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Rooftop Prince: Episode 4
by | March 29, 2012 | 253 Comments

You know, I wasn’t sure I was totally grasping how the time-travel and reincarnation and inheritance conflicts would all fit — or whether they would at all — but with this episode we start to see the threads coming together, and I’m going with it. I’m still not sure I love the corporate battle, but now I at least feel assured that the show knows where it’s going, and has a solid trajectory planned.

Ratings remain mostly the same; everybody rose a teeny bit but the rankings are unaffected with Rooftop at 11.4%, The King 2 Hearts at 14.6%, and Equator Man at 8.5%.


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Se-na slaps the prince, who is immediately dragged away and thrown out. He keeps shouting, “Princess!” but she turns back to her work, ignoring the crazy man outside.

Park-ha continues readying her shop for its opening, which is called Park-ha’s Fruits and Veggies. Her landlord drops by to complete the contract paperwork, which is when Park-ha realizes that the envelope is empty — her bank check for 40 million won (about $35,000) is missing. Ah, so that’s what Se-na stole out of her bag the other day, evil wench.

Park-ha frantically searches her things, then calls Se-na, who ignores it. A flashback shows us that not only had she taken the check, she’d ripped it up. Arggggh, but I guess this way her action is untraceable, and nobody will ever know what happened.

Park-ha pleads with the landlord to give her till tomorrow morning to get him the money, but he doesn’t budge, preferring to cancel the contract. He tells her to empty the store and be out today.

It’s such a bummer that it makes it hard to laugh at the Aqua Men, who arrive wearing animal suits (to promote her store), with Becky and Lady Mimi helping out. Aw, I love when friend-families spring up, and if a friend is willing to make himself look ridiculous to help you, that’s a keeper. Although, yes, these boys don’t know they look ridiculous. Side point.

Yi Gak waits outside the company building all day, until Se-na leaves with Grandma CEO. He shouts for her again, but the guards muffle him this time and she leaves in the CEO’s car.

The lost check doesn’t work exactly like cash so it’s not like money has just fizzled into nothing, but putting a stop payment and getting a new check issued will take Park-ha several days. And if she can’t cough up the cash, she loses her contract deposit as well as all the money she put into buying product. She asks her stepmother to borrow the funds in the meantime, but that’s no small sum and it’s not like Mom’s got it lying around.

Se-na interrupts the conversation and asks to talk to Park-ha. She takes this opportunity to say “I told you so,” about predicting that Park-ha would ask Mom for a handout. Se-na draws out the smug scolding, but Park-ha has no time for idle chitchat and starts to leave… until unni offers to lend her the money.

Ah, so she’s going to use this as a way to manipulate Park-ha. Evil bitch is an evil wily bitch.

Her quid pro quo: Take the money to settle her affairs, then return to America. She gives her till tomorrow to think it over.

Park-ha has forgotten two things, and she first rushes back to close up shop before remembering the prince. He stands shivering in the rain, still outside the now-empty corporate building, dutifully waiting for her to pick him up as she promised. Aww. There’s something so pathetic about that image, him clenching his fists and shaking in the cold.

She apologizes for coming so late because she was held up with important matters, and Yi Gak rails at her angrily. Was her promise with him not important? Was it not worth keeping?

They’ve both had crappy days and take it out on each other. Arriving home, he decides she cares about nothing but money — she’s fixated on her store and completely neglected him. And because she’s a person who doesn’t keep promises, her business is sure to fail.

Park-ha isn’t in the mood to take this, and she turns things around on him: He may have gotten used to speaking his mind, but he’s a useless man who knows how to do nothing. He may call her a lowly fool, but he’s one too.

She takes a swing to slap him, but he grabs her arm and they stand there glaring furiously at each other.

Joseon era. Aw, I’ve missed the Joseon scenes.

Yi Gak finds his wife, Hwa-yong, waiting for him in the courtyard and has a joyous reunion. He holds her close and asks her to never leave him again, and she’s just as pleased to be with him.

And then… a ringtone cuts in, and Park-ha stands there, insistent that he earn his keep and work. She ignores his protests and drags him away, separating him from his princess.

He wakes up in the rooftop room, sighing over his unlucky dream.

In the morning, Park-ha finds her ducklings sitting at the table, awaiting their hot omurice breakfast. She’s still in a rotten mood and stomps out, ignoring their requests for food. Aw, honey, that’s mean. Yes, they’re grown men, but they’re also babies.

Yi Gak has his pride, and he declares that they don’t need her to feed them — they can figure it out themselves. Yong-sool is always quick to act and offers to find a cow or pig or something to eat, but Man-bo reminds him to use his brains before brawn: They won’t find any of those outside. Chi-san pleads for the prince to go to the convenience store to buy instant noodles, but Yi Gak has to face the humbling truth: “What money have I?”

It’s therefore super-touching that the Aqua-ducklings make arrangements through Becky to find part-time jobs, but hide it from the prince. They urge him to rest up today at home, while they’ll endure Becky’s annoying insistence that they go sightseeing, wink-wink.

Man-bo gets to work directing traffic in a parking garage, wielding his baton like a sword as he points, stabs, and parries. Too bad he’s not doing any real directing, and he ends up with a traffic jam on his hands.

