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Operation Proposal: Episode 16 (Final)
by | March 31, 2012 | 108 Comments

We’ve made it to the end of the time-space continuum … or just the one Baek-ho’s been jumping through. You’ve been quite the ride, drama – but can I get my brain cells back? Are they refundable?


At a church, Yi-seul prays through broken sobs for Baek-ho. Clutching the carved cross necklace in her hands, she mutters, “Kang Baek-ho’s fine. He won’t die. He won’t leave me behind.”

She asks the heavens to return him to her, praying that she won’t be greedy ever again. Greedy as in putting her will before others. Well, thank heavens that she actually got the message about Baek-ho.

The church doors open and Jin-won silently approaches her. Placing a small hand of comfort, he tells her that it’s time to go, but she embraces him and cries. Man, why is this man always there as a pillar of tears?

Wedding Day. We witness the same wedding march from the first episode with Yi-seul walking down the aisle with her father. After the wedding, Chae-ri asks after Baek-ho’s absence and Chan-wook tells him that he wasn’t at home. Ah, so our hero is very much alive.

A flashback to a week prior to the wedding teaches us that Baek-ho’s return was a miraculous one and he kept mum when his friends ask why he was travelling to Busan. Yi-seul stormed in, hitting him in angry tears about how much she put her through.

Confused, Baek-ho asks, “Who are you?”

OH NO. DON’T TELL ME WE’RE IN MAKJANG LAND!! Where did I miss the exit?! Daddy Issues? Check. Random Death? Check? Amnesia? Check.

Yi-seul doesn’t find his joking manner amusing at all, but amnesiac Baek-ho repeats that he has no idea who she is, to everyone’s astonishment. Chae-ri asks in slight disbelief if he honestly doesn’t remember Yi-seul and he nods in agreement.

The doctor basically explains that Baek-ho is suffering from, wait for it – selective memory loss. PUHAHAHA. Oh makjang, sometimes you can be downright hilarious.

He continues that patients are likely to forget the trauma surrounding the accident or persons involved. They cannot assure a guaranteed recovery of his memory, but they’ll have to wait and see.

The relationship between Yi-seul and Baek-ho has now shifted into an awkward one as she speaks to him in their familiar banmal, handing him a bite of his favorite fruit. But he replies back in formal jondae, asking if she can stop coming here anymore. Oof, as if speaking formally already created enough distance in their relationship.

He says with a straight face that he understands that they used to be friends, but he doesn’t feel like they are anymore. Yi-seul can barely mask her hurt as he tells her that he doesn’t know why but his head hurts when he sees her and feels generally bad whenever she’s around.

She squeaks out in banmal, “Sorry,” then switches to jondae before running out of the room.

The friends gather in the snack shop and Tae-nam worries that they didn’t see Baek-ho off from the hospital. But Chan-wook says that it’s Yi-seul he’s worried about – what if Chae-ri woke up one morning and said she couldn’t remember her fiancé?

Hilariously, Tae-nam’s voice skyrockets a few octaves and says he’d go crazy, knowing that she’d forget all about their love and adds, “There’d be no meaning left in my life!”

Later that night, Yi-seul finds him in the park, excitedly running over before she remembers that he’s not the same buddy Baek-ho she’s known for years. She cautiously asks after his health and starts ranting before he cuts her off, “What kind of relations were we? The kind who attended the same school and shared ddukbokki together, am I right?”

She stammers in agreement and he lays down that he’ll refer to her as “Coach’s wife” since they’re getting married soon. Is he aware of our friendly their relationship was? He instructs her that she should be good to Jin-won and forget her friend.

Unbeknownst to her, Jin-won has witnessed this scene from a distance and happily greets her after Baek-ho walks away. She apologizes for her downcast mood lately and he agrees that it’s unfair for him to see her crying, especially over another man at that.

She turns to leave, but he gently pulls her in for a backhug. He asks if they should postpone the wedding, giving her the okay to do so if that’s what her heart wants. She assures him that she will go through with the wedding and become his bride.

Flashing back to the present, Chan-wook holds the video camera he picked up from Baek-ho’s house after he borrowed it briefly. Noting the date as the same day as Baek-ho’s accident, he plays the footage of Baek-ho sitting down in front of the camera. We don’t hear the audio, but Chan-wook’s eyes widen.

At the reception, Tae-nam introduces a slideshow as Jin-ju sings. It’s a pleasant song, but it’d be way more pleasant if one of two things happened 1) The musical director turned it up a few keys or 2) They correctly told Jin-ju the key the instrumental would be in. Discordant chords = unhappy ears.

The photos all the way from childhood to the present leave Yi-seul a bit uncomfortable in her seat, knowing that Baek-ho recalls none of it. Then at the very end, the footage Chan-wook uncovers plays before them.

Baek-ho introduces himself to the crowd, saying that if things go according to plan, that this video will be played at the wedding, but he will not be there. He sends his genuine congratulations to the newlyweds and begins to talk about Yi-seul, the words reminiscent of the ones from Episode 1.

But when he saw imagined her getting married, he realized how he felt towards her. He apologizes to Jin-won and reveals that he asked Yi-seul to call off her wedding; that he wanted to drag her out himself. And even at his moment, he still feels that way.

Tearing now, he sincerely thought that he was the one who could make her the happiest person in the world in good times and bad.

“For a boy who was ridiculed because he lost his father and loved baseball, she became my baseball manager. She faced freezing to death for a friend who gave up on his dream. For someone no one would take, she became my Jerry Maguire.”

She learned his favorite dish from his mother and gifted him with his father. Tears streaming down his face, she was his family and he wanted to become a better person because of her.

But he couldn’t tell her his true feelings. Even though all the times he messed up, it wasn’t until he lost her that he finally realized how precious she was to him. And how much it saddened him to know that he said things just thinking he’d see her next time.

He ends, “I, Kang Baek-ho, loved Ham Yi-seul. I love her. And I will always love her, now and forever.”

The couple looks on with eyes brimmed with tears as he sincerely congratulates their wedding, and Baek-ho apologizes to Jin-won for another man’s love confession. He slaps on a brave façade that he won’t forgive them if they don’t live happily ever after then breaks down into tears.

The crowd breaks into applause as Chan-wook smiles on and Yi-seul runs out of the reception.

In a private moment, Jin-won asks if she remembers what he told her that Christmas when Yi-seul ran out from her thesis. She nods, “Though each road holds regret, but which road you choose will you regret more?” But he adds that he also told her that if she looks into her heart, she’ll know the answer.

The realization that her new husband just opened the door for her to leave of her own accord sinks in and he awkwardly brushes past the moment to step out for a moment. While he’s gone, she can investigate her heart to find her answer. He believes that whatever the answer is, it’ll be the best one and will support her.

Falling to his knees, he hugs her one last time. Looking into her eyes, he says, “I’ll be back.” Jin-won steps outside using all of his resolve to hold back his tears.

The friends contemplate over Baek-ho’s confession and admit it sounds as if he knew he would be involved in a car accident that day. Chae-ri wonders where Yi-seul is and we cut to her back in that small chapel, crying.

