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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 11
by | March 5, 2012 | 78 Comments

More fame, more adorable manlove, and more questions about what it means to be a band. I appreciate how the drama poses the question of the group’s identity and direction, not presuming that it’s something the boys need to answer immediately, but depicting it as a work in progress. Their coming of age as people corresponds to their coming of age as a band, which is one reason why the show works so well. Other youth dramas should take note.


Go Go Boys – “I Like You.” Among the things our singer likes his girl better than: coffee, milk, summer, ramyun, kimchi, noona, oppa, weekends, paychecks, naps, and refreshing showers. I was bopping my head along until that fatal line came: I like you better than… my friends. Oh no he di’n’t. Naturally I thought of this drama. [ Download ]

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Eye Candy takes the stage for their TV debut, and things start off great; I’m pretty sure that look of giddy excitement on Su-ah’s face matches the goofy grin on mine.

But as we saw, Ha-jin’s bass cord disconnects and Do-jin loses a drumstick. The guys cringe but soldier on; Ji-hyuk keeps singing and Do-il drums one-handed, and when it comes time for the guitar solo, Hyun-soo steps up and commands the screen.

That gives the audience something to watch while Ha-jin scrambles to plug his cord back in and Teacher Kim crawls onstage to return the lost drumstick. Everything’s back on track by the final chorus, phew. I think I grayed a few hairs in those brief seconds.

The MCs spin the accident into praise, saying that pulling this off in their debut shows the band’s live skills.

Hae-ri is on the verge of apoplexy, having never meant for them to go live in the first place (the last-minute “amp problem” was invented to force them to go pre-recorded, bypassing a mutiny). But after the show, she finds the guys sitting in shell-shock and gives them a terse, “Good job.”

The guys are amazed at the lack of scolding from Witchy, and decide that this means they must have impressed after all. Aw, it’s awesome that of all things, Hae-ri’s grudging words are what pull the boys out of their funk, and they cheer to their successful showing. Teacher Kim even takes credit for dropping their pre-recorded track into the water on purpose. Haha. Everyone’s a genius in retrospect.

Hae-ri lets the guys have their phones back, and Ji-hyuk texts Su-ah thanks for the shoes, which Hyun-soo ribs him about. I doubt he knows where they came from but it’s enough that they were a gift from a fangirl, and Ji-hyuk blusters an awkward denial.

Teacher Kim makes the rounds at the broadcast station, where the music show PD grumbles that the guys nearly gave him a heart attack, though he concedes that at least the guys stir interest with their good looks.

Another PD offers an interview showcasing the boys’ dorm life, and this one goes better than the first. Ha-jin and Kyung-jong are still unpolished but Hyun-soo again proves himself to be the best speaker as he smoothly describes wanting to ensure that his next performance is mistake-free.

When asked about whether their glitch will scare them off of live stages, Ji-hyuk’s answer is customarily gruff, but goes over pretty well: That the studio recording is the perfect version, but a live stage captures a moment that only happens once, and that has more meaning. Do-il adds, “A band that’s afraid of performing live oughtta quit.” Hae-ri watches, perhaps impressed, though probably more at their chutzpah than anything.

Soon the band’s schedule is packed with interviews, performances, radio shows. Eye Candy even displaces Kim Ye-rim (singing Seung-hoon’s song) as No. 1 on a countdown program.

It’s happy times for the band and Su-ah enjoys watching their fame grow among her peers… but it also leaves her tapping her phone in disappointment, because he’s too busy to call.

On a rare day off, Kyung-jong makes a lavish breakfast for the boys, who ooh at the spread after subsisting on ramyun and kimbap for days. He puffs up, particularly when Ha-jin declares today a very important day… and then deflates when Ha-jin commends him for being so supportive on the day of his date with Goddess Ye-rim. Aw, is that seaweed soup on the table? Don’t you boys watch dramas? It’s gotta be a birthday, judging from his disappointment.

No one else remembers, though Hyun-soo picks up on Kyung-jong’s reaction.

Teacher Kim arrives to take Hyun-soo to his next event, and chides the boys for taking it easy while Hyun-soo is up to his neck in activities (among them a variety dating show), all in the name of the band. Ji-hyuk bristles at the implication that he’s not working hard and retorts that nobody’s forcing Hyun-soo. He grumbles at the phoniness of acting smiley for interviews, which in turn makes Hyun-soo ask if Ji-hyuk’s insinuating that he’s drunk on fame or something. No no, don’t fight! You’re doing so well! You’re bros!

Ji-hyuk leaves the room and Do-il plays peacemaker, saying that Ji-hyuk’s reaction comes from feeling bad about Hyun-soo working so much.

Ha-jin drags Kyung-jong along on his date with Ye-rim, but Kyung-jong’s surly about his forgotten birthday. He’s like an angry kitten; you can try to respect the animal’s feelings, but he’s jusss so widdle and cuuuute! Kyung-jong shoots daggers at Ha-jin and is extra-friendly with Hyun-soo over the phone, who has remembered his birthday.