Yong-sool gets a job as a barista, which is just crazy; the boy just landed in modern times and you’re going to make him figure out the intricacies of pulling espresso? A woman orders her drink and hands over her card, and he eyes her suspiciously: “Do you take me for a fool? You have to give me MONEY.”

Chi-san actually enjoys his task washing cars with the high-pressure hose and soaping up the exterior — and just as I’m thinking he might end up the winner today, he goes on to soap up the leather interior, too. OH NO. And then he gleefully turns the hose on the leather, spraying the suds away. Cringe cringe cringe. If he makes it through the job alive, he’ll be lucky.

Thankfully the three boys make it home alive, where they fess up and tell the prince that they were working to earn money for Park-ha, because her business was ruined before it even began. Yi Gak hadn’t known, and now he feels sorry for his harsh words the night before.

Becky comes to collect the boys again for work, and Lady Mimi gives the prince a once-over, wondering why he doesn’t work. She’s been told he doesn’t “do” manual labor, and she tsks-tsks disapprovingly, sizing him up as a lazybutt.

Park-ha heads out to meet her New York friend, Amy, who’s gotten married and is here to visit. Amy brings a tin box from Park-ha’s old locker, which she’d left at the pub.

Amy tells her she and her husband are going to open a restaurant, and encourages Park-ha to come to New York to work with them. So after seeing her friends off, Park-ha considers taking her sister’s money offer after all, and moving back to the States.

It would mean giving up the life she’s carved out for herself here, and the thought is enough to bring her to tears. At home, she finds the radish doll Yi Gak had picked up from the ground and rehung inside, which makes her smile.

Becky teaches some dance moves to the animal-suited boys, who follow along. They’re the kind of sexy-cute moves appropriate for her — yunno, a woman — but look terribly strange coming from them. (At least they’ll have their costume heads on, which explains why they’re going for such aegyo moves.)

Yi Gak watches with a skeptical This can’t be right look on his face. (And then he turns around and tries a move himself. Omg so cute.) What cracks me up about him is that half of him is too cool for school, but the other half is fiercely competitive so he always wants to outdo the others, even if that means he’s out-ridiculousing them.

Yong-sool asks if they really have to dance, and Lady Mimi tells them not only do you have to dance, you have to dance like crazy, to get people’s attention. Somehow I don’t think crazy will be a difficulty. She also reminds them that while they’re in costume, they have to be fully in character as animals — so, no talking.

The boys head off to begin working, but don’t forget to dutifully bow to their prince first. Adorable.

Lady Mimi leaves with another disapproving look at the lazy leader who won’t work, and that raises his hackles. Ha, I love that you can’t persuade him to work, but you can shame him.

So it is that Dog, Cat, and Rabbit are joined by Panda. Lady Mimi assumes this is Becky and complains that the others are doing such a poor job that Becky needs to show them how it’s done. Omg.

So Panda takes his place and dances his little heart out. I’m torn between loving the gag of the disguise giving him free rein, and desperately wishing we could see his face.

Back to the Home & Shopping company; I know it’s hard, but let’s try not to zone out. Great Aunt is in a snit because Tae-mu has disregarded her connections and chosen models from a different company for their wedding feature today.

Great Aunt feels belittled and storms off, then visits a man named Pyo Taek-soo, telling him it’s time to come back to Seoul and ask Granny to return to his old job. Taek-soo declines, saying sadly that he caused too much trouble before. His place is here, as the warehouse security guard. I’m not sure if he’s an ex-husband or a relative or why we care (’cause I don’t), but no doubt he’ll come into play later.

Grandma CEO worries about the model switch for today’s broadcast, since this is an important expansion of their market. Tae-mu assures her he has this well in hand, and adds that it’ll be good to use company employees for their shoot. He nominates Se-na as their model — a surprise move that Se-na isn’t expecting — but Grandma goes with it.

Se-na asks why Tae-mu sprung this on her, and when he grabs her for a hug, she reminds him that they might be seen. He’s feeling confident (or maybe reckless) and says he’s the company’s owner — “I will be, soon” — and doesn’t have to fear anybody’s eyes.

Park-ha sees her friends selling strawberries for her, touched at their initiative. A large crowd has gathered, drawn in by the silly dancing animals, and Lady Mimi credits Becky for doing all the hard work in attracting people.

The Panda is still gyrating energetically, but finally runs out of gas and keels over. The friends rush to “her” side worriedly, and Yong-sool decides to carry her to get help. The boys take off their masks (the ajummas ooh at their pretty faces) and take Panda indoors to rest. The guard recommends removing the costume, but Yong-sool stops him — they should respect the lady’s modesty, after all.

He calls Park-ha instead, just as Panda takes off his head to reveal Yi Gak. He hears Park-ha outside, though, and hurriedly puts the head back on and crosses his hands demurely in a ladylike pose — can’t let her see his embarrassment!

Park-ha offers “Becky” water and tries to take off the head, but Yi Gak refuses. So Park-ha takes his hand and thanks Becky for all her help, reminiscing on how they met two years ago, when they’d both been new to Korea. She apologizes, saying that she might leave without being able to repay all of Becky’s kindnesses.

