ancestors.

      • 4.1.1 Mystisith

        Sabah, i don’t think the post intended to be demeaning toward traditional medicine (knowing the posters here, i would bet for a joke). I say this as someone who studied herbal therapy. In fact, i sincerely hope the drama will treat the topic seriously, because i’d love to learn things about Korean traditional medicine. If they do it the way they expose Korean food in dramas then i’m sold: Fun and informative.
        What comes first is always the patient, not the method.

        • Sabah


          Thank you for your kind reply. I loved the last note. Yes, I agree about the tangents upon traditional Korean medicine as well as food.

          Of course I realize that the posters have a ‘tongue in cheek’ style, which I actually very much enjoy. That story just sprung into my head at the time and I thought I would share.

          The East vs. West debate is one that highly intrigues me so this drama has my attention. It would require a magnificent presence from the eastern doctor but also the ability to grow, develop and discover something beyond their imagination for the Western doctor. That is assuming that the bias is towards eastern medicine. It would be interesting if they ventured the other way, and I am open minded enough to at least listen to their point of view. It reminds me the story ‘belonging’ about how certain traditional customs and manners face extinction if they don’t learn to evolve to modern trends. Even if compromise means becoming less or diluted, is it not better than annihilation?

          Once again thank you for your reply.

    • 4.2 Quiet Thought

      Your anecdote reminds me of some discussions I’ve had on purely American forums. The conflict you describe is repeatedly employed in most American medical shows. However, it isn’t “Eastern” medicine that is pitted against “modern” medicine, but traditional “old-fashioned” medicine, in which understanding the patient and dealing with his or her emotional state is the province of the old family doctor or the sensitive young surgeon, balanced against the callousness of the medical system. Thus, the two traditions of drama agree on that point: an unfeeling doctor is an ignorant one, in important ways.

      All that said, I am quite glad all the surgeries my family and myself have undergone over the years involved a sterile hospital, high technology, and the best medications Western medicine has to offer.

      • 4.2.1 Sabah

        I think I labelled it as East Vs West because the ‘west’ is relatively young, (when compared to eastern civilizations) so thereby I tend to associate traditional or old fashioned with the East. However I think my point is more semantic and in view of the fact that most places in the East and West are very much multicultural, I think your point is more valid and I concede.

        I won’t ‘bore’ you with my own personal feelings about and experiences with western medicine, pharmaceutical companies and HMOs and their failures because I don’t think debate should be personal. However I really liked this sentiment of yours, “an unfeeling doctor is an ignorant one” for as you imply the origins of a certain type of medicine or method does not produce a certain type of doctor. I am sure there are compassionate doctors who promote western medicines.

        Just as likely is the premise that Oh Ji-ho character is a swindler and a fraud as opposed to a caring western doctor is the premise that Kim Seung Woo is inhibited by his views on medicine as opposed to the eastern doctor who is more enlightened.

        At the end of the day, as you imply, this is about character of people rather than medicine itself. I was just trying to level the playing field a little, so that Oh Ji-ho’s character might not be underestimated and adding a little mystery to him too, for what hidden miracles can be found in and on our earth for those who seek to understand its wonders.

    • 4.3 ricky the royal highness

      @ Sabah
      Interesting views. By the way, I like your name here.
      It makes me feel homesick though. Good day 🙂

  5. oh so hot

    I like him, better than Mr Hand Tower or overrated actors out there, -he got his charm.

    @Sabah, I like your post, I totally understand the meaning.

    • 5.1 Sabah

      Oh, I am glad because a lot of people think I am very silly AND maybe I am.

      I only watched a few episodes of Chuno, but I didn’t think his acting was ‘beyond redemption.’ He does have a certain charisma, which I noted in his appearances in Running Man, so maybe this role will be that vehicle to expand his skills in acting; an opportunity to stretch those ‘acting’ muscles.

      • 5.1.1 Korazy Lady

        Where can I find those episodes of Running Man? Are they English subbed? Would love to see him in a non-acting situation!

        • Sabah

          He appeared in episodes 33 and 83. You can watch subbed versions here


          Episode 33 has some excellent moments. I loved his easy going nature, very humble despite the fact he has this very dignified presence.


          • Korazy Lady

            Thanks so much Sabah! I do think it’s his manliness combined with his humble, almost insecure nature that makes him so appealing. Then when he smiles – well…..Can’t wait to watch this!

