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News bites: April 12, 2012
by | April 12, 2012 | 117 Comments

It’s the return of the News Bites! Can you believe it’s almost been two whole years since we did the last one? Either time flies or we’re lazy. Because those things are mutually exclusive and all.

  • All eyes were on Equator Man Wednesday, to see if it would take over in a timeslot vacant of princes. It jumped up from last week’s 10.2% to a series high of 14.3%… which seems low, to me, somehow. You’d think it could’ve scooped up more of the Rooftop / King pie (mmm, royal pie…), which adds up to about a 23% slice. But okay, maybe the parliamentary election was important and stuff. [Source: BNT News]
  • Rooftop Prince changed its mind and is only showing Episode 7 this week, pushing Episode 8 for next week. (The King 2 Hearts airs both 7 and 8.) Cue gnashing of teeth. On the upside, does this mean we may get a 1-episode extension down the line? [Source: Hankook Ilbo]
  • After years of wedding rumors, Jeon Ji-hyun (Blood the Last Vampire, My Sassy Girl) is finally gettin’ hitched in April, so she’s done a wedding-themed shoot for Elle magazine. I swear I’ve seen her dressed in a wedding gown a zillion times, so this looks like just another day in the park for Jeon. Another gorgeously coifed, perfectly made up, expensively outfitted day in the park. [Source: Chosun]
  • Lee Dong-wook and Shin Dong-yup’s first episode of variety talk show Strong Heart aired this Tuesday to 11% ratings. You know, when they announced that Lee Dong-wook would be taking over Strong Heart, we worried, only to find out that Shin Dong-yup would be the real MC and Lee Dong-wook his eye candy MC friend. The world, it makes sense again. Lee did well for his part though, with lots of cute banter, though it helped to have a bunch of his army buddies on as guests. Not the smoothest first outing, but a promising pair. [Source: Nocut News]
  • Sunday variety show 1 Night 2 Days has delayed filming a second time since key members of the crew have joined the strike. The next outing is now scheduled to shoot April 20-21. In order to make up for the week without an episode, the second half of the current trip will be stretched over the next two weeks. Way to announce that you’re going to edit in a whole bunch of filler, guys. [Source: Star News]
  • Yoon Kye-sang drops his latest project, crime thriller film Suspect, following Choi Min-shik’s departure from the production as well. The 10 billion won blockbuster from the director of Seven Days is now without a cast, and due to start filming in May. Er… maybe not so much. [Source: My Daily]

  • Miss Korea Lee Sung-hye

  • Huh. I know next to nothing about 2011 Miss Korea Lee Sung-hye, but is she a dead ringer for Eugene or what?. Are we sure she’s not just her time-warped reincarnated soul running around Seoul, causing mischief and mayhem? [Source: TV Report]
  • Hwang Jung-min’s coming off a disappointing drama run (Hanbando / Korean Peninsula) with a new role in a stage musical, playing Don Quixote in Man of la Mancha. Wonderful actor, brilliant in films, not so much lucky with the dramas. But with his film resumé (Dancing Queen, Moby Dick, The Unjust, Happiness), who needs dramas? [Source: SBS]
  • Park Han-byul (Yoga School, Oh My Lady) and Kim Ji-suk (Take Off) are teaming up for a horror-thriller movie Two Moons, which has just started principal photography. I wish I could like her more, I do, but she seems to epitomize the generically pretty, generically bland lead actress of the industry: She’s good looking, but lacks charisma. He can be super hit or miss, but at least he’s an entertaining miss (see: Personal Taste, Hometown of Legends 2009). The movie plans to release in July. [Source: FNN News]
  • Okay, this headline is super disappointingly misleading: “Equator Man Uhm Tae-woong Lee Jun-hyuk Kiss Scene Face-off ‘Bus Kiss’ vs ‘Drunk Kiss.’” Javabeans’ reaction: “OOH! OOH!” followed by “Ohhhhh, you mean kissing other people…” Girlfriday’s reaction: “That is so misleading! Man-Kiss! Man-Kiss!” [Source: TV Report]

117 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Fab

    Say what, no man-kiss?!

