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Operation Proposal: Episode 11
by | March 16, 2012 | 52 Comments

Things are certainly heating up in this episode in terms of romance and conflict. This episode happened to zoom by and left me wanting. Is it weird that I feel like we’re moving somewhere but I look back and we’re still at square one?


Early the next morning, Yi-seul and Baek-ho set off on their 24 hour date, riding bikes to the seashore. Yi-seul finds his small kind gestures unfamiliar, like being handed homemade coffee from thermos, since she’s usually the one taking care of him.

Baek-ho adorably tells her ‘that guy’ must be a jerk if she’s moved by such a simple gesture. He jokingly adds that she should kick the unappreciative boy to the curb. But Yi-seul argues that she can’t – ‘that guy’ holds a warm and fuzzy place in her heart. He says nothing, the sentiment moving his heart.

He silently takes her hand in his, interlocking his fingers. With a gentle kiss on her hand, Baek-ho tells her to forget him, as if abandoning his former self. He declares, “There’s 22 hours and 17 minutes left. Today, I’m your manager, agent, reporter, and your PR.” She smiles, he smiles, we all smile.

Meanwhile, the friends sit over breakfast puzzled that they won’t be throwing a congratulatory party for Baek-ho making it to first string. Chae-ri reminds the boys that the two lovebirds are on a special all-day date, and that tonight might be the night that their relationships transitions from friendship into romance.

This bit of news is overheard by Yoo-bin, who butts in asking Baek-ho’s whereabouts, pulling her position as team doctor that she can’t reach him. Chae-ri astutely clocks her presence and notes that he’s on special leave and implies that it wouldn’t be one if he could be reached.

She adds, her voice laced with false nicety, that he might reach his friends or he might not. After all, today’s a special day for them – would they want to be interrupted? It’s enough for Yoo-bin to back off.

The boys think that Yoo-bin harmless, but Chae-ri utilizes her woman’s intuition that she knows flirts like Yoo-bin and it worrisome that she’s so attentive to Baek-ho.

Baek-ho asks Yi-seul to sing the song she was singing yesterday (Make Her Laugh, by Esther). As she sings it, recollections of their childhood flash before us like how he used to write Yi-seul’s name repeatedly in the sand. And now, he writes, “I like you,” and Yi-seul scribbles in “Idiot.”

Their outside beach date gets cut short by a sudden rain shower and they hurry inside. Baek-ho dries Yi-seul’s hair with a towel, and takes a moment to gaze at her. Slightly entranced, he leans in for a kiss… and she sneezes, sopping wet.

Baek-ho, who is somehow magically dry, rifles through his backpack for her to change into his baseball uniform. Yi-seul is slightly miffed when she comes out and Baek-ho laughs at her, but he assures her it’s because the outfit suits her.

It confuses him when Yi-seul casually tosses out that the uniform has a distinct smell. Not necessarily stinky, but a mix of the ocean, grass, and dirt – and smells of him.

But Yi-seul’s small cry of back pain recalls how she saved him from that rogue ball and frustration settles in on Baek-ho’s face. Yi-seul explains that she’s fine, well better than fine. She’s honestly relieved that she could protect him from that rouge ball. And Baek-ho effectively shuts her up with a tender back-hug.

Still in this position, he tells her, “I love you.”

Yi-seul turns to him, asking him to repeat the words, still in disbelief. With unwavering eyes, he solemnly declares, “I said, I, Kang Baek-ho, love Ham Yi-seul.” And this time, Yi-seul pulls him in for a kiss.

They end up on the floor (rawr), and my brain’s going to check out for a minute. Or five.

A nosy couple at the gym offsets Chae-ri’s mood to work out with Tae-nam. It’s not that she’s ashamed to been seen with him but is put out by their ridiculous gossip. Tae-nam insists that they exercise here anyway, jumping on a treadmill and having Chae-ri stand by to watch.

It hilariously turns into a competition against his neighbors, steadily increasing the speed as they drop like flies.

Tae-nam finally collapses, acknowledging that he’s a fool, and he’s not rich, but he loves her away. And Chae-ri shuts him up with a kiss on the forehead. Tae-nam reels in shock as Chae-ri sweetly admits that there’s no one fool who can move her like he does. He’s unique so she’ll keep her eye on him.

Uh, this is NOT the kind of sleepover I imagined. How and when does a makeout session transition to a nail-painting extravaganza? Baek-ho points out that it’s usually the guy painting the girl’s nails, but she counters that in most cases, the guy a girl loves usually isn’t a pitcher.

Her use of “the guy she loves” doesn’t go unnoticed and Baek-ho says he’s got a more effective method than this. She asks what it is, and he swoops in for another kiss.

And just when you thought that they’re about to move past first base… the phone rings.

Baek-ho is called away and Yi-seul sends him off with a salute, telling him not to worry about her. She walks by the beach and smiles at their scrawled scribbles in the sand from earlier that day.

And in a bit of foreshadowing, as the tide rises, it slowly takes the etched love declaration in the sand with it.

Looks like Yoo-bin got her way after all. Originally called away by the director, he’s mysteriously missing now and it’s clear that the check-up on Baek-ho’s injury is an excuse for Yoo-bin to pull him away.

Before he leaves, Baek-ho thanks her for treating Yi-seul, to which she concludes it means he’s indebted to her. He nods in agreement, and Yoo-bin jumps at the opportunity that he can repay her now.

