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Operation Proposal: Episode 9
by | March 9, 2012 | 54 Comments

You know you still haven’t learned your life lesson if you take various trips back in time and still come out empty-handed. There were a few touching moments and instances that made me laugh out loud, but it wasn’t enough to fully redeem this episode. I feel like we’re dragging our feet a little too much now.


Jin-won plays dead on the ice, which alarms Yi-seul to try and shake him awake. He pulls her in close… and then breaks into an adorable smile. While she storms off at the prank, he gloats with pride on the ice. Sigh, another fantasy moment thwarted.

Yi-seul gifts him with a coffee mug he can’t lose since it has their portrait plastered on the side. Because that won’t make him fall in love with you or anything, right?

Their flirting is interrupted by a nearby argument between two children. The boys dispute over whether Pops used to be a pro baseball player or not. But Yi-seul recognizes him right away and identifies herself as a huge fan.

Bending down, she explains to the kids that Dad was a great baseball player and she asks for a picture like the fangirl she is. She comes out with an autograph (on another portrait T-shirt? This woman and her ironed on photos) and Jin-won looks on with a smile.

Aww, looks like they made it! Baek-ho’s army superior gasps for breath after scouring the amusement park with him, suggesting that he should make an announcement to track down his friends. The next moment, the speakers blare that his friends, referred to as grade-schoolers, report to meet with their ‘teacher,’ Baek-ho.

Jin-won gets caught sneaking glances at Yi-seul (aw) and she calls him out on it. He tells her it’s because she looks pretty (double aw) which earns him a slightly surprised look, and he recovers, saying that he raised a pretty apprentice. Pssh, right.

He adds that though she’s pretty, she doesn’t have any manners. Noting that he’s the only one with whom she’s ill-mannered, she apologizes. He tells her that it’s fine, as long as she’s rude just with him. Their ears perk up at the announcement.

Everyone is pleasantly surprised to see Baek-ho and they warmly greet his superior, Yong-soo. Chae-ri mentions that it must be hard to take care of a subordinate like Baek-ho, but none of her words reach his ears – he’s already fallen for her.

While Tae-nam hilariously tries to block Yong-soo from Chae-ri (as if she needed any more suitors), Baek-ho sneaks away with Yi-seul, asking her to ride “that ride” with him.

Yi-seul smiles as they ride the merry-go-round, and Baek-ho imagines their younger selves in front of them. He muses how he never realized how happy seeing Yi-seul happy made him, and a painted sepia filter covers them, as if in their own little world.

In another corner of the park, Chae-ri asks if they should head out, slightly worried that the childhood friends are nowhere in sight. Having chased away Sergeant Yong-soo, they usher her away before she can say another word.

Baek-ho hands Yi-seul the carved cross necklace and blusters that it was no big deal – he had so much time on his hands and she should have it. Dude, this is why you haven’t gotten the girl yet. You just say it’s for her and then stop.

Thankfully, Yi-seul compliments him on his craftsmenship, to which he just dismisses (*facepalm*), and she comments that he’s like a real solider, aka a real man.

They climb into the hot air balloon ride, and Baek-ho musters the courage to start his confession… when Yong-soo stumbles in with them, looking for Chae-ri. He whispers loudly if Baek-ho’s said it yet and barks what’s he been doing all this time that he’s dragging his feet.

Baek-ho: “I was going to do it just now…then you came along.” Awkward.

Jin-won gazes at his new coffee mug, recollecting past memories with Yi-seul from their first encounter to today’s festivities. He places a hand over his heart for a few silent moments before he gets up with new resolve, heading outside.

Baek-ho and Yi-seul rush to meet their friends after an announcement about fireworks, and he decides it’s the perfect opportunity for a romantic love confession. But he loses her in the crowd just when Jin-won stands in front of the crowd yelling Yi-seul’s name.

From across the way, he declares, “I like you! I just realized this now, but I like you!” Slinking through the crowd to say it to her directly, he confesses that he sees her as a woman, that he always liked her, but only now did he realize his feelings for her. “I love you.”

And just as he says it, the fireworks burst in the sky, and Baek-ho looks at his missed chance. Lesson learned – you don’t wait 15 years to tell the girl of your dreams that you love her. You tell her as soon as you know.

Chae-ri lifts her camera to take a souvenir photo of the “romantic proposal, just like in the movies,” and the flash sends Baek-ho back to the present.

We land in the middle of practice when another pitcher asks if he can start today and then he skips the line to get checked out at the clinic first with a little smirk. Oh hi, you must be a star rookie or something.

Baek-ho mentions that wearing a baseball uniform ceases to comfort him any longer – he’s still second string and still without Yi-seul’s heart. This could be the limit of his baseball career but he has no regrets about it.

Prince Buffoon aka our hot-headed pitcher acts the same immature manner to the reporters as with Baek-ho while Yi-seul as his agent calmly explains the next steps in his career. When Yi-seul gets faced with a tough question, Jin-won steps in to give a diplomatic answer.

