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Equator Man: Episode 8
by | April 16, 2012 | 64 Comments

What a creepy thrill ride. This episode will get under your skin and then some, manipulating you into letting your guard down with cute romantic moments just so it can pummel you in the face with the depths of its own characters’ depravity. How anyone will make it out in one piece is beyond me, but my faith is in Sun-woo and his maybe-dad. But then he has that other maybe-dad. And then there’s that dad he’s trying to get revenge for. Wait, am I watching City Hunter again?


New record: it took less than two minutes to creep me out this episode. What I hoped would be a misunderstanding turns out not to be, and Sun-woo ends up on the bed with Chairman Jin to administer a massage. I can’t help but cringe in my seat. It’s nine kinds of weird.

There’s no beating Chairman Jin’s poker face, so it’s hard to tell if he knows that the man giving him a massage (a free one, at that – is Chairman Jin just manipulating the system?) is Sun-woo. But you know what’s creepier? He gets to watch Sun-woo while he administers the massage via a nearby full-length mirror.

Sun-woo compliments Chairman Jin on his voice, though he claims he can recognize it. Without missing a beat, Chairman Jin claims that he once had a son like Sun-woo – though he died two years ago from a car accident. Speaking of, how did Sun-woo go blind? Curiouser and curiouser.

Chairman Jin insists on giving Sun-woo a tip before he leaves, “It’s because you’re like a son to me.” But it’s what Chairman Jin says next that triggers Sun-woo’s memory, and in vain he asks for Chairman Jin’s name. Chairman Jin doesn’t give it, and we know now that this was all orchestrated by him.

Acting on his suspicion, Sun-woo asks a friendly maid to get a look at Chairman Jin for him. She reports that he was a well dressed gentleman – so what’s he doing getting free massages?

Geum-jool hovers around Soo-mi while she paints, his crush on her evident. Their rapport is close to sibling-level as they discuss Sun-woo and his basement apartment, while Soo-mi is encouraged to go to Jang-il’s apartment to retrieve some clothes she left. Convenient for her.

Sun-woo is on the case of finding out Chairman Jin’s identity, and takes the one picture he has of him, his father, and Moon Tae-joo to the maid. She can’t really tell by that picture specifically, so Sun-woo takes to the phone to ask Geum-jool to find a recent picture of Chairman Jin. If he can’t find one in the newspaper, steal one from his house.

In Seoul, Soo-mi goes on her side mission from Geum-jool to find out more about Ji-won. Ha, I love that Geum-jool is such a mom to Sun-woo – he wants Soo-mi to use her woman’s instincts to tell if Ji-won is sincere.

However, upon recognizing Ji-won as the object of Jang-il’s affections, Soo-mi’s face falls. She takes Ji-won aside to explain to her that she’s Sun-woo’s friend from elementary school, and that she hopes Ji-won isn’t merely playing with him.

Then we begin to see Soo-mi’s real agenda – maybe part of her is concerned about Sun-woo (the reason why she came in the first place), but now that she knows who Ji-won is, she encourages her to love Sun-woo even more… that way she can have Jang-il for herself. Of course, she doesn’t say that part.

Ooh, I like Ji-won. She’s really quick on her feet. When she offhandedly mentions that Sun-woo got hit in the back of the head, Soo-mi immediately jumps all over her – did he really say that? (As far as everyone else thinks, Sun-woo can’t remember his accident.) Ji-won takes notice and maybe out of an inherent distrust, covers it up by saying that she heard it from someone else and just got her stories mixed up.

Jang-il gets taken on a tour of a courtroom for his class, and looks at the prosecutor’s seat with longing. He has a fantasy wherein he’s already a prosecutor filled with a sense of justice, passionately calling for a life sentence on a guilty man.

…Only we pan to the guilty party, and it’s Jang-il’s father. Whoa. It’s clear that this wasn’t part of Jang-il’s fantasy agenda, but his guilty conscience creeping in. With tears in his eyes, Yong-bae looks upon the son accusing him. Talk about a nightmare.

To make matters even worse, Sun-woo enters his fantasy to point an accusing finger at Jang-il: “He hit me in the back of my head. He hit me in the back of my head, and pushed me off the cliff. He tried to kill me.” Oh man.

Back in the real world, Jang-il looks like a frightened child in the middle of an empty courtroom.

