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Equator Man: Episode 6
by | April 9, 2012 | 90 Comments

Patience must be hard when you’re living with someone you failed to murder properly, and we get treated to the darkest side of roommate hijinks this side of the equator. There’s an edge to every scene with all our characters playing double or triple objectives as the superficial cordiality between Sun-woo and Jang-il reaches its end – but what happens from here is anyone’s guess.


Ji-won’s ability to help the blind does end up coming in handy after all. Though she was sure Sun-woo was the boy from that long-ago memory, now she’s unsure – though she still offers him her arm to help him to the rehab center.

Geum-jool finally catches up with them, since he’d gone looking for the center himself. He comes bearing a cane for Sun-woo along with instructions that he’s to take a class to learn basic Braille. Soo-mi has gone to a real estate office nearby to look for an apartment for them.

When Sun-woo offers Ji-won his thanks for helping him so far, she remembers how Young Sun-woo said ‘thanks’ in the same way before. She seems confused. Is this blind man the boy she once shared a brief connection with?

She tries to put the pieces together in the school registry office, and finds out from the secretary that Sun-woo became blind from a recent accident, and has no family.

Jang-il seems like he’s been waiting around just for Ji-won’s call – and when it does come, it’s with bad news. She tells him that she can’t go to the movies with him today, and hangs up before he can get another word in. When his phone rings immediately afterwards it’s Dad.

He wants to come to Seoul to bring Jang-il food, but is stopped short when Jang-il tells him that Sun-woo is currently living with him. Yong-bae flips a lid and declares that he’ll take care of Sun-woo himself, to which Jang-il replies emotionlessly, “We’re going to get punished then.”

I wonder if Father and Son have ever been honest about what exactly happened to Sun-woo, though it’s pretty clear that Yong-bae knows his son did something terrible. Jang-il assures his father that all is well, since Sun-woo only came to look for a school for the blind. He’ll take care of it.

Chairman Jin, meanwhile, has been keeping close tabs on the mysterious Moon Tae-joo. He finds out from Secretary Cha that Tae-joo is in Korea, but they know nothing more than that.

Soo-mi isn’t at the real estate office at all – in fact, she’s gone shopping to get herself some pretty clothes, and preens in front of the mirror. It’s off to the hair salon next, where she cuts off her long hair, and then to the supermarket. She overhears a happy couple discussing groceries and imagines her doing the same with Jang-il. This should be creepy, but instead it’s just sad.

She’s wearing one of her new dresses as she cooks for Geum-jool and Sun-woo at the apartment, the latter of whom has picked up some new tricks to keep him from bumping into everything. There’s an interesting moment when Geum-jool notices that Soo-mi changed her hair, to which she replies, “I change every ten minutes. Don’t be interested in me.”

Jang-il seems to want to be anywhere but home (for good reason) and when he finally comes late, he’s greeted with the sight of Sun-woo’s cane. The moment Sun-woo invites him to eat with them (per Soo-mi’s instructions, they had to wait for Jang-il), there’s a charged moment where Jang-il just stares at him. These two are electric.

The dinner is awkward, as expected. When the subject of soju comes up Jang-il deflects by saying he’s not a good drinker. Sun-woo cuts in, saying that Jang-il used to be a champion. After all, didn’t they drink two bottles the night he was accepted into college?

Fragments of his memory are coming back, Sun-woo claims. Ooo, I like this. Is Sun-woo waging psychological warfare on Jang-il? It’s working – Jang-il looks awkward, miserable, and scared all at once.

And of course Soo-mi only fans the fire, “We were right. Sun-woo is recovering better with Jang-il.” Except that’s the exact opposite of what Jang-il wants.

Gah, these conversations are so tense. Over some beers later, Soo-mi asks Jang-il to take Sun-woo to rehab tomorrow so she and Geum-jool can look for places to rent. Jang-il tries to get out of it by saying he has class – only Soo-mi knows he doesn’t on Fridays. Jang-il plays it like he lost track of the days, but you can just see how this is all affecting him.

The next morning, Jang-il avoids having any contact with Sun-woo until they have to leave the apartment together.

Jang-il helps Sun-woo to the train platform, and as Sun-woo begins to unknowingly walk toward the tracks Jang-il assures him that he’s doing well, he’s going the right way… Good gracious! I thought this was a possibility, but Jang-il is actually trying to let Sun-woo get himself killed.

The call for the oncoming train comes. Jang-il hears it, but stares dead ahead at Sun-woo, as though willing him to step in front of the train. He even lets Sun-woo get close enough to be hit…

Except at the last moment, Sun-woo hears the train coming and pulls back just in time. Oy, my nerves.

It’s without concern that Jang-il suddenly asks, “Sun-woo, are you alright?” And the look on Sun-woo’s face… yikes. He knows what Jang-il tried to do.

Jang-il drops Sun-woo off at the rehab center, and there’s a charged moment where he looks back as Sun-woo climbs the steps. We can see the wheels turning in his mind – to what end, we don’t know. With Jang-il, anything is possible.

Ji-won is lost in thought as she wonders what happened to Sun-woo that caused him to go blind. An eager Jang-il finds her sitting alone, but she shows her disinterest by quickly packing her things to leave. He wants to go together to buy her a guitar so she can sing “Moon River” again, but she cuts him off – does he remember the person she talked about, the one from the time she broke a car windshield?

Jang-il doesn’t catch on that it’s Sun-woo right away, so she spells it out for him. That same boy is now blind, and going to the rehab center… oh no. As if Jang-il needed any more reason to want Sun-woo dead.

Kwang-choon finds out a little late that Soo-mi has gone to Seoul and decides to follow her. Unfortunately for him he runs into an ajumma he cheated money from via fake talismans, which results in him running away… straight into a dead end. Caught.

