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Operation Proposal: Episode 15
by | March 30, 2012 | 55 Comments

You’re going to flip in this final week as our final conflict readies itself to crash and burn. Baek-ho races against time for his last shot – can he save himself from his miserable present or pull off a miraculous feat where everyone wins?


Out in the park, Baek-ho flips through Yi-seul’s phone, stopping at a curious contact, ‘Mr. Jonsen.’ A flashback teaches us that Yi-seul pitched Baek-ho as a potential recruit. The scout was impressed by his talents and asked to arrange a meeting in Busan. Screaming into the sky, Baek-ho yells at Yi-seul for taking steps to secure his future. Well, someone ought to.

Baek-ho: “Why? Why would you do that for me?” In voiceover, Baek-ho places all the blame upon his shoulders, including Yi-seul’s death.

Mom is surprised to hear the news at the restaurant, offering a few words of comfort that does little to ease his mind. Baek-ho asks if Yi-seul dropped by to which Mom agrees with a saddened nod. He gets riled up, thinking that she asked Yi-seul for another favor, but Mom tells him it was the first time she came to her after their last encounter.

After a long moment, Mom tells him that Yi-seul came to inquire about something – his father. The words catch Baek-ho off-guard as he softly repeats them. Yi-seul had asked about what he was like and how he passed away.

This triggers a recent memory when he saw a loving father and son enjoying some bonding activities of catch and attending a public bath together. Yi-seul had seen the glimmer of longing in his eyes and casually tossed that he should do the same (’cause he smells – ha!)… and then brought Dad to take him instead. Double HA! Boy these little moments can sure uplift my mood.

Yi-seul had cautiously asked why Baek-ho never mentioned anything about his father, to which he replied he didn’t recall any memories with him because he was too young. His mother kept mum about him and he never saw a photo.

So though he remembered no face to miss, there were times he did feel a bit empty. Like when he saw fathers come see their child’s baseball game, teaching their sons how to hold their liquor when they were of age, or when he saw them taking their sons to a public bath.

Drunk on soju, he slurs his words, asking what his father was like. “A crappy man.” She says. “A crappy husband. A crappy dad.” His voice lined with hurt, Baek-ho asks if his father was the worst – did he hurt, steal, and beat her like the other good-for-nothing men in her life?

But her answer surprises him – he made sure he didn’t wake up the rest of the house, would take care of Baek-ho during the night and took care of the sick. He was an upright man who could live a righteous life even without a set of societal laws.

Baek-ho bites back why she hated him so much then and she answers to both Baek-ho and Yi-seul in the past, “Because he died. Because he left us so suddenly that I couldn’t forgive him. Because people said that love is like a disease and that love left out of the blue. So I couldn’t live like I used to anymore.”

Mom told Yi-seul that she felt guilty towards her son, but he resembled his father so much. She broke into tears and Yi-seul comforted her. Before she had left, Yi-seul asked whether “it” was still there, and Mom said she wasn’t sure, since she and Baek-ho never once went to visit after they left. Ah, so Busan + Dad = Dad’s grave.

Enraged, Baek-ho rises from his chair and demands to know where that place is. As he runs out, he recalls when Yi-seul asked him to clear his schedule the day after next. Though slightly suspicious, he agreed to do so. Little did he know that her wave goodnight would be the last time he would ever see her alive.

With Jin-won’s earlier words about Yi-seul’s odd behavior booming in his head, Baek-ho races in the night down to Busan.

Meanwhile, Chae-ri marvels at the dating rumors concerning Jin-ju in the news. Now it’s Tae-nam to gauge Chan-wook’s darkened reactions as he tells her that this kind of news doesn’t necessarily suit Jin-ju. That sparks Chae-ri to ask whether Tae-nam harbored any romantic feelings for her, thinking him jealous at the scandal.

So she’s confused when Chan-wook leaves in a hurry, and Tae-nam tells her that she may be a dating guru, but she still has so much to learn about the hearts of men. How is she so lovingly dense about these things?

