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Special Affairs Team TEN: Episode 9 (Final)
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The final episode! The final mystery! The final battle! Everything culminates to this episode, and I am warning those who haven’t seen it yet that it is MESSED UP. Just to recap before everyone gets confused, we have several cases going on: the present-time murder with an unnamed victim in motel room 101, the murder of Choi Hyeon Jeong (found in the riverside), and the only survivor Yoo Hyun Kyung. All of them are tied to one culprit of the Daejeon Tape Murder Cases.

Chapter 1: The Only Survivor

Do Shik makes his way to the residence of Yoo Hyun Kyung, the only survivor of the serial murder cases. He looks through the mailboxes to find out which apartment she lives in, and then rings her doorbell. No one answers. It’s a pretty shoddy place, if you ask me. He takes down a fried chicken flyer, folds it, and jams it into the side of the door; if the door opens at all, he’ll know because the flyer would fall out of its place.

Meanwhile, Min Ho is making a little more progress as he sleuths around Hyun Kyung’s past. With the help of his female sunbae – the one who cannot resist his lady charms – he enters the archive for all the old cases. When he locates Hyun Kyung’s case file, it’s labeled as having taken place in 2002, rather than 2004. It does not exactly fit the seven years’ timeline of their search (based on the M.E.’s comments) but since Ji Hoon had the case file too…

Hyun Kyung reveals her story to a detective. She was a bar hostess, and received a call that there was a client waiting for her at the motel in room 201. She entered the room, only to find it empty. She pokes around the things, finding rolls of gauze on the table, when she is suddenly whacked in the head by a hard object. Blood pours out from her skull.

When she comes to, Hyun Kyung finds herself bound to a chair and her head wrapped up in gauze. It covers her entire face, so she can barely see what is in her surroundings. She starts freaking out, and the culprit whacks her in the head with a hammer again to shut her up.

Hyun Kyung fades in and out of consciousness. She hears her culprit lighting a cigarette, watching TV, and even pissing in the bathroom. He takes a few pictures of her as well. Finally, he gets up from sitting on the bed and leaves the room. She takes advantage of being alone and frantically scans the room, gasping for air. She sees a bright light ahead of her and figures it’s the window. She throws herself out of it, and lands on the cold hard ground.

Some passersby scream, and a man comes up to her asking if she’s ok. She begs for help, and he quickly has others call for an ambulance. He undoes the gauze around her face, and she blearily looks around her. She’s on the sidewalk in front of the motel, and she turns to see the window that she just fell out of. She doesn’t get a good look at her savior though (who happens to be a policeman too), before passing out.

The fact that the case happened on a Friday, to a woman, and involved masking her face qualifies it as an ‘F’ case that Ji Hoon would have been interested in. Min Ho then finds another report within the file: in 2004, Detective Son Jong Hak questioned Yoo Hyun Kyung as a witness for another case that had to do with the Daejeon Tape Murder cases that occurred during that time.

Back to Do Shik – he’s got some snacks and a makeshift fire around the corner of Hyun Kyung’s apartment building. Min Ho calls him with the update, and so Do Shik goes off in search of Detective Son Jong Hak. The detective has since retired, and now works in a small restaurant.

Detective Son remembers that 2004 case and Hyun Kyung clearly. He had never brought her in for questioning himself, but rather, she was brought to him as a witness. He asks if Do Shik knows of Yeo Ji Hoon. Do Shik: “…No.” Detective Son proceeds to call Ji Hoon an arrogant ass.

That’s not too far off the mark.

Back in Daejeon 2004, Chief Jung was the head of the police station there. He was pissed off that Detective Son and his team couldn’t find any leads for the murder. Ji Hoon arrives from the Seoul station, all cocky and confident. Chief Jung had him transferred over for the sole reason that he heard Ji Hoon was an ace detective. Ji Hoon is awfully rude to him, but Chief Jung tolerates it – as long as Ji Hoon can catch the culprit.

Ji Hoon smiles. He’s seen this murderer’s work before in Seoul, when they didn’t involve duct tape and were usually in a motel rather than the victim’s home. He notes the progression, from the earlier cases in Seoul to the cases in Daejeon, and believes that the culprit has grown from amateur murderer into a full-fledged monster. Ji Hoon: “You asked me if I was the ace detective right? I’m not. But at some point, people started calling me a monster. A monster chasing a monster!”

He swears to finish the case. After all – he has the trump card. He knows where the sole survivor is.

Meanwhile his girlfriend is back in Seoul, and she wakes up to an empty bed. Ji Hoon has made her breakfast, and left her a note that he’s gone to Daejeon. He leaves her a small violin necklace as a gift, and she smiles at the thought of him. Uh-oh, I sense a potential victim in her…

Chapter 2: Trap

We’re still in 2004. Detective Son, Chief Jung, and others arrive at the motel where Hyun Kyung had gone two years prior.  Ji Hoon is waiting inside with a deathly nervous Hyun Kyung. The police look skeptically at her, not believing that this anxious woman could give them any leads.

Ji Hoon speaks to Chief Jung privately outside. He believes that since Hyun Kyung is back at the scene of the crime, she’ll be able to remember more things about the night she was kidnapped and bound. He wants to also set a trap for the culprit.  The police’s search for the culprit is all over the media already. If they leak out that Hyun Kyung is still alive, and they use her as bait in the same motel room, perhaps the culprit will come out of hiding and try to kill Hyun Kyung again. It would be like rectifying a previous failure.

