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Rooftop Prince: Episode 12
by | April 26, 2012 | 272 Comments

If yesterday was all about Park-ha confronting her feelings and trying to resolve them, today was all about Yi Gak doing the same. I much preferred this episode to yesterday’s, which seemed like all plot and little personality. This one was a nice way to follow up yesterday’s moodier story turns, because we get less reaction and more action. Mm, I love me my men of action.

The episode also advances our main story in huge ways, on multiple fronts. Hurrah, advancement!


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Yi Gak pulls up to the warehouse fire, douses his handkerchief in water, and bolts into the burning building. He finds Park-ha near unconsciousness and carries her out, his handkerchief draped over her face to filter out smoke. Does he not register the resemblance, or will this be a belated realization?

The paramedics take over, and then Park-ha is allowed home, where Yi Gak tends to her with a soothing medicine he’s brewed. As he tucks her into bed, she hands him the handkerchief, which slips from his grasp and flutters back down over her face. And now he makes the connection. Yessss!

Se-na leaves her meeting feeling peevish, since Yi Gak dashed out and ruined the proceedings. She calls Man-bo to ask what the matter is, and the mere mention of Park-ha’s name is enough to sour her mood. If that’s possible, that is; is sourness a finite condition, or can that soul keep shriveling indefinitely?

Se-na reports this to Grandma, who’s furious to hear that her grandson lost the contract after running out because of Park-ha. Even Pyo Taek-soo berates him for ditching the meeting, and warns that his project will be deemed a failure; he’ll be judged incompetent and pushed out of the company.

Yi Gak asks for another chance, but Taek-soo scoffs—this test was his chance.

Grandma thinks Park-ha called Tae-yong from his meeting and blames her for leading him astray. She doesn’t give him a chance to clarify the accident, and demands that either he move out of that rooftop penthouse, or he kick Park-ha out. Then Grandma decides that she’ll have to meet Park-ha face to face “to make her understand.”

The rooftop family goes out to eat, and Man-bo gives Park-ha a chicken leg from his soup, telling her to eat up. Yong-sool follows with his own chicken leg, and that makes Chi-san pipe up that Park-ha’s not the only patient, you know: “I had surgery! Me!” So Yi Gak gives him his chicken leg, and Chi-san beams. So cute. Are you all just going to sit there and pass around chicken legs of love?

Yi Gak asks how Chi-san’s recovery is going, and Chi-san says he’s healing well. Just as long as he doesn’t laugh, because that pulls on his stitches.

Not missing a beat, Man-bo and Yong-sool immediately make funny faces to make him laugh, HAHA. Chi-san’s reaction: “Haha! Ow! Don’t make me laugh! Ha!”

Yi Gak and Park-ha head home after dinner, but Man-bo and Yong-sool want to have a beer, and Chi-san agrees to go as long as they promise not to make him laugh. Muahaha. Yong-sool says with his straight face, “What is there to laugh about? Let us go.”

Yi Gak watches his friends head off and counts down, “One… two…” And right on cue, Chi-san doubles over laugh-crying.

They stroll home, where Grandma and Great Aunt are waiting for their confrontation with Park-ha. She’d told Yi Gak that she’d be coming but the sight of her makes him panic; he tries to block Park-ha’s view to turn her around before they’re spotted.

She peers around him and spots Grandma, though, so he explains that Grandma is under the misconception that Park-ha was at fault for his contract falling through. He decides it’s best to avoid confrontation for now and pulls her away.

They apologize for troubling each other—she for contributing to that contract loss, and he for sending her to the warehouse. Park-ha thanks him for rescuing her, and he thanks her right back for smiling; he’d been afraid that he’d made her unable to smile.

To kill time away from home, they take a walk to the top of the hill, where they pause while looking out at the city lights. He reminds her of her drunken words the other day, about how it was rotten luck that he picked her rooftop to crash into.

Park-ha remembers but feigns ignorance, insisting that she never said that. Yi Gak says that her words made him think, and he realized that his presence must have really disrupted her life. He apologizes for that.

She sighs, “It would have been nice for you to fall into a nicer house.” He contradicts her—he benefited, but the encounter only brought her rotten luck. Hearing those words repeated back at her, Park-ha tries to soften them now; that’s not what she meant. To which the ever-sharp Yi Gak points out, “You said you never said that.” Haha, caught in her lie.

Chi-san texts the all-clear to let Yi Gak know that Grandma has finally left. But to Park-ha, he says, “She’s still there.” Aw. Somebody wants an excuse to hang out.

To kill more time, they head to a restaurant for some snacks. Park-ha notices how smoothly he’s adapted to modern life, and laughs to herself, recalling how he couldn’t do anything at first. She admits that she’d thought he was crazy—a comment that makes him bristle. He returns that they all thought she was loud and wicked: “Do you know how many times I stopped Yong-sool from cutting you down with his sword?”

That escalates the bickering, and she points out how useless he was, refusing to work and freaking out over a teeny finger prick, calling him an annoying loser. Ha.

Incensed, Yi Gak throws out that HE was the one who “shook his body” like a fool in that animal suit to sell HER strawberries. But this is news to her, and she asks, “That… wasn’t Becky?” Ha! I’d forgotten about that, but it’s just the thing to defuse all that arguing, and she’s touched.

Yi Gak adds awkwardly that when she was going on her blind date, she looked kind of pretty. So she concedes that after he cut off his hair, he looked a tiny bit handsome. He informs her, “It wasn’t because of the hair cut, but because I was handsome to start with.” Keke.