Baek-ho follows an apparition of Yi-seul to a small train station in the countryside where a conductor recognizes him right away. He heartily tells Baek-ho that a young woman came asking after his father and cried for a long while on the bench besides the railroad tracks.

Sitting there, he imagines or we’re taken back to his father’s final day.

Surprise, surprise – hello Conductor! He was a train conductor who was as good-natured as they come. There was a young child who roamed onto the tracks and his father dove to rescue him.

His eyes grow wide when the kind man shares a photo of his father and the same truth dawns on him as the pieces start to come together: the stranger who gave him a sweet when he was a little boy, the money the good-for-nothing boyfriend took, the mysterious man who beat him up, and finally, the times he spent with the Conductor.

The tears start rolling down his cheeks and he clutches at the news clipping. He throws angry pitches again in the park, demanding the Conductor’s presence,. “There’s something I have to tell you! And something I have have to hear from you.”

With every pitch, he cries out for the Conductor to appear, just once for the last time. He finally screams, “Father!”

And this time, the Conductor catches his pitch, dressed in his uniform. He steps towards Baek-ho and in shortened breaths, Baek-ho asks the Conductor if he’s really his father. Dad nods in agreement. “So there was a father to someone like me.” He nods, tears brimming in his eyes.

Baek-ho: “Do you know how much I resented you?”
Conductor: “I know.”
Baek-ho: “Do you know how much I missed you?”
Conductor: “I know.”
Baek-ho: “Do you know…how lonely I was?”
Conductor: “How could I not know?”

He trudges towards the Conductor and they embrace each other, father and son, found at last.

After their tear-inducing reunion, Baek-ho asks the Conductor why he never revealed himself. He was barred to do so, of course and if Baek-ho hadn’t put the pieces together, he would have never found out.

Dad adds that Baek-ho never would have gotten the chance to time-jump if it weren’t for Yi-seul. He apologizes because he had no idea that this journey would end up with her death. If he knew, he would never have appeared to him in the first place.

Cautiously, Baek-ho asks, “Is she there too?” And Dad the Conductor darts his tear-filled eyes back and forth. He answers, “Not yet. We have to find her and bring her back.”

But Baek-ho has a genius idea – he’ll go back once more to save her. Oh if this series was titled “The World According to Baek-ho.”

Dad firmly reminds him of the most important rule to time-travel: One cannot be involved in the matters of life and death of others. If you do, you die. Even if Yi-seul were to make it out alive in a fortuitous event, Baek-ho’s lifelong memories would be wiped clean of her. So what’s the point?

Baek-ho reflects on the possibility that every facet of Yi-seul would be gone and the Conductor tells him that Baek-ho should know from experience that going back in time doesn’t guarantee that the present he returns to will be any better.

Falling to his knees, Baek-ho pleads that it can’t possibly be more miserable than the current present, so can he be sent back one last time? Dad reminds him that even if he does, he cannot appear before him anymore, as a consequence of breaking the Conductor rules.

Baek-ho asks if that means he’ll never see Dad again, and Dad silently nods, tearing up once more. It would also mean that all the memories of him of both Dad and Conductor would be gone too – he still wants to go, right? More Dads breaking my heart, jeez. Wahhh.

And at Baek-ho’s silent nod, Dad reminds him that Baek-ho will be the one to die this time. “Who did you take after that you’re such an idiot?” The obvious answer’s you, but you know that he just chose girl over you, right Dad?

Right. Dad slaps on a brave face and takes out this final trip’s payment – the ball that Baek-ho signed himself and gave to Yi-seul.

They play catch together for the first and last time, and in tears, Dad says, “Kang Baek-ho, I’ll be a better father to you in the next life.” Baek-ho breaks that they’re going to do everything a father and son should do, like going to the public bath together, and then — but the Conductor disappears.

Baek-ho calls into the dark, “Dad… Father!” and spots the familiar vial in his wake.

At the office, Jin-won breaks my hearts into a million pieces, reflecting on his past memories with Yi-seul. The ring reminds him of his proposal and re-watching the Jerry Maguire film has him clutching his heart, wrenching in emotional pain.

