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Rooftop Prince: Episode 8
by | April 18, 2012 | 202 Comments

The plot thickens, and so does the romantic attraction. Oh sure, these kids are still in the denial phase of things, but there’s nothing like a nice dose of jealousy to spur things along. That, and the supreme frustration known as driving lessons.

Ratings reversal! Woot woot, those always make things a bit more interesting. Equator Man leapfrogged over the other shows to claim #1 for the first time, just as Uhm Tae-woong’s revenge gets going. It scored a 12.0%, while Rooftop Prince remained more or less in place with an 11.4%, and The King 2 Hearts slipped to last place with 10.8%. (These numbers are all pretty close so we’re not talking huge differences, but reversals spice things up a little.)


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It’s time to move back to their rooftop home, so the posse heads back to their fancified digs. Yi Gak smiles approvingly at the changes while everyone else stares, mouth agape, and Park-ha breathes, “Daebak.”

There’s a faux lawn, and a wood walkway with pebbles, making it look like a mini-mansion of its own. Omg, did the prince really install a balcony? Onto his rooftop apartment? That’s like putting little wings on bigger wings, to help them fly better. At a certain point, some things are just unnecessary.

They ask Yi Gak to take a photo of them at the house, and he says, “I’ll shoot on three. Three.” HAHAHA. Yong-sool’s attempts at smiles are the funniest things—he’s trying, but his face just doesn’t move that way.

On to the supermarket for groceries. Once again the duckling quartet attracts women’s admiring gazes, and Park-ha puffs up a little. As if to say, “They’re with me!” They load the cart. Yi Gak adds about ten crates of yogurt drinks, and brandishes his magical black card that buys everything.

Meanwhile, the boys make a discovery in the sugar aisle: gak-sul-tang, aka gak sugar, aka cubes.

Chi-san says intently, “Won’t it be fun to chew these up?” And they all look over at their other Gak, aka the prince. Hahahaha. Yong-sool suggests, “Let’s get a few more.”

Park-ha stops at an aquarium of colored fish, which remind her of their Power Ranger troop. Yi Gak indicates them by color—Chi-san is yellow, Yong-sool is blue, Man-bo is green. He stops and Park-ha points a finger at herself, wanting a fish too.

Yi Gak sees a display of lotus seeds and remembers that lotus is the meaning of Park-ha’s name (also Bu-yong). He picks out a seed, saying, “This is you,” and tosses it into the water with the fishies. Park-ha pouts.

Chez Grandma, the ladies chat about Tae-yong’s rooftop housewarming, and Se-na offers to send over a gift. Tae-mu suggests that crab-in-soy-sauce dish that Tae-yong was so fond of—you know, the one Yi Gak is deathly allergic to. Oh, Tae-mu, am I going to have to upgrade you from accidental killer to premeditator?

Ah, and now we get the squash court scene that ended the previous episode, with Tae-mu kicking Yi Gak’s butt and declaring that he doesn’t buy his impersonation one bit.

While the not-cousins are having their confrontation, the family drops in on the revamped rooftop room, which now looks like a luxury mansion. Okay, fancy new furnishings I understand, but the interior of this sucker must have tripled in size, and only an enlargement spell can explain it. Did you get that house out of Harry Potter?

The boys arrive and dinner is served. “Tae-yong” freezes when he’s presented with that crab dish he supposedly loves, and everyone waits expectantly.

Park-ha recalls that eating crab almost killed him once, but she and Tae-mu look surprised as Yi Gak takes a bite, then praises the dish. He manages a smile, thwarting evil cousin’s plan.

But later Park-ha finds him outside, doubled over and gasping. She rushes to his side and urges him to breathe—so when Se-na leaves the house, she catches them “kissing,” turning away before seeing that Park-ha is breathing air into his mouth.

Meanwhile, the other boys play cards downstairs with Becky and Mimi, and thoroughly hustle the ladies. They’d feigned ignorance of Go-Stop, then clean up and win lots of cash, dancing in their seats. Cute.

Park-ha takes Yi Gak to the clinic, where a shot clears up his reaction and returns his breathing to normal. He marvels at modern medicine, saying that if he were in Joseon times he would’ve been in trouble. But that mention makes Park-ha look at him suspiciously: “Who are you? You’re not Yong Tae-yong.”

True, he’d told her from the start that he was a time-traveler, and she accepted that. But then he “recovered” his memory, and she accepted that as the explanation. So she’s upset about his deception, because now she knows he’s just impersonating Tae-yong. She tells him she can’t believe what he says anymore and turns away to head home.

So what does he do? He turns the other way and walks right into traffic, causing cars to honk and screech. He doesn’t so much as flinch as he makes it across the street, and Park-ha races back to yell at him, both angry and worried. He asks if she’ll believe him now—it was something of a test of faith—and she takes back her words, saying that he’d better convince her with words, not actions, since she’ll believe him after all. (She kicks him for good measure.)

The adults decide it’s time to leave, assuming that Tae-yong and Park-ha went off somewhere together (Grandma and Great Aunt smile knowingly at the antics of “young people these days”). Se-na offers to stay behind to clean up, as does Tae-mu; the air has been strained between the exes, particularly with Uncle looking smug over getting her away from his son.

They’re not broken up in his mind, though, and Tae-mu comes up behind her to ask if she’s still angry. He looks dismayed when she pushes him back, and asks her to wait just a little longer until his father accepts them.

Se-na wanders into Park-ha’s room and sees the postcard on the wall—the drawing of Park-ha that Tae-yong drew in New York. She smirks, guessing that the two must be together.

Park-ha asks why he’s pretending to be Tae-yong, not seeing how anything could be so important that he’d knowingly put his life at risk to keep up the ruse. He answers that it’s because of the reason he came to the future: to meet someone. She asks who, and he tells her that she doesn’t need to know beyond the fact that such a person exists, “But I won’t tell you any lies.”

Yi Gak wonders what Park-ha did earlier to help him breathe, since his memory is hazy. She describes mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which makes his eyebrows shoot up; a second later, he suddenly clutches his chest and wheezes. HAHA. Or you could just ask for a kiss.

Park-ha asks if he needs to return to the hospital, but he gasps, “Mouth…to…mouth…” She realizes he’s faking and scolds him, but he keeps pretending, “I can’t breathe!” She barks, “Then don’t breathe!” She hits him with her tiny ineffectual fists, and he says she must’ve been a general in a prior life.

As the rooftop house’s owner, Yi Gak issues instructions and divides the labor amongst the boys, like housekeeping and finances. And Park-ha? He takes particular pleasure in pointing out that she’s no longer the landlord, so her duties will cover cooking, laundry, and cleaning.

