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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 12
by | March 6, 2012 | 174 Comments

It’s a rough day for the boys, when they discover that having their mortal enemy as a music producer isn’t even the worst of their troubles. Well, it kinda is. And it isn’t. Things pile up, as the downside to being famous starts to catch up with them, and then… romance starts to threaten bromance, three times over. But cheer up — Eye Candy’s second single:


Sung Joon / Eye Candy – ”Wake Up” [ Download ]

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Hae-ri calls in their producer for the next single, and in walks Public Enemy Number One: Yoo Seung-hoon. The boys flip out, while Seung-hoon smirks. So this is clearly his idea.

They argue with Hae-ri that they can’t work with this guy, but she says it’s already a done deal. She wants to produce a single written, produced by, and performed by teens, so that’s just how it has to be. Their contract agreed to let them write the song, but the producer choice is hers.

As they walk out of the office with Seung-hoon, they ask what he’s up to. He plays it cool, like he’s here for the music and they’re acting like children.

Hae-ri sits in her office with a concerned look, as we flashback to Seung-hoon asking her for the gig. She says she already has someone else in mind, but Seung-hoon pleads with her to give him this one thing.

She notes that it’s so unlike him to act emotionally, and wonders what he hopes to gain from doing this. Seung-hoon: “I want to make them kneel in front of me.” Oh, okay. Hello, Noona, you don’t maybe think that’s an unhealthy thing to be coming out of your little brother’s mouth? Yeesh, this family.

She admits that Eye Candy is just a commodity she can gain something from, ready to toss them aside when she’s done. Seung-hoon says it won’t matter then, if she lets him use them to regain his pride. Or… you could get some self-esteem for free?

He says through gritted teeth that they took the one thing he ever wanted away from him. Dude, if this is about Su-ah, I will cut you. If it’s about music, then the fastest way to getting back your popularity is to make your own new songs that are better, no?

The boys return to their dorm in defeat, wondering what to do. Ha-jin says there’s no question; they rip up their contracts and walk. But Do-il reminds them that doing that means they have to cough up three times as much as their pay for breach of contract.

At that, Hyun-soo gets up with a big sigh, ready to go practice. He knows they don’t have the money to get out, so in the very least, he doesn’t want to be humiliated in front of Seung-hoon.

Ji-hyuk tosses and turns in bed, thinking about Seung-hoon’s challenge to him about Su-ah. He texts her that night that he’ll see her soon, and it kind of kills me how happy that makes her.

The next day the boys file into the recording studio, while Ha-jin and Kyung-jong trail behind to get a cup of coffee… which they take turns spitting in, just for Seung-hoon. Ha. They offer it to him way too nicely, which is probably why he turns it down. Curses!

Teacher Kim gladly takes the cup and downs it while the boys watch in horror, and gag as he asks, “Does this coffee have chunks?” Eeeeewwwww.

They ask where Hyun-soo is, and Seung-hoon says he already recorded his part. The fact that they’re even recording separately is news to them, and they get up in arms over it. They wonder why Hyun-soo ever agreed, and Teacher Kim admits that he told him that the other boys already agreed. Aw, man, really? Divide and conquer?

Ji-hyuk insists they’re playing together, but Seung-hoon stands his ground that it’s not his decision to make. So one by one, they record their parts as he barks instructions at them. Every time Seung-hoon says, “Again!” you can see the boys grinding down to their last nerve.

He finally calls it quits in the middle of Ji-hyuk’s vocal recording, “Call me when you feel like doing it right.” URG.

The boys leave the studio in such low spirits that Teacher Kim gives them the night off to go play, and mentions that Hyun-soo will be working from home for a while.

Hyun-soo arrives home late that night and checks on his sister, who tells him that she’s okay now, and that the doctor said when she gets surgery she won’t be sick anymore. And now we know why Hyun-soo’s been working extra hard, though it’s not surprising.

Ha-jin drags Kyung-jong down to the station to visit Ye-rim in between show appearances. Ha-jin continues to be embarrassingly awkward around her, but when he leaves the room to get her a drink, Kyung-jong notices that all she does is ask about Hyun-soo. “Are you interested in him?”

Her smiley non-answer is enough to tip him off. When Ha-jin comes back, Ye-rim’s manager yells at them for being so thoughtless as to visit her where they’re surrounded by reporters. He makes it very clear that if a scandal erupts, it’s Ye-rim who has something to lose, scaring them away.

Ji-hyuk FINALLY comes home looking for Su-ah, and she spots him down in the street. She runs up with a big smile, demanding one of those lollipops he’s always got in his mouth, but he swears he only has the one. So… lemme get this straight… you never call, leave a girl hanging all the time, and you won’t even share your candy? If you weren’t so damned cute, I swear.

A couple passes by and recognizes him, so Su-ah immediately steps away. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal and reaches for her hand, but she pulls away, and doesn’t even want to head upstairs at the same time because someone might be watching.

They finally get up to the roof and she says she’s planning to move, and has started looking for a place. He says it’s okay if she stays, but she says it’s for her own comfort. Ji-hyuk tells her to call when she’s ready to move. Su-ah: “So you can help me move my stuff?” Ji-hyuk: “No, so I can make sure you don’t steal any of MY stuff.” Heh.

He gripes that she’s coming home so late when her shift should’ve been over hours ago, and she mentions that she went to see a movie with a friend, and had fun like the old days. He thinks back to Seung-hoon mentioning movies during the last conversation he overheard, and jumps to the wrong conclusion.

She lights up as she talks about her day, as his face grows darker and darker, imagining her doing all those things with Seung-hoon. He finally just turns around to go, telling her to eat ramyun by herself, and she runs after him.

What they don’t see is that two schoolgirl fans are snapping pictures of the two of them as they come downstairs. Ruh-roh.

In the pool hall, Kyung-jong finally tires of listening to Ha-jin drool over Ye-rim, and snaps, “Haven’t you noticed that all she does is ask about Hyun-soo?” But he’s in total denial, of course.

They’re interrupted by the local gang who scan the room and smile to find the two boys alone. They insist they’re just here to play pool though, and the leader actually asks Kyung-jong for an autograph. Ha. He obliges with a fake one.

They get ready to retaliate, only suddenly Do-il pops up out of nowhere, complaining that the noise woke him up from his nap. Hee. The gangsters freeze. He goes to meet Ji-hyuk, and Ha-jin says they’ll be there in a while, wanting to taunt the punks a little longer.

Ji-hyuk and Do-il walk home, and Woo-kyung comes running up to hug Ji-hyuk, calling him “Jagi.” Oh no, you’re drunk. I’m cringing in embarrassment…

She says it’s a very special day, and flashes an ID at them. It’s her stylist’s license, which she declares proudly, looking up into Ji-hyuk’s eyes. Only of course Ji-hyuk couldn’t care less, while Do-il’s eyes light up. GRAR, why can’t you see the other guy?

Her heart sinks in disappointment at Ji-hyuk’s nonchalant response, and she asks if he knows how hard she worked to get this, and why: “Because of you! So that I could keep up with you!” Ji-hyuk fires back at her, “And who told you to do that?”

He finally yells at her to take care of her own feelings, which just knocks the wind out of her. She starts to cry instantly. Do-il tells him to stop, but Woo-kyung says through her tears that he shouldn’t have always run to her rescue then.

Ji-hyuk: “FINE! Then I won’t from now on!” He starts to head inside. Do-il stops him, telling him to walk Woo-kyung home. Ji-hyuk’s like, what’s with you—she told me to stop being nice!

And finally, Do-il has his outburst, which is seriously, about frickin’ time: “Stop making Woo-kyung cry!” He storms off, and Ji-hyuk yells in frustration.

Kyung-jong finds Hyun-soo back at the dorm, and greets him with a hand to the chin, saying he missed his pretty face, and… I’m pretty much a goner. Kyung-jong takes the opportunity to ask if he like Ye-rim.