Yi Gak shies away at the hand touch, but when Park-ha says she’s going to leave the rooftop for America, he whips around to stare at her. Then he gets up and crosses his arms in a full-body pout, and Park-ha apologizes; because she lost that check, she has no choice. She adds the request that Becky not tell her boys about this; she’ll tell them when the time is right.

Yi Gak storms off angrily and runs into Becky, who thinks he’s mad because he had to wear the suit in her place. (She got called on a last-minute job and needed the money.)

The wedding show prepares its broadcast, and Tae-mu pulls aside Se-na for quiet moment. He pulls her in close, then does a sleight-of-hand trick that ends with a diamond ring in his hand, which he slides onto her finger.

He asks her to marry him, suggests they break the news to the elders after the show, then whisks her off her feet to twirl her around. Aw, they really are cute together, when they’re being happily adoring, and not devilish or murderous. You’d think that wouldn’t have to be a caveat, but that’s K-drama for ya.

The rooftop family of seven — ducklings, Park-ha, and the girls — gather for a dinner party, where Park-ha heaps the gratitude and praise onto the three boys and pours them drinks. She ignores Yi Gak, assuming he was his usual unhelpful self, and he pours his own shot and seethes silently. When she promises to repay their kindness, he bursts out, “When?!” He accuses her of making a false promise, knowing she plans to leave, but since she doesn’t know that he knows, his reaction puzzles everyone.

Becky looks troubled and asks Yi Gak to step aside for a cup of coffee. (Yi Gak: “Rather than coffee, do you have something sweet?”) Her TV is set to a home shopping channel, and he looks amazed to see her onscreen modeling clothing.

Becky feels bad for getting the credit for his work and wants to tell Park-ha that he was dancing in the panda suit, but he’s distracted by the shopping channel’s wedding segment — and the bride, whom he recognizes. He wonders what she’s doing, and when Becky says she’s getting married, he bolts up in alarm. The princess, marry? It can’t be! (HAHA. His horror is real, but the misunderstanding just cracks me up.)

The Home Shopping family hears that their wedding package is a hit, and Tae-mu’s father hastens to praise Tae-mu for the good work. Grandma has been skeptical all this while, holding off on the congratulations, but now she gives Tae-mu credit for a job well done.

Yi Gak arrives at the shoot location in a taxi as the broadcast winds down, pushing his way inside frantically. He finds Se-na and laments the “wedding,” asking how she could do this, how she could not recognize him: “It’s me, Princess! Me!”

Tae-mu grabs Yi Gak and pulls him away, punching him in the face. The moment mimics that punch on the yacht, and in an eerie echo, Yi Gak goes flying over the railing and hits the water below. Dude, again? Once was an accident; twice means anger management.

The similarity rattles Tae-mu as they watch the red tracksuit floating facedown in the water.

Park-ha opens her old tin box and takes out a postcard — the one Tae-yong had drawn of her in New York. He’d been too shy to ask her out in person at the bar, but apparently he left it for her with the bartender, adding a note to meet him here in two days. She’d come, but he hadn’t.

There’s also a cell phone: A tourist had come to the pub to return a cell phone — she and some other dude had taken each other’s phones by mistake, and she wants to make the swap. (I speculate this will turn out to be Tae-yong’s phone, but we’ll have to wait and see.) Last but not least, there’s some kind of doll figure (a woman and a man) made of twine and stones.

A rescue team fishes Yi Gak out of the water and takes him to the hospital in an ambulance. Tae-mu rides along, badly shaken — you’ve gotta figure he’s got some rotten luck, finding himself in the same accident two times, with the same person (kinda).

Yi Gak is unconscious and unresponsive for a long while. As he lies on the gurney being treated, we flash back to his fall into the water. He floats there, wondering:

Yi Gak: “Who am I? Am I alive or dead? Who is this Tae-yong, who has the same face as I do? Who is the woman who bears the same face as the princess? Is this reincarnation? Have we been reborn? So, the princess must have been reborn. I must have died, then been reborn as Tae-yong. But if I was reincarnated as Tae-yong, then what am I doing here? Where is Tae-yong? Have I come here to take Tae-yong’s place?”

As his mind wonders these things, we see visions of his life, and Tae-yong’s — though I’m not sure if he’s seeing Tae-yong’s memories, or if this is for our benefit.

Yi Gak is defibrillated, but he flatlines. The doctor calls time of death. The family has gathered around the bed, and looks on in stunned silence as the sheet is pulled over his head, and Tae-mu’s initial shock gives way to relief, again.

But then the heart beats. Not dead yet.

Park-ha waits up that night, wondering where he is. Becky assures her that he’ll be fine, since she sent him off with Park-ha’s contact information and some cash.

As the family leaves the hospital, Grandma says it’s a good thing, since they were almost responsible for a death. She tells Tae-mu that he almost killed a man, and instructs Se-na to make arrangements: They’ll take responsibility for the patient and give him a VIP room.

They don’t know who the man is or who his emergency contacts are, so when the nurse finds the scrap of paper with a phone number in the red tracksuit, they give it a call.