Chi-san (that rabble-rouser) adds the dig, “Maid,” then puts in his breakfast order—omurice, natch. Yong-sool, on the other hand, bows respectfully and wishes her good night. Adorable. The fact that he’s the stiff-faced badass warrior makes his soft spot for her doubly sweet.

Park-ha tosses and turns that night, wondering at Yi Gak’s comment on needing to meet somebody. The next day, she heads to the library to do some reading on Joseon royalty. She finds the passage she’s looking for, and looks crushed at what she finds.

Yi Gak asks Pyo Taek-soo to fill him in on his life leading up to the disappearance. Taek-soo asks why he trusts him, and Yi Gak answers that he does because Grandma does.

Taek-soo shares his belief that Tae-yong met with Tae-mu in New York prior to disappearing, despite Tae-mu’s claims to the contrary. He warns Yi Gak to be wary of his cousin: “Either he knows something, or he did something.” Yi Gak realizes that this shiftiness fits with Tae-mu’s behavior, and is duly put on his guard.

So the company factions are solidified: Tae-mu and Uncle, versus Yi Gak and Taek-soo. More sniping between the ajusshis sheds light on their history: They both entered the company together and rose to similar positions. But Uncle got by on his family connection, while Taek-soo earned his way up.

Tae-mu smirks at his cousin, asking if he’s finding things difficult. Yi Gak replies in kind: “Aren’t things worse for you?” Tae-mu snaps to alert—what does he mean by that? Yi Gak replies, “We both know very well what that means.”

The stare-down is interrupted by the adults, who separate the brewing conflict. Taek-soo wonders if that was coming on too strong, but Yi Gak says he’d just tossed out the words to see what would happen. Judging from the reaction, there’s something there, all right.

Uncle delivers the news to the elders that Tae-mu will be going on a blind date with potential marriage material, purposely doing this in front of Se-na to get the message across.

Grandma sits Se-na down to ask if she’s dating anyone; she’s been pleased with Se-na lately and asks if she’d consider dating Tae-yong. She urges Se-na to give it a shot, while Tae-mu looks stricken. Ha, that’s got to sting—not (only) that his cousin gets his girl, but that Grandma looks favorably on Se-na. And here he was, too much of a wimp to go public himself.

Tae-mu gives Se-na tickets to a musical, which he’s gotten to purposely coincide with tomorrow’s blind date, to prove to her that he’d pick her over Dad’s wishes.

Mom drops by the rooftop mansion, and Park-ha explains the living situation by calling it a boardinghouse situation; she introduces the boys as boarders. Yi Gak doesn’t blow her cover, letting her keep up the white lie.

Marriage is the theme of the day, because Mom has scored an incredible match for Park-ha. The boys eavesdrop from the second floor (there’s a second floor!), looking gobsmacked at the words wedding and children and family. One of the ajusshis at the market has seen Park-ha and decided he’d like to match her with his son, a good-looking schoolteacher. Mom’s already set the date.

Mom catches sight of the four bachelors just hangin’ around, listening in, and wonders what they’re all about. Park-ha grimaces and motions them away, to which Yi Gak mouths right back, “This is MY house!”

Chi-san notices that Yong-sool is particularly deflated at this news, sitting in a spineless slump on the floor. Yong-sool declines to join the others on their nightly run, and they pester him to come anyway till he barks back, “Who says I can’t feel sick?!”

Chi-san indicates his chest and asks slyly if that’s where he hurts—is it a heartache? Devilish cackle.

Park-ha and Yi Gak are also out getting some exercise. Well, she’s working out while he’s pacing with his nose in the air: “For me, this IS exercise!” Haha. Just wait till all those sweets go straight to your hips, and then let’s talk.

Park-ha explains that she’s keeping fit to look good for her date tomorrow, and Yi Gak grimaces. He asks if she’d really marry the guy if she likes him, and she answers that people have been known to marry within a month in some cases. He forces himself to say evenly that he hopes she meets a nice guy. She chirps that she’ll go to bed praying for that, and he sucks furiously at his yogurt, crumpling it in his hand.

The boys are waiting around the next day when she heads out for her date all dressed to impress. Yi Gak takes in her blazer and jeans, then asks pointedly if she’s heading to the grocery store. Hehe.

She’s alarmed (“Does it look like I’m going grocery shopping?”) and he feigns surprise: “You weren’t? Then are you planning to go on your date looking like that?” He tells her that he can’t have her humiliated, and the other boys all chime in to express their disapproval.

Shopping montage! Adorably, Yong-sool claps enthusiastically at every outfit, while Yi Gak plays the Richard Gere role by shaking his head in dissatisfaction.

Finally she earns everyone’s approval, and Yi Gak buys all the clothes she tried on, overriding her protest that she just needs one dress—she can’t go into it expecting only one date. He tells the sales clerk, “Remember her face. If she comes back asking for a refund, refuse her.”

Then it’s time for shoes and hair. Man, I hope she was planning to be five hours early for her date, with all the montages we’re getting.

She meets her date (a cameo by Song Jae-hee), who works in a Moon/Sun reference by giving his nickname as Heo Yeom, a reference to his white face.

The date is proceeding well, but just a few tables over, a trio of glaring faces casts a pall over her mood.

I love that Yi Gak is too above it all to snoop in person, but he’s definitely not above sitting at home by his phone, awaiting updates from his spies. Chi-san’s message: “He’s tall and handsome. He’s jjang!”

Then comes the report that he called Park-ha pretty and drooled over her. They’re going to the movies for Round 2!

Yi Gak fumes, then texts Park-ha, “Time to feed the fish! Come home immediately.” Hehe. Such a silly reason, but I’m presuming she reads this as code for I need to see you. So Park-ha excuses herself, telling him she had a great time but has to leave.

Yi Gak looks mighty pleased with himself as he drives along, enjoying the wind blowing in his hair, checking himself out in the rearview mirror. Pull back to reveal: Him sitting in a car being towed. Bwahaha! I knew he couldn’t have learned to drive that quickly.

That’s his reason for calling her: She’ll have to teach him how to drive. They start in an empty lot, and a cartoon inchworm illustrates just how speedily he’s moving.

The lesson leads to a scene familiar to anyone who’s ever tried to teach someone to drive: Park-ha grits her teeth and fights her impatience, while Yi Gak snaps at her while dealing with his overloaded senses. She growls at him to turn on his blinker, and he sets the windshield wipers in motion. He covers defensively, “I couldn’t see through the front. I did that on purpose.”

