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Equator Man: Episode 3
by | April 1, 2012 | 56 Comments

This episode takes the word extreme to a whole new level, and I’m loving it. The fact that we’re dedicating so much time and effort to a bromance instead of romance is refreshing, even though the hints we get of the latter are somewhat creepy, somewhat intense. Poor Sun-woo gets put through the wringer in more ways than one as the the boys’ friendship gets put to the ultimate test, with an ending that will leave you gasping for air. Get ready.


Jang-il’s words about succeeding in the future just so that he can help Sun-woo flash through Sun-woo’s mind, but in the end, he throws the knife into the sea.

Just when I thought that meant he wasn’t going to resort to violence, Sun-woo still goes to find the man the gangsters wanted him to rough up. Without fear he enters a pool hall full of minions, and the camera takes us outside the building so that we see the ensuing fight only in silhouette and hear the sounds of bones crunching. To put it simply: it’s awesome.

Sun-woo breaks a pool cue and jams it into the guy’s leg before trying to make an escape. He manages pretty well, only there’s nothing he can do against those kind of numbers, so he’s eventually caught and thrown into another empty warehouse. (If dramas have taught us anything, it’s that all respectable gangsters must own at least three shady warehouses.)

Yong-bae has a frightening nightmare in which he tries to strangle Sun-woo’s dad, only Dad wakes up and starts choking him instead. Jang-il comes to his father’s side once he wakes, though Yong-bae insists nothing is amiss with a smile on his face. It’s only when Jang-il has gone back to his room that Yong-bae murmurs into the darkness, “I did it for my son. Please forgive me.”

A sliver of light from a crack in the warehouse door shines on Sun-woo, who awakens briefly from his unconscious state to crawl toward it. At first only half his face is revealed, which is already a horror show, and then once we see his whole face in the light… it was enough to get a good gasp out of me. That poor boy was beaten within an inch of his life.

We find Kwang-choon sitting in the darkness, composing a letter to Yong-bae. It reads, so far: “To Lee Jang-il’s father. I saw you that night. I need fifty-thousand dollars.” Oof. Not cool, Kwang-choon.

Soo-mi is in a foul mood as she receives a Shirley Temple perm (when she really wanted a Julia Roberts perm) from a salon. She doesn’t like it one bit and demands that they straighten it – and when the stylist says she’ll damage her hair that way, Soo-mi takes the shears and cuts her own hair. I’m not really sure of what just happened.

She runs into a mutual acquaintance of her and Sun-woo’s, and he asks her if she’s seen him lately. She couldn’t really care less, but if he’s so concerned about Sun-woo he can call the police – she’s going to Seoul to fix her hair.

As fate would have it, Soo-mi finds her seat on the train next to Jang-il’s, who is on his way to Seoul for university. They don’t exchange a single word the entire ride.

Someone bumps into Soo-mi as she’s leaving the station, and presumably steals her wallet. However it happened, she finds herself without it once she’s outside. She sees Jang-il and calls out to him, asking sincerely if she can borrow some money because she now has none.

Jang-il looks more put-out than anything, and coldly tells her that he has no money to lend her. Ouch. To make matters worse, he thinks that she followed him to Seoul on purpose – did she find out from Sun-woo?

Soo-mi scoffs in disbelief. “Do you think I did this just because I want to see you?” She then sets to putting him in his place – he’s not that different from her, he’s just a country bumpkin who’s a little bit smarter than the rest of them. She even calls him out on ignoring her just because her father isn’t rich.

“You’ll regret it someday,” she says. “About treating me like this.” Jang-il: “I’ll regret it then.” (Man, he can be cold.)

She’s able to call her dad from a pay phone to ask him to come and bring her money – on the condition that he dress normally this time.

As we see Ji-won moving her belongings and furniture to a downgraded apartment, we cut to the source of her father’s downfall – Chairman Jin (and his family, by extension). His wife, Ma Hee-jun, is taking voice lessons from a daughter that she had before marrying Chairman Jin. Her daughter makes it known that she wants to study business to ‘help’ Chairman Jin, while her mother makes it known that she wouldn’t have married him were he poor. This family is going to be fun, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Kwang-choon makes it to Seoul to pick his daughter up. He treats her more like a friend than a father, and I think it’s cute that he did as she asked and wore a suit to go get her. This still doesn’t make her happy, as she stares longingly out of the window on the ride back to their hometown and says, “I miss Mom.”

