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Kim Tae-hee to headline Level 7 Civil Servant remake?
by | April 7, 2012 | 84 Comments

Looks like signs of life have finally returned to the drama version remake of the 2009 action romantic comedy Level 7 Civil Servant (also translated sometimes as My Girlfriend Is an Agent or 7th Grade Civil Servant which sounds misleading, like it’s Nancy-Drew-meets-Sydney-Bristow). Actress Kim Tae-hee is reportedly considering the role for her next project.

The drama is being produced by Apple Tree Pictures, and has been stuck in development hell for almost three years, since the release of the film. The original movie, starring Kim Haneul and Kang Ji-hwan, was a box office hit, and is written by Chuno writer Chun Sung-il, who then went on to write Runaway first, before returning to the drama version of Civil Servant. The movie is about a spy who has to lie to her normal bumbling boyfriend to keep her cover, to the point that it splits them up. Years later he ends up a rookie spy, and they cross paths for spy action hijinks.

It’s an adorable movie, and I can see why they thought to turn it into a drama right away, since you could draw out the basic premise for as long as you wanted. I especially loved the early stuff, when the boyfriend was totally clueless and paranoid that her evasiveness had to do with her cheating on him rather than running off to save the world. It’s got an over-the-top kind of silliness to it, but that’s what made it stand out.

Kim Tae-hee for this drama is pretty much the most obvious choice ever (save for actually re-casting Kim Haneul) — the role is basically like taking her IRIS character and dropping her into the tone of My Princess. I do think rom-coms are her strong suit though, so I’m glad she’s got My Princess under her belt. I don’t know if the world needs another spy drama, but if this one’s ever going to see the light of day, Kim Tae-hee’s starpower is the way to resuscitate it, that’s for sure.

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84 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jessly

    I wonder who will be the male lead. This sounds like a safe drama to do, but I didn’t like the writer for Chuno.

    • 1.1 bd

      “Chuno” really didn’t go anywhere due to the writing.

      It was beautifully shot; but ultimately, such a waste.

  2. mems

    I like KTH, but I’ve never understood her immense popularity in Korea. She was very cute in My Princess, but she doesn’t strike me as the go-to actress for a lot of dramas/movies.

    • 2.1 dsfsfd

      It’s because she’s quote on quote “KOREA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN” but despite that I don’t think she can act with emotions at all.

      • 2.1.1 bd

        KTH did a good job acting w/ emotions in MP; better than many more acclaimed actresses when it came to the crying/emotional scenes.

    • 2.2 Jo

      Its because when korean dramas were going their melo phase (back then when it was new and an absolute novelty to have makjang laden dramas…whereas now it is cliche) she was the go-to girl.
      Also, she is so pretty in a very “noble-looking” way. As in…she is not blatant in her beauty.

    • 2.3 Daisy

      Same reason why Han Ga In is popular- their looks!

      • 2.3.1 bb87

        looks and ettiquette? both of them have good reputation and never involved in any bad rumours? so they’re seen as pretty and nice. really, there are more beautiful actress out there but not as popular as them. so i think their ettiquette plays big role too.

        • oh so hot

          and also how their companies know how to sell their stars, not so much on ettiquette. We never know how their attitudes behind the cameras unless you work as their maid.

  3. Arhazivory

    I loved this movie. πŸ˜€ I think I’d give the drama a go for sure.

  4. Emily

    I’m glad Kim Tae Hee is sticking to rom coms and I hope this one is as fluffy and cute as my princess (was in the first few eps) and boku to star. The latter was amazing, and made me really fall in love with her as an actress XD I’d like to see her to more roles like that.

  5. FunnyBunny

    I think Kim Tae-hee makes a lot of sense for this role. I’ve only seen her in My Princess so I can’t speak about her dramatic actin skills (or lack-there-of or so I’ve heard) But she’s got this sweet quality to her that makes the idea of her going all James Bond super spy a laughable one-kind of a “you’re so adorable you couldn’t hurt a fly” type of look, which makes it that much funnier. I can say she’s got loads of charm and quirk, which is pretty important for a romcom heroine.
    I’m just gonna stay tuned and see how things pan out.

