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1 Night 2 Days: Episode 382
by | April 21, 2012 | 32 Comments

EPISODE 382. Broadcast on April 15, 2012.

javabeans: Our “Chun-ho Special” continues, with Jong-min in the role of mouse and everyone else the cats. So the last episode ended with Jong-min cornered as the others try to snap photos of him. He gets them to hand over their cell phones, then escapes. The guys in both cars are left grumbling, “WHAT IS THIS?” Meanwhile, Jong-min decides to proceed with his mission, heading to the market as planned. Only… there are two cars on his tail. The others aren’t letting him out of their sights, and he gulps nervously. HAHA.

girlfriday: Omg, worst high-speed chase ever. They just keep driving like that, on the one lane, like a funny little row of ducks.

javabeans: Tae-woong says, voice all low, “Just wait till we catch you. I’m gonna throw you into the sea.” I love how he has two modes: dorky aegyo bachelor, and scary terminator.

girlfriday: Right? Such an odd combo in one man.

javabeans: He may not be fast, but once he gets you you’re dead. Run away, Jong-min, run away! Jong-min finally does decide that negotiation may be necessary, because otherwise he’ll be too scared to do anything and they’ll just drive around till deadline time at 1pm.

girlfriday: He calls Bird PD and asks to speak to Tae-hyun, wanting to negotiate with that team. I wonder if they seem less scary than the team with Police Chief Seung-woo? But by the time he’s asking Tae-hyun’s team to get rid of the others, it’s too late, because Seung-woo’s already onto them. He climbs into their car (ha) while Su-geun goes straight for Jong-min.

javabeans: Finally, Su-geun proposes a counteroffer: They’ll reset the game. Return the phones, Jong-min gets a 10 minute head start, and we re-do the mission. Jong-min agrees, but first he makes sure to get everybody to stand back, hands on their heads like criminals, before he’ll open his car door. At which point a huffy Tae-woong breaks the pact and charges Jong-min, getting him in a headlock. HAHA. His teammates literally have to drag him away so as not to ruin the deal.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung: “If we don’t take your picture, can we hit you?”

javabeans: I love how by this point they’re all so annoyed with Jong-min’s demands that they add a condition: They’ll let him go, but they each get to flick his forehead once. They wind up big-time to get the most force into that finger-flick. Then, with the flicking over, they all resume hands-on-head positions to let him go. This is the strangest series of events, I swear.

girlfriday: Boy rules are so funny. If I get to hit you, all is forgiven. It’s like, all they need is the satisfaction of inflicting pain, and they’re cool to let him run again.

javabeans: Su-geun adds the instruction for Jong-min not to lock his car door, saying that he’ll come off as cowardly to the viewers. Jong-min: “Isn’t it more cowardly for six men to hunt down one?” Touché. And I do sort of feel bad for Jong-min in that he was first to arrive at work, then got the suckiest assignment. But it’s so funny that the pangs are fleeting.

girlfriday: Each member’s varying degree of method acting cracks me up. Tae-woong seems bloodthirsty, and Seung-woo is so in police-mode that he sees the camera strapped to Jong-min’s chest and asks if it’s a bomb. Ha. They finally get so fed up with his demands that they rush him again, and this time Seung-woo’s like, “Turn off the cameras!”

javabeans: And they drag him to the field out back, haha. He was kind of asking for it, because he keeps tacking on time to his head start. First it’s 10 minutes, then 15, then 20. Jong-min tells them to remember they’re playing a game, and Seung-woo retorts, “Are you sure YOU know what game you’re playing?”

girlfriday: They catch him so many times that now we’re definitely in the cat-plays-with-its-prey-for-kicks stage of the game. Why is Tae-woong grabbing a bag? Is that… a body bag?

javabeans: Dude, you can totally see the limit to Tae-woong’s patience in this episode. He’s not there yet, but the line is visible, and tantalizingly nearby. You don’t want to push him over the edge while he’s channeling Equator Man.

girlfriday: I would love to see him snap. Jong-min FINALLY turns to go, and then sing-songs, “Call me!” Hahahaha.

javabeans: Back on the soccer field, Su-geun says that Jong-min had really better not commit a crime, ever, since he’s such a terrible criminal. And then Jong-min goes to the market to complete his mission to buy 10 things with 10,000 won (so, basically a dollar each). Wait, he’s going to the market right here, and not, say, speeding away to high heaven to get as much distance between them as possible?

