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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 12
by | April 26, 2012 | 1,561 Comments

There’s nothing better than a show that can pack an hour full of heart-stopping action, fairytale romance, and gut-busting humor. Our hero gets into trouble, but you know what that means – time for the heroine to swoop in and save the day. ‘Ssup.


Hang-ah’s father races into the prime minister’s office with the news – General ShortFuse has gone off the reservation and Jae-ha is in danger. Nooo! This is why we need a batphone!

Sure enough, the general’s troops march right up to Jae-ha to announce that they will be taking over his security detail from now on. Shi-kyung steps forward to tell them that he’s the only one who gets to put his hands on the king. Okay, he doesn’t say that, but he does step forward like a big ol’ hero to say that’s his job.

Soldiers on both sides tense up and reach for their guns. Shi-kyung is in full-on Doberman mode. Jae-ha comes forward and asks for their rank, and dismisses them with a laugh. I don’t think that was such a good idea.

The prime minister reacts skeptically to the news, even though it’s happening right now. He says that the general was just blowing off steam, but he wouldn’t do something so crazy as to kidnap the South Korean king… and then names the location where he’s going to be kidnapped. Er…

Hang-ah’s father looks up. He never said where…

Augh, the friggin’ prime minister’s in on it too? Is there anyone we can trust? At least he’s not so much IN on the plan, as he’s letting the plan happen so he can catch General Shouty and get rid of him for good.

But Hang-ah’s father reminds him that it’s the KING they’re talking about. Forget kidnapping – it’d be war if he got a splinter under his nail. Hee. I do enjoy prissy king jokes, despite the gravity of the situation.

He reminds the prime minister that war is the only way this scenario ends, which means a leveled peninsula, both North and South. That finally gets through to the man, and they send troops to arrest the general and his men, but they’re already in the wind. In fact it just makes the baddies move their timetable up.

Dad comically pretends to be talking about something else when Hang-ah bursts into his office during a frantic phone call. He’s turned the base upside-down looking for the general, which she tells him, and he’s like, how’d you know? Ha.

She tells him that Jae-ha has to be sent back home immediately, and Dad says he’s already on it—he’ll be sent back first thing tomorrow, because he’s got a few more stops on his cultural itinerary that can’t be undone.

Hang-ah freaks out, as do I. This is not a leisurely I’ll-take-in-the-sights-and-then-run-away-from-my-kidnappers-later kind of scenario here. But Dad in turn freaks out over her caring about a man who has nothing to do with her anymore.He swears he’s got it under control, and puts her under house arrest for good measure.

Jae-ha heads to an amusement park next, and Shi-kyung worries about the openness of the landscape. Won’t it be hard to secure the area? LISTEN to your head of security please. But their guide assures them it’ll be fine.

Hang-ah worries about the same thing when she hears about Jae-ha’s next stop from the two soldiers guarding her at home. They tell her to forget that jerk already, and ask if they can peek at the present he brought.

She tells them they can have it all and goes to her room, to stare herself down in the mirror and say over and over that Jae-ha is no longer any of her concern.

Dad decides to oversee Jae-ha’s amusement park visit personally, and watches as he rides the Viking. At first it’s dead silent, with citizens on one side and Jae-ha and his security team on the other, so finally Jae-ha nudges Shi-kyung and raises his arms up for a Whoooo~!

No one else follows along, so he has to force Shi-kyung, who does the most awkward and self-conscious Whooooo~. He finally gets everyone to join in, and they have a great time for the cameras, broadcasting live on the internet.

He even stops to wink into the camera at Secretary Eun, who watches from the palace. Keh. Everything is business as usual down at the park, but from the top of a hill, the baddies put their plan into motion and take over a security room.

Hang-ah cleans her room, which serves as a distraction for about five minutes. She comes out to ask about lunch, and the soldiers say they found a box underneath the other stuff in Jae-ha’s present.

They hand her the gift-within-a-gift, a box marked with the royal seal and a note: Handmade by Lee Jae-ha. Flashback to Jae-ha researching the best thing to make for her skin, and slaving away over his chemistry set like a big ol’ nerd. So. Cute.

She braces herself and then opens the box. There’s a note inside: “An unfamiliar marriage, an awful man, a miscarriage… For Kim Hang-ah, who had a really hard time: Natural 3-step Skincare Project.”

That’s adorable. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use everything, and then she takes out the first bottle. It’s called: “I’m sorry.” The second: “Thank you.” Omg so sweet.

Cut back to Chemistry Set Jae-ha, getting frustrated halfway through. He wonders if he has to work this hard, and then takes out his phone to look at a picture of Hang-ah dressed as his princess bride.

He sighs, “Of course you do, you jerk.” HA. He says to the picture, “I love you.”

And then Hang-ah takes out the last bottle. The third label: “I love you.” Awwww. She looks down at the gift, overcome with emotion.

She peeks outside at her sentries and asks for lunch again, and they rush to her side. Cut to: Hang-ah holding both agents by the throat, one with her hand, and one with her foot, while her free hand waves around a gun. Hahahaha.

She tells them she’ll be going out now, and then changes into her military uniform. It’s totally her superhero cape moment. She makes a call on her way out, to ask someone if they’re up for some training. Please be your WOC team. I want that reunion so badly.

Jae-ha gets led to a carousel, and he eyes the ride like, you want me to get on this? They swear it’s the last one, so he sighs and turns to Shi-kyung, who decides that it’s probably safe enough for him to ride alone. Ha. Is riding little horsies too emasculating for the super agent?

Jae-ha walks off sighing, “Stresssss.” The park’s mascot, Tom (of Tom and Jerry) follows him onto the ride along with a few civilians, and is anyone else suspicious of that overly cheery cat?

He goes ’round and ’round and everything seems fine, until suddenly the lights cut out. Bong-gu watches the live feed online, screaming, “Showtime!”

Suddenly the civilians aren’t civilians anymore—they take out guns and train them at Jae-ha’s head. Tom takes off his cat head, and of course it’s the agent he laughed at earlier that day.

Tom leads Jae-ha around the carousel, and Shi-kyung spots them. Guns come flying out from every direction, but so do Tom’s agents, who surround the secret service. Crap crap crap.

But then as if things weren’t bad enough, the baddies all rip open their jackets to reveal bombs strapped to their chests. Oh. Shit. Tom says go ahead and shoot, and he demonstrates by shooting one of his own men. He promptly explodes.

He announces that every bomb is wired to go off if the guy wearing it dies, and takes out a big trigger button as he orders everyone to drop their weapons and step back. They do as they’re told, with no other choice.

And then he reads a prepared speech for the camera, basically an angry attack at Jae-ha for using Hang-ah and stepping on North Korea’s pride. Oh, so this is you defending her honor? How helpful, but I think she’s got it under control there, cat.

Bong-gu has a direct connection to Tom via earpiece, and he actually directs him mid-speech to ask that the camera show Jae-ha’s terrified face. Dude, you are obsessed. He interrupts Tom’s speech to cut to the chase—his message to Jae-ha.

Tom hands Jae-ha the pre-recorded message from Bong-gu, claiming responsibility. Bong-gu watches eagerly, “That’s him, watching it right now, right?” He practically drools.

Hang-ah arrives just outside the park, running as she radios her backup. It’s Kang-seok! Whoooooo! And… whoa, is that a rocket launcher on your back, or are you just happy to see me?

And then! Young-bae sets up his sniper rifle from the top of the ferris wheel. NICE. The band is back together! Hang-ah looks down from the hill and her eyes widen at the sight below.

Jae-ha watches all of Bong-gu’s recording, barely holding back his terror. Please, don’t give him the satisfaction. He chucks the tablet on the ground in annoyance, “What’s he saying?” HA. I love that he’s smarter than the evil mastermind!

He looks Tom up and down, “Is Kim Bong-gu talking to you in that earpiece?” He turns to the camera, “He’s watching right?” Tom panics and takes out a gun from his cat belly. Jae-ha’s like, how much stuff do you have in there? Hee.

Jae-ha turns to the camera to give the best comeback ever: “Ya, Kim Bong-gu. If you’re going to work out your inferiority complex, do it right. What is this? Are you advertising to the entire world what a laughable ass you are? You can’t even show yourself so you send a video letter? What is this, Section TV? Are you shooting We Got Married? I. Don’t. Love you. So please stop, and go exercise. It’s really the best thing for a complex. Or go read a book. Work on cultivating your inner self. You overly self-conscious inferiority-complex-riddled ass!”

So. Satisfying. Bong-gu FLIPS out. “Kill him. KIIIIIIIIILL HIIIIIIIIIIIIIM! Detonate now!”

Boom! There’s an explosion, but it’s not the baddies. It’s Kang-seok, who busts through a wall to overtake the security station. He gets the lights on and the carousel moving again. It’s enough to throw the baddies into confusion, as they scramble to regain control.

And that’s when Sniper Young-bae fires at Tom’s trigger arm, and then takes out the surrounding gunmen, one by one. Yessss! Shi-kyung scrambles for a gun. But Hang-ah is faster, and she jumps onto the roof of the carousel, ready to make her move.

The cameras catch her, and everyone, including Mom and Secretary Eun, sees her. Kang-seok throws smoke grenades onto the carousel to give her cover, and she swoops in with one flying kick after another, to take out all of the gunmen singlehandedly.

Tom scrambles for the remote trigger and reaches out… and Hang-ah stomps on his hand and kicks the trigger away. She whips out her gun and sticks the barrel in his mouth. Dayum. Shi-kyung and the rest of the agents fight their way up and secure the bomber from her grasp.

Jae-ha watches as she turns and walks right off the carousel and into the night, like a superhero who’s done her work and doesn’t look back. It’s even got the dramatic smoke and everything. So badass.

She goes straight to her car to drive away, when a car pulls up in her path. Jae-ha gets out and stands in the road. She puts the car in park and then guns the accelerator, staring right at him. Ha. Nice way to let out some anger.

She shifts into drive and drives head on, but he doesn’t move or flinch. I love it. It’s his way of saying I’m not going anywhere. She stops a few feet short of turning him into a pancake and gets out of the car with a peeved look.

He asks, “Do you like me, or do you like Eun Shi-kyung?” She scowls, “I don’t know about that, but I do have someone I hate.”

Jae-ha: “Lee Jae-ha?” He reminds her of his famous vengeful streak. “I’m going to get revenge for those words.” She turns away, still fuming.

He takes a step closer. “Every morning, I’m going to kiss you. For revenge.” Hahaha.

“I’m going to follow you around all the time like a stalker, and buy you everything you want. I’ll never cheat. I will only look at you. From now on, I’ll never let you cry even one tear.” Which is of course exactly when she starts to cry. Aw.