He’s honest with the ajumma as he tells her that the talisman couldn’t have worked to stop her husband’s cheating, because his mistress was younger, prettier, and nicer than her. “Plus, your cooking is terrible. What can I do?” Ha. I really like Kwang-choon.

Needless to say, this derails his trip to Seoul.

During his Braille class, Sun-woo grows frustrated with his inability to learn and slams the notebook closed. Ji-won does community service as a sort of class assignment, so the last episode when she was reading a book aloud into a microphone, it was to create an audiobook. Sun-woo ends up listening to one of her audiobooks, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

He finds Ji-won at the library desk and asks to check out more audiobooks. She hands him the master list in Braille, though he can’t read it yet. So she reads him the list herself.

The books Sun-woo chooses all have a common theme that Ji-won quickly picks up on – that of not trusting others, and constantly being on guard. Why is he choosing those?

Sun-woo replies, “I want to understand people who stab others in the back.”

All right, now Jang-il is just being cruel. He told Sun-woo that he would meet him at the front gate by five, and deliberately chooses not to meet him so that Sun-woo is still waiting forty minutes later. And then another forty minutes passes.

Sun-woo eventually tries to call a cab for himself, just as Ji-won arrives and offers her help. Jang-il has taken his sweet time and finally shows up in time to see both Sun-woo and Ji-won get into the cab together.

Ji-won takes him home while Jang-il follows in a cab directly behind. She even makes sure he gets to the correct floor before taking her leave – and after staring at him for a long moment, she smiles happily and waves goodbye. Sun-woo either nods his head in return or just looks down naturally.

Jang-il finds her outside, and shares his ire over a cup of coffee. He asks if she always meddles into other people’s business – or is it just that she’s interested in Sun-woo? Ji-won: “You’ve never helped anyone or received help from anyone in your life?”

Boom. These were the exact words Sun-woo once asked Jang-il when they were young. It’s almost sad that Jang-il is so transparent when it comes to being a terrible person.

Jang-il: “I want to become a prosecutor and help more people. Not just a blind man on the street.”

Even Ji-won is just like, Okay then.

Soo-mi ends up watching them through the cafe window. Jang-il is pretty forceful when he asks Ji-won to have dinner with him, and grows angrier when she declines. “You have time to escort a blind man here, but you don’t have time for dinner with me?”

Ji-won has had enough, and decides to leave. Before she can he grabs her and asks why she’s even bothering to volunteer when she can barely make ends meet. Isn’t helping others a luxury she can’t afford? Oh, Jang-il.

It’s no secret that Jang-il dumped Sun-woo, and a call from Soo-mi doesn’t make much difference. Jang-il claims he’s spending the night at the school, and Soo-mi sighs that he’s doing this all on purpose.

Geum-jool is adorably pissed at Jang-il on behalf of Sun-woo, and wonders aloud whether Jang-il has forgotten everything Sun-woo did for him. He tells Sun-woo that Jang-il even gave the apartment gatekeeper the gifts Sun-woo sent him way back when, and even carved out the inscription Sun-woo had put on the gifts. Aww.

Sun-woo tells Geum-jool not to mention it around Jang-il. Soo-mi catches on quickly – if Sun-woo remembers the gifts, which he made right before the accident, are more of his memories returning? Maybe he’ll remember how he got into the accident. Sun-woo smiles cryptically.

While Jang-il goes to the guitar store to presumably buy one for Ji-won, Sun-woo begins to run a fever back at the apartment. He assures everyone that he’s fine and encourages Soo-mi to pack, since she has to leave Seoul tomorrow.

Creepy time. While packing away her things Soo-mi wraps the arms of Jang-il’s coat around one of her dresses and addresses it as if she were talking to him. “I think Sun-woo is recovering his memories. Are you afraid of that?” I don’t know, Soo-mi. Should he be afraid of you?

Jang-il has erstwhile spent the night drinking, and Ji-won finds him outside of her apartment in the morning bearing a new guitar. She can smell the liquor on him, and wonders why he didn’t go home last night. “I don’t want to go home,” he admits. “I think they came to give me a hard time on purpose.”

When she asks who, he doesn’t answer. Instead he asks her if she can like him only, and gives her the guitar. “Only I can listen to it,” he clarifies. “Only I can listen to the ‘Moon River’ that you play.”

Ji-won looks uncomfortable, and clearly doesn’t know how to respond.

Soo-mi and Geum-jool leave Sun-woo alone in the apartment to go get him medicine, with the instructions that he’s not to go to the rehab center today. Ji-won ends up dragging a reluctant Jang-il home, who continues to insist that he doesn’t want to go and just wants to keep drinking.

Unfortunately for him, Dad has chosen this time to visit and becomes enraged at the state he sees his son in. Once they’re in the apartment he delivers a hard slap to Jang-il’s face. Is he out of his mind? “Just so that you can study, I live as Jin’s dog! And you come home drunk with a girl?”

Jang-il fires back, “Who told you to be Jin’s dog? Why did you become Jin’s dog, and make me go through this?”

They don’t know that Sun-woo is in the other room, listening to everything. Yong-bae decries his son for daring to bring Sun-woo here after everything, despite Jang-il’s claims that he never wanted to. When Yong-bae demands that Jang-il kick Sun-woo to the curb and never see Ji-won again, Jang-il has finally had enough. “Leave if you’re going to do this. I’m sick of you and Sun-woo.”

Yong-bae blinks disbelievingly, tears in his eyes. “I’m going to hell for you,” he cries. “And what did you say? You’re sick of me?”

Jang-il is just as emotionally affected, but sticks to his guns all the same. Yes, he’s sick of him, and sends his father home crying piteously in the car.

