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Rooftop Prince: Episode 10
by | April 20, 2012 | 305 Comments

Eee! We get some big developments, and a (tiny) peek at the endgame with our time-traveling murder-mystery solvers. We haven’t spent a lot of time looking into what the reincarnation means, and I’m still puzzling it over in my head, but at least the boys have a firm theory in place that is driving their actions.

I was afraid (from comments in the last recap) that this episode would deliver lots of pain for Park-ha, but on the contrary I think it’s a great advancement for her. Can’t wait to see what next week brings.


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Bitchycakes Se-na embraces Yi Gak to cap off her confession of romantic feelings. What makes her especially hateful isn’t just that she’s manipulating him for her own benefit, but that she purposely times the hug for Park-ha to see. And honey, is that Tae-mu’s engagement ring you’re still wearing on your finger? You are a piece of work.

Park-ha turns around, crushed, and heads back home. On her walk, she comes across a basketball at an outdoor court, and stops to shoot a few hoops.

Walking along, Se-na admires the sight of Namsan Tower, which Yi Gak has never visited. At this point I have no faith that any of her stories are true, but she spins a pretty tale of never having been there either—she’d wanted to go with another first-timer, so they could experience the same feelings. Barf.

In the Tower, they look out at the city lights, and Se-na waxes poetic about how lights always seem happy from far away, and then you get up close and see that some people living within those lights are fighting, or sad. Or heartless backstabbing gold-diggers?

He turns the comment into a compliment/question: Which is she, beautiful at a distance, or beautiful up close? Is there a Door Number 3 I can choose? She just laughs, saying she can’t see herself so she wouldn’t know. But I can see you, so I know.

She asks whether he prefers views from afar or close by, and he answers that the truly good scenario is when he admires something from a distance, then sees it up close and confirms that it was just as good as he’d hoped. “People are the same way,” he says. So wise, yet so blind.

The ducklings come across Park-ha on the basketball court, wondering why she’s not with Yi Gak, who was supposed to meet her for her birthday dinner. They note that she dressed up for him, so she lies that no, she had dinner with a friend.

They ask what she’s doing with the ball, and she shows them the basics, then tells Yong-sool to give it a try. He contemplates the ball for a long moment… and then throws himself into the air and dunks. He lets out the strangest squeal-howl of victory.

Se-na suggests a ride in the cable cars, but as they’re about to board, Yi Gak excuses himself, saying he ought to be heading home. He checks in with Chi-san and drives to the court, where he finds the others engaged in a game.

Park-ha puts on a cheerful face, trying not to let her disappointment show. It’s difficult, however, when they pick teams for the next round and she ends up paired with Yi Gak.

That won’t do, so she scooches closer to Yong-sool and declares him her partner, leading to hilarious reaction shots from both men: Yong-sool gives her a nervous side-eye, and Yi Gak’s eyes bug out.

That leads to more protests, so Park-ha suggests a game to sort it out. It’s a variation on rock-scissors-paper, where you either stand or sit on the count of three, and partner up based on the result. Yi Gak shoots Yong-sool a look and points down, indicating that he’d better sit, and Yong-sool nods.

Then on the count, everyone hunches down except Park-ha, who shoots up… and Yong-sool changes position mid-hunch, joining her. HAHAHA. Oh, that is classic!

Yi Gak looks at him in stunned disbelief—you dare betray me? Yong-sool pointedly looks away, avoiding his gaze.

The game commences, and devolves into Basketball: The Wild Jungle Version, with lots of pushing, grabbing, clinging to legs. Park-ha and Yong-sool end up winning, and their prize is a wish from the losers. Oh, this should be good.

Yi Gak pulls out his credit card, ready to let money solve the issue. She goes nose to nose with him, and says, “Let’s settle it with one hit.” And socks him in the gut. I’ll admit, it’s a little satisfying.

At home, it’s cake time. The ducklings sing her the song (with hand motions learned from Mimi), then ask the prince what HE prepared for her. Surely he didn’t come empty-handed.

He starts to pull out his gift—the hairclip—but stops himself, saying the cake is good enough. He excuses himself and Park-ha deflates a little, then slaps on a bright face for the others’ sake.

Yi Gak puts the hairclip away in his nightstand, and I’m thinking that if he has enough forethought to understand that giving it would be inappropriate (given that he’s starting a relationship with Se-na), then he must be aware of feelings with Park-ha. Right?

Now that she’s got Tae-yong/Yi Gak on her side, Se-na begins shifting work alliances by asking to train under Pyo Taek-soo. He’s happy to do it, and welcomes her to his team.

But Uncle’s on to her, and warns her that he’ll give her till the end of today to submit her resignation. If not, he’ll make his move. (Side note: It wasn’t until today that I heard Uncle’s name—mostly ’cause I just don’t care about him—is Yong Don-man, which means Money-Only. Haha. It’s appropriate, since money is all he cares about.)

The sisters come face to face in the bathroom, and Se-na grabs little sis to tell her she crossed that uncrossable line. ORLY?, says I, since I’m remembering some sisterly abandonment a few episodes back. Oh, Se-na. She’s actually kind of amusing with her excessive hate, if you can get past the part where she makes your insides boil.

Se-na asks how it felt to reveal her secret, telling Uncle about her mother’s real identity. Park-ha tells her coldly to take her accusations elsewhere, since Se-na’s the only one going around lying and then being suspicious of everyone.

Angered, Se-na throws Park-ha’s tub of props to the ground, and Park-ha shoves Se-na right back, not cowed. (Yay! Pull her hair! Knee her in the gut! Yank her earrings! I can’t help it, this drama makes me so bloodthirsty.)

But Se-na’s past the boiling point and trembles with rage, vowing, “I’m going to steal everything from you.”

Uncle Money gleefully reports to Grandma that Tae-yong is doing absolutely nothing, leading to employee complaints. Sure, don’t clarify that most of those complaints come from yourself, little man. Uncle suggests cutting Tae-yong loose, while Pyo Taek-soo argues that it’s too early to deem him incompetent.

Grandma declares that a project will be the judge: Make Tae-yong develop and sell a product. The two men leave the office insulting each other, which Great Aunt overhears. She swoops in to berate her nephew for his rudeness: “How dare you talk like that to your uncle?”

Jaws drop. Uncle? She specifically uses the word that indicates Taek-soo is her husband, and Uncle Money is shocked at this bomb being dropped. So is Taek-soo, for this matter, since their relationship is secret and the husband term seems aspirational. (As in, don’t you dare talk back to your future uncle.) He stammers that he absolutely is NOT Uncle and storms off, but Uncle Money has heard enough and looks like he’s just been handed an early Christmas present, wrapped in a birthday present, stuffed with money. It’s gossip turducken.

Taek-soo gathers his protegés: They have no time to lose in making sure Tae-yong(-gak) proves himself with the upcoming project. Se-na joins them and proposes a project idea—she has just the thing, hidden up her sleeve.

