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Running Man: Episode 87
by | April 1, 2012 | 52 Comments

What would you do to find your first love? This week, the Running Man search their childhood memories to recover the missing pieces once lost to track down their first love. Will they be able to find out before time runs out?

EPISODE 87. Broadcast on March 25, 2012.

On a bright and balmy spring day, our cast waits with great anticipation of today’s guest. I guess the bar’s set pretty high after an episode of a top female action star. It is rather impressive how the production staff have pulled in some A-list celebrity guests in their history.

Haha jokes that at this rate, they’ll be having Johnny Depp on the set. Yeah, fat chance.

Today, a pair of floral palanquins brings in today’s guest. What’s supposed to be a grand entrance is, well, a little less graceful. The staff dressed in yellow look like they can barely lift them, let alone carry them across the expanse field. And surprise – Mr. PD instructs them to choose a side.

They start theorizing that they might be duped – Haha’s heard some deep grunts from one side. So they awkwardly shift around (and Jong-kook grabs Kwang-soo, telling them they’re a set (Spartavatar)) until it’s 5:2.

Unfortunately for the team of 5, they get a dud (hi maknae FD!) which means that Jae-suk and Gary correctly chose the guest palanquin.

Their mouths literally drop open at the sight of today’s guest, actress Han Ga-in (The Moon that Embraces the Sun). Like most actresses who have shied away from the variety spotlight, she’s surprised to see so many cameras pointed at her and nervous about doing well.

But she really has no need to worry since here at RM, the cast works to build up actresses’ images rather than dismantling them.

Since the teams are uneven, Ga-in reserves the choice to bring someone over to their team. Woah, Kwang-soo? And just in case he didn’t hear her, she calls for him: “Mr. Giraffe.”

Kwang-soo excitedly runs over and it looks like he’ll be saved from Jong-kook’s firm grasp and lethal wrath today but that’s more like bad news bears for the Impala Suk-jin. Less game to feed on in the safari.

Today’s mission – Find Your First Love. Mr. PD explains that everyone’s suffered from amnesia (cringe) but they’ll discover clues to ‘recover their memory.’ Oof, you’re taking a page from old melodramas are you now? At least the cast find it just as preposterous as we do.

The teams are as follows: Blue (Gary, Ga-in, Jae-suk, Kwang-soo) vs. Red (Jong-kook, Haha, Ji-hyo, Suk-jin)

The first mission is entitled, ‘The Moon that Pierced the Sun,” Pffft. It basically looks like a human ring toss where the “suns” (hula hoop) have to be caught onto the “moons” (the team members). The cast members balk at the title and the captions read why they’re so surprised because they applauded themselves for coming up with the name.

Kwang-soo shows off that a hula hoop can safely roll between his long legs and the ever-mischievous Jae-suk sends it flying to where the sun doesn’t shine. Commence the chase of the Giraffe after the Grasshopper.

Getting down to business, the Blue Team readies themselves for the toss, and the hula hoops end up landing smartly on their hands. And despite Jong-kook’s assurance that the hoops will be in an easy place to catch, it ends up being a tangled mess.

Ga-in adorably “practices” how to roll over in a corner, but that kind of behavior doesn’t go unnoticed when you’re surrounded my cameras and Jae-suk notes as much. Then when Jong-kook shows her how, she readily follows and ends up with loose, tousled hair. So much for maintaining that pristine graceful actress image .

And Haha, I’d stop touching her hair if I were you – she’s a married woman. To a Vampire Prosecutor.

Count on Running Man to come up with some cheesy cheers, with the Blue Team announcing that Ga-in isn’t an “idle” star (word pun!) and the others team up their powers like a bad Saturday morning cartoon complete with theme song and animation.

Not surprisingly, Spartakooks is a formidable thrower and he’s so good that Gary, who’s been shooting them into the far side, shouts, “Can we have him throw for us too?!”

