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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 13
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Does anybody have a spare heart lying around? Mine’s broken. It’s been cracked, crushed, pulverized into bits by this episode. The only cure is a massive dose of bromance. I can only hope it’s on its way, and soon.

That said, the angst isn’t the gloomy, dread-inducing kind. The conflicts have been coming to a head for a while, and they needed to erupt at some point. Thanks to the well-developed setup, the angst may hurt, but it kinda hurts in a gratifying way. Which isn’t meant to sound dirty, I swear. It’s that the emotional release is satisfying, even if most of that comes in the form of fighting words and wounded hearts. Mine included.


L & Kim Ye-rim – “Love U Like U” which is the duet sung in this episode. [ Download ]

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Ji-hyuk is put on the spot by the pesky reporter, and while it’s not a good thing for the hottie leader of a hit new rock band to admit he’s got a girlfriend, it’s much worse to reveal that he, a minor, is living with a girl. Hae-ri motions for the host to smooth over the moment, but the reporter persists, saying that he’s better off explaining rather than trying to cover it up.

Ji-hyuk answers that those rumors are false — he’s not living with a girl — but when prodded he admits that he does have a girlfriend, shocking his friends. The host halts the questioning, but the damage is done.

After hearing the news, Woo-kyung races to Ji-hyuk’s rooftop apartment, where she sees Su-ah’s shirts drying in the breeze, and that’s enough confirmation for her. I do hope this provides the jolt she needs to let go, once and for all.

Deo-mi dumps the gossip in Su-ah’s lap and asks if the girl in the photo is her. The class silently watches with their judgy eyes — guh, this school, such a viper’s nest — and Su-ah bolts from class to deal with her mounting panic in private.

Seung-hoon finds her trembling and pleads with her to deny it, that she’s not living in Ji-hyuk’s place. She gives a tiny nod: It’s true.

In the green room, the boys are confused and angry. Hyun-soo, with the sharp eyes, asks if the girlfriend is Su-ah and points out accusingly that Ji-hyuk specifically denied that. Hae-ri bursts in to yell at Ji-hyuk, asking if this is all he amounts to as the leader. Where’s his sense of responsibility?

Ji-hyuk answers that he just told the truth — denied what’s false, confirmed what’s true. She spits out that the public doesn’t care about truth, they care about gossip. He wrecked the showcase, and nobody will remember they have a second single. This reduced the whole of Eye Candy to the soundbite “Teenage band of delinquents whose leader has a live-in girlfriend.” She puts the band on immediate hiatus, until the company decides what to do with them.

Ji-hyuk genuinely doesn’t see why his personal life has to affect the band, so Hae-ri lays it out: “YOU wrecked Eye Candy as a whole! Do I have to spell it out for you?” And you can see the moment it all clicks for him, leaving him stunned.

Hae-ri decides the company will issue no comment; they’ll wait to see how far the guys fall before stepping in to clean up.

Teacher Kim drops the boys off at the dorm, and immediately Ji-hyuk starts off in the other direction. Hyun-soo grabs his arm warning that if he goes to Su-ah now, he could make trouble for her, too. Ji-hyuk just says he’ll be back soon, then takes off running.

Sure enough, he finds reporters camped outside his building. He calls Su-ah to warn her about them, and she decides to crash with a friend for a few days. Oh no, is this where Seung-hoon steps in after all with his spare luxury apartment? Damn. And it’s such a great way to force this scenario, since you can hardly begrudge anybody for it.

At the dorm, the boys endure a check-up call from Teacher Kim, hilariously trying to imitate Ji-hyuk’s deep voice to cover for him. He ain’t falling for it, though, but at least Ji-hyuk returns in time to waylay his suspicions.

I love that they cover for him even though they’re still angry and hurt, and now Ji-hyuk faces them with bowed head. Ha-jin and Hyun-soo are the most hostile, while Kyung-jong suggests hearing him out first.

Ji-hyuk apologizes, and Hyun-soo challenges him to say exactly what he’s sorry for — for wasting all the hard work they poured into their first composition? For ruining the press conference? For sneaking around with Su-ah?

Ji-hyuk says, “For not telling you guys first.” They all agree that if he’d just said so, they wouldn’t be feeling so angry. Ha-jin calls him a coward, and he doesn’t contradict him.

Ji-hyuk: “You’re right. For not being honest with you guys, or with Su-ah, and for feeling like my head was so mixed up that I didn’t know what to do… and using that as an excuse — I was a coward.”

He adds that he was going to tell them the truth, and the reporter beat him to the punch. When confronted with the truth, he didn’t want to back down again.

They recognize that it’s not like Byung-hee and Su-ah ever dated, so what was he afraid of? Why was it so hard for him to tell them the truth? Do-il’s comment may be the worst, because it’s said with such resignation: “You didn’t trust us. If you said it publicly instead of to us directly, did you think we’d just let it go? I’m really disappointed in you.”

Su-ah moves in to the spare apartment, though Seung-hoon is put out that she’s uncomfortable with the arrangement after being content to live in Ji-hyuk’s room. She tells him that it’s because she can’t afford the rent on his fancy place so it feels like she’s imposing, but assures him that she’s thankful. That mollifies him a little.

Do-il calls Woo-kyung that night to check in on her. She picks up, but all he hears are sobs, and poor Do-il sits there listening to her cry.

The boys are met with hostility at school. Their hateful principal is quick to jump off the bandwagon now that their star has fallen, sneering at them for ruining the school’s reputation.

Ji-hyuk texts Su-ah to talk, and they head to their usual stairwell. He takes her hand to assure her things will work out, just as a camera snaps a shot of them together. Pyo-joo crows to get confirmation that it was Su-ah, threatening to show it to the reporters, and Ji-hyuk takes off after him cursing.

He catches up to him and mutters under his breath to hand over the phone. Pyo-joo taunts him to hit him, since that’ll just intensify the scandal. Man, if only your daddy weren’t a congressman… I’d dearly love to see you navigate the world based on your merit. Which is nearly nonexistent.

Ji-hyuk starts to swing anyway — Pyo-joo gives a gratifying nervous gulp — but Do-il blocks his punch, asking him not to.