Ji Hoon fully believes that this is a strong bait that will help them catch the monster; there is no greater temptation than to have a clean record of successful murders. He is so damn arrogant, and messed up. If he could use a former victim as bait, no wonder he could abuse Min Ho in his crime reenactments.

Chief Jung himself is now worried, and he privately warns Detective Son to keep an eye on Ji Hoon, because he could get someone killed.

Now we’re in the present, and Do Shik returns to Hyun Kyung’s apartment building. The flyer has fallen to the floor; the door to her apartment has been opened. He knocks on her door, pretending that he’s a delivery man. Slowly, the door opens, and Hyun Kyung reveals herself to be a mad hermit, with wild hair, chapped lips, and crazed eyes. Do Shik slowly introduces himself as a detective, but that actually makes her freak out. She tries to slam the door on him, but he quickly jams his foot between the door and the door jamb so that she can’t close it. It must hurt, having the door slam multiple times against his foot, but Do Shik seems immune to it…

2004, the night of the trap: Ji Hoon tells Hyun Kyung that she only has to stay room 201, where she was kidnapped and bound. He and the police will take care of everything else. She nods, even though she’s nervous. The police are stationed all over the motel, with some in the rooms next door, and a small team stationed in a van at the parking lot. Cameras have been set up all over so that they have coverage over all the halls and lobby.

Present time: Hyun Kyung downs some pills to calm down. Do Shik slowly asks if he can ask questions about the events of 2002. She spazzes out again, and so he shows her his badge. She grabs it and flings it across the floor: “Put that away you bastard! You chewed gum and wanted to kill me, right? You locked me in and wanted me to burn to death!”

Clearly she associates every detective with Ji Hoon, but Do Shik finds it interesting that she said “burn to death…”

2004: The team outside the motel radios in that they saw a shady looking man enter the motel. Ji Hoon and the other police officers watch as the hooded man walks across the lobby and goes up the stairs. Instead of going towards room 201 where Hyun Kyung is, he keeps going up the floors. Everyone sighs – guess he’s not the culprit.

Suddenly, the fire alarm bell rings, and the lights turn off. Panic ensues, and all the police officers whip out their flashlights. They quickly go into the crime scene room, but Hyun Kyung is nowhere to be found. Uh-oh… The police quickly start searching the rooms and evacuate all the other motel guests. They scan through the crowds, hoping to spot Hyun Kyung or the culprit.

Ji Hoon sees a door slightly ajar within a room, and he cautiously makes his way in. It’s the bathroom, and Hyun Kyung is hiding in the tub. Though slightly relieved, he’s also pissed that he missed his chance with catching the culprit. I’m pretty sure the culprit already ran out with the crowds and pretended to be another motel guest.

Present time: Ye Ri grabs a coffee with the M.E. She begins by saying that ever since this case began, people she’s worked with have worn a different expression from what she usually sees. Chief Jung and Ji Hoon have changed, and so has the M.E. Ye Ri wants to know the truth – since the M.E. had referred to two cases seven years ago, what was the “second case”? With some hesitance, the M.E. tells the story…

Flash back to 2004: Ji Hoon barks at the other officers to find out where the fire alarm was set off, since it was a false alarm. He’s furious that they missed their chance in nabbing the guy. Detective Son appears with a grim expression, and tells Ji Hoon to follow him to room 101. Unsure of what to expect, Ji Hoon enters… and finds another body that has been taped up. Head wound with duct tape, feet and hands bound. It’s a new victim; the killer was no fool.

But things get worse. A closer look reveals the violin necklace around the victim’s neck… the same one he gave his girlfriend Hee Joo. Oh shit.

Ji Hoon screams into a frenzy – “Hee Joo! Hee Joo!!” – and several policemen try to pull him back. He tries to rip off the tape from around her head, but they stop him, since he shouldn’t touch the body of a victim. He manages to rip off a piece – it’s the smallest, shortest piece of tape and it only covers the area of the nose…

Back to the present, the M.E. is finishing up the story. What was unique about Hee Joo’s case was that the tape was not wound up so tightly around her head. For a very long time, Hee Joo was able to breathe and live. While biding his time, the killer had played a musical composition that Hee Joo had performed. Because she was so still, he wondered if she had died, so the killer crept up next to Hee Joo’s body and listened.

Very faintly, he could hear her breathing, and her bound hands shook every so slightly. With a devious smile, the killer cut off a small piece of tape and closed off all airways. Hee Jo panicked and tried to tear it off, but the killer held her down and waited for her to suffocate to death. Then, he rang the alarm.

While Ye Ri digests the news, the M.E. asks her if she has a special relationship with Ji Hoon. She only means it as a warning – “Ji Hoon is a dangerous guy. If you get near him, you will get hurt… you’ll end up like her (Hee Joo).”

Ye Ri takes her findings to the other two boys, and they feel empathy for the pain he must have gone through. However, they don’t understand why the killer is making a reappearance now, and they’re pissed that their arrogant team leader has now run away and gone into hiding. But they’re in for a bigger shock when they’re told that their team Ten has been disbanded, and the Tape Murder Case has been reassigned to another team. Ye Ri and Min Ho are stunned into silence, while Do Shik tries knocking down on the door of the chief – with no response.

The team packs their belongings, although there’s not much to pack. (Min Ho is keeping that magazine with a hot girl on the cover though…) Ye Ri wanders into Ji Hoon’s room and then notices something funny. She calls the boys in and points at a crumpled piece of paper with the word “second wind” and its definition printed on it. It’s like a message from Ji Hoon; whoever had cleaned out his room had left the cabinet untouched, knowing that they would open it and go through it, and find the piece of paper. Ji Hoon wasn’t running away from the case, and the rest of the team shouldn’t be giving up so easily. Rather, they should be gathering up their “second wind” and pursue the case further – with or without the bureau’s permission.