Park-ha arrives in time to share an elevator with Grandma, and then she’s introduced to Se-na and Tae-mu as Red’s guardian. They look at her in wide-eyed shock but don’t betray that they know her, leading her to the room.

When they arrive, they find Yi Gak awake and sitting up, awaiting their arrival. He looks straight at them and says, “Grandmother, it’s me. Tae-yong.” Whaaaa?

One heart failure averted, only to spur three almost-heart-attacks. He smiles, ever so slightly.


Ooh, nice twist. My assumption is that Yi Gak hasn’t managed to somehow acquire Tae-yong’s memories, but has pieced together enough of the details to figure out the family dynamics. Going on the theory that he has been reincarnated, he suppose there’s an important connection between him and Tae-yong — and so, the best way to get to the bottom of that is to remain in Tae-yong’s circle. If he wants to find out the mystery of his lost princess’s death, for now this is the best plan. At least it IS a plan — otherwise, what else can he do but sit around and wait for the rooftop portal to open again, if ever?

This is just my speculation, so perhaps you’ve got other ideas. I do love that a drama like this opens the door for so much fun speculating. Now that I see where this is heading, I have some faith that there IS something to speculate, that the writer has a concrete idea of where he’s taking this story.

I know there’s some speculation that the dead woman in the pond wasn’t the princess, and I’m not discounting that theory. It’s an interesting one, and one I’m keeping at the back of my mind. But so far the drama hasn’t given us any indication that a body-switch is part of the intrigue, so I’m going with: The princess died in the pond. Until we get more clues, at least.

I do love the makeshift family storylines that are starting to emerge. I was plenty happy with the central fivesome — Park-ha and her Joseon ducklings — but it’s also nice to have the extension of her neighbors. On their own, I don’t think Becky and Lady Mimi are all that interesting (yet?), but as part of the big family, I love it. Becky’s the foreign transplant, Park-ha’s the orphan, the others are displaced in time, and Lady Mimi — well, she’s eccentric.

So you have this ragtag team of outcasts who don’t really fit in here, or belong anywhere in particular, and they’re making their own home here with each other. The theme of non-family members bonding together in a family that’s created, not born — it’s a recipe for awesomeness. When it’s done well, that is. And so far we’re doing it with humor and heart, so I’m a happy camper.

I shouldn’t be surprised since the writer wrote my favorite makeshift-family drama Bad Family, but in any case, it’s always nice to get more than you were hoping for.


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      I also had mixed reactions.. I’m glad that the writer has kept the plot going very well and that nothing has been too draggy (hopefully it stays this way!). However, this new development definitely means that the prince is going to stay at their house, which (imo) is probably going to slow down the pace of the plot.

      Lastly, a little OT, but one logical flaw that bothered me was how he knew where to go (for the wedding shoot). How did he know how to take a taxi? Did Becky help him? Where did he get money?

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      The money was taken when Park Ha left her purse to go to the toilet with the mom during the mom’s birthday in ep 3. Well, Park-Ha might lower her guard down over the money since she was just going to toilet and would come back soon, and maybe she touhgt her sis wouldn’t do any harm. But yeah, evil step sister is evil.

      • 17.5.1 Ditu3ka

        I think she doesn´t consider her step-sister evil or anything, I would probably do the same, I mean leaving my bag in my sister´s care.

        • gala

          same here. i don’t see “dumbness” in Park Ha. just, blind to her stepsister’s evil ways. you really drop your guard down whenever around family… and i’m pretty sure no matter how bad sena treats her, Park Ha still considers her family – her only family left. can’t blame the girl for having a bit of trust in the evil incarnate.

      • 17.5.2 Cruelsummer

        I can agree to an extent that your guard may be down with family. But Park Ha has been toughing it out on her own for years now. Not only that, but she’s been living alone in New York City. There is no way that someone with that background would just disregard her bag with $30 grand inside. If I had that much money in my bag I’d be checking for it every five minutes. I just wish they had found a better way for her to lose the money.

    • 17.6 anastasiaa

      i’m usually can’t accept that kind of plot but in this drama it make sense. they are sister and she just go to the toilet to bring their mother.

  18. 18 sauyinzhi

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    Thank you again. You are very efficient. Great job doing the recap.

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    And why is it every time I sit down to watch this show, I have to have a plate of omurice in front of me?!? This may be the first KDrama where I’m putting on unneeded weight!! 🙂

    • 19.1 Ivoire

      But Cherkell,
      Omurice looks soooo good (it must be good), just give in, and then go for a walk when you have the time (Would you have the time? Last time on OT, you told me you are on call 24/7 these days). Ok, I was trying to be helpful (and funny in a cute way), but I’m not sure I succeeded :-(.
      I still say, just enjoy the rice, I would if I were you, or better yet, time your eating time around the time you watch this show, then you would feel and be less guilty. What do you think?

    • 19.2 ilovemandoo

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    • 19.3 molly

      don’t worry, Korean dramas make me crave rice or noodles. Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest 🙂

    • 19.4 NewKDramaAddict

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  22. 22 nikhapi

    I’m totally hooked in the story now. There is so much to see in this drama and so many to laugh about. What I like in this drama aside from the twist is the atmosphere of the drama itself. I feel like watching Kate and Leopold once again.. Love it. And me being too shallow, loves the fact that the three of the Joseon F4 are really handsome and pretty.. Specially the eunich guy.. Love him.. and they are the most funniest here aside from Chunface! I’m so looking forward for every appearance they are in! And Ha Ji Min and Yoochun has a tremendous chemistry!