He splashes water on his face, and looks startlingly reminiscent of when he did the same as his younger self. Just like the time before, when he practiced his reaction for the police, this time Jang-il practices his reaction if Sun-woo were to confront him with his crime. Only the fear as a teen is gone now, and Jang-il has grown much more adept at lying, looking as though he’s almost taking pleasure in the deception.

In the mirror, as though talking to Sun-woo, he asks him why he would attack him. “I never hit you,” he says with a small smile. “I’m your friend.” Then he repeats, “I’m your friend. I’m your friend.”

He passes Ji-won in the library, and the two don’t say a word. Soo-mi calls him to help her retrieve her clothes, but his replies are short.

Wow – so Chairman Jin really was running reconnaissance on Sun-woo, to see if he was capable of writing the blackmail letter. He’s still not sure one way or the other, as he shares with Yong-bae – after all, Sun-woo wouldn’t have a reason to tell the truth to a complete stranger. So the sender is either Sun-woo, or someone who saw Yong-bae that night.

Yong-bae swears up and down that no one could have seen him, but his blood runs cold when Chairman Jin turns to him and asks, “The reason he became blind is because of Jang-il, right?” Ohhh. Did everyone in this drama eat their Wheaties this morning?

Sun-woo writes down his investigative findings in Braille, though the question remains: If it was really Chairman Jin, then why?

Soo-mi invites herself in for the night, citing an exam tomorrow morning. Sun-woo lies that he was merely practicing his Braille, knowing that Soo-mi won’t know better.

She’s happy to report that she saw Sun-woo’s girlfriend (which he denies like a kid), and that she seemed to be a good person. It’s so hard to tell with Soo-mi – is she genuinely in it for Sun-woo, or for herself? I guess if Sun-woo and Ji-won were to really date, it would be mutually beneficial for both him and Soo-mi.

Soo-mi finally asks if Sun-woo ever said he got hit in the back of the head. He covers quickly by saying that most people get blinded that way – so he assumes that he must have hit his head, somehow. Soo-mi seems happy to hear this theory, and claims that it’s a miracle he’s alive.

Sun-woo: “There must be a reason that I survived, right?” Soo-mi: “Of course. There has to be.”

The words Sun-woo said to Soo-mi before about being unable to do anything for Ji-won are weighing on him, as evident by his uncomfortableness to hear Ji-won straining her voice in order to read for him. Just when he’s feeling down she’s there to pick him up by saying he can do something for her – how about a movie?

Okay, this is cute. They’re watching something suspenseful so Ji-won is literally narrating the events of the movie as they happen to Sun-woo, and he gets all into the story like a kid. She gets too scared and has some lapses in her narration, but Sun-woo can’t help but smile as she buries her face into his clothes each time she’s frightened.

Next up is clothes shopping, so that Ji-won can pick out some inoffensively colored jackets for him (the ones Geum-jool picked for him stood out too much). Acting only on touch, Sun-woo takes another man’s jacket from the dressing room and ends up in an altercation outside with him because of it.

The man is violent as he accuses Sun-woo of stealing on purpose, and Ji-won steps up to defend him. The man pushes Sun-woo to the ground, and Ji-won retaliates by punching him back (go her!). It turns into a scuffle with egg-throwing involved. Sun-woo looks lost, not knowing how to protect her.

Finally when she gets hit again, Sun-woo has had enough and starts beating the man wildly with his cane.

On the bus ride home, the two exchange quiet apologies. She shares an earbud with him of one of her audiobooks (the dialogue exchange within is about love… between fish, but that’s not the point), and then she kisses him. Aww.

We find Chairman Jin’s wife and stepdaughter in an art gallery, though thankfully Soo-mi is there. She sees them dressed in all their finery and sizes them up, especially taking note of the fact that they want young artists for a gallery opening.

So Soo-mi, crafty girl that she is, surreptitiously drops some of her paintings in front of them. Oops. Nothing comes of it, unfortunately.

Jang-il then has an awkward dinner with Chairman Jin’s wife, where she introduces her daughter to him. She’s not interested in setting them up, but she wants Jang-il to find someone suitable for her amongst graduate friends. Yoon-joo leaves in a huff (if you remember, she’s got a poor man that she wants to elope with), and Hee-jun tells Jang-il that she’ll set him up with a daughter from a good household.

Of course, not her daughter, because that’s aiming too high. Jang-il seems to sense this vibe from her as well.

Meanwhile, Geum-jool sneaks into Chairman Jin’s house to get a recent picture per Sun-woo’s request. He narrowly misses Yong-bae in the process. Once the hotel maid sees the picture she affirms to Sun-woo that Chairman Jin was the man he gave a massage to. Uh oh.