    • 1.1 Fab

      No movie for YKS?? *Sob*

    • 1.2 djinni

      angry, vengeful man-kiss? yes, please!!!

  2. jessly

    I would pay to see Uhm Force and Mr Prosecutor kiss in Equator Man. That’s true love, LOL.

  3. Bengbeng

    great! thanks for this News Bites. made me want for more =)

  4. MsScorpion

    Woooow 2 years….

    Welcome back News Bites
    Please visit often

  5. Saima

    Jeon Ji-hyun is soo bloody gorgeous! I just re-watched My Sassy Girl a couple of days ago and felt a little nostalgic….I watched it around 5 years ago and that was my FIRST K-ent outing!! It was such a poignant movie. It’s a good thing I didn’t know where I could access K-movies at that time or else school would’ve suffered.

    In any case, many congratulations to her & her soon-to-be hubby!! btw, in the Korean culture do they wear their engagement ring on the right hand?

    • 5.1 Nicole

      Yeah, I noticed that in dramas, they always slide the engagement ring on the right hand! …why?

      I thought it was Han Ga-in in the wedding photo until I read it is Jeon Ji-hyun. Congrats to her though. ^^

      And sorry to say, but Miss Korea is not very pretty…but maybe she makes up for it in talent and smarts?

      • 5.1.1 momogi

        I thought it was Han Ji-won in that Elle photo before I read the news.

        • momogi

          I mean Ha Ji-won (just watch Equator Man and got confused)

  6. mariolawpanda

    MAN-KISS! MISLEADING! Justice must be served on those who deceives us of our bromance fantasies! Haha.

    • 6.1 Mystisith

      Ditto. It’s psychological torture. We could sue!! 🙂

    • 6.2 anotheraddict

      I was trying to imagine how the writer could get Sun Woo and Jang Il to have multiple kiss scenes (given the current narrative), and I thought maybe Sun Woo’s cooking up some Revenge à la Princey: I’m going to make it so that he spends his entire life thinking that I love him, so that he can’t marry anybody, and dies old and alone. And then! The second he dies, that’s when I say: I never loved you… at least not since you tried to kill me.

      Now I’m wishing that Jang Il’s pummeling of Sun Woo with his fists then a pillow (in ep. 6) had ended in a passionate love-hate embrace– that would’ve been daebak!

      • 6.2.1 ~Feather~

        *imagines scenarios*
        XD AAAAAHHH! It’s too much!
        Now I want to see him use those lines and have it happen!

        Excuse me while I go cry in the corner for another thing the universe won’t let me have. T^T *sob*

  7. haruko

    “OHH! OHH!”

    LOL. Thanks for the sound bites!

  8. Alby

    I was sooooooooo down for a man-kiss!!!

  9. Pororo's bride

    Uhmm… Where’s the King 2 hearts recaps?

    • 9.1 Saima

      TK2H didn’t air yday due to elections…..Ep 7 & 8 will air back to back today!

    • 9.2 jessly

      It’s not even broadcasted yet, how to recap? 2 episodes tonight.

    • 9.3 Cruelsummer

      The show did not air yesterday due to the election in Korea and if my timing is correct the most recent episodes are currently airing. JB and GF are awesome, but don’t possess the superhuman powers to be able to recap a drama in progress 🙂

      • 9.3.1 Mystisith

        And i suspect this is why we have this news bites: It’s to give something to read to a bunch of impatient and turbulent fans waiting for their dose! Is there a way to do a virtual pillow fight? I have some bottled up energy…

        • jubilantia

          *WHOOSH*FWAP* ~feathers~

          • Ani

            *ducks* Hey, watch where you’re aiming that thing. XD

            That was an epic swing by the way. Hahaha.

