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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 11
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The king takes his first step toward reconciliation, but considering the miles and political landmines that stand between them, that first step is long long way to go. Man, the things a monarch’s gotta do to get some face time with his girl.


Jae-shin sees assassin girl through the ambulance window, and it triggers a panic attack. Creepy assassin just takes her sweet time, enjoying a chocolate, and then smearing her gooey chocolate fingers all over the window. Well that’s just unsanitary. Also, can we get fingerprints from that?

Jae-shin gasps for air and then her cute parrot friend calls for Eun Shi-kyung, but his little parrot voice is too tiny to be heard. Unable to scream, she finally struggles to reach for the car horn, now in full-blown panic.

But thank ye gods Shi-kyung senses something and goes to check on her, and finds her on the car floor struggling and panicked. He holds her up and pleads with her to recognize him, and she ekes out the syllables of his name.

He holds her close (awww) as she trembles in terror.

Meanwhile Hang-ah wakes up in the hospital and her eyes widen, “Baby…?” Dad has filled her in on the miscarriage and the fact that it’s not a secret, and tries to downplay the situation, as if that’ll make her feel better. It’s sweet in intent, Dad, but you’re just confusing her.

She asks to be alone and puts a hand on her stomach, sighing, What the hell? Seriously. It does seem like the universe is just not on your side.

Jae-ha gets briefed by Secretary Eun that the palace’s official stance will be “No comment,” and that it’ll all blow over as rumor in about a week. I think that’s optimistic, but okay. But Jae-ha just looks up at him numbly, “I slept with her. I slept with her. I slept with Hang-ah.”

Secretary Eun snaps back, asking if he’s proud, because this is a blight on the entire monarchy, what he’s done. Jae-ha: “I know it’s my fault. So I’m going to take responsibility…”

He cuts him off again, “You are the king!” He asks if he’s going to pass on his misdeeds on to the people, but Jae-ha sees it very differently: “I take responsibility for my own actions. – I am not a king fit for Korea. I’m sorry. Kick me out. — I’ll say that to the people, and I’ll let them throw stones!”

He looks up with pleading eyes, “The baby… Hang-ah… they’re broken.” He admits he hasn’t slept since he sent Hang-ah away. But Secretary Eun pulls out the ace in his pocket: Hang-ah told him that she was the one who asked Jae-ha to stay that night (in effect taking responsibility, like she seduced him).

Jae-ha says no—that’s not what happened. But Secretary Eun threatens to counter any of his statements with her admission. He lays it out plain and simple: Jae-ha needs to abandon Hang-ah to save the monarchy.

Jae-ha: “No, I can’t do that, ever. I’LL die.” Secretary Eun urges him to be stronger. He shouts back, “Is killing the woman you love and living through it becoming stronger?!” His eyes fill with tears, and when he’s alone, they finally fall.

Shi-kyung gets word on Jae-ha’s situation, but he’s still busy tending to the other emergency. Jae-shin throws up (an interesting pattern, since her last panic attack was mild and triggered nausea—a clue?) and asks him not to tell her mother about what happened today.

He innocently asks if she wants to be moved to her bed, only to realize that would mean a whole lot of touching, and he stands there frozen. She calls him out on being all huggy this afternoon, and he stammers a line from the royal guard handbook (you just know Boyscout memorizes those things) about how it’s his job to protect her and stuff. You know, and stuff.

She tells him to go ahead and move her, so he circles her chair like a finicky cat about ten thousand times. (I love the detail in the performance, like he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.)

She finally has to yank him closer and tell him where to put his arms, and he lifts her up. He gets to the bed and then realizes how close they are, and looks away. She asks playfully, “Why can’t you look at me? Are you thinking naughty thoughts?” Rawr.

That’s waaay too much hotness for Shi-kyung to handle, and he literally drops her on the bed like a hot potato. HA.

He tries to bolt from sheer awkwardness, but Jae-shin asks him to stay until she falls asleep. Aw. So then he tucks her in, and then stands at attention by her bedside like a guard dog. It’s adorable.

Mom tortures herself by watching a North Korean news broadcast. These things get hilariously more over-the-top each time, and in this one the anchor wails as the voice of the baby, “Daddy! Daddy! I’m dying!” Jeepers. What the hell, lady?

As expected, both Hang-ah and Jae-ha get ripped apart in the press, along with North-South relations. It’s worse than anything that came before, because now it’s attacks on their character, and Jae-ha just sits there, unable to stop them from calling Hang-ah a promiscuous opportunist. It’s bad.

Finally he gets up and calls for Shi-kyung. I really want him to get a separate phone for calling Shi-kyung, like a batphone.

Over drinks, Shi-kyung looks up at him, You want me to do WHAT? Jae-ha says this is the only way, and asks if he’ll help. Shi-kyung smiles back, and he actually looks a little proud of his king. I hope your mission is what I think it is.

Hang-ah gets back to her regular life, ever the resilient girl. She even attends a friend’s child’s birthday party, which is crazy brave of her. She almost makes it out alive, but for her friend’s mother, who tells her that she’ll get pregnant again in no time. Cringe, cringe.

She walks down the street and gets stopped by two officers, and then a general arrives to greet her. She salutes him immediately. He takes her down to his office where he shows her the South Korean news—interviews of people on the street saying that they don’t believe Hang-ah’s lies.

She asks why he’s showing her this, and then he orders the camera crew inside. Oh no. He says that the people need to know the truth, so she’s going to tell them. Hang-ah nods resolutely.

The cameras roll, and Hang-ah addresses the South Korean people warmly, telling them not to worry about her, and that she was in some pain, but that she’s exercising and living her daily life.

The general tells her this isn’t a social call, and to tell them the truth, which finally makes her snap. She says into the camera that they keep showing her the news and forcing her to say something, asking what they’re doing to a sick person.

She snaps at the general, but calms down, saying through tears that she’s already worn out, and pleads with him not to sap her faith in her country on top of it all. Augh, so heartbreaking. She walks out with a bow.

Dad catches up with her in the hall, and to his dismay all she does is ask if there’s no word from the palace.

There isn’t because Jae-ha is busy… mixing cosmetics? I used to do that with all my mom’s stuff when I was little. It was not amusing for her. Secretary Eun tries to brief him on the situation but Jae-ha just rambles on about what he made, without a care in the world.