Baek-ho looks on at this unstoppable partnership, knowing that they’d soon be joined together in a different sense. And Socrates Chan-wook hits the nail on the head once again, identifying hotshot pitcher and his puffed up ego.

Sitting on the bleachers, Baek-ho asks how Chan-wook’s film project is going. Hearing that it’s temporarily shelved due to a lack of funding, he reflects on how none of them will give up: on baseball, movies, or Chae-ri (heh).

Chan-wook tells him they can’t since they’ve been at it too long. Talk of the upcoming engagement party allows the memory of Jin-won’s heartfelt confession flood into his head. Chan-wook laughs at the irony that she was eventually won over by the man she initially tried to chase away.

Now that he thinks of it, what happened 3 years ago when he tried out for first string? He should’ve passed but failed and Baek-ho looks perplexed at the news. Don’t tell me you don’t remember…

We flashback to memories from three years ago and he was initially surprised at the coach’s suggestion that he try out. The coach said why not – would he settle for second string and waste the decision of dropping out of university to go pro?

But the next day, Baek-ho stumbled onto the field, failing to throw a pitch, let alone catch a ball correctly. Dude this was your one shot and you came up drunk? You better have had a better reason than my girl is going to marry some other guy ’cause I didn’t do anything about it.

Baek-ho drowns his sorrows in soju at the snack shop and his friends wonder whether something’s up. Chae-ri slips away for a mysterious phone call from an ex who is recently divorced. Chan-wook asks if Tae-nam is going to stand by and watch.

Yi-seul drops by and is irate at the news that Chae-ri’s heart still wavers. She calls Tae-nam out if he’s going to do anything about it. But Tae-nam replies that he’s happy as long as Chae-ri is. Fed up, she seethes, “Do you know that you’re a coward?”

She continues that he’s never once told her how he felt about Chae-ri (uh hello plot inconsistency!), and that he gives up whenever he sees Chae-ri with another man. “How can she know? How can she trust you? That’s not enough for a woman!”

Tae-nam is left speechless. Yi-seul downs a shot, and leaves in a huff.

Baek-ho chases after her, following her home in silence until she finally turns around. He bucks up the courage and asks why she never asked him about the tryout three years ago. Isn’t she curious?

Yi-seul shakes her head no and asks if he wants to know why. He does, and she replies, “Because I’m afraid of knowing the truth.”

For the first time in her life, he was not the Baek-ho she knew. “No matter what the reason was, I was afraid I wouldn’t understand and be disappointed.” He blubbers an apology and she says it’s all in the past now.

As Baek-ho turns around, his past self comes running at him, ecstatic to tell Yi-seul about the tryout… and saw the lovebirds outside of Yi-seul’s apartment. He drank bottle after bottle that night as if it would erase the pain.

Yi-seul’s words echo in his ears about how she was never disappointed in him as a player until that day. Questions of regret swarm his brain, if he went back, he’d never disappoint her, he’d give it his all….

And he turns around, his eyes shifting back and forth as if those words would will the Conductor’s presence. HAHAHA. Okay, that’s pretty funny. He throws balls, commanding the Conductor to make himself known…

“In all my life, I’ve never met a kid like you.” Baek-ho greets him with a smile and the Conductor says, yes that stupid Conductor he cursed at is back. He even thinks aloud that he must not have any pride appearing before someone after being bad-mouthed.

He tells Baek-ho not to get the wrong idea; he intended to come by anyway, not because some ungrateful kid commanded him to do so. So he wants to go back to the tryout? Would he make it this time and not pass out drunk?

Baek-ho assures him that he’ll give it his best shot and the Conductor challenges if it’s about baseball or Yi-seul. Baek-ho hesitates, gathering his words and replies, “I want to be a man she can be proud of.”

Taking out another baseball, today’s baseball legend analogy is of Park Chan-ho: people usually remember him for his stats. But what made him great? Even if he couldn’t be the best, he worked to the bone to be. And thosewords couldn’t be more suited for Baek-ho.

Baek-ho vows to do his best and the Conductor tells him to just pass the test.

So once more, Baek-ho chants the word that sends him back to the past.

Baek-ho hears about the news of the first string tryout again and he vows that this time, he won’t repeat the past (or is it now the present) actions and actually do something about it.

At the snack shop, Chae-ri gets called away and it’s Chan-wook who tells her not to go since the guy’s just using her. She knows it, but can’t help what her heart feels.

So it’s to everyone’s surprise that Tae-nam sends her off with a smile, spewing about how she’s being given a second chance and she should see it through. She lingers for a moment with a darkened and downcast expression before heading out.

Tae-nam sighs when his friends urge him to catch Chae-ri, noting that she’s way out of his league. Defeated, he adds that he’s just a sunflower to gaze upon a brilliantly shining Chae-ri sun. Have you been taking dunce lessons with your buddies? No wonder none of the ladies they like know how they feel.

