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Running Man: Episode 84
by | March 11, 2012 | 63 Comments

This is the episode you’ve been waiting weeks for: the boys have arrived. It’s nearly impossible to contain Big Bang in one episode, so this week it’s the first half of the most epic Hide-and-Seek you’ve EVER seen.

Big Bang versus the Running Man – who will come out victorious?

EPISODE 84. Broadcast on March 4, 2011.

What a grand entrance for our Running Man cast. Dressed in all black with some swag in their step, they gather by the Han River.

It hasn’t been five minutes yet and Mr. PD declares that today’s episode will be a battle. Jong-kook wonders if today’s guests will arrive by boat, but not a moment too soon, the sound of whirring blades alerts them to look to the sky.

That’s right; today’s guests arrive in style by helipad. These boys need no introduction – Big Bang has arrived. But just in case you might need one, we have: G-Dragon (or GD), Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, and Seung-ri.

Big Bang’s arrival leaves the cast all aflutter as they immediately switch to fangirl/fanboy mode. Suk-jin tries to capture a selca, and the others gripe about how their outfits pale in comparison to the fashionistas.

Jae-suk: “You should have told us if they were coming! I already had something set aside for it!” Said the man in the yellow-plaid hat.

Apparently Haha’s already declared victory against the boys, but now he’s dragging his feet, afraid to face them. Mmm Haha, I don’t think competition against Big Bang in the music charts will work towards your favor either. Big Bang has already garnered millions of views on Youtube just on “Blue” alone.

Poor Daesung. As soon as they compliment him on his platinum blond ‘do (which I LOVE), Jong-kook derails the mood: “But your skin is way too dark [for it].” Don’t worry VIPs, Jong-kook and Daesung go way back from Family Outing.

Time for the mission! It’s Hide-and-Seek, divided into two halves where each team gets a turn to be the seeker. Aw yeah!

The Running Man cast is given a handicap, so two members will be linked via a paper bracelet. If this link breaks, both castmates are eliminated. As soon as they hear the rules, the cast changes their original election of Ji-hyo and Kwang-soo to the Easy Brothers instead.

To everyone’s surprise, GD chooses the recent unlikely team pairing, Jong-kook and Kwang-soo. If you think about it, it’s a fairly smart move to eliminate both the strongest and weakest link. Birth of the Spartavatar (Spartakooks + Kwangvatar)!!

The team who rolls the highest number gets to choose amongst several boxes of various sizes that will help them in the battlefield. TOP looks like he’s going to have a heart attack as the die tips towards one…then to his relief, lands on 4.

Our cast, however, don’t fare as well, rolling a 3 then Haha rolls a measly 1. Desperate to salvage the embarrassing moment, he shouts, “The power to control time!” Jae-suk: “The power to be ineffective at everything!”

Mr. PD sends them off as soon as they pick their boxes, adding that it’s to their advantage to head out quickly. Adorably, Taeyang enthusiastically jumps around before running off by himself. Don’t you love it when they’re so eager like that?

The cast tries to strategize who will take on whom: Gary can take Taeyang (’cause they both swagger?), Daesung with Jong-kook (’cause they both have small eyes?), and Seung-ri to Suk-jin (HA! They use a play on words here as Seung-ri = Victory and Suk-jin is referred to as a Loss).

Haha gets passed over twice, so he finally bursts, “Am I their manager?!”

Looks like our boys picked up the boxes that contain their secret weapon: a special name tag that will eliminate both the chaser and chased. In the car, Daesung explains that their best-case scenario would be to use it against Spartavatar, and that it would be a waste should it fall upon someone like Big Nose Hyung.

He coaches his members through the rules of the game (yay variety veteran!) and I know a certain blogger who love seeing TOP learn the ways of Running Man.

Big Bang enters the museum, and Daesung suggests they hide first, to relieve their anxieties. And I love that GD immediately counters how that could be true. But as the variety veteran he is, he says it’s a smarter tactic to play defense to gauge their opponent. Smart boy.

