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Rooftop Prince: Episode 6
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*Finger gun.* Why so cute?

The drama ramps up in this episode, but contrary to my expectation, I’m actually pretty invested in how it plays out. Perhaps because it’s secret-related drama, not company-related drama, which continues to be… yawn… wait, what was I talking about again?

It’s definitely the rooftop five who keep this drama chugging along briskly, and I’m vastly relieved that the drama shows no signs of running out of hilarious culture-clash moments to draw upon. And while bringing the crew into the company means that there are more company scenes, it also means that the company stories are injected with a much-appreciated dose of energy.


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Park-ha and Yi Gak head home and meet the other three, now sporting short haircuts of their own. Aw, did the trend-loving eunuch get a cut and color?

Yi Gak clocks her pleased reaction and smiles like a proud papa. At home, a construction crew busily remodels the rooftop and installs their new beach view. The prince has been hard at work, I see; he’s finally learning the ways of this world. (Although, duh, of course he’s at home ordering people around to do his bidding—he really has found the perfect cover.)

Grandma drops by, curious about his living quarters. Se-na’s with her and glares daggers at Park-ha, and at unni’s warning look, Park-ha keeps their family connection quiet.

Grandma gives Park-ha money to buy appliances and necessities—wait, so does she know that they’ll be living together? You go, progressive grandma. She reminds Yi Gak of his promise to report to work tomorrow.

Se-na calls Park-ha to a cafe, and the moment Park-ha sits down she flings a glass of water in her face. Whoa there. She accuses her of lying and not keeping her promise to leave the country.

The boys buy an RV for use while the rooftop room is being remodeled and proudly show off the acquisition to Park-ha, giving her the keys. Yi Gak is quickly learning to love his new VIP black card and shows it off. Oh honey, you’re so lucky your doppelganger was born rich.

Yi Gak directs them to prepare to start at the company, which takes them to the department store to buy suits. It says something about this drama’s grasp on its fictional “reality” that this sharp, groomed look is really the more familiar appearance for these actors, and yet I’m giggling because it’s so funny for these characters.

They go gaga over their new smartphones and enjoy the admiring looks they now attract—and Park-ha, mama duck, struts right along with them (in V formation, no less).

Great Aunt makes another trip to see security guard Pyo Taek-soo—remember him? No? The gist: he used to be an executive with the company, they’re involved (Aunt: “I’m sick of dating in secret!”), he cost the company with an expensive mistake, he’s too sorry to go back.

Just then she spots her nephew’s car approaching and panics, asking Taek-soo to hide her. So he shoves her into the dog house, HA.

There’s no love lost between the two men, who trade barbs in banmal. Tae-mu’s father (aka Uncle, to keep this easier) hands him documents: Grandma wants him to return to the company. Uncle mocks, “But don’t get your hopes too high—the company needs guards.”

Taek-soo is pleased to hear of Tae-yong’s return, and if his antagonism to sneaky Uncle weren’t enough to prove it, this lets us know he’s probably a guy we like. If we cared about the company, I mean.

On to Uncle and Tae-mu. (Arg, two company scenes in a row? Okay, I can do this. Tries to concentrate.) At the airport, they welcome a posh businesswoman, CEO Jang, who’s based in Hong Kong. Uncle plays the role of eager supplicant, swift to curry favor.

CEO Jang first has a personal errand to run, which takes her to the fish market. She goes right up to Se-na’s mother and says hello, calling her unni, while Mom stares in shock.

Mom says she shouldn’t be here and tells her to go away. CEO Jang declares that she’s here to take back her daughter. And while birth secrets always seem like a needless cliche to me, my first thought is: Well, this explains a lot about Se-na.

Mom screams at her to leave, flinging items ineffectually at her, like an empty basket and a styrofoam lid. You know what might do the trick? How about THE FISH, fish market lady.

Thankfully we return to the boys, who are being instructed by Park-ha on how to order coffee: “Don’t look at the menu, just order an Americano.” Bwahaha. Oh, are we backhandedly mocking Korean trends now? Awesome. I always did wonder why Americanos are so disproportionately popular with Koreans.

Park-ha notices that they’re still calling the prince “Prince”, so she corrects them—they’ve gotta use hyung, sunbae, or -sshi. Time to find out everyone’s ages.

Man-bo explains: He’s the youngest, Yong-sool the eldest, and Princey and Chi-san are the same age. Yi Gak gulps uneasily; in a rankless modern Korea, he’s no longer in the position of most power.

To make things more interesting, Yong-sool and Park-ha are dong-gap, or the same age. HAHAHA. Rubs hands gleefully. This is gonna be so much fun.

Park-ha offers Yong-sool a handshake and uses the phrase dong-gaps use with each other: “Nice to meet you, friend!” She instructs the other two “friends” (the Prince and his eunuch) to do the same.

She lays out the new hierarchy: Yong-sool is the hyung… “And I am everyone’s NOONA.” That word echoes ominously. Muahaha. Yi Gak looks perturbed, but Chi-san adopts it right away, “Okay, noona!”

Dinnertime becomes practice for that very important work function: The Office Dinner. Office dinners mean samgyupsal (pork belly, grilled) and so-mek (soju-mekju, or soju bombs in beer), taken in one-shots. There’s 1-cha (round 1, dinner), then 2-cha (round 2, usually noraebang), and tips on surviving karaoke despite a lack of singing skills (show off a funny talent).

She demonstrates with an impersonation, but they have no idea who she’s impersonating. So she bursts out with a comedy growl-gag, and the boys actually look away in secondhand embarrassment at her failed bit. Kids catch on so fast.

Yi Gak approaches Park-ha with her twine dolls and asks with a nervous throat-clear how to tie the string if you’re hoping for love. She shows him, and the implication brings a smile to her face. Oh no, I hope this isn’t a misdirect and he’s thinking of the stupid princess. That would crush Park-ha, and also me.

Haha, the boys arrive to work via RV, and wave cheerily to noona before heading in to work. All but Yi Gak, who’s fixated on the building and doesn’t look back at her, to her disappointment.

F4 strut time!