          • ~Feather~

            *uses feathers to tickle everyone*
            If I make everyone pass out laughing, they can wake up next week to watch their shows! *gives angelic smile*
            …if they wake up… *sideways glance*

        • Saima

          okay, ppl I just finished watching Ep 7 & 8….barely understood a word…..i cried, laughed and SWOONED!! Let’s just say I was totally blind-sided w/……!!! CANNOT.WAIT.UNTIL.RECAPS.UP…so that I can lskedjfsdlfjsdlfkjsdfjsdfsfdlkjsd!! ickkk, and now I have to go and studyy!! oooh, fun!! *rolls eyes*

          • Saima

            am talking abt TK2H….how presumptuous of me to expect others to understand the subject w/o the context!! 😀

          • Ivoire

            Hi, where did you watch it, please?

          • Saima

            @ Ivoire: Live streaming’s available at: http://www.ionair.tv

          • crizzyville

            that’s go-to site for kdramas and kmovies with great subtitles… live streaming for tk2h and rtp though you gotta pay now for it cos they’re saying servers crash due to multiple users access especially during live streaming time.. but most are free! it’s a gem i discovered by following tk2h news… <3

        • Rovi

          Hmph, wish JB & GF did this sooner when TMTETS’s final week-duo episodes didn’t air last time d/t ongoing really-bullshit saga of “Political Criticism on the Airwaves: Yes or No, and Explain” oust Lee Myeong-bak and the MBC pres. AKA the broadcasters’ and now entertainment peoples’ strike… *le sigh*

          If only People Power were a handy move in Korea like that in the Philippines in the late ’80’s…

          Well, besides a virtual pillow fight, how about we do funny and no less than sexually-undertoned macros of drama screencaps instead? Way more interesting that cropping up funny macros of KPop, and I’m sure JB & GF has plenty of screencaps here…

    • 9.4 jomo



  10. 10 zsa

    uh noo,,,as much as i love K2H, no extension pleaseeee…20 eps is already a lot…what happened to 16 eps drama…neways,,,not complaining, but no extension just to follow others…unless the story calls for it…

  11. 11 Iska

    Aww, no man-kiss? *retreats into blissful and unspeakably corrupted imagination*


    • 11.1 jomo

      You forgot a letter.
      Someone Man Lip this!

      • 11.1.1 Rovi

        Nyahahahaha~! Approve~!!! XD

  12. 12 lil

    First time I actually read a “New bite” ^^It’s pretty Cool =D

  13. 13 lizzzie

    Aw man, no Rooftop marathon tonight…. Maybe it’s a strategic move, so they won’t have to battle it out for finale ratings with the other 2 shows down the line?

    I just gotta share this, Yoochun tweeted a hilarious photo.
    It says: “Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Captain Rooftop Men”. Nuff said.


    • 13.1 jubilantia

      OHMAHGAH it totally fits. That’s hilarious. Thanks for linking!

    • 13.2 shirin-noona

      Here are some other photos of the rooftop gang!
      They are a hilarious bunch!

    • 13.3 Ani

      Okay, I love the guys and all – cute, hot, funny, a whole load of awesomeness balled up into one (or 4). But is it weird that I think Park-ha seems pretty epic-ly badass? Part of it could be because I know she’s the Mother Duck to her ducklings, but also because she looks like a saiyan and with a wrong move from the enemy she is ready to transform into a super-saiyan. She is totally channeling her inner Goku. All she needs is a flame of energy surrounding her.



    • 13.4 Rovi

      That made me sad, but this made-up for it, though…
      Chunnie’s a fan of Capt. Planet I’m sure…! And look at their fucked-up derpy faces, I hope JB & GF mention this in the next recap…XDXDXD~!

  14. 14 mud

    Yeah!! News bites!!

    I wonder if there’s something wrong with the movie Suspect for both of its stars to leave.

    I was staring at that picture of bride-to-be Jeon Ji-hyun for while and trying to figure out what was wrong with it. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the wedding shot looks too sterile and un-wedding-like…perhaps even sad? It made me think of the rose in the glass case from Beauty and the Beast.