She thinks to herself that Baek-ho was always by her side, her memories were always shared with him. She wasn’t able to be true to her feelings and they always missed each other by what seemed like mere seconds. The one who was unable to face the unknown to the end was her. The one who gave up Baek-ho’s affection was her.

He was the one who was showed his feelings, but she was the one who never accepted him. “Our lives were always intertwined. But because I feared it would get more complicated, that we would end up more hurt, I thought we weren’t fated, that destiny wasn’t supposed to be this hard.” Once she lost him did she realize how important he was to her. It’s a nice reflection of Baek-ho’s earlier confession.

Through her tears, a stranger hands her a handkerchief… and hey, it’s the Conductor again. He tells her that most women think it’s a wise decision to marry the one who loves them most rather than the one they love. But she seems different.

She asks after who he is, citing that he looks familiar. He brushes it aside and asks if she’s found her answer. It catches her off guard, and so he regales her with a story that might be appropriate.

He once knew of a man who travelled back in time to change his past. But even though he tried his damndest, he wasn’t able to come back to the reality he wanted. At the end of it, he realized that no matter how many times he went back, he was still himself.

The Conductor tells her, “He realized that rather than changing the past, his will to change the present was more important.” So he thinks that it’s still not too late.

With a nod, he sends her off and Yi-seul makes a run for it. Jin-won watches as she runs barefoot, taking out a paper wish they flew out one New Years’ Day. It was Baek-ho’s wish that landed by his feet and he opens it again to read:

“Every time I travelled back to the past for Yi-seul, there was always something fortuitous that happened to me. I became a baseball player, made first string, and wished that this would be the last time-travelling trip. That Kang Baek-ho’s last time-travelling trip would be towards Yi-seul’s happiness.”

It reminds him of Baek-ho’s bold declaration that he believed in miracles, and when he received his frantic phone call to stop Yi-seul from going to Busan. He muses aloud, “A man who goes back in time. I can’t compete with that – it’s just unfair.” Oy, I’ll say.

He throws the paper wish into the distance, admitting defeat, “Hitter Kwon Jin-won has struck out against pitcher Kang Baek-ho.”

Now Yi-seul is the one running to search for Baek-ho (ha – that’s the same taxi driver!) and he drops her off at the elementary school. Stepping into their old classroom, Yi-seul peers in and spots Baek-ho sitting at his old desk. He looks back at her, but his expression is indiscernible if he recalls her now or not.

As they sit next to each other, wordless, they carry on a conversation with their thoughts. Baek-ho asks her in his head who she is, “Who are you that you make my heart hurt this much?” Mm, I guess he doesn’t remember. She thinks that it doesn’t matter that he can’t remember because she does. They’ll just start from the beginning.

Extending her hand, she greets him, “Hi. My name is Ham Yi-seul.” He takes it and she says, near tears, “It’s nice to meet you, Kang Baek-ho.”

Jin-ju puts on a concert for her fans with Chan-wook filming in the background. She shares about how she went to a wedding earlier today where a lifelong friend who was supposed to give his congratulations ended up confessing his love for the bride.

Using his words that ‘he waited too long,’ and that you should never leave something until tomorrow, she bucks up the courage to make her own confession: “The first time I saw you, I loved you. I was able to breathe because of you. I found the will to live because of you. I started singing because of you. And because of you, I found my place in the world.”

Shining a spotlight on Chan-wook, she slowly walks up to him and tells him, “Song Chan-wook, I love you.” And he pulls her in for a hug. Cute cute cute.

This time, it’s Yi-seul who makes the effort (finally!) to grab Baek-ho’s attention, following him around while he practices his pitches and works out. Initially finding her presence merely tolerable, he hits a point where it seems as if he almost misses her puppy dog presence, looking around the park searching for her until they finally all come together to celebrate a birthday.

Yi-seul rifles through the spare room in Baek-ho’s place, smiling when she uncovers the banner that was draped across their laps the first time they were in here. Baek-ho follows in after her, which is when the door conveniently locks itself and Yi-seul yelps, “Again?!”

That doesn’t go unnoticed by Baek-ho who asks if they’ve been trapped in here before. He calls her peculiar after hearing that they’ll just jump out of the window like last time. But she retorts that there are people who like that quality in her – like someone with peculiar taste.

He curls up on the wall, figuring they’ll have to wait ’til morning and he starts humming the children’s song that Yi-seul always hummed and she finishes it. He’s surprised that she’s familiar with it because it’s left in his memory but he can’t recall the rest of the melody or the lyrics.

So Yi-seul pipes, “Shall I teach you?” And Baek-ho nods like a cute puppy.

They fall asleep, resting on each others’ shoulders and a stranger drapes over the banner across them. With a loving pat on the head, Grandpa (yay!) tells Baek-ho that he’s been through a lot. “Don’t make our Yi-seul cry anymore.”

Yi-seul nods awake to find a note from Baek-ho to find him at the playground. She’s both confused and astonished as Baek-ho asks for that letter – the one that she wrote from middle school.

She snaps that she’s already thrown it away. But switching to banmal, he recites it word-for-word. Their voices overlap as he continues, and tears form in her eyes. Aw, he remembers and man, this is pretty darn adorable and sweet.

Yi-seul finishes the final sentences, “I, Ham Yi-seul, liked Kang Baek-ho. I really like Kang Baek-ho.” He jokingly berates her that she should have told him sooner and she angrily cries, asking if he finally remembers her – who is she?

Pulling into a hug, he says, “Ham Yi-seul. Kang Baek-ho’s most precious friend. The world’s scariest manager.” She asks what else. “The person who’s more valuable than my own life. Even if I were to be born again, my perfect mate.”

She cries what else? Baek-ho looks into her eyes and tells her, “Kang Baek-ho’s first and very last love of his life.”

Yi-seul half-punches his chest, asking how he could forget someone so important in his life and he answers that if she doesn’t stop crying, she’ll just have to marry him.

And he shuts her up with a kiss, as the church bells (rung by the Conductor) ring in the distance.

Some time later, we’re at a baseball game in the final inning with two outs. The commentators wonders who will come out as the final pitching relief and it’s Baek-ho. His friends cheer in the sidelines and Dad and Grandpa clink beers in the bleachers.

He looks on to see his loving and supporting friends and the woman he loves. He thinks aloud, “I love you. I love you Yi-seul.”

With a smile on his face, he revs up for his first pitch.



It’s over! But I don’t get any of my brain cells back — bummer. My brain pretty much checked out for the latter half of this drama because my brain couldn’t handle the time switcheroos and alternate realities. The major flaw here was in the writing – once the writers ran out of ideas of how to pull out the original storyline to its max, it was a discombobulated vortex of confusion. I stopped theorizing and made up my own sadistic makjang storylines because well, that seemed a lot more interesting.

So when the actual makjang kicked in, I found it absolutely hilarious. It’s just one of those plot points that is so ridiculous that you find it funny again. It came in late in the game – the amnesia, the daddy issues, the “fated” or “not fated” love. In fact, since it seemed like the staff just jutted them in there like a stuffed turkey.

From where the story lacked, the series definitely benefited from a well-casted group. Yoo Seung-ho really carried the weight of this series on his shoulders, because it really seemed as if his character was the only one who sort of-kind-of, maybe knew a little bit more of what was going on than the audience, but sold Baek-ho’s struggle and desire to be with Yi-seul that we wanted to see his development and growth in this series.

