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Running Man: Episode 85
by | March 18, 2012 | 64 Comments

We had to wait an entire week to see Part 2 of the Big Bang vs. Running Man Hide-and-Seek, and boy was it worth the wait. This time, the boys are on the hunt and they’re quick, ruthless, and blood-thirsty… for name tags. Who knew that an hour of run-chase-run-chase could be so entertaining and adorable?

EPISODE 85. Broadcast on March 11, 2012.

Big Bang arrives at the second mission location, their blood boiling from the loss in the first half. This place is freakin’ huge and the members stare in awe. It’s going to be a tough second half for these fellas.

To make it worse, the Running Man Team can utilize all 12 floors to hide and Taeyang immediately turns to Professor Variety Daesung that they should have chased first, still haunted by that small museum they were forced to run around in, chased around at every corner.

With a wide smile, GD instructs the others to let him know if they run into Haha. His strings tugged like a marionette earlier, he’s got personal vengeance to exact. “Don’t forget!” he adds gleefully.

In this second half, Mr. PD introduces the boys’ superpower – they can summon a cast member with their rings by collectively calling upon the Variety gods… with that now-famous line: “By power of our rings, we wield power over space!”

They try it out, and you can see the embarrassment of the cheesy line sink in (TOP barely whispers his own name), and they stumble through the phrase itself. I guess even big-time idols shrink at corny comic book declarations. Where is your confident stage presence, boys?

Mr. PD reassures them that they don’t have to use it if they’re too embarrassed and TOP says, “We’re more ashamed at ourselves [for losing before].” They practice once more, but I don’t think magical incantation is quite as cool as powerful rap on stage.

Meanwhile the Running Man cast saunter in, puffed up by their early victory. Their mission is to collect 5 signatures before they’re caught.

Before they forget, Spartavatar attach their flimsy paper bracelet. Will these two bicker, er, will Kwang-soo be dragged around again this time? It’s pretty likely and they interlock fingers, securing their grip to each other like it or not.

They can’t even go five minutes without Jong-koo scolding him for making too much nose, and then blatantly ignores him when Kwang-soo asks him to fasten his hat so he can hear better. I just hope all this roughhousing doesn’t get you two caught.

Sometimes Ace Ji-hyo doesn’t need to try to be awesome – she just is. With a keen eye, she spies one of the folders and jumps with glee. One down, four to go.

Big Bang scour the floors for the Running Man and I love how TOP is so earnest, checking every nook and cranny to make sure he didn’t forget anything. GD, however, issues his warning to Haha, “You’ve disgraced me…” But they don’t have time to waste because the speakers soon blare that the Running Man are on the move.

In another part of the building, Spartavatar roam around on their toes, asking around for hints. Heh, Kwang-soo tries to weasel information from a female employee that they’re on the same team, they’re spies! And adds a wink for good measure. But she doesn’t know of the mission and Incriminating Kwang-soo asks bluntly, “Then what are you doing here?” Pfft.

Then poor Kwang-soo gets scolded again and pretends to grab Jong-kook’s hair in anger. Yeah, I’d like to see you do that again when your hyung watches this broadcast. They run into Jae-suk and listen into the walkie-talkies with Kwang-soo parroting whatever is said.

He gets a little carried away with his action movie lines and gets immediately shushed by Spartakooks. Oof, it’s going to be a long day.

Gary quickly hides in the cubicles when he hears the approaching bells. Seung-ri hops in, holding onto his shoe to quiet his steps, sure that someone is nearby. They both crawl past desks and at the opportune moment, Gary bolts to safety.

He makes it to the elevators but that feeling of safety is short-lived as he hears the bells just outside the doors. Pressing the close button quickly, he breathes a sigh of relief… until they open again.

Oh hi Taeyang! He and GD just happened to be waiting for an elevator at that exact moment. They’re honestly surprised to see him and you can see the “I’m scrreeewwwwed!!” expression written all over Gary’s face. Rrripp, Gary’s out.