She complains, leading him to bark, “Were you able to drive from birth, huh?!” She retorts smugly, “Getting angry won’t help you drive.” Haha.

Backward parking proves a challenge, and after a dozen failed attempts, he finally declares he won’t learn after all and gets out of the car. Park-ha takes over and shows him how it’s done, to his amazement and ire. He huffs, “If this were the Joseon era, do you think you’d be able to ride a horse for the first time?!”

Park-ha taunts, “Horse? Isn’t that the thing that you climb onto, plant your butt down, and it goes on its own? You yell ‘Iya!’ and it goes, and ‘Whoa!’ and it stops!”

….challenge accepted! Next thing we know, Park-ha is seated on a horse, hands trembling. He throws her words back at her and slaps the horse forward, freaking her out. Then he climbs behind her, grabs the reins, and takes them out for a stroll.

As they ride, he asks how her date went, and she answers that the guy was nice and treated her super-well, not bossing her around like somebody.

He asks what kind of man she likes: tall or short? (“Tall is good.”) Long hair or short? (“Short looks better.”) What kind of eyes? (“Not too big, not too small.”) Nose? Mouth? It’s at this point that she gets uncomfortable, though he orders her to answer all his questions.

Tae-mu waits at the concert hall for a long while, standing in the lobby as the show begins. Se-na finds him at closing time just as he’s about ready to give up hope and asks why he didn’t leave. He replies that he risked all for her, so he would’ve stayed all night.

They go out to eat, and Tae-mu ignores a call from his father, telling her that this is the first time he’s defied Dad. Dad may feel his betrayal so keenly that he’d disown him: “I put everything on the line for you.” She can’t help being moved, but asks what he’d do if she betrayed him anyway. He answers, “Then I lose everything.”

She’s unnerved, telling him it scares her. He says, “I won’t let you run away.” Coming from our drama’s angel of almost-death, I’d say you should be scared.

The next day, Grandma calls Park-ha in to ask how the home is working out, and where she and Tae-yong disappeared to the night of the housewarming. She doesn’t love the idea of Tae-yong living there, but she’d agreed because he’s trying to recover his memory. Then she asks pointedly if anything else is going on—are they dating?

Park-ha assures her that’s not the case and shares the story of how she came to meet Tae-yong. It’s mostly the truth of how he barged into her home, with key parts edited out, like the whole time-traveling bit. Grandma accepts her explanation, but says that one must always be careful in matters between men and women. She’s essentially telling her to back off, in a polite way.

Yi Gak asks Se-na whether she knows how to play squash, requesting instruction. They make plans to start tomorrow.

In the interim, he gets Man-bo to teach him squash moves via cell phone game. Man-bo gets called away by the cafe pager (to claim their drinks), and explains that he has to go right away because the only way to turn off the vibrating is to return it to the caller. Yi Gak lights up at the realization that such a device exists whereby you can call somebody, and they have to respond to you or be harassed all day by the buzzy thing.

This he slips into Park-ha’s work apron, manning the remote control with dictatorial glee. She tries to do her job and ignore it, but the buzzing is incessant. Hiding it doesn’t help, nor does wrapping it in bubble wrap.

Finally she storms into his office, and Yi Gak marvels at its efficacy. He shuts the off button and instructs, “You can go now. I was just trying to see if it worked.” LOL.

Grandma asks Se-na to deliver Tae-yong’s old sketchbook to him, which contains a drawing of lotus flowers in a pond, with a butterfly. She hopes that the sketches will prompt his memories.

Se-na arrives to an empty home and flips through the sketches, most of them drawn in New York. The initials on the bottom catch her attention—those are the same as on the postcard drawing of Park-ha, hanging in Park-ha’s room. Hm, so does that mean the man with the lost memory was involved with her before?

Park-ha comes home to find Se-na in her room, smirking that she’s discovered her secret: “How long have you known Yong Tae-yong? You knew he was the chairwoman’s from the start. You faked the nice act to take care of the amnesiac, aiming for a big reward.”

Park-ha scoffs, calling her delusional and ordering her out. Se-na holds up the postcard, telling her it was her mistake to display the drawing in plain sight, since it’s clear Tae-yong drew it.

Park-ha sees the sketchbook with shock, trying to make sense of it. Just then, Grandma’s voice cuts in, demanding to see her. She’s heard Se-na’s accusations and demands to see the postcard, which Se-na hands over.

She explains that the postcard came to her two years ago in New York, but she didn’t know who sent it. Grandma accuses her of faking everything and slaps her fiercely, calling her wicked.


Oh, Granny. And here I was trying to like you, if only for the fact that you’re on Team Yi Gak and Taek-soo, which means you must ultimately be a decent person. But right now you’re playing the part of harpy mother-in-law, which is a role (and a real-life personality type) I have little patience for. I know she’s reacting to the suspicious circumstances, and I suppose she feels like she’s caught a scheming gold-digger. But it doesn’t help that just prior to that, she’s basically telling Park-ha to back off her grandson ’cause she’s not good enough, whereas she’s happy to approve of the duplicitous, actual gold-digger Se-na.

I think it’s also a case where the actress automatically inspires a wicked-stepmother vibe, so it’s easy to see her as abrasive, rather than acting out of love for her grandson. Whereas if you’d put someone like Kim Ja-ok in that role, or Dal-ja’s/Han-gyul’s granny, I would’ve been more willing to understand, since they’re awesome in everything.

I’m curious about what Park-ha found in her history book, and wonder if there’s a way to make sense of the time-jump and history without too many logic holes. I’d wondered before why they didn’t consult the history books to give them clues in the modern day, but figured that it may have not offered that much insight, since as we know, history is written by the victors. If Yi Gak never became king, it’s also feasible that the average citizen wouldn’t know much about him, since I presume you’d learn about your kings, but not necessarily delve into their family lives if they didn’t do anything in their lives that was retroactively deemed historically important.

Still, there must be enough of a shocker to merit that look of dismay on Park-ha’s face when she reads it. Perhaps history was rewritten after Yi Gak’s disappearance to look at him unfavorably. Or it could be that in this modern timeline, Yi Gak has not yet figured out the key to the mystery—therefore, the past remains unchanged from its tragic state. It’s a bit of a mind-trip, but it makes sense that once Yi Gak figures out the mystery and how to rectify the injustice, the future can literally change the past, if he then returns to his lifetime. But that’s a big if, and only time will tell.

I loved the jealousy in this episode, and almost as much as the Yi Gak reaction, I found Yong-sool’s reaction hilarious and endearing. Aw, fierce warrior puppy has a crush. Yi Gak still seems a step or two away from recognizing his feelings for what they are, but his connection with Park-ha has progressed far enough that he feels more for her than, say, Se-na. He may still feel like he should pursue a connection with Se-na because of the reincarnation puzzle, but at that point it goes from a personal liking for her to an obligation to understand the truth.