Workers come into the office, and Jae-ha explains that he’s decided to do some redecorating with all the free time on his hands, and Secretary Eun buys it and leaves. Nice. I love that he knows how to play the frivolous angle to his advantage.

As soon as they’re alone, Jae-ha tells them to get started. He sits down at his desk, and out come lights and cameras. I love Stealth Action King!

Later he sits with Mom and proposes something that makes her say no—not that, anything but that. She brings out bundles of food she’s prepared for Hang-ah, and says that she’s made arrangements to send them secretly, and at least they can show their hearts this way.

But Jae-ha tells her that’s not enough to move Hang-ah’s heart. She lays into him for being so stupid and immature, and that starts her on a yelling rampage, about how stupid they both were, and why Hang-ah didn’t take care of herself up there and lost the baby…

Jae-ha hugs Mom as she cries, heartbroken over losing the baby, worrying about how hard it must be for Hang-ah. He just hugs her tight. It’s the sweetest thing ever.

He kneels down next to her, holding her hand, as he says this isn’t out of duty or responsibility—she should know that he’s not that kind of person. Ha. Well, no argument there.

But he does say that neither of them could live with themselves if they turned their backs on Hang-ah now. Dude, are you playing your Mom right now? It’s totally working too, because her resolve is already breaking, even as she insists that no—she can do it—she just has to close her eyes just once.

He takes both her hands and tells her that it’s tomorrow at 10 o’clock. She shakes her head and insists she won’t help.

The next morning he gets dressed for a public appearance, and then makes one last phone call to ask someone on staff for a favor at 10…

Mom checks the time, and then calls Secretary Eun into her office. She feigns ignorance on an issue that she has to speak about later that day, and asks him to personally sit down and explain it to her. So. Awesome. I love that Mom is participating in The Plan.

Batman readies his team and his gun, only to be called away by Jae-shin at the last minute. Aaaargh. Princess, if you screw up this plan, I will stuff that bird where the sun don’t shine.

She tells him that she wants to go to the hospital quietly this time, and he says he’ll alert the staff. She demands that he come along, but he tells her that he will be accompanying the king today.

She throws a hissyfit, wondering if he’s grown tired of her, and Shi-kyung has no time to worry after her feelings: “Think whatever you want.” She lashes out at him, and I just want him to scream It’s not always about you!

But he doesn’t, and just stoically tells her to do as she pleases. She says she won’t go to the hospital because of him, and so he just says fine, he’s not going to raise her up when she has no intention of standing up on her own. Oh snap.

He runs to the car where Jae-ha is waiting, and they almost get away when Secretary Eun’s lackey comes running up to ride along. Thinking quickly, Jae-ha pushes him out and tells him to ride in a different car, and they depart.

Secretary Eun gets word that the king has escaped, but Mom calmly checks the time—two minutes till 10:00, so they’re right on schedule. The recording gets passed along and gets broadcast on the palace’s network, where it quickly gets picked up by the local stations.

Jae-ha address the public and confirms the truth—that Hang-ah was pregnant with his child and lost the baby. “And that pain cannot be fixed with flowery words.” And as we watch his entourage cross the border, he says in the broadcast that he’s going to see her.

He says that this isn’t a king going to North Korea in a political capacity, “But a man, going to see the woman who suffered a miscarriage with his child.”

Both North and South scramble, and the Northern leaders have an emergency meeting to figure out how to respond. General Asshat throws a fit, Hang-ah’s father tries to reason with them, while the prime minister just takes it all in.

Jae-ha reaches the border and waits for official sanction to gain access to the North, but isn’t granted any. Secretary Eun texts Shi-kyung to bring the king back at once, but he slams his phone shut and ignores him.

Finally Jae-ha prepares to cross into the DMZ without permission, before the opportunity disappears. The American soldiers warn him of the danger, but he tells them that this is his destiny. Apparently Americans are just a bunch of romantics in this world, because they’re all, awwww, okay. Ha.

As he walks along the dirt road that connects North and South, we hear the rest of his broadcast, where he says that they have every right to oust him from the palace. “But I want to take responsibility for the woman I love.” Swoon.

He reaches the line. The Northern general declares that they have to respond in kind. Guns are drawn. Oh crap. Hang-ah’s father tries to reason that shooting the king is an act of war. Yeah, you think?

Jae-ha sees the guns and proceeds anyway. The soldier at the border warns him that they might shoot. Jae-ha just tells him and his secret service agents to flee if they do.

He turns to Shi-kyung: “If you even try to protect me, just to get a medal of honor…” Hahaha. He threatens a demotion. Shi-kyung just grins to himself.

And then… they just barrel on through. Damn, balls of steel when it counts.

The Northern soldiers freeze in shock, asking the prime minister what they’re supposed to do. They run down to meet him, asking if he’s got a death wish, but Jae-ha just greets them with a smile, and asks to be shown the way.

The prime minister hangs up and tells the council that the king has come on his own two feet—it’ll be of use to them somehow, and he heads out to meet him. Whew. At least the immediate danger has passed.

Hang-ah finds out that Jae-ha is here to see her, and Dad tells her not to give in so easily. But she quickly says she’ll see him. Dad sighs. She assures him that she’s not an idiot—after everything she’s endured, she is not the Kim Hang-ah of yore.

Jae-ha arrives and Dad is outside waiting. He walks up and puts out his hand, but Dad squarely ignores him. Did you really think he was going to shake your friggin’ hand? You should really be on your knees, buddy.

He walks into the room timidly, and Hang-ah reacts coolly as if it’s no big deal, as she tells him to sit and makes him coffee. He just sits there staring at her like a five-year old in trouble. Where’d those border-crossing balls-of-steel disappear to?

She looks at her watch and says she has to meet a friend at three, so he’s got half an hour. Nice. She side-eyes him and says to go ahead with whatever speech he’s prepared. I love that she’s giving him a hard time.

He says he did prepare something, and Shi-kyung enters with the present. He smiles at Hang-ah but the air is icy, and he looks back and forth between them worriedly before exiting. Jae-ha tells her to open it and she finds it full of skincare products, and he hilariously swears they’re all full this time.

He starts to say that there’s a lot more waiting for her in the South and that there’s something underneath in the box… but she sarcastically coos that he must’ve gone to so much trouble. Did he think that the poor girl from the North would swoon at expensive face cream?