Another text comes from Chi-san, now wondering why they aren’t coming home. Park-ha asks if Grandma has left yet, and he lies, “No, not yet.”

So, they head out to transfer to yet another location. As they walk—comfortably in silence, in step with one another—they both think back on their times together, giving us a highlight reel of their cute moments.

On to a jjimjilbang, where they relax in the main room. She tells him not to fall asleep since they have to go home, but he lays back with his eyes closed, telling her Granny’s still keeping vigil. Park-ha wonders at Grandma’s perseverance—isn’t she hungry? The lies come easier and easier: “I hear she just ordered delivery.”

But now Park-ha catches on, and suspects that he’s been lying all night. She starts to complain, but he falls asleep and Park-ha gently slides a pillow under his head. She reaches out a hand to touch his face, though she pulls away without making contact.

Yi Gak dreams of Bu-yong, remembering the word games they had played with each other at the palace. When he awakens, he murmurs to himself, “Sister-in-law is appearing in my dreams frequently.”

They walk home together in the wee hours of the morning, and find Se-na waiting in front of the house. Oh, right, her. The fiancée. He’d forgotten their date—engagement preparations, at that—and hurries inside to get ready.

The company holds a meeting with its directors, who look favorably on Tae-mu and praise his accomplishments. They have voted against promoting Tae-yong as previously planned, because in addition to the recent failure, there are also rumors that he’s not right in the head.

In his defense, Pyo Taek-soo points out that the contract fell through as Tae-yong was rescuing a life, and Tae-mu generously offers to give his cousin one more chance to prove himself.

He must be feeling pretty confident since the odds are in his favor that Tae-yong will just fail again. This time they’ll go head-to-head with new product launches.

Tae-mu plans to market an athletic shoe—a top brand “used in Hollywood.” Uh, guys? I’m not sure that says what you think it says. That’s about as meaningful as saying I sell the badminton fly preferred by brain surgeons. An interesting statistic, maybe, but useless.

Our team gathers for a strategy session. Man-bo vows that they must beat Tae-mu. Chi-san has the fatalistic view—they’re doomed to fail. Yong-sool argues like a seasoned warrior, saying that an unwinnable fight is best avoided.

Yi Gak, on the other hand, is ready to meet the challenge, and thinks that they’ll be able to use the other team’s underestimation of them to their advantage. For instance, he anticipates sabotage by Tae-mu’s team, and they’ll be ready for the tricks and manipulations. That includes leaking some info purposely to mislead the others in the company. Ooh, I love that they’re getting crafty.

Se-na models engagement dresses for Yi Gak, and he’s agreeable to it. So agreeable, in fact, that she pouts, wanting a bigger reaction. She fishes for more compliments, and he complies.

But it’s not done with the enthusiasm she wants, and coffee afterward is quiet and awkward. Se-na tells him worriedly that she feels him drifting from her. He says the right things, assuring her that’s not the case, but it’s not enough to convince her. He asks her to explain the distance, and she answers that it feels like Park-ha is the cause—”I’m afraid she’ll steal our relationship from us.”

Yi Gak says firmly that Park-ha isn’t the kind of person who steals things that aren’t hers, and that Se-na is mistaken. She tears up, asking how he can turn this into her fault—isn’t he supposed to take her side?

Yi Gak comes home to find Park-ha packing her things. He isn’t exactly in a position to prevent her from leaving, but he balks when she wants to take the lotus plant, saying she can come over and see it whenever she wants. When she claims the fireworks too, he snaps, “Fine, take it ALL!”

The ducklings tell Becky and Mimi that Yi Gak is marrying another woman, to their outrage. How can this be? Anybody can see that he and Park-ha like each other!

The boys say that they feel bad, too, but they can’t do anything. The girls sigh in pity over Park-ha—she must be feeling miserable, and after having given the boys so much, too.

Park-ha asks Mimi if she has any job connections, and hears that Mimi’s uncle is looking for someone in his landscaping business. The catch: The job is alllllll the way down in Pohang, on the opposite coast in the South.

Mimi drops by to give Park-ha information about her uncle’s job, and Park-ha puts away the letter she’s writing, tucking it under a tissue box. Mimi urges her to head down to Pohang right away, since Uncle is interviewing other candidates. Park-ha then submits her resignation, planping to move out in three days.

Tae-mu receives the report that the ducklings are on the move, and have made appointments with travel agencies. He instructs his secretary to get on the phone with those in charge, to refuse to work with the opposing team.

The boys dutifully try to meet their contacts, only to be turned away. They hang their heads in dejection… until Yi Gak asks how things are going, and then Chi-san chirps that they’re being sabotaged, just as predicted! The other side firmly believes they’re winning.

So when Tae-mu’s spy lurks around, trying to eavesdrop, the boys purposely drop names for him to hear, so Tae-mu can keep barking up the wrong tree.

The real product is the same one as before, and Yi Gak heads to the cosmetics factory again to rebuild that burnt bridge. The president is no longer willing to take a meeting with him, but Yi Gak plants himself in the lobby and waits, and waits, and waits. It takes hours, but finally, Yi Gak wears the president down long enough to get him to agree to hear him out.

Se-na submits her own resignation now that she’s marrying a chaebol, and Tae-mu flips out. He urges her to let him “take care” of this, to lie low in England with her mother for a while until he can work things out. He vows that when she gets back from England, he will have taken care of Tae-yong (who “won’t be around”) and ensured that his father can’t interfere.