Their mission is simple: track down 5 Running Man scratch-offs before you get tagged out. Time to hide.

Heehee – is it okay that I enjoy that TOP follows Daesung around like a lost puppy? And that he runs around in excitement even though the ticket he found is a fake?

TOP obediently listens to the Variety 101: Evading Captors lecture by Professor Daesung which includes tidbits: you scratch and run, never leave clues behind, and always be on the move.

So the boys scour the halls, scratching card after card only to fakes that say some combination of Run – Zero – Man.

The Running Man enter the museum and how flimsy is that paper bracelet? Spartakooks can tear that with his teeth. They revel in the sound of the bells and Kwang-soo notes that Jong-kook’s bell always seems to ring loudest. Enjoy it now until the tables are turned.

Boy does GD seem to have some rotten luck. He mutters to himself while climbing the stairs and Haroro pleasantly surprises him with a reply. So he dashes down the hall, only to meet Ji-hyo coming after him.

He’s cornered in a dead end, and so childish Haroro decides to have some fun. Haha pretends that he’s looking for Ji-yong (GD’s real name) and GD slips away, answering that he doesn’t know.

Then there’s Spartavatar who are stuck together like glue. Jong-kook comments that Kwang-soo needn’t be so nervous – it’s not like he’s holding hands with a girl. Um, that’s because you’re the dominant one in this relationship. Heehee, and then he ends up splattering water all over Kwang-soo’s face because he’s too tall.

Smart boys – they’re catching on that the tickets in plain sights are likely to be fakes, so they need to snoop more carefully. How funny is that Taeyang sifts through the grasshopper display and then finally finds one?

This is absolutely brilliant. Seung-ri happens to discover a bag of bells. He pulls Gary aside, showing off his new bling and declares they’re on the same team. Gary’s hesitant at first – there’s no spy to his knowledge and Seung-ri tells him that’s what the staff wants them to think.

He takes the bait, but before he leaves, he adds, “You’re not…trying to fool me or anything ’cause I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed?” Of course not, Seung-ri replies.

You can never rely on Gary to keep a secret, so Seung-ri pulls in every Running Man cast member he sees, going through that elaborate explanation repeatedly, and each time they believe him.

You’d think by now the cast would be able to discern the truth from lies by now, but I guess Seung-ri’s so earnest that they want to believe him. But that pretty much all goes to hell once Jong-kook finds the bag of bells by their feet.

Dude, you could have tried to stash them first. Perfect execution, sloppy dismount. Jong-kook: “You know what Gary told me? ‘Hyung, we have silver bells, but Seung-ri has a gold one.'” Tsk tsk.

Even though Big Bang lost Seung-ri, they find a total of 3 real Running Man cards to make up for it.

TOP finds himself by Suk-jin and a short chase later, he’s caught by Suk-jin and Haha. But he’s strangely cooperative, which Ji-hyo points as much. “Why’s he staying still and not trying to run away?” Yes TOP, why are you complying with the Running Man…

With a firm grip over his name tag, Suk-jin rips it off. Oho, so TOP was armed with one of the secret name tags. Both men are eliminated.

Jong-kook deduces that it’s likely that Big Bang has searched through the top floors, so they’ll have to man the bottom ones now.

Daesung risks exposing his position in the open and the Monday Couple chase after him. He manages to evade them, but ends up in the clutches of Spartavatar. Two Big Bang members remain.

GD sifts through an auditorium when the sounds of bells alert him of the Running Man’s presence. It’s Haha who spots him right away again and GD smoothly counters, “I was looking for you, hyung.” They playfully tease about GD’s missing invisible doppelganger before Haha lets him off.

If you were thinking that Haha was just being nice, think again – he worries out in the hall if the VIPs will understand that eliminating GD is only a part of the game. They continue playing this cat-and-mouse game until GD finally decides to make a run for it.

His moment of solitude is quickly interrupted when Haha tracks him down and GD runs at top speed to evade his captor, even losing his VJ in the process.

