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The King 2 Hearts: Episode 9
by | April 18, 2012 | 191 Comments

Why does this show want to kill me dead? Now that we’ve treated one heartache, it’s time for another, and this time Misunderstanding rears its ugly head. It’s actually deployed in a cracktastic fashion, but damn if I’m not hurling things while glued to the screen. Gorrammit, can we shoot them up with truth serum and lock them in a bunker? They’re military-trained. It could work.


Bong-gu greets Jae-ha with an auspicious bow, feigning disappointment at the fact that Jae-ha can’t remember him. He’s like, oh it was twenty-some-odd years ago, no biggie. Well if you refreshed his memory about the pen stabbing, I bet he’d remember.

He looks over at Jae-kang’s portrait, gasping at how such a thing could happen, crying real tears (as in liquid, not genuine emotion), “He liked my magic so.”

They sit down for a meal together, and Bong-gu asks about the ark shell dish on the table, noting that it’s prepared in a rather unorthodox way. Jae-ha says good-naturedly that well, he’s the king, so now it IS tradition. You can tell it’s exactly the king of thing that raises Bong-gu’s hackles, but he laughs it off.

Jae-ha brags that it was made by the future queen (so cute) from a recipe passed down by his mother. Bong-gu asks if he likes that North Korean woman, talking about her very casually, and Jae-ha warns him to choose his words wisely.

He steels, “She is the future queen of this nation.” Ooooh, I kinda like these two in the same room together all of a sudden. Bong-gu just says in turn, “There’s this old saying: If you want to trust someone, suspect them first.”

Shi-kyung tiptoes into Jae-shin’s hospital room so awkwardly it pains me, and she doesn’t notice because she’s listening to music. He sees her leg hanging down off the bed and decides he should sneak up and cover it with a blanket, because apparently he’s never seen a wildlife video before and doesn’t know what happens when you poke a sleeping tiger. Are you new?

She freaks out, of course, refusing his help and screaming in a fit. He tries to help her up when she nearly falls off the bed, only making matters worse. She’s freaking out, he’s panicked and doesn’t know what to do, so that’s when he decides it’s time to unveil the present he brought – a talking parrot.

He launches into this ADORABLE awkward stuttery speech about how he found it at a pet shop and the bird had a broken leg, and well… then the parrot didn’t have a broken leg… and it was because the parrot exercised by himself… and… and… if the princess were to get physical therapy… then she could be like the bird… and… uh… IT SINGS!


The whole while, she’s completely offended that he thinks her such a simpleton that he’d use this obvious metaphor to tell her to buck up, only Shi-kyung really IS that earnest, and he’s in no way mocking her. Can’t you just picture him in the pet shop, all, this is the best idea ever! She screams at him, calling him a crazy bastard, and he’s so panicked by now that he starts entreating the bird to sing and help a brother out.

So then he’s singing at the bird trying to coax it, and the bird just deadpans, “Stupid idiot! Stupid idiot!” Pfffft. It’s finally so funny that Jae-shin cracks up. She says to the bird that he’s better than the ajusshi, and tells Shi-kyung to bring him over.

Aww, new friend. Shi-kyung just watches her make friends with the parrot in relief, sweating more bullets than he ever did during all that WOC training.

Bong-gu says his goodbye to the king, and offers up a parting gift. He takes out a pen…

Oh crap. And then he confesses on the spot that he once stabbed Jae-ha with a pen when they were very young, offering the pen now as a token of reconciliation. Jae-ha just looks down at it and laughs, saying that no such thing ever happened. Er?

He laughs, asking how someone like him could dare to stab the king, and tosses the pen back at him with a flick of the wrist. He adds that he’d never have endured such a thing, no matter how young he was. “You’re mistaken.” He walks out, leaving Bong-gu completely turned around.

It’s the one reaction Bong-gu doesn’t expect – he wants fear, shock, anger, and instead he’s met with a blank wall. He returns to the classroom where it all happened, reminiscing that the moment he wrote, “I am king” on the window, he had already made the decision to usurp the throne.

He flares up at how long he’s spent tending to his horrible father to get where he is today, and that he won’t let that punk ruin it for anything. He declares that he is the real king, and tells his minion to donate 5 billion won to the royal family.

His reasoning is that with Jae-ha’s IQ, things will never happen on their timetable, so they need to change the game. Only he’s acting from the judgment that Jae-ha is a complete idiot—he thinks that with a memory like his, he has to be a fool. Well, you’re not right but you’re not wrong either.

Secretary Eun tells Jae-ha about the donation and though it surprises him, he tells Secretary Eun to accept it freely. Do you maybe think it’s time to tell him that it would be taking money from his brother’s killer? No? Okay then.

Secretary Eun calls to warn the baddies that just because they’re taking the money to build a memorial for Jae-kang, it doesn’t mean they get anything out of it, and Bong-gu’s minion says of course, it’s not like they’d ask, oh, Where’s the king vacationing? It’d be funny if I weren’t still bitter about it.

So construction begins on the villa where the king and queen died, to turn it into a memorial park. The queen mother arrives to look at the place where her son died, which she takes in quietly, subduing her grief.

Shi-kyung keeps watch, and then an agent runs up with something they discovered while digging up the site. He storms back into the palace still holding the box, and bursts into Hang-ah’s room.

He tells her that this is what they found at the scene of the crime (coal dust, of which he’s brought a sample while the rest is being tested)—and she opens it up to find a North Korean cell phone. Ruh-roh. This is bad. Also really obvious, but I don’t trust them not to fall for it. Shi-kyung says they’re putting guards at her door.

Jae-ha is on his way to the palace, and asks Dong-ha where Shi-kyung’s been lately. Dong-ha says he was actually headed to see Hang-ah earlier… and Jae-ha fidgets jealously, announcing a change of plans: they’re going to Hang-ah’s quarters. “And from now on, if there’s a reason to go there, YOU go.” Hee.

Jae-ha bursts in, catching the pair looking awkward, but only because they’re trying to hide the box, and well, Shi-kyung is just awkward at everything. Jae-ha asks what they’re doing, and Shi-kyung just bows and walks out.

Hang-ah is clearly standing right in front of the box she doesn’t want him to see, and he asks what she’s hiding, “What, did you guys share some chocopies while I wasn’t looking?”

She finally steps aside and fills him in, and the way she searches his eyes, waiting for his response, kind of kills me. Shock, anger, and then the realization of what it means for them – it all comes at once, and after a long pause, he says that it still has to be investigated.