Suddenly, Sun-woo and Ji-won are walking down a street while Chairman Jin careens toward them in his car. In an effort to save Sun-woo, Ji-won pushes him out of the way and gets hit by the car instead.

Luckily it was all a dream, but it has Sun-woo in a cold sweat. Now that Chairman Jin knows who he is, he knows things can get dangerous for Ji-won. Is this a precursor to noble idiocy?

…It is. Sun-woo starts to treat Ji-won coldly, though she doesn’t notice at first and hands him a picture of her. She offers to write the date on the back, but instead writes, “I think I like you, Sun-woo. Can you ask me to be by your side?”

He’s not outright mean, but he’s pretty dismissive. He leaves Ji-won more confused than anything as he puts distance between them (by referring to her as “Hemingway” again) and tells her that she should put time into helping others now.

Kwang-choon writes another letter to Chairman Jin, this time asking for $100,000 to keep his secret. Chairman Jin flashes back to a memory of Sun-woo, thinking he’s the author.

Sun-woo finds one of his Braille diary pages missing – and it’s because Soo-mi has taken it. Not knowing any better she thought that the Braille would be neat for an art piece… uh oh.

Ji-won can’t find Sun-woo at his Braille classes, and doesn’t see any recent audiobook checkouts from him. She even goes to his home, but gets no response. Sun-woo has gone to the water’s edge to brood.

Jang-il ends up as a bystander in time to see Sun-woo pass Ji-won, who’s been waiting in front of his house for his return. She follows him inside, where he remains cold and mostly unresponsive to her attempts to be friendly. Until finally he says, “Do you feel that good, acting like an angel?”

He makes it clear that he wants to break up – so she can stop helping him now. He keeps his back to her, and she addresses him with tears in her eyes. “It might have just been volunteer work to you, but you’re my first love.” She asks him if he remembers the girl who broke the windshield – that was her. She remembered him since then, and he was her first love with only a glance.

“I’m not the same Kim Sun-woo as before,” he tells her. “Even if you’re by my side, I can’t see you. Even if a miracle happens and I can see, I won’t be able to recognize you on the street.”

She replies that she’ll recognize him instead – all he has to do is stand there. But he stays the course, and remains cold to the end. All he ever saw her as was a kind samaritan, so she can stop the act now.

Ji-won has no choice but to leave, struggling to hold back her tears. Jang-il watches from the other side of the street.

Now regretful, Sun-woo decides to go after her. Only Jang-il is there to stop him outside, and presumably lies about having seen Ji-won in order to put the kibosh on their romantic reunion. Well, you can always count on Jang-il to be cold and calculating.

Once in Sun-woo’s apartment, Jang-il decides to offer some friendly advice in the form of telling Sun-woo to forget about Ji-won until he can see again. In that way, he’ll stop being a burden to her.

Sun-woo’s voice grows quieter as he tells his former friend, “I could have died. Why did I survive with just my sight gone? It’s better to just die. I can’t do anything. I can’t see anything.” He wants to know why he’s being punished like this.

And Jang-il, without a hint of remorse in his eyes, simply replies that he doesn’t know either. Sorry.

Sun-woo’s entire demeanor goes stiff. “What are you sorry for?” Jang-il: “Because I couldn’t help you.” Sun-woo’s eyes go wide. “What do you want to help me with?” When he receives no answer, he loses his composure and shouts, “What do you want to help me with?!”

Jang-il’s eyes widen briefly. “You and that woman won’t work. Keep that in mind.”

But that’s the last thing Sun-woo needs to hear, and he punches Jang-il square in the jaw before wrestling him to the ground. He punches Jang-il over and over again. Is he only a burden to her? “I love that woman!” he yells. With another punch, he assures Jang-il that he’ll regain his sight and make her his.

Jang-il doesn’t hit back until the last moment out of fear – and you can see it written all over his face. Once he gets Sun-woo off him he’s meek as a puppy as he leaves the apartment. How does it feel to be scared, Jang-il? I’m not going to lie, you needed that dose of reality.

He ends up drinking at home before Soo-mi storms in, upset that he bought her new clothes instead of returning the ones she’d left. He shrugs it off, knowing that she left clothes at his apartment purposefully so she had a reason to come back. “Because I like you?” she asks. Jang-il: “Isn’t it true?”

Soo-mi: “I feel bad for you. Because we’re alike.”