Thus she takes Yi Gak to see a cosmetics factory manager, leading to a favorable meeting. They’re feeling good about scoring the contract, and Yi Gak thanks her for her help.

Se-na works damage control for last night, in case her behavior caused his early departure. He eases her mind, saying it was because of a household matter. She explains learning about Park-ha’s birthday only today, guessing that’s why he’d hurried home.

Se-na knows how to play her cards, because this gives her the opening to ask about their relationship; even though Se-na and Yi Gak have both confessed their feelings for each other, she couldn’t help feeling uneasy about Park-ha. She says demurely, “If I’ve come between you, I feel I should apologize and step back.” HA. Step back like a bulldozer?

He tells her there’s no need for her to worry, to her relief. Then his gaze strays to the buzzer on the table, similar to the one he’d given to Park-ha.

She’s currently at work, and a buzzing sound sends her eagerly fishing for that pager—only to realize it’s her phone that’s vibrating. It’s Chi-san, who calls her out to ask if there’s anything she’d like to eat. Anything super expensive.

She eyes him suspiciously, wondering if he’s done something bad, but he tells noona that today is payday, and the boys are planning to take her out. Pleased, Park-ha scritches under Chi-san’s chin like he’s a puppy, which he totally is. A-dor-a-ble.

The boys receive their pay happily, and generously tuck a few bills into Taek-soo’s suit pockets like a tip. Or maybe like noblemen frittering away money on entertainment. Or subordinates treating their boss like hired help.

Taek-soo is so astounded that he just stares, then blows up at them for “learning really weird lessons,” throwing back the cash. Haha.

Se-na tags along for another cousinly squash match, which goes much better for Yi Gak this time. Tae-mu says he’s improved, and Yi Gak says that his body seems to be remembering how to play.

Tae-mu finds Se-na waiting afterward, and she doesn’t reveal her relationship status yet, making it seem like she’s only working with Tae-yong on the director’s orders. He warns her to be careful since he’s sure this guy is not Tae-yong, and vows, “I’m going to reveal who he really is.”

Park-ha meets the minions after work, looking around expectantly for Yi Gak, only to hear that he’s working with Se-na. She brushes aside her disappointment and asks what they’d like to start with—food? Drink?

Chi-san has heard of the tradition of buying your family members gifts with your first paycheck, and she asks about their family giftss. That causes long faces all around, since theirs is back in Joseon times, and she apologizes for speaking without thinking.

They show Park-ha their purchases, one by one. Chi-san goes first, holding up a box of medicated patches. In his Joseon life, his mother works for aristocracy and lives a hard life, so she’d come home with aching body. He bought these patches to ease her pains.

Man-bo has bought cosmetics for his 16-year-old sister. He wonders what she’s doing now that he’s gone—perhaps stricken with grief over her brother’s disappearance.

Yong-sool has bought a box of beef jerky thinking of his bedridden father. He’d wanted to feed Dad warm beef soup to give him strength, but they’re so poor they don’t even have a hearth fire. He heard that beef jerky stays edible for a long time and he bought it for Dad.

Their explanations have Park-ha in tears. And, okay, maybe me too. Then they present Park-ha with a gift of her own, to express their thanks. Aw, she’s family!

It’s the thought that counts, so I’m still totally moved by that gesture, even if the gift turns out to be lacy lingerie. HAHA. Better yet: the explanation that they were recommended the gift after describing her personality. You know, all sly and lascivious.

After dinner, they eat popsicles and think nostalgically on their old lives. Man-bo asks whether the others would want to stay or return home, given the chance, and Chi-san answers that no matter how nice and convenient this life is, it’s not home. Yong-sool agrees.

Park-ha sighs, “Ah, I see.” She explains that it’s not that she’s disappointed that they’d want to go home, but has realized she hadn’t understood their feelings all this while. Chi-san assures her that for the time they’re here, they’re all prepared to enjoy themselves to the fullest. And then he climbs on Yong-sool’s back for a horsey ride down the street.

They take sticker photos and scrutinize the results. Chi-san: “Yong-sool sunbae, I told you that you have to cover your face like this to make it look smaller!” (Small faces = beauty ideal.) Yong-sool: “What good is it for a man to have a small face? You should want it seen from far away.” Hee.

Then Chi-san pouts over his teeny-eyed photo. Man-bo: “Try opening your eyes a little wider.” Chi-san: “I did!” Man-bo: “Just a little more.” Chi-san: “They’re open all the way!” Oh, the Asian curse.

On to the arcade, and while Grumpy and Snazzy try their hand at games, Park-ha sits with Smarty (Man-bo) and asks when he thinks they’ll be able to warp home. Will they be able to go back after they find the person Yi Gak said he came to meet?

Man-bo says that some power pulled them from Joseon times and brought them here, which must have happened so they could meet “that person.” In fact, they’ve already made contact with her—the prince’s bride, reincarnated.

This is the first Park-ha is hearing of the reincarnation theory, and he adds that since reincarnated souls don’t have memories of their prior lives, the princess in this era hasn’t recognized the prince. But if the prince marries her again in this lifetime, they may be able to solve their puzzle and return home.

She asks who that woman is, and holds her breath waiting for his answer: “Our company’s Secretary Hong [Se-na].”

Horrors! Man-bo keeps talking, but she can’t hear any of his words. The world turns blurry and Park-ha thinks back to all the signs, like the bracelet he bought. Worst of all is her knowledge of what a hateful, vindictive person Se-na is.

Se-na gives Yi Gak a ride home, and Park-ha watches them say their goodbyes from her rooftop vantage point. Thus her mood is grim when he comes home and greets her; she leaves in the middle of his greeting, ignoring him.

Se-na sees the minions walking along and pulls over, suggesting that they have a rooftop barbecue tomorrow. Time to win over the sidekicks, now that she’s scored the target.

The boys muse that the couple seems mighty friendly these days, which is good for their purposes. They’re operating on the theory that if Yi Gak marries Se-na, they’ll be able to find out who killed the princess, return home, and mete out justice for the villains.

Thus the trio vows to do what they can to speed the courtship along. Could they lock up the couple somewhere? Or should they leave them alone? Then there’s Park-ha, the spoiler in all this.

The spoiler sits at home drinking beer, and Yi Gak joins her on the couch with his own, confused when she gets up right away. Why all the avoidy? She feigns ignorance and excuses herself coolly.

Se-na comes home that night to find that Uncle Money has made good on his threat. Her officetel has been raided, its contents emptied. Which I suppose he has the legal right to do, since the place is in the Yong name.

Tae-mu finds her packing her clothes and pleads with her to stay, saying he’ll explain to his father. He’ll live here with her. Or they can move to a hotel for the time being. Se-na tells him this is Daddy’s place, not hers, and rejects him cold.

With nowhere else to go, Se-na sucks it up and goes to Mom, lying that she’s in between apartments. I guess it’s not so much a lie as a misrepresentation, but potayto, potahto.