He wants their help. He wants them to follow him, wherever he is. With a smile, Min Ho clips back on his detective ID onto his jacket.

Chapter 3: Second Wind

The trio pack everything in the office and wheel them to Min Ho’s car. It’s a pretty sweet ride for a guy as young as he is, and Do Shik vows to really get to know Min Ho better (heh!). They set up base in a spacious, empty office that used to belong to Min Ho’s father. Do Shik starts meting out duties: since Ye Ri is so good at poking around people’s homes, she’s assigned to scope out Ji Hoon’s home. Min Ho can start out by cleaning the office area, and then review the surveillance tapes from that failed trap in the motel in 2004. As for Do Shik, he will go investigate Hyun Kyung further.

Do Shik heads over to a research facility and meets with a psychologist there. Apparently the psychologist had written up a thesis about Hyun Kyung and her mental stability. He has footage of his interviews with Hyun Kyung, and had shared it previously with other students and doctors, and also a policeman before Do Shik. If he hadn’t been working on that thesis, the footage would have been destroyed in a fire that ravaged the reference room in 2005.

In a small room, Do Shik watches the footage on a computer. Hyun Kyung is clearly crazed, and she reacts strongly to the smell of cigarettes. The psychologist apologizes for having smoked, but she quickly says that it’s not him. Rather, she remembers smelling a certain cigarette scent while she was kidnapped in 2002. Her savior who untied her bandages had that cigarette smell… and she recalls having smelled that same scent while bound in the room.

So… her savior was her kidnapper!

Do Shik rewinds that bit again, making sure he heard correctly. He doesn’t even notice that there’s another man in the room who’s picking up some files there. The other man comments casually that someone else kept rewinding that segment too a month ago; that ‘someone else’ had identified himself as a professor. Sounds like it was Ji Hoon who had come in – as he was a professor before he joined team Ten. So he found out the killer’s identity a month ago, before the most recent Tape Murder case.

Leaving the research facility, Do Shik quickly calls up Min Ho and shares his findings. Min Ho confirms that he read somewhere in Ji Hoon’s reports that the person who found Hyun Kyung outside the motel was a policeman. If the policeman is killer ‘F,’ it explains why Ji Hoon went into hiding. He would never be able to catch the killer if he was being watched by the killer, who could be in the same bureau.

But now the question is why after seven years did the murderer come back? Do Shik believes that because Ji Hoon was getting close to the truth, the murderer lashed out and killed another person. It’s monster vs. monster now.

Ye Ri lets herself in to Ji Hoon’s place, which is completely covered by white cloths. There’s a painting of the Norse goddess Freyja on the wall; the word ‘Friday’ comes from her name. Next to it are some long tribal masks; ‘face’. Next to that is a painting of the moon; moons are a symbol of women. Ye Ri muses aloud: “Because of ‘F’ (killer), you wanted to be come ‘F’? Or are you becoming one?”

She finds the prickly cactus plant that she had given Ji Hoon weeks ago. He had never unwrapped it because he kept pricking himself, but now it lay on the table, unwrapped and on top of her post-it message. Finding that odd, she flips over the message – on the back of the note is an address in Gyeonggi-do.

Ye Ri heads over to the building at that address, and leaves a message for the other two to meet her there. It’s an abandoned warehouse. Girl – seriously, do you not watch crime thrillers? You do not go anywhere – especially warehouses – ALONE.

Chapter 4: The Death and the Maiden (String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor – Schubert)

In an empty concert hall, Ji Hoon sits alone, listening to a rehearsal of the Schubert piece “Death and the Maiden.” He has sought out anonymity with his dark jacket and cap brim hanging low. Onstage, his dead violinist girlfriend Hee Joo is performing the piece with three others.

Every time Ji Hoon sees a dead body, he is immediately brought back to his memories. He’s angry and bitter that the killer could have so much power over how he views life, and over the victim’s last moments. Since Hee Joo’s death, Ji Hoon has died as well, and what’s depressing is that he can no longer remember her smile. Unfortunately, he cannot turn back time, and so Ji Hoon vows that no matter what, he will find the killer and bring him down. “I will do anything to meet you again – even if it is to sell my soul! I will gladly do it. I have to meet you again so I can kill you with my own hands.” And with that, the music piece ends, and he leaves the concert hall.

Meanwhile Ye Ri is wandering through the vast warehouse, calling out for the director. Suddenly, a figure comes rushing up behind her and knocks her out.

When she comes to, she’s all bound up on a chair, duct tape wrapped around her head. We do a quick rewind of events, where her captor – the killer – stands before her as blood drips down from the wound on her head. She comes to, looks up at the killer startled, and then screams as he quickly binds the tape around her head.

Epilogue: An Unfinished Story

Do Shik wanders in the sunset, wondering if Ji Hoon really had to go “that far…”

Min Ho muses that he sees his father in Ji Hoon: he sees a man who has locked himself in hell and refuses to get over the past.

Ye Ri is back in Ji Hoon’s apartment (and I am positive this visual is just a flashback). She saw a killer’s face when her captor wrapped her head with tape, but she saw Ji Hoon’s face when her face was unwrapped. “Are you becoming a monster as well?” she asks. Yeah – I’m positive she’s alive – somewhere.