Baek-ho insists that he chases her anyway – after all, he hit a homerun for her when no one thought he could have.

Baek-ho is unsuccessful at reaching Yi-seul all day, and it turns out she’s meeting Daddy-in-law-to-be. When was it ever explained that Jin-won was a chaebol? Oh right, this is kdrama land – there always needs be a chaebol.

Yi-seul introduces herself as a humble employee and he disagrees – he thinks she’s more to him than just that. It catches her off guard, so he clarifies that it’s the first time his son has paid such close attention to someone, so she strikes him more like his protogée.

Daddy-in-law has a favor to ask: he’d love it if Yi-seul could bring Jin-won back to the family business. They’d supported him as a player because they thought baseball was his fate, but a sports agency just doesn’t seem very promising.

Yi-seul asks for permission to give her honest opinion, and he grants it. She believes that Jin-won will not enter the company because Jin-won has other dreams. He asks after what that is and she explains that he’s carving a new road for himself.

If it’s a matter of destination, wouldn’t it be easier and you’d travel farther on a road already paved? Oh you and your first-world problems. But Yi-seul answers it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.

He’s impressed and casually mentions that they’ll probably see more of each other soon. As she leaves, Jin-won lurks in the shadows with a smile on his face.

Mom makes Baek-ho his favorite dish. As he eats up, he admires watching her back and how all these years, it was still his most cherished memory since he didn’t have a mother to admire.

Mom catches him in the act, joking if her back has aged too. She mentions that the only person in the world who knows her back best is Baek-ho. Embarrassed, he asks if she knew – of course, she’s a mother after all.

She gives him a word of advice: Women need to hear from men directly how they feel about them, even if they have an inkling. If they don’t, she’ll think that there’s no meaning and end up becoming suspicious.

Baek-ho contends for women’s intuition, but she gently reminds him that doesn’t work when it comes to the matters of the heart. She calls him a good man and encourages him to be more confident. Aww, Mom.

Baek-ho is out practicing pitches again when he spots Jin-won and Yi-seul driving to her house. Okay, if you were planning to prevent that kiss on the forehead, shouldn’t you be standing, say, in front of her house? If you don’t get there in time, it’s your own fault.

Jin-won tries to weasel information out Yi-seul, but she stands firm that she simply rejected a job offer from his father. He asks if she’ll go if he prepares a better deal for her, but she counters that she fits better in a hole-in-the-wall kind of place.

Jin-won stutters at her brutally honest opinion, unable to compete with her. She teases if that means he’ll fire her. But before she can go inside, he wraps her in a small hug, “Don’t leave until I fire you.”

…and Baek-ho runs in just as Jin-won plants a kiss on her forehead. Watching the same moment twice, he wonders if it hurt more to watch it over again or knowing that Yi-seul would become Jin-won’s wife.

But he tells himself to buck up and come to his senses. He takes a few deep breaths and collects himself before calling out, “What’s up with your expression? Did something happen?”

He tells her that something urgent has come up, which spikes her concern radar, but he needs her help first, and then tells her there’s somewhere they need to go.

Wait, what? You have a car, Baek-ho? You couldn’t just drive and waited in front of Yi-seul’s house? Oh, okay.

They drive to the shore and Yi-seul wakes in the car, finding Baek-ho’s coat draped over her.

Yi-seul is more than ecstatic to hear the news that Baek-ho will be trying out for first string later that day. She then barks at him that he should be training, not out here on a midnight drive.

He turns to look straight at him, and then walks away from her, setting down an empty coffee can. Baek-ho continues to walk and then stops, taking out a baseball from his pocket.

Baek-ho declares, “If I throw this ball and it hits that bottle… then we’re going out together.”

And he hurls it.



You know that cliffhangers and I were never buddies. Why must you tease me like that? We don’t hear anything from this end of the episode, so we’re not sure whether he makes it or not. Since we’re only at the halfway point, I’m thinking not. And if you can, keep the spoilers to a minimum – I’m among those who hates knowing what lies ahead prematurely and it ruins any genuine surprise or reaction of a noteworthy scene later on.

Okay enough is enough – what is with all these plot inconsistencies? For a show that did so well of integrating how the little changes in Baek-ho’s decisions made to altering his later memories and present, it almost seems that the story forgets itself sometimes. Case in point: Tae-nam let Chae-ri (and the entire school) know how he felt about her back in Episode 5, so where is Yi-seul getting at when she says he never let Chae-ri know how he feels about her? Doesn’t he tell her every chance he got?

Don’t get me wrong – I understand that the words are for Baek-ho’s benefit and not Tae-nam (don’t get me started about how his blasé attitude about letting Chae-ri meet whatever man she wanted to meet annoyed me). But you have every piece of evidence that points to the contrary so that Yi-seul’s outburst just feels… misplaced.

