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Operation Proposal: Episode 13
by | March 23, 2012 | 37 Comments

The clock is ticking in a way we haven’t really seen before, as Baek-ho comes to the realization that there’s only so many chances to skip back in time before he ends up exactly where he started. It’s now or never when it comes to winning Yi-seul’s heart – will his efforts finally amount to something, or is what he’s longing for just destined never to be?

(As for the identity switch, have no fear – your dedicated Time Skip Extraordinaire, gummimochi, will be back for the next episode.)


Baek-ho is forced to hear those fateful words he never wanted to hear – that Yi-seul has officially decided to accept Jin-won. I love that he takes issue with her use of ‘officially’ in his mind, wondering if it’s really necessary to make a declaration like that ‘official.’

She’s not done, though. “Do you remember me saying that I’m tired of things not working out with you? I hated you for not being able to be honest. Now that I think about it, it wasn’t you who wasn’t honest. It was me.” Well, at least she finally realizes it. She tells him that this whole time it’s been her running away and not him, because she was afraid of things getting awkward between them.

But now that she’s let Baek-ho go in her heart, she realizes that she has to change and grow up. (Just now?) “Thank you,” Yi-seul tells him. “I’ve always been a selfish friend.”

Poor Baek-ho thinks to himself that her thanks hurts worst than when she slapped him. He puts on a cheery outward facade and jokes with her like old times, and they chase each other around the swing set spraying cola at one another.

The Snack Shop Ajusshi tells Chan-wook that Jin-ju has been locking herself in her room for three days. She’s impervious to the knocking at her door while she cries in a dark corner of her room, and a flashback reveals that she witnessed a car accident three feet from her only days before.

In it, looks at the man bleeding behind the wheel in horror, and all of a sudden she’s sitting in the backseat of another similarly wrecked vehicle – a flashback within a flashback, Inception-style – only there’s a bleeding couple in the front seats. Oh no, those were her parents, weren’t they?

Back in the first flashback, Jin-ju holds her head in her hands and cries, with the accident in front of her having brought back all of her painful memories.

Now in the present, Chan-wook approaches the door. He tries to coax Jin-ju out by inviting her to go to the beach with them, which is such a sweet gesture. It’s ineffective, though, and the Snack Shop Ajusshi sends him on his way so he won’t be late for his vacation.

Tae-nam and Chae-ri greet Yi-seul and Jin-won, the latter of whom seems unsure about joining them on their trip. Chae-ri is more than willing to accept Jin-won as family, but Tae-nam acts as the protective older brother and tells Jin-won that he still needs to be officially accepted by them in order to keep Yi-seul.

Someone’s missing from the itinerary – and who else but Baek-ho? Chan-wook tries to convince him to go but he’s not having it, and so Chan-wook offers up a parting piece of wisdom: “There’s no use in trying to force yourself to move on. If you could move on so easily, you wouldn’t have liked her until now.”

Chan-wook joins his friends, and Jin-won gets a crash-course in friendship during the car ride to the beach. They’ve all taken this same trip for five years, without fail – except for this year, because Baek-ho is a no-show.

Chae-ri asks Jin-won if he’s sure he’s going to be able to keep up with their vacation schedule – and as she explains it, we see it in flashback, with Baek-ho included. First they’d do an eating contest, then they’d go to an arcade in a countryside, then a temple to write wishes. Of course, no trip is complete without karaoke, which would force them to stay up all night until they could see the sunrise on the beach. Aw. I love these guys.

We find Baek-ho drinking by himself in a club, which is just bad news bears already. Alcohol doesn’t mesh well with him, so naturally it makes him hallucinate that Yi-seul is sitting at the bar, beckoning him over. He even embraces the hallucination, only it turns out to be another woman – and one with an angry boyfriend, at that.

Baek-ho ends up beaten and thrown out on the street, which is probably for his own good. Don’t let him near liquor!

Meanwhile, Jin-won has figuratively taken Baek-ho’s place in the friendship and the eating contest, sitting where Baek-ho used to sit and doing what Baek-ho used to do, however unwittingly. Chae-ri is the one to bring Baek-ho back into the conversation, amazed that he wouldn’t want to be included – he would even include himself in their punishment when they were in middle school. They don’t know why he didn’t come, even though they used to know everything about each other. Sadly, Chan-wook notes that they’ll know even less about each other as time goes on.