He says that she has every right to hate him, but she corrects him: “I don’t hate you. You have to have feelings for someone to hate.” Ouch. She continues, “The person I hate… is me. Why did I wring my heart over a person like this? Why did I keep trusting him even as I was fooled twice, three times?”

He listens to her with tears in his eyes, as she starts to well up as she asks why she so foolishly went through all of that for someone like him—how she didn’t even know that she was pregnant, spoke at that hearing, waited and waited for him to call.

She says that at one month, a fetus is about a centimeter. She sticks out her finger. “It’s about this big, right?” She starts to shake with tears. “But… they say it has a heart. It beats, koong-kang, koong-kang. That tiny heart… I made it burst.”

With tears streaming down her face, she says she was so stupid and oblivious that she thought the pain was nothing, that it would go away, “I killed it.” Oof. Jae-ha doesn’t know what to do, and inches closer to put his hand on hers.

But she snaps his hand away and tamps down her tears. “Leave.” She tells him she only dated him because who else would step in his dirty personality (talking about it like it’s a pile of crap you step in). She adds firmly, “My heart will never change.”

She asks if he has to be dragged out by security to understand and tells him to go back, as one last tear falls. She trembles as she forces the tears to stop and raises her head high. Wow, so lovely and strong.

Jae-ha walks out and Shi-kyung’s phone rings with a call from Dad. Jae-ha knows the call is for him and takes it. Secretary Eun tells him to return this instant, now that he’s embarrassed his country enough.

Jae-ha says calmly, “Ajusshi, these words are not from a king to his secretary, but from a young boy to an uncle who watched him grow since he was a baby: Can’t you trust me, just once?”

He shows his vulnerability, saying that he’s putting up a brave front, but it shakes his confidence, so can’t ajusshi help him out and have a little faith? “I know I’m trash, but can’t you trust me this once? I’ll do well.” Aw. Say you trust him! Even if you’re evil!

Bong-gu’s lackeys warn him that his next plan to scare the king is too dangerous right now, but he won’t be derailed—Jae-ha is his original target, and he’s going to strike now. And then he guillotines a carrot for effect. It mostly makes him look like a deranged Elmer Fudd. I do enjoy his megalomania though – it’s a weakness that Jae-ha has learned to play on.

Jae-ha meets with the North Korean prime minister and the air is tense. He asks the North to admit they don’t have EP technology, while the prime minister counters that he sure is confident for a guy who might return home to find that he’s been dethroned.

Jae-ha leans in to ask if that’s a threat, and the prime minister postures that it’s just a friendly concern. Jae-ha makes it clear that he’s sorry to Hang-ah, but not to her country, and makes his position on North Korea abundantly clear with an evil little grin—that he thinks of them like a neighbor you inherit and would do anything to get rid of, like a scab.

And then he turns on a dime, going back to his friendly demeanor. He apologizes for speaking so harshly, explaining that he’s just that kind of person, famous in his own country for flying off the handle and going so crazy that no one can stop him.

“Will you be okay? With me as an enemy?” Badass.

Next thing you know, the story comes out in a North Korean newspaper… albeit a tiny blurb buried under other news. Secretary Eun chuckles to see it, and then tells the (South Korean) prime minister that they can lead with the story in their news.

The prime minister doesn’t like losing face since the North hardly made the announcement known at all, but Secretary Eun is quick to offer an alternative—the palace could write up a little blurb, about how the South Korean prime minister knew about this all along but did nothing. How ’bout that? Okay, fine, in this one instance, I kind of like you.

Hang-ah watches the announcement on the South Korean news at her desk. She sees a picture of Jae-ha at a North Korean chicken farm in the newspaper (the picture is hilarious), surprised to see that he’s still there.

Well besides the fact that he hasn’t won you over yet, he has to fulfill his cultural itinerary to save both countries’ faces, in light of his border-crossing stunt.

Jae-shin catches two palace aides swooning over Jae-ha and Shi-kyung in the picture, and she snatches it away, thinking they’re making fun of her. It’s then that she realizes where Shi-kyung went.

She calls him, yelling into her phone that he could have just told her he was going with oppa, and here I am screaming HE DID, but she sort of does that half-apology, half-yelling thing where she was the idiot, but it’s all his fault. Ha.

She calls him stiff, frustrating and no fun, and Shi-kyung’s voice shakes on the other end of the phone, “You don’t have to say it like that. I already know I’m no fun.” Hee. So cute.

She tells him to do whatever it takes to bring Hang-ah back with them, “Or else… I’m not going to the hospital!” Pfft. She hangs up. He grins like a fool.

The North Korean war room is clearly divided, with most of the generals blaming the prime minister for being too accommodating to the king, and siding with the outspoken general who argued against this the whole time.

Hang-ah’s father sits through the whole council with his head in his hands, and then makes a mysterious call once he’s outside, to have an agent at the ready, target to be confirmed later.

Bong-gu sets up a camera crew and begins to record a message directed at Jae-ha… for after his terrifying kidnapping and torture while in North Korea. Oh noes. He smiles at the camera as he guesses he must be terrified, laughing in fake concern.

At lunch, one of the Northern agents on Jae-ha’s security detail finds out that his daughter got into college, and the whole room cheers. Jae-ha guesses it must have the same importance here as it does at home, and buys everyone a drink.

On a train, the Northern general who’s leading the dissenters meets with a member of Club M—the “friend” who gave Secretary Eun the Beatles album. He asks if preparations are in place, and the man asks who the target is. “The king of South Korea. Lee. Jae. Ha.”

Thankfully Hang-ah’s father has an agent tracking the general, because he calls with the news that the general is going after Jae-ha.

Bong-gu says right into the camera that he’s the one responsible for orchestrating the whole thing. He breezes that he said not to kill him, but you never know with North Koreans. “What’ll you do if you die like this? Huh? Jae-ha-ya…”

Hang-ah comes to the door and overhears her father in the next room, and her eyes widen when she hears the target’s name.

Woot woot, Comrade Hang-ah to the rescue?


Is it wrong if I can’t wait till Jae-ha’s in danger so Hang-ah can swoop in and save him? You know, just a little kidnapping and torture. That’s not wrong, is it? I miss that dynamic from their days in training, though she’s saved his political ass on more than one occasion already. But you know me—I like my life and death stuff.