OK – this series is officially messed up. It’s ending is totally leaving you wanting for more, and I still can’t come to grips about it. I do think there should be a season 2, if only to help finish this story. May I add that it’s interesting this series and Vampire Prosecutor have the potential to be serialized shows very much like in the form of American TV shows – several seasons, same actors/characters, and overarching storylines that bleed into each season.

Anyways, I have several theories about what happened. Theory #1: Ji Hoon is the murderer. This makes no sense in a way, because why would Ji Hoon kill his own girlfriend? But while he may not be the original killer ‘F’ who killed Choi Hyeon Jeong and Hee Joo, he might be the one who killed the most recent murder victim, and bound up Ye Ri. He’s become so crazed and mentally unstable that he could have a split personality, and is killing people without his “detective-side” knowing it. Everyone keeps noting that Ji Hoon is becoming the monster, and he had the nightmare about seeing his own face on the killer.

Theory #2: Chief Jung is the killer. If Chief Jung is the killer, it’s a bit similar to how in Vampire Prosecutor, Prosecutor Jang ended up being the mysterious vampire who killed Tae Yeon’s sister. Here, the mentor/boss of Ji Hoon ends up being the serial killer Ji Hoon is hunting down. Totally twisted, I know, but the clues we have point to a policeman who knows Ji Hoon’s every move, and knows that Ye Ri is getting close to Ji Hoon. Chief Jung knows all of this, and I’m sure in the last case with the kidnapping of Min Chae Won, he got to witness first hand how much Ji Hoon trusts Ye Ri. I love the idea that the killer is actually really close to Ji Hoon.

Plus, when Ji Hoon was confiding in the chief that he wants out, Chief Jung was initially all supportive (“You’ll catch the guy! No worries!”) to all furious. It’s as if he were welcoming the challenge, daring Ji Hoon to find him.

Theory #3: The Killer is someone totally different – but the person who bound Ye Ri is definitely Ji Hoon. I think this might be the most plausible theory. It’s possible the killer is a totally new character. However, I do think that Ji Hoon has been pushed to the brink at this point and he is desperate to reach the killer. Therefore, he’s going to do anything it takes to capture him. If we go in chronological order, back in 2004 Ji Hoon was willing to use a former victim as bait in order to capture a killer. Then, in the beginning of this series, Ji Hoon was willing to use Min Ho as a guinea pig to figure out if a crime could be carried out in 12 minutes. So now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were willing to use Ye Ri as bait. I’m sure he’s figured out that the killer would attack someone close to him, so why not be one step ahead and pretend to murder Ye Ri?

I think the last two episodes were just as strong as the first two episodes. We began with the tape murder case, and end with it. All throughout, the team seeks at a truth that lies within human nature. Almost all of the culprits in each case were mentally unstable and/or had a warped sense of justice. So what drives these perfectly normal looking people into doing such evil deeds? That’s why seeing the team’s back stories in the last episode were important – they all had a potentially dark, evil view of the world, but their choices allowed them to escape that darkness. Ji Hoon is the only one left who hasn’t escaped that darkness, and his team is the only one who can pull him out.

Season 2? Sign me up for it!


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  1. only_onew

    Thanks so much! I’m a huge fan! Can’t wait for the next season!!!

  2. Toya

    Apparently there is supposed to be a movie and season two to follow this. That is what someone else had posted on the viki website from some news they saw. So the movie should be the continuation of the ending here, I assume.

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    I was soooooo confused at the end..

    ^ There will be season 2 right? If there is, I will be waiting to watch it! 🙂

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    season 2 please!!

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  6. Sarah

    I’m on board with the last theory; I don’t know why but I keep remembering that this episode ended with Ji Hoon calling Ye Ri out and then using her like he used Min Ho in the past. I doubt Ji Hoon’s the killer, but the epilogue definitely hinted that Ji Hoon didn’t kill Ye Ri just yet…

    The trailer at the end also hints at a season 2, I can’t wait! Thanks for the recap 😉

  7. Swye

    Thanks a bunch! I agree with your third guess, the guy who bound Ye Ri was definitely Ji Hoon, but I don’t think he is the killer. I think bounding Ye Ri was his ultimate way of profiling the criminal. I think he wanted to know and feel how the killer felt when he killed his victims. I don’t know how he expects that to help him though, because I would think everyone will feel different emotions when they are in the situation. However, I think that the killer will be someone we already know, or at least someone we have seen in previous episodes. it could well be Chief Jung (because he was not with the team when they were at the hotel waiting for the killer, and who else in the new town would know where to find his wife?), but then that would be too easy an answer.

    btws, for those who are worried, there IS indeed a season two. I think it is airing this summer. June I think, but I could be wrong.

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    YAY finally the last installment of the recap is here! Thank you so much for doing the whole series… I wouldn’t have given this show a chance if I didn’t read some eps first… I am leaning towards the 3rd theory, but that Ji hoon is not the one who taped her up, its F himself. The one who was there with the first victim, when Ji Hoon had yet to be sent to that district yet.

    I felt that it seemed Ji hoon merely used Ye Ri as a bait to lure F out. Even at danger to her well-being, he was willing to do that. He knows that the rest of his team will be heading to that address. He was becoming a monster, because he was willing to put his team mates, or just another human being, at risk of being killed, in order to gain what he wants.

    I was all trembling and felt a bit sick at the ending.. lol but I definitely want more! =)

  10. 10 houstontwin

    It’s really sad when you have to make up your own conclusion because the writers don’t provide one!