Soon afterwards, Ji-hyo gets chills down her spine and walks right in Seung-ri’s line of vision. As she runs, he says in a cute but bone-chilling voice, “Don’t be scared noona!” He calls in for reinforcements, and with “Fantastic Baby” booming in the background, the others have one target – Song Ji-hyo.

She clicks the door shut… and then Daesung appears, having waltzed in the other door, hahaha. Daesung, laughing: “This is what it feels likkkeee!!!” Monday Couple is out.

Good for you Haha! He picks up the second signature for his team. He complains that he keeps getting scared from seeing cardboard cutouts of TOP everywhere, thinking it’s the real thing.

And as if he was called, the bells echo TOP’s approaching footfalls. Time to run for it, but TOP sees him at the last second. Haha’s cornered in an upper floor, as TOP checks around the corner… empty. Looks like TOP got the wrong cubicle.

If there’s one thing Yooruce Willis is good at, it’s hiding in a flash. He slides under a desk, and paranoid that his VJ will give their position away, demands that he hands over the camera.

He waits with bated breath, filming Blair Witch style, as GD hunts him down in this direction, then makes another turn… to where Spartavatar has been hiding. HAHAHAHAHA. You just CANNOT make this stuff up.

GD asks where Haha is and Kwang-soo immediately calls into his walkie-talkie to save his own skin. But he’s unreachable and TOP takes away his walkie-talkie, now able to locate the Running Man. Smart boy.

The struggle continues outside the elevators, where the price of their release is Haha’s whereabouts. HA – and the captions call Kwang-soo the god of betrayal. The longer GD has to wait for what he wants to hear, he rips the name tag bit by bit. Kwang-soo: “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.”

But *pop* goes Kwang-soo’s name tag as GD runs to find Haha. But wait, the bracelet’s broken? Apparently in that short time frame after Kwang-soo was eliminated, Jong-kook broke the link between them. Ah, so that’s why you were so quiet.

Which means… he’s free and slips away. Betrayal is a two-way street, Kwang-soo.

With Kwang-soo’s tip-off, Taeyang checks downstairs for Haha. A female employee helps him out (How could you turn down an idol’s adorable plea for help?), and Taeyang enters the room Haha is hiding in, bending down to investigate… but doesn’t see him.

It nags at him again so he doubles back, checking behind the desk this time. Lo and behold, there’s Haha, stuck underneath the desk, and Taeyang calls GD over.

Haha plays it cool with his captor until he slips away down the hall…and straight into GD. So glad to see him, he happily greets him: “Have you seen Haha hyung?” Oh the tables have surely been turned.

The boys let him off – they won’t capture him now, but the gracious act leaves Haha more nervous than before. Haha: “Why did they let me go?” To toy with your head, dear man.

Jae-suk emerges from his hiding place, walking down the narrow hallway with caution. But all that carefulness is moot because GD happens to walk down to the same floor after letting Haha go. Man, this kid has some serious luck today – he basically has the entire cast eating out of his hand.

He calls the others with a smile on his face. He listens to Jae-suk respectfully as he begs to be let off once. GD nods, and as they pull in for a hug, he grabs Jae-suk’s name tag. Long story short, he bounces away when the others have Jae-suk trapped.

Boy, that was close. Because the hallway is so narrow, GD’s VJ inadvertently nearly rips off TOP’s name tag because his clothes were stuck on the Velcro. I don’t think I can fully explain the look of terror and surprise on TOP’s face.

The boys send Jae-suk off too, in exchange for his walkie-talkie. But just when he thought he was in the clear, Jae-suk spots Seung-ri’s reflection (clever!) and makes a run for it. And in that same creepy tone Seung-ri calls, “Don’t run! You’ll get hurt!”