He walks closer and wipes the tears from her eyes. “I’m going to make you the happiest queen in the world. And until the day I die, I will nauseatingly like only you. For revenge.” So adorable, the true-to-character, sweet-with-a-kick proposal.

And then, he gets down on one knee, and takes her hand in his. “Can you handle it, your highness?” She just looks down at him, crying more tears. He smiles, “Hey I’m officially proposing to you right now.”

She finally opens her mouth… to mutter that South Korean playboys are always smooth-talking with their stupid words, as she sniffles back tears. Hee.

He gets up and hugs her tight, as the cherry blossoms fall.

Now it’s time to deal with the baddies, starting with General Regrets-a-Lot, who demands payment from Club M because he held up his part of the bargain. Sort of. They don’t quite agree, and send his location to Hang-ah’s father, who doesn’t receive the help kindly, but does arrest the man with pleasure.

And then Bong-gu takes out his frustrations on his right-hand man, because… um… he can? What’s an impotent rage if you can’t share it with those closest to you?

Back home, news of the incident gets reported as “WOC members” saving the day, and Dong-ha sighs at the lack of naming names. Seriously, you save the day, and you don’t even get a mention on the news.

Secretary Eun releases an official statement on the question of Kim Bong-gu, as in who the hell is he, and he deflects to say that he’s nobody important, and that it’s a nickname the king invented to represent those who oppose reunification. Pffft. He apologizes to all the Kim Bong-gus of the world for misusing their name. Ha.

He calls Jae-ha to say that he got the press off that scent for now, and Jae-ha asks if anyone’s found the recording (of Bong-gu claiming responsibility) yet. They haven’t, but Secretary Eun reminds him that he doesn’t have the power to do anything with that evidence anyway.

He says that most big players already know that Kim Bong-gu is John Meyer, but they can’t do anything about it because it would mean war for their country. Jae-ha asks how long they’re just supposed to stand by, while he kills hyung, goes after Jae-shin, and now him. Secretary Eun calls him out, saying truth be told, Jae-ha is scared too—that’s why he hasn’t acted yet, why he hasn’t come forward about Bong-gu’s identity. URG. I hate you, old man!

Shi-kyung interrupts him to say it’s time to go home. Jae-ha walks down the train platform where the prime minister apologizes again for what happened while he was here. Jae-ha asks if he knows who Kim Bong-gu is.

He can tell by the look on his face that he does. “Let’s grow strong together.” Nice. He reaches out his hand, and the prime minister shakes it. Hey, enemy of my enemy can be an ally when it counts.

Hang-ah calls her father to say that she’s going now. He pouts that he doesn’t care, whatever, she’s just going to do what she wants anyway. Aw. Jae-ha boards the train car and snatches the phone from her.

He calls him “Father,” and promises to visit with Hang-ah after chuseok. Dad says he can’t handle the stress from his visits, given the international terrorist fiascos and whatnot, but Jae-ha insists they’ll be there, and leaves Dad smiling. Yay.

He asks why the long face, and she says that South Korea still scares her, and she’s worried about how she’ll be received. He takes her hand reassuringly.

They arrive at the palace and Mom and Secretary Eun are waiting in her room. Mom runs up and takes Hang-ah’s face in her hands, and tells her how sorry and grateful she is. Hang-ah says she should bow properly, and Mom says no, she should be the one bowing to Hang-ah, for saving her son’s life.

She leads her inside to her room filled with presents sent from well-wishers, from food to seaweed to bears and other gifts. She opens up a few, overwhelmed by the gestures, and then finds a note in one, written in blood? Creepy red ink? “Kim Hang-ah Die.”

HAHAHAHAHA. This show, it kills me. What a way to cut the saccharine. Mom quickly snatches that one out of her hands, but Hang-ah’s so happy she doesn’t even register it.

Jae-ha smiles, pleased at her warm reception, and Secretary Eun follows him out to say that that’s not really a lot of presents, and technically, fifty percent of the public still opposes the union. Jae-ha groans, “Ajusshi! Do you have to say things like that right now? We just got here!”

Secretary Eun just doesn’t want him floating around with his head in the clouds (or he delights in being a killjoy because he’s eeeeevil, take your pick) and Jae-ha assures him that he won’t, saying that Daddy Eun is just as un-fun as Shi-kyung.

“I know it’s just the beginning. I’m going to raise it—that power you talked about.” Secretary Eun smiles proudly despite himself. I do think that he believes he’s justified in everything he’s doing for the good of the monarchy. It’s just… you know what they say about the road to hell.

Shi-kyung goes right back to work like the toy solider that he is, gathering more intel on Club M. I don’t know why he has to be told this by someone else, but the princess is the one who holds the key to identifying her brother’s killer.

He goes to check on Jae-shin and finds her playing cards with her staff. She’s happy to see him and asks him to join the game, but he’s so wired from worrying about her that he ends up asking gruffly if this is all she’s been doing while he was gone, instead of trying to recover her memories.

She gets defensive and asks why he’s attacking her when he of all people knows what she’s going through. Shi-kyung: “So do you want my pity?” Ouch. She looks up at him with a stricken look, saying that she can’t force herself to remember.

But he challenges her, “Or is it that you don’t want to remember?” He calls her out for clinging to it as a weakness, to get more sympathy, to be treated with kid gloves by everyone around her.

He tells her that she has to face it, and even if the memories don’t come back, if she doesn’t deal with it, she’s just going to get worse and worse. “Please come back, Princess. Be bold, like you were before.”

But this is a tough love speech she’s not ready to hear, and she cuts him off to call and ask that Shi-kyung be replaced by another agent from now on. Nooo. She calls him a frustrating ass.

It stuns him so much that he stands through an entire meeting with Jae-ha lost in thought. He remembers every time Jae-shin called him frustrating in cute ways, culminating in the last one, meant to be an insult.

Jae-ha snaps him back to reality, and Shi-kyung asks, “Am I really that frustrating?” Aw, but you’re also adorably earnest! Jae-ha isn’t one to mince words, and confirms it, and Shi-kyung just sighs, resigned to his fate as a funless bot. Maybe we could install some party programs in your CPU.

Jae-ha then goes to Hang-ah, to fill her in on Kim Bong-gu, Club M, and everything that’s been going on. See, THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. The romantic declarations are all swoonworthy, but I love that he treats her as an equal, and goes to her for advice and support. It’s real, and lovely.

He tells her everything about Bong-gu—that he’s just one man, but more than just a man. He has endless money, with which he’s bought up everything. His modus operandi: “That power is justice.” Might is right? Yeah, that about sums it up. Evil bastards.

He says the whole world wants to see North and South tear each other apart. He spins the little globe on the table with a sigh, “There’s so much to do, but we’re so small.” Man, you can just see it on her face, like she’s watching him grow up in front of her.

He asks if she thinks they can do it—the WOC, getting married. She’s struck by his sincerity and his very kingly concerns, which is a side of him she’s never really seen before.

Suddenly she’s like waitaminute, “What’re you saying, that you’re NOT going to marry me?” Ha. He’s like, I am, I am, but she bolts up, “So if it gets difficult, are you just going to send me back? You know that’ll be the THIRD TIME!”

She rants, calling him a rat bastard, and he takes her hands, repeating that they will, he swears, what about now, next month? Hee. But she pulls her hands away and tells him to stomp out Bong-gu first: “If you can’t handle him, you’re not even a MAN. Why would I marry a guy like that?”

Oh nice. She’s totally turning it into a challenge for him. It’s brilliant. He has something to fight for, and gets a boost of confidence without being patronized. Plus it has the added benefit of leaving him all flustered. She says she’ll reject him if he doesn’t succeed, and he calls out after her, “I’ll do well!”

She storms into her room and calls Daddy, asking how long he’s known about Bong-gu. He whines at being woken up in the middle of the night and wonders how she knows, and she shouts into the phone that Comrade Jae-ha, a guy who laughs when people threaten him with bombs, is quaking in his boots.

“I’m not going to leave him be—the bastard who made my man this way!” She’s so cute. She starts yelling about how she’s going to slit his throat, and Dad tells her he’s already on it, with the research.

But research isn’t gonna cut it for Action Girl, and she basically orders Dad to find out where Bong-gu lives, lying that Jae-ha needs it for his plan. Thank you! Someone else who thinks just bombing the hell out of his fancy house should do the trick. I know, it’s probably not going to work, but I need someone to TRY.

Meanwhile, Jae-ha and Shi-kyung are off chasing another lead on Bong-gu—a girl at a club who sees him on a regular basis. They track her down, and Jae-ha goes in for the big seduction…

But he spins back on his heels to remind Shi-kyung that this is all in the name of The Plan. “The person I love is our Hang-ah. There is only Hang-ah… Just in case she says something, you have to be my witness!” Pfffft. Shi-kyung smiles and nods. I don’t know how he’s not busting a gut right now.

Annnnd, I was already laughing, but then you got a full shot with your shiny shoes, and now I’m on the floor.

Mission: Seduce-the-girlfriend-but-only-in-the-name-of-the-plan-if-Hang-ah-asks is a go.

Sometime later Bong-gu receives a care package in the mail, sent to his home address. It’s got a royal seal on it. He opens the letter from Jae-ha that says he sent a present, but not to bother opening it.

It requires a password, and Jae-ha wouldn’t want him to suffer trying to figure it out. He does give a hint though: “It’s something I have, that you don’t.” Taunting the villain never gets old. He closes the letter with, “But don’t open it. You’ll regret it.”

So of course he sits down with it right away. He’s so hooked. Also, I love the password game! Among the things he tries: royal seal, good looks (deciding that’s not true after all, ha), honor, youth, manners, a conscience.

Jae-ha tells Secretary Eun about the plan and says that now is the time to strike, and he’s going to do it together with Hang-ah. He asks for ajusshi’s help.

Bong-gu goes crazy (er, crazier) trying to open the box, and flings it at his minion to take an axe to it. Only of course it’s wired to explode if it’s tampered with. Have you never seen a spy movie? He refuses to let it be taken away.

The royal couple heads out to Hang-ah’s first public appearance since the hearings. Jae-ha asks if she’s ready, and she nods. He holds her hand one last time in the car, and then leads her up the red carpet hand-in-hand.

Bong-gu ponders the password, and then it hits him. He gets up with a start and whispers into the box, “People.”

It opens.

Jae-ha and Hang-ah reach the top of the steps, and then face each other for one last us-against-the-world look. Then they turn to face the cameras.