The green jokes continue too as Kwang-soo complains about his white pants getting grass stains (Jong-kook: “Give them to Jae-suk”) and trades his green marker with Jae-suk. Well at least Ga-in is catching the hoops better than her teammates.

Thanks to Spartakooks spot-on accuracy, the Red Team succeeds first earning a pleasant ride to the next mission location and a hint: a Picture Diary.

Ga-in’s been tolerating Incriminating Kwang-soo‘s comments at best but when he makes final jab at her, she finally bursts, “I think I get why you treat him like you do now!”

The members’ ‘lost memories’ are finally revealed – and it’s like the cutest thing ever. Ga-in transferred into their class and the boys fought over who she would sit next to. Mini Haha’s playboy ways started young, “Will you become my last love?” and the Monday Couple was still intact.

Mini Ga-in ended up sitting next to young Jong-kook and jotted a note that ‘I really wanted to sit next to you.’ If these kids don’t look familiar, they’re regulars on another variety show called the Star Junior Show and are all children of celebrities.

All that teamwork has been for naught because now it’s every man or woman for themselves. The mission card reads: Meet with your first love, gather five name tags and open the time capsule.

Each member enters with a nostalgic picture in their hands. Haha wonders if the former Monday Couple were each others’ first love. Oh I wish, Haroro. I wish.

Too bad for the members of the Blue Team who wander around unaware that they have to hunt for a picture diary.

Our mission is clarified as Ga-in listens intently to find out that she’s today’s heroine. The staff cannot inform her of what the hint was, but a different type of clue will aid her to help her find her first love who was amongst the Running Man.

One thing’s for sure – I am NOT going to fly Running Man Airlines, especially if Jae-suk and Kwang-soo are going to be my pilots. Jae-suk berates him for belatedly informing the passengers to put on their seatbelts and then coolly announces their apologies for crashing.

But I’ll watch Ji-hyo acting adorable trying on different wigs and accessories and Haha jokingly broadcasting Suk-jin’s elimination on the 6 o’clock news.

Speaking of whom, Big Nose Hyung looks like the only person concentrated on the mission and uncovers a clue right away – he dances well.

The distant memory plays before our eyes and Suk-jin wonders aloud, “But I can’t dance very well.” Mm, well I wasn’t going to put you in the running for Ga-in’s first love anyway.

After spotting Gary, Haha wonders if they’re star-crossed lovers and plays up a headache – his memory is returning – his first love had double eyelids and Gary promptly shows him his. HAHAHA!! But alas, this relationship fizzles away with just bromance.

Haha spots a clue stuck on a slide and nearly hurts himself (Gary calls, “My love, are you okay? My love?”). He slips away and praises himself, “I saw this RIGHT when I saw the slide and it was RIGHT on the top of the slide!”

He discovers that the diary’s owner is Ga-in and notices that in the picture, her first love wore green…does that mean it’s Jae-suk?

Kwang-soo haven’t you learned anything? He successfully shakes Jong-kook loose so that he inadvertently slides down the slide. Jong-kook shouts from the other end and Kwang-soo slides down… to find a beating waiting for him. Then he pleads when Spartakooks teasingly rips his name on and off.

Ga-in takes full advantage of Jong-kook’s weakness towards women, approaching him for information. She gets it and when the staff ask why, he meekly replies, “I wanted to be like Yang-myung.” To give everything that he can, just like he did for Yeon-woo – could it be you, Jong-kook?

Now wielded with the picture diary hint, Ga-in searches every nook and cranny. Sifting through the sand, she discovers another entry – he used to pull her pigtails (and mini Ji-hyo declared war – HA) and their rough and tumble ended with them lying in the field, a colorful parasol gently covering them. Oh they’re just pouring on the drama references.

Suk-jin shares his clue with Jong-kook who deduces that the picture is of someone without glasses. They decide that Jong-kook should hold onto the clue with the promise that Jong-kook will share the next one he finds. Yeeeaah I don’t see that happening but you can still dream.

