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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 6
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There are more plans hatched than in a world war, more lies told than any political debate, and more sparks than you’ll see on any given country’s independence day. Love, they say it’s a battlefield.


Back to the proposal that that never was (or I guess the proposal that was wasted on Comrade Fanboy), Jae-ha fumes in impotent rage. He forks a heart-shaped doughnut to mark his pain. Dong-ha pours him drink after drink, as the rest of the staff very awkwardly treads around them to clean up the most embarrassing remnants of a party ever.

Dong-ha tries to talk sensibly, about how they at least have to be on civil enough terms to put up a united front to the press—say, they broke up mutually or whatever. But Jae-ha’s not even listening, as he stews about how he’s gotta one-up her now.

He points to the sad decorations, “This isn’t just my pride she stomped on! It’s the Republic of Korea!” Pffft. Hey, why you dumping your problems onto innocent bystanders?

He gets furious the more he thinks about it, and stands up to shout that just rejecting her isn’t going to cut it anymore. No, he’s going to make her BELIEVE that he loves her. Hee, I so love where this is going.

“I’m going to make it so that she spends her entire life thinking that I love her, so that she can’t marry anybody, and dies old and alone. And then! The second she dies, that’s when I say: I never loved you.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh. Oh man. My stomach hurts. Best. Plan. Ever. Have I mentioned that I love this show?

Ignoring the idiocy of the plan where he spends his entire life having to “pretend” to love her, Dong-ha says that’s all fine and good, but how’s he even going to do that when she won’t give him the time of day?

Jae-ha slumps down with another sigh, “That’s the problem.” I’m pretty sure that’s really the least of your problems right now. But sure, let’s go with that. Suddenly Jae-ha perks up, “Call Shi-kyung.” Aw, you couldn’t even go 24 hours without contact, could you?

Shi-kyung answers the call in the middle of dinner with Dad. Jae-ha: “Tell me the truth. How did you seduce Kim Hang-ah?” Pffft, do you even know who you’re talking to?

Shi-kyung tries to say that he never seduced her, but Jae-ha takes it as a sign he’s not cooperating. “When I get to Seoul, you’re dead!” After this drama, can these two do a buddy cop movie or something?

Dad mentions that maybe Shi-kyung ought to go back to law school – he can do more than just look after a prince. But Shi-kyung says he’s already discovered that he’s not as smart as Dad, and that the life of a soldier is what fits him best.

“But I will be a soldier who doesn’t bring you shame.” Aw. He’s such a good egg. And yay for forthrightness and tough conversations with parents. Dad seems disappointed, but doesn’t push the issue.

He heads out on assignment to pick up the princess (FINALLY!) but discovers on the way to the airport that she’s pulled a fast one and boarded a different plane. The other agents wonder if they have enough manpower for the job, as three whole cars full of agents get out. What, is she a vampire slayer?

They track her down to a club in Hongdae, and Shi-kyung steps inside. There’s a rock concert going on, and JAE-SHIN (Lee Yoon-ji) is singing onstage, wearing a blonde wig.

The crowd starts chanting her name, and she starts off the song by shouting mockingly into the mic, “What, that chick who poses in the palace in pretty dresses?” Ha, I love that she’s the rebellious maknae. And here we though Jae-ha was the trouble child.

She rocks out, as she sings a song about doing whatever she wants to do, and Shi-kyung watches from the crowd. After the song, the agents drag her into a room in the back, where Shi-kyung is on the phone. He describes how bad the situation is—that the place is filled with punks and just earlier, some woman threatened the princess.

HA. Wait, does he not know she’s sitting right there? Why is this character so funny? I love that Jae-shin rawrs at him on sight. She literally looks at him like a tasty treat.

He gets word that there’s another cell signal from the princess’ phone. Shi-kyung: “Where?” Jae-shin’s like, yoo-hoo! Over here! And then he pins her down, demanding to know where she got this phone. Ha.

Cut to Jae-shin in her princess wear, as the line of agents salute her. She barks at Shi-kyung, “If I dress up am I a princess, and if I don’t, am I a beggar?!” She gets all handsy with him, digging around for his ID tag as she says they’re the narrow-minded judgy people who give the royal family a bad name.

Shi-kyung tries to explain the misunderstanding by saying she did not appear as the princess, but that’s the very point she’s trying to make. His literal brain doesn’t understand, and she sighs that he’s no fun. She declares that she’s going to catch up with some old friends while she’s here, so they can just wait. In full salute. Heh. Once she leaves, Shi-kyung lets out a long sigh, like he’s really stepped in it this time.

Back at the Villa of Vengeance, Hang-ah finds herself alone at the breakfast table, per her requests. And then again the next morning. She sighs in disappointment.

The queen mother continues her service work as usual, serving food to the needy. But tensions remain high, as people stop to comment angrily that the prince can’t marry a North Korean.

Jae-shin comes home and has tea with her eldest brother, who hands over one measly bill for allowance (like ten bucks) and she frowns like a kid. He says she’ll worry Mom, running around singing at clubs, but Jae-shin counters that what Mom’s really worried about is the possibility of gaining a North Korean daughter-in-law.

True. You’ve pretty much got a free pass while oppa’s love life is causing an international ruckus. She thinks it’ll be fun though, and asks what Hang-ah is like, already planning sister duets. Jae-kang leaves her with an adorable little pat on the head, and I can’t wait till the three siblings are in one room together.

Bong-gu arrives in Korea, with requests to meet with the king. This time it’s Secretary Eun who comes to greet him in the airport, with the news that the king does not have time to meet him, and has put him on the no-entry list for a year.

He has to turn right around and fly back out, and Bong-gu fumes, declaring that he’ll show the king a true magic trick.

Hang-ah lights up at the sight of Dong-ha, whom she greets warmly as a friend. It turns out she called him to her room (ha), not because she’s curious about the prince, no way. “But since you brought it up, how… is… the prince?”

Dong-ha sighs that he’s not doing well at all. “I think he’s traumatized.” Heh. He mentions that Jae-ha said he didn’t know Hang-ah hated him that much, and maybe it’s better if he just stays out of her way.

The sad puppy routine totally works. She takes a stroll towards Jae-ha’s room, and watches as he paces back and forth in front of his window and then turns out the lights. Kang-seok hilariously creeps up behind her, “Don’t you think he’s turning out the lights to watch naughty videos?” Ha.

Hang-ah glares, “I hear there’s a SNSD special on tv tonight. Aren’t you going to watch?” Kang-seok: “I q-q-q-q-quit them.” And then he hurries off to “go for a walk.”

Hang-ah goes back to window-gazing, as Kang-seok runs past her in the background. HA.

She lingers for a little longer, and then turns to go, which is when the figure in the window peers out. It’s Dong-ha, who radios Jae-ha to start in one minute. This ought to be good.

As she walks, she’s drawn by the sound of a piano, and approaches slowly. It’s Jae-ha, playing a grand piano in the middle of a garden, because THAT’s normal. Oh, heroes at the piano. Wouldn’t be a k-drama without one. Though it’s always nice when the actor can actually play and not be stunt-doubled.

He stops when he notices her, and acting purposely subdued and awkward, he starts to leave. But she stops him, asking what song he was playing just now. He says “Ave Maria.” She doesn’t believe him.

He swears it is, and then baits her a little, musing that someone from North Korea wouldn’t know. She gets defensive, insisting that she grew up on the classics too—but she knows “Ave Maria” and that wasn’t it.

He gives a little chuckle and sits back down at the piano, explaining that he was playing the accompaniment – Bach’s Prelude no. 1 in C major. “Ave Maria” the melody was written by Gounod over that original prelude.

She refuses to believe him, so he challenges her to try playing the melody to see if it fits, and she totally takes the bait. She sits down next to him and he starts again, this time counting down for her to play the melody.

She joins in, and when it fits, she beams. Jae-ha: “Bach and Gounod were born in different places, in different times. That their music fits together like this, is amazing.” Music AND metaphors? It’s the one-two punch.

She nods, totally swept up in the moment. They steal glances at each other, and then their eyes lock. The music stops, and he starts to move closer.

He inches in as she closes her eyes. Their lips get about a millimeter apart…

And then he stands up abruptly. “It’s getting late,” and he walks away. Aaaaack! You bastid! Grar, I hate to admit it, but that was good.

It leaves her hanging by just the right thread, as she returns to her room to look up Gounod and Bach. She ignores a call from Dad, and lies awake that night.

