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Lee Min-ho stars opposite Kim Hee-sun in Faith
by | April 3, 2012 | 151 Comments

So if reports are true, fantasy fusion historical epic Faith has FINALLY found its hero in Lee Min-ho (City Hunter). Well, technically it had two other heroes before they had to drop out of the running; it’s kind of the drama that couldn’t keep a man, so I’ll go ahead and believe the Lee Min-ho news when I see him dressed in period costume and ditching his City Hunter gun for a sword and his car for a horse.

The drama has managed to hold onto its leading lady through all the hero drama, and actress Kim Hee-sun has confirmed (or re-confirmed, or re-re-confirmed, I’m honestly not sure anymore) that she’ll be sticking with the role. This will be Kim’s first role in six years, since 2006’s Smile Again. If you’re unfamiliar, she was one of the reigning It Girls for the better part of the nineties, and starred in almost every trendy drama I can remember from that decade.

So based on the latest description, Faith is actually YET ANOTHER time-traveling sageuk, which is maybe so common now that it’s gone from redundant back around to being funny. I guess technically Faith was supposed to air before all these other ones beat it to the broadcast punch, but that’s just the name of the game, ’cause now you’re just riding the trend instead of setting it. It’s set in the Goryeo era, where a warrior meets a doctor from the present and the two fall in love. Uh… Time Slip Dr. Jin anyone? Lee will play the warrior, a leader of the royal guard, and Kim the lively and animated… wait for it… plastic surgeon. HA. Okay, that’s pretty funny. What are they gonna do with a plastic surgeon in the Goryeo era?

At least now I see where the funny will come from, because before when they called it a fantasy-medical-fusion-historical-comedy, I thought they were just confused. At the helm is the dream team–PD Kim Jong-hak and writer Song Ji-nah–of Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn, and Legend. Rounding out the cast are Choi Min-soo, Kim Seung-soo, Philip Lee and Park Sang-won.

This will be both Lee Min-ho’s and Kim Hee-sun’s first foray into historical fare, so we’ll have to see if they can deliver. They’ve got a lot of obstacles–sageuk delivery, a ten-year age gap, and stunts for Lee–but whether it soars above expectation or goes down in flames, it sure has my interest.

Faith has landed a broadcast slot following Ghost and premieres in August on SBS.

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151 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. overwritinghistory

    hehe, plastic surgeon.

  2. smile134

    Well, I have to say that this couple looks… strange for me :|. Kim Hee Sun is still gorgeous, but taken into account that she is a decade older than LMH, I’m kind of skeptical. Anyway, it also depends on the script, and the drama already has 2 big names to attract Kdrama lovers :)

    • 2.1 Biscuit

      But LMH looks older then his age.

      Technically, he’s the “older” one in the time slip stuff. So…. does she call him o-bba or does he call her nu-na XD?

      • 2.1.1 otchosais

        knowing lee min-ho.. he might not address her as noona for the drama/script purposes…

        like what he did to sohn yeh jin in PT…

        hmm, as for the show, I am so excited seeing Lee Min Hot in a hanbok :) with mustache and all!

        waaah!!! finally mu AUGUST is ALIVE! :)

  3. redfox

    hmm. I wonder what kind of sidekick he´ll have. It would be so much more enjoyable if he had a sidekick.

  4. red

    Lee Min Ho in saeguk garb…hmmm thats going to be interesting

    • 4.1 Llamaesque

      This is kind of blowing my mind. If I was better at Photoshop, I’d make it happen right now 😉

  5. ck1Oz

    First time I would say, don’t even know what to comment.
    Are we supposed to rejoice? Huge age gap plus some way out plot devise and in saguek.

    Eish… is City Hunter going to save the day? Or are we going to have… yeah. What are we going to have for this drama?

  6. pampitsa

    I am sick and tires with the noona love theme. Have mercy people

    • 6.1 pampitsa


    • 6.2 silver

      I know that Kim Hee Sun is gorgeous and all…. but honestly speaking she’s old enough to be his aunt not just his Noona

    • 6.3 Biscuit

      And what exactly is wrong with relationships with women being older?

      • 6.3.1 Laica

        I have no problem with noona-dongsaeng love, but I have to agree that I’m tired of seeing it in dramas. I feel like I’ve watched the same story so many times that I just want something new. The noona love story always has the same conflicts and you can see them coming a mile away.

        • asianromance

          Pretty true. I don’t mind there being a noona-dongsaeng couple, but I’m tired of the “oh, but I’m older than you!” angst angst. Instead of noona-dongsaeng love being groundbreaking and unconventional, it’s becoming a drama trope.