Sun-woo covers his tracks by emerging from his room with his earbuds in and a CD player in hand. At first Jang-il is worried that he overheard everything, but when he speaks to Sun-woo he gets no response – it’s only until he pulls the earbuds out that Sun-woo acts surprised. When did Jang-il get home? Jang-il: “Just now. My father was here, didn’t you know?”

Sun-woo lies, “No.” It’s enough to comfort Jang-il, though his expression changes when he hears the voice coming from the CD. It’s Ji-won. He takes one of the earbuds and listens for himself, a strange look in his eyes. It’s as if he’s jealous that Sun-woo gets to listen to this much of her voice, and he finally just stops the tape.

Jang-il suggests that they drink together, and Sun-woo is suspicious as to whether he’s the only one drinking. It’s hard to tell what Jang-il is thinking, and it doesn’t help that he takes a knife to an apple and eats the piece directly off the blade. That’s not foreboding or creepy.

He tells Sun-woo that he should have come to Seoul when he first asked him. He could have gone to college, had a girlfriend, stay up all night in the library… “We could have stayed as good friends like before, depending on each other,” Jang-il says.

Sun-woo chuckles, “You depended on me?” Jang-il says yes, and that if Sun-woo had listened to him, he wouldn’t have ended up blind like this. Oh really, Jang-il?

Granted, that’s true, but Jang-il makes it sound like this was all Sun-woo’s fault. Sun-woo affirms that the only thing he can do now is believe that his life isn’t over like this. Jang-il: “Triumph over your agony, the glorious day will come tomorrow.” He says it almost ruefully, as though he’s poking fun at Sun-woo’s efforts to live.

Sun-woo remembers those words as the motto written on Jang-il’s desk. This washes over Jang-il at first, and he next asks Sun-woo what he would do first if he could open his eyes right this minute.

Sun-woo: “I want to see your face.”

Jang-il’s eyes widen. Why? Sun-woo just laughs it off. But then a horrible realization sinks into Jang-il which we can see written all over his face. “You…” he practically stutters. “You do remember. The corny line that I wrote on my desk.” Gulp.

Sun-woo keeps passing everything off as coincidence, and keeps a surprising level of calm. Jang-il has already passed into Defcon 2 Paranoia, and accuses Sun-woo of faking his blindness. When Sun-woo again attempts to pass it off, Jang-il violently grabs him by the collar. “You have something you’re not telling me right now,” he hisses into Sun-woo’s face. “Tell me. Tell me right now!”

There’s a pause, and Sun-woo is just like a rag doll being grabbed about, his expression completely devoid of emotion. “The truth is…” he begins. “I always wanted to ride a boat on the Han River. But I couldn’t ask you.”

This complete deflection is finally what sets Jang-il off, and he throws Sun-woo down. He climbs on top of him and begins to punch him repeatedly, though Sun-woo just covers his head and cowers. Jang-il then grabs a pillow to start hitting Sun-woo (which… okay, I’ll just go with this), demanding to know where the old Kim Sun-woo has gone.

As he’s getting hit by a harmless pillow, Sun-woo puts all the pieces together in his mind. His father knew Chairman Jin, then went to see him at his villa. Then his father died, Jang-il got a scholarship to Seoul, and stopped him from turning in the petition by trying to murder him.

As we near the end of this self-reflection, we see Jang-il passed out on the floor. I guess he had too much to drink.

Sun-woo kneels by Jang-il as he says, “I can’t forgive you.”

We get another brief scene with Chairman Jin to remind us that he exists. His wife heard him call out Eun-hae’s name in his sleep and doesn’t like it one bit. She wants to make sure to remind him that she owns him.

Meanwhile, Geum-jool finally returns to the apartment and sees the remnants of a fight. Jang-il claims that he can’t remember what happened.

Chairman Jin’s stepdaughter asks him to bless her marriage to a poor man that her mother doesn’t approve of. She’s still filled with the youthful ideologies of never ending love, and Chairman Jin is too jaded. He tells her love is nothing, and that people change – it’s the belief that they don’t that gets people hurt.

He finds out that Tae-joo is in Busan, just as we see Tae-joo and a minion going through Sun-woo’s now-empty house.

We get a flashback through Tae-joo’s eyes, which involved Chairman Jin’s jealousy driving Eun-hae into Tae-joo’s arms, though the relationship seems to have been platonic. She believed that Chairman Jin never loved her, and that if she were to tell him that she was having his child he’d send her for an abortion. “I wish that I loved you, Moon Tae-joo,” she told him.

It’s clear that Tae-joo did love her, but kept his distance out of respect for Chairman Jin. In the next breath of the flashback, we see Tae-joo get arrested for embezzlement, which was all a fabrication by Chairman Jin.

Back in the present, Tae-joo still claims that he’s intent on finding his son. (So whose son is he?) Chairman Jin makes it to Sun-woo’s former house only moments after Tae-joo has gone.

Soo-mi comes across her father sending a letter with plastic gloves on. She tells him not to do anything stupid since everything is in the past – and I get the feeling that the letter is to Yong-bae asking for blackmail money. Apparently that ajumma he swindled was serious about getting her $10,000 refund.

Yong-bae tracks Ji-won down at school only to tell her to stay away from his son so he can focus on his studies and become a great man. She stops trying to clear up the misunderstanding that her and Jang-il are an item and simply agrees, ignoring Jang-il on her way out as was requested of her.

She finds Sun-woo on the bus headed for a Blind Class Retreat, and he calls her “Hemingway” because of the audiobook he listened to. When she asks how he knew it was her, he says that it was because he could smell something nice.