His friends are really where the meat and potatoes are at – and it definitely says something if I love their interactions more than our main couple. They looked out for each other, having each others’ best interest at heart, and pushed each other to become the best person they could be. It wasn’t always perfect, but lifelong friendships always come with little bumps in the road.

We got our happy ending, with our main couple getting together, but I really felt that we already got our epilogue once Yi-seul became the person making the effort to seek Baek-ho. Again, I feel it would have been a smarter move to leave an open ending, where Yi-seul reciprocated her feelings towards Baek-ho, by starting over and building that trust in their relationship again. But we got a conveniently tied-up ending where our hero “magically” receives his memory again. Don’t get me wrong – his final confession to her face-to-face was appropriate but if you’re going to pull several ballsy moves, drama, then see it through – don’t half-ass it on me and make a huge makjang u-turn.

All in all, the little moments in this show are what carried me through for over 16 hours. We got a lot of pretty in terms of men and camerawork and I could write a whole novel about what went wrong. Or I can leave knowing that changing the course of time will always lead towards an unforeseeable future.


108 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kbap

    Thank you! Though this series was far from perfect, I enjoyed it a lot 🙂

    • 1.1 faith

      r u kidding me
      .it was perfect. loved it.best drama ever wohoooooo.yay.saranghee

  2. aoiaheen

    Thank you for recapping this gummimochi. I really enjoyed your recaps.

    I have to say I cheered when BH lost his memory. Is it really wrong of me to enjoy the heroine’s suffering?

    But i must say she kind of redeemed herself towards the end. She left JW and went to BH even though he didn’t remember her. That shows conviction.

    But poor poor JW. I really felt bad for him. So sad to be left at the alter (or at the reception). It’s ok in a drama i guess, but I can’t see how confessing your love for the bride at the reception is a good idea.

    But all in all, I’m happy that I watched this drama. And my love for YSH as an actor only grew. He really knows how to make you root for him.

    • 2.1 smileychedder

      AHH! i thought i was some kind of cynical child when i started cheering when BH lost his memory xD glad to know i’m not the only one… although it was kinda a cheap move to play the amnesia card i think it played well with the story because well a) the conductor did warn him that he may lose his memory or die if he went back and b) it would sorta force YS to be the one holding on to BH in the end
      i also agree that they should’ve given JW a hint of hope at the end, maybe let him meet a pretty girl in a coffee shop or something xD

      • 2.1.1 aoiaheen

        Yeah. The conductor did warn him. But I do wish they had actually killed BH or atleast put him in a coma and YS got the chance to travel back in time. Then she could have gone back to the time when YS threw the ring and got back together with him.

        That way atleast she wouldn’t have used JW so badly. (Since she would have altered her past and never got together with JW) But I speak because of my love for LHJ.

        Anyway, I’m happy that no one remained dead (hee hee) and everyone (save one) got what they wanted.

        But i do wish they had shown YS’s parents at the end. I would have liked to see how happy the mother was when she found out that YS is getting together with BH. Or they could have atleast shown them in the stands at the last game. Oh well!

        • jomo

          Good point about the parents. They are a big part of the reason I rooted for him.
          It could be the dad was busy filming K2H, although I don’t know what was already in the can.

        • Miss

          “…YS got the chance to travel back in time. Then she could have gone back to the time when YS threw the ring and got back together with him.

          That way atleast she wouldn’t have used JW so badly….”

          I really liked this idea. Although I wanted Baek Ho to get the girl, It was a total heartbreaking moment for Jin Won. I wish they didn’t have to reach that wedding before Yi Seul dump him. I think the hurt is much worse than just getting dumped when he declared his love for her.. am really sad for Jin-Won. :'(

  3. Kate

    Aww, I liked this a lot. So sad that its ending:(

  4. smileychedder

    something that really bothered me: if BH got the camera from CW after YS died in ep 15… how was it that he got the camera and recorded his message on the day of the accident? *sigh* i really really enjoyed this drama even though there were many inconsistencies and the story was far from perfect… what really got me what the relationships that the drama established between the group of friends and all the great side characters like grandpa xD i think i cried bucketfuls of tears in these last few episodes and that goes to show that this drama really pulled through on the emotional factor (or i’ve really softened up xD) it also doesn’t hurt that the main characters are gorgeous 😛 that always helps
    thanks so much for the recaps and now i have a whole spew a new dramas to watch 😀 YAY!

    • 4.1 aoiaheen

      “if BH got the camera from CW after YS died in ep 15… how was it that he got the camera and recorded his message on the day of the accident?”

      So many things bothered me about this drama. Like how YS remembers a scene which should have been altered after BH’s recent travel trips. How he clicks a photo of himself and YS and doesn’t get zipped back to the future. But the camera bothered me the most. The writes got pretty lazy in teh second half (or maybe just the editor)

      Anyway, I left my brain somewhere far far away during the second half of this drama. Just enjoy the pretty.

    • 4.2 aoiyuki

      That camera thing really bothered me too! That and also they were showing YS and BH childhood pics and BH’s video in the wedding reception. Shouldn’t the reception be celebrating YS and JW, not YS and BH? And also JW’s realization of BH’s time-traveling. Who would buy that? *sigh* Poor JW having been left after his wedding. A part of me wishes YS could’ve made that realization earlier and spared JW the trip down the altar and how if it wasn’t for a push from JW, she never would have allowed herself to pursue BH again. But all in all a cute drama.

      • 4.2.1 Ann

        you mean trip down the aisle? altar’s…..death….

  5. smile134

    I watched it yesterday, but still wait for your recap to share. I have think both Beak-ho and Jin-Woo are equally awesome. They do everything they can to make the one both love happy. However, I still don’t feel much about Yi-seul character. To me it’s the fault of the writer to create such a perfect image for Yi-seul, but somewhat soulless.
    Also, I was screaming out of happiness for Jin-joo and Chan-wook. This girl was so sincere and brave. She made my day 🙂

  6. UJ

    So i just finished watching epi 16 and lo the review is here XD i will just repost what i wrote on my twitter here 🙂

    Okay the Korean version of Operation proposal was so so so so much better than the Japanese version!! such a satisfying ending! <33
    The Jap version was draggy most of the times plus i felt no emotional attachment to either lead but this version made me cheer Baek Ho on!
    It made me cry my eyes out and then made me so happy that i smiled with all my heart! <3
    This may not be the best drama but it is one that has really affected me!! i loved it loved it! <33
    one of the best for me in the last few months!! Operation Proposal team bravo!! lots of love from me
    Yoo Seung-ho you just earned yourself a hardcore noona fan <3

    • 6.1 Kim Yoonmi

      The special was better as an ending though…

  7. Yasmin

    Thanks for the recap!! Wow this has been one hell of a bumpy ride! And what was up with these last two episode?! It’s like the writer(s) were having a competition for how much conflict they could fit in! If it wasn’t for yoo seung ho I wouldn’t have carried on watching but his earnest acting is what kept me going!
    Q: why is grandpa still alive? Not that I mind but i thought that he died sometime in the past. Or am I missing something?

