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Jung Yumi headlines I Need Romance 2
by | April 24, 2012 | 68 Comments

Hit cable drama I Need Romance‘s sequel has finally found a heroine in film actress Jung Yumi (The Crucible), who hasn’t been a regular in dramaland since 2007’s Que Sera Sera (save for a quick drama special two years ago). While I really enjoyed the first season of the tvN show that put a slick and sexy spin on thirtysomething single life in the city, second seasons always worry me. But now with Jung Yumi set to star, I pretty much can’t miss it.

The second season is more a spin-off than a sequel, since it’ll have none of the original characters, but just carries the same setting/concept. The title will be I Need Romance 2012, which makes me wonder how many years they plan to stretch this thing. Also, why would you waste the opportunity to call it I Need More Romance? The next one can be called I Need Even More Romance, followed by Just C’mere.

Lee Jin-wook (Myung-wol the Spy) has already signed on as the hero, and he’ll be joined by Kim Ji-suk (Personal Taste), who has just joined the cast as the other love interest. Um… these guys are Best. Friends. Like they-lub-each-other-so-much-people-think-they-might-be-gay-lovers best friends. Are they really going to fight over Jung Yumi in the same drama?

That’s gonna be awkward. Also, I wonder if Lee Jin-wook got his bestie the job. I actually think Kim Ji-suk is more interesting as an actor (more quirks, more personality), but Lee Jin-wook’s undoubtedly hotter, so he’s the bigger star. I hope their bromance is thicker than fiction. The story will follow the same basic setup as season 1: Lee Jin-wook plays the long-time boyfriend and Kim Ji-suk the new love interest who swoops in when the first relationship hits the rocks. The girlfriend trio will be rounded out by Kim Ji-woo (Office Love Life) and Kang Ye-sol (While You Were Sleeping).

I Need Romance 2012 airs on tvN in June.

Lee Jin-wook

Kim Ji-suk

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68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Eeefu

    Lup the titles suggested by GF for the sequels.

    Even I need romance.

  2. tweetiebird

    Mmmmmm hotties, I am in!!

    • 2.1 skelly

      Now that sounds like an attention-grabbing title…

  3. Keylye

    Liking the cast so far, but I have to say the setup of this one and the last one irk me. Hopefully it will be more watchable for me the second time around.

  4. dramafever

    Love Jung Yumi in Crucible. I was kinda on and off this drama because I never find Lee Jin Wook a particularly awesome actor(though yes, his hotness does make up for some of it) but now with Jung onboard, I’m definitely gonna be watching.

  5. Noelle

    Interesting? I never watched the first season but I liked LJW in Myong Wol. He was pretty much the only thing I liked about the show in the end. As for Jung Yumi I can sadly say I’ve never seen her in anything. But she does look amazing in Crucible. When/if I psych myself up enough, I might just actually watch it. So I’ll leave this as a maybe on my drama list.

  6. jiajia

    omgg omg omg i’m soo happy! i freakin love her. i feel like it’s now her time to shine. all of her movies are brilliant and she herself in a phenomenal actor, she’s just never gotten the star recognition yet. i’m glad she’s going to be on board.

    • 6.1 ilovemandoo

      To be honest, I don’t think she’ll ever be a huge star. (In the sense of overwhelming popularity + CFs pouring in all the time) She’s a great actress, but she’s also a little quirky (kind of reminds me of Kang Hye Jung, another great actress who doesn’t play typical characters).

  7. The Real CZ

    Is Kim Ji-suk from Chuno? He looks familiar.

    • 7.1 canxi

      Yep. He was also Cheaty McCheatDouche turned Pretty Decent Enough Guy in Personal Taste, lol.

    • 7.2 cindy

      Is he from Dong Yi? The playboy guy who was whinny and wanted Dong Yi at all costs?

      • 7.2.1 daninja


        • Fabmari

          He seems to be always the villain. Hehe

          • YY

            He was in “Likeable or Not” where he played the hero. He whined a lot too.