Jae-suk finds refuge in the elevator. While catching his breath, he scolds his VJ for pressing an extra floor. It stops there for a moment, and just like a horror movie, the stairwell door clicks open, and someone steps into the hall…

Thankfully, it’s Jong-kook trying to evade the Big Bang members too, but the sight of him nearly kills Jae-suk in fright. Oh dear, the things they have to do to get their signatures, like impromptu dances by both alpha males. In any case, they’ve only got 2 more to go.

Meanwhile, the boys wonder why they haven’t put any effort to find Big Nose Hyung. That mystery is quickly solved when GD discovers him five seconds later, cowering in a corner. Apparently, this is what he’s been doing the entire mission.

GD listens to the mat-hyung’s desperate cry to spare him, but the speakers announce that 60% of the mission is complete and shakes his head – there’s no time to dilly dally.

Well at least Suk-jin’s elimination doesn’t surprise either Jae-suk or Jong-kook. The latter muses, “I want to ask him how he survived so long.” 3 Running Man members remain.

Haha tracks down another signature, and now with the Running Man nearing victory, GD suggests that they use their summoning power. They consult who to use it on – Jong-kook? Haha? But GD insists that Haha will be caught by his own hands.

They gather right by the jail, which surprises the captured castmates. To downplay some of the cheesiness this time, Taeyang does this little dance number to warm up before they call on the variety gods to bring them Jong-kook.

Jong-kook is brought to Big Bang’s feet, completely confused. But he’s quick on the uptake and guests, “Can they control space or something?” Bingo.

He bursts in laughter when he sees their ostentatious “magical” rings and he requests that his hoobaes demonstrate their catchphrase. And he hides his face, ashamed for them, just by hearing them shout out their own names.

Jae-suk asks for a clarification for Jong-kook’s sudden disappearance. But he cracks up as soon as he hears about the corny phrase, the time when he was the Space Controller flood his memories.

Daesung spots him in the stairwell and Jae-suk bolts as fast as he can. Taeyang follows soon after, but it’s TOP who catches him and cleanly rips off his name tag without a second thought.

Haha is wide-eyed when Jae-suk’s elimination is announced – how can he do this alone?

In jail, Jae-suk hands Kwang-soo a small object, joking, “Your screw is loose.” i.e. you’re crazy. Kwang-soo misses the opportunity to make a funny to which his variety hyungs berate him for.

He finally bursts when he gets dismissed again by Spartakooks, sick of his nicknames that refer to his height (e.g. Kwangavatar, Giraffe). Furious, he demands that he wants to be funny with his words too, not just his physical appearance.

Back to the action, Daesung chases Haha down the hall…and yet again he runs straight into GD at the elevators. GD gets his revenge, and Big Bang wins the second half.

It’s a tied score and Mr. PD explains that the final battle will be 1:1, the person who rolls the highest number as the team representative. Both Gary and Taeyang are picked as reps after just one roll from each team.

Taeyang is especially speedy, but we’ve seen Gary win the best Running Man challenges. They scour the halls, looking for each other. Ultimate victory is on the line.

Finally, their eyes meet. And just as Gary previously suspected, Taeyang buzzes down the corridor in lightning fast speed. The ruckus upstairs eats at the others’ curiosity, unable to see the action unfold.

Gary slowly follows Taeyang until he turns a corner and then loses him. He walks past, thinking him gone, and we see Taeyang emerge from his hiding place…and eliminate Gary. He’s gone the next moment, running down the hallway gleefully and Gary cries out, “When did he [do it]? And where’d he go?!”

Congratulations Big Bang!


64 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. KZ

    Funny episode. I was so Big Bang biased though. Also Kwang Su losing it made me die. If Running Man ever comes to America, they should get Jay Park on.