Sun-woo isn’t participating in the class activities, and Ji-won slips and falls in an effort to get to him. Her ankle is made of glass so she hurts it somehow, but insists against being carried on Sun-woo’s back… so he pulls her into a bridal carry instead and gives her a choice between that or piggybacking. She chooses the latter.

She becomes his eyes, but when her eyes end up focusing on him he runs into a tree. Ha! “Look forward!” he chides her. “Were you looking at me?”

Back at school, Sun-woo returns the audiobooks to the library but finds that some of his requested books aren’t available via audio. He’s content to leave it at that, but it’s Ji-won who volunteers an alternative – so the two sit in the library while she reads aloud to him. Aww.

Jang-il waits for Ji-won to get out of class with a bouquet of flowers, but can’t find her. He eventually goes to the audiobook section of the library, and hears the sounds of the guitar he bought for her. This can’t end well.

He opens the door all excited… and finds that she’s playing for Sun-woo. He walks straight up to her, a strange and strained smile on his face. She stops playing.


There’s a lot of obsession in this drama, and it’s telling that those who have obsessions so far – Jang-il, Soo-mi, Yong-bae – are suffering at the inherent unattainability of all the things they want. Jang-il wants success and Ji-won, Soo-mi wants Jang-il, and Yong-bae wants to make sure that all the wrong he’s done in this life won’t be in vain. Now Sun-woo might be joining the pack with an obsession for revenge, which can’t bode well for him.

I’m having a bit of a hard time reconciling the character differences between the younger versions of the girls compared to their current versions. This could very well just be due to an actress switch, but young Ji-won seemed much more ambitious and more frigtening. The girl who practically promised her father that she’d dance on the graves of their enemies once she returned their wealth – where did she go? I’m not necessarily complaining since I enjoy Ji-won more now (I was not as huge a fan of her younger characterization), but it does make me scratch my head a bit. What is it that Ji-won wants? Is she truly just a good person through and through, with a desire to help those in need? There has to be more there that we’ve yet to see.

I mentioned this in the last recap, but Soo-mi’s general demeanor also changed somewhat drastically. I can attribute most of her changes to the actress switch, because the core of what she strives for – Jang-il – still shapes her day to day life. But unless she’s just pulling one on everyone, she seems to possess some genuine concern for Sun-woo, who she seemed to regard with such disdain in the past.

The story is moving along nicely, though I keep bracing myself for a supposedly inevitable time skip. I’m guessing it’ll all have something to do with Tae-joo taking Sun-woo away, but at the same time, I wonder why Sun-woo would choose to put his revenge plan on hold for so long. That’s part of the beauty of this story – we’ve got the main pieces in place, but the minute-to-minute plot movements remain satisfyingly suspenseful.


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  1. YBisTOP

    Is this drama good? I need a new drama to watch…while I wait for Rooftop Prince! <3

    • 1.1 nynaeve

      If you like dark and angsty with lots of brooding and bromance (not to mention THE Uhmforce), you should give it try…

      • 1.1.1 MsB

        Let’s not forget Lee Joon Hyuk who is doing an excellent job as an obsessed psycho! And yes, its good!

      • 1.1.2 Mumuchan

        I may be a little behind, but what does Uhmforce mean exactly?I’m just curious.

        • amymoon

          Uhmforce = Uhm Tae Woong

          • fan

            I believe This came from the Korean dcinside site where lots of new slangs? are created by drama fans (probably recent rooftop fashion king mashup might be a work by someone there too).
            I believe UTW got that nick from the drama ‘RESURRECTION’ – drama like this one about revenge where he co-starred with Han Ji Min, because he showed impressive charisma in his role.

          • fan

            Also, There are a few actors who earned nick in dcinside beside ‘Um Force’. For example: HaKyun Sin(god)=Sin HaKyun from Brain, ByungHun Sin= Lee ByungHun from Iris, So GanJi (cool)=So JiSup from Misa (I am sorry, I love you), Cha BaeWoo (actor) =Cha SeongWon from Best Love, MyungMin Jya (Throne)=Kim MyungMin from white tower/IYSS, SukKyu Jya=Han SukKyu from Tree with Deep roots, SinYang Jya=Park SinYang from Sign and GapSu BonJya= Kim GapSu from whatever/SS.

            Personally the ones that I heard the most were
            Um Force, So GanJi, MyungMin Jya, ByunHun Sin.

            ‘Shut up’ (like in ‘Shut up FBB’ (DakChiGo in Korean) was also created in that site many many years ago.

    • 1.2 Briggy

      If your waiting for Rooftop Prince my advice is,wait.this drama is too dark unless you like dark dramas.I watched 2 episodes and I’ll read the rest.i would suggest the king 2 hearts since a lotta people say its funny.this one is too creepy though I still wanna find out what happened!!

      • 1.2.1 NewKDramaAddict

        Love dark. Which why A Time Between Dog and Wolf is one of my absolute favorites!

  2. Jinny

    Ohmygod this drama scares me. I’m saving it for the summer when the sun can cure me from the creepy jitters I feel after I watch this. Jang-il and Soo-mi are CREEPY obsessed. Creepy. Creepy. Would it be possible for Sun-woo to gain his sight back? Hm…

    • 2.1 Briggy

      You are smart Jinny.I made the mistake of watching it at night!!

    • 2.2 anais

      Well, he must get his sight back because the whole drama opens with him in the future but not blind.

    • 2.3 neener

      really??? I’m about to read the first episode since I’m quite curious but it’s midnight here so I’d rather watch/read this during day light…hehehehe

  3. danny

    there’s no justice, how come sun-woo bears all the brunt here, from physical beatings to emotional one. and poor Jung-Il, smart and handsome but can’t get the love of his life. thank u for the recaps, i have watch the first ep but just read the rest here. My heart bleeds on the injustices, I can’t bear to watch.