Later, Chan-wook checks in with Baek-ho, sighing that this camera was supposed to take Yi-seul’s wedding photos. Baek-ho mutters that it will. Baek-ho thanks him for his concern, adding that he’s grateful he has such a caring friend.

As his lifelong memories flash in his mind, Baek-ho thinks to himself what good is it if Yi-seul isn’t in the world? It’s better for him to die than to forget about Yi-seul; it’s better that she marries Jin-won. It’s better that they remain strangers; it’s better that he dies.

Hmm, maybe it’s the light, but the vial looks darker now as if warning him of his impending doom. For possibly the last time, he whispers, “Renovatio, renovatio.”

Baek-ho wakes up in a flash, seven hours before her accident. He borrows Sergeant Yong-soo’s keys and apologizes that he might not be able to return them to him. Giving up on all your relationships on this girl, are you now?

Meanwhile, Yi-seul looks at Bear Baek-ho, a thunderstorm raging on outside, and tells him that just because she can’t forget doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. But she’s going to get married to Jin-won and wants to give him one last gift. So she’ll be back so they can greet his father tomorrow.

She tucks the ring into his pocket, exactly where Baek-ho found it, “Wish me luck, Baek-ho.”

And in true kdrama fashion, Baek-ho pulls up to the house two seconds after Yi-seul leaves. And it’s the slowest drive-up ever, especially for a guy who’s only got seven hours left.

Oh, NOW you decide to pull out your phone to call, huh? @!#&(*@!%.

Baek-ho rationalizes in his car, figuring out the best course of action. He deduces that he has to catch her before she makes it to Busan. No kidding, Sherlock.

He continuously tries to call, even though her phone was turned off before, the torrential rain beating on his car. But she’s busy on the phone with Jin-won, assuring him that she’ll let him know when everything works out.

Yi-seul simply says she’s sorry, she’ll be a better wife from now on, but perfect husband-to-be tells her that she can stay where she is by his side. He jokes that she sounds like someone who will leave him at the altar (something I wouldn’t necessarily joke about, but whatever) and wishes her a safe journey.

She finally notices the list of her missed calls and frantic text from Baek-ho. Instead of calling him back, she smiles and tells Baek-ho to wish her luck.

They pass by each other once again and now we witness the accident – a car tried to pull forward and Yi-seul sharply pulled over, crashing into the side of the road, her car flipping a few times over.

Baek-ho looks nervously to the clock as it ticks the fateful minute of the crash. He wishes to the Powers that Be to save Yi-seul… and now it’s Baek-ho who swerves to avoid the same car and he ends up unconscious and bloodied.

The camera pans in and Dad gently pulls Baek-ho close to him, calling out his name. Earlier childhood memories when they played catch by the station flash in his head. Sobbing, he says, “Kang Baek-ho, I was so happy because of you. Having you as my son…”

But the sirens cut him off, and Dad holds him one last time before he disappears.

The medics wheel him in, calling none other than Yi-seul, number 1 on his speed dial. She’s meeting with Mr. Jonsen, unhurt. But like every good kdrama heroine, she’s left her phone in the car, and it’s Chan-wook who hears the dreadful news and informs their friends.

Yi-seul calls Baek-ho in excitement to share the good news that the scout wants to take him to the major leagues as the doctors attempt to revive him.

But despite their best efforts, he flatlines.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy – call me sadistic, but this is the ballsiest move I’ve ever seen a drama pull. I may be stretching my mark here, but this might be the first time where a drama has killed off its HERO. I would enjoy the bravery of the production staff more if I had faith in the writers that they’d be able to pull off pure brilliance from this.

Unfortunately, I don’t and I fear that we’re in for another sloppy ending that a second grader can do a better job of. I really do have to applaud the move because it’s probably the most intriguing cliffhanger I’ve seen in a while and for fifteen hours of pure brain cell killage – they’ve got my full attention for the last episode. Or at least the first five minutes of it to see if he lives or dies.