This causes Yi-seul’s mood to go pensive, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Jin-won.

Sporting a fresh bloody lip, Baek-ho hears a couple talking about a carnival/batting game so difficult that even a famous baseball player couldn’t win the grand prize – a teddy bear as big as he is. He thinks back to a memory of Yi-seul coveting the toy, and decides to try and win it. It’s a baseball game, but one that requires batting the ball into just the right place to win – you know, the usual impossible carnival games.

Our friends go through their usual motions, but Yi-seul stops when she sees an arcade game with Baek-ho’s name still gracing the top of the scoreboard. She was there when he won that spot.

They then go to the temple to place their wishes, with Jin-won wishing for those who trust him to never be disappointed and Yi-seul wishing that a nameless “he” doesn’t hurt.

Again, though, she’s faced with a symbol of Baek-ho’s absence, with his wish still hanging from the previous year. It reads: “I wish that she smiles a lot because of me.” Once she sees it, she can’t help but cry.

Baek-ho’s been going at the game for hours on end, with no luck. Even the ajusshi in charge feels bad for taking his money, but Baek-ho insists that he’ll win that teddy bear, as if he’ll win Yi-seul’s heart with it. As he bats, he wonders if staying away from Yi-seul like this will allow him to move on, and whether a future without her will ever come.

There’s no escaping the lack of Baek-ho’s presence even during karaoke, since they end up singing The Wonder Girls’ “Nobody,” which Baek-ho famously performed before. They each sigh that this trip is different without Baek-ho, but Yi-seul pipes up in defense of his absence – what’s so different? Besides, it’s not like they can all stay the same forever.

Chae-ri shares a sweet moment by saying that she always wished that they’d all stay together forever. Even if they got married and had kids and got old. Aww.

But it’s Jin-won who intervenes by saying that losing things in life is a given – but if you can try to keep something, you should. Yi-seul’s willingness to go on without Baek-ho has been out-voted even by her significant other, and so the group decides to ditch the trip and go get their missing 1/5th, Baek-ho. (Huzzah!)

Yi-seul apologizes to Jin-won, who only tells her that he just said what she wanted to.

Back at the batting cage, Baek-ho pays for more chances to win the bear. The fed-up ajusshi tells him that he’ll just tell Baek-ho where to buy the bear if he wants it so bad, but Baek-ho is dead-set on doing things the old-fashioned way, through sweat and hard work.

He thinks to himself that no matter how many times he swings the bat, all he can think about are the twenty years he spent with Yi-seul.

Cue flashbacks to their childhood all the way till their adulthood – all the good and bad times, their kisses, when he told her he loved her, and when she slapped him because he told her to go to Jin-won. The final memory is of her telling him: “You don’t know anything.” And suddenly, back in the present, he wins the game.

As tears fall down his face, we hear him in voiceover saying that it was in this moment that he realized that he couldn’t forget Yi-seul, no matter how hard he tried.

Carrying the stuffed bear down a lonely street, Baek-ho continues to think to himself that he never wants to sever his bonds with Yi-seul – because he still loves her.

Jin-won drops the group off in Seoul, and Chan-wook thinks of Jin-ju when he hears the song she once sang for him on the school rooftop. He goes immediately to the snack shop and breaks down her door, finding Jin-ju sobbing on the floor. She tries to fend off the Snack Shop Ajusshi, saying she just wants to be left alone to die – until Chan-wook intervenes with a slap to the face.

Snack Shop Ajusshi is appropriately shocked, but Chan-wook explains his actions by saying that Jin-ju deserves it, and that she needs a beating to wake up. (I get what he’s trying to do, but hearing the words still made me cringe.)

He grabs her by the wrist and drags her out to an intersection, holding her shoulders still so she can be forced to face her fears.

Chan-wook: “You think your parents would say: ‘Yeah! Come to us, Jin-ju! Why did you survive? We can’t bear you being happy, so just come to us!’ You think they would say that? No parent would want such a thing. You think your parents will be happy if you live like a fool like this?”

He calls out to her parents, reaffirming that they’d want her to be happy, that they’d want her to smile again. When he asks them (well, as much as they can be asked) if they know that she’s good at singing, my heart just breaks into a million pieces. This scene kills.

