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Rooftop Prince: Episode 11
by | April 25, 2012 | 202 Comments

With feelings both growing stronger and starting to conflict with our main mission, this episode brings us a spot of angst and heartache, while our leads grapple with What (I Assume) Must Be versus What I Want. I’m just waiting for them to figure out that they may be operating on some skewed assumptions on the What Must Be side of things. That, or maybe they can say to hell with it and just take what they want. Hey, once you’re on the path of idiocy, who’s to say noble is better than selfish?


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Yi Gak chases down Park-ha, who cringes at the thought that he’s read her confession of love. He takes out his phone and taps it tellingly, insisting, “Take responsibility.” Do you mean you’re holding her to her words? Aw, honey, is that a proposal?

And then he adds, “…the dirt got inside so it won’t turn on.” HAHA. Park-ha apologizes through her relief, much happier now, and pedals on.

There’s something in Yi Gak’s reaction, though, that makes me wonder if he’s faking the ignorant act. He’s a little too pensive, and watching her a little too closely…

Park-ha and Yi Gak head to Mom’s house, and just barely miss seeing Se-na leave the neighborhood. Probably best for all, at this stage of things.

Park-ha’s here to pick up Mom’s documents to help her file her taxes, and Mom returns something she found mixed in with her things: Tae-yong’s cell phone, the one Tae-mu tried to destroy (twice). Mom recognizes Park-ha’s gentleman friend on the wallpaper, and hands it over.

Park-ha gives it to Yi Gak, who recalls the suspicious circumstances of its disappearance: how the family had urged him to get it unlocked, and how Tae-mu had acted strange when it went missing.

At home, Chi-san deals with a tummyache, and HA, is the duckling literally wearing a duckling on his shirt? Oh my meta. Se-na arrives for their barbecue party just as the boys decide to piggyback him to the hospital, and drives them over.

Man-bo and Yong-sool pace in the waiting room, hoping he won’t die, and breathe a sigh of relief when they’re told he’ll be fine after a simple surgery for his appendicitis.

Man-bo packs an overnight bag for the hospital stay, and heads out just as Park-ha and Yi Gak arrive. The trio immediately head for the hospital, where they find Chi-san in recovery. Man-bo praises Se-na for her quick thinking and calls her a life-saver, earning everyone’s gratitude. Park-ha quietly leaves, feeling ever more discouraged, taking a moment to gather her deflated feelings in the bathroom.

Upon her return Park-ha overhears Se-na talking to Yi Gak, expressing her unease about him and Park-ha being alone together, despite his assurance that she has no reason to worry. Again he tells her it’s nothing—although his expression seems to hint at something else.

Chi-san tells his friends that when he was in the throes of pain, the idea that he might die here, away from his family, was enough to bring him anguish. Yes, this life is comfortable, but it’s not home. He laments, “I really want to go back.”

Yi Gak feels responsible for his men’s difficulties, and it renews his desire to end this journey quickly. He asks them to endure just a little longer until they can achieve their goal, after which they’ll be able to return home. It’s a theory that makes some sense, given that they were brought here for a reason—they just have to fulfill their task and the mojo that brought them here should kick in again, right?

Park-ha brings them dinner, but excuses herself to head home early. Yi Gak also cites a lack of appetite and declines to eat, while Chi-san is unable to eat until he passes the post-surgery gas still in his gut. Loyal Yong-sool chooses solidarity, which is a riot given the abject seriousness of his tone contrasting with the words: “Until he farts, I will not eat, either.” Funny, ’cause I probably wouldn’t want to eat after that, either.

That leaves Man-bo looking longingly at dinner and shooting Yong-sool a dirty look—he can’t be the only one eating, after all. That would just look bad.

Park-ha and Yi Gak head home in silence, not speaking, both lost in thought. Yi Gak doesn’t realize that she hasn’t followed him onto the bus until he looks out his window, seeing her turning to walk on alone.

That means he arrives home first and waits up for her worriedly. His call goes unanswered because she’s shut her phone off, so he heads out to look, scouring the streets.

While he’s out, Park-ha sits in a huddle on the front stoop, reluctant to go inside to face him. She looks up at their beach mural, but it doesn’t seem to provide much comfort today.

Yi Gak finds her sitting there, and covers for the fact that he was out looking for her by saying he was just getting some air. And when he asks why her phone was off, he makes up the excuse that wanted to send her on an errand.

Yi Gak tends to their aquarium, fishing out the sprouted lotus seed and replanting it in a pot. She asks why, and he answers that it’s to make sure it doesn’t die, but she asks, “Can’t it just live in the aquarium with the fish?” The analogy isn’t lost on either of them as he replies, “I was intending to move it and plant it from the start.” The background song sings out, “I know that’s a lie,” but Park-ha takes him at face value and walks away feeling disheartened.

She sits outside on the patio, and he silently joins her. Uncomfortable in his presence, she gets up to leave, but he grabs her wrist as she walks by and asks, “Is it true that you like me?” I knew it! He did read the message!

She starts to feel indignant that he read the text and pretended not to, making a fool of her, but he’s not to be thus distracted and repeats his question.

He takes her by the shoulders, turning her to face him, and says gently, “Don’t like me.” She turns to hide her tears, and after her departure he says to himself, “I’m sorry.”

Yi Gak takes the recovered cell phone to the service center for unlocking and repair, then looks through its contents for clues. In the gallery, he finds that photo of the cousins in New York together, with metadata confirming the date of shot, betraying Tae-mu’s lie. (February 17 is the date, for future reference.)