Jong-kook and Ga-in slip away to compare notes and he sharply notices that their clues boil down to two possibilities: Jong-kook or Gary. Only a few of them wore glasses in the photograph, he dances well, wanted to become a singer. Then using an old Turbo song, “My Childhood Dream” as a reference, his face nearly burns red as he asks, “Could it be me?”

Acknowledging himself as Yang-myung, she giggles as she leaves (Spoiler Alert!), “But things end sadly for him – he dies at the end.” To make it worse, the captions tell us that they filmed it BEFORE the final episode aired.

The Running Man boys are way too easy to win over. It’s not long before Haha gives up his clue “He’s handsome” to which the captions remark that it’s a difficult clue. Pffft – are you trying to say that none of your cast members are handsome? And of course Haha immediately dismisses Gary, Kwang-soo, and Suk-jin. Awww.

And in another part of the building, Gary unearths that Ga-in’s first love wore glasses on Picture Day. Combine that with Haha’s clue about green and dancing… now all signs point to Jae-suk.

Suk-jin and Gary immediately confront him about it but Jae-suk seems to be in the dark. At the mention of first love, he asks, “Me and you [Suk-jin]?”He gets more confused as more of the cast members accuse him as Ga-in’s other half.

Jong-kook notices that Jae-suk isn’t wearing green today and then Gary looks to himself in his army green jacket, “Then is it me?” But Jong-kook remains confident that it’s Jae-suk and when asked why, “Because it’s me.” HAHAHA. I’m splitting a gut here.

To top it all off, they belatedly ask – where’s Kwang-soo? Aww did no one care?

Kwang-soo is busy searching for more clues himself. Another entry reveals that there was a birthday party in August. He thinks to himself who has August birthdays – Jihyo, Haha, and Jae-suk.

But his defensive wall comes crumbling down at Ga-in’s bit of aegyo and shares his clue. Hidden in a corner, he blushes and comments, “This is like our secret place.”

Ga-in knows how to play the game – she abandons her alliance with Kwang-soo as soon as Kwang-soo shows up, citing that they didn’t share hints to his defiant disbelief. Jong-kook asks him who he’d like to eliminate first if he had the chance.

He doesn’t believe that Kwang-soo would take him out last: “Even if I believed everyone else, I just can’t believe you.” I’ll say, given his record in recent weeks. Then rrriiiippp – Kwang-soo’s out.

She then plays the innocent card, making sure she secures Jong-kook’s loyalty and moans, “It’s my first time here! I don’t know what’s going on! This is so cruel!”

Haha and Suk-jin are astounded to hear that Kwang-soo is eliminated. Jong-kook: “He wasn’t anything!” When you put it that way… and Haha cleanly rips off Suk-jin’s name tag too.

Meanwhile Jae-suk contemplates in the elevator – he and Ga-in used to be former castmates in 2002. Could it really be him? But Ji-hyo concludes that it’s Jong-kook (she’d seen some clues and seen Jong-kook with Ga-in earlier) though she didn’t recover any clues. Jae-suk: “How do you know everything without having found anything?” Easy answer – she’s the Ace.

And then Haha finds the mother of them all – an entry reads that at a friend’s house, the food was terrible. His eyes grow wide because he flippantly made a comment earlier about how his mother’s cooking was terrible and that woman in the flashback sounds oddly familiar…

In another part of the building, Ga-in comes to the same conclusion. The flashback sequences now fill in the missing pieces and indeed – it’s Haha. He doubles over in a feigned migraine and dramatically sighs, “I remember.”

And in true dramatic Haroro fashion, he hugs her like long lost lovers. Then a note hidden in Haha’s jacket has them fake crying all over again. Haha: “Will you be my first love? Because it’s already too late to be your last…”

Her memories returned, Ga-in needs five name tags in order to unearth her time capsule. So she lures Jae-suk away and then eliminates him as quick as a bunny.

It doesn’t take long, however, for the remaining three to figure out that Haha is the other half of the couple after all.