The boys make preparations for their party, arguing over barbecuing technique, which boys will do. Park-ha is discouraged at the news that Se-na (whom Chi-san calls “Secretary Hong Highness,” lol) will be joining them, so she borrows a bike from the girls downstairs and heads off to cool her head.

Yi Gak wonders where she went, hearing only that she was seen leaving, and ends up following her to the park. He’s not far behind and soon catches up, confused at her behavior, and also his.

She shoots him an annoyed grimace and tells him not to follow. He huffs, “I’m not following!” Then she rides off, and he follows. Ha.

She’s still smarting as they pause for a break, and when he orders her to buy him a (sweet) drink, she refuses. He hands over his birthday gift now, but she refuses that, too: “I’m not going to accept anything from you anymore.”

He can’t make sense of her standoffishness, and asks why she’s mad. She says, “I’m not mad,” which of course is no help in relieving his frustration.

He doesn’t understand why she keeps disturbing his peace of mind and making him follow her. He calls her a bothersome, annoying existence, but the wording is telling: It’s that “bother” word that often comes as a prelude to a confession of feelings, used by reluctant lovers who aren’t willing to admit their interest is romantic and therefore reducing it to a pesky nuisance. (“Stop bothering me” = “Stop making me think of you” = “Okay, I can’t stop thinking of you, all right?!”)

I’m not sure Park-ha registers this, though, perhaps taking him at face value. Yi Gak declares, “I am not a person who is bothered by trifling things. I myself do not know why I followed you here.”

He says that he won’t let her bother him anymore, and rides off. Park-ha watches him go, tearing up as she thinks, “Even if you didn’t come here to see me, I’m still going to like you.”

She even gets out her phone to text that declaration: “I like you… I love you…” And hits send! Eee!

But she hadn’t meant to hit send, hahaha, and freaks out the moment the text goes through. She frantically looks for that nonexistent abort button, then sees Yi Gak returning, heading straight for her. She panics, trying to escape, but he’s too fast and confronts her before she can.

He declares, “I think we have to talk this out further.” First he heads off in search of a beverage, and Park-ha tries to figure out whether he read the message yet. Then his phone beeps from the jacket he left behind, and she fishes it out to see that there’s one unread message. Huzzah!

Now to guess his PIN to get inside and erase it. Madly she types random numbers, but it doesn’t work and she runs out of time, so she takes the phone and buries it.

A dog’s incessant yapping cuts in, and Park-ha hurriedly tries to distract Yi Gak and drag him away. The dog’s owner suggests that there’s something buried there, and Yi Gak’s attention is captured.

When the cell phone is discovered, he recognizes it as his own and calls out to claim it. Park-ha lies that it’s not her doing, but he scoffs, “Do you feel better after burying it? Did you do that to get back at me?”

He sees that she sent him a text, and before he can read it, Park-ha dashes for her bike and flees. And then he reads her message. Eeeee!

Shocker. Yi Gak speeds after her and cuts her off, forcing her to stop.

Ackkkkk, and you’re going to end the episode there? Of course you’re going to end there. You give us three episodes this week, but of course you manage to cut out at the point designed to make us want more.

At least we get an Epilogue, to tide us over a bit:

I wonder if this is the comic that Mimi’s working on, which would be adorable, but even out of context it’s pretty cute. In it, we see Yi Gak making his big reveal of the remodeled rooftop… which has been fashioned to replicate his Joseon-era house, HA.

Thus begins Park-ha’s life of misery, as she sleeps shuddering in cold (the others dream peacefully), falls off the stoop every morning, and goes crazy. In the last frame, Yi Gak wonders where she’s gone in the middle of the night, and Angry Park-ha retorts, “Because of you, I have to use the bathroom that’s outdoors!”


He reads the message, hallelujah! I’d assumed they’d take the one-step-forward-two-steps-back approach here—she admits her feelings, but they stay hidden—so this two-steps-forward-one-step-back version is infinitely preferable.

On one hand, it would have been nice to have Yi Gak come to realize he likes Park-ha without any prompting, although I think he’s heading there anyway. And I mean that realization in a conscious sense, versus an unconscious liking. I don’t think it’s necessarily a character weakness that he would find himself drawn to Park-ha while continuing on his marriage plans with Se-na, because of the murder mystery driving their quest. Plus there’s the whole part where ET needs to phone home, and Se-na seems to be the key to that problem.

In that sense, you have the familiar setup of a hero being forced into a relationship and unable or unwilling to forsake that for his true feelings—one we’ve seen in every chaebol drama ever. But with the show’s fantasy twist, it has managed to take something trite and freshen it up in its own way, which is something that Rooftop Prince does well on multiple levels. As I’ve said before, its saving grace is the time-travel element, which gives everything in this generation a little extra leeway because the makjang (which we know is familiar makjang stuff) is intertwined with a thread of novelty. Everything old is new again.

I won’t argue that this is the smoothest drama ever, or best executed, but it’s because it’s able to pull out those little twists that has me engaged, even when the story veers tiresome with the same old evil folks being the same old kind of evil. This is what we mean when asking for a new take on something—yes, there is no new story under the sun anymore, but there’s a difference between regurgitating the same thing in the same way, and tweaking it with a different spin.

It’s interesting that the Joseon Rangers don’t frame their warp as a mission to reverse the murder, but to solve it. They’re assuming they’ll go back to the point where they time-skipped, so they’re not even going to entertain the idea that they can change their own lives. Hey, this isn’t science fiction, yunno!

Seeing that mentality actually sheds light onto Yi Gak’s behavior, because it explains how he can go along with the Se-na courtship while not necessarily loving her for herself. I wonder if that’s also why he doesn’t feel more conflicted about Park-ha, because in his mind, the princess is dead, even if he goes back in time. His goal is to bring justice, not to save her life, so he’s already come to grips with the fact that she’s gone. I like that, in that it takes care of some of that tricky emotional conflict that you’d expect if the guy fell in love with a new woman while he still had a wife in his old life. He may be dense, but he’s not an ass.


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      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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    Yay! Thank you so much, JB! You worked hard! I was up too early this morning so I’m continuing my reading this morning. 🙂

    • 2.1 kewbie

      Let me reiterate that I just really want Se-na to trip and fall on her face repeatedly. They just made her into a man-eating, money-grubbing, lying harpie. As for the cliffhanger at the end…I can’t wait to see how Park Ha will try to explain her way out of that one, if she decides to, and if Yi Gak will figure out his feelings for real and/or admit to them. My guess is, probably not anytime soon for Yi Gak, but he will continue to be confused and/or frustrated for a little bit. Love this drama. Lots of exciting developments as of late! Thanks again for recapping!!!!

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        Thanks for the fast recaps!

        I really liked that the three guys were in this episode more, and that we got some more background into their lives. Yong sool just cracks me up. So funny that his character is so serious but the actor that plays him seems to be the one that cracks up the most in the NGs, though it would be hard to keep a straight face for the things they have to do on the show.