Snow starts to fall like an answer from heaven, and Jin-ju accepts Chan-wook’s hand to help her stand, while symbolically reaffirming her will to live. When she does, he wipes away her tears.

If that wasn’t enough to move your heartstrings, we find her next at her parents’ memorial with Chan-wook, singing them a song with a guitar while Chan-wook records video.

Baek-ho is greeted with a surprise party when he gets to his apartment, and Chae-ri is quick to point out the giant elephant bear in the room, which Baek-ho tries to pass off as something he bought for himself… to sleep with. Ha. Chae-ri wants one, so Tae-nam asked him how much he paid for it – and Baek-ho answers with a completely straight face that it was $330, leaving Tae-nam sputtering in disbelief. Double ha.

He finds a way to pass it off to Yi-seul without seeming too obvious – except that it’s totally, 100% obvious. It’s still an adorable gesture and she accepts the gift, though he takes offense when she names the bear Baek-ho and calls “him” stupid.

Before sunrise, the whole gang (including Jin-ju) writes their wishes on the roof of a building overlooking the city. They make them into paper airplanes and send them flying down, with everyone’s wishes for each other’s happiness (or in Chae-ri’s case, for Tae-nam’s growth).

We don’t see what Baek-ho’s wish was, and he doesn’t give in when Yi-seul asks. His paper airplane/wish lands right in front of Jin-won’s feet. We still don’t see it even as he reads it, but the words have a serious effect on Jin-won’s demeanor. (What on earth does it say?)

Our band of merry friends watch the first sun rise of the new year, none of them missing the view they would have had at the beach. “It’s not important where you see it,” Chan-wook says, “it’s important who you see it with.” Amen.

Jin-won joins the party, but isn’t able to say what he wants to Baek-ho. Instead he just pats him on the shoulder, asking, “Do you know that I like you a lot?” The words make Baek-ho uncomfortable, because he knows something isn’t being said.

Regardless, they all start posing for a group picture, with Baek-ho fully aware that this will propel him back to the present. Before the flash goes off, he thinks to himself: “It was a New Year’s Day that was a bit better than my gloomy past. No matter how much it was going to hurt, I couldn’t possibly forget Yi-seul. I learned that from this trip. Even if the Conductor laughs at me for being stupid, I have no choice.”

Flash! We’re back to the year 2012, with the familiar Valentine’s Day radio broadcast going on while Yi-seul pretties herself up and talks to Bear Baek-ho. But there’s a change to the radio lineup – this time it’s a song by Jin-ju, called “After That Day.” She became famous off the video that Chan-wook took of her, and he’s now become a successful music video producer.

Baek-ho’s apparently accepted the offer to be on Jin-won’s team, and I love that Chae-ri hangs a lantern on the whole issue of Jin-won being a perfect chaebol who’s successful at business: “A person needs flaws to be likable. He’s so perfect that it’s suffocating.” Ha. Well, self-awareness must count for something.

Surprisingly, it’s Baek-ho that comes to Jin-won’s defense by saying that his passion for the Third League is probably why Yi-seul likes him so much. Chae-ri looks uncomfortable at the statement, and follows Baek-ho for a private chat. She seems loathe to bring up the topic of Yi-seul saying something supposedly important, but it seems like Yi-seul didn’t say whatever it was whenever she was supposed to say it, which is not a surprise at this point.

Baek-ho reacts strongly to a video of Yi-seul Chan-wook took two weeks ago, and asks to borrow his video camera before running off. He watches the video at home and sees Yi-seul holding the ring that he bought for her, the one that was three sizes too big. Her face is unreadable, and try as he might, he can’t figure out what she was thinking when she looked at his ring. Regret? Apprehension? He wants to go back in time to find out.

Cue the Conductor, who notes that he gave Baek-ho a wasted chance to lessen the pain – and to add insult to injury, Baek-ho is choosing the most painful path. “You’re going to watch her wedding twice,” he sighs.

Still, Baek-ho wants to go back, even if turning things around at this point would be a miracle. “In order to hit home runs to upset the game,” the Conductor says, “you must be able to hit home runs in the first place.” (Wow, the Conductor just took Baek-ho to school.)