It’s perhaps not the best thing to say out in the open where Daddy Dearest can overhear, though Tae-mu doesn’t notice their eavesdropper. He insists that Se-na can’t go to Tae-yong, “Because he’s headed for ruin!”

Uncle Money confronts Tae-mu over his inability to get over Se-na, telling him that she clearly used him until she could hop up to a higher rung on the social ladder. He says that Se-na is made up of lies, from head to toe.

That’s enough to get Tae-mu wondering what his father knows. So Uncle Money shares the tidbit that Se-na’s entire background is a lie, starting with that fabricated mother story. Her sneaky, lying ways come as a shock, and he fumes in frustration.

Yi Gak goes looking for Park-ha in her department, surprised to hear she resigned this morning. He races home and finds her room already empty, her phone shut off. He staggers into her room, feeling crushed, and spots the note peeking out under the tissue box.

It’s Park-ha’s farewell to her “Dummy Prince,” as she explains that she’s heading elsewhere. She thanks him for giving her good memories and making their time together fun, urging him not to feel sorry. She asks him to convey her well-wishes to the boys, and says she’ll miss them all. The note signs off with “Even Dumber Park-ha.”

The letter brings tears to Yi Gak’s eyes, and for a long while after, he sits in defeat. He’s itching to do something, to swing into action, but he has nothing to go on.

With Dad’s information, Tae-mu arrives at the fish market and sees Mom arguing loudly with a customer. He recognizes her from the accident, and then to add to the shock, he remembers that she’d ask him to find Park-ha—her daughter—a job. Ooh, finally the sisterly connection!

He asks after Mom’s health, and she welcomes him happily, inviting him in for coffee. In the back room, he sees the family photograph on the wall, and recognizes the man. It’s the same man who had been married to CEO Jang, there with that girl she had abandoned.

Mom notices him looking at the photo and explains their family relationships, identifying Park-ha with her father.

Madly Tae-mu works this through his brain, fitting the pieces together. Like CEO Jang looking for her girl. And Park-ha once calling Se-na “unni.” And once he finally gets a handle on the truth, he smiles a twisted smile. Uh-oh; anytime Tae-mu is happy is a time to be wary. Looks like his kill-dar is up.

He calls Se-na and gets her attention right off the bat by telling her he wants to talk about her family. That’s menacing enough to get her to meet him right away.

She supposes that his father told him the truth. He asks if she let his father blackmail her with “that measly stuff.” Because he doesn’t care who her family is, or whether she comes from money. He doesn’t even care that she lied to him about those things.

However. There’s that other tidbit about Park-ha being her sister. And how she knew that Park-ha was CEO Jang’s lost daughter, and purposely hid that because she couldn’t stand to see Park-ha inherit everything. So here’s his proposition: “Become CEO Jang’s daughter.”

HAHAHA. This cracks me up, though I’m pretty sure the humor’s inadvertent. What are you going to do, act all smart and slick and con the woman, who will know you’re conning her about being her daughter… because she knows you’re her other daughter?

Tae-mu’s rationale is that together, they can walk away with the company—Se-na will take CEO Jang’s share, and he’ll have his, and Tae-yong will be cut out. To do this, he needs Se-na to send Park-ha far, far away. And he and Se-na can resume their relationship, just like before.

It’s a tempting offer, but will require a complete turnaround on Se-na’s part. She leaves the meeting thinking hard about the proposal, wondering whether to take it.

Yi Gak asks Becky if she knows where Park-ha went, but she has no information. Mimi’s out, so he has to go back home empty-handed. Hope crushed again.

He stands there on the porch with lighted sparklers, left behind by Park-ha after all, burning them all down. Aw, what a pathetic sight.

He sits out on the roof all night, and in the morning, Park-ha returns from her trip to Pohang. She looks curiously at him and wonders what he’s doing out here.

He looks at her with disbelieving eyes—didn’t she leave?

Not knowing that he found her goodbye letter prematurely (her overnight trip was about the job, not a permanent departure), Park-ha is puzzled at his strong reaction. At his breaking point, Yi Gak yells, “Do you know how hard I looked for you?!”

Yi Gak: “Why are you doing this to me? Why are you making me this way?! All day yesterday my chest was crushed and pounding and suffocated, it felt like it would burst! I couldn’t breathe and I thought I was going crazy! No matter how I shouted or kicked, none of it made me feel any better!”

Park-ha perhaps realizes what he’s saying before he even says it, and now he calms a little to say, “But now that I’ve seen your face, I understand. I… missed you all day long. I like you.”

A tear falls from his eye, and then hers. She looks momentarily hopeful, but then hurt again: “You’re always doing things your way.” As in, only for his own feelings, not hers.

Park-ha turns around, her back to him. Yi Gak he whirls her right back around and grabs her in a kiss, as they stand in front of their paradise.


Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Granted, I knew it was coming (spoilers are freakishly hard to avoid, no matter how hard you try), but the episode did such a nice job of building up the crescendo that it didn’t matter that I wasn’t surprised. I knew it was coming, but it fit the context so well that even if I hadn’t known, it would have worked just as well.

This episode was a much more successful one for me than the previous one; I thought Episode 11 was the one episode of the bunch that felt the dullest, and was sort tiresome to watch. This episode brought back some of my excitement, because everything is moving forward and changing. I think the difference is that when Park-ha faced her feelings, there was nowhere for her to go. She likes someone who’s unavailable, which sucks, but there’s no conflict of emotion. She couldn’t act, because she wasn’t in a place to do anything.