  7. silver

    wait!!! Lee Min ho in a saguek??? Are we going to see his hair?????? and the leading actress is a DECADE older!!!! Something tells me am gonna miss Kim Nana

    • 7.1 Ivoire

      Ha, ha, ha, you comments were funny! Especially the one about missing Kim Nana :-)

      • 7.1.1 Ivoire

        Sorry, I meant to say “your (comments)” and not “you”

  8. blokkoms

    Lee Min-ho in sageuk garb? *fans self*

    I am worried about the ten year age gap, but I guess it would be an extension of the Lee Seung-gi/Ha Ji-won pairing in King2hearts.

    Anyway, I cannot wait for Lee Min-ho clad in armour, fingers crossed this does not fall through…

  9. jessly

    Sick of time traveling, where the fish out of water funny can only last the first few episodes. Like just a bait in the beginning, only to suffer with makjang and what not at the back. And yes I bet there will be the accompanying sidekicks.

    And OTP of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun? That guy deserves the hottest, not her.

  10. 10 Saima

    gahhh!! I stared at that pic far too long…scrolled down….scrolled back up & ogled some more!! heh

    • 10.1 Lise

      u perv u ; )

      • 10.1.1 Saima

        it takes one to know one!! 😉 I JUST REALIZED that Ji-nah also wrote What’s up!! I haven’t watched her older shows but WU was pretty awesome–despite the 15 min/epi cuts. It’s safe to say LMH is in safe hands wrt the apprehensions expressed to the odd female casting!

  11. 11 oi

    sorry, the age gap bothers me….

    • 11.1 Lovebug

      I don’t mind the age gap so much as this trend of guys in their early twenties playing like they are in their 30s.
      Why don’t they just don’t hire actors who are actually in the same age range as the character they are playing. (There are plenty hot actors of all ages…)

      That way we don’t have to fight the whole – Oh you were literally in highschool in your last drama (a year ago) and now your 30….

      That said I love Lee Min ho and Lee Seung Gi who have and are now doing this.

    • 11.2 dianne

      Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

  12. 12 observantzani

    I’ve seen Lee Min Ho in a saeguk outfit before. Anyone recall this pic:

    • 12.1 Maymay

      Here is another one.


      • 12.1.1 Ivoire

        Hi Maymay, that gif had the SBS seal on it, on the right side of the screen. Was Lee Min Ho in a drama on that (moving) picture? I am just wondering because I thought (based on the reports) that he had never been in a sageuk before. So how do we explain your gif and the pictures posted by Linda165 (he seems to be wearing the same outfit as the one on your gif) and the SBS HD seal on the gif?

        I am a little confused… Thanks to anyone who can help.

        • Ivoire

          Now I am thinking, since this is a drama by SBS, maybe they have started filming (after all there is at least one gif and the SBS logo on it) and that is where the gif comes from and maybe the subsequent picture by linda165.

        • Ivoire

          Or maybe, it was just a promotional gif/video thing for the drama. Ok, I am overthinking this. I will stop now :-)

          • Linda165

            Hehe! I really don’t know where these pictures are from. I’ve been searching too :)

          • Ivoire

            Thank you for trying, Linda165 :-)

    • 12.2 Linda165

      Saeguk garb and saeguk hair!!

      Like this:


      • 12.2.1 Kiara

        Love those pics Linda. He looks pretty darn good with the hair and all.

        • Kiara

          BTW is the original Bae Yong Joon from The Legend?.

      • 12.2.2 Lise

        ok i am officially sold, roll on August!

      • 12.2.3 otchosais

        waahh!!! he’s like bringing the CITY HUNTER hawtness in the SAGEUK land!!!


        • ilovemandoo

          Seriously. Couldn’t picture it, but am now thoroughly excited <3

    • 12.3 cherkell

      Actually, that’s a traditional hanbok worn during Korean special events, like holidays such as Chuseok (Thanksgiving) and Seollal (Lunar New Year). But I digress… Lee Min Ho(t) back in a drama… with a Mane of Glory… starring alongside Choi Min-soo oppa?!? SIGN ME UP NOW!!! :)

  13. 13 kaidanmono

    Unless I’m very much mistaken, we’ve never had “woman travelling back to Joseon/Goryeo period and falls in love with local man” type of drama before, right?
    I’m excited about this just because of the novelty. Sure, story where a person from the past comes to our current age is fun, but I’ve always been much more interested in the opposite scenario. Maybe it’s my love for fantasy games/tv shows with a middle age setting?

    What makes it even more exciting is that she’s a woman. Usually it’s the guy that time slips. Looking forward to this one so they’d better have a good script!

    • 13.1 jessly

      For C-Drama, lots of women have traveled back in time to romance princes and kings, and recently too.