girlfriday: Yeah this does not seem like the best plan ever.

javabeans: As the cats get back into their cars, Tae-hyun says as much: “If Jong-min ends up going to the market anyway, wouldn’t that make him an idiot?”

girlfriday: LOL.

javabeans: Jong-min hurriedly goes through the market, looking for things that are sold in 1,000 won increments. A bundle of green onions, a pair of socks. He’s getting antsy, but then he scores with a fruit stand, where he buys lots of things in singles or pairs, fulfilling the 10-purchase requirement. The ajumma asks where his castmates are, and Jong-min chirps, “They’ll come looking for me!”

girlfriday: At least he’s thought of a loophole: if he doesn’t send the picture right away, he earns some time while the boys don’t know where he is.

javabeans: Ooh, smart. Shi-kyung tries calling Jong-min, who doesn’t pick up. He says, “Jong-min’s girlfriend must really get frustrated!” Because he’ll ignore her if they fight. Tae-woong finds the same thing when he tries calling, and this strikes me as one of those funnily Korean things—where NOT answering your phone is considered rude. You’ve got one, you should be available! Whereas, I’m the total opposite. If I don’t wanna talk, I won’t reply. Or maybe I left my phone in the car. Or maybe I didn’t hear it.

girlfriday: Or maybe a bear ate it. Yeah, the rules are different in Korea. My mother still operates the Korean way, where if you don’t answer, she’ll just KEEP CALLING until you do.

javabeans: My mom assumes something terrible befell me. And I’m like, I was in the shower.

girlfriday: That is unacceptable. Haha, finally Shi-kyung calls Tae-woong to see if he got through to Jong-min, and when Tae-woong says he didn’t, Shi-kyung doesn’t believe him: “You act so well in movies!”

javabeans: What’s funny is that Tae-woong’s telling the truth! Then when they propose joining forces to get Jong-min, Seung-woo argues that they can’t trust the other team, and Tae-hyun quips that this must be what they call Faithless Hell—nobody trusts anybody, so you get nowhere.

girlfriday: Heh, so true. They’re equally mad at Jong-min so there’s ALMOST enough common ground, but in the end they’re rival teams and can’t stop from second-guessing.

javabeans: I love it. Even when they start telling each other the truth, nobody believes each other. For instance, Tae-woong calms down his voice and puts on his “sigh, I give up” tone to talk to Jong-min, offering to help him by interfering with the other team. But to do so he has to know where Jong-min has been and where he’s going. Jong-min admits that he was at the market, and nobody believes him. Then Shi-kyung calls Tae-woong and knows that they were just on the phone with Jong-min (you can tell from the message you get when you try calling a number in service—no call waiting?), and Tae-woong freely admits that Jong-min asked for their help. But then that team doesn’t believe him.

girlfriday: So funny. Round 1 was everyone telling lies, and now Round 2 is everyone telling the truth, but no one believes it. Su-geun’s team passes the bridge and heads north, passing right by Tae-woong’s team on their way down. So both teams are right where Jong-min is headed?

javabeans: But are they both leaving the bridge before he gets there?

girlfriday: Tae-woong’s team is just about to pass it, when they see Jong-min headed straight for them on the other side of the road. Each side gasps, and Tae-hyun pops a u-turn as soon as he can, but by the time they reach the bridge, no one’s there. Turns out Jong-min took a turn and is hiding in the woods. It’s crazy, but it totally works, because then they assume he skipped the bridge and went on ahead to another destination.

javabeans: Hee. They’re way overthinking, and Jong-min’s just chargin’ along. Jong-min starts his mission introducing the bridge, which is totally empty. He gets his confirmation photo, and completes mission 3. Wow, that’s better than I anticipated. But that means there are two locations left, and two teams available to stakeout. Su-geun’s team heads for the bean paste village, and Tae-woong goes to the goat farm.

girlfriday: Okay, this time there’s no escaping, right?

javabeans: Right, because both teams are in stakeout mode, and determined to hide out of view till they can catch him. So Tae-woong’s team drives to the goat farm, confirms that Jong-min hasn’t been by, then heads back out to find a place to lie in wait. Except… then they get a flat tire?!