She pulls out a cane and hobbles a bit, and Baek-ho asks after her suddenly injured ankle. She plays it off that it just inconvenient for her to get around and asks him if Baek-ho can be her human crutch home. Yeah, I’m betting that ankle’s perfectly fine. And even if she was hurt – there are things called crutches, lady. I thought you were a doctor.

As he carries her home on piggyback, Yoo-bin admits that his back feels just as warm as she expected it would be. Baek-ho stops for a second, uncomfortable with the comment but unable to drop her on the spot. And in the distance, Yi-seul stops dead in her tracks, seeing the two together. Oh, crap.

Yoo-bin is aware of Yi-seul’s presence and asks to be let down in plain sight. He does, and she clings onto him. Before he can push her away, she goes in for a kiss. OH. CRAP.

Baek-ho shoves her away instinctively, but it’s too late – the damage has been done. Yi-seul runs off, and nearly hit by an oncoming car whose passenger, Jin-won, follows Yi-seul on foot.

Yi-seul reflects alone, Baek-ho’s earlier words and actions mocking her now. Her eyes brim with tears as she realizes the extent of Yoo-bin’s warnings and challenge. She ignores Yoo-bin’s text that she wants to meet with her concerning Baek-ho.

It’s in this state that Jin-won finds her and with a worried tone says, “What on earth…made you like this?” Unable to hold her tears back any longer, hurt and betrayal rising to the surface.

She cries into his chest and Jin-won pats her back with a hand of comfort.

After Yi-seul gets her tears out, Jin-won takes her to see the stars. He won’t ask her what’s wrong but can teach her two remedies for her sadness: crying a liter of tears and star-gazing. She’s already cried her liter, so he tells her to think of her place in the universe as she looks at the stars. Doing so, will make her sadness seem like dust in comparison.

But it surprises him that Yi-seul replies that they’re so beautiful that it actually makes her sadder.

She asks if he remembers when Jin-won advised her on her high school graduation that she should give someone at least three chances. Though they both know how each other feels about one another, they knew that it might not last forever. Every time they got the courage to show their true feelings, their timing never aligned.

Jin-won tells her that “the show must go on” and the game must continue. Even if she strikes out and the game is over, there is another where she can start afresh.

Her stomach growls, and Jin-won laughs, declaring it’s time for her third treatment. He whips up food for her in the kitchen and she eats every delicious bite.

Then as she falls asleep when Jin-won plays the piano, he places a blanket to cover and declares that the last step of the treatment is administered. He watches her sleep, comforting her with a soft pat on her shoulder. Jin-won, can you stop being so perfect? K, thnx.

Baek-ho is surprised to be thrown a small party to congratulate him for making the baseball team and he asks where Yi-seul is. His friends thought that Yi-seul would be bringing him herself. And Baek-ho is unable to reach her by phone.

Later, he’s too passed out to pick up Yi-seul’s calls.

The next morning, Baek-ho hails a taxi, but the driver is keeps to the rules of the road to the T, despite Baek-ho’s protests that his life depends on it. Hahaha, and the driver stops for an old man who is slowly inching across the road. Noticing a picture of a famous baseball player, Baek-ho promises an autographed ball and the driver guns it.

At the airport, Yi-seul looks back on all of her memories with Jinwon – from the times he comforted her, to his public love declaration, and his small acts of kindness. Jin-won gets flustered and jokes that she’s staring at him as if she’s never seen him before.

They head inside their gate to board their flight to Seoul, and Baek-ho misses them by mere seconds.

The taxi driver apologizes for not recognizing Baek-ho sooner and suggests they take a picture together instead. The camera flashes, and Baek-ho is sent back to the present.

We’re back in Baek-ho’s apartment again, but this time it’s littered with empty liquor bottles and old pizza boxes. Baek-ho gets ripped a new one by the coach that he had such high hopes when Baek-ho made it to first string, but he’s tired of waiting around for something after Baek-ho was demoted.

Baek-ho is completely stoic throughout the lecture and bows out when the coach tells him to pack his bags. As he takes off his uniform for the last time, he hesitates for a moment when his hand brushes across the second button.

He waits around for Jin-won at his cubicle, and picks up a curiously small black box left on her desk. He gets a quick glimpse of an engagement ring before Jin-won arrives to greet him.

Jin-won gives him a comforting hug and tells him that to every end, there’s a new beginning. He finds Baek-ho’s statement that whether the end is good or bad untypically cynical.

He invites Baek-ho to join his team and clocks his surprised reaction, asking if it would hurt Baek-ho’s pride to be a part of a misfit team. Jin-won assures Baek-ho that he’s very much qualified and admits that he secretly hoped he would have joined earlier, but Baek-ho was already part of the first squad by then.

Jin-won advises that he at least considers the offer – not as a coach or as a sunbae, but as a team director.

We flashback to the park, where Yi-seul and Baek-ho had confronted the incident at Jeju Island. She trusted him and knew that there was nothing going on between him and Yoo-bin. She neither resented him nor blamed him, but she was fed up with how fate kept toying with them.

With tears in her eyes, she says that maybe they were always meant to be friends, but were too greedy about their relationship. Yi-seul apologized and ran off without another word. And instead of chasing after her, Baek-ho continued to brood in the park.