And Baek-ho retorts, wittily, that he’s a pitcher – which makes the whole home run argument moot. Haha.

The Conductor tells Baek-ho that he needs to figure out what he has in his mind while he tries to turn the game around. The baseball that he takes as payment this time is from a pitcher who stayed on the same team for two decades – and that the same stubbornness isn’t unlike Baek-ho pining after the same girl for the same period of time.

He wants to make sure Baek-ho knows this is really the last time – the 9th inning, with 2 outs. “Even if it looks stupid, swing the bat as hard as you can.”

And with that, he leaves Baek-ho with what might be his last vial, because Baek-ho has nowhere else to go, time-wise.

Now that we’ve jumped back two weeks, Yi-seul’s father is addressing a recording to Jin-won by saying that he wants this whole marriage business to stop – Yi-seul has someone else that she loves. Baek-ho grows elated, thinking that her dad is standing up for him… but then her dad continues: “The man who loves her the most and knows the most about her… it’s me!” Aww, Baek-ho buzzkill. (Story of his life.)

Things turn serious as Yi-seul’s father does a re-take, with a speech that comes from the bottom of his heart. He says that he couldn’t understand why his father-in-law wasn’t accepting of him until Yi-seul was born. Once he had a daughter, he knew what it felt like to not want to let his daughter go to to another man.

“She once told me that you’re a warm person who was there for her through all of her hard times. To be honest, I was jealous. I raised her for twenty-seven years. And she has never shown me her weak side. But she showed it to you. I was jealous,” her father says for the recording, and even Baek-ho struggles to hold back tears.

Dad finishes by asking Jin-won to take care of his daughter, and to make her happy. Baek-ho thinks to himself that he only now realized that marriage is more than just a union of two people – it’s building a family upon the two families that have raised them.

A picture of Yi-seul’s grandfather brings back fond memories, since Grandpa was always on Baek-ho’s side when it came to Yi-seul. He even once called Yi-seul’s mom to tell her that she should let Baek-ho take care of Yi-seul for the rest of her life, after their time spent on the mountain. Mom says she always thought that Baek-ho would be Yi-seul’s husband, but guesses that maybe she just didn’t know Yi-seul well enough.

Regardless, she asks Baek-ho to visit them in the future, even if Yi-seul isn’t there.

Outside Yi-seul’s house, the sight of a child’s bicycle takes us into a flashback. Baek-ho taught Yi-seul how to ride a bike, but she ended up falling and hurting her arm. When her mom remarked that she hoped the injury wouldn’t leave a scar, a young Baek-ho claimed he would take responsibility (as in, marry her if the scar made her unworthy) and that he’d take care of her for the rest of her life. Aww.

Everyone’s touched by Dad’s speech, and in the car Chan-wook and Tae-nam joke around about where they are on each other’s priority lists – because that all changes when you get married. Baek-ho wonders where he would be on Yi-seul’s list once she gets married to Jin-won.

Yi-seul and Baek-ho end up finely dressed in Chan-wook’s studio, presumably readying for some engagement photos. Baek-ho feels uncomfortable in his Best Man Suit (though he should be more uncomfortable in his Best Man Role), and the two play around the studio like kids.

Baek-ho thinks to himself how this will all end soon. “It was always me who was the closest to Yi-seul. It was only natural she was my number one priority. Those natural things are going to disappear now. The days we joke around like this, the days we fight over nothing. They are only going to become memories. The person I love the most in the world that is right in front of me… is getting married to someone else.” Then for the love of all that is holy, Baek-ho, do something about it!

He thinks back to when the Conductor asked him about what kind of player he is – will he be the reckless kind that tries to turn the game around when no one expects it?

With that in his mind, Baek-ho wrist-grabs Yi-seul and steals her away from the photo shoot and into his car. He thinks to himself (while dramatically fastening his seatbelt – safety first) that this really is the 9th inning with 2 outs, and that he’ll swing as hard as he can – because he has nowhere else to go time-wise, and nothing to lose.