One down, two more to go! Gets the coffee brewing for the double-header to come…


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    Lee Gak’s jealousy is soooo priceless! This episodes really gets everything flowing. I’m starting to get a better sense of everything. Han Ji Min is gorgeous! I really love her petite and innocent look. Her and Yoochun would be such a beautiful couple.

    • 1.1 Ann

      Is it me or is anyone tired of watching actresses with their fake contact lenses? Here’s what the website says about them:The newest beauty accessory, colored circle lenses emphasize and enlarge the irises of the eyes to give them a more innocent ‘doll-like’ appearance.

      It is so distracting! At first I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew the actresses iris couldn’t be that big naturally.
      Good God, is there anything such as Real Beauty anymore?

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      Hey, aren’t you from viki? I’m sure I’ve seen you as a subber on a drama before :).

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    LOL @ Jung Suk Won’s extra cheesy, eye smile. So awkward looking, since it’s not his usual macho character, but yet can’t help bust a laugh.

  7. danny

    wow, been refreshing the button for the recap. tnx JB. I agree park Ha really looks beautiful. It seems that in this era, Yi Gak and Park Ha are making more memories compared to the princess. I hope they had more scene of the Joeson era about the crown Prince and the Princess, coz i still can’t get it why is the Crown Prince sooo Inlove with her. was it just because of the princess Beauty.

    • 7.1 uoiuor

      I mean one: they did spend pretty much all their childhood and adult life together. They’ve been together for so long so naturally he’d form a strong love for the Crown Princess. Plus, it’s his wife. Who wouldn’t love their wife? aha even though she’s a crazy b****

      • 7.1.1 Shukmeister

        I think he still thinks of the Crown Princess as pretty window-dressing, since he turns to Bu Yong for intellectual stimulation.

        It’s like the Cerano de Bergerac: pretty emptiness versus ordinary but smart.

    • 7.2 Naruko

      >why is the Crown Prince sooo Inlove with her

      She was his first woman. I doubt Yi Gak had any sexual connections previous the Crown Princess.

    • 7.3 MsB

      I think it was more of the perceived intelligence which actually was the sister not the Crown Princess. This might explain the time jump but who knows!

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    Sena is such an evil female dog!
    Like why does she even have access to their place?
    This episode was soo cute minus all the extra stuff. Poor Yong Sool, he is so adorable!

    I find it hilarious how the aunt who normally plays the evil mother (secret garden, smile you) is now taking a step back and letting someone play that insufferable role! I actually like her playing the ditzy character that she is.

    Thank God there’s two episodes tomorrow! I’m so excited!
    Bak Ha fighting!

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      I love the transistion from her characters in Secret Garden (still watching off/on Smile You!), its a nice change!

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    Even at episode 8, this drama is not losing steam with the humor and cuteness. I was really disappointed in the grandma (for real, you really had to slap her? another kdrama trope that I cringe at). I hope Yi-Gak can help save the day!

    I really hope Yi Gak realizes that Park-ha is Bu-yong!

    • 14.1 one_nee

      actually after i see how SeNa make connection between the initial in the skecth n in the postcard, i understand why Granma slap her. she must be thinking that ParkHa knows it was TaeYong all along, but decided to hide him for 2 years (remember the scene we saw know is 2 years after TaeYong’s gone). and she did it so she can make TaeYong likes her n maybe marry her? well, at least that was in my mind when i saw SeNa noticed the initial in the sketch n the postcard. and when Granma came n yelling…

      • 14.1.1 sugarpunch

        OHHHHH… ok, now that makes sense to me… I was wondering, why did grandma overreact? and why was Sena so smug when she found the postcard:/ Now i realise it can be taken the wrong way… interesting. 🙂

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    WTH, Granny?! I guess it’s a nice twist that the family approves of Se-na, but you’d think they would be a bit more thankful after Park-ha took care of “Tae-yong.” It’s not like she turned up after a reward was announced… and Princey hasn’t been officially unmasked as an impostor.


    The cute is always fun (sugar cubes… Young-sool… LOL), and now I’m really curious about what Park-ha read in the history book. My first guess is that it was something about how the prince disappeared under mysterious circumstances, but I’m not sure if that would be enough to dismay her. I’ll have to watch the ep itself for context, I guess.

    On to the next couple of eps! Take your time with them, JB, and thank you as always for the recaps!

    • 16.1 jomo

      Guessing she read that he lost his young wife in a tragic accident since she had a look of sympathy on her face.

      Right now, that book may say that he also disappeared suddenly with three of his trusted allies, if what they have done so far is caused them NOT to return.
      But usually the time travel there and back, like in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, is instantaneous, so it is possible it’ll just seem like they landed on the other side of whatever they were jumping over.
      Back in the past later on in the present when they go back.

    • 16.2 la dee dah

      Maybe the books says the wife was found dead, and the prince disappeared shortly after, so she knows now he was probably looking for her reincarnation now.
      I was hoping Yi-gak would find the book later and read the next page after that, and that the book would say the wife was actually alive and part of a devious plot to take over the throne, but alas…

      • 16.2.1 Shukmeister

        I wonder if it said he was assassinated right after the loss of his wife…..[shivers]

    • 16.3 one_nee

      actually i kinda understand why Granma slap her.. i mean, she thought that ParkHa knows abt TaeYong all along, but hide him for 2 years. she must be up to something to did that.. just like what SeNa think. the postcard shown that TAeYong gave it to her n still remember who he was since he wrote the initial. so it means, ParkHa knows who he is. but since TaeYong didnt even seem to remember (well he did yelled n pushed Granma when they first met), maybe Granma thought ParkHa hide the fact n didnt even told TaeYong and let Granma devastated n heartbroken for believed that she lost her grandson for 2 years.

      • 16.3.1 sally_b

        @one_nee: re: actually i kinda understand why Granma slap her”…”

        I’m not picking on *you*…but rather the common occurence of face slapping in Kdramas.

        …I swear I do NOT understand how such a thing is even possible. seriously. If someone…of any age– 18 to 80 —face slapped me (or any of my friends/family) they’d get their teeth punched to the back of their throats.

        without hesitation. SLAM. BOOM.

        So, does this type of thing *actually* happen in Korea (Asia in general) as an acceptable thing? One person slaps…the other stands there doing nothing?