  15. 15 eternalfive

    Oh wow, the News bites are back again! 😀 Nooo, how can Rooftop Prince change its mind, gaaaah. D:<

  16. 16 nuri

    I felt bad for 1n2d season2. Its difficult enough to continue such famous show without strikes and all. Hope everything went well.

    Excited that tomorrow I’m going to have 2 episodes of k2h just in time for weekend.

  17. 17 Cynthia

    I’m liking News Bites – little ‘drive-bys’ of celeb news snippets.

    Saw this yesterday – it should be filed under the heading of ‘Irony’.
    “Due to recent events Ryu Shi Won had stopped filming for his upcoming drama “Goodbye Dear Wife.” As we reported earlier, Ryu Shi Won’s wife “Jo Soo In” filed divorce papers on March 22” – Soompi

    Sometimes, shotgun weddings don’t end well.

    • 17.1 jomo

      Who stops filming because of a divorce?

      Think of the state of Hollywood if that were the case here!

      • 17.1.1 jomo

        They may have sounded more callous than I wanted it to.
        I am not belittling the pain and seriousness a couple experiences during a divorce.

        • Jerbo

          I just find it incredibly ironic that he’s getting a divorce while filming a show called “Goodbye Dear Wife”. Surely I’m not the only one who had a snort at that?

    • 17.2 Ani

      *gasp* Nooooo. I’m not “no-ing” on the divorce since I have no idea what the circumstances are for them. I’m “no-ing” because he stopped filming. I don’t know why, but there’s something about that guy I absolutely love. I wouldn’t say he’s outright hot by popular standards (whatever the hell that means), but everytime I see his picture or him on a drama/movie, my brain pretty much screams “Holy cow and shitzus alike, Ryu Shi-won is HOT”. Which is also pretty weird because he’s one of the original poster boys for “baby faced actors” if I’m recalling correctly. He just has that endearing air about him. Heh.

      I hope everything works out for both parties, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the show will go on with Ryu Shi-won included.

  18. 18 Chase

    I dont understand the obsession on bromances and now, man-kiss? gross. Cant stomach anything that has something to do with same sex intimacy. LGBTs are seriously destroying the society and its foundations. Theyre viruses spreading diseases.

    • 18.1 Mystisith

      Obviously you don’t understand with your brain, you have little love in your heart, and you hold a lot of hate. I pity you, because love is a universal feeling, and affection is something we all need.
      Just to inform you, STDs are not specific to gay people.
      Homosexuality has always existed in all human societies, and as far as i know the Earth has more an overpopulation problem than anything else.

      • 18.1.1 Chase

        Obviously, you dont understand what youre talking about. We hate for the right reason just as we do love for the same. No such thing as third sex, believe it or not. They are a threat to the very foundations of humanity. Thats the truth. Dont be fooled when they tell you theyre born that way, no theyre not. Just because a freak singer tells us that doesnt bring it closer to the truth. They parade themselves as if theyre living noble. Worse, they promote homosexuality prompting others to unleash gayness in us. WTH!

        • Mystisith

          Gay people don’t scare me, because they never did me wrong in anyway, and because i’m at peace with my own sexuality (chocoabs forever!). My best wish is for everyone to find true happiness in this world. I don’t know who is the freak singer you’re talking about, but he sure triggered something in you. And then, I’m quite sure he is not the most important thing in your life. Use your energy for something positive, meaningful and creative: Take care of your dear ones instead of hating public figures. That’s my way of thinking.

          • Ani

            I think Chase is talking about Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way” song.

            *pats Mysti on the back* Come on Bubb, don’t work yourself up over an anonymous being over the internet. I used to get mad about people with this way of thinking when I see it on the internet, but some hearts (and minds) cannot be easily changed over the internet or through logic. Best not to feed the troll. *puts on LGBT Alliance Shirt and wears it around work for the day*

          • Mystisith

            Thanks Ani! Back up appreciated… I just can”t help it, even if i am not the “target” of the attack. I know human beings tend to classify people in groups (i’m not immune to it either), and i know we want to find culprits for all the nasty things in this world. I just can’t stay quiet: Systematic hate of any kind is the most toxic emotion ever, for everyone involved.