Chi-san wastes no time asking pretty girls for their phone numbers, Man-bo wanders around following his phone signal, and Yong-sool glowers at the security guards. (Dude, it’s not their fault the revolving doors bested you.)

Watching their arrival, Uncle laughs at the very unimpressive entourage Tae-yong has assembled. He calls them slightly off in the head, then adds that they have nothing to worry about with Taek-soo’s reappearance, either.

An employee awaits their arrival, and “Tae-yong” is escorted up to meet Grandma, while the other three are taken away to be tested on their abilities. They’re each given papers, and Man-bo hilariously tries to hold his ballpoint like a calligraphy brush.

Grandma declares that her grandson will be trained by the returned Pyo Taek-soo. Se-na reports that the entourage scored three big fat zeroes on their tests, but Yi Gak says that they’re highly qualified men whose value cannot be judged so hastily, so Grandma agrees to let them prove themselves over time.

Yi Gak requests that Se-na be the one to show him around. Oh no, it was you and the stupid dolls. Grar, hateful wench. Grandma agrees, assigning Taek-soo to training the underlings.

While making the rounds, Yi Gak doesn’t hide his interest in Se-na, and when a crew member swings a ladder without seeing her, he grabs Se-na out of harm’s way. He asks her intently whether she feels like they’ve met before, meaning, You know, like three hundred years ago? She takes that for a pick-up line—though she’s amused today rather than outraged. Boo, you.

Taek-soo takes out the ducklings for lunch, and the boys recognize this as 1-cha (oh no! muahaha). They vow to rock this task.

So they order lots of beer and soju and toast each other. Taek-soo isn’t sure what to make of them—should he be troubled, or amused? He picks amused, for now.

At 2-cha, they fall back on Park-ha’s trick—the personal talent—to carry them through the singing: Yong-sool bends spoons with his thumbs and rips a phone book with his bare hands. They pretend to horseback-ride the coat rack and vow devotion to Taek-soo. Omg. I’m dying. And impressed at the thoroughness of Park-ha’s instruction.

Finally Taek-soo calls a halt, no longer willing to humor this behavior, and rips into them. They’re new hires, but they’re behaving like complacent longtime employees with boorish attitudes. He accuses them of being pathetic moochers who got by on their connections to Tae-yong and stole jobs from worthy men.

He ends by calling them pieces of crap, saying that if they’d been born in the Joseon era, they would’ve amounted to no more than eunuchs or concubine’s sons. Ouch. It hurts because it’s true.

Tae-mu and his father make their big proposal to CEO Jang. Essentially they need her stake in the company to take control away from Grandma, who has half ownership.

Park-ha drags Yi Gak along to the electronics store, because there’s a 10% discount for newlyweds. He observes the other couples browsing, then offers his arm in imitation. Then he turns to the TV nearby and tries to “zoom” the screen with his fingers—’cause it worked on his smartphone. Omg.

Park-ha pauses to look at jewelry, and he asks if modern women value such things. She answers yes, but leaves without buying.

Yi Gak’s next challenge is mastering the intricacies of wielding a fork, and he asks for chopsticks instead: “I can’t eat noodles with this meal-spear.”

He asks what men and women do for fun, and she describes a typical date course of dinner and coffee. But he wants specifics: “If it were you, what would you want to do?” Aw, it’s both adorable and pre-emptively crushing.

Park-ha says she’d want to ride a couple bike. So off they go to teach him how, which leads to falling and frustration. He wobbles along and insists, “You can’t let go! Don’t let go!” She pulls the age-old trick of letting go while telling him, “I’ve got you!”

Mimi works on her adorable web-toon featuring the boys, although she lies to Becky that she totally isn’t drawing Man-bo, nope, not him.

At the office, the boys are trying to learn all the employees’ names using their company profiles. Man-bo must have a photographic memory because he just needs one look to know, and gets busy playing with his phone. Which then rings; Mimi comes to deliver food for “Man-bo oppa,” and she makes sure he knows that the bottom one is for him. (It has extra goodies.)

Park-ha comes home to the RV and spots her twine dolls sticking out of Yi Gak’s jacket pocket, its limbs still crossed in that love-wish pose. Putting it back, she finds something else: the charm bracelet she’d been admiring.

She pretends not to have seen it when Yi Gak steps out of the shower in a bathrobe, and to preserve his modesty he puts a paper bag over her head. HAHA.

She pretends she’s put out, but then he pulls off the bag and holds out the bracelet to her, asking if she’ll accept it. She bashfully does, and he says the dolls made his wish come true after all.

But she’s just daydreaming this, off in brown-paper-bag fantasyland while Yi Gak changes his clothes. He decides to have some fun and warns her that he’s not done changing, and in impatience she shoves off the bag, coming nose to nose with him. Freeze. Gulp.

Yi Gak taps her forehead teasingly, saying that he’d told her he wasn’t dressed yet, which therefore means she’s wicked. Hee. Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying.

The next day at work, Grandma and Taek-soo arrive to an unexpected sight: the three new hires, chanting in unison, “We’re new employees! Nice to meet you!” They’ve memorized everybody’s faces and ranks, able to address each arrival by name. They’re full of eager-puppy energy, as befits their positions, and Grandma and Taek-soo are impressed at their initiative.

Yi Gak calls Se-na out, and without preamble he presents her with a tandem bike and says, “Let us ride a bicycle. A couple’s bicycle.” Soooo awkward. But he’s pretty smart, too, and says that the if the company sells bikes, he should know the product.

She gets on, and he grins from ear to ear. They ride for a while, then take a break on a park bench. She feels him staring and asks him to get to his point—now’s about the time most guys ask about her background and her parents. He answers that when viewing flowers, you merely enjoy the sight, rather than wondering where they came from, an answer that perplexes her.

As she takes everything in, though, she starts to relax, enjoying herself. Yi Gak steps away to get her a drink and comes back to see her smiling, reminded further of the princess.

When she comes out of her thoughts, she finds him gone and calls, wondering where he went. He tells her to call it a day; he didn’t want to disturb her. And he left her something nearby. She turns and finds the charm bracelet hooked on a beverage bottle..

Tae-mu hears that CEO Jang is on her way back to Hong Kong unexpectedly, and worries that their plan will fail. He and Uncle have to intercept her before she leaves.