With one hunch confirmed, he asks Park-ha for the postcard and asks how she came to have it. She tells him she never knew Tae-yong drew her and never met him, but she does backtrack through her memory to confirm that she received the card on February 17. Another puzzle piece falls into place.

She still thinks she got stood up, but Yi Gak tells her that the reason Tae-yong didn’t meet her was because he died right before their rendezvous date. That’s his belief, at any rate, and he fixates on this bit: “You could have met Yong Tae-yong. You were meant to meet Yong Tae-yong.” Ooh, keep going with that line of thought—just a few more steps till you uncover more thwarted destinies…

Yi Gak asks Pyo Taek-soo for information, trying to retrace the events leading up to Tae-yong’s death/disappearance. His boat was found on February 18, missing its owner, so that narrows down the window some more. Tae-mu arrived in the States on the 17th. Taek-soo says they just need proof of the cousins meeting to shine a light on Tae-mu’s lie.

Yi Gak keeps his mouth shut about the photo for now, opting to gather more corroborating evidence first. He calls Tae-mu out for a drink and baits him, saying, “I keep running into someone I’m supposed to remember, which feels like my memory is starting to come back. But my memories just upset me.” He wonders if his hyung believes in fate. Tae-mu laughs that no, such things don’t exist.

But Yi Gak’s tone gets more serious as he uses his beer glass and bottle to symbolize two people: Say a man and a woman were destined to meet. But instead, something happened and interfered. Thwack! He knocks the bottle over: “Thus that man couldn’t meet that woman. That angers me.”

Tae-mu is unnerved at this loaded analogy, but he brushes the subject aside and says he’d rather talk about something less confusing. Yi Gak agrees to an easier topic, and asks: “When I was living in America, what was the last conversation we had?”

Tae-mu says their last exchange was an international phone call, before he left Korea to meet Tae-yong. Yi Gak asks if they’d ever gone to a bar like this in New York, and that strikes a note of alarm in Tae-mu’s brain. He scans the place and realizes that it’s a lot like the bar they’d drunk at the night before the yacht accident. But he’s careful not to betray his fears; slapping on a smile, he replies that it’s possible they went to a similar bar—there’s nothing too unusual about this one.

Yi Gak says that this is an example of him not being sure of whether he’s remembering or imagining things from the past: “And my memory of our last conversation wasn’t a phone call, but on a boat.” Dun dun dun!

While Tae-mu trembles with nerves, Yi Gak asks for just one clear answer: “Two years ago on February 17 when you arrived in New York, did you meet me, or not?”

They lock gazes, and Tae-mu growls, “Crazy bastard.” Yi Gak growls right back, “Either we met or we didn’t, it’s one of the two. The answer isn’t crazy bastard.”

Tae-mu chooses outrage as his mode of deflection, accusing his cousin of toying with him, but Yi Gak persists with his question. Tae-mu answers that they didn’t meet, and Yi Gak laughs in his face, saying, “You say we didn’t meet, so you’re a liar. If you’d said we did meet, you’d be a killer. Which are you?” Oooh. Ballsy. He follows that with: “But those two people are the same: the killer and the liar.”

Tae-mu steps close and warns, “You’ve crossed the final line.” Which would put them on the same side, by my count, though I’m pretty sure the killer doesn’t get to complain about lines of propriety. Tae-mu vows to trample his cousin thoroughly to ensure he never says those words again. Okay, now, you can’t just announce your murderous intent—not when you’re doing such a poor job whacking people already. Now you’re just giving them more ways to escape you, Worst Killer Ever.

The awkwardness continues between Park-ha and Yi Gak at work, where they keep their distance despite being keenly aware of the other. When Park-ha trips on a stair and hurts her ankle, Yi Gak keeps himself from hurrying the help her, but he goes out to buy band-aids and medication and leaves them for her.

She corners him at home to ask why he’s being so solicitous, looking after her. He feigns ignorance and says he hasn’t been, nor does he intend to. Frustrated, she bursts out, “I’m not telling you to like me!” She’s just trying to make sense of his mixed messages.

She’s opened this can of worms, so he sits her down and starts his explanation—of the princess who was poisoned before he made the time-jump, and how he must solve her murder in order to return home. And how he believes that to do so, he has to re-create the events of the day she died. To do that, he’ll have to marry Se-na and make history repeat itself. His impersonation of Tae-yong and his job at the company are all in pursuit of the goal to marry the princess’s reincarnation.

In so doing, he believes there will be an attempt made on the princess’s life in this world as well: “I’ll reveal who it is that tries to kill her in this place, and prevent the death. Then I will know who poisoned the princess in Joseon, and once I know, my companions and I will return there.”

On the upside for him, Se-na is all about marrying him, and she says so in their next date, acting like she likes him so much that she wanted to confirm their feelings and get that out in the open. With any other guy it would be jumping the gun, but in this case this just makes his job easier and he thanks her. And then they handshake, because marriage is a business transaction entered into by consenting adults with personal agendas to further. Right?

They agree to break the news later to the adults, who laugh that this is speedy but probably just characteristic of youngsters these days. Grandma wants an engagement period before the ceremoney, but is otherwise pleased to welcome Se-na as future in-law.

Uncle Money, meanwhile, sits back with a devious smile, since he’s content to let two of his enemies shack up. That gives him the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone—which in this case may not even be much of a metaphor. You never know with this family.

On the other hand, Tae-mu doesn’t take this news well, since he does really love Se-na and has yet another grievance to level against his cousin. He clenches his fist, not even hearing his father’s advice to hurry up and marry first, securing his position before his cousin.