I like that this moment is played with more silence than words. They both know what it could mean, but won’t say it aloud. He takes the box and walks out.

Meanwhile, the news breaks. Ack. Investigators have taken apart the phones and the technology, inside and out, is something that North Korea had recently boasted about as an advance in their telecommunications—as one of the first countries to develop phones using embedded passives.

Jae-shin goes straight to Hang-ah, furious and calling her a Red, asking if she wanted to be a queen so badly that she murdered Big Oppa, crying that she let herself be bathed by her brother’s killer.

But Hang-ah doesn’t flinch at her reaction, grabbing her wrist to get her to focus. She presses Jae-shin to remember the events of that night—did she see the king, or anyone else? Her memory is the key.

Hang-ah says that if she’s the one responsible then she’ll pay the price, but if not… then North, South, all of them get swept up because of some unknown, who’s going to swallow them whole. I love that she’s a level-headed soldier.

Jae-shin says, trembling, “I hope that it wasn’t an act. Sincerely.” She sits with Mom in the greenhouse later, mulling it over, and decides that even if the North is responsible, Hang-ah couldn’t have been involved herself. “There’s no way.”

And then she has a flash of memory from that night, triggered by music. She shakes and chokes, as flashes of her attacker come back. Please say you remember something. For now it just seems like trauma but not concrete memories.

Jae-ha sends Secretary Eun to represent the palace in the investigation council, and asks for a report—no frills, just the truth. Dad takes Shi-kyung along, and finds that the congressmen leading the investigation are more interested in arguing with each other, but agreed on one matter: how is Kim Hang-ah involved?

He reports to Jae-ha that they want to summon Hang-ah, and that immediately puts him on the defensive. Hang-ah? They just want someone to blame! Aw, I love when he defends her honor.

Secretary Eun says yes, exactly. They just want someone to blame. He starts to say how unrealistic it is to expect a union with the North, a woman from special forces. Jae-ha argues that it was hyung’s idea, which Secretary Eun now admits he was against from the beginning.

He says that the investigation has already moved out of their grasp, into the purview of Congress, and now they need a sacrificial lamb. Just like that? You’re not even gonna TRY to clear her name before tossing her to the wolves? You make it so easy to hate you.

Jae-ha: “So what you’re saying is, you want to sacrifice Hang-ah? Just because we’re not engaged… SHE’S GOING TO BE MY WIFE! She’s a member of the royal family!”

Secretary Eun: “She’s a North Korean!” He says that she’s on the same side as those who killed the former king. This scene is tearing me in two directions, because I’m so moved by Jae-ha’s reaction, but I’m cursing at Eun Kyu-tae’s bald-faced move to turn Hang-ah into the scapegoat to save himself.

Jae-ha tries to reason that it’s too obvious for North Korea to actually be involved—why would they leave evidence that points directly back at them? THANK YOU. Is anyone on the investigation team asking these questions?

But Eun Kyu-tae knows how to play on Jae-ha’s weaknesses, noting that it’s clear he wants to believe that the North isn’t responsible because of his feelings for Hang-ah. He accuses him of letting that cloud his judgment, which Jae-ha can’t ignore, of course, since it’s true.

He goes to see Hang-ah and suggests they have a drink, reminiscing about the first time they got sloshed and her dad caught them red-handed. He thought for sure he’d get hit, and she says that he was so forward that she wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide.

He says she should’ve then, blaming her for being too easy, and she in turn blames him for feeding her love shots on purpose, to get her drunk. He stops to ask how she knows they’re called love shots anyway, and realizes she totally played innocent with him.

She says she let him think he won, “You should be grateful.” He laughs.

But then the conversation takes a turn when he asks why she hid the box of evidence when he walked in and found her. Oh crap. Are you really asking her that? In that suspicious tone? She gulps. (Note: here they start to say “our” and “your” in reference to North and South.)

She says she did it without thinking, and when he asks why, she says because the cell’s outside (the casing) was theirs. Jae-ha: “Just the outside?” Oh damn. They sit there, frozen like that for a long tense moment.

Finally she speaks, brining up the official investigation. She says that she’ll go in for questioning. “To clear your doubts.”

He looks her in the eye, “I trust you. I trust you as much as I’d want to kill you with my own hands, if there was a one-in-ten-million shot that you’re involved.” It sounds more threatening than what he means—basically that he trusts her, enough to let himself be a fool if in fact she is actually a cold-blooded killer. As in: I trust you, even if that means I’ll have to kill you when they tell me I’m wrong.

She calls him “your highness,” and asks if she can address him freely because it’s just the two of them. She smiles, “That’ll never happen, Comrade Lee Jae-ha.” He smiles back. How much do I love that their term of endearment is comrade?

The next morning she prepares to go meet her summons, and the queen mother asks to see her first. Hang-ah enters nervously. Mom: “I think it’s possible that North Korea is responsible for what happened. Because they don’t like us. But… I won’t abandon you.”

Aw, I love her. Hang-ah’s eyes fill with tears, as Mom smoothes her hair, saying that she needs to make a good first impression. A tear falls, and Mom tells her, “No, don’t cry. A member of the royal family must be strong.” She nods as more tears fall.

Jae-ha spends his day watching Hang-ah on the news, mindlessly playing minesweeper in an attempt to keep himself distracted. I like that they have the same denial activity.

Hang-ah appears before the committee, confident and strong, and speaks honestly about her training, even joking that one thing is the same in North and South—they oughtn’t believe everything they read in the papers.

They ask about her communication with the North, and she hands over the last text message sent by her father, to follow South Korean ways because she is one of them now. She says that’s why she’s here today—to follow the South Korean laws, as a South Korean person.

Meanwhile her father calls Jae-ha with an urgent request, saying that they have evidence that clears the North, but can’t disclose it yet. He starts to hang up, but Dad says they found out who was behind that treadmill bomb during their training days: Club M.

Jae-ha’s still slow on the uptake when it comes to them, only having the recent donation for hyung’s memorial to go on, but Hang-ah’s father urges him to look into the king’s records, where he’ll find that Club M was more of a problem for his administration than Jae-ha knows.

Hang-ah returns to the palace to find Jae-shin waiting for her, this time with a much calmer attitude and a smile. She asks if Hang-ah got to curse the royal family freely, and she says she was going to, but they never gave her the chance.