  23. 23 stars4u

    I think Yi-gak is going to benefit about “pretending” to be Tae-yong. Maybe he could help Park-ha and also get to know Se-na.

    • 23.1 shopgirl

      Me, myself also have thought the same way as yours

  24. 24 Ivoire

    Just got done watching this episode on Viki. Perfect timing to now go read the recap. Thank you for the recap!

    • 24.1 Ivoire

      I don’t know how the story is going to unfold, but I would like to see the prince and TM go at each other (with plots and schemes) under the grandma’s nose without her realizing that it is going on, but with her always saving the prince and giving him more and more power in the company.
      I mean to say that I would like to see TM come up with his best plans to get rid off the prince/TY while smiling and pretending to be the dutiful grandson to the chair(wo)man and the chairwoman messing up his best laid out plans without realizing it because she is so protective of the prince/TY (now that she has him back, or so she thinks) and gets more involved in his life. And for the prince to become a little devilish (while being a darling to the grandma) and to give TM as much as he is receiving, schemes wise, and finding out what TM has done and been up to in the process. THAT would be fun to watch…
      I am hoping that how smart and capable the prince is will show in how quickly he learns how to work and operate in the modern professional world (I hope he ends up taking the company over). His interest in the company might come as a surprise to everyone else (especially to TM) since the real TY couldn’t care less about the company.
      Anyway, let’s see what they surprise us with next.

  25. 25 jomo

    Thanks for writing this recap so fast!
    Did you have a camera on me when I opened FB during these scenes?:
    Back to the Home & Shopping company; I know it’s hard, but let’s try not to zone out.

    I loved the twist. It allows him to stop pestering the not Princess, who really should be completely freaked out by him.

    The Prince DIED on the table.
    His spirit went elsewhere to make room for TY, who had just come back from elsewhere.
    TY, borrowing the body that housed his spirit originally, will be around long enough to cause TM a lot of troubles.
    We will finally have romance between our alleged OTP when TY remembers the PH as the girl he drew.

    I guess we will know if he is faking it or not by how he reacts to PH. Will he ask he what she is doing in Seoul when he saw her in NYC? Hmmmm…

    • 25.1 MJP


      I must disagree with your theory regarding the prince being gone via dying. I had my Kteen translate the previews for me and it’s definitely the prince… with a plan.

      • 25.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi MJP,
        that makes sense because when the prince was seating on the bed, he had that look in his eyes that said ” I am up to something, I have a plan…” It was a very determined look and he looked like he had an agenda.

      • 25.1.2 jomo

        I didn’t see a preview on viki! Where is the preview?!

        • Saima

          Preview of Ep5 + NGs (yayyyyy)


          • Cookie

            thank you!

          • daniela

            That was hilarious! the NG scenes make my day:))

          • jomo

            OMG! Those NGs made my day.

            I’m even more impressed with how they are selling these characters knowing how hard it is not to laugh at each other’s ridiculousness.

          • gustave154

            bahaha that head tilt is just too funny lol!!!

      • 25.1.3 jomo

        So when will the romance begin?

        We need the Prince to remember his wife died so he can move on.

        Why doesn’t the Prince recognise his sis in law from her eyes?

        • mskololia

          IDK, but it appears that he seems to be still in mourning so I’m not wanting to see him switch his affections from the one he thinks is his dead wife to Park-ha.

          • IBELIS

            I think that boat has sailed, when the prince was in the water one of his thought was who is this woman that looks like the princess.

            I think the new prince/TY understands now that it is not the princess,

          • dramabliss

            And remember, that the Joseon Park-ha (Buyong) always wore a half mask to cover the scar from the burn caused by Hwa Yong (Sena), though accidentally. (or was it an accident?). Buyong should have been the princess, not Hwayong. But then of course we won’t have a story.

            And so, the Crown Prince never got to see Buyong’s full face, even if they interacted often. That explains why he cannot recognize Park Ha.

        • anne

          because he only has his eyes for his wife? my guess is he really never paid attention to her, as he’s so clearly smitten by his wife. though they had that quick moment of exchanging wit with each other, that’s probably the only time he really interacted with her.

        • lizzzie

          Why doesn’t he realize they’ve got the same eyes? Cos ever since he got to Seoul he’s been wanting to punish the ever-insolent parkha with unspeakable tortures hahah. He really wouldn’t draw the link in his circumstances so far I think. I can’t wait till something triggers the connection though…. Assuming it happens

    • 25.2 sally_b

      ooooooo ~That’s a good theory. I wonder why the *dead* princess hasn’t made a similar journey…does Se-na need a whack in the head? I’ll give her one.