girlfriday: Crap. Tae-hyun really does have the worst luck.

javabeans: So they get out to change the tire, while Jong-min arrives at the other location, the bean paste village. He’s got his thinking cap on, and slows before he arrives, thinking to park his car and hitchhike, or something… And then he spots the camera operator’s car, and decides he’ll just use that to infiltrate the farm. Nobody said he couldn’t! He climbs in with the crew, leaving his car behind. I love that the boys are also thinking along the same lines, because Su-geun, Seung-woo, and Shi-kyung don camouflaging parkas and pick up cameras, pretending to be crew.

girlfriday: Dude, he totally stealths past them in the crew car, gets his bean paste picture, and stealths back out undetected!

javabeans: That’s awesome. The guys are totally sitting back, overconfident that they’ll see Jong-min, and here he is ducking behind them. He decides to wait to send that photo until he’s at the final location, so he can have a better shot at fulfilling the last task. Damn, if he ends up succeeding after all, I’m going to be so impressed. Seung-woo even wonders, “Where in the world IS HE?” (Said as Jong-min’s car rolls past behind him.) “I want to know! I’m not even angry anymore.”

girlfriday: Meanwhile Tae-woong’s on his hands and knees on the side of the road, changing their flat tire, and Su-geun calls for a video chat. They all laugh at the terrible luck, and Tae-hyun says it’s probably his fault, and Tae-woong shouts, “This never happened before you arrived!” It’s so cute how Tae-hyun and Joo-won watch their hyung change the flat, all impressed and taking notes for future emergencies.

javabeans: Su-geun’s team decides time’s a-tickin’, so they leave Shi-kyung behind and head to the goat farm anyway. Tae-woong’s team has taken up their hiding place on the road to the farm, and just as Tae-woong is wondering if they ought to team up with the other team after all, they spot Jong-min’s car approaching and chase him down.

girlfriday: He tries to run, but they catch him in about two seconds. He puts up a good fight trying to keep his face hidden, but he’s no match for Tae-woong and Joo-won, who pry his hands from his face long enough for Tae-hyun to snap a picture. Team Tae-woong wins with one minute left on the clock. They point out how fortunate the flat tire was, since they would’ve left for the bean paste village and missed him again.

javabeans: Omg, this is so adorable. The teams decide to go pick up their Detective Sung, who’s all alone at the bean paste village. Cut to: Shi-kyung, singing his heart out for a crowd of ajummas, who dance along to his impromptu concert. HAHA. That’s awesome.

girlfriday: Hahaha. I love that there’s no explanation. Just suddenly, there’s dancing ajummas and he’s belting out trot. They finally make it to basecamp, where they get no time to rest before Bird PD tells the losers that they’ll be leaving right away for their punishment: digging for ark shells. Oh that’s harsh.

javabeans: It’s mean that the winners get a 45-course feast, and the losers have to settle for triangle kimbap in the bus ride over. Seung-woo doesn’t even know how to EAT his; Shi-kyung has to show him how. Ha. They’re all so hungry that they ask for more, and the PD says, “Do you really want to eat the staff’s dinner?” (As in, you don’t want to steal their food, do you?) But everyone answers immediately, “Yes!”

girlfriday: Su-geun quips that Seung-woo hyung is like a baby because he doesn’t know how to do anything, and you really get the sense that he’s never been treated this poorly in his whole life. Ha.

javabeans: He reminds me of Art School Hyung (Lee Seo-jin), who said as much when he was on. “In forty years, I’ve never been treated this way!”

girlfriday: Totally! Just less emo. The winners feast, and Tae-hyun doesn’t even know where to start with so many choices. There’s some hilarious reactions to a ray dish, that Tae-woong and his ajusshi taste buds enjoy, Tae-hyun tries skeptically and makes a stinkface at, and then Joo-won shrinks back after just taking a whiff.

javabeans: Tae-hyun actually has to stand up to see the end of the table, and takes a seat at the other end. He notices some odd dishes, and laughs that the production appears to have scrounged around on some of them to make the 45 count. See: pickled beans, onion. Meanwhile, the others diligently dig for shells, waist-high in mud. It’s such a quagmire that they have to ride these sleddy tray things, which actually looks kind of fun, probably since I’m clean and indoors.

girlfriday: I always thought it looked fun too. Also I just really like the idea of being in the middle of the sea while the tide is out, like you’re cheating and walking on water or something.