    • 18.2 javabeans

      I think this conversation has been pretty even handed so thanks to everyone for that. On the other hand, this gets close to hate speech so I’m shutting down this conversation. I think it’s fair for people to express their differing opinions on issues, but I have no tolerance for hate speech.

      • 18.2.1 Kiara

        THANK YOU.

      • 18.2.2 Rovi

        Amen. And thanks for the “Dramabeans ex Machina” @jessly is requesting…

      • 18.2.3 Ani

        Whoa. This is time-stamped before my comment, but it wasn’t there before. *tries to remember if computer was idle for a while before my comment was made* Sigh. Sorry if it seems like I was ignoring your wishes, and thanks for running Dramabeans.

    • 18.3 Peeps

      “Theyre viruses spreading diseases.”

      Oh, wow, really? Hmm…
      Thank you for pointing out something I never noticed or knew of before.

      Sarcasm aside, I think that if you’re not comfortable with stuff related to inimate same sex acivities, it’s fine, because I am not, too. However, to say that LGBTs are viruses spreading diseases, it’s going too far. Also, homosexuality is NOT a “spreadable disease”.

    • 18.4 periwinkleblue

      Okay so the first half of that comment is one thing, but the second half was rather uncalled for. At first I kind of sympathized because I find on-screen intimacy of any kind awkward to watch. Then you got on your soapbox, though, and that’s where I stopped sympathizing. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but another entirely to insult other human beings due to prejudice.
      For the record, I don’t approve of homosexuality for religious reasons, but it’s the same disapproval I have for any other sins. Like lying and envy. I’m not perfect and I have my own downfalls, so who am I to condemn these people simply due to their sexual orientation? They could just as easily condemn me for different reasons. So if I’m going to do that, I might as well condemn every person who doesn’t believe the same things as me or act the same way, but that assumes that I’m correct in everything all the time, which is of course impossible. You don’t have to care about or understand what I said, because I know I’m getting preachy and preachy is annoying, but it’s just something to think about next time before you go publicly insult entire demographics.
      Also for the record, liars are seriously destroying society and its foundations. And I think lying is a slightly more widespread “disease” than homosexuality. Point made.

    • 18.5 jessly

      Yucks. Any chance of some Deus Ex Machina here?

      • 18.5.1 Karen

        What does that mean?

        • Mystisith

          Javabeans intervention. Hopefully… and sadly.
          I hate when it happens. 🙁

          • Karen

            Tnx mystis. My brain is a bit off today, so you dont like that hapening, why?

          • Mystisith

            @ Karen: I always feel a bit guilty for a reason, like a kid who broke a vase and ruined the mood of the party. We should be able to have fun on dramabeans without troubling the parents, and i just feel bad for JB and GF. Maybe i’m just oversensitive today…

          • shirin-noona

            Mystisith Unni!Don’t be sad!And don’t let people you don’t know upset you.It’s not worth it.Hugs:)

          • jomo

            I like the interventions.
            It is their site, afterall, and it represents years and years of blood, sweat and tears, which I don’t think casual readers understand.
            If someone starts (and this case maybe accidentally – giving the benefit of the doubt here) a comment war, JB/GF loan the rest of us THEIR voice to protect what we love here.
            It is nice to have a reminder once in a while, that we stand together against what is wrong.

      • 18.5.2 Karen

        Tnx mystis. My brain is a bit off today. So you dont like that hapening, why?

    • 18.6 jomo



    • 18.7 Rovi

      Y’know, if you can’t stomach bromance and go firing off your puritanical-rigid homophobia here in this community, I suggest you keep your bitterness and you stone-cold heart off to yourself.