          • emmy

            I loved likeable or not, so glad to see that he’ll be acting in something new!

  8. jomo

    I say YES to this now.
    I love her with all my heart.

    Since we have a little SMW going on, couldn’t we get a cameo
    in the elevator
    with ERIC?
    JoAnne really would be happy,too!

    • 8.1 Enz

      Oh if only!! I would love to see them together again

  9. Dann

    I had the same thought..they are like BFFs …how on earth are they going to be love rivals too…that’s when it struck me….maybe they could be BFF’s fighting over a girl….they could be hilarious together as evidenced in Strong Heart..but more importantly…imagine the angsting over the conflict of Romance vs Bromance…precious stuff

    • 9.1 Danna

      I think this drama needs a rename and…I need Bromance

      • 9.1.1 bishbash

        that be real good 😀

  10. 10 LeiDiAngelo

    They should add Lee Dong Wook and …… Boom . Since those 4 are reaaally close friends . Then, if we had the 3 ladies last season, they should have 4 men this season . LOL. Random much ?

    • 10.1 kopytko

      Good idea! Actually I was hoping for a reversed setup – the whole story revolving around and shown from the guys’ point of view.

  11. 11 canxi

    I love all three of them!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes. Especially my boyfriend, Lee Jin Wook. Yeah. I said it.

    And HA! I was thinking the same thing when I found out Kim Ji Suk was cast as other male lead. I’m sure Boom & the people of Strong Heart will be shipping the wrong couple in this, LOL.

  12. 12 ninji

    I kinda feel that guys are kind of “meh”. BUT Jung Yumi is pure awesomeness. So I’ll watch this even though I really preferred the leading guys in INR, waaay more look wise.

  13. 13 Ani

    Just C’mere

    Heck yes. It may sound weird, but I’ve been a fan of Kim Ji-suk since Personal Taste when I heard his English. *swoon* Crisp and clear. Nice. I love a man that is bilingual, or trilingual, or just plain ISN’T monolingual. Can;t wait to watch this since I love both male leads (and loved season 1 too). Yay.

    • 13.1 canxi

      Hahaha, I agree, actually. I think I was just OK with him and then he spoke english and I was all “Oh….helloooo~”

    • 13.2 Bebe

      Kim Ji Suk’s English? apparently he spelled Apple incorrectly “Apel” hahaha. His excuse was he said it too quickly without thinking.

      I love Kim Ji Suk. Never really care for LJW’s acting. Hopefully they won’t really fall for the same girl in real life. Never let a girl go in between a bromance relationship.

    • 13.3 vcdragoon

      Just though I’d mention that I’m trilingual.

      *wink wink*

      In all seriousness (as opposed to all silliness?), I really did enjoy Que Sera Sera and I hope this means we’ll get more Jung Yumi in dramaland.

    • 13.4 Swye

      Now this makes me curious. Is there a clip of him speaking English? All I could find was him singing “I love you baby” and Tiffany correcting him.

    • 13.5 ~Feather~

      your comment is exactly what i wanted say.XD i was just head over heels when i heard him speak english in personal taste. usually, when a non-native speaker talks, i think they sound cute (w/accent) but he sounds hot.

  14. 14 jandoe

    i LOVE the casting but not sold on the premise. Tis gonna be tough. I really hope it won’t disappoint cos I love her and I really want this to be good so she’ll consider more dramas in the future.

    PS OMG GF totally love your statement about the dudes, can’t agree more

  15. 15 Saima

    Didn’t catch the first one but gotta say the main lead is hot!! so shallow! I REALLY don’t ask much from such breezy dramas!

    It was really sweet that they guested on SH in support of LDW!! Wonder how he’s faring thus far? It was a little misleading (and kinda insulting to the main MC) of SBS to announce that he’d be headlining the show only for the viewers to be blind-sided!

  16. 16 trixicopper

    Isn’t it the same writer(s) who wrote the first season? Hopefully they have learned to write an ending that doesn’t make me want to throw my computer out the window!