He calls Se-na out to a quiet stairwell to demand to know what she’s doing. She reminds him that she broke up with him cleanly, and that this will be the last time they’ll be meeting like this, secretly.

Tae-mu follows her out into the hallway and grabs her arm, but sees Yi Gak standing at a distance and forces his voice low. He warns, “You won’t get what you want. I won’t allow it—not for either of you.” Is it just me, or does anybody else hear the implied Or I’ll kill you hanging in the air?

Yi Gak asks what that intense encounter was about, ready to swoop in to her defense. Se-na lies that she’d made a mistake and assures Yi Gak not to worry, since she merited Tae-mu’s anger.

Se-na sits down with her mother to tell her the news, and Mom is thrilled that her daughter is engaged to the company president’s grandson. Se-na adds hurriedly, apologetically, that the other family doesn’t know about Mom and that she hasn’t told them about her. Since having a mother is pretty standard, as far as humans go, in this case her wording suggests that Se-na has fibbed about Mom’s whereabouts and that she knows it’s hurtful. So she pleads with Mom to be understanding and promises to introduce them later. Like maybe after the wedding, when it’s too late to kick up a fuss?

Mom is disappointed but agrees to go with it. Later she has a drink with Park-ha, who’s feeling drinky herself. They smile and laugh together, both trying to find their cheer amid the hurt, and when it’s time to part ways Mom finally breaks down in tears, hugging Park-ha as she cries.

Yi Gak watches over the lotus plant, thinking of Park-ha. He’s gazing at the beach mural when Park-ha stumbles home. She wonders tearily, “Of all the places in this big city, why did you have to fall onto my rooftop?”

The team continues with their product launch, and Park-ha accompanies Man-bo to the warehouse. As they unload boxes, a faulty electrical outlet starts to spark, going unnoticed until after Man-bo steps out for more boxes, the door locking behind him.

Thus he can’t get back inside, even as smoke seeps out of the door cracks. He shouts for help while Park-ha navigates the burning interior, looking in vain for an exit path.

Meanwhile, Se-na and Yi Gak take a meeting to work out contract details. He excuses himself to take Man-bo’s phone call, is stricken with alarm, and rushes out immediately.

At the warehouse, Park-ha inhales too much smoke and collapses. The guards finally get the lock open just as Yi Gak arrives. but guards hold everyone away from the burning building.

Yi Gak pushes his way through anyway, shouting Park-ha’s name as he makes his way inside amid falling boxes. Park-ha vaguely registers the shouting, but fades into unconcsiousness.


Eh. Sort of a perfunctory episode, I thought. We had to get here and I don’t really have issues with the content of the episode, which were necessary steps. Yi Gak had to fight his feelings for Park-ha to keep his eye on the big picture, and he had to move forward with Se-na. But he also had to also be jolted into action because of Park-ha (ergo, heroic rescue), which presumably will make him realize how he really feels about her. I’m operating on the assumption that he has an inkling of his feelings for her but is consciously suppressing them, because a new romantic future is a luxury he can’t afford to indulge right now.

But the show kinda sleepwalked through these plot points, zooming straight through without stopping to pick up its sidekicks, Cute and Funny. And in the absence of these two scene-stealers, we can really feel the energy level drop. It felt like the show just chugged on quickly, taking a “Let’s just get this over with, folks” approach. I do agree that the comedic sidebars do tend to be on the periphery to the main plot, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. In this drama’s case, the quirk factor gives us the zip and zing, so they’re welcome additions, and I missed them.

I also see, narratively, why they toned down the sidekicks’ moods in this episode, since we’re in the part where they get homesick—they’ve assumed all along that they’d get to go home, but I don’t think it’s been that clear to us. Now’s the time to start preparing the audience that these boys will have to be Quantum Leaping back to their real lives, reminding us that they don’t belong here. On the other hand, much of the lighter, adorable beats that this drama has successfully pulled off isn’t directly related to these plotlines, so I don’t see why we couldn’t have had more duckling action regardless.

But most of all, I think it’s the Park-ha heartbreak that really changed up the mood, because she spent the episode moping. I was there with her emotionally so I wasn’t upset that she was moping—girl has a pretty good reason for being bummed—but it definitely weighed down the ambiance. Park-ha is at her most winning as the spunky and occasionally crabby mama duck, so I missed her energy.

Since this episode took us to the angst zone, here’s to hoping we get pulled out of it soon. Like, tomorrow-soon.


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      Please spare the 3 ducklings; they are innocent.

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    this episode was amazing! i have no words! and i saw the screencaps that tomorrow or soon there will bee a huge kiss!

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      and can i mention once more how beautiful han ji min cries?!? omg.

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        Yes she does! And she mixes in all her emotions into the crying as well so its not just a pretty crying face.

        Wait- no wha- kiss?!? Where??

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          LOL Preview 12

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            Thanks for the link! Can’t wait!!!

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            oooh and the preview has an english sub, awws! Taemu finally has a trump card in his hand. In this preview he knows that Park Ha is Sena’s sister and to connect with the family pic that lady Jang gave to him, PArk Ha is the missing daughter. If Sena doesn;t want these info to be revealed then taemu has her neck tethered.

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      Chunface was great as always…but especially in the bar with Taemu. NICE!

      CANNOT wait for episode 12! That preview has me salivating! Woot!

