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Rooftop Prince: Episode 7
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As you know, there’s only one episode this week due to the pre-emption, so this one will have to satisfy us for the time being. At least we got a nice dose of cuteness to tide us over till next week—not enough, I know, but I’ll take what I can get.

The election broadcasts didn’t slow down the ratings for either pre-empted show: Rooftop Prince came out in first place again with a 12.5% rating, The King 2 Hearts with 11%. (King’s 8th episode, which aired right afterward without drama competition, rose to 12.5%.) Equator Man settled back down to 10.8%.

Basically nobody’s far ahead or behind, so it’s a pretty close race at this point. Which seems appropriate, since all three shows seem solid in their own ways.


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Yi Gak runs into Park-ha following her emotional confrontation with Se-na, after her childhood memories come rushing back. Oh, thank goodness for short amnesias. (Drama-wise, I mean. Character-wise she’s been dealing with that memory gap for about fifteen years.)

He sees Park-ha’s tearful eyes and looks from sister to sister, then runs after Park-ha (yay!). He asks what’s wrong and why she’s glaring so hard, since he doesn’t know she saw the charm bracelet he gave to Se-na. He insists on an explanation, frustrated when she leaves without a word.

Park-ha returns to the hospital to her stepmom’s bedside, where they get a surprise visitor: CEO Jang, aka Jang Sun-joo, aka deadbeat mother. Mom excuses Park-ha, then clears up the question that’s been lingering since this character’s introduction: “She’s not the girl you’re looking for.” As we suspected, she’s Se-na’s mother.

Jang Sun-joo is here to ease Mom’s fears, saying that she made a mistake coming back for her girl. Now she reaffirms the promise she made to Mom 29 years ago: “I won’t look for my daughter, not till I die.” Mom confirms, “You won’t go tracking down my Se-na?”

Jang Sun-joo’s answer explains her reappearance: She had surgery for cancer four years ago, thought she was in remission, but has now relapsed. She’d wanted to see Se-na, but realizes it’s selfish of her and does nobody else any good. There’s nothing like the fear of mortality to strike a little decency into a cold, black heart.

With that tension dispelled, Mom warms up to her old friend, and they catch up: After a young and single Jang Sun-joo left her daughter with Mom, she got married, though it didn’t last. Years later she met her current husband, moved to Hong Kong, and got wealthy. She has no children in Hong Kong… but she does have another daughter from that brief marriage. WUT. Is this what I think it is…? Rooftop Bachelorette’s Veggie Store? Funny enough, that mashup totally works, on multiple levels.

Jang Sun-joo has a lot of regrets, and sighs that she was a bad mother to Number Two, too. She steps aside, and that’s when Se-na shows up. Both mothers freeze, but Jang Sun-joo gives Mom the nod to assure her she’ll stay away.

Yi Gak calls Park-ha, and ha, his name is entered on her phone as “Unidentified Man.” She steps off the bus and doesn’t see that he’s standing behind her just a short distance away at the bus stop. He holds two bottles in his hands and asks, “Do you like banana or strawberry?” Milk, he means. So cute.

But she’s not in the mood and just tells him she’ll be late so he shouldn’t wait up. She heads to the River of Sadness and mulls over the recent events: being told of her birth mother leaving, her stepmother being hit by a car, her memory of Se-na abandoning her as a child, her realization that Yi Gak’s gift wasn’t for her. That is what we call a bad day.

And then the camera pans over to the next bench to show us Yi Gak, drinking his milk. That’s adorable. The boy followed you here because you’re sad! He’s like a homing puppy!

It’s the sound of him sucking on his banana milk that gets her attention. Ha, he’s drunk both himself. Why is he so cute just drinking things?

When she notices him, Yi Gak tells her he must know why she’s angry at him. Irritated, she yells, “Who says I’m angry?!”

She storms off, warning him to mind his own business. He’s confused, then piqued—she can’t just treat him like that!

In the RV, the boys try out some massager-type devices and twitch uncomfortably. They’ve been assigned to market these products, but they have no idea what they’re meant to do.

Park-ha comes home and Chi-san says pitifully, “Park-ha sis! Park-ha sis! This thing keeps hitting my stomach and makes me feel bad.” Man-bo: “Miss Park-ha! I’m staying still but this makes my neck twitch. This hurts my pride!”

Hilariously, just looking at them jerking around makes her jerk unconsciously in response. She’s too tired for this, though, and irritably says she’s going to bed.

The boys find Yi Gak outside (with yet another sweet drink) and complain about how unhelpful she was. Would it have killed her to just tell them what those things were? They indulge in a round of, “If this were the Joseon era…” saying that she wouldn’t have been fit to speak to the prince, and how she would’ve been groveling on the ground.

They chuckle at those satisfying images, until they notice that Yong-sool is quiet—as he always is when they mention Park-ha. He’s always defending her and refraining from making fun. Suspicious, suspicious!

Man-bo wonders if he has feelings for her, which gets Yi Gak looking sharply at him with narrowed eyes. Yong-sool loudly denies it, and the prince invites him to voice his own complaints like the others.

So Yong-sool starts in on his own grievances, only he exhibits his characteristic poor sense of timing by exclaiming, just as Park-ha exits the trailer, that he would’ve punished her fiercely and shown her who’s who.

The other boys see her mid-tirade and hastily turn away, leaving Yong-sool to rant to the wind till he has his “She’s standing right behind me, isn’t she?” moment.

He finds her glaring and bows his head meekly, but she’s not having it. And here she was, feeling bad about snapping at them, coming out to show them what those devices were after all. She rips into him, calling him a lowlife after all.

The other boys feign ignorance (Chi-san fakes a phone-grab, hehe)—way to throw him under the bus.

Yi Gak finds her packing her bag in the RV; there’s no point in sticking around with people who scorn her behind her back. He reaches out to hold her back, and when she shoves his arm away her bag goes flying, along with the childhood photograph of her and her father.

At his prodding she identifies the photo and he asks excitedly whether she has her memory back. So they sit outside, mood calmer now, as Park-ha explains her mother leaving and her father cutting her out of the photo. He tells her it’s a great thing that she recovered her memory, but she says tearily that it may have been better if she hadn’t.

Yi Gak thinks of his princess and tells her that without memories, you can’t be together even in spirit: “If you have memories, you can be together forever.”

Then it’s time for him to turn his thoughts to his own problems. Although he was reincarnated (as Tae-yong), Se-na has no memories of her past life as princess. In order for his time-warp to make sense, he has to figure out why it happened and who killed the princess 300 years ago.

Mom is released from the hospital, and Tae-mu sees to her departure with more apologies and promises to take care of all her medical bills. Mom goes easy on him by letting the accident slide as an instance of mutual bad luck, but decides to take him up on his generosity and ask if he could find her daughter a job. She promises that Park-ha is a diligent worker who’ll do whatever is asked of her. Ha, way to complicate the Home & Shopping family; at least this drama has figured out another way to make the company storyline more interesting.

Park-ha insists there’s no need, but Tae-mu agrees to look into it and asks her to drop by the office later. I’m pretty sure Se-na’s going to bust a gasket… which makes me like this plan, actually.

At the office, the three minions huddle around a cell phone, playing a round of celebrity Hot or Not. In this case, the question is “Who’s your ideal type?” and the choices are: Every man’s dream sweetheart Shin Mina, or the comedian Shin Bong-sun. Man-bo declares this is no contest: Shin Bong-sun, naturally.

Chi-san shoots him an Are you kidding me? look, and Man-bo explains to him that women ought to be modest and fertile. Ha. They argue back and forth for a good long while, until Yi Gak joins them carrying a big jug of mints. He’s rather proud of his discovery, since they’re park-ha candies, or peppermints.

Ha, I love that the show managed to combine his two great loves into one tasty, symbolically efficient treat. Even if his reasoning for eating them right now isn’t spurred by love, but annoyance: “Let’s all bite down together!” Chomp chomp chomp. Oh, misplaced aggression, you are adorable.

Yi Gak is pleased with the reactions of Chi-san and Man-bo, both of whom bite hard and enjoy the refreshing aftermath… and then catches a glimpse of Yong-sool, ever so gently sucking on his candy, trying not to hurt it. Yi Gak: “Why are you just sucking on it?! I order you to crunch loudly, now!” Yong-sool does, and satisfies the prince’s bloodthirsty mood.

Yi Gak gives them a second helping, purposely handling the mints roughly and giving Yong-sool extra. Chi-san tattles: “Your highness! He’s not crunching!”

Tae-mu catches up to CEO Jang, worried that she’s backing out of their agreement to steal the company from Grandma. She appeases him, saying she just wanted to leave quietly, and asks him for a personal request. Taking out a photograph, she asks him to help find her daughter. And as we suspected, it’s the same photograph Park-ha has, only CEO Jang’s face is intact in this one.

The trip-up, likely, is in the naming: Jang’s daughter was named Park In-joo. That means Dad must have renamed her, and if it happened early enough Park-ha wouldn’t know of her other name.