Although Jae-ha’s DMZ stunt is way too ridiculously easy (they just step aside?) I’d rather sacrifice some suspension of disbelief for the fact that he goes to see her himself. I expected he’d send Shi-kyung on his behalf or something like that, which just would not have satisfied my need for him to go apologize and win her back in person, no matter what the cost. I don’t think I would’ve bought the gesture any other way. And it’s certainly his turn to put it all on the line to prove his love.

It sort of drove me crazy when he finally went through all that to get to the north and then just sat there, saying nothing. But I loved Hang-ah’s reception of him—distant, attempting to prove that she feels nothing, breaking down despite herself, but not willing to let him in. I appreciate that their reconciliation is not earned easily. I could’ve done with more groveling on his end (or any words for that matter) but there’s still a whole lot of ground to cover if they’re actually going to meet halfway.

I do love how well the North-South divide gives the romance such massive stakes—not just as a metaphor, but taken literally as a narrative device to keep everything at DEFCON 1. Here love really is war. It’s a good thing our heroine’s a fighter, and that our king’s got Batman on his side. It looks like he’s gonna need ’em…


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  1. sita

    thanks thanks thanks! 🙂

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    Thank you so much. Been waiting for this…

  3. yellow buttercup

    GF…. I love you~ thank youuu!*off to read*

    • 3.1 yellow buttercup

      oh my, our king..hahaha.. can’t wait to see HA back on her soldier mode and save JH *as how those spoiler pictures showed us HA kicking some butt*

      but Earnest Bot! Boy, you’re totally my new hero! All those sweet interactions between him and the princess? Even right now as I’m typing this I’m smiling from ear to ear!

      “….and Shi-kyung’s voice shakes on the other end of the phone, “You don’t have to say it like that. I already know I’m no fun.”..”——> this is exactly why I heart you~

      • 3.1.1 slfowie

        Correct me if i am wrong, but didn’t the spoilers from the last episode showed Bong gu in North Korean army uniform?
        It seems that more and more people are falling for Earnest Bot and it helps that he is not the traditional second lead – the third person in the triangle; making you choose between the main guy and the second lead.
        I am really looking forward for Hang Ha kicking some butt!! But I loved how strong she was, and also how Hang Ha allowed Hang Ah to air all her grievances and just take it all. Yes he could say the right things, but listening to Hang Ah, i don’t think he has done that before.
        His expression in the chicken farm – priceless. If i was Hang Ah I would totally frame that picture and show it to the future children and grandchildren.. In fact the times the gets all arrogant all embarrassing pictures would come out!

        • ilikemangos

          LOL @ the chicken farm pic, too.
          She should definitely frame that. sounds like a good idea. And black mail him with it.
          Although we don’t know if Jae Ha will overreact like he did with the whole ” you’re trash “.
          Can you just imagine Jae Ha throwing a fit everytime Hang Ah blackmails him with that photo!?
          Hang Ah : Don’t make me bring out THAT photo.
          Jae Ha: WOMAN, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM — North Korea.

          *face palms

          • slfowie

            It could be a whole circle.. him telling her to go back, her going back ( like a wife going back to mom’s place after a fight with hubby), and then him going to North Korea to bring her back but having to do pose for other embarrassing pictures….

        • yellow buttercup

          if I’m not mistaken, I saw HA was kicking somebody… someone here post that link on ep. 10 recap’s comment *can’t remember who though*

          ah well, whatever that is, I just can’t wait to see her back to her soldier mode 😀

        • yellow buttercup

          LOL. I just read ur comment about the chicken picture!

        • emmy

          I do love the fact that the second leads aren’t the stereotypical romantic enemy sorts.

          The second leads in JaeShin and ShiKyung are so much more useful in contributing to the storyline than what I’m used to in most K-dramas.

        • Divyrus

          I so hope the picture comes back again!!!!!!!! :DDD

          I loved both their expressions!!

        • MumuBun

          Loved chicken farm boy picture hahaha~

          I completely agree that I’m falling more in love with Earnest Bot too; sometimes more than Jae Ha (oops? lol). I see him more of a 2nd protagonist now rather than a side kick.

          I find his adorkable character so cute and loving. Ahhh this man is just oozing with sincerity and I am falling head over heels with his acting and him, period.

          Can’t wait for Hang Ah’s badassery~ ’bout time she kicked butt ^^

        • Kim Yoonmi

          I doubt she’s thinking “Ah, I still want to marry him.” We may know that, but she doesn’t. Rather, she’d be thinking it would be good blackmail in the future in espionage.

      • 3.1.2 Alvina

        Indeed. I think I’m more invested in the Princess and her Guard cliche than I am in the King/Enemy queen cliche 😛

        • slfowie

          Their moments are so sweet, but the king and the queen to be is spicier, and i adore both.. 😉

  4. vcdragoon

    Just finished watching the episode myself.

    Man, HA really cut JH down to size. In a multitude of ways.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. The rebirth of the bada$$ HA!

  5. Eevies

    Yay!! Been waiting all night for this, watching raw is driving me crazy!!

  6. ilikemangos

    LMAO seunggi “ It is my destiny “ how cheesy. His English was actually not that bad compared to most others. Actually, it was kinda cute.
    I’m glad that jae ha’s taking things into his own hands, and when he called shi kyung for help… Ahh, the effects of bromance.
    The epic moment when jae ha and his entourage walks into North Korean territory.
    It was dramatic but still — goosebumps.
    It just makes me proud that Jae Ha is doing this not for political reasons, but simply because he is a man that wants to make amends with the woman he loves. I love how both her and jae ha aren’t being sucked into their political higher ups manipulating them to do/say lies. If there’s anything I hate, it’s dragged out misunderstandings. If there’s one thing I like about this drama, it’s definitely the quick pace, and I’m seriously on edge.
    I really just wish cruella de eun would, as jae ha asked him, believe in him. As reckless and ignorant as he was growing up, there was a side of him Eun never saw, as Shi Kyung pointed out – Jae Ha at the WOC training camp. His determination and will was unshaken – god Eun needs to give him credit for that. I hope that man comes to realize that Jae Ha does have the potential to be king, instead of seeing him as a worthless king. If there’s anything our King needs in order to become the best that he can be, it’s faith. Which is exactly why the writers gave us earnest bot, THANK GOD.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait for the epic moment where Jae Ha proves him wrong, and possibly, oh I dunno, cruella de eun goes ends up sacrificing his life for the greater good, saving the nation, and redeeming himself. Like city hunter’s daddio, yeah?
    I am LOVING hang ah back in her North Korean uniform. Brings back those nice memories from the good ol episodes. On the upside, I believe the next episode will have our Hang Ah doing some crazy action with her dapper uniform.
    I love dad going all detective on that rather stubborn and relentless North Korean officer which, surprise, surprise, is with club m. I knew he smelled fishy.
    It’s good we’ve got some character development for Jae Ha – he’s manning up, taking things into his own hands, and learning to take responsibility for his actions. It also puts our King into the North Korean territory, and I am loving the aspect of it. This means that he’ll just have to work harder to redeem himself, all the while learning from his experiences – even if it’s the hard way. How else to officially deem him king, not just literally but figuratively? Put him in his place.
    *It’s funny how just because Jae ha’s the king doesn’t mean he’s treated like a king while in North korea (that restaurant scene), puaha.