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    I love how we share the same opinion on most things about RP. And sometimes, even though I don’t agree on little things, I always find reading your recaps enlightening. ^_^ saranghae! <3

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    I am watching both this and his brother’s show and I must say jumping btw the 2 brothers is interesting. I love yoochunie b/c he is a really great singer and I’ve been slowly, well very slowly warming up to his acting. I really really want RP to pick up it’s pace and pronto! I really could care less about this whole Sena thing. They are really boring… I feel like they just need to get this whole mystery thing going and to step it up a notch btw Park Ha & our prince. In joseon times, is he going to find out about his lovely princess’ not-so-pleasant past and who his sister-in-law is. 🙂 the one that made the hanky (if i remember that correctly).

    I agree what’s so great is that edgy spark between the prince, his posse and Park Ha. Now that a lot of that is missing, it just kinda drags. The circle to nowhere. Mr Prince, my man, please move it along. I still like the show, but I just want things to keep going at a fast pace and keep me on my toes.

    • 12.1 danny

      I agree, ep 11 already and revealing secrets are a little slow, unlike the city hunter story where a secret is revealed in an episode and right away revealed in the next episode and then another secret, it keeps u edgier.

    • 12.2 trotwood

      You say that you are watching his brother’s show. How is it? I cannot seem to find anything (or anything much) about it online. It is not even listed in Dramabeans as being on tv. I have given up believing that anyone will have it out with subs since it seems to be airing in some sort of nether region.

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        i see it here http://www.kimchidramas.net/2012/03/k-pop-extreme-survival.html

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      *double rawr* I thought he had a ridiculous amount of scenes in this ep and he nailed all of them.

      He does subtle well too, compared to Taemu in their stand-off who mostly did angry faces of constipation.

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    Thanks JB! I should be studying for my exam tomorrow, but I was refreshing this page all day.

    I agree. Too bad we’re lacking more of the funny here. Oh well, at least we’re not at a standstill. Yi Gak is also closer to finding the truth. It’s great having an intelligent hero. I’m also guessing Tae Mu’s going to be the killer. There seems to be hints. Anyone else thinking that Yi Gak will really go through with this wedding?

    Can’t wait until tomorrow. Yipeeeeeeeeee!

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      It’s great having an intelligent hero.

      So true.

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        Agree. It’s very refreshing.

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      He should be exceptionally intelligent, maybe an IQ of 189 like Jae-ha. hehehe, u can’t be a KINg if ur aint that wise.

      • 14.2.1 MissChiVyous

        Yeah. To be a TRUE king, you must have wisdom. Too bad most of the world’s history consists of crappy, horny kings or demonic dictators. Who’s Jae Ha, by the way? Is he a character in this drama?

        Thanks for posting the preview lizzzie! I’m glad it shows Park Ha leaving so Yi Gak can outwardly portray his real feelings. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE KISS!!!!

  15. 15 Mary

    Wow this episode has had me on a roller coaster the whole flipping day and I’m still wondering how the world they are going to tie in the whole “i go back to josun but i fell in love with someone from this generation” giant noose that the writers built… it just makes me believe or understand that they are not going back… even if they don’t belong… because I watch a lot of sci-fi its pretty much a great understatement that because they have jumped to the future the josun travelers have now created a rift in the time space continuum causing a parallel alternate 22nd century… I’ve gone cross-eyed thinking this for days now

    • 15.1 ilikemangos

      Mary, im on the same page!
      I was wondering how our main couple was going to have a happy ending! He belongs in the Joseon era, she the modern era.
      Unless they totally pull a rabbit out of the hat.. hope all ends well.

      • 15.1.1 Ash

        From my point of view, I think the story will go like this:

        Since everyone in the story are reborned in 21st era, I think once the prince finds out the truth he will return to the Josen era to solve the mystery and return to current era in Tae yong’s body with all the memories or something along those lines.

        • ilikemangos

          Hmm, very interesting perspective.
          I wonder how they would recover tae youngs body though — last we saw he ended up drowning in the lake/ocean

          • MAC

            He must be alive somewhere with amnesia — and will recover his memory and get to meet Park-Ha when Yi-Gak goes back to Joseon era?

          • pk

            I agree, probably wake up and staying at some tropical island and meet Parkha when she goes there to nurse her broken heart when yg went back to joseon….

          • bellerina

            Actually, I wonder if Tae Mu searched for Tae Yong’s (missing) body.

            Since he is the only one who knows that Tae Yong was definitely pushed into the water, even if he lied to grandmother et al that Tae Yong went missing in NY, shouldn’t he ensure a clean job and confirm that Tae Yong’s dead body was indeed found?
            (Although it could be because he didn’t think too clearly about that, since he doesn’t seem to be the smartest cookie in the jar =P)

        • dls

          but if he returns to Joseon… how about Park-Ha? Can the prince loves Park-Ha in Joseon the same way he loves Park-Ha in modern time?

          • Neng

            I’ve been thinking about that too. The Park-Ha in Joseon is totally different then the Park-Ha of modern time. Well of what we seen briefly of Joseon Park-Ha. It obviously wont be the same.

          • Shukmeister

            If you think about it, Park Ha doesn’t have any real ties to the modern age but her stepmom.

            Maybe she will go back with her ducklings and Princey, and take the place of (assumed) drowned Bu Yong. Yi Gak will discover Hwa-yong’s perfidy in the drowning, banish her, then the nakama that became a family will stay intact.

            I’m still wondering what she saw in the history book, though.

          • hanabi

            @ Shukmeister

            I was thinking the same about Park Ha. It is feasible that she could go back with them if it was Bu Yong who died. But that’s still a lot to develop in the 9 remaining episodes. hmmm

            I’m glad the issue of the phone resurfaced in this episode. I was hoping that it wouldn’t get lost as details in dramaland sometimes do. Now about the book…

    • 15.2 danny

      i really hope the ending must be as smart as our hero coz i read an article that this drama really had a hard time finishing an episode coz the script is late, there’s only one scriptwriter doing the job and he is really really doing an all nighter. I hope his /her brain doesn’t crack we dont want a Bad Guy ending , don’t we.