The next morning, Dong-ha asks if Seduction by Piano was a success, and Jae-ha hands him the file for the next song (ha) – “A Love That Cannot Be.” Dong-ha wonders if that isn’t too old-fashioned.

But Jae-ha reminds him that if she is to fall in love with him for the rest of her life, then he’s gotta go with some hardcore melo – we’re talking terminal illness, forbidden romance, the works. He says their North/South dynamic is perfect for a Love That Cannot Be.

Dong-ha: “But… what if she says she can’t leave you?” Jae-ha assures him that’ll never happen, because women want fantasy, and romance, and staying together turns it into something ordinary. Pfft, I don’t know what’s funnier—that Jae-ha believes he’s a genius for this plan, or that Dong-ha has totally bought into it.

Hang-ah receives the thumb drive with the song, played over a slideshow of her. Hahaha. I swear, his cheestastic methods just crack me up. But she smiles as she sees pictures of their training days, and then flashes back to her own memories.

She sits pondering it all until nightfall, not even realizing that it’s snowing into her room until a gust of wind blows through. She gets up to close the balcony door, when she spots Jae-ha pacing down below, strategically well-lit for maximum broody effect.

She watches him for a moment, and then a surge of emotion sends her running out the door. Jae-ha stops and looks up, and finds her terrace empty. He turns around, but that’s when he sees her – running full-force toward him.

It catches him off guard and he stands there stunned, as she runs in slow motion, right into his arms. She launches her arms around him and he freezes, and his hands slowly close around her as they hold each other.

Melt. I love that we can see it happen—suddenly the line between fiction and reality begins to blur for him.

He lies comatose till the next morning, when Dong-ha comes running in, giddy that the whole staff is buzzing with rumors. He asks excitedly, “Which version are you going to go with? Kick to the curb or die old and alone?”

Suddenly Jae-ha’s rethinking it all, “Isn’t that a little harsh, you think? I mean, she’s never even once had a real relationship. Don’t you feel bad for her?” Dong-ha doesn’t see what he’s getting at—is he what, going to marry her?

“Not marriage, but… isn’t there maybe a way I could hide her as a secret mistress?” Hahaha. Damnit, every time you make me think you’re growing, then this.

Dong-ha starts to catch on that he likes her, which of course he refuses to admit. He decides to stick with the original plan, and goes up to see her. He tells her gravely that even if this is the end, he wants to be together, and then tells her that they’ll announce it together at the press conference tomorrow: that the engagement is off.

But Hang-ah puts a big ol’ wrench in that plan: “I’ll do it. The engagement.” Hahaha. Plan. Fail.

He starts stammering as he reminds her of all the reasons that it can’t work between them. But she just comes closer and takes his hand, saying that they can overcome all of it because they have each other.

The more he argues the more she defends their love, until he finally snaps, “I don’t want to! What am I, crazy? Why would I marry you? Can’t you tell? It was all an act!”

Eeep! She looks up at him, still confused, still not knowing what to believe. He twists the knife further that he felt bad for her because she’s never been in a relationship, and he wanted to give her a memory of a happy love and end it at that.

And then he blames her for being so naïve that she fell for it. Oh, is this like when serial killers say it’s their victim’s fault for wanting to die?

It finally hits her as tears come rolling out, “So it was all a dream?” He cruelly confirms it, “Yes, a play, all of it. That hug sure was intense. Who told you to fall for it, anyway? Why would you fall for that crap?! Are you trying to make it obvious that you’ve never dated?”

And then the kicker—he mutters that she’s easy, and turns to go. OOF. Who said you could rip my guts out? Augh.

He leaves her shaking in tears. He storms out, and then turns back… but stops with his hand on the doorknob. Open it! Open it you evil son of a bitch! But of course, he doesn’t.

It’s time to fly to Seoul, and he looks over at the empty seat next to his. He asks where Hang-ah went, as if it’s news that she’d want to be as far away from you as possible. Guh.

Press conference at the palace. All the family members watch on their tvs, told that the engagement will be called off. As they stand waiting to walk in, Jae-ha tells her that the MC will make the announcement, so she doesn’t have to say anything at all.

The official statement will be that they were in love, but could not overcome all the obstacles that stood between their two countries. He muses that she must be sick and tired of him now. Really? Isn’t hatred that burns with the fire of a thousand suns a little more appropriate? He tells her it’ll all be over soon.

They’re led inside and the live broadcast begins. The press asks for statements, and Hang-ah says she’ll go first. Uh-oh. He turns to her nervously. Making eye contact with him, she says that she loves South Korean Prince Lee Jae-ha and will go through with the engagement.

OHMYGOD. Did she really just do that? Cameras flash. The room goes crazy. He stares, stunned. Is this her way of challenging his sincerity? ‘Cause them’s some balls, man.

And then it’s his turn to answer. He takes a long moment, wracking his brain, trying to make a decision…

I love the backroom commentary. Dong-ha: “He’s for sure going to say he doesn’t want to.” Shi-kyung: “He already declared that he loved her. Publicly.” Dong-ha: “So you think he’s going to just say he will? With HIS personality?” Haha.

Jae-ha turns to look at Hang-ah, back out at the cameras, and then finally speaks. Is he… reciting a poem? Ha. So the gist of the poem: The flowers have already fallen / The brief light of spring has now dried up / It’s good! The rain that falls through the night / One stem of the plaintain tree rises.

Uh… way to be cryptic. That’s literally all he says, as the entire room stares slackjawed, like what the… hell does THAT mean? Hang-ah turns to give him the evil eye, and he gives her a tiny little grin, like you can’t beat me at my own game.

It’s all over the media—various interpretations trying to figure out what the prince meant, and Jae-ha sits with little sis, watching the news. She asks what the hell it means, the poem about spring passing and summer coming. Is that a good thing?

Jae-ha sighs, “What’s so great about spring ending?” Jae-shin gets up, “Oh, so it’s a no-thank-you? I’ll tell Big Oppa.” But he stops her, “YEAH, but it also says that a new sprout came forth.”

Hahahaha, so basically the poem is a representation of your bipolar wishy-washyness? I love that Jae-shin just rolls her eyes, like make up your friggin’ mind! He tells her to go see what Hang-ah is doing.

Hang-ah takes a call from Dad, who is furious, all, Remember the plan where you were going to do the stomping? But I love that what he’s mad about is his baby girl’s heart, not the political ramifications.

She swears that Jae-ha treats her well, which might sound more convincing if she weren’t crying as she said it, and she just says that this is what her heart wants. I think what she’s banking on is that he feels the same, but isn’t willing to admit it. I agree, but I also think you’re underestimating his weaseliness. Also, you have more faith than the average bear, I’ll give you that.

There’s a knock at the door, and Jae-shin pops in to introduce herself. She says that Little Oppa sent her here on a mission to check on Hang-ah, so she’s technically here as a spy. She asks what happened.

Meanwhile, Hang-ah’s father works himself into a frenzy, and finally gets in a car headed for Seoul.

Jae-ha pops into Hang-ah’s room, where Jae-shin is sitting there, arms crossed, glowering at him. Haha. One look and I know she’s got the whole story.

He looks around but Hang-ah isn’t there. He asks how she was, and Jae-shin tears into him (THANK GOD) for playing around with a girl’s heart. I love it—he even gets scolded by his younger sister.

She starts to ask him what his real deal is, and then we see that Hang-ah is in the room after all, hiding in the closet. HA. Best sister revenge plan ever. In voiceover we hear what Jae-shin had said to her earlier, that Little Oppa is really lazy—he isn’t the type to even waste that kind of energy on someone he doesn’t care about.

Jae-ha finally spills some crucial beans: “If you get down to it, it’s all Eun Shi-kyung’s fault!” Jae-shin recognizes the name immediately, and asks if it’s the royal guard, the super un-fun one.

Jae-ha gapes, “Did he seduce you TOO?” Hahaha. She asks if Shi-kyung really seduced Hang-ah, and he flips out that he’s not good enough for her, but Hang-ah does this laugh in front him, and proceeds to demonstrate.

Jae-shin argues, what, is she not allowed to laugh that way? Jae-ha: “But I’M there!”

Pfffft. Oh, sweet justice.

He continues, “I’m a prince! And we shared a room, and spent WAY more time together! But how could she like him more?” HEE. He keeps going—that she refused to come to the sangyeonrae, and then all it took was one phone call from Shi-kyung for her to come running.

He describes that moment, agreeing that it was like a fuse was lit in his brain, and he went crazy. As he says that, he flashes back to their hug in the snow. Jae-shin: “Do you like her that much? That unni?”