Jong-kook finds Ga-in with his head hung low, knowing that his role is to be Yang-myung. He still dutifully follows her to the end and leaves with a smile on his face, handing over his acquired name tag so she can finish her mission.

He arrives to jail with Kwang-soo’s blood boiling over, commenting that Jong-kook’s brought his mouth with him to jail. Jae-suk soaks salt in the wound and adds that Jong-kook’s more like seasons (yangnyum) than Yang-myung. Oh the word puns!!

Eliminating poor innocent Gary is easy-peasy as he falls knee deep in Ga-in’s words right into Haha’s waiting arms.

It’s really the Ace you want to be looking out for. Despite Haha’s bravado about how easy it will be to eliminate her, he jumps at the shadow of his own camera crew. And when he finally discovers her, he cries for help, cowering at the sight of the Ace.

Ga-in is surprisingly stronger than she looks and brings Ji-hyo down.

The couple head outside to track down their time capsule – and how convenient that the hiding place lights up in the dark. In it, they find their nostalgic memories hidden inside along with small golden nuggets. I did not know that Ga-in’s huge eyes could get any bigger.

Where does Running Man get all this gold anyway? And man, did mini Haha rolled deep back in the day!


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. djinni

    thank you~

  2. memelove

    recap sounds much more fun than watching! and oh lord this episode is just boring. I could barely finish watching!

    • 2.1 CKDexter

      Oooph, same here. Definitely not RM’s best. Since it was her first variety show appearance, I think they wanted to slow things down for Han Ga-in. So they planned this whole episode around the big star, even made the nametags easier to tear off, but damn… Dulls-ville.

  3. HeadsNo2

    Daebak recap, as always! This was actually one of the first ‘Running Man’ eps where I was like “meh.” I love this gang so much and it would take a force of nature to get me to stop tuning in, but I think the games need a little freshening up. Or maybe I just miss the Monday Couple.

    • 3.1 gummimochi

      *cries* I miss them too. I didn’t think this episode was all that awesome either. Well there’s always next week, right?! 😀

    • 3.2 Ani

      I think it’s you missing the Monday Couple… and the episode does seem a bit meh, to be honest. Sigh. We just need some Gary-Jihyo loving to liven things up I guess… and some more epic games and guesting… But I mostly tune in for the cast interactions, games be damned. XD

    • 3.3 sjkwifey

      I agree with how this episode was just “meh”, I mean this show is called Running Man but there are hardly any running in the episodes anymore. But I still find myself tuning in for the cast interactions and the A-list stars. I think changing the games up would make a significant difference because the spy concept is becoming really predictable. Personally I would love it if they reverted back to the good old days where they were locked up in the buildings for some epic Hide and Seek. This is partly because I don’t like how the cast are split up into teams and how we just see clips of them driving around instead of them just remaining in one location. I rather see them together joking around with some Monday couple loving, Jaesuk and HaHa “battles” and the Safari group’s bickering mixed in. But sorry for the rant but it’s only because I just love this show too much *cries in corner*.

    • 3.4 green panda

      i miss monday couple so is literally depressing watching RM lately.

  4. danielkim90

    Yeah, the game itself wasn’t that great, but I did love the interaction among the cast members. I especially enjoyed Haha’s ‘explosive acting’ it gave me a good laugh when he was trying to remember his memories.

  5. Jackie

    I felt the same way too. This episode was difficult to keep on watching.

  6. Sabah

    Thank you so much for the recap. It is always more fun going over an episode with your comments.

    Even though I loved all the moments with Ha Ha, especially when he finds out that he is her first love, and their ‘reunion,’ for me the person who stole the show was Kim Jong Kook. I know his kryptonite is women but there was something different in this episode; subtle but significant.

    I loved Kim Jong Kook’s crushing over Ha Ga In – sorry that should really say ‘Yeon Woo.’ hehe, really cute. It started with him repeatedly calling her Maiden Yeon Woo then got to the point where he referred to himself as Yang Myung. I couldn’t help but note his discreet happiness when he felt the clues pointed towards him and his sorrow when he realized someone else was ‘destined’ to be her first love.

