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Running Man: Episode 91
by | April 29, 2012 | 67 Comments

It’s been one year since Yoomes Bond eliminated the Running Man. Now it’s time for him to reprise that role. The Return of Yoomes Bond.

EPISODE 91. Broadcast on April 22, 2012.

Deep in the night, around 9:30PM, Jae-suk walks up the stairs, alone. The rest of the members are scattered throughout Songdo, all suspicious to be waiting for something or someone. Ji-hyo wonders if it’s a horror special as three mysterious men climb up the stairs.

Myuk PD instructs the men to arrest Jae-suk as he rifles through his bag. Reading off the Running Man laws, he lists off Jae-suk’s crimes which include demoralizing the public with his skintight jeans. He’s barred from pleading the fifth and anything he says or does can and will be used against him.

Just like that, within 10 minutes, Jae-suk is arrested and dragged away, demanding to know what’s going on.

In another part of town, Haha protests that he loved all those female guests he flirted with, and launches into the dramatics as he’s pushed into the van with Jae-suk. “Do you know who I am?!” It’s so cute that they call each other “Time Controller” and “Space Controller.”

The others climb in sharing their “crimes” (Jong-kook is arrested on account of Yoon Eun-hye while Gary shouts that he’s the most handsome in his family). Kwang-soo has the longest list of ’em all: 12 counts of betrayal, 7 counts of fearlessness, 3 counts of misfortune to a total of 20.

They arrive in front of a prison and ushered into their separate cells. And yes, Gary – it’s a real prison and you’re really locked in. By 11 PM, all the Running Man have been imprisoned.

We’re given a quick layout: held in 7 different areas are Running Man cast members with two security guards on watch on each floor. Are they expected to break out of prison? How ironic is that one of Jae-suk’s crime is wearing green but they give him prisonwear of the same color?

An announcement blares over the speakers that everyone is to serve a sentence of 6 hours, apart from Kwang-soo who must serve 60 due to his innumerable crimes. The others start calculating how many DAYS that equates to (2.5 days) and Incriminating Kwang-soo hollers, “Nnnnnnoooooo!!!!”

The cast’s reactions to the sentences vastly differ from one another – Peaceful Gary hangs back, figuring that he’ll just wait the 6 hour sentence: “This is the easiest Running Man ever!” whereas Spartakooks deduces that the staff must only have imprisoned them with the intention that the Running Man would escape. He starts searching for clues in his cell to unlock the lock hanging from his door.

Then there’s poor Kwang-soo, whose earlier declaration that he needs to use the john turned out to be true and huddles into a corner.

After the 30 minute mark, the security guards visit each cell to drop off a snack. Er, fried dumplings? Are we getting all Old Boy-esque? Jong-kook:”Couldn’t they have ordered jjamppong?” or Haha: “Can I get some soy sauce and danmuji (pickled radish)?” PPFFFTTTT. What demanding prisoners.

Despite all their complaints, they munch down anywhere, their stomachs speaking louder than their brains.

Ji-hyo spots a curious sight on her chopsticks as it instructs her to escape prison in four hours. She looks around the room (uh can I get that Yoon Kye-sang poster for myself thanks?), and realizes the clues to her freedom must be trapped in the cell with her.

Kwang-soo notices the same message too then proceeds to gripe that the staff didn’t tell him *how to escape. Caption: If we did, why would you be trapped in here…?

One by one they find the note… all except Gary, who’s too busy eating. “I’m eating and it’s uncomfortable having you guys hang around.” HAHA.

The clock ticks past midnight and all the members get moving to figure out the four digit code that locks them in their cell. Haha grows frustrated after one of the codes he found fails but he tries another one that was scrawled behind a poster. *click* Freedom.

Just like in the movies, Haha dims his lights, stuffing objects under his sheets and checks the reflection to see if there are any security guards around.

Once the coast is clear, he opens the door where another note instructs him to find the business plans.