He says no, which I’d be more inclined to believe if he ever showed any outward emotion about anything. But he seems to genuinely not care. He laughs about everyone falling in line to like that girl, and Kyung-jong says it’s not for him; he’s asking because Ha-jin seems sincere about her, and well, she’s always asking about Hyun-soo.

“The story might get strangely twisted.” I’d say it’s already halfway there. But Hyun-soo tells him to stop concerning himself with trivialities, and so Kyung-jong leaves him to practice with a pat on the head. Now the kitten is petting the puppy? Cuteness. Overload.

Do-il wanders the streets aimlessly for a while, and gets stuck in an altercation with some asshole who decides to make a big deal about a celebrity bumping into him.

Do-il tries to apologize and walk away, but the guy refuses to get out of his face, and he finally grabs the guy by the collar and growls, “If my face hadn’t been sold on tv, you’d be goner.” People recognize him and murmur.

Eye Candy shows up at school the next day, and Ji-hyuk glowers, surrounded by his usual groupies. Deo-mi begs Su-ah for a teensy favor – Ji-hyuk’s autograph, for a friend of hers. Su-ah cringes, but Deo-mi says loudly that if she does, she’ll totally splurge on dinner and a movie like she did last night.

Ji-hyuk’s ears suddenly perk up. Su-ah walks over, wishing she could be invisible, and sticks out a notebook. “Sign…” He obliges, and then asks oh-so-casually, “Were you out with her last night?” She says yeah, and he tries to hide his smile like a fool.

He smiles again when he sees her in the hallway, and then stealth-passes something into her hand as they brush past each other. Swoon. Sometimes secrets suck, and other times they’re totally hot.

She looks in her hand and finds a lollipop. Awwwwww.

Ji-hyuk sits down next to Do-il and says he was really scary last night. He says he knows how much Woo-kyung does for them, and how she looks after them like a mom. “But I learned only recently – that accepting someone’s feelings that you can’t return… is being the bad guy.”

Do-il: “You learned that only now?” Well not everyone is silently empathetic with shampoo commercial hair. Ji-hyuk says that he wants to keep Woo-kyung as family, and so even if it hurts her now, he’s going to continue to be an ass. It’s like half-smart, half-stupid.

Do-il points out as much, and Ji-hyuk just asks him to look after Woo-kyung, “She always tells you what she’s really thinking anyway.” Do-il sighs, wondering if he’ll be enough. Aw. You’ll be enough. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Hae-ri calls Hyun-soo and Ye-rim in for a meeting and proposes they do her next duet together, and is taken aback when Hyun-soo turns her down flat. She reminds him that he’s been doing all those solo appearances, but he says that’s acting as a member of Eye Candy. He says if he’s going to do vocals, it’ll be on Eye Candy’s next album, and has no interest running off and doing solo activities.

Ye-rim asks if he won’t reconsider, but he leaves no room for misunderstanding, turning around to add that he’d rather her not say anything about liking him to Ha-jin, since he seems sincere about her, “and I hate being caught up in complications.”

Hyun-soo calls Mom to ask about his sister’s surgery, and discuss the cost. Mom says she asked to borrow money against their house, but Hyun-soo knows it’s not enough. She tells him not to worry about it, which of course just makes him madder.

He joins the guys for ramyun, as they’re complaining about working with Seung-hoon. They start discussing options to get out of it, like pushing the single back and working on it themselves.

That gets Hyun-soo all riled up, as he asks if Seung-hoon actually said or did anything wrong, and what on earth they’re planning to do, blaming Ji-hyuk: “You’re the biggest problem!” He storms out of the room.

Noooo! Don’t fight! The thing is, of course Hyun-soo would react this way, because he only got off the phone with his mom five minutes ago, furious about not having any money to support his family, and then walked straight into his bandmates wanting to postpone their payday. Not to mention the fact that he JUST turned down the duet out of loyalty to them. It’s just… THEY DON’T KNOW THAT.

Ji-hyuk follows him into the room to try and stop him from walking out on the conversation, and Hyun-soo asks if he really thinks that Hae-ri would listen to him. “I don’t have time for that! Stop doing whatever you feel like. If you’re a leader, then start acting like a leader and THINK.”

Seung-hoon calls Su-ah and asks her to come to the studio to listen to his new song. Your new song or Eye Candy’s?

Ji-hyuk goes back in to record his vocals the next day, taking a note from Hyun-soo and swallowing back his temper to get through the recording. Seung-hoon makes him do it over and over, insisting that the feeling is off, and Ji-hyuk snaps back that they wrote this song, so he can tell them how to adjust this or that, “But you can’t tell me what I’m supposed to be feeling!” Touché.

They finally get through it, and the sound tech tells Ji-hyuk that he did a good job, considering that Seung-hoon’s such a stickler, just like his sister. It’s news to Ji-hyuk that Seung-hoon is Hae-ri’s brother, which I hadn’t realized.

Meanwhile Hae-ri gets reports that rumors are circulating online about Do-il and his father, and lines up a press conference to try and counter it with positive press.

Ji-hyuk storms into her office to ask if she’s having fun watching them suffer through working with her kid brother, and she just says she’s never once acted emotionally when it comes to business. But he points out that Seung-hoon asking to be their producer in the first place is acting emotionally. He’s right about that, and you ought to know since you said the exact same words to him.

But she just tells him that there hasn’t been any issue with the recordings, they got through them, and now they only have the showcase left. She reminds him to act responsibly, like a leader, handing him a document. She tells him he can’t have it all.

He walks back into the recording studio, to find Su-ah there with Seung-hoon. He asks angrily if it’s not enough that Seung-hoon follows her everywhere; now she’s following HIM?

Su-ah starts to say it’s not like that, but he spits back angrily, “That’s all you can ever say – it’s not like that!” And then he says the same thing Hyun-soo told Ye-rim: “I hate complicated things,” and tells her to be clear with her actions.

He storms out and she starts to go after him, but Seung-hoon holds her back. Ugh, I hate you right now. Su-ah: “I think I know now why you called me here. I’m disappointed in you.” She walks out. Well thank goodness for that.

She catches up to Ji-hyuk and tells him to stop right there. Nice. Now it’s her turn to take him to task – for all the missed calls, missed dates. She says sure, it’s a situation he could easily misunderstand, but she came here as Seung-hoon’s friend.

She says that Seung-hoon is a childhood friend to her, just like his friends are to him, and that she feels bad that she had to reject him… “But at least my friend Seung-hoon acknowledges what you and I are.”

He asks what that’s supposed to mean. Su-ah: “You told me to be clear. Then what about you? Your friends? That unni? Is there anyone around you who knows about me? YOU be clear.” THANK YOU. Gah, I frickin’ love you right now.

He blurts out, “I’ll tell them! My friends… I’ll tell each of them that I like you. So stop hanging out with that bastard. I hate seeing you with him.” That finally gets her to smile. You’d just better do it, buddy. No pussyfooting.

But they’ve got bigger worries the next day, because it’s time for the big press conference for their next single, and I have a feeling things are going to go very badly. Do-il worries that the rumors about his dad are going to mess with things, but the guys rally together.

It starts off well, and they have an MC who helps deflect questions about Do-il’s father, so things stay on topic about the single and the band for the most part. But then one final reporter asks Ji-hyuk a direct question: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Ji-hyuk hesitates, and then asks if he has to answer the question. The reporter follows it up with a picture of him and Su-ah exiting his rooftop room: “Then is it true that you’re living with your girlfriend, a student from your school?”

Oh. Crap. The boys all turn to look at him.

He holds the mic up and opens his mouth to answer…


Aaaaaaaaargh. You would end there. The thing is, Ji-hyuk is enough of a loose cannon to just say “Yes” thinking that he can clarify his answer later, which is just going to shoot him in the foot. And just when he was going to tell his friends about Su-ah? What crap timing! Why does the muse always suffer? Huh, rocker boy? I guess Do-il’s gangster connections were really the least of their worries today.