      We don’t need people and anti-fans like you, and before you get yourself (and your comment) deleted and booted off or kicked out of this drama-sharing community and be stoned to death with (harsh and frank-and-straight-to-the-point) comments from netizens like us, don’t stray off on everyone’s paths here, ’cause unlike you we have wide understanding minds and open loving hearts that can’t tolerate hair-thin-minded people like you.

    • 18.8 javabeans

      Okay, folks, time to let this thread die. I know it’s tempting read an incendiary comment and want to get in your licks, but I think the tangent can come to an end now.

    • 18.9 Swye

      hahahha. Aaaish. This is more funny than offensive. If you really believe what you wrote, I pity you.

  19. 19 soiia

    Are Strong Heart’s rating normally higher? Like with Lee Seung-gi and Kang Ho Dong?

    And I love News bites! It’s like a big picture of k-drama inductry, but à la dramabeans 😛

    • 19.1 Swye

      I don’t know how it was with Lee Seung gi and Kang Ho dong together, but when it was just Seung gi, I think it used to average at ~11% in Seoul and ~10% nationally. The last two episodes had the highest ratings of 11.6% nationally and 13.8% in Seoul.

      If 11% rating is for throughout Korea, I would say that’s a pretty good start.

  20. 20 elizabeth

    thanks for the news bite. lets have more of this please?
    and jeon ji hyun looks really gorgeous, this girl just know how to work the pose and I can see the carats hanging off her finger. LOL.

  21. 21 SOS

    For some reason I read “New Bites” and was expecting a post about vampires… hehehe

    News Bites is fun….

  22. 22 nomu nomu nomu


    loving this news-bites, has a variety of celebs and K-entertainment industry news. I like that there was no celeb gossip related news (who’s dating, who’s breaking up, blah blah type of news)

    hope to see news-bites more often in the future, if your schedule permits (perhaps, something like your Podcasts schedule would be ok).

  23. 23 shirin-noona

    One episode of Rooftop Prince is just not enough:((

    • 23.1 shirin-noona

      Oh and News bites,awesome!Thanks.

  24. 24 missjb

    I’m pretty much hooked with equator man right now.. Glad the rating rise. God… I want to know what happen next! Drama oh drama what u have done to me?

  25. 25 erika

    more news……. no more We Got Married

    • 25.1 sugarpunch

      HEHH?? why????? :((

      • 25.1.1 Mystisith

        Eh! Lee Jang-woo has to get ready for I do, I do with Kim Sun-ah. Can’t wait for that drama next month: Who will eat who? Preparing chopsticks, spoons and a LOT of napkins…

    • 25.2 Rovi

      on the bad side…Leeteuk disapproves… *groan*
      So much for him enjoying Kang So-ra, ’cause I really disapproved her on Dream High 2…

      on the plus side, yay for us idol-loving freaks who love fanfics and pairings way too much…XD

    • 25.3 Cynthia

      **hands over ears** It’s only a rumor lalalalalalalalal….

      Seriously, it is only a rumor. MBC ran out of footage and substituted ‘Music & Lyrics’ in the timeslot. The WGM PD stated that they’re planning on resuming filming once the strike is over.

  26. 26 Emeldy

    Ohh.. News Bites. I used to follow it religiously. Seriously was the last one, two years ago. I feel old……

  27. 27 Chase

    I appreciate your levelheadedness. Its my opinion. From what i see, thats what most of them are suggestin based from the kind of lifestyle they live. Cant blame the haters.

    • 27.1 Chase

      Meant for periwinkle blue

  28. 28 Peeps

    Yes, I do know that “spreadable is not a proper word and so I put it in between the quotation marks. I thought that you would have noticed, unless you require me to write it as such: “”spreadable” disease” or use terminology like infectious, contagious, tramissible or communicable.

    Also, there an illogical point in your one-line retort. Not all diseases are communicable. For example, cancer is not, and so are heart diseases and genetic diseases.