The problem is that the guards have returned an immediately call in the escape. The alarm sounds as Haha runs to evade his captors. Which is in stark contrast to Gary, who says that he’ll stick around to get some valuable “me” time. “I’m not leaving today.”

He belatedly figures out the chopsticks clue and thinks, “But how do I escape?” Then resolves to stay in his cell.

Ji-hyo discovers her code on a piece of origami paper (HA and the staff wrote ‘merong’ on one side, similar to ‘neener neener’ in English). She too escapes her cell as the speakers report her missing.

Haha is busy searching for the plans when someone sneaks up on him – it’s Ji-hyo who tells him that they need to release everyone else whilst Haha thinks it’s every man for himself.

The various ways that the staff have hidden the code are pretty clever: etched into wood, written beneath books just to name a few.

It’s up to them to stay concealed from view or run for their lives away from the guard’s clutches.

Soon all the Running Man are running throughout the building (Kwang-soo makes sure to do his business first), even Gary who makes out faint outline in his window.

PUHAHAHA – the members find the time to exact petty revenge on each other even though they’re fugitives on the run. Haha yells where Kwang-soo is and Kwangvatar serves it right back to him.

Gary runs into the security guards and slips into another room to lose their tail…but he fails to unlock the door and ends up caught anyway.

Tied up to a chair now, he contemplates how to escape, pushing himself out of the room only to be dragged back in. Gary: “You can restrain my body, but you can’t restrain my freedom.”

Jae-suk is careful to stay out of sight, only moving when he doesn’t hear the guard’s footfalls. He spots Myuk PD in a corner and follows his instructions down the corridor.

Who waits for him in a secret room? Why Mr. PD, of course. And I love that the first hing out of Jae-suk’s mouth is, “I’m not going to be a spy.” But Mr. PD’s reply is just as cryptic – does he know what day it is?

It’s been exactly one year since Jae-suk was Yoomes Bond (Quickie Recap: Jae-suk was a spy instructed to eliminate the Running Man via water gun. The members felt extremely betrayed by his actions afterward).

The six-hour sentence won’t apply to him but his mission is a doozy. Not only does he have to prevent the cast members from escaping prison, he needs to return them to their cells. Else, Yoomes Bond will be imprisoned and unable to leave.

Jae-suk is flabbergasted to say the least – how is he going to place them back, especially Jong-kook?!

Mr. PD tells him it’s simple. With a clap, the wall revolves to reveal an artillery at Jae-suk’s disposal. “Now we’re talking.” He picks up a teeny gun and green food coloring to which Mr. PD comments “Of course you would.”

Nevertheless, Yoomes Bond is armed and ready to go.

Yoomes Bond scouts the area to locate the other members. He runs into Jong-kook and Kwang-soo who claim that they’ve already found the building plans. And indeed, the flashback proves that they did (and found a solid gold brick with it).

They’re on their way down to the computer lab to find the key and Yoomes Bond‘s heart beats faster. He shoots Kwang-soo’s name tag right before they enter their room, and worried that it might draw Jong-kook’s attention, sticks close to Kwang-soo to obstruct his green colored name tag from view.

Suddenly the door opens and the security guards rush in to take out Kwang-soo as Yoomes Bond slips away. Kwang-soo: “Jong-kook is here too! Why don’t you take him!?”

Trapped back in his cell, Kwang-soo calls for Gary, but he and Suk-jin are tied up elsewhere. Gary releases Big Nose Hyung (who for a moment considers just leaving him there) and both back out.

Yoomes Bond gets a rare opportunity to be alone with *Spartakooks who is too busy explaining where the keys are to be suspicious. Making sure that the doors are locked, Yoomes Bond reaches into his pocket for the water gun…

…and misses his opportunity to shoot.

Thankfully he gets another shot and this time the name tag gets splashed with a bit of green. As the security guards close in on their location, Yoomes Bond mouths, “I’m sorry.”

He clutches his chest in relief that he finally took Jong-kook out when he had the chance.