    I’m. still. bitter. 🙂

    • 16.1 jomo

      I bitter with you, trixicopper.

  17. 17 Laurustinus

    I literally laughed aloud with the think they might be gay lovers comment! Can’t wait to see this! Thanks for keeping us updated!!!!!

  18. 18 Jenny

    Love Jung Yumi, she’s absolutely flawless!
    I loved her in QSS and it’s nice to see her back on the tv screen.
    I hope this will be good.

  19. 19 Anonymous

    Love to see Kim Ji Suk on screen again. I first fall for him in KBS daily drama with Han Ji Hye.

    • 19.1 come2noona

      Me too!

      It was called “Likable or Not”. He was Baek-ho, if I remember correctly.

  20. 20 coollady6

    ahhh, this is such good news. I adore Jung Yumi!
    it’s been forever since she has been in a drama so i’m so looking forward to see her headline this one. let’s hope the script does her great acting justice!

    and while Lee Jin Wook is good depending on the role (Choi Ryu!!!), I love Kim Ji-suk enough to be confident that it will be good on the acting scheme of things.
    so excited!

  21. 21 oi

    didn’t watch the first one, but with Jung Yumi….definitely will watch this one

  22. 22 lemonicricket

    Woah, Kim Ji-Suk is out of the army already? How time flies.

    • 22.1 come2noona

      That was my first thought too!

      I am so excited to have him back in Dramaland!!!

  23. 23 jyyjc

    What do you mean lee jinwook is hotter!?!? I think Kim jisuk is just a little bit hotter but overall, their hotness is around the same level.

  24. 24 Anne-So

    I just can’t stop thinking about LJW’s performance in Someday which was quite memorable so I’m really looking forward to the drama, more than the only fact it is the season 2 of the almost-flawless I Need Romance.
    I really like this actress I’ve seen her in a few works… She was in Paris last year and I could have seen her interviewed for Come Closer but I couldn’t stay… Anyway, such a cast!
    Since that Strong Heart Ep, I know that LJW & this other actor are BFFs… Haha. I don’t think it will be a pbm for the acting, they’re both pro aren’t they?

    • 24.1 canxi

      Yeah. Every time I think of Lee Jin Wook I think of that performance too. He was sweet and a little troubled, I loved that drama.

      And no, I don’t think it’ll be a problem for them either but it’s funny to think about. I bet bloopers will be hilarious.

  25. 25 Cynthia

    Talk about bromance! These two were BEYOND funny on SH – as near as I could figure out, Lee Jin-wook is pretty much the ‘girl’ in their relationship – self-effacing, shy with an ‘aw-shucks’ attitude. Kim Ji-suk is a total ‘in-your-face’ guy who heartily resents the fact that the girls circumvent him to get to his buddy (a fact that LJW acknowledges with a sly grin). These two were hands-down the funniest duo I’ve seen in a long time – their stories from their on-the-road vacation trips were hysterical – especially the one where they were both arrested for public nudity while motorbiking through a province in Spain.
    The ‘Ambiguous Duo’ is quite the bromance team – good luck to the both of them on this new drama.

    • 25.1 djes

      errr, weren’t they arrested in Thailand?

      but to think about it, you SHOULD arrest hot men topless like them from going around, they can be really dangerous!! 😉

  26. 26 lovin it

    sorry jung yumi. i’m more interested in the bromance here 🙂
    lee jinwook is so hot!

  27. 27 sjkwifey

    Hahaha, does those two even need to spend more time together! Gathering from Strong Heart it seems like they already spend way too much time together. On a side note, I’m really looking forward to seeing Jung Yumi in a drama again. I loved her innocent character in Que Sera Sera so I can’t wait for her to totally change that image and be more sexy and sassy in this role.

  28. 28 Gegia

    I always waited Jung Yumi’s new drama, but I need to say that I don’t know if this drama is a good choise… well we’ll see…

  29. 29 Daniella

    I actually find Kim Ji-Suk more attractive but that’s my opinion. I saw him in personal taste and I hatteeed him (the character) so much! That was like the first drama I watched….memory lane!

