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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band: Episode 16 (Final)
by | March 20, 2012 | 256 Comments

Yesterday I didn’t believe they could do it—wrap it up with just one episode. But this finale leaves my heart full to the brim. It’s a show I could watch for a hundred episodes, but in the end I’d trade those episodes for a well-written finale that leaves me satisfied, so while I’ll always want more of Shut Up, I’m happier to say goodbye to it at its best.


Loveholics – “몰라야 할 말” (Words you shouldn’t know). This is the song briefly mentioned in the previous recap, which makes a reappearance in this episode. [ Download ]

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Hyun-soo gets up and declares that it’s not over. The boys are quick to tell him he shouldn’t throw away his solo career to save the band, but he tells them it’s not their decision. He tells Teach he’ll think about it.

Meanwhile Ji-hyuk broods alone in the dark, pondering Rock Kim’s really depressing pep talk about how Ji-hyuk is just like him and can do nothing else with his life.

Seung-hoon and Su-ah walk down the halls at school, and he says he heard about her dad, adding his two cents that it’d be a good idea for her to go to China. She asks if he’s sick of seeing her, and he says it’s because he wants to see her alone. Oh, as in, you’re the only one with the means to fly to China to see her then? You ass.

But he says it’s really because he doesn’t want to see her here alone. Deo-mi runs up and happens to catch the tail end of their conversation and freaks out to find that her only friend might move abroad…

…which she declares loudly just as Ji-hyuk is passing by. He stops in his tracks. He looks at her in panic, but turns away just in time for Su-ah to only see his back as he walks away. Aaaaaaaafgh.

Ji-hyuk finds the boys minus Hyun-soo still feeling really sorry and sheepish, and they ask if he got home okay last night. Ji-hyuk: “What am I, a kid?” Uh, I think your answer and my answer to that question are slightly different.

He says things are fine, which is a big fat LIE, but it’s nice to see them smiling again, in any case. They tell him about the offer to take Eye Candy to Japan.

Hyun-soo gets interviewed for his big solo debut, which is garnering lots of interest along with CF offers. One interview question stops him short though – What is your dream? He hesitates, not sure how to answer.

Later, Ye-rim sneaks up on him reading about himself (nothing more embarrassing than being caught mid-self-google) and asks if he wants to eat. Hyun-soo: “Don’t you have any friends?” Hee.

She admits that she really doesn’t, since she came here from the States. She says that’s why she was so envious of Eye Candy’s friendship – a running theme for most of our side characters – because no matter what she does, she has no one to share it with.

She points out how cool they always looked together, like you can’t mess with me ’cause I got my boys. “You always seem like you try to take care of everything on your own. But it would be better together… with your friends… or with me.”

Well I’m glad someone said it. He flashes back to Ji-hyuk’s hand-saving hug, and his words then come flooding back: “Don’t do it alone. Let’s do it together.”

Ji-hyuk looks out at Su-ah’s empty rooftop, sighing to himself, “China? You sure are going far.” He sits numbly in his room, staring at Byung-hee’s guitar in its case. And then someone bursts in with a knock. IT’S HYUN-SOO!

I have been waiting SO EF&$*#^ LONG for this scene!

They sit side by side on his bed, just like he used to do with Byung-hee. After a while, Hyun-soo asks how he can be the same back then and now – always deciding everything on his own, “Always trying to look cool.”

Ji-hyuk: “I’m going to raise Da-som-ie to be healthy so I can marry her. What?” HA. Dude, don’t mess with a bro’s little sister. That’s not cool. Hyun-soo gives him a hairy eyeball: “Not a chance.”

And then he says haltingly that he’s always been curious about one thing. Ji-hyuk used to come over every day, and then one day, he just stopped. “Do you know how betrayed I felt?” You can’t make me cry already!

Ji-hyuk points out that Hyun-soo was the first to step away after Da-som-ie was born. He realizes that’s true, “I just didn’t want her to be like me. Coming home alone in the dark, waiting for my parents to come home… I really hated that. It was really scary.”

And then, as if they’re competing for who breaks my heart the most, Ji-hyuk counters, “I didn’t have anyone who came home. When I went to your house, it smelled like rice, it was warm, like people lived there. Then I had to come home to this room. It felt colder, and lonelier. It was unbearable.”

*TEARS* Okay, you win! You win! Stop it!

He says that was when he stopped going over there. Hyun-soo: “Excuses. You were totally cheating with Byung-hee!” God, I love you two.

They both laugh, and Ji-hyuk wonders if he’s right. He says that Byung-hee never wanted to go home either. Hyun-soo: “We thought we knew everything about each other, but it seems like there’s so much we didn’t know.”

Ji-hyuk finally puts an end to the gut-spilling by calling him a girl, and offering to make him ramyun. As they wait for their instant ramyun to cook, Hyun-soo broaches the Eye Candy subject and asks what Ji-hyuk plans to do—is he really going to give up music?

He says he doesn’t know yet, what he likes. But he tells Hyun-soo to stick with the shiny idol world, since shiny has always suited him. He jokes, “It’s because you always went to the cabaret since you were little.”

They laugh and eat together, and I love how different a bowl of ramyun feels when it’s eaten alone or with your bestest friend. Ji-hyuk’s character so perfectly conveys that contrast, from the last episode to this one.

The next morning Ji-hyuk gets a panicked phone call that their basement studio is finally being demolished, and the boys gather there to give it a send-off. They sigh that they’re sad to see it go, realizing that a lot of unexpected things happened out of that dank little basement.

Ha-jin asks Ji-hyuk if they shouldn’t meet with the Japanese agent, just to see what’s what, and Ji-hyuk says they shouldn’t mess with Hyun-soo’s career. Kyung-jong interjects, “Uh… but Hyun-soo called me last night and we booked the meeting…”

Ji-hyuk doesn’t look too happy about it, but they go anyway, and wait for Hyun-soo to arrive. He confronts Hae-ri with his decision and runs over to meet the boys. The Japanese agents give them a contract offer, which looks favorable enough to get the boys excited.

Ji-hyuk asks what the concept is for the band, and the answer doesn’t make him too happy: “A visual rock band.” Basically it’s the same thing all over again—they’d just be idols in Japan instead of Korea.