Meanwhile, Taek-soo takes out the boys for a real company dinner this time, assuring them that drinks are acceptable now. Still uptight from their last mistake, the boys sit stiffly.

The party is crashed by a douchey middle manager who works for Uncle. He suggests a game, where everyone can ignore real-world politeness for three minutes. Oh, this seems like a dangerous game. He starts by insulting Taek-soo, and everyone looks alarmed—is he starting something? But then he laughs, and everyone follows suit, defusing the tension.

It’s one of those games that nobody enjoys except the douchebag who suggests it, but you kinda have to grin and bear it, pretending it doesn’t piss you off. But the ducklings don’t know that, and take this as free license to play. Chi-san insults Taek-soo, too, using banmal and telling him he smells like dog. Man-bo joins in, but Yong-sool can’t bring himself to participate and leaves the table. Aw.

The prince is amused, until Chi-san turns the game on him. As Chi-san and Man-bo mock him freely, Yi Gak sits there fuming at their insolence. Hee.

Time is called and the douchey manager leaves, just as Yong-sool comes back to growl at Yi Gak, “Young punk, you just got lucky being born to nice parents…” Man-bo jumps in and tells him the game’s over, and immediately Yong-sool starts trembling. Just thank your stars you hadn’t actually hurled that water in the prince’s face yet.

Yi Gak seethes, and the three minions fall to their knees begging forgiveness. Yi Gak: “Bring me Yong-sool’s sword.” Minions: “Prince, noooooo!”

Park-ha and Mom visit Dad’s memorial vault together, and gives her a photo taken on her dol birthday, with her birth mother’s face torn out. Dad never spoke of his first wife, and Mom supposes she must have been terrible to have run off days after that photo was taken.

They head to one of her father’s favorite restaurants, but Mom spies CEO Jang already there and freezes. She ushers Park-ha out immediately, and CEO Jang hears Park-ha calling her “mother”—ah, is this her long-neglected daughter?

Mom is so frantic to get away that she walks right into the path of an oncoming car (this, again?), and this time they’re not so lucky. Mom is hit, and the driver races out to check on her. It’s Tae-mu, here to track down CEO Jang—man, this guy can’t catch a break, can he? (Yes, his villainy comes from the way he handles these situations, but the accidents themselves have been legitimately unintentional.)

Se-na pulls up just behind them and sees her mother lying in the ground, but she’s trapped in her lie and can’t react. Tae-mu carries Mom to his car, and Park-ha spots Se-na standing there. But just like she did as a child, unni turns her back, then peels away in her car.

This familiar gesture triggers one just like it from childhood—and suddenly Park-ha’s mind floods with memories of Se-na walking away and the crash that overturned that truck shortly afterward…

The doctor has good news: aside from a concussion, Mom is not seriously hurt. Tae-mu apologizes, and promises to do everything to help Mom recover.

In a moment alone, Park-ha returns to her flashback, seeing it in more detail. Only now does she realize that Se-na left her on purpose, and the betrayal hits her full force.

She calls Se-na and arranges to meet at the office, where they find an empty room to talk in. Se-na worriedly asks after her mother’s condition, but Park-ha confronts her with cold fury: “Are you a person? The mother who gave birth to you collapses in front of your eyes, but you’re so worried about your lie that you pretend not to know her—is that something a person does?”

Park-ha agrees not to be sisters anymore, and lays out why she changed her mind: Her adoption, her accident, her memory loss—they’re all Se-na’s fault.

She remembers now that unni abandoned her, and Se-na slaps her to stop the litany of her sins. Park-ha slaps her right back, vowing, “I won’t forgive you.”

Se-na goes in for another slap, but Park-ha stops her hand midair… and sends Se-na’s new charm bracelet falling to the ground. OH NO. Worst timing ever. Park-ha recognizes the jewelry and stalks away.

Park-ha runs into Yi Gak in the lobby, who greets her with a smile and asks if she’s here to take him home. He belatedly registers her tears, but she just shoots him a wounded look and leaves wordlessly.

Se-na emerges seconds later. He looks from one sister to the other, realizing that something just went down.


This episode did a great job in tying in the time-skip hijinks with actual plot, which takes the jokery to a higher, more thematically relevant level. I’ve been loving every bit of the screwball comedy, but if you take a look at the drama from a holistic view, I’d say most of them aren’t strictly necessary to the plot. I don’t mean they’re throwaway, because they mean something in the context of the story; you certainly can’t just discard those scenes because acclimating to modernity is the whole point of the setup.

But I especially enjoyed how the office dinner gone awry became a plot point beyond a funny scene—it turned into a catalyst for character development. Similarly, the hair-cutting in the previous episode was done with a nice touch; it became a source of an emotional reaction from our characters.

It also gives the three underlings a growth arc of their own, since it’s not just about them being extensions of the prince. They decided on their own to prove their worth as employees, and that adds a dimension to their characters they didn’t have before.

You know, I was prepared to just hate Se-na and the princess-chasing storyline through the end, accepting it as a plot point because it was necessary, not because I liked it. It’s like Miss Ripley redux: One ambitious woman scores a successful businessman, then takes advantage of the chaebol’s infatuation to dump the first guy and aim higher. (Ha, is that going to become Yoochun’s second-most-popular character type? The first being stiff Joseon aristocrats, natch.)

But I like that Se-na has a legitimate reason for liking Tae-yong/Yi Gak, something outside her basic mercenary interests in nabbing the rich dude. He’s the guy who doesn’t care about her background, doesn’t seem to want anything more than just herself. It takes her off-guard, like she can’t understand it and is wary of believing his interest is genuine, but I can see how that would win her over.

I’m not sure that Tae-mu would care about her family background, either; maybe he would, or maybe he’d tell her he just wants her for her, too. The issue is that she never gave him the chance to prove he might be that guy; she anticipated his (lesser) reaction and lied accordingly, so really, this is a couple that doesn’t trust each other enough to let them be their best selves.