      I’m ok with more scenes between the two male leads…as long as they keep the extended family scenes brief, because I find them a bit-of-a-snooze.

      on another note:

      …. would find it delightful if the Se-na character, once so ardently pursued, became of ZERO interest to LeeGak/Tae-yong. Her greed and boundless guilt-free dirty deeds should land her in a pile of poo.(hopefully)

      Inevitably she will make a play for whomever is in line to own the company..be it Lee Gak or re-incarnated-whatevs-Tae-yong. Se-na’s downfall is the one I’ll be waiting for with a smile.

      p.s. WHY would a girl lie and say her mother was a Univ. professor? Like that’s something that you could get away with if your intention was marriage-into-money…I mean really?

      • 25.2.1 mskololia

        And something that cannot be looked up on a Uni website….. :0

  26. 26 jeuri

    watching this episode before, i was totally thrown off. from the moment lee gak goes into his whole “who am i?” spiel i was like “…wait, what?”

    i was pretty much expecting this drama to make a sharp turn that would turn me off from watching more lol, and for a while i was pretty sure the end of this episode was that moment. but after reading this recap i’ll have a little more faith in the writer hahaha.

    the preview for next episode looks really interesting. looks like lee gak will take the rest of the power rangers with him even though he’s masquerading as taeyong?

  27. 27 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! And what a great twist. And just when I thought this drama was just hijinks and scheming. I’m glad we finally had a quiet moment with Yi-Gak. He’s just been floating by.

    I’m really sad that Taeyong died before he got to go out with Park-ha.

    • 27.1 CP

      We are not sure if Taeyong has died or not. Remember at almost the end of ep1, Taeyong opened his eyes in the water. However, this scene was never shown in ep2.

      Is it possible that Taeyong went to the Joseon time to be the Prince?

      • 27.1.1 mira

        that will be sooo interesting!! i miss joseon era though.. will tae mo has a counterpart as the ppl in joseon era too? this drama kept me thinking! lol

  28. 28 illia

    I can’t wait for Yi Gak so cut his hair! The long hair is cute and all but it’s getting tiring. It sucks right now since Yi Gak’s only interest is Sena. Hopefully, and I mean SOON, he’ll start loving Park Ha. LOL
    RTP fighting!

  29. 29 DarknessEyes

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  30. 30 mskololia

    That was a nice twist at the end. Well played crown prince. 🙂

    I had no sympathy for Park-ha when she allowed her money to be stolen. Who leaves $35k on the floor in their purse unzipped? They wasted those scenes because sympathy was not forthcoming from this viewer and could have used them on the Joseon 4…..

  31. 31 kirara

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    Anyways.. I praise all of the actors for doing a good job so far.. who would’ve known this show would be so fun and hilarious!!! Now we have to wait another week!!

    Thank you for posting!! It made my day!! 😀

  32. 32 kaka

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  33. 33 MJP

    JB, thank you!

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    Wednesdays and Thursdays are daebak in dramaland these days. The recaps/comments add so much to the experience– kamsahamnida!

    • 34.1 sally_b

      re: “I can’t help but notice Blue Ranger’s rounded bum.”

      hrmmm….cough…I also noticed that. ◎‿◎

  35. 35 jenni

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  36. 36 Gaeina Lee

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    Bwahahaha… Am floored by that sentence.. Your wittiness never fails to amaze me… ^^

    Thanks for the recap JB!

  37. 37 Linda165

    Thanks JB! Off to read!!

  38. 38 desdemona

    The Guard that pulled Lee Gak away from the princess was literally the same “body guard” that pulled Lee Gak away from Se Na in modern times so i think the repetitions are intentional

  39. 39 Joanna

    I don’t understand why she would still need the money from Se-na for her shop if she was going to have to go back to America for accepting the money =_=

    • 39.1 mskololia

      I think the loans have to be repaid…

      Sighs….They will need to change her character a little because this candy characterization is not attractive when mixed with stupidity. I don’t watch a drama if I have to ff scenes. She’s the lead for crying out loud!!!!

      At least her scenes with the crown prince and the boys are good.

    • 39.2 ilovemandoo

      Like mskololia mentioned, her loans have to be repaid, and she put in investment already (like the strawberries). If her business fails, she has essentially nothing and is deep in debt. (She’s already in debt, but if she could at least be in business, she could generate revenue and pay it off)

    • 39.3 7arrie7

      Maybe I’m missing something because I don’t get how Park-Ha can’t just write another check (considering the original check was torn up and not used).

      • 39.3.1 mskololia

        The bank told her she would have to wait for x amount of days before they would re-issue the cashier’s check since she claimed to have lost it….

        • beggar1015

          I know it’s for dramatic reasons, but in RL no businessperson, knowing that they would soon be getting their money, wouldn’t wait just a couple of days for a new check to be re-issued.

  40. 40 sarang

    My take on the ending is that it’s actually Tae Yong and not Yi Gak :O Maybe the almost-death caused them to switch bodies or something. This episode was cute but the villains bore the crap out of me, why couldn’t they be the ones who fell off a boat and drowned? 🙁

    • 40.1 Sho

      It the Crown Prince based on the Preview of Episode 5

    • 40.2 personainnominatum

      I would also have to disagree. Even without having seen the preview, I think it is the prince and not Tae Yong. In the first place, the “power rangers” arrived at the 21st century (through some time warp shinanigans) in their own bodies, none of them died in the Joseon Era before finding themselves in the future. and since they’re not sharing somebody’s body and soul, i think it makes sense that they don’t share memories as well.