    Man, how cute is that! Acting with your best friend! Lol, i love bromance!

    I have some doubts on the plot as well since it sounds like the same exact thing that happened last season…is she going to end up with the guy she’s been with forever too? I hope there’s a twist and it is even better than the original.

    I really hope this is just the working title for the show. It’s horrible.
    At first, I thought it was the other Jung Yumi from Rooftop, haha!

  30. 30 gia

    wow Jung Yumi back to dramaland, love her in Que sera sera…

  31. 31 ck1Oz

    God. Will the guys be discussing their kissing techniques in between takes? This is weird like the bromance might be more angsty. compared to the lovelines .

  32. 32 asianromance

    ” Need More Romance? The next one can be called I Need Even More Romance, followed by Just C’mere.” –> LOL!!!

    Lee. Jin. Wook.!! Ryu! *girlie scream*

  33. 33 bd

    I love both Jung Yumis; this Jung Yumi have a “quiet beauty” w/ a killer smile and a terrific actress to boot.

    JY was totally awesome in the film “My Dear Desperado”/”My Gangster Lover” which is a gem of a film.

  34. 34 missjb

    oh God, Jung Yoo Mi finally back! I have wait her to pick a drama like forever since watching que sera sera…. I hope her talent won’t waste here. she is awsome in que sera sera…

  35. 35 djes

    Put Lee Dong wook in the mix, and we’ll get “I need more Romance but not the girl”

    I bet Lee Jinwook and Kim Jisuk’s chemistry will be sizzling!

  36. 36 aX


  37. 37 Christy

    Oh this is the other Jung Yumi (Sena) 😉

  38. 38 bd

    Acting-wise, Jung Yumi is a lot like Im Jung-eun (Joseon X-Files); both can express so much w/ a slight change in facial expressoion or just w/ their eyes.

  39. 39 Elaine

    Oooh, Jung Yumi finally back to dramaland!
    And Lee Jinwook 😀

    The casting makes me LOL considering I just watched the Strong Heart ep with both guys and everyone was like, you guys are so gay, hah.

  40. 40 lynn

    im totally gonna watch it bcoz of lee jin wook!! =) and also his best buddies ji suk.. and for the female actress jung yumi i haven’t watch any of her drama/movie yet or as i remember.. hope she is good then if not i’ll be focusing the bromance between the two hot men.. that’s enough for me.. hehe.. xDD

    btw.. should i watch I Need Romance season 1 to understood the story??? or its okay for me to skip it and watch season 2 only??

  41. 41 wenlin

    really enjoyed her performance in que sera sera! and kim jisuk’s performance as baek-ho. Looking forward to this!

  42. 42 Swye

    Am I the only one who finds Kim Ki suk hotter out of the two.

    • 42.1 Swye

      *Kim Ji suk

  43. 43 nik

    Yay! Jung Yu Mi is back to dramaland!

  44. 44 kciri_orton

    Also, why would you waste the opportunity to call it I Need More Romance? The next one can be called I Need Even More Romance, followed by Just C’mere. – ROFL at this XD

    I watched the first season and LOVED it. So I’m definitely watching this especially coz it has TWO of my fave actors. If they include their other BFF – Lee Dongwook – in the cast, I think I’ll just DIE from excitement~

  45. 45 Cath


    “I actually think Kim Ji-suk is more interesting as an actor (more quirks, more personality), but Lee Jin-wook’s undoubtedly hotter, so he’s the bigger star.”

    I so agree. I have watched a lot of Kdramas but Kim Ji-suk (even though to be honest I didn’t know his name, I just happen to exclaim, “Oh! That boy from Personal Taste. Eh, He’s not really a boy but you know that there’s-something-about-him-that-sticks-kind of thing)…

    I’ve yet to watch Alice in Cheongdamdong hopefully I get to buy a DVD (You think there’d still be a chance for it to be sold overseas?)

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