(Note on naming: It’s something of a trend I’ve seen in recent years to name someone a two-syllable name like Park-ha, but rather than calling her simply “Ha,” she is called her full name as though it’s her first. Park-ha-ya, Park-ha-sshi. Example: Go Soo’s family name is Go, but nobody calls him Soo; Go Soo is just his name. That’s different from the standard way, as you call someone like Kim Bum; Kim is the surname, Bum is his first name, friends call him Bummie or Bum-ah.)

Se-na catches a glimpse of the photo and Tae-mu explains that it’s CEO Jang, and the daughter she’s trying to find. To her shock, Se-na recognizes Dad’s face and realizes who the girl must be.

Park-ha arrives to meet Tae-mu, and Se-na quickly covers the photo with a folder before she sees it.

Realizing that Tae-mu is giving the dreaded sister a job here, Se-na accuses her (away from Tae-mu, that is) for following her here. As though everything she does is purposely designed to piss her off. Se-na needs a button that reads: It’s not all about you, princess.

Park-ha has a pretty awesome response, which is: I didn’t want to take the job as compensation for Mom’s accident, but then I heard this was your office and decided I wasn’t going to run away. She adds the firm warning: “I won’t go around exposing your true nature, so don’t mess with me.”

Se-na bites out that Park-ha had better leave this company before she’s chased out. But Park-ha turns to her with a serene smirk: “You don’t make me angry, because I pity you.”

Se-na asks Tae-mu who this CEO Jang is, and blanches at his response that next to Grandma, she’s got the most ownership in the company. Oh, let her stew in that jealousy for a while. Se-na offers to help, and makes herself a copy of the photo.

Yi Gak decides to help Park-ha with her parental mystery, since they can track down the family portrait to the studio where it was shot. The find the place still there, and she asks about nearby elementary schools, remembering something about a bridge and trees.

As they walk the neighborhood, Park-ha relates stories of walking home from school with friends, running away and having a grand ol’ time. Yi Gak clucks, saying that running away is for thieves and criminals, and for her to find that activity fun must mean she’s a delinquent. How can she enjoy such a thing?

Challenge accepted. Park-ha rings a doorbell several times with a devilish grin, then when the ajumma calls out, “Who’s there?” she makes a dash for it, telling Yi Gak to run. Hee.

But he doesn’t go with it, remaining standing firmly in place, lecturing her on answering the woman’s question. LOL. He refuses to budge.

Then the ajumma opens the gate and assumes the worst, wagging an angry finger in their faces as she starts to chase. Flight instinct kicks in and Yi Gak runs, hands clasped with Park-ha, both of them giggling madly.

Stopping to catch his breath, he crows, “We almost got caught!” Giggle giggle.

Now it’s his turn to play Ding Dong Ditch, only this time it’s a highly fit man in a tank top and ripped muscles who chases them down the street. Park-ha loses a shoe, but that doesn’t diminish their childlike glee.

Park-ha checks with the school, but to her disappointment there’s no record of a girl with her name in their records. He asks if maybe she got her name wrong (Park-ha: “What am I, an idiot?”), then asks for the hanja characters of her name.

He confirms that her “ha” character is the one meaning lotus flower: “The lotus flower is also called bu-yong.”

That means more to him than to her, and he thinks back to his sister-in-law. He asks Park-ha the same riddle: What lives though it dies, and dies though it lives? She declares it an easy one, and he leans forward in anticipation as she replies… and then deflates when she says it’s life: “Living isn’t living, you know!” He calls her dummy, disappointed.

Then she thinks, “Ah!” and he leans in intently again. And Park-ha says, “Unconsciousness! You’re not living, but you’re not dead.” Lol. And siiiiigh. He barks at her, then flicks her forehead.

She chases him around the playground in retaliation until they’re out of breath, and then the dam breaks and she starts to cry.

He wipes her tears from her face and gives her a consoling hug. “Don’t cry,” he thinks. “You’ll only make good memories from now on.”

Tae-mu accompanies CEO Jang to the very same photo studio, which makes the proprietor comment on the unusualness of getting two such requests in a day. A young woman came with a young man and asked about a nearby elementary school.

But it’s Se-na who arrives first and watches Park-ha with Yi Gak. She fumes. Then she notices the second couple arriving, and steps in before they can see Park-ha, saying she’s here on that errand to find that woman.

Tae-mu introduces her to CEO Jang, who keeps her reaction under control, knowing this is her other daughter. Se-na plays it off like she was the one at the studio, nipping their lead in the bud for now. She adds that she already checked with the school and found no information.

CEO Jang takes the opportunity to request her return ride with Se-na, and says she’s pleased to have gotten to know her better. As they part ways for the night, she even takes the ring off her finger and gives it to Se-na, who accepts it gratefully.

Tae-mu is particularly pleased, and grabs Se-na into a hug; it benefits them both for CEO Jang to hold her in high regard. They’re both on the same page: If Jang takes Se-na under her wing in place of her lost daughter (in a close friendly relationship, not Crazy bitch wants us to pretend WUT?), she’ll be happy to take on that role.

That hug, however, gets seen by Tae-mu’s father, who flips out. His exalted son with the secretary?

Dad confronts the pair, berating both for their inappropriate relationship. It’s clear this Will Not Do. He warns Se-na to end the relationship immediately.

Park-ha and Yi Gak take the bus home, falling asleep next to each other in their seats. She wakes up taken aback at their pose, but then Yi Gak guides her head back to his shoulder, and they sit there cozily, smiling to themselves.

But then he has to go and mess it all up, because as soon as they get off the bus he perks up at a message from Se-na, who wants to meet. He dashes back on the bus to run to her side.

Se-na’s drinking by herself, and he joins her for a beer. Se-na returns his bracelet, and asks him if it’s true that he’s interested in her. At his confirmation, she says she isn’t interested in him, but he declares, “You will come to like me.”

She finds it absurd and funny, since he doesn’t know her. He asks if she believes in reincarnation—another absurdity, which she scoffs at—and says she’ll come to believe in it.

He asks if she has a younger sibling, and that makes her momentarily panic. She stutters a no, spooked at his comment, “I ask because it seems like you would have one.”

Taking her hand, he fastens the bracelet on her wrist, thinking of his statement about memories letting you live together forever (which must be the answer to his riddle, no?).

And this is the sight seen by Tae-mu. Ooh.

Se-na comes home to find him waiting, and she answers vaguely that she was just out and about, and had a drink. He apologizes to her for his father, pleading with her to give him some time to sort it out and persuade Dad to accept them. She’s insulted that their relationship is something he has to gain approval for, and tells him that if he’s serious, he should tell his father they’re going to marry.

Tae-mu can’t do that, though, and that answer proves her point: “Then let’s break up.”

In the morning, Park-ha hurries off to work without the boys, because they’re going to make her late on her first day. That leaves them grumbling after her (Yi Gak: “She without loyalty!”), and they catch up to her in no time. Yi Gak mocks her with the hilarious use of his fingers: “Short legs walk slow!” The boys overtake her with big, long-legged strides, forcing her to run after them.

At work, we get a face-off between the two opposing strategists: Pyo Taek-soo (Team Grandma) and Tae-mu (Team Not-Grandma). Pyo Taek-soo knows about their meetings with CEO Jang, which are a pretty transparent grab for more power.

Tae-mu keeps his cool, but Pyo Taek-soo’s pretty sharp and asks, “Just because the disappeared Tae-yong has come back, do you think that disappearance case will be over?” He harbors suspicions, because he remembers quite clearly that Tae-mu met Tae-yong in New York, contrary to his claims.

Tae-mu must feel confident that he covered his tracks because he smirks that this sounds like a crazy novel, but Pyo Taek-soo has found one piece of the puzzle he hasn’t covered up: Two years ago on his trip to meet Tae-yong, Tae-mu used a corporate credit card at a restaurant, covering a meal with two people. He declares that he will help Tae-yong recover his memory and says warningly, “Life’s no joke. Stop joking around, Tae-mu.”

Tae-mu tamps down his roiling temper. Hey buddy, maybe you can just follow him around everywhere and your terrible luck will get him into an accident. Turn your weaknesses into strengths, I say.

Park-ha’s job has her working on the set where the home-shopping segments are filmed. The boys find her there to deliver the news that they’re moving back into the rooftop room tonight, and will be holding a housewarming party.

Tae-mu happens by the doorway to them chatting, and decides to eavesdrop with the help of the cameras. He flips on the mics in the sound booth and listens as the boys request their favorite foods of her. Aw, Yong-sool is reluctant to join the pile-on, since she’ll be doing all the cooking.

Park-ha suggests a crab dish marinated in soy sauce, but Chi-san declares that they can’t serve that. Yi Gak admits that he once almost died eating that dish; just the smell of it was enough to give him breathing difficulty. This is a tidbit that gets Tae-mu’s interest, though I’m not sure if it’s because this is something he would have known about his cousin, or if it’s because he’s just found a secret weapon—if you can’t find an accident, make one, right?

Squash court. Tae-mu offers to teach Yi Gak, but it’s really a test as he sees how terribly Yi Gak swings and gets himself hit by the ball.

This further confirms his suspicions, and Tae-mu says, “A person may forget memories in the head, but the body doesn’t forget. I’ve never beaten you in squash.” He thinks of the yacht fight again, and declares, “I’ve never once believed you were Tae-yong.”