Ye-rim perks up and suggests inviting Hyun-soo over, just as Ha-jin tries to say something. He keeps missing openings to speak, which is exacerbated by the fact that peevish Kyung-jong actively cockblocks: He tells Ye-rim how Hyun-soo only seems cold, but is a good friend who’s sweet to his sister. He storms off, tired of playing wingman.

Ji-hyuk gets ready for his own date, and hee, is he pilfering from Ha-jin’s cosmetics? I love that he worries over what to wear; surely it makes a huge difference whether he wears Drab Brown Sweater or Drab Brown Jacket. But Do-il interrupts his beauty routine, having remembered something important.

Cut to: Kyung-jong in a noraebang, singing to himself, “Happy birthday to you.” It’s more amusing than sad, but then my heart breaks when Mom calls and he lies about his friends making him seaweed soup and how his birthday’s been so awesome.

Su-ah excitedly takes Ji-hyuk’s call, then deflates a moment later when he cancels their date. Oh, that sucks, although I totally get why he’d put Kyung-jong’s forgotten birthday first in this situation.

Do-il, Ji-hyuk, and Woo-kyung prepare a party at the dorm, but Ha-jin comes home alone. It’s only now that he realizes that he missed his bestie’s birthday, and they sit there waiting for hours, determined to surprise him with the party. But when Kyung-jong finally comes home, he ignores them and heads straight for bed.

The boys literally drag him out of bed. How much do I love that ambushing someone in bed is this group’s go-to tactic for cheering up a glumdrop? It works, and the friends have a proper party this time.

Ji-hyuk calls Hyun-soo to awkwardly thank him for tipping them off about Kyung-jong’s birthday, and adds that he knows Hyun-soo’s working hard. And then, before hanging up, he says stammeringly, “I won’t say this twice, so listen up. I-love-you-Dog-Hyun-soo! Milky skin Dog Hyun-soo!”

Yayyyy! It’s reminiscent of Byung-hee’s love declaration, only Ji-hyuk’s way more embarrassed about it and has to reassert his masculinity (or something) by making devil’s horns with his hands. It’s okay, you get to keep your broody rock singer card.

Woo-kyung and Ji-hyuk sit outside, and she says that they feel farther away. He mumbles that nothing’s different, but she says that they never would’ve forgotten Kyung-jong’s birthday in the past. Now there are things to take their time away from their friends, and that leads to distance, and forgetting.

Then she asks, point-blank, how long he’s going to hide his relationship with Su-ah from the band. He tells her it’s not her business, but she retorts that she’s been with the band for ages — what does that make her? Her feelings about him are obvious, even if he pretends not to notice — so how does he see her?

Ji-hyuk replies, “To me, you’re like the others. Family.” Worse than the implied rejection, she points out that framing her as family means he’s telling her there’s no hope for anything else. He answers yes, that he wants her to keep being his family. She walks off in tears. It’s a painful truth, but hallelujah for straightforward honesty for once. Maybe if you can tell your bro you love him, telling a girl you’re just not that into her pales in comparison.

At school, Seung-hoon watches Su-ah from a distance, but turns away when she spots him. Maro tells him he’s being childish, since pestering a girl to like you back doesn’t work when you’re no longer eight: “But don’t lose yourself.”

Eye Candy gets mobbed for autographs, which includes the principal, whose daughter is a fan. The principal suggests that the band take over as models for the school’s website, to which Ha-jin suggests that he take it up with their management. Brown-nosing principal asks them to put in a good word, and this would actually be somewhat satisfying if I didn’t hate him so much.

Ji-hyuk spies Su-ah and hurries after her, but ducks back when she approaches Seung-hoon to hesitantly ask how things are going. She wants to be friends again, which Seung-hoon doesn’t think is possible. All the things they used to do — watching late-night movies, going to shows and spending all day together — can she still do them?

She answers that she wants to try, and just as Seung-hoon starts to decline, he spots Ji-hyuk around the corner. He asks her to be there for him when he needs her, extracting the promise solely for Ji-hyuk’s ears.

Su-ah finds Ji-hyuk on her way out, though he doesn’t let on that he heard the exchange. He makes a date for the weekend just as a couple of students sees them together and wonders if they’re secretly dating. Su-ah hurries off to prevent him from getting caught up in rumors, which is probably what he would have wanted her to do, but turns out not to be what he wants after all. He bangs his fist on a locker in frustration.

With Seung-hoon defecting from his band, Maro and Pyo-joo start looking for a replacement. Deo-mi offers herself up for the task, which Pyo-joo immediately rejects in horror, saying she’ll ruin their visual appeal. You know, since the market is so hot for psychotic egomaniacs.

On the other hand, Maro looks at her with a clinical eye, liking the look of her piano-playing hand. She launches into an exuberant speech about how awesome this is going to be, and hilariously, this causes Maro to rescind his offer because she’s too loud. HAHAHA.

The girls mill around and ask when the band is coming out with their next song. The boys exchange looks, as though it never occurred to them to have a next song. Seung-hoon smirks; one-hit wonders are no competition.

Deo-mi marvels at the band’s rise in star power; they even knocked Seung-hoon out as school model. Su-ah says Seung-hoon doesn’t care about stuff like that, which might be true if his replacements were anybody else in the world.