However, I did not like how the consequences of Baek-ho’s time slips took a drastic turn this late in the game. Sure it’s shocking, but as a viewer, I would have found it far more enjoyable if this death sequence was built up in earlier episodes. For instance, we have barely seen Baek-ho suffer serious consequences for changing the past whilst in the past until he returned to the present. Remember that fading of his hand in Episode 5 when he was going to find the letter prematurely? I hardly do, either – but since then, our hero’s basically been given full rein for his actions.

Then when were we ever told how Tae-nam suddenly became the suave, money-throwing successful young man? Or what Chae-ri does for a living? We’re too busy being flipped back and forth that we’re never really explained of our world, the writers expecting the audience to be stupid enough to not know what’s going on, but still expected to follow along, You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I’m relieved that Baek-ho got to share a few minutes with his father, the Conductor. Bravo to those in the DB community who correctly guessed that Yi-seul would want Baek-ho to visit his father’s grave even though she had no idea that he was the Conductor. Ugh, it broke my heart when Baek-ho chose saving Yi-seul over him and asked if that’s what he really wanted with pleading eyes. Yeah, he’s an idiot. Not sure why you sent him gallivanting around, changing the course of time, Dad.

So now we’ve got one hour to wrap everything up, and I’m bracing myself for the impending crash ahead. Maybe my memories can be wiped clean too.


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  1. YBisTOP


  2. kewbie

    Thanks for the review GM! Love it. 🙂

  3. allenaoki

    So let me get this straight: Baek Ho travels time numerous times which will result in changing everyone’s life for the better…except his? Poor Baek Ho.

    I’m almost certain he won’t die, but it seems like the crash will resort in him forgetting who Yi Seul is. (Only YS? What about everyone else?)

    But I’m still holding out for a happy end for BH, which would mean ending up with YS, despite the sloppy writing of their pairing. He just deserves one.

    • 3.1 allenaoki

      *And by resort, I meant result.

  4. Daisy

    So sad T.T

  5. aquarianunicorn

    actually in the drama SIGN – they killed off the hero too. i actually don’t mind when they do to make the story whole – kinda like giving a dose of reality

  6. pigtookie

    i was half-heartedly enjoying this drama and enjoying the pretty, but i sobbed my eyes out for the first time during the father-son reunion.

  7. Belle

    Still one of the best dramas around.

    Thanks for the recap.

  8. aoiaheen

    The writers irritate me to no end. I really liked that BH died (? or is in a coma). It was a pretty good move. But like gummimochi said, this should have come earlier.

    And lot of things should have been explained too. Like TaeNam and Chae-ri’s change in professions. And Jin Joo (where’s that girl?)

    I didn’t like how they brought the ring in for no reason. It just confused me. So what I get from this episode is that YS loves BH but chose JW since he is more stable. But she still wants to make BH a happier man. The ring has nothing to do with her trip to Pusan. (This is just me thinking out loud.)

    I really loved BH interactions with his dad. *tears* I hope they wrap up the series well. I think they will.

    • 8.1 Kim Yoonmi

      >>Like TaeNam and Chae-ri’s change in professions.

      Tae Nam’s profession was explained at least where he became a chef, but the thing is that no one seemed to catch that one because no one watched Dae Jang Geum and none of the recappers ever seem to catch it. (Rooftop Price, My Princess.)

      >>And Jin Joo (where’s that girl?)

      That was explained last episode. She became a singer and popular.

    • 8.2 jomo

      BH’s Dad in the car just about killed me.

  9. Ani

    “but this might be the first time where a drama has killed off its HERO”

    Nah. It won’t be the first time. I mean… Ok people, if you hate spoilers, don’t read any further. I won’t mention the dramas I will be including outside of the spoiler markers because that’ a dead giveaway, but just in case AVOID!


    Sign – Dead hero
    Bad Guy – Dead Hero


    • 9.1 shopgirl

      omo, those 2 dramas you mentioned is in my drama list *gasp

    • 9.2 aoiaheen

      True. But those two weren’t romatic comedies. There was one drama meant to be a rom-com that killed off its heroine. And I will forever hate that one.