I’ll be honest, the moment I learned there were TWO lost daughters, I had to groan—really? As though one weren’t enough, you’re gonna go there with double birth secrets?

As I mentioned before, though, what saves the storyline for me is the connection to the past lives. They’re not exactly saying that history repeats itself, but I suppose the reincarnated souls have to share more than just a passing similarity to the “origin” story. In mimicking the relationship of the original sisters, the drama uses modern drama tactics to give us a feasible way to connect them. So I’m going with it, even though the negligent mother storyline is getting pretty overplayed at this point.

I’m intrigued at Yi Gak’s suspicion that there may be a Park-ha/Bu-yong connection. It makes sense given that Se-na’s nearby and his eyes are open to the reincarnation connection possibilities, but I hadn’t thought the drama would get him there quite so quickly. It’s something I appreciate about this show in general—the instant you see where a story is heading, the show plays it out rather than letting you see it coming all series long, only to make the grand reveal in the finale, making it more of a anticlimactic reveal.

I don’t think it’s too far-fetched that he wouldn’t recognize her by face alone; ostensibly he’s always been enamored of his bride, so there’d be no reason to gaze intently at Bu-yong’s eyes. And when somebody wears something as distinctive as her facial mask, your eyes tend to fixate on the distraction. So I expect him to guess her identity through an intellectual process, like he does with her hanja name.

It’s still rather frustrating that he’s fixated on winning Se-na over, though again, it makes sense within his character’s context. She was his beloved in his past life, so she must be his beloved in this life. Although technically speaking, using that logic it’s really Tae-yong who should be paired with her.

Because the fate/reincarnation thread runs so strong, I’m mostly curious to see how he’s going to get past that mental block to see Park-ha. For someone who believes his very presence in this world is a result of the reincarnated souls, it’s going to be very hard to shake that fundamental belief, like convincing someone the world is flat (or cubed, as the case may be) when they’re sure it’s round.

But no matter, because this coupling is super adorable and charming, and I basically love all of their interactions. Especially if it involves sweets and/or insults. And yes, hugs and kisses, naturally.


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        TBH, I am totally a bandwagon jumper. I watched 15 minutes of episode one and thought I’d die from the cheese factor. I just read the recaps (1-4) and when I noticed an influx of pics of JGS finally looking hot…I jumped right into the fray (ep.5 and 6). I’m nothing if not honest :)

        • la dee dah

          Well, it’s good to be honest! =) I actually did watch the first four episodes, but I guess I’ll talk about them somewhere else since it’s off topic here!

    • 15.4 lizzzie

      Oh gosh, yes, Yongsul’s eyes totally remind me of ones of those dogs with a loyal, old soul. Like a basset hound. And your momma comment is too funny

    • 15.5 DeeDee315

      Your bow tie wearing dandy is Lee Moon-sik. He does manage to wear some different outfits. Did you see him in Glory Jane? He totally rocked the bow tie in that one.

  16. 16 Ani

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  17. 17 yayaya


    Every actors, actress, scriptwriter and OST are DAEBAK.
    I really hope they’ll add new OST, because it’s seems the romantic feeling will blossomed soon. I still praying JYJ or Yoochun will sing OST of Rooftop Prince.

    When Lee Gak drinking his milk, isn’t that the cutest thing on earth? it’s adorable. He followed Park Ha like a puppy.

    I also happy when Lee Gak console Park Ha, hugging her and wiped her tear..awww. Such a gentleman.

    I believe Sena will try to get close with Lee Gak and eventually fall in love for him. Errr…

    Oh! Lee Gak actually pretty smart, he suspicious that Park Ha has a connection with Bu Yong in the past. He even asked Sena if she has younger sister.

    To be honest, I don’t really like the birth secret. It’s adding more string to the drama. >.<
    But because so far this drama doesn't disappointment me, I will definitely keep my eyes on Rooftop!

    Can't wait for next week, thanks Javabeans! You're incredibly fast on updating Rooftop Prince :)

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    Okay, it took me awhile to sort out this whole two lost daughters deal. I don’t know, this storyline doesn’t seem necessary to me. I mean, they already have the “four guys from the Joseon era” storyline, the “possible reincarnation of the princess and sister” thing, the “modern times murder of the rich cousin” storyline, the “joseon era murder mystery” (which I dont’ know when they’ll revisit, since it would mean the guys returning to their time).. and now this? This just takes away from the main storyline that should get more airtime – the four guys from the Joseon era. I’m sad that (aside from Yi gak) they’re not getting as much screentime. Sigh…

    But Yi gak and Park ha are so cute together, so I’m satisfied on that front!

    • 18.1 la dee dah

      Hm, now that I think about it more, this “two lost daughters” storyline may actually be tied to the other storylines, so it may be necessary. Still upset with the less screentime for the four, though! =)

    • 18.2 Daniella

      I think it’s cool they have so much story lines going on though so they can’t run out of ideas like some dramas do right when they get half way.

      I hope they don’t do it like Salaryman where they solve one problem but leave the other (more anticipated) problem unsolved. I loved Salaryman though, and I was satisfied either way so I hope what ever happens in the end of this one i’ll be satisfied as well.

      • 18.2.1 la dee dah

        Ya, it is good to have multiple storylines to avoid that problem… but I just hate Sena, so I don’t care for her storylines! ha ha…

        • anastassia

          I agreed you on that. I don’t care about Se Na too and i feel the births secrets is unnecessary, It is too mak jang for me. I suppose if the writer just keep the story entitle with the four elements that you said and make it brilliant plot is enough but he/she want to add another plot which is for me make this unique/funny/extra ordinary drama be lame/the same drama all over the way.

          • ilovemandoo

            Ugh, I am not a fan of Sena either. All of her scenes are just bleh to me. Though it’s been getting a little better..

            I didn’t actually think it got too makjang because of all the other threads in the story. It seems like it’ll be purposeful, which isn’t really makjang (drama for the sake of drama).

    • 18.3 alua

      I am not keen on the double birth secret either. At all.

      Especially because that ties Park-ha and Se-na closer together. I don’t want them to end up all ‘happy family’ in the end – Se-na’s actions and behaviour are too horrid. But they always let off characters like hers in k-dramas, when they simply deserve to be forgotten forever.

      Well, maybe Park-ha will claim her stepmom as her mom even when she finds out the CEO is her mother, and Se-na, since she wants a rich, fake mummy, will claim Jang and go off Hongkong with her, never to be seen again.

      Could all very well happen, but there’s bound to be some ‘I forgive you’ thrown into this, which I don’t want! Plus, Se-na doesn’t deserve her rich-family-dream to come true!

      Don’t like it either way I spin it.

      Well, I do love Park-ha and the boys. Yi-gak better fall for Park-ha soon (he sort of has already, just he doesn’t know it yet).

    • 18.4 dapinaymrs

      I totally liked how the birth secret came out because I already knew it was a cliche and thought it was harmless but it turned out to be a valuable piece of tie-up with the Joseon parallel.

      This is leaving us to assume that Hwa Yong and Bu Yong are half-sisters as well and may be the reason why Hwa Yong wasn’t initially chosen for the application.

      • 18.4.1 glace

        Exactly! I was almost expecting the birth secret in order to make the connection to the Joseon time. It would be inconsistent if the two girls were related back then but not now (sisters or half-sisters).
        First time I actually accept the makjang hehe.

  19. 19 Shukmeister

    That you, Javabeans, for your quick, quirky, and wonderful recap.

    Drat those pesky elections and reality intrusions into our K-Drama world!


    I’m gonna throw out a possibly farfetched thought:

    Tae Yong got transported back to the Joseon era, falls in love with Bu-yong and stays there as the prince, somehow leaving a clue at the palace, and the J4 stay in modern times and hook up with the rest of the rooftop chingus.

    Either that, or Man-Bo will go back and create the first hair shampoo. Hee

    • 19.1 jomo

      That makes sense as far as bodies being accounted for in history, but will we get to see it?

    • 19.2 qhmiee

      Ooh idea of leaving a clue – intriguing! Plus I think in the ep 8 preview Parkha finds a book related to the Joseon times

    • 19.3 Cruelsummer

      I like this.

    • 19.4 momosa

      I’m thinking it’s going to be more than shampoo….Yi Gak introduces flavoured milk/yogurt, Manbo – flush toilet system, Won in notes, omurice became Joseon fixation, ketchup from mashed tomato, birth of korean writings, revolving doors!!, mobile homes!!! OMG, I’m giggling as I type these…so fun!

  20. 20 h311ybean

    Thank you for the recap! I love all the cute, and how adorable is Yong-sool? Someone get the dude a nice-yet-feisty woman of his own!

    The revelation that Se-na and Park-ha are actually half-sisters is a stronger indication why the Crown Princess’ father initially picked her sister to marry Yi-gak – because Bo-young (I had no idea about the association with the “ha” in Park-ha – awesome!) was his true-born daughter.

    I’m glad that stuff relating to Tae-yong’s case is coming to light (I’m still convinced he’s still alive in NY, but comatose or whatever), and hope to find out more about the Joseon mystery in the coming eps. Just sad that I have to wait until next week to find out more! I need my Rooftop Prince!!!

    • 20.1 zinnias

      I was just thinking that maybe he got picked up in a ship & ended up in Alaska.