    The ending scene – GAME ON
    AND THE PREVIEWS – wow, don’t even get me started but it looks like it’s packed with a TRUCK LOAD of fun that gets me in all the right places. I want our hang ah to do some major ass kicking with her North Korean uniform. The second half of K2H looks like it’s off to a promising start, and I am welcoming it with open arms.
    Is it Thursday yet?

    • 6.1 ilikemangos

      “He just sits there staring at her like a five-year old in trouble. Where’d those border-crossing balls-of-steel disappear to?”

      LOL i love you gf.

      • 6.1.1 em

        It’s the first time for him to listen and not open his big mouth that always cause trouble.

        • slfowie

          totally agree with you. This time he just needed to listen to her. It was about HER not him, it was her guilt of not being able to save their child that she needed to air out. Him not talking allowed for it. But i think that he should have hugged her or even held her hand, just to show that he understood her pain or even to say that it was not her fault .

          • Summer

            He did. JH did put his hand on HA’s hand, but she brushed it off.. i would love to see JH giving HA a tight hug, but she brushed off his hand, do you think she will allow him to hug her? She may kicked him away,lol….

          • Saima

            @ Summer: my thoughts exactly! At first I went, “aww, he should hug her!” then she brushes his hand away and I go, “or NOT….yet!!”

          • slfowie

            Did not see that will have to watch it again.. But ya guess if she brushed off his hands then he would not hug her… but the scene even without the sub.. it killed me! Her eyes!

          • Arishia

            He said that this wasn’t something that could be healed with flowery words. I loved that he sat there and took it while she let him have it as much as she needed to, and that he didn’t try to hide his feelings from her. And, that he stayed up North and attended to the work of healing North South relations, or in other words, the work of creating a world for them to live in together. That’s taking responsibility like a man, in my book. I’m excited for tomorrow!

          • slfowie

            Me to.. well its Thursday morning here already. But the whole day i was counting hours until the recap or the subs were up… its gonna be the same today!

          • gemala

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          • slfowie

            But she is just standing there and not hugging him!!!

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      You’re so right! Another piece of excellent writing for their first scene together after HA’s return to NK. Very realistic on HA’s part and kudos to JH for keeping his mouth shut and taking it all in without trying to redeem himself too quickly.

      Very happy to see plot moving along nicely. I’ll join in in welcoming the second half with open arms. Can the next 4 weeks just fly by already????

      Am already anticipating major hole in my heart when TK2H ends. 🙁

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        and mom’s no nonsense expression while hearing it, I swear if the pot plant can talk it would cry with all the hurt its endured while mom vents her anger out on it!!

        • Janet

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    • 10.1 ailin

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      • 10.1.1 topper

        UN peace keepers are usually not Americans but those from more neutral countries.

        • Allie

          There was a yellow and blue Swedish flag.

    • 10.2 Arhazivory

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    • 10.3 spjork

      They were supposed to be Swiss and/or Swedish. You can tell by the flags and placard hanging up in the waiting room of the U.N. camp’s office. As I recall, the U.N. dude that ended up speaking the most sounded Australian and the other one very Russian. Korean dramas often make this mistake of not recognizing that not all English or the accents with which they are spoken is the same (basically, that all English is American English)! An example would be the second female lead in My name is Kim Sam Soon who was supposed to be from America while she clearly has an Australian accent.

      • 10.3.1 YDAU

        Ha, you are spot on. I was the Swiss colonel (born in new Zealand but lived in Australia for a long time) and the Swedish guy was actually from Belarus.
        The problem Korean dramas have is finding people with the suitable image (age, nationality, etc.) who want to ‘act’ and who are legally able to work and available when they want to shoot. So finding one middle-aged Swiss guy and one middle-aged Swedish guy to come out to Kyonggi-do on a Tuesday when this was filmed is not easy and, utimately, not that important a detail, as you mention, because the vast majority of the audience don’t notice any difference.

        • JoAnne

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      He’s so adorably awkward with jae shin but so badass when time calls for it.
      I love it.

      • 13.1.1 sally_b

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        …and here I was, thinking I was pervy for feeling that too.

        The moment he put that case on the desk, popped it open and starting loading….I was like….◎_◎*

        (RAWR) Shi Kyung *can get it in* ~ ♥

        • spjork

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        • ilikemangos

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    • 13.2 Saima

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      • 13.2.1 ilikemangos

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        His grins when he knows Jae Ha is being so outwardly cool and heroic.

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    • 13.4 Saima

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      • 13.4.1 ailin

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      • 13.4.2 lena

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        Jo Jung Suk is just so wonderfully expressive I can read see every nuance in his eyes, facial expressions, his voice…. Even during that scene at the van with Jae Shin when he was forcing her to recognize him, his face was all red and his voice was trembling….gahhh…gotta love this man!

        • ilikemangos

          I swear! it probably wasn’t even in the script but earnest bot probably just added in that disappointment for an added effect.
          I love this actor. In fact.. all the actors in this drama, as Ailin says, is just so friggin’ great, which makes the drama that much more addicting.