        It’s a serious question….I honestly want to know. cheers ~:)

        • Eva

          I am not sure about the slapping thing… I just thought maybe seniority tops the list and when your senior slap you, shout at you… whatever, one could do nothing…
          Is this something has to do with their culture of respecting seniority?
          Indeed not sure… but I seldom see in kdramas that young people are dare to challenge their seniors (parents, older people, boss…)

          • sally_b

            Thank you…I DO understand seniority and the immense pressure to adhere to that *ideal*….however there is a difference between corporal-punishment (consequence for scholastic or professional misconduct)….

            ….and hitting another person out of sheer anger — as is often portrayed in Kdramas — usually by women-to-women. Its disturbing to me mostly because it’s tossed in as a common feature….nothing to raise an eyebrow about.

            It rankles me in the same way that the infamous *male wrist grabbing a woman* thing does. In my world…it’s a request to be punched in the throat…or lower.

        • momosa

          Not in my family, nobody slaps anybody. Mine is a chinese family. Not that I know of too amongst my friends’ family. But I have seen scenes like that, in public.

          • sally_b

            @momosa – Thanks 🙂 I’m trying to view it like the ridiculous *birth secret* storylines in most shows….exaggeration for the sake of drama ~~~

        • h311ybean

          I don’t know about what actually goes on in other cultures (and in Korea, too, for that matter), but Filipino dramas also have a lot of slapping going on. The person receiving the slap will either slap back and maybe start a brawl with the slapper (if she is a strong character), or cry and let it happen (usually the case to build sympathy, especially for the heroine).

          PS Good point, one_nee. My comment was mainly out of frustration because I thought Granny was going to be nice throughout the series.

          • sally_b

            re: “PS Good point, one_nee. My comment was mainly out of frustration because I thought Granny was going to be nice throughout the series.”

            agree. (my apologies, I failed to compliment your original post) blush.

            At this point I can only hope that Granny is as FIERCE with Se-Na…when she discovers the true side.

          • one_nee

            oh, when i post my comment @Sally_b (hi fellow jyj3, lol), i just read string of comment follow..
            i do hope people dont misunderstand me. when i say i understand, it mean i understand, why ‘in the drama story’. trust me i dont condone being slapped by stranger =)
            and @Sally_b, sorry i when i replied me, i thought i replied to the 1st commenter (h3llybean), turns out you n her are diff people (*blush*). and i too hope that she will be as fierce to SeNa when she found out SeNa also lied to her (her educational background, family etc) n how what she did to ParkHa.

            and yes, @h3llybean, i also hope she will be caring n kind grandma too that might help ParkHa later on..

          • one_nee

            sigh so many typos…

            *oh, when i post my comment @Sally_b (hi fellow jyj3, lol), i havent read string of comment follow..

            *and @Sally_b, sorry when i replied you, i thought i replied to the 1st…

            *and yes, @h3llybean, before she slapped ParkHa, i was also hoping she will be a caring n kind grandma too n she might help ParkHa later on =(

          • h311ybean

            I totally agree with you both – I also hope that when Se-na (and Tae-mu)’s true colors come out, Granny will dispense some karmic justice on them!

            Of course, I still feel very sorry for Park-ha. *offers her ice to cool down her slapped face*

        • one_nee

          oh, no, no, i dont mean i understand as that understand.. i mean it i understand in regards of the drama plots… i also dont understand how come a stranger or not-close people can slap other people.
          i mean, i understand as her reason to mad n slap her, well we know how in Kdrama female character tend to slap other when they are mad.. also how come some people seems they dont have respect for others’ privacy (SeNa can walked in n out as she please to ParkHa’s place? even in one scene TaeMoo also followed SeNa went inside a girl’s room?).

          i mean you said that she should be a bit grateful to PArkHa coz she cared Taeyong. and when i said i kinda understand, it was mean for the reason in which i think that the Granma thot that ParkHa lied n hide TaeYong eventho she know who he is it because she have hidden agenda. i dont mean i understand the action (in the drama). just the ‘why’ when she supposedly grateful, in contrary she just slapped her.

          hmm.. i dont know how it is in SK, since this kind of scene often happened, but in my country, when people are in heated argument, it can lead to slapping/punching/hitting, no matter if the people are stranger to each other. but i think in the drama, they just hope we to accept it since it was the older people/senior people who slap the younger ones. trust me, if it was me, i will mad at her n said she doesnt have a right to slap me like that.

          sigh.. i hope i explaining this correctly..

          • sally_b

            @one_nee – no worries…I totally get where you’re coming from — Granny is actually being manipulated ALL OVER THE PLACE….by both the good and the bad.

            If the character were to truly believe that someone had been hiding her grandson with amnesia…yeah, for sure she would have reason to be SERIOUSLY pissed-off.

            The question about slapping…well, I’ve had it for some time — your post was relevant to the topic…but I most certainly was not aiming any *grrrrrrrrr* at you.
            ~ (っˆーˆ)っ❤

          • h311ybean

            Don’t worry, I understand that, too. I don’t like the action of Granny slapping Park-ha on principle, but I’ve grown up seeing that sort of thing in movies and on TV so I’m sadly desensitized to slapping being used as a dramatic device.

            My “good point” was about your mentioning that Granny’s reason for the slap might be because she suspects Park-ha of being a con artist (or even kidnapper for hiding her beloved grandson for so long). As sally_b points out above, the poor old lady is being manipulated and she has spent a lot of time under a lot of stress with not knowing whether Tae-yong was dead or alive.

            Peace 🙂

        • ilovemandoo

          Sally_b, I totally understand. I hate the overusage of the wrist grabbing and slapping in Korean dramas as well.. It makes me cringe. :/

    • 16.4 MsB

      I understand too but in the long run, it helps Park Ha because the Prince knows what’s what and it might shed light to the evilness that is SeNa. Did anyone notice the look he gave her when Park Ha walked out of the Home Shopping Studio? He noticed then!

  17. 17 pigtookie

    nice, things are heating up with equator man and I almost equally enjoy all these of these dramas. with queen in hyun’s man coming onboard, these wednesday/thursday dramas are going to take over a week to finish each weekly batch.

  18. 18 zsa

    Thanks JB…for the recap…I’m not really surprised at the ratings coz from experience, ppl are quite invested in serious, dark and history laden shows compared to romcoms. They may have a rough start, but they thrive in the end. But it’s good that it’s a rather stiff fight between the three^^

  19. 19 Ivoire

    Thank you for the recaps.

    The whole walking the street without stopping “test of faith” by Yi Gak didn’t make sense to me. What do you guys think he was trying to prove or say? Why was she supposed to trust him after he did that? How did it explain the fact that he had several versions to his explaining his presence in 2012? I thought her questions and comments were valid. I would be confused as to who he really was, if I only had the information she has far.