Su-ah sighs, questioning whether she knew Seung-hoon as well as she thought. She casts a wistful look back at him, which Ji-hyuk clocks. She smiles at him too, but it looks like the shoe’s on the other foot for once.

A reporter prods Eye Candy’s former producer for an interview with the band. The producer predicts that the band will soon be on their way out, though, figuring they don’t have it in them for the long haul.

At the recording studio, Seung-hoon crosses paths with Ji-hyuk and congratulates them on their recent success, but says that with Byung-hee gone, they have no songwriter. Ji-hyuk retorts that it’s pathetic for Seung-hoon to cling to a bus that’s already left the station.

Seung-hoon surprises him, though, by admitting that he knows it. However, he just wanted to keep Su-ah from feeling alone: “But you have this ability to make her feel lonely.” What’s more, Ji-hyuk is fooling himself if he thinks he has a firm claim on that bus, with his busy schedule and absence.

Hyun-soo talks with Mom on the phone, asking after his sister’s test results. Mom tells him not to worry about anything, but he presses her to keep him in the loop, just as Hae-ri catches the tail end of that conversation.

She gathers the band to discuss their next single. Hyun-soo asks why it’s not a full album, and she replies that she’s not convinced of their staying power yet, given that they didn’t get here entirely on their musical strength. However, if the response to their next single is just as strong as the first, they’ll find a very favorable contract awaiting them.

Ji-hyuk stops the others from signing the new contract, wanting a few answers first: Where will the next single come from? Hae-ri answers that the company will provide a song, based on their analysis of the band’s appeal.

The guys don’t love the idea of being locked into a style based on one song, but Hae-ri reminds them that their songwriter is gone. What else can they offer?

Ji-hyuk tells her that they want their next single to be their own composition. She asks if they’re confident in their abilities, and the boys nod. She agrees to try it out, but warns that they won’t have much time.

So Ji-hyuk takes Byung-hee’s guitar and returns to their old basement studio, racking his brains for inspiration.

He gets called by Rock Kim, who refers to their latest decision as a mistake. Ji-hyuk asks, “How do I know if I should keep going, or stop?” He doesn’t know if he’s here because he wanted the world to hear Byung-hee’s song, or maybe that’s an excuse and he likes the attention. Rock Kim asks if the other guys feel the same, and he says maybe, maybe not.

He’s feeling confused and glum: “Plus it’s not great to have an ineffectual leader who can’t write songs leading a band.” Maybe that Witch was right about bands not lasting. Rock Kim laughs, mimicking Hae-ri rattling off Oasis and the Beatles as bands that broke up, but says that she’s wrong. There’s U2, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and tons more who stuck together.

He tells Ji-hyuk the story of the Def Leppard drummer who lost an arm in an accident, and rather than quitting his friends designed a special drum kit that he could play with his feet.

Rock Kim: “You wonder why you’re doing this? Do you know the meaning of a band? Solidarity. Partnership. Unity. You guys say you like making music so you can be together, so why are you worrying about this on your own? You should do it together. And if those kids have loyalty, they should know to have faith and wait.”

Suddenly inspired, Ji-hyuk mobilizes his friends, who are off doing their own things. They all get his text: “Whatcha doing? Let’s write a song! Come to the practice room.”

So they all come back to their dank basement room and start playing. Over the next few days, they immerse themselves in songwriting, ignoring all calls. Unfortunately, this means Ji-hyuk forgets his plans with Su-ah, leaving her waiting at home, wondering where he is.

Hyun-soo wraps another of his individual promo activities and joins Ji-hyuk in the basement. The mood is much lighter between these two now, and Ji-hyuk ruefully calls himself a leader who refuses to do things he doesn’t want to do, while another band member takes up the slack. Hyun-soo smiles, teasing that he ought to treat him better, then.

Ji-hyuk asks if something’s going on at home. Hyun-soo initially says no, but when Ji-hyuk adds that it seems like his sister is sick, he admits lightly, “A little.” Ji-hyuk tells him that if something’s going on, he ought to talk, rather than holding it back. I love how he’s passing on his newly learned lesson, and he points out, “If you try to figure out everything alone, whaddaya need friends for?”

Hyun-soo turns their attention to their new song, motivated to finish within their weeklong time frame because Ms. Witch threatened him with a truly horrible assignment if they didn’t — a TV date with a comedian. Ji-hyuk teases him about it, then they work on the song together.

Still no word from Su-ah’s absent boyfriend, though. When Deo-mi offers to treat her to the movies, Su-ah turns her down with a promise of a raincheck, and spends the evening checking her phone.

The management team worries that the boys may not deliver, though Rock Kim assures Hae-ri that they’ll produce something. Hae-ri wonders who to use as producer, sending Teacher Kim a look with a nod at Rock Kim. Time to rope in the reluctant pro, perhaps?

The band delivers their new song to Hae-ri, who likes it enough to declare it their new single. Hae-ri still intends to bring on a producer, assuring them that they’ll work to preserve Eye Candy’s personality.

Everyone’s relieved that the previous guy refused to work with them again, and a knock signals the entrance of the new guy. And just as we’re possibly expecting the awesomeness of Rock Kim to enter the room… we get Seung-hoon, who’s introduced as their new producer.