Yi Gak, on the other hand, has warring agendas, and so it’s much more interesting to see him struggle. He’s the one who has to make decisions, and he’s the one who has to carry the burden of his mystery. Unlike Park-ha, he can effect change by deciding something and taking action—and so he does, thankfully.

With a full eight more episodes to go, I’m wondering what new obstacles will be encountered because it seems like they’re pretty close to figuring out most of the big questions. The sisterly connection has been made by both men, feelings have been confessed, enemies have been identified clearly, and alliances are shifting again.

Not that there isn’t plenty of ground left to cover, since we still have to figure out what the murder is all about. I wonder how close Yi Gak is to figuring out that his princess wasn’t the shining lotus flower he assumes she was. He’s got a solid enough faith in the reincarnation theory to understand that if Se-na’s a hateful backstabbing wench, then it’s likely his princess shared those traits. Perhaps if/when Se-na dumps him to go back to Tae-mu, he’ll make the connection. And then he’s just another step away to realizing his own “thwarted Fate” scenario.

By now, the characters have figured out most of the secrets that the audience has known all along. Now it’s time to get to work on the big mysteries and head together into the unknown.


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        I’m scared the ending will be like the jdrama JIN in which he returns to the past and she remains in the future (opposite in JIN but you get what I mean) and they just…make do with that.

        • Kasumi

          I really belive that will be the case. And maybe it will mean that Bu Yong will finally have her chance with her prince…

        • keya

          I actually believe that Yi Gak will return to the past with all the F3 but then he comes back to future again to be with Park Ha. =)

        • Nikkita

          Park Ha fell in love with Yi Gak, not Tae Yong. Her feelings developed from the experiences she’s gone thru with Yi Gak. How can she feels anything with Tae Yong coz he is a totally different person in character, interest and way of thinking (maybe). Tae Yong may not have the traits that Park Ha likes in Yi Gak. When Yi Gak’s gone, it’ll be so sad for both of them…huhuhu..I hope my assumption is wrong and Keya is right that Yi Gak will come back as Tea Yong..

    • 1.2 debby

      watch him still say that no matter what he feels , he has to marry Se Na , because it is his job to get them back

  2. Noelle

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      Okay now the ball is rolling! So glad he finally figured out she is Bu Yong’s reincarnation. We are getting closer to the big questions and I can’t wait to stop theorizing and finally knowing.

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      Waayy off topic here: 1. Did anybody else think those shoes look alittle like Pastry by the Simmon Sisters and 2. I’m really lovin Becky and Mimi right now, the way they took up for Park Ha.

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      But it makes sense in this case since Yi Gak is from the Joseon era? I would imagine kissing in a public place (that is, any place that’s not the bedroom) to be hard enough for a person who came from Joseon?

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      But I think a closed-lips kiss fits here. They were both crying and emotional, some open-mouth action would be too much and ruin the moment.

      I don’t think we need an open-mouth kiss to have it be sexy. Such as Yoochun’s other closed-lips kiss in SKKS, all the part with the untying of the hats leading up to the kiss was sooo hot!

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        I imagine PDA was not the rule 300 years ago, so for him to feel strongly enough to kiss her backlit by sodium vapour lights on the top of the building seems pretty bold.

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        Come on guys! He’s from JOSEON ERA!

        LOL… Modern open mouth kiss / movements won’t fit his character!

        Let’s wait until the prince learn it the MODERN way….
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    The confession, and then the acceptance(kiss). we’ve waited 12 episodes for this guys.
    LOL @ JB’s comment “What are you going to do, act all smart and slick and con the woman, who will know you’re conning her about being her daughter… because she knows you’re her other daughter? ”
    I’m glad some things get cleared up in this episode.
    At last they come in terms with their feelings, and i just hope that the next 8 episodes bring with them mysteries and wonder. 🙂
    Patiently waiting~

    • 11.1 Shukmeister

      I think Se Na and Tae Mu’s interaction with CEO Jang is going to be a hoot, especially if she strings them along for a bit to discover Park Ha is her other daughter.

      She’s already commented on how much sunnier and nicer Park Ha is, when she bumped into her at the hospital.

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        • Pr1ncess61

          And don’t forget that there was a quick reference to SeNa’s father who has remained nameless. I wonder if that’s going to come up.

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    Finally they have realised their feelings for each other. I hope the story gets much more juicy from now onwards.

    At last we can see the downfall of Sena… 🙂

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    1) Park Ha
    2) Halmoni = grandma (plz excuse the wrong spelling)
    3) icecream

    lol. k back to watching and reading the recaps from more info.

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      • 14.1.1 Noelle

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        Ah. what would i do without them.
        I remember my days at mysoju… and then moved onto dramacrazy.. and then realized, viki is my heart.

        • daniela

          Hihi, my route exactly :)) how come we didn’t meet on the way? My problem is that some drama are not available in my region so I wait for epdrama to upload it. But I now understand some korean and I can watch it row till recaps are available.

          About my RP<3 I love this episode, I felt the pain of LG, MY acting is so much better now than in SKS, I cried when he was on the stairs, not knowing what to do, not being able to reach PH by phone. And his declaration – wow – all those words spoken in one breath. I repeated the scene 3 times. And the kiss … what an ending for such an awesome episode.

          For my heart I've re-watched some parts from Padam Padam just to see how different she is here (I believe that she had much more chemistry with Jung Woo-sung there, they were like a real couple). I hope MY will be able to create that chemistry with her, because she can melt hearts in romantic scenes.

          • linda macy

            I just watched Padam Padam and I loved it and of course she was great (as always) but find her better in Rooftop Prince. Personally, I think she is one of Korea’s top actresses, she has the ability to make her leading men more appealing, amazing considering how delicious they are to start with.