Maybe it would have been better if Yi-seul was yelling at Chan-wook about Jin-ju but we didn’t have any scenes with them today (boo) and Yi-seul doesn’t know Jin-ju well enough yet.

Then there’s how Baek-ho still managed to see the same scene again. Hey buddy – this was the moment you wanted to change. Nothing’s gonna change if you start pitching in the park. And did you really think that your car was slower than your legs? Was there no parking in front of Yi-seul’s house? But this is drama world, where just like a chaebol appears out of thin air, so must we witness the same scene again.

I do enjoy, however, that our hero is taking less time brooding and taking more proactive steps. It’s a mark of development for him, and his voiceovers have gotten progressively shorter. Maybe he’s figured out that less talk, more action might get the girl.


54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. maria

    this show is awesome

  2. heino

    thanks for the recap!

  3. cookie128

    Anybody who feels that the story is dragging, get prepared for the ep11 preview’s passionate kiss on the carpet. Our kids have grown up…

    • 3.1 aoiaheen

      What!!! what !!! where? where? passi..passion…. KISS???
      *runs off to find preview*

    • 3.2 jomo

      cookie- this is an example of what gummi is talking about.
      I am innocently reading a recap for ep 9 –
      I really don’t want to know what happens in ep 11.

      PLEASE use some sort of spoiler warning so I can avert my eyes. I am begging you!

      Thanks for listening.

      • 3.2.1 Cookie128

        Really sorry if you feel uncomfortable because of my words. Will put warnings in the future. But what example our writer is talking about? I don’t get that point… But anyway, sorry for any uncomfortableness.

        • jomo

          I am echoing gummimochi’s words from the recap:

          “And if you can, keep the spoilers to a minimum – I’m among those who hates knowing what lies ahead prematurely and it ruins any genuine surprise or reaction of a noteworthy scene later on.”

          There are people who want to know what will happen before it happens, there are people who don’t mind knowing what happens before it happens, and there are people who don’t want to know even a hint of what is going to happen before it happens.

          I understand that you want to share your enthusiasm for something really fun up the road a piece, but a warning to those who don’t want to know helps us enjoy it more later.

      • 3.2.2 Cookie128

        Btw, you sound like really serious, sort of almost scaring me. Easy, we are on an entertainment website mainly for fun…

    • 3.3 Minnetter (aka: Min)

      no! I specifically stopped the video of episode 10 so that I don’t see the previews…and now you’ve gone and told me?! gah! Please please don’t do that again…

    • 3.4 gummimochi

      Thought I should jump in to clarify what I meant earlier. Sharing spoilers from episodes like these where the previews are attached can’t be helped and I completely understand. There are squee moments to be had and it kills me too to wait a full week before we can see what unfolds.

      It’s more of a personal request and on behalf of some other readers to be carefully courteous of that. It’s unfortunate that the previews do give away a lot to the plot (which is why I personally stay away) and I know that some readers don’t mind that as much.

      I know that you’ve been commenting every episode and I’m so grateful for your insights and your responses! Thanks so much!!

      • 3.4.1 Cookie128

        Never thought that you will notice me among so many eaders and commentors. I really enjoy your recap! Great journey to get on your board and go through the story all together with you and everybody else who also love dramas!

        • Cookie128

          Oops, readers, I mean. Not easy to type on a mobile Phone..

  4. aoiaheen

    I think the show should have been shorter. at 16 episodes I’m thinking that Baek Ho is just going to get more frustrated with each episode because he’ll probably only get the girl (if he does that is) at episode 16. 7 more episodes of failure! Oh Boy! that would hurt anyone’s ego.

    With regard to plot inconsistencies: Yeah I agree. The first few episodes were amazing – how they explained the repurcussions of BH’s actions in the past. But i think around ep 5 they kind of lost track. At one point CW was a distressed and failed writer and suddenly without any explanation he’s happy in the recent episodes. It could be because of BH’s time travel and butterfly effect and all that but I wish they would explain it just a little bit.

  5. rae

    This show is irritating me so much! I have zero sympathy for the main charachter – he’s such a putz. Yi-seul was actually projecting her frustration with Baek-ho onto Tae-nam when she took him to task for not telling her how he feels – although I do see a point that encouraging her to follow her “heart” and keep dating losers is not helping his case.

    At this point, Baek-ho is so lame that I don’t WANT him to get the girl. It would be great if he does all this work, finally tells her how he feels… and it doesn’t matter, because Jin-won is the one she falls in love with no matter what. Jin-won totally deserves a great girl, and Baek-ho kinda needs to move on with his life.

    • 5.1 Meera


      Yi-Seul choses Jin-won so many times. Obviously they are meant to be.

      I also hope she will END with Jin-Wo. Anything else would be UNFAIR!

      I really like Baek-Ho! Yi-Seul and him have something special. And they could have had the most beautiful lovestory.

      But they BOTH screw it up so many times. Neither of them have the guts to declare their love.

      Stupid love.. stupid people.