Aw man, now this is going to bring on a huge clash, is it not? I’ve warmed to Hae-ri, who has shown that she knows how to back down and can compromise on things important to the band, and in return the guys have shown her a pretty respectful attitude. They press on the big issues, but for the most part they know she’s a pro and always try to negotiate a point, rather than throwing up a brick wall and refusing to bend. It’s what I was afraid they’d do when they first signed, and I’ve been pleasantly relieved at how things have progressed on the music-versus-commerce front.

But Seung-hoon? He’s a wild card, and I’m not sure he can (or will) put feelings aside while he’s working in producer mode. Everything he told Ji-hyuk in this episode is true, and he’s confident enough in his own skills to challenge the group on a professional battlefield. But will he act the professional, or will he revert to that childish kid who’s mad that the girl chose the other guy? We’ve seen enough of Seung-hoon to see that he can be decent, but he can also be ruthless. And Eye Candy has the sole distinction of being the thing to get under his skin and get his temper boiling.

On the Hyun-soo front, I’m relieved that the issue flared, and then was resolved. I love that the conflicts don’t drag on and on; they get adequate space to play out, but then things work out and move on. After watching so many predictable dramas that drag a conflict out like it’s competing for deadest horse ever, I tend to see a conflict brewing and dread the outpouring of angst that’s sure to follow. It’s actually the mark of insecure plotting, because it bespeaks a reluctance to let go of a conflict for fear that the show won’t be able to come up with another one.

On the other hand, if you’re confident that you’ve built a strong foundation and populated it with interesting characters, you can rest assured that more complications can be mined from that world. You let things play out only as long as they need to, without dancing in circles. This drama is so good at finding the drama in natural human interactions that the story develops in a way that feels organic.

That said, the Woo-kyung conversation probably could have come sooner, although I do like that she’s the one to point out how Ji-hyuk’s hiding his relationship as though that’ll negate the conflict from ever happening. It makes sense that Ji-hyuk, who is supremely nonconfrontational (schoolyard fights notwithstanding), would drag his feet with Woo-kyung and then demonstrate a similar reluctance to rock the boat with Su-ah.

I haven’t been annoyed by either him or Woo-kyung, even though their situation frustrates me, because I understand how they got to this point. We’ve seen how he genuinely cares for her and he doesn’t want to ruin the family, in the way that Su-ah and Seung-hoon now find it hard to be friends. I’m glad he told her definitively that he doesn’t like her, though, and she gets the message loud and clear. The sooner she heals and moves on, the sooner she can realize what a prince she has in Do-il, ever-present and silently supportive, right?

On the other hand, Ji-hyuk may have secured Su-ah’s affections but he’s got to learn that he can’t just take ’em for granted, either. Just because he’s a dreamy drama lead — so broody, so intense! — doesn’t make him a good boyfriend, and in fact he’s a pretty piss-poor one right now. I don’t blame him for the canceled dates too much because each time I’ve understood why he had to back out. But date-forgetting aside, he hasn’t been able to work up the nerve to be honest about it with his friends, and as we know, his friends are everything to him. To paraphrase Chris Rock, if you’ve been dating a man for months and his friends don’t know about you, you are not his girlfriend.

Plus, I’m about one missed call away from stapling the damn phone to his forehead. It’s not enough that you’ve stopped losing it everywhere if you don’t answer the sucker!


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      i lurv hyun-su’s and ha-jin’s hair. the coke scene reminded me of ‘lie to me’. bah.

      nonetheless, the boys are happy again. but i see trouble heading their way. again.

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    “I love that the conflicts don’t drag on and on; they get adequate space to play out, but then things work out and move on.” THIS. So much.

    Aw, these boys. You know you love each other. Why you always gotta make this noona worry about you? (Psst, Kyungjong baby, noona wouldn’t have forgotten. C’mere for your birthday hug.) And hooray for talking to Wookyung already, Jihyuk, you really are growing up. Now if only I can get my greedy little hands on that “Wake Up” song . . .

    Thanks for the recap, JB!

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      (and a birthday kiss from this noona over here. Or two. Or one for every year you were born! This ought to hurt a lot less than the spankings.)
      On a very random note, did anyone notice that when they were dragging Kyung-jong from the bunk bed, it was Ha-jin’s bed? Note that I ship ’em or anything, yunno…
      (That brings me to: My sister saw the screencap with Ha-jin and Kyung-jong, and she was all like, “Are they a gay couple?” and I was like “no, just besties (who’re really close…)” and my sister was disappointed. Like she literally sighed. LOL. Just had to share…)

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          Oh another random note…I can’t type coherently. On my first post it’s supposed to be “not”, not “note”…though it barely makes a difference. I’m on this ship, and on this ship hard. πŸ™‚ And here to stay.

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    I hope Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo won’t fight anymore…
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    “Just because he’s a dreamy drama lead β€” so broody, so intense! β€” doesn’t make him a good boyfriend, and in fact he’s a pretty piss-poor one right now.”