    • 7.1 aoiaheen

      Grandpa is dead. It’s his spirit that came and gave BH back his memory.

    • 7.2 cookie128

      Grandpa is not alive.. He appears as some sort of spiritual existence?

    • 7.3 jomo

      I think we are supposed to think that the Conductor was completely out of favors with THE UNIVERSE, and while he could help BH bring YS back to life, he couldn’t recover BH’s memories of neither himself as the Conductor/Father nor YS.

      Grampa, also dead, had the special job of using the majic Banner of Memory to help BH remember YS.
      Not sure if BH remembers the time travel, though.

      • 7.3.1 aoiaheen

        ha ha! Anything is possible in the kdrama world. Why should it make sense? sense is for… well… sensible people.

      • 7.3.2 halaure

        Ha! Magic Banner of Memory. That’s gold.

  8. cookie128

    I stop wondering about how that video managed to remained in the world after BH’s time travel, though it did bothered me for a while – such a big bug.
    Nevertheless, I enjoy this final episode. Especially when BH lost his memory and YS made all her effort to win him back. Actually it can be made into another 1-2 episodes to show YS’s journey to BH’s heart~~

  9. Lovely~

    The pretty, I think, was this drama’s redeeming feature. 🙂

    Not the only redeeming one, of course, but a major one all the same.

  10. 10 srkambbs

    The best part of the drama: Jin-won’s realization that Baek Ho time traveled. He is probably one of the very few smart people in the Kdramaland. Guys, he is precious. I bow to the writers for that. But the rest was like meh~

    I would have loved it if the drama ended, when they both were stuck in Baek Ho’s storage room for the second time with them sleeping and the writing over them. But, NO the writers HAD to give him his memories back and drag it even more. Aigoo~

    And, I din’t really catch what exactly happened with Chae-ri and Tae-nam??

    • 10.1 jomo

      And what he says is exactly what WE have been saying!
      Unfair advantage! How is he supposed to compete with heavenly intervention?

    • 10.2 jomo

      The writers did a nice wink wink, too, with how the cab driver described BH to YS.
      “Sharp eyes, sharp nose. You know that kid who goes to visit his grandmother in the mountains in the movie “The Way Home?” He looks like he would look grown up.”

      Of course it was YSH who was a little kid actor in that film.

      • 10.2.1 jingelbells

        I actually laughed on that part. hehe

      • 10.2.2 the50-person

        Hahaha i laughed at that part too! Such a nice nod to YSH’s movie he acted in when he was a kid

    • 10.3 merrygoocow

      well bh pretty much said that he was time traveling in the paper with the whole “the last time travel of kbh should be for ys’ happiness” and since the coach read the letter…lol

  11. 11 nomu nomu nomu

    Dear ‘Operation Proposal’ Writers

    I am NOT a moron. (but I’m not sure about you though)

    The drama is about time travel and you can not even get the basic logic. It does not mater if Baek Ho made a love confession on the video camera or said that he hates her and wants to murder her because that video message would not exist after he went back in time and got into that auto accident and got that LAME ASS overused selective amnesia (what, did you consult the BOF crap writers or something)

    The two main leads characters makes no sense logic wise. Throughout the entire show both these characters has been doing things that just does not make sense both on their actions and reactions. The hero is pretty much just like those male second lead who can’t take NO for an answer, no matter how many times the girl actually says no and chose the other guy (her decisions might be wrong but it still is her chose and not HIS) Who the F_ck is he to determine the fate of somebody else. (don’t forget folks, he’s not just trying to change his fate but also someone else).
    The Heroine is a complete wishy washy for a godamn fifteen and a half episode, I don’t even want to get started on her BatShit personality and lack of logic reactions or I might go on and on forever

    I know that I Said I was not a moron but with the I.Q.
    I’ve lost watching this show, I am now questioning my own sanity for kind of finishing this drama. (I abandoned watching the show somewhere around ep. 11 or 12 and stuck to recaps only)

    Thankyou gummimochi for the recaps, without you I would not have been able to ‘finish’ the show . and my deepest condolences for the lost brain cells, I can tell you, that you weren’t the only victim. I am mourning my brain cells also, and I didn’t even actually watch the ending episodes.

    • 11.1 pataridze

      I laughed so hard at that selective amnesia part but what else could i expect? Both BOF and Operation proposal were written by the same writter, i guess she just run out of ideas.

      • 11.1.1 ilovemandoo

        I’m not a fan of the screenwriter, but I have to note that BOF’s selective amnesia wasn’t really her idea.. It comes from the original source/ Japanese drama.

    • 11.2 hanie

      I tried so hard to left my brain and logic at the door but…but…but it is still too illogical… I guess this is the new std for everything-is-possible in Kdrama. Lets mourned together, I’ve lost some precious brain cells too, altho I stop at earlier episode.
      Thanks to gummimochi for enduring everything so that I can read the recap. many thanks.

    • 11.3 Wimpy

      Wth is wrong with you?

      • 11.3.1 nomu nomu nomu

        hey, Wimpy

        feel free to rave all you want about the show and you are welcome to offer a rebuttal to my OPINIONS. By the way, I’m fully aware that my tone was sarcastic in the post but nothing I said was new or that has not been stated by other users (writing, character flaws, plot holes etc.)

        If I disagree with someone opinion on here, I would simply write my rebuttal to their statement instead of attacking the person. I find most user on Dramabeans civil with each other regardless if they agree or disagree with an opinion

        • thorned sakura

          Finally, someone who has the mind to say what I’ve been wanting to for like half of this drama…

          Watch the jdrama version instead. It may not be as dramatic (they especially didn’t feel any need to complicate the story behind the time conductor–i mean, why the hell is it necessary for him to be BH’s father?! but then again, there were a lot of WTH moments in this drama), but it leave you with a bittersweet and REAL view of how it is to experience unrequited love ( i couldn’t count BH and YS’s relationship as such because they did get together one time but they just messed that up which ultimately stopped me from rooting for their pairing altogether)

          Seriously though, I think the writers just found it hard to stretch an 11-ish episode drama into a 16-episode format, thus causing all the makjang towards the second half (though the 1st half wasn’t any better as well!)

          now I am wishing to have my own time conduction so I can get back the wasted 16 hours of my life!

  12. 12 nuri

    wow.. finally.

    i really liked this drama. but at the end got far too tired waiting for the hero to get the heroin. duh. i know Baek-ho will get her. Why cant we get there faster?

    What good is this show really makes it all up with the cute factor and heartwarming scenes. 3 super cute point in episode 16 are : the classroom scene, the sleeping scene (still cute for 2nd time) and Jin-ju and Chan-wook scene.

    so, i’m really glad its over.

  13. 13 mellowyel

    Ah, so I was right – the writers had no idea what they were doing. Kudos for keeping me interested though. Surprisingly, even though the plot makes no sense and has holes galore, I plan to watch this in its entirety sometime. There is goodness to be gleaned from this drama, if not much logic.

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    Thank you for your recap. You saved me a lot of frustration. I followed your recaps and watched the last few episodes that didn’t make sense. Watched it all raw and thank goodness I did. I think half understanding it was way better than actually suffering more once I understood Yi Seul . Thank you for all your hard work. My brain cells and my blood pressure thanks you.