      • 5.1.1 jomo

        I love how riled up everyone gets commenting on this show.
        I get riled up, too, because I can see why these people are all acting in a way that frustrates, but makes sense.

        Just think about some close friendships you have had over the years — same sex or not same sex. You see him/her every day. Makes jokes. Laugh a lot. You enjoy the time with him/her. What if you fell in love with that person and was unsure whether he/she returned your feelings? You can’t imagine your life without that person, so suddenly you wonder, “Do I really need to change the direction of this closeness by telling him/her that I want him/her exclusively to myself? Am I being too selfish with this love?”

        Man, I had a roommate I liked in college that I that I saw every day for years. I lived with him for two years. Years of being in love, and years of close interaction. I felt content because we stayed together while he was in and out of relationships with girls the whole time.
        Some people assumed we were married.

        When someone else accused me of liking him, I overreacted and denied it to the heavens. What was I afraid of? I guess rejection. Fear of rejection and fear of losing him.

        P.S. Since I don’t know you, I can tell you that it turns out my friend was gay, and he had been in love with our other male roommate the whole time! Life is funny like that.

    • 5.2 Lizzie

      I disagree, for me Yi Seul is just moved or happy to have someone saying he likes her, but seeing her actions it’s clear she likes Baek Ho but don’t have the guts to confess and so she just pick Jin-won because it’s safe choosing him because he loves her. Yi Seul is a big coward.

      I don’t understand why you keep saying just Baek Ho is a coward, does just the guy need to confess? Yi Seul always loved him too, had many chances to confess to him too but she just chose to give up and go to someone she is sure loves her? Coward, coward girl.

      And in her case is worse since she doesn’t really love him and will just end up hurting the poor guy.

      I would say Yi Seul and Baek Ho deserve each other and Ji Won should get a really nice girl that really loves him back.

      And even if Baek Ho confessed I’m not sure Yi Seul would accept it, she is always running away…. never admiting that she likes Baek Ho too, I wonder what she is afraid.

      • 5.2.1 jomo

        Hmmmm…The best answer I have read on that is she is afraid to lose his friendship, which makes sense.

        The same conflict in 9 End 2 Outs.

      • 5.2.2 Lizzie

        And in her case is worse since she doesn’t really love him and will just end up hurting the poor guy. (I mean here she doesn’t love Ji Won and will hurt him)

        @Jomo: Yes, I believe so too, she is afraid not to lose the friendship I think, but afraid of losing Baek Ho who she really loves, so not to lose him she prefers to keep as a friend forever to not lose him.

        • aoiaheen

          Yeah. I think she’s scared of losing him. But what I don’t really like is that she actually chooses JW. Ok i get that she doesn’t think he loves her and so she’s settling for the next guy who loves her. Loads of girls do that. But what I don’t like is that she choses JW even she though knows that BH is not in another relationship AND she knows she’s still in love with him.

          I don’t think she’s really moved on. She just doesn’t want to admit she still loves BH. If she thought of him as just a friend, why would she say (was it ep 8?) it’s the last christmas she would give him?

          BH for all his stupidity (10 back-to-the-past trips and still no love confession ?) doesn’t even look at other girls. There’s no one beside YS for him.

          Btw, I like the direction the show is taking. I know it’s frustrating… but BH is no longer going back to win her heart or stop her wedding. He’s just going back to make things right about his behaviour towards her. It’s like he told himself, he’s no longer relieved that she’s not married to JW but he’s just angry at himself for being so useless that he couldn’t get YS to want to be with him.

      • 5.2.3 malta

        I think who you choose matters. She chosen Jin Won over and over, and over again so I think that counts for something. Also Jin Won is older and obviously more in touch and courageous about his feelings so I don’t know why he hasn’t clued in to the vibes between Baek Ho and Yi Seul. He even saw her letter for the time capsule. Does he think these feelings just disappeared.

  6. Meera

    Seriously dude! You don’t deserve that girl. It’s just not MEANT to be! You go back 10 times, and try to change things in the past, and still she choses the other guy?!
    How is it possible to mess it up SO many times?
    Obviously she’s meant to be with THE OTHER GUY!

    This drama makes me SO furious!

    I know declaring your love is difficult.. But doesn’t he remember the pain, when she got married in episode 1?
    Shouldn’t that pain be enough for him to grasp the first chance he gets?

    Fine you mess it up once… it’s okay you mess it up twice… it tolerable you mess it up thrice…. but f****** 10-15 times?

    This drama should have ended at episode TWO.

  7. Cathy

    I think that your all being a bit too harsh on Baek Ho. You need to understand that the character is full of flaws and regrets, which is what he’s used the time travel to help him resolve. Yi Seul was the reason for him doing so, but it became so much more when he realised he could change other things with his life and his friends, which he has done so. Due to the number of episodes, obviously it’s going to drag at times, especially since the original was only 11 episodes. Having watched episode 10 and seen the preview for episode 11, I think that the story is going to finally progress somewhere.