She asks after Jae-ha, clearly looking around for him, and Jae-shin says he turned in early and that he’s always been kinda lazy. That’s not news to Hang-ah, but she can’t hide her disappointment.

He’s actually busy trying to crack hyung’s password for his diary, which is confusing since you’d think the next king would just be given access to that, but it makes for an amusing scene anyway.

He remembers Secretary Eun’s suggestion that he set his password as the thing he wants the most, and tries: North-South reunification. Nope. Baby. Nope. Shim Eun-ha. (HA) Nope. He sighs that this is hard.

Meanwhile North Korea asks for a meeting at the DMZ, and they show their hand—the technology that they bragged about? Yeah, not so much. The North admits that they’re on their way to developing EP technology, so what’s the harm in leaking it to the press a year or two in advance?

But now the truth serves them more, because there’s no way they could have made the devices involved in the assassination. Oh nice. I like this development.

Bong-gu sighs at the hiccup to his evil plan, but says to leave it alone, since the prideful North isn’t about to admit the truth, and when all is said and done, things’ll roll along like they’re supposed to.

And he’s not wrong, because while the North did share the secret, they aren’t willing to cop to it publicly. They threaten war if the truth gets out. The committee battles it out—how do they say North Korea isn’t responsible without that key factor?

Secretary Eun returns from the meeting, and Shi-kyung smiles at his side, saying that the king will be pleased to hear that the North isn’t responsible. But when they reach Jae-ha who asks if there were any new developments, Dear ol’ Dad says nothing.

Oh shit. No, don’t break Earnest Bot’s little bot heart! He stands there with his mouth hanging open, confused as Dad tells the king not to get his expectations up. Thankfully, he’s not built like his father, and he speaks up right away.

“Father…” Dad tells him to stay quiet, and Shi-kyung just blurts to Jae-ha that North Korea isn’t responsible. Dad kicks him out of the room. Jae-ha is so happy at the news and what it means for Hang-ah that he doesn’t even register the weirdness between father and son, and then finally asks later why he didn’t say so in the first place.

Secretary Eun says it’s because they can’t announce the truth anyway—the North threatened war if they reveal the failed EP technology, but without solid evidence, the South can’t just say the North didn’t do it, end of story.

Jae-ha doesn’t see the problem with just revealing the truth anyway, since a threat is simply a threat, and well, it’s not a new one. But Secretary Eun says that’s not an option (at least here he’s conveying the congressional committee’s take, and not just his own).

Jae-ha asks what they’re supposed to do then—just keep letting the world believe it was the North? “Then what about Hang-ah?”

That’s when Secretary Eun tells him that they’ve found a solution that saves everyone involved… Oh you’re about to say something evil aren’t you? He says that if they put Hang-ah officially on trial, before the people…

He argues that the monarchy is in danger, and the public is up in arms. What, you’re not going to add the part where it saves your guilty ass from taking responsibility for your actions if she takes the fall?

Jae-ha interrupts him: “No.” Secretary Eun says she did a good job at the congressional hearing, and Jae-ha screams, “How can I make her do that twice?! NO! Just the once made me go crazy. But twice? And in front of the people, so she can be turned into a public mockery? It’s never going to happen.” Nice.

Meanwhile Shi-kyung waits nervously in Dad’s office, and immediately apologizes when he storms in. “He’s the king. I thought he should know the truth.” But Dad shouts back that this monarchy is not a real monarchy (as in, it’s so messed up that it doesn’t even count). “I told you to learn about the real world! Are reality and truth the same thing?!”

Aw, for Shi-kyung they are! They are! Stop ruining it for him! He looks up with hurt in his eyes, and bows before walking out.

Hang-ah gets a video call from her father, which she turns away at first, but the aide tells her that the queen mother gave her permission, so she takes the call. Dad asks if she’s okay, and she starts to break down almost immediately, though comically her words are, “I’m fine!”

Once he makes sure she’s okay, Dad starts to grumble about her having to appear publicly before Congress, which is news to Hang-ah. She hangs up the call (flattening poor Dad’s face) and asks to speak to the king.

But damnit, it’s Secretary Eun who comes, and tells her that yes, she will be required to be questioned again by the committee in an official capacity, and this time on public record in front of cameras. She tells him that she’s scared—she barely got through the last time, and her legs were shaking, and she admits that the public scares her. She knows what they’re saying—calling her a Red, telling her to get out, to go die.

She asks if the king signed off on this, and he totally lies that Jae-ha said nothing to stop it.

YOU BASTARD. Okay, now you’re fucking with their feelings. Auuuuugh.

He tells her that Jae-ha wants to “be sure of her true heart.” Omg, are you making her think that he wants her to prove her love this way? I’m reaching for a stabby object.

She looks at him, pained, “My true heart? Then what is everything that I’ve done up until now?” A tear falls as she says with resolve, “I’ll show him then, until he’s satisfied.”

He then calls Jae-ha, who’s busy running around in a hanbok for a public appearance, and lies to him that Hang-ah was resolute in her decision to appear at the public hearing, and that it was her idea. GRAR.

The deed is done. He stops to bow at Jae-kang’s portrait hanging in the memorial hall, apologizing to the king that this was the best option.

Hang-ah goes back to testify before the congressional committee, this time with rows of cameras broadcasting live. (Shi-kyung is there on protective detail.) Everyone watches nervously from the palace, Mom wanting to change the channel because she can’t stand to watch. But this time it’s Jae-shin who reminds her that she said she wouldn’t abandon her, that she’s family. Aw.

They start by asking her to introduce herself, and she just gives her name. They ask for a longer introduction as the princess-bride-to-be, but she says that since the engagement isn’t official yet, all she’s got is her name. Okay, it’s a relief that she seems more at ease than expected. Yay for smart and witty Hang-ah.

They ask how she feels about South Korea. She thinks for a moment, and then says that girl groups are all the rage, citing their popularity while she trained for the WOC. Shi-kyung smiles to himself.

From his office, Jae-ha finally breaks into a smile, after watching on pins and needles. She continues, “South Korea is… warm.” She begins to describe how it’s full of passion and there might be misunderstandings and it hides its true affection, and you realize she’s not talking about Korea, but about Jae-ha.

She says that underneath the surface, there is a deep affection, and has concluded that citizens from both countries are in many ways alike.

But they catch her calling North Koreans “us” in the way that she and Jae-ha still very much speak of “us” and “them.” She explains that she has yet to become a full citizen, or grow accustomed, but it launches them on the offensive.