Helpless to do anything, Ji-hyuk asks/growls/warns Pyo-joo to erase the photo. Help comes from an unexpected quarter, because it’s Seung-hoon who steps in and grabs the phone, asking if Pyo-joo’s doing this to get at him. Why is he so fixated on hurting Su-ah?

Pyo-joo bursts out that Su-ah’s the reason Seung-hoon ditched them and quit the band. Seung-hoon tells him calmly, “You’re no fool, and I know you’re loyal. But stop now. Don’t sink so low. Stop worrying about those guys, and go your own way.” He adds that if Pyo-joo keeps acting out of hate for the band or for Seung-hoon, “The one who ends up destroyed is you.”

Pyo-joo leaves seething. Maro marvels at this bit of wisdom and tells Seung-hoon, “What you just said — say it to yourself. I think you need to hear it too.”

I don’t love Maro for himself, but I do have to admit it’s occasionally awesome having him around, he of such cold, robotic logic. As he leaves, Seung-hoon gives himself a long hard look at his reflection.

A reporter approaches students asking for clues on Ji-hyuk’s girlfriend. A girl mentions Su-ah’s name, and Deo-mi swoops in to interject that she has it on the very best authority that Su-ah is NOT the girl. It’s sweet that she’s protecting her friend in the one area where she’s helpful — gossipmongering — until she adds that there’s some other unni who came by once. Aw man, throwing Woo-kyung under the bus for Su-ah? At least she doesn’t know her name and can offer no details.

The boys read the latest wave of news, wondering why the rumors won’t die down. Hyun-soo says cuttingly that they can’t blame the messenger when it’s their leader who fed them the news in the first place. All of his individual appearances have been canceled as a result of the band’s image collapse, he says pointedly. It’s Ha-jin who takes offense this time, challenging, “What’s so immoral about having a girlfriend?”

Hyun-soo is called in for a recording session, but immediately declines once he sees that it’s for Ye-rim’s duet. Hae-ri says it’s just for the guide vocal, since they haven’t found a partner yet, and he concedes with a sigh. Eek, I don’t have a good feeling about this…

He proceeds reluctantly, but when Ye-rim joins in, he looks surprised, like maybe he’s enjoying it after all. He shoots her a few sidelong glances as they sing, and even starts to smile.

Ji-hyuk arrives at the pool hall, where Woo-kyung flies at him to demand, “How could you do this to me?!” As though she has any place in this matter to begin with. You know, I feel for her, I do, and I don’t even blame her for having a hard time getting over him — but this outraged wife act is so damn presumptuous that I find my sympathy quickly dissolving.

Woo-kyung makes a valid point about his actions taking down his friends with him, but he says that since the rumors aren’t true, they’ll get a chance to rebound. Even Do-il agrees, telling her to calm down.

But Woo-kyung charges forward: “Break up with her immediately. That’s the only way.” He says no, and she hardens her voice to deliver an ultimatum: “Putting Eye Candy and me on the line, answer this: Su-ah, or us?”

Goddamn. It’s a conflict that’s long in coming, but the fact that Woo-kyung is the one to make the demand really chafes. She’s important to the band, but she isn’t the band. She has no right to speak for them.

Ji-hyuk tells her, “I won’t give up either. Ever.”

Seung-hoon asks his sister if she’s the one who let loose the scandal, knowing that this is a tactic she sometimes employs to tame unruly charges. The question isn’t born of suspicion but acts as a test, because as soon as she confirms that it’s not her handiwork, he asks her to stop it then, since she has the wherewithal to calm the storm.

Hae-ri says that if the boys are untameable they’ll have to be released back to the wild — meaning, she won’t exert her powers if the boys aren’t ultimately going to stick around. Seung-hoon’s unusually passionate in his request, though, and says it’s not only about Ji-hyuk anymore.

Hae-ri picks up on the desperate undertone and puts the pieces together: the girlfriend is Su-ah. Seung-hoon asks again, “Stop it. Not for Kwon Ji-hyuk, but for me.”

Hae-ri had arranged dinner with the duet couple, but excuses herself at the last minute, leaving Hyun-soo and Ye-rim at dinner alone. Hyun-soo gets up to leave immediately, but she persuades him to stay and eat with her.

She wonders why he speaks banmal with her, and he retorts that if she feels it’s unfair than she can speak banmal right back at him. It’s kind of adorable how Ye-rim jumps on that, because while he meant it as a jab, she takes the invitation for the other meaning — it brings them closer.

Ye-rim asks if he has a girlfriend, saying that Ji-hyuk’s frank answer at the press conference was pretty cool. He asks if she has a boyfriend, and Ye-rim replies, “I’m thinking I’m about to get one.” Ha, I love a saucy girl.

Dinner’s interrupted by an alarming phone call, which sends Hyun-soo hurtling to the street to catch a cab. Nobody stops for him, though, and he’s near desperation when Ye-rim pulls up in her company van. She offers a ride, sensing an emergency.

As they drive to the hospital, he’s a ball of nerves. Ye-rim assures him it’ll be okay and takes his hand, which he pulls away. But not before we see that the touch means something to him.

Neither Su-ah nor Hyun-soo are in school the next day. Ha-jin wonders what’s going on at home, but has no idea since Hyun-soo’s so tight-lipped.

Seung-hoon can’t resist poking at Ji-hyuk in the hall, asking if he knows where Su-ah’s staying. He tells Ji-hyuk he can’t stand to watch Su-ah being made lonely because of him, and that he’s taking care of her now. To punctuate the point, he gets a call from Su-ah and answers in front of Ji-hyuk, who glares with his laser eyes.

When Hyun-soo comes home to the dorm room, he ignores Ji-hyuk’s greeting and heads for the shower silently. His phone rings with a call from Mom, and Ji-hyuk answers to tell her he’s in the shower. And then, he asks hesitantly what the matter is, and a weary Mom breaks down as she tells him how hard it is with Da-som (sister) needing surgery and them lacking the money and Hyun-soo burdened with worry.