  15. 15 Divora

    Thank you gummumochi for such awesome recap for this drama. I really enjoyed and and I had fun reading the recap!!!! It was hard to keep up with this drama in the beginning but after three episodes it got me all hooked up.

  16. 16 KStyle

    YAY its over,its really over!!!

    So glad that I decided to stick to the recaps. And even then, I was ready to commit murder then plead temporary insanity cuz that’s how crazy this show drove me.

    The ‘ I don’t remember you’ conflict was hilarious. Yes Back Ho forget YS, yes, there is a Kdrama god, hehe I laughed my behind off over that.

    I mean I guess I’m happy that Back Ho got his girl but not really. I would’ve been happier if his girl was someone not named Yi Seul ( sorry but that’s how I feel, I still can’t stand her).

    And I definitely didn’t like how the friends like disappeared at the end. I mean I want to know how their futures panned out as well. And poor Mr. Perfect,I guess you found out that being perfect ain’t all thats it’s cracked up to be, tear.

    This show drained me and if I ever hear about *a time traveling so that I can change my present/ future love life
    storyline* again, I’m running, fast and in a hurry.

    Thanks Gummi for the fabulous recaps.

    And thank you OP for the headache that you caused me 16 times, arggh…..stress.

  17. 17 jomo

    Oh, gummi! Thanks for hanging in there till the end as it did manage to redeem the lackluster writing that went before it.

    As far as this – totally thought exactly the same thing!
    “It’s a pleasant song, but it’d be way more pleasant if one of two things happened 1) The musical director turned it up a few keys or 2) They correctly told Jin-ju the key the instrumental would be in. Discordant chords = unhappy ears.”

    They do this sort of thing all the time with whatever the person is singing. Whether they are playing the wrong key, a couple measures ahead, or, my favorite a completely different song. (All of these happened in BOF) Ironically, usually the point of the song is to highlight the character’s talent. Ummm, no. (Of course, they get it right sometimes. In Will it Snow for Christmas, Go Soo’s character sings into his cell phone for his momma, and accompaniment follows him beautifully. It’s on my daily playlist!) (But I digress…)

    I loved watching this show. I even enjoyed yelling at the screen. It started out logical, but then, stuff happened that made no sense, and YS’s character split into four or five different people.

    Now, I will go way back in time to give my theory on why this show never went above OK. The writers didn’t write the Ye Seul character well enough to pull us happily through. Is it the actresses fault? I don thin so.

    I will cite a DB article below as evidence:
    [The lead female] character tends to turn off a huge chunk of its core audience. And not because she is loud and unladylike, but because she strings along two adorable (if milquetoast-y) guys, ultimately makes no decision, and still ends up with the adoration of both. And when the people you depend on to root for your so-called plucky heroine are instead compelled to slap her upside the head for her indecisiveness, well, you’ve dug yourself into a hole.

    Whole article

    I have always remembered this because no matter how cute, awesome, hot the lead male character is, the lead lady has to deserve his love, or we will NOT be satisfied.
    She certainly doesn’t have to be sickly sweet, we HATE those ladies, but it has to make sense that he likes her.

    Anyway, I will still recommend this drama as it touched me, kept me guessing, and ultimately satisfied the romantic and illogical part of my brain.

    Plus, please, that last screen cap up there?
    It is the one that I am using for my FB profile pic currently. He is one of the most beautiful actors around right now.
    I admit being a sucker for beauty makes me love him, but I think he must have a something else, too, that he can send over the airways into my heart. Between Una in WBDS and uri Back Hoe, he creates a person that I just want to be happy, and I ache when he isn’t.
    Thank you, YSH for doing such a good job in OP!

    • 17.1 aoiaheen

      You nailed it! as usual. The show in itself wasn’t so bad, but the heroine’s character really sucked. Especially after ep 11.

      If they had shown her as being terribly upset about the evil-doctor’s kiss, I could understand her leaving BH. Pride is important in a woman. But they didn’t.

      If they had showed JW as being atleast a little manipulative and pushy, we could atleast tell ourselves that she was just a little weak to say no to him. But they didn’t.

      She really is a girl who loves one boy, strings him along and then accepts the richer guys proposal even though she doesn’t really love him. And then, after accepting him, she still spends far too much time with the boy she loves.

      After losing his memory, BH points it out himself when he says, “what exactly is our relationship? Does the coach know that you are acting like this with me?”

      I blame the writers for this. It could have been better.

      But thankfully they made her suffer ( not as much as I wanted her to) in the last episode.

    • 17.2 mrskimchee

      me too!!!
      it’s my blackberry wallpaper ^ ^
      thanks for the recap
      I’m glad I gave this drama a chance
      YSH, once again you never disappointed me…and the KISSS??
      since when did you learn those tricks???

    • 17.3 op103d940

      “It’s a pleasant song, but it’d be way more pleasant if one of two things happened 1) The musical director turned it up a few keys or 2) They correctly told Jin-ju the key the instrumental would be in. Discordant chords = unhappy ears.”

      Unfortunately, both Jin-ju’s voice and the song began and stayed in the correct key – it was that she didn’t sing the whole track IN TUNE. Personally, it sounded like she had to learn the song in a short time and didn’t have the notes down. It’s obvious that she has a decent voice, as the concert scene appeared to be sung live and she stayed in tune for that occasion.

      Speaking of music, it makes me a bit sad that the producers don’t come up with a subtle method of providing a cappella soloists with the beginning note so that it would be a smoother transition to the actual track insertion. It would have made Park Eun Bin’s song from the closet scene that much sweeter (does she have a singing or piano background? She hit those intervals almost flawlessly!).

  18. 18 Alai

    Thank you for the recap. The best drama ever.

  19. 19 cherkell

    YAY! It’s finally over!! I now need to shovel up several piles of wet tissues, because I think I cried continuously from the middle of Episode 14 all the way through to the Finale’s end credits. ::SOB::

    Thanks to gummi for helping with several insightful recaps… and I echo your comment about Jin-ju’s singing in this episode. Brings to mind a well-known musical saying: “If ya get near a tune, use it!” I thought it was my ears playing tricks on me because I watched the episode at 5:30 AM today, but after reading the recap, I guess I wasn’t wrong. Yeesh.

    But I really enjoyed watching this — a park-your-brain series full of The Pretty. Heck, I didn’t ask for a retelling of “War and Peace”– this was a sweet little story that while I watched, felt like being wrapped in a nice warm fuzzy blanket. Even the few moments of WTF-ery thrown in didn’t faze me one bit. Nice nice nice.

    Also echoing Jomo’s comments… Seungho-ssi is really proving his worth as an actor. Give his management some serious credit for picking the perfect vehicles for him. After Un-ah got dissed for not receiving a nomination in last year’s SBS Popularity Contest for WBDS (FREAKIN’ TRAVESTY!!), I wondered what he would tackle next. And even though I had some doubts about how someone so young could pull off this role, he did it with aplomb and grace. Bravo to him, and I hope we don’t have to wait too soon to see him on our small screens again!