WHAT’S IN THE BOX? Okay, sorry I had to get that Seven quote out of my system. I love the games Jae-ha plays with Bong-gu, knowing that curiosity will get the better of the maniacal bastard. So far he’s played every exchange with him perfectly—that carousel speech was such sweet vengeance, not to mention crazy brave, given the circumstances. And even in setting the password to “People,” it says so much about what Jae-ha understands about his adversary.

Sure, he has more money, more power than Jae-ha has. But the king has his people—from the woman he loves and his action wingman, to every last citizen in his kingdom, something that Bong-gu will never have. More than anything, I love that he’s come to acknowledge that a king can be more than a puppet, and that maybe he finally gets what hyung always said about the king belonging to the people—the crown is theirs, and it represents them. Though he might not have money or power, he has the might of the people, and perhaps he’ll find that when moved, they are a greater power than money can ever buy.

It was so satisfying to see Hang-ah and Jae-ha each be badass in their own ways when faced with danger. How much do I love that he’s the brains and she’s the brawn? I mean, REALLY. It doesn’t get any better than that. I wish we could’ve gotten an actual reunion scene with the WOC team post-rescue—they saved his life for crying out loud. But I’m going to tell myself that there were hugs and drinks and SNSD jokes offscreen somewhere.

The proposal was adorable, of course, but what’s great about this couple is that their everyday interactions are just as full of bickering cuteness as the big romantic moments are, so it’s not a departure from the norm. And I love that they’ve finally moved past fighting each other, so that they can fight the world together, hand in hand.


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  1. yellow buttercup

    oh finally! thx GF!

    • 1.1 yellow buttercup

      omg!! there are too many great moments that made me teary! this episode is totally daebak, really!

      okay, so here’s the list:
      > “An unfamiliar marriage, an awful man, a miscarriage… For Kim Hang-ah, who had a really hard time: Natural 3-step Skincare Project.” —-> and it ended with “I love you”… it’s such an unusual, crazy, brilliant way to win HA back! not to mention romantic ;p

      > The return of badass HA! man, I love the fact that this drama doesn’t work with gender stereotype. It’s always about a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor..well, here it’s practically the king in distress, LOL

      > and YEAYY the ol’ gang is back! I love this. so much. really. it even got me teary

      > the way JH handled Bong-gu: “Ya, Kim Bong-gu. If you’re going to work out your inferiority complex, do it right. ” Well, what can I say? totally daebak!

      > JH’s line in proposing to HA: “Every morning, I’m going to kiss you. For revenge.”——-> I don’t mind you doing it to me, JH. LOL *okay, enough for now. be back later :D*

      • 1.1.1 ilikemangos

        I squeed at that line when Jae Ha proposed to Hang Ah after he rescued her.
        “every morning, im going to kiss you, for revenge.”

        And Jae Ha pointing out his inferiority complex, well, awesome.

        • Arhazivory

          That kind of revenge….what can I do to get that in real life? *sighs*

          • yellow buttercup

            LOL. I want that kind of revenge too

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            if we pulled off anything Hang Ah did even remotely well — the guys would go runnin’ just sayin. LOL

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            LOL. Seriously.

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            Lol, that revenge is to die for-only if it’s from Jaeha, of course

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          OMG that proposal. So perfect.

      • 1.1.2 tralala

        I got goosebumps when I watched the scene where Hang Ah got on to of the roof! It’s just DAEBAKKKK!~~~~ I wish I can fly like that too.. lol xD

        Credit to the amazing scriptwriters! xD

        • tralala

          *ON THE ROOF

          I must be too excited to type it that way..haha

        • Gordon

          I was thinking as she was taking down the bad guy with the bomb. That she needed to say.”I’M BAT er WOMAN” and the whole walking off the merry go round without a word to Jae Ha was nice.

          I wish I could say I was sorry about what Hang Ah is going to do to crazy guy … but I’m not.

          I was enjoying the second leads and their romance. I am still thinking the experimental treatment that Jaw Shin was taling about is going to work at least to a degree.

        • MsGB

          Not only that but the way Jae Ha was watchin her while she kicked butt and took names. He was freakin mesmerized!!!!

      • 1.1.3 emelita

        Thanks, GF. Love this episode … Cheers to the Ah-Ha couple! They’ve finally found each other. He gives her a tight hug, but, but why doesn’t she hug him back?

        • Jia Min

          Well… she just wants to be doted more by JaeHa~ 🙂

      • 1.1.4 Divyrus

        Man, I loved loved him challenging Bong Gu, the way he threw it down “whats he saying” , thats a slap in your face Bong Gu! So So satisying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1.2 yellow buttercup

      another favorite description from GF:

      Shi-kyung asks, “Am I really that frustrating?” Aw, but you’re also adorably earnest! Jae-ha isn’t one to mince words, and confirms it, and Shi-kyung just sighs, resigned to his fate as a funless bot. Maybe we could install some party programs in your CPU.

      LOL @ “and Shi-kyung just sighs, resigned to his fate as a funless bot.”

    • 1.3 GlaSS

      I just love your recaps always when I finished a drama, I go to this place to read and is amazing like I were watching again, full of emotions and funny coments that makes me laugh even when I have tears on my eyes.

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    Oh.my.god. (Basically my whole thought throughout this episode)
    My mind is so befuddled with everything that went on with this episode, and my, everything moved about so swiftly that I couldn’t process everything before something else happened.
    Jae Ha, you are so lucky to have a kick ass wife like Hang Ah to save yer butt. I was literally jumping around and screaming at the screen, (“YES!!!!! YESS!!!” *points at screen) as hang ah sweeping in as heroine.
    That was the darndest, sweetest proposal ever. A sweet revenge? LOVE.
    Seems like shi kyung is going around makin’ everyone in the royal palace better.
    If we can get a dose of everything (like we did in this episode) till the very end, I will be the happiest person on earth.
    The ending was so friggin’ awesome. I love how Jae Ha is able to break down our villain where it hurts the most.. “People” FREAKING EPIC.
    Gonna go to bed dreaming of all the endless possibilities to come…
    TK2H fanbase, ASSEMBLE!!!

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      GF, i knew you’d include that screencap of seunggi’s wink.
      This episode was by far my favorite. — for now.

      • 2.1.1 Allie

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        It was the 1st episode that I thought DAEBAK, then we had the DAEBAK episode 4, and then we had the more DAEBAK episode 6, 8, and 11, Oh Man… *cry of joy*

        Oh and big thank you GF for writing this awesome recap!

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    Loved kick ass Instructor Kim.
    Loved the lovers tiff, the daughter-father phone call.

    Kudos to the writers for the brilliant password treasure box with that awesome clue: what I have that you do not have. Bong Gu just keeps mouthing off his own inadequacies but can’t stop himself from solving the puzzle. Absolutely brilliant.

    • 4.1 ilikemangos

      Agree with what you say.
      The dialogue in this drama gets me.
      I love it.

    • 4.2 topper

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      • 4.2.1 ilikemangos

        LOL and he doesn’t even use it for it’s purpose but rather just to knock em out with it.
        divergent thinking, i say.

        • trixicopper

          Well he did blow a hole in the wall. 🙂 I just howled when I saw him with that grenade launcher. No one’s gonna accuse HIM of bringing a knife to a gun fight. 🙂

    • 4.3 Saima

      yeah, when the box was delivered to him I totally snorted!! Love that Jae-ha as figured BG out!! He’s so brilliant, our Jae-ha, I tell you! <3

      • 4.3.1 Summer

        Remember that Jae Ha has an IQ of 187, if he can’t even do this, i think viewers will questioned his high IQ in the drama, haha.. so he can’t really act silly when it comes to ideas/strategy,etc..

        However, matters of the heart is something that has got nothing to do with high IQ, so he can be silly on that area.. hehehe…

    • 4.4 topper

      Btw if anyone is wondering about Doraemon, Jae Ha smirked at the guy in Tom’s costume asking whether he is Doraemon when he keeps pulling out things one after another from his costume.

      • 4.4.1 ilikemangos

        LOL how he can appear to be so calm and crack jokes under all that pressure is definitely amazing.
        But i think that’s what’ll really shake bong gu in his socks.
        Bong Gu likes fear. And Jae Hae ain’t givin him any.
        I think that’s where Jae Ha kind of beats out his older bro.
        He’s not gonna take shit from anyone who threatens the people who’s close to him.

        • Arhazivory

          He was made to be king with that kind of attitude and awesomenesss.

        • Saima

          I believe when I was watching this raw I was half-covering my face and going, “This guy’s frickin’ crazyyyy…omigoshhhh….why are you sooo brilliant!!” haha

          • Divyrus

            Ha ha, same here!!! I barely understood a thing, but was jumping up and down in my seat!
            There is nothing bad about a drama that is enjoyable and badass without subs, in my book!

      • 4.4.2 Duncerblur

        Ha, I’m so glad you mentioned this. I actually blurted out “What is he? Doraemon?” but the subtitles did not show Jae Ha’s comment. LOL. Glad to know the scriptwriters & I are in sync … pffttt.

        • topper

          Maybe not everyone knows about Doraemon as we assume. Jae Ha definitely said Do Ra A Mon out.

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    Best…verbal slap…ever.

    I thought I was going to have to call 911 when I made the mistake of watching this scene and drinking a coke.

    • 8.1 ilikemangos

      Puhaha. i was like Ouch, Bonggu ain’t gonna be happy with this diss. since he even said so himself he might be in love with our king.
      Then cue to Bong gu’s crazy explosion.

    • 8.2 Arhazivory

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      I wanna study that insult.

      • 8.2.1 ilikemangos

        LOL i am currently soaking in everything Jae Ha said to Bong gu in order to characterize this crazy lunatic without calling him crazy.
        Honestly, its so nice to have Jae Ha read him in just a snap.
        And that’s really what gets Bong gu because deep down he knows it himself.
        *sigh* such a pity he’ll only realize that at the end, or, perhaps, never.

        • Divyrus

          You know I wondered a lot about his role as crazy villain, I mean why bring such a silly character when all other characters are so well defined, now I can see clearly!!!

          I mean he is the kind of villain you need to make Our King grow to be super awesome!

    • 8.3 MsB

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  9. Osi

    Aww, I love this episode so much. Finally, they’re getting together. Thank you writer-nim. This episode is so intense at first. The WOC is back (sorry dong ha, they did it without you), and hang ah is so badass. The proposal is sooo romantic, not to forget his gifts to her which are so sweet. I want those ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘I love you’ lotions. And I love how sweet Mom is. She welcomes HA warmly. Also, the loony BG is getting on his nerves cracking the password. Nice.
    Thank you for the recap GF.

    • 9.1 topper

      Dong Ha pouting that they did it without him was so cute.

      • 9.1.1 emmy

        Dong Ha is so cute (in fact the whole WOC team is adorable)!