      • 20.1.1 jomo

        Not bagged as part of a mutinous crew, ended up hitch-hiking from Mexico to NYC and selling his Lorax?

        • h311ybean

          LOL! Yoo Ah-in could guest star in the climax of the company/cousin rivalry storyline, showing up at Tae-yong’s side as he makes his dramatic return at the board meeting where the transfer of ownership is about to take place.

          Now I’m imagining Tae-yong (not Yi-gak, sorry) marrying Park-ha and ending up with at least 75% ownership of the company because CEO Jang divided her stake between her daughters before dying of cancer.

          • Mel

            I like that… But Tae Yong must show up soon to get PH and endear us because at this point YG is quite enamored with Sena.. Or maybe stoic guard will stand up to YG regarding PH–don’t chew PH but be gentle with her..

            I’ve marathoned watched this in 1 day and just love the F4 antics in the modern world… really enjoy the drama so far.. how will Sena get found out…

            Thanks JB for sticking to this… and looking forward to future recaps….

  21. 21 Hang

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  22. 22 kewbie

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  23. 23 zinnias

    How do you know that Se-na is CEO Jang’s other daughter? For some reason, I thought she had Park-ha first and then the other child.

    • 23.1 jomo

      Se na’s mother who brought her up, the one that got hit by the car, told CEO that Sena is her daughter at the hospital.

      • 23.1.1 zinnias

        Thanks. When I was watching that, I thought it was a fake-out– the mother telling CEO Jang the wrong child to make sure she doesn’t she doesn’t get to the real one. Now why didn’t I just take her words at face value.

        • Naruko

          Se-na was born first out of wedlock. Park-ha is a younger child from her mother’s short lived marriage in Korea.

  24. 24 kjsfhkdjf

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    • 24.1 lizzzie

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    • 24.2 Angskeet

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      • 24.2.1 kjsfhkdjf

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        • thunderlyn

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    I loved this episode soooo much! Even with all the angst, all the cute moments were really great!

    Wow! Yoo Chun is so handsome! Didin’t think too much of it before but he was so adorable in this episode! Aww and Lee Min Ho! He really worked that pink outfit! Poor Yong Sool, everyone is so mean to him, lmao! Love the rangers 😉

    I was so ecstatic when he made the bu yong connection! This drama is moving quickly! I can’t wait till next week…does that mean we get three episodes (squealll~~~~)?

    Love love love love lovex10 this show so much!

  26. 26 dls

    About this reincarnation whole things, I wonder if the same princess murder will reprise in the modern time, and the prince is called to the modern time to prevent it.
    But then, after he solves the case in the modern time, he understands of what happened in the past and he get transported back to the past to solve the mystery in the past. Hopefully the real Tae Yong is alive and he will return and find Park Ha.
    Gah… not sure… the writer always has something under his sleeve

    • 26.1 lenrasoon

      i agree about this too except i think Park Ha will die, but could happen with Se Na too idk.
      we saw Tae Yong and the Princess death kind of mirroring each other in the first episode so the same could/or will happen in future. I can’t wait.

      • 26.1.1 Briggy

        I can’t take it for anyone but SeNa to die.please don’t talk about Park ha dying coz I really heart this drama a lot.

    • 26.2 jumbalaya

      my gosh, if the same murder was to happen that would be…twisted…and crazy.
      hmm, if the real tae-yong was alive…but arent tae-yong and princey the same spirit.
      oh, and also, my friend has are really interesting theory about tae-yong, she thinks that when he fell in the water he went BACK to the joseon time period. The falling the water thing is common, so, maybe tae-yong didn’t really die? I dunno…

      for all we know , the real tae-yong lost his memory, just like how everyone thinks happened to him.

  27. 27 nonski


    • 27.1 jumbalaya

      shows how RTP rocks :) I am hoping something awesome will happen to make up for only one episode happening this week.

  28. 28 Angskeet

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  29. 29 stars4u

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  31. 31 eternalfive

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans. 😀 Love how quickly the plot is developing. And how awesome is it that warrior dude is crushing on Park-ha, hehehe! I’ve always thought they had some cute chemistry between them too <3 Maybe this will give us more jealous Princey as well.

  32. 32 torrentmania

    this may be a stupid question, but i’ll risk asking it anyway: why is sena so set on making sure that parkha doesn’t meet her birth mom? is it just spite? jealousy?

    • 32.1 Tar

      Idk Sena always seemed a little psycho from the get go, her father must be the devil.

    • 32.2 jomo

      Yes on both counts.
      CEO would provide her real daughter with all kinds of money and advantages that Sena would think she deserves more.
      Plus One-Punch-from-the-Water Man would suddenly look upon Park-ha as a suitable match.

      • 32.2.1 lizzzie

        Korean netizens and the cast themselves (bless them) have taken to calling Taemu “One-Kill-nim”. Which I take to mean something like “one touch from the man will kill you”. Lol

        • Cruelsummer

          That’s cute. LOL.

        • yaya

          one kill actually means strong punch =)

        • dapinaymrs

          Yoochun gave him that nick on twitter.

          • lizzzie

            Ooh I saw it on korean sites too, not sure where it originated from. Same as Yigak/taeyong’s nickname, Double Dragon. Hahaha. It just sounds so ridiculous and bombastic, I love it.

    • 32.3 lenrasoon

      i bet on jealousy & selfishness, she dislikes Park Ha since they first met and now after finding out that PH’s mom is rich and powerful (not knowing she’s also her daughter) she’s hiding the truth.

      the thing about Se Na is that she doesn’t have a plan, we know that she hates PH but what’s her motif to keep blocking that girl life? i mean PH it’s not after Se Na boyfriend nor she directly compete with sister on the company. Maybe she hates the sight of PH because it reminds her of her bad deeds in the past and she thinks that keeping her away nothing happened.

      • 32.3.1 ilovemandoo

        Exactly. She doesn’t always have a reason to go to such great lengths to prevent Park Ha from having a good life. A lot of the times, she gets mad and I’m like… Really?? You don’t even need to be angry. Ultimately, she’s just a very spiteful person, and like you said, she doesn’t want to be reminded of the past. It just muddles up her “perfect” life plan.

    • 32.4 softworking

      Maybe Park Ha had really killed Sena in her past life. It’s payback time for Sena by making Park Ha’s life as miserable as possible.

      • 32.4.1 Naruko

        Park-ha can’t be so evil!

        It was the Crown Princess who killed her younger sister dressed into the Princess’ garbs. We’ve never seen the drown woman’s face.

        I assume Park-ha was murdered!

  33. 33 clover

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    • 33.1 lenrasoon

      me too and it’s funny ’cause i’m not even a JYJ fan but i really like him, he’s adorable especially at those scenes you described.

    • 33.2 Christy

      *raises hand* *squee*

      I first fell in love with Yoochun in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He just drips with charisma and appeal. It’s hard not to be captivated by his charms. :) He is every girl’s rooftop prince charming. :)

    • 33.3 Briggy

      Me 3.I’m seeing him in a new light all of a sudden.I’m in love.LOL

    • 33.4 chewywon

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      • 33.4.1 qhmiee

        Hee +1

        I’ve always thought YC was cute but my bias lay elsewhere. But now his charm appeal is off the roof!

    • 33.5 ri jin ah


    • 33.6 ilovemandoo

      I’ve loved him for a while (I’m a DBSK/JYJ fan), but I agree. This drama just makes you love him exponentially more!

    • 33.7 yayaya

      Count me in.
      He became my bias since Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop make me fall deeper in him. LOL
      He’s indeed good

  34. 34 danny

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  35. 35 clover

    Also! How many of you went ‘Yes!’ when Yi Gak chased after Bak Ha?

    • 35.1 lizzzie

      Me 😀 Also when he immediately thought of her memory problems when he saw the photo, and when he brought her to her hometown. Maybe it’s in HJM’s acting but I always feel touched when he does stuff like that for Parkha

    • 35.2 one_nee

      oh, so agree!!! i was squealed like crazy when he just left SeNa without giving 2nd thought n chased PH n then following her around… and he really is so cute with his idea to eased down PH’s anger with milk coz he believe it was him the reason why PH angry, lol… (and then later he drank all those 2 bottles and smiling feeling happy, lol)

      • 35.2.1 Mel

        Ditto-for YG’s misguided reincarnation belief–love for Sena–can’t really be love! Oh what a sweet thing YG to follow–run after the crying PH at the beginning of this episode (yup face-palm)… PH’s silent glare at YG before getting into the taxi–great acting-silence speaks volumes!!!

        Love the growing Mickey Yuchon love-fandom!!!

    • 35.3 j

      DEFINITELY. and i squealed like the fangirl i am during all their cute scenes

  36. 36 anastassia

    Thanks sarah for the recaps!

    I want ask someone for help. Please correct me if i’m wrong. Wasn’t the girl in the photo is the photo of Park Ha when she is is one year old is her daddy and her birth mother is madam Jang? The pic which the the mom’s face is cut out.

    Why is she is Se Na’s mother?

    Please i’m confuse. My question here in drama beans rarely being answered.:(

    • 36.1 lizzzie

      I guess the drama proved all of us wrong, CEO Jang is both Sena and Parkha’s mom. And she left both of them.