    • 1.1 kbap

      HAH, they should, though I believe that Jay Park is back in Korea with his solo activities? Though I want him back in 2pm so bad…
      Anyways, I was also really Big Bang biased. Can’t help it 😛

    • 1.2 Rin

      OMG. Running Man in America…dashing around completing missions, speaking Engrish to English-speakers to wheedle out hints, games based on knowing English?
      That would be hilarious lol XD Just like the China episode all over again, but funnier because I could actually understand the English this time lol

      • 1.2.1 ilovemandoo

        LOL This is a great idea. Get on it, Running Man.

  2. Stacey

    I loved this episode!!

  3. Kira

    One of my favorite episodes yet! (And not just because of the pretty.)

  4. kbap

    Thanks, this episode was awesome! 🙂

  5. djinni

    this was a great epi! they totally made up for their fail last epi.

  6. harorochoi

    oh man! Taeyang look so cute at the last pic.

  7. Saima

    Loved Big Bang in this episode!! <3 All the members shined; their loss in the previous episode made TOP more proactive in his searches, Seungri was creepiness personified, heh. When they gave HaHa 3 chances before he'd finally be outed and Jae Suk two opportunities. I was like, "are you guys craseee!!".

    Best chases were of Ji Hyo…it was hilarous how all the boys zeroed in on her & Dae's evil laughter, heh, upon outing her! Poor Kwang soo…..when he n KJK were cornered I kept laughing when he kept repeating, "Wait!!" I hope Kwang Soo can avenge KJK in the future….He plays up his variety character but somehow I don't like it when everybody's dismissive of him ALL the time!! :/

    • 7.1 lilin

      “He plays up his variety character but somehow I don’t like it when everybody’s dismissive of him ALL the time!! :/”

      i agree with u! poor Kwang Soo

    • 7.2 Alexis

      I agree the best chase was of JiHyo. The editing of the music into the scene was so COOL!! Poor JiHyo, just when she thought she was safe, she got the shock of her life. I showed this ep to my uncles and aunties who dun watch korean variety shows and they laughed like mad! Totally great ep! 🙂

    • 7.3 sel

      hahahah KJK was hard on him this time! It’s all in fun though, and it was so entertaining so I can’t complain. ^^ KS is resilient, he will persevere anyway. And the two got a ton of screen time! lol maybe he was harder on him following KS’s betrayal last epi (HAHAHA i enjoyed that), but jae suk’s “Jong Kook-ah, treat him nicely and take care of him” was even funnier! I think this was the one of the first RMs I had seen way back when, and it totally won me over with their closeness and the weird mix of theatricality dotted with natural humor.

      also, irrelevant, but I found JK super hot here in a way i don’t usually…huh. Was it the hair?

  8. Daniella

    I honestly didn’t know top was such a quiet guy…he barely said anything. GD was pretty cool as was Seung Ri. Dae Sang was soo adorable in like a stupid way. Did you see his face when Jong Gook started running off? He looked so adorably dumb! Tae Yang~ SUN~ Lol Ever since I saw him in Bad boy, he’s become my BB bias.

    As for my Running Man, I wanted them to win! I’m suddenly so very attracted to Ha Ha! He’s soo adorbs!

    • 8.1 meteora

      TOP is usually very reserved when he’s out of his element, like on variety shows, which is a shame since he’s probably the funniest member of the group.

      • 8.1.1 Saima

        I agree w/ you. When I first saw him on shows I did a double take cuz he was just so diff. Out of the 5 members he’s prolly the most socially awkward. Don’t get me wrong others are such dorks as well but sometimes TOP says things and I’m like, “oh no, you di’nt?!!” Nonetheless, he’s awesome and love that he doesn’t take himself seriously!!

    • 8.2 Ani

      I don’t know why, but somewhere in the beginning of Running Man I started thinking “Wow, HaHa is freaking cute” too. I remember him from his X-Men days, but seeing him again this time, he’s just too adorable. I even had this awesome picture of him in the bathtub with his hair standing up looking as badass-ly adorable as humanly possible, which shouldn’t be possible, as my desktop background picture for a while. XD

      And I wanted RM to win too, especially since Gary was the one who was representing the team.