  4. MsB

    You asked why would SUn Woo take time off of his revenge to go with Tae Joo? Two words, cornea transplants! I don’t know where to begin with this episode. This obsessions are creepy! Glad Ji-Won saw Jang-Il’s creepiness. And Soo-mi, obsess much?!! Yong Bae is on his way to a meltdown but its obvious from the beginning of episode 1, his comeuppance is coming soo. Can’t wait!

    • 4.1 JW

      Two words, Brain Surgery. I don’t think his eyes were damaged. It’s the head injury that’s causing his blindness.

      Also, i can’t wait till to watch Yong Bae get whats coming to him as well.

      • 4.1.1 NewKDramaAddict

        I thought the doctor specially said that he had cornea damage. I’ll have to go back and revisit that conversation. There was so much yelling, maybe I heard wrong.

        • Arishia

          I think you heard right. That’s what I remember too. Probably Tae-joo will find him, take him for surgery, convince him they have the same enemy and help him get the education to position himself for revenge. He might even really be his dad.

          • Lise

            I have a feeling TJ is not his dad. They are probably gonna pull a ‘city hunter’ style son vs real dad revenge on us…its got more umhph (no pun intended!) that way

          • jomo

            It allows him to recover his sight and we get a nice “that makes sense for a change” time jump.

      • 4.1.2 jomo

        His corneas became detached from his eyes so the images are confusing his brain.

        It will be some sort of surgery. (I don’t want to google it until after the show tells me what they are going to do.)

        • kungfupigeon

          Yeah, they can be fixed…The Fred Hollows Foundation does that sought of stuff

  5. fangirl98

    At first I wasn’t gonna follow this one. But after reading the first 5 recaps today, I AM IN! This is shaping up to be a great revenge melo and all the elements/characters have fallen into place for me. I haven’t read/watched a drama this creepy (in a good way!) since Story of A Man.

    –Thanks, Heads#2, for the great recaps that pulled me in to Equator Man! Hopefully each upcoming episode will be as good as this one.

  6. craziluver

    i definitely think character Sunwoo is made for Uhm Tae Woong. Boy, I’m glad he choose this drama, he drastically changed since Resurrection years. I was peeved at UTW’s posture or the way he walks in Resurrection, but he’s definitely way better now.

  7. Briggy

    If Lee Jun Hyuk hadn’t been the cute prosecutor in city Hunter and the cute Cop in the brothers,I would totally have not liked him as an actor after this role.omG.I’ll keep my City Hunter memories of him coz I actually cried when he died in episode 19 of City Hunter.I’ll keep it that way.No Equator Man for me,Come Rooftop Prince to cheer me up!!hehe(I saw ep 1&2 of this drama today-that’s as far as ill go)

    • 7.1 missjb

      LOL…. I loved him in city hunter… But I love him more here, because I have no idea he can pull off that creepy smile, creepy glance, seriously… It makes me admire him because his commitment for this role. There is no Kim Young Jo here. What I see is Jang Il…

      • 7.1.1 ahha

        totally agree with you..he is an excellent actor and is able to deliver different characters precisely…not just a handsome boy..but professional and really passionate in acting..

      • 7.1.2 NewKDramaAddict

        It shows his ability to act! I loved him coming in and will love him more after this! Lee Jun Hyuk evil? Never thought I would see the day 😀

    • 7.2 jomo

      Don’t forget his ambi -good/evil role in City Hall as CSW sidekick/rival.
      He does both very intensely.

  8. Anonymous

    Woooo… thanks for the recap.

    I love Uhm Tae Woong.

    He’s so dorky in 1N2D, but when he act… I totally blown away with his acting.

  9. sunshine

    It’s funny that if this drama were created a few years ago, Jang Il would be the hero of the story (minus the murder part). He’s broody and doesn’t know how to receive help or help anyone with a heart cold as ice. Enter financially struggling girl with a heart of gold and boom. Love story. Not to mention that Jang Il is a little bit forceful with Ji Won at times, and old school kdramas loved that.

    That aside, I like that the dark part of the dramas are dark. The parts about Ji Won/Sun Woo’s relationship and the who-is-the-father-of-who not so much. Though, I did laugh quite a bit at a few of Uhm Force’s blind scenes. When Ji Won hurts her ankle, and Sun Woo starts feeling for her ankles to see where she was hurt? Died laughing. Reminded me of the scene in Soul Mates where Shin Dong Wook put an earbud in Lee Soo Kyung’s ear, which was layered with super intense romantic music, and Soo Kyung asks, “Why are you putting your earbud in a stranger’s ear?!” Of course, there was no punchline in Equator Man, but I kept imagining a voice asking, “Why are you running your hands all over a stranger?!”

    • 9.1 mary

      Heh if you come to think of it, the premise seems like your typical kdrama.

      Starring Jang Il as the Cold-Hearted Perfect Boy & Sun Woo as the Poor Perky Rebel Boy With A Heart of Gold.

      Perfect Boy’s Father killed Poor Boy’s Father, which sets-up the conflict of their bromance.

      The murder should be unknown to the happy lovers, who should spend Episodes 1-8 from antagonism to reluctant bromance to Grand Bromance Declarations Overload.

      Then the big reveal happens on the 9th, prompting Noble Idiocy until 14. And missed chances at reconciliation on the 15th.

      On Episode 16, they meet a hobo who happened to witness the murder and tells them (in his drunken state) that someone else killed Sun Woo’s father. And that JI and SW are free to fall in love.

      The End.

      • 9.1.1 NewKDramaAddict


      • 9.1.2 JoAnne

        As long as Una never dies again, I’m good.