I really adore the depiction of friendship in this drama, because it just gives me the warm fuzzies. This is a group of people that I genuinely believe care deeply about one another, so I feel their heartbreak when it happens. Chan-wook is an example of a character who’s always just been around, but he and Jin-ju received a well-deserved spotlight this episode that hit all the right notes for me. Hooray for a well-cast ensemble, because what this show has in the way of frustrating moments, it makes up for with a walloping amount of heart.

We’re aware that the clock is ticking because of the episode count, but I like that Baek-ho gets a feel for it when the most he can time-skip back to is two weeks earlier. With all the endless chances he’d been getting I had forgotten that an end to the time travel was possible, and then saw it in a big way here. Baek-ho really is cutting it down to the wire, and one wonders whether he’ll just keep jumping back until that inevitable wedding day happens, when he just can’t jump back anymore.

I definitely feel the inevitability of seeing Yi-seul and Jin-won’s wedding a second time, and we’ve been told as much by the Conductor. We’ve known it since day one, and it seems like there’s just nothing Baek-ho can do to change it. I can’t even be mad at him for continuing to try, though – because I’m not really invested in him and Yi-seul as a couple at this point. But I’d like him to be at peace with the resolution, whatever it is. The Conductor gave him a chance to bow out and he didn’t take it, so now I want to see him really go all in, and fight till the bitter end. He owes himself that much.

At this point there’s only a few episodes left for this show to convince me that a big reversal can happen, since it looks like we really might get down to the wire and that the Moment Of Decision will come at the wedding. Maybe I’ve got a soft spot for Baek-ho (okay, not maybe – I do), because while I used to feel like his relationship fail with Yi-seul rested squarely on his shoulders, now I can’t help feeling like he’s facing a brick wall. If he does everything he can for the umpteenth time to win Yi-seul’s trust – that’s what it seems to come down to more than love, at this point – and ends up getting the same negative results, then I’ll take this series as an endearing exercise in proving that sometimes our best just isn’t good enough.


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  1. cookie128

    Shall I scream that I the 1st ?

    • 1.1 Linda165

      Sure! Go nuts!

  2. cookie128

    Well, I like this episode. Like that when the two each figure out that they can’t lose the other; like BH’s bear; like YS teasing “BH” by saying “nuna will treat u well”; like they play with beer…

    • 2.1 Jomo

      If this were any other drama, that exchange would clearly put them in “about to be married” class.

      How could Coach possibly accept that type of relationship between his fiance and a man?

      (Nobody tell me if I am right on this guess.)

      I think the miracle is that the Coach finally gets the message that BH will always be the bear YS wants to sleep with, and Coach will post-pone the wedding.
      OK OK, it isn’t in his nature to give up, but it isn’t in his nature to be second best, either.

  3. Jomo

    Thanks for the guest guest recap! Awww just like the show, friends helping friends….

    I love that Chae-ri hangs a lantern on the whole issue of Jin-won being a perfect chaebol who’s successful at business: “A person needs flaws to be likable. He’s so perfect that it’s suffocating.” Ha. Well, self-awareness must count for something.
    Amen to that! Perfection in a life partner? What could possibly be worse?

    My reaction to this show is “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGHHH!”
    for my Back Hoe! He’s giving it everything he’s got, Captain!

    I don’t know if it is YSH’s ability to climb into my heart and bury himself there, but between BH and Una, I cannot be clear headed.

    Why is YS over thinking everything when it comes to BH and her? WtH does she want in a partner but someone that can ALWAYS feel with her, even if it is bad? Someone who can make her laugh? Someone that she couldn’t ignore for more than 10 mins if her life depended on it?
    Someone who spends $300. on a stuffed animal as if it were nothing and hands it over the second he sees her?
    I am so mad at YS right now, I’m choking.

    It is not as if BH has shown anything but singleminded dedication to her for 20 years. (At least the 20 years including the time travel.)

    I am guessing that BH’s airplane wish included the elements of YS and the Coach being happy and his ability to let her go.

    BTW, eff the preview makers. F F F U!

    • 3.1 aoiaheen

      Hi Jomo, remember you said something like this in one of the previous recaps : “Forget the past, it doesn’t count. How will YS’s future with BH be BETTER than her future with JW?”

      While watching episode 13 I understood why. “Poor Baek-ho thinks to himself that her thanks hurts worst than when she slapped him. He puts on a cheery outward facade and jokes with her like old times, and they chase each other around the swing set spraying cola at one another.” That’s it.