Her dad goes to fix dinner for her once she gets home, but she spots one of the crumpled up drafts he’d made of his letter to Yong-bae. She reads it in shock, and hurries to hide it when her father returns. He takes the food into her room where he sees that she has a wall of Jang-il drawings. “Do you like him?” he asks. “I do,” she says simply.

He gets into a fit, and tells her that she absolutely can’t like Jang-il . Soo-mi holds up the crumpled letter and asks if that’s the reason. (Dayum!) She threatens that she’ll call the police if he doesn’t tell her the truth – and maybe he still doesn’t believe her, because it takes her dialing the numbers before he rips the phone away.

Pouring himself a glass of rice wine, he tells Soo-mi the whole story with tears in his eyes. When she asks him why he didn’t go to the police, he says that it was because he’s wanted for creating fake amulets – and anyway, he was scared to get involved. As far as the ritual went, it was because he wanted Sun-woo to have some hints in order to solve the mystery.

After she’s pieced everything together in her mind, she turns to her father. “Promise me you keep this a secret until you die.” When Kwang-choon counters that they should tell Sun-woo at least, Soo-mi stands firm. Even if Sun-woo was once her friend, she’s siding to protect Jang-il now, and escapes into her room surrounded by drawings of him.

Yong-bae and Jang-il explore the spacious new apartment Chairman Jin has leased just for him, though Jang-il complains that it’s too big for him to live alone. This clearly affects his father, who reminds him with an unusual intensity that he’s killed worked hard for Chairman Jin – so Jang-il deserves nothing less.

But Jang-il wisely notes that nothing is free in this world. He’ll work hard for a school scholarship to free his father of his subservience to Chairman Jin.

It’s not explicitly said how long Sun-woo’s been in the warehouse, but his face has healed up considerably. The gangsters try to rouse him via a lighter under his nose (how is that supposed to work?) but Sun-woo’s unconsciousness is a ploy.

He’s able to break out of the truck that the gangsters threw him in, but they’re too many in number and start chasing after him. In a last ditch effort Sun-woo jumps from the bridge onto a moving train below, and successfully escapes.

At university, Jang-il is happy to find himself in the same class as Ji-won. The subject is about photographic memory, and Ji-won is called to relate an event that she’s taken a mental picture of, so to speak. She tells the story of Chairman Jin’s broken windshield and finding Sun-woo inside, how their eyes met and how he helped her, saying that “his eyes and that moment remained like a picture in my head.”

We can see Jang-il deflate when the teacher teases Ji-won about having a crush on her fellow windshield-breaker. Ji-won simply laughs and admits, “He was my type.”

Jang-il is eager to volunteer to tell his story next, and relates the time (one year ago – has that much time passed?) that he saw a girl playing the guitar and singing “Moon River” at a business event. Ji-won realizes that he’s talking about her.

He meets her outside, excited that they have the good fortune to go to school together. He wants to buy her dinner but she claims she doesn’t have the time – working three part-time jobs gets her out by midnight at the earliest. When he asks her why she works so much, she tells him it’s because she needs the money. What other answer could he expect? Because it’s fun?

We find Sun-woo again, stumbling into shelter bruised and bloody. He apologizes to the spirit of his father as he lies on the floor. “I wanted to help Jang-il. Please understand me.”

I’m sure the reason we keep getting Sun-woo/Jang-il juxtaposed scenes is to show what Sun-woo has sacrificed for Jang-il’s current happiness. We cut back to Jang-il spying on Ji-won in the cafeteria, and he leaves her with an apple and coffee for dessert. By the look of it, she can tell he’s interested – and she accepts the gesture.

Secretary Cha returns to Chairman Jin with what he could dig up on Sun-woo’s dad – mostly that he has a record for fraud and that he adopted a boy ten years ago. He was married for one year and then divorced, although that was probably just so he could adopt a child. He asks Yong-bae about Sun-woo later, but Yong-bae doesn’t know that Chairman Jin is asking out of concern and just tells him that Sun-woo has been wasting away his days.

