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Rooftop Prince delivers a triple dose this week
by | April 17, 2012 | 109 Comments

With last week’s parliamentary election throwing off the broadcast schedules for several shows, we only got one new episode of Rooftop Prince. To make up for it, SBS is going into hyperdrive and giving us three new episodes this week, to catch us up to speed.

That means we’ll get one episode on Wednesday (number 8), then a double-header on Thursday night with episodes 9 and 10. Yay, and oy.

As girlfriday knows from last week’s King 2 Hearts double-header, recapping gets a little crazy when we’re dumped with all these extra installments at the last minute. So I’ll be doing my best to bring you all the recaps in a timely manner, though I make no promises that the last one will be entirely coherent. Depends just how hard I’ll have to bend time to Make It Happen. I love me my rooftop posse and all their hilarious antics, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be happy to resume the regular broadcast schedule next week.

Anyone want to invent an intravenous coffee drip in the next two days? I’d be much obliged.

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109 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jueyoungee

    Yey!! That’s awesome news, especially since I was so unsatisfied with the one episode last week. On a side note, how cute is that picture! Squee!

  2. dramafever

    I’m all set for a rooftop overdrive! *cracks knuckles*

  3. DinoB


    Take your time JB

    and if you prefer not to
    i guess we’ll find out what a drunk-cap looks like

    • 3.1 mary

      Agree with DinoB here.

      I’d rather you rested a bit and delivered a “mid-week” recap of the third episode, but your drunken posts are always interesting, so feel free to do whatever you want.

      We’ll appreciate it either way. 😀

      • 3.1.1 ck1Oz

        Would it faster to do a Podcast of the 3 episodes all at one?
        I mean, at least you don’t have to WRITE. Plus you can have as many bottles of wine :-)

        • jomo

          This is a great idea!!!
          Let’s have fun with the pain instead of having the pain at all.

          OMG! I just pictured DB, GF and other DB writers doing a MS3K viewing of a show.

          What do you think, sirs?

          • Ivoire

            Hi Jomo, what is a “MS3K?” Thanks!

          • vcdragoon

            MS3K is Mystery Science Theatre 3000. See link below.


          • hanabi

            Oh that’s a great idea! I grew up watching MS3K. That would be so much fun!

          • skelly

            To channel my inner teenager, (ahem)

            Epic-est idea EVARRRR.

          • Ivoire

            @ vcdragoon, thank you for the info. I appreciate it and I will look it up.

          • jomo

            Ooops! It is MST3K
            I forgot the T.

            Here is a “best of” video.

            They projected really bad scifi movies and made fun of every possible thing on screen.
            None of their humor is politically correct. They offended everyone pretty much. The jokes may be dated now, but I laugh.

          • jubilantia

            Um, how can I put this… YES. Although maybe not the whole show, maybe every other episode or something.

          • megels7719

            “MST3K”!! Oh that would be so great! To combine my kdrama addiction along with MST3K late night, pee-your-pants laughing memories!!!! Where is the popcorn!!!

          • Lilly

            Yes, the recaps are what the site is known for.
            Like a digest, if you miss one part you can catch back up to where it is currently at.

        • Biscuit

          As much as I adore JB and GF for their hardwork and awesomeness, Dramabeans is known for their witty written recaps accompanied by images. Rather then going for fast, quick podcasts, I think the majority would prefer JB and GF to take their time and do a written recap – even it takes longer to read them.

          • jubilantia

            I totally see your point, but MST3K is actually sitting down and watching an entire movie or episode, and making commentary as you watch it, which is pretty much what they do in written form anyway. With subtitles it might get a little confusing, though. But they would record the track and then you’d play it as you watched the episode.

            I do enjoy their written commentary though, so I’d vote for a combination of the two, or randomly pick an episode in each show where they do this.

          • jomo

            You can imagine how much more work it would be to do just one of those. You have to watch the show a bunch of times to look for possible gags to make about what you see, then what you hear, time your call and response jokes, think of lyrics they could be used as plays on the dialog (or subtitles.)

            It would sortof work as far as commenting in English over Korean language, but the viewers would have to understand some Korean…

            It is too bad some of the Dbeaners don’t live near each other because it would be hilarious if three or four of them got together and did an MST3K treatment of an episode of BOF. One of the endlessly mockable ones where “Almost Paradise” played. (Oh, yeah, that is MOST of BOF.)

            Wait a minute, when IS the Comic-con of Kramaland? Where’s OUR Star Trek convention?

  4. Laya


    It’s okay, JB, take your time.