But crazy scandal aside, I’m so glad that Su-ah finally spoke up about Ji-hyuk’s lame attempt to be a boyfriend, because he really was completely absent and annoyingly secretive about her, all the while getting angry anytime she even so much as looked at Seung-hoon. I think Seung-hoon needs to get over his increasingly pathetic feelings, but I’m on Su-ah’s side when she argues that she’s trying to salvage a lifelong friendship, because SHE was crystal clear to him about her rejection. I love that she schools Ji-hyuk on who needs to be clear about what. Damn straight.

And in an episode full of righteous anger, I’m happy that Do-il finally had an outburst at Ji-hyuk too. In their case I knew it wouldn’t last since they have such an easy friendship, but still, he needs to stop taking the backseat where Woo-kyung is concerned, ’cause I’ll only feel bad for so long before I yell at him to grow a pair and make a move already.

The Hyun-soo/Ji-hyuk dynamic continues to be the one that stresses me out the most, because it’s the one I’m most invested in. But they both made strides in this episode, despite not showing it to each other. It’s becoming clearer that Hyun-soo has never once thought of abandoning the boys or running off to be famous on his own, even as a side gig, which is a huge relief. But he continues to be a martyr, which is frustrating because he doesn’t want to burden the boys with his problems, but because they don’t know his problems, they can’t see why he’s being combative.

But I like that without having to be told the why, Ji-hyuk listens to what Hyun-soo tells him about being a leader and thinking responsibly. It’s certainly a huge step forward for him to swallow his pride and get through the recording session with Seung-hoon despite the mountain of issues between them. And it’s a nice example of how much the guys need each other to be their best – maybe Ji-hyuk isn’t the best leader on his own, but Hyun-soo pushing him and challenging him is what makes him step up to the task. It’s the bromantic you-complete-me, though they’d never admit it, of course. Pshaw.


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  1. kbap

    Thank you for the recap! 🙂

    • 1.1 kbap

      Oh man I love this episode, it’s pure awesomeness. I know it’s not a task I MUST do, but when I feel like it I often rant about dramas. It’s such a nice feeling when you’re just so content, like a mouse stuffed full of cheese in your own hole and laughing at the humans who haven’t caught you yet. AND you’re using their electricity, water, and internet. What a blissful feelings….

      *looks quickly around for any mouse that may be using my precious internet

      • 1.1.1 Jay W

        hahha.. i can totally picture myself as that contented mouse 😀 and yes, this drama does do that for me. 12 episodes in and still intrigued!

  2. cg96

    Thanks for the recap.

  3. soserious


    firstly, I effing love ‘wake up’ song. i’ve been dying for its OST release since episode 2 (or since the teaser? can’t remember). at least the instrumental ver. was contant played throughout the drama (i.e. epic moments in the drama). this type of music is the kind that i totally love… javabeans, do you have any more recommendations that have the similar feel as Eye Candy? haha. oh yeah, and i’m still waiting for “허리를 감아” by Jung Eeu-chul. i’ve been humming that tune for weeks now.

    was i was the only one genuinely surprised when the story didn’t use hyun-su accepting the duet offer to shake up the group? as the episode progressed, that was the moment i was anticipating and most tense for, but when it actually happened it was…anti-climatic. but alas, i was pumping my fist in the air the whole time. the loyal hyun-su is so awesome. i was so proud.

    on another note, did anyone else melt when do-il yelled at ji-hyuk to stop making woo-kyung cry? oh god, he was so…hot. okay, it was really sad, but man…do-il is just so…just the way he smiles and reacts to woo-kyung and her accomplishment. perfect boyfriend right ther.

    and the frokenmindboggling cliffhanger. why. i hate you so much.

    • 3.1 Ariel

      I will watch and enjoy, squee at the candy passing, break my heart, angst and cry with my boys. I will have faith in the writer that she will give us the best final episodes that dramaland has ever seen.
      I wish someone would create a music video using the song Message Left For You by Sweet Sorrow, I’ve been listening on repeat and the lyrics is just the best Bromance anthem for these guys.
      Wouldn’t it be a great idea for our band to still be a band in real life a sort of special project for Lee Jae Hak (musical director for SUFFB). The OST for this drama is sooo good.

      • 3.1.1 adette

        nooo lee hyun-jin has to go back to mate!

        • Ariel

          Oh honey what I mean is that SUFBB Special Project will borrow him sometimes to release a song then return him to Mate. You know as fan service for all us who might die of withdrawal once this drama is over.

      • 3.1.2 JoAnne

        Flower Monkees for the New Millennium!

  4. kewbie

    Thank you for recapping as always. Off to read!

    • 4.1 kewbie

      I finally have a chance to write…wow lots of stuff going on in this episode. In no particular order:

      – I was happy to see Kyung-jong talking with Hyun-soo about Yerim. It reminded me how Teacher Kim and Rock Kim said that they’re supposed to be honest with each other, etc…now if only Ji-hyuk would have ‘fessed up about Su-ah earlier!
      – Too bad Ha-jin is in denial about Yerim. 🙁 He will be the one who gets hurt later.
      – Dude I have been waiting for this to happen: I knew Do-il would get pissed at Ji-hyuk someday about how he treats Woo-kyung. Ji-hyuk is unfortunately right, though, I think he just has to keep telling Woo-kyung that it ain’t gonna work, baby! She could get over that so much more quickly if Do-il would step it up. Seriously, Do-il, you’re so pretty, but looks alone and a mob-dad pedigree ain’t gonna woo the Woo. Take Woo-kyung out for dinner and a movie to congratulate her on getting her stylist license, and while you’re at it, bring some flowers (not chocolates, coz she’ll get choked up over that), and flip your hair by accident and smile a lot. (A much better look for you.) Also, if, on your date, you come across a gangster trying to get in your face, growl at him like you did in episode 12. She’ll think you’re trying to save her and/or be heroic, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll stop thinking about that Ji-hyuk guy… 😉

      • 4.1.1 kewbie

        Oh, also…

        – Ji-hyuk, tell the truth about Su-ah at the press conference. Obviously it’s too late to tell the guys first, but don’t deny it! It’s caused a bit of trouble already. :/

        – Seung-hoon, while I appreciate your musical proficiency, please let go of the crazy-ex tendencies. (Even though you’re not an ex, you still act like it!) Get some help, dude. Let go of Su-ah. She’s been straight with you. Be the friend she wants you to be. Don’t go stalker-y on her. Thank you. 🙂

        – Hae-ri, how could you let your brother be the producer? I know you care for your brother, but seriously, girl. Do you like to stir up trouble that much? I know you want to make money off Eye Candy, but is it really necessary to risk screwing with their guys’ minds, and probably the new single? Sheesh.

        • NewKDramaAddict

          I know, how many ways came a woman tell a man I’m just not into you without him getting it!

  5. MiMi

    Yay! I saw the raws and understood a bit but now I can find out what I missed. 😀

  6. nana

    Let me just say: I ship the ever-living crap out of Ha-jin/Kyung-jong and if that’s NOT where the show is going, I’m giving up on tvN forever. /dramaqueen

    • 6.1 kbap

      Honey I completely agree with you. I mean, Kyung-jong is so caring of his friend it breaks my heart (buuuuh, I don’t know why but it does). tvN, please? With a cherry on top (that somehow promises 4+% ratings for all your shows?)

      • 6.1.1 nana

        I totally read today’s scenes as jealousy. I mean, dude, the way Kyung-jong was acting is total third-wheel girl material and then the way Ha-jin grabbed his arm and pulled him back… I was legit surprised they didn’t kiss.

        This is pretty much the only time I’m appreciative of a live-shoot system because PLEASE, SHOW, CHECK THE INTERNET, AND *GO THERE*.