Jin-won drags Yi-seul to the roof, the two unaware that Baek-ho is just a stone’s throw away. Taking a deep breath, Jin-won starts his proposal, “I knew the moment you walked through that door that I love this crazy, stuck-up girl who didn’t know how to knock. I’m sorry for being an arrogant, stubborn, spoiled Nazi. But for you…for a woman like Ham Yi-seul, she is always welcome to come into my room without knocking.” Swooon.

Calling himself a prisoner of Yi-seul’s heart, he presents the ring to her. Baek-ho pleads with her in his head for her to say no… but Yi-seul accepts. Jin-won embraces her in happiness, and Baek-ho has already disappeared.

Back at the snack shop, Chae-ri yells at Tae-nam for losing all of their savings meant towards their wedding and marriage on an internet scam. To Tae-nam, a marriage and money are two separate entities, but Chae-ri yells that one depends on the other. She storms out, taking off her ring.

Baek-ho shares that at least Tae-nam bought Chae-ri a ring, still envious even though it’s not an expensive one. Outside a jewelry store window, he looks at the array with a sad eye, his happy memoires with Yi-seul on their date now a distant memory.

He hums the song Yi-seul sung on the swings with a bottle in his hand, tears streaming down his face. And then, a stranger’s hand extends a handkerchief to him.

“This scene seems like dejavu.” The Conductor states, citing that it doesn’t look like Baek-ho is much better off now than the night they first met. He feels that Baek-ho’s time traveling journeys are coming to a close since the traveler is too exhausted.

The Conductor gets up to leave… and another baseball rolls towards his feet.

In a confident voice, Baek-ho recites that it’s from the 1984 Korean Baseball Series, that he pitched 42 innings in 5 of those games and even lists off the quote, “This is my game, and I’m going to stay in it, even if my shoulder breaks.”

The Conductor asks if this baseball means that Baek-ho isn’t giving up yet. He declines Baek-ho’s request that he get sent back to spring training because he can’t go back to the same point in time as one of his previous journeys.

He warns that Yi-seul’s heart might already be closed so turning her heart around now will prove to be especially difficult. So Baek-ho contemplates for a few moments and asks to be sent right after training ended, to March 14.

The Conductor reminds him that that day was the first birthday that Baek-ho didn’t celebrate with her. That day, Yi-seul had decided to spend her birthday with Jin-won rather than her friends.

Baek-ho pleads with him, and the Conductor hands him another golden vial. He recalls as he sat in the snack shop alone, that he realized for the first time, how much it scared him that he and Yi-seul were growing distant. He berates himself that he can’t allow that they can no longer be friends, so he’s going to go and pour out his heart to her…

The date is March 12th, two days before Yi-seul’s birthday. Baek-ho rushes into the building, and pulls Yi-seul out to clear the air about what happened at Jeju Island.

Surprisingly, Yi-seul tells him that she already knows because Yoo-bin told her the truth before she left for the States – that nothing happened and everything was her fault.

Baek-ho cuts in and tells her that he knows how tired she must be of how he never says what he means and always making her wait. He begs for another chance:

“You can stay right where you are. I’ll run to you. I’ll make sure you won’t be anxious, that you won’t waver, that you won’t have to wait for me anymore. I’ll run to you.”

A solid tear runs down Yi-seul’s cheek and Baek-ho gently embraces her in his arms. He apologizes, “I’m sorry… for always making you feel hurt.”

Baek-ho drops by the jeweler to get a quote, and consults Chan-wook with any extra cash. It’s not enough and he returns to his apartment.

But the place is ransacked and Baek-ho frantically searches his open drawers and packages, coming up empty. Baek-ho yells in frustration and anger.



Foiled yet again, Baek-ho. It’s no surprise that another wrench has been tossed in to stop Baek-ho from fulfilling his desired plan to do his best for Yi-seul, which seems like the very problem in this conflict. I shouldn’t expect the negative turns and obstacles to be very natural since the whole premise is a fantasy, time-switching, consequence observing story. And though I could sense and feel the raw emotions of anger and rage when Baek-ho came back to a trashed apartment, I felt as if another situation was lazily wedged into the plot.

It makes me wonder if the writers felt that they didn’t have enough source material to work with (the Japanese original had 11 shorter episodes of approximately 45 minutes and a subsequent movie) or didn’t want to explore the complexity of Baek-ho and Yi-seul’s relationship. Because right now, we got to their deep issue – the unknown of being completely vulnerable to one another and how that will affect their relationship…but that’s about it. They get that they tell each other what they don’t mean and as an audience member, if we got more of that interaction, it could create their own language, even if they still fully didn’t understand each other.

The more adorable sweet moments between Baek-ho and Yi-seul are sweet, but I find myself much more intrigued and happier to see Yi-seul with Jin-won. They’ve got a more complicated relationship where she still sees him as a protector advisor role which he’s more than happy to fulfill, but now that they’re both adults, it finally dawns on her that this dependable guy was there for her out of love and devotion, and that she sees him in a different light, just like how Jin-won did at the amusement park.