Ha-jin drags Kyung-jong along to the studio with another excuse to see Ye-rim. As they chat, Kyung-jong recognizes Hyun-soo’s voice on her new track, which Ye-rim confirms. Seung-hoon’s there as well, and takes advantage of the moment to add that Hyun-soo’s in talks to make a solo debut — didn’t they know?


Ha-jin bursts into the dorm shouting for “that bastard” and grabs Hyun-soo, calling him traitor. He accuses him of going solo and recording a duet with Ye-rim and taking advantage of this opportunity to ditch the band.

Hyun-soo addresses each charge: The duet is a guide track and he turned down the solo offer. Ha-jin retorts, “How can we trust you? You never tell us a thing.” Ouch, and yet, that’s a valid point. How do you expect loyalty when you keep everything a secret?

With a glare at Ji-hyuk and then Hyun-soo, Ha-jin says that girls and money are going to tear the band apart after all. “Let’s quit then! Quit everything!”

Ji-hyuk asks gently why Hyun-soo didn’t share with them. Hyun-soo says bitterly, “Why would I, when you all treat me like a traitor anyway?”

Later he approaches Hyun-soo in their room to ask about his sister, and the amount of money needed for her surgery. Hyun-soo tells Ji-hyuk to worry about the band instead, since they’re unlikely to make it to a first album if things continue.

Su-ah calls him out, and they meet by — uh-oh — the river. She explains not coming to school till the furor dies down, and he confirms that she’s staying with Seung-hoon (or, at least, Hae-ri’s spare apartment). She worries that even meeting like this will cause more trouble and apologizes for causing problems. He apologizes back for being unable to do anything for her.

Su-ah wonders if they ought to break up, with all the trouble that the relationship is stirring up. Ji-hyuk actually has tears in his eyes when he pulls her to him, saying, “You’re no trouble to me at all, so don’t say that again.”

Kyung-jong tracks down Ha-jin at a nightclub, where he’s arm in arm with one of his club-bunny noonas. Ha-jin’s in no mood to go back to “a band where nobody thinks of anyone but themselves,” whose breakup is only a matter of time. He overhears some girls gossiping, having recognized him, and storms over to ask, “What the hell do you know about me?”

Unfortunately, a boyfriend steps in and attacks, which pulls Kyung-jong into the fight. Ha-jin easily wins, blinking back tears as he wails on his opponent.

That hits the news, along with Do-il’s father’s identity. Hae-ri wonders, “Is this rock bottom?” God, I hope so, because my heart can’t take much more.

Now it’s Hyun-soo’s turn to fling the accusations at Ha-jin, who retorts that fighting is better than betrayal. Hyun-soo challenges Ji-hyuk to do something, not just sit there, since he bears responsibility for their fall from grace. It’s sort of unfair — always telling Ji-hyuk to fix things, when that’s an excessive expectation — but I forgive him because his next whispered comment guts you: “I’m running out of time.”

Ha-jin taunts him to go solo. Hyun-soo storms off. Kyung-jong wonders, “How did we come to this?”

Ji-hyuk goes to see Hae-ri, who has made a decision: They are all free to go home; their contract is void. She reminds him that they’re the ones who brought this on themselves.

Ji-hyuk doesn’t protest. He does, however, ask her to keep Hyun-soo, and contract him solo. He argues that Hyun-soo did nothing wrong, and that he worked harder than anybody. The band will keep going somehow, and start over from the beginning — but Hyun-soo should take this opportunity.

Hae-ri says she considered the idea as well, but since he’s part of Eye Candy, his image is also endangered. She adds that thanks to his “tear-inducing friendship” Hyun-soo has already refused several times — hard words to hear, I’d think — and supposes that he won’t give up his friends now, either.

Ji-hyuk vows to make him agree. Hae-ri asks what Ji-hyuk will do in return. He answers, “Anything. Everything.”

Ji-hyuk finds Hyun-soo at the pool hall, who asks somewhat nervously if they’ve all been cut loose. Ji-hyuk says Hae-ri offered a regular contract — Hyun-soo cheers up — but that he couldn’t accept the one condition, to break up with Su-ah. Oh noooooo… you’re playing bad cop? Oh, this breaks my heart. Especially with the way Ji-hyuk can’t even look him in the eye.

Hyun-soo, naturally, does not take this well and accuses him of being so love-crazy that he’d give up their album for her. Ji-hyuk fans the flames, saying, “I don’t need that junk,” knowing full well that Hyun-soo does.

Hyun-soo grabs him and demands, “Are you really the Kwon Ji-hyuk I know?” Ji-hyuk tells him to go ahead and hit him, ’cause he can’t give up Su-ah.

I’m dying here, especially since Hyun-soo keeps giving him chances to explain himself, asking over and over if he really means it. Ji-hyuk nails his coffin shut, saying, “Right now, Su-ah is more important to me than you guys.”

He lets Hyun-soo punch him over and over, while Do-il looks away in dismay.

Hyun-soo grabs him and asks, “Is this the end?” Ji-hyuk shakily nods. Hyun-soo storms out, leaving him bloodied on the pool table.

Hyun-soo packs his bags. Kyung-jong pleads with him not to go, but Ha-jin is too proud to beg and tells him to leave.

Hyun-soo storms out of the dorm, just in time for Hae-ri to call and tell him that the solo offer is still good.

The one silver lining in this heartbreak is that Do-il knows Ji-hyuk was pushing him away on purpose, and asks if Ji-hyuk had to go that far. Ji-hyuk says, “If I didn’t, he wouldn’t leave.” And then he bursts into tears.

Alone in his room, Hyun-soo cries, too.


This issue of leadership is one that’s reared its head in the past, and I find it intriguing. Byung-hee was the obvious leader of the group in their previous incarnation because he had the songwriting skills, the grand visions, and the overwhelming charisma. He commanded attention, and people were happy to follow. Ji-hyuk stepped in because he’s the other vocalist, the other songwriter, the go-to guy after Byung-hee. But what does it mean to be group leader — musical proficiency, or diplomacy, or the best liaising skills with the media?

I’ve always assumed that idol group leaders were figurehead positions — everybody needs a role, and the leader is the most visible. Maybe s/he’s the most popular, or the eldest, or the primary vocalist. It seems a calculated move to me, made by shrewd record label executives trying to predict the tides of popular opinion. It never struck me that these leaders actually needed to, yunno, lead. What is there to lead, after all? The decisions are all made by managers and producers and you just follow, right?