Looks like there’s more than one building plans floating out there and luckily, it’s Suk-jin who discovers it. Also Ji-hyo. And Haha. I foresee a lot of gloating followed by a swift blow to the ego.

Suk-jin runs into Jae-suk and tells them that they can relax – the building plans also come with a watch and schedule and right now it’s 1AM and the guards are on break. Yep, lots of gloating on Suk-jin’s end. Wait until Yoomes Bond takes you out.

And he does. Easy peasy.

As Kwang-soo sits through the remainder of his 58 hour sentence, he notices the water stains on his name tag. It doesn’t take him long to put two and two together – it’s Jae-suk.

His voice booms, “Open the door!”

Having been captured by the guards, Yoomes Bond sits detained until Ji-hyo appears. As she unties him, she shares that Haha has already found the set of keys needed to secure his escape.

Yoomes Bond panics, knowing that time is ticking against him now.

Elsewhere, Haha fits in each key to find the right one. One of them unlocks the gate and Haha bursts into a huge smile.

He opens the door (dedicating his win to Sohn Ye-jin)… but it’s a booby trap and the alarm trips. Time to run.

Yoomes Bond does his best to collect himself, determined to take out the remaining three Running Man members. The speakers blare that it’s lights off for the next five minutes. As the clock ticks 1:30 AM, everything goes black.

The lights flicker back on five minutes later. The sound of the radio trickles through the halls…

Yoomes Bond‘s new target is Haha, the most dangerous with the keys. I do love how Haha loves to be dramatic, showing off his handdrawn map and has no idea that Yoomes Bond has just taken him out.

He does his best to run away from the guards, but it’s no use. Haha:”But I was the hero today!”

It’s now past 2AM when Yoomes Bond hears a curious noise above the stairwell. Oof, I just got chills down my spine when we see it’s Jong-kook. Wait, but you were put back behind bars!!!

Turns out the locks and hints reset themselves and he figured it out. Oh yeah, and he escaped during the blackout. Don’t you just love the smart ones?

Yoomes Bond‘s blank expression is just priceless. He breathes, “You’re really amazing.” I’ll say so.

Spartakooks’ unexpected break out of prison throws everyone off including the staff who thought that no one would escape again. So now the count is back up to three.

He meets up with the Monday Couple who need to find the other set of keys which is on the third floor…where *Yoomes Bond is waiting for them.

Yoomes Bond pretends to play dumb while the others frantically search for the keys. Jong-kook spots a scrawled note on the whiteboard (seriously, how does he do it?!) to check the monitors. Who to eliminate first?

In a sneaky moment, Yoomes Bond shoots Ji-hyo that unfolds to a long chase around the building. Then Gary goes down too when the boys regroup. Jong-kook finds the keys and points the guards to Gary, unaware that they’re here for him anyway.

The clock ticks 2:50 AM, and only 10 minutes remain for Jong-kook to escape. Jong-kook informs his hyung that there are some strange looking gates as Yoomes Bond bides his time for the opportune moment.

Yoomes Bond catches his breath as Jong-kook sifts through the set to find the right key.

But then… *click* It’s open.

Yoomes Bond holds Jong-kook back as he reaches in his pocket and spritzes Jong-kook’s name tag.

Things aren’t over just yet because all Jong-kook needs to do is to rid Yoomes Bond of his arm band before the security guards arrive. That requires strength. Which he has. A lot of.

The guards capture them before Jong-kook can find the arm band. As they’re dragged away, Jae-suk shows him the water gun. The cast members’ jaws drop in awe as the old memories mix in with the fresh scars of new betrayal.


67 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sabah

    Thank you for the recap. I always wondered about ‘merong.’ Thanks.

    I loved, JUST LOVED, that extreme ways montage as the ‘criminals’ were escaping. The post production team edited it really well to the song. It gave me an adrenalin rush.

    Haha & Song Ji Hyo hug was really cute too.

    However the highlight has to be Kim Joong Kook second escape. He is just awesome!