  16. 16 kirara

    Yeah.. I was hoping for more fun and craziness too but we do need to discuss the plot and relationships between Yi Gak and his women and his cousin and everything else..

    Lets hope that we get more funnies soon and FAST! 🙂

    Thanks for posting!!!

  17. 17 21

    Thanks for the recap! It’s up so quick today!

  18. 18 Christy

    I particularly love Mickey’s acting in this episode especially the Tae Mu- Tae Yong bar confrontation scene. I love his intensity!

    • 18.1 chewy

      I agree with you on this one….Yoochun has really set up the standard for all idols turn actors. It’s going to be hard for them to catch up to him.

    • 18.2 crazykel

      I agree wholeheartedly! That scene actually reminded me of the play-within-the-play in Hamlet which outs the killer (I won’t say for fear of those who haven’t read it pummeling me with tomatoes). Micky’s intensity was so palpable; I felt everything his eyes were trying to convey.

      Otherwise, I felt episode 11 could have had a few more laughs and less SeNa. (Any episode could have less SeNa.)

      I’m hoping that YiGak now realizes who ParkHa is in relation to his ‘reincarnation’ scheme, and I’m hoping we’ll get a glimpse of that relation in regards to Joseon as well.

      -Count Me in as another member of the Micky bandwagon!

  19. 19 ilovemandoo

    Ah, finally I get my dose of crack.

    Just a few side comments:
    – I LOVED the confrontation between Tae-mu and Yi Gak.. Ballsy, indeed. Though because of the dark foreboding tones, I wish he would at least let someone know about the pictures. Is it so wrong to let at least Pyo Taek-soo know and be in on the plan? It’s not like they have to act right away. Also, Taek-soo mentioned how Tae-mu bought dinner for two while was in America. Was that just a bluff? Because that is evidence as well, though perhaps not the strongest kind.

    – FINALLY Yi Gak is starting to realize more things about destiny. Just a few steps further….. D: I wonder why he hasn’t really stopped to wonder why he ended up in Park Ha’s apartment. She said it herself: “Of all the places in this big city, why did you have to fall onto my rooftop?”

    – I understand the plan, but isn’t it quite cold to say that he is going to marry for the sake of returning to Joseon? What I mean by this is that if he (hypothetically) married Sena, would he just leave her to go back home? I feel like the plan is a little short-sighted on that part. (Not that I really care about Sena’s future, but it just doesn’t seem very nice.)

    – More than anything, I felt the worst in this episode for Sena’s mom. As much as I feel for Park Ha, I can’t help but feel more sympathetic to the mother.. How terrible for your own child to be ashamed of you. And for Sena to ask her mother for a favor in such a flippant manner. She just keeps giving me reasons to hate her..

    – Lastly, I was also sad about the energy level dropping. Even if it’s an episode with angst, I would hope that the drama keeps its trademark energy. Ah well though, it was still an enjoyable episode.

    • 19.1 ilovemandoo

      Oh yeah, and how could I forget this line?: Tae-mu steps close and warns, “You’ve crossed the final line.”

      Reminds me of Sena. How like the hateful couple to blame others and be self-centered, when they’re in the wrong. Though I can at least feel sorry (a littleee) for Tae-mu. Sena, on the other hand, both annoys me and cracks me up with her ridiculousness.

    • 19.2 lizzzie

      I’m glad Yigak was smart enough not to let anyone else know of the photos… He may trust taeksoo (or not) but things could still go wrong.

      I loved that Parkha asked that question too. It’s the one crucial question he hasn’t been asking himself. And it can be taken two ways too, the romantic “open your eyes to this girl” kinda way, or the thread linking them in the grand cosmic plan. I loved that Parkha confronted him when pushed to, she wasn’t really only moping in this ep. I was cheering inside when she was all, “are you going to tell me not to drink too?” and “why are you being so nice to me? Aren’t you liking me too?” Thumbs uuup!

      • 19.2.1 ilovemandoo

        I agree that it’s smart, but it still makes me a little antsy, what with “accidental” murderer Taemu around XD

        Yes, I was full of love for Park Ha in this ep. 🙂 She handled her emotions quite maturely. She wasn’t bratty about her wounded heart, but she also let herself have some time to get over it. Not to mention, she actually confronts him about things that were bothering her. I was cheering when she said those things, too. XD (Especially the crucial question that Yi Gak needs to think about!)

    • 19.3 Glomp

      First, thanks for the recaps!

      Regarding destiny, in addition to what you’ve just mentioned, Yi Gak did note that Yong Tae Yong and Parkha were fated to meet. Now, if only he could connect the dots together and realise that his own fate (in which he’s meant to be with Crown Princess) might not be his true destiny.
      After all, if his reincarnation is supposed to meet Parkha who’s not the Crown Princess, then something is wrong…

      When his present reincarnation Tae Yong failed to meet Parkha, he was mojo-ed to the present. It’s like he’s taking Tae Yong’s place to meet Parkha to make up for it. Now for him to realise that Parkha = Bu Yong… …

      • 19.3.1 ellie

        I like your thinking Glomp!
        And thanks again JB for the great recap.(I swear I’m also down in the dumps with this episode)..