We start to see the proceedings from Jae-ha’s point of view, and he gets fired up at the line of questioning. He calls someone, shouting into the phone as he’s watching it live, speaking at the members of the inquisition through the tv, which is hilarious.

One of them asks what she thinks of all the attacks from North Korea. “What did SHE do them all? Is Kim Hang-ah the Terminator?” Another asks her to rattle off South Korean monarchs’ birthdates. “Even I don’t know my father’s birthday!”

Another asks if war broke out right now, which side she’d fight on. “You didn’t even GO to the army!” He screams into the phone for the prime minister to get his ass over there.

He asks what the hell they’re doing to Kim Hang-ah up on the stand, and tells him to announce that North Korea isn’t responsible this instant. He hems and haws, so Jae-ha cuts to the chase—threat of war? They’re always threatening war.

It’s turns out he’s got threats of his own too, and asks about that 8% raise that everyone in Congress took on the sly. The prime minister gulps. He starts to argue that it’s not the king’s place to mess with elected officials of the people, but Jae-ha just coos that he’s not going to bring it to light; no, he’ll just reallocate the funds… to himself. HA.

Hang-ah arrives back at the palace, eager to see Jae-ha, but Secretary Eun tells her that he’s out. Her face falls. Yeah, but he’s out kicking the prime minister’s ass! For you!

Jae-ha returns, eager to see Hang-ah, but Secretary Eun intercepts him again, reminding him of how tired she is after a day like today. He’s disappointed, but agrees to let her rest.

Aaaaaaargh. Just go see her! This misunderstanding is killing me! Romeo and Juliet ain’t got nuthin’ on you, you wire-crossing, secretary-trusting fools! Grrrrraaaaar.

He eagerly tells Secretary Eun about getting the prime minister to announce North Korea’s non-involvement, which he says he already knows, and seems displeased about.

Hang-ah speaks to her father, who’s up in arms about how they treated her at the hearing, and in particular how Jae-ha isn’t there for her, declaring that she’s going to suffer in a one-sided love. Aw, Dad, I know you’re upset for her, but you’re making it worse. She hangs up on him again. Ha.

She starts to cry, as she flashes back to Jae-ha’s meanest moments – when he told her she wasn’t a woman to him, when he said that his feelings were all an act, and then earlier, when he asked why she hid the box of evidence from him.

But this time we see the B-side of that conversation. He immediately follows it with a laugh, “I’m just kidding,” and takes her by the hand to go get dinner. He opens the door, and then suddenly there’s a glaring light.

He turns around, and there’s a gun in his hand. He pulls the trigger…

The shot rings out, and she wakes up gasping and clutching her heart. Augh. What a horrible dream.

She checks her phone to see if he called, but nothing. She hates that she’s crying, but can’t stop the tears from coming.

Jae-ha arrives the next morning with breakfast in bed for her, only she’s not in bed. He calls out to her, and finds her sitting stoically at her desk. He’s breezing along on top of the world, while she’s clearly been stewing all night, which is just a recipe for disaster. He reaches for her hand but she pulls away.

She asks where he was yesterday, and he teases that it’s a secret. But he realizes that she’s angry, and asks if things were really that bad yesterday. She takes that to mean he didn’t even bother to watch her hearing, which couldn’t be further from the truth, but she’s beyond hearing an explanation at this point.

He starts to tell her, but she asks if he was too busy boozing it up with women like the playboy that he is, and then corrects herself, “Oh no, not playboy. Trash.” *gasp*

His face hardens at that word. But she keeps going, cooing that she forgot that his highness was so sensitive to being called trash. She suggests he stop keeping it to himself, and announce it to the people: “that South Korea’s king is trash.”

She asks him to tell her just one thing: “Do you like me or not?”

Jae-ha: “I like you.” But then he steps closer and adds, “You’re easy and a pushover, since you’re from the North. Trash? I told you that in trust. Because I trusted you, I showed you my weakness. But you’re… playing with that? A North Korean bitch, to the king of South Korea? Go back. Right now. To the North.”

Oh. Shit. No no no no no!

She can barely get out, “Comrade Lee Jae-ha…”

But he turns his back and walks away.


Nooooo! It’s not like he didn’t have it coming to him, but I swear, they have the worst timing ever. Plotwise, it was a nice progression throughout the episode of missed connections, things left unspoken, and then misunderstanding piling on top of misunderstanding. It was well-played, even though it left me screaming at the torture of it all. It also makes complete sense that she’d react this way, since frankly, I would’ve given the same speech a handful of episodes ago. Her feelings kept that anger at bay, but now that dam has broken.

In some ways, I don’t mind that there’s an active agent fueling that misunderstanding, because for one, it gives me a place to focus my anger, and two, I no longer have to deal with Secretary Eun’s possible wishy-washyness with one foot in Good and the other in Evil (or Stupid, take your pick), because the man is now dead to me.

My heart breaks for Shi-kyung, who’s starting to see behind the curtain a little, but at least now we get to see a little more motivation behind Evil Daddy—he’s starting to show his true colors when he gets backed into a corner, though it would’ve been nice to have this coloring earlier on. I’ll take what I can get though. Clearly the man’s got more of an agenda now that his feelings about what the monarchy should and shouldn’t be are starting to surface, which is a clearer ideological line than just I’m-trying-to-save-my-hide. Along with Bong-gu’s latest moves, the villain angle is starting to shape up a little better. Jae-ha’s memory loss is an interesting wrench to throw at the villain, which so far I like because it at least throws him off his game.

As far as the final dust-up, it kills me that Hang-ah doesn’t know how much he really cares about her and how high he jumped to try and protect her in this episode. But on the other hand, he’s also an idiot for not going to see her that night. Even if he believed it was her idea to appear at the hearing, he saw what it was like for her, enough to make threats and be all proud of himself for the outcome. So then why would you leave her hanging? Gah.

I especially like the way her dream rearranged history—picking up the most hurtful moments, which if you watch in a string like that, culminating in the shooting, you wonder how she ever deals with it at all. But clearly, there’s a lot that’s unresolved between them. It’s one of the most tenuous relationships, even for a drama-filled dramaland, which is a helluva lot like the very unstable relationship between North and South. Apparently love needs a DMZ too.


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      I like better the second plot, the love story between the Shi-kyung and the real princess. The actors are so sweet, just make me smile during their screen time. <3

      The secretary – the writers shouldn't make him so bad in an instant, it's cheap.