    • 9.2 Gaeran.Mari

      What I don’t get it is why he still likes jiwon even though she’s poor.If the character of jangil is supposed to be a classist bastard like we saw in the first episode where he rejected soomi because she wasn’t the rich daughter,then why does jiwon get treated better than her?It seems out of character.Although it might have more to do with soomi’s dad being a shaman,they both seemed to have a mutual dislike for each other when since they first met.

  10. 10 Alex

    I agree with your comments regarding the lack of ambition behind Ji-won. Assuming that this whole time lapse was only 3-4 years, seeing that Jang-il is still attending college, I would like to know why Ji-won doesn’t have the same drive she did previously. There still seems to be that desire of her trying to make money, but the spark in her eyes is absent.

    It feels like the writers are trying to soften Ji-won’s character a bit, just to create opportunities where she can interact with Sun-woo. Or it could be that her story is being put on hold, just so we can get the awesome psychological warfare between Jang-il and Sun-woo, and that the fire in her eyes could possibly light up again once she finds out that Jang-il has connections to Chairman Jin.

    As for Soo-mi, I think she is taking pity on Sun-woo. Either that, or she seems to be manipulating the two of them so that they go at it, and she’ll be there to pick up what’s left of Jang-il. There was a twisted demeanor in her younger self that I quite enjoyed, and the time jump must have pulled her back a little bit. Or, as I mentioned before, she could just want Sun-woo to get better in order to cause mental and emotional turmoil to Jang-il so that she can pry at him in his weakest state.

    • 10.1 Alex

      I meant “prey at him”

    • 10.2 NewKDramaAddict

      Soo-Mi? Don’t be fooled. Sun-Woo is a mends to an end; the end being Jang-Il. She is using him as a ploy to get closer to Jang-Il but at the same time, she constantly throws in the veiled comments that we, the viewers, know what she is referring to. Its priceless! And the reason why I have no sympathy for her at all! She is using a childhood friend who has always been there for her. Shameful!

      • 10.2.1 NewKDramaAddict

        That’s means not mends!

  11. 11 missjb

    I have post this before on another recap.. but want to post it again…

    I’m quite sad, it seems Jang Il has overcome his guilty feeling… Maybe He has trying hard for years to overcome that gulity feeling and so he can more focus to achieve his goal…

    But the scene where Jin Won aske him ” You’ve never helped anyone or got help from anyone in your life?” Makes me hope again he can be redeemed. maybe that sentences hit him in the heart. I really thought he has geniune feeling to Sun Woo when they were still friends… And That moment is Sun Woo’s chance to change Jang Il’s mind and point of view… It’s his father action that makes Jang Il to force him take action that he doesn’t want to. Since then, he become a darker character… I find quite pitiful. Too Bad at that time, His desire to success is more powerful than his feeling towards Sun WOo.

    And Now, since Sun WOo is no longer by his side…. Who else who can redeemed him?? I hope it still SUn WOo… Though Jang Il has to pay what he has done, for once, I want there is a moment they will redeem him ..

    • 11.1 NewKDramaAddict

      Yeah, but that hope is shattered now that Ji-Woo has made it obvious who she cares for. I think his guilty conscience is fleeting and come episode 7, it will be gone!

      • 11.1.1 catrina

        I guess now ppl should understand why adults had to come in now imagine Siwan involved in sexual assault he was complaining that Jang II was too much for him

      • 11.1.2 catrina

        I guess now ppl should understand why adults had to come in now imagine Siwan involved in sexual assault he was complaining that Jang II was too much for him

  12. 12 sharon

    This drama is creeping me out im not a huge fan of e whole revenge plot yet im impatient to noe what happens next…

    • 12.1 jomo

      I noticed I have a “tell” for tense scenes.

      I watch mostly everything full screen, but when things start to get nervous, I hit the ESC key, bringing the image back down. Needless to say, I am watching a lot of this “small.”


      • 12.1.1 mary

        But jomo, what about the pretty?

        Is Flower Boy Prosecutor + the Uhmforce not enough to make you watch it “big”?

        • jomo

          Sometimes, but only sometimes, I will go “big” again if nobody is in danger of humiliation, injury or death.

  13. 13 ilovemandoo

    The pieces are coming together, and I feel really impatient to find out what’s going to happen next. At the same time, I can’t help but feel discontent with the new characterizations. It’s also difficult to find someone to root for because they’re all shrouded in mystery and hard to figure out. (Also part of the beauty of the drama)

    • 13.1 NewKDramaAddict

      I am definitely Team Sun-Woo! His payback to all will be well received by all!

      • 13.1.1 missjb

        Me, too.. I’m team SUn WOo all the way… But I still has hope when Jang Il pay what he has done… there is still consience on his part…. Maybe it’s because his feeling for SUn Woo is still strong in my mind, That I don’t want the writers forget that, there is a time he ever consider SUn WOo as his best friend.. His affection towards Sun Woo is ever show in ep 1! never lose hope heheh

  14. 14 Nida

    While alot of people are being creeped out, I am totally head over heels in love with the characters. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drama like this. And the actors playing it. UNF!!! So good.

    But when Jang-il got on top of Sun-woo and started punching him. I actually screamed, “NO!!! He’s going to kill him!!!!” God, that was so scary. But when he picked up the pillow “I was like okay, at least it doesn’t hurt” But seriously, I felt so sorry for Sun-woo that I nearly cried. Being beaten up like that, in addition to all the emotional pain he’s going through…

    I am so thankful to the writer that both girls have strong personalities. I loved when Ji-won got pissed at Jang-il and told him off. I was like, “Yes! *fist pump*

    *off to read other comments*

    • 14.1 NewKDramaAddict

      You are not the only one who loves these type of revenge dramas, especially the action-infused ones! A Time Between Dog and Wolf is like this in a lot of ways.