        Ugh, Sena… I really don’t get her intense hatred of Park ha and her need to always put her down. I mean, I know there’s jealousy, but this hatred faaar exceeds jealousy. It just makes her a less believable bad guy (or girl) to me, because she has no believable motive behind her evilness. I just can’t stand when she does things for no believable reason. At least with Tae mu, I sort of get the jealousy on his part…

        • la dee dah

          Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to put this as a reply to your comment, though I agree about Sena. Darn computer..

        • ilovemandoo

          It just makes her a less believable bad guy (or girl) to me, because she has no believable motive behind her evilness.

          This so much…

          Maybe she doesn’t like to be reminded of how evil she is?

          • MsGB

            Sometimes evil doesn’t need a reason for being, well evil.

            But….who knows with Se Na, since she was younger she was always mean to Park Ha. Maybe because Park Ha was a happy child when they met, both families seem to be on the poor to middle side but she was happy. Maybe kids use to tease Se Na about their poverty and that’s why she’s mad. Maybe she’s a good old-fashion psychopath? Who knows?

            It makes me wonder though, how does this hate situation mirror the past? Young Joseon Se Na obviously had issue with Young Joseon Park Ha, but why? I want to know!!!!!

            Show throw a dawg a bone, please!!!!

          • jaracara

            I think the primal reason Se-Na hates Park Ha is in the first episode where Joseon era Se-Na thought she will be promised to marry the Crown Prince because she was the older one and she was disappointed when she found out that her little sister will be the one who will marry him. And that’s how her ambitious and selfish nature made her to wish something bad happen to little sis not to be able to marry the prince anymore so that she could take the place .And her hatred begins and so the KARMA remained with the reincarnated soul of Se-Na. She hates her just because…the ancient feeling at the beginning and now because SHE THINKS that Park Ha stays in her way.

      • 2.1.2 allyxox

        i hope she pretends it was a mistake and that she actually meant to send it to yeom!! that will drive yi-gak crazy! 😀

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          But then I feel like she’s made it too obvious that she meant it for him.. since she freaked out so much about him reading it.

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          Oh man! That’d be epic! XD You have nice imagination!

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        argh, just when I thought Senna couldn’t get worse. EVIL girl >.<

        What I don't understand is why Park-Ha is still staying mum about their connection. What does Park-Ha owe Senna? I think Senna is the one who should feel threatened because Park-ha is the one holding all her dirty secrets.
        I don't get why Park-Ha doesn't just tell…

        • tessieroo

          I found myself wondering that too and the only answer I came up with is that PH is a completely different human being than Sena. She would never stoop to Sena’s level of tit-for-tat or getting back at her – she’s just not wired that way. But it IS frustrating for us watching. I keep screaming for PH to TELL someone about Sena but I know she won’t.

          I keep hoping Sena drowns. or dies by fire. or a random shooting. ANYTHING. Please? *hee*

          • 2ne1doll

            Now that you’ve mentioned it, Park Ha is so much more mature than her older sister. Though she despises Se Na (who wouldn’t?) she would never do anything that would harm anybody, and I salute her for that!

            P.S. I prefer Se Na die a slow death :))… which would never happen because I know their relationship would be reconciled in the end :\

      • 2.1.4 ilovemandoo

        I felt so satisfied when people were pushing her after Yi Gak left her at Namsan Tower. ^_^ Finally, we at least see her get some sort of retribution.. even if it’s something small like that.

        • JG

          She’s also getting it from Tae Mu’s father. Maybe those two will take each other out.^_^

    • 2.2 kewbie

      BTW I love the screencap of Park Ha/Han Ji Min you used. 🙂

      • 2.2.1 malia

        She looks so pretty in the last screenshot of her!

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    Can I just say in all sincerity that Se Na has such an unbelievably innocent and convincing face whenever she acts nice? I think it’s more scary because she hides such self centred, manipulative, opportunistic behaviour. Both men want her for different reasons. She doesn’t even act bitchy… she just acts so nice.

    • 7.1 Ivoire

      And the actress who plays her really conveys it well (the different facets of Se Na), doesn’t she? Great casting there…

      • 7.1.1 Kiara

        She is a perfect cast but I dont think it’s a challenging role. Her physical appearance, innocent and sweet smile makes her perfect. It’s that looks can be decieving and she is it. She is really good though when she puts on her bitch-face and make us all hate her.

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          I hate Se Na so much so I have to admit that the actress herself did really well in this drama!

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            I agree…she’s a damn good actress if everyone hates her! haha…

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          I suspect it’s always easier for actors to be in evil conniving roles rather than goody good shoes role.

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        Jung Yumi is so amazing and effective in her role as Se-na! Props to her. I hate her character more than evil empress Mo Gabi in History of Salaryman.

        My favorite part of thsi episode has got to the the F3 noona bonding time with Park Ha.

        The ending is just squee inducing!! It must be so awkward and embarassing to accidentally profess your feelings via text message. Eeeee! Can’t wait for Episode 11!!

      • 7.1.3 anarchist

        Really? A lot of Chinese and Korean netizens hold the complete opinions from you guys here. I myself find Jung Yumi’s performance stiff and superficial. (Although she did improve a little bit–but just a little bit). Her biggest problem is that she does not give any depth and “soul” to Se-na. Even though Se-na should be an evil character, an evil does not mean that she is “empty” inside. Hating Se-na as a character does not mean that Jung Yumi does a good job. We are supposed to hate Sena anyway, but I just wish she can deliver her insecurity, her fear and paranoia more effectively and accurately. Now I all see is a pretty but empty face with twitching facial expressions. But I don’t “feel” anything from her and her character. She is just a mass/mess of evil devices. I don’t hate Se-na but I am extremely annoyed at her presence.

        For instance, in episode 8, when she witnessed the bantering of PH and YG after YG got out of the hospital, her facial expression is off–she gave this appreciative look of this young couple. I felt like she is a good sister loving to see her “sister’s happiness. But this does not fit Se-na’s character and her behaviors that ensue afterwards in the episode.

        Also, the production of RP is too hasty. The production team did not capture the pronunciation errors of Jung Yumi–she said Tae Yong instead of Tae Woo twice in the confrontation of Tae Woo’s father. Yesterday, nate and naver all reported this news excessively and I hope this won’t damage the drama. Again, another issue of crazy live shooting schedule.
        Hopefully all the actors and actresses would all hang in there!

        • momosa

          Nice piece of information. I agree, she’s hollow in her performance except for ocassionally ‘twitching’ her face & mouth when the camera zooms at her.

        • Randoms

          Yeah imo the actress playing Se-na is having a problem with speaking and pronounciations.

          although I’m not korean and only understand the very least phrases of it, i realized that the way she talks is a bit weird and reckless. It is like she lets her words out through her teeth

          • Tar

            Same here, It sounds like she has a lisp or something.