    • 5.1 Rin

      Lol have you guys seen Stairway to Heaven back in 2004? she was such a bitch in it, i haven’t recovered in time to see her playing nice and demure in Love Story in Harvard a year later. I’ll say she is convincing when it comes to dramatic roles.But she keeps taking rom com roles these days i think most people forget she can also do the evil dramatic thingy and deliver it perfectly

      • 5.1.1 Aya


  6. jomo

    I didn’t see the movie, yet, but I can assume KJH was fabulous in it, as usual.

    Someone who can play over the top with a straight face? Someone not waaaaay younger than her, please!
    Someone not currently doing serious films.
    Someone not doing a T/C drama.
    Someone not in an upcoming drama currently.
    Someone who can match her pretty with charisma.

    I pick Jung Woo Sung out of the clear blue sky.

    But wouldn’t it be amazing if a movie star with charisma came in from the cold and did a drama: Go Soo?

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      Jung Woo Sung would be nice.
      As for me, i would say Oh Man Seok aka Man-zzang.

      • 6.1.1 Mel

        Wow!!! See update 7/27/12 looks like he’s been offered the main role!!!

    • 6.2 BiKyo

      I hear that Jung Yunho of TVXQ is the lead actor of this drama.

      • 6.2.1 ck1Oz

        Not meaning to incite anything. Is this a joke?

        • BiKyo

          No, I heard of this news in the past in Yunho’s thread. I think this is a special project and the producers are positively looking forward to recruiting Yunho as the lead male actor.

        • zsa

          Omaigad…pls tell me it’s a joke…ck10z…you crack me up!!

      • 6.2.2 momosa


      • 6.2.3 Ace

        Yikes! I love KTH in a rom-com, and I liked the film a lot, but if Yunho’s the leading man… Count. Me. Out. If he’s in it, just get Lee Yeon-hee or Yoona as the leading lady so I could pass this up without any regrets. πŸ˜‰

      • 6.2.4 danna

        OMG….why sm would still insist on casting him anything is beyond me….but after enduring 10+ hours of hair pulling in Heading to the Ground, I’ve given up on ever watching anything with him

        • ck1Oz

          You forgot that whole Poseidon debacle.

          • zsa

            …and the Poseidon debacle…KTH will be wasted…

      • 6.2.5 jessly

        I think if Yunho is really keen on becoming an actor, he should grind out good training hours on weekend family dramas or sitcoms, instead of leading a primetime fare which he did not do well when given the chance to.

        • Tak

          I think its because of Japan :/
          wasnt Kim Tae Hee trying to promote there?
          Yunho being in the drama would be a + then as he would have his ‘tohoshinki” popularity

          Any of the 5 Dong Bang boys dramas will get picked up

          but Yunho really should stick to being an idol

          i cant stand to see him act

      • 6.2.6 Altari

        I read an article about the Love Rain press conference. It said that when Jang Gunseok was asked who his favorite SNSD member was he answered “Yuri and Lee Sooman”. Of course he was joking but it still made me wonder what incensitive JGS was given to work with Yoona.

        Really, how does SM get self-respecting actors to act with these plastic dolls? Threats? Bribes?

        • sara

          well said.they do what every Mafia does.

          • zsa

            it has got to be the mafia way….i mean i have nothing against idols…if they can churn out another Yoo Chun or Si Won in talent and presence…i say go for it idols!!!But not all can act…so if they can’t, pls don’t rock the boat….leave the dramas for the actors, coz they don’t sing and they need the job..hahaha

        • Aya

          “plastic dolls”

      • 6.2.7 Rin

        I’m a Cassiopeia through and through but Yunho really??? just cast kang ji hwan back.i’ve heard he’s also pretty famous in japan. Lie To Me is doing well over there

      • 6.2.8 nikkyp28

        I’m not being mean but is Korea so short of good leading man these days? I don’t have anything against idol turning to acting as some really have gifted acting chops take for example his ex-TVXQ member Yoochun and JaeJoong but how I wish some stick to what they do best or as some commented harnest their skills by doing day soap or show commitment by taking some acting lessons.
        I’ll pretty much get annoyed if this turns out to be true becoz I so love that movie that I’ve seen it so many times.
        It’ll be a great diservice to it if Yunho get to do the drama. he CANNOT I repeat he CANNOT with his terrible acting do justice and would onyl hurt his persona further – imagine being compared to that of Kang Ji Hwan and be categorize as lacking by a humongous margin. I cross my finger this is only some news and nothing more.