      That said, anybody knows if Sena’s mom the fish market lady is her real sister then? Did they explain why CEO Jang left Sena to her care? And, why was she flinging fish baskets at the market when she saw her at first?

      • 36.1.1 jomo

        I think that Fish Lady was mad that CEO dumped the daughter on her 29 years ago, and then tried to reclaim her?

        I don’t think they are real sisters.

        • Alex

          They’re half sisters, and this links that there was probably some reason for them to be the same in their previous incarnation.

          She dumped the child on “Sena’s” mom, then married Park Ha’s dad and then left both… So in this case the dynamics are reversed: they thought they shared no blood but they do, in Joseon, they thought they were full sisters…


          • Amanda

            I think she means that “Fish Lady” and “CEO” aren’t real sisters.

    • 36.2 lenrasoon

      yeah Park Ha and Madam Jang have the same picture, but in Park Ha’s her mother’s face (Jang) is cut out because of dad.

  37. 37 lizzzie

    I loved the cute, but some of the cute felt like fillers. It was definitely the most awkwardly edited ep for me somewhere after 30min. A bit disappointing, cos I loved the pacing and editing in ep 5 and 6. And someone needs to tone down the dramatic music

    • 37.1 msu

      well same here, I believe they should have edited out the ringing bell and running to some extent coz i feel like it almost overboard somehow.
      I think the ep is good enough w/o it.

      • 37.1.1 one_nee

        well, at 1st i also thought than the pranks scene was unneccesary, eventho i love how LG screaming like teenage girl when the ahjuma chased them…
        but maybe this also needed, since it was one of PH’s memory of her childhood, and she shared it with LG, not with other people. and the scene after, when PH then cried while they were laughing… is just broke my heart… i can feel her pain n hurt.. for her missing out her mom, all those years she cant remember anything, away from her family and cant even see her father before he passed away n then found out all of those happen just because her sister selfish n mean deed…
        and i am glad at least after that scene, when LG confort her, he doesnt need to ask why she is crying (unlike the reason why PH angry at him the day before)… he understand n thats enough.. so maybe the scene, in a way, needed to make LG understand PH’s pain =)

    • 37.2 Mystisith

      Agree. There was some lost steam here. I even used the FF button (the all electric stimulation test thing is fun for only 30 s), and that’s quite an alarm signal for me.
      What annoys me is that the rangers are not really included in the story: They just have their little comic scenes, and that’s all. It’s like they are here only to enjoy life. I loved in first eps when the genius used his photographic memory to solve a problem. I want my eyecandies to be useful in the next eps.

    • 37.3 Cruelsummer

      Thank you. You’ve pinpointed the reason why I can’t really fangirl the way that I want to. I love the cute, but the cute is just there to be cute. That’s all fine and good, but if that’s what 60% of your show consist of then I start to cry foul.

    • 37.4 lizzzie

      @Mystisith and Cruelsummer

      You both made such valid points. I would say I only felt the show went off in ep 7 so I’m just hoping it gets back on track. SOME parts in this ep were honestly so awkward to watch for me though I’ve loved the show all along.

      (But okay, who am I kidding, I’m still here reading comments to ease my longings for next Wed. Haha. And I’m still probably going to watch every ep unsubbed and subbed all the way to the finale)

      Hopefully just a case of having to fill some spaces here so the next ep will be awesome!

      • 37.4.1 ilovemandoo

        I’m loving Rooftop Prince, but I agree.. Episode 7 felt awkward at certain points. :/ I’m hoping that they edit it better next time. (In which case, I am willing to wait for Episode 8. If that was the reason they didn’t show it this week, anyway.)

  38. 38 dayang

    Thanks JB for your fast recap..

    I don’t know if anybody notice this or not.. but there are 2 LG/TY in this episode ~ one wearing a necklace and one necklace-less… or it’s not in any way significant at all…

    Thanks again JB and GF for allowing me to wallow in K-drama (one of my few joys in life ~ i know i don’t have a life.. hehe) since HONG GIL DONG.

  39. 39 maria

    ayayay!!! i swear these are the best F4 for me. :DD

  40. 40 isabelle

    Whats with the lady giving birth to girls and throwing them away? I mean you can think of one daughter for the story line, but two of them is too much to take.

    Also , seems like this episode seems streched, i mean the scenes when them running, and the with three side-kicks about saying bad things about Parh-ha and the school scenes seem very streched. Either ways, have to wait till next week for story to move forward.

  41. 41 Garrdan75

    I’ll keep saying this, javabeans: you’re quite the talent with quips, verbiage and details! Thanks very much for your insightful, thorough and fast-produced recap. :) :)

    Sigh! wished for the second episode, but at least this week’s was cute, sweet and adorably humorous.

    I was so very happy to see that Lee Gak chased after Park Ha to staying with Se-na.

    I thoroughly enjoy Park Ha and her fellas…each guy has his own distinctly cute personality. Lee Gak’s blossoming to becoming quite the caring charmer. Micky sure has matured wonderfully as an actor…like him in SKKS…more so here.

    Again, Thanks for your recap jb!

  42. 42 melina

    thank you for the recap. i’m just really confused with the mother daughter relationship. who is really ceo jang’s daughter? se na or park ha ?? thank you :)

    • 42.1 lenrasoon

      they both Jang’s daughters, Se Na she abandoned with Park Ha stepmom and Park Ha she abandoned with her husband in Hong Kong.

      • 42.1.1 melina

        THANK YOU SOO MUCH. it makes soo much sense now :)

  43. 43 lenrasoon

    About the reincarnation thing, i think back in Joseon times Yi Gak’s fate supposed to be linked with Bu-yong but since the the Princess cheated her way to be his wife maybe destiny were trying to realign them again. That’s why in modern times Yi Gak have the opportunity to interact with Park Ha making his feeling for her growing stronger without realizing it, Se Na is just an obsession because he lost her so abruptly.

    I think Park Ha will die and Yi-Gak will go back to Joseon and remarry but this time it’s the right woman, Bu-Yong.

    i don’t know what that hell i just wrote lol.

    anyway, thanks for the recap.

  44. 44 kirara

    Man I love this but I’m so torn! I want Yi gak to be with Park Ha, but I hate the fact he keeps looking for the princess (se-na). You can tell he cares about Park Ha but he also has this heavy tug and need to find his princess even though I think or I’m sure most of thinks that he’ll be okay without his princess and go after the sister instead..:)

    Sigh.. Such a good drama and also such great recaps.. THANK YOU!

  45. 45 DB5K

    JB, you’re a genius!! So it seems like “memories” is the answer to the riddle!! The butterfly speculation was also good, though. Perhaps both those answers will come up in the drama~~

    • 45.1 Kiara

      I am with you on memories. I didnt think about it until this episode. There were a few hints here and there.

      Thank you for the recaps JB :).

  46. 46 clover

    OMO!! Is the answer to Yi Gak’s riddle a butterfly? It dies as a caterpillar, then lives as a butterfly??? I mean , there are a lot of references to butterflies right?

    • 46.1 Noelle

      I think your right.

    • 46.2 lenrasoon

      i think you right!

    • 46.3 one_nee

      that was my answer too after i watched 1st eps.. esp since the butterfly in the embroidery became alive…

    • 46.4 jumbalaya

      really? that’s smart! you may be right. What dies as its living but lives as it dies?… I did some research. when i heard the riddle again i thought it was a lotus, cause they were talking so much. but after research I dont think its a lotus.

      the lotus stands for grace, purity,feminism and the like. got nothing to do with living and dying…so I’m not sure…

    • 46.5 redfox

      it is the Moon. New moon disappears while becoming full, full moon disappears while becoming old.

  47. 47 ana

    can we all take a moment to praise park yoo chun’s acting. truthfully speaking, his performance in his last two projects wasn’t anything stellar but he really proved himself here. loooove this drama. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  48. 48 Mia

    sigh~ only ep 7 :(

    is it really Se-na who died in Joseon time? cuz they didn’t show the face n such . . . . to think they still became sisters in modern time ayayay tsk tsk well till nxt week

    • 48.1 lol

      totally agree with u.. during that Josoen time, they didnt even show the princess face.. it makes me wonder that the one that die could be the younger sister killed by older sister out of jealousy.. then the princess ran awa with some scandal or sth.. owh well me n my imagination XD

      • 48.1.1 Kiara

        I’m thinking the same thing too that Pak Ha was the one that died not Se na. I think that the burn mark on her face may look like an accident but she did it on purpose. I have a feeling that the Joseon Se na was all smile around the prince but she was jealous of her little sister because kept stealing the prince’s attention.

        So many possibilities running through my head. Maybe he married both sisters. It’s Joseon so its possible. Maybe Se na was deposed for something related to Tae mu etc etc. Maybe I’m trying too hard to make a connection that makes sense lol.

      • 48.1.2 Kay

        I’m pretty sure they revealed it was Se-Na that died cause they said the “crown princess” has passed away….

  49. 49 Noelle

    Oh my poor tall dark and handsome Yong Sool! Don’t fall for her, you’ll only have your big beautiful heart broken into small beautiful pieces! *cries*

    So I was partly right about who CEO J was mother too but both of them! And that they both got raised by the same women no less! Thats downright crazy. Only in Kdramaland I guess.