javabeans: While everyone struggles to figure out how to maneuver around (Seung-woo gets stuck and has to be coached how to free himself), Shi-kyung gets the hang of his sled, and pretty soon he’s zipping around like the sled is a gondola, using his long arms like oars. But as they near the end of the day, they find it harder and harder to move, and start falling over, all gasping in exhaustion. Okay, now this looks less fun.

girlfriday: Yeah this part always looks SO stressful, like they’re really sinking in quicksand.

javabeans: They boys make a game of it, trying to see how far they can make it before sinking into the mud. The answer: Not far at all. Basically one step sends them sinking straight into the ground, and they flop over right away.

girlfriday: Shi-kyung somehow manages to walk out, and Su-geun rolls out (ha) gasping that someone should call the rest of the boys’ families, because they aren’t making it out tonight.

javabeans: They look exhausted. They head back to basecamp to wash up, and are told that because the PDs anticipate that the morning mission will be on the strenuous side (gulp?), they’re forgoing sleep bokbulbok tonight. And then, an announcement comes on: The village has special guests tonight (1N2D crew), and they’ll be preparing some festivities for the residents. The boys gape—what’s this now? They’re told that they’ll be putting on a small “dinner show,” and the reason is that the married Food Truck ajumma-ajusshi couple are from here, so it’s in their honor.

girlfriday: Haha, Su-geun quips that technically speaking, they haven’t really eaten from the food truck very often, so they don’t feel the need to really participate.

javabeans: It seems to be code for, “Yo, today was HARD! You want me to work summore?”

girlfriday: If only he had a choice in the matter.


32 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Stardust

    Thank you for the recaps! I couldn’t find anywhere to stream this show, so thank you so much for these funny ones. And I totally love the format of you two chatting away, makes me feel like I am right there, eavesdropping kekekekeke

  2. Ani

    “You’ve got one, you should be available!”

    My mom and dad does the same thing to me, except mom thinks it doesn’t apply to her. Hahaha.

    I love Taehyun and just think it’s awesome how he’s paired up with Joowon and Taewoong. I’m sad Jongmin lost, but think it’s cool he made it this far alone in his missions. Daebak!

    • 2.1 momogi

      “You’ve got one, you should be available!”
      that goes with my family too..

      Whereas, I’m like javabeans; “If I don’t wanna talk, I won’t reply. Or maybe I left my phone in the car. Or maybe I didn’t hear it.”
      well, most of the time I just won’t reply. And I’m the type of person who don’t pick up anonymous number which not save on my phonebook.

      I LOVE the last picture, tae-woong handsy bromance <3

    • 2.2 Jossy

      “You’ve got one, you should be available!”
      This. Is my mum. All the more reason us kids ignore her calls lol.
      ‘I was showering’ or ‘ I havent checked my phone all day’ or ‘ I dropped my phone in ____’s car’ Aka CBF replying.
      I especially despise early morning phone calls and door-knocks that’s when ‘ No-one must be home ‘- mode
      Gah Jongminnie almost >.<

      Any word on the strikes? Have they eased up yet?

    • 2.3 ilovemandoo

      So true. XD

  3. sjkwifey

    I love how they can act so mean one moment and be absolutely cute the next, boys!! Especially Tae Woong although it was kinda hot to see him act all menacing 🙂

  4. Monona

    Oh that last pic is so cute!

  5. chichiri

    How cute was Tae-woong spooning Joo-won! What a dorky ajusshi :))

    • 5.1 red

      I love their bromance!!

    • 5.2 poshong1227

      My favorite moment in the episode!

  6. KimJongMinIs Cute


  7. Sandrou

    Ahah this episode was awesome! Thank you for the fun recap!

  8. Ariel

    Thanks, it’s kinda funny today because I thougt it was still friday and my mom was like noooooo it’s saturday. Well living in the tropics in the middle of summer could do that to you time becomes fluid. Anyway I kept going back to DB for recaps on 1N2D. I’m a little disappointed that Jong-min didn’t win but it looks like he enjoyed his punishment. Hurray for Jong-min getting his groove back!

  9. maria

    that last picture is just too cute! thanks for the recap!

  10. 10 Cynthia

    That’s for the recap, ladies!