        I’m a bit confused because the subs I watched had him asking “why didn’t they mention me?”, so i got the impression that maybe he was in on this too? (perhaps keeping the North Korean trio updated while watching CNN live?)

        • topper

          I think that was subbed wrongly. He was feeling left out and not happy he was not involved in the plot.

        • ilikemangos

          Yeah as topper says, it was probably subbed wrong.
          I think it was more along the lines of “Aw, they left me out..”

    • 9.2 ilikemangos

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      I’m realllllllly hoping the WOC team officially reunites and has a party/celebration somehow.

      • 9.2.1 yellow buttercup

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        • Arhazivory

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      • 9.2.2 JoAnne

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    • 9.3 Osi

      And this.

      But he spins back on his heels to remind Shi-kyung that this is all in the name of The Plan. “The person I love is our Hang-ah. There is only Hang-ah… Just in case she says something, you have to be my witness!”


      • 9.3.1 topper

        He knows he is in for a severe spanking if she finds out. Maybe in the toilet again. And I am hoping she does find out. Pffft.

        • JenJen

          God yes, I absolutely want her to find out, so they can bicker some more and make up again… Is it wrong how much I just want them to cute-fight all the time?

      • 9.3.2 ilikemangos

        keke — he knows her well now.

      • 9.3.3 Saima

        bahahaa, that WAS EPIC!! He knows if his woman gets miffed and returns home the repercussions are too severe!! gotta love this couple.

      • 9.3.4 Arhazivory

        He should be scared. lol…I kinda want her to find out and kinda don’t.

        • MsB

          Yeah, considering how fine he looked in that white coat. I had to rewind three or four times. Ok, the sparkly shoes were a bit much but that coat. DANG, it was rocking it! And then he turns and smiles… *DROOL*

          • Jane

            Yes, he does look fine, but for me Shi Kyung was more sexy in that scene. That moment he speaks Japanese in that low voice of his with the sexy music in the background… What can I say. Watched it a couple of times.

      • 9.3.5 Divyrus

        Ha ha, I absolutely cracked up on that scene!!!
        For a minute, he is scared that she will leave again! 😛

        • Duncerblur

          I don’t think he’s afraid she would leave. More likely, he petrified that she’s gonna take his shiny shoes and beat the crap out of him with them.

      • 9.3.6 Bea

        I didn’t really understand what happened there. I mean, in my opinion “seducing someone” even if it is for your girlfriend’s sake means cheating. So, did he… seduce her with words and a few kisses, maybe, or did he REALLY seduce her? Meaning sex, what I would hate.

        • Bea

          Ok, I just had to see the following episode. Sorry.

    • 9.4 ilikemangos

      We’ll be seeing their reunion!

      I THOUGHT THESE EPISODES were already written out?
      It’s like they’re answering our prayers and desires without even knowing it.


      • 9.4.1 yellow buttercup


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      • 11.1.1 Divyrus

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        Man, I feel bad for never giving him that much credit in first place!

    • 11.2 Osi

      I wrote about this in the previous recap, but I write it here again. ^^
      His eyes are so expressive, even I watch this drama without subs, I can feel him. And, his eyelashes are looooong and beautiful.
      Now, combine his eyes with his smile and his dimple.

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    • 13.1 rearwindow

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  14. 14 Val

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    Ooooooooooh Shi kyung! What have you done to me? So genuine and earnest. Inhale. Exhale.

  15. 15 Saima

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    The BGM is frickin’ awesome….totally heightens the tension and mood….love the new additional piano piece that was playing when HA returns to the palace!! My heart couldn’t contain the happiness when JH brings HA hand-in-hand to reunite with his mum. My smile mirrored their three smiles!

    Lastly, that was quite a proposal speech with cherry blossoms in the background! I totally sighed. Seung-gi was lookin’ mighty, MIGHTY, M.I.G.H.T.Y fine today!! *wipes off droool of chin* Those suits do him complete justice and then some…

    • 15.1 ilikemangos

      LOL saima i too was “jumping, babling, throwing my arms up in the air!! ”
      The proposal scene was so beautiful, and i loved every word of what he said.
      It was so nice to hear because it’s different to what i’m accustomed to hearing.
      I heard the crew had to work very hard during that scene, pouring the cherry blossoms and fanning them, im guessing. ahha

      • 15.1.1 Saima

        yunno, I’ve always appreciated JH’s wry humor since the beginning! During that failed WOC test he was incredulously hilarious infront of the NK comrades and then when he got to the washroom he showed his nerves! How awesome….so, during his proposal when he asked if she liked him or SK, I laughed cuz that’s soo him. And, he was laying it thick with the words and that half-smile!! gahhhh….

        RE blossoms: even our Seung-gi contributed to the blossoms laid out!!

        • reglest

          Yes!! He is helping the flower spread!

        • JoAnne

          When he asked that, it was calling back to the snow scene, which is really the first time he outed himself as liking her, just because he was so jealous of Shi Kyung. And the cherry blossoms falling were like the snow, it was a nice touch.

      • 15.1.2 maria

        that proposal scene was like “revenge is sweet indeed”…
        these writers are amazing even the whole gift set was unusual and unique.

        i love how the characters are very consistent in this drama.
        like jae ha turning into some martial arts guy and saving himself because his character didn’t call for that. plus, they’re bringing back the WOC!!! yeeeeesssss!!!

        And like someone said he’s the brains and she’s the BRAWNS! I love that because we don’t always have this in kdramaland.

        and yes saima i noticed they had a new piano piece…. oh, OST i’m waiting for you!!

        you know, i’m tempted to buy this drama once it’s on DVD. it would be a first!!! unless the remaining episodes would spoil it but i have faith it’s going to be kickass!!! 🙂

        • Saima

          After watching Ep 12 I went, “TK2H you are soo good to me…when the DVD’s out I’ll purchase and enshrine you!!”

          hahaa, THIS is how much I love this drama!! First time even thinking abt buying a K-drama DVD!!

          • JoAnne

            Well…I do own a couple of My Beloveds. But I didn’t pay full price.

            For this one, I actually sat there mid-episode and thought to myself: Self, buy this one. Don’t wait for it to go on sale, either.

          • maria

            oh,please let me know which site i can go to. do they have a preorder already?!!! LOL!!
            since i live in the states i think buying it online is the only way for me. :/
            thanks in advance!!!!

          • Minea

            Me, too. I’m sooo buying this one. Can’t wait to OWN it even if I know i can watch it online.

          • reglest

            Me too!
            I never bought any, not MGIG nor BL, but this! This one make me considering a MUST!

    • 15.2 MsB

      AMEN to the suits!

  16. 16 Noelle

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    • 16.1 Noelle

      Hang Ah is so badass. I just feel that that’s HJW in real life. Kicking ass and taking names while being girly. How much do I love that she got all overly protective about “her man” shaking in his boots. Ya know she’s thinking she’s the only one who can make him shake rattle and role.

      I feel so bad for Shi Kyung. He’s going about it all wrong when it comes to Jae Shin, even if his intentions are good. He needs to grab a guitar and belt out a ballad out her door or window.

      I want so bad for the WOC team to come back together. How awesome would it be if HA got them to be her bodyguards? Then they can always be together!

      • 16.1.1 Jane

        I was thinking kinda of the same thing, even though I think she needs tough love right now because she is feeling sorry for herself. When SK sang in episode 2 (I think it was), he let go. It was like he forgot to be so self conscious. He should sing to the princess…Let go for a little bit.

        • ilikemangos

          agree.. i think our earnest bot is already starting to fall for her, and it’d be nice if he just let his guard down later.
          But as you say, yeah.. she sort of does need tough love right now. She needs to get better, and who better to make her better than our loveable shi kyung?
          I think later on we’ll have some very cute princess/earnest bot scenes. =) i’ll be looking forward to their kiss scene.
          Imagine how adorably awk he’d look after! Hahahahhaha

          • Jane

            Hahahahaha, I just imagined a scene… a shower scene. After watching SK speaking Japanese I read a comment somewhere that we need a shower scene form him, and its true. And what better scene of him taking a shower and JS walking/passing in her wheelchair, in on him. Something like that! He would die of embarrassment and awkwardness. I know this is not going to happen, but a girl can dream.

            I really hope they give us a kiss scene. It will probably be started by the princess, although… if he kisses her that would be awesome!

          • ilikemangos

            OR since Jae Shin can’t move around, lets say all her back up disappears and shi kyung has to help her get in the tub.. LOL
            that’d be awesome too! muahahah

  17. 17 Mawiie

    I think that Ha Ji Won is taking my definition of “girlcrush” to a new level. I had a major fangirl moment when she was putting her Army uniform on and I think that people could hear me swoon when she came to the amusement park and saved Jae Ha’s ass xD

    Seriously, I wasn’t even reacting way when I saw Lee Min Ho in City Hunter LOL

    • 17.1 ilikemangos

      she was so badass when she was putting on her armor i was just like. THIS. this is what i miss so much.
      And then when she totally just kicked their asses and left so swiftly like nothing happened (like city hunter)
      i was like daang. this girl got class.

      • 17.1.1 Lhej

        HA was awesome at the same time hot and sexy during the fight scene…I had to remind myself that I’m a girl for a moment there! Good thing the proposal scene was next so I got back to being a girl hoping to meet the sweet JH in my life…this episode was the best of all episodes of any dramas I’ve watched!

        • Divyrus

          Right there with you, I so love ha ji won!
          You people might beat me up, but here is the truth, I never liked her in secreyt garden, maybe the genre or the character, I just couldn’t get all the hype about her!

          But after K2H, I stand corrected!

          • Saima

            SG was soo mehhhhh!! I was totally addicted in the beginning but discontinued midway through…her character didn’t help any!

            but, yeah she was soo bada$$ in Ep 12 that like Jae-ha I was watching her with googly eyes!! heh

          • PrimeMinister3

            Watch her in Hwangjini. Totally awesome. Damo was great too.

    • 17.2 Joy

      I can relate to you about Ha Ji Won, it’s been a while now. lol. Words are not enough to express how I adore this Amazing Yeoja!

    • 17.3 FL (King's Lover)

      I was like: Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful and so bad-ass at the same time? And then she stomped on that man’s hand, shoved a gun in his mouth and walked away like she did it everyday (probably does). At that point I jumped and screamed: “That’s my kind of woman.” The looks I got! I felt so proud watching her mop the floor with those guys.

      • 17.3.1 Joy

        Well put..

        Omg! I love that scene. She ROCKS!

      • 17.3.2 ilikemangos

        Not to mention that look Jae Ha gives her as she kicks their arses.
        something along the lines of ‘dam she looks hot like that. now i really see why i love her’

        • ailin

          I thought it was more like, “That’s MY woman!”