      This episode – 7/10, and it looks like the next is even worst, with suicide attempt and hospital. yak!

      • 5.2.1 ryuu99

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        episodes 1-4 were okay since the show was still young, 5-6 was a bit of a stretch, especially ep. 5. eps 7-8 were probably the best PLOT-WISE. and now ep 9 nothing actually happened. first off, the “evidence” was stupidly executed, and then of course the predictable blame on the NK woman, etc. etc. i could’ve easily shaved off eps 3 and 5 and i wouldn’t have missed any important plot point.

        i think what this drama needs is to focus on one thing more than the other. it keeps going back and forth between the enemy and the romance. sometimes i feel like the writers treat Hang Ah as an afterthought. as soon as it goes into the “action” part, the drama does a 180 and goes to romance by inserting Hang Ah’s character, and vice-versa.

        so far, i don’t know. i love love love the drama, but seriously just get the plot moving already! i didn’t care about the whole “public trial” thingy because it was so out of touch, predictable, even the main characters opposed it. i didn’t feel the gravity of the trial at all.

        also, what the hell happened to Hang Ah’s character? a soldier has to be strong physically and mentally yet she cries in every episode. where will you see a trained-to-kill assassin cry buckets because her love forgot to check in on her at night? errrr…

        again, show, give me something gripping! just, cut out all the unnecessary things and build the suspense. just when i thought we’d get it through the confrontation or Jae Ha knowing it was Club M then bam! Jae Ha doesn’t know the password like whatthehell! don’t tell me i have to sit back for another hour just for the king to retrieve a damn password! UGH! okay, i’m calm.

        on a side note, i think i know why Equator Man came out on top. it’s because the stakes are getting higher! take note TK2H.

        • ailin

          I disagree with you. I think that it was necessary to show the trial scenes. It is to show the stuff that HA is made up off. Also probably for character building – being part of the royal family, will mean a lot of scrutiny from the public. The bickering scenes btwn the politicians were also important.

          This drama is more than just a romance. It also questions the values and prejudices of both the North and South Korea. The North is more concerned with saving face, even at the expense of putting one of their people through public mockery and enmity. The South, more interested in money and scapegoats, rather than finding out the truth.

          Perhaps this is the main reason why the ratings are falling. People are uncomfortable with what they are seeing as it makes them think about their prejudices, which maybe they did not even think they had.

          They may want reunification, but on their own terms. I believe that reunification can only take place if both sides are willing to let go of their pre-conceived ideas about the other side, and the prejudices that they have built up over 60 years. Both sides also need to re-evaluate their value systems.

          It is also perhaps unfortunate that the drama happens to coincide with the North launching their missile.

          That is why i think that this drama is more for the serious and thoughtful. If one is merely looking for just romance and light-heartedness, there’s always RTP. Some people can’t or don’t want to face these issues and are simply looking for a light-hearted drama.

          I personally think this drama is daebak! It’s romantic – can’t find a hotter OTP or cuter supporting lead romance; the bromance is warm; the acting of ALL the characters is jjiang and the plot intriguing and thought provoking. What more can I ask for?

          • Joshua_Ahjussi

            100% agree ailin – more passionate and thoughtful a drama :)

          • Fab

            Couldn’t agree with you more.

            Also want to add about Hang-Ah: she is now a princess not a mere soldier any more!

      • 5.2.2 Allie

        I beg to disagree. Hang Ah in her nice dress is still the brilliant officer who told Jae Shin to remember something from that night. She doesn’t need to pull a trigger or kick some a**es just to show her army training.

        One plothole that I had so far is only from the WOC training days with its bombing incident, we know (and Jae Kang knew) it was Club M/John Mayer but I think it’s weird that they (north and south) didn’t find the mole who helped John Mayer and punish him/her/them.

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    one thing i really love is that even when Jae Kang is gone, Hang Ah has earned herself a place in the hearts of both the queen and the princess. this is what family is suppose to be – trust.

    and also, my lovely Shi Kyung was so cute with that parrot and i would love to see things develop between the princess and him. but his father… i dont really get why he has so much opinion on the mess the monarchy is in. and why he has to make HA the scapegoat when no one on the good side is doubting him. just because she’s a North Korean, he sees it as fitting to make her the sacrificial lamb?!!! thank goodness his son would rather live as an upright soldier/palace guard (O how i love him!!)

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    And, Lee Seung Gi, he is seriously good at acting!!!

    • 34.1 Joy

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    It is amazing that the writer can come up with such beautiful and excellent writing for the deceased King. And, yet, resort to having characters of an overweight mini-me and a total idiot as the most powerful person in the royal office to run the plot. Ugh!

    • 37.1 jomo

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      We saw both of them being dissed as kids, then they grow up and using cash become supers.
      Problem is the good-guys don’t even take them seriously.

      JM’s villainy is over the top, and childish.
      Where have I seen behaviour like his?
      Yes! The Toddler Rules:

      1- If I want it, it’s mine
      2- If it’s in my hand, it’s mine
      3- If I can take it away from
      you, it’s mine, etc.

      At this point, it doesn’t matter why he thinks he should be king. He seems to be citing rules:

      7- If it just looks like mine, it’s mine
      8- If I think it’s mine, it’s mine

      • 37.1.1 Soso

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    I can imagine how heartbroken Hang Ah is when Jae Ha did not go and see her.. But girl, is not your lover’s fault.. is Secretary Eun fault!!! He is the one who prevent your lover from going over to console you!

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    Which one is going to find out first? And which is going to coem forward and will the other party listen since both these people have PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If I coudl change the font size I would there).

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    PS I think Lee Yoon-ji is gorgeous, but not with that hairstyle.

    • 46.1 Saima

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    So , I dunno why Bong is given so much freedom to meet wt d royals (ie Jaekang outside at some palace bldg ) & do u remember how he just lands on d palatial green lawns & struts like a crazed peacock into Blue House ? He & frustrating Eun even have each other on quick dial basis !! Wat’s up?? I hd suspicions of him belonging to a deposed royal line but till now , nobody has even remembered or recognised him or alluded to this! So can we strike out that possibility thats he’s cousins / blood relatives? He can’t be d only Big donor that he can call d shots & run riot thru d script!
    I wished the writers wd make him more believable as a political adversary cos his carte blanche antics are such a stretch of believability!
    In an age of twitter & techno easy communications , why din the lovebirds just call or text each other like real people do to get their concerns across? But then , misunderstandings , buildup angst are part & parcel of what makes up a story , ya ?
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    • 49.1 yellow buttercup

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  50. 50 AnnMichelle

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    Thank you so much for a very level-headed (under the circumstances a truly difficult thing to be) review.