      • 13.1.1 Alvina

        Oh no, now I’m getting BBJX flashbacks :(

        • Biscuit

          OMG, I LOVE that drama! It was the only drama in a long time where I literally watched every episode and didn’t skip any part.

          Although I must say when everything unravels at the end, I was screaming at my pc “NOOOO!” because I couldn’t accept how it wasn’t a happily ever after. *sigh*.

          • Alvina

            *nods in agreement* It broke my heart that they left it open-ended. I kind of wished they included the bit that I read (translated) from the book about his life after she leaves the past.

            But, I suppose that made it all the more exciting to watch.

      • 13.1.2 Llamaesque

        It also kind of smacks of the novel Outlander, only with hanboks instead of kilts. (But here’s hoping Lee Min Ho isn’t forced by his society’s strictures to beat the crap out of the heroine :b )

        • JadeL

          @Llamaesque: I read that book and was so upset when I read that part. I couldn’t believe I was reading that, in that book genre.

    • 13.2 Ivoire

      Actually, there is such a drama and someone mentioned it on this blog, I think. I checked it out on Drama Wiki and the info was accurate. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of that drama or the name of the actress who time slipped. If it does come back to me, I will post it. I’m pretty sure there has been such a (Korean) drama in the past.

    • 13.3 ilovemandoo

      It’s exciting, but I also feel scared considering the society structure back then.

  14. 14 runawayflowerchild

    um this is a tinnnny bit awkward.i’m hoping they’ll change the female lead. on another note: LEE MIN HOOOOOOO!!!! :-)

  15. 15 daniela

    I read tree times the title and the description of the plot because of confusion.
    Could it be possible that the time travel doctors meet and have a coffee in the time tunnel? I want to be there 😀

  16. 16 Ani

    Funny how people seem to be bothered so easily about the age gap. Heh. I don’t really give heads or tail about their age gap as long as they both deliver. Here I thought we were in the 21st century where when it comes to love, as long as we’re in the legal age group, then age is just a NUMBER! *grumbles grumbles and grumbles some more*

    • 16.1 Linda165

      Well I’m with you. THIS noona really doesn’t care about age gap.

    • 16.2 kewbie

      Word. She doesn’t look like she could be his mom or anything. I’d give it a shot.

      • 16.2.1 kewbie

        I also should say that at least it’s not like the 14-year age difference between Kim Jung-eun and Kwak Hee-sung in “Hanbando”. To me, she still looks like she could play his mom in a different drama, especially if KHS didn’t have that mustache.

    • 16.3 Yellow

      yes, age does not matter, but I hope to give opportunities to other young actors, the same age as him, may be more appropriate than Noona … maybe it makes a big impact, sometimes so fed up with current trends where they take “Noona” as the female lead actress, it should not be problem to take a young and fresh ..
      what i like … for example like this couple..
      Kim SoEun-KimBum (20 )
      Song Seunghun -Kim TaeHee (30).

  17. 17 namcha

    Doesn’t Ha Ji Won and LSG have a big age gap too in 2 Hearts? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    • 17.1 gabilu

      Yeah. He’s 25 and she’s 32. They actually look good together.

      I think if they have chemestry, the age gap wouldn’t be an issue at all.

      • 17.1.1 houstontwin

        A 7 year age-difference is no hindrance at all! No one would say anything if the man was older.

      • 17.1.2 jyyjc

        They actually have a 9 year age gap.

        • Ivoire

          Yes. Lee Seung Gi turned 25 on january 13 and Ha Ji Won will turn 34 on June 28 (these are their Western ages. They are a year older in Korea). So they do have a 9 year age gap. I do agree that because of their chemistry, whether they are arguing or expressing the beginning of their mutual attraction to each other, that age gap does not seem to be an issue.

    • 17.2 Yellow

      tapi saya mahukan perubahan yang lebih segar dan tidak membosankan lagi.
      personal taste
      the moon that embraces the sun
      King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo
      itu semua kerja,tapi sampai bila?
      saya mahukan pasangan normal..hahaha

  18. 18 Kay

    I can’t help but think this woman, who had G-dragon call her grandmother because she found him to be an adorable little kid, is now playing the love interest to Lee min-Ho. Yea, at first I was worried she might come across as his auntie but if they have enough chemistry, they’ll pull this off. I’m excited it’s the female time traveling in a k-drama this time and I trust the writer. Should be good.

    • 18.1 Saima

      What, did you mention G-Dragon?! My current love!! On a serious note: she wanted him to call her ‘halmoni’!!!!!, and LMH is JUST a year older than GD!! Well, a couple years ago GD DID look like a baby so yeah not even omma but HALMONI!!