    Thanks for the recap JB! I loved the cute, hated the sad, loved the Park Ha sass. Give Sena what for!

    • 49.1 Noelle

      Somewhat off topic but did anyone notice that Park Ha’s friend Amy was in K2H?

      • 49.1.1 Fab

        Yep, she was the nosy reporter that got blown off by Jae ha. LOL

      • 49.1.2 kaye

        Haha, saw that too.

  50. 50 Christy

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    this drama is just SO CUTE, i kinda want to pinch it. i like it more and more as it goes on. yoochun and the candies!! rofl i just about died. his comedy chops shone in that scene.

    it’s hilarious how the four of them are so cowed by the tiny park ha. even the sword-wielding one is unnerved by her. and the efforts of yoochun’s character to try and hold his own against her are priceless. and now he vents his feelings out on actual peppermint candies. hahaha

    i remember that moon chae-won was rumored for this role, and when i watched the first few episodes i wondered if maybe she wouldn’t have been equally good, or even better. but there’s just something so funny about han ji-min’s little self glaring down those four joseonites that i can’t imagine anyone else playing her.

    i also think jung yu-mi is becoming an actress to watch. she’s been great in a lot of her roles, and while she might be playing a villain here, she’s still absolutely adorable when she smiles, and i can also sympathize with her character to a degree.

    thank you for the great recap as always!

    • 51.1 jumbalaya

      It WAS a tease. In fact, they used this episode to just twist things up even more, I’m starting to get the story lines confused…and there are some unecessary characters, like the Tae-Yong’s grand aunt’s boyfriend trying to scare Tae-mu at the end of the episode.

      Also, about moon-chae won, I heard that same thing, it was an article on dramabeans. Although Moon-chae won does have saeguk drama acting experience, this is so light hearted and the Park-ha is so strong and motherly as a character. I just can’t imagine Moon-Chae won acting in such a role because she’s never had that kind of character before.

  52. 52 Noelle

    Hey I have a question. In the first episode does anyone remember them focusing on the pond when our heroes were on their way to investigate, something moved. I couldn’t really see what it was. I thought it was like a turtle statue or something but something definitely moved. Anyone else notice?

    • 52.1 Nana

      i saw that too! i thought it was the crown princess that died :)

      • 52.1.1 Noelle


        I keep trying to see what it is. Still don’t know what it is. Thought I got a wonky vid because it wasn’t mentioned anywhere.

        • yayaya

          it’s the tortoise statue, they say in the past it’s a sign of royal blood is in danger.

      • 52.1.2 jumbalaya

        wait, i’m confused. could you elaborate? do you mean to say the thing that moved was the crown princess?

    • 52.2 Noelle

      Okay rewatched the scene. They definitely focused on something and that something moved. It should be right after they find out there was a witness to the Princess’s death.

      • 52.2.1 purplemay

        yes.. found that too… it’s like they’re being watch or something

    • 52.3 one_nee

      yes, it was the turtle statue, or turtle gargoyle or smthg, it moved its head following them.. when i saw it, kinda creeped me out, lol… and then it just added another mystery for me…

      • 52.3.1 jumbalaya

        whoa the statue moved its head? what scene was this?

    • 52.4 jumbalaya

      um, it was probably a turtle or animal…if it’s something the audience was not meant to notice, it probably doesnt mean anything…. but you have real good observational skills.

      you know what bugs me, the fact we never saw the princess’s face. It’s like…we dont know if she’s dead or not for real…for all we know it could be bu-yong dead, but dressed in the princess’s clothes.

      okay, sorry for being radical. but the murder mystery makes no sense and the fact we’re not progressing in that makes me impatient.

  53. 53 jomo

    Thank you for the quick recap!
    I giggled throughout this one. Mostly because the boys are wonderfully ridiculous and Micky is the cutest thing EVER.

    As far as the shell food allergy:
    “This is a tidbit that gets Tae-mu’s interest, though I’m not sure if it’s because this is something he would have known about his cousin, or if it’s because he’s just found a secret weapon—if you can’t find an accident, make one, right?”

    Two reasons:
    1. He repeats “This happened at 5 years old?” because the real TY did NOT have a life threatening allergic reaction at that age, and possibly may not have had an allergy at all.

    2. He’s going to try to kill him, because normal not crazy people do things like that all the time in real life to win the company back from your cousin rival who isn’t really your cousin.

    As far as Sena getting in the way of the present romance, I like it. Here is why.
    Joseon Sena’s unfair usurping of the Crown Princess job by burning her little sister’s face left the romance unresolved in the past. Joseon Prince had an unrealistically perfect view of Joseon Sena. Unless he finds out in the present that all Senas are evil, the memories of his dead wife will also remain perfect. He needs to stumble through a bad relationship with present Sena, feel how cruel she can be to himself and find out how cruel she was to her sister.
    The scales have to fall from his eyes so when he goes back to Joseon, he can love Bu-young with no regrets of losing the first one.

    • 53.1 lenrasoon

      love your theory about Yi Gak memories,he’s been hinting us with the memory/life for a few episodes so maybe that’s it.

    • 53.2 softworking

      Since Taemu repeats “This happened at 5 years ago?”, i think he is interested in the allergy tidbit because “Taeyong” is supposed to have lost his memory. “Taeyong” remembering something that had happened before the accident 2 years ago only proves that “Taeyong” is an imposter.

      Taemu will be trying to out Lee Gak as an imposter in the future episodes.

      • 53.2.1 jomo

        Ah! That is right!
        So it proves he is an imposter to Halmoni.

      • 53.2.2 mskololia

        Yes, that’s a nice plan to have LG entered into a hospital and have tests run on him, but I hope PH stops TM from harming LG.

    • 53.3 jumbalaya

      ooooohhhh karma :)

  54. 54 sauyinzhi

    Thank you very much for the recap. YOu are wonderful. I need to read your recap so that I can watch the drama without the English subtitle. Thank you again.

  55. 55 one_nee

    i agree the mom with 2 daughters trouble was kinda confusing. at first i thought that CEO Jang is Park Ha’s mom, and i was afraid SeNa will pretend to be her daughter. i mean, all the sign pointed to PH, like the photo and also the scene in which PH n her stepmom went to eat at her late father’s fave resto and the stepmom saw CEO Jang n panicked and force ParkHa to leave immediately (in which then she was hit with Taemu’s car). i really thought that. beside i always thought ParkHa must be more than just an ordinary man’s daughter, well i just looked back at the Joseon era in which their parents chose her at the beginning to be sent to the palace as Crown princess candidate, despite she is the 2nd daughter. that got to be a reason why the father chose her n not her sister who older n first daughter.

    well, then this added another mystery then…

    and i agree, i kinda suspicious that Yong-sool kinda have a crush on PH, lol..
    and actually i thoght PH’s answer to LG’s riddle would be funnier if it translated as “a coma” as patient in coma, lol…

    and i also LOL when LG screaming whole running away (after he refused to move) when the ahjumma chased them, lol.. his screaming just so hillarious.. so not prince-y, lol…

    and oh, i love how Man-Bo chose Shin Bong-sun rather than SMA… lol.. usually it would be the pretty girl being chosen.. this drama have some tidbits that usually make me cracking coz they just suprising me n so different that what we usually see in kdramas, lol..

    thx for the recap!!

    • 55.1 Hang

      “a coma” will probably make sense – think about Tae Yong who might be still in a coma somewhere on earth…

  56. 56 sugarpunch

    omg it’s killing me! Anyone know the answer to “what lives though it dies, and dies though it lives”?

    was the answer revealed at all in previous eps? cos i don’t rmb seeing it:/

    • 56.1 Hang

      nope, we all make a guess at it. There are several answers discussed on soompi like butterfly, candle, and memory. Pick your own or make your own guess. I think we will not know the answer till the very end of this drama.

    • 56.2 mychocoheart

      I’ve heard this riddle before a long time ago and the answer was a candle, because when you light it, it melts away (the flame is alive when candle dying) and when you blow it out it doesn’t melt (flame dies wen candle lives).

      Not sure if that’s the answer the prince is looking for though. I’m thinking it’s one of those riddles with many possible answer.

  57. 57 Rainscarlet

    Arghhhh i love this drama sfm! Yoochun ah why so cute?!!

  58. 58 Noelle

    OMOMOMOMOMOMOMO! I just watched some of the first episode to see the pond thing move and realized something. There is this moment when Chi San was investigating rumors dressed as a women when someone pulled him into a tent. I bet it was flipping Yi Gak or Tae Yong! I forgot who said it but I believe this is gonna have an Azkaban feel to it when it comes to time traveling. I think someone is trying to change the future, past or both. Which makes me think maybe they are trying to save Park Ha and/or Bu Yong. Sorry to say this but I’m getting a sense of foreboding here.

    Gawd I love this show!

    • 58.1 purplemay

      could be! yay! an ocean of possibilities!

    • 58.2 jumbalaya

      Whoa! now that’s new! someone behind the scenes trying to change the future and past. that’s creepy. but very very possible. keep in mind we still haven’t met everyone’s past life, for all we know Tae-mu’s past life has something to do with or something radical like that.

      huh. that would be wierd.