Sun-woo has been hiding out in a woodworking shed, his face completely healed. He ends up applying first aid to his old friend (now a gangster minion) who tells him that Head Gangster has now joined forces with the guy Sun-woo stabbed with a pool cue. Ergo, Sun-woo is low enough on the totem pole that he can return to his old life again.

But his friend has other news to relate – a trip to the police station led him to overhear some detectives talking about Sun-woo’s dad. They claimed the rope mark on the tree was suspicious, and deeper than the mark a normal hanging would bring. For whatever reason though, everyone wants to just move on. (That’s Chairman Jin’s hand, for sure.)

Okay, this kid should win something for being the Most Useful Gangster Ever. He even tells Sun-woo that he knows the taxi driver who drove his dad to the building Chairman Jin was repairing the day before Dad was found dead.

Sun-woo thinks for a moment. “That’s where Jang-il’s father is.” Uh ohhhh.

Of course he doesn’t connect the dots that way (he has no reason to), and instead just goes to Yong-bae to ask if he’d seen his father that day. Yong-bae skirts suspicion pretty well by offering his help, but claims that he has no useful information for Sun-woo.

Sun-woo walks into Chairman Jin’s empty house and spots a picture of him, recognizing him from the picture his dad had hidden away. The dots, they are connectin’.

He gets a call from a man asking to speak to his father – it’s Tae-joo. Sun-woo is the one to inform him that his father is dead, which is something that Tae-joo takes with some disbelief and brooding. Hopefully he knows what Chairman Jin is capable of. (He’s just got such an honest face!)

Jang-il visits Sun-woo the moment he has a vacation and is disheartened to see that Sun-woo has taken up woodworking as a job. He doesn’t want this to be Sun-woo’s life, and tells him to study in Seoul with him. Sun-woo avoids the question as if Jang-il is just talking nonsense, but Jang-il repeatedly has to remind him that he really means it.

They go for a drink, and Jang-il updates him on his Seoul life. Adorably, he says that it’s full of rich kids but he has something that they don’t have (Sun-woo interrupts: “Your good looks?”), “A friend who’s willing to pay my tuition and living expenses for me. I realized I can have a true friend in my life, not just competitors.” Aww. I missed you guys together.

Sun-woo asks if there’s a girl in Jang-il’s life, and he says that he’s interested in an English major. When Sun-woo asks if she’s pretty, Jang-il offers a boyishly cute thumbs up.

Back at home, Sun-woo shares what he’s gathered on his father’s investigation with Jang-il. The lack of a suicide note doesn’t matter since the police took pictures of it before it disappeared. His plan is to get the police to reinvestigate, or he’ll go to the press.

Jang-il thinks it would be better if Sun-woo had some help, and wonders if Chairman Jin could be of help. (Nooo.) Sun-woo’s already thought of this option, and shows Jang-il the picture of his dad with Chairman Jin. Only, neither of them know who the third man in the picture – Tae-joo – is.

Sun-woo gets a classic Cinderella makeover courtesy of Jang-il, who buys him a fancy new suit for his meeting with Chairman Jin. (This is like, a reverse of a reverse makeover scene. Love.) They both go to meet Chairman Jin, and Sun-woo immediately hands over the picture of his father with him and Tae-joo.

Props to Chairman Jin for not even flinching. He’s able to deflect every question Sun-woo asks convincingly, either blaming poor memory or the amount of time that’s passed. He looks at Sun-woo and sees Tae-joo, recalling the conversation he had with Sun-woo’s dad about his absentee fiancée. He seems to see Sun-woo as Tae-joo’s son.

Chairman Jin lies that he can’t even remember Sun-woo’s father’s name, and with no other options the boys are forced to leave. Jang-il is left with some veiled words of warning from Chairman Jin though, that he must watch his behavior from now on if he wants a grand future.

With the boys agreeing to go to the police station tomorrow with a letter of petition, they part ways for the night. Jang-il goes to find his dad… but stops outside once he hears another voice inside.

It’s Chairman Jin, who’s yelling up a storm in front of Yong-bae – Jang-il is getting too close to the truth. He finally says outright that he wants to see Jang-il’s face when he learns that the reason he can eat and sleep in Seoul is because his father killed Sun-woo’s dad. Oh, crap.