    • 10.1 Swye

      LOL. No, the writers are going to provide the answers; you just have to wait for another season. Till then we can have fun trying to solve the puzzle. 🙂

      • 10.1.1 houstontwin

        Maybe I have trust issues with the writers!

  11. 11 oneechan

    I was totally blown off by the ending.I can’t really digest the end of it but I’ve read one of the reviews explaining that what Ji hoon was doing is called Criminal Profiling.It is basically doing everything what the criminal does to the victim so that he can read what’s running on the criminals mind.

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    Oh Ten…why do you torture me so? That ending left me so restless. When is Season 2 coming again? I’m extremely eager.

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    I almost threw my laptop after watching the ending, I was so frustrated because I didn’t know who killed who and what happened. Really frustrating!!! It doesn’t have to be season 2, just gave us some satisfying answers (movie perhaps??) and I’m good.
    Really good drama by the way. My second favorite detective/police drama next to to H.I.T.

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      LOVED H.I.T., too!

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        It’s on my to-watch list (starting tonight). What other drama/movie in this style is there (not Signs, watch it, 60% liked).

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    wow. goosebumps for sure. hope there is a season 2

  15. 15 shin

    My theory 🙂

    Jihoon leaves (AKA pretending to be the killer) so the REAL killer can surface now.
    The real killer IS part of the police.
    The killer becomes the new “leader” of TEN.

    Everyone “thinks” Ji hoon is the killer and must go after him.

    New team leader will go at any length to see Ji Hoon dead…

    TEN begins to grow suspicious……

  16. 16 Jenny

    I really really hope there will be a season 2 or a movie to tie the loose strings together.
    I think the killer is someone else but I definitively think that Jihoon was closing up on the killer maybe even realized who it was.
    I don’t think he killed Yerin, he is slowly becoming a monster but not completely so going that far as to kill I don’t believe it. He used Yerin as to test what the killer felt, as Yerin said; Jihoon had sad eyes so he didn’t want to hurt her but most likely felt like he had to.

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    I definitely go for theory #3. Well, my hearts goes for it at least, cause else…
    Ye-ri is the next target of the real F killer (who might see her as his love interest, may it be true or not), so Ji-hoon has to eject her from the chessboard in order to protect her. Pretending to go insane and kill her would be a nice move to trick the bad guy/girl.
    Ji-hoon also knows he is observed and tailed from the inside, so he has to go clandestine to be able to proceed as he wants and stay ahead. Plus he protects his buddies too.
    Who’s the killer? I have absolutely no idea… If they go VP on us and reveal it’s someone of the team, i think i would be disappointed. That said, what if it was the junior? We learned he is quite obsessed with murders and investigation from the beginning. That would be a nice shocker!

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    Thanks very much for the recap. I am still confused, yet enjoyed the show very much.
    And I wonder if -only if you could afford some time, could take a look at HERO (OCN) for recap possibility. It is kind of Korean version Superman and I feel like someone watched City Hunter and wrote what it was missing in that show. (And I just love the actor.)

  21. 21 John


    Thank you for the recapping the series. I enjoyed it and all of your hard work.

    What a way to string us along! Ye Ri ! Girl, you head off to the creepy industrial site by yourself? Everyone is telling the team that Ji Hoon is dangerous, a loose cannon, etc. ; I don’t think he’s the killer.

    There’s another cop, I can’t remember his name, who hates Ji Hoon, ( former lead detective or something like that), I’d put my money on him being the killer.

    Looking forward to the next season.

    If people want another police drama to watch, I highly recommend the Japanese series SPEC.

    The show centers around the Unsolved Crimes Unit, their specialty is solving incomprehensible cases. Being assigned to this unit isn’t exactly a promotion.

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    For what it is worth, I think it is the Chief, too.
    Actually when I watched it, I was SURE it was. Now that I read the other possibilities, I’m thinking probably.

    I love that they left it to be resolved next season because that means we get another season-YAY for us!

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    This show is totally awesome that it just simply makes you want for more. But if they will end up just like that, then this is a messed up series. There MUST be a second season or else everything they had been working on especially Ji Hoon will be useless and will just be filed as unsolved cases or cold cases.

    I agree with your third theory. That Ji Hoon wanted to be few steps ahead of the killer.

  27. 27 mskololia

    I thought it was theory #3….JH is going after the killer but he has not become one himself like all great investigators/detectives. He does not need to go to that extent in order to understand the mind of a monster.

    The chief’s behavior appeared to be one of self-interest. He put himself out there for JH and is banking on JH to help him get promoted by solving cases for him.

    I’m ready for season 2.

    Thanks Kaedejun!

  28. 28 trebuchette

    Man, my heart beat fast when I finished this review. What a cliffhanger! Yes, season 2 jebal~

  29. 29 anna

    The f… was my exact thought with the ending. There has better be a season 2!

  30. 30 Squibbles

    for everyone looking for something new to watch along lines of TEN, I recommend God’s Quiz, it’s a crime medical drama that deals with rare diseases. Also the protagonist is not cold and emotionless, he is smart, fun, witty and kind.