  19. 19 Kiara

    Hummmn not a fan of his acting and I havent seen any of her dramas but I may check it out because I love sageuks. I’m glad they are going for the Goryeo era cause lately Joseon has been done to death.

    • 19.1 Lise

      there’s a difference? thought it was all Joseon era he he!
      am seriously not bothered, just wanna see MinHOT twice a week again whatever the reason i dont give a monkey’s…

      • 19.1.1 Ivoire

        So now I have question: is there a difference in the clothing style of the Goryeo era versus the Joseon era? Is that something that some of us non Korean could differenciate? What else would be different between the two: speech pattern, food (I am just trying to think of things…) etc…?

  20. 20 Jules

    Hm, not sure how successful the age difference will be, but then again, Lee Min-ho does tend to play older than his years without it being noticeable and Kim Hee-sun doesn’t look 35 to me, so who knows.

    There’s also the fact that a younger woman – of, say, LMH’s age – being a (hopefully respected) plastic surgeon wouldn’t be all that believable. (although this is a kdrama involving time travel, so I guess what’s considered believable is a matter of opinion.)

  21. 21 Ladymoonstone143

    Finally I can watch Lee Min-ho with a mane of glory….BUT the lead actress, hopefully not. It is not exciting to watch if you can tell that there is no chemistry at all. Bring back Kim Nana….lol

    Ha Ji Won on the other hand…she can pull off that role and definitely will be good with anybody that she is working with. Now that I am re watching SG in Netflix, I wish she will work again with Hyun Bin…:)))

  22. 22 Yee

    I loved ‘smile again’ … kim hee sun’s last drama that time… Im weird for like all the melodrama there but yeah. I adore her, even though she not my fave. It is strange for me because the last time I saw her was like 6 years ago, and now all those years has pass… me wondering how she will look like now…

    But this is a plus for me now, since lee min ho is here. *Runs to tell the new news to my sister …

    Lol. She be screaming — Hyped up dudde!

  23. 23 Briggy

    I hope its true that Minho will be in it.I had heard that he had passed on the offer.

  24. 24 Briggy

    By the way,Lee Min-Ho once said he wouldn’t mind dating a woman who is 12yrs older!!!

  25. 25 jomo

    LMH back on my TV with an older woman? :)
    Hm! <3
    Possibley with a mane of glory, definitly in a hanbok.
    Hm! Hm. :) <3 Like that would be anything other than fan-TAS-tic?
    As I have said in the past, I don't care if LMH plays….wait for it….[the strangest thing I can come up with]
    An air traffic controller who is secretly addicted to helium, wears diapers to work, speaks only in haiku, listens to early WHAM (Oh, there WAS a change in their message, believe me) and has a pet park bench he feeds,
    he will be compelling.

    • 25.1 Linda165

      And we all know that park bench pets are so cute! So cute Minho + cute park bench = *dies in anticipation*

    • 25.2 Divyrus

      Right said Jumo!

      He will be darn compelling! He is one of those very few actors out there who makes us believe the character is real.

  26. 26 aoiaheen

    Choi Min Soo and Lee Min Ho? Together? I was a really really good girl yesterday wasn’t I?

    And the sandglass director? OMG! Now I can safely say I was a saint yesterday! How else would I be rewarded like this so early in the morning?

    Now all I need is one of “The Hand Towel In a Towel photos.”

    • 26.1 jomo

      Let the “Who looks better in a Hanbok?” wars begin!

      With all of the creative talent in this show, prepre to cry your FACE off, a!!

  27. 27 Linh

    What’s up with the castings in K-drama land lately? In Me Two Flower, I could not get pass the YSY and Han Go Eun. Not sure if she was his ex-girlfriend, relative, aunt, etc. And now this. Either actor is fine and yeah for LMH back to the small screen, but come on! Either get someone older for her or someone younger for him so I can at least believe in the relationship!

    • 27.1 oi

      yep…where is the like button…

  28. 28 Maymay

    Yeah, not sure how the pairing of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun will work out, but at least this will be an interesting drama nonetheless.

    Besides, I am just excited to see Min Ho in a sageuk. Mane of glory anyone? :)

    I’m sure Min Ho will do great in action scenes, City Hunter has proved that. However, the age gap does worry me and the sageuk speech will also be difficult to manage. Hopefully, Min Ho will deliver. :)

  29. 29 Nadia

    Lee Min-ho in saguek! I’ll definitely watch it.
    And Thank God she’s married otherwise we would’ve got another couple-shipping from his fans.