But he can’t run forever until, finally out of breath, Jae-suk catches up to him, tearing off his name tag. He’s got one last trick up his sleeve as Jae-suk discovers the second secret name tag and both members are eliminated. Collapsing to the ground, GD cries, “Running Man is too tiring!” Aww, poor baby.

Taeyang waits with bated breath as all the Running Man cast gathers around the lobby looking for him. One click of the lock, however, gives his position away.

The cast whispers outside the door, trying to listen in on his every move and Jong-kook leans in… and so does Kwang-soo. Pffft – so much for stealth mode.

Jong-kook whispers to him that he should just stay put and you can almost see the blood rising on Kwang-soo’s face – he’s been flailed and ordered around all day. Finally fed up, he rips Jong-kook’s name tag off.

Wait…this is the second time in two weeks you’ve been betrayed, Jong-kook. He simply looks at Kwang-soo in disbelief as Kwangvatar rants about how he couldn’t talk, walk, or drink without permission. Too bad that as soon as he finishes, he gets eliminated by Haha, who thinks he must have been a spy.

Oh man and then Kwang-soo finds the situation so absurd that he slaps Haha. As he gets dragged away, he cries, “Doesn’t [Jong-kook] need some time to cool off first?”

That face is not going to cool off. Jae-suk reminds him that he’ll be stuck with Jong-kook in the latter half of the game and Jong-kook tells him, “Looks like there won’t be a single shot of you broadcasted this week.” Yikes.

The remaining three Running Man manage to pry the door open, telling Taeyang it’s all over, but they’re sure taking their grand ol’ time about taking Taeyang out. So while they decide who gets to do it, Taeyang uses the opportunity to slip away.

Unfortunately, that freedom is short-lived as Haha and Gary trap him in a corner and finally eliminate him. Victory to the Running Man in Part 1!

In the car, the Running Man laugh in the riches of their win, and Big Bang prepares to wipe those gloating smiles off of their faces.

Next week – Big Bang are the hunt.


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Keiko

    Taeyang’s screencap at the end made me laugh with glee. What a perfect way to show Big Bang’s ‘rage’ at losing.

  2. thegreyladyy


    Thanks for the recap!

    • 2.1 muggledore

      Let me double that up~ YAAAAAYYY!!^^

      In behalf of the VIPs the world over~ THANK U!! 😀

      I really haven’t seen an episode of RM before so I was at a lost on how it goes~ even after watching the subbed videos!! Kkk~

      YOur recap was such a help!!! 😀

  3. Aly

    Haha your recap sounds better than the ep actually was.

  4. jenny

    i feel so bad for kwangsoo….it was kinda true though; he was just dragged around and bullied and as soon as he shows retaliation he gets pummeled….

  5. divaz_sha

    BABO TOP……make me want to hug him
    how daesung got eliminate?

    • 5.1 LeiDiAngelo

      he entered this two way chamber where the monday couple blocked both of the exits … he did get passed one of them though only to ran straight to spartakooks . (but i think his nametag got ripped by jihyo when he tried to evade her because when spartakooks found him, his nametag was already gone.)

  6. chichi

    i SO looked forward to this episode, but in the end i was kind of disappointed…not only do i think that BigBang didn’t give their all because they were tired (what did they say? They just slept for two hours?), but i also think that the venue was poorly chosen. The museum was too small!

    • 6.1 chichi

      In addition i had the feeling that it wasn’t “real”, HAHA always letting G-Dragon go, Kwangsoo ripping his partner’s name tag off, etc.

      • 6.1.1 Ani

        Really? Now I’m a little wary about being excited about this episode. Hmmm.

        As for Haha letting G-Dragon go, I’ve seen it before that people are afraid to become public enemy number one in the eyes of idol fans, so it seems reasonable to me that Haha would refuse to eliminate GD alone. Fan backlash is horrible, and considering as popular as Haha is internationally for Running Man and some of his songs, he’ still small fry in South Korea. Gwangsoo always pulls stunts like that on Kim Jongkook so it’s no real surprise he did something as stupid as this.