      I don’t think BH is going to die though. If he does… &%*&*&*&^&^((*@

      • 9.2.1 jomo

        What’s that other show?
        There’s these two buddies who grow up together and one of them dies, I think…That guy, I think it’s Yo Soo Hoong, is in it.
        You remember. The one that

        I LOVED that show.

        • aoiaheen

          The rom-com i talked about was ***spoiler*** 49 days.

          But the one you talked about…. I am still in the healing process.

          My Ripped Effing Heart is still bleeding all over the floor even now. And of course I love that one! It’s my fav brother fighting brother show that ever was.

          • jomo

            I think it’s funny (good) that you are also on board for EM, which promises an awesome heart ripping out to come.

            Please tell me who watched Sandglass –
            talk about bromance that leaves a mark.
            The Duo had a great pairing
            Or films – JSA, Secret Reunion, The Front Line
            I know there are more.
            It is my fav storyline. Even in romcoms I like the rival stories the best.

          • aoiaheen

            you know, i think EM is so similar to sandglass. Except here, one of the guy turns out bad.

  10. 10 KStyle

    No no no no aniyo!!!!

    Kill YiSeul, kill her not Back Ho. Why?!?!?!!

    I can’t, I just can’t anymore. Why are y’all doin this to me.

    Ok I’m done, done with this drama. I can’t take it anymore.

    Now that I’m done with my ten year old tantrum.
    I still don’t like YS she is still aggreviatin me to the tenth power. Mr. Perfect, please go somewhere like another country and take YS with you please.

    Oh Back Ho, oh Back Ho. I see you finally got that backbone and man upped but for all the wrong reasons. I just can’t support you on your quest to be with YS anymore, I like you too much to see you waste your life on her.

    Conductor Dad: you shouldve said no to Back Ho and took him away or something.

    I’m glad that there is only one more episode left cuz I’m so ready to find all the writers of this show and force them to go jump off a cliff, a very high cliff together.

    Here’s to wishful thinking that Back Ho ends up with someone else.

    • 10.1 Belle

      LOL!!! @

      ‘I’m glad that there is only one more episode left cuz I’m so ready to find all the writers of this show and force them to go jump off a cliff, a very high cliff together.’

      …completely agree w/ you, though.

  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    Reading the recaps is much.. much more enjoyable than watching the drama itself. 만세 for gummimochi!!!!

    • 11.1 Belle

      True. 🙂

      • 11.1.1 Belle

        …well…sometimes…this drama is pretty good, though.

        • jomo

          And YSH is so lovely in every possible way.

  12. 12 Gamja on Sofa

    I think it is better that his actions in the past have a big impact on their lives.
    In the Japanese version, the time travel changed little except for the pictures.
    The Korean version shows that the choices he made in the past were life changing.

  13. 13 halaure

    I think I broke my drama record by crying three times during this episode. The father-son moments were absolute gold – I mean, that final game of catch just killed me.

    Still, despite how touching those scenes were, I still understand why Baek-ho would choose saving Yi-seul over ever interacting with his father again. Yes, he’s been longing for a father figure since childhood, but he’s only actually known the man himself for a very short time. And what relationship would he be saving if he remained in that present? It’s not like the Conductor would magically return alive to be by his son’s side. There would only be sporadic visits that could never amount to anything permanent. Whereas with Yi-seul, there’s twenty years of history added on top of feeling guilty about her death, so it makes sense that he chooses her.

    I’m just crossing my fingers for a happy ending.

    • 13.1 jomo

      Not to mention, BH never would have met his Dad/Conductor if his love for YS wasn’t strong enough to make him want to go back in time.

    • 13.2 malta

      I don’t like that he chose Yi Seul over his dad. He always chooses her over everyone else including himself. And now he’s going to literally sacrifice his life for her. Meanwhile she won’t even give up “stable” Jin Won for him. Frankly the things she does for him, like helping him with his career and going to find his dad, don’t really impress me at all. They don’t make her endearing or loveable because Baek Ho doesn’t want or ask for any of those things from her. He only ask her to be with him, the man she loves, but no. She won’t do it. So frustrating. And it doesn’t even make sense. Why can’t she just leave her secret plans of making him happy and just marry him and actually make him happy?! Gah!