        • kbap

          *sob we can only wish…
          But really! It should happen! I mean we can’t assume all the time that all our characters are perfectly straight can we? It’s OK! We love you!

          • Mystisith

            I’m waiting for a surprise kiss on stage Kradam style. Since it’s cable, i want to believe they would be left alone by the KCC. That would be awesome.

        • msim

          I’m wishing for it with the strength of a thousand suns – Show, please go there!
          It’s 2012; we’re ready for it.

          I wish I could ship girls that way too, but dramas rarely (if ever) have more than one fully-fledged female character.
          Big flaw, k-drama world, big major flaw.
          But ALL we’ll be forgiven if our curly-top giant Ha-Jin ends up with the tiger-kitten Kyung-jong.

          • JoAnne

            He is EXACTLY like a kitten – all fluffy playful cuteness until you piss him off and then boy, those needle-sharp brand new baby claws and teeth come out with a fury!

          • nana

            I shipped the girls from Protect the Boss SO hard. But that’s sadly the only example of girl-shipping I’ve done with kdramas.

          • kbap

            This would be the best drama ever, IF they did that.
            I’ll tell you what; if they get together, this drama WILL top City Hunter, X-files, Return of Iljimae, and all that other yummy stuff on my top dramas. (well, to tell the truth if it didn’t it would still be up there in my favorites…but that’s beside the point, a little.) Grawr! Kyung-jong’s like such a little kitten, it’s killing me. He’s so liddle and cuuute! (though probably a lot taller than me…sigh I’m so short. I hover at my friends’ shoulder/neck. HAH.)

        • marisa

          @ nana
          You have a great mind, a fabulous mind!

          I must admit my shipping faltered when Kyung-jong found Hyun-soo playing the guitar and proceeded to caress his face.
          But I’m loyal. It’s Ha-jin all the way for KJ.

          • JoAnne

            Milky skin Dog Hyun Soo and Tiger Kitten Kyung Jong…awww

    • 6.2 alua

      I am with you on that…

  7. nuri


    Wow. This show always put a problems and finishes it off nicely. I wish I could do that.

    I really really want them to know that Hyun Soo’s sister is sick. Preparing some tissue for next week.

    • 7.1 NewKDramaAddict

      Have they ever said what is wrong with Hyun-soo’s sister? I must have missed the diagnosis!

  8. harukikara

    I’m glad there was more seen on Hyun-soo’s backstory in terms of his sister. It was a nice clearup to his loyalties (which have been making everyone nervous it seems). Right now, I can’t even predict what Ji-hyuk will say, though I doubt he will deny it. However, for the sake of the team, maybe? Can’t wait til the next episode!! 😀

  9. leaves45

    Thank you for another brilliant recap….The bromance is just so squee worthy. Ji-hyuk and Su-Ah’s secret romance just gives me chills in certain scenes….I love the secret looks and hidden messages…so darn romantic. For some reason it reminds me of the romance btw Michael Scofield and Sara tancredi in prison break and their loaded stares and sscret hand caresses:)

    I am excited to watch the episode yet dreading bec that means there are only 2 weeks left………and just what am I gonna do without Eye candy and Ji-hyuk and Su-ah.??????? Is there no possibility of an extention? sigh. Why do I get addicted to shows.

  10. 10 panshel

    Wake Up is a great second single. Glad we get some cute Ji Hyuk / Su Ah moments here. Thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    • 10.1 Ani

      Man, I’m going to have Wake Up on rererererereplay tomorrow. XD

      • 10.1.1 soserious


        • kbap

          Haha, I’m already replaying it on Youtube…though my internet is being a poo-poo head and is constantly going not responding (and then I have to close it, grr). *single manly tear slides off my cheek
          My boyfriend: “buuuuh, what?”

    • 10.2 kewbie

      I love Wake Up. I want Sung Joon to go touring with Loveholics as a singer since Lee Jae-hak is the musical director of SUFBB anyway. I would totally go see them!

      • 10.2.1 soserious

        hey does anyone know if loveholics ever had a concert in america? because they should.

  11. 11 Ani

    Ah Do-il, if I could count the ways I love you I would. I wish you would just step it up and woo Wookyung. It would be awesome. I don’t think it’d be that hard for her to resist you.

    Previously I thought it’d be nice to ship Yerim and Hyunsoo together. As of this episode though? I’ve begun to see her as annoying bug who uses other people (Hajin) for her own purposes (getting closer to Hyunsoo). I’ve been trying to ignore this about her, but if Hyunsoo is showing no interest, than she best move the hell along. Bros before hoes peeps. Bros before hoes. X/

    Seunghoon? Go jump off a cliff. Deomi? Go die.

    • 11.1 soserious

      totally agree with you on yerim. stop trying to cockblock the bromance!

    • 11.2 kbap

      I completely agree with you, Ani…seriously some of these characters (Suenghoon, my dagger-eyes are aiming at you) are really getting on my nerves. YES, please go jump off a cliff. Jeez. He is so…picky. And annoying? Su-ah doesn’t like you that way, sorry! She has a boyfriend, so stop trying to cockblock them. That’s being a bad friend. Sooner or later she’d just ditch you as a friend.

    • 11.3 PurpleLlama

      Yeah, I was ready to jump on the HS/YR ship too, but Hyunsoo doesn’t seem interested, and Yerim is starting to annoy me a bit because she’s using Hajin. Someone needs to melt the Ice Prince’s heart though :/

      • 11.3.1 JoAnne

        What if we’re ALL wrong…and the real news-breaking romance is the reason that Hyun Soo doesn’t want Ye Rim…because he wants Ji Hyuk!

        • alua

          Nah. He doesn’t. But Kyung-jong wants Ha-jin. 🙂

          Now somehow Peter Gabriel’s ‘Game without Frontiers’ comes to mind. (“Hans plays with Lotte. Lotte play with Jane. Jane with Willie….”) Weird!

          • alua


            *Lotte playS with Jane. Jane PLAYS with Willie.

        • Ani

          Or maybe he does like Yerim. Who knows. I’m just not into what Yerim is doing right now. If Hyunsoo does start showing interest, good for her. But if he doesn’t? Than don’t walk all over Hyunsoo’s friends just to get to Hyunsoo.

        • marisa

          Indeed, Hyun Soo really holds a bright flame for Ji Hyuk. It’s his defining trait.
          Sadly this drama wouldn’t go there (I’d die of admiration if it did – statistically out of 5 boys there’s bound to be one or two who prefer bRomantic relationships)

          • JoAnne

            that many really? I had no idea.

  12. 12 78446

    Sigh, Jihyuk, you finally realized what I’ve wanted you to realize: that you being nice to Wookyung is kinda like being the bad(der) guy and that being a jerk to her now would be better for her in the long run. And at least it can force Doil to man up and take care of her now. *sniff* My baby’s becoming a man. I just need you to do right by Suah now, mkay?. Now if only I can get Hyunsoo the Ice Prince, to thaw a bit and learn to communicate better. Do you need more pats in the head from the little kitty?

    Thanks for the recaps, GF!

    • 12.1 Ani

      “that you being nice to Wookyung is kinda like being the bad(der) guy and that being a jerk to her now would be better for her in the long run”

      Or, she can take his words to heart and realize that he likes her as a sister: no more, no less. I don’t see why he can’t continue treating her like family. It doesn’t make sense for him to be all douchebaggy on her when he genuinely cares about her. As long as he continues to be clear that there’s never going to be any romantic feelings on his part, and if she listens to him, I don’t see why they can’t continue being friends. It’ll be hard but it’s better to try and salvage a priceless friendship than to give it up altogether.

      • 12.1.1 78446

        Being nice to her wasn’t really working (if he keeps being nice to her she’s not going to give up pursuing him even after being rejected because, well, she’s not really one to take a hint as MANY people here have pointed out). Flat out telling her to her face is the best way to go. And maybe, and this is just wishful thinking on my part, this is what will light a fire on Doil’s ass to finally make a move and have the girl start noticing his puppy dog eyes and shampoo commercial hair. They can salvage the friendship later when Wookyung is already able to come to terms about her feelings.