    • 4.1 mskololia


    • 4.2 zsa

      yeah…take your time…we’ll wait

  5. Usi

    Really really really *__*? I really hope they don’t change their schedule again just a few hours before.

  6. MsScorpion

    I felt so bad for the work GF had to do last week with K2H airing both episodes on the same night, But this week JB…….all the extra work you’ll be doing, that’s so much harder,with 1 ep. on Wednesday and 2 the next day.

    But you have all your DB followers supporting you and giving you all the time you need to do this.
    Please get all the sleep you need,
    we can wait.

    After all Dramabeans won’t be DRAMABEANS without you and GF happy, healthy and WANTING to write here.

    JB fighting…..

    • 6.1 Alkachan

      Same here !
      Take your time to enjoy the episodes AND the recapping process !
      Your recaps will be very much loved even with a few hours/days of delay.

      Thanks for all the thoughtful-and/or-laughing-so-loud-my-ribs-hurt recaps you and your amazing team already published,


  7. Arhazivory

    Oh my. That’s a lot of prince. 😀

  8. wenlin

    really cute picture! im not really keen on the coupling but this picture is cute.

  9. kabi

    yupppeeeeeeeee what a good newsss

  10. 10 Cynthia

    I’m a firm believer in that one can never have too much of the cute, so 3 eps?! Woot!

    That being said, triple recaps are just too much in a short time. How about watching all three and then doing a ‘mash-up’ recap highlighting the eps – sort of like the High Kick recaps? You know that we’ll be grateful for any thing you can churn out, JB – cause you know that we **sniff** love you, dude! And we need to keep you sane and healthy for future recapping! (Not that there was anything overtly selfish about that last statement….)

  11. 11 ck1Oz

    :-) Haha.
    Good luck to you.

    5 episodes all up of K2H and RP. That is a lot of work and subbing.

    HOWEVER the spoilers coming up is mighty enticing. Looking forward to watching it. No sleep. Not coherent and hang Real Life but ” yup we have 3 episodes to watch “

  12. 12 Angel

    JB fighting! Take your time, we’ll wait patiently for your recaps :)

  13. 13 angelpur

    I AM SO HAPPY by this news! I was left disappointed with only one episode last week. I would have been satisfied if they aired two episodes back-toback like k2h did, but this is soo much better and will be worth the wait! I am deifnitley addicted to rooftop prince – not only do I keep rewatching all the cute scenes (3…,no, 5 times) but I’m also looking up MV vids on youtube and fanfiction…if there is any! I don’t want this show to end! 😀

  14. 14 jomo

    What the what?
    Wouldn’t it be great if they could have delivered the episodes early to the subbers and recappers in so they have time to fix this up with a pretty bow?

    I like this show a lot, but I am not sure if RP has enough going on that the audience would want three episodes at once.

    Last week’s ep had so much fluff and filler, and there has never been enough dun dun duhhhhhn to thrill me, but what do I know about viewers’ tastes? I am still shaking my head at MetS’s popularity.

  15. 15 rabab

    always satisfied with JB’s works…thank you so much:)

  16. 16 mskololia

    I just hope the PD/scriptwriter do not overdo the fanservice this week to the point that the storytelling suffers because that would be a shame.

    • 16.1 Cruelsummer

      Amen. Seems as if fan commentary has more advanced plotlines than what is actually happening in the show. They need to pick up the pace.

      • 16.1.1 JG

        I am fine with the pacing of this drama. It’s not dragging at all and I love all the silly antics. I also love the fact that this drama is fueling so much fan speculations. My funny bones are tickled and my inquiring mind is engaged–a win-win for me.

        • mskololia

          Agreed about the pacing, because they keep me on my toes and lol.

          I saw pictures with LG and PH biking and horseback riding. It seems suspect to take those turns at eps 8-9 when he just threw down the gauntlet with SN indicating he would make her fall for him. Why must they use PH as a test case for him and SN when we know he will have FBs of those moments?

          Is it used strictly to draw sympathy from the audience and draw comparisons for the character?

          No self-respecting female would keep allowing herself to be the lab rat after the bracelet incident. He should not be allowed to manipulate her for SN’s sake because that is cruel EVEN if he’s unaware he’s being cruel. If she’s mad at this antics, tell him because it looks like he wants to understand….

  17. 17 Anon

    Rather than a coffee IV drip, you’d be better off with a cortisol one. Now that one’s a real anti-sleep drug/hormone…Guarantee you that it’s stronger than coffee too! Anything to churn those recaps out on time…

  18. 18 Ani

    That as a cute picture. I don’t recall ever seeing it before. Heh.