Speaking of whom, Jin-won why are you so goddamn perfect? Don’t you have a flawed bone in your system? Maybe it’s the writing, maybe it’s the directing, but we already got that he’s pretty much Mr. Perfect in a can and with these constant reminders that he can cook, that he loves to serve others, he’s closely veering towards stock category. Lee Hyun-jin does a good job of preventing it from tipping over the edge, but I will have words if he has another hobby where he shows that he’s ideal husband material. Yi-seul, if you don’t get on that Jin-won train soon, you’re gonna have to get in line.


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  1. Minnetter (aka: Min)

    Gummi! thanks for the awesome recap 🙂

  2. lil

    Makes ma want to take a look at it ^^

  3. emsie


  4. missjb

    it’s ironic but i finf my self into thinking the writers want/to tell us again, that Baek Ho and Yi Seul are not meant to be. Jin won always cma e the right time in the right place even when he didn’t given time traveling, when Baek Ho always facing the wrong time in the wrong place, It’s as if fate really against them. God, hoq i wish Baek Ho will realise U can’t fix a think with just time traveling, u can fix your problem in a present time! This time I REALLY THINK WHO NEED TIME trvaeling actually Yi Seul, i want she knows, she will see herself in past that he never do a single effort for BH to make their relationship work!

    • 4.1 j6

      I agree with you.

      I lost count of the number of times Baek-ho went back in time. And that’s bad because it just seems as though fate isn’t working for them.

      I want to see a time-travel into the future, where Yi-seul and Jin-won are already married, just to see what Baek-ho would feel. u_u

  5. smileychedder

    i literally spent the past two hours yelling at my computer because of this drama xDD they’re both idiots and don’t have a single shred of sense in them… BH had numerous chances to go back and change things and yet he never seems to get it right and YS is just so insecure about her feelings and BH’s feelings… YS was right, their timing is so off… it’s so hard to root for something when there’s so many things pointing against it and something better standing right next to it *sigh*

  6. hanna

    No Yi Seul! Why are you so insecure about Baek Ho loving you?

  7. Yasmin

    Thanks! Been refreshing the page for the past hour lol, can’t focus on my work.

    totally agree with your comment at thr beginning, I feel we are still at step one and this episode i thought we had finally gotten some where but have since returned to step one. it really annoys me when a show spends the 95% of its episodes getting the otp together and maybe in the last 15 minutes we see the aftermath, if we are lucky! And i don’t like the fact that they keep throwing really transparant conflict to keep BH and YS apart! Grrr.

    but jin won, how can that guy be soo perfect?! I swear if i didn’t know and love yoo seung ho, I would be second leading shipping like mad right now!! Anyway, can’t wait for the nrxt episode recap, keep up the good work XD

  8. ktm13

    Thanks for the recap. I agree that Jin-won is starting to become the better match for YS which is infuriating. I do feel like they have a more mature relationship despite all the effort our man BH has made! Every step he takes pushes JW and YS closer together!! I was extremely frustrated with YS in this episode for immediately turning to JW, spending all of that time with him and allowing herself to be swayed romantically hours after telling BH she loved him!!! Moving a little fast in my opinion. But I am now starting to lean more towards the idea of YS needing to go back in the last episode and ultimately make the decision. BH takes two steps forward and then five steps back lol.

    • 8.1 come2noona

      Yeah….exactly…. what was up with that? They confess their love and then she spends the evening with JW? I wondered about that too.

  9. Kim Yoonmi

    Gyaa! Can I bash Yi Seul over the Head again? Girl, have you heard this invention called the cellphone (handphone in Korean)? You’re putting fate up as the determining factor for who you should love? You make fate happen! Again, she wants love to be straight and to be easy. Again, she just doesn’t want to work for it. A little competition and she cries? –;;

    She is worse than Baek ho was before this started. I think the problem in their “timing” as she puts it is her. She won’t even put the effort to try to get the timing right.

    And I do think Jin Won is her excuse for not trying hard…

    Also Jin Won needs some character flaws… I liked the original because towards the end there was chinks in the character’s armor shown through his best friend…

  10. 10 Anvesha

    Usually whenever a drama is about fate, it’s how they are meant to be. They stumble into each other’s path and constantly ‘fate’ convives to make them face to face.. But in this drama, it’s like the complete opposite, nothing ever goes right for them! But then again, we are talking about k dramas where the cliche, the leads miss each other at the crucial moment, is used in a slew of dramas.

  11. 11 Kim Yoonmi

    Also, was it me, or did Yi Seul seem really scared when Baek Ho said he loved her. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise, but there is also a sad expression, rather than happiness (you can see it in the cap), almost like she doesn’t want it to be true. Baek-ho is all smiling, putting in effort, and she’s frowning, sad and afriad.

    The girl needs some gumption and fight to her. She’s choosing Jin Won because he’s the easy choice.

    • 11.1 malta

      Her reaction to his confession is so weird to me. She totally should have been swooning when he confessed even if at first she was scared, but she just stayed awkward the whole time. And then 10 minutes later immediately doubted him. I don’t get Yi Seul at all. I could not have been the lead in this drama cause it would have ended at episode 11.5. Me and Seung Ho, errr Baek Ho happily ever after. 🙂

  12. 12 Iviih :)

    Their kiss scene if anyone want to re-watch it:




  13. 13 lala

    can i say that this drama is starting to be a huge piss off for me, but yet i still watch it, because i want to know how yi seul and baek ho will end up together. but seriously, lets think realistically, the one and only huge thing that i am seriously pissed off at is yi seul. seriously, why is baekho doing all the hard work? to the characters, yiseul may be thought of to be doing “all the work”, but really, to me, she isn’t. she blames it all on baekho, and expects him to solve everything that is happening in HER mind. like seriously. she’s not the one taking action at all and is expecting baek ho to do everything. ughhh!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention, shes the one that GIVES UP WAY TOO EASILY. why is baekho doing all the confessing first?!?!?!?! CAN’T SHE CONFESS FIRST? UGHHH…

    and another thing i’m pissed off at, HOW MANY CHANCES CAN BAEKHO GET?!?!?!?! he should be happy to even get a second chance, but now hes getting a GAZILLION chances. i am very disappointed at the story plot.