  6. Linda

    I love Oh Ji Ho. All right, he is not the best actor on the shelf, but I would match his dimples, charm and chest against any out there. Cut the guy a break, he’s trying………..

    • 6.1 Jjoo

      @Linda – i’m with you on OJH – tho i’m not one of his biggest fans but i think he’s ok i liked him in single dad in love!

  7. luraaa

    I’ll always have a soft spot for him because of Fantasy Couple. He’s not the best actor out there, but I prefer him than Song Seung-heon when it comes to pretty actors with mediocre acting.

  8. trotwood

    I am glad somebody has taken up for him. He is great to look at and has a particular warmth even if he is not . . . well . . . you know. I was rooting for him in Get Karl (although I did not like the female lead; the character not the actress). Anyway, so are you saying that I should take Single Dad in Love out of my must watch kdrama queue?

    • 8.1 JoAnne

      I’ve just begun watching that, Miss Betsy…about half through first episode and enjoying his interaction with the son. It looks like it might be enjoyable.

      • 8.1.1 trotwood

        I have been trying to find it with english subs. It is on mysoju but really not very clear quality. Do you have any suggestions? (Hurray! Someone got the trotwood reference!)

      • 8.1.2 mommyD

        i suggest you stock up on tissue when you reach the middle part of the drama … the enjoyable will become melodramatic….

        i was suckered into watching Single Papa in Love because I thought it would be a romcom. it started funny, cute and warm, but somewhere down the line they had to infect it with that kdrama wet blanket called CANCER (or some such fatal illness).

    • 8.2 Ivoire

      Hello Trotwood and JoAnne,

      I looked for places where one could possibly watch “Single daddy in love,” and I was not successful in finding a site that would show a good picture (by that I mean, where the image would be good and all the episodes would be there) of that show.

      That being said, I would “strongly” recommend that you watch the show. The “Strongly” is to be taken with a grain of salt because the drama isn’t the best one out there, however the interactions of the child actor in that drama are awesome and watch-worthy. That was the drama that introduced me to Oh Ji Ho, Ahn Do Gyu (who plays his son in the drama) and to the other actors/actresses who are in the drama. I would rewatch that drama for the interactions of Oh Ji Ho and Ahn Do Gyu (who apparently plays the PIE version of a child in Man Of Honor. I totally missed that when I first watched MoN, but I looked at Ahn Do Gyu’s resume on Dramawiki and found out he plays the child version of Young Kwan. I then went on another blog and checked on the recaps and sure enough it was him in the child role. He is SO CUTE!!!!!).
      I was really taken by Ahn in “Single Daddy in Love.” He made his character what it needed to be: adorable, cute, endearing, moving, palpable… I just felt as though Ahn had reached out of the TV screen (I watched on the TV at the time) and managed to grab a hold of my heart, he was that good in that drama. The drama, as you can imagine is not the most remarkable out there, however I thoroughly enjoyed Ahn’s interpretation of his character and I thought Oh Ji Ho sold his being Ahn’s dad perfectly (or close to that). I totally bought it. Their chemistry was palpable and they played off of each other really well. They totally seemed to care about each other and the emotional and tender scenes were believable to me (I don’t want to spoil you guys) and they moved me. I actually thought Ahn acted well with all the adult actors/actresses but I think I enjoyed his scenes with Oh Ji Ho the most. I usually am very curious about the BTS in Kdramas, just to see the actors/actresses reactions to a lot of things and to get a glimpse of how they are with each other and with the staff. This is a drama whose BTS I would absolutely LOVE to see (all the scenes with Ahn).
      I liked Ahn so much in this, I wanted to be his nanny or adopt him, if that could be possible, he was just sooooo cute and made you feel for his character (his character goes through some tough challenges for a child, and for a human being, for that matter). I remember thinking, the whole time I was watching this show: “How can a child actor being so cute?” over and over… It was a rhetorical question of course, because this is South Korea, we know what they have been exposing us to :-).
      Considering what Oh Ji Ho was given as a script, I thought he did the best he could and all of it was believable. I would also have to say that I watched this drama some time last year (2011), so my memory is not the freshest. Still I did like some of the OST, I did like some of the actors/actresses and I thought the plot was good, up to a point.
      Ahn’s acting reminded me of Kim Yoo Jung who recently was in “The Moon That Embraces The Sun.” I haven’t seen TMTETS yet, but I did see KYJ in “Powerful Opponents” and she was really good in it. I liked her interactions with Lee Jong Hyuk, who plays one of her dads (the one she has known the longest) in the drama. Their interactions were also very believable, especially one crying scene she has with him. It was just very moving.
      I always wonder who coaches these child actors/actresses in South Korea because many of them are so good… I sometimes wish I could be in their head to find out their thought process and how they switch/prepare from being themselves to being in character when they hear “action!” I am really impressed with many of them.