    • 13.3 merrygoocow

      yup it was his time traveling that killed her in the first place so even if he didn’t love her like mad, it would be wrong to choose his dead dad over her life.

  14. 14 fullernj

    Then when were we ever told how Tae-nam suddenly became the suave, money-throwing successful young man? Or what Chae-ri does for a living?

    Don’t they run an online shopping mall/clothing store… I swear I heard one of the pals say that in a past episode. Or am i making that up?

    • 14.1 summer_rain

      yups… they were supposed to run an online shopping mall together… in one of the “back-to-the-pasts” of baek ho, tae nam lost all the savings in some scam investment n chae ri was so upset with him… (correct me if im wrong). im done with ep.16, i liked it. hope u guys would, too.

  15. 15 Iheartstars

    This was a sad episode, but…
    just saw the last episode and I have to say… I liked it and think they did well on it 🙂

    • 15.1 Belle


  16. 16 Kim Yoonmi

    So I was the only one that loathed this episode and thought it felt fake…

    *sigh* The whole Yi Seul dies thing felt fakey to me too. And also the whole, “You have to explain the role of the Conductor” was a cheap shot too. But then I always hated inserted makjang and this is the worst of the lot: majimak makjang for the sake of it–especially to fit a formula.

    I don’t mind sad things, but I do mind sad things just for the sake of them being sad out of nowhere. Probably why I hate Equator Man and also all the “OMG, adoptees are cold-hearted sobfests.” This definitely was out of nowhere for the sake of it. There needs to be an anchor for such emotions earlier.

    Oh and the switch in who dies… that kind of struck me as Gift of the Magi, but Gift of the Magi was done better rooting the ending with clues throughout the story.

    • 16.1 jomo

      I have to say, I don’t put this in makjang (as I understand it) because it wasn’t prolonged or repetitive pain.
      week 3, someone loses their job
      week 4 debt collectors take house
      week 5 kids get taken away
      week 6 someone goes blind

      But then, I also don’t see this as a typical linear story.
      Rather a story that is also an exploration of the idea of love, true love, friendship.
      What is it, really? Is it something you can deserve? Is it something fated? What do you have to do or give up for it to be real?
      It was the subtle changes in BH’s understanding, and in his appreciation that keeps me watching. Whether or not he ends up with the girl was secondary to his journey.

      I don’t think we get that with most romcoms, or even melos.

      • 16.1.1 Kim Yoonmi

        I probably feel frustrated because the original did those things better… and I thought the writer was out to one up the original… and I’m all for that, but instead, it was makjang for the sake of it… that was the only insertion.

        Did you see the original?

        Also, if you want an unusual drama, History of a Salaryman does better in that department…

        • Kim Yoonmi

          I should be clear my hopes were up after about 4-5 episodes that it would be like that… trying to say something new, but got frustrated when that wasn’t the case and Yi Seul was made weaker than Rei.

          • jomo

            I didn’t see the J one because I didn’t want to spoil this one.
            Is Rei the J Yi Seul?

            It’s hard not to compare the remake to the Jdrama, but all versions are adaptations of the original story, so they are allowed to be different.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Rei==Yi Seul
            Ken(zo)==Baek Ho

            The feeling of friendship was somehow stronger in the original, but I can’t pinpoint exactly why this is so. Might be because it was more compact, or that one of Ken’s friends notices his “trips” and it’s played for laughs, but something in the original kind of made the friendship stronger… might be just me.

            Original was definitely more funny.

    • 16.2 malta

      I like the dad twist even though we could see it coming. I think they should have addressed it earlier, then when the Conductor asked Baek Ho to choose between trying to save Yi Seul and forgetting him, I think it would have held more weight. The father son moments were so well acted. What a treat to see.