        • Myra

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        I wonder how he carried her for so long in this episode, considering he doesn’t seem to work out.

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    • 18.1 kewbie

      I am wondering about that a lot now. If they complete their “mission” in the present day, will they be automatically transported back in time? Or do they have to wait for an eclipse or something to go back? Also, if they go back, what will happen to Park Ha? She’ll be lonely again. 🙁 So many things to tie up!

      • 18.1.1 -K

        Maybe she will die in the future and he can go back and pull off her veil in a smexy dramatic kinda way.

        • MissChiVyous

          If it were me, I wouldn’t pull that veil off. dun dun dun. Remember his comment about how he’d like to look at his wife’s pretty face everyday? Superficial? Yes, but that’s human nature (not gonna place the blame on only men)

          The only solution is getting Bu-yong to come to the future to get some cosmetic surgery to restore that beauty of hers.

          Also, I agree with needing an eclipse, unless they turn out to be aliens and have found their transporters.

          • Swye

            Ahh.. by now I think he should’ve learned to respect personality over looks.

          • h311ybean

            I would not be surprised if K-drama writers allowed that cosmetic surgery thing. Maybe it will even be possible for the time travelers and any guests of their choice to time-skip whenever there’s a lunar eclipse!

      • 18.1.2 Noelle

        I think it’ll be the eclipse too. But here’s my rationale on the whole situation. He’ll have to go back far enough to change both their fates. So that he ends up with Bu Yong and Tae Yong ends up with Park Ha. I don’t think either of them will remember each other after he figures it out. But I don’t think of it as a sad thing because they are with each other for at least two lifetimes.

        • Noelle

          Of course this could not be the case and they can end it horribly like the end of His Dark Materials series. Where they both go to the same bench every year to be closer to each other. Except they go to the pond every year. Now that would suck! Please don’t be that ending.

        • lucertola

          This could happen. But I still think you cannot fall in love with someone just because she/he looks like somebody you love. Ie, I think YG and PH cannot fall in love with BY or TY. Well, it might be possible if they lose their respective memories.

          I still opt for the better option YG&PH and BY&TY, one of the couple in Joseon, the other in 21st Cth. And show, please spare me the plastic surgery. You should know from the real life, that love is not based only on the “perfect plastic look”.

          &JB Thanks for recapping!!!

          • ilovemandoo

            This! Well, if they are truly destined for their contemporary counterparts, I guess it could happen (if YG and PH’s memories of each other are erased anyway). It just wouldn’t be that satisfying to us viewers because we’ve had 20 episodes growing to love these characters, not necessarily BY and TY. Though it makes sense for YG to be with BY and PH with TY, it wouldn’t be something I’d rejoice to see. (as opposed to seeing YG and PH get their happy ending)

      • 18.1.3 Nanako

        I saw a MV of the OST and in it, Taeyong, floating in the sea (remember he drowned) slowly floats towards Bu Yong (yes it’s 99% Bu Yong and not the crown princess) and their hands locked together.

        I’m going to think the modern TY will unite BY in death or past (say somehow they are not dead Ha!Ha!) while the crown prince remains in modern Korea with Park Ha.

        They wouldn’t work on the relationship of Crown Prince and Park Ha so much then make them fall in love with the other characters will they? I just can’t imagine that. But since they are afterall the same reincarnated persons, maybe the drowned couple will remain under the sea/pond. But of course there’s the part where they pulled her body out of the water… well… go figure.

  19. 19 kirara

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    I agree this episode was much better.. but now we are going to be left hanging because we wont know what is going to happen after the KISS!!! 😀

    and WOW great acting by Yoochun and Han Ji Min(and everyone else too) but so much emotions.. LOVE IT! 🙂

    • 19.1 Glomp

      Yeah, I think having survived living the palace which usually involves scheming and back-stabbing, I think our Joseon F4 is well equipped to handle Tae Mu. Heck, they might even be better than Tae Mu at scheming, it’s just that they didn’t want to stoop that low.

      • 19.1.1 MissChiVyous

        haha Good point. I’m guessing that you’ve seen many sageuks. Too bad, backstabbing transcends space and time.

        • ilovemandoo

          LOL good point.

          • Myra

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    this episode was so good, I love this drama so much, the actors are all good and I like how the drama has been developing. I wonder if Sena will go on with Taemu’s plan, she seemed troubled but who knows. Maybe she is starting to like LG and when she finds out the LG loves PH that’s when she is going to go with the plan for revenge. I am glad the CEO knows Sena is her daughter, I hope she doesn’t give her any part of the fortune once she finds out that Sena herself kept her from finding PH. That would be nice, when they read the testament or something (because she said she is sick right?) then she will declare PH as her sole heir and that PH can decide if to give something to Sena or not.

  21. 21 21

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        It’s surprising (and a lil bit scary) how addicted i am to this drama as I have lil expectation in the beginning. Now I could not concentrate on anything on wed/thurs. Such is life, LOL

        • Hang

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  25. 25 delaney

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    It is just me, or is he beginning to look younger as the series goes on, but is getting very ‘manly’? Whatever it is, it is working for me.

    • 27.1 aida

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    • 27.2 Christy

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      • 27.2.1 geanna

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        • Christy

          It’s ok if you guys don’t believe that’s Yoochunnie singing. Try listening to his other track “My Girlfriend” and compare. I’ve worked in radio long enough to discern singing voices. Anyway we can all agree Yoochun is one very talented, multi-faceted, versatile performer.