Now that is a true statement, and at least she realizes it. She cites their mutual ambition as the main reason, but Jang-il counters that while she thinks they can one day be happy, he doesn’t. That’s how they’re different.

Soo-mi calls him pathetic, and he asks why she likes him. “Do you think there’s a reason for liking someone?” she replies honestly. He’s got Ji-won on the brain as he says that there’s no reason for liking someone, but then again, everything becomes a reason. That person being there, that person smiling.

He wonders if it’s true for Sun-woo, but he highlights the difference between that situation and his. Sun-woo has a person who likes him always beside him, but he’s probably not thinking for her to get lost, right? (Basically, he’s insinuating that these are the feelings he has toward Soo-mi – for her to just get lost.)

Fed up, Soo-mi throws a drink in his face. “You can’t treat me this way.”

Jang-il asks, dead serious, “Why?” Good gracious, that’s mean. He keeps going, “Tell me. Why? I said tell me. Why?!” So, you’re asking her why you can’t treat her like dirt?

Soo-mi doesn’t reply, though she’s not given much of a chance to. All of a sudden Jang-il pulls her into a violent kiss – and though she tries to pull away at first, she eventually gives in.

Cut to morning. Whoa whoa whoa whoa waitaminute. They slept together?

Soo-mi wakes up first, and watches Jang-il as he sleeps. Only… he murmurs Ji-won’s name, and asks her not to go. Ooouuuuuuch. Ouch. Poor girl. She leaves his apartment in the rain, haunted by memories of their first meeting, when he offered her shelter under his umbrella.

Wearing the jacket Ji-won picked out for him, Sun-woo tries searching for her in vain. She’s quit her work at the volunteer center. We see her alone in a classroom wearing the scarf he gave her, like she’s been doing the whole episode.

Sun-woo ends up waiting until nightfall, and Jang-il passes him right by without a word. Left on his own Sun-woo finds himself in the middle of the street while rogue motorcyclists nearly run into him. One of them sideswipes him, breaking his cane and bloodying his leg.

As he lies on the road clutching his leg in pain, rain begins to fall. What begins as a mere chuckle turns into full-on laughter at the absurdity that is his life.

He hobbles back to his house, though his spidey senses start tingling and he flips on the light. He knows someone is there, and asks if it’s Ji-won.

Alas, it isn’t, as the camera pans to reveal none other than Moon Tae-joo, who remains silent as Sun-woo slides to the floor and cries, “Father, I just want to close my eyes and live. Just make me into a fool. Father… erase Jang-il. I just want to live like an idiot. Please just help me!” He goes into a rage, throwing things around his apartment like a madman. “Help me!” he rages. “Please, Father!”

It’s only once he’s about to harm himself by repeatedly breaking a mirror that Tae-joo intervenes by holding him back. Tae-joo’s minion is there as well, and Sun-woo’s eyes go wide in fright as they finally restrain him to the floor.

His voice shaking, Sun-woo asks, “Is it you, Jang-il?”

But it’s Tae-joo holding him by the collar, who finally proclaims, “I am your father. I’m going to change your life now.”


I giggled a bit at the “I am your father” line – I just couldn’t help it.

All kidding aside, I had the feeling that Tae-joo would be a sort of deus ex machina for Sun-woo, and for good reason. Though this episode maintained an excellent pace with nice surprises, there’s only so many more places for the story to go were these characters to stay exactly as they are now. Sun-woo is pretty much powerless to do anything, Jang-il is a cold-hearted bastard, and Chairman Jin apparently never has a business to run and only reads random books from his library at all times. Something has to change to sustain us for the rest of the show, and I have a feeling that this impending time skip is going to be it.

It still surprises me how much Jang-il has changed. Compare this Mirror Scene to his younger counterpart’s Mirror Scene, and there’s a huge difference. It’s almost sad how cold he’s become, because while I found him sympathetic at first, that sympathy is starting to wear thin. I always knew he was being painted as the villain, but when you have this amazingly tragic setup and backstory with two people who once loved each other – why not play that up a bit? Hammer in the heartbreak, if you will? It’s probably just wish-fulfillment on my part, but if Jang-il were to show even one ounce of humanity toward Sun-woo, it’d make a world of difference. As of now, his foray into really villainous territory is putting their fleshed-out backstory at risk of becoming irrelevant. If they’re just going to become good ol’ fashioned enemies, will there be a point to them ever having been friends?