        • yellow buttercup

          do you guys notice that when it comes to Jae Shin, Shi Kyung’s voice tends to be trembling? Gosh, and those eyes! love his every reaction when it comes to the princess

          • ilikemangos

            sometimes, i feel like he’s going to break from innocence and sincerity.
            he’s so vulnerable i just don’t want anyone to take advantage of him.
            and just when you think they will, he doesn’t let them.
            He’s such a strong and faithful human being.

            (“She says she won’t go to the hospital because of him, and so he just says fine, he’s not going to raise her up when she has no intention of standing up on her own. ” )

      • 13.4.3 Divyrus

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    • 15.1 ilikemangos

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      Hahaha i’m with you on the dimples — it always gets me.

      • 15.1.1 ilikemangos

        Or perhaps it was just a distraction for cruella de eun and he actually just bought the lotions/creams lol.

      • 15.1.2 slfowie

        WAIT.. he made those stuff himself.. ok.. I love that gesture, making a gift for the one you love is great, and he did claim that his I.Q was 187…. But its Jae Ha…. can she and should she trust him and wear that stuff ???
        or maybe he bought those unscented lotions and added the sent?

        • Saima

          Initially when he presents her with the care package I was like, “W.T.F, JH?! SERIOUSLY” In hindsight realized that’s what our majesty was doing when Eun stumbled into his office which pacified me immensely!

          • slfowie

            hmm.. ok tell me something, would you wear the lotion that a guy like JH gave you and told you that he made it. You knew that he was a great joker before and he has not really shown that he knows how to make lotions.

        • lena

          I think the all that facial stuff was just a cover. There is definitely something else more SPECIAL in that box. We shall see next episode. I believe the preview showed Hang Ah sitting on her bed with the box and looking at a facial lotion…I have a feeling she will find something else and because of that she will risk her life and rescue Jae Ha.

          • reglest

            Tell me about it…
            I was in the bus and burst out laughing seeing it, until now I need to bite my lips to hold the laughter

            Oh Jae Ha-ya~ It’s priceless expression!! *plus Shi Kyung, you can use it to blackmailed your king from now! Yunno, in case he disagree with you and the princess relationship, just saying

          • Summer

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          • reglest

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          • emmy

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      • 15.2.1 slfowie

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    Can I say how much I love the ladies of the royal fam?….so strong and loving! HA will fit right in with them….when the mom broke down for the pain HA was going thru and JH hugged her I totally got teary-eyed!! Yes, that ‘my destiny’ bit was giggle-worthy and giggle I did! And, that pic was epic!! SK’s actually the cooler one in that one!

    Still loving the show! As much as I want more OTP scenes for my fangirling purposes I like that the writer/PD are trying to cohesively present the story to the best of their ability!! Seung-gi <3

    • 18.1 ilikemangos

      Totally. i was like, the heck? Seems like Jae Ha loses to cruella de eun even though he’s king. They had to go through so much just to thwart his plans.

      I completely love the ladies of the royal palace.
      It’s a breath of fresh air to actually have supportive and understanding in laws. Thank god for deviating away that typical cliche in dramaland.

  19. 19 shl

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    Every time I read your recaps, or watch a subbed episode, I keep trying to figure out exactly why I like this show so much. It just pulls me in. Great acting, check. Great interaction between characters, check. Great pace, check. Plot – jury still out. But there’s something else about it I can’t put my finger on . . .

    Mind you, did Jae-ha seriously believe giving Hang-ah a box of skin care products was going to get him back into her good books? I mean, seriously? The man has no clue. He deserves to grovel some more!

    • 19.1 ilikemangos

      Puahhaha — i was totally onboard with Hang Ah when she said those flowery products wasn’t gonna win her back.

      He might’ve walked pass that border with his balls of steel but when it came to Hang Ah he is the defeated 5 year old.

      • 19.1.1 Saima

        I think JH braved walking into N.K. but forgot that this is HA the person who knows him too well! Didn’t she say that he’s fooled her on multiple occasions etc…..so him repeating those sweet words that he told Eun and in the voice over would be ignored and thrown back in his face! Come to think of it I really don’t know what it is he should’ve said/done so that he would receive a more positive reception….

        • Arhazivory

          “Come to think of it I really don’t know what it is he should’ve said/done so that he would receive a more positive reception….”

          …take out his heart and show her maybe? lol. I agree, in this case more than words are needed. Its not a light thing that he did. Its like he threw her away. Tut tut tut.

          • ilikemangos

            i think actions should really redeem him.
            Which makes me head scratch because in the previews, it seems our heroine will be doing the saving,which i totally have no complaints about!

        • JenJen

          Yeah, what you’ve said rings true to me, practically anything he could have done would have been inadequate!

          • MsB

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    • 19.2 babes

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      • 19.2.1 MsB

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      • 23.2.1 reglest

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        Have you seen the label of the skin care? Here it is:

        Cr: http://www.lsgairenint.tumblr.com
        Saranghae (I love you), OMG Cheesy Jae Ha!!!


        • ilikemangos

          OMG that is so cute.

          “The Korea cake had the words, ‘Today’s best actress Ha Ji Won!! I’m so happy I can be with you. Korea fighting!’ ”

          seunggi, you are adorbs. i am loving the whole staff. they all seem so friendly.
          Cake for birthday i understand, but cake for missing a ha ji won movie and cheering her on? Love.

    • 23.3 Osi

      In the preview for ep 12, it’s written ‘saranghae’ in the lotion hold by HA. Could it move HA’s heart?

      @ Yeni Ulloa
      And donuts underneath the lotions? Heart-shaped donuts, I may add. LOL

      • 23.3.1 epr7

        Cute JH..making us think again what could be underneath that box ! Maybe it’s a love letter, telling how much he loves HA…how regretful he had been…gosh.. wish it’s 9:55pm now KST…lol

  24. 24 Cruelsummer

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    This show is so over the top that I can’t even focus on the fact that in real life the King would have been forcibly detained before he even made it that far to the border. It says a lot about the performance of the actors. I’m so wrapped up in this unbelievable World, that I am pretty much buying whatever they are selling. Awesome. Awesome Show.

    • 24.1 Rashell

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    • 24.2 em

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      • 24.2.1 ailin

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        • maria

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    Thank you for the recap GF.

    • 25.1 Saima

      haha, that’s soo like me. I was like, “just get back together and return to S.K. people before I go cray cray”. Sure, he deserves to be given a hard time but gahhhh you’re killing me!!