      • 27.2.2 YC music fan

        Sorry, but that’s not Micky/Yoochun singing. It’s a group called ‘Portrait.’ There are other links on YouTube of this same singing clip and they say the same thing.

    • 27.3 geanna

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    • 27.4 eternalfive

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    • 27.5 lizzzie

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      • 27.5.1 Farpavilions

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        Manliner plus drunken forlornness shouldn’t be hot but somehow it works…

        Thank you ^_^

  28. 28 Swye

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    While watching the show I realized that Lee Gak has a distinctly different accent but the three ducklings don’t have as strong an accent. Is it because Lee Gak is from a Royal family and hence uses a more traditional dialect, or is it the actors, or is it just me who notices the difference? With Se Na and Taeyong’s family Lee Gak’s accent sounds normal, but when he is with Park Ha and the ducklings, he has a very strong (Joseon?!) accent.

    • 28.1 h311ybean

      Maybe Yi Gak is used to assuming an air of command around the ducklings, and Park-ha knows he’s a prince so he has to act like one. When he’s around other people, he’s posing as Tae-yong, and should therefore speak differently.

      • 28.1.1 Swye

        No I mean I was wondering why the three ducklings didn’t seem to have an accent whereas Lee Gak has a strong one. Or maybe they do and I am not noticing it?

        • Glomp

          I think the three ducklings only have an accent when they respond to Yi Gak (“Jeongha!”) ? But you’re right, they seem to be losing the accent as the series go along. Well, it’s a sign that they are adapting well in the modern times…

        • javabeans

          The ducklings still talk in Joseon syntax. They don’t have Yi Gak’s imperious tone, but if we’re looking at grammar and vocabulary, they are still definitely doing the funny sageuk-speak. It’s super cute.

          • Glomp

            Ah… I see. This is one instance where I wish I understand Korean (because I’m just completely relying on subtitles to understand and they don’t seem to reflect the sageuk in their speeches). >.<. Thank you for the explanation!

          • Swye

            Ahh… that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. Now if only I spoke Korean. aaish…

          • minch

            thanks, for the info jb…it helps…..been watching many k-dramas and something noticed bout it but cud not tell why …slowly learning korean language….thanks again for speedy recap…

      • 28.1.2 ilikemangos

        It’s that imperious royalty accent.
        LOL. if you watch saeguks, you’ll know what i mean.
        They all sound like they’re shouting -_-;
        remember our king from moon that embraces the sun? xD

        • Glomp

          I haven’t watch Moon that embraces the Sun but I plan to watch it after my finals, heh. Ahhhhh… I should have watch more sageuks to brush up the sageuk-speak. Thanks for the clarifications!

  29. 29 nancy

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    I’m happy with the way things are progressing, but I’m still craving more of the Teletubbies being cute together. Actually, I’d really like to see them become increasingly competent and successful by learning how to utilize their talents and adapt their skills in their new reality. But I still want them to be funny together because they were the spoonful of sugar that helped the medicine (i.e. chaebol shenanigans) go down. Can’t they be Teletubby Power Rangers with some actual power?

  31. 31 h311ybean

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    No new murder mystery clues today, but I’m glad that the connections (Bu-young/Park-ha, and the whole CEO Jang thing) are coming to light. And of course the feelings! I can’t wait to find out what happens next week!

  32. 32 anna

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    • 32.1 h311ybean

      Yes. Se-na from her first husband, and Park-ha from the second. CEO Jang knew that Sena was her daughter because she asked Mom to raise her, but she doesn’t know that Park-ha is because Park-ha’s dad changed her name when the parents split.

      (I think all of this came out a couple of eps back, so reviewing the recaps might help? Plus you get to relive the fun moments 🙂 )

      • 32.1.1 anna

        Thank you for helping me out. I’ll go back and read the previous recaps. I must have missed the one where it was explained. 🙂

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  35. 35 -K

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    • 35.1 Glomp

      Reincarnation is about souls of the dead being placed into a new body and reborn, no? So it’s possible for her to have an exact reincarnate even if she died. Though i’m wondering, since she was evil in her past life, why wasn’t she, like, reincarnated into an animal?

      • 35.1.1 -K

        Hahaha, or some hideous wallpaper.

        • ladyjumong

          Wallpaper? You are so funny!!!

      • 35.1.2 Kim Yoonmi

        You want the Buddhist theory or the story theory–the story theory would to be punished so she realizes her mistakes and resolves it.

        The Buddhist theory would be she got born as an ameoba and worked her way up through those 400 years dying short deaths, but still didn’t learn her lesson, so needs to still resolve it. =P Maybe in the in between lives Bu Yong/Pak Ha got to eat her, thus the resentment???

      • 35.1.3 Raitei

        Because humans feel more pain?

        • MissChiVyous

          I think anything with pain receptors can feel the same amount of pain. I certainly hope humans can’t feel MORE pain. That would suck, being a human and all. It’d be better to assume that we can feel more pleasure. =P

          I like both of the theories posted, btw: the story one and the Buddhist one.

  36. 36 jiajia

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  37. 37 Eaglette

    Here are my theories:

    Sena will dump the prince and go to pretend to be her mother’s missing daughter. Mom will play along and therefore realize how evil her first born is….Sena will thereby disinherit herself as am pretty sure she wouldn’t wanna share with Park Ha anyway.

    As per the murder mystery of the past, am thinking Sena had a man in the past that killed her after she married the Prince…..that is the only solution because it couldn’t possibly be the sister.