    • 8.3 tika

      top sometimes is going crazy in variety shows too,,, you should watch night after night gd&top. top is frikkin funnyyyy,,, come to play is also good esp the older episodes

  9. jandoe

    that time-calling-space-whatever had me laughing SO MUCH my roommates thought I spazzed or something OMG too funny even as I think of it. Love this, thanks gummimochi!! 🙂

  10. 10 HeadsNo2

    This episode was such win. GD is the most adorable thing ever – he was like a kid in a toy store with that mischievous smile. TOP was too cute, especially when he ripped off Jae-suk’s name tag with no mercy. Loved this ep, the recap made me laugh all over again.

    • 10.1 Ennayra

      I’m with you. I loved this episode. I actually never watched Running Man before I heard Big Bang was going to be on and recaps just weren’t as good as watching for myself (not that I don’t love the recaps! :-))

      GD and TOP will always be my Big Bang biases, and they definitely didn’t disappoint here. I’ve got to say, Seungri’s growing on me, he’s so lol.

      Anyway, now I get to go back and watch a bunch of Running Man eps. I only hope this isn’t the start of a new addiction.

      Yeah Big Bang!!!!

  11. 11 Mawiie

    Because words alone, no matter how well written, could not describe that epic summoning moment:

    • 11.1 Ani

      I love how Jaesuk is still (a bit?) embarrassed from using his powers before. Hahaha. I love how Jongkook was embarrassed for the boys. Sigh. So awesome. XD

    • 11.2 hanie

      I LOLed so hard when then do the summoning thing. TOP looks like he died a bit during that time. I feel you bb. Even I get 2nd hand embarrassment watching you guys doing it.

  12. 12 matinsoleil

    I laughed so hard to the “ring thing” OMG!! It’s a recommended episode for sure! Thanks for the recap gummimochi

  13. 13 My

    In this episode, I noticed Gary was trying to be “sneaky” when he was following Taeyang. Did he honestly believe Taeyang couldn’t see him, because he was obviously reflected in the glass window in front of Taeyang…

    • 13.1 Saima

      And, not to mention how he was talking so loudly to his cameraman??

      • 13.1.1 mary

        Makes you wonder whether he really won all the RM-vs-RM challenges because of his skills… or because of luck. Hahaha

        But we still love you Gary!

  14. 14 Helena

    I so loved these two Big Bang episodes. It such a fun ride and the boys were adorable. And Seungri’s creepy lines cracked me up, he’s so mischievous.
    Though I like the Running Man cast, I was with Big Bang all the way through – and they won! Yay! Now it would be great to see them again in this show.

  15. 15 panshel

    Big Bang is like the Planeteers with their magic rings. And their awkwardness at repeating the spell was cute. Especially how Jong Kook couldn’t contain his laughter.

    I burst out laughing when Kwang Soo tried to lie to JiYong that Haha was on the seventh floor. And Haha cracked me up stuck under the desk pleading with the employee, “Where are you going, sir?”

    How can these people keep working when there’s an epic game of hide-and-seek going on around you with Big Bang of all people!?

    Thanks for the recap, gummimochi!

  16. 16 Ani

    “When your powers combine…”

    Okay, the Running Man PD and Writers are total comic/cartoon geeks. First mutant/superhero powers and now something akin to Captain Planet? I want more of this kind of thinking, except the summoning powers of the rings makes things a bit too easy, but the powers is where the fun is at…. and the cheesiness of it too. Hahahaha. Oh boy, I love Running Man.

  17. 17 Cynthia

    An episode that ranks right up there with my all-time favorite Thailand RM.

    This BB/RM race was absolutely perfect – the hour just flew by and it was loaded with laughs and thrills. The BB boys were like a well-oiled machine for the revenge takedown – apparently losing the first half fueled them for the second in a big way, tired or not.