Su-ah sits pondering her decision, staring at her passport next to Ji-hyuk’s necklace.

Ji-hyuk sits in the pool hall without a word, and Do-il wonders why they keep getting pigeonholed as a visual rock band—is it the name Eye Candy? Well, it does imply there’s sumthin’ to look at, yunno.

He wonders, “What’s so great about our visuals?” Woo-kyung: “Don’t go around saying things like that in public if you don’t want to be called an egomaniac. You’ll be terrorized.” Ha, I love that this is her convoluted way of saying you’re hot.

She turns to Ji-hyuk and asks about Su-ah, which I take to be a clear sign that she’s over him. He says that Su-ah’s the one who broke up with him. He did promise Hae-ri that he’d end it, but once he saw her that night, he couldn’t actually do it.

He admits that he was grateful when she said it first, so that he could believe that she left because things were hard for her, and not because of him. “So how can I stop her now?” He says he doesn’t know how things got so complicated, and shuffles out with a heavy sigh.

Woo-kyung calls him an idiot, and Do-il asks if she’s okay. “It’s not like I ever dated him. I was just a piece of gum that stuck to him. I think it’s about time to un-stick.” Do-il looks over at her with a hopeful glint in his eye, “Does that piece of gum necessarily have to stick there?”

So cute. They just stare awkwardly for a second and then Do-il walks away before it gets too embarrassing.

Su-ah finally calls Ji-hyuk, and he takes off running to see her. I love that he runs the whole way, and then lies that the bus came super fast. He says he meant to call her anyway, and asks if she’s really going to China.

“I—should, right?” She’s giving you an in! Say NO! SAY NO!

She says she’s not sure what she should do, and tells him she’d be leaving next week. She turns to stare at him, “So I can memorize your face,” and asks if he’ll be able to remember hers. She decides on second thought that it’s better if he forgets.

Su-ah: “I regret it. Running away because I thought I’d cause you more harm—I regret it.” Damn, I’ve loved her forthrightness throughout, but every time she surprises me more. I love her!

“I just wanted to say that to you. Keep singing, so that I can listen, even from far away.” And she gets up to go.

He reaches out and stops her. Ohthankgod! “Don’t go. I regretted it like crazy. I hated it. I didn’t ask. I just tried to protect you alone, like an idiot. I really regretted it. Don’t go. Stay here.” Listen, if an idiot’s gonna call himself an idiot, you won’t get any argument from me. She looks up at him, but we don’t get an answer yet.

Alone on his rooftop, Ji-hyuk thinks over Rock Kim’s words, about figuring out what kind of music he wants to make.

He meets the guys in the pool hall, where Hyun-soo has news – he’s cut the cord with HR Ent and his solo album, so they’re clear to go to Japan. But Ji-hyuk says he’s against it. Hyun-soo thinks he’s still trying to be a noble idiot, but this time it’s different.

He asks if this is what they really truly want, or if they’re doing it because they don’t want to betray the band, or each other. “I’ve thought about how we ended up here, until my head burst. I think the time when we did things solely for each other is over.”

Say it ain’t so! He points out how much their paths are diverging now—Do-il doesn’t want to live in the limelight, Hyun-soo’s got a solo career that’s taking off, so why throw it away to start at the beginning?

Hyun-soo: “Because I don’t want to be alone. Besides, can’t we succeed together?” That’s what I’M saying! I love that now Ha-jin is Hyun-soo’s biggest fan, constantly calling him a loyal bastard.

Ji-hyuk asks if music is what they really want to do with their lives. Doesn’t Ha-jin want to be an actor? And doesn’t Kyung-jong want to own a business? “It’s time we each make a real decision – about what we really want, what we want to do, what we need to do.”

Aw, is it time to grow up? But I DON’T WANNA.

They each take the time to really think long and hard about their futures. Ha-jin goes back to acting class, Kyung-jong helps an ajumma at the market and feels a pang thinking of how hard Mom is working on her own.

Hyun-soo ponders the life of a star, and if he really wants to give it up. Do-il looks at his drumsticks, wondering if it’s time to say goodbye.

Su-ah has her bags packed… but they’re not to go to China. Phew. Seung-hoon wonders if she really has to go back “there,” and by there I really hope he means her rooftop.

He tells her he’s going back to the States, to get back on track with his family’s plans for him. He realizes now that there are things he can’t force, like her feelings. He says he’s okay with it, because was honest with himself for the first time, about his feelings for her, and about music.

Su-ah: “There’s something I want to tell you…” Seung-hoon guesses she’s about to say “sorry,” but no: “Thank you for being my friend.” Aw. That brings a wistful smile to his face.

The boys sit huddled together in Ji-hyuk’s bed, which is just about the cutest thing ever. It’s like putting a litter of puppies in a basket. Exponentially cuter than a single puppy.

They say that perhaps Ji-hyuk was right after all, and they think back to why they started the band in the first place. Do-il says he just liked playing the drums. Ha-jin can’t remember the first song they played, but he remembers what they ate.

Kyung-jong says Hyun-soo started playing guitar because he always copied whatever Ji-hyuk did. Hyun-soo: “He copied lots of things from me too!” Hee. They say that Byung-hee and Ji-hyuk were always different from them.

Ji-hyuk wonders if he and Byung-hee pushed them to share the same dream. But they assure him that’s not what happened. Do-il wonders if maybe it was the friendship and the band that they wanted more than anything.

Ji-hyuk: “I think it’s time we each decide what we want to do with our own lives.” Ha-jin wonders if that means the end of Eye Candy. Ji-hyuk says he’s made his decision: he’s dropping out of school. Wha?

He says that if they ever decide they want to return to music, he’ll be here. They all agree to work hard on what they want to do, and to cheer each other on. Ji-hyuk throws his fist out to the group.

They join him and scream: “Shut up, and run!”


Ji-hyuk comes out the next morning, guitar slung over his shoulder. He stops to tie his shoe, and Su-ah’s voice catches him by surprise, “A guitar? Guess I have a noisy neighbor.”

Startled, he looks up and finds her on her rooftop, like nothing ever happened. He asks why she’s not in China. “I was going to go, but there’s stuff I need to do here, and there’s this neighbor I’m worried about.” He can barely contain his excitement, but he manages about half his usual gruffness: “Ah, it’s going to be SO annoying, with you next door.”