        • Jj

          I feel exactly the same! senas character is made to be extremely evil, and with all the things she does, it’s impossible NOT to hate her even if she was played by a terrible actress
          anyways, sena drives me crazy. And why hasn’t the uncle told about her mom yet?? Driving her out is not enough!! Then again, knowing her mother is poor is not enough to stop yi gak from pursuing her ): therefore, park ha needs to tell him she’s her sister and how she abandoned her etc etc
          I love the trio and all that (makes me squeee just reading the recap!) and I want to start this series but I’m afraid sena is going to make me break my screen….I almost did watching mo gabi in salaryman…

        • umehime

          you have a point there my friend.
          i agree!

          The only thing that bothers me is the way she talks there’s like an air coming out… the heck! it’s really annoying…

        • ilovemandoo

          I agree completely. I don’t sense any depth about Sena, which makes her character even more frustrating. It’s partly the writing’s fault, but mostly the acting.

        • Love Silents

          A year late and a dollar short! I also thought Se Na’s smile was odd when she was watching the banter between the 2 leads. But then I realized she was scheming again – she was going to use that info to somehow: blackmail, rat on, back stab, punish, etc Park Ha. This made Se Na quite happy. Oh so evil!

    • 7.2 mskololia

      Heheheh. I have to agree and add that this Sena character’s portrayal is seamless.

      The child actress is to be commended also. Because without her, both actresses would not have been able to create one winningly evil bitch.

      • 7.2.1 Momos

        Isn’t she the same actress playing the abandon-by-the altar bride in a thousand days promise? Her character there was so different from here in TRP.

        • Kiara

          She is. First drama I saw her in was Dong Yi. I think she’s a rsing star. She’s pretty and can act.

  8. Ivoire

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  9. zan

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    has to endure a little more to leegak to realize his feeling.
    They just cut in that point to make us want more damn.

  10. 10 redfox

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    oh, now my imagination got going.
    Rooftop Prince massage belts. yeah.
    and puppy leash.

  11. 11 Muse

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  13. 13 del

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    • 13.1 Stardust

      I think he will say that too! URRRRGH… the writers won’t let us have it so easy…. Thank you lovely lovely javabeans for pulling through and executed such a fast recap for the extra episode this week! Bless you! ♥

      • 13.1.1 sally_b

        I also think he will stick to the *marrying Se-Na* plan…because at present, there has been no other ‘reveal’ to change his (or minion’s) mind about HOW they are to return to their time.

        I think it’s more than clear that YiGak is internally ‘crushing’on Park Ha — and Se-Na is mostly a means-to-the-end — he even ducked-out on riding the NamSan cable car at the last moment. This is not something a man-in-love would do.

        What I’d like to see is *more torment* for YiGak due to YongSul or the potential instant-husband, Yeom. (who, by the way, looks wayyyyy sexier as a modern man than he did in Moon/Sun)

        The Chaebol storyline is boring me….want/need more Joseon mystry solving. 🙂

        • momosa

          I wonder what Yi Gak would do with both the women, one whom he’s supposed to be loyal to and one that he has just fallen in love. He might just ask Park Ha to be his concubine… hah! and she might just kill him for that..lol!

          • sally_b

            hey momosa ~ re: what YiGak will do with both women…?

            ya know~ I’m really torn by where the writer’s will go with this…because:

            If the Joseon4 return to their proper timeline…BuYong should still be there— so clearly, ParkHa can’t travel with them, right?

            Whether it’s time travel or reincarnation, it’s generally accepted that the same person can’t exist in the ‘same’ time. (like there are any REAL rules about such things..hahah!)

            ►this may get rambly, so forgive if it does. Despite viewer speculation that the dead woman in the pond was NOT the Crown Princess…I can’t help but think it was. She would only have been there overnight.

            No matter how bloated the body would have been, Joseon coroners would know the difference between the Crown Princess and her sister, with the very visible burn scar.

            The only alternative to that would be ►the coroners were part of the murder plot and covered it up. But then, that would make no sense..at all. Why would the Crown Princess, or those around her, fake her death? She had everything her black-little-heart desired…what’s to be gained?

            The best ending for me personally would be this:
            Man-Bo finally gets a Google-clue that the 4 of them WERE in fact killed, in their timeline, by the assasins.

            History reveals that the Crown Princess and her secret lover (TaeMu) quarreled…he killed her. (perhaps accidentally…’cuz, ya know..he tends to do that) as it was all part of a plot to usurp the throne.

            The Joseon4 and ParkHa make a life for themselves in this time….and of course Se-Na & TaeMu lose in every possible way.

            This only leaves the dangling thread of Bu Yong in the old-time. Perhaps, in some way, she sacrifices her life ‘back then’ so that the new-her can be with YiGak/TaeYong in the now.

            That’s the crunch-moment for me– what happens to Bu Yong?
            /ramble over

          • Glomp

            First, thanks Javabeans for the awesome recap!

            Gosh, the cliffhanger! I can’t wait to find out Yi Gak’s response to the confession! Keh. It would be great if Yi Gak saved the message and view it from time to time only for Sena to accidentally stumble upon it one day. Would love to see her face upon learning that someone treasures the accidental confession~~~

            @sally_b: Ah.. sounds interesting. Hm… I don’t think the Crown Princess and her secret lover would let Bu Yong live though. I mean, they are probably the kind of people that think “since I’ve already done wrong, there’s no turning back so let’s go (evil) all the way”.

            Upon usurping the throne, they would probably kill those who had contact with Yi Gak. So they would have sent assassins after Bu Yong. Or maybe she’ll trick Bu Yong into eating some poisoned pastries and as Bu Yong gasped for air, dearest Crown Princess would turn her back on her (again). And Bu Yong will be buried somewhere near Yi Gak. At her grave, a flower magically springs up and a pretty, yellow butterfly flutters over and rests on it… …

            On a side note, speaking of reincarnations, since we have Yi Gak, Sena and Parkha, I’m kind of curious if the Ducklings have their respective reincarnations? If so, what would their reincarnations be? Heh. Yong-sool would be the martial arts fanatic, Chi-san… an aspiring designer while Man-bo would be the one aspiring to be a prosecutor?

            Sorry for the long (and delusional) ramble but my imaginations tend to go wild while waiting for the next episode… T.T

          • momosa

            @ sally_b : the theory of F3+Prince during Joseon times sounds possible too – could that be what Park Ha read in the library?

            There must be a conspiracy going on at that time – something like the crown princess was having an affair and being discovered by the King? or her father? and being knocked-off making it look like an accident or killed by her lover. I too think the dead is the crown princess.

            I know – this show takes up so much space in my brain that I have ramble to get it off…..

  14. 14 Mawiie

    Thank you Javabeans! It must be really early in your timezone, did you pull an allnighter? 🙁

    You must be super woman :p I mean, you already have a girlfriday heh

  15. 15 TheJu

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    I love Park Ha and feel like I can relate to her so well! When she sent the text, buried the phone, and then ran off -I felt like I was watching myself!

    Can’t wait for next week!

    • 15.1 me2

      i thought the same thing when i watched that scene 🙂 i was like “yeah, hurry, erase it! oh no he’s coming! throw it to the lake!..omg run before he reads!” kehe!