    • 7.1 malta

      I think part of the frustration is that the drama makes light of the time traveling aspect of the story. It’s a fantasy, but most of us don’t get the chance to relive something we regret and change it. Baek Ho just seems to wasted so many opportunities.

      Never, ever have a wanted a character to just yell, “I like you! I think this may be love! Let’s date!” And then Jin Won went and did it and I was so annoyed. Come on Baek Ho!

  8. PassionFruit

    i really like this show, and i’ll definitely watch it until the end, but PLEASE will you try something new already? it’s always baek-ho messes up, baek-ho goes back in time, baek-ho messes up again, yi-seul STILL chooses jin-won. i mean, seriously, how many times can you screw up in one episode? *sigh*

  9. Karen

    Show!!! you are soo testing my patience, i don’t think baek ho’s character can get more frustrating than this!!!! how can he still even think that if he had another chance he would make things right? aparently he cant since he’s had plenty of chances to fix things and still doesn’t!!! i also hate the fact that just because she’s already dating the other guy he thinks that everything’s lost and feels like he needs to go back in time to have another chance if the story keeps going like this i’m gonna feel like its unfair that after so many failures he still gets the girl and jin wo doesn’t its soooo frustrating, i can’t believe i’m still watching this but i figured since im past the halfway point i might as well finish i still hope the story gets better though

  10. 10 smileychedder

    no spoilers but based on the preview for ep 11 things definitely pick up from here 😛 UNLESS it was a dream sequence then i would get really mad and throw something at my computer xD as much as the little inconsistencies bother me, i’ve gotten so attached to all the characters that i don’t think i can stop watching this drama until the end 🙂

    • 10.1 cookie128

      Me too. Plus, ep10 is also kind of sweet!
      YSH’s dancing Nobody to win the girl ~~ So funny~~Frankly, he is not good at dancing, but he is super cute and gorgeous with sunglasses~~~

  11. 11 cv

    thanks for recap! 🙂

    I haven’t even started on this drama… Don’t know if I want to. Think I’ll stick with the recaps instead.

  12. 12 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.

    Favorite moment:
    And he turns around, his eyes shifting back and forth as if those words would will the Conductor’s presence. HAHAHA. Okay, that’s pretty funny.

    The music swells at his plea then stops, his looking around made me LOL.

    Thank you, Back Hoe for finally manning up!
    But I have an issue with Yi-seul, too. She could give him a verbal cue or two, too!

  13. 13 HeadsNo2

    I didn’t feel frustrated with this episode, but I was starting to feel just as resigned as Baek-ho. I think Yoo Seung-ho is doing a good job of relating the feeling that maybe this is all futile, and getting the girl isn’t meant to be. I’ve sort of given up on him and Yi-seul, but I like that each time he goes back into the past he gets a chance to fix his own life and become something more. I’m mostly watching for his development at this point, and not their development as a couple.

    “But this is drama world, where just like a chaebol appears out of thin air, so must we witness the same scene again.” LOL.

  14. 14 Biscuit

    And NOW I remember why I skipped to the end in the J-dorama. Even with 11 or so episodes in the J-version and still felt it lagged, how much more so will this version be at 16 episodes?

    Baek-ho, step up your game now! Or yunno…. just look for another girl in a different dimension in one of your time-travels…

  15. 15 Lizzie

    People are angry wih Baek Ho but not with Yi Seul?

    I find it pretty frustrating.

    Baek Ho needs to confess, yes, but so does Yi Seul.

    And I think these two are just scared, they know they have feelings for each other but both turn the blind eye…

    And for those saying why Baek Ho can’t confess and do things right in his first trip, well this doesn’t work like this in real life, does it? When youa re dealing with something very important you are always carefull.

    Baek Ho goes to the past and says to Yi Seul out of nowhere: ”I love you and want to spend my life with you”

    I think this would scare Yi Seul lol~
    She would think he doesn’t really mean it or that he is just saying it but with time things can change.

    Saying I love you won’t make him get the girl. Love isn’t that easy. Nowadays everyone says I love you, but they don’t really mean it. Actions show it, actions make you believe in it, and if Yi Seul would look what Baek Ho did for her she would see he disappointed her a lot and didn’t much (but now Baek Ho is going in the past and is changing these bad memories)

    They have to make thier relationship work after this and when they talk about future plans I would already see them both fighting over it.

    Baek Ho going to the past isn’t about confessing his love, is about finding himself again, about maturing (that still didn’t happen much – he is still a boy) and cherishing things he didn’t have the chance to cherish because he was too young back then or didn’t know how valueable it was.

    Also, this drama show us something: how it’s hard for a person to change. It isn’t after a day the person change her way of acting or her way of thinking… her way of doing things. It isn’t easy and fats like this. It isn’t in a blink of eye.