He turns to go, “Whatever, I’m busy! I have things to do!” and disappears. The wind knocked out of her sails, she scurries over to see him leave, mumbling to herself about his unexcited response.

She wonders where he disappeared to, not noticing that he’s standing right behind her on her rooftop with a big goofy grin. Aw. He pulls her in for a hug. “Welcome, neighbor.” Swoon.

He heads to Rock Kim’s club, where he wakes him up (from his tabletop bed adorned with empty bottles, natch) with waaaay too much chipper for Rock Kim’s tastes. Ji-hyuk calls him “Master” and urges him to get up so he can talk him through the song he wrote.

Annoyed, Rock Kim tells him to go back to school instead. But it looks like this is Ji-hyuk’s school now. He asks if the song was good enough for him to play in the club, but he gets shut down on that idea pretty quickly.

Rock Kim’s more perturbed by his chipper mood more than anything. “Did something good happen? What’s with you?” Ji-hyuk flatly denies it.

Meanwhile Ha-jin goes on an audition… for Chwa Chi-soo? HA. It’s totally an audition for Ramyun Shop! And here I was, trying to stop myself from indulging in a reference to that show with the whole ramyun bit earlier.

He gets shut down right away and he turns back to declare that they’ll regret turning him away. As he leaves, the PD mimics his “Chwa” and laughs at how ridiculous that sounds. Pffft. I love the rewriting of history that Ha-jin is the true source of Jung Il-woo’s Chwa~.

Kyung-jong outlines his plans to save money until he graduates, as Do-il arrives from tutoring. They’re like, “Have you gone crazy?” Do-il says he didn’t know because he never studied before, but he finds it fun. They nod, “Yup, he’s crazy.”

Ha-jin gives him a shake, “Do-jjang, get it together!” He talks about math and they look at him like he’s joined a cult where they eat brains.

Ye-rim’s crush on Hyun-soo is as strong as ever, and she asks if she can do a duet on Hyun-soo’s solo album too. Hae-ri shuts her down right away, not wanting to fan the rumors that they’re dating. Ye-rim: “Then should we just date?” Everyone’s jaws drop and she pretends she was kidding.

Hyun-soo asks if he can add a new song to his album before they go into production—written by Ji-hyuk. He promises that Ji-hyuk hasn’t given up on music and that he’s working harder than ever.

Hae-ri turns to Seung-hoon for the decision, since he’s the album’s producer. He agrees that they should at least hear the song. Aw, have you grown as a person? And is that… a smile from Hyun-soo in front of other people?

Deo-mi squeals in delight at the news that Su-ah isn’t going to China anymore. Su-ah in turn invites her over to her rooftop room for the first time, offering to make her ramyun, and proudly telling her how great the view is. Aw, good for you. Deo-mi happily accepts.

Ji-hyuk’s apartment. Gah, I love the sight of all those shoes in his doorway. That just warms my heart. The boys sit around and shoot the breeze, and Ha-jin sneaks in a mention of Ye-rim, teasing Hyun-soo about her and telling him to treat her well.

Kyung-jong mans the ramyun pot and asks how many eggs he should put in. Hyun-soo screams at the top of his lungs: “WHY DO YOU ASK EVERY TIME, YOU CHEAP BASTARD? JUST PUT ‘EM IN TILL THE POT BURSTS!”

I dunno why, but that makes me so happy. It turns out they’re gathered in front of the tv for Ha-jin’s big debut. They count down and then they watch the scene… where he delivers his one line, but gets his head cut out of the frame. HA.

They die laughing. Poor Ha-jin slumps his head, while the boys have a field day, playing headless waiter and praising his backside.

They’re like, “Congratulations on your debut! You get all the eggs!” Hee. Hyun-soo stops every few minutes to repeat Ha-jin’s line as they eat and they crack up all over again.

Ye-rim gets a new song from Seung-hoon, and notes how sad the lyrics are. “Did you get dumped recently?” This time he doesn’t hide it and says yeah. She offers to set him up with someone, when Hyun-soo walks in and sees them all smiley with each other.

While Seung-hoon steps out she asks Hyun-soo if Seung-hoon isn’t handsome. He tells her to get her eyes checked, since she can’t tell the difference between handsome and greasy, and she smiles, “Are you jealous?”

He denies it of course, and turns down her offer for a date tomorrow. Only when Seung-hoon comes back and she asks HIM what he’s doing tomorrow, Hyun-soo interjects, “No! You have a thing… tomorrow… you said you had a thing. Think carefully. You know… that thing you have.” Cute.

Woo-kyung nods off in the salon, and Do-il quietly sits down next to her, leaning her head on his shoulder with a smile. Augh, so like him to be silently swoonworthy. She opens her eyes for a second and realizes he’s there, and smiles. Awww, even CUTER.

Ji-hyuk meets with Hae-ri, to see Hyun-soo’s freshly-pressed album. He downplays his involvement, saying it’s just one song, but she tells him it’s going to be the album’s title track, and even Seung-hoon’s signed off on it.

She asks about him working at Rock Kim’s club. “I just go and get yelled at, and get fed.” Which you know he secretly loves, because all he’s ever wanted is to have a parent-figure yell at him every day.

She says they should talk about “remaking” Kwon Ji-hyuk, but he turns her down. “I don’t know yet what kind of music I want to make.” He says he doesn’t want to go headlong off the deep end like the last time.

“Next time, I want to start the right way.” She tells him to come back whenever he figures it out then. He gets up to go, but stops to say something. He gives a little head-bow, “Thank you. You were the first person who acknowledged us. I won’t forget it.”

She plays it cool and chuckles, but you can see she’s moved. She thinks back to her conversation with Hyun-soo, and now we flashback to what he said when he was ready to give up his solo album to go to Japan:

Hyun-soo: I really want to succeed. But if there’s a one percent chance I can do it with my friends and not alone, then I want to go together. Even if it takes a long time. The only thing we have a lot of… is time.

Kyung-jong and Ha-jin continue to be amazed by Do-il’s studying, checking and re-checking him for signs of mental instability. He announces that he’s going to college someday, which doubly floors them.

He adds, “Silva’s back.” Cue faces of horror, and Teach’s creepy morning face looming over the school. Kyung-jong: “Is it like in prison, where you get your sentence cut short for good behavior?” Ha.