    I like Ji Hyuk declaration of love to Hyun Soo that it makes me cry.

    i actually like Ji Hyuk better now that he spend time with his friend and start learning to be a better leader. maybe he has to learn everything the hard way, now on to the next point on the checklist : being a good boyfriend.

    • 8.1 thekors

      THIS. It took him 10 episodes to finally make it clear to Woo Kyung. Perhaps he’s learned his lesson and takes action faster with Su Ah (not that we have many episodes left anyway). Although it may seem that Su Ah is pulling back a little, I hope he won’t get that act mixed with this whole Su Ah-Seung Hoon reconciliation. Personally, I think it *is* hard for Su Ah to be the perfect, understanding rocker girlfriend but she’s really lonely most of the time. Ji Hyuk’s gotta step up the plate, yo.

      On that note, and although I know this show is mainly about the band, I really wish they would give more development to Su Ah’s character (although it’s quite limited at this point, since her dad has turned himself in etc.). Or, just like Hyun Soo, delve a bit into the story of Ji Hyuk’s family – they teased a little in the beginning but nothing else ever since. Boo.

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    Anyways, I’m looking forward to some development on the Do-il and Wookyung front. I haven’t warmed to Yerim yet, but I don’t think I’d mine Hyunsoo getting some girl loving in his life. He needs an extra support system he can be vulnerable with that is not his bros. And then we have the Metrosexual and his buddy. Hahaha. These two. *ruffles their hair* X)

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    I hope Seunghoon behaves himself, but I doubt it. Ep. 12 is gonna be hard to watch. I’m certain I’m gonna have an urge to kick the hell out of someone before it’s all said and done.

    Now that Jihyuk is out of the picture, they need to light a fire under Wookyung and Do-il.

    Sung Joon is giving me an Oguri Shun vibe with his new haircut. I’m not even mad. Su-ah still looks like Lourdes Leon to me.

    • 11.1 FunnyBunny

      Second on the Chris Rock reference!
      Oguri Shun! Where? Where?

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      I LOVE Ji-Hyuk’s new haircut, Oguri Shun vibe notwithstanding. It makes his jaw appear sharper, if that’s even possible. His old haircut, while awesome, reminded me a lot of the Japanese anime character, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop (awesome character, awesome anime). Now, he has more of a punk vibe – which i love.

      Ugh, ji-hyuk is too amazing a character for words. Now if he would only man up and be a better boyfriend to Su-Ah, he would be perfect! <3

      • 11.2.1 Ani

        Ah Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel, and Oguri Shun in one comment? I nominate this as the best comment since the Wet Towel/Hand Towel fiasco of 2012. XD

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    I don’t know why, but the phrase “deadest horse ever” made me laugh.
    On another note, ugh stupid evil seung-hoon-that’s right I didn’t capitalize his name, that’s how much I don’t care for him. πŸ˜› It’s a good/bad development. It’s good because it still keeps his character relevant and not as just “that guy at school they boys don’t like” plus all the other twists and turns he’s probably gonna pull on Eye Candy as they go further down the rabbit hole. It’s bad because, he’s still a definite threat to the boys.
    On a more bromantic note β€œI won’t say this twice, so listen up. I-love-you-Dog-Hyun-soo! Milky skin Dog Hyun-soo!” Oh Ji-hyuk, your adorable, closeted softy, doofus ways never cease to amaze me.
    P.S. Call your girlfriend before she jumps ship! Stat!

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    I dreaded how the show would play out the botched debut, so – though I feel a bit resentful for the anxiety – I’m relieved that all worked out well.

    Woo Kyung – about time. I found her possessiveness presumptuous and disrespectful of boundaries, so it was good to have Jihyuk draw the boundaries so clearly for her since she could not take the hint. I found it absurd that she tried to hold him responsible for not returning her feelings even though he’d known about them for a long time. Um, Wookyung dear, ever heard of picking up the hint? Most self-respecting people learn to move on when they aren’t treated as they would like to be.

    Which brings me to Suah. Leave him a text. Send him an email. Then, go out with your friend who’s coming round to being a very supportive bestie. Do not wait for a dude who’s a repeated no show, for whatever reason.

    Yay to Hyun Soo, Kyung Jong, and Ji Hyuk all being on the mend. Bromance all the way!

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      I think he meant for it to serve as a distraction so that the other two members could get back on their feet.

      I didn’t find it excessive at all.
      He was using his head, and what better way to attract attention than to do a little something dramatic?

    • 16.2 ianne

      You don’t watch a lot of performances then? Because I’ve seen rockers (even non-rockers) do it a lot of times.

      I don’t find it excessive at all. It wasn’t even for dramatics. It was just done to be helpful.

  17. 17 Aya

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    Can’t wait for the next ep!