    (I really need to stop flashing back to that kiss in Episode 11, though. HE’S ONLY 18 YEARS OLD!!! ::slapping self:: )

    • 19.1 aoiaheen

      (I really need to stop flashing back to that kiss in Episode 11, though. HE’S ONLY 18 YEARS OLD!!! ::slapping self:: )

      Don’t slap yourself without slapping me cause I think I rewatched that scene, like tenty times. And I believe Jomo did 25.

      • 19.1.1 jomo

        guilty….maybe more…

        Can you name another LEAD actor in a show, albeit a fluffy rom-com, who was 18 years old and carried it so convincingly like this kid did?

        There was not one second where I did not believe his feelings were real. Maybe that is another reason we hated YS so much.
        He LOVES YOU! How can you be so stupid?! (But I digress…)

        • nomu nomu nomu

          BOTH the male and female character is ‘Stupid.’ My judgment is based entirely on the character portrayed in the drama itself. (who the actor or actress is has no impact for me).

          yes, we know BH love YS, however how many god damn time does YS have to choose (AS IN HER OWN DECISION) to marry someone else before BH stops being one of those annoying clingy second lead who can’t take a NO for an answer. It takes two WILLING participant to form a relationship
          yes, we the viewer also know that YS does love BH, but BH does not really know that but he is determine to go back in time over and over to change MULTIPLE people fate. (He is purposely trying to change not only his fate but YS and Coach), Does no one think that is immoral or atleast SELFISH???

          I know there would be a drama if he did play fair but if he was a real man, STAY in present in the first place and try his damn hardest effort to win her over instead of CHEATING by unfair magic.

          I would NOT want someone to force MY decision. My decision is MINE and not someone who can’t get a F’n clue.

          • missjb

            @nomu nomu nomu: that’s one major flaws in the drama, I notice it, too…. And it irks me to no end… But Because my love for this character, I trust him to realized it one day, and thanjs God it happen in ep 14, finally they pointed out one of major flaws by this drama. Finally Baek Hoo realized his attitude is wrong, and he received the consequences for his wrong doing for only want to fix his past and not in the present. His own greed to change the past and didn’t think about everyone else. This is the only reason I can accept this makjang elemen in the drama.

          • jomo

            Of course he is stupid.
            If he were smart, the script would have been:

            Once upon a time, a manboy cried cause the girl he loved married someone else.
            His dead father showed up and officered him a ride on time travel train of pain to maybe change it all.
            The manboy said, “Get the hell outta here, crazy.” found a nicer girl and married her instead.
            The end

        • aoiaheen

          “Can you name another LEAD actor in a show, albeit a fluffy rom-com, who was 18 years old and carried it so convincingly like this kid did?”

          Not one. In every language that I’ve seen. That boy really has star quality. He was so natural as KBH. And then you see him an Una and you go “is it really the same guy?”

          He was so convincing as the confident yet tortured Una.

          To be honest, when I heard that he was doing OP, I was a little disappointed. I thought he would be better as a more mature character. I had already seen the jdrama and I knew the character was quite stupid.

          I really didn’t think I’d watch more than a few episodes of the drama. I only checked it out to see if they were doing something different with the storyline.

          I can’t believe that I watched the whole thing (sometimes raw) and the only reason for that is YSH. If I don’t like a drama, I just stop watching. I didn’t think this drama was good. Any other hero playing KBH and I would have bailed at ep 6.

          YSH really does make you root for him.

          But I still can’t figure where he learnt to kiss like that! Is there some underground kissing class for young actors?

          • aoiaheen

            btw, I’m glad I didn’t bail on this drama. Because I was quite happy with the ending. Uri Una got the girl, and YS suffered (a little bit)!

          • jomo

            Yes, but she didn’t suffer enough. (me being bitter.)

          • Belle

            YSH continues to show us his range as an actor; and I don’t believe there to be any other actor in K-Dramaland that has such passion, conviction, and credibility in his acting…particularly, a young actor. He really does have a gift of creating amazingly believable characters in anything he does…and sometimes, he doesn’t even have to say a word to convey his feelings and thoughts. Now that’s acting!

          • kdrama crack'd

            he’s friends with So Ji Sub — he’s “Lil SJS”… he must’ve watched all SJS’ kisses in his dramas…. rawr.

          • Kim Yoonmi

            “I don’t believe there to be any other actor in K-Dramaland that has such passion, conviction, and credibility in his acting.”

            I submit Kim Soo Hyun… though one year older in his debut at 19/20. Personally, I think he’s the only reason Dream High 1 didn’t suck… ^^;; He anchored that show fairly well and has out performed many of his peers.

            But we’ll have to see him when he’s 25 to compare.

          • Belle

            “I submit Kim Soo Hyun… though one year older in his debut at 19/20. Personally, I think he’s the only reason Dream High 1 didn’t suck… ^^;; He anchored that show fairly well and has out performed many of his peers.

            But we’ll have to see him when he’s 25 to compare.”

            A survey was taken in SK recently as to which actor could portray Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in Titanic due to the 3D version being advertised in SK…YSH took the lead with 41% of the votes. (Source: Hancinema & movie.daum.net)

            Even though I enjoyed watching Dream High, some of the actors were average at best. I do agree, however, that KSH did a very good job and took many by surprise as he was not an idol (as popular). YSH’s talent/ acting range, however, is far beyond that making him one of the top sought-after actors by SK PDs and directors who choose actors based on range and not just popularity. He has been upstaging actors since he was 7…many as the child version of the lead.

            Nonetheless, I would like to see them work together …even though YSH is known to steal the screen every time he is in it. I don’t think we need to wait until he’s 25, just until he returns from the Marines.

    • 19.2 jomo

      And I cried buckets, too. You know that pain that goes ear to ear behind your eyes down to your throat?


  20. 20 halaure

    Ah. What a satisfying end! All bows neatly tied, but open enough to leave wiggle room for the future. I really don’t think that the writing was quite as bad as everyone’s making it out to be. There were a bucketload of inconsistencies, but the story was never so convoluted that it couldn’t be followed, and the characters always stayed true to themselves (as frustrating as they might be).

    Yeah, there were drama cliches, but I never felt like it headed into makjang land. I think the biggest problem with the drama was that you couldn’t root for one half of the couple without hating the other. I remember spending the first ten episodes yelling at Baek-ho to just confess his feelings already, and once he finally did, then Yi-seul’s wishy-washiness made her completely unlikeable.

    Thanks for your recaps, Gummimochi! It’s been a wild ride, but I don’t regret any of it.

  21. 21 allenaoki

    Baek Ho deserved a happy ending, so I’m glad he got one. The destination made the exhausting ride worth it. *Satisfied*

  22. 22 NN

    Thanks for the recap! I was bowled over by YSH in the Way Home (cute nod to it by the taxi driver) and Operation Proposal is the first drama I’ve seen him in. His acting is fantastic! Look forward to seeing him in other dramas, maybe something with a more logical script? Like Gummimochi, I enjoyed the band of friends. Jin Won was also terrifically acted – won’t everyone want such a perfect guy! He’s caught my eye since Heartstrings with a good performance in a smaller role there. Doesn’t hurt that he’s such a delicious eye candy =)

  23. 23 jingelbells

    I wish that when people dislike a drama, they just stop watching and just forget about it. I mean, why make an effort to dis a certain drama that you hate so passionately? Watch other drama that you like, instead of wasting your remaining brain cells on a drama that you can’t find anything good on. You keep blaming a drama, who doesn’t even force you to watch it, for all its faults. It’s just so tiring that people obsessively and exaggeratedly complain about this drama.