They get stuck taking a test later, when Ji-hyuk texts them all: “The weather’s great. Let’s go see Byung-hee!” They eye each other mischievously and sneak out, with some help from Su-ah who distracts the teacher.

Ji-hyuk meets them outside school, where he helps each of them hop the fence… only to get caught red-handed by Silva who chases after them. They take off running, full of lightness and youth, and no longer weighed down by all that angst and darkness. It’s my favorite moment in the episode.

Sometime later, the boys frantically call each other not to be late. It’s Ji-hyuk’s big night, where he finally gets to play at Rock Kim’s club. He freaks out before he goes onstage, calling Hyun-soo to get his ass there or else. Aw.

Su-ah is there to cheer him on, which just makes him more nervous. The boys finally gather, with Woo-kyung too, and they head inside.

Ji-hyuk takes to the stage and plays an acoustic ballad that he wrote (which is actually a cover of the Loveholics song posted above), and in the back, we see Hae-ri with Seung-hoon, Pyo-joo, and Maro, reluctant to admit that they’re happy to see each other. Ye-rim arrives too, to Hae-ri’s annoyance, but she whines that since Hyun-soo went abroad she never gets to see him.

After that song, Ji-hyuk says it’s fun to play alone, but there are some friends here he’d like to play with, and calls out each of the boys from the crowd. They jump onstage and play “Jaywalking” with huge smiles, just enjoying the moment.

As they play, we get some moments of closure for each of our characters.

A flashback to Byung-hee and Eye Candy on stage.

Looks between all our couples – Ji-hyuk/Su-ah, Do-il/Woo-kyung, Hyun-soo/Ye-rim. Su-ah and Woo-kyung even have their own awkward moment that ends in sheepish smiles.

Pyo-joo sulks, but Seung-hoon nudges him, and they both smile, while Maro stands next to them, still the same emotionless bot, but a friend all the same.

Teach and Rock Kim laugh together, and then Teach mimes to Hae-ri that they should go have a drink. Hae-ri buries her head in mortification. Ha.

Eye Candy rocks out, having a great time. As he sings the line, “My heart goes thud,” Ji-hyuk taps his chest, which just gets me *right there.*

We close with Ji-hyuk’s voiceover:

Ji-hyuk: John Lennon said, ‘The Beatles are more famous than Jesus.’ We’re not famous or special. But we’re just doing what we want, right now. The world that surrounds us is gray and we can’t see our futures. But for now we just shut up and run… To the time that’s waiting for us.


And so it ends. What a great show, from start to finish. I love this story’s consistency—they grow by miles, but they stay true to character the whole time. I expected an open-ended finale, because that’s just in keeping with the spirit of the show (and with characters so young, there’s only so much closure you can give before it gets unrealistic). So it’s exactly the kind of finale that rings true and leaves me satisfied.

What did surprise me was that in the end, it wasn’t about the music. I guess I took it for granted that it would just be a music drama through and through, and that we’d get the traditional ending of the band getting back together. But the band ended up being a symbol and a device for their friendship (and growing apart) more than anything. It caught me off guard when Ji-hyuk finally made the ultimate sacrifice—to split up Eye Candy to save their friendship. At first you think it’s wrong—how can they be better apart? But then you realize the whole reason they started the band was to be together. And now, it’s the band that stands in the way of that bond. What a heartwrenchingly bittersweet metaphor for growing up.

The one thing I really really wanted, no needed in the finale was Hyun-soo being the one to bring Ji-hyuk back from the dead. Their heart-to-heart was so satisfying, because they spent so long not telling each other all their problems, each trying to be so cool and so strong on his own. I just adore everything about that relationship, right down to Hyun-soo’s Byung-hee complex that won’t die, and their allergic reactions to anything overly bromancey, even though they totally wanted to hug. (I know you did!) I love the full circle of Ji-hyuk’s words to Hyun-soo not to go it alone. It takes him nearly the whole series to figure it out, just in time to give the sentiment right back to Ji-hyuk when he needs it most.

It’s the best kind of open-ended love story, which is so fitting for a drama that stayed so true to life. Maybe they get back together as Eye Candy down the road, or maybe they just continue on their own paths—no one knows what the future holds. But it’s their togetherness, their bond of friendship that remains. And that’s where the heart of the show always was—music brought them together, and the sudden success made them focus on the wrong thing. But if they’ve come out the other side keeping the together part of the equation intact, then their futures are suddenly wide open, and they can do whatever they want, conquer all their dreams, because they have that ineffable strength that comes from being one of the boys – like Ye-rim said, it gives them the you-mess-with-me-you-mess-with-all-of-us strength that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

For me it’s enough that Ji-hyuk pursues music in a real way, searching for who he is and what he wants to put out into the world. They’re the first real steps into adulthood for him—leaving the band behind. Before he was characterized by his lack – lack of a mother, lack of a family, trying so hard to always fill that lack with his friends and reacting in fear of being left alone. But by the end, he’s strong enough to let go of his friends, and not cling to them for dear life. He can say, let’s all pursue our own dreams, even if that means you’ll leave my side. Only it does the opposite—it brings them closer. It’s that final bit of trust that he didn’t have before that changes everything for them in the future. Now he knows he can let go and they’ll still be there, and that empowers them to do anything. And that? Is an ending I didn’t expect, but it leaves me satisfied, and full of hope, and wanting to conquer the world screaming, “Shut up and run!”


Siiiiigh. I feel supremely satisfied, and yet also a little bereft now that this show is over. It’s not often I find that a drama is so consistently awesome the whole way through, with nary a misstep either in tone, or execution, or conflict. This drama knows itself so thoroughly that it breathes, from start to finish, like a being with life; it feels like an organic whole.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing about it to criticize (but why would you?) — but for what it is, it is honest and true to itself, through and through. When it comes to dramas about youthful passion and angst, it really doesn’t get better than Shut Up.

I was afraid that one episode wouldn’t be enough to take us to a satisfying conclusion; there just didn’t seem to be a way to get in everything I wanted to see. But as usual, the show does what it’s so good at: creating people and scenarios that are so vivid and textured that we feel like we can fill in the blanks. The finale gives us enough of a glimpse into the near future that we can see the shape of things to come — and as for the things farther down the line that we can’t see, well, we’re given the hope that these people will manage whatever the future holds for them.