      So, as I mentioned earlier, I would recommend “Single Daddy In Love” for certain themes. I think it might be wise to go into it with low expectations. I personally so far have not seen a drama I didn’t like to some extent. I feel that I either get introduced to some actors/actresses I didn’t know (I started watching Kdramas in summer of 2010, so I am a relative newbie), I usually find one or more songs on the OST I ended up liking, I feel that I get to see new scenery or different parts o Seoul or of South Korea etc… I always find a redeeming quality in a drama I have watched, so it is not a total waste for me (so far).

      I hope my comments were helpful, or maybe they were just a rave (some) or maybe both…

      • 8.2.1 Ivoire

        Wow, this was long… What else is new? 🙂 That was me again, just pouring my heart out.

  9. Korazy Lady

    You guys make my day – thanks for the laugh! When I was a newbie to Korean Dramas, OJH was the first guy to make me sit up and take notice – those dimples, those arms – seemed like steak to me compared to some of those skinny man boy stars! But yeah, his acting is pretty bad.

    Maybe since he’s playing the warm hearted doctor all he’ll have to do is show his dimples (and please please one brooding shower scene!) That doesn’t require much acting!

    • 9.1 Jomo

      You have nailed his appeal (other than being gorgeous.)

      He is sooo warmhearted, and it shows in his smile.
      You just want to keep him around like a sunlamp to bring out when things get gloomy.

      I would watch him in this over a lot of Troy McClures (The original “I’m a handsome actor.”)

      • 9.1.1 Sabah

        Hehe, Troy McClure…’You may remember me from…’

        Excellent, thanks for comparison, it made me laugh.

      • 9.1.2 Verónica

        That was his appeal on Queen of Housewives, his warm hearted, cute, silly and clumsy character!!! Oh, and that gorgeousness…. 😉

      • 9.1.3 leonardswench

        Please, Jomo, you mention his appeal and leave out his a88ets???

        Honestly, you need sleep and some reminders.

        • Jomo

          He has a great (set of) assets, but that was already mentioned.

  10. 10 Anvesha

    Oh Ji Ho. There’s something about him.. that I can’t like. Its not the acting because I love Song Seung Heon despite his acting issues.

    Herbal medicine and regular medicine have their own specialties

  11. 11 Issy

    I can’t resist OJH’s charm too. I know above were personal point of views and everyone is entitled to their own, but I honestly don’t see him deserving such harsh comments. It’s fine, he’s not one of the best actors around but he always manage to charm you with his acting and leave you with that warm feelings. So yes, give the guy a break please! he is trying his best in that cruel world called Korean Entertainment .

    • 11.1 triangrl

      totally with you on this one! so easy to be critical when you’re not in his shoes.

  12. 12 orangecat

    All this news on actors confirming drama roles – Jang Dong Gun, So Ji Sub, Lee Seo Kyun, Kim Seung Woo…now Oh Ji Ho.

    Obviously, I need to write a letter to Cha Seung Won.

    • 12.1 leonardswench

      I’m hoping for a movie from him, not a drama, but we shall see, we shall see …

  13. 13 Eeefu

    Due to age, I thought Kim Seung Woo would play the Traditional medicine dr and Oh Ji Ho the western dr… oh well.

    This is like a graduation exam for Oh to play Kim’s rival, but I think he will be OK, just like how the lead actress Kim Ah Joong turned out fine against Park Shin Yang in Sign. Oh has room for growth and pairing him up with Kim would be good for both.

    • 13.1 Ani

      I thought the same thing about the age as the deciding factor between which actor would play which type of doctor. Odd. I think Oh Ji Ho would learn a thing or two from Kim Seungwoo too. He’ll be fine.

      On a very vain note…. I hope he doesn’t cut his hair. *imagines running hands through Oh Ji Ho’s hair* XD

  14. 14 Dav

    Count me in on the sterile surgery and painkillers, too. (Although to be fair, “all the herbs in Asia” would include a sizable heap of opium poppies, which would be better than nothing – but not as good as whatever goes in those anaesthesia IV’s.)