Jang-il’s eyes go wide as memories flash before him, everything fitting together perfectly – his dad’s reactions, Kwang-choon’s shamanistic ritual. Just to make sure we know this is a big revelation, we get some gratuitous use of Extra Dramatic Camera Angles. But that’s okay, because this is a pretty big deal.

He takes a moment to cry, and then goes beating on Sun-woo’s door in the middle of the night. He’s in a daze as he tells Sun-woo that they should go to Seoul together tomorrow. Jang-il: “What are we doing now? What’s more important? Sun-woo-ya. You study to get in a college in Seoul. I’ll support you. Have a big dream, living with me.”

Aww. He wants to save everyone at once – both his father and Sun-woo. He wants Sun-woo to quit with investigating his father’s death and enjoy life. “You just don’t know there’s a better world out there,” Jang-il pleads.

Sun-woo isn’t having it, and the night ends on a bad note. He sends Jang-il away with the promise that he’ll go to the station alone tomorrow, and he won’t stop until he knows the truth.

Yong-bae is drinking by the time Jang-il gets home. They exchange some terse words until Yong-bae brings up Sun-woo and the police petition, to which Jang-il replies, “Don’t worry. He’s not going to submit the petition.”

His dad seems to have realized something is amiss, and tries to get into Jang-il’s room. Jang-il asks, “Why did you do that, Father?” But he seems to drop the question, and assures his dad through the wall separating them that Sun-woo won’t submit the petition.

Sun-woo goes to the shore where he spread his father’s ashes, wearing the suit Jang-il bought for him. Jang-il calls him from behind. I have a terrible, terrible feeling about all this.

Jang-il wants to check one last time to see if Sun-woo will change his mind. He even grabs him by the shoulders to plead. “I’m begging you, Sun-woo. Let’s forget about this and go to Seoul together.”

But Sun-woo is quick on the uptake. “Did you find out something?” Crap. He knows something is off with Jang-il’s behavior. “You bought me this suit to wear when I go to the police station. What’s wrong?”

Jang-il: “Because I want to be your friend forever. While you’re wasting time on this, I’m going to have a different life in Seoul. I think you and I might drift apart.”

AWW. I need a couple of minutes to process this level of cute so I can prepare myself for what will inevitably follow.

Sun-woo tells him that even if it had been him that died and not his father, he would act the same. “What’s important to me is the people that I love,” Sun-woo says. “Losing them is the greatest pain to me.”

Jang-il still asks him not to go, and falls to his knees to beg. “I killed your dad,” he says. He asks Sun-woo to assume it was a mistake and forgive him, but please, please don’t go to the police station.

It’s sad to see his desperation, and sadder still to see how it only fuels Sun-woo’s resolve. He begs and begs, but Sun-woo says that no matter what, he’ll find out how it happened. Even if Jang-il did it – he has to know, and nothing Jang-il can do or say will change his mind.

As he walks away, Jang-il is left with only his desperation and some quickly-turning wheels in his head. He eyes a large tree branch… (Noo, don’t do it!)

It’s a slow, tense moment as he starts catching up to Sun-woo, whose back is turned to him. Even the sound of the waves fades out into white noise as he rushes up to Sun-woo… and bashes him in the back of the head.

Good. Gracious.

What maybe makes this moment even more severe is the fact that after Sun-woo goes down with one hit, Jang-il has a moment where his eyes dart back and forth (you can just see the thought process, which is even more sickening), before he hits Sun-woo in the head again, even harder.

Sun-woo is barely conscious, but he sees Jang-il clearly. The look in his eyes says it all.

Jang-il begins to drag his body to the edge of the rocks with tears running down his face. He collects himself in time to get Sun-woo to the edge, before he pushes his friend’s body into the ocean.

Blood from his head wound swirls around Sun-woo as he sinks into the depths.


The cojones on this show, I tell you. My nerves are a wreck.

I love that this show is willing to go extreme, and that it doesn’t chicken out at crucial moments to spare the audience. It’s real and in-your-face, but it’s not gratuitous. It’s just a very unflinching look into the depths of desperation.

It’s also a special treat when a drama can be surprising even when you see plot turns coming a mile away – and it can be just the little things, like Jang-il hitting Sun-woo a second time. (I cringed just thinking about it.) There was something so crazed and well-played about that moment that I just can’t get over, because I was left clutching my pearls at the shock. When Jang-il was playing the emotions of “I now know the shocking true story!” earlier on in the episode, he was having some trouble emoting well. But he played all the complex emotions of Sun-woo’s beating scene with an appropriate dash of madness and despair, so maybe one good scene cancels out a bad one?