I have to take a moment to note that I really appreciate this drama’s depiction of women characters — not to harp on the matter, but it’s because I’ve recently finished several dramas with meek, frustrating, puppet female characters who drove me nuts with their lack of identity or agency. That isn’t to say all the women in Shut Up are awesome, because they’re flawed and occasionally annoying and some of them questionably acted. (The acting didn’t bother me despite the technical weaknesses of a few of the cast, because the writing of the characters was so strong.) But the women all have backbones and minds of their own, and are shown to be people with agency. Su-ah calls Ji-hyuk out on his doublespeak and is clear about her non-feelings for Seung-hoon; Ye-rim is assertive and forthright without losing herself in her feelings for Hyun-soo; Hae-ri is competent and fair, despite her emotionless business brain; and Woo-kyung — though clingy and shrill — at least stood up for herself and didn’t take crap. So thank you, drama.

I’m in love with the way the drama resolved the question of what to do with the band in a way that was fair to everyone and required no stupidly noble sacrifices or magic acts of god and/or nature to fix what’s broken. The dream-fantasy would have been for the boys to come back from rock bottom, whether in Japan or at home, somehow juggle Hyun-soo’s solo stardom with the band, and give them the means to regain their success.

But that works when the focus of your drama is musical stardom. This drama was never about five guys dreaming of making it big, and that kind of ending would have glossed over all the conflicts it skillfully introduced along the way — about what the band means for them. I’ve always felt most keenly for Ji-hyuk and his band-as-family outlook, but to be fair to the other guys, it’s not the only way to need the band. Hyun-soo, Do-il, Ha-jin, Kyung-jong — the band means different things to them, and they love each other enough that they were willing to bend themselves to The Band, Singular Entity. Until it was pointed out that they had their own futures to consider.

As a side benefit, being secure in your own identity means that these boys are no longer locked into their “roles” within the quintet. Do-il gets to discover his inner nerd (eeee!) and show a little confidence with Woo-kyung (eeeee!), and we get to see Hyun-soo being dorky and adorable (eeee!).

Not only is this not a drama about fame, it’s a drama that’s really about growing up and finding yourself, a coming of age story about these five friends. Adolescence, and its attendant uncertainties about my identity and future, are far enough in my rearview mirror that I can look on the good parts without feeling the bite of the bad parts. There’s a comfortable distance. But sometimes it does a body good to be reminded of that time, to recall what shaped me into the adult I am now, and a drama like this reminds me to respect the process of growing up.

The reason I often hate the obligatory finale time-leap forward is because it feels lazy to me. You couldn’t tell the story you wanted to tell in the time you were given, so you let time act as the magic fix, as though inserting years into the narrative makes the problems go away. But most of the time it’s just a Band-Aid, or a pretty coat of paint covering up the conflict underneath that didn’t really get solved properly. So the fact that the drama was able to get us to this feel-good conclusion in the present day speaks to how thoughtfully it has planned and paced itself. Props for that.

I love that Ji-hyuk gave the matter serious, thoughtful consideration and recognized that finding their own identities didn’t mean that those had to be the band identity. The way we go out honors every character as his own person, and that is deeply gratifying. And rare; so many dramas just use secondary characters as chess pieces to further the king and queen’s endgame, without regard for character autonomy. He realized that they each love the band for something more than just the machine of the band — the songwriting, instrument-playing, contract-signing machine — and that they could preserve what they hold dear while pursuing their own lives.

And he’s sharp enough to recognize that they hadn’t taken the time to think that through previously, because they’d been caught up in the whirlwind created by that machine. It’s why friction developed and things started to fall apart, because they didn’t recognize that they weren’t all on the same page, while all thinking they were on the same page. Whirlwinds don’t give you time to think. Whirlwinds are romantic and exciting, but when they eventually stop, you’re left reeling and disoriented, and at a complete standstill.

So it’s like Ji-hyuk narrates at the end — and I love the contrast between the bleak, hopeless way the words were spoken in the first episode, and how they echo with a brighter tone now — about running toward the time that awaits them. There’s no big secret, no answer — there’s just the future.


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    Thank you!

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      • 2.1.1 Maidenelle

        I will give you honorary first. 🙂

        JB and GF, thank you so much! This was truly a great finale. I was really worried that the writer would not be able to tie up everything in one episode, but the writer truly succeeded here! Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

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    I Have been waiting. Yay!!

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    Thanks for recapping GF and JB!

    • 4.1 kewbie

      Now that I’m done reading…

      Although I feel sad that the drama is over, I’m really very satisfied with how everything turned out, and that the show didn’t have to resort to weird or outlandish devices in the end. I really appreciate that the characters really opened up in the last few episodes, and not to crazily, I might add, so that the story could be wrapped up nicely.

      I loved the commentary which GF and JB wrote, and I especially liked JB’s paragraph about the women characters. Of course they had their flaws but for the most part they were pretty atypical k-drama heroines. They weren’t too overly cheerful or overly depressing and had their own set of strengths. Might I add one more thing about Woo-kyung: that even though she may have been loud and/or annoying at times, I really did appreciate how she took Ji-hyuk to task on certain things, whether it was her place to do so or not. (Actually, now that I think about it, the only times she really spoke in a normal tone of voice was with Do-il (except for episode 14 where she was freaking out after he got beat up by his dad).)

      Other than that, the consistency of the story was really such a strength of this drama, that nothing really came too far out of the blue to make the whole ridiculous, although I agree with the commenter down below who said something about Do-il’s sudden interest in academics. I guess if they showed him burying his drumsticks somewhere/putting them in a box for safekeeping or something like that, and then walking by and into a hagwon then it’d be a little better, but like the person said, he’s so silent, we as viewers could probably let that go. 😉

      What else…how cute was Su-ah surprising Ji-hyuk at their rooftops? CUTE! Hyun-soo trying to make a sneaky 4 o’clock date with Yerim? CUTE! CUTE! And how cute were Do-il and Woo-kyung’s interactions…the whole thing about the gum, and then at the salon. TRIPLE CUTE! Ahhh! You know how many times I yelled out CUTE! in my house while watching those scenes? All those and the bromance-y stuff. Oh man. Thank goodness there was no one around.