      It’s because BH can make her laugh even when he’s hearbroken. And it wasn’t just this time. There were many times I wondered if the writers wrote the character correctly, becuase he was cheerful even though things were falling apart in front of him. But it was the BH character. Probably because of his experiences in life, he just knows how to laugh inspite of troubles. Where can you get a guy like? So it wouldn’t matter what life throws at them, he’ll find a way to make her smile. KANG BAEK HO! Forget YS! MARRY ME!

      And yes! preview makers need to be shot!

      • 3.1.1 Jomo

        LOL at ” KANG BAEK HO! Forget YS! MARRY ME!”

        Totally agree!
        YS needs to wake up and smell the BH as the most important person in her life.

        I am still not sold on why she had to MARRY JW.
        Her confession to BH at the start of this episode that she had accepted Coach “officially” was so weaksauce, I don’t think SHE believed it.
        What she wanted really was for BH to yell, “NOOOOOOOOOO! You belong to me.” I almost wonder why they didn’t have him react aloud that way when it is this late in the game.

    • 3.2 Kim Yoonmi

      Yes, to the preview makers !@#$!!!! *Sighs* No spoilers here, but way to ruin an experience…

  4. FunnyBunny

    A frustrating as this whole series has been, I can’t seem to dismiss it. There’s something about the story and it’s characters that I can bring myself to say good bye to. In all honesty I have no idea how this whole Baek-ho/Yi-seul issue is going to work out. Yes, we’re lead to believe she’ll end up with Baek-ho but who really knows? I’m actually fine if she ends up with either guy.
    Yes Jin-won is “perfect” most second leads are-and they STILL don’t get the girl!
    And yet, I wouldn’t say that because Baek-ho has know Y-seul the longest means that he somehow “deserves” her.
    Also side note, I kind of wish that this show had been made into a movie. I just think that would make more sense given the premise. Because seriously, how many times can Baek-ho go back in time AND fail at winning Yi-seul over and over again until the audence screams “Really? you’re gonna try AGAIN? The last 20 tries didn’t do it for you?”
    Ok Rant over ^_^ Happy Friday!

  5. gummimochi

    Dear friend,

    Thank you for filling in ♥ 🙂 I may have missed the best episode where they finally addressed some of the major gripes of this series (unfortunately there are a few more) and I am wholly indebted to you!

    Make sure to thank Heads for the awesome recap!!!

    • 5.1 Arhazivory

      Ok gummi~!! Will do. XD

      Thanks for the awesome recap Heads!!! ^_^

  6. aoiaheen

    HeadsNo2! Hi there! Thanks for the recap and filling in for gummimochi. I love the DB family for giving us our daily fixes.

    And as for BH. Poor Poor dear. I don’t even have words. I wanted to slap YS because she actually admits that she was scared of things being awkward between them. And so what do you do girl? you break up with him? really????

  7. nuri

    Agree with you Head! This show totally makes it all up with a LOTs of heart.

    I luuuuurves today episode because it focuses on the other couple that I also cares Jin-Ju and Chan-wook! I love how he takes charge and lead her to face the reality (still, I didn’t like the hand-grabbing) and also how he keep saying how every good thing that happens to him is because of Jin-ju is total win. I like that I was wrong, I said before that they need help from Baek-ho and they don’t need it!

    ps: Show, don’t break my heart?! Pretty please? I gave you all my hopes that I don’t have any for fashion king, just don’t break my heart!

  8. rae

    There is something about BH and YS interactions that makes me feel like they are stuck in the past – well, I know they are literally stuck there at the moment, but figuratively as well. They still interact like little kids, chasing one another around, spraying cola… meanwhile, JW and YS talk about what they want to build together.

    Actually, this makes me think that many of the characters started off very “stuck.” CR was stuck in a bad pattern of self-destructive behavior. JJ turned out to be holding herself back because of her parents’ deaths. TN started out supporting his dream girl’s bad behavior. CW started oblivious to JJ.

    I will be so royally PO’d if this story ends up with BH and YS together, because I think the message is so much better with them apart. You aren’t defined by your childhood (BH and Jin-Ju both apply here). You don’t need to marry the first girl to look your way when you were both in swaddling clothes at the nursery. Life goes on and, even after someone dies, you have to pick yourself up again and try to be happy again.