There’s a lot of depth to these characters, and I liked that with the final scene we saw all the tactics Jang-il could think of to use before he resorted to violence. He even tried to call on Sun-woo’s love for him by claiming that he was the killer, and I’m still unsure as to whether Sun-woo really believed him. If he really thought Jang-il was telling the truth, then maybe he wouldn’t have been so set on submitting the petition. Or would he, and we got to see exactly what Sun-woo is capable of?

This show isn’t flawless, but it’s flawed in such an awesome way that I can’t help but love it. The third episode is normally the make-it-or-break-it in my book, and from the moment I saw Sun-woo’s swollen, wrecked face at the beginning of the episode I just knew the rest would be gravy. If the drama is willing to go there with such relentlessness, then we are going to be in for one hell of a ride.



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  1. Lois

    LOVE. DAEBAK. This episode made me add this to my top 5 dramas already…

  2. melonhead

    Lee Hyun Woo. <3

    Thanks HeadsNo2!

  3. travelcrazy

    wow. Speechless at the ending.

    • 3.1 jomo

      I stole all your words, because I was screaming
      “How can you KILL your best friend?! Oh, future Prosecutor, will you learn how to arrest yourself?”

      • 3.1.1 lovin it

        exactly what i was thinkinggg! geez.

        no more love or sympathy for second lead.

        poor sunwoo/utw!

  4. maya

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jomo

    Thanks, heads, for the recap so fast after posting No2.
    I am really loving this show and all it’s dark dark possibilities and the exploration of “How far can someone go before you can’t forgive them?”

    For the actress playing Soo-mi, I am thinking:
    I’m not really sure of what just happened a lot.
    Be it the writing, editing or acting, I am not connecting with her character. In the first few eps, she was rolling her eyes like my teenager, so it started early.
    I hope it isn’t the don’t-know-how-to-write-compelling-females-in-a-bromance syndrome – which we saw in WBDS.
    I don’t want the girls to be pretty little projection screens for the grown-up boys’ jealousies and desires.

    Even as I say that, I realize I liked this other girl they introduced – the singing girl who wants to be the one to help Jin. I hope her adult version stays interesting.

    SW’s face was a minor “whatthe?” point for me, too, as well as the murder weapon swap out on the cliff.
    JI, the bastard, picks up a branch of a tree with bends and bark, but when he hits his best friend(?!) who goes down, the weapon has turned into a piece of finished wood, flat and thin. And after he drags him to the end of the cliff, it turns back into the branch with blood on it. They must have filmed this scene over enough time that either lost one of the weapons, or completely forgot what he had used in whichever one was first.

    By the way, am I supposed to feel bad somehow for JI? Cause I don’t, no matter how cute he is.

    • 5.1 jomo

      OMG, how embarrassing it is not to close your bold!
      I would not mind at all if you delete this.
      Like at all.
      I can redo.
      So funny!

    • 5.2 Jules

      Thanks, heads, for the recap so fast after posting No2.


    • 5.3 HeadsNo2

      “No2.” Heehee. 😉

    • 5.4 supah

      Whoas, I’m totally on the opposing side of the spectrum here. I kind of love the Soo-mi character, the actress and the character. Creepy thing that she is. I find her fascinating! The boys? Not so much. I know, sue me.

      The actress playing the young Ji-won bears an uncanny resemblence to Sohn Ye-jin, I had to pause the film twice and gasp. But her character is a tad wishy washy. I’m not sold. Suits me, as I’m not massively fond of Lee Bo-young anyway. Im Jung-eun is unnie-crush material, so I’m glad the Soo-mi character is so delightfully deranged. Meow.

      • 5.4.1 jomo

        Why do you think Soo-mi fell so hard for JI so fast?
        That is what I mainly don’t like about the character.
        I am worried that the premise of her attraction is just love at first sight – logic be damned.

        He broke her date and hasn’t been anything but incredibly disrespectful and almost inhumane to her, yet she persists in her crush replete with stalker sized drawings on her wall.