Then you stick a group like Eye Candy into turbulent situations and everybody’s flailing to find purchase on this slippery slope of showbiz, and leadership takes on different connotations. The leader is no longer just the guy who gets the most panties thrown at him onstage, but the guy who’s expected to step in and get stuff done. Even if he has no special qualifications, and is no better at problem-solving than his fellow bandmates.

In a certain sense Ji-hyuk isn’t the most natural leader, and he’s stumbling as he goes. He’s terrible with reporters, he isn’t much of a peacekeeper, he doesn’t express himself well. But we’ve also seen him step up and do things worthy of the title, too, and he has done a pretty good job of communicating with Hae-ri. He isn’t as charming as the others, but he does command respect.

Like I mentioned above, I feel like there’s an expectation placed on Ji-hyuk that seems excessive. He’s their figurehead leader, but somehow that also means that when they’re stuck in a tough spot, the others have the luxury of sitting back and saying their leader will figure it out. And the leader has to go and beat his head over the problem trying to rise to the challenge, even if he’s got no clue. He’s not any smarter or better positioned, certainly. And Hyun-soo has always thrown that in his face, from the moment he balked at Ji-hyuk’s election as leader. It’s as if he holds it against Ji-hyuk for taking the role and then underperforming, regardless of whether anybody else would have done better.

Speaking of Hyun-soo… aie, my bleeding heart. I’d always feared that he’d be the first to bolt because his motivations for continuing this path were the most different from the others. Granted, I expected him to resist and fight himself, but he seemed the most likely to break from the pack. So it’s heartbreaking to see that he’s never once wavered — but that the group fractures anyway over him, because the others suspect he’s capable of betrayal. You can’t blame them for fearing it, because he’s always off doing the cool thing in private, and never letting anybody in. In that, he’s like Ji-hyuk was a few episodes ago, trying to figure out all his problems on his own rather than relying on his friends.

I’m usually hugely opposed to any form of noble idiocy in a drama, and in fact its introduction is usually the point at which my interest in a show drops precipitously. I’ll stick with the show anyway, but I’ll roll my eyes and clench my fists and hope it’s over quickly, like a date in the dentist’s chair. So it speaks to the well-crafted relationships here that the noble idiocy doesn’t turn me off in this case, because I understand everybody’s situation so clearly. There’s no sense of frustration that this is a lazy plot point that could easily be avoided, because I don’t actually see a better alternative.

I get why Ji-hyuk is driven to this point — his own future with the company is nil, but he can salvage the career for the guy who really needs it. What’s a little self-destruction in the name of brotherhood, right? Nobody wants the boys to break up, but right now everybody has his priorities lined up, and I don’t think either Hyun-soo or Ji-hyuk would argue that little sister’s life comes first.

We’ve seen that more than anybody else, the band is a lifeline for Ji-hyuk, who has no other family (not one that hasn’t already forsaken him, that is). It’s why he looked so crushed when Su-ah proposed a breakup, and why he refuses to give anybody up. So it’s especially crushing that when push comes to shove, he’d lose it to help his bro. It’s all very ironic in a roundabout way, but it works.


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    OMG! NOOOOOO!!! just like you said JB I knew it was coming! but why now??? absolutely awesome drama. well written and the plot just flows. wow it make your heart hurt to know that it is the end for the band.

  19. 19 colleen

    Terrific recap!! and so swiftly done at that! Woo-kyung is not only pathetic…pitiful, yada, yada… she’s just over done now…put a fork in her. I get that her character is a vehicle to advance the story line, but for heaven’s sake, move on, girl…so darn tired of you – take a good look at the Asian hybrid Tom Cruise pining after you, are you blind????…and you surely don’t even deserve him. So tiresome…

  20. 20 alua

    Thanks for the super fast recap. Looking forward to watching this (with subtitles).

    From the recap, can I say that I’m finding Woo-kyung just really, really irritating at this point? She has no right to demand anything. And no right to say “It’s me & the band OR Su-Ah”. (And I hope Do-il finds someone else.)

    I’m very very glad that Ji-hyuk said the truth, but hate that his answer has to become a scandal. I get that that’s a Korean celebrity thing, but at the same time I don’t get it. Yes, so he has a girlfriend. SO WHAT? Why does Hae-ri have to flip out over this (never liked her much, and like her less even now)? It’s even weirder to me because she leaves Ye-rim and Hyun-soo together (for the duet, for the dinner) as if she were setting them up. She isn’t of course, I know that, but, hey, some silly reporter could easily walk in and create an even bigger scandal about that, no? But that doesn’t seem to concern Hae-ri in any way. Although it the boys losing their contract sucks in a way (most of all for the money for Hyon-soo’s sister’s surgery), I’m sort a glad they are on their own again.

    As for the ‘leader’ thing – I still don’t get it why everything has to be on Ji-hyuk’s shoulders. I like him (even more so now that he didn’t deny his relationship with Su-Ah). He’s his own person, he leads in his own way and I think that’s fine.

    Oh, I’m seeing no hope for this drama giving us a Ha-jin/Kyung-jong happy ending after reading this mostly gloomy article today: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/03/12/4330208/south-korean-actor-throws-open.html

    • 20.1 Maymay

      Wow! What a sad article.

      To me, no matter what, Ha Jin will always have Kyung Jong by his side. JH has SA, DI has WK, and maybe YR and HS, so HJ will be with KJ. šŸ™‚

      • 20.1.1 Ani

        Hear hear!

    • 20.2 Ani

      Hmm, I’m not ready to give up on Wookyung just yet. She’s been there for the band all this time and she deserves a chance or two to stop being a pain she’s becoming. It’s like Yerim, I liked her in the beginning, disliked her when she used Hajin, and I might like her again if Hyunsoo is starting to like her and if she tells Hajin the truth. Either way, I guess both girls deserve chance or two to win the love of the viewers. I don’t think Do-il will look to any other girl anytime soon. So right now, I’m still rooting for Do-il and Wookyung to be a couple. And I’m still a little iffy about Yerim, but I guess fair is fair and she needs a chance too.