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    Listen to Wake Up at YouTube:


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    i gotta say i love how Hyunsoo was the first to be aware of Kyung Jong’s reaction at breakfast and was also the first to remember his bday. i don’t know if it’s intentional, but i feel like it subtly tries to show how much Hyunsoo actually cares about his bandmates, something that perhaps some of us start to doubt given the way he’s been acting in previous episodes. he’ll never be one to shout out loud “hey dude, you know i love you, right?”, but on his own ways, he’ll let his friends know that he does care. and i think that is just sweet.

    and then there’s him and Jihyuk. what can i say? i’m beyond relieved that the brewing tension between them seems to have faded, at least for the time being. and boy is it adorable when Jihyuk declares his love for Hyunsoo over the phone. i thought i might have melted into a poodle of goo because seriously! how could i not? πŸ˜€

    i wonder, though, why Hyunsoo still seems reluctant to let others know about his family situation. he didn’t even spill it to Jihyuk, his supposedly bff. does he not want to be pitied, or what?

    anyways. thank you for the recaps! πŸ™‚

    • 21.1 kbap

      I love how Hyun-soo noticed first, too. Though he wasn’t there for the party he definitely helped out and mended his relationship with the rest of the band. I guess he does really love them, and as you said, he’s not the shout-off-the-roof-type of guy. But then it worries me a little to see if he likes stardom or his band better, since for him, the band may be a little bit more like a stepping stone than a family (given that his family’s caring and all…) And yeah, I’m also curious why he doesn’t want the other bandmates to know about his family situation. I mean, I think there’s nothing to pity him for, among his bandmates, as they’ve all got it rough. And plus the other boys surely think they’re family, so it should be fine, shouldn’t it? Oh, pretty boys…they sure are hard to understand.

      • 21.1.1 PurpleLlama

        I don’t really think it’s a question of him liking fame more than the band. I don’t see why he can’t have both? He wants fame for the band, and he sees that he has to work hard to do it. And seeing how he was so offended when Jihyuk was mad about his individual activities that he even asked Jihyuk if he thought he was drunk on fame or something…I think that settles the question for now.

      • 21.1.2 Ariel

        Just imagining the scenario I hope the big reveal will tie up with Seung joon producing their song. Like they need this success to pay for little sister’s operation or something dramatic like that and Seung joon will be there to help them. Seung joon needs bromance too, i like how Maro still consider him a friend even if he’s such a douche bag now.

      • 21.1.3 miharu

        hmm, i don’t think it’s the fame (or the stardom) that drives him to take things seriously. yes, he wants to make it work, but it’s solely because he needs the money to help his family. have the circumstances been different for his family, i think he’d have appeared far less ambitious than he seems to be right now. so it’s always family or band for him, i suppose. i just hope a situation won’t arise where he needs to choose one over another, because as much as he loves his band mates, it’s crystal clear where his priority lies. and there was that little story between him and Jihyuk too, where he must’ve felt sort of abandoned by the latter when Byunghee started to be around. i always wonder if it left a scar for Hyunsoo; if it makes him insecure and doubtful of the friendship he has with Jihyuk and the rest of the band. ’cause if it really does, then it’s obvious why he always values his family more than his friends. (though i hope Jihyuk’s love declaration would have killed whatever doubt and insecurity Hyunsoo has about their friendship :D)

        • JoAnne

          I wouldn’t even limit it to he ‘needs this for his family’ – I think it’s just Hyun Soo’s personality that if he sees that doing a thing well will bring a benefit, then he’s going to take it seriously. He learned guitar so that he could continue to hang with Ji Hyuk once JH discovered music and Byung Hee. He’s taking the opportunities here because they’re offered, too. But we know from his parents that he could sing and dance before he could play guitar and that he always wanted to perform. I think he just takes responsibility – to himself, his family, his friends, very seriously. He’s much more mature than Ji Hyuk or the Bobbsy Twins in that way, although I think Do Il rivals him. I am very happy that this conflict has been resolved, though. It’s unfair for him to be blamed week after week for simply doing what would be expected of him by his employers.

    • 21.2 panshel

      I re-watched the breakfast scene and have come to the conclusion that Hyun Soo is like the best friend ever. <3 Shooting Ha Jin a dirty look when he said he was going on a date with his goddess, then shooting Do Il and Ji Hyuk dirty looks when they said they would not be home neither, and on top of that, getting yelled at for working to get Eye Candy exposure! *tears* Hyun Soo really needs to tell his band mates about his sister's hospitalization especially how the guys dote on her.

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    Can’t wait for the next episode.

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    thank you x 100 for the recaps. it keeps me sane til i can actually sit down and watch the drama!

    loved the chris rock quote!

    • 23.1 redfox

      did we not see it coming though? they were one bunch on the promotional poster already.

  24. 24 redfox

    Thank you for the recap! much clearer now, although it was all pretty obvious even watching it in raw

    random thoughts:

    Ha-Jin and Kyung Jong, can you get married ? The birthday morning and the whole dilemma was so cute I am just melting.

    Woah, Rock Kim sure has some humongous nostrils.

    Ji-Hyuk, man up a little. Know your worth and how important you really are to your friends and your girl. If you neglect her, sheΒ΄ll have no friends except Deo-Mi who is much better to ignore alltogether. It is a good thing Ji-Hyuk is being more honest with Hyun-Soo, because they need a strong partnership – not just friendship, but an unbreakable alliance with one goal and purpose.