He scoffs a denial, but she just stands up, calling out, “Unni, you heard that, right?” She opens the door, and there stands Hang-ah. He mutters and raises his fist at Jae-shin.

They sit across from each other in silence for a while, and Hang-ah wonders if it’s South Korea that’s so complicated, or men. “Be a man and just tell me. Do you like me, or not?” What? People being direct? Am I dreaming this?

Jae-ha: “And if I do? What are you going to do about it?” Eeeee!

He says even people who love their whole lives end up divorced, but what is he, a prince, going to overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way and be with a North Korean woman? “Do you think the world is that yielding?”

“Besides, why should I… when there’s an easy road?” He’s finally honest with her, but it’s no less dark, which is what I find fascinating about his character. Jae-ha: “It’s like you said. I’m trash. I only think about myself and only see myself.”

Hang-ah: “There’s no such thing as trash that admits it’s trash.” But he doesn’t let her explain it away, “I’m digging a hole in the ground right now, to run away. Calling myself trash makes it easy.”

The king gets word that Hang-ah’s father is on his way, and we see him cross the border.

Hang-ah says that she’s not totally innocent either – she did have some desire to trade up in life, and well, there may have been a teensy bit of revenge there. He laughs, “Your revenge was too strong.”

But she realizes that spending her own life on revenge would only make her the loser in the end. “So let’s just call the engagement off.” HA. Omg, is this revenge on revenge? He starts to worry—how is she going to handle all the humiliation?

She figures she’ll just go study abroad and marry a foreign man, whatevs. Pffft. He asks, what about the WOC? But she laughs that someone else can surely take her spot. And with that, she gets up and tells him she had a good time, and puts her hand out for a shake.

Hahaha. How does she do it? How does she manage to always get the last word in?

He just stares up at her, asking if this is really the end. He leaves her hand hanging there, so she pshaws that he doesn’t even want to shake her hand as a comrade.

He tells her that if this is goodbye, then in the south, they do something different to mark the occasion. Is it smooches? He says they even have a fancy name for it: Wrap Party. Ha.

Cut to: happy drinky times. They’re so sweet when they’re not sober! They do a love-shot and Hang-ah looks at the empty bottle of liquor like the rascal went and emptied itself while she wasn’t looking, and hobbles over to the fridge to get some more.

She swoons at the fridge stacked a mile high with bottles, “Is this ALL liquor?” She plops down right there and tells him to bring the food. I don’t know if that’s one of Seung-gi’s CF fridges, but it’s kind of messing with my brain. Stop colliding, universes!

The king greets Hang-ah’s father, who sternly asks to see the prince Right. Now. Ruh-roh.

Jae-ha parks it next to her on the floor, and after a while, she starts nodding off. He pokes her in the head and taps his shoulder for her to lean on him, but she says she’s not falling for that again.

“You just want to try and kiss me again.” Jae-ha snorts, reminding her that she’s the one who dreamt it, remember? He pets her hair, and then teasingly tries to pull her close, but she resists with a stinkface, saying she knows what he’s really thinking on the inside.

He pulls her head in, “So, you want me to?” Up until that moment it’s all fun and games, but then she looks up at him in earnest. He gulps.

She brings her fingers up to her lips, saying that hers are untouched, but his have kissed a hundred times before. They linger like that for a moment, and then he wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. Oh, swoon.

He whispers, “So?” They look into each other’s eyes… he gulps again…

And then we cut to outside the palace. WHAT? Why are we cutting? WHY ARE CUTTING?

Jae-kang and Hang-ah’s father are being marched over…

Once he pulls her in, he takes her hand. He adorably warns her that she can’t handle him. She says they’ll see about that. I love it—they’re still bickering, but you can actually see the magnetic force, like they’re trying to fight it off with words but their lips keep getting closer.

He asks what about Jang Dong-gun (ha) and when their lips are an inch away, he murmurs: “Who’d marry you?” She whispers back, “It doesn’t matter as long as it’s not you.” Hee.

They kiss. Again and again. He pulls her in closer.

By the time Hyung and Dad storm in, they’re making out, and get caught red-handed like a pair of teenagers. The father figures gape awkwardly.

They jump up with a start. Pfft, Jae-ha’s little sight gag with the fridge door popping open cracks me up. They bow their heads nervously, hands over their lips.


Swooooon. Nothing beats an equally-matched screwball pair, bickering their way towards each other like a force greater than gravity. I love that their bickering goes on even on their way towards kissing each other, like a last line of useless defense. They kill me. This show has done such a good job of teasing the romance – couching the flickers of real emotion within all the layers of crap they fling at each other. We’re teased along with them, never knowing which way is up. I love feeling like I’m being carried by the momentum of that, and not just waiting for the standard steps the way they’ve been danced a hundred times before.

It’s like this drama knows and relishes in the inherent pleasure of watching an ass get hoisted by his own petard, because I’m pretty sure every episode now, Jae-ha has done something even assier than before, and then gotten a comeuppance as juicy as deserved. But hearing him admit that he’s selfish and looking for a way out at all times is also satisfying, because it shows that even if he has the worst case of spastic foot-in-mouth syndrome ever, he’s not completely thoughtless. In the rare moments when he treats Hang-ah like a friend or a little sister, it’s like a glimpse into someone else, or a better side of him. And this episode brought the longest stretch of that, in letting them finally share a moment of honesty without the bullshit.

I’m so glad that Jae-shin finally showed up. I feel like we had to wait forever for her. She’s a great breath of fresh air in the palace, and I already love the good-natured family dynamic, as I love all the families in this drama, actually. She’s going to be a fantastic foil for Stick-in-the-Mud Shi-kyung, who continues to be the funniest character I’ve encountered in a while. It’s all in the writing too—because all he has to do is play everything straight, while everyone around him misinterprets his actions. I die every time Jae-ha adds something to the convoluted narrative that’s entirely inside his head, about how Shi-kyung is this mastermind ladies’ man who has it out for him and won’t share trade secrets. I’m seriously never going to get tired of that reluctant bromance.

My favorite thing about the show is of course the writing, but it’s also just stunning to look at. I love the moody lighting, the music, the way every scene is crafted. The tonal twists continue to be the thing of beauty though – the way a scene is both written and directed sometimes purely for a laugh (earnestness is undercut with humor), and other times to hit you with a wave of emotion (humor undercut with sudden sincerity). It’s unabashedly romantic, but that’s kind of why k-drama is good at what it does. What’s a love story without a little romance?


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      Okay, I think I MIGHT get it now. During the trip Hang ah KNEW Jae ha was putting on an act, but he kept mixing it all with true feelings. Then when he went to break up w/ her she said she’d marry him so he’d admit his real motives. Jae ha got scared and blurted that it was ALL an act. Despite, her suspicions she hoped it wasn’t true and cried. She had the whole plane ride to think it over and decided to announce accepting his proposal to put him in a corner. When he finally admitted his feelings and that he was a coward she could put her heart at ease b/c she wasn’t delusional about his feelings. She seemed to feel free and not really heartbroken. Why? I think she likes him, but didn’t have much faith in him. As for the kiss… I’m not confused about how or why that happened 😉

      • 9.2.1 jomo


        • mihinikki

          Thank you Jomo! If you think that’s right I may have some heart after all…I recently took a personality test, the real-deal kind, which scored me Thinking 100/Feeling 0 meaning I’m mostly in my head and have a hard time knowing how I feel much less others, but I’m working at it. I think kdramas are my therapy!

          • jomo

            Actually, that makes a lot of sense as far as therapy.
            We are constantly trying to guess how these characters feel despite what they say. You have a lot of company on your quest.

            Just the fact that you keep trying to figure your and others’ feelings out, means the personality test and label are no longer a true picture of your heart. Success!

      • 9.2.2 Saima

        awesome analysis! Loved his rxn when she went public with her feelings for him (as a way to gauge his feelings for her) AND when she offered her hand at the end and he didn’t take it cuz he just couldn’t understand that she would destroy her marriage prospects in the future only to know how he felt for her!! Hang Ah, here’re some hugs for you girl!!

        JH gives me a whiplash: dunno whether to knee him in the groin or squeal in delight at his transition from cruel heartless bastard to a passionate lover!! I hope we get to the point wherein we know that they made love (obviously they won’t show us their lovemaking) but discovering JH’s passion & love for HA will be such a delight and I say AYE to employing physical medium!! *fangirl squeal*

        • mihinikki

          “I hope we get to the point wherein we know that they made love”

          I agree! I don’t need to see anything either. Just the entrance to the bedroom, tinkling music, and huge grins over breakfast. I’ll be satisfied with the minimum.