      And that article about Hong Seok-cheon: aaaaaaaaw. He’s well loved enough on Variety Shows, but he must have it tough too. I doubt a lot of the LGBT community really has it easy after coming out of the closet. X(

      • 20.2.1 alua

        I hate clingy girls. Woo-kyung was toeing the line for a while already, and this is too much for me. But yeah, Do-il won’t be looking anywhere else, that’s for sure. His love (? – seems like a bit too grand word to describe his feelings?) has been silent, but unwavering. And the script is going to continue on that track (he might get a happy ending, or he might silently continue his unrequited love or something in between, but there will certainly not be any other female).

        The article on Hong Seok-cheon just made me realise that I live in a much, much more liberal society (which still has things to resolve with regards to this too but certainly where being out of the closet is much closer to being a non-issue than a taboo). Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the reality is very different elsewhere…

        • Ani

          In some ways, I find that Yerim is being just as clingy…. or obsessed, but that’s pushing it. At least she’s not doing voodoo. Wookyung is clingy yes, but I feel that this should be a wake up call for her. There already have been so many wake up calls, and this should be the one that should make her realize that Jihyuk is not into her that way. If she doesn’t move on after this, then I’m going to have to give up on her. I can’t give up on her right away because she’s shown she has the boys best interest at heart in the past, it has always been the band and her, so to write her off now is unfair to her.

          • alua

            Yerim doesn’t bother me as much (well, mostly I don’t notice her very much) because she doesn’t have a whole history with the boys. If she is being clingy, she’s just a silly, superficial girl, but Woo-kyung I want(ed) to have more expectations for.

            But I suppose Woo-kyung is bound to give up now, no? Too few episodes left for her to keep clinging? Or am I being overly optimistic?

          • Ani

            I think I’m trying to be optimistic that Wookyung would give up now. Give up already! GIVE UP! I guess all us Wookyung-Doil shippers are trying to stay optimistic.

      • 20.2.2 kewbie

        I’m not ready to give up on Woo-kyung either, but she really tested my patience today. What would have happened if she ran to Su-ah’s place to find her there? And what’s up with all the yelling at Ji-hyuk to break up with Su-ah? Didn’t he reject her last episode? She really needs to get over it. Do-il could absolutely help her do that, which is why I was disappointed there were no real moments between them this episode except for the phone call. I was thinking that all of the Do-il/Woo-kyung moments have been in odd-numbered episodes (although episode 4 was when we realized that Do-il likes Woo-kyung).

        Ep 5: Woo-kyung cries over her chocolates while Do-il remarks that she missed her turn to give them to Ji-hyuk again.
        Ep 7: Woo-kyung laments how Su-ah is so pretty and all, while Do-il tells her he’s just as womanly.
        Ep 9: Woo-kyung tells Do-il her plans for the future, even though her motivation for them is Ji-hyuk. After that small disappointment he still walks her home.
        Ep 11: No talking, but having fun cleaning up the kitchen in their dorm. First time I really see them smile at each other.
        Ep 13: All pain, no gain (i.e. she’s crying on the phone with Do-il but dude, they’re not in the same room so he can’t give her a hug or anything like that). All he does is listen to her pain.

        So yeah, I have been keeping track of these two because I just really really want them to get together. I swear, and I’ve said this before, if Hyun-soo and Yerim get together faster than Do-il and Woo-kyung, all my idiot-savant-ness about them will be all for naught. Damn I’m such a SUFBB geek/fangirl/shipper.

        • kewbie

          Forgot to add that I don’t really want to wait until episode 15 to see some good sh*t between those two, although, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. šŸ™

    • 20.3 lucertola

      Quite a disturbing article. But a positive one due to the final outcome for Hong! Thanks for sharing.

      The most disturbing part for me was this “..a group of SK mothers criticized Life is Beautiful…”. Basically they had implied that they’ve raised their sons to believe and follow everything TV tells them to do or to believe. Their sons must be really creepy if the implication is true.. LOL, it’s to creepy to even cry out loud about it…

      • 20.3.1 lucertola

        JB thank you so much for recapps!!!

      • 20.3.2 alua

        Yup that… and the irony of his Mom saying that everyone can change (advice she needs to listen to herself).

        • lucertola


        • Czmych

          yeah, I found this hurting the most… being not accepted by the closest person ever

    • 20.4 kewbie

      Yeah, I agree. Plus there’s not enough time to develop a different kind of relationship between those two. In general I think Kyung-jong just really cares about what happens to Ha-jin. It’s a bromance in a way, but Ha-jin seems to be too into himself to notice. Sad.

      • 20.4.1 kbap

        Too sad. Seriously, I always think that Kyung-jong is the one that’s helping Ha-jin. Really, Ha-jin even forgot his birthday. Didn’t even click in his brain once until people TOLD him. Oh gosh. But then again Kyung-jong is more of the “glue”-type of people. He keeps them together, soothes them, breaks up fights, etc. Well at least we get this sort of bromace? (Bromance that’s one-sided? Really sad actually, if you ask me.)

      • 20.4.2 Joy

        In the past Ha-jin has been quite harmless, but thanks for pointing just how self-absorbed he is with himself and his fixation on Ye-Ri. Girl clearly does not like him, which he should know since he has broken so many hearts in the past. Karma? Anyway I sense further breaking down of the bromance since Ha-jin will get even more pissed once Hyun-Soo starts promoting that duet with his goddess. Dude’s is way far up his ass, it almost ruined his relationship with Kyung-jong before already goddamnit!

        • alua

          “further breaking down of the bromance since Ha-jin will get even more pissed once Hyun-Soo starts promoting that duet with his goddess” — darn, so true! That’s a good point you’re making (predicting).