Still, his courtroom fantasy scene was one of the best in the series so far. It’s nice to know that he’s still got a conscience under all those layers – and if not that, at the very least he knows how to feel fear. And while he knows what it’s like to be treated like dirt he still doesn’t understand why he should treat others humanely, so the kiss-and-sex scene with Soo-mi was even more grotesque. She couldn’t come up with an argument as to why he couldn’t treat her like trash, so he slept with her on a whim when all he really wants is Ji-won – effectively using Soo-mi’s feelings for him to his advantage with no regard for her whatsoever. That’s low, even for Jang-il. Narratively awesome, but low.

I like that this show pays attention to detail, even with small things such as clothing. Ji-won wears the scarf Sun-woo gave her, Sun-woo wears the jacket Ji-won picked for him, while Ji-won doesn’t wear the scarf Jang-il gave her, nor does Soo-mi wear the clothes Jang-il bought. Because whatever Jang-il gives is meaningless, because he treats money (even though it isn’t his) like it’s nothing. The last time he bought something out of genuine desire was Sun-woo’s suit – and we all know how that turned out. Maybe it’s a good thing Ji-won never wore his scarf.


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  1. ilovemandoo

    Haha so many great moments in this recap. Thanks HeadsNo2!

    One of the best parts of this episode was Ji-won.. I LOVE that we have a heroine who’s kind and intelligent.

    Also, I’m glad that the time jump is coming. Like you said, there’s not much more that they can do in this current situation, and the characters were starting to feel stagnant.

  2. jessly

    Push away from car sacrificing self check.
    Wake up from dream check.
    Sharing earbud check.
    Noble idiocy check.
    Violent kiss and succumbing check.
    “I am your father” check.

    This episode has too much drama cliches than I can handle. Next episode of more vicious darkness please.

    • 2.1 Ennayra

      I didn’t realize it until you made this nice handly list, but all the cliches are true. In fact, so true that I’m kind of impressed. But still kind of appalled.

      That is all.

    • 2.2 Ennayra

      I didn’t realize it until you made this nice handy list, but all the cliches are true. In fact, so true that I’m kind of impressed. But still kind of appalled.

      That is all.

    • 2.3 missjb

      lol… I notice it, too…. Especially for the noble idiocy and force kiss.

      • 2.3.1 wenlin

        true but i’m totally taking all of it in haha

      • 2.3.2 cindy

        how is a forced kiss a cliche thing lol, so a normal kiss should be 10 X Cliche? This just doesn’t make sense.

        • topper

          Forced kiss + subsequent acceptance is cliche.

    • 2.4 MsB

      I don’t mind the cliches if the scenes are played right. This was played right!

  3. therealpacman

    things are looking up for this drama. I didn’t have high hopes but this episode is turning me. thanks for the recap

  4. arielna

    I’m glad Sun Woo finally met his potential father. Now the story can move on to the next stage.

    • 4.1 MsB

      I don’t think he is his father as his wannabe father because of his love for Sun Woo’s mother. To take on the persona of Sun Woo’s Dad is the ultimate way to show his love to her.

  5. craziluver

    This episode has put me at the edge of my chair because of the creepiness. The way Jang-iL looked at SunWoo just creeps my in spine!well enjoy it while it last Jang-iL because them eyes is coming back soon.
    They could have change the actress who played Chairman Jin’s step-daughter (the woman with a poor Bf), she did not age a bit! while everyone else grew old (like Sunwoo’s bestfriend Geum Jul who looks way older than the step daughter)=LOGIC FAIL!!

  6. notoriousnoona

    Thanks Heads! Great recap again.
    Why were they friends? I think that’s the point. It begs the question were they really and also studies human desire and greed and baseness over the thing the truly matters in life.
    Everyone but Sunwoo always had a mixed up view of what was really important and had tons of misconceptions about what love really is and how to express it (ie Chairman).

    Loving this drama to bits! Taejoo take my Sunwoo away and light the flame of revenge! I can’t wait to warm my feet and hands!

    • 6.1 MsB

      Me too! Me too! I have been waiting for this moment since Tae Joo came to Korea looking for him!

  7. DarknessEyes

    I hope that this means that Sun-Woo will be kicking some Jang-Il butt soon. And is this just me, but does anyone else think that Chairman Jin is the real father? Remember how His fiancé was never in love with Tae-Joo and just thought that Chairman Jin didn’t love her. And so if she didn’t love him, why would she have a son with him? That would make sense right? And plus, I feel like this is one of those dramas that would do that to us. I never for one moment ever thought that Tae Joo was the father. Geez… this is why we have DNA tests drama!