There’s nothing that redeems Se-na for me (or her Joseon counterpart, Hwa-yong), but this was the first episode where I thought it was nice to have a decent actress like Jung Yumi playing the part, because at least I could see her conflicted state. I have zero faith she’ll do the right thing when push comes to shove, but at least we see her hesitating; I believed she wanted to rush to Mom’s side, and I believe her childhood self didn’t ditch Park-ha without any pangs of conscience. At the least, the drama goes with the argument that villains are made based on their choices, not that people are intrinsically evil.

As for Se-na’s mother (she’s Se-na’s mother, right?), I admit to groaning when that birth secret was revealed. If this were a strictly modern story I’d be annoyed, but in this case I think it’s saved by the dual-timeline setup, because it hints to a birth secret in Hwa-yong’s past. It explains why the father initially picked the younger daughter to be the princess, passing over the elder, if bloodline purity was in question. Congrats to those of you who picked up on that possibility early on. It’s not confirmed yet so I wouldn’t get ahead of myself in that line of speculation, but it adds another clue to the mix.


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      Though the way Lee Gak treats Park Ha now make us fuming because he is such a fool, we know it is understandable. Lee Gak cant just forget about his crown princess that fast. If he does, does he *somehow* become an unfaithful man? :unsure: And his affection for the crown princess, he thinks it’s love, but it maybe not…. I think it’s just his admiration toward her or the person that she “created”.

      He may not know what love really is now… Therefore, even if he has kind of feeling toward Park Ha, he cant recognize it yet…”

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        I love how this show keeps us on our feet. I also like the fast pace, there are no wasted scenes. Every scene has a purpose and adds something to the drama.

        We are now in the drama part of the romantic comedy drama. When the prince looked back and forth between Park Ha and Se Na, I could feel his turmoil. Something even he probably didn’t realize was happening. Also interesting twist with the company, so Tae Mu and his father probably stole the $10 million dollars that was pinned on the other ajussi, and now are trying to overthrow grandma and take over the company.

        I was surprised that Park Ha got her memory so fast, usually in Kdrama the secrets are dragged on for so long and revealed at the end, so that part surprised me. I have to say this drama keeps surprising me. I was expecting a fluff drama, but the drama keeps giving me a meaty drama with options for discussion and debate. Very nicely done, cast and crew, very well done.

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      ikr?? After getting used to their Joseon counterparts, I couldn’t help but be surprised. Like JB said, it shows how invested we were in the fictional reality XD

  11. 11 slfowie

    wait i didn’t understand i though that the CEO was Park-ha’s mom, since Se-na’s mother married Park-ha’s father who’s first wife left him, and consequently in k-drama fashion had her cut/ scratched out from pictures… or am I wrong.,, On a positive note viki has fully subbed this in English so off to watch this!

    • 11.1 javabeans

      It’s definitely still meant to be ambiguous, so it may play out several ways.

      The way I interpreted it is, CEO Jang came to her “unni” to ask for her daughter back, therefore she’s asking for the daughter that “unni” raised. Which is Se-na.

      I don’t know why she’d go to that woman and ask for Park-ha, since Park-ha’s mother left when she was 1 and wouldn’t have known Second Wife. But we shall see.

      • 11.1.1 slfowie

        hmm but when the accident happens its coz the mom saw the CEO in Park-ha’s dad’s fav restaurant, that was why i was thinking maybe CEO was Park-ha’s real mom.

      • 11.1.2 cindy

        Oooooooooooh maybe Sena and PH are really sister from the same mom! LOL She had PH and run away, then her sister married the same guy but her daugther isn’t hers, making Sena and PH sisters just like they should be?

        • slfowie

          hmm then the question is who is Sena’s dad since the CEO is both their mom.. plus since the CEO only askes for her daughter not daughters dont think that is possible.. but would be a nice twist if it was true..

          • Usi

            She did not ask because she don’t know her sister has both the girls.

        • Usi

          Yes. This is what I’m thinking too.

      • 11.1.3 jomo

        I don’t think CEO Jang can be Park-ha’s mother because it would have had to go something like this:

        CEO Jang marries Park-Ha’s dad and they have a little girl.
        Because she is inherently selfish, CEO Jang leaves.
        (And he officially divorces her?)
        Do do doo (Some years pass)

        Se-na’s Mom and Park Ha’s Dad meet and marry and form a blended family. They are all 4 together for a short period of time because Se-na is evil and ditches her step-sis.
        Do do doo (A lot of years pass)
        Park-ha gets shipped overseas and lives there until 2 years ago.
        (Meanwhile, what we don’t see on screen is CEO Jang comes back to her first husband, who is now committing polygamy, and says, “Where’s my daughter I abandoned?”
        Park-ha’s Dad’s all “I don’t know. We kinduv lost her.”
        Se-na mom’s all “Get away. You abandoned your little girl that we promptly lost. So you have to go away.”

        The problem is unless Park-ha’s dad divorced CEO Jang (which is entirely possible) he couldn’t remarry Se-na’s mom. Plus – how could Unni be mad at CEO Jang? She didn’t raise Park-ha, either.

        I think it is CEO Jang had Se-na, ran away, abandoning Se-na with Unni, who raises her. After many years in HK, when CEO Jang returns, Unni tells her to get away repeatedly.

        The confusion is that Park-ha says “Mother” in the restaurant and CEO hears it, thinking it is Se-na.

        I am sure that cleared up everything!

        • slfowie

          if i remember correctly Se-na’s mom gives Park-ha a pic of her, her dad and a a woman with her face torn out, and says that her mom left soon after the pic was taken. Plus they meet the CEO in dad’s fav restaurant in Dad’s death anniversary. So ( to me at least ) it seem that the writers are hinting that the CEO is Park-ha’s mom.

          • jomo

            Or Park ha’s Dad is also Se-na’s dad. (not sure on this one)
            Or Park Ha’s Dad is CEO’s brother.

          • lizzzie

            Yea the pic and the restaurant made me think the CEO was parkha’s mom… Sena’s mom and her must be related in some other way.

            If the CEO was Sena’s mom the story wouldn’t go anywhere? Sena would not have reason to lie about her poor family background anymore. But it’s a twist to make Parkha be the daughter of someone of a higher status… Hmm need to think about this one. Or just watch the drama unfold, lol.