      Dude, I will really miss the drama and these lovely Eye Candy boys.

      • 4.1.1 Pepper Fish

        Regarding the female characters, I kind of love that Hae-ri totally called it in the end, Ji-hyuk and Hyun-soo have music careers and the others don’t. She may have made her initial decision about the group membership based on financial/business concerns, but I still think she see could see read them better than they thought.

      • 4.1.2 Moonblossom

        Totally agree with you. Especially about DOUBLE CUTE and TRIPLE CUTE. I was squeeling and falling off my sofa at the Do-Ii/Woo Kyung scenes. They only have a few seconds of screentime but somehow, they became my fav gf/bf pairing after this episode.

      • 4.1.3 Kelsey

        I think this drama may become my all time favorite, it is at least in the running with City Hunter and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.

        Thank you Javabeans and Girl Friday for the excellent recaps, they add an entire new level of enjoyment to watching my favorite dramas. I also want to add that because I don’t speak Korean I am at the mercy of the quality of the subs, and though these are usually excellent, I still find that when I read the recaps for this show that there are nuances that are difficult to pick up only from subs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these details that you provide in your recaps!

        By the way, this is my first comment on this site!

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    Thanks a million for our last recap, girlfriday!

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    Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, you have touched my heart in so many ways… Hyun-soo <3

    and thanks Javabeans!! You are amazing.

    • 6.1 Saima

      Hyun-soo was such an atypical character…at the beginning he seemed the typical character wherein he would be the cause of disruptions within the band but he turned out soo beautifully!! *sniff sniff*

      • 6.1.1 MiMi

        Totally agree with Hyun-soo! So adorable! It’d be great to know someone like him.

      • 6.1.2 jmjm

        I loved that! I think that was my favorite bit of writing, how they subtly implied for the first half that he had divided loyalties and was headed for betrayal when in the end he had been loyal through and through. The cliche would have been for him to have selfishly broken with the band and played into his ice man persona, but how they subverted that was just wonderful. OH MAN…loved this show. I am a husk without it.

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      Hyun-soo, L got my heart too! From 1st ep, he’s gradually captured my heart <3

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      I feel so happy seeing everything tied up so beautifully, especially that LONG-needed talk between Hyunsoo and Jihyuk as well as closure for all the romances.

      Man, I didn’t really expect this, but I feel so empty inside. My crack drama has just finished. Though, I expect to watch this entire series inside and out again and again in the future. Right now, I’m still in that phase of discovering myself and though it shouldn’t surprise me, just watching this gives me that urge to want to chase life with reckless abandon. This drama I think really drives the idea of friendship and the idea of finding yourself home and I think it’s just inspiring and amazing to have gone through this experience for these past few weeks.

      thank you so much for these brilliant recaps girlfriday and javabeans! without you guys, I doubt I would’ve fallen in love with this drama as much as I did~ <3

      • 7.1.1 kanji

        i dont know u, but i just wanted to share that you completely summarized my feelings right now 🙂 its great to know that somebody else feels the same!

        this show was truly a gem. itll be a while before i can genuinely smile and have little fireworks explode in my chest just by watching a happy ending.

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      Now that you mention, you’re right. I really liked City Hunter, but this one was so much better. Well paced. A true journey.

    • 8.2 alua

      They are different…. This one was good all the way through, beginning to end. City Hunter had some ups and downs. But really topic-wise, they are completely different dramas, and each has its own charm…

      • 8.2.1 kbap

        I know, I just felt more love for this one than City Hunter is what I meant 😉 City Hunter was good but I’m supposing (not too sure myself) that I probably like the genre better, and therefore enjoyed it more. I guess the youthful fervor and heartbreak really does it for me . 🙂

        • alua

          I agree, I like this genre better too (in fact, the City Hunter is an exception… normally I wouldn’t be game for anything that falls within its genre).

          But there will be moments when I’m in the mood for a ride with the larger-than-life City Hunter 😉

          • kbap

            Yep, I agree. Just not too drawn into the City Hunter sort of genre. It’s not completely revenge, but not completely romance either…I was actually thinking it’d be cheesy before it started. Heh, how I regret thinking that way. But then again my low expectations heightened my love for it.

            And I guess that’s why both drama exists, so we can watch all these good dramas and fill our tummies with good things. And be happy. And forget about annoying tests and siblings. And clinging friends who (worst of all) eats my food. Especially my junk-food collection that I gobble up during my drama marathons.

          • jmjm

            Action-heavy dramas like City Hunter are my favorites. And if I were to name the drama I enjoyed most all-around I would have picked City Hunter. Yet I absolutely loved this drama! The conflict between the characters was like a sort of emotional-based action. It really is hard to compare the two, but this one settled much deeper into my heart.

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    thank you for the recap! this is by far my favorite drama of all time. the ending was realistic and pitch perfect! i loved it!!! great job to the creators, directors, actors and staffs.

    the congrats aside, i have to admit i was sad that the band had disbanded. but i’m completely satisfied with the ending i got. Technically, everyone is going their separate ways, pursuing their own dreams but they are still going to be together. of course it’s not going to be the same as being happy by just being in a band together – like Ji-hyuk said, they’ve passed that point. but they still have each other to count on as friends, as brothers.

    the finale did a great job wrapping each characters stories in a very realistic way. it also did not feel rushed (which i feel a lot of dramas can’t seem to avoid). all the dreams that each characters were pursing felt fitting for the character because they hinted at it in earlier episodes. but i have say that Do-il’s sudden desire to study was a little jarring. but then again, it sort of fits his reserved, careful character. so i quickly accepted. ha. (plus his little ending with woo-kyung at the hair salon was so…cute…and…dreamy…and…).

    my favorite scenes in the finale: Hyun-soo confronting Ji-hyuk in his house. it was just so heartfelt and sad but overall nice because they resolved their misunderstandings. yay! best buddies again! i also like that the scene mirrored episode 1 (is it?), where ji-hyuk and byung-hee were in the exact same position talking about their families.

    i LOL’d my ass off when Ha-jin was at the FBRS audition.
    Ha-jin: “it’s me, CHA!”
    Judge: “enough”
    & when they are all eating ramyun together.
    Kyung-jong: “how many eggs should i put in?”
    Hyun-soo: “why do you have to ask this every time, you meticulous bastard. just put it in until the pot explodes!!!”
    Kyung-jong: -_-
    & just Ha-jin’s debut as an actor and the friends making fun of him. priceless.