    I like your take on Eun Senior. Yes, that makes much more sense than him just being a greedy old fool trying to cover up. So, he hates Jae Ha’s guts and he told Jae Ha that already. Does his hatred extend to the whole royal family, the royal system? Like he tolerated Jae Kang for at least he worked hard – but maybe he viewed Jae Kang as a keen but hapless king too?! I shudder to think having such a snake in the palace…

    And why didn’t Jae Ha remember the stabbing incident? Did he really forget? Or…

    And to Jae Ha and Hang Ah, please have faith in each other and just use the darn phone!!!

    • 50.1 yellow buttercup

      “And to Jae Ha and Hang Ah, please have faith in each other and just use the darn phone!!!”

      I really wanna shout it to them too! I know it’s a sensitive issue for JH, you know, the hyung murder…. she’s being the North and stuff, but but but c’mon you guuuys… have faith in each other!

      • 50.1.1 bjharm

        Secretary Eun is pretty much a political being. he dosnt believe in the royal system or anything else. For him there no right and wrong, he knows that with the right spin on things you can fix either to your advantage. That said I do think he liked the old king, and took pride in how he manipulated politics using that relationship, power behind the throne thing. But his service to the royal family has always been a self centered one, in the end he did it for himself, that is what he is now protecting, that image he spent years building up..his fake honor at being seen as the always faithful hard working Secretary Eun. Plus I think he can see more and more that the new king would never allow him the freedom to be the power behind the throne that the old king trusted him to do.

        • jomo

          I like!

          Like in the history books I have read about King Henry’s, or Queen Elizabeth’s or Catherine the Great’s courts, we see all these allegedly loyal folks constantly maneuvering the royals for the best outcome for themselves. They just pretend it is for the benefit of the court.

          When the monarchs are strong and confident, they are able to be on guard against it, however, at their weakest times, they allow it to happen. Especially when the person doing the advising has proven to be trustworthy before.

          I hope JH crushes the Skunk in the end. No forgiveness!

  51. 51 Vicky

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    This is my crack this season!

    • 51.1 kumon

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  52. 52 Alexie

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    • 52.1 Allie

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    • 52.2 kumon

      i was amazed. the writer must’ve been a fortune teller! :)) I so love her

  53. 53 jude

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    On one hand, I really love the writing of this drama, its natural progression and the way they maintain to balance out the heart and the politics aspects of the story. But I HATE that they give such a big misunderstanding between Jae-Ha and Hang-Ah. My little heart just can’t take it.

    Augh. They better give me something good tonite *dying*

    • 53.1 HallyuFan32

      heads up, it doesn’t get any better this week. they are heading down a dark path fast. like BULLET train fast. i’m still heartbroken. the ending of ep 10 is seriously so sad.

      • 53.1.1 MsB

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  54. 54 Messina

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    • 54.1 kumon

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  55. 55 True Love Always Comes

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    I have yet to watch an episode but these recaps…omg…I think I will bawl my eyes out every 2 episodes…

    But seriously. This is why I don’t lie. Because once you do, you have to do things you normally wouldn’t do to cover up that one lie.

    That secretary…he disgusts me. It’s one thing to lie, it’s quite another to manipulate everyone else so that you can survive. He’d better get his or I will >:(

    …so much rage…I can’t type…><

  56. 56 shl

    I don’t know . . . I still think the acting is excellent, but the writing (especially BG and his nefarious schemes) is beginning to get to me. I will be really sad if this drama is taken down by the uneven writing, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised either, given the way the plot is going. Sigh.

    • 56.1 sally_b

      re: “I will be really sad if this drama is taken down by the uneven writing,”

      you and me both.

      I think they solve resolve & dispense with the Club M storyline as quickly as possible. They need to create a new and different threat to carry the story home with success.

      For myself…they interplay *within* the houses, between couples are SO engaging…..the EVIL plot is a distraction without merit. There’s plenty of human-angst available without having a card-board, nutcase nemesis. (sigh)

      • 56.1.1 sally_b

        **I think they SHOULD solve, resolve & dispense with

        (failure to spell check)

  57. 57 topper

    Thanks girlfriday for such a detailed recap, I’m am in awe of how meticulous you are and must have spent a lot of effort on.

    The only gripe I have of the whole episode is how Bong Gu is turning out lame, the planted box of evidence is so obviously planted, writer nim couldn’t think of something more sleuth?

    Other than that I am loving the conflict, and the payback of Jae Ha’s jerky past that comes back to haunt when trust is now at stake.

  58. 58 hpn88

    I want to behead that secretary. Outright villainy, I have no problem with. Give me 10 Bong-ju type villains and I could care less, but betrayal is something that makes me angry. I really hope it Shi Kyung who finds out about his father’s shitiness and exposes him for the snake in the grass that he is. ughhh…
    (I’m way to attached to this OTP)

    • 58.1 kumon

      the betrayal of the secretary is just unforgivable >.< I'm wondering if he will be one of the villains or set this betrayal upright

  59. 59 Ace

    See? I knew that old secretary’s up to no good. Please just die.

    I am so glad that the royal family is not abandoning Hang-ah.

    Anyway, I wonder what is Jae-kang’s password?

    Thank you GF for the wonderful recaps.

    • 59.1 Mirka

      password is “Father,it`s me,Jae-kang”

      • 59.1.1 ailin

        You are right! I remember that scene and thought it strange that the thingy in the wall came out. Now it makes sense.

  60. 60 Janet

    During that scene, I actually thought that Jaeha was saying that because he wanted to throw Bonggu off his game, and I was like damn, go Jaeha! The next scene made me unsure of that, but it would be awesome if he actually was aware.

    Also I get the feeling Jaekang’s password is something about Jaeha :3

    • 60.1 topper

      Logically speaking if I am Jae Ha I would have forgotten too. I mean I don’t even remember much of what happened in my childhood now, only someone with a crazy agenda like bongju would remember it, plus he was older then too.