    • 19.1 lizzzie

      I kinda thought he was proving that he could not die. Because… he’s a historical figure who doesn’t belong to this time and you know, the cosmos wouldn’t allow it.

      • 19.1.1 Ivoire

        That’s a thought, thank you!

  20. 20 toystar

    ep 8 was worth the wait. I enjoyed Yi Gak’s reaction to
    Park Ha’s date. Also each ep I dislike Se Na more and more.

  21. 21 nonski

    thanks so much for the post!

  22. 22 la dee dah

    Aw, Yong sool! You poor warrior puppy!

    And just when I thought I couldn’t loath Sena anymore than I do now…grrr… Park ha is a much better person than I am. If Sena treated me the way she treated Park ha, I would find it very hard not to blurt out to the mother about Sena leaving me in the truck purposely or revealing to the family about Sena’s actual connection to her, etc. I”m surprised she’s keeping her cool around Sena even though she know what she did to her.

    But I’m liking very much what’s happening on the Yi Gak-Park Ha front! Yay! And my gosh, that rooftop home looks nice! It looks like it even increased in width, which is weird! And I’m also curious about what Park ha read in that book…

    Thanks for the recap!

  23. 23 beppu10

    Whoa, this is the first time I got to read recaps EARLIER than the usual time it is posted (it’s always after lunch time in my country. ü). Good thing SBS will be serving 2 more episodes because I find this episode to be hanging and I can’t wait for what will go next…will Park Ha be kicked out of the rooftop mansion? What will Princey do (or will he ever do something?)

  24. 24 Cynthia

    And once again, I know why this is my favorite drama out of all those currently airing. It keeps me smiling and outright laughing through most of the scenes. The writers WANT to make us love the funny and it’s wonderful to laugh at the intended joke/scene, rather than laughing because it’s a storyline gone bad (i.e., Lie To Me or Spy Myung Wohl).

    One of the biggest laughs in this ep was watching Yoochun driving along, being cool and just rocking out, only to see that he’s being towed – how funny and clever was that?!

    Thanks for the recap, JB – it was delightful, as was the episode!

  25. 25 lizzzie

    I lurrveed this episode so. much. I think I laughed out loud the most in this one.

    And the house! The dresses! The horseback riding! Parkha has found herself a perfect prince. *squee* (Except, you know, he has a princely ego the size of the Joseon dynasty)

  26. 26 lizzzie

    Let us count the ways this episode was So Much Love.

    1. The fake kiss. Which Yigak wanted moaarrr of. Which led to more bickering.

    2. The moment the tow truck came on screen.

    3. The driving caterpillar. I thought cartoon-Parkha was gonna step on it.

    4. Parkha’s new hairrr. She looks so pretty in it!

    5. The seal clapping the boys have been doing cracks me up

    • 26.1 lizzzie

      6. The way Yigak reached for his yogurt bottle the way someone would dig for cigarettes. And then stabbed it and took a long drag on it

      7. Yoochun’s riding cap looked ridiculous: he was still hot.

      8. Yoochun’s left-handedness. Why so hot?

      • 26.1.1 JoAnne

        He never appealed to me before, but I certainly am getting it now.

      • 26.1.2 ilovemandoo

        Totally agree with everything you said. Especially the seal clapping XD

  27. 27 all4movies

    This series is so cute I could squeeze it to death.

    Definitely adds some positive vibes and funny to my day.

    I love the double header to come tomorrow.

    Bring on the laughs!!!

  28. 28 ilikemangos

    ahh, this drama always knows how to make me laugh after a long day. =)

    • 28.1 ilikemangos

      & lmao when he whipped out the black “vip” card, i laughed, remembering i read an article on where in real life, it’s only a 100 dollar gift card. not a magical card without limits XD

      • 28.1.1 Shukmeister

        lol – well, if he put $ 100 in a bank getting compound interest 300 years previous, it *would* probably pay for most everything he’s done with it….just sayin’

  29. 29 JadeL

    On a side note:
    I wonder what Lee Sung Gi and Team must be feeling or thinking now that they dropped to THIRD place. I’m sure he’s used to being adored and his dramas to always be on top and achieve high ratings. It seems his name and noonas are not enough to keep him on top. I just started his drama and it’s just okay. I’m only on episode 4. Rooftop prince is definitely better than K2H and it seems ppl in Korea agree.

    • 29.1 sweetooth

      comments like these definitely will spark something again.

      LE SIGH.

      can’t we all just enjoy the show and comment positively or negatively on THAT SHOW, ALONE, without bringing the other show up?

    • 29.2 Lilian

      All three dramas have their own unique stories. Please don’t compare them. I think there’s not a single one complain about LSG’s acting. Acting praise is more than enough for any young actor who wants to go for a long run. LSG is still the most loved celeb among his generation. It’s just the plot about North vs South that’s hard to appeal to the adjumas in Korea. Peace!

      • 29.2.1 Kiara

        I agree and I like all 3 Wed/Thur dramas but only have time for one. I’ll watch LSG and UTW after RP.

    • 29.3 ilikemangos

      Why the hate? Your comment sounds quite spiteful, which puzzles me. You must not like him for some reason?
      Lee seung gi I feel is at his best right now in terms of acting.
      It just irritates me when people make spiteful comments like this when obviously the actors & team are working hard.
      This recap is titled Rooftop Prince not “King 2 Hearts”
      I appreciate difference in opinion for dramas but yours is based solely upon the actors and not the show. The only thing you said to back it up was “It’s just okay”.
      BTW : ratings don’t prove quality of the drama.
      Just sit back and relax, no need to waste any energy hatin’.


    • 29.4 Shukmeister

      Since all three are in the double-digits, I imagine they are all considered successful. It’s just a slight statistical advantage.

    • 29.5 iguess

      So by your logic Uhm Tae Woong is the winner.
      I wonder what Park Yoo Chun and team is feeling.
      Some comments are just uncalled for. Stay classy.

    • 29.6 jessly

      An actor’s job is too act his role well, not to get ratings.
      So far he is doing his job very well.

    • 29.7 JadeL

      To all who replied:
      I appreciate your comments, but let me explain:

      1. The reason this post is here and not in the K2H thread is that at the moment this was posted (with the comments on the ratings) the new ep. thread was not available. That is how it belongs here.

      2. I was not hating. I can see how my wording can be construed that way, but I really was not. I was honestly wondering. I know that to actor supposedly ratings are not to be that important but I have seen him, how proud he looks that his previous dramas did so well. I have seen him quoting exact ratings modestly.