      • 15.1.1 Glomp

        Lol. Me too! But when Yi Gak came back, I was torn between “OMG, quiiick! Erase it! He’s getting closer!So embarrassing if he sees it!” and “Your Highness, please walk faster and check your phone! READ THE MESSAGE~” Haha.

  16. 16 makoto

    A super thank you from Indonesia for the super fast recap. Hell, I grow impatient with that bit*h Se na. And after Yi gak knows that Park ha loves her, I’m afraid she will be more hurt. You know, you admit that you love someone who you know well that he loves somebody else (at least Park ha thinks yi gak loves Se na). It’s more heart breaking than to let your unrequited love burried in your heart forever. :'(

  17. 17 s2smiiley

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  18. 18 pitnee

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    I have a question… Yi Gak and Se-na went up to the Namsan tower already, but isn’t the fastest way to go down from Namsan Tower taking a cable car? When he excuses Se-na to heading home, then how should he go down from Namsan Tower, not a walking down for sure?

    Yeah.. at the end of the episode… I yelled out loud (in the library!) that don’t tell me that you’re gonna end the episode there (without knowing the answer from Yi Gak). Two things to keep in mind while watching RTP are i) don’t eat or drink anything ii) don’t watch it in the library or quiet public place.

    • 18.1 syirafm


    • 18.2 hpn88

      Those were my thoughts too. I was so confused at that shot? They were clearly at the top of Namsan but then he refused to take the cable car back down? What….

    • 18.3 geanna

      i think it would be faster if he drives off home instead of taking cable car IF he’s actually driving to the base of Namsan Tower area in the 1st place.
      coz i think both Yi Gak and Sena went to Namsan Tower by car. then they went up the tower to watch night scenery of Seoul, then planned to take cable car.
      If they parked their car at the base of Namsan Tower area, not at the base of the hill area where the cable car station is located, so it’s more logical for Yi Gak to not wanting riding the cable car and drive home instead. he’s in hurry after all. ^^

  19. 19 sweetooth

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    • 20.1 ricky trh

      Thanks for the recaps, BTW 🙂
      Nice to see some forward movements.

    • 20.2 mskololia

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    • 20.3 Ivoire

      Why so much hate? LOL You know she is a necessary character, right? and she is attractive. Don’t you think?

  21. 21 Cynthia

    “gossip turducken” – LOL

    That was a lot of movement stuffed into 3 episodes. I’m happy that Joseon times was discussed by the ducklings – they really didn’t have too much of a backstory.

    Now what I find myself fussing about is how RTP will end. Will they go back, and if so, is Park Ha included? Or will Yi gak stay with her in present time? Then again, she can’t go back with him because her reincarnated, maimed self still exists there (unless the younger princess is the pond floater) and now we’re talking ‘Time Cop’ stuff about the impossibility of a person existing in two planes, meeting up.
    Plus, present day Se Na seems to be a LOT bitchier than Joseon-era Se Na ever was – that one really seemed to love her Prince, despite the way she got him. I can only hope that the writers are going to lay out the ending in black and white for us. I hate confused endings.

    • 21.1 Aili

      We dont really know how Joseon-era Sena is though, as the glimps we have seen of her are mostly from LeeGak’s point of view. One thing is certain, I seriously dislike the modern time Sena, behaving all ilogically spiteful and evil….

      • 21.1.1 la dee dah

        I think we’ve seen enough of Joseon-era Sena to know that she was jealous of her sister, even as a kid, and when grown-up, she still was jealous when Yi-gak showed interest in her sister when they were talking about riddles.

      • 21.1.2 jomo

        We know she didn’t like her lil’ sister and burned her face “accidentally,” and we know Joseon Sena took credit for Joseon Park-ha’s embroidery work.

        One of the reasons Princey values the flower/butterful hanky so much is because he thinks Joseon Sena labored over it for him.

    • 21.2 Corn tea

      One possibility is the prince goes back in time and marries joseon era park ha

      • 21.2.1 Cynthia

        Yeah, I was thinking that, too – but where does that leave our OTP? Even if Tae Yong somehow comes back from the dead, he’s a different person from Yi Gak. Unless, Show does one of those ‘time reversal’ gimmicks and brings the story back to when Tae Yong is in NY and actually meets Park Ha by the river-side Dr. Who phone booth. But I hope not, cause that’s a drama cheat as far as I’m concerned.

        • jomo

          I like how there are so many possibilities.

          If I had to guess, and I know you are forcing me to, I would say she goes back with him to Joseon. They are showing her to be without a job, without a home, and with very little family in the present.
          OK, she would have to birth babies without an epidural, but at least she would be rich in the past so she could have the very most comfortable possible lifestyle for the era.

          The only way this works, however, is if Joseon PH died instead of Joseon Sena.

          I agree that it would be a cheat (Lovers in Paris) if the end shows a reset and they meet again in the past, and present PH gets a second chance with Tae Yong. The best part about having YG fall in love with PH is that he has to overcome all the Joseon era expectations of “woman” to value her.

          • Cynthia

            I agree that it would (kinda) make sense for her to go back with him to Joseonville – except if it is Princess #2 as the floater, how to explain her alive doppelganger, and one without a scar, to boot? It makes more sense to have the OTP remain in present day as King and Queen of the Home Shopping Company when Granny bites the Big One. Of course, it would be sad to see the Ducklings go back, but they miss their families so that makes it okay.

            A funny twist would be to have Se Na and Tae Mu caught in the time warp and find themselves back in Joseonville, accused of the drowning/murder of Princess #2 plus the disappearance of Yi Gak (cause he’d still be here with us) – and the Ducklings would be there to testify against them!
            Oooo… move over writers, I’m here!

          • jomo

            I just got real dizzy trying to follow that last part.
            If YiGak stays here, and the ducklings go home, how do they explain where the Prince is?

          • Cynthia

            Let’s see….. the Prince was so grief-stricken over his dead honey that he left a letter renouncing his Princedom and decided to live in a faraway unnamed monastery forever?
            Or, Tae Yong’s body finally resurfaces (after 2 years – yuck) and the ducklings smuggle it back in the time warp, plant it and then Se Na and her sweetie get blamed for the death?
            Hold on – I need another bottle of soju……. wait! I have another **gulp, glug** idea……..

          • jomo

            Wait wait wait!
            They smuggle a rotten cadavre (Eewww is right.) back to Joseon days? Check.

            Plant it? Check.

            Five years later, with lots of water, fertilizer and sun, a full grown Mikey Yoochun breaks out of the clone pod and starts a musical revolution that the Joseon Days NEVER expected.

          • magnetic70

            what if Yi Gak goes back just before the death of the ‘princess’ and saves Bu Yong from death. (by this time, he would have known that Bu Yong/Bak Ha is his destined one, knows about the evil Se Na and Tae Mu).

            news about the present time tae yong surfaces, he is alive–in New York wakes up from a coma and ‘remembers’ his past life (Joseon and time with present Bak Ha) and meets her again saying ‘I remember you.’ Just like the one in the preview before the beginning of the drama.

            well just a thought… 😛

          • Cynthia


            Isn’t that the same ending as ‘Heaven’s Postman’ with Jaejoong?! (The ‘I remember you’ part.)