    What I found really fascinating is how easily BB was able to corner the RM in that 12 story building. The one thing I found confusing was the Spartakooks/Kwang-soo team. I thought that if one was grabbed, the other was automatically out? Guess not, considering how fast Spartakooks took off.

    And the Power Rings? Cheesiest thing ever! It was hysterical to see how BB first reacted to doing it (didn’t GD say he hadn’t done that since grade school? Snerk!), but when push came to shove they sure banded together fast enough – and made sure that the ‘prisoners’ all got a good look at the Power Of The Rings!

    Thanks for the recap, Gummiochi. Best episode ever!

    • 17.1 Cynthia

      Forgot to add:

      How special was it that TOP’s Super Power ring matched his hair?!


      • 17.1.1 kay

        LOL i noticed how he went straight for the blue right away. he’s been matching his accessories to his hair lately. from his shoes, to his rings, and even his contact lens.

        i can’t wait for strong heart. it’s going to be epic. i heard top got up and did a couple dance with gd. hopefully it won’t get cut out. sad that seungi is leaving tho 🙁

    • 17.2 panshel

      I was confused, too, at how Jong Kook could still be alive after breaking the paper bracelet. Wasn’t the rule that if the bracelet breaks, both Running Men are eliminated. But I guess it is more entertaining to keep Spartakooks in the game.

    • 17.3 Saima

      I ‘think’ because he broke the bracelet and Kwang Soo was outed after that? :S

    • 17.4 meteora

      I think they would both be eliminated if they were tied together when one member was taken out. But by the time Kwang-soo had his tag removed, JK had already separated himself.

      • 17.4.1 Cynthia

        Your explanation makes the most sense, but it still looked like he was cheating. Wish I could understand Korean – I’m sure it was explained somewhere in the episode.

        • zed

          They will only be eliminated tgt if the bracelet tore. But if one had the name tag removed, the other is considered a free man and can remove the bracelet. KJK waited till Gwang Soo’s nametag was removed, then he broke the bracelet so he could escape easily.

  18. 18 anna

    I love Taeyang in this! He is such a big dork. I don’t care that people think his dancing is embarrassing. It’s just him having fun and being silly.

  19. 19 ninsarama

    Best episode EVER!!! Taeyang’s win was epic!!! If you look carefully as he runs down the hall in victory, the PDs and writers are applauding too! I LOVE YOU G-DRAGON!!! But, I also adore Haha 😀

  20. 20 kay

    top is just a big baby. he got scared so many times hahahah. i loved how he tore off jaesuk’s name tag with no mercy and the look on his face, HAH he was just so proud of himself.

  21. 21 21

    I had so much fun watching this and Taeyang is just so amazing!! He was like a little ball of fire!! Hehehe thanks for the recap!

  22. 22 teresa

    No offense to BB but Running Man is getting boring, it used to be fun but the race, the betrayal, etc.. are getting too predictable.

    • 22.1 Ani

      Hahaha. My worry about Running Man is that people would get tired of it. But I’m always watching Running Man to see the cast interact. That’s one of the best parts for me. If on a good day the missions and/or the guests are fun, I call that icing on top of the cake, or the cherry on top of the icecream.

      • 22.1.1 sel

        I agree! This was actually one of my favorite episodes (hence rewatching in 2015)! Big bang made for good guests, they were entertaining and played pretty well.

        But I actually loved RM’s dynamic here. Jong Kook and Gwang Soo were hilarious, and Jae Suk had some of the best lines/moments (a lot of times when he pointed out JK/GS’s interactions). The hide and seek set up was great, I liked how they made that the main focus. And Haha was fantastic too!

        If only Suk Jin (<3), Ji Hyo and Gary had some more time, it could be a perfect and solid episode!

  23. 23 Sabah

    Fun episode. SPOILERS AHEAD!