  30. 30 Alvina

    A couple of years ago, I would have said that I would watch Lee MinHo in anything, no matter how bad the drama. After all, I [kind of] made it through BBF and lived…
    I’m not so sure anymore.
    It has nothing to do with LMH of course but the hoard of amazing dramas that are out these days.

    Does anyone know when this will come out?

    • 30.1 Alvina

      nvm, summer drama *sigh*

  31. 31 wanne

    Lee Min Ho with the PD-Writer combo of Sandglass, where the writer also wrote Story of a Man and Whats Up. Whats not to love?!

    Seunggi and Hajiwon blows my mind with their chemistry. Let see if Minho and Heesun will be able make it work too.

  32. 32 Czmych

    If he is going to ditch his gun for a sword, and his car for a horse, where will his pink trousers go?

    • 32.1 MissMantin

      Pink hanbok, maybe? It’d be a weird look for a warrior, but, hey, he’s done it before!

  33. 33 Danna

    I’m so,amused that more ppl are bothered by the age gap than the fact that this is another time travelling drama…relax folks if puppy Seung gi can handle a 9 yr one i’m sure LMH will be fine….also Kim Hee Sun hasn’t aged very much….i’m worried because neither of them have sageuk experience and i’m beginning to hate the time travelling trend…..also i’m going to be so sageuked out before the end of this year

  34. 34 melica

    “A warrior meeting a woman doctor from the future” is the Outlander saga, except it was set in Scotland.


    • 34.1 jomo

      It would be smexy sageuk if they decided to go in that direction.

  35. 35 Karen

    Why?!?! Lee min ho why?!?! If you were gonna pick a saeguk why not pick one worth watching?!?! Why do you have to make watch this?!? Why are you doing this to me?!?! Sigh……oh well might as well get ready and accept it since I’m gonna end up watching this….

  36. 36 rainey

    Yay! Though the time travelling aspect has me rolling my eyes, because of my love of LMH and the revered reputations of the showrunners I’m optimistic with regards to quality.
    Also, not concerned by the age gap. Once I see them in motion it will either deliver or disappoint, I’ll give my two cents then.

  37. 37 MissMantin

    FINALLY – something that makes me interested in this drama! There is kind of an overload of time-travel dramas these days, but I’m always up for a good time-travel story, so that’s okay by me. Honestly I wasn’t a bit interested in this drama until I saw the premise (yeah, even when I thought Lee Junki would be in it, and then a few minutes ago when I saw Lee Min-Ho was doing it), and how refreshing is it that the GIRL will get to do the time-travelling this time?

    Most importantly, though: Yay for more Lee Min-Ho! And with a mane of glory!! Suddenly I’m *very* ready for this drama.

  38. 38 Momos

    Have faith, folks!! After all it’s Lee Min Hoo. He’s my first k-actor love…. Will continue loving him in every drama he’s starring no matter who his leading lady is.
    Min Ho ssi, Fighting!!!

    • 38.1 mena

      same, my first k-actor love too!! Sigh…

  39. 39 Nina


  40. 40 djes

    actually, this drama won’t be Kim Heesun’s first saeguk/period themed work, since she was in a movie “The Myth” with Jackie Chan.

    I don’t really like the idea of LMH & KHS’s pairing, but who knows maybe it can work?

  41. 41 snow


  42. 42 nomu nomu nomu

    I’m not too familiar with Kim Hee-sun, but she has atleast earned my respect. I’m one of whose who values good people traits, such as professional loyalty and faithfulness. The show has been extremely delayed for so long and yet she remains on the project.

    And how does some of the commenters want to reward such loyalty?, by changing out the actress simply because she does not match up to the recently JUST casted.

    As for the age gap, did we not already went through all the complaining with ‘TheKing 2 Hearts’ (it seems those crowd are quiet now with TK2H). Are we forgetting what year WE are living in???

    Maybe I can time travel into the future where people are not Shallow and Superficial, but that’s another Fantasy drama. but odd thing is, it would be a ‘fantasy drama’ NOT just because of time travel.

    • 42.1 danna

      agreed about the Shallow and Superficial

  43. 43 shirin-noona

    Aren’t there any young(er) actresses in Korea anymore?
    Every drama that I watch(moon/sun.TKH…),the girls are much older than the boys.Not necessarily a bad thing,but you know…

    • 43.1 Yellow

      yup..i think so

  44. 44 la dee dah

    Yay, Lee Min-ho!

    And I don’t care about the age gap. With all these western movies and tv shows that have much older guys paired off with much younger girls (like seriously, I can name movies I’ve seen with older girls paired off with younger guys on one hand), I welcome the opposite occurring frequently in Korean dramas!

  45. 45 KStyle

    Oh thank you Kdrama gods.