      • 17.3.3 babes

        And the way she walks away from it all. Man, I didn’t see that coming. This episode is EPIC!

      • 17.3.4 Divyrus

        yeah that scene, when she just squeezed his hand and put the gun in his mouth, I so wished to be as badass as her!!!

        And the look on JH’s face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Its not admiration or thank you, it pure awe and proud and special that she is HIS girl!!! His queen!!!!!!!!!!

    • 17.4 Cabbage

      Hee hee, not just me, then! The little Angelina Jolie Lara Croft avatar that lives in my heart is getting jealous of the competition.

    • 17.5 rearwindow

      LOL I totally and completely second that.

    • 17.6 Oldlady

      I love HJW. No matter whose d co-stars, feels like she meant 2 b with them.. Jo in sung, hyun bin..etc..n now lee seung gi. Despite d age gape, im still agree if they bcome OTP..

    • 17.7 Raine

      I have a major girl crush on HJW too 😛 Totally swooning here too when watching her put on her battle gear and saving her King <3 What is she doing to us!? XD

    • 17.8 kumon

      me too! She really is THE Amazing Yeoja. I love her to bits. I hope she and our puppy will win awards this year. <3

    • 17.9 PrimeMinister3

      Hear hear!

  18. 18 Sunmi

    Is it just me or does Lee Seung-gi get sexier and sexier with every passing episode? Not only that but he keeps bring so much depth and nuance to Jae-kang. The way he goes from comically goofy to serious to smugly confident just makes me clap with glee. I was so loving the fact that Jae-kang is now actively effing with the Looney Tunes Squad and its Harry Potter-wannabe leader.

    Not to forget Ha Ji Won. This episode had me all bubbly and squeeing with glee when she went to go save her man b/c she’s rawr like that. Even though the entire rescue sequence was so quirky it was more funny than serious (how the hell did she jump onto that merry-go-round? What is she? Spiderman…woman?) the way she took out those guards was hot.

    *Le sigh* Next Wednesday why art thou so far off?

    • 18.1 ilikemangos

      It is not just you sunmi.
      i feel myself falling more and more in love with our characters, and all the actors are the reason for it.

    • 18.2 Saima

      I agree abt Seung-gi. He was lookin’ soo fine in those two new suits that I was biting on my fist, HARD!! heh, not even lying! Only that would save me from transforming into a puddle of goo….

      • 18.2.1 Sunmi

        Ugh. Don’t even start with the suits.

        If there’s one thing about LSG its this: the man knows how to work a suit. It’s as if suits were made to exist just for him to wear it. I don’t even know it’s possible but at the beginning of this series I couldn’t take him seriously but now I’m hanging on his every word and expression. Even his smiles have me swooning.

        Aiyo…all I want is LSG in a suit for Christmas. That’s it. Erm…then…maybe Gong Yoo for my birthday? But then that’s it. I promise! :3

        • Divyrus

          When I first saw K2H pictures and stills with him in army outfit and suits, I was like “No no LSH, you look good but that isn’t you”

          But NOW, am dying!!!

          More than his suits, I love his ties!!! I keep having this really perverted thought about how he would look with just his tie around his neck, not the suit, just the tie!

          • Summer

            oh, now that you mentioned the tie, how about Kim Hang Ah pulling Jae Ha by the tie into their room and then…….. hehehe…… you know what i meant…hehe… i can imagine Jae Ha puppy looks as he is dragged happily into the room….

      • 18.2.2 ilikemangos

        OMG. his dapper suits.
        I would just stare at him ESP. when he walks, because there’s something so sexy about the way he takes those strides with his long, sexy legs..

        Alright, im done.

        • babes

          Yup! His walk got me again…think i’m dying here…

          • Joy

            His walk, the evil smile with the combination of the his cute dimple and the ‘chamelion expressions such a fun to see.

          • MsB

            Oh yeah! The walk! When he walked into the bar, I was speechless!!

        • NN

          he looks absolutely delicious in those suits!

        • JoAnne

          He does look good, yup, yup.

          But Shi Kyung in that fancy uniform with the big white chest and the motorcycle boots?

          oh good Lord, carry me off somewhere, EarnestBot, and I’ll show how to smile and yell ‘Wheeeeeeeee!’

    • 18.3 yellow buttercup

      I can’t even decide whether I’m in love with JH or Seung-gi, LOL *I swear I’ve never been this crazy before*

      • 18.3.1 Sunmi

        You said it!

        It’s all evidence of LSG’s amazing talent to steal and befuddle the hearts and minds of hordes of fans. All I can say is thank God this is only a drama. If ROK really did have a king that freakishly good looking and sexy and rawr in suits…I don’t even know @_@

        • yellow buttercup

          LOL @ “a king that freakishly good looking and sexy and rawr in suits”

        • Saima

          LSG’s styling is a lot maturer here than in his previous two dramas! In Gumiho he was styled as an average Joe and he carried off the hapless dude character with aplomb. He’s doing the same here: so it’s a good thing that a lot of viewers are sitting up and noticing him!! yayyyyyy

          • Sunmi

            Good for him but bad for us viewers! I don’t know how much more swooning my body can take. This man…he just destroys me without even trying–and he’s fully clothed too! >_<

          • Saima

            @ Sunmi: Hear hear, sisterr!! As for the swooning we still have 8 episodes to go and am pretty sure our Jae-ha will be in BAMF-mode since he’ll be dealing a lot more with BG!!

            Who needs a shower scene when JH’s brains make me swoon?!! Did I just say that I don’t need a shower scene: cancel it! What with Seung-gi’s choco abs, Show please humor us!! Kreyo?!

  19. 19 misachan

    i am so excited to watch this once it comes out…

    yes i actually read your recaps first and then watch it.
    I find that it doesn’t really matter to me which one I do first with this drama. It still kicks ass no matter how you cut it (or watch it)

    thank you !

  20. 20 slfowie

    Thank you for the recap this episode was kick ass!!! Girlfriday the screenshot with Jae Ha winking was for us girls right???
    Can’t believe how awesomer each character gets in this episode. And i can totally see why the writers created such a crazy villain, coz you really have to be crazy to pull all the stunts he has. Plus I love the fact that though it started out as a political agenda for Club M, how because of Jae Ha its more personal. So every time Jae Ha oneups Bong-gu its so much sweeter for the viewers.

    • 20.1 slfowie

      saw the recaps.. and guess what Hang Ah question if the sectary should be trusted- leading to Ernest Bot and Jae Ha to hopefully figure out what really happened!!
      I want next week to now now!! well maybe not have tons of stuff that i need to finish before next week

  21. 21 Granny

    I love the show more that I should be hehehe….
    Seung Gi and Ji Won have became such a fantastic couple that I never imagine they could. So cute, fierce to each other. So refreshing…they brought out a rare thing in a redundance drama land.

    The best ending I have seen….very satisfaying and yet I cant wait to see what’ll happen next..

    Thank YOU GF…

  22. 22 ilikemangos

    I also love the scene where jae ha and hang ah were discussing the topic of club M.
    it makes me happy that our hero also believes her to be of equal importance in helping him overcome his conflicts.
    Yay for major character development.

    • 22.1 Joy

      I love that this drama is NOT your typical drama.

      • 22.1.1 ilikemangos

        Many of the things about this drama is the tie to the real world.
        And yknow, in dramaland, they don’t show us that much reliance on the heroine, rather, they try to protect them and keep them away from this danger.
        True BUT, have some faith. They might just turn out like Hang Ah and save the king from an assassination attempt.

        • rearwindow

          Well said.

      • 22.1.2 Arhazivory

        Exactly. He’s not keeping her n the dark to ‘protect’ her or anything like that. Oh! It just kills me how much love and respect he has for her. *dies*

        • Saima

          He got played by her at the end of their convo!! haha, poor him goes, “I’ll do well” JH, why soo adorable!! To the rest of the world he’s the smartest person around and then when his woman throws faux-accusations he goes, “wut, what, W.H.A.T?!” haha

          • ilikemangos

            HAHAHA he doesn’t even try to one up her anymore.
            it is how it is jae ha.
            oh how you’ve grown.

          • Joy

            Yup, when he’s with Hang Ah, he’s adorkableness shows a lot. he he he

          • rearwindow

            Omo, I loved that she totally played him! God, this pairing slays me. So awesome.

      • 22.1.3 reglest

        I Love how you said THAT!
        It’s in deed not a conventional drama..

        arrrrhhhh~ is it WEDNESDAY YET???

    • 22.2 rearwindow

      YES. THIS. I don’t want to be the one to keep comparing this show to other dramas, but since I’m watching it concurrently, I couldn’t help but compare Jae ha’s behavior in this to City Hunter’s. CH has so much unnecessary angst and misplaced “chivalry,” whereas Jae ha’s just like…of course I’ll tell my badass girlfriend about the lunatic who’s currently freakishly obsessed with me. She just saved my life. DUH.

      The main thing here, I think, is that Jae ha honestly and truly admires and (most importantly) RESPECTS Hang ah. He’s not trying to own her or to protect her or anything like that. He wants to be her partner. And that is so much more true-to-life and SO refreshing to find in a drama.

      • 22.2.1 ilikemangos

        Well said!

      • 22.2.2 Divyrus

        Right there with you, am so tired of all this jealousy and family angst that normally stand in a couple’s way!
        But the real thing that stands in a couple’s way is themselves, teh issues they need to work out!

        And thats what they are showing here, both with JH-Kh story and princess story!!!!

      • 22.2.3 babes

        Very, very well said!

      • 22.2.4 JoAnne

        suddenly weeping for the vision I just had of the City Hunter that wasn’t. (And I LOVED City Hunter…but City Hunter’s awesome older brother who believes in the power of women just stole my heart.)

        • rearwindow

          Oh man, the non-angsty feminist City Hunter would be AMAZING. And Ha Ji-won would take the role of Nana in my idealized version of it. How awesome would that be?!

          (Or, in a more idealized world, Ji-won would BE City Hunter. Which is almost too awesome a thought to comprehend.)

          • ilikemangos

            kekeke how cool would it be if we had a city hunter like hang ah.

  23. 23 maeye86

    watched this at the wee hours last night. and kept on replaying the OTP scene. without.understanding.a.word

    anyway, thanks girlfriday for the recap!

    • 23.1 babes

      Me too!

  24. 24 Joy

    Muchos Gracias, GF!