      • 11.1.4 bjharm

        should not the girls ages fix if and who is CEO daughter there has to be at lest a three year age gap between the step sisters. I mean CEO may have dumped her child but she should at less remember how old she was!

      • 11.1.5 ilovemandoo

        It is left ambiguous, but to me, it seems as though the writer is leaning on it being Park-ha’s mother.

        Reasons being:
        1) She’s at the dad’s favorite restaurant. (It could be a special place to them both, which is why she would visit during her short time.)
        2) The picture.

        In response to your question, she could have just looked at her former husband’s background and figured it out herself. It may be a stretch, but this is kdrama land, where rich people can somehow end up tracking anyone they want. XD
        Anyway, it could definitely play both ways though.

        • CoH

          woah this is really convoluted….if i’m understanding this situation right, what if CEO jang thinks that park ha is sena and confused the two?

      • 11.1.6 aJaAja

        i had that impression too, that CEO was looking for Park-ha rather than Se-na based on the cut/scratched photo. Honestly, i hope the CEO is Park-ha’s mom not Se-na’s; otherwise…big, major and catastrophic attitude from Se-na.

        luv, luv this drama.

      • 11.1.7 MsScorpion

        I think she’s park ha’s mom too, and maybe she kept tabs on her husband’s life while she was away all those years that’s how she knew where to go find them.

        Also I got the feeling that the two moms were former bff or something not real sisters.

        Anyway we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • 11.2 debby

      I think you are right. She is Park -ha mother and that will make the other guy want to get close to her , to take more of the company. Thus it will give the prince something to think about because that guy will pretend to want to be with her. We will have a perfect square set up for relationships –
      Prince – evil girl
      Park -ha =evil guy

      • 11.2.1 qd

        Debby, Wow! That would be soooooooo interesting!!!! Up 10 notches!!! Loving your spin!

      • 11.2.2 Thee

        hahaha!! We have the same thought now!!

    • 11.3 Anne

      I think the CEO is Park Ha’s mom, too!!

  12. 12 kewbie

    Thanks for the recap! Off to read. 🙂

    • 12.1 kewbie

      I totally agree with you, JB, about Se-na. She has few redeeming qualities. She angers me with every episode, but today, she softened up a little bit when hanging out with Yi Gak, so that was kinda nice to see. Also, it was so satisfying to see her get slapped, and then stopped mid-slap by Park Ha. I didn’t think it would come this soon, but I was happy to see that it did. Other than that, I’m still confused who CEO Jang is — Park Ha’s mom or Se-na’s mom. I’ll have to watch again to find out. Other than that…the guys look so cute in their haircuts, and I’m liking how Yi Gak is picking up on everything around him really quickly as of late. I appreciate that he’s actually got a good brain on him.

  13. 13 obachan

    Javabeans, I really appreciate that you shred a new light on Se-na’s character now I have less resentment toward her character. However, I have real problems with Jung Yumi’s acting in her rendition of Se-na. She is really great during the Joseon period, but somehow I just couldn’t buy her performance as Se-na. Somehow she is too “weak” …her acting does not carry the depth and intensity that I would expect from a complex character like Se-na. I mean she is fine and decent, but I am actually fascinated with an “evil” character like Se-na like I did in 49 days. However, in this drama, I feel that something is missing.

    The last 10 minutes of this episode is daebak! For the first three episodes, I was drawn by Yoochun’s acting. For the most three episodes, I am completely in awe of Han Jimin’s acting. She stops acting cute. Instead, she uses a rather quiet and understated performance to give the character of Park-ha different dimensions. I love the fact that Park Ha takes everything with decidedly lightness and matter-of-factness, even in grave circumstances. I am a New Yorker, and at first, I was quite appalled the way the script writer made this character another stereotypical Kdrama female lead.But now, I really can sense the dignity and earthiness of Park Ha. Her loneliness, her longing for and fear of connecting with people. I think that’s why it’s so powerful when she, for the first time, cried in front of Yi Gak. I hesitate to call it love yet, but she felt betrayed by an emotional tie she finally thought she had secured.

    • 13.1 lizzzie

      I agree, I thought Sena was fine up till her showdown with Parkha… It became too obvious there that Jung yumi couldn’t match up to Han Jimin’s intensity. Sena just seemed petulant and conscience-less.

      And yea my heart broke for Parkha when the bracelet fell from Sena’s wrist… She just had the most sucky revelation about her sister and her past and to discover that then…..She can’t even share her hurt and her recovered memory with Yigak now.

      • 13.1.1 ilovemandoo

        This. Before the showdown, I didn’t pay much attention to Sena and just figured she was something I was going to have to accept about the drama. However, after the showdown, it showed how she was just so lacking as a character. She really can’t compare to Park Ha. Not to mention, Han Ji min was owning it in that scene.

      • 13.1.2 glace

        I have no problems with JYM…I think she actually did great given that she was acting opposite of HJM. I mean, hardly anyone can match HJM’s acting ^^

  14. 14 pumpkinattack

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  15. 15 Linda165

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    Thanks JB!

    • 15.1 Linda165

      So, I’m confuse. Does Park Ha believes that he’s from the past or does she believes that he really is Tae Yong? Or does she thinks that he’s crazy?

      • 15.1.1 jomo

        I think that because he is part of a quartet of people similarly afflicted with Joseon Affective Disorder (JAD), she believes him.

        They all can’t be faking it. If he had been alone, it would be more likely that he was lying.

        It’ll be interesting if SHE every remembers seeing TY in NYC.

        • sweetooth

          but I don’t think Park Ha even caught a glimpse of Tae Yong’s face back then. He was kinda covering his face the whole time Park Ha and Tae Moo were conversing.

  16. 16 Nicole

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  17. 17 Lady Seoul

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  18. 18 AuntieMame

    When I saw the torn picture, I thought CEO Jang was the woman torn out of the picture, which would make her Bak Ha’s mother, not Sena’s mother.

    So, Sena’s mother is the fish monger lady.

    And, if the same vein applies to Hwa Yong, then, she was probably the daughter of the master and one of the servants/slaves in the household. Whereas, Bu Yong was the daughter of the master and mistress of the household.