    • 7.1 jessly

      No birth secrets please. LOL

    • 7.2 fan

      7. ‘Geez… this is why we have DNA tests drama!’ – second that!
      Thanks for recap. I am enjoying the show great deal (along with the other two). All cliches but still exciting due to excellent acting. I think show has ‘rebirth’ feel to it, more intensive though. LBY surely looks differnt, almost has HJM feel from ‘rebirth’ – fresh and innocent yet brave, different from her usual rich elegant lady image (less makeup does wonders).

  8. missjb

    “I giggled a bit at the “I am your father” line – I just couldn’t help it.”

    LOL me, too… It remind me of WIld ROmance “I am your father” star wars reference.

    • 8.1 NN

      Wild Romance came to mind as well – I had a good laugh over that.
      HeadsNo2 – thanks for the recap, it’s been very enjoyable to be able to keep up with the series through your recaps.

      • 8.1.1 missjb

        so glad I’m not the only want who think like that..

    • 8.2 redfox

      I giggle at the way people recap recaps.

  9. cindy

    When will Somi finally starts to blackmail JI?

    And I hope when she starts to blackmail him, I hope she doesn’t believe in him. Because I think he’ll pretend to like her to have her in his side – hope she isn’t just a fool in love.

    • 9.1 houstontwin

      Is she going to blackmail JI? Really? I hadn’t seen that coming. What fun!

      • 9.1.1 cindy

        From what I got, she knowing everything about his father and his crime against SW, for teating her so badly, she is going to use what she knows against him?

        Well, I hope so, because so far this didn’t happen.

    • 9.2 MsB

      I expect that! Soo Mi will do anything to have Jang Il. Even blackmail a relationship! I definitely see that coming!

  10. 10 Dewo

    Kamsa hamnida, heads no2.
    The question is which dad give his dna to Sun Woo? Is it stated yet?

  11. 11 Nicole

    I haven’t watched this show yet, but I have been reading all of your recaps (thank you btw! You’re doing a great job). I get on the fence about eventually getting around to watching this every time I read the recaps. I am torn: I am really intrigued by the story and I love Uhmforce and Lee Jun-hyuk, but I am also easily creeped out and I am afraid actually watching this would give me a heart attack from all the suspense, thrill, and creepiness.
    Fears and cowardice aside, I am putting this on my bookmarks list, so hopefully I will be able to watch this once the semester ends and I’m back home for the summer.

  12. 12 Lisa-Loo-Loo

    Thanks for the recap… I like this drama and don’t like it all at the same time… arrgghhh! Just for the record though Tae-joo’s I am your father statement would have been soooo much cooler had it started with “LUKE”, just ‘sayin…

  13. 13 smile

    Thank you so much for the recap. Really like this drama! Cant wait for the next episode.

  14. 14 houstontwin

    I don’t really understand why Jang Il went to the trouble of buying Soo Mi clothes. Why should he spend one minute thinking about her or making any kind of effort on her behalf?

    • 14.1 houstontwin

      Also…while Jang Il is for sure a creepy villain, he is not a cold-hearted, creepy villain. At least, thanks to intelligent acting, he doesn’t come across that way. Instead he is a messed-up, tortured, repressed, and desperate, creepy villain.

      • 14.1.1 ahha

        well said…i think it is exactly what jangil is in the drama..and thanks for lee jun hyuk portrays the character precisely..!!

    • 14.2 ahha

      he was not buying clothes for soomi..it was soomi left her clothes in jangil’s place and went to his home to pick it up…

  15. 15 bigwink

    Love reading your recap! Thank you!

  16. 16 jomo

    Thanks for the recap. Even with all the clichés, things happened that moved the story to a good time jump-off point.

    I actually rely on some drama clichés, so I appreciate when the tension of me expecting something pays off by delivering something else. Does that make any sense?
    After JI’s scathing treatment of SM which resulted in water in his face, I expected him to get real mad, yes, and insult her father, her upbringing, etc to make himself feel better.

    So what does he do? He kisses and then sleeps with her, a MUCH bigger insult than I could have come up with.
    (We must mention that in Kdramaland, no good deed goes unpunished so does that mean we are going to have a baby JI running around after the time jump?)

    I loved the fight outside the clothing store, I did, but seriously? She’s carrying raw eggs around in a bag? Why?