    Seung-Joon, if I take away an “o” and add an “n” I get “Jonn” – estonian word for stubborness. If you harass them, and you are a producer, you know what that means, right? Producers are people who are responsible with all that they have got – moeny, skin, bones and dignity. If you try to fuck it up on purpose, it will all be on your neck, and youΒ΄ll be a fail as a prducer.

    Are Deo-Mi and Maro siblings or something?

    Way to go writing a song, but it is Hae-ris fault too they havent produced anything till now. Who keeps them so busy?

    I would love to see them do a CF. We never actually get to see any activities, just a few glimpses, mostly it is just the background story. But it would be hilarious to see them actually do an, I dunno. Something suitable. CF for a music store.

  25. 25 Ariel

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    Ok my keyword until the end is FAITH, I will surrender all my worries to the writer. She wrote such a beautiful story with well fleshed characters that I will from now on enjoy the ride, spazz as much as i want and cuddle the cute little kitten.
    Milky skin Dog Hyun-soo! ha ha ha
    Milky skin Baek Ji Young coming from Eun Jiwon complete with heart gestures on KBS awards night. Is this a shout out to that show with the best Bromance in the planet.
    Threw me for a loop that it was Seung hoon but then maybe both has something important to learn from each other.
    Wouldn’t it be awesome that it was Rock Kim who suggested the pairing, from the start Noona has always followed Rock Kim’s suggestions.
    So so so excited.

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    Aahh..noona sure will miss uri Ji-hyukie’s scraggly perm T_T


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    1) thank you for the speedy recaps (as always)

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    3) Do-il is REALLY HOT when he smiles….really.
    Woo-Kyung get a NEW clue. just’sayin.


    • 28.1 sally_b

      your current look won’t drive that car

      geez louise….one of these days I’ll actually spell check.


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    I’m glad the Hyun Soo drama didn’t drag out for ages too and hopefully it’s in the past now cos I’ve been dreading every episode cos I’m worried the boys will be spit up lol

    Fingers crossed for some sweet scenes next ep.. Ji Hyuk you got a good girl there now go and give her a big ol smooch! πŸ˜€

  30. 30 minnie

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    but still! Su ah, if you waver your feelings then you really are Jungsang two timer ><
    will Ji Hyuk and Su ah ends up together? ugh. i need some certainty! im worried!

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    Late to the party here, but thanks for the great recap, again, JB!

    So many things come to my mind about this episode (which I loved), and they’re not really organized but here we go:

    – Happy Birthday, Kyung-jong!
    – Ha-jin, stop thinking with the brain in your lower body and pay more attention to your friends!
    – Glad that Hyun-soo and Ji-hyuk resolved some stuff, although I’m a little scared when he finds out about Su-ah. Remember in Ep. 5 in the pool hall when he told Ji-hyuk that he better not change his tune about liking Su-ah (when they forfeited the practice room competition).
    – I am really loving Hyun-soo more and more. He truly is caring, even though he has a pointed way of expressing things. I appreciate that he observed that it was Kyung-jong’s birthday and even phoned him. I always love that he’s good to his sister and family of course. He’s not so ice-princey after all.
    – Su-ah, go out to the movies with your friend if your man ain’t pickin’ up!
    – Ji-hyuk needs to step up in the boyfriend department now that his leadership is getting better.
    – Let me just say that 10 episodes is a heck of a lot for Ji-hyuk to finally tell Woo-kyung their relationship status — and SHE had to ASK HIM. His ass didn’t bring it up. I hope she has enough time to fall for Do-il in the remaining episodes.
    – Speaking of the pretty, pretty Do-il: Can I say how much cuter he looks when he smiles? And even though it was only 2 seconds worth of happiness it was nice to see him and Woo-kyung smiling at each other in the same room instead of her crying over and/or being upset about Ji-hyuk, and him pining over her with his puppy-dog eyes. Thank goodness for the little things.

    • 31.1 kewbie

      – I didn’t know Kyung-jong was such a good cook!
      – It’s funny for me to see Do-il throw the sticks like he did in the performance because I know he plays better than that in real life, coming from an indie band and all.

  32. 32 RaeD

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    P/s love the go o boys song, playing it on repeat πŸ™‚

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  34. 34 lidy


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  35. 35 ianne

    Now, to all the people who were doubtful of Hyunsoo before, can i just say – HA!


    I’m really glad the leadership issue was discussed this episode, as well as their direction as a band because that’s what’s been grating on my nerves since they signed the contract. It’s one thing to want to keep your band’s identity but it’s another to fulfill your responsibilities.

    I’m happy on the WooKyung-JiHyuk issue as well. I’m glad that it’s now clear between them.

    I’m also happy on the Suah-Seunghoon side since I really want the issue of them still being friends resolved. Even though it’s just for JiHyuk to hear, at least they’re getting somewhere. While I dislike how Seunghoon seems to be so childish with SuAh’s rejection, I don’t want them to stop being friends.

  36. 36 redfox

    one more thing: in that last picture, Seung-Joon looks like a vampire. can we expect some surprising supernatural developments or is one vampire idol enough LOL

    • 36.1 A-M

      I do think Seung-Joon’s complexion has taken a turn for the uber pasty. Physical manifestation of his soul turning to the darkside?