    • 58.3 yayaya

      Wah! that’s also possible!

    • 58.4 bluetsukky

      ooohhhh your idea gave me chills! Someone trying to change the past…woah, that’s quite a nice idea. The princess-murder is really intriguing. I’m really happy that RP is not just a simple time-travelling rom-com story, it has some backbone. I just hope the writer will be able to put everything in its rightful place. ^^

  59. 59 redfox

    I thought I would never get past that bit where they tried out massage equioment. had top pause three times to laugh. oh man. show, you are making it hard for me to come out of it alive.
    The scenes of Yi-Gak and Park Ha together were just pure sugar, in the good sense.
    Sena needs a good shake. Or maybe she is so delusional cause she had one as a child. they say it messes up yer head….There has never been a villain so self-obsessed in a kdrama. Usually they are more outward-directed,, but she is all “MeMeMe!!!”

  60. 60 Erin

    Great recap although I would like to correct you on one point. He doesn’t ask Beak Ha the riddle, I think they showed him asking the riddle to his sister in law (Joseon era) and then they went to modern day Seoul and she said the riddle shocking him.

    • 60.1 msu

      no the scene đin’t have that part of him asking her, but he did, they just omit it, watch sub u will understand ^^

    • 60.2 purplemay

      they didn’t show that scene but that is what they’re trying to show…
      its a question to Park Ha, which Lee Gak was so eager to know her answer… too bad she said shallow answers lol.

  61. 61 Q

    W-wait a minute, so Sena is CEO’s first abandoned daughter, whom she personally gave to Fish Market Mum, and Park-Ha is the second abandoned daughter whose father came to Korea and married Fish Market? Da fudge :/

    • 61.1 sally_b

      yeah…suspension of belief is highly called for here…but then again, same applies to leaping a gorge on horesback and traveling 300 years into the future.

      CEO Jang is one-careless-baby-mama.

      …oops…another one. fling ~

      so yeah. ಠ_ಠ ◄—- (side eye)

      • 61.1.1 sally_b

        th’fk? …horesback….spell check where be ye? hahaha

    • 61.2 jumbalaya

      actually no. my theory is that step mom pulled a trick here. Se-na IS her really daughter. Park-ha is not. In order to protect Park-Ha, the step mom pretended it was actually Se-na. It actually could have been considered a safe move. Instead of looking for park-ha, CEO would be sticking around Se-na, and Se-na would benefit because of work. Even if CEO tried to bring up memories, se-na would play dumb.

      If it weren’t for the picture, it may have been a safe, albeit, a crazy move for Park-ha’s step mom to make.

  62. 62 Purplemay

    So.. Park ha and Se na are real sisters?? Hmmm.. im still hoping not! Maybe theres a reason why CEO jang is believing it? Hopefully!

    Great episode nevertheless! Im pissed that they decided not to air ep 8.. Hays. Such a long wait..

    • 62.1 jumbalaya

      I hope not to. They’re complete opposites when it comes to personality.

  63. 63 Laya

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    Thanks so much for the recap!

  64. 64 bd

    Starting watching RTP and then switched to watching “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” b/c I was a bit turned off by the use of 1-dimensional, stereotypical characters and Han Ji min’s overacting (the NYC scenes in English w/ the bad white actors certainly didn’t help).

    It was kinda weird to see Kim So hyun (who looks like a young Han Ga in) in 2 different roles so quickly (cute girl; hope she doesn’t get stuck playing the “bad girl” roles in her young career).

    Speaking of the “kiddie actors”, facially, Kim So hyun more resembles Han Ji min while Jum Min seo more resembles Jung Yumi.

    After finishing TMTETS (which went downhill after the kiddie eps), decided to give RTP another try and it has just enough humor/funny bits to keep me interested.

    Let’s face it, the plotline and character development isn’t the greatest w/ 1-dimensional, over-the-top “baddies”, including the actress that played the b!tchy mother in “Secret Garden” who drove me nuts w/ her hairstyle and bad acting in SG just as she does here.

    The storyline w/ the whole mother abandoning 2 daughters is also a bit hard to swallow (even for a K-drama); it’s easier to swallow the while time leap thing for the Power Rangers.

    But there’s enough humor/funny bits w/ the Power Rangers that I can overlook/tolerate the inadequacies.

    Really don’t like seeing Jung Yumi playing a baddie (loved her in “Dong Yi” where she outshone Han Hyo joo), but it’s nice to see her career advancing where she plays the 2nd female lead (even if it’s a baddie).

    Think MYC actually does a pretty decent job acting here thus far (granted, he hasn’t really had the most challenging scenes yet), but still think he is pretty avg. in the looks dept.

    Han Ji Min is a cute actress (when she looks up, her eyes are very similar to Han Hyo joo’s), but she does have a tendency to overact.

  65. 65 ri jin ah

    I’m confuse. So, Se Na and Park Ha are REALLY Blood-related? they have same mon which is the CEO Jang right?

    • 65.1 lenrasoon

      yes they’re related from Madam Jang.

  66. 66 Grace

    Kudos to the writer of RTP! I thought this show would be a usual rom-com with all the slapstick comedy but the mystery interwoven in the plot has kept me totally enthralled.

    I can’t wait for episode 8 and it is not just for the kiss scene (although it is huge part of the motivation, LOL!). Did Park Ha go to the library and check on Lee Gak’s history and what she read from there made her cry? Oh no! Next Wednesday, please come quickly!

    • 66.1 jumbalaya

      the writer really tangled things up.

  67. 67 Peeps

    “Tae-mu tamps down his roiling temper. Hey buddy, maybe you can just follow him around everywhere and your terrible luck will get him into an accident. Turn your weaknesses into strengths, I say. ”

    Ooh… Someone around here is bloodthristy…

  68. 68 YongSulLover

    Oh my god, I really, really, REALLY hope that Yong Sul has a crush on Bak Ha. He’s been acting so stoic and warrior-like, I want to see his soft side!!!

    • 68.1 sally_b

      re: I really, really, REALLY hope that Yong Sul has a crush on Bak Ha.

      (Imy vote as well.) ~ ♥ ✔

      • 68.1.1 CP

        Agreed! I think this will make LG jealous but he can’t get upset with YS as he makes it clear that he loves his princess Sena.

        It also makes sense for YS to fall for PH because he can SAVE PH from any ‘accident’ and he can protect her from Sena’s attack.

      • 68.1.2 jumbalaya

        I vote no. that would mean that princey would get paired with se-na and that would be an injustice two lives in a row.

        all though Yong-Sul’s crush on Bak Ha is really really funny.

    • 68.2 jomo

      ~ ♥ ✓
      Adding mine

    • 68.3 Nana

      <3 <3

  69. 69 Clock


  70. 70 Rooftop Fan

    this show is awesome. I’m loving all the unexpected moments and the mystery. Keep it coming !!! Can’t wait for next week. I hope Se Na would get karma coming onto her. Since her bio mother already knows she’s the real daughter, even if she fakes it, it does not matter. How is she gonna try to hide Park Ha’s real identity? Even when they were step sister, Sena was already evil..now that they are blood related, Sena would go bloody murder.
    I love how Sena and Taemu are so manipulative and have their own agendas, even when they are dating, they don’t trust each other and never tell each other anything. Their love is just the surface and not really anything. Maybe Taemu likes her for real but not enough to trust her.

  71. 71 Micheru

    i have a weird question: so ‘Park Ha’ means ‘peppermint’, and if written separately, shouldn’t ‘Ha’ means ‘summer’ in Hanja? so why does it also mean ‘lotus flower’? O_O

    • 71.1 Eva

      ‘Park Ha’ sounds similar to ‘peppermint’, but ‘Park Ha’ does not mean ‘peppermint’
      ‘Ha’ means ‘lotus flower’ and have nothing to do with ‘summer’ in Hanja
      (but ‘Ha’ sounds similar to ‘summer’ in Hanja… but entirely different words)

    • 71.2 elizabeth

      a chinese character can have the same pronounciation but meant different things because the chinese character (hanja) is a written differently.

      ha in cantonese does means summer.

      I think its cool that the writer hide the name buyong under Ha. the chinese name for lotus is he hua, hua meaning flower. the ha is a clever disguise because buyong is another name of the flower. who would have thot of that.

  72. 72 kixbaby

    I love the character interactions. One problem I have with this drama is the depiction of Yi Gak’s mannerisms and reactions in the modern world. Besides being innocent and comedic, I see no trace of a “Prince” presence. Environment influences actions, so I may be a bit of a caviler.

    • 72.1 yaya

      he has to act as tae young =)) so he really acts like modern fellow, well, tries to act like one, but fails at times xDDD

      when he is with his sidekicks he actually acts as a Joseon prince ^^

    • 72.2 jumbalaya

      really? I know, he’s starting to lose of the princey fell but when he talks to himself he goes all nose in the air personality. for example, in the beginning of the episode when parkha ignored him, he was like : “how insolent.” as if she should not dare to defy him.

  73. 73 Lady Seoul

    This drama satisfied me this week! Although the plot was a bit dull, the interaction I got from Yi Gak & Bak Ha made up for it! I loved this episode, because their was so much of the spending adorable moments together!