      • 14.1.1 Nida

        oooo!!! I’ve heard about that one. I think it was back when I was watching Story of a Man and it came up in the recap discussions on dramabeans.

  15. 15 elizabeth

    what did lee bo young do to her face? she looks quite different. seems like she took out all the fats in her face. not nice.

    uhm tae woong is impressive

    • 15.1 catrina

      she did not do anything.. she is just too skinny but she is much more beautiful now in my opinion cause her eyes are so expressive and deep something she lacked in her beginning

  16. 16 jessly

    This drama is unapologetic on the darkness it brings on. It’s totally relying on the acting and directing. The suspense is definitely keeping me watching, though it doesn’t move my heart or mind.

    A side note is that economics wise it is a cheap drama to film, no added cost of expensive set design/fashion, overseas shoots, etc. I bet the biggest cost is on Uhm Force lol. So I think KBS is on to a winner in terms of ROI.

    • 16.1 ilovemandoo

      The suspense is definitely keeping me watching, though it doesn’t move my heart or mind.

      This line sums up how I feel.

  17. 17 notoriousnoona

    This drama is number one for me right now! It gets better and better! Shoot I’m obsessed!

    Thanks Heads for another great recap. I agree on Jiwon. I’m thinking she’s grown up a bit and wants to focus on her life and who she really is before she gets to stomping on people. It’s coming… the 13 yr jump ain’t for nothing! Oh I so can’t wait!

    And LJH is totally rocking this role! I absolutely abhor JI and want to laugh as I melt his face off with the heat of a thousand suns, but that just proves that he sells every moment, every movement and interaction. LOVE IT!

    Crap I really might go back and rewatch!

  18. 18 arielna

    Thank you for the recap HeadsNo2.

    I don’t normally watch this kind of drama. But when I do (e.g. Story of a Man, The Devil) I always get suck in. And I can’t do anything else but watch it till the end.

    I watch this drama first for the suspense and then watch Rooftop Prince for the laugh to keep my life balanced.

    The rating for Equator Man has increased, right?

  19. 19 NN

    Thanks for the recap! I love UTW in 1N2D and I enjoyed LJH’s acting in City Hunter. But this is the kind of drama I would normally not watch so it’s good to be able enjoy it in recaps.

  20. 20 catrina

    I almost cried when Jiwoon was looking at Sunwoo noticing his mismatched socks and waving at him ..there is an invisible cord between them ( ..the way the love story is presented is nice the fact that she is guiding him mentally with her voice to understand human behavioural through novel reading is nice…a lot of comments here are cynical well some ppl choose to see the empty half cause the acting and the way the scenes are done is perfect

    Jang-il then grabs a pillow to start hitting Sunwoo

    lol yes I kind of wondered about this too… obviously if he kept beating him it would look too harsh and Sunwoo wont be able to think.. anyway when one is drunk u cant question their actions they can do anything

    • 20.1 anna

      Honestly when I read he grabbed the pillow, I thought for sure he was going to suffocate the guy, but then he started hitting him with it. I started laughing so hard.

      • 20.1.1 rbee

        I thought the same thing, Anna. I was so relieved when he merely started hitting him with it.

  21. 21 cocoonedsoul

    i am a total wuss and watching this drama makes me feel bad for the rest of the day. i’m sure dramas aren’t supposed to make you feel like this ><

    debating between keeping at this (because it's hard to stop what i've already started!) or just stick with the mindless fluff that is the rest of the wed/thurs line up.

  22. 22 Noonajumma

    I’m totally impressed with Uhmforce. Other than 1N2D, I’ve seen his work only in Queen Seundeuk, and was not terribly impressed then. But damn, he ain’t bad at all! I’m loving all the creepies in the show. I thought I’d stick with The King, maybe watch Rooftop, and skip Equator, but now, Rooftop and Equator are neck in neck getting my attention with The King being a afterthought. Rooftop and Equator balance out the yin/yang of kdrama land.

    • 22.1 JoAnne

      If you are interested in more watching Uhm Tae Woong, try a drama called Mawang (The Devil) – but also try a movie called Cyrano Dating Agency. Between the two you see a pretty broad range of his skills.

      • 22.1.1 Noonajumma

        Thanks for the recommendations!

    • 22.2 missjb

      watch him in ressurection.. He is awsome in that drama!

      • 22.2.1 Nida

        I first saw the Uhmforce in Dr. Champ. Only watch half of the show, terrible lead actress. But Uhmforce…well, let’s just say he was on the other side of the spectrum.

    • 22.3 NewKDramaAddict

      I would have thought Love Rain would be an afterthought 😀 Here’s hoping that now that Love Rain is in modern times, it will pick up! Ah but don’t forsake any of them! If you watched epi 6 of Rooftop, its about to get GOOD!! First time I’ve ever seen in a drama where the women will be the antagonistic couple!

    • 22.4 Ji

      I first saw him in Delighful Girl… forgot the rest of the tittle. The lead were Han Chae Young and Jae Hee.

      But, I was so into Uhm Tae Woong even he’s the second lead. I didn’t know that he’s Uhm Jung Hwa’s brother.

  23. 23 faraz3500

    I love this 🙂
    thank you
    my baby reached 2 digit No rating 🙂

    • 23.1 Nida

      yea boy!!! Double digits!

      • 23.1.1 lovin it

        🙂 people are recognizing UTW’s greatness

  24. 24 jomo

    Thanks for the recap! Many many quotables in this one.

    I love how Karma keeps coming and effing with JI.
    “Jang-il has taken his sweet time and finally shows up in time to see both Sun-woo and Ji-won get into the cab together.”