  14. 14 Lizzie

    People, no matter how much Baek Ho goes after Yi Seul, things won’t work until Yi Seul stops running away.

    She is afraid of being the one who loves more in the relationship – she is afraid of being hurt – so she chooses the easy way out and goes to Ji Won who loves her more than she loves/likes him. This way she won’t get hurt.

    See what she did when she saw BH and the bitc* girl? She just run away instead of facing it and instead of fighting for her man. Or at least giving him a chance t explain, but worse yet she knew that it was a misunderstanding but still gave up, and I ask of what? Give up before even starting? She is the one doing nothing and waiting BH to do everything. Crap he even told her to wait because he is going to her.

    Doesn’t matter how much Baek Ho tries, if Yi Seul is so insecure about it and is afraid of having a relationship with Baek Ho, they will never get together…

    • 14.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Exactly. She wants it to be fate. She wants it to be easy. She wants the universe to scream to her she’s supposed to be with Baek-ho, but she won’t lift a finger to do anything about it. He was presented on a silver platter, but she still won’t make the effort.

      I saw the comments: timing and fate seem to be against them–that’s not it–she just won’t put in the effort to make it happen.

      She was SCARED when he declared his love for her. You can see it in the preview cap. Usually when you hear someone loves you, you smile, but instead she looks worried and frowned. That’s a girl waiting for the relationship to fail.

      Mainly, I’m kinda pissed because she’s toying with both men by not being true to herself. Rei of the original didn’t have this issue as much because she was afraid to admit her feelings to herself in the first place, but it’s well established that Yi Seul *knows* and she doesn’t really seem to love Jin Won, because she still calls him “coach” in the present day…

      If she gets married to Jin Won, she’s headed for divorce. Love takes effort to maintain.

      LAZY girl. No matter what Baek-ho does, he can’t change that.

  15. 15 cookie128

    Thank you, Gummi, for the recap!!
    I basically skipped all the parts shared by Jiwon and YS… Can’t understand why a girl could change so fast just after her love has confessed passionately to her, just out of some suspection. YS is so insecure and she indeed just wants some easy love..
    But I am totally into the “butterfly effect” as well as the msg that the writer wants to convey: sometimes, having a chance to go back and fix things doesn’t mean that things will be better than used to be. In the movie, the hero just killed himself before his birth – too sad. Sincerely hope that our K-drama will be nicer to our BH.

  16. 16 chillinducky

    I’m getting irritated because Kang Baek Ho keeps trying… so is the point of the story that he doesn’t get the girl, because it was never meant to be? Feels like the storyline for him isn’t moving forward and he’s just getting obstacles thrown in his way for the sake of dragging the story out. Maybe if there was another reason… or if the storyline was slightly more complicated than how it is on the surface, the obstacles would make sense. I feel like I’m watching the same thing happening over and over, just slightly different :/

    Baek Ho started off in the drama on the weak side but now that he’s become much stronger and more mature, Yi Seul’s character is just not developed and I’m finding her to be a weaker and weaker character as the episodes go on :/

  17. 17 cookie128

    Though BH is becoming stronger and more mature, he still can beat JW. In terms of career, he once again let go his baseball career simply because he is disappointed by his relationship with YS. In terms of relationship, he failed to well manage his affair with that other girl (team doctor) – he could have found a way to explain nicely he is not the one with her or whatever.
    For YS, BH is more a kid while JW is more like a father.. So which one would a girl choose to marry? Marry a father-like will of course make life easier than a son-like..

    • 17.1 cookie128

      can’t beat JW, I mean. typo mistake..

  18. 18 KStyle

    First and foremost khamsanida Gummie for being awesome and recapping OP

    Second: ok, I’m starting to get upset over here. I mean wth Yi Seul, what the heck are you doing?!?
    Sheesh I know you love Back Ho but really, do you have to run to Mr.Perfect aka JiWon evrytime something bad happens or doesn’t go your way.
    I mean I thought Back Ho was bad at running from his feelings but na I think you have taken that title away from him now Yi Seul.
    You know what, let me know when you get yourself together until then I’m rooting for Back Ho to fall in love with someone else and rooting for the secondary characters with their love stories cuz seriously I Can’t Be Bothered.

  19. 19 nuri

    I like watching this series, I enjoyed them and the first hundred journey back to the past was so cute. This episode just a confirmation of my fear. I was afraid that this show will push to stay true to the original by keep sending Baek-ho back to the past. They don’t want to make new sets of problems and conflicts. As Gummi said, it works for 11 episodes series but I don’t think it will work for 16episodes, people are easily bored, I am one of the worst. On another hand, I feel kinda weird to bail this week.