    It all just reminded me of myself; how I would react if I ever met a beloved ‘characterization.’ Half crazy and half delusional; unable to refrain from calling out my beloved’s name despite seeing the evidence of their non-existence right before my eyes. For that reason I was also ‘distressed’ and dejected at Ha Ga In’s ‘revelation.’ I don’t think he was so much upset at it ‘spoiling’ the ending of the drama than the fact it pushed him off the cliff of enchantment.

    Really cute, Kookie. I haven’t enjoyed Kim Jong Kook’s reaction so much since Choi Min Soo’s first appearance on Running man.

    OK, that is enough blah blahing. Once again thank you for the recap.

    • 6.1 Jules

      Ah, but Han Ga-in couldn’t have been Jong-kook’s first love… as we all know that title belongs to Yoon Eun-hye. 😉

  7. Anao

    The scenes with their fake “memories” were the best part of this episode. The mini Running Mans were so cute and hilarious, especially mini Gary with his “Oh my God.!Stress.”

  8. Sabah

    I never watched X-Men, but it seems true that Yoon Eun Hye may have been his ‘first love-line’ on TV.

    However, his reactions that held my attention weren’t really about being someone’s first love or their being his but his irrepressible smile at seeing a ‘current’ crush. More so the fact that it wasn’t about Ha Ga In but Yeon Woo. That discreet but sweetest smile was just too cute; knowing full well his delusion but then knowing also that in amidst this ‘game’ he might for a moment play out his fantasy. For instance when he helped her out in rolling forwards and randomly blurting out ‘Yang Myung!’ or that really intensely sweet moment, when he first tells her of the clue and subsequently buries his face in his arm, being overwhelmed by manifold emotions of embarrassment, bashfulness and just being unable to ‘help himself’ out of an engulfing crush. Ah, too cute Kookie.

    • 8.1 Sabah

      Sorry, I pressed the wrong reply button, the above ^^ was in response to Jules’ reply to my original message.


    • 8.2 ilovemandoo

      He was really cute this episode 🙂

  9. bd

    While maybe not the best of the RM eps, I thought the past 2 eps were a good deal more enjoyable than the 2 eps featuring Big Bang which was basically one big ‘hide and seek’ game which was a bit boring since it didn’t lead to much interaction btwn the cast themselves, much less the guests.

    The whole fake memories w/ the kiddies was so cute; esp. the mini Gary (saying his trademark expression w/ a dazed look on his face), the mini Ji-hyo and mini YJS (doing the signature “Yoo Hyuk dance move”).

    HGI is supposed to be quite competitive and not all girly-like (unlike her image), but one only saw glimpses of that here; just recently watched some of the earlier eps of RM and it reminds me of Ji-hyo acting all proper at the start and not letting her real personality shine thru until later.

    As much as YJS suffered in the early eps, almost always being one of the punished and having to wear the “hot pants”, he sure has been lucky when it gets to being teamed w/ all the pretty female guest stars (even if it was fleeting in this ep).

    Would love to see Kim Tae hee or Shin Min ah guest star, but likely would happen about as much as Yoon Eun hye appearing on RM (not much).

    • 9.1 ilovemandoo

      Omg I’d love to see all three of those actresses guest star someday. (Particularly Yoon Eun Hye!)

  10. 10 gaea

    Errrr… I’m confused…
    I guess I need to watch it *ah stress~

  11. 11 Ani

    “Jae-suk sends it flying to where the sun doesn’t shine.” BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    And man, mini-RM are soooo cute. I’m sad to see the Ace going down for the count as of late, but I expect revenge on her part soon…. VERY SOON. Muahahaha *cough* I hope Running Man didn’t get too many complaints about revealing that Moon that Embraces the Sun spoiler. X/

    I wasn’t feeling a whole lot of excitement from this recap, but I hope it’s not so true when I actually watch it. Seems like next week we get another female celebrity, BoA. I sure hope it’ll be entertaining. Can we just get another guest like Kim Joohyuk or Choi Minsoo or Joo Sangwook? They were either adorably funny and awkward, or awesomely epic…. Or we can get Yoon Eun-hye and go to town with some coupledom moments with the Commander.