    Incredibly breathtaking episode, I love Hang Ah’s abuji and yeah, his comrade with the Bazooka, it was nice to see him again. What can I say; Ha Ji Won always steals my heart. She’s such Bad Ass Quenn! I love that it’s the other way around; the female character gets to save the day. YES to the girl Power! 🙂
    What an earnest way to get Hang Ah’s heart back a bit, the scene where lotions, Biyane, Kumawo, and Saranghae, not to mention he created it himself, priceless. Wow, the proposal is such a delight to see, very charming. I’m curios what’s inside the box; wonder if it’s the recording of Bongu’s admitting the late King’s murder. Love that he’s getting crazier by the minute. Jae Ha sure is giving his own medication for his craziness. Way to go King, play him like how he plays and more.

    • 24.1 Kim Yoonmi

      ^^;; slight spelling corrections:
      Mianhae and komawo,

      Mianhaeyo can sound like bian when people are being lazy with their speaking, but when people write it, it’s mianhae(yo) Also, when whining… it’s easier to go with the plosive over the Bila​bial nasal which is less lip effort. (Also because the plosive in the b in Korean is much softer than the English)

      Komawo (banmal, lowest form) is an informal form of komapsumnida. (formal deferential.)

      Reading the hangeul on the bottle, using revised, which is the Korean government standard for most cases.

      BTW, for those who think komapsumnida is too long and thus should be broken up–don’t. Korean is an agglutinating language which means that words can get quite long unlike English, Tagalog, Hindi, Chinese [dialects/languages], Singapore, Taiwanese which are all isolating languages. You’ll see long words in Japanese and other agglutinating languages.

      Thought you might want to know.

      • 24.1.1 Joy

        Maraming salamat! (thank you very much) for your explanation. 🙂 Much appreciated.

        kamsahamnida (they’re pretty much the same meaning except the formal and informal…

        “Mianheyo” I’ve always thought or sounds like a b…

        • Kim Yoonmi

          komawo 고마워
          komapda 고맙다
          komapsumnida 고맙숨니다
          kamsahamnida. 감사합니다 (hangeul reads kamsahapnida, BTW, plosives tend to not survive in most languages next to nasals…)

          komawo is informal intimate. (haeche)
          komawoyo is still informal polite, but can be used as jeonmal. (haeyoche )
          komapda is the haerache (해라체) form lowest form of the formal speech levels with low to neutral politeness and used in dictionaries and also for indirect speech (TVs, Newspapers, saying goodbye to someone in a car… writing a journal, etc)
          komapsumnida is the formal polite (hapsyoche) form if I remember correctly the other four forms are rarer and throw me off anyway–except in Joseon speak. (They tend to use Joseon speak in place of Old Korean too, which linguists don’t know what it exactly sounded like) (-sumnida is the conjugation to make it formal–though this is a simplistic explaination.)

          kamsahamnida is a different form. People tend to use it in Seoul as a more business-like form, though it looks the same. The verb root is from a different hanja (Chinese character) In other regions it’s used a lot less, but that may have just been me–I hung out with my relatives in the kyeongsang region, so there was a lot of jeonmal and joking banmal going on. I made fun of formal polite joseon speech too. (ye~ Jeonha. seongohamnida, mama)

          kamsahaeyo is the other form, but this one was rarely used when I was in Korea. And I never heard kamsahae, though technically it can be done.

          hae is often used in Korean as a conjugator, meaning “to do.” saranghae (to do love.) kamsahaeyo (to do thanks). In English we tend to use “to be” as our major conjugator. Haha, making English speakers lazy. (Linguistic joke)

          Anyway, Korean technically, has 7 speech levels, most of which I have never heard or needed to use. For most countries where there aren’t speech levels (i.e. English) it can drive people crazy. Not my blog, but http://21cseonbi.blogspot.com/2005/04/speech-levels.html can help.

          Mianhaeyo sounds like bianhaeyo because speakers are lazy, like American English uses “wah-der” over “Water” (I can’t think up French examples…) though if you say “mianhae”, it’s technically more correct.

          BTW, ae ㅐ v. e, ㅔ (though in hangeul you need ㅇ as an anchor as in 에)

          ae– say “ah” hold your mouth in that position and say “e” at the same time and you get “ae”

          e has the mouth a little more closed. as in “eh~” of disbelief. Get, met, etc.

          Rinse and repeat a few times and you can tell the difference.

          saranghae. (hae sounds remarkably like hai in Hindi… but they aren’t related.) mianhae.

          esseki (jerk, brat) is eh-sseh-ki (there is no sh in Korean. It’s more of an ss as in princess sound… sh is Japanese… but then I tend to have a good ear for language so I’m picky). Anyway that’s an eh sound. You can practice calling your siblings/husbands/dogs jerks. “Ya~ esseki ya! mwo hae~” (Hey, you jerk! What are you doing?<– loose translation and very rude.)

          You should hear the difference after a while.

          Hope that makes sense…

          • Joy

            Thanks a lot for the additional information. It helped and makes sense.

          • shl

            Thank you for sharing this; lots of useful info! I’ve always had problems figuring out how to pronounce ‘ae’; I’ll give it another try with your directions.

          • Minea

            Thanks for the info 🙂 trying to learn how to understand Korean so I can watch kdramas raw.

      • 24.1.2 Arhazivory

        =O It sounds so much like ‘bian’. Thanks so much for the clarification.

      • 24.1.3 techvet

        Cool.Thank you from an (American) English speaking fan.

      • 24.1.4 karecity

        great information, but just wanna correct that ‘Singapore’ is not a language 🙂

        • Kim Yoonmi

          I know, I froze. Sorry. I tried to think “What the hell is that language” and then my brain went “Ooo! Oooh Singlish! I like singlish–Taglish is also cool~” –;; Then I thought, “No, that’s English plus the native” and I was too sleepy to look it up.

          Malay or Tamil? Not quite sure which gets pushed together with English…

          Not making up excuses for my laziness though…

          • Kim Yoonmi

            Probably Singlish was right. Malay and Tamil are agglutinative. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agglutinative_language *sighs*

          • mimimi

            Wow, learnt a lot from your post there. Well Singaporeans and Malaysians speak English, it’s just called Singlish or Manglish because of the accents and the slang. Also, ‘Taiwanese’ is a Chinese dialect. and you’re right, Malay is agglutinative. Adding suffixes or prefixes to the root word makes it a verb, past tense etc… You seem to know a lot about linguistics!
            (Malaysian Chinese living in Canada addicted to K-drama :D)

  25. 25 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recap. Off to read. Have already watched it twice. Can’t even comment anymore because this episode owned me heart and soul as a fan.

    Wasn’t it great? And I mean the script as well because that was some well written lines, had to scrape me off the floor with the proposal scene. Sigh still a mass of goo thinking about it 🙂

    Absolutely made my month. Or year. This drama is my drama for this year 🙂

  26. 26 whatis

    Hang-ah is SO badass and SO adorable at the same time… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!!!!

    • 26.1 Joy

      I second that…

    • 26.2 ilikemangos

      i third that.
      hurray for kickass adorable heroines.

  27. 27 FL (King's Lover)

    I love, love, LOVE this episode. I screamed, I laughed, I cried and I was jumping up and down throughout. Glad I’m not the only one thinking that Kim Bong-Gu is acting like an irrational, obsessed, insane ex. I also love the mind games that Jae-Ha plays with him. Hang-Ha rocked this episode, I officially have a girl-crush on Ha Ji-Won. She owned the action scenes. I’ve watched it four times already and it still is amazing. The proposal was sweet and the revenge was the cherry on top. My fan-girl self exploded. I can’t wait till next week. I didn’t know it was possible to fall more in love with a character but Shi-Kyung is proving that it is possible. Words can’t express how much I love this show. I kissed my computer screen at the end with tears running down my face. Wednesday, hurry up and come.

  28. 28 techvet

    Favorite ep. 12-girlfriday-recap-quote-of-the-day:

    “What’s an impotent rage if you can’t share it with those closest to you?”

    Love it, thanks again for your hard work. Go TK2H!

    • 28.1 ilikemangos

      muahaha – so true.

      • 28.1.1 anotheraddict

        My favorite ep.-12-girlfriday-recap-quote-of-the-day:
        And… whoa, is that a rocket launcher on your back, or are you just happy to see me?

        It’s kinda awe-inspiring how I think I’m as giddy as can be after watching an episode like this one, only to find that the recap makes me even giddier. Lucky, we iz.

  29. 29 sun

    Great scripts n fantastic chemistry(LSG /HJW), hope higher rating… looking forward the next epi!!!

    • 29.1 ilikemangos

      yeah. it’s a pity but i mean with a new leader recently elected for north korea, and another supposed threat on the nuclear weapons — i can kinda understand why the south koreans are staying away from this kind of stuff.
      but hey — we love it!

      • 29.1.1 Arhazivory

        They were also burning the SK PM in effigy and throwing rocks at his picture a few days ago. Something the South is…not pleased with. Things are as tense as ever right now. This drama might just hit a little too close to home and might seem preposterous to many.

  30. 30 stars4u

    The perfect proposal scene EVER!!!
    I love how Hang-ah is the one constantly saving Jae-ha’s ass! They just complement each other!
    I love how Jae-ha addresses his father-in-law so familiarly. And Hang-ah with her speech about messing with HER MAN!
    I feel like I hyperventilate with each and every episode… I’ve fallen so deep into this drama I’m scared when it will end. 🙁

    No one does action like Ha Ji-won! And indeed she knows how to make her partner in a drama shine…

    • 30.1 ilikemangos

      yeah i loved that whole ‘no one messes with my man’ kinda thing.
      How often do you hear a heroin in a drama saying that.

    • 30.2 babes

      Now that you used the word, I realised that I hyperventilate everytime I watch this ep too (ahem…yah…confession time, I watched it 2x fully and replayed a few scenes already, even w/o subs. How crazy am I?)

      After a while, I realise I’m holding my breath and grinning from ear to ear.

      What’s this drama doing to me? Argh…

  31. 31 saema.

    this show is getting more and more awesome,
    “”You overly self-conscious inferiority-complex-riddled ass!”” HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHH lee jae ha is just SO cool!

    • 31.1 ilikemangos

      LOL that line deserves some major points.
      And needs to be put on a plaque.

    • 31.2 rearwindow

      LOVED that line…and that entire speech, actually. So. Awesome.

      • 31.2.1 babes

        second that!

        How cool is our king to be able to react that way under such circumstances?

        He’s got Bong Gu completely psycho-analysed, our brainiac hotty.

        • rearwindow

          “Braniac hotty” is the perfect descriptor for Jae-ha. Nothing hotter than a cute guy with smarts. Also, nothing hotter than an actor with real talent (*cough cough* Seung-gi *cough cough*)

    • 31.3 emmy

      It sounds so cool with Seunggi saying it in Korean (even though I can’t understand it)!!!