    Baek Ho knows he need to confess, know he need to act this way, but why he doesn’t do it then? Well because it is hard for the person change the way she thinks, acts and all… Baek Ho went to the past, but how he can change things when he is the same person in the future that he is in the past? How to change?

    I’m saying this because I myself I’m like this.

    I lack confidence. I try not to, I really try to and know being like this isn’t going to make me go nowhere but it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s because it’s hard to change. Call me a coward but it isn’t something simple to solve – if it was simple then it wouldn’t be a real problem and etc.

    Yi Seul is also to blame – she has the same bad way of acting since young – just like Baek Ho she also didn’t change, why she doesn’t confess too? Why give up in her love for Baek Ho and go to Ji Won without even trying things with Baek Ho first? I think she is just picking the safe road.

    Yi Seul has this bad habit: she is always blaming others, blaming the fate, blaming Baek Ho and just runs away – she just give up without trying – she also didn’t change

    Baek Ho can be a coward – but at least he is trying, even though things aren’t working that well he is trying – trying to not regret, trying.

    But Yi Seul? She is worse than Baek Ho because she is a coward too but unlike Baek Ho she didn’t even try she just gave up. I’m sure she regrets or will regret in the future.

    Ps: people who are complaing about how you are tired of him going back and not really changing things – I disagree, I think little by little he is changing things, he is getting deeper into Yi Seul’s heart. It is just that he doesn’t know it yet (and Yi Seul also doesn’t). That is my opnion.

    So sorry for this long Rant.


    • 15.1 Lizzie

      Sorry for so may typos and grammar mistakes!
      Minhane TT Hope you can understand what I wrote.

      • 15.1.1 Lizzie


        Arrrgh another mistake.


    • 15.2 heino

      i think what you say makes sense. the goal of this drama is not to show that he gets the girl in the end, but to show how they deal with change on different levels.

    • 15.3 malta

      I think the reason people get more upset with Baek Ho than Yi Seul is because he’s the one filled with regret who wants to go back and change his past so he could be with Yi Seul. Even if Yi Seul loves Baek Ho, in the present she’s doing just fine. She made her choice and is getting married and seems fine with her choice. She doesn’t seem filled with regret or hesitant about walking down the aisle. Yi Seul isn’t the one getting multiple incredible chance to change her past.

      • 15.3.1 Kim Yoonmi

        Yi Seul only chooses Jin Won because of the wrong reasons. It’s because I think in some way she still doesn’t believe Baek Ho and her will work out–I hope the writer deals with this aspect as they did in the original (though clearly we are getting into the special portion of the original drama…)

        Yi Seul is caught up in “Fate” and “Magic” and “Will happen if it is meant to be.” But she’s not willing to work to make that fate come true (confessing through a window). So I think she sort of resigns herself–the magical way her and the coach met in the mountain… she really doesn’t make the effort to *choose* as Baek Ho has… which makes me frustrated with her just as equally.

        I think this drama more than the original is poking fun at how we think that the perfect man has to be a Chaebol with girlish hair and a hand towel, how it has to be fate with a man that is forward… but the more you wish for the “Perfection” and don’t work for it and move to make a choice–the more likely you are going to be unhappy and just “Settle” for second best.

        Yi Seul more than Baek Ho is just waiting for decisions to be made by fate for her. So I disagree she chose the Coach, I think she accepted him because he was there and it felt easy for her. That’s a whole lot worse than Baek Ho’s inertia.

  16. 16 rumwow

    Jinwon IS a chaebol… He’s not coming out of nowhere…
    If you remember, in high school, the baseball players signed a petition to fire him from the coach position because Yiseul found out that he’s the sun of the owner(?) of the school and suspected of being accepted because of that close relationship…

    • 16.1 malta

      True, but Jin Won is a Harvard business school graduate who decided to become a High School baseball coach…who wears a 3 piece designer suit…every day. ¬¬ He hangs out with a bunch of high school kids all the time. When he was at the amusement park with them, I was like why? You look soo out of place. I love Jin Won, but why is he there? This is typical random kdrama chaebol who makes no sense being where he is.

  17. 17 Lizzie

    Awesome mv of OP:

    NO SPOILERS from next episode don’t worry.


  18. 18 olsen

    Thanx for the recap Gummi.

    I’m starting to feel that Baek Ho needs to get BOLD and I mean big time.
    All these dancing around is getting a little bit redundant.
    But then, I’m still on camp Baek Ho and Yi Suel
    So, for my sake at least, I need to see more progress!

  19. 19 fangirl98

    I’m trying to remain invested in Baek Ho and Yi Seul, but the drama is just spinning its wheels, not really propelling these two ======> FORWARD. I mean, there are small changes here and there but up to now there haven’t been any serious game changers.

    I’m gonna stick with OP ’til the end, but watching it makes me feel like I’M stuck in a time loop….reliving the past.

  20. 20 buttrcup


    This drama is totally tugging at my heart; literally, like every character has this somewhat emotional thingy majingy to them. Like I’m emotionally drawn to all of ’em.