      • 19.3.2 bjharm

        yes and the yellow butterfly on the postcard [the same one on the hanky] sparked um well magically when the prince brought up the idea that She and Tae Young where fated to meet only his death cheated fate..pretty making it certain for me that he wasnt brought there for the princess sake at all and he on the wrong track with his fate contections.
        Plus it seems there a degree of using se na on the princes part as he not only planning to marry her to get back to his right time, but also putting her at risk of getting killed by making history repeat, hardly what you would do to anyone you had true feelings for.

      • 19.3.3 ilovemandoo

        Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking as well, which is why I mentioned that I’d like him to get a few steps further (in his thinking about destiny). Hopefully, this theory ends up being true because otherwise I’m not sure how we’ll get our happy ending > w <

  20. 20 Noelle

    thank you thank you! Now off to read!

    • 20.1 Noelle

      But Sena’s the murdering bitch! You have to save your one and only which is Park Ha. Why would Tae Yong be met for Park Ha and you not be? Come on Yi Gak, your so close to putting the puzzle together! Just a little bit more and you got it. Your literally right there.

      Poor Mama. She got one sucky daughter. I bet she acts like that because she found out she’s an orphan or whatever. Well at least she’s got Park Ha.

      • 20.1.1 hanabi

        I can’t wait ’till Sena starts to get get comeuppance. Her world needs to start falling apart soon.

  21. 21 Daniella

    Aww, this episode was so sad.
    Even Chi-San who is normally very cheerful was sad. I noticed now that we’re half way, things have made a one-eighty turn in terms of comedy. I was upset that the boys didn’t show up but more than twice and when they did, it wasn’t fun.

    Why Yi Gak and Bak Ha! Why do you have to make this episode so angsty??! My poor Unnie crying all the time was really sad. I felt really sad as well when the mom broke down.

    My favorite part of this episode though was the intense part between Yi Gak and Tae Mu. I loved the analogy he used. It’s so ironic how Tae Yong and Bak Ha have their destinies ruined once again.

    I can’t believe Se Na and him are actually getting married. Isn’t nobody going to question the quickness? As much as I hate Se Na, i thought it was cute when she called the grandma grandma but still I hate her.

    Bak Ha just has the worst luck ever ):

  22. 22 Heather

    Thanks for the recap!

    I totally agree about missing the F4 this episode! But I can’t help but think that if he had had his appendix burst back home, he would’ve died. So yaaaay for that–maybe there’s a secret reason that these three guys accompanied Yi-Gak to the present?

    I also appreciate how things got TALKED about in this episode! Here’s why I am here–Here’s why I am upset at you etc etc 😀 Always refreshing in dramaland…

    • 22.1 ilovemandoo

      I agree! It’s a good thing that he was here where there’s modern treatment. Though I’m not sure if the boys seem to understand that haha.

      Also I agree. It was refreshing for them to be honest. I thought it was cute when Yi Gak pretended his phone broke, but I also sort of groaned because I could tell that he was pretending and I wanted him to just be honest with her. (Which he thankfully was, later in the ep)

    • 22.2 Raitei

      So true about Chi San. Although they will probably feel really sad, I’m still thinking they’ll be staying for good.

      I have to know whatever Park Ha read in that history book, though, to know more, but they’ll probably hold on to that, the poster, and the candle riddle until the very last episodes (hopefully not)…

  23. 23 lizzzie

    I didn’t mind not having funny and cute around this time. I thought the ep was tight for the first time in a while so I guess it’s a tradeoff. I liked how things are finally taking bigger steps. I think he’s going draw the buyong connection really soon, before rushing into the fire he doused his butterfly hanky right? He’s gonna cover parkha’s mouth with and something’s gotta register.
    I was afraid the whole time parkha was in the fire she would burn her face but I don’t think it’s going there..

    • 23.1 ilovemandoo

      Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines. I’m pretty sure he’ll make the connection after the fire, but I’m hoping that they won’t burn Park Ha’s face. (Considering she’s the main character of the modern period.. I doubt they would. Or if they did, it would have to be something temporary that would disfigure her face.)

    • 23.2 Manu

      That’s exactly what I was thinking when he got that hanky out! I really hope he realizes that they’re sister, though what he’s going to do with that info, I have no idea.

      • 23.2.1 jbb

        I thought the same thing. I think he will put it on her and see her eyes, like with the veil and bammo!

        I’m wondering now if there is a TaeMu in the past and the queen was having an affair and he offed her. Maybe TaeMu’s father. Did anyone see him in the past?

    • 23.3 July

      OMG! I hadn’t even realized that was the hanky with the butterfly. Awesome! Things are moving swiftly along and I can’t wait until he makes the connection.

      I also thought this was a pretty tight episode, although I did groan (just a little) with all the moping going around. But it was needed so we can all better grasp how much they are hurting inside.

      Anyways, can’t wait ’till tomorrow and hopefully the revelation!

    • 23.4 Shukmeister

      I think he in his heart he already believes she’s Bu Yong. Don’t forget, he made the lotus connection in her name, and also with the aquarium. Plus, he asked Se Na at least once if she had a younger sister.

      Since he went to their mom’s house, I wondered if he would walk Se Na home one night and realize it’s the same place.

  24. 24 Shukmeister

    I’m wondering – what does it take to have Princey admit shes his sis-in-law.

    If she gets out of the fire with a scar on her face, similar to her Joseon doppelganger?

    • 24.1 momosa

      When he chanced up her covering her nose & mouth, hair all pinned up with only eyes visible??! No…no scar please!

    • 24.2 jellybean


      no scars for park ha pleeeease 🙁

    • 24.3 ilikemangos

      oh jesus! they don’t need to burn her face.