  2. kate81

    Love this episode….haha…
    they cant outsmart spartakook…he really is awesome…after weeks of lacking luster…they are back on track…:D

    • 2.1 min

      yes! finally we see the old spartakook in action again~!

  3. Stardust

    Thank you for the recap! ^^ I enjoyed this ep heheheh I was like…NoooOOo Run Jong Kook! Don’t trust the grasshoppeeerr……

  4. nabithoj

    Kim Jong Kook is DAEBAK!!!

  5. dls

    Thanks for the recap!
    I’m laughing reading the crimes of each member especially Gwang Soo with the longest list. I love Gary peaceful time in the prison. It’s really unexpected how the staff put the password and how the member can go out one by one. The most daebak is Spartakooks second break out. This episode is awesome! Viva Yoomes Bond, please come again in the future.

  6. Yui

    Anyone know what song was playing at the beginning while Kim Jong Kook was waiting to be picked up? 🙂

    • 6.1 Kaylie

      It’s called “Han Namja” but Kim Jong Kook himself. One of his most popular songs :).

      • 6.1.1 Yui

        Thank you! 😀

  7. Sakura

    I don’t know why, but Running Man is always the best when there are no guests and they don’t have to cater to the guests. Running Man on their own is enough to make me laugh and all. XD

    • 7.1 Alexis

      I agree! I loved this ep!

    • 7.2 aisuzieya


      this ep feels like the old RM and i love it. i wish they play hide & seek and tea leisure time again, not every week, but just bring it back!;)

  8. apple

    @Sakura: I agree! Lately it felt like they were some kind of promotion platform for celebs. That’s just not right. It should be Running Man first. They can invite celebrities once a month?!

  9. Daisy

    I love running man each episode is so funny! But I literally prefer running man with no casts they are more funny without it!

  10. 10 Serena

    I think it’s floor plan, not business plan

  11. 11 foxs

    KJK is the beast

  12. 12 Heri

    Many people are raving about how they love watching this show. Im new to this and have no clue how the show runs (pun unintended). Can somebody please explain in brief?

    • 12.1 Alexis

      Running Man started with missions and 2 teams which trying to outwin the other. The losing team will hv to go through punishments. However, it eventually evolved to a different theme every week with different mission/s. Sometimes there are a few missions like the one with Han Ga-In or Sohn Ye-Jin and eventually ends with taking the rest out so that a sole winner or team exists. When there are no guests, it is usually a single mission where one of the RM hv to take out the rest without the rest knowing. There are exceptions like the one with special powers. Hope this helps a bit.

    • 12.2 foxs

      I recommend watching from the first episode. It helps to see how the characters grow

      • 12.2.1 Heri

        90 episodes back? Hee. So not happening. Will have to check just the first ep then. Thanks for the reply.

        • Nia

          Haha, I thought so at the beginning, guest what, I did watch every single one of them, it’s that addicting!

        • Ani

          And the best place to get subbed videos is from isubs. They have a page on facebook, or you can just sign up on their website and they give you links to various places that they have already uploaded the episodes to. No worries about pop ups or annoying ads.

          At least for old episodes start with isubs. I hope you really give the show a try. Some episodes aren’t all that great game and guest-wise, but it’s all in the cast interactions I tell ya. All in the guest interactions. X)

          • Ani

            *cast interactions.

        • bd

          Really didn’t start watching RM until ep 55 since the ones I watched at the start weren’t that great; aside from the 1st ep w/ Hyori who is always fun, eps 2-5 weren’t that good, but after I started watching RM on a regular basis, worked my way thru the eps I had missed.

          It starts really getting good around ep 8 (which has one of the silliest, but funniest games) when the cast’s various alternative personas really start to form.

          One one ep that you should really watch is the “super power” ep (74) – which is just brilliant.

  13. 13 Anne-So

    This ep was good ^^ I didn’t expect it to be good because I don’t like when YJS is the main character.
    But srsly, Kim Jong Kook was just so great in this ep, I wish he’d win!