          • Val

            Hahahaha yes! But… Truthfully, I’m all for some marital bliss.

          • mihinikki

            Oh, I was talking about the wedding night. Hang ah is a virgin and Jae ha should respect that.

      • 9.2.3 mihinikki

        If the K2H writers keep this emotional complexity going I might be totally balanced 50/50 by the time it’s all over! But, seriously my cousin’s husband was a bit like Jae ha when they were dating with being wishy-washy and testing her feelings. They seem to be doing very well now (10 years later), but when she laid out their “love story” I was dumbfounded at how she ever took it. I love drama for Kdramas, not so much for real life.

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      Keep up the good work drama!

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    Kamsahamnida, GF! I love love this episode. Made my heart skipped especially at the end. Oh yeah, ’bout time the princess made her appearance. Her introduction is so cool, like her.

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    I love how both of them were touching/covering their lips after they were caught! They look like teenagers!
    Jae-shin, I love her!
    But that kiss was…

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    Every week I’m amazed at how well done this drama is. It’s a real treat. After every episode I feel like I have to catch my breath. The chemistry between the OTP is intense and now they’ve gone and added the Punk Princess and the Uptight Soldier. It’s like all of my drama dreams come true.

    • 17.1 MsB

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    I haven’t been this affected by a first kiss in a while, and MAN, I am so glad they are taking the sensual way.

    Because it isn’t only the kiss, afterall, that warms you up, it is the release of the pent up feelings they have been hiding up to now.

    I was sooooo worried Princey was going to say “I NEVER liked you, Commie. It was all an act. You’re a yucky non-girl to me!” The idea that he made it up because he wanted her to see what love felt like, while kinduv jerky, is actually sweet. No wonder she didn’t punch him in the head.

    I didn’t really get this:
    “Hang-ah finds herself alone at the breakfast table, per her requests. And then again the next morning. She sighs in disappointment.”
    Wasn’t SHE the one who said she vanted to be alone?

    My biggest belly laugh was when HA opened the fridge and said “Look at all that alcohol!” like it was Christmas morning. It was so heartfelt, and funny.

    I love HJW with all my heart. She is magic.

    • 18.1 slfowie

      haha cant believe ppl are calling him Princey!

    • 18.2 Janet

      Yeah, I was confused about the breakfast thing too. With the way Kang-seok said “now you can eat in peace alone” at breakfast, I thought that perhaps he had pretended to deliver a message from Hang-ah when he was really trying to separate the two so that Hang-ah didn’t have to deal with Jae-ha? Since she seemed genuinely confused about why Jae-ha wasn’t there…

    • 18.3 cami

      She did ask to be left alone for the rest of the trip but apparently she was still secretly hoping that he would come and see her. She likes him afterall.

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    • 21.1 gg

      maybe b/c adults are the one who has the remote. if you get adult viewers than you are set for good rating, but it seems like they are not very fond about North korean stories.. it’s really sad. Also, adult korean viewers like simple, not complicated, straight-forward stories.

      • 21.1.1 Summer

        I think so too that the South Koreans are not interested in anything to do with North Korea, especially the drama focus 50% of it on NK. If it’s just a small part of the drama, it might be a different story.

      • 21.1.2 reglest

        Intersting thought! I think they aren’t ready for this kind of story, but here is some interesting facts about TK2H ratings in 4 first episode:
        http://www.lsgairenint.tumblr.com/post/20530622443/dramas-rating-survey-from-the-first-4-episodes :
        For summary, the rating is high in metropolitan area, even the average rating in Incheon reach 20%, except for jeonju which only 3% (?), the rating also strong in service sector VIP area while lower in agriculture area.

        I took a peek of real live rating last night, at the beginning TK2H is strong as usual, but dropped when Equator man raised, and it also dropped when RP raised. The rating isn’t stable, in my eyes, the viewers keep switching channels, they aren’t hooked into one show, especially TK2H when you need to watch the WHOLE scene to get a gist of it. Meanwhile, RP rating is way more stable, it’s up and down at tolerable scale

        I just hope it won’t make the writer to change the scenario, heard they already write it until episode 14, I’ll be so sad if this drama turn into another Myung Wol :(

        Note: heard rumor that they are indeed delaying the drama, Princess Jae Shin originally appeared into 5th episode

        Just one wish: hope they won’t alter the original story too much, I’m enjoying this one so much!

        • ddd

          Yes, they are indeed delaying the drama, actually the writer wrote the script in fast paced manner. What we are seeing is like 20-30 delayed scenes from original script ep.5. What I mean is that in this ep.6, half or more than half of the scenes are supposed to be in ep.5, and the kissing scene was originally in ep.6 scene 23 out scene 60ish!

          Delay started to happen on ep.2 (maybe b/c of magic show), they couldn’t place the original ending scene, and now it’s all messed up!

          I am so upset b/c this drama has so much potential and I really like the story and all, but editing really brings it down. I think this was also the cause that the rating is going down. Drama needs to grab audiences and make them wonder what will happen next but TK2H couldn’t do that. The ending scenes upon till now only ep.1 had original ending and rest of ending are just cut from middle of random scenes! Reading from the script, the original ending had more impact than what we are seeing now.

          I think the director and editor made huge mistakes with editing. What they are making mistake is that they don’t know what to cut out, they just put all unnecessary shots in the drama; magic show, snsd mv scene, jae-shin’s club scene, usb scene etc etc.. could’ve been cut to short scenes.

          Oh.. I am just hoping that the director and editor come to their senses and listen to the viewer’s feedback and go with what the writer intended to show!! I am hoping and hoping that ep.7 editing would be okay..*sigh*

          • reglest

            Me second that option!

            Hoping it become fast paced like first, well I love this show. VERY. MUCH. And I’m usually don’t care about rating, but since it’s K-drama we talk about and it’s life depend on rating… I hope they’ll take the right path after this

            PLUS: I hope MBC stop keep leaking the story, please release the BTS after the episode airing.

          • Raine

            I hear somewhere that the director will begin to use the original ending around episode 10. And that the script for episode 9 was recently revised and reprinted. Hopefully that means they’re bringing the original pace back.
            Even though I have no qualms about the ending as they are right now, I can see how it doesn’t make viewers anticipate the next episode, there’s no strong “OH NO WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!” feeling. Although the ending for 6 was pretty good I thought hehe, funny too ^^

          • xtooline

            Thanks for putting into words what I’ve been thinking. Some of the scenes really seemed like filler to me – too bad, because most of the pacing is really good. And the ones you picked as too long are exactly the ones where I ended up thinking WTH are they doing?

            Oh well, maybe they’ll get over that and keep the good pacing. Aside from that, I really love this show.

  22. 22 Brenda

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    I’m so glad that Jae Shin has been introduced. Her entrance was epic and when she got all handsy with Shi Kyung? I almost died! If they are coupled together and the drama doesn’t slow down then this will probably be in my Top 5 favorites.
    I loved the interaction between Jae Ha and Jae Shin . . . especially when each of them took turns replicating Hang Ah’s laugh =P

    Loving this drama! Can’t wait till next week!! =D

  23. 23 em

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    I know this is off track, but this is the reason I can’t get into Fashion King. Zero chemistry except maybe between Shin Sekyung and Lee Jehoon.

    • 25.1 aisuzieya

      its so awkward in Fashion King. Lee Je-hoon was supposed to love Yuri so much that he kept a picture of her in his wallet but yet his actions and reactions to her are inconsistent. to make matter worst, there is no chemistry between the leads..all four of them. the weakest link is definitely in the writing and then acting.

      and i love their kiss scene together near the refrigerator. intense and hot! loving the show!

    • 25.2 MsB

      You’re right but I also think that is part of the story. Instead of a triangle, I like to call it a merry-go-round. One likes the other likes the other likes the other. You get to the point where you don’t care who ends up with who.

  26. 26 Eevies

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    rating, I am loving this show as it it!!

    • 26.1 sailat

      well, more often than not i too say screw the ratings BUT PLEASE DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING from they would’ve originally intended, etc!! It’s an earnest request, writers!!

  27. 27 Sue

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  28. 28 Osi

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    The piano scene is just awesome and romantic. When they look at each other, my heart beats faster. The barefoot running hug scene is fantastic. I love how the song lyrics fit the scene so well. We see she runs in slow motion behind jae ha’s back right after he turned around. Such a nice and lovely scene. And the kiss. Speechless.