  41. 41 kbap

    Thank you thank you! Loving this drama to bits and pieces. This year’s March/Spring Madness has been providing really good dramas, which I find super satisfying (opposed to Lie to Me, Romance Town). And I love how the writer wrote Bad Family too. One of my favorite dramas ever~

  42. 42 la dee dah

    Thanks for the fast recap! I really hope that’s still Yi Gak at the end, he’s by far my favorite character on the show. He can’t leave the other ducklings! I wished they spent more time on the four instead of the other family, but I guess they need to be shown to further the story. But still… I need more ducklings!

    • 42.1 keke

      i wish they would spend more time charcterizing the F3 too….from all the previews it seemed like they were shown alot and now they are barely involved…sigh.

  43. 43 im80

    Pyo Taek-soo: I think he the butler in episode 1.. I saw him wearing glasses.

    rooftop script are just awesome!! yoochun double awesome!! the cast are awesome!! ^^

  44. 44 pigtookie

    woahh the suits from running man?

  45. 45 21

    I really enjoy this drama because of all the cute boys!! Thanks for the recap!

  46. 46 h311ybean

    I agree with the theory that the princess died in the pond. There has to be a major mystery in the Joseon era to mirror whatever happened to Tae-yong.

    I also love this twist, with the prince probably just posing as Tae-yong, rather than Yi Gak’s body being taken over by Tae-yong’s soul, or them sharing the body, or whatever.

    I don’t like to think that Tae-yong is dead – after all, someone will have to end up with Park-ha when Yi Gak has to go back to his own time (where he will end up with Bo-young, whom he was supposed to have married anyway). The evil princess can stay dead, and the evil modern-times sister can end up with nothing.

    Just me trying to tie up the romance plotlines neatly :-p

    • 46.1 keke

      lol i doubt Yi Gak will end up with anyone but Park Ha i mean thats the whole point of this drama right?

      • 46.1.1 h311ybean

        Personally, I am not a big fan of time-travel romances because drastic changes (like leaving your entire time period) scare me.

        Yi Gak and Park-ha have a fantastic dynamic going on, but their ending up together would have huge issues. If he stayed in modern times, that would leave a huge hole in Joseon history; if she went back in time to be with him, she would lose her family (such as they are) and independence.

        Besides, there are some major loose ends in their respective eras, and I would feel bad for Tae-yong (assuming he’s still alive) and Bo-young if they ended up with nothing.

        Of course, these are just my views and what I posted earlier is how I would make things end if I were writing the drama. But I’m not, and will have to content myself with waiting avidly to find out what will happen next 🙂

      • 46.1.2 Addicted2KDrama

        I know! He MUST end up with Park Ha!!!

    • 46.2 Dewo

      Perhaps, Tae yong swift into Joseon era so he will ended with Bo yung and Yi gak get park ha.
      We never got any scene from Joseon era, right? Maybe Tae Yong is there together with Bo yung, they solved the death princess’s mystery. Whaddaya think?

      • 46.2.1 Ditu3ka

        Wow, that´s right! It would be awesome complication. His body hasn´t been found so maybe … it would be cool. Thanks for this new lovely theory :-))
        Tae-yong knew and liked present Park-ha who happens to be Bo-yung in past – so he would pursue her in Joseon as his Mickyness is pursuing the evil step-sister. in present times. Like that neither of those two Mickies would die. Perfect.

        I will wait for this :-))

      • 46.2.2 h311ybean

        If that’s the case, I hope we see more of the Joseon side of things in succeeding episodes.

        At any rate, this drama is hilarious and intriguing at the same time. I love murder mystery books and TV shows, so I’m happy to have more reasons to follow RTP other than the cute! 🙂

      • 46.2.3 jomo

        I like a lot!

        Maybe TY would be a really good King, and Princey doesn’t want to go back since he lost his beloved wife back there.

      • 46.2.4 slfowie

        hmm if Tae yong ends up in the Joseon era could we please have some scens with him having to adjust? like indoor plumbing ( if they did not have it then).. or medicine.. stuff like that..

    • 46.3 mskololia

      “I agree with the theory that the princess died in the pond. There has to be a major mystery in the Joseon era to mirror whatever happened to Tae-yong.”

      I like that this.

      It leads me to believe the crown princess was having an affair with Tae-mu’s doppelganger in Joseon. Hence, the excuse of not being able to sleep at night and taking late night strolls. Romantic rendezvous?

      • 46.3.1 jomo

        Oooh! Makes sense.

        So maybe someone close to the Prince didn’t like this, was afraid she would dishonor the royals, and took her out with poison.

        • personainnominatum

          But then again, the poisoned persimmons that supposedly killed the princess were served to the both them. So I don’t think they (whoever he/they is/are) wants to get rid of the princess simply because they don’t want her to dishonor the royals (if she really did have an affair). I actually thought of the crown princess having an affair in the early episodes but I don’t think she was the one who died back there. I really love it when a show makes me play detective. :))

          • mskololia

            The eunuchs would have seen the body to confirm the death to the crown prince. His wife has to be the floater….This is why he investigated her death and is going after Sena in the 21st C to recapture his love.