    • 24.4 keya

      I hope she doesn’t get a scar on the face, but if the production decides to go on with that so that Yi Gak will recognize her (which I don’t think there’s a need to do so, since putting the hanky in front of her face will do), well, it’s modern times, she can get plastic surgery done, lol.

  25. 25 Frances

    Thank you for the timely recaps…till next week!

  26. 26 momosa

    I love it that Yi Gak is a smart ass, he figures things out quickly & is not afraid to be confrontational, very focus on his mission as well.

    It’s exciting to see how he deals with the derailment now (Park Ha) 🙂

    Now that YG & Sena have set the date to marry, the truth about Sena would be out soon. The only thing is it might drag on for a few more epis which means we will have to endure hair-pulling frustration of seeing Sena wiggles evilly along. Aarrgh…

  27. 27 seanaldshoee

    bets are that tae yong isn’t dead.

    • 27.1 MAC

      Yup, and he has amnesia the whole time. So that will go well with grandma and the rest when the prince goes back to the past.

  28. 28 Frances

    And btw, I love that taemu is at his wits end….”evil laugh”…

  29. 29 juen

    I want to think that Yi Gak was meant to be with Han Ji Min in Joseon era but was thwarted by evil sis. It was actually their destiny to be together. So in present day time, perhaps it is time to make that happen on top of solving the mystery.

    • 29.1 vcdragoon

      Well, to take this one meta-step back, if destiny could be thwarted it wouldn’t be destiny.

      A more amusing theory is as follows: Bak Ha and Yi Gak were meant to be together. The only hiccup was a 300 year separation. In a way, the murder of the princess, Sena’s machinations, and Tae-Mu’s killer punch are all nothing but the tools that destiny utilized to bring these chrono-challenged lovers together.

      At least that I what I’d like to think.

      • 29.1.1 lizzzie

        Lol. And nothing to help the couple but a little yellow butterfly. And 3 ducklings?

      • 29.1.2 ilovemandoo

        HAHA I like this theory.

        And I agree. I always wondered about that. (If destiny can be thwarted.. it’s not destiny, is it..?)

  30. 30 Stardust

    Thank you for the recap Javabeans!! I have been waiting since last night kekeke I love wednesdays…and thursdays… =D Since we never saw the dead princess’s face ever, I think there is a chance it may not be Sena’s alter at all? I need more eps!!

  31. 31 jellybean

    my heart was pumping during the last scene!!!

    i love how we were able to answer some questions in this episode!! we are lucky that our crown prince is very intelligent to solve almost everything! :))

    can’t wait for tonight already!!!!!! i know it will be a good one!!

    but i have a question, is it feb 17 2012 right now in that series? 🙂 like is it the anniversary of everything that happened?

  32. 32 zan

    thank u for recap,
    I hope drama put back our energy F4 & Lee gak back,is totally look like melo for now

  33. 33 Clock

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  34. 34 TamTam

    I have the same reaction. It was meh. Episode 10 inflated the balloon, so to speak, and I’m waiting for it to pop, but instead it just deflated pathetically. It was pretty anti-climatic which is typical of a Kdrama, I’m hoping for a better episode tomorrow.

  35. 35 cherry

    lily( represents park Ha) in the water – taking it out of the fish bowl to save it from dying… hmm Princey u maybe onto something even when u were forming an analogy of something else… lily in water…park ha in water – saving both from death by water….

    • 35.1 Shukmeister

      Good thought

    • 35.2 momosa

      One thing though… Bu Yong in Josean is Crown Princess. They switched name & body when the real BY was scarred.

      So, it’s interesting how Yi Gak is going to figure out that Park Ha = Bu Yong. The Princess’s real name is Hwa Yong, I think.

  36. 36 abby

    This is only my wild imagination. I imagine that somehow
    Tae -yung is alive somewhere. Or I should say wash out to an island and can’t remember who he is You are right , that hanky is made by her sister and I remember if not for the princess greed she is suppose to be chosen as princess of Jeoson.Because she mis-up her face w/iron she was not able to introduce and be selected as candidate for crown princess. Hopefully the truth will come out soon. I just hate Sena being in the picture.

    • 36.1 Shukmeister

      Early in the series, I speculated that Tae Yong was transported to Joseon and was falling in love with Bu Yong.

      I’ve kinda changed my mind after YG mentioned that TY’s death is the only way he could have reached the 21st Century.

      • 36.1.1 h311ybean

        Yi Gak believes that Tae-yong is dead, but since we haven’t seen the body or received any police reports, I’m holding on to a slim hope that he’s not! 🙂

        • fluffyinflight

          there was one very brief episode where tae yong was in the water – face down, and his eyes opened up suddenly. There was nothing shown about that shown, so there’s the probability that he may be alive.

      • 36.1.2 Shukmeister

        The island thing is a stretch only because, hey, in spite of how expansive and blue the water in episode one is, in reality the Hudson River is less than a mile wide anywhere around Manhatten, and is heavily travelled by vessels of all sizes.

        The only islands he could have washed on would be Ellis, Liberty, or Governor’s Islands, none of which are uninhabited.

        Could be an amnesiac spin, of course, but then YG couldn’t be there.

  37. 37 에리까 중

    wow.. you are so quick.. thanks for th recap quickly.. ^^
    can’t wait patiently the next ep..