    It’s a really good drama so check it when you have the time 🙂

  31. 31 goldeng

    and again an epic cliffhanger!! between Vampire Prosecutor and TEN im gonna go crazy waiting! I think Ji Hoon pretended to be the killer so that the real killer would relax and try to strike again… if its a policeman I bet that person would do everything to get jihoon in jail to close the case. it could be the Chief but I think it was one of those officers in previous episodes that were mad because Jihoon took the tape murder case again instead of him. maybe that officer was insisting in not giving that case to TEN because he knew theyll find the truth…

    AND seriously!!! those girls never learn?!! I almost had a heart attack!! you dont go to warehouses alone! no matter if Ji hoon hottie wants you to go there YOU DONT GO!! she reminds me of the girl in Vampire Prosecutor that almost got raped/killed Prosecutor hottie saves her just in time u.u

  32. 32 goldeng

    ohh I forgot!! thank you for all the recaps!! I felt awful cuz I thought i wouldnt be able to watch TEN cuz i didnt understand a word! hope you can continue the work with Season 2 :)))

  33. 33 Schmazel

    Thank you kaedejun for recapping this series! You’re awesome!! 😀

    And now, the wait for the movie and S2 starts. The final two episode was really good and well written. Gosh, do I love me a good whodunnit!

  34. 34 Jinjoo

    can’t wait to continue watching this, i lagged on it coz of watching Joo sang wook’s old projects such as Giant (awesome drama) and now Kimcheed Radish cubes, the latter is also good & addictive! thnx for recap, i wldn’t want to read coz i wld watch it first! 🙂

  35. 35 Sabah

    I do enjoy open ended stories but this is in a sub category all of its own; ‘make your own end up.’ I am not going to complain because anything new is daunting as the unfamiliar seems like too much work. However thanks to kaedejun, I found the burden lessened and once I put my mind to it, I found it quite enjoyable.

    Most people have taken route number three but for me I liked theory number two and found it most fitting in my own interpretation of characters and stories. I too liked the idea that the killer was someone close to Ji Hoon and as kaedejun pointed out, there are enough consistencies to make the premise plausible.

    If I tie in the ending to this theory, I find that it can fit well.

    “Do Shik wanders in the sunset, wondering if Ji Hoon really had to go ‘that far…’ “This could imply that Ji Hoon killed the killer, as he had vowed to do so in the concert hall. Maybe he felt that the manner and situation of the final showdown, however it happened, included possibility to arrest him rather than kill him. So that Do Shik is pondering over Ji Hoon’s overstepping his role as a police officer into the realm of a person seeking revenge.

    Min Ho muses that he sees his father in Ji Hoon: he sees a man who has locked himself in hell and refuses to get over the past. For me, this implies the horror of the end game. That if indeed Ji Hoon ‘killed’ the killer instead of apprehending him, then he has caged himself to the case forever. Min Ho could be implying that if he had just arrested him, put him to trial, he could have closed the case and put it behind him. However by killing the killer himself, in a manner that is blatantly revenge, overstepping the boundaries given to him as a police officer, he has let the closing of the case determine the closing chapter of his own life too.

    “Ye Ri is back in Ji Hoon’s apartment. She saw a killer’s face when her captor wrapped her head with tape, but she saw Ji Hoon’s face when her face was unwrapped.” I don’t think this is a flashback but rather Ye Ri, save and sound after being freed from the killer by Ji Hoon. This is the most symbolic of the last statements. Just like Ji Hoon’s dream where he sees himself in the killer, by overstepping the lines of law, killing the killer instead of apprehending him, Ye Ri’s too ponders, “Are you becoming a monster as well?” she asks. For in truth, though the killer committed the most heinous of acts, we cannot let ourselves turn away from laws, from our own limits just as he did, even if it may seem ‘just’ in the hearts of have been wronged or even betrayed, if indeed the killer was Chief Jung, as her startled expression before she was taped, points to someone she recognized. Sure the police must shoot people, harm them or wound them BUT in defence, in the protection of innocents. However to just kill a person, even a killer, in cold blood with a ‘murderous intent’ is outside the limits of a police officer.

    This ponderance of Ye Ri’s is poignant, because if my theory is true, and Ji Hoon killed the killer he saved Ye Ri. However instead of bringing their relationship even closer, the fact that he killed him, brings emotional distance between them as she ponders his ability to remain within boundaries.

    In conclusion, I find that the last statements imply that Ji Hoon killed the killer as he intended to do so in the concert hall. He saved Ye Ri, but instead of capturing the killer he instead killed him. That is the reason that the other three are seen free, and freed from the case whilst Ji Hoon isn’t seen free to ponder over the end, being forever bound to the case.

    The story seems to imply that we cannot take the law into our own hands; doling out justice as we see fit, for it won’t bring you peace nor freedom. It is sad because Ji Hoon becomes the person he is through the circumstances of his life and not his character. It is a sad end because the final victim of the killer is Ji Hoon, even though he remains alive.

    Thank you Kaedejun for your comprehensive recaps. I don’t think I would have watched the series if you hadn’t recapped it so wonderfully. I would have missed out. Once again, thanks. With love, Sabah

  36. 36 jini kazama

    On the contrary I think it’s refreshingly good that the writers left the door open for viewers to come up with their own conclusions before revealing theirs

  37. 37 mamaloki

    For some reason, I thought drama bean would miss this excellent drama.

    But kaedejun save it. Not sure if the other contributors has seen it.

    anyway, by reading your writeup, I seen many point which I have miss out while watching it with caps.

    Your writeup is really great and detailed. Nice one! =)

    just like many fans here, all are waiting for the second season.

    Hope there is more surprise!!!