    As for Tae Yong falling for Se Na, I’m sure he still sees his Crown Princess in her, which explains his infatuation. However, I think he also thinks that he needs to get close to her in order to solve the mystery of her death, as well as Tae Yong’s disappearance.

  19. 19 Ani

    This drama is just so funny. Hahaha. Aaaaaw. Poor Park-ha. I love that she fought back and confronted Sena the minute her memory returned. No pussyfooting around. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  20. 20 Noelle

    Just watched the ep on Viki. It was hilarious til the ending that is. I like how they are mapping out the future love entanglements. Park Ha and Tae Mu because he’ll need her because who her mother is. But eventually that need will turn to love. Sena will fall for Tae Yong/Yi Gak but sadly for her he’ll be all over Park Ha. Also I’m happily surprised they made Park Ha remember the accident so early on! That slap was so awesome! I flipping jumped up with joy.

  21. 21 Do-ra-ma

    Thanks for the recap!

    I think this was the best episode yet. It had the best mix of comedy and full-on drama thus far. I was literally gob-smacked when Park-ha regained her memories. And when she slapped Se-na BACK? I had been waiting and hoping for that moment these last couple weeks!

    The writers are doing an excellent job of integrating the Joseon 4 into this makjang corporate world and I feel confident that they’ll continue this balancing act. Oh, and I gotta give props to Micky Yoochun – he’s really been great in this role (it’s amazing when you look at his growth as an actor compared to something like, say, Sungkyunkwan Scandal). He’s selling the Prince wholeheartedly in every scene; from the bike ride with Se-na to the dinner with Taek-moo and his attendants…keep it up, Micky!

  22. 22 kiongna

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    I love this episode! 😀

    I was giggling like a fangirl every-time these handsome boys/young men appeared!!
    What I hate is to see Yi Gak so in love with ‘the princess’
    She is EVIL :S
    I don’t know how come the 2 main will end up together … I need the next chapter already >_<

    • 25.1 Hang

      well, with this progress, I guess it will take Yi Gak some time before he figures out his feeling, say ep 10. Way to go but I like the tension of this couple right now.

  26. 26 Brenda

    I think they did a really great job of incorporating CEO Jang in first, hinting that Se-Na is her daughter then showing us that Bak-Ha doesn’t know who her mother is.
    I’m willing to bet that CEO Jang is Se-Na’s mom. It’ll be interesting if she thinks Bak-Ha is her daughter and takes her in since that’ll be a nice unconscious way to get back at Se-Na for all she’s done.

    I really like the mom. Despite Bak-Ha being her step-daughter, she had genuine affection for her dad and welcomed Bak-Ha back with open arms. I guess with Se-Na it was more of nature rather than nurture.

    • 26.1 Betsy

      I was thinking she might mistake Bak Ha for her bio-daughter and that Se Na will be the real daughter in the end. But if Se Na does turn out to be CEO Jang’s daughter, then who is Bak Ha’s bio-mom??

      Btw isn’t that what Se Na wanted all along in her fabricated story, a wealthy mom who didn’t live in Korea with her. It will be ironic if it turns out CEO Jang is her real mom.

  27. 27 la dee dah

    Thanks for the recap as always!

    I actually still hate Sena with many fires. Her complete selfishness, her unnatural hate for Park ha, her bad treatment of her mother. She may have looked like she was carefree when hanging out with Yi Gak, but to me, her bad side far far outweighs those things. I mean, as a kid she knowingly abandoned her sister in the back of a truck, did even not show a smidgen of care that something bad may have happened to her, and then when she shows up many years later, she does not show any sign of relief or gratefulness that she’s alive and well, but goes back to feeling hatred. Seriously? And then stealing her money and throwing water in her face. I haven’t hated such a bad guy in a long time. I don’t know why other bad guys haven’t ticked me off as much as this girl… She would have to save a bunch of orphans from a burning building to make me like her a smidge.

    On a happier note, love the guys with suits and new haircuts, whoo hoo!

    • 27.1 WTF

      I know right? I seriously want to punch Se-na in the face cuz she is a real cold-hearted Bitch! (excuse my language but u know i’m right). She is the definition of a psychopath, someone who shows no sympathy/empathy and is completely self-centred. Although I also want to punch Park-ha also cuz she shows no dignity!She got water thrown in her face and got slapped by her sister and she STILL holds her anger in?? I’m sorry I would have bitch-slapped that girl if she threw water in my face and punched her if she tried to slap me. after what she did in this episode and childhood. When she walked away from the confrontation my face was like @.@???? Seriously? You just had a free pass to….express all your anger at her *coughbeattheshitoutofhercough*…and totally get away with it! You already know Se-na will not call the cops on you cuz she’s afraid of her secret getting out, so take some of that pent-up, justified, and satisfying anger out! *sigh* Park-ha needs to grow some balls. completely disappointed with her character. How many more times is she going to get pushed around and not do anything….

    • 27.2 Briggy

      I’m so happy you feel the same way I do about Se-Na.I can’t stand her smile or her tears or her fears!

  28. 28 lan

    I’m pretty sure Mom (who just got into the accident) is truly Se-na’s mom. She treats Se-na and only Se-na as her ‘real’ daughter.

    And yes, dad’s first wife left before second wife came along, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t know about second wife when that happened. She might have been keeping in touch with second wife / knowing about their life after she left but for one reason or another couldn’t ask for her daughter (Park-ha) back until now.

  29. 29 JD

    oh my god chi-san~~~~!!

  30. 30 steady

    This is how I see it. The CEO knew where her daughter was when her ex-husband married Sena’s mom, but was afraid to take her back (during Park Ha’s absence, the CEO tried to take Park Ha, but found out she was missing) After the father died and Park Ha’s sudden return, maybe she had some hope that she’ll win Park Ha over.

  31. 31 stars4u

    The boys are adorable with their new garb!!!
    So Se-na’s made up mother might not be so made up after all. I love how Park-ha own being their Noona!

  32. 32 Cruelsummer

    Yay…I guessed correctly about the birth secret thing! If indeed that is where the plot is going.