  17. 17 buttrcup

    What Da Fraaaaaak? Just rip my heart out why don’t you? First you make Mr. Perfect break down and then to see Baek-Ho’s father break down and ofc seeing Baek-ho DIE?! (Pffft, youse really are pushing it).

    Seriously show, you better maneuver something that doesn’t totally fuck with my brain cells in the last episode to the point where I’ll hate you forever. Period.

    I have hope for the last episode, and I will hold onto that hope. (Although, it’s hanging on a thin as, as, as, as string).

  18. 18 jomo

    Thanks for the recap! I had to watch 15/16 de suite because I knew the cliffhanger would be killer. PUN intended.

    I have never been a fan of YS but this part:
    “and tells him that just because she can’t forget doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. But she’s going to get married to Jin-won and wants to give him one last gift.” made me yell really loud:
    SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! Why? WHY? WHY do you have to go to JW? You do not make any sense to me whatsoever.

    I don’t know what I expect from this heroine, but a little uncertainty would help. “I am not sure if I should go to JW, even now, in the last few days…Help me, BH-bear, Help me make sure I understand my heart…Help me BH-Bear because you are the most important person in the world to me…”

    I cried from the moment this one started to after it ended.
    To me, THIS is a good episode. The Conductor in his little uniform being a real Conductor, and loving his little boy enough to come back and change everything for him. As a parent, that got me RIGHT there. I would give up my child’s memories of me for his/her happiness. I would give anything.

    Yes, all those silly details are kinduv fuzzy now. We have jumped back and forth we are time drunk, aren’t we? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said, “Ever since Chan-wook had that sex change…”

    Bring on the pain, Show, I can take it!

    • 18.1 malta

      I have never been a fan of YS but this part:
      “and tells him that just because she can’t forget doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. But she’s going to get married to Jin-won and wants to give him one last gift.”
      made me yell really loud:
      SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! Why? WHY? WHY do you have to go to JW? You do not make any sense to me whatsoever.


      Exactly! Ripping my hair out and cursing during this scene. It made me sooooo angry.

  19. 19 airiin

    Thanks for the recap! Anyway.. I cried the whole time I was watching the scenes with his dad (conductor!!)

  20. 20 gustave154

    wtf…. -________________-

  21. 21 iya

    The girl doesn;t know how much Baek Ho has given up just for her. Really. It pisses me off to the core, and to see no developments or what so ever from their relationship like her choosing Baek ho over Coach for instance. -_-
    Seriously? I mean come’on! Just do it already.

  22. 22 malta

    Baek Ho and his dad together just got me. I was a crying mess. I wish they had developed that relationship earlier. Also Jin Won grieving for Yi Seul. Gah. Rip my heart out show. If only Yi Seul was an awesome heroine instead of a confusing and frustrating one. How did she manage to get 2 awesome men to be madly in love with her? I bet Jin Won would time travel for her too.

  23. 23 ck1Oz

    In every K drama the phone is tied to the hips. They even answer it in the middle of kissing.

    Here… it’s in the car &^$*&%

  24. 24 Amanda

    I have to say that I haven’t been too impressed with this series. Most of the time it’s rated as a *Shoulder Shrug* Neh for me.

    However, I totally balled like a little baby into my bubble bath when he finally met the conductor as his father for the first time….then it went back to Neh.

    I should also mention I am not a crier. Not even once for Scent of a Woman, even though I was assured that even a heartless wench like myself was sure to need THREE boxes of tissues.

    IMO it was the highlight of this whole series.

    • 24.1 Amanda


  25. 25 Lilian

    When I saw the ending I was like…er…he is going to survive! no way they are going to kill him off.

  26. 26 Rainyday

    The reunion between Kang Baek Ho and his dad is awesome….It broke my heart to pieces.

  27. 27 Damien

    I don’t like the heroine!!! YS is so stupid!!!

  28. 28 Lucy

    Hi, what’s the name of little piano melody in the background of the scene with the conductor/father at the station, please? When the child crying …

  29. 29 santhosh kumar

    hi friends i am from india can anyone please tell me where can i download the korean dramas i was waiting for the long time please give me a solution…

    thank you

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