    • 20.5 kbap

      Wow, that was so sad. And no Ha-jin/Kyung-jong is making me sad, lol. But then again this is one of those things that becomes more accepted over time. Similarly when my mom and I heard that this Taiwanese singer admitted being gay, her first reaction was “poor mom, raised him into such a successful man only to have him turn up gay.” And mind you mom mom is one of the more open-minded mothers out there. She’s cool with things like two piercings on the earlobe, (she actually thinks it’s cute, lol) and not punk. She’s okay with me attending idol concerts, etc etc. Back then in ye olden days, she was okay with me attending Anime Expo in LA. And still she thinks it’s wrong. I think the younger generations are more open-minded about being gay, but in Asia it’s still not well-received.
      Oh a different note, I heard somewhere (can’t cite it, sorry) that being gay is evolutionary? I heard there’s some part of the brain or skull or something (evidently I’m not a doctor, lol) that’s different with gay people. Or is this just fake stuff I heard? Hmmm…

    • 20.6 Maidenelle

      I really like the point you made about Hae-ri leaving Hyun-soo and Ye-rim together; you are right, it could create the exact same kind of scandal. I also don’t really understand what the big deal is for a bandmember to have a girlfriend. I think that in Korea, the agencies sometimes require their clients’ to stay single? I remember reading that Uee said she could not date Joo-won because she is an idol. So maybe, if dating were off-limits for the guys in the band, that should have been clearly stated in their contract? The whole situation kind of confuses me, actually.

    • 20.7 msim

      I’d settle for a semi-happy ending Ć  la Sungkyunkwan Scandal for Ha-jin/Kyung-jong. That scene when he goes to get Ha-jin at a club was heartbreaking.

      This show is my new crack but the female roles were so dismal in this ep – step it up, Show!

  21. 21 JoAnne

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  22. 22 tarianantatoer

    whoaaa so fast..it’s only 7 am here. Sungjoon crushed my heart too. He’s so good. Don’t worry Javabeans massive bromance on the way, I just hope it’ll happen to night. Thank you.

  23. 23 trixicopper

    It wasn’t enough to just break my heart. They had to rip it out of my chest, throw it in the street and run over 10 or 12 times with the car.

    Thanks JB!

  24. 24 momosan

    ::snuffle:: my boys cried. ::snuffle:: evil record company lady making my boys cry. ::snuffle:: And Pyo Joo needs to fall in a hole, break both legs and not be able to crawl out. So there. Nasty little piece of work.

    • 24.1 Cynthia


    • 24.2 kewbie

      Seriously, why is that dude still around? I feel like he should be in the Korean equivalent of juvie. On the positive side, if Pyo-joo (a.k.a. poo-poo head) didn’t cause trouble with Ji-hyuk, I wouldn’t have seen the mini-Pantene commercial Do-il inadvertently did while trying to stop Ji-hyuk from giving Pyo-joo the smackdown. Great hair flipping there.

    • 24.3 FunnyBunny

      “And Pyo Joo needs to fall in a hole, break both legs and not be able to crawl out. So there. Nasty little piece of work.”
      Ahahaha! That was amazing ^_^
      Thank you! After reading such a sad recap I needed that

  25. 25 mysterious

    This episode just about killed me. Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo have such a volatile yet beautiful friendship so this was bound to happen. It really was girls and money that separated them but not in the traditional sense. They weren’t fighting over a girl nor were they greedy for money. Ji-hyuk was actually ending things so the one who needs money can get it. I know they will patch things up but for right now my heart bleeds for them.

  26. 26 Ani


    I love how Do-il is the one who makes the most cutting comment towards Jihyuk, but also, the one that knows why Jihyuk had to do what he had to do to Hyunsoo. I was thinking a few episodes back that this is one of those dramas where I would’ve done without the romance – Suah and Jihyuk. But at this point, as of today, it is has the best use ever: the one thing that Jihyuk used to push Hyunsoo away.

    Please please please, don’t wait until episode 15 for the bromance to be fixed. PLEASE! Please don’t take that long because I don’t think I’m the only one here when I say “My heart might give out”. X/

    • 26.1 A-M

      Oo. I love your point abt the romance being effectively used!

  27. 27 ___

    This was such a difficult episode to watch. T_T Thanks for the fast recap.

  28. 28 PassionFruit

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    i love ji-hyuk and su-ah together. SO MUCH. but seung-hoon, seriously. please just go away.

    noble idiots. sigh. of course, i should have expected this from a k-drama…

  29. 29 Nekozawa

    Wow, I totally agree. SKKS was my first drama, You’re Beautiful the second, and this is the first drama that I’m following while it’s airing.

    As others have mentioned, it avoids cliches so well and doesn’t drag things on. I’m sure that at the end I will clamor for more, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I love the tight pacing and storytelling. So refreshing!

    Hyun-Soo and Ji-Hyuk forever!! My heart breaks for them and yet how lovable/cute is it that they are mutually heartbroken?

    • 29.1 A-M

      My first one to watch while it is airing, too! šŸ˜€ We should get buttons or teeshirts!

  30. 30 Anvesha

    I can’t figure out why this drama has so few fans… Is it the name? Or promise of flower boys? Or lack of Jung Il Woo?

    I am lovingthis drama.. the BROMANCE.. Ji Hyuk, Hyun Soo.. L, Sung Joon. Seriously, it’s one of the better dramas out there.

    • 30.1 kewbie

      Haha…lack of Jung Il Woo. Love it! Why do you think Moon Embracing the Sun is doing so damn well? haha…

      • 30.1.1 kbap

        HAH, ^this. Maybe, yunno, it is the absent “JIW effect” so that this drama has less fans. But actually though it doesn’t have as many fans (and I’m thinking also b/c romance isn’t the fain focus here?) it actually gained more fans recently. I can say a lot of my friends love (obsess) over it, but also that the subs come out faster now. (What lame proof, but hey, proof!)
        Well, at least I enjoy it! (haha) And the story’s not faltering, which I love. Ack. I want Shut Up Flower Boy Band to be made into a teddy bear I can squish and hug all day.

  31. 31 Maymay

    Like the rest of you, my heart totally broke into pieces with this episode. Don’t know how I will survive tomorrow when there is more heartbreak coming. šŸ™

    This show is so good that it actually hurts.

    Thank you JB for your insightful discussion on leadership. I agree with you on every point. The unnecessary burden that is placed on JH seems a little excessive.

  32. 32 hpn88

    I was gutted watching this episode. That last scene…..ugh.
    I want my cute scruffy puppies back.