  38. 38 jini kazama

    What a show ?! what an ending, thank you so much kaedejun for recapping this otherwise I wouldn’t even heard of it, makes me sad that shows like this that challenges the viewer’s mind pass by unnoticed by the mass compared to some less clever romantic comedies or dramas (not that i don’t like the latter genre I’m actually an avid fan, but still)
    I’m quit new to kdramas, but I keep reading some recaps, but this is the first time I actually write,
    Before proposing my theory I’d like to take a moment to give some credit to the whole cast & crew of the show, really great work, especially the writing which seems like a complete whole that leaves no room for coincidence, every detail is taken care of, every conversation is referred to afterward, character development is slow but effectively done in a way that made the characters grow on me slowly, at first I didn’t care for them as much as I did for the cases but at the end II found myself craving to know more about Ji Hoon & the gang
    I liked how everyone had a progressive change through the passing 7 years;
    Ji Hoon was all cocky & I-know-it-all , but abter his bitter encounter with the F Killer he grew into the suspicious phlegmatic distant poised leader he is now,
    Ye ri I suspected from the beginning that her cheerful attitude was just a mask, her big eyes had a hint of sadness all the way, but I liked how she came over her fears & became the soul of the team
    Min ho was a teenager who lacked confidence in himself turned into a ladies’ man who walks his way through his charm
    The only one who stayed consistent was Do Shik, as bold & witty as he was 7 years before, although he did look kinda softer with the librarian
    Now about the big ending, THIS IS NOT AN OPEN END, this is prequel to what’s coming next, & I hear that there IS indeed a second season, it kinda remind me of epic season finale of big series like Prison Break & Lost
    My theory is a mix of the 2 last ones; I think the one who tied up Ye Ri is the killer, because I don’t think Ji Hoon, with all the guilt resulting from his previous experience with the F Killer & the death of his girlfriend, would pull AGAIN the same stunt risking the life of someone else, let alone Ye Ri whom he knows is defenseless & with whom he got closer towards the end
    The way I see it, the killer is an insider who knows all the team’s movement, & that’s why Ji Hoon turned into a ghost so he can move freely, but while Ji Hoon is undetectable now, the team isn’t, hence the theory that the killer still can monitor their every step, & the fact that Ji Hoon left a message for Ye Ri makes her the perfect target for the killer to prove to Ji Hoon once again that he can hurt him twice in the same place with the same way
    What I think would be different this time is that Ji Hoon is aware of all this, he’s the one who set up the crime scene, & although he did the same last time, this time he looks well prepared, he can supervise the killer while the killer doesn’t
    I don’t know why, but through his last monologue it is clear that Ji Hoon is determined this time & he won’t stop until he beats the monster, & that’s when he will become a monster himself

  39. 39 me

    i just finished watching this exciting drama series where i’ve enjoyed it tremendously altho i think the open ending makes us viewers wonder if there’s a sequel which i hope so and pls with same actors esp Joo sang wook, woah he’s awesome & i’m so happy this role was given to him – quite a difference with the roles he played in the past, he cld be the Korean James Bond if you will! He was good as Ji hoon, luv him more! Let’s hope for Season 2 everybody!

  40. 40 Choua

    im so confuse! i love the whole drama and i think all the 3 theories are good but there is no definite answer! hate this because its too good! lol i really hope this continue to season 2, really enjoy all the episode not even bored once.
    maybe it is the chief, i would suspect most, giving evidence to far. we know its a male, know ji hoon every move, who smokes cigarettes, and is a policemen who also “saved” the victim.
    another thing is that after unwrapping the tape off her face, she see him and scream, and ji hoon wrapped it again! he is a monster! which lead to that the recent murders may be ji hoon, being the monster, dreaming of the events, and maybe slit personality. gosh this makes my head hurts!

  41. 41 AdeNike (@Na3ka2)

    I so second your first and last theory. Ji Hoon is sort of twisted.

    His monster-attitude as in always figuring stuffs out, while he’s seated in his office; the length he went while dealing with the first case – him using Min Ho as a lab rat; the dream he heard at the beginning of ep 9; what the M.E said about him; the secret that only the M.E, the Director knows and of course Ji Hoon himself.

    Woow I really thought the whole series was twisted enough, and another bomb was dropped for the so called final eps.

    The producers and scriptwriters have to really hurry up with the second season, if they can’t make a second season, they should make it a special then.

    I wish that M.E spilled the beans already!!!

    • 41.1 AdeNike (@Na3ka2)

      Geez; that was one kind of an ending!!

      My theory:

      Ye ri saw the monster quite alright and she also saw the Director’s face (Ji Hoon) and the other detectives Baek and Min Ho walked just in time to see the whole episode unfold (that is the ep of the Director unwrapping Ye Ri’s face).

      I also have the feeling that, Ji Hoon set a trap for the monster, and the monster took the bait this time around. During the time Ye Ri was in the uncompleted building, he was in the theatre, so there’s no way, he did also be in the building.

      What we do not know, is how he set the trap. Since Ye Ri saw the guy’s face, then things should get a little easier, I think.

      I so need a second season or a special!!!!!!!

  42. 42 Tabz

    I’m with theory 3!!! I kept thinking it was the coroner at first. Since she found out that Ye ri and Ji hoon were getting close after the previous case and then keeps issued a warning to Ye ri! But since the season ended this way, I guess they were just keeping their options open for the case to be solved in the movie or in the next season! I hope it comes out REAL soon! Can’t wait!:D

  43. 43 BOO


  44. 44 Johnny

    I also think the coroner is the killer. The killer “taped” Ye Ri. Ji Hoon “unmasked” her initially but has to “remask” her possibly hearing footsteps.

    Great series. Looking forward to season 2.