  12. 12 bluebunny

    I watched it n’ I thought it was a cute and funny! Kim Jong Kook was fun to watch.

  13. 13 leddik

    Yeah. Even though I didn’t watch it in person, just reading the recap, this episode seems too nice. I kinda miss all the backstabbing. Like they were all just looking for the clues and then oh yeah, remembered they were supposed to be enemies in the end, but by then I was already focused on something else. Is it me or is there some kind of theme going on? It seems that the guests always win? Is that how it’s supposed to be. To make them want to come back? Dunno. I don’t mind the guests, just as long as they don’t detract from the game which is what I think happened in this episode. Hm.

    • 13.1 Ani

      No, the guests don’t always win. Sometimes, even when the guests win though, they’re usually paired up with one or two of the Running Man cast. It’s pretty evenly spread out, but if you look closely the wins are mostly from either the Running Man cast, or Running Man paired with a guest, not to mention when there are 2-4 guests and they’re split evenly into groups with the RM cast.

      Here’s the list of wins/losses from the episodes:

      • 13.1.1 leddik

        Thanks for the clear up. I usually just read the recaps since they don’t show Running Man here or I just never run into it on tv. I liked the first eps they were recapping but it just seems like the newer ones have all the guests winning. That’s where I’m getting my info from. Thanks for the list though. 🙂

  14. 14 Yue

    Awww… This makes me miss The Moon That Embraces The Sun even more… Yang Myung-goon 🙁

    Anyway, awesome recap, it made me laugh ^^ I love how females could still take advantage on Joon Kok, poor guy… And Kwang Soo, LMAO! Still the object of ridicule, there there 🙂

  15. 15 pigtookie

    ahh gary and yoo jaesuk in a team again? seems like these two popular members (although all the members are quite popular) are often together recently, and often with the guest, not that I mind. their onscreen relationship from what i’ve seen is not as striking as YJS/Haha or YJS/KJK or Gary/SJH but they both create a very friendly atmosphere, which i can see as a good team for guests.

    • 15.1 pigtookie

      looking at the wikipedia chart though, wow, i hadn’t realized they’d been paired a lot in the past 20 or so episodes.

  16. 16 Cynthia

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi!

    I’m happy to read your recap because this is the first RM I haven’t watched.

    After the rather blah Ha Ji-won ep, I was really hoping that the guest would be a high-profile idol/celeb male who would make the RM work for a win. Instead, another mild-mannered actress is invited. I really don’t have anything against female invitees, but they need to be strong and fearless. Give me a kick-ass Lee Hyori or a Kim Sun Ah, any day. They know how to compete and keep the aegyo to a minimum.

    The show achieved a tremendous momentum with Big Bang – I just wish the PDs and the writers for RM would take that advantage and realize that the best shows are 2 episodes evenly divided with puzzle-solving and then all-out, bell-ringing chasing to the death.

    • 16.1 sulthanah

      @Cynthia: I think Ha Ji Won’s episode is the most fun one….LOL for badminton game and sit up kiss. HJW is so caring toward other. Gwenchana Gary sshi? I remember the line the most.

      Even kim Joong Kook said that he remember HJW the most.

  17. 17 Avid_RMer

    This episode is the cutest RM episode ever! the little running men are so adorable.. i just thought maybe it would be easier to spot their RM counterpart if they have a nametag in front too.

  18. 18 fiske

    I always get excited when I see Cleveland Indians gear in Korea. Thank you Choo Shin-Soo.

    • 18.1 gyopodude

      I noticed HaHa’s hat as well. That was the nicest Indians cap I’ve seen.

  19. 19 apple

    Maybe they shouldn’t put too much focus on guests and better take turns. one epi. with a guest the next just the RMen 🙂 I miss the flair of the earlier episodes.