    I agree with all of your comments. Especially glad about the courtroom scene, showing us how JI’s guilt is eating at him.
    If we only see him acting remorselessly around SW, he doesn’t interest me.
    Why should he be redeemed? Kill the f&cker and be done with it.
    Enemies are cool and all, but their relationship doesn’t make me want to cry for them.

    I figured out what bothered me the most about how JI is treating SW, and had a momentary “A-hah!” about what the writers are setting up.
    SW has been the stronger character from the beginning. JI’s attempted murder happened because he feared SW.
    And while it was really really bad that JI tried to kill SW to shut him up, being mean to his suddenly weaker blind friend is so much worse. The balance of power is now in JI’s favor, but he misuses it.
    He keeps salting the wound that he caused over and over – by sabotaging SW at every possible opportunity. Not only isn’t he being kind, he makes him wait, lets him be in a dangerous situation at the train platform, and in today’s episode attacks his confidence in winning JW. Every one of these actions makes him a lesser person in everyone’s eyes.

    When SW recovers his sight and the power becomes more balanced, JI won’t have a chance against his ex-friend’s wrath. The momentum of hate and revenge that HE HIMSELF started will come at him with even more force. I don’t know if I will ever side with JI because I HATE THE WEASEL! But, it’ll be interesting to see if he becomes a formidable opponent, or a dangerous cornered rat.

    • 16.1 MsB

      Totally agree. Any sympathy for Jang Il left the station when the train station scene happened! He literally would have let Sun Woo die! That became unforgivable to me! But alas, Sun Woo will have to be the bigger person for all of us in the end.

  17. 17 wenlin

    been waiting for this!!! thanks so much! 🙂

  18. 18 bibee

    Damn Taewoong always turns me on. Always.

  19. 19 Linda

    Has anyone mentioned that Uhm Tae-woong is some actor – I believe he’s blind.

    • 19.1 MsB

      Right down to crossing eyes! Its amazing!

  20. 20 Fräulein

    I DID NOT see the passionate kiss coming! Boy did I hyperventilate as I read your recap n scrolled past the screencap of JangIl grabbing n kissing Soomi. Lee Jun hyuk has been my crack since I discovered him while watching Three Brothers.
    Yay to getting to watch eps 3 n 4 this week on KBS World. I have heard heaps about his vile character n can’t wait to see him play out this cold n vile antagonist character. He can do cute – evident in Three Brothers, he can do cool as ice prosecutor as seen in City Hunter n I hope he doesn’t disappoint me here. So far all I’ve seen from the screencaps of eps 4 to 8 are of him glaring till his eyes almost pop out, kind of reminiscent of Kim Tae hee n her doe ears being caught like a deer by bright headlights. I want to see him display range n scope. I really do.

    • 20.1 houstontwin

      The Kiss that I really loved was the one between Sung Woo and Ji Won on the bus. That sweet quiet moment is one that is so real and universal.

    • 20.2 MsB

      LJK plays evil very well. Love him myself! Can’t wait to start watching 3 Brothers in between everything else I am watching!

  21. 21 Literati

    TBH I never got why they were friends. why does anyone want anything to do with JangIll he’s been a dick from childhood till now. I know he’s cute and he had issues in the past but to make someone your best friend and/or forever love because of it makes no sense.

    On a side note i hope they have those huge tablet phones which I have grown to love so much on Fashion King.

    • 21.1 houstontwin

      Sometimes you befriend someone just because they clearly need a friend. Maybe it’s instinct.

    • 21.2 MsB

      Plus Sun Woo had such a caring disposition. He saw someone who needed a friend!

  22. 22 celest1al

    This is actually the only drama I am currently watching. It definitely has some illogical and crazy elements, but I’m liking it a lot. Love the whole cast, esp the four main characters. I’m always flabbergasted by how different Uhm Tae-woong is in his roles in comparison to his real persona in 1N2D. True acting right there.

    Also, wasn’t it clear, in Moon Tae-joo’s flashback in episode 6, that Sun-woo was Chairman Jin’s son? So yes, there is a birth secret, but it’s not a secret to the audience.

    • 22.1 sokhasen

      I too, only watch this show every Wed and Thur and it’s killing me for waiting/wanting more. This drama is not perfect just like “Wild Romance” but somehow i’m crazy loving it.