    • 37.1 Swye

      I don’t think it could’ve been the sister either. They must’ve surely brought the body out for the last rites and if it has the Princess’s sister instead of the Princess herself, they would’ve noticed. Besides, seeing how the Joseon F4 had such difficulty investigating the crime, I smell some political conspiracy.

      • 37.1.1 Shukmeister

        Remember, though, the Prince requested that the Crown Princess be thoroughly wrapped and hidden before she was removed from the water. So it could be that no one but the men on the boat saw her face.

        • Swye

          I must’ve missed that… then I guess it could be either sisters.

    • 37.2 h311ybean

      Hwa-young was barely a teenager when she married Yi Gak, but I guess if she was old enough to get married in Joseon times, then she was old enough to have a murderous boyfriend. (But why would he wait until she reached adulthood to kill her?)

      I agree that it could not have been Bu-young, though! No way!

    • 37.3 Simi

      I agree…..I think she had someone (Tae mu) in Joseon whom she rejected for the prince. And he poisoned her in a fit of jealousy….seeing him go psycho when she broke up with him makes me think this

    • 37.4 Swye

      Ahh… Maybe Hwa-young and her scheming boyfriend cooked up a plan to kill Bu-young (because of her spewing jealousy), but she herself ended up dead by mistake. Maybe Tae-mu and Se Na will try the same stunt in the present in order to get all of CEO’s property, but Se Na will end up getting hurt and then our Prince will connect the dots… But then why were the higher ups against investigating the Princess’s death? Hmmm….

    • 37.5 Laeah

      I thought so too. Since there is a Tae Mu character here, I think there must have been similar in the past as well. Maybe she had a lover who got jealous?

      • 37.5.1 h311ybean

        The fact that such a character was never introduced concerns me. If they trot him out later in the drama, it will look like he was shoehorned in to make the parallels nice and neat, instead of it building more naturally the way it would have if he had been present in the setup in Ep 1.

        • ilovemandoo

          I agree. I’d like to think that he wasn’t in the Joseon era.

          • Eaglette

            Then, it is possible she hired someone to off her sister, but was curious or hesitating and came to investigate. The killer may have mistaken her for the sister and ended up killing her…..that is the only other option.

            But thinking of the higher up’s knowing something and hiding it from the king in order to protect him….there may very well have been a Tae Mu and they are keeping it a secret so the people wouldn’t know the princess was cockolding the prince/king. It wouldn’t necessarily be a concept used to make everything tie in because, she would have kept it a secret and Tae Mu is introduced now for you to realize that their may have been a Tae Mu in the past as well.

    • 37.6 Mel O.

      Speaking of destiny parallels… Doesn’t it strike anyone odd that Hwayong and Buyong’s parents in the Joseon Era look nothing like their present day mom/dad/ biological parents/adoptive parents? If we follow the rule on reincarnation or recurring incidents in the past, would’ve this detail been identical too?

      • 37.6.1 Eaglette

        Interesting…..I didn’t really pay much attention to the parents from the past, therefore, it wasn’t an issue for me. I can’t understand why differen’t people were used.

    • 37.7 Nanako

      No she was selected to be the crown princess when they were still kids and there should be no man then. However, I’m not surprised she may have an affair (with the previous life of TY’s cousin) while married to the prince though I’m beginning to doubt that.

      And there were too many clues indicating the drowned person was her sister and not the crown princess.

      I love the mystery element in this show. It was so subtle and but the audience are prod along to guess along the way but it’s not in the tempo of normal detective shows which tends to be you know, ‘detective’. lol hope I make sense.

  38. 38 sweetooth

    that single teardrop that fell down his cheeks while kissing her ever-so sweetly, TOTALLY DID IT FOR ME. i find it so bittersweet and so full of emotions that i felt like my heart was tugged out from it’s place..

    • 38.1 singhi26

      totally agree with you, that kiss was so full of emotion, even though in some angles it looked weird but still it made me very happy for them

    • 38.2 Christy

      Such a sweet bittersweet kiss, awwwww.

  39. 39 la dee dah

    Thanks for the recap. Though they toned down the funny a lot with these recent episodes, I’m now glued to the love story part! Plus, the other three now aren’t just the funny sidekicks, but more becoming one of the main motivations for Yi Gak to find a way back to the Joseon era. I’m also glad that Yi Gak has become more of an “equal” with them, they still refer to him as King, but the way he interacts with them is not so “i’m king so listen to what I say” as before. If they ever go back to the Joseon era, I wonder how his interactions with those “below” him will change…

    • 39.1 Glomp

      Heh, you’re right! Their interactions seem to be more like friends now rather than king and subordinates. Take for example today’s episode, when they were leaving to get a beer, they actually showed their back to him. This was unthinkable had they still be in the past. They would have walked backwards, still facing Yi Gak, for a short distance before turning their backs to him…

      I kind of miss the funny too but the mystery/murder is bugging me. Now that the characters know what we know, can we get more clues about the murder/mystery??? >.<

  40. 40 sootyxsnowpetal

    Finally! The good stuff is starting to happen, and you’re right, the unknown is about to happen! I can’t wait to see how they connect all of this back to the Joseon era and if Yi Gak goes back to right those things. Thanks for the recap!

  41. 41 singhi26

    i just wish they could just travel back and forth in time, so spend some time in the Joseon era as royalty and some time in the present as rich heirs to the company, wouldn’t it be nice?, that way everybody is happy. but this could only be possible if both BY and TY are dead.