    And, what’s wrong with calling your kid until he deigns to ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE instead of ignoring you because he knows that I know that he knows that I know he’s turning it into some kind of aggravating game and I wouldn’t be calling unless I had something to SAY, especially when he knows that I don’t find it funny in the LEAST and…….. never mind. **remembers how to Lamaze breathe. In, out. In, out…**


  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    Tae Woong did look really annoyed in this episode. Mostly because of the mission was using up all of his patience. I think its the EM role rubbing off on him even when he’s not on EM set. ^^ But I love both dorky bachelor and scary terminator too.

    And I swooned at the sight of him taking charge with the flat tire. (yes I am THAT shallow! LOL)

    • 11.1 Niki

      you’re not the only one! i could imagine those taunt muscles rippling under his jacket as he worked the jack. *faint~~♥*

      its a real mind-feck when you do a UTW-marathon of EQ and 1N2D back to back. Imagine getting a good dose of Uhm-force clad in crisp-white-shirt, rippling muscles and intense gaze for 2hours and follow it with 1 hour of dorky goofy hug-monster Taewoongie! He’s better than ice-cream with chocolate chunks! *glomps on Tae Woong*

  12. 12 miaa

    thanks for the recaps. osem as always!!

  13. 13 Arhazivory

    LOL. What an awesome episode. I agree that Tae-Woong seems to be channeling his EM role but it sure is hot. I really wanted Jongmin to win but he did really well and that makes me happy. XD

  14. 14 anna

    Hahaha my mom is the same when it comes to not picking up the phone. What’s the point of it if you never pick up?! Why you pay bills for huh? LOL ..I was driving.. I was sleeping.. I left the phone.. somewhere. I was showering.. no excuses were good enough, even if all of them were true.

  15. 15 Ginme

    Yah the new Pd needs to step up they just redoing what the original 1n2d does. The mudslade was already done b4 Come on give us something new fun and wild hilarious. I totally happy with Jongmin getting the spotlight he seems more relax and atease unlike with Kang Hodong I really feel bad for him not even get to speak I guess his so afraid and reluctant before I wish he just step up and talk away like Seunngi and Jiwon does but Hodong seriously is kinda tough on him its great his getting his moves back!

  16. 16 Ginme

    However hows the rating so far? Iam really sad that 1n2dfansite will close I wish someone will continue that site for the old members and for the new.

  17. 17 h311ybean

    I love a man who knows how to change a flat tire. Even if he’s totally grouchy while doing so.

  18. 18 Ana

    I don’t even watch the show but it looks like so much fun to watch.:-D ‘Boys’ will be boys’ wherever they are?:-D

  19. 19 CherrySeungGiLove

    Honestly,I haven’t gone back to watch a few variety shows because of the changes they made. I went back to watch the whole latest 1n2d season 2,I was in utter speechless state. Gonna say,man I felt like I watching a silent film throughout the show. I ignored the music or the sound effect made,but why wouldnt they just give a single comment or a simple joke?
    Not hating on the new crew,but I really really miss the old gang…kim c,mc mong,kang ho dong and the rest…they were the good old ones,man i felt bad to say it…but the new crew really lack the juicy bits that the past crew had…even suguen tried to restrain himself instead of the nasty good old jokes he made in the past….
    i hope that season 2 members will grow like did in the past,im a huge huge fan of 1n2d…so sad that everything just goes down like that.

  20. 20 mmmaggie

    Hot Tae Woong is so hot! But then sweet Tae Woong with Joo Won is so freakin’ adorable. I’m so glad this show is still on the air. I forgot how funny and likable Cha Tae Hyun was. It’s like rediscovering a forgotten toy.

  21. 21 Hat

    I don’t know with so many actors in the show when they are going to get into the groove of the ‘always on’ mindset. This situation with the super lopsided chase, you would expect the teams to be super funny, but not many jokes, just a lot of waiting for things to happen. Sugeun, Taehyun, and Shikyung have all proven to be funny in their own way, but they were quite quiet the whole time.
    I still like it, don’t get me wrong, but in rewatching the old episodes, I realize how little laugh-out-loud funny it is now.
    And bird PD is really too mellow…

  22. 22 yunare

    Finally watched this ep!!!

  23. 23 yunare

    Thanks for the recap!!

  24. 24 yunare

    Love the last pic!<33

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