  6. Jules

    Holy crap. I… did not expect the show to go there, but the fact that it did? Is awesome.

    (and is anyone else getting Count of Monte Cristo vibes?)

    • 6.1 kungfupigeon

      That’s it! I was wondering why it felt familiar. And with the whole fifteen years thing too (granted in Count Of Monte Cristo, Edmond was in an Azkaban like prison in a cell next to Dumbledore for sixteen years naming rocks and digging tunnels)

      • 6.1.1 Jules

        Azkaban? Lololol. (but I don’t think Dumbledore was ever incarcerated in Azkaban. Edmond could have been plotting his revenge with Sirius, though… *thoughtful*)

        • kungfupigeon

          As awesome as that would be, I was thinking 2002 film version, not original novel

          • Jules


            I don’t think I’ve watched the 2002 film, or presumably I’d have known that Richard Harris was in it. But it has James Caviezel, Guy Pearce and Henry Cavill? *adds to watch list*

      • 6.1.2 mina

        lol he was certainly digging with Dumbledore…great friends they were. I wonder if Sun-woo’s going to meet his own Dumbledore and impart him some of his powers!

        • kungfupigeon

          Then he could go all Expelliarmus on Jang Il (because he’s still a kind of pacifist?)

  7. Locturne

    I liked the last scene too, Im Si Wan’s lack of expression came in handy for once, he looked half-crazy, half blank, as if he had disconnected one part of his brain to be able to carry on the deed.
    Then he screamed and still kept his blank look, and it didn’t really work. Oh, well.

  8. skylla

    I agree the last scene is nerve wrecking. I feel horrible for Sun-Woo. He’s put himself on the line for this friend who is selfish and doesn’t appreciate him. I love the Hitchockian feel of the drama with the murder-mystery.
    But I did hear that episode 4 loses the story-line a bit by jumping into the lives of the characters as older adults. But then again, we will be the judge of that. Back to Dramafever to watch the rest. . .

    • 8.1 lonesome27

      cant really say that I mean in every teen to adult transmission especially when there is s huge 20 years gab between the actors.. u will stop for a sec and say is this the same show? so yes you will be lost at first but if you were invested in the story you will recall it is all about the character and not who plays it

      • 8.1.1 tomboy26

        i agree cause i saw episode 4 and it does feel off a bit but it should since this is the first time we are actually getting the adults in. of course things are going to feel not the same since we became invested with the young cast but i’m hanging in there cause i need a bit of drama compared to all the dark humor (i’m looking at you king 2 hearts ^_^)

  9. luci8le

    I don’t know wich one I prefer : the drama itself or your writing skills…
    thanks for recaping!

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    Wow, this drama…my new crack? Well I think I’ve already got too much with Rooftop Prince and The King 2 Hearts (you’re spoiling me, Show(s)!) but I love every bit of it. Flawed yes, but awesomely, has Heads has said. I can’t believe Jang-il did that, and that just ups the awesomeness (grittiness) of this show. I mean, this show doesn’t prepare you fluffy pillows to ease the hurt/surprise when something bad happens. Wow. Okay. I need to watch this now.

  11. 11 faraz3500

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    Thanks headsno2 for the recap. it feels complete when you can watch a drama and read the afterthought for every episode. 🙂

  13. 13 Do-ra-ma

    Oh, Jang-il, Jang-il, Jang-il…

    You are so self-absorbed. Somehow, I feel he did what he did more out of fear that he’d lose the money, accommodation, and university education than his actual love for his father. I really look forward to how the story is gonna dish out its karmic comeuppance.

    And then there’s Soo-mi, who probably gave me an even bigger WTF moment. Seriously. WTF. You’re not gonna report this just because you have a FREAKING UNREQUITED CRUSH on Jang-il?

    • 13.1 MsB

      I know. Both her and her father have pissed me off!

  14. 14 hpn88

    The end was insane. As soon as the camera angle shifted to include that tree branch I started watching through fingers and saying no way show, no way are you going there….and then it did.

  15. 15 DarknessEyes

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    Episode 4 was so nerve wrecking,but then the adults ruined it, so I keep watching episode 3 to remind myself why I will continue to watch. Can’t we just keep our cute little Lee Hyun Woo, pretty please?