    I really enjoyed the High Kick dad that was an eastern medicine practitioner – always trying to project the wise, caring exterior, and totally pissed off when his daughter-in-law showed him up.

  15. 15 midwestmz

    A pill, a pill, my kingdom for a pill . . . . First found OJO in Chuno, and my indoctrination to the kdrama world. Acting, not really a strong suit for the young man, but sure looked good in that production! (hubba hubba!!) He comes across as sincere, and that goes a long way. Would have just loved Cha Seung Won here in this production, but moving on . . . . No knowledge/experience with ‘eastern’ medicine, but as noted by others, care of the patient first and foremost is the important factor. There is proven value in some of the ‘before dawn cracked’ type meds found in ancient medicine. Still, a pill, a pill ………

  16. 16 Noelle

    Haha. Yea no joke. Western Med beats out Eastern Med when it comes to routing around in people’s brains.

  17. 17 Suzi Q

    I used traditional medicine until I was in my mid 20’s. I’ve never swallowed a single pill until then. To this day, I have trouble swallowing pills.

    I’ve have numerous surgeries in the past that you could probably carved my name on the hospital bed. I thank the western surgeons for their expertise for saving my life. Also, I wouldn’t have my children if it weren’t for my micro- surgery physician. East is East and West is West. Both medicine have their practical application and neither should be discounted.

    Oh Ji Oh is not the greatest actor, but he is charming and very handsome.I felt like punching him for being such a wuss of a husband in Queen of Housewives. I liked him as the fat self of Get Karl better. I think he hasn’t found his breakout role.Unfortunately, Kim Seung Woo will act circles around him.

    Wasn’t that Troy Donahue or Doug Mc Clure? Not Troy McClure? Both were pretty boy blond actors.

  18. 18 Tammie

    I’m shallow enough to admit I’ll watch just ’cause OJH’s so pretty. This one can’t begin soon enough.

  19. 19 Tisha

    You guys are funny 🙂 I choose painkillers too!

  20. 20 Robs

    “…crushed deer antler juice stewed in essence of sea horse…” I can’t stop laughing.

  21. 21 eliza

    So good looking with such little talent. I might skim this show just for his dimples 🙂

  22. 22 bd

    I’d put OJH in the looks trifecta w/ Song Seung heon and Kim Sung soo.

    I’ve only seen OJH in a few things like “Chuno”, and I’d have to say that I didn’t notice his acting (meaning that it was passable and not so awful that it really detracted from the project).

    Nevertheless, I think OJH should stick to romcoms or other projects which don’t require much range on his part as SSH had done in “My Princess.”

    Ironically enough, Kim Tae hee, who has been long criticized for her acting abilities absolutely shined in “MP” – not only having great comedic timing, but hitting the emotional scenes on the mark (so maybe there is hope for the likes of OJH and SSH down the road).

  23. 23 Altari

    I had a bad case that of eczema that all the medicine my “western medicine” dermatologist prescribed just seem to make worse. I went to a eastern medicine doctor and after taking some eastern herbal medicine for a couple of weeks the eczema disappeared.
    So I believe there are some things that eastern medicine is better at than western medicine but neurosurgery?

  24. 24 Jjoo

    btw how come there are so many medical dramas these days, syndrome, brain and also korean cuisine, any other deep love story will work for me, i’m kinda tired of hearing medical & feast of the gods dramas! 🙁

  25. 25 Pat

    I love me some OJH. Just call me shallow. Can’t help it.

  26. 26 Heidi

    Note to self – do not read this site while at work!!

    Thankfully I have a terrible cold, so I hope it was believable to turn that laugh into a cough…

    javabeans: Uh… West all the way, dude. No way you’re going to cure my brain tumor with some crushed deer antler juice stewed in essence of seahorse.

    JB, that line was epically funny!

  27. 27 Lady G.

    I disagree with and am frankly annoyed with all this Oh Ji Ho bashing. Gorgeous, yes, duhh, but a terrific actor. I don’t think I ever cried so much in my life after watching “Single dad in love.” He nailed it. Sure, the Drama was deftly designed to pull and manipulate the heartstrings, I fell in the trap…but I dare any American actor to play a role like he did with so much intensity and sensitivity. (I’m an American, non-Korean fan.) He obviously has a big sense of humor to play a role like “Get Karl,” the movie was annoying because of the girl lead, but he was fantastic. And the “3rd Hospital” proved he deserves the Korean equivalent of an Oscar or Emmy award. I want him to cross-over into American films!

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