      And one thing I’ve taken away from this drama: How to say “ass” in Korean.

      • 31.3.1 ilikemangos

        LOL my wonder seems to be this :
        why are are there always cussing in kdramas like it’s nothing? (“YOU BASTARD, COME BACK HERE!”, for instance)

        perhaps it’s not as literal in translation or our version of it is much more explicit.

        • JenJen

          A lot of Korean words have an insulting tone and implication (especially because there’s such a big difference when using polite and impolite forms- jondemal and banmal respectively), so they’re sort of like swear words, but as you say, not as explicit as they are in English. A lot of those same words can also be used in a friendly, intimate, endearing ways as well, which something like ‘bastard’ in English cannot.

          For instance- ‘eesarama’ is merely ‘this person’, but the casualness of the exclamation can make it sound gruffly rude and insulting. There are a lot of these kinds of “insults”.

          So yeah, I imagine translators have a lot of trouble thinking up equivalents in English. In most cases they end up using a word that is too weak or too strong.

  32. 32 Kim Yoonmi

    I love that HA didn’t lose her kickbutt attitude and also didn’t insta-cave when he came with the presents. She rescued him, but still walked away like, “Dude, I’m returning the favor, but that wasn’t enough.”

    Plus she’s shown a bit of her own intelligence too, though it may not be to-society’s norms kind of intelligence–she’s certainly not dense.

    He still has a looooonnngggg way to go though…

  33. 33 Osi

    I love seeing HA and JH walk on the red carpet. They’re holding hand together rather than HA’s hand hang in JH’s arm. They’re like let’s do it together.

    • 33.1 ilikemangos

      Together, they can conquer the world!
      Jae Ha and his girlfriday.

      • 33.1.1 Joy


  34. 34 Rashell

    Yay! GF don’t know how you put this out so fast, but THANK YOU!!

    So far this drama is just hitting every right note for me. How awesome is it to have the h be the badass savior of the H for a change. And he just looked at her in that moment with this expression of “yeah, that is MY woman.”

    Love his “revenge” plan. That proposal was pretty much pitch perfect. He’s just so adorable now that he’s fully invested in loving her.

    And my sweet Earnest Bot. Trying to help everyone and his little feelings getting hurt in the process. He’s just so darned, well, earnest. So cute. Love him to pieces! Now his father, totally different story.

    Mom and Dad were both awesome this episode too. Really everyone in this drama just brings it. All the characters bring it. Even the over-the-top villain is interesting to me now.

    This show owns me. I admit it. Daebak!

    • 34.1 ilikemangos

      when i saw him all troubled over her calling him a frustration and a no-fun, i just about awwed.
      He looked like a hurt puppy that needs some lovin’.

      • 34.1.1 Rashell

        I’m willing to volunteer to give him some lovin’ and cheer him up. I’m just nice like that. 🙂

        • topper

          Jae Shin’s gonna give you her evil eye, maybe even bite. LOL

          • ilikemangos

            no, she’ll leave it to her parrot. 😉

          • pockified

            In the scene with JH and SK while SK was mulling over whether he was frustrating, I thought there were two puppies on my screen. ;_; Why so cute, Shi Kyung???

    • 34.2 PCM

      I heart this show so much. And I can’t wait for Earnest Bot to find Bon Bon (or did I get her name wrong?) and give her a good whooping for doing that to his Princess.

      • 34.2.1 ilikemangos

        or we can just call her that rooney wannabe from dragon tattoo. ha

      • 34.2.2 topper

        You got her name right, and I think it means candy in French. The names are all so bonkerish funny.

  35. 35 carmen

    Am I the only one who melted like a puddle of goo at Jo Jung Suk speaking in Japanese in that beautiful voice of his?!!! And he did very well, too!

    DAYUM…this namja is getting hotter and hotter every minute.

    • 35.1 topper

      You can just wait for replies to you to pile up. LOL

      • 35.1.1 yeisha

        Bwahahahaha, I totally fangirled like crazy, shouting “Shi Kyung, totemo daisuki desu!!!!!”

        Yup. Me = lost it. completely.

    • 35.2 ilikemangos

      GIRL you were not the only one.
      LOL i was like ooh, not sure if it sounds legit but man, it did to me. and it was hawt.

      I second this

      • 35.2.1 rearwindow

        haha yes. this.

    • 35.3 Saima

      His accent was quite accurate!! I’ve heard that Seung-gi will be speaking in Japanese as well in the future episodes!! Multilingualism, FTW!!

    • 35.4 Arhazivory

      Kyaaah! Me too. I’m only a beginner at the language but it was sooooooooo sweet hearing him speak Japanese.

    • 35.5 maria

      i know some japanese and yes, shi kyung’s japanese was spot on. i loved it. well, most koreans when they know japanese and speak it don’t sound awkward.

      on the other hand.
      they’re english are better than some but still cringeworthy for me. i guess with all the phonology esp. the letter “r” and “l” its hard. WHO CARES?!!
      this drama just swept me off my feet :))

  36. 36 hpn88

    So glad to see kickass Hang-ah back in action. I missed that side of her. I think this has been my favorite episode so far – action, romance, humor and PLOT development all at once. It too good to be true.
    and oh that wink. sigh

  37. 37 fruit

    Love this Show !!

  38. 38 ccinta

    In the beginning, Jae Ha kept teasing HA with skincare products and even gave her an empty bottle of lotion (or cream?) at the end of their WOC training.

    And now, he created the Natural 3-step Skincare Project “I’m sorry” “Thank You” “I love You” So sweet. So thankful for his IQ 187 brain ^^

    I concluded that when he gave her the empty bottle, it shows that his heart was still quite empty – he still didn’t realize that he has already fallen in love with Hang Ah. So he gave her his empty heart.

    But now, he has totally fallen in love with Hang Ah, so he gave her these skincare products to show her that she has now owned his whole heart.

    Was not happy that there wasn’t any kissing scene after the proposal, but well, he’s promised to kiss her every morning, right? So I’ll patiently wait for their explosive kissing scenes. ^__^

    • 38.1 ilikemangos

      i think we at dramabeans will be holding this against jae ha until the end of the drama.
      ‘Uh dude. i thought you said you were gonna kiss her every morning’
      Empty promises. tsktsktsk.
      OWN UP.

      • 38.1.1 Arhazivory

        lol. True. He’d BETTER keep his promise. We wanna see it.

        • ccinta

          He’d better be!

          If it’s just an empty promise, I’ll ask Kang Suk to hit JH with a bazooka lol

    • 38.2 Saima

      It was soo heart-warming that when JH got frustrated creating those products, he wondered if he had to go this far, then he looked at her pic, and went “yes, you do jerk!” and confessed to the pic, “I love you!!” — I totally squealed and spazzed! It was beautiful since the discrepancy of the quality and usage of skincare products b/w him and her was stark in the beginning. Who would’ve thought at the WOC training time that he would actually be mixing in solutions and creating something that would be tangible & meaningful to her in the future!

      As for the kiss: yes, I would’ve wanted one. But, when he proposed she was sobbing…he couldn’t exactly ‘kiss kiss’ her. He could’ve kissed her on the forehead and that would’ve been saccharine sweet! I like that the writers don’t do fan service. When they feel the situation calls for it they’ll give us one….

      • 38.2.1 ccinta

        Forehead kiss, that would be even sweeter ^^

      • 38.2.2 ilikemangos

        we’ll probably get some steamier scenes down the road — just cause, ya know.. that frige scene.. and then they already did the deed. Yeah. They gotta one up all of these. LOL

        • maria

          i’m with you on this mangoes!! 🙂
          although, even just the two of them onscreen together be it bickering and loveydovey to each other is def. burning up the screen already!! especially now when they seem to be holding hands all of the time now. waaahhh 🙂

        • googaddict

          Totally with u mangos.. i was like what the f*** right? the fridge scene was fine, it was romantic, then awkward, funny..

          but the bo beep bap scene, then the crying on ye’ shoulders… that is unacceptable as ‘the’ scene where she literally ‘gives’ himself to him, no one knows what was she feeling or he thinking? wish they did some flashbacks on that night, to sort things out..

          Honestly, its just a blank piece for me fr that night to the baby and then to them being together now.. can’t piece it together yo.. and them being so formal kinda, the intimacy is soo soo lacking for a couple who’s had a baby together and been through all that!

          • Kappy

            Yes, I gotta agree with you on that. Her Bo Peep dance, his crying on her shoulders and her consoling him, that’s natural..I could see that. But next we see they’re in bed, him without a shirt and her with her nightie. Plus they were kinda far apart from each other. We guessed they had ‘done it’ but hoped not ’cause 1) we were not in on it, not even somewhat, 2) we thought we should be in on it, somewhat, 3) with her ‘fresh’, untouched lips, as confessed at the frig, this must have been her first such experience, and we didn’t get that vibe ( a hint like her touching his cheek while he slept, some awkwardness between them afterwards, etc.) and we think with that special of a time, (and I’ll say it again) we should have been at least somewhat in on it.

            I kept waiting for a flashback, reflection scene. Guess they wanted to keep us in the dark along with the couple. Well, it was a surprise, alright.

            Seldom do I see couples in bed in kdramas. Perhaps I haven’t seen enough. I have seen quite a few kdramas, and those scenes are rare. The only other bed scene I’ve seen had the girl sleeping and the guy talking to her, confessing his thoughts, and kissing her shoulder while she was still sleeping. So now I’m wondering if there’s some rule/guideline in kdramas that says if there’s a bed scene, one member of the couple has to be incoherent. I would really like to know.

            I agree that I’d like for them to step it up on the intimacy scale, because it does still feel kinda formal to me, too. I’m glad we have another kiss to look forward to, and it looks like a good one. I guess I really like to feel warmth emanating from the both of them, like intertwining fingers, her head on his chest, reciprocated hugs, and so on. I’m not asking for hubba hubba, you know? Although I’ll take borderline That.

          • ilikemangos

            Yup. Not to mention, Jae Ha told us he initiated it first… that he WANTED it… 😉
            Just imagine that.
            If we get a flashback LOL… that’d be nice.

  39. 39 ravens_nest

    OMG, I cannot express how much love for Jae Ha shot through me when he busted out that DIY Junior chemistry set and handmade personally branded 3-Step skincare products detailing his apology and love. Mwah!

    And how HBIC was Hang Ah when she was digging that gun into the guy’s throat and then walked off like she didn’t just badass her way through rescuing the South Korean King? I was half expecting an explosion to go off behind her to match her level of BAMFitude.

    Ugh, and when she threatened to kill Bong Gu for messing with her man? Swoon~ How can this woman be so fabulous? I am so looking forward to Hang Ah on the case.