  14. 14 jane

    this episode IS EPIIIICC. I love how Jong Kook is always the last one to be eliminated! YJS and him are forever rival. :3 and I love how after he eliminated KJK he said “kook jong-ah, I’m sorry” it reminds me of FO1 <3

  15. 15 Anao

    Good episode. The “crimes”of which the members were guilty of are hilarious.

  16. 16 Coline

    Please feature invincible youth ep 20 on variety roulette. Shinhwa was guest.

    • 16.1 Meester

      Ive seen that episode and i had to say that shinhwa’s comeback will have to make possible the young females idolizing and possibly liking ahjusshis. Hahah. Theyre hot uncles. I wouldnt mind Bora going out with shin hye sung nor will i hate if eric or andy pursues andy. Age is just number. Shinhwa hwaiting! *fan mode*

      • 16.1.1 Meester

        Eric or andy pursues *suzy

  17. 17 mariolawpanda

    One of the best episode. I didn’t like the ajusshis the previous week. I think I love it since even though its a remake of Yoomes Bond, it is still fresh and great.

  18. 18 Jackie

    It’s been awhile since I fully enjoyed watching a RM episode. I truly love the episodes with no guests, and I loved the whole ‘Prison break’ theme to this – hilarious!

    I was a bit scared about how it would turn out, with Jae Suk being the spy yet again (how would they keep it interesting for the viewers)? But it delivered, tenfold! I was laughing at each and every one of their jokes

  19. 19 drey

    thank goodness runningman isnt affected by all those strikes else i’ll just die from withdrawal symptoms! thanks for d recapssssss!!!

  20. 20 pigtookie

    This was a great episode, the methods that every one of them used to escape was clever indeed and the editing was very cool. I wish they could have gotten a hint along the way that one of them was a spy to make things difficult, but that would have gone against the first Yoomes Bond episode.

  21. 21 Ani

    Heck yes Spartakook is smart. Brains and brawns this man has. Brains and brawns. But I’m pissed he wasn’t able to take out Yooruce Willis. I didn’t want a repeat of history gorrammit. I say next episode everyone should scare the living daylights out of Jaesuk. Hey, in Running Man it’s an unspoken law that you take a tooth for a tooth, betrayal for betrayal.

    Gary made me laugh this episode. He’s so freaking lazy and not into the game. Hahaha. A total opposite from Haha. And yet they’re both still the RM Little Kids. X)

    I need Ace Jihyo to up her game. I feel like we haven’t gotten enough of her bossing around the boys aqs of late. Hell, I want to see her put someone in an armlock again like she did to Kwangvatar in earlier episode. That would be fun to see. Running Man jjang~ Daebak~

  22. 22 gg

    i was hoping so much for jong kook to win, he was sooo close to victory!! well yoomes bond was really sneaky as well, to have tricked everyone till the end. enjoyed this episode of running man so much as always!

  23. 23 Y

    I didn’t enjoy this episode that much, honestly. It feels manufactured 🙁 I liked the Yoomes Bond episode last year better.

    • 23.1 Charnobyl

      Seriously, why don’t you just let loose and enjoy it. The editing team try their best to make it cinematic and easy to watch so there will be; more or less ; that so called “manufactured” atmosphere.

  24. 24 Lise

    Started watching RM abt 2 wks ago, from the beginning rather than in random sequence cuz when they refer to past episodes and stuff atleast one feels in on the joke! Fav eps have to be Thailand, China and the one where 2PM’s Taec and Khun guested then at the end they had this performance at the French village, epic stuff! Plus u know its gonna be fun whenever Yonghwa guests, i reckon he shoulda filled Flower Boy’s spot, they treat him as the 8th member already anyways!

    • 24.1 megumi

      i don’t think so, after joong ki left i don’t think anybody is fit enough to take his flower boy role, if they think they need a flower boy they can bring joong ki back or not bring anyone at all, if they bring someone new this far in the episode it will be awkward…

  25. 25 apple

    I have to add that I really love Gary on RM. Everytime he’s on he is so damn funny. He needs to get more airtime!