    I loved the whole segment in jail with the screw. It was the lead in that really made me laugh though, *SPOILER* Ace Ji-hyo is complaining about how Gary’s walkie talkie got snatched off him by Big Bang, and Gwang-Soo adds in, so was mine. Ace Ji-Hyo surprised, ‘Really? They took yours too?’ and he calmly states and rather shamelessly, ‘Nope, I gave it to them.’ Completely unaware of the slurring of his good name, as she looks away in disgust partly because he’s confession and partly over his ineptitude. To which Yoo Jae Suk, then bend down and says ‘I think this is belongs to you…’ *spoiler* Just hilarious! I just love the relationships between all of them. Excellent group. I love them all.

    My other favourite amongst favourites from this episode is when, Yoo Jae Suk asks about why Jong Kook was abruptly taken away *spoiler* the PD begins …well there are these rings… Yoo Jae Suk ‘Yeah’ …and if they put them on… Yoo Jae Suk ‘Yeah’ …and say a spell… At which point, Yoo Jae Suk just sniggers, turns away and says ‘I don’t want to know anymore.’ *SPOILER* Just brilliant.

    Big Bang were just too cute. I loved their clumsiness contrasted against moments when they, well not rocked, but were less clumsy. Hehe.

    *Heart hums* Just love these people.

    Thank you for the recaps and posts because sometimes you see things that I completely miss!

  24. 24 Jeha

    You can see TOP and GD here, and Daesung too.., the funny side of TOP..,
    (4 parts)

  25. 25 Lilian


  26. 26 indy

    LOL… love how Daesung tick Jongkook forehead when KJK is captured by their magic rings. Only Daesung who’s not afraid of KJK. Their bonding since FO is so close…

  27. 27 Izzy

    I seriously loved Seung-ri in this! He was so freaking ruthless and cool-headed, he should definetly do these kind of shows more often 😀

  28. 28 bd

    This was better than the previous ep, but overall, I’d say not one of the better ones (by this time, hide and seek is all played out and not even the magic rings can really save it).

    The best part was Spartakook’s and Grasshopper’s reactions when they find out about the magic rings, esp. YJS’s not wanting to learn any more.

    Also, the mini-FO reunion btwn Daesung and his hyungs was good for some laughs as well.

    Don’t know how Gary would be walking so nonchalantly past the snack machines at the end, wondering how Taeyang could be so fast – either he just wanted the game to be over or as usual, wasn’t using his head b/c of, you know, the stress.

    • 28.1 Kim Yoonmi

      He seemed exhausted and tired… but maybe that’s just me. I think the RM have pretty tight schedules.

    • 28.2 petmink

      Near the vending machines, you can see Taeyang’s VJ walking towards the next corridor so Gary must have assumed he ran away. It was just a sneak tactic by Taeyang while he was hiding.

  29. 29 hazy.memories

    This episode was too cute 🙂 loved it so much!
    Haha, I adored GD’s smile 😀 he’s so cute trying to get revenge on HaHa.
    Taeyang really is fast OMG… he outran his VJ a few times lulz.

  30. 30 stargazer

    Hey, is there some way to contact the running man producers and suggest guests?

  31. 31 Yin

    Fun fun fun! <3

  32. 32 wee siang

    Where can i buy those rings from? Damn NICE.

  33. 33 GKH

    Ending was clearly scripted though, even Gary isn’t that stupid for sure. Big Bang was given the win all along.

  34. 34 min

    One of the most boring ep. I think Bigbang is not good at variety show as compared to other top idols. Or maybe they are tired, i don’t see any effort put in by them. It is obvious, RM were given instructions to let BB members have some advantage since they were so bad at playing games. It seems that if RM put in normal effort, the whole episode would end too early. This is one of the most scripted RM ep.

    I hope RM can get celebrities who are more competitive to join the show

  35. 35 anon

    it’s quite boring to be honest. it’s scripted and we can RM members purposely letting Big Bang won. At then end, we can see Gary obviously given the chance for Taeyang to win over him.

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