  20. 20 Anonymous

    Hi, sorry I thought Ha Ji Won is two episodes??

    • 20.1 jane

      no, she only guested in E86. 🙂

  21. 21 mochi4000

    I’m not a big fan of the recent running man eps. It still brings the funny but it just feels so scripted. They’ve been letting the guest(s) win for the last couple of times. Hopefully nxt wk’s ep with Boa will not be like this.

  22. 22 Annnsow

    Well I hope the show is not going to stagnate. The episodes are getting boring, but the things is that I notice some members are shinning more and more, which is quite good. I want the guests to have a real role.. Unlike that ep with Min Ki in which we didn’t see him much…
    Anyway, RM fighting!

  23. 23 jane

    just like what everyone said, this episode sucks BIG TIME. I just directly skipped to the ending part when HGI is starting to find her first love.
    I am a big fan of Running Man but this episode is simply boring. I kinda miss the old version of RM, well not that I dislike their episodes now. I love them but I still prefer the old ones.
    but fortunately, when I watch the next episode (E88) it was totally better than this one. in fact it was really fun for me, and I love the guests too. 🙂

  24. 24 Lilian

    This episode was one of the most boring ones in recent times. We had such great fun recently! The idea might have seemed interesting …too bad it didn’t turn out that way!

  25. 25 Alexis

    Jae-suk: “How do you know everything without having found anything?” Easy answer- she’s the ace

    Thumb Up !!!!

  26. 26 eddz95

    what is the name of the song on part 5 where Haha hugs Ga-in?

  27. 27 eddz95

    what is the name of the song on part 5 where Haha hugs Ga-in??

  28. 28 Hippie

    It was scripted on purpose because of the guest!! Definately not a fair game. Boring episode. Tiger become tame and gentle is LAME!

  29. 29 Lin

    This episode is very scripted, very boring. Left 3, Gary, JK and Ace and they lost? 3 of the stronger RMs and they lost
    (shamelessly) yea the RM production allowed it to happen.

  30. 30 Laurana1

    Am I the only one who liked this episode? Idk, I don’t think it’s anywhere near as bad as people said… though maybe it’s because my all-time favorite member in Jong Kook. He was seriously cute here, and I liked seeing that other side of him. He’s definitely a fan of her drama and I can’t believe she spoiled him!

    I was kept guessing the whole time with who her first love was- at first I thought maybe it is Jong Kook, but then they thought it was Jae Suk and I thought maybe him… I’m glad Haha found a memory that triggered it for him and he “remembered” on his own… when they were all telling Jae Suk it was him and he was clueless, I was disappointed. But Jong Kook kept helping her out, bit by bit, calling himself the second lead who isn’t destined to be with the one he loves… It made me really sad too and I think he got himself eliminated on purpose. What a sweetie. <3

    I don't care that the guest won because I wanted to see the story play out! It would be lame if the "first loves" didn't get reunited. Also, that jobs building was really freaking cool. Well, maybe it's just me who loved it!

    • 30.1 GKH

      Hihi…I’m glad I’m not the only one that liked this episode. I thought it was very funny and cute and cheesy too.

      Honestly, previously I was quite miffed that the recent running man episodes made it obvious and let the guests win. Its like exciting and anticipating, then the ending part a total downer. Later I came to terms with myself that its ok after all, inviting the guests to the show and letting them win for delight.

  31. 31 anon

    mini Gary with his ‘OMG, STRESS’ is so cute..hehe

  32. 32 daisy

    I enjoyed this episode too ! KJK

  33. 33 Sua

    OMG, the kids?! The definition of ADORABLE <3

  34. 34 Raptor

    I didn’t realize it was so scripted until watching it a second time… (Nursing a flu, needed to re watch some old eps). Now I think I know why I hadnt rewatched it. Yeah as mentioned, the ending was way too scripted especially when gary was conveniently alone even though the later half of the Ep showed that he had been with Ji Hyo the whole time

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