  33. 33 JD

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  34. 34 Cynthia

    Thanks for the lightning speed recap, JB! Do you ever sleep or eat?

    The angsty poo sure hit the fan in this episode. We could see it coming but it sure didn’t lessen the impact when everything cracked wide open. And to finish the ep with both boys crying…. just twist the sorrow knife, Writer-nim.

    Your comment of “It never struck me that these leaders actually needed to, yunno, lead. What is there to lead, after all? The decisions are all made by managers and producers and you just follow, right?”

    Watching this indie/basement band of FUSBB always makes me think of CN Blue (without all the angsty stuff) and how a band develops organically and manages to become famous without imploding, without losing the core of what the band is – a family unit with a strong leader. Yonghwa is a clear leader for CN Blue. He remains true to his original bandmates and his music – managers and PDs support his vision – he leads and they follow. It seems to be a happy meshing of strong talent and business. It’s no surprise that Yong-hwa’s ideal band is Bon Jovi – and emulating John Bon Jovi’s leadership skills is all good.
    By next Tuesday, Eye Candy will be frozen in time. May Bon Jovi and CN Blue bring the Rock for years to come!

  35. 35 Carinne

    My Highlights:

    1. HS’ & YR’ duet shooting cupid arrows at each other in the recording studio. I swear, I might hunt someone down if these two do not get a kissy fish scene. XD

    2. The cry baby bros from another mother at the end was too heart wrenching to watch. I echo all those wanting a bromance makeup scene next. Oh, Heart. Break.

    • 35.1 Samantha

      Sending chocolates and cakes ur way for saying that! dying to see them sharing a kiss too after their DUET.. they have so much chemistry …use it to the MAX!

    • 35.2 Carinne

      Nom-nom-nom… thanks for sharing dessert. ^ , ^

      This episode is on replay. Anybody else notice the similarities between JH and Boys Over Flower‘s GJP who also is greedy not giving up his friends nor gf when asked to choose? Now the cliche war keeps getting interesting. XD

  36. 36 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap, JB! This episode was so heartbreaking. I didn’t cry, but I felt close to. So many painful moments, like Ji-hyuk pushing Hyun-soo away so he can save his sister, Hyun-soo crying in his room, probably becaue he felt Ji-hyuk didn’t care about him as a friend anymore. He probably felt like he was being pushed away like when Ji-hyuk first got together with Byung-hee. Awful feelings. Then there’s a lot of little painful moments, which add up to make it worse, like Do-il telling Ji-hyuk how disappointed he was in him, Woo-kyung crying to Do-il on the phone, or Kyung-jong wondering where it all went wrong, or Ha-jin all bitter at Hyun-soo. Sheesh, I’m stressed just thinking about it.

    On the positive front, I am kinda liking Yerim and Hyun-soo. I really loved the awkwardness in the recording studio. She really got to him, but he doesn’t want to admit it. At this point I will be upset if their relationship progresses faster than Do-il and Woo-kyung’s. Speaking of which, Woo-kyung needs to let it Ji-hyuk go for real. I was really rooting for her, but today she was just annoying me. Do-il, dear, use that pretty hair of yours and wake Miss Thing up!

    • 36.1 Yoshi

      Oh I cried. And every time I replayed it over, I cried again. What surprised me was that it wasn’t Ji-hyuk’s repressed sobs that killed me, it was Hyun-soo’s bitter angry tears that did me in. Because until that point, “L” as an actor didn’t really do much for me. His portrayal of the character was somewhat superficial and stiff. And while I felt sorry for the character and the family situation he was faced with, I felt like the actor himself was somewhat reserved, a bit too like his character in some ways, always keeping the viewer at a distance and away from his emotions.

      Today, while punching his bed and crying like his whole world had fallen apart, I believed it. He connected and it was real. Because, like you said, he wasn’t just crying because the band was falling apart. He was crying because he was reliving Ji-hyuk putting someone else ahead of him yet again, just like with Byung-hee. And that kind of betrayal – from an old friend who he wants so much to be proud of him – is the worst of all.

      Way to go L! You nailed it.

      • 36.1.1 kewbie

        Totally. I wasn’t a fan of L before this drama, but today he was pretty damn awesome.

        • FunnyBunny

          I know, I felt bad for doubting him for one minute in this drama. Hyun-soo-ah Noona is sorry! Can you make up with your buddies now? Please pretty please??
          *Prays to the drama gods to save the bromance*

      • 36.1.2 Saima

        I’m sad for Hyun-soo who’s felt like he’s played second fiddle to Byung-hee previously and to Su-ah now. Even Ji Hyuk’s friendship w/ Do-il is special as they know and understand e/o. Despite Do-il claiming to be disappointed w/ Ji Hyuk he knew that JH was putting up an act. Whereas poor HS never got over his insecurities as he never felt JH and his friendship was strong enuf! In his perspective he was never the first one who JiHyuk thought of!! Gets me right in the heart…

        • miharu

          ikr. i could only imagine how he must’ve felt. always put second by a friend he wants to make proud of. that must have hurt. A LOT. poor bb.

      • 36.1.3 JoAnne

        I agree! I got a little teary-eyed when Ji Hyuk’s chin did the tremble, poor baby boy…but when Hyun Soo was in his childhood bedroom, crying furiously…man, that got me. To be in so much emotional pain that crying physically hurts, and the tears are so hard fought that it contorts your face and doesn’t even make a sound? I knew exactly how he felt, and why, and I totally believed him.

  37. 37 Joy

    Ehh…it can only go up hill from here right? *sniffles*

  38. 38 laaa.

    my heart is breaking…
    and judging from the preview, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get mended up until next week………):

  39. 39 cg96

    I cried so hard when I watched the episode and I cried harder when I read the recap.I felt so sorry for our boys that I wanted to give each one of them a hug especially Ji-hyuk and Hyungsoo.

  40. 40 soserious

    thank you for the recap. i will comment further after read <3

    • 40.1 soserious

      “Iā€™m dying here, especially since Hyun-soo keeps giving him chances to explain himself, asking over and over if he really means it.”