  38. 38 karz

    i’ve watched the episod,but still want to read the recap….can’t wait till……tomorrow morning? it will be at that time in my time zone. ohhhh…i’m dying for ep 12….kiss scene really…really cant’wait. pleasee help me…i’m so addicted to this drama…

  39. 39 Mary

    and here’s another note did anyone else notice how when LG & PH were at the coffee house talking about how PH was support to meet Tae-Yong in NYC and how that was fate/destiny that the camera panned to the post card and the butterfly started to shimmer to life (or glitter –whichever)

    that scene got me thinking that they should hold the card with them so when their assumptions get close to hitting it on the nose the butterfly can be their beacon lol

    • 39.1 lizzzie

      Lol i’m waiting for the butterfly to shimmer its way to Parkha in the fire. And somehow save her with its tiny CG wings or something

      • 39.1.1 ilikemangos

        LOL @ lizzie.

  40. 40 tarquinthetiny

    I think the narrative is hinting to us that, because the original union between Yi Gak and Bu Yong had been thwarted by the interloping sister and the accident she caused, Fate was trying to get it done right a second time when it arranged for their reincarnations– Tae Yong and Park Ha– to meet. That’s why the butterfly flew off the handkerchief that Bu Yong had embroidered for Yi Gak and across time– so that it could draw Tae Yong’s attention to Park Ha. But this time their union is foiled by another interloper, Tae Mu. So the only option left is to bring Yi Gak into the present. I also like the ironic little symmetry at the end of this episode, where Yi Gak, who was unable to save the Princess from the water, manages to save Park Ha from fire. (At least, I assume that he will succeed in rescuing her– we still have 9 episodes to go!)

    • 40.1 hanabi

      Oh, I like your hypothesis.

    • 40.2 Brandy

      This is pretty much exactly my train of thought. I also believe that, since the Prince ordered the Princess’ face not be shown and she be wrapped in silk after her death, that Bu Yong may have been killed by the Princess. She was jealous of the intellectual convos b/w the two and you could tell she was bothered. And it was right after this that the butterfly flew away. If you look at it, in both timelines, fate is trying to push Bu Yong/Park Ha and the Prince/TaeYong together, yet the sister always intervenes. This drama is like a riddle/mystery wrapped up in cute fluff.

  41. 41 kaka

    I love this ep..we have laughing, cuty, curious, angry, cry…now time to solve, intense..and love ^__^ This drama make me like sit in rollercoaster..but i feel that why I am not feel bore and more interesting! cant wait for tomorrow!

  42. 42 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB for the update. Liking this drama a lot.

  43. 43 msu

    I was thinking how funny it is some ppl whined about stupid LG just not long ago now we are happy on having smart hero xD

    I just want to say I TOLD YOU.

    LG is written well…. I love how realistic and smart he is.

  44. 44 tarquinthetiny

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU to javabeans for your wonderful recaps and commentary. Can’t tell you how much you have improved my quality of life with your ironic wit.

    • 44.1 Shukmeister

      I agree wholeheartedly, tarq. They are the main reason I got hooked on them in the first place.

      Thank you Oh Dramabean Goddesses, as well as all the members of your entourage!!

  45. 45 Hang

    this episode is all about Lee Gak and I love it. He untied the first knot and got to realize his feelings for Park Ha. I read that there will be a kiss tomorrow, my fangirl mode is completely ON :D. Thank you for your recap!

    • 45.1 Hang

      also thanks for the song, it stuck in my mind now. I thought this song was used in some drama I just can’t remember which one now 🙂

  46. 46 JD


  47. 47 dswanson

    Well the little clues that I like– He brought a handkerchief with him soaked with water… I bet that when he finds her that he covers her nose and mouth with it to protect her from the smoke…. hmm should probably recognize her then if he hasn’t already from the name and flower clues.

    Second… We know he knows all about mouth to mouth now too.


    • 47.1 Shukmeister

      Nice thought, especially the m 2 m.

    • 47.2 MissChiVyous

      The writer needs to read this. I would love to see it in the next episode.

  48. 48 Mary

    Thank you so much for the recap!!!
    I watch the show before reading your recap, just to know if we are in the same line, most of the time we are.
    However, today I might agree that the episode was antsy, but it was neccesary, not everything can be “color de rosas” all the time. They have to rediscover their love and kill SENA (for all I care). It was a beautiful episode, in my opinion.
    I am hoping that tomorrow they will give is a few laughs. I missed the ducklings today, yet today they gave us the feeling of homesick though.
    I am not a big fan of Micky, but boy, he is mastering this king, al Cesar lo que es del Cesar. 🙂
    I am so addicted to this show!!! can’t wait till tomorrow! 🙂

  49. 49 Solenn



    I can’t wait for this!

    • 49.1 July

      Thank you!!!!!! Can’t wait! Already love the kiss 🙂

    • 49.2 Tar

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    • 49.3 gg

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  50. 50 singhi26

    thanks for the recaps!!! this episode was so sad, i cried along with PH. But I am sure now that LG loves PH. I loved that he explained the reason why he needs to marry Sena, at least PH won’t be that hurt this way. I feel sad for the 3 ducklings, being in a place that’s not really their home.
    One of my favorites scenes was PH and the stepmom, I have mentioned this before, but I really like that at least PH and her stepmom get along so well. I imagine the mom was crying because of Sena and also thinking that PH having been missing for so long and all treats her 100% better than the daughter she raised.
    All those analogies in this episode were so good. I specially liked when PH and LG met at the cafe and how the butterfly in the picture was glowing and when LG said that she was destined to meet TY.
    I want LG and PH together, I just hope they don’t have to wait for another reincarnation. I mean even if they are reincarnated and their how to put it, souls are the same, their personalities in each life would be different.
    I am anticipating ep12, I just saw the preview and is super good.

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