          • Glomp

            Hm… My guess is that Yi Gak (and the Ducklings) return to Joseon and he marries Bu Yong. Then in the present (that is, the 2 years that Tae Yong went missing), maybe because of his near-death experience (no thanks to Tae-mu), Tae Yong really suffered from amnesia. So he didn’t know who he was and he had no identity whatsoever.

            Somehow he got rescued by the reincarnations of the Ducklings who happened to come by him not-quite-dead.
            Yong-sool is a taekwondo expert, Chi san is an aspiring fashion designer while Man Bo is trying to get into a Ivy League college. They just moved from Korea to NYC so they couldn’t speak English, but Tae Yong could (“The mind forgets, but the body does not”). So they look up to him and make him their “king”. Heh.

            Though Tae Yong doesn’t remember his present self, he remembers his past reincarnation as Yi Gak (who had lived happily ever after with Bu Yong). The moment he remembers his present self is the moment when Yi Gak returns to the Joseon era. And he flies back to Korea and searches for Park Ha and falls in love with her all over again.

            Well, except for whatsherface but I could care less.

            (On a side note, though i haaaaate Sena, I think Jung Yumi is doing an excellent job =D)

          • Glomp

            Ah. I meant to end the post with “And everyone lives happily ever after (both in the past and present) except for Sena/Crown Princess”.

          • Cynthia

            Heh. I have come to the boozy conclusion that it really helps to be drinking while thinking about this stuff.

            Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the answer to all of our theories was the answer to Yi Gak’s riddle? You know, the ‘what’s dying when living and living while dying’ riddle. Just the thought of a one-word explanation to answer all our questions would be mundo impressive!

            Anyone got any dried squid?………

          • jomo

            Shinee has the answer.

            Key has the answer. It is the first thing we see him say.
            Taemin has the answer.
            Jonhyun has the answer.

          • Cynthia

            “Love is bound, hope is bound”?

            I’m having a drunk senior moment – you need to take me by the hand and spell it out….

          • jomo


  22. 22 Kiara

    Happy Friday and Thank You so much JB:). I have a bad feeling that Se Na is going to try and kick Park ha out so she can move in with the boys. She is on a quest to take everything away from her little sister but I guess it would be satisfying to see her fall hard on her ass in the end.

  23. 23 jp

    love all the cast in this drama ! even SeNa and taemu. i know lots of ppl hating sena right now because of her bi**hy atttitude lol. but it means that she’s a great actress >.<
    i hope LeeGak is not too innocent about his love life hehe

    • 23.1 mishmishah (@mishmishah7)

      oh i guess all of us who hate sena hate her character not the actress ! to said the truth i love the actress she is so beautiful and cute in real … grrrrrrrr but sena grrrrrr my heart is boiling cuz of her ><

    • 23.2 anastassia

      we hate se na not the actresses. any people with a good heart will dislike her. Imagine if someone treated us with that kind of treatment?

  24. 24 hipployta

    Great work…I cannot imagine what horror the next 10 episodes will bring though I’m still hoping Taeyong appears

    • 24.1 kungfupigeon

      I still maintain he’s kicking around Joseon alive and well if not a little confused with a bump on the noggin (possibly romancing Park Ha version 1…if she’s not the floater)

  25. 25 pipi

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  26. 26 True Love Always Comes

    I have to stop reading recaps and watch~!!

    But honestly…I hate watching K-dramas for the sole reason that I have this insane urge to knock someone unconscious in *every. single. drama*.

    In this, it’s Se-Na.

    I know too many people like her (sadly…) who manipulate the s*** out of everyone around them and make them seem like they’re the victim.



    Does anyone feel the same way? Or is it just me?

    • 26.1 skelly

      Yep. She reminds me of the mean girls who bullied and tormented my daughter at school, but whom the teachers insisted were such “sweet, nice girls – why can’t they all be friends?”

      People think that characters like Sena are all about the makjang but really, they exist in real life and all the kdrama does is peel away a few layers of obfuscation.

  27. 27 Mawiie

    I don’t know if I’m the only one confused here, but I don’t get Man Bo’s explanation about having to meet “that person” (Se Na) in order to return to Joseon. How did he established that she was the key? And how does meeting the reincarnation of the crown princess will lead them to solve her murder?

    On a side note, when Yi Gak put the hairclip in his drawer it made me realized that if someone decides to raid all the drawers of angst in kdramaland, they must find a lot of ungiven gifts in there: hairclip, waller, engagement rings, you name it 😀

    • 27.1 DinoB

      maybe making history repeat itself?
      Lee Gak marries Se Na
      Presumably someone will try to murder her but before it happens the boys figure out who (presumably the same person because the worlds are mirrored?)
      and when that happens they can go back?
      Maybe Tae Mu got jealous in the past and tried to kill the prince but the princess ended up dying?
      So this time Tae Mu tries to off Tae Yong but offs Se Na instead???

      Man Bo and Yi Gaks theory revolves around Se Na but we as the viewers know it has a lot more to do with Bu Yong/Park Ha but the J4 dont know that.

      • 27.1.1 jomo

        So that means we can all look forward to someone murdering Sena!!
        Savagely and painfully, please.

        • Mawiie

          I know huh! And the Han River of doom is never too far. Just let her take a walk with Tae Mu and he’ll accidentally push her in

          • skelly


            – River of Doom
            – Drawers of Angst
            – Pancakes of Sorrow (remember those?)

          • Cynthia

            Which is why my cyber-hubby (KHJ) refuses to eat anymore pancakes…

          • Mawiie

            Ahhh Ji-Hoo bot and his pancakes of sorrow (with a bottle of syrup of misery!)

          • jomo

            Pancakes of sorrow + syrup of misery

            They looked so dry and unappetizing, too. Like he’d choke on ’em.

          • Mawiie

            I went back to read some BBF recaps (ep 19) and it turns out that there was also the Porridge of Pity

            Everything single thing has an extra dramatic meaning. Remember the Yellow Butterfly of Fate (Moon/Sun and Rooftop Prince)? LOL

          • Cynthia

            My cyber-hubby didn’t enjoy one meal in that drama – even the Jan Di Spicy Fish Stew included some of his tears…

          • ilovemandoo


      • 27.1.2 YahYahYah♥ChunJaeMin

        Same thinking..Taemu met Sena in Joseon fell in love, tried to poison Prince but ended up killing her..


        When Tae-mu declared he won’t let Sena run away in ep8 since he said he’d lose everything if he loses Sena..got me thinking Taemu could have possibly killed her


        I dunno!!! Can Wed-Thur come in sooner?! aaaahhhhh 😛

    • 27.2 Jelly

      I think that’s just their theory since they can’t think of any other explanation how they time travelled while trying to investigate the murder case. Yi Gak feels the need to marry Sena so history repeats itself.

      as for my pov..i think the boys time travelled cause Yi Gak needs to realised the he married the wrong girl from the very beginning and the crown princess was not murdered at all. As soon as he realises that, then he can go back to his time and meet Bu-young in a different light. Of course revalations comes from the present time such as, Park Ha being the younger sister to Sena. Sena being the manipulative evil sister.