    I agree with those saying to take your time. This week should be interesting.

  19. 19 redfox

    *ties a body-wrap around her tummy* I am ready. bring on the funny. *inches the drink away from the screen* no more drownging my keyboard.

    • 19.1 tisane

      ahaha. been there before. my keyboard is now elevated and drink-proof.

  20. 20 Christy

    *Squee* So exciting!!

  21. 21 lizzzie

    Apparently the show is not getting its script fast enough so last week they couldn’t get ep 8 out on time. Which kinda explains ep7. But if that’s the case I don’t know how they’re trying to pull off 3 eps this week *side-eyes* can we get some kissing on if we need more fillers?

    Anyway it’s really fine if we get recaps slow, it’s good enough we’re getting them at all. Fighting!! /hands over some fortifying whipped cream

    • 21.1 Mystisith

      If what you say it’s true, then i’m dumbfounded. The minimum is a full written script before starting shooting the first scene of a drama. Changing minor details later is OK, but if you don’t have the all story, i pity the actors: How are you supposed to rehearse and prepare yourself? Ep 7 was not that good imo. Let’s wait and see for this week…
      And JB, thanks for your hard work. We will read whatever you give us, so no need to stress. Subs are fast for this one anyway…

    • 21.2 Alice20

      Considering the live-shoot system that we commonly have in Kdramas, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this WAS true. However, the stated reason why there was only 1 episode this week is because of elections. When there are elections on TV, people are gonna be watching THOSE, and a drama’s ratings will go down if they air their stuff at the same time. That’s why RP decided to put off airing the 8th episode. They didn’t want to hurt their ratings.

  22. 22 Kiara

    Yay ….not sure what to send ya JB. Coffee or Soju or just let you sleep.

  23. 23 dls

    that’s a high dose of Rooftop prince this week…
    Take your time JB…
    we’ll wait for your recaps

  24. 24 Mel

    JB—last night reading the news that SBS tweeted they’re showing three epis–too good to be true–but OMGx1000–love it!!! Take your time–us fans, will patiently await your fun and ensightful recaps…finger touch (yours and mine and probably all your fans) for a quick and long recharge!!! Always a fan JB !!!! ….giggle, giggle–giddy with excitement and….. A N T I C I P A T I O N….!!!!!

  25. 25 Briggy

    I’m sooooo happy!!!!!!!3 episodes.its gonna be a grrreat weekend for me!!

  26. 26 danny

    dramabeans was and is never late. i read the recaps before I can watch the drama with eng subs. i ususally wait four to five days before it’s available in dramacrazy or EP sites. SO , a recap at dramabeans is a calming ,satisfying dose of medicine , it works on my imagination, with all those posted pics. I’ll prepare your midnight snacks JB.

  27. 27 kjsfhkdjf

    yessssss! happiness news this week for me.

  28. 28 OkCalmDown

    JB fighting!!!!!

  29. 29 JG

    Yay, one episode last week was not enough for me!!! Take your time, JB. Your recaps are always appreciated. Thank you!!

  30. 30 Nokcha

    Recipe for relaxation:

    Spring Break
    3 eps of Rooftop
    2 eps of Fashion King
    2 eps of King 2 Hearts
    Mix in a little light exercise, shopping, and eating with warm sun!

    Serves 1

    • 30.1 Hagar

      lol mte!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 30.2 skelly

      Reminded of “A Partridge in a Pear Tree”

      On the third day of Christmas, my JB gave to me,
      3 eps of Rooftop
      2 eps of 2 Hearts
      and a warm sun and shopping spree!

  31. 31 Stardust

    I am SO HAPPY there will be 3 this week!! Squeees too!! Thank you so much Javabeans for recapping for us, please just take your time, we will be waiting hungrily but patiently ^o^ side note about that drip…. how about a javabong? HAHAH

  32. 32 Altari

    Please take your time.
    No one will die because recaps are late a day or two.
    Although some of us might not get much work done because we will be refreshing this site all day long.

  33. 33 Mawiie

    Lordy why is it finals week T.T

  34. 34 sugarpunch

    WAHOOOOOOO! need to…. squeeze… and smooch… someone!!!

    PS: JB, try eating coffee powder. the unsweetened kind. hehehehhe, kidding. We’ll wait patiently O.O

  35. 35 Di

    I’m gonna be so busy… watching this 2 dramas XD

  36. 36 crazykel

    I’m sooooooo excited! Three episodes–how am I ever going to get my final papers done, lol.