    • 18.1 lonesome27

      well the adults happens to be the real actors and the actual cast imagine cute Lee Hyun Woo playing a CEO or Siwan playing a prosecutor lol not to mention the acting was not even good

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      Thanks for the insight, No2Heads… Oops ???!!

    • 21.2 ~Feather~

      I’m also someone who can be moved to tears by only reading recaps. I won’t watch this drama (even though it seems so good) because it is just to much for my heart to take. I prefer something a bit lighter, since I usually carry the vibe of the episode around with me all day. Trust me, NO ONE is happy when I stalk around, brooding all day.
      I will continue reading the recaps because I enjoy them (thanks, Heads!). And I might watch the entire drama in the future, after I strengthen this delicate heart of mine, so it won’t shatter every 5 seconds while watching.

      • 21.2.1 kungfupigeon

        I’m not quite that bad but there’s this fanmade mv of Scent Of A Woman that has me looking like a hot mess every time I watch it

        Check it out if you dare


        • ~Feather~

          I think I’ll check it out tomorrow, if I get home before any of my family. That way, I can’t cry my eyes out without being made fun of my my little brother and parents. They just laugh and think it’s ridiculous that I can be moved to tears by the smallest things(which, I have to agree, sometimes is true). So I’ll comment back after I see the video!

        • ~Feather~

          Sorry for the late reply, I had exams this month so my computer privileges were revoked.
          That was a beautiful mv, I was so touched and teary-eyed. Scent of a Woman has been on my to watch list for some time now, and I really look forward to watching it.

  22. 22 Suzi Q

    Dang! That Jang il!What a turd!
    How could he possibly do that to his best friend? He went insane!Oops! Like evil murderous father,same like evil murderous son. Dad justifies it by doing for the future good life for his son, and the son is doing it because he wants to retain this good life even if he has to resort to murder like his father. What a sorry ass family.
    Sun Woo is suppose to be a street fighter, but he is a totally idiot in his friendship with Jang il,who is so morally bankrupt personality.
    Starting to like the drama which is totally off the wall.I switched from watching dullsville, Love Rain which I can’t even get past the second episode without rolling my eyes in agony.
    I really like the bromance between the young boys. I’m wondering if it will continue as adults?
    I thought the young male actors were very promising, but the young girls were a bit unattractive.I hope they get better adult looking counterparts.

  23. 23 missjb

    I didn’t expected He Would pull it the second time.. .I was WHAT?? at that time!! And he drag him into the sea! I can’t wait wacthing him suffer… I really hope we will seeing him downfall and pay for his crime.. But can’t help I’m very intrigued by this character…. he is so much potetial to become a classic villain.

    God…. It’s city hunter case all over again, but this time it’s way more complicated, because the child participate, too

  24. 24 ahha

    the drama will be much more interesting if character Jang il takes the lead role..so much possibilities, development and potential can be happened to this character…but i think the writer will only go for the norms and routine that most audience like…

  25. 25 Fräulein

    So we will get to see lee joon hyuk n uhm tae woong in ep4? About time…
    Waiting with bated breath for the premiere on KBS World in two days

  26. 26 HallyuFan32

    I’m sorry, but you all are seriously twisted. THIS KID JUST HIT HIS BEST FRIEND UPSIDE THE HEAD (twice no less) and then THREW HIS BODY OVER THE DAMN CLIFF!!! how is that not disturbing to you guys? ugh, this is why i only read the recaps, because i would not be able to handle a whole hour of this twisted non sense. and then if you think back to the first episode, he has the nerve to hold a gun to a FRIEND that he says is his only way of living? not cool guys, not cool at all.

    • 26.1 MsB

      I’m with you! I can never rout for Jang-Il! What his father did and subsequently his son is unimaginable! Incredibly sad episode!