        • Momos

          Looking at it, do you have the feeling of Deja Vu of the relations between Woo kyung ~ Ji hyuk and Su ah ~ Seung hoon, but in backward direction?

  13. 13 Cruelsummer

    Oh..wow. This seems like a really good episode. Thanks for the recap. I guess this is the Everyone-Pick-On-Jihyuk episode, which is all good because he kind of deserves it (hotness aside).

    I just love Su-ah. She’s my kind of chick. Just when you think she’s going to cower in a typical kdrama girl fashion, she comes out fierce and sharp. Jihyuk better shape up because if they ever do part he’s gonna be the one that hurts the most.

    • 13.1 Cruelsummer

      Oh and..Wake Up is incredible! I shouldn’t be surprised that the OST for this drama is so great, but seriously…it is exceeding my expectations. Everything has a retro 80’s-90’s style to it, which I love. Eye Candy’s songs seem so natural, unpolished and fresh. The sound of a hungry, young garage band. Amazing.

    • 13.2 Maymay

      I totally agree with you about Su-ah. She is so cool. Love the girl! 🙂

    • 13.3 alua

      I love how Su-ah is just saying it out straight. No playing games. Yeah for a great girl-character!

      As for Ji-Hyuk: He needs to be as straightforward as her and answer yes! It would be unforgiving if he denies the relationship now.

      I wonder though if he will say yes, and then it will be misunderstood (by the boys) as that he’s talking about Woo-kyung. That would be awful…

    • 13.4 msim

      I actually like the heroine, too.
      Though I wish she was portrayed has having her own interests/ambitions instead of just responding to what the males in her life are doing (her dad, Ji Hyuk, and possible-psycho-ex-childhood friend Seung Hoon).

      Bust she’s strong, frank and couldn’t care less about class distinctions. Lovely girl all around.

  14. 14 JD

    ugh i wish it wasn’t tuesday. that means now we have to wait another week!

    • 14.1 NewKDramaAddict

      I know. Watching the 2 episodes just make you want more!! Makes for a LONG, LONG weekend!

  15. 15 twilove26

    I love love love this drama…it is the first one i actually watch before subtitles are available (thanks dramabeans!) and after to fully understand lol

    its crazy how much i love all the characters!!!
    i think is because it feels so honest and raw and cute and butterflies-in-your-tummy for both the couple and the bromance ^^…and for the cherry on the cake that amazing music!!!

    Thank you, thank you for the recaps! =’D

  16. 16 Swye

    Aahhhh!!!! I love this show! 🙂

  17. 17 Judith

    My heart hurts so much whenever I see Ji-Hyuk and Hyun-Soo fight. Don’t do that boys! Remember, you love each other *tears*

  18. 18 bim2

    I’m really hope Ji Hyuk gave smart answer and act like a truly leader ^^

  19. 19 stars4u

    I got so mad watching Seung-hoon bully the boys!!!
    And his sister just had to give in on that request and I thought she was a pro!

    The lollipop exchange was so cute! I hate it when the boys fight they’re wasting time for more cute moments!!!

  20. 20 sally_b

    Big hugs for the re-cap (((((HUGS))))

    I’m enjoying this show SOOOOO much more than I thought I would when I read the initial intro. information. I thought it would be *fluffy* and teen-angsty.

    What a revelation to find that Moon/Sun is more of that…than this is. (le sigh)

    I’m absolutely thrilled that EACH character gets to have a fully rounded personality/motive/direction. (unlike that other drama…points finger above^) There’s bonding & friction, humor & sadness….and holy Moses, there’s even sexual tension with a female lead who has the cojones to say “YOU be clear, dammit! (HUZZAH!!)

    Way to GO, Show.

    side note: these are the things I DON’T understand:

    * why must Hyun-Soo keep secret his need to pay for his sister’s operation? all these guys are like family. Why wouldn’t they be emotionally invested is *saving his sister’s life*? We’re not talking about her needing a new laptop so she can do better in school…it’s her LIFE, right? So personal, manly pride just doesn’t compute here.

    * why does Woo-Kyung continue to confess her love to a man/boy who has already said, “Im not into you?”…..gurl, Mr. Hot-when-he-smiles should let you go soon, you’re not worthy of his silent devotion. (p.s. I still think you could keep your cool-chick status if you get a CLUE, but make it quick)

    * Su-ah….it’s pretty clear you can’t keep your childhood friend and your new love. Pick one.

    ….looking forward to next episode…a LOT. 🙂

    • 20.1 alua

      I don’t think Hyun-soo is keeping it a secret per se… he’s just not talking about it, but I don’t feel he’s going out of his way to hide it either.

      That’s a tough one with Su-ah. Normally I would say friends last longer than boyfriends, but then Seung-hoon is NOT behaving like a friend anymore but a jerk. A real friend would be happy for you or, if he thinks there is a problem with the boyfriend, talk honestly about it… but Seung-hoon is just jealous and being a jerk.

      I actually don’t like him or his sister. Although Seung-hoon at least used to have potential, but Hae-ri… nah.

  21. 21 Rossi

    “Well not everyone is silently empathetic with shampoo commercial hair”…YOU ARE SO AWESOME ON A TRANSCENDENTAL LEVEL!!! *bow*

    I like Seung Hoon actually. It’s nice to see a rational bad guy who’s not being bad b/c he was casted that way but who has rhymes and reasons for his actions. Do we have to agree with his reasons? No. Can we still be morally indignant at them? Yes. But at the same time, they make sense and sometimes even empathetic if we tickle our own dark side a little. It’s a bonus that his actions are calculated to be extra evil. I like it when the bad guy has a brain.

    • 21.1 sally_b

      @Rossi – re: “I like it when the bad guy has a brain.”

      well said. me too.

      …also doesn’t hurt that he’s smokin’hot. (tall with a pretty face. niiiiiice.) Too bad he’s also a self-entitled, rich-prick. But whatevs….he’s the bad guy, I’ll count it as lucky for my eyes that he’s visually appealing. 😉

    • 21.2 alua

      I don’t really agree that he has “rhymes or reasons” for his actions.

      It doesn’t make sense to go after someone who has told you very clearly and repeatedly that she’s not into you that way. All he is doing is because of his jealousy and he’s setting out to cause damage to Eye Candy. He’s also playing with Su-nah (calling her in just so Ji-hyuk can get upset), which is only going to backfire.

      Even if you’re jealous, if your jealousy is acted out in a way that it is obviously going to hurt the person you are pursuing, guess what: she’s not going to suddenly turn round and start loving you. Rather the opposite.

      He does have a brain though, in a way. He picks up on little things – where the weak points of Eye Candy are, where he can hit to hurt them the most. So he is perceptive. But in other ways, he’s totally clueless (as in: romantically clueless).

      • 21.2.1 Venus

        When it comes to SH I don’t think jealousy is the issue, the real issue is that his PRIDE is hurt.

        • alua

          You are probably right… it’s the “I’m so much better than him, why would she choose him over ME?”!

          … pride, arrogance, self-delusion… 😉

          Too bad for Seung Hoon, he could have made some real friends…

          • JoAnne

            There’s still a little bit of time…

          • alua

            Maybe… but the longer he continues being mean, the less he deserves the boys (and Su-ah’s friendship)!

          • JoAnne

            Ah, but what did Fermentation Family teach us, Alua?

          • alua

            I haven’t watched that one yet! No spoilers please! 😉

          • alua

            By the way JoAnne, I finally finally managed to review Treeless Mountain… been using the Korean Cinema Blogathon this week to catch up on my review backlog (which is still huge as I watched 6 films over the weekend as part of an East Asian film festival).