    Sending jb lots of virtual coffee!

  37. 37 Alice20

    Take your time! Please, rest up. We can and will wait for your awesome recaps. 😉 The podcast or 3-ep review sounds cool, too.

  38. 38 vox26

    yay!! RTP overdose! im loving it! =)

  39. 39 Byul


  40. 40 morillix

    This is great! 3 EPISODES IN A WEEK!!!! can’t wait any longer!!!! let it be wednesday and thursday….
    and the suggestion of ideas like coffee, soju or cortisol?????? are you freaking kidding me? JB don’t listen to them and take your time, we want more Dramabeans in the future… I agree with some of the posts, don’t overwork yourself with the summaries, maybe it can be one per day????

  41. 41 shl

    Please don’t overwork yourself! We’ll take the recaps anytime they come and with much, much gratitude!

  42. 42 Anabear


  43. 43 shirin-noona

    Yayyyyyy!This piece of news truly made my day.
    And take as much time as you need JB.Nobody minds.

  44. 44 Bike

    Wow! an awful lot of Rooftop F5 frenzy! :)

    Make It Happen JB! But take your time.

    With an overdose of Micky antics, I’m pretty sure I also need that IV coffee with a strong spike of Baileys… hahaha!

  45. 45 pumpkinattack

    What’s better than 2 episodes in 1 day??? 3 episodes in 1 week! I think… Anyway, after the crap they pulled last week, we’ll see. I can’t get my hopes up too high. 😉

  46. 46 kiongna

    AWESOME Bonanza !! Thanks so much dear Javabeans, please just do what you can and don’t stress yourself, I rather you and Girlfriday and everyone else on Dramabeans be healthy, healthy and totally gungho writing dramas and sharing them with us with all your individual spice and all things so very nice!

    Kamsahamidahhh in advance!

  47. 47 Nana

    OMG I’m so excited :-) I dunno how Im going to do it, i have exams, a presentation but anyway will figure out anything for a triple dose of Rooftop Prince yayyyyy

  48. 48 glace

    darn…does this mean no surprise extension or extra week? A triple dose certainly will be stressful this week!~

  49. 49 1061-kun

    I was disappointed too about just 1 episode last week but I was thinking it might be good as it would allow the production to have some extra time. With the Korean TV system of shooting the show at the same time it airs, I have noticed many shows run out of steam during the second half of their run as the actors and production have gotten exhausted. So I was hoping the show could taken the extra time to make it even better.

    Of course, we get 3 episodes this week!

  50. 50 Betsy

    I was so sad with just having one episode last week and was dying to know what happens next, now I’m over the moon happy that we get not 1, but 3 episodes this week!!

    I agree with everyone saying you should take your time with the recaps. I’m sure we will all understand. I hope the subbers for this drama will also not feel the pressure to rush and that watchers are respectful. Subbing 3 episodes will be intense.

  51. 51 Miky

    Woooa,just DEBAK…a triple doze this 2 days!!!

  52. 52 jubilantia

    Oh no! Of course they scrunch episodes together just as you and GF decide to switch it up and recap a single series at a time.

    Not that I’m not excited for more Rooftop Prince, that is.

  53. 53 Brit from Blighty

    Keep up the good work! We all appreciate it <3

  54. 54 Van

    Wooooooooo~!! I. Am. Ready. Bring it on!!

    And no worries jb and gf! We all know how much work and dedication you guys put in in order to consistently deliver daily recaps to us, let alone during these scrunched up schedule changes. It’s all good! Take your time and I will patiently wait for recaps while enjoying all the Princey glory! woooooooooooo!!

  55. 55 Amberscube

    I do appreciate your effort JB but take your time with the recap esp the last one.

    I will be out of the country for the next two weeks. I hope i will be able to catch up.

    Im loving Rooftop Prince, i cant miss anything even im in vacation.

  56. 56 Noelle

    I can wait for the third recap JB. So take your time.

    I think this was smart on the studios part. Show one episode and then hit the competitors with 3 eps the next week!

    I can’t wait to watch ep 8! Gonna be awesome.

  57. 57 sharu

    JB :) …take ur time…n have fun watchin the episodes :) …triple dose of the funny… it might time to even recover from the tummyache if they keep the comedy up….will wait patiently for recaps….always a joy to read em :)…

  58. 58 illia

    i’m sooo excited!

  59. 59 Daniella

    Heck Yea! Dream come true!

  60. 60 Lori

    I can’t wait. I absolutely adore this series. Thank you for all your hard work!