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL. sigh, i’m gunna miss you show. thank you for the amazing ride.

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      thanks for the ending comments JB + GF.
      made me tear up! i’m seriously going to miss this drama.

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    This show makes me emotional even when I’m not watching it. Grah. I’m so sad it’s over.

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      That’s were I am… BUT I’m going MARATHON IT ALL as soon as the subs for this final episode are out.

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    And thanks for your work in recapping, truly appreciate your contribution to my addiction!

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    Thanks, girlfriday and javabeans, for recapping SUFBB and sharing your thoughts with us. ^_^

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      Hah, on the upside, I can go back to hating Mondays? 😛

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    The scene where they were running had me! It’s just so perfect! Just like the time when they ran in the first episode.

    I’ve seen characters in dramas eat ramyun a million times but this series makes eating ramyun so special. On special times and unexpected times, ramyun would be the best thing to eat. When Ji-hyun and Hyun-soo made up they ended it with ramyun, when Ha-jin had his “debut” they had a huge pot of ramyun, when Ji-hyuk came back after thinking things over he invited them for some ramyun and ended up eating ramyun alone.

    The ending of this drama reminds me of the ending of 9 Ends 2 Outs, Su Ae’s character failed to have her essay published, in this drama the band might not have been the super famous rock band out there but each member found and got to do what they really wanted.

    I’ll miss the bromance!

    • 16.1 Q

      Don’t you ever wonder with all the ramyun they’d eaten if any of the actors got constipation?

      • 16.1.1 kewbie

        Haha…seriously. If I had to ask the actors a question, it would be: exactly how much ramyun did you eat during the filming of the show and how tired are you of it?

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          Lol. 🙂

          I would love to know the answer to that question. 🙂

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    I’m glad that all of them decided to find their own individual identities outside their group one. As wonderful as it was to see them all grow together, it was even more rewarding to see them realize that they don’t have to move forward together to stay together.

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        screenwriters name: Seo Yoon Hee

        and yes! i’m a fan of her writing now too!!!

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          Ugh, I love this woman. Please, generate dramas as fast as you can! a;slekjf;e I’ll be waiting (impatiently, but whatever). 🙂

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          I’ve been trying to look her up, but I can’t find any information about her.

          Doe anyone know if she’s written any other dramas? SUFBB was so well written with consistent, believable charachters, steady pacing, and a tight plot. I’m really looking forward to seeing whatever she writes in the future!
          Definitely a fan!

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    • 20.1 Ani

      “I’m the type that likes a little bow on top, something that can be definitely be defined as a happily ever after”

      Yup, that’s pretty much what I prefer from my shows too Alvina. And like you, I’m satisfied with what we were given for SUFBB’s finale.

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    :'( can’t believe the show is finally over! The most unexpected ending is do-il! Ahah! I really liked their last performance<3 it really rugged it heart string 🙂 yay that everyone is happy. Nay that in sad that there's no more eyecandy to look forward to:(

  22. 22 Cobra_Inspectre

    Thanks for the recap! This was a pleasantly unexpected ending for the drama. I’m happy to see that each character stayed true to her or himself and that the drama did not need to rely on the ever-popular flashforward device, which when poorly executed has definitely lessened my enjoyment of dramas in the past. Let’s hope TVN can keep up the momentum of its Flower Boy series and the next one, despite having big shoes to fill, will be equally filled with heart and consistently strong writing.

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    awesome re-cap girls!

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    I didn’t cry when I watched the episode raw, even though I could understand the gist of it, but reading this recap and your comments at the end really got me. I teared up so bad my younger sister stared at me for five whole minutes trying to figure out what was wrong.

    This drama was definitely one of the most satisfying I have seen. The acting wasn’t the most outstanding acting I have witnessed overall, but to me that almost didn’t even matter. I was too focused on the story and the characters, who were for the most part so real, that I had no time to be nit-picky whatsoever. It was a drama that spoke to the heart, and those are the kinds of dramas that are the most memorable. No drama has done this to me since Kim Tak Goo.

    I was very very pleased with this one. I had my doubts about the ending, but as soon as episode 16 started, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Something this drama had always been good with was timing and they carried through until the end.

  27. 27 Ani

    I always hate shows where we’re not told what happens later down the road for each character. I know I can figure it out based on the clues given in the last hour and that sometimes it was meant for me to to write the ending myself. But seriously, most of the time I prefer knowing how the actual writers for the show see their characters in the future. So I’m none to happy about having to write my ending for this show based on what we’re given….

    With that said, I am pretty happy where SUFBB did leave us. I’m happy Do-il and Wookyung finally (FINALLY!) found each other. I mean kyaaaaaaaaaa:


    I’m happy for Su-ah and Jihyuk. I’m glad to see that even our antagonists learned something about friendship from this. I’m uber happy that Do-il is a nerd – seriously, hot, cute, nice hair, silent supporter and NERD just makes me all the more happy that I liked him from the get go. Even Rock Kim and Silva are included in the ending. I’m happy the boys and their friendship is stronger now than ever before. And I’m happy that they have a future to look to. So yeah, SHUT UP AND RUN!

  28. 28 M

    Bravo girls, and bravo show, just perfection. I wish there were more dramas like this, real, raw, and organic. I immensely enjoyed the show (and your recaps) I’m sad, but all good things must come to an end. Thank god Dramafever will let me replay to my heart’s content.

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    GOOD JOB!!!

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    Thank you so much GF and JB!

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    • 31.1 Mystisith

      If only my real life was like this, that would make things more pleasant for ME! Logic and heart, and art.

    • 31.2 Maymay

      Gosh, if all dramas are as thoughtful as SUFBB, I will not be getting any sleep. I think SUFBB is a rare gem and I simply enjoy every moment spent watching it.

      • 31.2.1 kbap

        So true. How I hope though there were some more dramas like this…we don’t get it often, and I will surely miss this one. But then again I don’t want every drama like this or else I would just become a couch potato an never get off my computer. Heh. Guess the downside of some dramas is saving my life. 🙂

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    Oh the laughter, joy, pain, bromance, all of it, what a ride a glorious FABtastic journey.