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  31. 31 wanne

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    “I’m going to make it so that she spends her entire life thinking that I love her, so that she can’t marry anybody, and dies old and alone. And then! The second she dies, that’s when I say: I never loved you.”

    LOL Hahahahaaaa. He’s insane.

    • 31.1 Raine

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      • 31.1.1 em

        It makes me laugh so hard .I can’t stop laughing at his insane plan of revenge.

        • WM

          You know when he’s saying it, it’s because deep down he doesn’t want her married to or in love with anyone else. He wants her to want him because he’s: 1. Jealous and 2. Falling in love with her and can’t see it/admit it.

          It’s gonna be great watching him tumble down the old rocky cliffs of love. lol

  32. 32 mellowyel

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    Thanks for the recap! Non-drama watchers appreciate it :) (*gets back to studying*)

    • 32.1 topper


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    I can see why Seung Gi said that he will not be bothered by the rating(that was during the presscon) as he is enjoying the filming of this drama every minute & second of it.

    Maybe South Koreans do not like to be associated with NK, but I applaused the writer for doing something different from other writers, to write something that other writers dare not do it.

    I have to say that this drama is the best of all at this time now. It has the whole package nicely done! Well done Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi, director, writers,co-stars & the rest of the crews.. Thank you for bringing us such a good drama!

    • 33.1 gg

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    Love the piano scene despite it partly being planned, the super touching hugging in the snow scene and of course the HOT kiss~!

    • 34.1 Summer

      Even though he said he is fooling her, but i can see his true feeling during the piano scene… That look is so genuine & sincere, it’s like he is not ‘acting’ at all but his true feeling has been release unknowingly to him.. It’s only when he withdraw himself just 1mm away from kissing her, that he remembered he is supposed to ‘act’, haha..

      And the hugging scene, it’s really beautifully done.. They played the chorus part which is the best part of the song..

      After City Hunter, this is the only drama I’m in love with..

  35. 35 kewbie

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      • 35.1.1 em

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    • 36.1 jomo

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      I love that actor. He was really funny in Brain, too.

      • 36.1.1 Saima

        Okay I am gonna cry buckets when his hyung dies….that is the ONLY way JH will acquire the throne!! His hyung is such a righteous guy and i love how he’s soo passionate abt the reunification but never wants to short-change his family in this process!! I also love his sister…she’s hysterical! Here’s to girl power!! *high fives*

        Also, I am genuinely afraid of how JH will unravel when his hyung dies!! The preview kinda scared me a bit: I hope they don’t use the sister as a bait…when his hyung told JH that he loved him I just had this pit in my stomach!! ughh

        • PS

          Count me in…
          I’m so in love with the Bromance between JaeHa and his Hyung..
          I was already tearing up when I saw the preview that his hyung told JaeHa that he really love him..

          The love between the brother are beyonds words..
          The acting are so Daebak that I actually forgotten that they are not Real Brothers.
          The chemistry among the cast are DAEBAK…. :)

      • 36.1.2 WM

        I have to agree with you all on the look. For me, it was the absolute best reaction (beside the hug reaction) of the entire series so far. That expression was priceless! I was laughing so hard, I did a spit take with my soda and had to rewind.

  37. 37 Glad

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    • 39.1 kungfupigeon

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      I second, third and 100th this idea.

  40. 40 halaure

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    • 40.1 reeen

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    • 40.2 moon_light

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  41. 41 JW


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    Anybody else find it a little weird that Lee Yoon-ji is playing the younger sister when she’s three years older than Lee Seung Gi?

    • 41.1 Elina

      Seung Gi was cast last. They considered older actors first.

      I think it doesn’t show on screen.

      • 41.1.1 ilikemangos

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        guess this is his type of thing

    • 41.2 topper

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  42. 42 saranghae_12

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    • 42.1 Osi

      I wish there’s a way international fans can show them how much we love this drama.

      That’s my wish too. I really love this drama. Anyone’s got an idea?

      • 42.1.1 Saima

        if the writers/directors have a me2day or twitter account… The former’s really famous with the Korean celebs!!

        • saranghae_12

          Do you know how to post in me2day? Is it all in korean?

          • Saima

            It’s very English-friendly! If you use google chrome (i think other web interfaces do this as well) it’ll automatically translate for you (if things are in Korean)…and then you can search the celeb if they have an account and then leave a msg for them.

            Here’s Seunggi’s twitter & website (i don’t think he has a me2day)


            http://leeseunggi.com/ —->you can leave a msg under ‘Community’ & then ‘To Seunggi’

          • airen

            If I’m not wrong, that is not Seunggi’s twitter (anyway that account hasn’t been updated for a long time). Seunggi currently does not have a twitter account. He did open one during Gumiho days for the sake of promoting Gumiho but he closed it after the drama ended.

          • iguess

            Hi Saima,
            that twitter account is fake. LSG does not have a personal twitter since he closed his chadaewoong account when MGIAG ended. No me2day too.

          • Saima

            oh, apologies abt the twitter mention!! I realized it belatedly that it hadn’t been updated in a long time!

        • ccinta

          I wish international viewers can lend our supports too. As this is truly a daebak drama.

          Lee Seung Gi doesn’t have twitter nor me2day account.

          But Ha Ji Won, Jo Jung Suk (Shi Kyung), Lee Yoon Ji have one.

          Ha Ji Won: https://twitter.com/#!/hajiwon1023 & http://me2day.net/with_jwha

          Jo Jung Suk: https://twitter.com/#!/jojeol

          Lee Yoon Ji: https://twitter.com/#!/dancingmulgogi

          Official MBC twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/withMBC

          MBC America: https://twitter.com/#!/mbc_america

          • vcdragoon

            Thanks for the list.

            I wish there was a comprehensive official twitter/me2day list. 😉

  43. 43 slfowie

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  44. 44 vcdragoon

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    I can see the storyline turning darker soon enough, since the promos before the series aired stated conclusively that Jaeha becomes the king after his brother is killed. The backdrop of potential war between the DPRK and the ROK is going to make one hell of a Romeo/Juliet scenario for the latter part of the series.

    It’s going to be fantastic to see HJW on the warpath to take down John Mayer. God, she’s awesome on so many levels.

    • 44.1 topper

      I also have a strong feeling Hang Ah will have a lot of ass kicking scenarios coming up. You don’t set her up as a North Korean special force instructor for nothing.

      And for Jae Ha to use that intelligence of his to out maneuver John Mayer instead of wasting it on coming up with double meaning poems on the fly.

      • 44.1.1 Joy

        I can not wait for that “ass kicking scenarios.” I just love Ha Ji Won. Am pretty sure she’ll pull it off like nothin’ and with ease. Did I say I love her? lol :)

        • vcdragoon

          I agree wholeheartedly. It’s going to be epic. Maybe even…wait for it…Legend-ary.

          I’m also wondering if the ending will be goong-esque, in that the princess ends up taking the position while Jae-Ha and Hang-ah live happily (bickeringly) after.

          • Joy

            Oh my gosh! Wouldn’t that be cool?! Live happy ever after with little ones. he he he Just remembered after you mentioned “Goong” it’s like a flashbulb, she’s the same princess. Loved her introduction, she rocks.

          • vcdragoon

            Joy: You’re exactly right! I didn’t even realize that until you mentioned it. It’s Lee Yoon Ji all right!

          • wanne

            I think Jae ha can make a great king. He’s genius, diplomatic, realistic, passionate and protective. wow so many adjective to describe JH lol. I want to see him as King and Hang-ah as his kick-ass protector

          • Roggy

            Holy crap! Youre right! no wonder! She suits the role perfectly :)

  45. 45 danna

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    • 45.1 danna

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      • 45.1.1 Raine

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  46. 46 Alexis

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  47. 47 wanne

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    Yes, it is. Samsung Zipel is one of the sponsor.

    • 47.1 bam

      did anybody notice that the fridge have cabbage in the bottom box?
      haha, why on earth a palace’s bedroom freezer have a cabbage?
      me thinks it is so hilarious the way they do product placement for korean drama.
      but i love love love the show.

  48. 48 YL

    Seung Gi as Jae Ha is messing with my head.

    Despite having played similar character types in his previous dramas, I think this one succeeds best in convincing me that it’s not simply ‘heo-dang Seung Gi playing a character’. It’s making me hella confused, that’s for sure. Where’s puppyyy?