      • 25.1.1 Osi

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  26. 26 Raine

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    I also like how strong Hang-ah is emotionally. I always adore heroine with inner strength, so I’m glad that Hang-ah is making it hard for him hehe. Props to Ha Jiwon, that scene was great, it’s like you can feel all these conflicting emotions from her in that scene. AND! I sooooo CANNOT wait for tonight’s episode, Hang-ah kicking-ass!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

    • 26.1 ilikemangos

      I was watching the scene of Hang Ah crying RAW and boy, did it really help. I was focused entirely in her facial features, her emotions, her tears.
      Yup, definitely kudos.

      • 26.1.1 Raine

        Cool same here 😀 And I agree, watching it raw is definitely another experience. If there’s subtitle my focus become divided (between reading text & watching drama). So watching it raw lets me pay attention to just the acting. And I could feel all those conflicting emotions through her acting alone last night.
        I have to say acting is superb on all fronts 🙂 One of the reason I love this drama <3

        • NewKDramaAddict

          I think that is why I watch this several times, each episode. That way I don’t miss a detail ♥

    • 26.2 em

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    • 26.3 kumon

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  30. 30 trixicopper

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    Judging by the newspaper photo it seems are boys are NOT fond of poultry. Great pic! 🙂

    Looking forward to tomorrow. But seeing the previews makes me think we are gonna get stuck with the cliffhanger from hell…

    Thanks GF! 🙂

    • 30.1 AnnMichelle

      @trixicopper, you took the words out of my mouth.

      I mean, what can he say? Almost everything could trigger old memories and just make Hang Ah angrier. Better let her have her say and get it out of her system.

      Love the way he sat with her, like a kid in the principal’s office.

      • 30.1.1 trixicopper

        Sometimes when you screw up, you have to just shut up and take your lumps. I was glad to see our boy understood that. 🙂 He’s come a long way.

    • 30.2 Rashell

      I actually agree. He needed to just sit there and take whatever she dished out. It wasn’t the time for him to explain or make excuses.

      But soon, after she saves his life of course, I want that boy to grovel.

    • 30.3 mintz

      LoL, that’s basically the golden rule in a couple fight – The boys should just shut up and take on whatever’s been dished out by the girls. Any thing more will simply make the girl angrier.

      • 30.3.1 NewKDramaAddict

        AH, if only my ex-husband had learned that lesson :-<

  31. 31 JenJen

    I was practically yelling at my screen at Jaeha to do something, say something during his scene Hangah, but ultimately I really appreciated how subtle and underplayed that scene was. That moment was definitely about Hangah, and her pain, and I’m glad Jaeha didn’t make that moment about himself- but I’m assuming he has the resolve and the balls to try again another time, with something more than face-cream!

    • 31.1 Osi

      I was like get on you knees and beg for her forgiveness. But then I realized that it’s all about HA. It’s better for JH to just listen to her giving utterance to her feelings. It’s much more nicer, I think.

  32. 32 em

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  33. 33 Arhazivory

    …I don’t even know what to say about this episode. Watched it raw (first time in a long time I’ve done that) and was glad for the few English sentences. lol. Seriously, Seung Gi’s English is not cringe-worthy and I really love that.

    Hang Ah is awesome. He really should have been on his knees but I understand that he’s a king with lots of pride and really can’t see him kneeling to anyone. Still, she handled the situation beautifully and was not swayed by his full-blown sad puppy expressions. I’d take one look at those eyes and throw myself at him so I guess I’m not as awesome as Hang-ah.

    Jae-shin and Shi-kyung. Please give me mooooooaaaaaaarrrrrr! Their chemistry is great and those few seconds when he held her and they stared at each other….I swear, I can’t stop thinking about it. *fans self*

    Where is tomorrow?

    • 33.1 ilikemangos

      LOL i was watching this episode raw, and one of the very few subbed lines were when he repeatedly and blatantly said “I slept with Hang Ah. I slept with Hang Ah” and i was hotdayum. way to just put it right out there like that.

      • 33.1.1 Arhazivory

        That’s a good set of lines to sub first. Heh.

        • Raine

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          • ilikemangos

            LMAAAAAAO raine.
            oh yes they do.

      • 33.1.2 Joy

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    • 33.2 Summer

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      in SK & JS couple, i bet the one who will initiate the first step is JS…hahaha…

      the royal Lee family are really good at this…kekeke..

      • 33.2.1 trixicopper

        Let’s face it if JS was to wait for SK they would never get together. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be in the bodyguard manual. 🙂

        • carmen

          Hahahaha! Maybe Jae Shin can write a special bodyguard manual for our earnest boyscout. I can think of a lot of things to put in there…*wink, wink*

      • 33.2.2 Joy

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      • 33.2.3 Arhazivory

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        • NewKDramaAddict

          It will be enjoyable to watch, the cat and mouse game of love ♥

        • ilikemangos

          puahaha. that’s why im totally loving the jae shin/shi kyung coupling because she’s a toughie on the outside and a softie on the inside.
          She takes charge in the emotions / romantic field.
          he’s a faithful soldier on the outside and an adorably awk. guy on the inside.
          He raises her up.

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    Jae Ha took some steps into redeeming himself this episode which comes just in the nick of time. He’s so great at being the “crazy” king, but with Hang Ah it’s obvious that he’s completely out of his depth. And I can’t believe he thought daddy would shake his hand.

    I’m giving Cruella de Eun no good points yet. He’s got to go so much farther before I’m willing to give him even a smidge of positive feeling.

    Hang Ah continues to be awesome. So strong and the way she just layed it out for Jae Ha rocked. Now she’s going to save his butt…again. And then he really had better be prepared to kneel at her feet. I need some serious groveling.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    • 35.1 spjork

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      And the power play with PM as redeeming act? I think the only reason Daddy Eun yielded to JH’s request was because the JH basically grovelled and appealed to his vanity. He fancies himself in a position to either make or break the king and he chose to “let him” continue.

      GAH, whatta jerk. My blood pressure has gone up just thinking about it all X(

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    I remember laughing when i first saw that screaming lady.
    Like, how dramatic can you get, lady

    • 37.1 topper

      It actually really is that dramatic in reality. I watched the footage of the news announcement of Kim Jong Il’s death, and it was really that ridiculous with all the rhetoric and shouting and crying. And it’s from a female newscaster like in the drama.