    Thank you thank you thank you to the writers, director, cast and crew for truly giving us a show to always remember and look back upon with fond memories.

    Dang SU, I don’t want it to end ever. Can’t we have a part two,please pretty please with flower boys on top ^.^

    This has been one of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing and reading.

    And special thank you to Girlfriday and DramaBeans. Ladies, you make watching kdramas an experience, always a fun time.

    Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, you will be missed greatly 🙂

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    (what do you mean, it’s only march).

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    This drama brought me so much laughter and tears with it’s compelling story and characters.

    What an extraordinary ending to such an awesome series!!! BROMANCE Forever!!!

    I can’t wait for the next Flower Boy series!!!

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    Thank you for the recaps of this drama JV and GF. 🙂

    Shut up drama nicely wrapped up all the loose ends. I like it that everyone had their own realistic open happy ending.
    Nicely done show—great writing–compliment to the writer/s and casts and crews for a wonderful and heartwarming show.

    This is definitely a must watch for those who have not seen it.

    • 37.1 cv

      oops, meant to say JB. LOL

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    The last 4 episodes got me crying, and that is all. I thought this would be a joint-recap with JB but anyway, just wanna thank you both for your awesome and efficient recaps. Really multiplied the effect Show has on my heart. It’s been a sweet journey.

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    I was a bit unhappy with the last episode because it felt like they were falling into the typical teen angst drama conflicts spectrum, and I was afraid the last episode would wrap up in a neatly-tied bow with a cherry on top. I didn’t want a neat ending for this drama because I love the rawness of it; I love the realism because it doesn’t have sugar coated wrappings. So, I was actually super happy with today’s episode and the ending.

    It’s the end and the beginning; it’s open-ended. These characters aren’t off to their own fairy-tale endings. They are living their lives a bit happier, a bit more secure, but at the end of the day, they aren’t being locked away in eternal sunshine and gumdrops.

    I like that we revisit Seung Hoon and gang. I’ve always liked the way Maro and Pyo Joo sort of…bring Seung Hoon’s character to live. Maro is forever logical and cold, and Pyo Joo is forever psychotic and run on emotions. And Seung Hoon is somewhere in between. So I am glad that we see them at the end because they have contributed to the story in some way.

    And I love all the bromance action in this episode. It’s a bit bittersweet to know that Life will bring them to different places, that they can’t always be together – but, even if not physically, they will always have their friendship to fall back on. That’s the heart of the whole drama.

    I am so sad…what am I going to watch now? How will I find a drama to top this? But, I am happy that it ended on a good note. Over all, this drama was awesome from start to finish. I couldn’t ask for more.

    • 41.1 TAMA

      And by “the last episode” (first sentence) I meant yesterday’s episode; not this last episode. Thank you for being confusing, English.

    • 41.2 gella

      Yeah I was also shocked but happy with the ending. I did not expect Jihyuk to do that but thinking back it’s the most realistic thing and the right thing to do.

      Uhhh I’m really going to miss this show. It’s the first time I saw a show that really knows eighteen year olds. It felt that Jihyuk and the others were really high schoolers with all the idealism and hotheadedness. I agree with Gf. nothing captures youthful passion and angst better than ShutUp.

  42. 42 Mystisith

    Thanks for the recap ladies!
    It was an honor to share this Shut up! extreme experience with everyone here, posters and commenters alike. Wow, what a ride. 16 episodes of pure bliss. It doesn’t happen every day in K dramaland isn’t it? Sincere congrats to the production team, the cast, and everyone involved in that project. I will miss all those characters. They were so REAL, so consistent.
    Now that i’ve read this recap, i’m relieved. Really, i almost had difficulties breathing after reading the last eps recaps. And it’s one of the reasons i was so absent from the last threads: I was speechless and utterly disturbed. Now i can marathon the last eps and close the time capsule properly to bury it inside my heart.

  43. 43 Denise

    Thank you for all your recaps. You said pretty much everything I was feeling. I was worried too how they would tie up everything with one episode, but they did perfectly. I know this because even though I don’t know a word of Korean, I was happy at the end of the episode, now that is some acting and storytelling. Great show, I hope people take note.

  44. 44 nuri

    How good!
    I wonder when i’ll get to see another drama this good.

    1. its heartwarming. the friendship is realistic and these five (plus Byung-hee) nailed the chemistry factor. so its even better.

    2. The story starts classic : underdog want to have it big. they got what they want just to realize maybe its not what they really want. i like that, we are welcome to change direction in life. not one way you HAVE to be with me.

  45. 45 kirara

    I LOVE IT.. GREAT GREAT GREAT.. Thank you. and what a great show….. worth watching many great times. and Thank you again for posting!! 😀

  46. 46 mary


    Is Kyung Jong sitting on Ha-jin’s lap in that puppy litter scene?!

    • 46.1 Maymay

      Now that you mention it, maybe he is. 🙂

  47. 47 musings

    thank you so much 🙂

  48. 48 iDK

    This has been such a fantastic ride. I hate dramas that make you want to cry, but SUFBB totally got me in the best way possible. SUFBB has earned all my tears– good job writer, director, actors, and staff. Good job javabeans and girlfriday for sharing all this goodness with us.

    …I’m just going to snivel in this corner over here about how beautiful that was and how I have no drama like it to look forward to next… TT^TT

    • 48.1 hanie

      I’m joining you.
      I happy that they find each other again & the bromance is back at full force yo!!! But I’m sad cause this is the end. I going back hating monday again next week.

  49. 49 ruky

    First of all when i watched the video, I could have sworn i saw a male version of Ha Ga In from Moon-sun in Do il. I don’t believe it is missing the drama symptom but he really does look like her.

    This drama was awesome especially the running scene was brillaintly executed. I think that the directors read this blog…..CHWA that was funny

    • 49.1 tarianant

      “a male version of Ha Ga In from Moon-sun in Do il” especially the lips, right? 🙂

  50. 50 Gabitis

    Loved this show. Absolutely adored it!
    Thanks for the awesome recaps too.


    PS: Is there gonna be another ‘flower boy’ show, right? Pretty please? My only question is WHEN?!?!?!

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