      3. I LIKE Lee Sung Gi! I really do. I have his previous drams and I watch his show. That is why I was wondering about his feelings on this reversal. He is very, very popular and generally loved and used to that. So again, no hating.

      4. I think his acting and looks for this drama are great. I like the cast in this drama and all, but overall it is not working FOR ME. FOR ME when i compare it to current dramas airing and I’m watching, plus other I have watched and liked better = this drama feels only okay. FOR ME. But, I was added that just as it is not working for me, there are others in Korea that seem to find the other dramas more appealing, if only slightly.

      5. So in conclusion: I did not mean to offend anyone’s liking. It honest curiosity. I am considering apologizing, but I dont think I will, because my intent was never to be rude, mean, hating or disrespectful. It was only an opinion.

      Like stated in one of the comments: Peace!

      • 29.7.1 ilovemandoo

        Though I think your original post could have been worded better, I can understand where you’re coming from, seeing as all of his recent projects have been successful. I think he came into King2Hearts knowing it was probably not going to be a huge hit given the tough competition and storyline. I don’t know exactly how he’s feeling. He may be a little a disheartened, but I hope that he’s feeling pride in his good work and that he’s enjoying filming. ^^

  30. 30 Shukmeister

    I have a poin of confusion that I hope someone with more medical taining than I have can clear up.

    Yi Gak has a crab allergy, but Park Ha made their first omurice experience with shrimp.

    It my understanding that the allergy comes from a specific protein that the organism uses in the formation of their shells, so all shellfish, small and large, would cause a similar histamine / allergic reaction.

    Any comments?

    • 30.1 msu

      in last ep, he said about crap with soy sauce, not just crap alone i think

      • 30.1.1 Cynthia

        msu@ Heh. I think the word you’re looking for is ‘crab’ – although crab-haters might agree with you! 🙂

        Hey, Shuck!

        It is confusing, but I think that shellfish allergies are species-specific. For instance, handling shrimp while cleaning them makes my hands swell and blister, yet I have no problem scarfing them down once they’re cooked.
        My brother is allergic to clams and shrimp but can eat other shellfish like oysters and lobster.

        • msu

          *shot* xD stupid typo xD

    • 30.2 javabeans

      I’m actually allergic to crab, but nothing else. I can eat shrimp, lobster, mussels, any other shellfish (any other food, really). Just not crab.

      • 30.2.1 cindy

        You are so lucky!

        • javabeans

          No I’m not! Out of all the seafood, ever, crab is my favorite!
          ㅠ_ㅠ and ㅇ>.<ㅇ

          • cindy

            Oh…. then that it’s too bad!

          • d

            then if u eat itttt
            park ha will come and do cpr >,<

          • Shukmeister

            Now, if Mickey were to do the CPR, I might be tempted.

          • hawaiianseoul

            me too. ):

            I’m allergic to seafood in general but its the crab that makes me itchy and swollen.


            I still eat it though. It’s just too delicious to resist.

          • ilovemandoo

            Aww T_T </3

      • 30.2.2 Shukmeister

        Thanks for the response!! It’s aways nice to hear from one of the goddesses.

        And thank you, everyone, for clearing that up. Onward to the next two epis!!

      • 30.2.3 Kiara

        Hummmn if I ever get mad at you I’ll know what to do hahaha.

      • 30.2.4 b1

        — ive got all that allergies — crabs shrimps mussels and some species of fish .. but i EAT them .. wahaha .. antihistamine on standby — i ended up in the hospital twice but never learned my lesson .. and i wont ever *i think* hahaha!!

    • 30.3 lizzzie

      I don’t think he’s allergic to crab, he just has a phobia of eating them. Cos he almost died choking when he was 5. So he passes out from a panic attack or something, not an allergic reaction?

      • 30.3.1 la dee dah

        I think it’s an allergic reaction. They went to the medical clinic for him to get a shot, which you need for an allergic reaction but probably don’t need if you had a panic attack.

      • 30.3.2 jomo

        When they came out of the hospital they talked about him getting a shot.
        Panic attacks are not treated like that.
        They probably administered a steroid to help him counter the allergic reaction to the food.
        (I don’t think it was bad enough for epinephrin.)

      • 30.3.3 lizzzie

        Ooh I see, thanks^^

        • kim

          i heart the korean history says the prince was actually died from this kind of crab dish

    • 30.4 danna

      actually shrimp isn’t a shellfish…in fact its not even in the the same phylum (taxonomical group) as a shellfish….they are actually more related to insects

      • 30.4.1 Shukmeister

        You are correct, Danna! My mistake – I should have said “crustaceans” versus “shellfish”.

  31. 31 msu

    I usually dont spazz about Lee Gak much in any drama thread but really… I dont think there is a single person who don’t love this Crown Prince, he is so beyond adorable… whether it is the character or the way Yoochun portrays it…
    Lee Gak is just so adorable and charming in his own way…u have to admit it even though sometimes you hate him but just a minute later u fall for him…. Lee Gak is just so adorable…JB’s recap is amazing, but u have to watch it to feel the adorableness.
    Thank writer-nim for making this character alive.

    • 31.1 yayaya

      “Lee Gak is just so adorable and charming in his own way”

      I agree.. Lee Gak is very likeable. He is not just dignity crown prince but he also loveable and funny person.

      And Yoochun portray Lee Gak very well, he’s a good actor. His acting was beyond what I expected from him.

  32. 32 Mic

    Yoochun/ Lee Gak gets more and more adorable every episode…but he also carries the serious scenes really well too! Sigh, I love him. Both the actor and character, of course. That scene where he was pretending he couldn’t breath to get another kiss was absolutely priceless.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Yoochun is the best idol actor? He keeps improving, too!

    • 32.1 jellybean

      in my world right now, he really is the best IDOL ACTOR out there 🙂

      • 32.1.1 Christy

        same here! Chunface is the best!

        • Yee

          same here also … But I love UEE too! She improve soo much from YAB!

        • ilovemandoo

          This pretty much XD

    • 32.2 yayaya

      Me too, I think Yoochun is the best idol turned actor. He keep improving and showing his ability.

    • 32.3 one_nee

      lol… you arent the only one, dear, it seems many critics n people in acting world even idols themselves think the same. they chose him as best acting-dol (along with Top)

  33. 33 cindy

    Getting tired of the chaebol family – even the funny moments are ruined when they play this so cliche and annoying move plot.

    Argh! WHy show?