    Thanks for the recap GF! 😀

  49. 49 chillinducky

    wowww, I didn’t even watch episodes 5 and 6 yet, but couldn’t help myself from skimming the recap, like the kissing scene. 😡 (Yes, this drama so far is like CRACK for me!!! Help?!!?!)

    So far the drama is really good, I’m surprised because I didn’t expect too much. I was only watching for Jo Jeong suk. Thanks GF for the recap and your insight/analysis into the drama!

  50. 50 wanne

    ‘And then we cut to outside the palace. WHAT? Why are we cutting? WHY ARE CUTTING?’

    I had the same reaction. I know that they want to make us nervous, that the king will interrupt before the couple get to kiss, or that they will witness the kiss whatsoever. But bad bad timing there!

    • 50.1 bella

      i had the same reaction too! I was like “don’t tell me they’re not going to kiss tonight!” and like “hurry up, they’re coming!” LOL! you have no idea how i was relieved and squealed like a little girl when they started kissing :)

  51. 51 PS

    Thanks GF for the great recap..
    Ep 6 really brought us another level of excitement.
    Truth against the false.. Hidden love to be reveal..
    Beautiful setup, lighting and the ambience..
    In this ep, we see it all..
    Can’t wait till the next KingsDay.. (Longing makes the heart grows fonder) hehe..
    But seems like it will be sad week for the Royal Family..
    TK2H Fighting.. (“,)

  52. 52 Val

    This. This is the reason why I watch and savor k-drama. I kinda get why the rating is decreasing (although still in considerable place) what with very touchy matters (NK, namely) but I feel like being an optimist this time around hoping it’ll thrive for the days to come.

    Rooftop Prince doesnt have THAT effect on me.

  53. 53 fangirl98

    Aside from the crackling chemistry, I love that JH and HA are equally matched in wits and revenge plots. XD That dynamic brings an extra layer of fun to this relationship – keeps each other on their toes!

    CAN’T WAIT ’til next week!

  54. 54 Laya

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  55. 55 bella

    Thank you so much for another great recap GF! The episodes just getting better and better. The other day was the topless LSG, then last night was the sweet hug plus the beautiful kiss ~ what more can a girl ask for? This drama is so wonderfully made that it breaks my heart to hear that it’s under appreciated. TK2H Fighting!!!

  56. 56 wanne

    This couple bring the bickering romance to a new level.

    The sequence of the kiss; the flirting bickering conversation, in whisper, as their lips moves closer, as their eyes keep going back and forth to looking each other’s eyes and each other’s lips, then the tender kiss.

    OMG. i just died and kept replaying it over and over. One of the best kiss sequence ever!

    • 56.1 jomo

      All this! Yes!
      I replayed it so many times my lips were vibrating…

    • 56.2 Saima

      *blushes* Off to watch IT again….i guess no surprises what IT is?! 😉

  57. 57 Fave

    Love this drama to bits. Has Lee Seung Gi been taking acting lessons secretly ? He is really acting so well, I can’t get enough of him and Ha Jiwon together. Really can’t wait for next Wednesday !

  58. 58 samasta93

    I’m seriously falling in love with this drama and I’m dying of watching more and more, that my sincere love of this show is indeed pushing me to betray my vow of keep writing my research thesis and refraining myself from any progress of K2H, unfortunately I can’t hold on myself…… arrghhh~ and the last minute of ep. 6 is pushing me further to the very corner of my heart that I’m re-asking myself whether to stick on my vow or not~~~ how I wish I was not in the middle of this bloody-hell research progress~~~

    Anyway, big thanks for the recaps, girlfriday :)
    your work is seriously always awesome~

  59. 59 wanne

    You know, its such a great delightful surprise when the thing that you worried the most; the writing, turns out one of the best thing about this drama.

    This is another show with the trifecta; good writing, directing and acting (or should we call it the superfecta with the awesome chemistry also) that makes watching such an enjoyable and satisfying ride. I wont be this obsessed with this drama if they’re lacking in any of that department.

    Its sooo good to be addicted again!

    • 59.1 wanne

      Eventhough I’m starting to get lack of sleep now. And a bad quality sleep at that too with this drama even occurring in my dreams and cause me to wake every few hours.

  60. 60 jane

    best episode ever.
    my heart beats like crazy at the scene when they were about to kiss.. HJW and LSG chemistry is sizzling..
    I love the Royal family in this drama as well, I love how the king is actually very easy-going and like a normal brother to his dongsaeng, not like other dramas I watched before, where the Royal family is so quiet and boring.

    I’m worried for the next episode. PLEASE don’t kill the awesome king. pleaaaaaseeee. :(

  61. 61 kristine c.

    yay! thanks GF! fave drama for 2012 so far. ^^

  62. 62 amtee

    Just love every minute of this episode!

    Jae Shin is so naturally cute. Like when she and Jae Ha watched the experts on TV trying to decipher that poem, with the utter right beside her, soon as she heard the negative, she went off like okay, let me report back to big bro and get this done with. Hilarious! And Jae Ha was like no no no not so quick. The two are just so funny together.

    (So big bro sent her to spy on 2nd bro and 2nd bro sent her to spy on the sister-in-law-to-be…how did this family ever function before she returned?)

    And the kiss…omg, the muttering before the kiss. The Arab sheik and his many soon-to-be-disposed-of wives…This is romantic comedy at its best!

    I have some grumbles about the kiss being cut too short. Well, I made allowance for LSG fans but in my mind the editing, and packing, is just terrific!

    TK2H, you own me!

    • 62.1 amtee

      I meant I have HEARD some grumbles…

      And complaints about ratings not as good as it should be…

      Well, I can honestly say with 100% confidence now, if you don’t watch this drama, it’s your loss!

      This one will become one of the classics.

      • 62.1.1 Summer

        Agreed with you, it’s the viewers’ loss if they don’t even give a chance and watch this drama..

      • 62.1.2 leelee

        I also agree. For me, there’s just no comparison, as this show gives out a very different feel. Everything about K2H is superb, it has completely blown me away.

        Thanks for the awesome recap gf!

        • jane

          me here too. I’ll second that and I moved that motion to be closed! This drama makes me an addict! I can’t wait for my next shot eer I mean next ep!

  63. 63 naomi

    Wah~ I like the cuteness of Ha Ji Won-ssi. Haha!

    And what? His lips have kissed many times? Jae ha, y u so playboy?! Hang ah’s personality is cute. :3

    The fuuuu moment there is the cut to the king & HA’ father. xD

  64. 64 sinflower

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  65. 65 sharon

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  66. 66 Anonymous

    I think that the King gaping and the refrigerator door falling makes the moment all the more real for them. Especially the refrigerator door.

    • 66.1 wanne

      lol the refrigerator door does feel like a candid one.

    • 66.2 Cruelsummer

      I have no idea why I was so tickled by the refrigerator door.

  67. 67 wanne

    Well, lets hope it will not go any lower because I seriously dont want the writers to change what they have been doing so far.

    And maybe this drama can do well overseas.

    Best wishes to TK2H!

  68. 68 mara

    this is the show that brings back my addiction in kdrama after The Princess’ Man…watching this with no sub..LOL

  69. 69 maria

    guys, hate me but i got irritated by this episode. i had expected more of a mature love not THIS clueless girl. I expected more but this kind of romance is very cliched!!! :(

    I was disappointed. Why does she have to be a weakling too???!!! I guess when you do have a title to your name it changes everything even if the guy is a jerk. I guess I’m taking it too seriously because I really expected more from this drama. SIGH.

    The kiss on the other hand was awesome. The chemistry is beautiful with this two and lee seung gi is really growing more on me. Enough to hate his character unlike most of you here. 😀 Sorry. I’m guessing I’d be really raising my eyebrows the next episodes or so. Brilliant acting Seung Gi! I just hope they don’t make this into a mess up love affair. :/

    • 69.1 cindy

      She might be clueless in love but not in her job/war.

      She never had a relationship so what do you expected? Why she would think he was lying to her AGAIN? And how not to fall in love when the guy is doing all to win her heart?

    • 69.2 topper

      I think the r/s will continue to build as the story gets darker, and I predict very very dark. This OTP ain’t gonna be together so easily so no need to worry.

    • 69.3 Cruelsummer

      I was watching something, I think it was WGM and the guy said something that I thought was interesting. He said love was immature (childish). I couldn’t agree more. This relationship seems real to me. I know when my husband and I were dating we would do and say stupid things to “test” our love for one another. We were young and it was our first time. I think that relationships like JH and HA happen more often than not.