    I only read JB’s thoughts at the end because I keep spoiling myself with the recaps. I swear I’m going to be good this time.

    • 32.1 Cruelsummer

      Finally got around to watching the episode. I was a bit discouraged because I wasn’t really into ep 4 and 5, but this ep. brings me right back into the game.

      Still loving the J4, lee gak and park ha interraction, budding romance with the nerd and the hippie, and I adore the cute, bowtie wearing ex-ceo/dog trainer.

      It still bugs me that the characters keep leaving things conveniently lying around (phone, bracelet, check etc.). Seems like a very lazy way to move the story along. The CEO side is still boring me.

      I still believe that a birth secret is the root of the problem with the sisters. I think the CEO lady is Park Ha’s Mom. I think this was the problem even in the Joseon era. Park Ha was then and is now of superior birth and the evil sister was born to someone of lesser standing, which is why she wasn’t offered to be the Prince’s bride in the beginning. I also believe that Joseon Park Ha was the one floating in the pond and the same thing is destined to happen to future Park Ha if Princey doesn’t get his head out of his behind. He’s there to protect his TRUE love, not that fraudulent evil twig.

      • 32.1.1 Stacy

        What she said.

  33. 33 Ace

    Just reading the recaps…I like the mystery regarding the princess. Hope Princey and Co. get the clues in this timeline. Really don’t like Jung Yumi (the haircut does not help me like her at all) and Lee Tae-sung’s characters. Watched Detective K last week and saw a different side to Han Ji-min. Agree that I like her best when she’s not being too cute. 😉

    Sad that the ratings of RP surpassed TK2H a little since I’m continuing to watch that one and feel more invested in that story & characters than this. But will continue to read recaps because I want to know how they’ll solve the mystery. Will probably watch all episodes of RP after it ends.

    Thanks JB for the recaps. And as usual, love your insights.

    • 33.1 Daniella

      Have you seen Han Ji Min in Padam Padam; her character in that one was so graceful and just so untouchable and amazing in that one. She’s a whole different character now (still with the beauty) but it was kind of a shock. I like her (:

      • 33.1.1 Altari

        I really really love Han Jimin’s voice. <3

        • lizzzie

          @altari Me too it’s unique, I wasn’t used to it at first but her voice has completely won me over. And she does intense scenes with it so well. The Sena show-down was win!

      • 33.1.2 ilovemandoo

        She looked amazing in Padam Padam. I really like her with a side part and no bangs.

  34. 34 jeuri

    for CEO jang, i think this is a lot more complicated than it seems. if she is really park ha’s mother, then what is the relationship between CEO jang and sena’s mother? i mean, she called her unni so i’m thinking that would implicate that their relationship is a lot deeper than an acquaintanceship between a mother seeking out her daughter from her stepmother (sounds confusing…) lol. they’re doing a good job in keeping me curious by not making things too obvious.

    just gotta say, i literally started clapping when park ha slapped sena. BRAVO!!!!!!!!

  35. 35 mskololia

    Thanks JB.

    The plot thickens with the sisters…..muahahahaha

    I think Sena’s mom tore that picture and not the deceased dad. It speaks volumes that the mother would say something that cannot be backed up because a person [the father in this case] is gone. Selfish if true and her daughter resembles her greatly.

  36. 36 Hang

    Another solid episode! It seems like we have new characters coming every other episode, I also have a feeling that the CEO is Se-na’s mother rather than Park Ha’s. The ending of this episode is heart-breaking 🙁 Thanks for the recap.

  37. 37 dls

    Thanks for your recap Javabeans!
    SInce the Joseon F4 comes into the company, i’m sure they will rule the company well…(with more hilarious ways of course).
    Taemoo is really prone to cause accidents to other people, wonder how Sena has survived around him so far…
    Let’s see later who is the daughter of CEO Jang, either one will have great impact to the story, I hope she’s Park Ha’s birth mom.
    The last scene, the conflicted look in Yi Gak, agh when he will realize that he loves Park Ha…

  38. 38 Cynthia

    This really was a terrific episode – these writers really are keeping all the plates spinning.
    Absolute favorite scene was the F4 [snerk] and Park ha riding down the escalator, fresh haircuts and snappy suits and then the duckling stroll through the mall, coolness abounding. Smartphones and shades – these boys are HOT.
    Even Park-ha acknowledges it with a haughty chin tilt while other females look on at the parading awesomeness.
    And Yoochun – could your smile be any sweeter? Nope!

    • 38.1 lizzzie

      A little part of my brain melts everytime Yoochun flashes that smile of his..

  39. 39 Corn tea

    Is the prince going to realize park ha is the reincarnation of his sister in law? Maybe that thought hit him at the end of this episode…

    • 39.1 Daniella

      I’m dying for that part! I wish he’d realize it soon!

    • 39.2 Hang

      that would be awesome, but I only hope he figures out his feeling that moment and decides (correctly) who needs his support the most

    • 39.3 jyyjc

      No that would be random. Somewhere further down the line maybe, if all the pieces fit together but for this episode? No.

  40. 40 Farpavilions

    Love. This. Show.

    And the hilarious recaps!

    Q: Just how many people in Korea have rooftop apartments? Are they supposed to be really cheap or something and hence appropriate for down and out characters in dramas everywhere from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho to Rooftop Prince? Or did Attic Cat start a Thing that just never went away?

    • 40.1 jomo

      I think it is cinematic and a sign of the character’s down-and-out situation.
      They are cheap because they are the least insulated from the weather, so they must be freezing.
      They are showing how NOT luxurious life can be if you are poor – no elevators, stairs outside.
      They offer splendid views of the city.
      They are small – so there is forced intimacy.

    • 40.2 qd

      Favpavillions, I often wonder too. I always thought it would be much sought after (I would love a rooftop apartment) and thus cannot be cheap. Technically, since it’s rooftop , isn’t it PENTHOUSE price?

      Jomo, you have a good point about being the least insulated from the harsh weather especially exposed on the top.

      I cant help thinking of Coffee Prince rooftop apartment where Han Kyul lived. Now THAT apartment I seriously loved.

      I really wonder if its cheaper to own a rooftop apartment in South Korea, Does anyone know?