    Wew, having said that, this drama is now one of my fave. If you would get too critical with this drama (as if it an Oscar nominee) you won’t really enjoy it. Yes, there were flaws, but I watch it for my self enjoyment. I looove Yoo Seung Ho and I think he’s going to be one of the best as he grows old. His chemistry with Park Eun Bin is also priceless, having worked on with several projects together. KBH made my day. He made me cry buckets, tear at my hair, frustratingly shouted at my PC (urging him to get the girl) and those roller coaster of emotions. The story plot maybe was crazy at times, a lot of inconsistencies, but hey, this is a magical rom-com, we don’t expect too much sense here. I love the way that they added depth to the Japanese original, more feelings, as if these people are your own friends.

    Though the ending was a happy one, I kind of wish for a SP, like an extended episode where Tae Nam and Chae Ri were given a happy ending as well, or how Baek Ho was accepted by Yi Seul’s parents, or how his relationship with his mom developed, what happened to Coach? There were some unanswered questions taht would be great to be shown in an SP! Wished I would have seen them get married, have kids happy family, yada yad. Wishful thinking. 🙂

    Kudos to all the staffs and cast of operation Proposal for making a drama that just go straight to my heart! ♥

    • 23.1 Kim Yoonmi

      I watched it to the end in the hopes it would get better… and it seems you kind of stepped on gummi who also complained about it through the second half….

      BTW, the complaints lodged against this drama thusfar have been pretty specific rather than exaggerated… for example, the frustration with Yi Seul, the sudden Makjang (gumi made that one), etc.

      Also people who liked the drama made complaints too mostly on disappointments. You can love something all the more even for its faults. Or how Shakespeare defined love.

      I liked the first half, but I was really hoping that it would turn around. That’s very specific… whereas you seem to be generalizing. I have the right to wish the writer was better and still love the acting, directing etc., as much as you have the right to love it to pieces.

      • 23.1.1 jingelbells

        actually having said that, I always thank gummi for her hard work in recapping this drama,as I commented on her previousr recaps, for she survived the dragging episodes.

  24. 24 Belle

    Thanks for the recaps!

    I enjoyed this drama. Thanks to YSH and the rest of the cast for such a nice performance. Looking forward to another YSH project.

  25. 25 C

    omg, Jin Ju was sooo off tune. I was looking forward to her singing part, but I ended up fast forwarding the entire part because she was so off with the music.

  26. 26 fangirl98

    We made it to the end!!! After a makjang detour through Crazytown, I got my happy ending. (Would have been HAPPIER if it made a little more sense, but I’m just glad the sucker ended.)

  27. 27 ilovemandoo

    Wasn’t it expected that he forget her though? I thought it was a side effect the conductor warned him about.

  28. 28 missjb

    all in all, despite it’s flaws…. I really love this series with my heart… Of the main reason why i love this show is Baek Hoo’s character. Yess i know It’s Yo Seung Ho who carried the drama, but he won’t be able to carried the drama alone if his character sucks… The more accurate is, it’s his character that Sucked me in to this drama.I love this character so much, and i love the way the writers developed his character. from useless and coward character to someone who can stand with his own foot and make an effort to something important to him. another reason is the development side character and their relationship. And some little touching moment that makes me teary. Despite it’s flawa and some inconsistent in the writing, this drama will remain one of my sentimental favourite drama this year. Ohhh drama, how much i love you…

  29. 29 Blue Lily

    This totally is a mixing-up of the original OP and Hana Yori Dango in the way Baek Ho lost and resumed his “collective memory”, which is exactly like the way Tsukasa lost and resumed his.

    By the way, as much as I like YSH, I think I preferred the original OP, simply because I can understand the storyline there. Even though sometimes it seemed a little bit repetitive every time we returned to the present without any change despite the travel-to-the-past trip, at least we got the point: the agony over the failure to make love confession (and change what happens in the present) time after time. In this K-remaker, it was so confused that I hardly keep track of what was going on and what we were heading to or supposed to expect. Echo someone above: There is NO BASIC LOGIC.

    • 29.1 merrygoocow

      definitely. the jdrama ver is less confusing and angsty. but this ver has better chemistry btw the leads.

      • 29.1.1 cookie128

        I have to say I total by that. I so love their chemistry! And they don’t hold back when doing sensual scenes, like she really smells him when she is on his back complaining that he smells bad with those stuff the angry kid has thrown, like she hugs him back quite firmly when he is hugging her, and those kiss, of course.

  30. 30 kail

    or maybe, the grandpa “magically” healed him when he touched BH’s head telling him not to make Yi Seul cry any more. Just maybe…

    • 30.1 come2noona

      That is the impression that I got. But I thought the comment about not making YS cry anymore was BS.

  31. 31 Phin

    I followed all the recaps of The Operational Proposal. Thank you so much gummimochi. The story was refreshing and grabbed me at the first few episodes but I’m getting less and less excited about the relationship of the OTP. I don’t get Yi Seul charactor AT ALL. She’s so robotic and had annoying attitude. Even in the end I don’t think that Yi Seul redeem herself!

    Any way, I teared up a little in this episode… What made me teared up is Baekho dad and especially grandpa. I can felt their genuine love for Baekho.. If Baek ho’s happy they are happy. Grandpa really loves him as his own son.
    Baek ho doesn’t only have Yi Seul but he has these people who support him without his knowing.

  32. 32 Lilian

    My fav parts: Yoo Seung Ho’s brilliant acting, their friendship, the cute interactions between Chan Wook and Jin Joo, and the persistence of Tae Nam in chasing Chaeri. Funny, that I like the other 2 couples’ scenes more than the main couple….

    • 32.1 cookie128

      I might be a bit different, I basically skip other couple’s part coz I so want to know what is going to happen between the main leads. Guess I have missed something interesting of other couples..

  33. 33 come2noona

    Totally mesmerized by YSH… again!

    • 33.1 Belle

      Same here. 🙂

  34. 34 Anao

    This is the second drama after “Padam Padam” in which I am more interested in their friendship and the supportive couples rather than the main couple. As a couple I liked Chan Wook and Jin Ju so much more.
    Anyway thanks for the recaps.

    • 34.1 malta

      I love Chan Wook and Jin Ju. I want them to have a spinoff. I don’t know what it would be about, but I would watch it. Jin Ju is my OP heroine for sure.

  35. 35 lolah

    Can someone who folow this drama tell me if Yoo seun yong end up with the first girl at the 1st ep or not. Or the girl marry the other boys at the end! Thanks. I’ve been watch the first episode but ..I want to know if it is a sad ending.

    • 35.1 aoiaheen

      It’s not a sad ending at all if you like YSH. Watch it without worries.

  36. 36 Stephanie

    I’ll miss this show. Obviously I looked over all the flaws to love it.
    1) It got me in the beginning
    2) The daddy issues almost made me cry.