  70. 70 jasmine

    I seriously fell in love with that hug scene in the snow! That expression on JH’s face when he saw HA running towards him, and how he, against his better judgement, hugged her back! Almost as if he couldn’t help himself… It was amazing… It was just as amazing as that kissing scene at the end of the episode. The emotions on both scenes were so tentative but so intense at the same time, much like their growing feelings for each other. To be honest, I felt like an intruder, watching them, that my first instinct was to look away..

    I love how JH and HA’s character’s are so well fleshed-out, that even though the premise and background for their story is outlandish, you understand what motivates them to do the things that they do, regardless of how over the top they may seem. I love how there’s no real third party in their relationship (other than the one that only exists in JH’s head regarding SK). They don’t need it. The existence of the DMZ in the 38th parallel is more than enough to serve as an obstacle. I love how pragmatic they both are about this, conceding that although the feelings might exists, that ideological and cultural divide might be a tad too much to overcome.

    I love how HA gives as good as she gets. Watching her corner JH with that press conference was so satisfying. And JH in a jealous rant is so hilarious.

    Also, hooray for a drama where the families are loving and supportive and “normal”, as opposed to the usual scheming psychopaths featured in a lot of dramas. Also hooray for forthrightness and frank discussions between the characters, whether its between JH and HA (discussing whether he likes her or not) or SK and his dad (about career prospects) or JH and JS (where she takes him to task for playing with a person’s heart).

    I hope the rest of of the drama remains of the same quality, and I can’t wait for next week’s episodes. I wish some kind soul would translate the preview, just so I’ll have something to tide me over till next week.

    Kudos to GF for the great review as always. I must say, I’ve read two other recaps for this same episode (just because I was itching to know what they were talking about in the raw video), and yours and JB’s recaps remain my favorite. They’re always very well written and funny. So thank you.

    • 70.1 wanne

      I wish there is a like button.

      I agree with everything you said!

      Though regarding other recaps, I love them just as much because the more the merrier ^^ I love reading the side comments especially so with other recappers I get to read their thoughts as well.

      So thank you to our awesome GF and all the other bloggers who shower this show with love!

    • 70.2 bella

      100% agree! well written! had the same exact thought but I’m not good in expressing my thoughts in writing! hehehe

  71. 71 wanne

    Guys, bad news!

    Episode 7 will be postponed to Thursday April 12 due to election on Wednesday. So we will only get 1 episode next week.

    TT TT

    • 71.1 Saima

      oh noes!! Please say it ain’t so?!!! gahhhhhh, in my ego-centric world I’d demand why would they have the elections on Wednesday when they could have it e/ on Mon o/ Tues, yunno since there’re no good dramas airing on those days but sadly that world’s in my head!! *pouts*

      Not only will we have to wait an extra day but my craving for this drama is not satiable with JUST 1 EPISODE/week!!

      • 71.1.1 wanne

        Ok, latest update:

        TK2H production is still discussing with MBC to air 2 episodes (Ep7 & 8) back to back on Thursday.

        So, lets hope that comes true!

        • jane

          oh gosh YES PLEASE. make ’em air 2 episodes on Thursday!

        • jomo

          Poor subbers!
          No sleep for you…

          • Danna

            I was thinking the same…poor subbers

        • hanna

          aahhhh stress…

    • 71.2 Koreandramasrock


    • 71.3 Cruelsummer

      Ugh….not happy.

      • 71.3.1 ilikemangos

        It’s official! They’re airing 2 episodes on thursday back to back.

  72. 72 sjkwifey

    Phwoarr!! What an episode! Thank you girlfriday for the amazing recap. I’m also glad that Lee Yoon Ji has made her appearance and can’t wait for the Jae Shin and Shi Kyung hi-jinks.

  73. 73 zemegaze

    I thought I have hated that bad guy in Tree with Deep Roots with my whole heart. It is really bad to hold grudge on someone that long.

    • 73.1 jomo

      Think how long he has hated the monarchy! Centuries!

      • 73.1.1 zemegaze

        Hahaha. It is okay to hate him for a while. It’s disturbing when he suddenly appeared in my dream laughing with his evil-looking twin.

        • wanne

          LOL you dream of him? Thats a nightmare!

  74. 74 Anonymous

    Kudos LSG. What a great episode!

    His acting is getting better now. Good for him. I guess, he’s been preparing himself for this role. Hope that he will be in more challenging role after this.

    I like Jae Ha… but I like Shi Kyung more… Otoke :-) :-)

  75. 75 ryuu99

    best part about this drama is that in just 6 episodes they’ve fleshed out ALL the characters that other dramas take like 20+ episodes to “make the jerk guy be loving” and all that crap (with the exception of Shining Inheritance because that drama was sooo good).

    this drama is the best. why aren’t more koreans watching it? okay, maybe the rural areas do not care for this kind of drama and lean towards more of the super hardcore melodrama and it starts at 10pm so yeah that’s really late if you live in rural areas/provinces and i heard this drama is reaching 20% in metropolitan areas. different strokes for different folks, i guess.

    it’a not like a whole rural town in Wyoming or Nebraska is staying up late just to watch 24 or something…XD

  76. 76 leyzlie

    oh my.. i so love this drama.. thanks GF for the wonderful recap… i smile the whole time reading it, actually until now.. This drama will surely be a hit international. doesn’t care about the ratings anymore. All i know is it is the best drama this year.

  77. 77 Koreandramasrock

    I really really hope this drama doesn’t become TOO dark.. but I think there is no hope for that.. =(

    • 77.1 Val

      It’s a breath of fresh air(?) Compared to the light, fluffy, rom-coms out there. I love the latter genre too but I think having a dram,a where you need to think is pretty fulfilling.

  78. 78 jude

    I got scared watching the preview for next week. Please, please don’t kill Jae Kang. It would be so sad :(

    (why do I still have the feeling that he will die nevertheless?)

    • 78.1 kimchi

      sorry to burst out your bubble but he will.. they’ve already shoot his memorial.

  79. 79 Plain Jane

    Dear GF, your recap is great. But allow me to flesh out the press conference a bit more, because I just enjoy that part too much.

    When HA said she loved JH and was willing to go through with the engagement, her voice and expression were more like a revenge vow over a loved one’s dead body! There’s little joy but lots of resolution and vengeance (she admitted as much so cutely later).

    Then JH was totally a dear caught in the headlights upon hearing that. His incredulous frozen pose was just hilarious.

    When he’s fishing desperately for something to say in reply, you could see his brain light up like a X’mas tree working frantically. He could not deny his love for her, since he’d himself made that abundantly clear already. He could not bear to contradict HA either, now that she was right there in his face, a woman he wanted to take in as a secret lover! He could not say yes still, which would be like a lifetime jail sentence for him.

    And then he came upon that poem. HA at first blinked in puzzlement, trying like everyone else in the room to guess its meaning. But she was the first one who got it, a mere evasive attempt from JH to deflect and postpone the moment of truth, with the engagement, and with himself. And then she smiled a little, like saying boy, you are good, I have to give you that. When he finished, he looked at her and she looked at him, two opponents in a dual appraising each other and finding nothing wanting.

    What a perfect piece of dramatic work! TK2H, I salute you!!!

    • 79.1 wanne

      Yeah, that scene was just pure genius and unexpected and funny. The look on the reporters face LOL

    • 79.2 Raine

      Love the press conference scene as well. Totally put Jae Ha on the spot :)

      • 79.2.1 Alison

        That one is so great, i can’t help myself laughing so hard when JH came up with the poem. Oh man, this drama is just awesome!

  80. 80 Alexie

    One big reason I dig Lee Seung Gi is because of his guy-ness, like there is no metrosexual or bisexual vibes. But his charm has always been the boy next door type. Even when he acts cool, I sense that’s only an act. But now, wow, I don’t know what happened to him in The King 2Hearts. Jae Ha just exudes sexiness!!! His facial features, in strong contrast lighting, are both soft and hard. So so manly!!! I got hot all over just thinking about that kiss scene! Gosh, need to download the HD version for sure.

  81. 81 ck1Oz

    Thank you for the recaps. Loved it. Loved your comments more.

    Sigh. That was such a good episode. I watched it without subs and then just read the subs to know the conversation but didn’t want to distract myself from the acting and the mood.

    Oh man if there is only 1 episode on Thurs I am literally going to die from suspense.

    Plus the subbers for Rooftop Prince and K2H on viki are almost the same subbers. Poor them if they end up with FOUR episodes to sub on Thurs. Horrors.