      • 60.1.1 Mae

        you would forget that you were stabbed?

        i have a scar just below where my heart is, and it caused by sharp object when i was in grade 3 (8-9 years old). and i still remember how it happened. not so much when i was in the ER, tho =)

        • topper

          Depends on the trauma actually. The wound was pretty superficial and the “I Am King” was just puzzling and not memorable to Jae Ha as a young kid.

        • fee

          Recalling a childhood memory??
          Hmmm…I have a bluish mark on my hand, which my mom tells me was caused by a pencil..either I stabbed myself or someone else did the job…but I don’t remember anything related to it…So I guess it depends on how serious it is…

          • MsB

            You’re right. I have a scar in the shape of a heart made by a serrated knife. I don’t remember when but I remember it happening. But keep this in mind, Jae Ha said he has an IQ of 187. Who says he is not f*cking with BG?

      • 60.1.2 Osi

        Now you said that, I’m trying to remember what happened when I was about 8 or 10, and yes, not much I can remember. By not much I mean I forget almost everything. Not that I ever got amnesia or something like that. Hehe.

      • 60.1.3 jomo

        I love that it is SUCH A BIG DEAL to Mayer, but to JH it wasn’t. Here we have this villain focussing all his energy on something that his target can’t even recall.

        Indifference is the worst criticism for everyone, but someone with delusions of grandeur, it is unbearable.

        • Sethe

          I have a scar on my leg from being stabbed with a pencil from a fellow 3rd-grade boy. We were teased about “liking” each other at the time, and while I do remember his name and his face as a 3rd-grader, I highly doubt I’d make the connection today, unless he very specifically pointed to some memories from that time (and both his name and face could be shared by many other Americans… not unlike the case with “John Mayer” in Korea, I imagine).

          I LOVE what Jomo said about indifference being the worst criticism, particularly for people with delusions of grandeur. I imagine that little Jae Ha, with his personality, fought many people for his own and his hyung’s “honor” (whatever we mean by that), so getting into a tussle with Mr. Creepy was just another day in the life… while for Mayer, fighting the Royals was Meaningful…

      • 60.1.4 Emelita

        No, it’s more like an incident that he forced himself to forget — that is, of no consequential — because hyung warned him that their parents should not know about it.

  61. 61 Sofia

    LOVE THIS SO MUUUUCH!!! Just cant wait for today’s ep!!! Thanks so much for the fast recap!!

  62. 62 Dorotka

    I just still hope that the show is misleading us on purpose and that the true villain is not the surrealistic John Meyer and his suite, but secretary Eun… with some good story behind…

    Although I get Hang Ah frustration… the “trash” thing seemed too low to me… I definitely wouldn’t expect such a thing from a team leader… but nor from her insecure inner girl… that just doesn’t fit her character.

    I hope she and Jae Ha resolve their misunderstanding pretty soon and start kicking somebody’s else ass. Oh, how I miss the badass Hang Ah… come back, team leader! And bring Kang Seok (and SNSD) with you! And some funny as well!

  63. 63 Mirka

    Thanks, GF, it was GREAT)))
    Your recap is amazing!!! written in so “funny” way…I couldn`t help laughing several times while reading the post, specially the first part, coz. the second one is sad (heartbreaking) according to the story.
    Some of Your “pearls” just to smile again:
    “..can we shoot them up with truth serum and lock them in a bunker?”
    “..because apparently he’s never seen a wildlife video before and doesn’t know what happens when you poke a sleeping tiger. Are you new?”
    “..that Jae-ha is a complete idiot—he thinks that with a memory like his, he has to be a fool. Well, you’re not right but you’re not wrong either.”
    “..and well, Shi-kyung is just awkward at everything”
    Thanks again, stay healthy!

  64. 64 sarah

    thank you GF!!:) my heartache for HangAh and JaeHa and I want that Sec.Eun to just go to hell.. darn!He’s soo bad!! ;/

    • 64.1 Banana

      I know.. but poor Shi Kyung when he finds out about his dad’s horrible deeds. I can’t stand seeing him cry :'(

  65. 65 Banana

    “wire-crossing, secretary-trusting fools! Grrrrraaaaar.”

    Teehee. You’re so funny it’s making me cry :’)

  66. 66 Mia

    For the life of me, i just can’t ‘get’ the title of this drama…..what does it mean by KING 2 HEARTS ? The king has 2 hearts? haha. Would appreciate if anyone could help out ?

    • 66.1 ryuu99

      it means Korean writers who don’t understand grammar just injects words together to form a title that they think makes sense.

    • 66.2 ccinta

      It means King Jae Ha who has two hearts: heart of a man and heart of a King. So he’s torn between his love for Hang Ah & his love for his country.

      • 66.2.1 Mia

        Ah…so that’s what 2 Hearts meant. Thanks lots, ccinta. Mmmm…..kdrama seems to have some ‘misadventure’ in the title dept ( english version ) ? Haha, that’s cutely-put, ryuu99 !

  67. 67 spjork

    Thanks for the awesome recap. Totally spot on– heartbreaking sums it up in a nutshell!

    The scene with the parrot…it actually says “dari byungshin” which basically means “leg retard”…adds so much more pathos and poignancy when the princess smiles at and tries to console the little birdie because she admires its bluntness in complete contrast to the egg-shell walking, tight-roping Shi-Kyung.

    Also when Jae Ha tells Hang Ah he trusts her, I’d have to say it’s more like “I trust you…I trust you so much that I’ll have no choice but to kill you if you’re even the tiniest bit involved in this”

    Lastly, did anyone else notice all the mouth-steam coming out of Jae Ha and the secretary’s mouths while they were having a conversation in the King’s office? Geez, spring for some indoor heating, production team! It looked like they were filming outside!

    • 67.1 jomo

      If the steam doesn’t give away how cold they are, their swollen red hands will.
      During the emotional scenes where they bury their faces in their palms, you see such a contrast with the nice BB creamed and foundationrd cheeks.

      • 67.1.1 emmy

        That’s one awfully cold palace. Rewatching some of the earlier episodes, it seems like there’s steam in all the office/ sitting room scenes.

        I hadn’t noticed the hands, but now I’ll be looking out for them. That sounds hilarious!

  68. 68 Plain Jane

    GF, love your description of their “tenuous” relationship.

    I wonder if that isn’t the norm among the royals, the super-rich and the powerful where matches are sometimes made by parents.

    Even though King Jae Kang said he needed to consider his brother’s true intentions when finding him a wife, I think the standard of a loving relationship is still set pretty low. (“Do it for England” suddenly came to mind.)