    Here he was trying to win the Biggest Asshole of the Year Award by being late to pick up a BLIND MAN when his true love appears and helps the man he almost killed.

    Eff You, Jang-Il and the stick you tried to kill your best friend with.

    The idea that JW is in SW’s head for hours and hours reading wonderful words, is lovely. How could he not fall in love with her?

    I look forward to the times Kwang-choon shows up. I love that the actor gets to ham it up big time. He is adorable in that horrrible wig.

    • 24.1 titi

      I love your entire comment 😀

  25. 25 anna

    Is it strange that I’m really enjoying the characterization of Soo-mi? LOL She’s kind of different than other secondary female leads. She hasn’t turned evil yet, but her creepiness feels a bit fresh for me. Other secondary female leads are usually flat out annoying or evil bitches, she has some depths to her. She’s actually more interesting than Ji-won at the moment.

    • 25.1 ahha

      no…not strange at all, ..i really like characters jangil and soomi more…they are much more juicy characterizational-wise…and more entertaining to hang on with in a drama…:)

  26. 26 jelly

    Loving this drama…very very creepy indeed but it’s like a magnet that keep you glued on to find out what’s gonna happen.

    the big question is..who is SW’s biological father..is it Jin? or is it Tae joo, though I’m leaning towards Tae joo coz it’s more bearable for SW, unless the writer wants SW to get even more crazier over the fact that his biological father (if it’s Jin) causes his father death and causes his dear friend to try to kill him too.

    • 26.1 Nida

      It’s Jin because the mother says to TJ that if she would tell Jin that she’s preggers with his kid he’ll tell her to abort it

      • 26.1.1 Nida

        I meant Jin’s…OMG!!!! Kim Jae wook on the db banner!!!!!
        Y(^^)Y *drool*

  27. 27 DB5K

    Whew, there’s such a great discussion going on in this recap!!! This drama does have its (major) flaws and lapses in logic, but it’s engrossing and addicting. It’s just so morbidly fascinating to watch so many characters tap into their dark, evil, and inhumane side. All the episodes were exciting, but I think this episode was the best one yet!!

    The interesting thing is, the storyline is pretty makjang, which most DB readers would normally criticize (in my opinion, makjang done well is priceless ^^), yet it seems acceptable in this drama because this drama is so stylistically polished, what with the cool tinted, desaturated filters reminiscent of film noir, the discordant, contemporary score, the objective, distanced camera angles, the artistic scenery, etc. Now that I think of it, this drama has all the requisite tropes of thriller dramas: the poor, upright attorney, the evil chaebol, gangster friends, a murdered father, bromance-turned-intense-rivalry, obsessive loves, etc. Yet there also seems to be something very fresh and contemporary about it (or maybe that’s just me recalling how they used Coldplay bgm in some of the dramatic scenes, lol). I really hope that EM will continue be as unpredictable as it is now~~

    Anyways, I’m also a fan of intense, dark dramas. There are just so many good dramas out there that exist beyond the realm of romcom!! Some other good thriller dramas include Padam Padam, Friend Our Legend, A Man’s Story, Green Rose, White Tower, and Mazzang. Others have already mentioned The Devil, Resurrection, and Time of Dog and Wolf. Besides thriller dramas, there are also war dramas, sageuks, eccentric comedies, medical dramas, crime dramas, etc. I highly recommend that everyone try something besides romcom!!! (Though lately there have been good ones like RTP and K2H^^)

    • 27.1 okiejune

      Thank you for this list DB5K – I’ve mostly watched rom coms up to now, but watched Que Sera Sera based on another comment I saw, which got me started into more the dark drama direction. I LOVE Equator Man so far, and will check out others you mentioned 🙂

  28. 28 Arhazivory

    Loving it. Finally found time to marathon the first 6 eps and its good. I’ve been wanting to watch an intense drama like this and seeing Uhm Force in this role reminds me of when I first fell in love with him (Resurrection).

    I thought that it’d be hard to see him in the role after seeing how much of a dork he is on 1N2D….but I didn’t see Uhm Tae Woong at all – I saw Sun-Woo.

    • 28.1 jessly

      Actually to me the real Uhm Force is the one on dramas, the 1n2d UTW appears to be just a character he plays on a variety show and hardly his real self. That’s just how good his acting skills is.

  29. 29 Drama fan

    I watched Dr. Champ because of Kim So Yeon and Um Tae Woon ,who are excellent actors. But the story was so unexciting, indeed wasted both their talents.

    • 29.1 Nida

      I never got through that drama. It was uneventful. Even Jung gyu woon (whom I adore; but he was kind of annoying in that drama) and of course the Uhmforce couldn’t keep me from leaving that show halfway…

  30. 30 Fraulein

    Hello Briggy!

    I will agree with you 100%. Lee Jun Hyuk was so cute in 3 Brothers and my heart broke when he died in City Hunter. I think City Hunter was his big break, btw to me, City Hunter only has 19 episodes, i refuse to believe his Kim Young Ju cter died !

    He may not act as well as UTW or some other actors but he’ll always be my number 1 !

  31. 31 MsB

    Episodes 7 and 8 were fabulous!! Acting by all was top notch with the men leading the pact! Sympathy for Soo Mi has gone out the window.

  32. 32 postcronicita

    A small yet totally significant portion of this episode is towards the end when Ji Won reads the poem with the cliff metaphor.

    I like this intertextual stuff – they surely chose the poem on purpose. There would be so much to get into but here’s the poem again, and I’ll leave it at that:

    Come to the edge.
    We might fall.
    Come to the edge.
    It’s too high!
    And they came
    and he pushed
    and they flew…

    The oft-quoted poem has an interesting, sinuous story itself, as it’s oft attributed to Apollinaire, instead of Christopher Logue.

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