      Yes and my heart was cracking and being crushed each time he did… it was such a painful moment. I felt incredibly sad for both Hyun-su and Ji-hyuk. Can’t we just get along :'(

      Idk, this episode was totally Hyun-su’s episode. From him singing in the studio, feeling betrayed by the guys, last final conflict with Ji-hyuk. God, poor Hyun-su. I cried my eyes out at the final scene when he cried all by himself in his room. HEAAAARTTTBREAAAAAK.

  41. 41 Brenda

    I hate Seung Hoon and Woo Kyung!

    What is their problem?

    With Seung Hoon, it’s feels like he’s only working as hard as he is to sabotage Eye Candy because he wants Su ah. Get it in your head that she’s not going to choose you! She had you by her side her entire life and if she didn’t choose you then she’s not going to now.
    Every chance he gets, he rubs it in Ji Hyuk’s face that he went an inch to help Su ah by giving her a place to live or by something else. He never would’ve revealed himself either if Eye Candy didn’t make it big. He needs to learn to separate his professional and personal lives since having them intertwined is not helping him any. His only argument against Ji Hyuk is that Ji Hyuk won’t be able to protect her since he’s so busy now. FYI, I’m sure Su ah isn’t with him because she needs protection.

    Then there’s Woo Kyung. I think she should consider herself lucky that they see her as family. She isn’t a part of the band therefore she has no rights to speak for them. Her jealousy has also gotten old. All along, the only thing she really did for them was get them in trouble since she kept getting into fights with other girls.

    It really doesn’t feel like this drama will end with 16 episodes. There’s still so much drama that needs to be solved and from the previews, it seems like ep 14 will add to them.

  42. 42 Aya

    Omo. I’m crying…

  43. 43 miharu

    what an episode. my heart’s constantly pricked with pain throughout, especially whenever the boys start bickering and the band gets more and more fractured by the day. but what really DID it was the last scene, when Jihyuk burst into tears and Hyunsoo cried in frustration alone in his room. so many emotions there i could barely contain ;A; props to Sung Joon and Myungsoo to nail it.

    i can live with this temporary heartbreak for i have faith the show will mend it later in the best way: massive bromance sobfest. don’t let me down, writer-nim.

  44. 44 iyra

    can’t even see the screen through the tears….my heart has been broken into pieces!! *sob* *sob*,someone please do something,go back in time and change it!!!

    • 44.1 jcay

      can we do a ” renovatio.. renovatio…renovatio” here? oh heartbreak!

      • 44.1.1 JoAnne

        we need a like button for this

  45. 45 panshel

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  46. 46 FunnyBunny

    Anybody got some spare buckets? cause I think my eyes are still leaking.
    I knew this was coming but I hoped against hope that it wouldn’t happen. I’m praying for an extra dose of happy for tomorrow’s episode.
    *lighting a candle and praying to the benevolent drama gods*

    • 46.1 kbap

      Haha, my eyes are raining over here. Can I join your praying session? Though truthfully what I really need is a soundproof room. So I can scream and cry and throw things at my screen whenever anyone’s being a butt. And mostly ’cause I’m frustrated. I’m like “Just get together and continue doing your activities! (though it’s not possible!)” Gah, I want them to succeed so much…My heart breaks for these boys. Though it’s a little early for Christmas,

      Dear Santa,

      You really haven’t given me any presents these past years. Yes, I’m accusing you. But no matter how creepy you are, I still respect you a lot. Even though climbing down chimneys, not using the front door, chugging cookies and milk, and knowing when all children sleep is probably quite rude and stalker-ish. But please, I have two very very important wishes. It’s not much, you just have to convince the Drama Gods. (You should be their friend, I bet lots of girls across the world has the same wishes as I do.)
      1. A soundproof room. It’s probably a little costly but after all these years of not giving me presents, I think it adds up to be about the same amount. I’m not asking for a big room, mind you Santa.
      2. For Ji-hyuk and Eye Candy to have a good ending, bromance time, and just generally things that will make me happy and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Yunno?
      Don’t tell me you can’t do that Santa. I know you watch drama. You even have end-of-year-reviews here on Dramabeans. Don’t lie.

      Take care (and don’t drink too much Santa, you’re always drunk by the end of the year for some reason),

      Pyo-joo hater (yep, still hate him)

      • 46.1.1 Maymay


        Santa is probably drunk this time of the year too. šŸ™‚

        I hope he will grant you your wishes, especially the second one. šŸ˜‰

      • 46.1.2 alua

        “I know you watch drama.” Bwahahahahahah! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  47. 47 Cruelsummer

    Awww…this made me cry! šŸ™ My poor babies. I’m afraid to actually watch the episode now. Great recap!

  48. 48 biankoy

    somebody pass the tissue..-sob!- it’s amazing how this show can wrung out tears from me considering the fact that it is a show focused on guys– and it’s not a war film! awww… all hail bromance!

  49. 49 Mika~

    I thought I loved the Su-ah/Jihyuk couple. Until their romance, unfortunately, had to indirectly destroy the bromance (Can’t say I didn’t see it coming though). And as a diehard supporter of the bromance, I just… can’t love the Su-ah/Jihyuk couple anymore. -heart breaks-

    • 49.1 kbap

      Well I think of it as him making an excuse with it – their relationship is sort of hurting the band, but not by much. I mean, in my opinion, what’s wrong with having a girlfriend? Even if you’re an idol? I still love ’em, though. Su-ah is a girl that could stand on her own two feet. That’s what I love about her.

  50. 50 FunnyBunny

    Anybody else notice that all this crap happened on episode 13? Did the writers plan it that way? Or is the number 13=unlucky a thing in Korea?
    *consults google*

    • 50.1 Cloie.buggeater

      I’m pretty sure between episode 11-13 everything goes to hell in almost every K-drama. I can’t count the number of dramas I’ve watched, and I’m like “why is everyone crying?” and then I realize I’m in that episode range, so of course, everyone must have their heart broken šŸ˜›

      At least it sounds like SUFBB is doing it well. I was seriously yelling at my computer while reading the recap. ” What, no, AHHHH!” (Thanks Javabeans, it’s almost as good as watching the episode)

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