        With that said, some people are just going to point out the show is scripted. I’d say ignore those people. *shrugs*

        • Saima

          today’s episode more than made up for it: as GD says “they were fiyahhhhh!!”

          • Saima

            *on fiyahhhh

      • 6.1.2 Nesha

        Really? The only part that seemed kinda fake to me was when Taeyang slipped past them, but then again it was HaHa who made the suggestion to decide(and who Taeyang actually slipped by) and like Ani said he doesnt want to upset VIPS (especially KOREAN VIPs).

    • 6.2 kay

      don’t worry this week’s episode is much better 🙂

  7. mary

    Thank you so mmucchi gummimochi!

    Can’t wait for your take on the 2nd part!

  8. ingridine

    Joogkook ….is so sexy !!! thanks a lot ^_^

  9. Ani

    Hahaha, I expected this much from Daesung and Seungri because I’ve seen them on Night After Night and Family Outing and they’ve always been a delight. Good to see both back – especially Daesung who’s been an RM guest before TOP was a pleasant surprise on Night After Night so I expected a good outing from him here. Taeyang and GD I know nothing about and any variety outing on their part is pretty vague and uninteresting/uneventful in my mind except for the Intimate Note when Big Bang was on, and even that was mostly about the two younguns of the group. Taeyang seems fun, GD, er, I’ll wait until the rest of the recap for this episode comes out to lay final judgement. Still, this was a welcome to Running Man.

    With that said, I really do dislike that side hair bang/fringe thingy going on with GD and Taeyang’s bandanna. I know it’s part of their image, but most of the time the way they’re styled looks like a joke to me and looks like they’re trying too hard. I know people that would laugh at their attempt at swag – namely a few of my cousins raised in the States and grew up in the hood. I think the way Daesung and Seungri are normally styled (clean but not over the top with cheesy attempts at hip hop) would serve them better. Looks aside, I love the enthusiasm coming from them and how they’re in the spirit of things. If the episodes prove entertaining like the recap says than I look forward to watching this episode.

    As for our Running Man team, I love how Gwangsoo always lets loose with the Commander when he’s had enough, but I think he also forgets that he’s pretty much digging his grave. Hahaha. Poor simple Gary, always having his innocent mind taken advantage of. *pets his head* I love how Haha fears fan backlash, but I wish fans were above this irrational behavior. Too often I’ve heard of crazy fans getting offended for the sake of their oppas, but really, it’s just a game people. I want the Ace to go all out next time. Loving Running Man! Daebak! Jjang! Fighting!

    • 9.1 nothingness

      a lil correction there, both Daesung and Seungri have been in RM before.

      • 9.1.1 Ani

        Yeah, Episode 30…. was a long time ago for me. Hahaha. Maybe it’s time to go back and re-marathon…. Hell, I’m not going to lie, I have been re-marathoning some of my favorite RM episodes. Hehehehe.

  10. 10 sjkwifey

    Thank you, the wonderful gummimochi, for the recap!! Can’t wait for today’s episode, I think some much needed payback is required, don’t ya think 🙂 I’m glad to see the boys especially Daesung back in variety and especially on my favorite show, hopefully they had a lot of fun particularly after such a hard year for all of them. BIG BANG fighting and Running Man fighting!!

  11. 11 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap!

    This episode lived up to the hype. It was terrific to see Daesung step up and show his members how to play the game.
    Seungi with that whole epic fail idea of using the bag of bells was hilarious – amazing that he didn’t hide the bag! I love him. He’s so earnest and sweet (he did one of the funniest eps ever on Family Outing with KHJ, Hyori and Jae-suk!).

    G – I’m surprised you didn’t mention Ace Ji-hyo yelling and taking a swing at HaHa when Taeyang escaped – she actually landed that punch to HaHa’s neck! Girl is fearless.