    • 8.1 Kim Yoonmi

      If it follows the original, you’ll be pissed. It’s been following the original fairly closely, so be prepared to be pissed.

      And I think there are all kinds of Eros relationships.

  9. PassionFruit

    does anyone feel like jin-won is the one who’s going to save the day? kind of like jae-kyung did in boys over flowers, because she knew jun-pyo was in love with someone else.

    so impatient to watch the next episode… that cliffhanger is killing me!!!

    • 9.1 Jomo

      Yes, I do.

    • 9.2 merrygoocow

      Well in the jdrama ver. the teacher was the one who told Rei to go after KZ so yeah I do….

    • 9.3 malta

      I hope Jin Won doesn’t come in and “save” the day. That’s so weaksauce. If you’re the best man and you’re going to break up a wedding at the last moment or you’re the willing bride who is going to dump your fiance at the last moment then some drama has got to down. Just think of how happy Jin Won was in the beginning that Yi Seul married him. He was elated, completely a fool in love so they can’t just give Yi Seul and Baek Ho an out from dealing with the consequences of royally messing up their own relationship while pulling other people into it.

      Even though I know there is a high probability of Baek Ho and Yi Seul getting together, I really am dreading the moment when it happens. I just have no real investment in this couple after Yi Seul has rejected him so many freaking times. Baek Ho is just a glutton for punishment.

  10. 10 KStyle

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you for recapping this episode.

    I so want to be done with this show but awww it keeps pulling me back, I can’t take it anymore.

    YS: you are STUPID!!! I’m sorry but girl you have got to be the most illogical written female in all Kdrama history. So you love him but not quite sure of your future with him. Is that what you’re afraid of, really!?!? Omg girl, you don’t have to marry him like tomorrow, just see if y’all are truly ment to be. Stop being so scary!!!
    Ok done with that.

    JW: Idk about everyone else but I can’t live with mr. perfect because I would feel like I’ll never get to that level of perfection, basically too much of a headache for me.

    Back Hoe: my man. Boy, I so want a man like you in my life. I mean you never give up and that is oh so smexy to me. Listen if YS keeps acting up, just know that Noona will definitely take care of your smexy behind, so call me (lol).

    Man I’m not sure what to think about this show anymore. Yes this episode was better than some previous ones but I’m still left feeling really frustrated.

    I’m going to go watch some funny Kdrama movies to destress from this show.

  11. 11 lala

    YS is just plain stupid……

  12. 12 Kim Yoonmi

    Original Japanese drama (and others like it) says the person you love is the one you can show the ugly sides of yourself to. That love is not perfect, but your willingness to work through it makes it perfect.

    I think some of the little woven stuff in the original, such as “Don’t knock NY” and the taxi driver and realizing things that were there that weren’t there before, made the original seem like there was a red line of fate between Kenzo and Rei. The only thing their love needed to activate it was their effort.

    Here, probably because things are stretched out and YS keeps running to coach every time things go wrong, and the lack of the smaller mapped out things… you don’t get that effect. The little changes make it hard to like YS…

    So instead of an imperfect love that needs some work, it really needs an operation–surgery to get out. And I don’t think that’s what they meant by “Operation” proposal.

    Plus the preview for 14 GRRRR!!! If they pull that (about to watch it) it’s going to make me regret watching this drama. Especially if they pull the “Must undo everything” crap that I *surmise* might come as a result.

    • 12.1 Kim Yoonmi

      Seeing 14: (No Spoilers) !@#$% I have words after the recap of 14.

      • 12.1.1 digiiix

        same seen ep 14 :'( this is reallyy annoying ! no spoilers too but were is that traveller gone :/

  13. 13 malta

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

    I’m feeling disheartened by this show. I just straight up don’t like Yi Seul. She is very selfish for being in a relationship with the coach when she’s in love with someone else who she keeps rejecting for whatever stupid reason. I also am annoyed that Baek Ho stays the best man in their wedding. How can you be the best man when you’re in love with the bride? Better yet, how can you be the best man when you are actively pursuing the bride through your time travel shenanigans. Your most fervent desire is to break up their impending marriage! Arrgh.