            Anyhow, I feel like I’m rating Treeless Mountain a littler lower than it somehow deserves, I don’t know – there was something with the segmentation that wasn’t quite right and that didn’t allow the film to go quite as deep as it could have (I think). I didn’t mind the slow pacing, but the lengths of the segments felt a little off. I can’t quite explain it.


          • JoAnne

            Alua, I got sidetracked and haven’t seen Treeless Mountain yet but I will make sure to watch it at some point this weekend…I think it’s #1 in my Netflix queue for a while, now. No spoilers for FF, either – I still have 1/2 of the last episode to watch tonight. Wonderful, wonderful show…there’s a whole thread on the last OT that I have flown past with my eyes averted several times just so that I don’t ruin any surprises…

            Surprisingly for me, very few tears even during quite emotional scenes, but there HAVE been some heart pounding moments, and one of the reasons I didn’t finish it over the weekend is that I’ve been dragging it out…really don’t want it to end.

          • Ani

            I love how JoAnne is using F-Fam for lessons. *sigh* I miss F-Fam.

            F-Fam taught us that people can change – for the better or worse – and that everyone deserves a second chance….. Well, there’s more to it than that. But we’ll stop here. XD

  22. 22 hpn88

    THAT SECRET LOLLIPOP MOMENT!!!!!!!!!! I must have replayed that a million times already. I don’t why I find it so incredibly sweet, so Su-ah/Ji-hyuk, so sexy. His face before and after, the hand-off and her grin afterward. I die….

    and HYUN-SOO, poor misunderstood noble idiot. His loyalty and practicality in this episode just made my infinite (pun completely intended) love for him grow. But puppy, you should tell your bandmates that your kid sister, who they all know, is sick and needs surgery.

    also Kyung-jong coming into his own and looking out for Ha-jin/Hyun-soo was adorable.

  23. 23 ___

    I love Wake Up. Wow!!! I can’t stop listening to it. It makes me feel nostalgic and strangely enough, I feel like watching a Japanese dorama right now. o_O

    I’m going to be so sad when this drama ends in two weeks. 🙁

  24. 24 DB5K

    Sharing an ENG subbed Behind the Scenes youtube video link:
    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzwAZ1qCsKc
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZrqCopjP0s
    credit: summer52

    We already know that Lee Hyun Jae was a drummer in real life, L is a member of Infinite, [Kyung Jong] was a Superstar K contestant, and that Sung Joon was a model. But apparently Sung Joon was in a band in the past, maybe during high school?? It turns out that he’s pretty good at English too~~

    And it turns out he was a hot brooding lone wolf in high school. Sung Joon: I didn’t have many friends. I liked being alone. It’s not that people didn’t like me, it’s just that I wasn’t good at socializing with people.

    • 24.1 Ariel

      Thank you for the link, see how can you hate any of the characters when you watch this. My favorite is Seung Hoon manhandling Kyung Jung. Pyong Jong saying he got hit a lot ohhh sorry kid.

      • 24.1.1 Cruelsummer

        IKR. It made me feel bad for the guy that plays Pyong Jong because he seems like a decent person in real life. I still think the guy that plays Seunghoon is a little old for the role that he’s playing, but he seems like a cool guy. I love them all and want to make good food for them 🙂

    • 24.2 kbap

      Hah, now I hate Pyo-joo less (I know right! but just a teeny bit) It was really satisfying in a weird way for me when the actor of Pyo-joo said that when Do-il hit him in an earlier episodes it hurted, but was fun. THAT made my day. So so so so so happy….kekekekekeke

    • 24.3 Cloie.buggeater

      thanks for the link. I love seeing the whole cast goofing off together.

    • 24.4 kewbie

      Here’s another BTS video from Youtube. It’s not subbed, but it’s kinda fun anyway. If you’re a Do-il fan, there’s lots of him in there!


  25. 25 angela

    I loved this episode, but EPISODE 13 is going to KILL me. Has anyone seen the preview?

    Sorry to say, it looks like Hyunsoo and Jihyuk will drifting apart…again.


    • 25.1 Yoshi

      Oh my guard, I’m freaking out after watching this preview. Why, Ji-Hyuk, WHY???!!!!!!!!

      • 25.1.1 kewbie

        Oh yes that preview makes me nervous, although I hope that means that everything (including Hyun-soo’s sister/family situation) will be out in the open. I am sad to see the burning guitar, though, and I wonder what kind of deal Ji-hyuk makes with Hae-ri.

        • angela

          The burning guitar is so symbolic, it hurts…

      • 25.1.2 sjs

        i think ji hyuk saying all that horrible stuff to L to make him sign the solo contract. His sister is ill. He needs money.

        • angela

          I think so too, but obviously Hyunsoo doesn’t know that! ;A;

          Ohh… so frustrating! We are so used to the characters keeping things from each other, and just when we think they MIGHT reveal their secrets, MORE present themselves!

          Why can’t they all just be honest with each other.
          They’re making things more difficult for themselves. haha.
          But I suppose this is what makes a drama.

          • kbap

            Well I trust this drama to work it out awesomely 🙂
            But still it’s making me nervous…nervous…nervouus!! Ack. Okay if Ji-hyuk goes Noble Idiot I wouldn’t be too upset. I dunno, but it seems like he’s the type to do (stupid) things like that. Just hope that Hyun-soo would still stick around, tell ’em about his sister’s condition, and realize that Ji-hyuk is saying all these bad things to make him sign a solo contract. Or something.
            And tsk tsk, Ha-jin that wasn’t very nice in the preview. Though I get you. But Hyun-soo wants to STAY!

    • 25.2 hanie

      OMG. Looks like ep13 is Jihyuk turn to be the noble idiot. gahhh… I hate when they take that route. Why can’t they just honestly said whatever they wants to said. Violent Hyunsoo kinda hot tho…ehem… I do not condone violent behavior, of course.

    • 25.3 ldsaf

      just something in Hyunsoo ‘s expression in the end makes me believe that he is not fully believing whatever junk Jihyuk is saying..

    • 25.4 panshel

      *cries* I think I’m going to hate episode 13. Why oh why does Hyun Soo and Ji Hyuk have to constantly fight?! Get your tissues ready, girls…

  26. 26 JoAnne

    Thank you for the recap! Watching the raws, I get some of what’s happening but any scene that’s just sitting there talking…man, I only get a word or two and it can go SO wrong, haha! (Ha Jin, Kyung Jong, I’m looking at YOU)

    Who was it on the OT who came up with pretty pretty Pantene hair? They are SO going to love how you worked that into the recap, LOL

    Thank you again, this is the only one I keep refreshing for 🙂

    • 26.1 kewbie

      Haha Pantene hair was me back in episode 5, woohoo! I really did love how it got worked into the recap. Thanks, GF, for recognizing Do-il’s pretty hair. Hey, Lee Hyun-jae was in a commercial (although it was like a 2-second appearance) for Etude House and his hair looked pretty in it, too. He really could do a shampoo commercial, for real, for real!

      • 26.1.1 JoAnne

        I thought it was you but I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I gave you credit and was wrong!

  27. 27 redfox

    “that Seung-hoon is Hae-ri’s sister”…

    khmm. well, yeah, you could put it that way.

    I have to repeat my words that please, everyone, don´t go “killing off” anyone even with words. Do you know how bad that makes YOU look?

    maaaan. I just know everything will work out, in the last episode we´ll see 45 years into the future where they are old punks still rocking out on the stage.

    they should escape to England already. But where to get that money? Ji-Hyuks´ mom? Do-Ils´ dad? But the rest of the parents wouldnt let their dear sons go.

    Woo-Kyung is really starting to drag on with the antiques. been there, done that. it has taken too long. they should have turned that page in the last episode.

  28. 28 jean

    “It’s news to Ji-hyuk that Seung-hoon is Hae-ri’s sister, which I hadn’t realized.” typo? Or sacarsm?