    • 33.1 anastassia

      Indeed. It ruin the uniqueness and the out of box of this drama. It feels we watch TWO different writer,

    • 33.2 ilikemangos

      dam. amen!
      errtime the chaebol families come and make drama with their “you aint good enough!”, or “You’re in it for the money!” im just like.. groan.
      how often must they play this card in dramaland!?
      i’ve watched too many.
      the funny/sweet moments make up for it. (:

      • 33.2.1 one_nee

        i think maybe its not only in dramaland. in my country, it seems common prejudice that when a poor man/woman is in relationship with a rich man/woman, she/he must be aimed for the money n status…

        one of my cousin have to face that prejudice too when she was dating her (now) husband. her mother in law was so cold n treat her unfriendly. luckily now they have better relationship, but sometime her mother in law occasionaly said that comment (“she/he must be aimed for his/her money) when she chatting with her friends/famly abt this kinda of thing (and made my cousin uncomfortable)… =)

  34. 34 kirara

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOVE it!!! Park Ha saving the day!! As Always.. YAY!!!

    Thank you Thank you for the Recaps! And I can’t help that Yi Gak soo needs Park Ha and its funny how he’s soo jealous that she’s going to be meeting with the guy.. he needs to move away from Se-Na even though she may be the reincarnation of the princess.

    Sigh.. Sucks that Park Ha is being picked on by grandma and everyone else.. Hope things out better for her soon! 🙂

  35. 35 sauyinzhi

    Thank you very much for the early recap. It really helped me to enjoy watching the episode 8 without English substitle much easier.

    Thank you again. Keep up your great work! You are appreciated.

  36. 36 jomo

    Thanks for the recap.
    I keep laughing out loud here in the dark while my husband sleeps and I wake him up.

    I know I am tired and have been reading funny things lately on DB because of it.
    Still, I think you are playing with me a little.
    Here is one quote:
    He picks out a seed, saying, “This is you,” and tosses it into the water with the fishies. Park-ha pouts.
    My brain read Park-ha trouts.

    And then there is this:
    she’ll go to bed praying for that, and he sucks furiously
    Do I really have to tell you what I thought you wrote?

    • 36.1 Kiara

      Lol @the last part. I kind of like ….had to reread it again just to make sure that it was the yogurt.

  37. 37 Myra

    this is awesomely fast!!! lots of love JB….thank you very mucho for another superb recap.

  38. 38 concreteroads

    I get that the postcard’s a pretty big coincidence, but is it just me feeling like Se-Na/Granny are making a pretty big leap of logic with their assumption at the end? I mean, I probably would’ve thought of every other possible scenario before I reached their conclusion. I didn’t get how just Bak Ha having a picture of her drawn and signed by Tae Yong was enough to make the connection to her meeting him in NY, knowing who he is, and keeping him away from his family for two years and also trying to weasel money from him. Was anyone else confused, or am I missing something here?

    • 38.1 jomo

      Speaking of the post card, what does the:
      stand for?

      Yong Tae Yong does not translate to E.O any way I try to spell it.

      • 38.1.1 one_nee

        i think E was for Tae (태) and O for Yong (용)in hangul (E in hangul looks like letter T, and O usually read as Ng in every last word)

        • jomo

          Well that is really really cool!

          • one_nee

            just been watching 1n2d so often. they used to play guess word just from the first alphabet in hangul. thats why i was able to read the initial as Tae Yong’s initial soon enough, lol

    • 38.2 lizzzie

      I know right *huge groan* I guess maybe Sena brainwashed Granny into believing it, but still.

      I was thinking Parkha could just get her American friend to say she got the postcard anonymously, but then who would remember something like that.

    • 38.3 ilikemangos

      lmao! im totally on the same boat as you.
      when se na gave her evil smirk i was like.. what is she thinking? cause right now all i be thinking is that its a coinky doink. then again, we do know that she told halmoni she never knew him while he was brainwashed. But halmoni be jumping to conclusions too soon. She shoulda asked questions, and opened her mind to the conclusion that perhaps she had a grandson who liked to draw sketches of beautiful girls he didn’t know.

      but man, se na is so quick to assume that this is park ha’s devious plan.
      welps, it takes an evil mastermind to know one!

    • 38.4 dls

      it’s true that Granny is overreacting with the slap..
      but on the other hand, i hope Park Ha can connect the dots somehow… that she met Tae Yong and Tae Moo in US… and give this hint to Lee Gak … and then come some revelation for everyone…

      • 38.4.1 MsB

        She never really met them. Tae Yong drew her picture from afar and sent the postcard for her to meet him the next day. She never seen either one of them.

        • Renee

          When she hit tae yong with the apple she briefly talked to Tae Mu. But it was so short that she probably forgot about him.

  39. 39 anastassia

    The writing of Se Na and all villian in the drama is really frustrating and full of cliche. Concidence, and repetition TOO much.

    Tae Mue: triple mistake. Drown two times. Hitting mama one times.

    Se Na: devil. devil. Trying to separate a human with HER mother and father. TWO times.

    Madam Jung: leaving her daughters. TWO times.

    Se Na: disrespect of other stuffs and interior with other affairs. MANY, many times. i.e the pic, the sketch, the check etc

    Why can’t this drama execute the plot well.

    Sigh. As much as i’m so addicted to this drama I can’t but feel frustrated.

    • 39.1 Kiara

      Our clueless prince is a two timer lol.

    • 39.2 ilovemandoo

      Yeap, sometimes it gets pretty frustrating.. -_- I don’t mind it if it it’s connected to the past and has a slight twist, but the plot often doesn’t.

  40. 40 one_nee

    i like this ep actually (eventho i watched it in ionair that streamed live n understand very little), and have to admit, i like it better than ep 7. at least it came back to it’s pace (well at least for me). and i really thought the rating will go up.. well, i enjoy yesterday eps (and i am very much interested to checking out Equator Man).

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    • 48.1 anotheraddict

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      I must admit I’m definitely in the “Se Na was always evil and she totally set up Bu Yong to die” camp, though.

      • 48.2.1 fruitgumxx

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        1. Logically speaking, after retrieving the body from the pond, wouldn’t they be able to find out who the dead person really was? Since the Crown Prince was at the scene as well, he would have seen the face of the floating body. Also, seeing the Crown Prince in white clothes mourning over “the dead person’s” death, it seems to tell me that he’s already seen the body and confirmed that it is indeed the Crown Princess.

        2. By faking her own death, she gains nothing other than getting rid of her sister. In fact, she’s paying a high price coz she obviously can’t claim her spot as the Crown Princess after that since well..she’s “dead”, unless, she’s going by the “I dont care if i can’t be with the Crown Prince, just as long as you die” plot.

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