  26. 26 danielkim90

    I really wonder if Gwang Soo had to serve his 60 hours punishment?
    And when Jong Kook came the 2nd time, I was like WHAT? I was so surprised and shocked.
    I also would have loved if Gary did just stay in his cell the whole time and read the newspaper, haha man, peaceful mind Gary is so funny.

  27. 27 HeadsNo2

    This episode was so fun, probably because it reminded me of old times – just lock the cast in a building together and see what happens. I have to admit that the editing/mood/soundtrack this episode was perfect… It made the show feel like a drama! I think I was watching it and thinking, “Running Man has now become an art form.” Paha. My favorite character was Gary, though. His lines about the staff never being able to chain his soul, said in such a straight face, made me laugh the hardest.

    As always, thanks for the awesome recap! <3

  28. 28 anna

    Honestly, some of the best episodes of RM are without guests, with extra betrayal.

  29. 29 Jinny

    This was an amazing episode. So well done. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since that episode…Time really flies. I remember I started watching running man when 20ish episodes were out and I was totally addicted 😛

  30. 30 Cokiie

    I like the episodes but I feel unsatisfied bec I know that Haha really really felt he got spray you cant fake that its too obvious he felt that. I just watched ep 92 with Jyp without even knowing what they say its I laughed like crazy in that episodes its daebak cant wait for the eng subs that is RM I enjoy I hope they would be more running and hide and seek next time. For me most of the time its much more fun when they invited top celebrity guys that idols Im so dissapointed on Bigbang episode freakin boring….

  31. 31 bd

    The “crimes” the cast was charged w/ was simply hilarious (the Grasshopper’s propensity to wear skintight jeans, Spartakook’s overreaction to anytime YEH is brought up – lol; Gary’s “crime” of not being good-looking was a bit harsh, but his assertion that he was the “best-looking one in his family” was great).

    So typical of Gary to not care about winning the game (how did he ever win the “best of the best” competition among the members BOTH times?), but it sooo apropos that he found the code to the lock when he wasn’t even trying to find it, just looking out the window to see what the others were up to.

    Loved the set-up and the twist to the game; the revolving wall panel with the cache of waterguns was great as was the rest of what the prop/stage crew had set up (they must have been real busy for this ep).

    The only thing missing was an appearance by “bad Jihyo.”

  32. 32 pigtookie

    this episode is up on dramafever with english subs.

  33. 33 bahbahbah_laba_im

    This episode was quite intense. YJS has good timing and he did very fast. Very well done 😀

  34. 34 purplesheesh

    Sorry but personally, the most memorable episodes are those without guests 🙂

  35. 35 Barbie

    RM just keeps getting better and better. it’s like fine wine this show. ecstatic that YJS won round 2 of this game. i will forever root for the guy. my heart couldn’t handle this episode. i felt like i was gonna die because it was beating so fast. the suspense, the not knowing, the interactions, the games, the back and forth, the different personalities, the editing, the bg music… just fantastic. top 3 best eps to be sure.

    • 35.1 Ani

      Whoa! I haven’t visited Dramafever in a while (a week or so) and MAN! This will be quite interesting to see them upload episodes with subs. Kya~ Thanks for the heads up.

      • 35.1.1 Ani

        Sigh. This comment was meant for pigtookie @32. Sigh.

  36. 36 Lilian

    I loved loved loved this episode.. It is just like what everyone says. Some of the best episodes are really those without the guests! My fav part was definitely Jong Kook’s 2nd escape. Loved YJS’s expression when seeing him XD haha…and I loved it when he went around telling all the rest, that he bettrayed them. Ji hyo said Daebak! and I tink so too!

  37. 37 Nana

    haha… I love this episode
    actually I was a little bored watching the previous episodes, but this episode bring my love back for Running Man

  38. 38 KZ

    This episode was awesome. Episodes like this are what got me into Running Man.