    I like the cute story then it drives me crazy when this week I realize that Baek ho is so stupid, even if he supposed to be few years older, just none of the wiser apparently.

    Also I realize, maybe this in the original series but how everytime they made Baek-ho do something wrong and Yi-seul watched. It never her mistakes, she is the perfect girl. Yeah, right. It’ll be nice if the dynamic sometimes changes.

    Somehow, I don’t ship Yi-seul and Jin-won. Oh, he’s perfect, but I just don’t see him with Yi-seul.

    • 19.1 nuri

      after reading others comments i realize we kind of forget how Baek-ho always think Yi-seul is his only family and how Yi-seul always present for Baek-ho, like Jin-won for Yi-seul.

      only 5 episodes to go, please be good. be kind to me. i don’t want to hate you k-drama!

  20. 20 fangirl98

    @ gummimochi –

    After watching this episode, I wholeheartedly agree with your opening comments – I feel like we’re moving forward and then when I turn around we’re back at square one.

    I admit, it was silly of me to think their 24-hour date and love confessions were going to last….with this being ep 11 and all….. BUT those were the “game changers” I had been hoping to see. Why are we back at square one?! If YS knows and accepts that there was nothing between BH and You-bin, then why the “I’m tired…” speech?

    I plan to stick with this drama until the end because I just HAVE TO see where it goes, but at this point I’m tired of going in circles.

    • 20.1 jomo

      The only thing I can guess is she isn’t telling him something.
      Well, let’s face it, she isn’t telling him anything.

  21. 21 Belle

    Does YSH pay the writers to make his characters more miserable? I mean if WBDS wasn’t enough for us to be frustrated with…geez! Writer, I ask thee favour of giving BH a happy ending for a change! Please!!!!!!!

    TNX Gummi!

  22. 22 Belle

    FYI eps. 11 & 12 are available w/ Eng. subs at DramaFever. ‘Bring it on!’ Yiseul…I’m having a little ‘mind-war’ w/ her …lol…she doesn’t deserve BH anymore!

  23. 23 adette

    Yi-seul, if you don’t get on that Jin-won train soon, you’re gonna have to get in line.

    girl, she gets on that damn train in every episode. what we SHOULD be asking for is that baek-ho get off the yi-seul train and on the train of acceptance. [i cant be the only one who doesnt even want them together in the end all that badly…]

  24. 24 malta

    Thanks for the recap!

    Yi Seul is getting on my nerves. Her only challenge to love with Baek Ho is herself. I mean these 2 don’t even have 1, not one, obstacle from the outside world. There aren’t any overt class issues, her parents love him and think of him as their own, they have the same group of friends, they like the same kind of stuff-baseball… and they already love each other. What if these two kids actually had some real crappy kdrama obstacles ala – you might be my sister – my mother/father hates you – society thinks we can’t be together because of whatever stupid reason… I have cancer and I’m dying….I might be the same sex/gender as you etc. etc.

    Gahh! Oh well, at least the friend’s stories are getting more interesting. Especially Chae Ri.

    • 24.1 Belle

      You may have hit a very important point: they are too alike.

  25. 25 aoiaheen

    Thanks for the recap.

    First: I loved the kiss. One of my fav kdrama kisses.

    Second: I was really angry at YS too. but when i think about it, to her BH is the guy “she” takes care of. Not the other way around. I think she’s taking a seemingly mature decision by choosing JW because marriage is loooonnnng difficult journey and as one of my fav kdrama heroine said, “it easier if there’s someone to row the boat with you.” I think she just thinks that JW is a better rower and so she can take a little break once in a while.

    Third: Oh Man! BH! You’ve just ended up ruining your life further by chasing YS. Now you’ve lost her, her friendship, and baseball. I get that you didn’t your girl, but why throwaway your career that you worked so hard for? That’s not a strong person.

    Find another girl, BH! Someone who doesn’t make your head spin.

    Fourth: to the PD’s: This should have been 12 episodes and not 16.

    Fifth: No hope for more kisses, I’m assuming? *sad face*

  26. 26 malta

    Also, I love how Yi Seul is missing and none of friends know where she is, plus she’s not picking up her phone, so what do they do? All of them just pass out. Nobody goes looking for her, not even Baek Ho who just confessed how much he loves her…Way to go crack team. Then she goes to the airport to leave without even talking to Baek Ho O.o WTH

    • 26.1 jomo

      LOL! I love playing “What the Writers Were Doing” with inconsistencies like this.

      Writer 1: You guys. We can’t leave until we figure out how the crack team is going to react when YS doesn’t show up for the party….
      Writer 2: I have my kid’s birthday/parent teacher meeting/soccer game.
      Writer 3: My MIL is in the hospital,
      Writer 4: I feel sick alla sudden.
      Writer 1: You guys! You GUYS! Don’t leave me! YOU GUYS!…Hmmm…..Screw it! Let’s just have them fall asleep. No dialog. Finit!

  27. 27 jingelbells

    I have been a silent snooper here in your blog and I’ve always been appreciative of your effort! Kudos to your good work!