  61. 61 Myra

    YAY!!! 3 episodes this week….i’ll take that. JB please take time on the recaps – ur fan will just sit here and wait patiently….AJA!!!

  62. 62 gary

    oh my god i luv this show i can’t wait

  63. 63 Taber

    I have to say his brother is doing a great job on K-POP! I never care for Dream High and didn’t watch Dream High 2 but K-pop took Coffee Prince, You Are Beautiful, Dream High and Robbers (that unbreakable friendship) in roll it into this charming, funny captivated drama. I have read a lot of people commenting on how much the brothers look alike but in K-Pop his younger brother remind me of a young “Binnie” with that hide and seek dimple…..I know I’m off track from the main subject I just want to share what a great drama both brothers are doing right now.

  64. 64 Diane

    Take your time! I love your recaps and can’t wait for the next THREE episodes! Wha-whoo!

  65. 65 midwestmz

    Little on the light side one week, but man it is nice to just sit around and gorge sometimes!! Yeah!!!!!!! Bring on the laughs.

  66. 66 Princess61

    As much as I’m happy to hear that they will be airing three episodes this week, I’d much rather have them deliver quality episodes than rush and deliver episodes that leave us viewers frustrated and disappointed. I would have been happy with two episodes this week. But we’ll see if the network actually can deliver three this week. Thanks javabeans for all your hard work in recapping–it is greatly appreciated!

  67. 67 kirara

    SOO Happy!! Yay! Excited! :) Thank you for dedicating your life to do recaps for Rooftop Prince.

    And the picture of Yoochun and Han Ji Min are too CUTE!!! I wish they’d date in real life. hahahahaha 😀

  68. 68 nonski

    *thinking of ways to invent that intravenous coffee drip*

  69. 69 reglest

    I’m going to ‘oy’
    Recapping 2 like GF is seem ‘able’ but three?? Please take your time JB

    I’ll give you hand massage if you want *preparing crysanthemum oilum and mint aromateraphy*

    And maybe some toraja coffee? Or as I previously offer, bandrek or bajigur? (Though It can’t raise your adrenaline) please take your time

  70. 70 ele

    Go Dramabeans! Hell we might not know how much time all of you put into the create these recaps but I’m pretty sure it’s longer than we readers think! So FIGHTING!

  71. 71 hawaiianseoul


    javabeans I don’t mind if you end up looking like this because your recaps are great.

  72. 72 amatsu

    YES! I am so excited. I love this drama sjalfkjas. Can I just say that they look super adorable in that picture. So… THEM.

  73. 73 redfox

    also, bought a six-pack of yoghurt. hmm. Should it have been a 12-pack?

  74. 74 Jo

    BEST NEWS EVER. Thank goodness I don’t need subtitles. :)))

  75. 75 Aliska

    Waaa… 3 episodes this week!! It’s so great!! i’m really exited :) I’m learning korean but i’m a novice. So i’m waiting for your recaps. Thanks a lot for your job. And i love your comments and all! Aja aja fighting!! :)

  76. 76 dding

    Yay… I’ll have Happy Thursday night! BTW, i made screenshots of epi7 today again! YiGak is gradually falling into Bakha… and the tension between YiGak & Taemu is growing… If you wanna see screenshots, i’ll share mine, so hope you enjoy! =)
    you can see more here below…

  77. 77 Catherine

    I’m working on the IV, now I just need to equilibrate the caffeine!

  78. 78 PrincessSerenity81

    wOOOOhOOOO!!! >__<

  79. 79 kayana20

    I cannot believe that Bak-ha does not have self-respect.She has a whole lot of it and more to help 4 strangers when she’s in love with one.She almost left but Lee-Gak brought her back.Also she has so much respect she isn’t even standing in the way of Lee-gak chasing after Se-na or destroying her character.Sometimes if you love someone you have to let them learn on their own about what they are feeling.After everyone watches Ep 8 it is clear while Bak-ha can let him go Lee-Gak cannot let her date or marry.He loves her and is slowing realizing it after the birthday incident.The suitor liked Bak-ha who wouldn’t and Princey is jealous along with Y. Now JB and Girl Friday don’t rush I need something to laugh at this weekend and so hoping tomorrow President Jang finds out Bak-ha is her daughter before Sena finds that picture.Sigh I am going crazy waiiting lol.

  80. 80 Lady Seoul

    I can’t wait! This is just too awesome! Have one episode last week was so worth this! hehe. Yeah, but the scedule resuming will be best for everyone!

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