    I really like that these recaps are running one ep behind and post on the correct day for the part 2 of the chase. Nice continuity!
    I’m really hoping that the BB boys school the RM! Spartakooks really needs to be taken down a few pegs – and I hope that timid TOP gets to do the deed! Revenge!!

    • 11.1 Cynthia

      Just watched part 2.
      No spoilers.
      I’m exhausted from laughing and yelling at the screen!
      Has to go down as one of the best chases, EVER.
      Previews for ep. 86: Ha Ji-won!!

      • 11.1.1 Mystisith

        Ha Ji-won in RM?? No way!! Chasing the amazon: I can’t miss that.

        • Saima

          Just imagining the RM male cast fan boying is hilarious!

          • Cynthia

            They were practically passing out.
            And Ji-hyo had ‘the Face’ on.

      • 11.1.2 K

        Now I’m so excited! Did you watch it with Eng subs? If yes, where? 🙂

        • Cynthia

 has it up.

  12. 12 cheekbones

    TOP just smiled his way through the show 😀

  13. 13 Zain

    This episode was hilarious. Poor Top was a lost puppy. He had no idea what to do and Daesung was scolding him again like always. He was looking at the windows and Dae was like we have no time lets go lol because he had done if before. O seungri I was not surprised when I found out he was the first to be eliminated. If he had played the game properly he wouldn’t have gotten caught. But then again this was much was more entertaining. Gd and haha had me laughing the whole time and Gd seems to really want revenge. Taeyang was so into the game it was adorable. I loved when daesung mentioned how hard it would be for top and him to hide because if their bright hair. And then he had his hair covered up. I’m so happy daesung is back and better than ever. Actually im happy that all of big bang is back. Their sbs inkigayo stages were amazing especially blue and fantastic baby. Can’t wait for part 2 to be subbed. And thank u so much for the recaps.

  14. 14 hipployta

    My Big Bang boys…the VIP subbing teams had this up in one day but it was kind of lacking due to the location…. and I prefer the guest to be the chasing team.

    I was so great to see Daesung in this because I watched it right after their Healing Camp. The Big Show is also subtitled on if anyone is interested

  15. 15 kbap

    TOP so cute…haha 😉 Thank you for the recap!

  16. 16 shwewen

    Squeeeee!!!!!! BIGBANG!! I think itvreally unfair for bigbang as they been so damn busy with their scheldue and hardly got any sleep. Its a wonder they were even able to tun around the incredibly small building. Anyone wondered how daesung will be like behind the cameras cos he got reunited with his small eyes bro and dumb and dumber brother? I know he will feel so happy. Always smiling angle 🙂

  17. 17 Severine

    Thanks! The recap was definitely better than the episode. Looking forward to next week. 😀

  18. 18 Cinderella

    I’m starting to really take a liking to this show. I gotta admit i’ve been watching korean dramas and variety shows for nearly a decade now (and I’m not even korean, so yeah I’ve been a fan of korean television for a LONG time), and it’s only here in dramabeans that I’ve actually gotten to know this show… And let me tell ya, I am loving every second of it! I think I’m gonna have to marathon this sucker!

  19. 19 Unnursvana

    I thought this episode would be more epic then it turned out to be but it was still quite good. Not the best episode ever but I enjoyed it. I am so happy to see Daesung back on variety shows <3 I loved seeing small eyed brothers and Dumb and dumber reunite. It makes me wanna re-watch Family Outing again.

    TOP and Daesung were so cute and funny together. Taeyang was adorkable and I loved how hyper he was. He really wanted to win. Seungri was funny with his failed attempt to fool the Running Man. GD was ok, he was cute but I didn't think his "game" with HaHa was that funny.

    • 19.1 Cynthia

      With Gd and HaHa – I ‘m pretty sure it’s a case of male posturing. This was filmed a little while ago, and both of their albums dropped within a day of each other – HaHa was pretty much at a disadvantage from the get-go, hence his juvenile game of “You’re Invisible To Me” with GD.
      HaHa gets his comeuppance from GD, and in a really clever way in part 2.