    This is the episode I thought I was anticipating, which turned out the one that I hated the most. They should have stretched the whole date for the whole episode and let other problems in the next ep or something. (This is how I felt too in Lie to Me in episode 8 after the Cola Kiss? Yeah, they suddenly have this not-so-good-ending,but anyway)

    I hate, hate,hate that Ham Yi Seul didnt confront Baek Ho that time when the doctor kissed him. If I were the girl, there would be a major cat fight that is going to happen. She waited for BH proposal for YEARS and when he did it, she didn’t trust in it! What the?!!!

    I’ve already watched ep12 and nothing good happened on it and now I feel lazy to even watch this now without anything good happening!

    If I were Kang Baek Ho, I will already give up, change jobs, go abroad, and will never ever be the best man on her wedding. or I will commit suicide, then the Conductor will go to Yi Seul and makes her change time herself. :))
    Yeah maybe that way, she will make things easier for him.

    In the Jap version, Rei admitted/realized to herself that she was the one who didn’t work hard to make things work between the two of them. Maybe that’s what’s going to happen here,too. on the last episode she will realize that she love him too more than Jin Won and that she can’t live without Baek Ho etc.

    Grrrrr. This is so frustrating.

  28. 28 Sanicia

    Oh man, i really did not like this episode. After being heavily invested in Baek Ho and all his efforts in travelling, i find YS’s reasons for breaking and going up to JW just plain illogical.

    Even after Baek Ho explained to her how nothing happened between he and that doctor, and she said she understood, she still wanted to break up. I don’t get the reason! Just because everything is not going her way and of a small misunderstanding? I’m just soooooo disappointed in her. He knew that BH did not like that doctor, that he loves YS deeply but she wants to break up. STILL? For all her actions, you would have thought that she loves BH as well. But it just appears she’s not ready to stand up and fight for her love as much as BH.

    I know JW is always there for her, but it’s just so infuriating how quickly she boarded the JW’s train. They held hands at the airport when going into the departure terminal. Hello! YS! watchayadoing! I thought you are supposed to be conflicted, confused and heartbroken? Apparently not.

    But i still hope BH and YS ends up together. How can i not, after seeing BH’s raw emotions and his desire in wanting to be together with YS so damn badly. But whether YS is deserving of BH’s efforts and affections is another matter.

    KDrama prove me wrong!! Don’t make me hate you!

  29. 29 DarknessEyes

    this drama is kinda getting boring because there’s not enough real plot storyline and they’re just throwing up problem after problem that really get us no where…. sadly im disappointed with this drama so far. 🙁

    • 29.1 Lizzie

      Real plot storyline: Love isn’t easy and simple.

      Fate/past isn’t easy to change just like this.

      And all this.

  30. 30 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. I finally caught up. Man, how the heck did you guys handle it for so many episodes?
    The back and forth is driving me crazy.
    Needless to say, I have been on the Jin Won bandwagon from the beginning. Way back when the boy was such a adorable puppy in Family Honour.

    Isnt’ the leading guy supposed to be with the girl for a couple of episodes at least before they have to break up? As it is I am now waiting for some hot kisses from Jin Won.

  31. 31 olsen

    Thanx for the recap.
    My time zone is like waaaay ahead of you, so, when you say friday, it usually means saturday for me. Which sucks.

    Maybe I’m the only one who’s not drinking the Jin Won kool aid.
    I don’t know why, but perfect to the bone guys well, bore me!
    (Don’t throw tomotoes at me)

    Baek ho – Yi Suel OTP, FIGHTING!

  32. 32 sara

    as much as i love yoo seung ho baby and this drama i think it’s slowly getting on my nerve.how yi sul can doubt him just few minutes after he confessed.i can’t get her and i can’t get why the coach is present whenever yi sul is in trouble.he falls from the sky?

  33. 33 asianromance

    Thanks for recapping Operation Proposal, gummimochi! From reading your recaps for the past 11 episodes, it seems like Baek-ho will never get Yi-seul and it’s destined. But at least he can come out of this journey knowing he had at least tried his best. Before, he just let everything happen to him without doing anything and moaning about it.

  34. 34 jomo

    Thanks, gummi!

    I agree that JW is too perfect, although that in itself can be a fault taken to the extreme.

    The question I have is “What CAN’T JW do for YS that BH CAN?”
    Forget the past, it doesn’t count.
    How will YS’s future with BH be BETTER than her future with JW? We get that YS is the only girl for him.

    (side note: Really? In all his years, the only other woman who approached him romantically is the little doc? A kid that looks like THAT, on a ball team, in a big city like Seoul? Talk about getting in line. He’d be swamped with chicks, but I digress…)

    At least, he THINKs that YS is the only girl for him. Why doesn’t the Conductor introduce him around?

    • 34.1 nutass

      ‘At least, he THINKs that YS is the only girl for him. Why doesn’t the Conductor introduce him around?’


      deep inside i still hope and know that bk will end up ys. at the beginning we kept shouting at him to CONFESS! and we think that in one moment it could alter his future. obviously in anything one gesture isnt sufficient to sustain in the long run. we see other dramas where at the end they get together and i wonder (even in dramaland) how they can work out aft that honeymoon period.
      its a bit depressing to see how just trying hard isnt enough….one needs to dig deep to address underlying issues
      (seriously philosophizing on kdrama on a saturday night???)