    Lee Min Ho is back!!!
    I’ve missed my hot pink pants wearin Oppa.

    I’m excited for this show, I can’t wait to watch it.

    And I’m so not even bothered about that age gap, age ain’t nothing BUT a number, it’s the acting talent you gotta worry about but I’m not worried cuz theyre going to murk this show and show alll the haters (keep hating on the talented ones, they still getting payed).

    Thanks for the update GirlFriday cuz I was wondering when this show was gonna act right and get back on schedule.


  46. 46 Divyrus


    I BELIEVE IN LEE MIN HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is gonna be utter awesome and carry on the show!

    Oppa how have I missed you! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 47 pigtookie

    definitely watching now.
    lee min ho and choi min soo? yesss. and the other men will surely be a delight to watch.

  48. 48 Alicia

    A lot of the sageuk dramas now are coming out of the Joseon era and going back to the Goryeo era now, aren’t they. I think I’ve noticed that with some of the news about these new dramas now.
    WHAT? Did Joseon get too popular and so they are going back to older periods now? LOL!!!
    As far as the age gap, I don’t think age is much of an issue if the main couple has chemistry and if the man doesn’t look like 14. And I think LMH looks his age of 24 which is a plus in this situation.

  49. 49 Senris

    Considering modern and historical life expectancies… If she’s going to stay with him, it’s probably a good thing for him to be 10 years younger than her. 😉

    Very excited to see Lee Min-ho returning to dramas!

  50. 50 Thatgirl

    Has anyone notice that Lee Minho is a total Noona-killer? Like I don’t remember the last time his leading girls were younger than him.

    Gu Hye Sun-3 years older.
    Son Ye Jin- I don’t even know….
    Park Min Young- 1 year older.

    Now Kim Hee-sun… 10 years?!

    On the contrary, I am SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS DRAMA!!!!! MINHO-AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 50.1 jomo

      Don’t forget GirlFriday who is like,
      3 MONTHS older, right?

      • 50.1.1 girlfriday

        I’m old enough to have him do the noona-pout-wiggle at me.

        Turns out, sometimes life IS fair. 😉

      • 50.1.2 jomo

        The image of him doing that is exactly the jumpstart I needed for this day.
        Please make that happen IRD (In Real Drama), writers.

        • Ivoire

          Hi Jomo, thanks for explaining what IRD means because I was going to ask :-)

  51. 51 Felicia

    thanks gf,

    I can understand, all Lee Min Ho’s fans Have To Say yes !! to whatever role he takes, you’ve got no choice right, being his fans ha ha !!.

  52. 52 nomu nomu nomu

    Son Ye Jin = 5 years older

    • 52.1 nomu nomu nomu

      This was a reply to post #50

  53. 53 Birdie

    There are a lot of sageuks out these days. Might be Sageuks overload! LMH does look older and matured, so this pairing may be alright. Furthermore his acting skills level is above most actresses his age, so no surprise that his female co-stars are older. The only concern is Time Slip, Dr Jin shares some similarities with this drama and will be shown before it. The question is will the viewers want to watch another time travel sageuk right after Dr Jin.

    By the way, does anyone know who is the female lead for Dr Jin?

    • 53.1 jomo

      I check soompi every day waiting for that bit of news.

      Who will be filler for THT/JJ sandwich?

  54. 54 AnotherFan

    Think the noona-loving trend of recent years is service from K-entertainment industry to the “cougars” of various ages which make up a significant chunk of the fan base – see how many hot male stars have been produced in the last few years vs. the legit female idols 😉 Not complaining though..
    I personally prefer another male star (please don’t throw stuff this way :-) ) to LMH but I can totally relate to the excitement/craziness/elation/whateverness of seeing my favorite guy on the screen – fulfilling that secret fantasy of making out and in love with an older noona

  55. 55 redfox

    I dont mind age gaps. women are real women from the moment they open their eyes to the world. But men sometimes take a lifetime to mature. In most cases, a romance with a younger guy is not impossible because of the age of the woman. it might be impossible, because the guy just isnt a real man yet.
    well…. Lee Min Ho. pretty boy. after City Hunter, I believe you can also handle a manly role. Or maybe this is going to be an adoring puppy in a warrior skin… nah, you have to be a real man. brace yourself, Lee Min Ho! Fighting! You can do it!

  56. 56 Lise

    oh boy! all this age gap/lack of chemistry whining. al go first and admit, unnie i am so fcuking jealous of u and for the inevitable skinship scenes u shall enjoy, so for the sake of us all paedo noonas please have as many NGs as possible, go for it girl, u only get to do it once!!!