    But right now, at this point I’m more drawn to Ji-Won bc even though we’re all rooting for Baek-Ho to get the girl I can’t help but feel uber bad for Ji-Won bc he does deserve her too. And that’s what kills me ever so slightly. Because in most dramas I usually dislike the ‘other’ guy but here… I absolutely adore him bc he’s endearing and quite frankly lovable. Yes I have become a fan of Ji-Won.

    BUT don’t mistake my fangirlism towards Ji-Won doesn’t mean that I’m still on the Baek-ho ship bc I totally am xD

    Anyway, Tae-Nam…. PLEEEEEASE do something my dear boy. I absolutely die everytime I see your facial expression. Seriously, sometimes I just want to grab you an take you away from Chae-Ri. She so doesn’t know how greeeat you are. But don’t worry, she will… SHE BETTER!

    Hee, thankies for the recap hun. Totally love this drama <33 It's super underrated (Err… dramabeans-wise) but still. Loveeee eeeet xD

  21. 21 Belle

    …still sweet! …& reflective. In spite of any discrepancy (like in any other drama), the actors are doing such a wonderful job at portraying their characters, that it’s definitely worth watching!

    Thanks for the recap! 🙂

  22. 22 KDaddict

    This show is sooo frustrating to watch. It makes me want to tear my hair out.
    To me, Baek Ho is an utter loser. He has had 20 years to tell the girl, show the girl he loves her, n zilch!
    Even the groom thanks him for Not having loved Yi Seul bc he’d be an impossible rival to beat. He goes n loses a girl who is impossible to lose. If that doesn’t make him a loser, what does?
    So Yi Seul doesn’t confess. In KD-land, women r often supposed to be demure, reserved, proper. That makes them “good” girls! She could have done more to encourage him, to show him how she feels. So yes, they r birds of a feather. That’s why they r soulmates?
    Yi S accept’s JW’s proposal. I take it to mean that she has completely lost hope, lost faith in BH. So she settles for a guy whom she is sure loves her.
    See? There we r back to square 1. If BH could show her say starting 15 years ago that he loves her, then he doesn’t have to keep going back again n again. Either he is not v bright, or he is handicapped in expressing love!

  23. 23 1aco

    I like how this drama has captured the same atmosphere and feel of the jdrama version, because not many kdrama do that very well and to honest most of them fail in that area.. This drama is a very good ex of how it should be done..

    And for this ep I enjoyed it for what it was, which is taking another step towords his goal.. I feel like he is still dicovering more of himself each times he goes back and even though his goal is to confess, I think he is achieving that by starting to have more confidence in himself and start to love who he is as person before he can trully express his feeling to her..

    Even though I know how this drama gone end because I have seen the j-version of this, it still annoys me that Yi-seul don’t see or feel Baek-ho effort… come on girl you can’t expect that he do all the work..

    Thnaks for the recap…

  24. 24 malta

    This episode was very frustrating. I can’t believe he didn’t interrupt Jin Won from kissing her! Argh. Jin Won would have p.robably found another chance, but still why go back if you’re not going to change anything.

    And then that nonsense with throwing the baseball at a bottle! You’re going to purposely bet your fate with this woman that you love on a pitch in the dark…literally.

    It feels like Jin Won could win Yi Seul blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back. I like Baek Ho a lot and I want to root for him, but he’s so frustrating

  25. 25 Kim Yoonmi

    “She continues that he’s never once told her how he felt about Chae-ri (uh hello plot inconsistency!), and that he gives up whenever he sees Chae-ri with another man.”

    Disagree, though it may be because I understand Korean culture differently?

    While he told the entire school, she took it as a joke, and he hasn’t once made his confession personal. He declares it from the rooftops, but not where it matters. He puts her on a pedestal in front of everyone, but never makes his feelings personal. (Opposite of KBH… Kang Baek Ho makes his feelings waaaayyy too personal and not public enough.)

    I also think Yi Seul’s yelling at TN was of the same ilk… I think she meant it for him, but also because she was frustrated (as the viewers are) in KBH. KBH went all that way to give her a present, but then shuffled it aside, and though YS most likely knew what it meant, she still wanted to hear it because she wasn’t sure…

  26. 26 karened

    Actually, it was mentioned in an earlier episode (I think one of the first few eps where Jin Won appeared) that Jin Won is a chaebol. I think he father’s company is an investor of the professional baseball team which tried to get Jin Won back as an advisor.

  27. 27 garucliff

    I think Baek Ho’s hesitance to say what he truly feels outright may also stem from not being loved since he was a child. His father is dead and he has what appears like an absentee mother. He struggles with saying his feelings to someone he truly hs feelings for.

  28. 28 Lilian

    This drama is so so only. Doesn’t really captivate me and I don’t get all excited about it. Am hanging on coz I like Yoo Seung Ho.

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