    The previews pissed me off. I don’t know how they are going to pull it off, but I’m already annoyed. Do we really need more of Baek Ho feeling guilty and not good enough for Yi Seul?

    The one highlight of this episode for me was Jin Joo and Chan Wook. Ahh some good stuff to numb the frustrating pain.

  14. 14 maeumi

    “If he does everything he can for the umpteenth time to win Yi-seul’s trust – that’s what it seems to come down to more than love, at this point – and ends up getting the same negative results, then I’ll take this series as an endearing exercise in proving that sometimes our best just isn’t good enough.”

    This reminds me of Patti Smith’s Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough.

  15. 15 RealKDramaaddict

    Although the episodes seem a bit recycled and the end is always the same, I see a lot of growth in BH. He is patiently throwing rocks in the river to cross it over to YS.

    At the beginning he was bombing their connection by being stupidly unaware.

    YS… What happened to the magic of BH hot kisses?!!! For any drama heroine that would be enough to get mortally infected with first lead love.

  16. 16 Belle

    This show has, if anything, a lot of heart.

    What wouldn’t you do in the name of love? BH has pretty much done everything in his power & more. Relationships are never easy…family, friends, and more so w/ the one you love. BH’s time traveling is what many wish they had or would be able to do in real life in order to ‘fix’ what they believe may be ‘broken’ in their lives. I understand why the writers have BH time travel so much…I would too if given the chance to change something, etc. However, once you are there it’s not as easy as it may seem…particularly ‘speaking’ those words you so much wish to express.

    In spite of what is currently happening in these last episodes, I do believe BH will be happy in the end. YSH knows his fans want him to have a happy ending for a change – one in which we will feel satisfied. *crossing fingers*

    Thanks for the recap!

  17. 17 Belle

    YES!!!!! Yoo Seung Ho is nominated for Male Popularity Award and for his character in the movie ‘Blind’ in the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards!

    I knew the nominating committee for these awards wouldn’t let me down. …soooo excited for him! He deserves AT LEAST a NOMINATION! The guy is really talented!


    (Source: yooseunghoworld.tumblr)

    • 17.1 Belle

      (meant…YSH…too excited to type lol)

      I’m just glad that YW (WBDS) will finally be redeemed, well at least w/ a nomination! …& these are the awards that count…they know talent when they see it, for the most part anyway.

    • 17.2 cookie128

      Blind and Warrior Baek Dong Soo as well. He has 2 nominations for that award~~

  18. 18 Belle

    …oh and so is the actress that plays Jin Joo, Park Jin Joo, for her character in the movie ‘Sunny’.

    This drama really has talented actors!

  19. 19 olsen

    Thank you for the great recap.
    I’m so glad that it’s getting better (from my point of view)

  20. 20 missjb

    i really thought this is the best episode beside epi 3-4…. I really love they wrap up about Jin Joo- Cha Wook ….. They show the reason I love this show so much in the firat place… that feel wram and some good character development that make me have a strong connection with the character…. show, I just want u show your strength, and become the way you are, am I too demanding?

  21. 21 ava

    Just the right heart tugging scenes. The friendship shines very true.

  22. 22 Roxanna

    Does anyone know the song Jin Joo was singing? It’s killing me!

  23. 23 mb

    The first. Few episodes seems to be amusing. But eventually as we get nearer, it becomes exhausting. Just how much more tiring it can be for Baekho. I havent seen the Japanese version yet, which they said has 11 o 12 episodes, maybe th reason why the Korean version is exhausting to watch, that theyve ran out of issue to show or just havr to stretch out for the sake of filling in the 16 eps. Im sorry, but as the story progresses im disliking Yi seul more and more. Disliking to the extent of raising my brows that “she isnt that great” thing. Disliking that it gives me the impression of her “trying to be important/cute/innocent/only-who-thinks-shes-the-one-whos-always-hurt. Though i acknowledge that she admitted to be selfish. We all know for the fact thay there were times the baekho had shortcomings, but i just feel wrong thay despite of trying to correct all his mistakes, the outcomes are still negative. I dont know if its the right thing to keep trying, or just we should know when to stop. The reason why i still watch this, just like what baekho felt a while ago, ive already went halfthru with this drama, i just want to finish and get over this with.

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