    • 6.3 YY

      Eric! For broody sexy hoody appeal!

      • 6.3.1 jomo

        That is a great idea!!!!

      • 6.3.2 oozzeee

        ,I can also picture him as the bumbling geek that KJH was at the start..

      • 6.3.3 Boo


  7. Danna

    Hmmmm…i have a lot of goodwill towards KTH, thanks to her adorable turn in MP but if they were going to pick anyone from IRIS to play a badass cop (played so awesomely by Kim Ha Neul in the movie) I would’ve chosen Kim So Yun since she kicked way more ass there than KTH imo

    • 7.1 Daniella

      YES! YES! YES! AND she can totally play the cute bubbly part!
      YOU ARE A GENIUS Danna!

  8. Noelle

    I liked her most in the jdrama Boku to Star no 99 Nichi. I still don’t think she’s a great actress but she sure does shine in romcoms. I think she’ll do great in this. As for the bumbling boyfriend what about Daniel Choi. I think he would be perfect!

    • 8.1 jessly

      Daniel Choi is perfect! But he is doing Ghost soon, not as a lead…

  9. LeiDiAngelo

    Though I like KTH, I prefer if they stayed with Kim Ha Neul since she did a pretty good job in the movie specially. That aside, I want to see KTH with Won Bin for My Girlfriend is an Agent: I just want to see WB’s clumsy side .

    • 9.1 jessly

      I have a feeling Won Bin has pooh poohed dramas and will just do movies from now on.

      • 9.1.1 kjsfhkdjf

        agreed. he’s had his major major drama hit. he’s onto movies now in my opinion.

        • Biscuit

          Don’t forget that last year was the time for film stars to make their tv comebacks. If Jang Dong-Gun is seriously making a return to television (!!!) then there’s hope for seeing the rest of film stars making their television comebacks.

    • 9.2 Biscuit

      But would Kim Haneul actually redo an entire role again? It’s like redoing the entire movie… just longer.

      When you put Wonbin in the same drama as Kim Tae Hee, yes please! Are they like the only top stars that were very much prevalent in the classic melodrama era that has NOT starred together?

  10. 10 illia

    This is basically a drama remake of Mr & Mrs Smith then.

    • 10.1 Mystisith

      For me, if we talk about spy couple funny movies, the reference would be True Lies with Schwarzy and Jamie Lee Curtis. Which was a remake of a French movie (La Totale).

  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    YES! I was just talking last night with my friends that Kim Tae Hee must do another rom-com and BAM! here I am greeted with such news. Thanks you drama gods if this casting gets confirmed!

    I enjoyed the movie (and loved the KHN-KJH pairing) so I am looking forward to this drama remake. Definitely will be on my must-watch-live-list.

    Wonder who will the hot but clueless ex-boyfriend turned rookie spy?

    Jae Hee – he needs a good rom com after the abysmal CoW
    Kim Rae Won – definitely has comedic timing, plus a reunion with Kim Tae Hee after Lovers in Harvard (this drama sucked btw)!
    Lee Seon Gyun – he better drop his medical time travel drama for this! ^^

    oh wait.. YOON KYE SANG!!! Purrrrfect. Now THIS. MUST. HAPPEN.

    • 11.1 danna

      Agreed! This would be a great way for Jae Hee to get his groove back and he can do the beta male role like its nobody’s business….Yoon Kye Sang would also be a wonderful pick, especially since he’s been getting typecast into very similar roles lately and was so sorely underutilized in both Greatest Love and HK3

      • 11.1.1 danna

        also….there are those that are coming back from the army this summer / Spring including Lee Don Gun, Kim Nam Gil, Kim Ji Hoon, Kang Dong Won and Jung Kyung Ho…I think Jung Jyung Ho would be another perfect candidate taking into account his experience in rom-coms (Smile You) and action (TBDW)

    • 11.2 momosa

      YKS has a big budget project coming up. I’m afraid it’s not. going. to. happen.