    • 28.1 girlfriday

      Neither. I assumed the boys knew the Witch was the Bastard’s sister.

      • 28.1.1 girlfriday

        Oh. HA. You mean the male-female thing? Oh whatever. Gender’s a fluid concept.

        • jomo

          It’s funny.
          I had to reread it five times before I spotted there was an error. Our brains autocorrect better than Iphones.

        • Cynthia

          What?! I can totally see Seung-hoon rocking a dress. The idol groups do it all the time!

        • JoAnne

          wow, I COMPLETELY missed that.

    • 28.2 redfox

      you made a typo as well. it´s easy.

  29. 29 peony

    okay, could someone explain the big deal about the girlfriend question in the press conference? I get that having a (supposedly) live-in girlfriend might be a little scandalous, but is this like a k-pop celebrity thing? because it’s not such a big deal in the states.

    • 29.1 redfox

      I guess thats more about them still being in highschool rather than one being a rising star

    • 29.2 PurpleLlama

      Oh, it’s definitely a k-pop thing. Although…usually more of an idol thing. Usually idols aren’t allowed to date (sometimes it’s even in the contract)…or they are, but they have to keep it secret otherwise the crazy fangirls will attack both them and their boyfriend/girlfriend. K-pop fans be crazy yo.

    • 29.3 kbap

      I dunno, but they’re a relatively new band so the reporters just probably want to dig up as much juicy stuff as possible. Plus a lot of stars keep they’re dating lives private because the other person doesn’t exactly want stardom, and because having a date could lose fans. Fans think that you’re no longer single = no chance for them (well it was like that to begin with…but whatever. Crazy fans are crazy) = less fans. That’s what I think…not sure if right 😉

    • 29.4 skelly

      NOTHING crazier than a kpop fan in full-on crazy mode.

      If it weren’t so terrifying, it would be pathetic, the way they want these kids pure and single and waiting just for them, how they will defend their chosen one with every last ounce of forum bandwidth, even to the extent of digging up dirt on other idols and spreading it around, if they feel that idol is favored over their own anointed one.

      I thought it was funny until they hounded Jay Park back to the States. Now the behavior (like calling some actor/idol your “husband” on a forum, or sending a flaming email to someone who has the temerity to hint a criticism of your god(dess)) just gives me the shudders.

      • 29.4.1 JoAnne

        I’ve always just assumed that when someone says ‘my husband’ they’re doing it to be funny.

        I refer to Rain as My Beloved…and while I lust after his image and enjoy his talent…I am quite clear in my own mind that I don’t actually love him, and that I will never be with him.

        Although…there is always the ‘random lost star in a foreign country who needs my help and ends up falling in love with me’ option…

        Nah. I’m old enough to be his mother. Sigh.

      • 29.4.2 harukikara

        full-blown k-pop love is quite psychotic really. Many fans look towards their idols as a model of perfection at times too and sometimes expect too much out of them, wanting them to stay single for the sake of eventually “marrying them.” I mean, I love k-pop (Infinite is what got me to first watch this) but sometimes, these fans blow over the top for their idols. a horrifying thought. I always have to remind myself that these idols are still human because many times, the industry presents them as far above that.

  30. 30 hanie

    Thanks for the recaps. Watching it without sub, I’m completely making up some yaoi conversation btw Hyunsoo & Kyujong. hahahaha.

  31. 31 yssatorns

    i love your comments! .. I really do love the bromance hyunsoo/jihyuk and doil/jihyuk… i like how they would hav argument then after an hour they’re all buddies again…. and thats how guys are right!?… they portray it really well… they say wat they want to say in a rockstar style too…. love the friendship….

    and also the clarification we got that hyun soo never wanted to break out from his band…. underneath his icy stares is a softy =D

  32. 32 Anvesha

    Aww.. Hyun-soo, I’m sorry I misunderstood your intentions (even if I had no problems with your ambitions)!! I’m happy he’s on the same page as the boys but please, talk a LITTLE more.. at least Ji Hyuk listened.

    The candy passing? So. Cute. And he did need a lecture about the missed calls.. go Su Ah!

  33. 33 Marilyn

    OH EM GEE I always tell myself to wait patiently for the subtitles to come out, at least for my favorite dramas but I just can’t… This drama has been so addictive and seriously, I just noticed today that we obnly have 4 more episodes to go, How did it go so fast? And yet I feel like it’s day one, all worked up waiting for the next episode.

    Thank you so much for choosing SUFBB and doing the recaps~

  34. 34 Lisa

    I don’t want this show to end.

    Sung Hoon- I love your voice and your bad/good boyness.

    WHY? Only 4 more episodes.

    I like how the possible Hyun-Soo/ Ji-Hyuk fall out didn’t occur…I hope it stays that way. I hope in the next few episodes we see where JiHyuk’s relationship with Su-Ah goes along with Do-il and Hyun-Soo since he has to known soon about Do-il liking Wooyoung. Hyun-Soo will he understand Su-ah and Ji Hyuk. The other members like her for sure.

  35. 35 JW


    My guesses:

    Ji Hyuk and Su Ah will break up for a minute. The band will also break up for a minute.

    Then, everybody gets back together and decides to leave Hae-ri’s company.

    Next, Ji Hyuk has to go to his absentee mom to get the money for the breach of contract.

    Finally, the band has a concert to raise money for Hyun soo’s sister’s surgery.

    THE END…

    Just random thoughts going through my head while waiting for the next episode.

    Is it Monday yet?

    • 35.1 Mystisith

      The concert to raise funds for the sister is lingering on my mind too. And since their unwavering friendship is what worked with the fans, it can only be a success right ?

    • 35.2 LeiDiAngelo

      kinda agree with what you said. til I saw this and I don’t know anymore …
      L and Yerim’s OST will be released on monday, but here’s the official MV i think in the meantime.

  36. 36 ava

    Crap! What a cliffhanger! On top of the delayed episodes of The Moon That Embraces The Sun, it’s a downer.
    At least there’s Operation Proposal.
    Thanks Girlfriday for the recaps.

  37. 37 Samantha

    erm all this “gay” ship is getting on my nerves really .. its really disturbing anyway .. its better to miss out a few comments instead of getting upset on some human brain abnormailities … all of the Boys are Just “f-r-i-e-n-d-s” why always SEX has to come on between and ruin everything ? Grow up guys! just grow up!

    coming back to epi .. well.. SOOOOOOOOO AH! is boring me to death .. also her scenes with her silly friends take a lot of screen time … they need to edit out those bits and show more of the BAND and their struggles… also im not liking this whole HS being a Moron to girls thing… come on didnt that gal told him that she is Just a wall and DONT “concern” abt her? if he does not care then he better stick to that .. all those staring at her… going in an awkward silence at her mention says that he has feelings for her .. yet he chose not to tell anyone abt them then thats fine its his choice so let her do the same! all she asked was to do a duet with her .. why the heck did he brought this whole HJ thingy ? :S anyway …

    JK and HS! AAH! this is the only thing thats working fine in the show 🙂 i hope all this angst and their friendship would streghthen their bond even more 🙂

    • 37.1 nana

      What sex? We’re talking about love, which knows no gender, so chill out and let people ship what they want.

  38. 38 Dorotka

    I’m so disappointed in Seung Hoon, I really thought he was a professional and he invited Su Ah to get the right emotion from Ji Hyuk for the song. But this? And taking the producing just for the chance to step on Eye Candy? Really??? Aaah, my hope for some bonding and surprising bromance is gone…

    But I still love this show. Sometimes I have the “Feeling” feeling – the plot is not as important as are the relationships and feelings.

    PS Who would believe that passing a lollipop can be so hot…

    • 38.1 JoAnne

      Seriously. MY hand tingled when the lollipop got passed.

      They made such a big deal about this being Sung Joon’s first on screen kiss in the BTS for the early episode…HELLO – this is girlfriend’s first ROLE, and she gets to be kissed by such hotness in it?