    Even if this deviance in socially accepted sexually orientation is a disease, (since we still do not know its causes), so far, it has only been found to be genetically related. Perhaps you would like to read this: http://www.boston.com/news/globe/magazine/articles/2005/08/14/what_makes_people_gay/

    Therefore, the above point that you made is moot.

    Also, I didn’t really touch on this point (“LGBTs are seriously destroying the society and its foundations.”) but if you are answering, please do go into details, especially how the former causes the latter, with evidence. Also, if you could, please define “destroying the society and it’s foundations” and even before doing that also define the foundations of society. It would be better if you could define which society you will be refering to.

    Thank you very much.

  29. 29 Carinne

    Did JJH lose some weight? Pre-wedding stress? I hope she fattens up for a baby bump to fill up her wedding finger and make that ring more attractive looking.

    What is going on w/ LDW’s hair on Strong Heart? This I gotta see.

  30. 30 Suzi Q

    How times flies! My Sassy Girl was one of the first Kdramas which I watched and got hooked. Jeon Ji hyun was my son’s favorites, so he will be very disappointed with the news. She still looks always so beautiful.
    I’m hooked on Equator Man. Lee Jun hyuk’s eyes are popping out and Uhm Tae woong’s blind expressionless eyes are a kick to watch especially when Jang il beat him with a pillow. The more badder his character gets, more bromance, better ratings.

    Thanks for coming back, News Bites!

  31. 31 janet lee

    thanks for these newsbites! they were a lot of fun, kinda like Jezebel’s dirbag but fluffier. i hope they make a reappearance.

    and the comments section is an entertaining too read as always…

  32. 32 canxi

    Lol at first I only read New (without ‘s’) Bites and thought this was another poorly named vampire drama. I’m OK with being wrong!

    Hmm, I haven’t seen Strong Heart yet though I want to,lol. (Lee Jin Wook is on it guys omg!!! and Lee Dong Wook too. Both of them. @_@) Hehe, I think he’s funny, in that dry way–that I like, but I guess he’s not used to being funny with a crowd yet. I guess Shin Dong Yup is the more conventionally funny one?

    What will Yoon Kye Sang do now?? Probably not another drama, since he just got off a 120 ep. drama set. I’d like to see him in a role that “ruins” his image. Just something I wouldn’t expect from him where he’s not the object of affections (or not technically anyway, since you know….it’s Yoon Kye Sang.)

    Totally agree about Park Hyan Byul. I’ve seen her in secondary roles and she’s pretty forgettable. I wonder if it’s mean to say I think a good portion of her fame comes from being Seven’s girlfriend? I know she has a clothing brand and is a model but I don’t think she shows charisma in that either (the modeling). I DO like Kim Ji Suk though, and I’m glad he’s back (I know he’s also on the new Strong Heart episode).

    Ah! And congrats to Jeon Ji-Hyun 😀

    • 32.1 jomo

      If you want to see a really bad YKS, watch him with Ha Jung Woo in:
      Beastie Boys/The Moonlight of Seoul (2007)
      Apparently, the director believed in realism, and they were really drinking during the filming.

  33. 33 sugarpunch

    wahh.. I just saw drama up in the earlier comments ^^ lighten up people! we stand united on dramabeans despite our differences because we all love one thing: KDRAMAS FTW!

    It’s quite amazing sometimes… so many people all around the world on one site. (no, i’m not a tech virgin. just amazed by the internet sometimes.) So we should be peaceful. OHMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    on to the substance!! awwww i feel a little down this week cos rooftop prince and 2d1n are being dragged out. but i guess, that means less distraction for my upcoming exams.

    Shin dong yup is the mc for strong heart too?? i love that guy, everytime he smiles i wanna pinch his cheeks! btw, I can’t bear to watch equator man!!! I realise it’s because it has my beautiful Lee Jun- Hyuk being a meanie, and the guy who always suffers is Tae Woongie. He’s like a puppy! can you imagine being mean to a puppy?!?! omg.

    • 33.1 Rovi

      Eom Tae-woong would be a puppy if he and Chep-nim are together, LOL~!!!