  42. 42 fiske

    I’ve felt that Pohang is the Cleveland of Korea. It seems like on American TV a lot times when you need to mention a random City Cleveland is up for the job, looks like that might be another thing the two cities have in common.

  43. 43 Christy

    Great episode. Secrets are unraveling and things are falling into place. I wish a happy ending for our hero and heroine!

  44. 44 DEE

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  45. 45 Glomp

    Thanks for the recaps! Now that Yi Gak and Parkha has confirmed their feelings for each other (aw, poor Yong-sool), I think Yi Gak will announce it to his Grandmother. And I think it is this very “betrayal” (though frankly, Yi Gak was never Sena’s in the first place), that pushes Sena to participate in Tae Mu’s scheme to take over the company.

    • 45.1 fluffyinflight

      who knows, she might try to outmaneuver him, get him to tell CEO Jang that she is the 2nd daughter, get rid of him, because he’s the only one that knows the true identity of the 2nd daughter CEO Jang is looking for, so as to get all the lolly for herself. I mean Why share when you can have all of it. It seems that he really loves her, and that emotion can really ruin him, it can cloud his judgement and allow him to make rash decisions whereas she is very cool and calculating- she would analyze what would benefit her the most. she has been climbing that social ladder for a while, she was working in the hospital, then she attached herself to the president to become her secretary, then she was dating him tae mu to become better established, so he is just another step on the way up. in fact that might be what finally causes her demise.

  46. 46 TamTam

    I don’t think the Hong Kong mom factors into the equation at all, other than let Sena fool her with sweet words, she’d be happy to have one daughter back better than no daughter. It’s pretty obvious, but my guess is that Sena will go along with TM’s plan, then plot to get rid of Park Ha, send her away somehow, but the plan got haywire and they almost killed her. Except LG will have figured the mystery by then and save her.

    I want to say they’ll go with an open-ended ending where it’s not clear whether he stayed or not, only that their love is confirmed and they’ll live on as star cross lovers. Of course, I’d be happy if everything wraps up nice and neat and they get their happily ever after but we’re talking about Kdrama here, just sayin’.

    • 46.1 cherry

      makes sense to me. i’ve been think the same thing. jang abandoned two daughters , and she came back to reunited with them. she made a promise to her unni not to meet sena again or reveal her identity, but i got a feeling sena and biological mom looks out for one and the same – themselves and what benefits them. so one is better than none in her case…

  47. 47 Cruelsummer

    But has the Prince really made the connection that she is Sena’s sister? When he woke up from his dream in the bath house, he wondered aloud why he kept dreaming about his sister-in-law. If he suspected Park Ha was her reincarnation, why would he question those dreams?

    The editing was a little weird, but overall an enjoyable episode. Loved the tear drop kiss for it’s emotional pull, but Park Ha’s lips were literally folded in and sealed like someone was trying to feed her poison. Not hot at all.

    • 47.1 Swye

      Agreed. The wrist grab, him pulling her into a hug, the silent tear they were all emotional and heart tugging, but he kiss itself? eh. They could’ve done better. Even with her lips sealed he wasn’t kissing her lip. He was literally kissing her upper lip…

      • 47.1.1 TamTam

        Yeah, he was squishing her face with his. And she just kind of let him do it, very awkward. Here’s where the nerves from the actors showed. I think a nice gentle press of the lips would’ve been nice, but it wouldn’t have fit their emotions at the moment. So squished faces did the job for now.

    • 47.2 Altari

      I always wonder when I see these comments about kiss scenes whether there are differences between countries/cultures in real life as to proper kiss, hot kiss etc. Do Koreans in real life usually have a chaste style of kissing?

      BTW Japanese people on my twitter TL who were watching RTP kiss scene real time were saying “Squee! His thumb is so hot!!” LOL

      • 47.2.1 lizzzie

        His thumb?? Haha that’s a new one.

        I love how their height difference looked so good when kissing, I don’t even know why. It’s like they just fit. Now I want moaarrr please

        • purplemay

          agree! they look good together…
          Han Ji Min is my top favorite co-star lady for Yoochun so far… they have so much chemistry and height-wise fits perfectly well…

    • 47.3 Eaglette

      No, I don’t believe he has made the connection that Park Ha is Sena’s sister, even the handkerchief(how do you write that)incident did register something. We never knew he was dreaming about the sister in-law until now….interesting. But, I think the final connection will be realizing that they are sisters…..then he will realize that she’s their way home as well….what with her symbolism with the butterfly.

      • 47.3.1 cherry

        i’m just afriad that he’ll take her reincarnation identity as a sign that since they were really sister in the past and present, and thr real TY alao existed (once upon a time) – he IS suppose to marry sena like he did in joseon time and will force himself to do it…

  48. 48 chicken

    lovin’ the show! I just hope that the joseon people including modern park ha will be transported to the past and her and yi gak’s situation will be reversed (the crown prince will boss her around, etc). We can enjoy a bit of a sageuk so things can be more refreshing. The present is getting complicated with too many villains and birth secrets and i just want them to be together without the blehnemies. I want to see the princey-side of yi gak, too. As for me, it will be a letdown if yi gak and the rest will only wear those joseon costumes again when they have to say goodbye to park ha 5 minutes before the show concludes.

  49. 49 Anna

    Thank you

  50. 50 Kim Yoonmi

    I think the answer to the riddle is the “soul” which fits with the reincarnation and butterfly theme.

    That may be why the princess got so mad–because if moral wrongdoings were in the answer…. ya know… the ol’ conscience would come to bite her. (or dried persimmon… which seems to be a running joke in sageuk these days)

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