          • personainnominatum

            @mskololia there’s no “reply” under your comment so im just gonna reply here:)

            if I remember correctly, the prince ordered that the princess be wrapped tightly and that no one should see her. Since there were spectators when they were retrieving the body, I’m quite sure that they would at least cover the face before lifting the body out of the water. The prince then ordered that their room be secured, no one should enter and nothing should that taken out for the sake of their investigation. That’s how Man Bo found out that the persimmons were poisoned and thought that it is what most likely killed that the princess (I don’t remember any autopsy done, not with how the people from old times respect their dead).
            My point is that BuYongDiedInsteadOfThePrincess is just a theory and the prince’s investigation doesn’t invalidate it. Because mainly, the prince’s investigation was composed of Man Bo’s intuition and Chi San trying to gather hearsay in and out of the palace. Plus they weren’t able to get witness accounts since the supposed witnesses were killed before they can get to them.

            Sorry for the lengthy defensive explanation^^. Anyways”,) the show’s still young and many theories, including this one is still valid but since there’s nothing that would support it as well, we’d still go with what the show that it really was the princess who died like Javabeans said.

          • mskololia

            I’m going with my own estimation of those “death” scenes and dialogues.

            If the writers go back, it will be refreshing but I don’t think it’s necessary to show the audience the face when the crown prince/Joseon ppl already act like they know.

            The characters knows things that we don’t, and we the audience knows things the characters don’t…Or do we now?

            Yeah, but the floater is still the wife imo.

  47. 47 Adralyn

    I can’t wait for Yi Gak to realize how evil Sena is!

    • 47.1 Noelle

      That thought makes me happy. Especially when he realizes who Park Ha is.

      • 47.1.1 Pleinair

        OMG i am excited to see that too:D and how they are gonna like in the modern times i mean they are pretty compatible reading poems to each other;D so i am curious how they will show their compatibleness:D

    • 47.2 Arishia

      Me too! Theoretical possibility: Crown Prince comes to modern times to learn that his Crown Princess isn’t the sweetheart he thinks she is; returns to Joseon period at the time the drama starts so he can prevent the burn ‘mishap?’ and marry the younger daughter and live happily evahaftah. In modern times, Tae Yong is alive and courts Park Ha. The evils end up with each other and nothing else (and work in a fish stall). Ok, ok, I’m a simpleton. And I like happy endings!

      • 47.2.1 Addicted2KDrama

        yes yes! this is what I think will happen too! Then everybody is happy in both eras!

  48. 48 Kim Yoonmi

    Maybe Tae-mu look alike in Joseon era killed the crown princess…. he seems to have a permanent murdering streak in him and a particular affinity to punching people into the water… but I think that answer is too easy. I still don’t get why they didn’t show the princess’s face when she drowned unlike TY…

    Also, because people won’t catch it “Yong” means dragon. Princes and kings wore dragons. Pretty sure the naming scheme was intentional here…

    • 48.1 Mia

      lol! that’s what i thought too! you know that maybe a Tae-mu look-alike killed the princess, gasp maybe they’re related even then (with the prince), and have a relationship with the princess too? well can’t wait to get this cleared up ^^

    • 48.2 anotheraddict

      “Also, because people won’t catch it “Yong” means dragon. Princes and kings wore dragons. Pretty sure the naming scheme was intentional here…”

      Thanks for pointing that out.

  49. 49 ilovemandoo

    How can that be his phone though? Didn’t he get a call from his grandmother, which then led to TY and TM’s fight. Unless it just comes out as a jumbled mess of numbers (010-4932043243290432) because it’s an international number.

    • 49.1 Noelle

      She called TM’s phone not TY’s.

      • 49.1.1 ilovemandoo

        Ahh I see. thanks for the explanation.

    • 49.2 Pleinair

      well actually i dont think TY’s phone could be swapped with anybody and so TY’s phone would end up in the cafe that BH works. Because after punching TY into the sea, TM checked the photos of him with TY in TY’s phone and then threw the phone to the water. ok now i realize if the phone isnt TY’s but TM’s the phone that is thrown to sea was TM’s own phone. I am confused actually and need to watch the 1st episode again i think, cuz i think if there is any swapping of phones (TY’s and a stranger’s) the director should have given us a tiny scene about this:D sorry for the blabbering here:D i am gonna check the 1st ep now:D

      • 49.2.1 tata

        Taemu didn’t checked the phone,
        he just remember that he took pict with TY and he threw the phone to the sea without checking the phone first.

        TY’s phone and the girl’s phone were swapped, so TY’s phone now on Park Ha hands while the girl’s phone already being threw to the sea.

        • CP

          Your explanation makes sense and I hope the story will develop in this direction.

        • Pleinair

          Oh i watched that scene again. You are right:D i thought those pic taking scenes as TM checked the photos. But now it’s clear. This surely would make a twisting point in the drama! 🙂

        • Maggie70

          remember, the girls asked the guys to take a photo of them at the bar? that’s when the swap happened. tae mu only remembered the photos being taken and did not open the phone at all.

  50. 50 redfox

    what a folded poem drama.

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