    • 81.1 saranghae_12

      Oh noes!ottoke >.< I've been dying of suspense since I finished watching the latest ep last night. Hope they decide to air two new eps back to back but the subbers will go crazy for sure.

      This drama is daebak. It gets me straight through the heart.

  82. 82 jazzy-fizzle

    Oh Lawd, that kiss. It blows Seung Gi Oppa’s kiss from Shining Inheritance out of the water. (They basically just stood there, instead of actually kissing like this one.) I also don’t get why the ratings are slipping. Hopefully, after that last scene, more will tune in. TK2H FIGHTING!

  83. 83 amtee

    A little poem from me for Ep. 6:

    He plays all the tricks,

    She calls all the shots.

    But when they kissed,

    Oh Christ,

    Two unbidden hearts!

  84. 84 Fee

    I loved this episode…
    Thanks for the recap!

  85. 85 namcha

    I am really enjoying this drama. My take on the low ratings is that the storyline is too far fetched and so unbelievable considering the current political climate btw North and S.Korea.

  86. 86 techvet

    Thank you for the recaps on this amazing drama. I became hooked on K-drama since last summer (2011) and find that K2H stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the fare from the writing, acting, directing, . . . its cinematography, this drama feels like a movie.

    I am not from S.K. nor am I of Korean descent and I’ve read about the hesitancy on behalf of viewers who have opted out of K2H due N.K./S.K. plot line and turned their attention elsewhere. The images of the armed borders and the DMZ has made me think about who is keeping whom out of their country.

    However, as an international fan, I am so grateful to those who have brought K2H to us viewers. Keep up the the great work K2H! Happy Easter to those celebrating Easter.

  87. 87 wanne

    Btw, Jae ha’s wishy-washy character reminds me of Eric’s character in Que Sera Sera.

    • 87.1 Cruelsummer

      Eric was so mean, though. At least Jae Ha’s behavior has a little mischievous boy, mixed in with his abuse. But I guess the fact that they are both so hell bent on not falling in love and will do just about any dispicable thing to get their point across, is very similar.

  88. 88 heerbi

    one annoying thing about the drama is the camera when it comes to close up shot. It always vibrate and shake, making my eyes sore.. PD-nim, I think you need to scold your camera man!

  89. 89 divaz_sha

    why this AWESOME DRAMA GOT NO 2 ???!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?????????????????????

  90. 90 crzycpl

    This drama is making me swoon like an idiot. I think I’ve watched the kiss scene (and the BTS kiss scene) and the part where he does the “hehehe” with his hands with Jae-shin about 10 times. It cracks.me.up! Lee Seung-gi owns me! … for now. Until Gong Yoo comes back, of course, into dramaland.

    This drama may, if it keeps at this pace and wit, become numero uno for me … surpassing Coffee Prince. And THAT, is a tall order! Oh my, when is it going to be Wednesday again? I want MOAR … MOARRRRRR!!!!

  91. 91 mon_fever

    This episode is soooo great. I’m rarely seeing dark tone drama become so enjoyable. Two thumbs up for the OTP, eventhough i miss HA-kickassing. haha.
    Screw the rating, i still want this drama to continue as good as it is now. Hope no cut-coz-low-rating for this drama later.

  92. 92 merlyunho

    I swear I tried hard not to obsess over an ongoing drama. Because it’s painful, really, it’s all pain and sleepless nights and 10 hours refreshing your laptop wishing the new episode or the sub is out.

    I swear to myself I won’t obsess over this one, I’ll just sit and watch. I think we can guess how that plan works out. Shame on me. Can’t blame a girl for trying, though.

    The thing I love about this drama is they use the angry-hot sooo efficiently. They’re bickering and the next thing you know they’re making out. And yaay for a drama that doesn’t lay everything out in the open. It’s all about subtext in King2Hearts. And I LURVE IT. I DIG IT.

    And who knew that LSG and HJW hv sizzling on screen chemistry? Every gulp, every eye on eye moment, I thought they were going to jump each other right away. (Which, by the way, is the very thing that sets K2H part from RTP. I have some problem with the other drama’s pairings chemistry.)

    I wish we could have less of the UGLY villain and more of Ah-Ha(is that what they’re called?), oh and also the fabulous Royal threesome. I can’t wait to see the moment when Big Bro slap Little Bro and Little Sis’s heads altogether. They’re by far the most adorable family I’ve ever encountered in kdramaland since….. I don’t know since when, really. Is it a trend for kdrama to have a backstabbing mother/father/sister/brother? Because I’m sick of it, really.

    I know it might be too early but I want to bet on JaeHa-ShiKyung to be the best bromance of all bromances for 2012. Really. THEY OWNED IT. Seunggi pretty much did thejob by being the grumpy one but Shikyung’s character is just GOLD, you know. I love him. Oh, with that face to match, and the voice. He’s just so swoon-able.

  93. 93 Su

    Thank you for the recap, I really enjoyed it hahaha your commentary always cracks me up! ^^ does anyone know what the preview for ep 7 says? CAN’T WAIT

    • 93.1 merlyunho

      basically it’s how hang ah’s dealing with the grumpy mother in law to be slash ex queen and jaeshin getting kidnapped by the evil ugly face while shikyung saves her ass. oh, and a birdie told me someone’s going to die. i’m afraid it’s going to be big bro because didn’t the synopsis say jaeha’s going to be the crowned king?

  94. 94 Rachael

    Well shit. So much on my promise of one drama at a time to myself. Now I’ll be finishing up Salaryman and starting up this one over the weekend. This is definately a crack drama. Especially after watching that making of part ilikemangos post! Rawr.

    All warm and fuzzy on the inside and sighing dramatically out my window now while watching this.

  95. 95 jigglybelly

    This show is making it soooo hard for me to quit my k-drama addiction!!!! aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

  96. 96 Elina

    My wishes:
    -No more sweet-voice Hang Ah. Bring the badass back.
    -No more donuts. I swear I’m developing a donut-intolerance.
    -Could someone have a mobile other than the new Samsung Galaxy Note? Even a Samsung Galaxy sII would do.
    -More princess-Shi Kyung action
    -More action.

    Because seriously, even though I love this drama, I’m getting tired.

    • 96.1 sally_b

      Thank you. You echoed my thoughts.

      …’specially — More Princess-Shi Kyung action.
      (this relates to my heartbroken-state that the Robot Couple from Wild Romance is no more…honestly I only watched the last 10 episodes for THEM)

      Nothing better than a rules&regulations-robot-guy…and a fierce and feisty woman.

      I mean…did you SEE how she she shamelessly felt him up to find his security ID card? (I was thinking in my head, “Oh sistah, you are a girl after my own heart.”)

      so yes….MORE of her..and him. please.

  97. 97 jomo's phone

    Silly Jiggly! There’s no quitting!

  98. 98 Meow

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! God i couldnt stop laughing. especially at LSG’s gags.. when they were going to kiss i was in the edge of my seat… sooo good that all the romance and kissing started early..

  99. 99 niKai

    i think i should stop reading recaps prior to watching. I always found recaps more interesting than the actual watch. Dunno if due to expectation high after reading recap, which lead to disappointment when actually watching it. or it’s just the typical “books are better than their movie counterparts” kind of feeling, if you know what i mean. hehe. I actually has a couple of series i didn’t bother finishing because reading the recaps was adequate. it like reading story books, which is nice.

    • 99.1 JenJen

      I’ve had this problem also. The problem for me personally is knowing exactly what is to come takes all the tension and anticipation out of scenes that rely on wanting to know what’s going to happen. That frission is completely absent for me when I’ve already read a recap, and at times I get impatient for a scene to finish because I already know the point of it. For that reason the pacing of a show can seem off, when it’s fine. It’s why I had to stop!

    • 99.2 topper

      The best example will be someone telling you the ending of a movie like “The Sixth Sense”.

      Recaps are for after discussion and clearing translation doubts, or if you just want to know the story and don’t care much for the show.

  100. 100 Ria

    does anyone know the name of the background song that plays with the male singer????

    • 100.1 Mich

      Its called Love is here by K. Will :)

      This drama is growing on me. LSG is a really smart guy. His acting improves heaps in here. Rating aside, LSG has succeeded in proving that he can be a serious actor, an actor to watch for in a long run.

      HJW definitely looks younger for her age. I was skeptical in their chemistry before the, but they sure have changed my mind completely now!

      I hope they maintain this high quality for the rest of the drama. Keep on fighting LSG, HJW, other actors, and all the staffs BTS!!

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