      As for Tae Yong, I believe he’s still alive but somewhere not in the present time but not necessarily in Jeoson time either.

      • 27.2.1 Renee

        You know I was kind of thinking that he is really Tae Yong but after Tae Yong’s accident it triggered his past life memories of the Prince life.

  28. 28 uoiuor

    too much sena in these last two eps. i wonder if taemu is going to fall for park ha? nah, i doubt it. he’s under sena’s spell.

  29. 29 thaolie

    thanks so much for the recap! oh man this drama is so awesome!!!

  30. 30 Chocobunnies

    As much as I love this series, I keep thinking of present day Se-Na and Park Ha as different individuals from the princesses in the Joseon era. Although they look the same, I think of the girls as four different individuals. I guess it has got to do with the lack of Joseon scenes available from the two princesses that will help draw similarities between the modern and ancient characters.

    This is especially so for Park Ha. Ie: Ancient Park Ha potrayed as a very smart and demure lady, modern Park Ha still demure when she wants to be but also feisty and knows how to stand up for herself. Since the new and old Se Na is equally unbearable, it is easier for me to associate both.

    That said, Yi Gak better make up his mind soon because I am losing patience. He was a Joseon ruler, aren’t they supposed to make precise and quick decisions on a daily basis? We are at the half way mark, if he is going to go Se Na in episode and Park Ha another for the next 6 episodes, I might kill someone.

    • 30.1 Kiara

      I wish there were more Joseon scenes and less Yi Gak/ Se Na. I’ve had enough of them this week.

      • 30.1.1 Locturne

        Agree! Are we supposed to enjoy these?

      • 30.1.2 Chocobunnies

        Yes! More Yi Gak and Bu Yong joseon scenes please.

        What if the princess in the lake was never Se Na to begin with. It was Bu Yong and Yi Gak never got the opportunity to find out. Therefore, his intentions in this modern era is not accurate to begin with.

        And what if the real Tae Yong returns from a deserted island or something.

        And somehow in episode 19 Park Ha is pushed into a lake by the evil Se Na and Yi Gak jumps in to save her transporting him back to the Joseon era and ergo saving Bu Yong realising that the person pushing her is evil princess Se Na from the past.

        We then end with Park Ha being Park Ha happy with modern Tae Yong and Bu Yong taking back her place as the intended bride. Se Na will just rot in a dungeon. 😀

        Ok, I should get back to studying now….. :S

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    • 34.1 jomo

      Poor YiGak!
      He’s trying to do what he thinks is the right thing.
      Solve the mystery!
      Right the wrong!
      Marry Sena!
      Find the murderer and go home! Huh? Not really sure how the last two are connected, because they AREN’T!

      Anyway, of all the OTPs out there now, YiGak and Parkha are the sweetest.
      YiGak is really trying to be nice to Parkha. He genuinely cares for her and wants the best for her. He admires her, appreciates the sacrifices she has made for him/them and wants to be her friend.
      I love how the character has NOT bargained for his feelings to go beyond that. Micky is doing a bang-up job with the unconscious attraction; I can feel his possessiveness, delight and then confusion about why he is acting this way.

      I love how he can’t keep away from her, and despite the fact that his minions know he is supposed to marry Sena, how he has claimed her for his own against Yong-sool.

      Why can’t Yong-sool have her? Why does Yigak get both girls?

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        • Kiara

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      • 35.1.3 ilovemandoo


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    At the beginning of the episode, after Se Na declared that she likes Yi Gak and hugged him, he didn’t hug her back… honestly, he didn’t seem getting really excited about getting together with Se Na (or maybe feeling shock as Se Na suddenly hugged him… but not happiness for sure)

    And at the end after reading Park Ha’s message, Yi Gak seems to have been shocked,sad… whatever… at least he FEELS something and didn’t stay as calm as he did when Se Na hugged him…

    I guess Yi Gak might knew something strange about his feelings… but he could do nothing and just go with the plan to marry Se Na… his aim is to get back to the past, not marrying Se Na because he loves her so much…

    • 40.1 Eva

      Another thing to add:

      the greatest barrier for love between Yi Gak and Park Ha is NOT Se Na but the fact that Yi Gak and Park Ha actually come from two different periods of time…

      human intervention could always be overcome if lovers are strong enough… but if they are from 2 entirely different worlds… it is fate making decision for their destiny but not themselves

      • 40.1.1 Chocobunnies

        I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. If they want to return to the past, how is marrying Se Na logical? For a bunch of smart people, they aren’t being very rational.

        I guess Yi Gak and the gang will have to make a decision; to stay or to go. If Yi Gak wants to start a relationship with Park Ha or Se Na for the matter, he’ll have to give up his desire to return.

        P/s: I think Park Ha should show them what she found in the Joseon textbook back in the library.

    • 40.2 Gladys

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      I liked his reaction when SN showed him the embroided handkerchief when she met him along the Han River before PH. It was like, so you had it all along while PH went searching for it all night long and got sick.
      He also has an inkling that they are related!

      Micky is handling his role very well indeed!

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    • 41.1 missmimi

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        • JG

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          Lol, the sleuth in more wants to know. I have not been this attentive to every detail since my stint with Angela Langsbury’s Murder, She Wrote.

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    sorry about my grammar…

    • 45.1 DinoB

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      • 45.2.1 ~Feather~

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      Although negro means literary means black, but it carried a negative meaning toward black people. And there are a lot of black skin people in Indonesia, not just Irian Jaya. And if you call Irian Jaya as neg** it will serves it purpose as racial slur since they share the most physical appearance with African people.

      Just try to be political correct since you brought it up here.

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    • 47.1 jomo

      Same mom different dads.
      Hong Kong CEO birthed both of them.

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    gosh, i cried… thinking of so many what if's and if they return and it is actually BY in the pond, now my imagination made my own heart break 🙁

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      • 48.1.1 jomo

        Yes, the writers are relying on the “unreliable narrator” technique to misdirect us.
        Since Man-bo, genius boy, confirmed among the minions their purpose for time travel, we are all going along with that…
        But the true injustice from those times is that Joseon Sena usurped Joseon Park-ha’s place as Princey’s bride.

      • 48.1.2 Christy

        I’m thinking along those lines too. 🙂

        • NRM

          What i want to see developments are the F3, i think it’s time to bring out their abilities. I like them a lot, but they are have roles and purposes. I think its time for them to investigate and show their skills as prince’s men.

  49. 49 Jules

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    I love Park-ha more and more with every episode, though, and her interactions with Yi Gak and the boys are so. Freaking. Cute. (and Yong-sool's crush = adorable.)

    There's something about this drama which makes it incredibly addictive and cracky – in fact, I almost feel jittery with anticipation for the coming episodes. o_O

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