    Finally they are a united front, trusting, loving, and believing each other. I love that it happened in episode 12 so the next 8 episodes will be concentrating on tightening their bond and overcoming their enemies together.

    • 39.1 rearwindow

      So true. I’m SO glad that this happened so (relatively) early in the game, because HA & JH work so freaking well as a team–and they certainly have their share of enemies to overcome. Together.

      Sidenote: What does HBIC mean?

      • 39.1.1 ravens_nest

        Haha. ‘HBIC’ stands for ‘Head B*tch in Charge’ 😉 A moniker I believe is suitable for every female in this drama from Hang Ah to the Princess to the Queen Mother. So many Lady BAMFs. I love it!

        • rearwindow

          Love it. Thanks!

    • 39.2 Summer

      what i like is the small little details they put into this drama.. The handmade cosmetic set, outside the box, it has a small ribbon that printed ‘handmade by 이재하’… it may be a small little thing, but it shows how much the production company is willing to take care of all these small little stuff…

      are we able to buy the 3 steps skincare products by King Lee Jae Ha? will it be release in Korea? i want to buy too!

      • 39.2.1 ilikemangos

        agree. if there’s anything i like, it’s the little details you see in dramas.
        it just makes everything much better and you can definitely feel the effort that went into things, and your appreciation just grows.

  40. 40 Arhazivory

    *whew* After replying to so many comments, I can finally create my own. Just to echo what everyone else is saying – this episode was hot!

    In the scene when Shi-Kyung kills Jae-shin’s happy moment I was like – “No Shi-kyung! How can you SAY THOSE THINGS?!!!” I understand his intention but that was a bit much for princess. ANd now….*sniffles* she’s replaced him. I want mooooaaaaarrrr of them, so she better put him back in charge soon.

    I also felt sorry that Dong-ah missed being there with the WOC team and I was crazy happy when they came on the scene. I’ve missed them. Hmm…when’s the WOC? Will the King actually participate in the games? That’d be weird and awesome. *^_^*

    I really love this drama. I want to give the cast and crew big hugs. If anyone knows of an int’l fan project or something to show appreciation, please let me know~!

    • 40.1 ilikemangos

      On the upside, i believe i saw our princess asking shi kyung for help! so YAY — they won’t be apart for long 😉

      • 40.1.1 ilikemangos

        (in the previews)

      • 40.1.2 Arhazivory

        I missed that in the previews. I’ll threaten someone if I don’t see more of them. Can they have their own little drama too? lol.

    • 40.2 rearwindow

      I agree. I know everyone’s all “puppy Shi-kyung, so earnest, so adorbs” (which I totally agree with), but I thought he was kinda assy to the princess in that scene! I kind of wanted to smack him! I totally love them and get what he was trying to do, but he went about it so, sooo wrong.

      • 40.2.1 Ceda

        I am not even a bit upset with him because I truly believe he is just trying to bring the old princess back. Strong, independent, fiesty…etc.

        • rearwindow

          I totally still love him as a character. I also thought his outburst was 100% believable given his character, so I think it worked well on a plot level. I just thought it was a little douchey and I’m looking forward to seeing him redeem himself in future episodes :).

    • 40.3 Lynn

      You can go to the link below :


      • 40.3.1 Arhazivory

        oh…thanks for the link Lynn. 😀

  41. 41 Osi

    I’m trying not to care about the ratings. But this is a really good news.
    The viewership ratings from a popular site that provides online streaming of TV programs.

    • 41.1 maria

      i know we don’t care about the ratings but this is a mood lifter 🙂
      besides ratings never reflect the quality of the shows.
      seeing all these blogs too also affirms that and everyone is just buzzing about it.
      now, on the awards area. I hope they recognize this drama because it’s daebak plus this is def. seunggi’s breakout role!! 🙂

      • 41.1.1 Ceda

        If this drama doesn’t win any awards…I am definitely going to boycott. Don’t know how I’ll do it, but I’ll figure a way LOL!

        • ilikemangos

          Forreal, if this show doesnt win any awards SURELY this will cause war between K2H fanbase and drama awards.

    • 41.2 ddd

      TK2H IS popular among young generation. It’s definitely popular online. I said this before like on ep.10? I don’t remember, but it’s really ashamed that Korean viewers missing this kind of show.

      I think older generation doesn’t want to face the realistic things that is showing on TK2H. TK2H deals with pretty heavy stuff. They just twisted it around to address to the viewers. Nicely done with black comedy.

      • 41.2.1 Ceda

        I absolutely agree with you about the older generation.

        I also think people, especially Koreans can all learn something from this drama. So yes…it is quite sad that it’s not getting the attention it deserves in S. Korea.

        • ilikemangos

          lol i am thinking that the young ones are handing over the remote & letting their ahjumma parents watch something else puahaha

  42. 42 fee

    Thanks GF…I always love your recaps…

  43. 43 kristine c.

    Yikes! finally! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa :))

  44. 44 Brenda

    Awww. LOVED THIS EPISODE. I don’t know about anyone else, but Rooftop Prince holds no candle to this drama.

    I love Lee Seung-gi and Ha Ji-won together.

    I’m so glad that Hang-Ah and Jae-Ha have finally begun to work together as a team and that he’s finally admitted his feelings to her. Now, hopefully nothing will be able to break them apart and they can focus on taking Bong-Gu down.
    I also can’t wait to see how Jae-Shin and Shi-Kyung will get together since he’s probably the only one that will give her a tough love speech.

    I just love Jae-Ha and Jae-Shin’s relationship with Shi-Kyung. They know and understand his loyalty to them so it’s only fitting that he’s become the right-hand man to both of them. . . and perhaps more to Jae-Shin =D

    • 44.1 Minty V

      i love BOTH King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince… vastly different stories but both are well executed dramas… and i am particularly impressed with Mickey Yoochun’s acting — vastly improved LOL

      i watch them one after another depending on which one comes out with subs first… thank you for these lovely kdramas 🙂

      • 44.1.1 Brenda

        I’m watching both of them as well. But for some reason, Rooftop Prince doesn’t appeal to me as much as King 2 Hearts even though I love love love Micky Yoochun and i think Han Ji Min is absolutely gorgeous.

  45. 45 random person

    SO. GREAT. << my thoughts after every episode. How can a show be so amazing? And to think that I didn't even give K2H a chance until I read episode 4 recaps.

    The final scene of JH and HA standing together…so poignant and epic. It's such a good contrast with how far they've come as individuals, and in their relationship, from the WOC training days. I just love the dynamics of their romance, from how he assures her with a hand squeeze in the car to how she is determined to take down the guy who messes with him. It's an equal partnership, not a typical guy-rescue-girl plot that I've seen ad nauseum. I liked that they both ascended the steps together instead of her walking behind him – so symbolic, almost as if the writer was making the point that to reach the apex of peace, north and south must be partners of equal weight and not the lesser/poorer/more vulnerable trailing behind the richer one.

    • 45.1 random person

      oh and, LSG…why so hot???

      When he met Bong Gu’s girl, I thought he dressed in that ridiculous blazer/tie because Bong Gu dresses that way…so JH the 187 genius figured that the girl would be more prone to yielding to him if he channeled a less-insane version of Bong Gu. No other way to explain the deviation in JH’s wardrobe. =p

      • 45.1.1 ailin

        Good point about the suit. Was wondering too about the change in suit.

    • 45.2 ilikemangos

      totally agree with what you say, about the whole symbolic meaning of north/south korea standing on equal levels and growing together, fighting together to ultimately defeat the villain, who in this case represents the conflicts of those who don’t want the unification.
      I love how they’ll be growing together, and will only be able to with each other by their side. Such a nice touch.

    • 45.3 maria

      i don’t know where i read it but it’s from a blogger explaining why she liked k2h.
      in that she explained all the symbolism of what the writers were trying to convey on the drama like when Jae ha had to complete that 60 miles for 8 hours it actually parallels to the 60 years of war that NK and SK had. and so many more explanations in that blog which i thought was really inciteful.
      now i have to find that. >.
      it’s like all of the episodes have more into but with this one message of hope that someday Korea will literally be a Korea not a North and a South.

      for me, it’s what i hope too.

      • 45.3.1 emmy

        I hope you find it soon! That sounds really interesting and I’d love to read that.

        I’m really enjoying all these underlying meanings found in the drama.

      • 45.3.2 JoAnne

        oh me too, I really would like to read that!

      • 45.3.3 op103d940

        Is it this article? It was one I really liked and I think it could be the one you’re referring to:


        • maria

          i read this too 🙂 but not quite 🙂

      • 45.3.4 maria


        found it. 🙂
        scroll down to the article “does the king 2 heart capture my heart? ”
        go ahead read it you guys but it was actually the comment by dkrvia that i was referring to. sorry, i thought it was the blog but it was the comment from that blog. 🙂

        i think her analysis was the best so far and if the writers would see this would probably praise her because i really think this is what they are trying to get across.

        i especially like the treadmill-bomb part. i never understood why they have to all stand there when in reality that place would be isolated because of the danger.
        after reading this that’s when i took this drama seriously.

        kudos to the writers!! esp. with all that password scenes between jae ha and kim bong gu. i loved that it was all about korea and it’s people. sniff. LOL.

        i sincerely wish that the korean people would see this.


        • emmy

          Thanks for the link!!

          That really was an interesting analysis. Part of what I love about K2H is that there’s room for quite a bit of interpretation and analysis on the part of the viewer.

  46. 46 iyra

    oh my god!!!! i am smiling like an idiot,the gift to hang ah was too good!!!and bong gu’s password puzzle time hilarious!!!

    • 46.1 ilikemangos

      puahhaa. it echoed jae ha’s frustration to trying to crack the password as well.
      i quite liked it.

  47. 47 ilikemangos

    Some stills for the set of the to-be engagement party for our lovely couple!


    • 47.1 reglest

      watch out, newest update make my eyes popping out #shock #doubleshock…I need CPR, I know this is drama, but in front of public…..

      reply me if you understand what I mean….
      *need to catch breath now*

  48. 48 j27844

    as always, your recaps are outstanding! thanks again.

  49. 49 ryuu99

    didn’t Hang Ah ask for the location of Bong-Gu?

    i think Hang Ah was the one who sent the box, and it has the USB drive which Jae Ha gave to her.

    • 49.1 topper

      The letter was signed off by Jae Ha though.

    • 49.2 j27844

      was actually thinking of the same thing. unless its something that has to do with Jae Ha meeting the girl that Bong Gu sees.

  50. 50 ddd

    Thank you for the recaps~ always enjoy reading it~

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