      I’m all for YKS too!!

      • 11.2.1 danna

        That’s a total shame…Kim Rae Won is doing a new movie too

        • xiaoSxin

          YKS and KRW both have movies lined up already? Bummer… oh well..

          I think as long as they don’t cast an idol wannabe /idol hasbeen/plastic actors who can’t act (Yes SM I am looking at you) this drama will stay afloat with KTH starpower.. for a while

    • 11.3 LeiDiAngelo

      OMG . Lee Seon Gyun as the clumsy boyfriend turned rookie spy . HOW COME I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT ?

  12. 12 crazedlu

    i wish i enjoyed her acting.

  13. 13 Kayana20

    The drama gods really are listening to me finally KTH is coming back to tv. I love the way she acts and her genuine emotion. I just hope they find a strong lead for her to act off. It will be a hit then if the male lead is strong enough to hold his own even if people feel her acting is weak.I pray for no Yunho because it will bomb and he makes me cringe.

  14. 14 The Real CZ

    If Goddess Kim Tae Hee is in it, I’ll be watching it.

  15. 15 Yasmin

    Oh man Won Bin would totally be AWESOME! Was just thinking about him the other day, isn’t it time he’s cast in movie/drama?.. but i heard that if he does drama he wants to do melo :/
    But i dont think anyone can top KJH as the bumbling bf, he still makes me giggle, just remembering his girly screams and that phonecall at the beginning makes me lol πŸ˜€

    • 15.1 Laica

      The girly screams, OMG. They never fail to crack me up, no matter how many times I hear them. He should only ever do wacky characters.

  16. 16 jyyjc

    I wonder if they considered Ha jiwon as another candidate for this role ’cause it sounds like a role she would play.

    Had KTH never done My Princess, I probably would have flinched at the news of her considering this role so yes it is a good thing she’s got MP on her resume.

    Ok so if KTH doesn’t take this role, I would love it if Lee minjung or Lee dahae does ’cause I’d love to see them in a badass role. Or Song jihyo! Her Ace Jihyoness should say something.

    • 16.1 sha

      Yeah, Song Ji hyo is definitely on the radar. Her bad ass attitude definitely suit the character. I would love to see her acting in this movie. Nevertheless, it’s still great if KTH take this role. It seems like its going to be a really fun roller coaster ride, this drama i mean.

      Hey, how about some sexy sizzling lead actors like Jo In sung or Chun Jung Myung. Idk why but Chun Jung Myung suddenly stuck in my head. Oh my if Go Soo or Won Bin is the lead actor this drama is certainly a “MUST WATCH” for me

  17. 17 Cynthia

    Just watched the movie – I can totally see KTH in this. She’d be perfect. As for the male lead, I don’t see why Mr. ColaKiss couldn’t just step in and reprise his original role. His character in the movie really was a bumbling idiot and he really brought the doofus/funny.

  18. 18 Olivia

    tq GF

    Lee Sang Woo !!

    • 18.1 jomo

      OMG, yeee – yes!

  19. 19 student viewer

    I LOVED THIS MOVIE! Watched it twice on the flight to Korea from the states. Will totes be following the drama, if it comes to fruition.

  20. 20 Teetee

    Park Shi Hoo wil be wonderful for the role.

  21. 21 rjyuggy

    I wanna see Eric in another spy drama after the Myung-Wol disappointment. So I’ll for Eric as the lead man.

  22. 22 rjyuggy

    I wanna see Eric in another spy drama after the Myung-Wol disappointment. So I’ll go for Eric as the lead man.

  23. 23 djes

    At this point I am really really want to see my Jo Insung comes back to the dramaland, so how about him??
    I don’t really like KTH, but she’s still considering, right?

    My dream couple : Kim Seoyeon & Jo Insung.