  74. 74 redfox

    P.S. Tae Mu looked totally HOT in his squash playing gear!!! Yi gak / Yoochun looked like a kid next to him in his silly yellow ” kindergarden road crossing” wind jacket! and actually the actor playing Tae Mu is pretty hunky in general, in my opinion.
    But Yoochun has a charm that surpasses looks. H really shines in this one, he is surprisingly gifted in comedic scenes and quietly effective in the “aww!” scenes

    • 74.1 mskololia

      I have to agree. I took note of that scene as well.

      TM was ginormous and so muscular….lol

      • 74.1.1 JG

        Bwahaha, Yi Gak getting bounced around in that court would have been comic gold. I guess that such damage to our prince’s dignity and masculinity might be too much for the director.
        I vote for one of the J3 against Tae Mu-Yong Sul, please. Now we have a match.

  75. 75 gg

    “Tae-mu tamps down his roiling temper. Hey buddy, maybe you can just follow him around everywhere and your terrible luck will get him into an accident. Turn your weaknesses into strengths, I say.”

    hahahaha this just cracked me up so much!!!!!

  76. 76 elizabeth

    Thanks for the long and detailed recaps!
    Yeah the double birth secrets is abit too much. who would have thot of that? such a “brilliant” writer.

    With regards to the two syllabus naming convention. It is very popular in modern day china. It takes quite some brilliance to name a kid with just two characters with good meaning. But on the other hand, the parents give up one word so one less meaning in the name.

    It is better to call the person by all of his/her name, otherwise usually it will become a double repeated name like Park Ha will become haha and go soo will become soo soo, which doesnt sound nice.

  77. 77 mskololia

    Thanks JB!

    This episode reminded me of what the crown prince and BY would have been like as children if she were the one to marry him. At least he was able to experience it with PH.

    Ahhh, SN. She’s just plain rotten. I don’t like the meddling parents angle with adult children, but she needed to come up short. Her antics are wearing thin. There is no reason to hate PH at this point in her adult life. Grow the hell up!

    I like that the crown prince is still being his royalness in this episode. He’s a pill and I love the way the writer has him portrayed. The scene with TM listening to their conversations should come back where someone on team Joseon learns that skill. :)

    Fantastic episode.

    • 77.1 jomo

      I with you on everything up to this:
      “The scene with TM listening to their conversations should come back where someone on team Joseon learns that skill.”

      What skill are you referring to, please?

      • 77.1.1 mskololia

        How to use that equipment as well to their advantage especially when they see TM and/or SN doing something suspicious.

        This is the second time we’ve seen that room.

  78. 78 k-soup

    giggle! giggle! giddy! giddy!

    but Se-na is totally a bitch.. I just hate her. Period.

  79. 79 Rovi

    Why oh why, why compare Shin Min-ah and Shin Bong-seon, of all girls~?!!! It would’ve been way different if this was with Jeong Joo-ri, but I love Man-bo’s choice~!!!

    Seriously, the gag-women are so underrated, especially the trio that is Shin Bong-seon, Jeong Joo-ri, & Kim Shin-yeong…so talented (they have lots, but too bad they have the aura of boy-chasers spelled out on their foreheads, JJR especially) but always being the one looking ugly and un-girl-ish…

    BTW, JB, Kim Bum’s name isn’t really “Kim Bum” (like a stage name), but Kim Sang-beom (김상범)…
    …same goes to Jae Hee, whose real name is Lee Hyeon-gyun (이현균); note, I really don’t hear his co-stars (esp. the one with Han Chae-yeong, I think…) call him Hee-ah or Hee-ssi (that’s reserved for Heechul *smirk*), but his whole stage name “Jae Hee-ssi
    …also Ji Sung, whose real name is Gwak Tae-geun (곽태근)…

    • 79.1 javabeans

      Both the names Kim Bum and Kim Sang-beom illustrate my point; they’re in the “standard” naming convention whereby it’s clearly recognized that Kim is the surname, and the second part is the first name. (Even with Sang-beom being his birth name, the stage name Bum acts as a first name.)

      That’s different from, as you say, Go Soo or Jae Hee or, in this case, Park Ha. Those names don’t get split up, ever. There’s a further nuance in this kind of two-syllable name, in that Go Soo and Park Ha involve legitimate surnames (Go, Park) but the two syllables are still said together at all times. Jae Hee, Hyun Bin, and Ji Sung, on the other hand, are stage names that don’t take a family name (borrowed or not) and are just spoken together.

  80. 80 Drama fan

    Se na is evil, she does not want Park Ha to be reunited with CEO Jang. Just wish there is some mistake Se na is another
    of CEO Jang, personally this part of the story is irrelevant.

  81. 81 KDrama Fan

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    Really enjoyed it.

    The pics of Yi Gak and Park Ha are so cute!

  82. 82 Drama fan

    Oops some of the words are missing

    Se na is evil, she does not want Park Ha to be reunited with CEO Jang. Just wish there is some mistake that,Se na is another daugther of CEO Jang, personally think this part of the story is irrelevant

    • 82.1 purplemay

      maybe it’s somewhat related to the Joseon mystery… finding out their complicated family bloodline?

    • 82.2 jumbalaya

      what the daughter finding mother and vice versa story is irrelevant? I find it kind of interesting because it may explain the family bloodline in the Joseon era….

  83. 83 Random

    From episode 8 preview, Lee Gak told Park Ha, his reason

    of being here in the modern time, and she will help Lee
    Gak to find his crown princess .

  84. 84 JG

    Thanks, JB. Although lots of suspension of belief is required because of the wacky premise, I am glad that the core element , the OTP modern relationship, is developing nicely. It feels organic and appeals to my modern sensibilities. This relationship is based more on friendship first instead of some sort of fated love. I am not frustrated at all by his pursuit of Sena–this is complete in line with Yi Yak’s character and his personal belief on the purpose of his presence in the modern era.

    Although the negligent mother line is cliche, I think it’s relevant here, and I don’t mind it because perhaps it is another clue that would shed light on the Joseon murder mystery. Basically, as long as I can still buy the otp romance, most other peripheral plot lines can twist themselves senseless till kingdom come. Just bring all them elements together in the end for a good pay-off, then I am one satisfied customer.

  85. 85 purplemay

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  86. 86 song pong

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    And I think I can finally say that I’m liking HJM’s performance, she was great in this episode, I hope she keeps it up (before I felt as if her acting was totally flat, much worse than in Padam, Padam for example)

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    • 92.1 Lawi

      Oh and that Sena and Taemu scene where he ask her, if needed, be his lost daughter… Maybe is just that, be close with the CEO and make her happy, but maybe also, in case, lets say you are his lost daughter, which would be sorta cool, cuz CEO Jang knows, she’s her daughter but not the one she’s looking for… and would sorta show her what kind of person sena and taemu are O_O maybe?

    • 92.2 jumbalaya

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    • 95.2 jumbalaya

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    In sagueks, the prince’s 1st marriage is usually an arranged one (like LG/SN ‘s) even though the woman is older but his real love is usually a concubine.

  98. 98 jumbalaya

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    I kinda really not really but a teensy teensy bit felt sorry for se-na when Tae-mu’s dad started yelling at them. Every lie she told, etc. was for Tae-Mu, so it must have been a real let down.

    And way to go for Park-ha, telling her sister she pitied and her and kept a cool mind.

    Park-ha’s step mom is really really smart. I figured that Chairman jang was actually park-ha’s mom, but step mom telling Jang that her name is now se-na was really smart.

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    As for the murder case, I am hoping none of them died…I think the one who died is the “servant” that was killed. We still have to find out Tae-mu’s role in the past. I think the crown princess was having an affair with him, him being from another region or kingdom or something like that. Or he was an official or he was a cousin that was sent away because he was seen as a threat to the crown prince. And the reason why LG cannot recognize him is because they haven’t seen each other since they were kids. Plus that explains why the crown princess liked to take walks at night. Bu-young knew about this but loved the prince so much she cannot tell him. The crown princess planned everything so that it would look like Bu-young committed the murder. Maybe when LG goes back he would think that the one who died is Bu-young because of whatever he finds out in the future but when he sees she is alive he feels relieved. He sends his servants to look for the princess or just forget about her forever and lives happily with Bu-young. He will carry forever his happy memories with PH and make many more happy memories with Bu-young. Meanwhile in the present, PH will be sad because LG returned to the Joseon era, and then one day TY appears and remembers her from NY and they make happy memories together. Well, this is what I would like to see hehehe

    One thing I am also liking about the drama is that the stepmom at least cares about PH. I mean, of course she will do anything for Sena, but I am glad that she at least is looking out for PH, like when she told Sena to help get the money for PH, and she will try to look for some too.

    • 99.1 jumbalaya

      I agree with you on a lot of things. First of all, I am happy there is no evil step-mom. I’m so glad to see a nice step-mom once in a while.

      and the servant got killed theory is interesting too, it kind of makes sense. I think the princess is still alive but the question remains: who’s dead and where is the princess? I am sure, that this is meant to frame Bu-Yong, and when we get back to the joseon era, I can imagine a whole taking buyong prisoner sequence, with all evidence pointing to her. but the prince personally not believing it.

  100. 100 jumbalaya

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