    • 22.2 houstontwin

      I’m watching Rooftop and King2hearts but this is the one I go crazy waiting for. I never realized how awesome Uhm Tae-woong was. I saw him in Delightful Girl. He was such a convincing bad guy that I really hated him. Then, recently I saw The Devil on Dramafever. He was so different in that role that I really took notice. Since starting Equator Man, I’ve taken a look at Dr. Champ, and he is again very different and very convincing.

      • 22.2.1 celest1al

        Hey houstontwin! You should watch “Resurrection” if you haven’t already. It’s definitely my favorite of his dramas so far. I wonder where he’s able to pull his darker emotions from, esp cause he seems like a really silly guy in real life who cracks lame jokes. Hahaha.

        • MsB

          I watched Resurrection this weekend. After watching this over and over again; I had to have my UhmForce fix! Someone uploaded it in HD on YouTube! Wasn’t super crazy about the end but the drama was excellent!!

    • 22.3 jessly

      IMO 1N2D is just another role he is playing. Reality shows isn’t all reality, there are set characters to play to endear yourself to viewers. He is definitely a top class actor.

  23. 23 faraz3500

    thank you so much for the wonderful recap
    I cant wait for the next ep to come

  24. 24 ahha

    I do not like the roaring acting of sunwoo…very annoying…and i really hate actors use roaring as a mean of expression in acting…:(

  25. 25 Whome

    I think the whole point to the friendship back story was to show how ambition and greed can takeover your life to the exclusion of love and friendship.
    The problem is that we will never really know how Jang-il really felt about Sun-woo because initially it was a friendship on his part, based on Sun-woo being useful to him.
    What strikes me as telling about Jang-il’s character is that he still wants to be a prosecutor and prosecute the guilty despite the acts he committed against Sun-woo. That to me is really telling about his loss of morals. A repentant and regretful normal, well as normal as possible in the circumstances, murderer would feel true remorse about killing someone and would want to try to make it up to the person if they lived. He would probably feel that he is not qualified to judge others when his own hands are bloodstained. But not Jang-il; the fact that he does not realize his own hypocrisy and still wants to be a prosecutor is the best clue as to his real character.
    It makes you wonder if his journey down this path was inevitable as his morals are very loose.
    And bestirs the age old question – does you life experiences define you or does your true character define your life experiences?

  26. 26 MsB

    So reminicent of Hitchcock Theater! A little Strangers on a Train mixed in with Wait Until Dark!

    I screamed with joy when Tae Joo came on the scene as was expected! Sun Woo could not get to a lower point! The acting by all of the main characters was on point! This episode set up the next time jump nicely.

    I think we witnessed the total disintegration of Jang Il’s moral compass! What will make him a great prosecutor in the future will also make him a terrible person which we will all be looking for that redeeming quality. We will also see Soo Mi’s ambition and her constant attempts to woo Jang Il. I cannot wait for the reunion of Sun Woo and Ji Won. He will have his sight and will know who she is as he has a picture! Hurry episodes 9 and 10! I am waiting!

  27. 27 dramafever

    I think the kiss & sex scene between Soo Mi and Jang Il was really great. I mean that whole scene with their exchange that leads up was so fantastically acted and written that I was actually on the verge of my seat while watching. I think they are both very sad characters, and the sex makes me feel extra sad for Soo Mi because now that whole “why can’t he treat her like dirt” thing comes to life. She proved that he could by sleeping with him. But you can actually understand why she would, clutching onto him even if it’s in a moment of pleasure that he absolutely holds no sentiment for. But for her, he was the umbrella boy that she fell heads-over-heels with.

    • 27.1 ahha

      this is the best scene of the episode…! soomi just couldn’t resist jangil , the man she desperately desires for his love..!!

  28. 28 Hipployta

    I’m practically tearing my hair out that I cannot find a recap for episode 9…why so frustrating!!! No one on Soompi is really watching this fabulous drama…I don’t understand it.

    • 28.1 MsB

      Just watched it on DramaFever!! F**** fantastic!

  29. 29 Fräulein

    @ Literati,
    i think sunwoo was drawn to the brainy but sad little boy.
    And Jangil liked sunwoo’s reckless/rough edge with the devil may care attitude which was mixed with street wisdom. Each had qualities he himself lacked, maybe that’s what drew them to each other
    that top screen cap of Lee Joon Hyuk looks so sinister, never knew he could do sinister!

  30. 30 MsB

    Episode 10!! I LOVE YOU, SOO MI!!!! HAHAHAHA!!

  31. 31 teeoff81

    can i know the song title of EP8, its towards the end of the show…15 mins before finish

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