      • 37.1.1 ilikemangos

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    I love that the knight in this story is Hang-ah! Or maybe it’s Ha Ji-won? She’s been the one doing the ass-kicking in her recent projects! And I read that she’s doing Three Musketeers [Charlie’s Angels Korean version?] in hanboks? Not sure if it’s confirmed though.

    • 40.1 Raine

      I believe it’s confirmed, read a news on that this morning too ^^ I’m really looking forward to it b/c I love her in anything action~ plus it’s saguek style (reminds me of Damo hehe)

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    This drama is AWESOME!

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      Agreed! His facial expressions are just naturally conveyed. He’s improved a lot, acting wise.

      • 41.1.1 ilikemangos

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      • 41.1.2 Osi


      • 41.1.3 leahtaro


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    My heart was racing watching Jae Ha crossed the line!Gosh! It makes me love Jae Ha how he’s trying his best to win Hang Ah, for the soul reason of LOVE! I’m loving that Hang Ah’s giving him a little doze of his own medication for the time being. I want him to earn it! Did I say that the Royal Family are wonderful. Love the Mom, stayin’ true how Mom’s normally are. Of course, my Ha Ji Won is just naturally fantastic as usual. Can’t wait for her Kick Ass moment. I love this drama!

    • 42.1 ilikemangos

      I know! that awkward pacing around was so cute and realistic.

      • 42.1.1 Joy

        Yup, and when he inadvertently let go off her. I lol’ed.

      • 42.1.2 Raine

        I was giggling like a little girl when he was so awkwardly pacing around trying to find a way to lift her hehe

  43. 43 AnnMichelle

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    It’s really amazing to watch him changing facial expressions like a chameleon changing colors. And the lines he utters, twisting and turning, threatening, comforting, funny, menacing…Gosh, such a suave and smooth power player (pun intended!).

    • 43.1 ilikemangos

      totally agree!
      love the chameleon analogy.
      seunggi’s really at this best in terms of acting.

    • 43.2 babes

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    • 43.3 leelee

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    • 43.4 NewKDramaAddict

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    Don’t you think even the way he walks is sexy? I first noticed it in one scene in Brilliant Legacy when he was walking behind the female lead after he found out her autistic Bro couldnt call her bcos he broke her phone. I remember I kept replaying that scene…

    And those dimples…hmmm…

    • 45.1 Osi

      I won’t leave LSG for you. Andwe. Jeolte Andwe.
      Agree about how he walks and his dimple. 😉

    • 45.2 Saima

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      Thanks to Osi for sharing these:



      They deffo left me discombobulated!! “Wait so that baby face goes with those set of abs!!” heh

      • 45.2.1 Osi

        Hehe. You’re welcome. ^^

    • 45.3 Summer

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    • 45.4 AnnMichelle

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      In fact, his legs when walking are not totally straight. There’s that little kink that make the strides like dance steps. So so hot!!!

      Remember the swaying walk as he took a donut break when Hang Ah went out on that miserable ‘date’?!

      • 45.4.1 carmen

        Omo, when he was walking with his men in black posse all the way to the DMZ, I could not stop staring at his walk. And the fact that he had these tan leather shoes that should not go together with his deep navy suit..but on him, it just WORKS. totally sexy.

        • AnnMichelle

          So right about that brown shoes with navy suit, hahaha. It must be one of those 10 no-nos for guys fashion. But it looks totally dashing on Jae Ha. Or we are just a bunch crazy fangirls who’s lost their fashion senses.

          Also anyone notice there is something on his nose bridge? It’s not a bump, nor is it from a broken nose I don’t think. I keep staring at it trying to figure out how it go there…Adds to the character I say.

          • emmy

            I’m guessing perhaps the latter.:P I’m such a fangirl I can even tolerate the army tracksuit + ruffles.:D

            But seriously, Seunggi is so adorable, he looks good in everything in this drama. I’m especially loving him in the shirt + cardigan combo, kudos to the stylist (or heritory), I really dig that look!

            Hmm… now if I could only persuade my boyfriend to give the cardigans a try…

        • babes

          Ya know what I’m talking about, baby….!

        • JoAnne

          Loved that scene. He looks good in a suit. Long and lean, those legs. I think when he loses a bit of baby fat in his face, he’s going to be really handsome. Not that it matters because now we are all in love with the little boy who’s growing up to be a kick-ass King. And I mean…isn’t he only 23 or so? REALLY, really young.

          • Saima

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    • 45.5 Rashell

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    Finally Jae showed us that he’s worth to be The King. He admit to his mistakes, he takes responsibility, he determined to protect people around him…yeah, it’s good enough!

    I love it when Hang Ah play hard to get…she’s a tough lady to start with anyway.

    Now Jae Ha should try harder! lol


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    In fact, to me, from the beginning, Shi Kyung has been THE most interesting character to me in this drama. Not only is he fiercely and unbendingly loyal, with the kind of looks (and smile) that can make any woman go weak at the knees, but he is also not one-dimensional – he has displayed so many layers to his character that I am waiting to see more of those layers peeling away as he interacts more with Jae Shin, as well as, when he carries out more of his duties and responsibilities to Jae Ha and his country.

    The actor playing Shi Kyung should look forward to a leading role some time in the future because he has proven in this drama that he can act and the fact that he is SO GORGEOUS physically, that when he stands next to Lee Seung Gi, he looks MORE attractive to me than even the cutie pie Lee Seung Gi. 😉

    • 50.1 Val

      Yes! Jo jung suk is one gorgeous, gorgeous man. I cant help but squeal whenever Shi kyung and Jae shin have screen time. I need MOARR of em two 😉

      • 50.1.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

        hehehe…I squealed too!! Somehow they come across as more REAL as a couple than Jae Ha and Hang Ah are…Shi-Kyung’s earnestness and Jae Shin’s straightforwardness and their interactions resonate more with me than Jae Ha’s split personality traits and Hang Ah’s tough-one-minute-emotionally-overwrought-the-next characteristics…

    • 50.2 NewKDramaAddict

      And boy can he sing!!♥

      • 50.2.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

        Yes! Thank you! I forgot about his beautiful voice too!! 😉
        He is sooo swoooon-worthy!! 😉

        • MsB

          A nice duet with Jae Shin would be off the hook!

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