  20. 20 HeadsNo2

    <3 <3 <3 for the TOP screens and the shout-out. 😉

    • 20.1 kay

      isn’t he the most adorable thing ever? haha

      • 20.1.1 kbap

        Yes he is! I’m even getting used to that odd choice of hair color. Okay, maybe it was his stylist but yikes I would never dye my hair that color, idol or no idol. But then again he’s also had white hair before…LOL. Oh my. I like him best with black hair. I think I got a little carried away here.
        So cute.
        Awesomesauce. Can’t wait till next week!

  21. 21 Saima

    It’s always a pleasure to see Big Bang on variety shows….tho this episode was mediocre at best!! My main gripe is that the venue was TINY!! The boise, in addition, to being tired (didn’t TOP say he hadn’t slept for 2 nights) had to make up for the tiny venue by running for their lives.

    TOP, oh TOP….he showed that he is a green boi when it comes to the ways of variety shows!! This actually makes him more endearing (i totally facepalmed when he took out Suk Jin despite Dae’s advice)!! His tagging along behind Dae was too adorable!! And, Dae’s all like, “umm, yeah it’s ok for NOW!!” Seungri cracked me up….he focused his energies on fooling RM and not actually playing the game! Tae’s such an adorable dork….his face when he found the first ticket in that drawer!! Priceless!! I felt for GD….whenever HaHa would appear again he would groan audibly….like, leave me the heck alone hyung!!

    As for the RM cast: I think since it was Big Bang + them being in awe + small venue….nobody really actively pursued BB!! It was soo heartwarming to see Dae’s smile when he got off the helicopter….n he rushed to Jaesuk for that hug n HaHa hugs him n pats him!! also, Big Nose Hyung trying to stealthily steal that selca w/ Tae!! Tae was all like, “oh ok!!” 😀 Love ma boise!!

    btw, Big Bang and HaHa go way back…they performed together when BB were newbies!

    • 21.1 Cynthia

      Well, that MV was just funny and painful to watch – it’s like a day to night difference from then to now. Poor Seungri making noise like he was actually singing… wait. He WAS singing. Oh, my.

      • 21.1.1 Saima

        yeah, they were such wittle babies there!! so cuddable n silly!! well, they’re still such dorks…did you see their faux spazzing on Inkigayo when awesome GD instigates Tae for kissing IU (IU’s the biggest Tae fangirl, heh)…and, Tae didn’t need any prodding!! EPIC hug ever!!

        They were in such good spirits….made me happy! 🙂 They’ve definitely grown into fine n talented men…but yeah, that’s all makeup that makes them look crazy grown up…their faces when scrubbed clean of makeup looks awesome!!

    • 21.2 Ani

      I cringe at the “RM cast… being in awe”. Yu Jae-seok is more popular than Big Bang in Korea (no offense to them or their fans) considering he’s known by all ages. He’s even too close to Daesung to be really awestruck. Kim Jong-kook had his glory idol days and then his glory pre-army solo days. Even his post-army days had him popular with FO and now RM. He’s too close to all his singing dongsaengs/hobaes to really be in awe of them. Gary’s so laid back I highly doubt he cares one way or the other, especially since his idols swings toward guys like Tiger JK. Maybe Kwangsoo and Suk Jin may have been in awe, but those guys don’t seem like fanboys. And Haha is Haha.

      Even if there was awe and respect going around, it probably swung both directions.

      • 21.2.1 Jackie

        Well said. I didn’t feel that “awestruck” vibe in the episode. All of them are well respected, each by their own right, both Big Bang and Running Man. If anything, I think that they played up the awestruck-ness just for humour, and since Big Bang were making a comeback.