  39. 39 Miki

    this gotta be in my list of favorite episodes in RM…intense + hilarious = epicness… i like watching RM because it’s enjoyable to watch…even if there are episodes that are not so much good, but I still enjoy watching all of them…

  40. 40 Mimi

    I never left a comment on dramabeans,but this one deserve a comment!! i absolutely love RM,it’s getting better and better,i loved this episode SO SO much,omgsh…its been a while since i’ve watched an episode of RM that made my heart feel like it’s gonna jump out of my chest! Lol,my heart was beating so fast esp.towards the end,and yet it was SO hilarious w/ Gary not wanting to get out of prison,saying that outside of RM he have a busy life so the prison was his “breaktime” lol,in other words that’s what he said hahaa ..oh Gary <3
    I really love all the members of the cast,like really there's not 1 i like less than the others,it's unbeliavable! Ad yh i agree w/ the comment that says Yonghwa should be the 8th cast member lol,he amybe would if he weren't busy,he really does fit in w/ all of them,him and jongkook would be rivals in games haha..anyways RM chincha DAEBAK ^^
    PS: i wonder how the 100th RM episode would be likel,they would do something special for the 100th ep right? 😀 ..oh well it's too early to think about that hehe 🙂

  41. 41 Delaila

    Without a doubt, Kim Jong Kook is the best. Would there be any other RM members who could escaped like he did? Definitely NO.

    He was just downplaying his tune the past weeks, I’m sure. Nevertheless, he is truly DAEBAK. Smart, strong and cute too 🙂

  42. 42 Hippie

    Kim Jong Kook is the main highlight in RM. Who can break out of prison twice? Until now, he is the only brainy guy with wits and bravery. He deserved the honor to be the top. Despite been tricked by his hyun, the innocent tiger power is still his attractive trait.

    MC Jae Suk is funny and cunning too. I can’t stop laughing when he is indecisive about the shot on KJK name tag.

    Gary is so cute. Everybody wanted to break out of the prison except him. So peaceful.

    Betrayer Griffe is the first and only one to discover the spy but sadly he cannot convey the message to others after being eliminated.

  43. 43 CKDexter

    Wow, Running Man, now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Kim Jong Kook was seriously daebak! But I guess that’s what happens when it’s brains and brawn all in one package.

    This is what Running Man does best – adrenaline, a ridiculous film parody, jokes, and lots and lots of running!

    Haha, I love what bd said:
    “So typical of Gary to not care about winning the game (how did he ever win the “best of the best” competition among the members BOTH times?), but it sooo apropos that he found the code to the lock when he wasn’t even trying to find it, just looking out the window to see what the others were up to.”
    So true! XD

  44. 44 William

    does anyone know what is the song at the ending part ? thankyou

    • 44.1 Andy

      Moby – Extreme Ways

  45. 45 KT

    Did YJS really got the gold??? I googled and one of those UBS gold bars of that size is 1 kilo and costs approximately 50k usd!!!

  46. 46 anon

    really enjoy it, love it the most when there is no guest. and oh i just love our this the same Kang Gary who won 2 ultimate best of the best? yeah, he’s so peaceful and laidback as he is but when he bothers to put an effort, no one can stop him. thanks for the review 😉

  47. 47 Neko

    I really hope that Kim Jong Kook wins in this episode ;-; ~ He trust his hyung so much loll.. ><" miss his bgm sparta !! I love when Jae suk said Mianhe Kook-Jong ah.. ~ ( it remind me of Family Outing 1 Hyori & Jae suk call him like that ) Kim Jong Kook Daebak !!

  48. 48 Okita

    I really hope that Kim Jong Kook wins in this episode ;-; ~ He trust his hyung so much loll.. ><" miss his bgm sparta !! I love when Jae suk said Mianhe Kook-Jong ah.. ~ ( it remind me of Family Outing 1 Hyori & Jae suk call him like that ) btw, Kim Jong Kook really Daebak !!

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