  35. 35 buttrcup

    Okay, first of all… Dat Kiss, Um… What. The. Fraaak? (From one confession to okay, let’s make babies? Sheesh) Second; This episode made me want to somewhat ragequit, but we’re almost there so I may as well hang on, gosh. Third; Ji Won, if Baek Ho had your ultimate personality; he’d be the perfect guy that I’m rooting for and not getting frustrated at. But he’s not and because you have your ultimate personality, YOU’RE perfect, but I’m not rooting for you to get the girl 🙁 But I still love you <3

    Anyway, I was left wanting more with this episode (More on the fact that I'm getting tired of seeing the same thing happen; sure he confessed but did it make a difference? Fuuuck No, he was let go form the damn team for crying out loud) What I want is to see a better development with not only the main characters but the supporting characters too, where's the starnge girl? Um, hullo' where's -insert name-. Admittedly and quite frank annoyingly the conductor must have one SOFT AS AS AS spot for Baek-Ho I mean seriously, who gives vials left, right and center to a guy whose failing to get the girl at every attempt left, right and center? I sure as hell wouldn't. I'd literally Throw the vial(s) -Intended meaning: 30+ vials- at his head so that it would smash and maybe it would somehow concus him so that he'll do the right thing when he wakes up after a looooooong time of contemplating.

    As for Yoo-bin (And Yi-Seul, maybe even drama overall)… Really bitch? (Bitches?) Youse are not helping the audience yuno, I seriously don't like youse very much. Yoo-bin I understand that you're a nurse-slash-psychopath but that was low and Yi-Seul, ohmygosh; I want to slap you for leaving it all to fate, would you like a vial(s) thrown at your head too? And finally the drama; we haven't moved forward have you? Wait, we're backward; ohmygosh someone save this drama please. I'm dying in my own frustration. Seriously if by chance they end up in such a easily conducted (Haa, get it? Okay no) way, say 'He proposes in the end and he goes to the future and they have like 800 kids and that's the end of that' I'm going to seriously cut a bitch. (Yes, that means you Yoo-bin and Yi-Seul and everyone else in the drama, including Ji-Won).

    Okay, end of rant. I'm done for now, because I'll seriously slap someone if I keep going and I'm keyboard want's to breath.

  36. 36 Momos

    Well, all the comments here proved how a mere drama can evoke so much feelings in the audiences. Gotta to watch it then…(sigh… So many dramas to watch, so short my term break…)

    • 36.1 Belle

      It’s worth it. It has a really good cast…these guys can act!

  37. 37 Lilian

    I still don get why they had to break up over such a flimsy excuse! seriously….maybe it’s just better that we don’t drag the story anymore and make Jin Won and Yiseul the final happy couple.

  38. 38 mimi

    Sorry,but what am seeing with this drama is that Yi seul and Baek Ho are just NOT meant to be!
    Normally when i watch a k-drama w/ love triangles as such,am always supporting the 2 main leads to be together cos they always match so well,and i start “hating” the 3rd guy,but for this one am actually shipping “coach” and Yi seul to be together!
    They seem to be more fated to be together than yi seul and baek ho!!
    Unfortunately,it might not happen knowing how kdramas work sometimes! But i just wonder how this drama is gonna end!

  39. 39 blo

    I never saw this drama about fate…but the difference between fate and making it happen. Like the conductor said at the beginning…can one person change fate so easily? I interpreted that as…can a person change so easily. Or perhaps I’m just putting my on own spin on things.

    Baek Ho is who he is and cannot change overnight, as we have seen. Although it seems we’re still at square one, I think he has matured much. At first, he’s only thinking about things he could have done differently. Mostly on the surface like buying her that coat or working harder on his game. Now I see signs of him understanding her more at a deeper level. That’s what makes a real relationship happen. Sure some of the stuff was unnecessary. Like the doctor, which I had to skip over. But I appreciated most of everything else that has happened, including him having to try many times. It’s more realistic than other kdramas where things just magically work out.

    I think that is the case for all of us. Many people live with regrets yet fail to change themselves. New Year’s resolutions are broken. I’m not really frustrated with him because I see him in all of us…but I also see him growing. I don’t think he needs to try harder…nor is it just about him expressing his feelings more clearly. It has been character issues that kept resulting in them not being together. Once and if he reaches that point in maturity, they can work out. Fate, to me, is just a fairy tale. That said, the drama could have been shorter.

  40. 40 Miss

    Just when I thought that I was rooting for Baek Ho just because he’s played by my love Yoo Seung Ho…

    Episode 11 was great for me, in a sense that I saw another perspective. It showed that it wasn’t only Baek Ho who made mistakes, who kept on doing things at the wrong time and the wrong place. It finally showed after 10 episodes that Yi Seul also has her own issues.

    She’s a COWARD.

    Well, I bet most of us do have these kind of issues when it comes to love and taking risks for it, so I understand her. She has too much to risk. They have too much to risk… But of course, being the “outsider looking in”, I’m frustrated with her not being able to take that risk. Aren’t we all?

    With that, I’m officially pissed off to Yi Seul, which is a good thing. Since for me, that makes a drama effective, by showing different perspectives and sides where people watching get confuse on who to love and get angry at. Because even if I love Yoo Seung Ho that much, I was really at the edge on my frustrations with Baek Ho. So now, my feelings were totally flipped. Yaiy. XD

    But Seriously, why is Ji Won the most perfect guy ever? Makes everyone hard to root for Baek-Ho. Urgh. How can you let that guy heartbroken… 🙁

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