    • 40.3 Yul

      Jomo is right about insulation, and no elevator.
      That’s already bad, considering how harsh Korean summer and winter can be.
      Worse, bathrooms can be missing often times in the rooftops.
      Also, well, obviously, the place just CANNOT be that spacious as we see in the dramas,
      (Park Ha’s place has a bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen, and then a bathroom?
      In reality, there’s no way a rooftop room could be bigger than 200 sq ft.)
      because technically, rooftop rooms are a kind of afterthought of the building,
      not meant for residence, but rather ‘merely the end of the stairway’ kind of thing,
      which is why it’s different from penthouses.

      How many people live in rooftop rooms?
      Quite a lot, I think.
      It really is a place for the lower-middle to poor people.
      There once was a presidential candidate who didn’t know what this rooftop thing was;
      Didn’t work well for him for sure.

  41. 41 dsfsfd

    yesss! RTP is now number one! This episode made me really angry. Poor Park Ha 🙁

  42. 42 Daniella

    Yay! Congrats to Rooftop on the ratings! Ugh, it sucks because the competition is so fierce! Why did they make it that way?

    Anway, Idk why you guys are saying Se Na softened up, she poured water on Park Ha, then slapped her, then she turned when her mother got hit! So she may have hesitated, but she still turned! That’s awful! AND why does Tae Mu keep killing everyone?! Is she still going to marry him even after he almost killer her mother?

    Ugh, I feel so bad for Park ha with the whole Yi Gak bracelet thing. The Girl just can’t have a break can she? I can see Se Na being the president’s daughter. Intially, I though that she was and it kinda makes sense: the reason she doesn’t care too much for her mother now is because maybe she’s aware that’s not her mother but then we have the set up for Park Ha also being the daughter.

    Ugh, Makjang over load. I am glad that Park Ha remembered because Dramas usually like to keep things like that till the very end.

    Aside from that, why do people in Kdrama just let people slap them. Do they do that in Korea for real? What happened to the Korean Rage (?) I heard about? Shoot, if someone slaps you give them twice what they gave you, lol.

    • 42.1 bjharm

      think the slap is linked to the age/status thing, You notice it always either the older or the richer character that normal lands in the slap and doing so if it their natural right to do so. I not sure how in the real korean world it happens, but in k-drama land it seems the case.

      • 42.1.1 Daniella

        I understand. I was just really pissed that she was taking all this crap from Se Na. Thank you for your input!

        • WTF

          I know, is it a Korean culture thing? that is just so wrong (no offence), if someone slaps you no matter what the age or status, you should be able to defend yourself. In North America its called self-defence. If some one physically attacks you, you have right to attack back, or report it. It really pisses me off when the rich people in drama’s do whatever they want and think they’re better than everyone in dramas. I know that’s what happens in real life but not all rich people are assholes. most can be rude but they’re not going to throw water at someone’s face in a public place just cuz they’re mad. Grow up.

  43. 43 k-soup

    now, I’ll have a long wretched week! I can’t wait for the next episode! I’m very pleased with the progress of the story. You GO Park-Ha! Se na is such an evil bitch! I really hate her!

    • 43.1 Briggy

      I know.I started watching last night around 5pm,and I’m done all 6 episodes less than 24hrs later…..the wait begins….sigh.I’ll start with Equator man maybe.hehe

  44. 44 Lyn

    Is it just me or is the actor playing Tae-Mu a really bad one? Everyone else in this show is great!

    • 44.1 vega

      agree..!! i can’t feel anything suspense from his character.. his acting seem forgettable..

  45. 45 dapinaymrs

    omg, this series gets intriguing by the episode! At the end of ths episode,I was wondering if Lee Gak already deciphered the resemblance of Bak Ha to his sister-in-law or her relationship with his reincarnated Crown Princess.

    I feel CEO Jang will be Se Na’s fake mom–and also thought if a birth secret element was necessary. But that point where it adds a clue to what happened in Joseon makes it intriguing. Intricate.

  46. 46 Sonia

    OMG I hadn’t realized Chi-san was the cutie from TEN. 🙂

  47. 47 jomo

    Thanks for the recap…
    I really hated seeing Princey all romantic with Sena.
    1. Because they are cute together, darn it!
    2. Because there is NO way he can be into PH for a long time.

    Lots of LOL in this one. Loved the way Red says to the Prince, “You laughing?” during the anything goes 3 mins.
    OMG, it was perfect!

    I want to see how the 5 of them sleep in that camper van.

    Don’t know about the ratings, but my laughing is with RP, but my heart is with K2H. I like the OTP better in that one right now. This could catch up if we can lose Sena!

    • 47.1 Nana

      its true yigak-sena are cute together but when yigak and park ha are together there is some sort of intense feeling between them

      • 47.1.1 Daniella

        agreed! Kind like the princess and her sister. Even though the prince loves the princess, he also has a connection to the sister through the riddles. It’s a really nice parallel (:

  48. 48 kirara

    I LOVE THIS!! Each episode gets better and better.. now what is Yi Gak gonna do?? He’s stuck between two women!!! OH no!! Now we have to wait till next week.. BOO!!

    Thank you for posting.. I had to read this before I went to bed! 🙂

  49. 49 reallycool

    I have to say these last few episodes have been a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t too exited for this after watching episode one, but I really love how the story is progressing and the comical moments

  50. 50 song pong

    Thanks for the recap jb, I love to read them first thing in the morning!
    I like the actress who plays Sena and even though the scene of the accident with the mother made me want to slap her character in the face I kinda want some sort of happy ending for her. As for the villain no. 2 (Tae-mu) I’m starting to find these “oops, I accidentally almost killed someone” moments simply HILARIOUS. Is this guy made of stone or what, how can he just get over those so easily.

    Yoochun’s acting continues to be awesome<3 And yay for the good ratings!

    • 50.1 ilovemandoo

      Haha he gets over them too easily. Same with Sena.

      But I agree I’m starting to find them funny XD;; I felt bad, but I was totally cracking up at the scene where he’s in the hospital after hitting the mom.

    • 50.2 WTF

      lol ur right, who’s he “almost” going to kill next?

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