    • 56.1 Ivoire

      Hi Lise,
      By Paedo noonas, did you mean to say “Pedo noonas?” (Just wondering…)

  57. 57 Pops

    oh my gosh!!!! I so hope this is a true story!!!! I just finished watching Sungkyunkwan Scandel where I totally fell in love with Yoo Ah-in’s character all dressed up with the awesome hair!!!! And now I get to see Lee Min Ho with awesome hair and warrior-ish??

    Bring it on I say!!! He can totally pull it off.

    And as I am new to K-Drama I am not sure who the actress is but she looks beautiful and I never would have even guessed there was an age gap except everyone is saying so!! :)

    Can’t wait!!!

  58. 58 Sommer

    Lee Min Ho Fighting!!!!!

  59. 59 Ashley

    Damn. This just went from something I was going to completely ignore to something I HAVE to watch. When will I sleep?!

  60. 60 asianromance

    Had faith always been a time-travelling romance. For some reason, i thought it was a fusion sageuk about ancient, eastern medicine – with a fantasy element that assumed to just be magic powers or magical healing. I wonder if they’re still planning to do it in 3d.

  61. 61 nas_election

    I don’t know. Not really a fan of Minho . I’m actually waiting for junKi to get cast again. If not just waiting for any of actor around her age. So bored of the noona thingy. Actually there are many actors around her age that is HOT. Where are them? hmm

  62. 62 ccinta

    Really happy that Lee Min Ho will be back in the dramaland. The age gap between him and Kim Hee Sun, I will not comment on it until I see the first few episodes.

    Look at The King 2Hearts; people were complaining that it wouldn’t work (before the drama started), but now most of them are eating back their words. So don’t judge the age gap before the drama airs.

    I almost lost faith in Faith because it looks to be a great drama, supported great actors who stick by it for more than 2 years and highly respectable PD & writer.

    I actually wish it will be aired on the same time / before Traveling Time with Dr Jin; unless it has totally different time-travel storyline (like Rooftop Prince & Queen In Hyun’s man).

    Last time I heard that the producer asked Faith to stop their production due to plagiarism issue. So it seems like the plagiarism issue has now been cleared.

  63. 63 LOVEY DOVEY

    Lee Min Ho has proven himself to be a good, hardworking and dedicated actor. He continues to take on new roles and challenges as, he once said, he wants to thank his millions of fans by doing his best in his assigned acting roles.He will definitely excel again although this is his first saguek. I am full of anticipation and have faith in this coming drama!

  64. 64 Ilwad

    When I saw the words, “fantasy fusion historical epic” and “time travelling” I just rolled my eyes and said, not again. Is it me or is there a theme for every year in dramas? One year someone comes out with a certain theme or setting and BAM everyone’s coming out with one. For some reason I keep imagining the different networks going all History of A Salaryman on each other lol

  65. 65 Yoendae

    GF thanks.

    Noona donsaeng again ! tired of this kind of drama.

  66. 66 Lady Seoul

    I hope this will spark my interest since all the time-traveling drama’s will have ended by the time this will have premiered. Let’s hope so, since everyone’s favorite man Lee Min Ho will be in it, hopefully. It have better be good if he’s going to confirm into this drama. haha

  67. 67 rozes08

    BUT 10 years of age gap…. they’ve got to be kidding. for me she’s waaay tooo old for LMH

  68. 68 Jaykah

    Can’t wait! I tend to like everything Lee Min Ho is in so I’m betting I’ll like this too. I’m liking the whole time traveling stuff even if there is a lot going around at the moment.

    Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho are such a good looking pair, I feel like I’ll be ignoring the story just so I can stare at them both haha

  69. 69 Belle

    Like the cast so far.

    LMH in a sageuk…interesting…looking forward to his performance.

    Now is this the same Choi Min-soo who is also playing Kim So-eun’s father in Happy Ending? He has a busy schedule. I don’t mind seeing him work, though, he was awesome as one of the Skylords in WBDS.

    Thanks for the news Girlfriday. :)

  70. 70 skylla

    A dream come true on my birthday!
    A new kdrama with Lee Min Ho!!!

  71. 71 Novella

    This is so great. It’s very fresh & i don’t worried about the age of LMH & KHS because they are very clever actor & actress.

  72. 72 Novella

    So great

  73. 73 sminut13

    I’m really anticipating this drama, can’t wait for it to be available online, complete with eng subs. i guess i’m asking for way too much and so i’ve gotta wait sigh
    i loved lee min ho in city hunter, i love dramas containing tons of action and romance so i hope there is that here.
    and somehow, i feel that kim hee sun and min ho can actually pull it off, somehow i feel that they might have good chemistry but that’s just my opinion. you never know. hopefully, they’ll be wonderful together.
    thanks for sharing this juicy news.