    • 36.2 buttrcup

      OHMYGOLLYGOSH! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought that. Haaaaaaaa!

      I actually snickered (Err… loud snicker) when I saw the last shot. Haaaaaaa XD

  37. 37 Carinne

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    I think JB and GF are great gal pals to have as backup against any bastard bf. Like a great alliance to go broomstick a cheating bf and his ho. I dunno, I image I don’t have enough strength to handle a jerky bf to staple a device on his forehead, so I’ll need backup. kkk~

  38. 38 redfox

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    Anyway … three weeks left to this drama, right? So sad. -__-

  41. 41 Abbie

    Ji-hyuk is so frustrating! I feel bad for Su-ah.

    Now with Seung-hoon as their producer I can practically taste the confrontations to come. Oh geez, I’m scared. Well, not scared, more like nervous. For the guys. And Seung-hoon. I wish it had been Rock Kim! He’s awesome!

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  42. 42 panshel

    Love the brotherhood… Love the heart-to-heart with Rock Kim… Kyung Jong’s birthday call from his eomma made me teary-eyed. How could his boys forget? T.T Seung Hoon?! Why!? I could swear Hae Ri exchanging looks with Teacher Kim meant Rock Kim as their next producer.

    A big sigh of relief that Ji Hyuk at long last drew the line with Woo Kyung. Hope this episode puts an end to their storyline because jeez, was I getting tired of her incessantly pining over him. While Woo Kyung has done nothing to deserve Do Il. Nothing.

    Cannot wait for Eye Candy to release/perform their new single Wake Up. The clip in this episode already sounds awesome. The OST version is going on repeat.

    Thanks a bunch, Javabeans, not only for your recap but also for your thorough analysis!

  43. 43 A-M

    So good, which it hadn’t been so laggy when I was watching–got all sorts of unplanned dramatic pauses.

    I wonder when Seung-hoon’s unhappy father will make an appearance, didn’t his sister say he’d be super displeased and he hasn’t done anything?

    I am super glad that we’re getting a lull from then Hyun-soo/Ji-hyuk tension–’cause I don’t think its over. Certainly not with the big Su-ah secret looming.

    And look at Deo-mi trying to be a good friend. She still annoys the pants off of me. Loved it with Maro shot her down, and Pyo-joo actually had me laughing in his reaction to her (he’s still rotten to the core and needs to meet the back end of the bus that took out Byung-hee)

    Not really a fan of the makeovers, except for the Angry Kitten’s πŸ˜‰ He looks much prettier with that hair. Really missing Ha-jin’s Mr. Bingley style curls πŸ™

    I love that they went back to their hole in the wall practise room to write their song. I think it is something worth pointing out in an arguement against what Woo-kyung was saying about them rising above her.

  44. 44 buttrcup

    Haa, random note; How much do I love Hyun-Soo’s sly facial expression in the screenshot photos when he’s talking to Ji-Hyuk? Hee, it’s adorable <3

    And Aw, did Ji-Hyuk get a hair cut? </3 And double Aww for no-one remembering Kyung-Joons birthday </33 And triple Awww for Su-Ah And like quadruple Awwww (ohmygosh, Seung-Hoon why do you keep tugging at my fangirlism? Like seriously, you make me want to defan myself but then you totally spring me back like a damn rubberband; when I'm close to breaking I Spring back to the beginning of actually -almost, probably, somewhat- jumping on your ship- DX Aaaaack, Seung-Hoon's face when he's talking to Ji-Hyuk. Rip my heart out why don't you =/

    And I'm going to be solid with my fangirlism with Seung-Hoon just because I was totally on the Seung-hoon ship at first but because I'm still holding on to this string of hope that he'll redeem himself in the end… right?

    Agh! Whatever, I need to read the next recap. Thanks for this one hun xD

  45. 45 JennL

    Is it just me, or was Big Bang’s “Love Dust” playing in the background during Hajin/Yerim/Kyungjong’s date in the cafe?
    I definitely heard Taeyang and Daesung’s voices in the background… Yay!

    I’m torn between Hyunsoo and Jihyuk – they’re always both right. Though I definitely lean towards Hyunsoo in most of the arguments :p

    Thanks for the recaps! I rely on these so much!

    • 45.1 Stacy

      I caught it too! Yay for Big Bang! Though seriously, I had to go look up the air date of this episode because of this. I’m not sure when this episode was actually shot, or if the background music was edited in later, or even how all of that actually works – but Alive wasn’t released until Feb 29 and this episode aired March 4th (or 5th, I’m not sure). So either Love Dust was edited in after the album was released or the producers had access to the song before the release or this episode just so happened to be shot in the short 4-day span in-between.

      Not that it matters in the big scheme of things, LOL. I’m just thrilled to hear a current Big Bang song in such an awesome show πŸ™‚

      • 45.1.1 Ennayra

        I loved hearing Big Bang in the cafe scene too! I started dancing to the song instead of listening to the conversation, lol. I might have missed a plot point somewhere in there.


  46. 46 NewKDramaAddict

    The big question is does Hyun-soo REALLY don’t like Ye Rim? Its hard to tell. Sometimes I think he does not but then he gets that look!

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