  24. 24 kdramafan89

    I rarely comment but I just had to say something about this. First, KTH might not be the most naturally talented actress but she CAN act. She has the ability to make me believe her characters. In Stairway to Heaven I believed she was a psychotic lunatic. In Iris I believed her sweet but tough persona. In My Princess I believed she was the cutest college student/princess. As long as she continues to make me believe her characters I will follow her in whatever she does. And for anyone wondering why she is a big star, it’s because she has the total package<3

    Oh and if they cast an idol as her partner I will shoot someone. I'm tired of idols taking over the TV world. Unless you managed to major in acting/theatre I don't want to see you in my dramas/movies!

  25. 25 aX

    … and I hated the movie. Poor storytelling and overexaggerrated. I’m for them remaking it into a Kdrama instead. πŸ™‚

  26. 26 MJ

    Wondering if the person in charge of the production team will use the main source material with reinterpretations and extending it if fit the Korean TV-Drama with XX number of episodes.

    I guess this remake will use the same title as the movie hope the remake differentiates itself from the original.

  27. 27 Bluefyre

    My vote goes to Eric and Kang Ji Hwan !!! πŸ˜€

    Either would do spectacular.

    As for the Yunho rumors *sigh* Stop it, love. Stick with what you’re good at. LOL

  28. 28 Cam

    Yay!!! I still love her since that drama “Stairway to Heaven” and that movie “Venus and Mar” ~ she’s reaaally pretty!!! πŸ˜€ I will be looooking forward to this drama, of course. Also, I am hoping that this actor Won Bin would be join with her in this drama because I was impressed with Won Bin (he was doing so great job) in that successfuly movie “Man From Nowhere” ~ Keke! ^____~ v

  29. 29 shel

    I want Kang Ji Hwan. Too long since we’ve seen him and the last thing (LTM) was disappointing. He was awesome in the movie version of this. So far, the only Korean movie/tv show I’ve gotten my husband to watch…he loved it.

    If KJH can’t do it, Eric Mun would be nice. Or even Daniel Choi…I think he could do the slightly nerdy, bumbling thing.

  30. 30 SOS

    re: I hear that Jung Yunho of TVXQ is the lead actor of this drama.

    Β‘QuΓ© horror! Alguien, cualquiera, todo el mundo, por favor! SΓ‘lvanos de este horror!

  31. 31 noona msia

    i love kim tae hee. very very sweet in My Princess, though i didnt finish it. i am hoping she will someday be in the same drama with our very own Lee Min Ho. pretty + handsome… and what more do you want.
    is there are any chance of LMH and KTH get together.

    i dont wan LMH doing saeguk.. i want this one..pls

  32. 32 jazme

    happy to hear about KTH’s another proj since MP! pretty in that picture….ummhhh who’s gonna be her leading man here….can we try & pick for her? how about lee dong wook? (i’d luv SSH but he’s got the Dr. drama already sigh sigh i luv their chem), bae soo bin? kim nam gil if he’s out fr army at that time or kim ji hoon my favorite! πŸ™‚

  33. 33 roxyalso

    I like this gal’s acting, she will take this role and make it work, she is a good pretender and that is what it takes. Many actresses like KTH, YEH, Ivy Chen, Rainie Yang are strong talented leading ladies who, in my opinion, make what ever drama they are in, successful.

  34. 34 janice

    hey .., kim tae hee’s really really good .. she’s pretty good at forbidden love .., and i heard she’s doing great in stairway to heaven (haven’t watched it yet) ..well kim tae hee’s really good in whatever role given to her .. and about this drama , i’ve been searching for her new project this 2012 and i come up with this .. i think i can’t wait to see this drama .., though i also wan’t to see her again in a serious movie .. but i think this would be very great !! and WON BIN would be my bet for this movie or if not yoochun will do .. πŸ™‚

  35. 35 Lydia Sanagustin

    Kim Tae Hee is a good and really beautiful woman i’ve seen. . I love her role in IRIS… no doubt,she can portrait any, any kind of role and team up with Lee Byung Hun especially. I missed their team up, really..

  36. 36 fan

    isn’t it time to have a WON BIN & KIM TAE HEE pair in a drama? Come on Won Bin!! pls..choose this drama!! It’s been 10 years since his last drama……….

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