  74. 74 jenny

    she’s TOO OLD for him…
    GOD I can’t stand that.why don’t they choose another woman as his co-star??

    • 74.1 nomu nomu nomu


      let me ask you a question.

      If you were an actress and you were casted for a drama role. The drama goes thru many troubles and keeps getting delayed for a VERY long time, over two years infact.
      Yet you remain loyal to to the project and does NOT abandon the show.

      now, after over two years of loyalty, imagine they fired you because they just recently hired a new person and their reason was for shallow and superficial excuses. How would YOU feel???

      By the way, I like LMH as an actor, but if they need to match up the leads, then it’s LMH that needs to go.

  75. 75 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    I became a fan of Korean TV, when I first
    came across “The Immortal Admiral Yi Soon
    Shin” although it was, unfortunately, just the
    last few episodes. Then came “Dae Jo Young.”
    Out of the 134 episodes of DJY, I only missed 2,
    because I had to travel to another state for a
    week and wasn’t anywhere near a TV. :(

    Do I like Korean historical dramas?
    YEA, PAY-HA. (Yes, Your Majesty.) :)

    I’m looking forward to seeing this new drama.
    I’m sure that the heir of Shinwa, the apple
    museum designer, and the MIT grad from Texas,
    will pull off this new role and do a spectacular job.

    I have to wait until…WHEN…to buy the DVD?


  76. 76 Ana

    As long as Min-ho is playing a guy that’s same age as the leading lady, it’s all good. I mean, that’s what he’s always played, right? He isn’t a kid anymore. And I kind of liked time traveling historial fusion fantasy — like the chinese drama Bu Bu Jing Xin (however it’s spelled). yay!!

  77. 77 Missy

    Lee Min Ho looks mature for his age, nowadays trend is beautiful lead actresses are much older than their co-actor.Most korean actresses able to maintain their youth very well,Kim Hee Sun looks much younger than her age and is very rare for her to act again after she married a very rich and handsome husband in fashion business.
    Han Ga In’s was older than Kim Soo Hyun by 6 years but in TMTETS they both look almost the same age and their age gap does not hinders TMTETS to became a national drama ending with 42% ratings.
    All korean actresses that are naturally beautiful are in their 30’s those younger actresses in their 20’s either they are average looking or not pretty, so to speak.
    I loves both actors and looking forward for this drama ‘Faith’

  78. 78 Carinne

    I am very curious what surgical instruments the show can come up with relative to its era .

    LMH seems to attract scandals w/ his co-stars. It would be nice if any ‘next time’ becomes an exception for once.

  79. 79 candee

    this is weird…a histroical/fantasy/comedy/saeguk…wahh?? curious to exactly see what the dramas genre actually is by watching it, but i dunnoo…min ho said he wanted an ‘image change’…i liked his previous ‘image’…wooo city hunter…he was cool, funny, stylish, romantic and a total bad ass!…my perfect hero. But this character he is gonna play in faith seems very…ummm…stick in the mud type, someone who is strong and cool in a different way then to city hunter. a guy who is strict and bound by duties and who does’nt really have much of a sense of humour. Plus the 10 yr age diff with kim hee sun is unappealing to me…i don’t see the ‘chemistry’….i think park min yung was the best co star for min ho, …now they had definite chemistry and looked so adorable as a couple…hee sun is tooo old for him…ANDHEHHH!!

  80. 80 ilovemandoo

    The writer really does like Philip Lee ^ w ^

  81. 81 xing0606

    Why does lee min ho always get casted opposite older actresses? Kim Hee Sun is really pretty but a 10year age gap? I hope they acknowledge the gap in the drama and make it such that she IS older than him but he falls in love with her nonetheless. Am sure no one will believe they are of close age?!

  82. 82 pinky19

    Well… i like kdrama which lee min ho acting…. i dont watched when he acted wif female actress older than him.
    even personal taste … low rating !!

    btw all the best !!

  83. 83 mamae

    i will watch this drama simply because LMH is in it…..but i would rather watch him dressed in modern suits which suits him too well, after all he models a couple of popular brands, i like him better in modern period dramas, preferably if it is a comedy love story………..

  84. 84 Angelitocurioso

    Lee Min Ho-ssi…bring it on!! *drooling*!!!

  85. 85 Lisa Wong

    It is kind of insulting words to so beautiful Kim Hee Sun if there some stupid fans of Lee Min Ho make some non-sense comments that Kim Hee Sun is not matched with him She is very popular at the times that Lee Min Ho is still wearing diaper-lah.

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