      • 33.1.1 sugarpunch

        I love the bromance between those two guys!!! hahaah. If you are not careful you’ll get them mixed up. Seriously, they look SO alike…

  34. 34 Rovi

    News Bites…last one I think was when the peeps in “SKK Scandal” were being finalized…

  35. 35 Noelle

    MAN KISS! Consider it visualized.

    I like News Bites! I don’t think I was here for the last one. Or maybe I was? Bad with time. Anyways, I wonder if any actors are supporting the strike? Does anyone know what the strike is about or where I can find an article discussing it? I’m always interested in that stuff.

    I think Miss Korea is pretty. Her crown is awesome! Ha, just yesterday I was watching Little Miss Sunshine lol. Just reminded me of little Abigail dancing to Rick James hahahaha. Classic.

  36. 36 redfox

    I dont mind just one ep of Rooftop this week, cause two in a row, I dont think I could handle that.

  37. 37 Schmazel

    Other brides wear tiaras, but Jeon Ji Hyun wears a crown. A very pretty one at that.

    Miss Korea, to me, looks like the lady tango instructor in Scent of a Woman. I think it’s in the eyes.


  38. 38 Kandy

    This is fun 🙂

  39. 39 Abbie

    Miss Korea’s crown is pretty. I want one! lol.

  40. 40 jumbalaya

    Thanks for the newsbite! I just found drama beans so I didnt know it existed 2 years ago, but they’re really helpful and interesting! And no, you all guys aren’t lazy, time flies and there’s so much news to cover 🙂

  41. 41 jane

    hm. I don’t think I’ve ever since news bites before. I really enjoyed all those quick headlines. I hope you keep this up 🙂

  42. 42 Overbitegirl

    I am just happy to hear Strong Heart is doing well with the new MCS. Love that man Lee Dong Wook. Wish him all the best!

  43. 43 Aya

    Lee Jun-hyuk and Jeon Ji-hyun are flawless, congratz to her marriage

    lol @same shitstorm as always, y’all hate prayers can take a seat
    kdramaland will continue sprouting angsty sweet ~bromance~ for excitement and de fans
    but dun worry, they got it last time that real stuff is too dangerous, progressive and intelligent for audiences, can’t have that

  44. 44 h0ns

    This is my fiest time reading new bites.. and i really love the concept.. please don’t be lazy to give us another new bite.. thanks

  45. 45 Ai.

    Yaaaaaaay! I missed these especially when you would post about Shinhwa 🙂

  46. 46 soysauce

    Funny, I was scrolling through the Tag Index the other day, and I was wondering whatever happened to New Bites, Pop Culture & Society, and Extended Glossary posts. I’m glad one of them is back 😀
    I really do enjoy reading these.

  47. 47 DB5K

    I really like Shin Dong Yeob. I find him to be adorable, cheeky, and hilariously pervy, in a harmless way, of course. But I don’t know if this sort of loud, energetic show suits his emceeing style. SDY is on the passive side, but he needs to be more aggressive and take charge as the lead host on a show where there are a lot of guests competing for talk time. He was rather overshadowed by Lee Dong Wook on their first episode. I think Lee Dong Wook did a good job; I was expecting him to do well, and he delivered. I still miss Lee Seung Gi though. I NEED TO SEE HIM ON VARIETY SHOWS!! I also miss Kang Ho Dong. Nothing has been the same since he retired. I miss Knee Drop Guru, I miss the way he emceed Star King and Strong Heart, and I miss him in 1N2D…Man, the list of people and shows I miss in the K-variety scene can go on forever~~

  48. 48 maria

    Welcome back, news bites! I missed you!!!

  49. 49 Alli

    Thanks for the news bites — it made me giggle! I was kind of hoping someone would post a link to article so I could see the kisses they were comparing… 😉

  50. 50 doni

    What a coincidence – I was going to ask if you’d been planning on reprising ‘news bites’!

    Yay! I really missed it!

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