  37. 37 DarknessEyes

    Thanks for recapping this drama!!! Tho it wasnt a horrible drama, i dont think I would have had the patience to sit through and watch it. 😀

  38. 38 asianromance

    Thank you for the recaps, gummimochi!! I don’t think I liked the ending all that much. I guess a kdrama must have its kdrama ending even if it’s an adaptation of a j-dorama. And if selective amnesia is the way to get to it…

    I felt that since Baek-ho has worked so hard to get Yi-seul that he should get her, but I also felt that he deserves more and that she didn’t really earn this happy ending. She’s so lucky to have such an understanding guy as Jin-won!

    That aside, I agree with you about their friends. They really are the meat and potatoes and I also enjoyed their interactions more than the Yi-seul and Baek-ho interactions.

    And Yoo Seung-ho has proved himself again to be one of the best actors in the business.

  39. 39 malta

    Thank you so much for all the recaps Gummimochi!

    I can’t believe how much this drama that frustrated me so much made me cry. Episodes 15 and 16 were total tearjerkers for me.

    I’m glad Baek Ho got his girl, but mostly for him. I still don’t get Yi Seul. I really feel somebody should tell her about Baek Ho’s time traveling and all the things he did to try to win her. Even in the last scene at the playground when she was crying after she realized Baek Ho had regained his memory she was hitting him saying, “do you know what I’ve been through?” umm Do you know what Baek Ho’s been through?! Stop crying.

    Anyway. I did enjoy this drama though despite all the parts where it didn’t make sense. I’m glad I watched it just to see Yoo Seung Ho. The drama universe is blessed to have him. I hope he makes many more dramas and with better writing of course.

    I really enjoyed the friendships between all the characters and I loved, loved, absolutely loved Chan Wook and Jin Joo. They were so my OTP for this show. Jin Joo especially was really a great character. I also really liked the conductor and I wish Baek Ho had found out he was his dad sooner so that they could have had a longer father-son relationship. The scenes between Yoo Seung Ho and the guy who played the conductor were really good. Acting wise they really make a good pairing.

    Well…on to the next one I guess. There are so many good dramas out right now, I’m happy to have a little bit of time freed up now that this drama is over. 🙂

  40. 40 Kim Yoonmi

    Thanks for the recaps! I’m with Gummi on this one. Writing needed work.

    I’ve watched probably over 200 dramas now? Read about consumed about 3,000 stories in my lifetime plus… I enjoyed the acting, the directing, the cinematography, coordi (I want that white dress with the red lace jacket…) everything but the writing. The writing in the second half sucked.

    Yi Seul was weak because the writer couldn’t make up her mind about what her greater purpose in rejecting Baek Ho was. The acting was fine, and I liked it, but the writing of the character made her unlikable. The going baack and forth and playing with both men’s hearts. It was a backstep from Rei.

    And the drama also lacked a final direction too–a unifying message to pull it together–which the original had, even if it was soapbox style twice over.

    How to fix these things (though the writer can’t read English.):

    Yi Seul: In the original Rei was afraid of losing her friend, here the motivation was supposed to go deeper. I would have picked the following motivations:
    A. She thought that because Baek Ho is constantly lazy and inconsistent that he wouldn’t make a good partner.
    B. Baek Ho constantly argues with her and she can’t see him that way.
    C. Baek Ho is more like someone she takes care of, but he doesn’t take care of her in return.
    D. Romantic involvement with Baek Ho seems impossible because it would be messy.
    E. She has an idealized version of what romance should be.
    F. She wants it to be like a K-drama with fate, chances, etc. (Play this up for humor.)

    Direction for the drama:
    A. Fate is something you help make happen, not wait for it to happen to you. (That was the original one)
    B. Fate may be where you don’t notice it and not where you look up in the sky and say, “Make it happen.” (Also in the original, Don’t Knock NY, the ring being accidentally found on the sign, the same taxi driver over and over, etc.)
    C. You can try your hardest and still fail, but it is worth trying hard because you grow. (In the original)
    D. Try your best in the present (Bring in the Buddhism)

    I would fix the second half so it works towards Baek Ho and Yi Seul getting married… or him being able to make the proposal. So he has to still fight for Yi Seul and fix the mess he made through time traveling, but the Coach also gets someone in the 4 angle drive. (Childhood friend from the original) This means Yi Seul would have to all of a sudden fight and make decisions–not just the easy ones and it would challenge her as much as Baek ho to get to a safe ending. She begins to see the value in Baek-ho and some warts can show on the coach too, bringing back the value that maybe love is where you can show your warts to a person and they don’t care. That would turn it around and make her likable again. I’d also play more with the “You don’t understand anything.” line. Including more revelations well rooted in the story giving it a better makjang root and then putting in more jokes too…

    And the conductor would go back to being a nobody instead of a dead Jedi Master because I don’t like makjang and sometimes unexplained things like fate, and church fairies are better as mysteries.

    But then, the writer in me wants to always fix these things.

    • 40.1 thorned sakura

      ^ this ^

  41. 41 winc

    Wow i actually like this ending more than the jap version <3 its sad that its done… 🙁

  42. 42 buttrcup

    FucccckMyBrainCells !

    Great, youse did exactly that, show >_>

  43. 43 MsB

    Agree with the final comments. I felt like my brain had a mind fart! As I have never seen the other version so I have not to compare. At the same time, the constant going back and forth with the same results, I just felt sorry for KBG, but I was to see that Yi-Seul finally realized what the real problem was. I guess I would have been happier if he gave up and she just married the Coach!

  44. 44 jerjohham

    I felt Sorry for those viewers who were bothered with the CAMERA..hehehe…YI-SEULS accident HAPPENED 2 or 3 days before their WEDDING DAY…therefore, BGK just traveled back 2 days before the WEDDING……

  45. 45 Paradise

    Boys over flowers had selective amnesia too!

  46. 46 addylovesbwood

    VOTE FOR BEST 2012 KDRAMA: http://polldaddy.com/poll/6291076/

  47. 47 mimi

    This drama was such a rollercoaster journey haha,made me cry,get annoyed,lose hope on whether main characters were gonna live or not! I mean this drama has the everything! I like the fact that Baek came back to his senses and even nicer than before,he’s matured!! At the end we can actually say Yiseul and Baek Ho were meant to be together! keke
    The last episode reminded me SO much of Boys over flowers,the way the accident caused Baek Ho to forget this 1 girl and for the same reason!! But yh was a really good drama,wouldnt watch it twice though,the 1rst time is already more than enough!:) And great actors! Plus the plot was unpredictable and they werent any “cliches” !

  48. 48 mimi

    ..Not the best k-drama i’ve seen though! But certainly not the WORST!

  49. 49 Yousei

    I prefer the Japanese version over the Korean one as well.

    The Japanese one was more ‘fun’ and more direct (or simpler). The message as the series ended was pretty much clear to me.

    The K-Drama version was too much ‘angsty’ for me, and well, trying “hard” to “explain” everything too much. That and I find it dragging than compared to the J-Drama. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad K-drama at all, but it does fall short of the good/great ones. For me, it’s just an OK K-Drama.

  50. 50 sarah

    I love operation proppsal!
    Its an awesome drama!
    But I kinda dont get the ending.
    Did beck ho and yisul marry?

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