  45. 45 Elie

    I agree with you the coroner is the killer. She likes Ji Hoo, so she does want Ye Ri getting so closes to Ji Hoo. I have watched several times the scene Ye Ri met her & the scene she invited Ji Hoo to have coffee, but Ji Hoo walked out of the room & left her there…I keep thinking about why she said to Ye Ri ” this guy is dangerous”? Now i am sure the coroner is the killer. I can’t wait to see season 2!! Love this drama and the casts so much. Jo sang wook is my favorite actor.

  46. 46 Gasenadi

    First, mil gracias again, Kaedejun, for the recaps. Oh, Lord, those mechanized subs would’ve driven me insane, what with the twistedness of these last 2 episodes and the vastness of the “open” ending! But your recaps saved me.

    This time I learned that the Translating Machine called Yoo Hyun Kyung “Worthy or Virtuous Person to Respect Miss”. And Ji Hoo’s GF was “Intelligent Bead”. Don’t blame me if I couldn’t fully appreciate poor Ji Hoo’s grief while he’s shouting “INTELLIGENT BEAD! INTELLIGENT BEAD!”

    I soo want Ji Hoo NOT go over to the Monster Side. He seems to show genuine concern for his colleagues and those victimized by crime. But given the evidence of his twistedness already, I’d be surprised if we had anything remotely resembling a sane resolution for him.

    Not just because in the dream he sees himSELF as the Monster already. But because he ACTED as such when he offered “Worthy Person” as bait for a SECOND victimization! I shouldn’t have been surprised and disappointed, but I was.

    The writing in this drama is just awesome. I loved how the clues are gradually assembled so that by the time Ji-Hoo’s called into Rm 101 by his fellow officers, the viewer’s already anticipating who the victim is and the occupation of the culprit. And it’s still heartbreaking.

    Here’s hoping for Season 2 with, PLEASE LORD, some comprehensible subs.

  47. 47 Me

    Thanks for the recap! i was soo confused for this episode. now i understand it 🙂 cant wait for the season 2 :))

    • 47.1 Bananana

      i though episode 9 is the 2nd last ep..Keep searching for ep 10 the whole night yesterday cause really excited to see the real culprit..huhu..But when reading ur comments..only realized it was the unfinished story..(really stupid..haha)

  48. 48 부럽지 않아 (formerly ahjummabunny)

    My theory is as a young big-headed detective ji hon attempted to get into the serial killer’s mind by trying to copy his first big killer’s methods but chickened out. I think he chickened out because when the detective from that time asks him to investigate before he runs away he says he only pretended to be a monster. And then when he tries to use the so called survivor for bait the real killer killed his girlfriend as if to say “this is how you really do it.” I’m really looking forward to season 2. The cases are mostly interesting and while the show has elements of us crime shows it is very korean.

  49. 49 xianxian

    I’ve always love detective shows and this is the best out of all I’ve seen. The twist and turn in the every arc are really intriguing and makes you wonder. Along that, you get to solve the mystery as if you are together with them in the show.

    With all the lovable characters and actings, I myself can’t resist this show. I liked how the second last episode telling the stories of each of the character’s past and how it linked to each other, it’s kind of interesting, yet at some point its quite sad and it somehow links with the latest duct tape case.

    I believe that everyone who appeared in the recent episodes relating to the duct tape case has every potential to be the real killer. As we all know from episode 1, when you suspect that the killer is this particular person, but then it turned out to be the one that you least suspected of.

    I agreed to the 3rd theory like everyone does, Ji Hoon is trying to be ahead of the real killer, and it is to protect Ye Ri to some point as well because ‘someone’ knows that Ye Ri is close to Ji Hoon. However, there’s one thing I am wondering… Why would no one think that the M.E is close to Ji Hoon as well? This may off the point but doesn’t hurt to try to think this way? haha.

    It is obviously stated that the killer is one of the policeman, and I guess the smell of the smoke part plays an important role. Which policeman smoked? Does Ji Hoon smoked? Does Chief Jung smoked? I didn’t see anyone smoke, or maybe I missed it? Well, only the sole survivor regconise that smell. And who chewed gum as mentioned by Hyun Kyung?

    I also agree that Ji Hoon had to hide from the police because he will be ‘under surveillance’ from the real killer in the police department which will hinder his process of finding out the truth. Therefore the left behind note to his team.

    Oh oh, the killer must also be close to Ji Hoon or at least know who is Ji Hoon’s girl friend, because he knows that Ji Hoon’s girlfriend plays violin and he has the video of it as well. He then also needs to know that Ji Hoon is transferred so that his girlfriend is left alone in Seoul.

    So we are provided some clues, the killer: smokes, chewed gum, is a policeman, and probably close to Ji Hoon (knows his girlfriend). Is either the killer holds grudges against Ji Joon, or not. If the killer holds grudges against him, that would be the reason why he kill his girlfriend. If not, he is just a cold blooded killer who kill his girlfriend as a challenge to him for underestimating him.

    I am certain that Ji Hoon is definitely not the killer nor any split personalities (not sure if he develops one after becoming a ‘monster’). But he definitely IS becoming one to the point that he’s already a little crazy in napping the killer, and probably even more crazy because he knows that the killer is maybe some one close to him yet he can’t expose or kill him directly.

    Can’t wait for season 2 which I think will be airing next this or next week soon! AHhhhhhhh~

  50. 50 ruth

    I think Ye Ri is the Duct Tape killer. We saw Ji Hoon looking at her file in previous episode. Both her parents are deceased but she went to visit her Mother? Also, she was so depressive 7 years ago. She decided to smile more everyday so she’ll be remembered. Does that mean the Ye Ri now is simply a mask? Ji Hoon might have went into hiding to stop Ye Ri from finding out more about his next move.

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