  27. 27 nobodyimportant

    I thought all the young actors did very well acting their parts.
    i guess it’s just either differing opinions or maybe i’m just not professional enough to judge….
    anyway, Siwan did much better for Equator Man than he did in his previous drama..imo…
    i didn’t know he could carry out such a heavy psychologically unstable character so well, not perfect, but i’d say far then anywhere bad…with his lack of acting knowledge n experience n all….esp love the last part…Jangil gone nuts. (not as much as i love his ep4’s acting but yeah..)
    but Jangil is a jerk alrite!!! i’m probly going to say this all the time…a heartless crazy selfish bastard jerk.
    but on the other hand i have a hard time connecting with characters that are made too perfect/goody good..like Sunwoo n Jiwon…though i love the bromance, but i’m not entirely invested from the beginning cuz clearly it’s kinda one sided….Jangil had shown hints of his selfishness right from the beginning…though when he did help Sunwoo….it was beyond adorable…their relationship actually gives me headache because of how inconsistent it is on Jangil’s side.
    ok…but….i found another relationship to root for besides the bromance…it’s Soomi n Kwangchoon….how cute r the father-daughter friend-bond?….i’m starting to like Kwangchoon more…..n i notice that for this drama….the Daddies may be flawed n did dark/inhumane things but they sure love them sons/daughter a lot(though i’m not sure abt Jiwon…didn’t pay attention much on her relationship with daddy)
    it’s just that i find Soomi’s relationship with her dad most interesting…i wanna see more of this father-daughter bonding…..n she creeps the hell outta me with her decision to protect Jangil despite his jerk-attitude towards her…..n again, i love characters that creeps me out. lol. guess he really did left her with a too-strong first impression since she’s too used to be treated indifferently that an act of kindness lasted so long n strongly in her head. that n her crush.
    guess Kwangchoon will be somewhat of a sidekick to Sunwoo later on in his revenge…since he’s the one who ‘knows’ n is on Sunwoo’s side despite his greed for money. but i dunno…we’ll see….
    Thanks so much for the recap. love it^^.

  28. 28 subject

    First of all Prolog (those in a hurry, you may want to skip).
    This is my favorite drama on Wednesday – Thursday nights. I probably gotten tired from dramas that full of wit or try and make me laugh all the time. I need depth and a story with a beginning, middle and end. Something that speak up for me too, the woman a country in the size of the needle tip. Oh, my English sucks, I know, but I’m sure whoever bothers to read will understand what I’m talking about.

    Let’s start with the ending scene. OMG. (to other directors – that’s great example for GREAT episode ending, something that can take breath from his audience). I don’t know why, but I was sure till the very last minute that Jang Il re-think about his action and rush to get some help. In my darker dreams, I couldn’t imagine him imposes a death sentence for his only friend. To be honost, more than I was sad for our misrable Sun Woo, my heart keep pounding for Jang Il. Now it’s so obvious what’s going to be Jang Il’s path, and the fact he’ll become law-man is such nassesary, cause he’s smart boy and his action from from this moment on will be obsessive need for him to hide the skeletons in the closet. That is why he chose a position of power.

    I’ll continue later, I still have lots to write, but till then, thanks HeadsNo2 for recapping TEM! YOU TRULY AWESOME for not sticking with all typical k-dramas that so popular around the net and dedicate your energy and precious time to something with depth and reality.

  29. 29 sm1leitsamy

    I’m just reading the recaps for this drama, but I keep coming back to this one to reread the last part and look at jang-il’s deranged face O.O Debating whether I want to start watching or not… Thanks Heads for the great recap ^^

  30. 30 ahha

    remember “No country for old men”? The hitman is the soul of the movie…Javier Bardem is so good that I love his acting…and “Batman the Dark Knight”, character Joker brought depth and complexity to a used to be one-dimentional comic story…character Jang il definitely has more potential to develop…and the drama will be glittering if the director is able to transform the character successfully..to me, this is much more interested to watch..rather than just a boring and simple hero/goody revenge story…

  31. 31 Sheryl

    Seriously … awesome recap. I have to now go get me some Equator Man.

  32. 32 MsB

    Incredibly sad moment at the end. Death of a friendship. A friend that risked life and limb for you and your Dad, you bashed his head in. *TEARS*

  33. 33 Loopholes

    I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but the so-called old friend (now a gangster minion) is the same guy in the episode before (episode 2) in the warehouse where Sun-woo got kidnapped. He’s standing right behind the big boss thus it’s pretty obvious.

    Was wondering why didn’t the producers got another calefare for the role, or the very least, allow that dude to stand behind and not at the front which is inevitably visible during the scene. And the next episode, he is introduced as Sun-woo’s friend, concerning on his whereabouts.

    Pretty amusing when there’s loopholes like these, it’s quite an obvious one I would say.

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