      What’s next? She gets to SHARE a towel with SSH? City Hunter saves her life and is forced into an arranged marriage with her? The Scheduler AND the Conductor open up a ramyun shop, she gets hired to waitress, and every day the Veggie boys come eat noodles and flirt with her? Panda/Onion/Pillar rents the rooftop room across the way and every day, he has to secretly shower at her place and ‘get caught’ while she makes breakfast? KHJ finally gets the rom-com role he can nail…and she’s the co-star?

      • 38.1.1 JoAnne

        oh wait…one more: Una comes back to life and travels through time, just to fall in love with her and have awesomely anachronistic sword fighting scenes bookended by stolen kisses with our girl.

        • Mystisith

          JoAnne, you’re a genius. A jealous genius, but a true one nonetheless.

          • JoAnne


      • 38.1.2 buttrcup

        OHMYGOSH, I almsot died in total laughter; I’m 98.767% sure that my insides almost burst at how much I laughed to the point where both my jaw and insides hurt.

        Haa; Love it <3 -Especially the whole scheduler/conductor opening up a ramyun shop with the whole veggie boys reference. Hee, Funny ;D

        • JoAnne

          🙂 She discovers she’s the lost princess of Korea AND a nine-tailed fox who falls in love with a musical theater major who can only sing to an empty room?

      • 38.1.3 Cruelsummer

        Su-Ah obviously saved the Universe in her former life.

        Of course I was reading to fast and came away with, “..the Veggie boys come and eat noodles off of her.” Bad visual. I clearly need help.

        • Mystisith


        • JoAnne


      • 38.1.4 Dorotka

        I guess it wasn’t his first BTS kiss (as opposite to “on screen”)… who dared to teach him??? Our silent shy high school boy…

        …will “Su Ah” also become Friends with Won Bin????

        • JoAnne

          That’s it. If I was an actress whose first kiss was Sung Joon and second kiss was Won Bin…I think I would just retire.

          I might wait for Rain to plot to kill me/marry me to make someone jealous/go to jail for almost killing someone on my behalf/steal my compassion and play along with my neuroses/fight ninjas for me though, as long as there were plenty of those kisses along the way, too.

          Yeah, no maybe about that one.

  39. 39 Jaykah

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  40. 40 Bluefyre

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    Thanks so much GF!

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    Wake Up has an 80’s Tears for Fears kind of U2 kind of sort of feeling.

  42. 42 sweetstar

    I’m a sucker for angst and bitterness. But I’m still watching it because it hurts in an oh so good way. Just don’t break the bromance, I still can handle it.

  43. 43 buttrcup


    Anyway. Seung-Hoon, I swear that I… you know what? I don’t even want to go there anymore. This episode for me (with anything to do with you) I will erase… ERASE, ERASE, ERAAAAASE xD Yay! See, I still Love you but I’m warning you. That’s two strikes, next strike and you’re totally OUT!

    BLEEEGH, Teacher Kim. Karma, perhaps? But still YUCCCK! -__-

    And, Aw. Su-Ah; you are too awesome xD Haa ;D

    Thanks for the awesome recap hun. Totally bummed that we have to wait another week just for an answer D;

    • 43.1 buttrcup

      And ohmylife, can I not get up at 5:02AM in the morning just to read a recap when I’m supposed to be studying for mechanics?

      K-Drama why you gotta be so addicting for? D:

  44. 44 Maidenelle

    Do-il: “You learned that only now?” Well not everyone is silently empathetic with shampoo commercial hair.

    I love this line!

    Thanks for the recap, GF!

  45. 45 anna

    Ohmygod, a k-drama where the OTP are HONEST about their feelings and have an actual conversation to clear up ANY misunderstands that don’t drag on until the last episode or until someone almost dies or something? WOW. JUST WOW.

    • 45.1 Janey

      IKR? It’s so new to me that the OTP of the drama doesn’t have that much misunderstandings and if there is one, they talk about it and try to talk to each other about the problem at hand. This is why I love them so much. And all those cute little interactions! ARGH.

  46. 46 Lilly

    Question is Do-Li actor mixed ?

    • 46.1 JoAnne

      His grandfather was an American, but he was raised 100% Korean – I think I read that they never even met (maybe he was already dead by the time Lee Hyun Jae came along?) and LHJ has never even been to the States. Even if he’s only 1/8 American…he really doesn’t look Korean to me, it’s so weird how genetics plays out.

      • 46.1.1 kewbie

        You should see baby pictures of LHJ. He looks a lot more Korean:


        His grandfather’s genes took over along the way, I guess. By the time he hits high school, he sorta looks like he does now.

        • JoAnne

          wahhhhhhhhh! so cute!

          • alua

            Very cute 😀

            So much eyecandy!

            But he better keep the long hair!

          • JoAnne

            Yeah because boy got BIG ears…

            plus long shiny shampoo hair just rocks the world.

      • 46.1.2 JoAnne

        Maybe he only looks Not-Korean surrounded by Koreans. I’m guessing he’d be a bit exotic looking if he was standing in a room full of apple-pie American boys.

    • 46.2 alua

      His grandfather is American. He says it in the videoclips that DB5K posted further up (comment #24).

    • 46.3 kewbie

      Yeah he also says his parents grew up in Korea, too. I wonder which one of his parents he looks like…?

  47. 47 MsB

    Another 2 great episodes! And what a cliff hanger!!

  48. 48 panshel

    Gah, Hyun Soo looks so cool turning people down — first turning down the duet with Ye Rim, then turning down Ye Rim herself. Those boys better figure out by next episode about his sister’s surgery. Hyun Soo gave them so many clues, I swear. When Woo Kyung started crying, I actually felt sorry for her for a minute there. I predict Ji Hyuk will flat-out admit his relationship with Su Ah. Just because drama never seems to end for the band. Appreciate you for recapping, girlfriday!

  49. 49 A-M

    Another great episode. Seriously great sign of a show when I can’t believe an hour of watching it is over.

    I really am liking how the Hyun Soo character is getting fleshed out more and more. At first it seemed like the obvious path that he would betray the band. Now he is completely set against it–yet they’ve established a reason no one could fault him for to go solo. He totally should tell them what’s up tho. Ji Hyuk asked him point blank (and I sort of doubt he believes the answer he got, since he didn’t totally Hulk out on him in this episode).

    I really do love how this show is portraying some great character growth for most of the main characters. It is some seriously impressive writing.

    And they caught the internet rumors abt Do Il’s father (how could she not suspect something with the way he came in to sign the contract??) and didn’t catch the photo of Ji-hyuk and Su-ah?

    Leadership is something they are really exploring in this–it is about Ji Hyuk having to step up–but what about Byung Hee? He was their leader, could he have lead them in this situation? He was even more of a lose cannon. Would the other guys be challenging him?

  50. 50 Heather

    Oh lordy that preview…

    I still don’t have a lot of faith in Hyun-soo…but at least he seems to have a good reason. And Ji-hyuk tried at least to get it out of him! But it seemed to me that he was avoiding that duet way more because of Ye-rim than loyalty to the band…though I suppose turning it down was a form of loyalty.

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Ji-hyuk’s lollipop habit more, but now…. 🙂 🙂

    I was assuming the big scandal was going to be Byung-hee–I’m really surprised the company has not been milking that…I wonder when/if that’ll break…

    • 50.1 panshel

      I don’t see Byung Hee’s death ever coming to the forefront mostly because Pyo Joo’s rich daddy would put a stop to that quick. Plus, Seung Hoon would possibly be caught in a sticky situation, and Seung Hoon is HR Entertainment’s new star producer.

      However, I do hope the boys mention Byung Hee in a television interview or thank him when they accept their Best Newcomer Award since Jaywalking was Byung Hee’s baby. He will always be remembered as the leader of Eye Candy.

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