      • 21.2.2 Saima

        I deffo didn’t mean RM being in awe of Big Bang in a belittling way. While I don’t avidly follow variety shows I do realize that Jaesuk is a national MC and the rest of the cast is accomplished wrt their career accomplishments. What I meant by awe was the fact that BB chose this variety show to make their tv comeback!! Whilst I do believe that the cast wasn’t overtly fanboying they were fond and admirable of them in their actions. I guess i feel the same way as you did when all those teen female idols come on BB and the make cast goes overboard w/ their fan boying and tease JiHyo.

        • Saima

          and, you’re right the respect worked both ways…like today, when one of the BB boys eliminated one of the RM….he apologized….so, yeah the respect to the elder is what attracts me abt the Korean culture!! 🙂

      • 21.2.3 K

        For the reasons you’ve stated (Haha and GD are so close too because they recorded a song before I think), the “awestruck” thing was just for humor, I guess.

        Despite this not being scripted, the cast and guests are still made to play roles. Like Gwang Soo playing the weak one, Gary the blank one, Jong Kook and Ji Hyo as the aces. You don’t think they’re actually bullying Gwang Soo or Gary that much, right? If they weren’t that awestruck, the big entrance of Big Bang will just be put to waste.

        • Ani

          I agree that they each play a role, one that perhaps fits closely with their actual personality. And no, I don;t think they really bully Gwangsoo. It’s for the show. It’s good entertainment and they’re close enough to pull it off smoothly and naturally. XD

  22. 22 Jackie

    Loved this episode. Thank you for the recap 🙂

  23. 23 bigbangie

    where can i watch this with subs? HELP 🙁

    • 23.1 Jenn

      • 23.1.1 Cynthia

        Not right now. SBS blocked them and pulled the video rights. KSN will attempt to put up subbed eps in a few days and see what happens to them.

        • Saima

          wahhhh!! really…i should’ve just watched it raw!!! gahhhhhh

          • rbee

            I just finished watching it on Very fun. 🙂

  24. 24 matinsoleil

    I really enjoyed this episode!!!! Go fighting Big Bang! ^^

  25. 25 jae

    thanks for recap gummimochi ^^

    big bang’s professor of variety: daesung…hahaha…
    can’t wait to see big bang on next episode!

  26. 26 Ennayra

    I was really happy to see this recap too! Big Bang is the only Korean musical group I actually follow, so I’m not going to lie, I’ve been looking forward to this post since I heard they’d be on Running Man.

    Thanks, gummimochi!

  27. 27 bd

    Yeah, I know this ep had BB, but it was all just “hide and seek” which isn’t that interesting of a game unless there is an unusual/interesting twist to it (and BB going against the RM cast isn’t it).

    Plus, w/ the RM cast and BBt being on separate teams, there is no real opportunity for interaction.

  28. 28 K

    I really enjoyed this episode! I wish they’d return the “classic” Hide and Seek game permanently. It was the main reason why RM was so addicting. Sometimes the other games are just meh (like the Guest searching game).

    And I like how they (the cast) made a remark about missing the sound of the bells. I missed it too!

    I hear the 2nd part is more exciting so I can’t wait! 🙂

  29. 29 Heelie

    I really had fun watching Big Bang with running man! Taeyang is so full of energy while TOP is just plain funny! :DDD

  30. 30 min

    i like the bomb nametag concept.

    esp like the reverse chaser vs missioner concept.

    cant wait to see how BB is going to have their revenge over the RMs.

    Spartakook has been down for weeks, hope to see him in action again!

  31. 31 panshel

    Confused TOP is sho cute~ I am loving TaeYang in this episode — running off by himself to get a head start, practicing by ripping off the judge’s nametag, pointing out JiYong’s exposed weapon, finding the first real scratch-off, and most of all, driving. <3

    Poor GD baby utterly exhausted from Haha. "You should go together with your VJ~" Plus poor Kwang Soo can't catch a break. Mutiny within Running Man.

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  32. 32 noi

    seungri fake spy attempt is daebak. if only he didn’t boost it up too much and moved around instead of staying in the same place…. with the same bells near him. xD

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