    In this regard, Jae Ha’s habitual careless attitude toward women is more understandable. I think he was resigned to get married to someone whom he doesn’t necessarily love but who has passed the royal bride test.

    But the appearance of Hang Ah changed everything. She sort of fitted Jae Kang’s want profile, though not perfectly. And Jae Ha has feelings toward her too, but certainly not cast in stone, at least not yet. This ambiguity leaves lots of room for doubts and second guessing. And that leads to the sorry state that they are now.

    I like a quick resolution as much as the next person. But I cannot help but admire the nerves of the writers for demanding so much from this couple, and from the viewers.

    • 68.1 jomo

      Love your analysis of JH to a UK royal.
      Your handle reminds me of the most tragically brief queen they had.

      • 68.1.1 Plain Jane

        Thanks. But I was in fact paying tribute to my favorite author! Hahaha.

  69. 69 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

    Having seen Jae Ha throw mean, hurtful and uncalled-for words at Hang Ah at the drop of a hat on too many occasions for me to count and having seen the supposedly-tough-cookie-of-a-soldier-Hang Ah shed tears at those words, I am beginning to wonder if the writers are stretching this plot device way too much that it is seriously becoming old.

    There is such a thing as too much of a good thing and the verbal battles (which are mostly motivated by the emotions and egos of the two main characters) are beginning to wear my patience thin.

    I come away with this latest exchange of unnecessarily hostile words between Jae Ha and Hang Ah feeling that the two characters are simply more interested to ‘win the battle at all costs’, wanting to have the last say/word, and savouring the satisfaction of plunging thousands of the world’s sharpest knives into the other person’s heart – the other person being someone who is supposedly to be the person he/she has, or is developing, romantic feelings for!!!

    To me the verbal exchanges resemble a clash of super-large egos, overblown pride and simply, lack of maturity, sense and sensibility. The writers need to seriously think of more palatable plot devices, lest they want the audience to only remember how much of an a** Jae Ha can be and how sadly pathetic Hang Ah can be.

    • 69.1 amtee

      But they ARE two super-large egos with overblown pride!!!

      Let’s just forget about Jae Ha for a second. Hang Ah is not your usual refugee or intellectual who ‘escaped’ the North for better things in the South. She is one of the privileged, one of the chosen. From her perspectives, she doesn’t see there’s anything wrong with their current system, since she is the beneficiary. That’s why she was so ticked when she heard criticisms about the North and so angry by the condescending attitude.

      I think the writers chose such an atypical northerner 1) to make the match more plausible and 2) to shift the spotlight to prejudices and biases with no justification. They are not interested in attacking ideology of either side, but want to explore if there is any common ground that can build a better relationship.

      • 69.1.1 koreandramalover / kdl / kay

        I have no problems with the plot on the whole and am very interested to know the writers’ take on the North-South issue/divide and where they are thinking of taking it to…

        What I am losing interest is in the verbal histrionics between JH and HA that to me have worn out its welcome and what was refreshing and exciting in the first few episodes is now rapidly becoming tiresome and predictable.

        I am anxious to see what the writers have in store for us to challenge us on a more intellectual level regarding the premise of ‘The King with 2 Hearts’ – presumably a King torn between 2 Loves, love for his land of birth and love for the woman in his life.

        If TK2H is simply about who can scheme his way more effectively to the throne, then I am going to say goodbye to TK2H. I am interested to see how creative the writers can be touching on utterly sensitive issues such as political ideology, patriotism and matters of the heart – all without coming across as preachy, condescending, or God forbid, superficial and flighty.

  70. 70 Farpavilions

    I was wondering what was behind the chocopie reference and googled it….

    And discovered that Chocopies are being used as a weapon against communism! (flown to NK in parachutes with pro-capitalist propaganda CDs, actually)



    This show just gets better and better.

    • 70.1 emmy

      I love these little details that they manage to weave into the show.

      Before reading your post, I was wondering if chocopies were yet another CF reference!

    • 70.2 reglest

      Jinja? Omo…can’t believe about the chocopie…so musch detail
      But I hope the plot getting better

      • 70.2.1 Farpavilions

        It’s totally awesome.

        And would be an excellent plan if all North Koreans had CD players…. *headdesk*

        I can just see the newest SK CF titles for Chocopie: Sweet Revenge, Just Desserts…

        And over in NK, DEATH BY CHOCOLATE.

  71. 71 Saa

    I bet the password is Jae Ha.
    And while I’m betting on thing anyway, I also bet that the big bad villain will go maniacally suicidal once his plans get foiled and he gets found out by our heroes.

    • 71.1 maria

      it’s highly possible .
      i also love the reference to shim eun ha 😀
      that never gets old.

  72. 72 reglest

    As JB said in RP recaps, the gap isn’t too much.. I’m still hoping TK2H will be able to catch up and not dropping rating again -though it’s hard with this kind of story-

  73. 73 gellie

    arrrrrrgh!!! Can I kill that shameless secretary? I s he even human?

    btw thanks for the clear recap 😀

    • 73.1 jomo

      The traitors usually hang or poison themselves.
      We can hope for that…

      Although, my sageuk history tells me I am glad this is the PRESENT or SK would suffer beheading from his father’s evil. Didn’t they kill 3 generations of these traitors to blot them out?

  74. 74 reglest

    ^^; No one can explain that haha…
    But I guess, all three wed-thurs dramas starring popular actor, TK2H has seunggi, RP has Yoochun and EM has UTW..
    And well, yeah, most of the viewers usually ahjumma age…which I think they have their own favorite genre of drama.

    Plus, we can’t deny that those dramas airing now are unique in their own way, EM with its revenge plot, RP with its rom-com, and TK2H with its dark comedy-heart wrenching.
    I don’t have the data of real time rating last night, but previous real time rating showing that the viewer keep switching their channels, they don’t fix at 1 drama. Which also mean, all the drama actually going strong.

    If only these dramas aired at different time, I’m sure each of them surpassed 20% rating already :)

    • 74.1 ailin

      I think that SBS and KBS in deliberating showing RTP and EM at the same time as TK2H is like shooting themselves in the foot. I believe they did it to give TK2H some competition, fearing perhaps that it might be like another TMTETS and not wanting MBS to steal the lime-light again. However, by doing this, all three shows have lower than expected viewership. Most people can’t decide which one to watch. If they had been less selfish, I think all 3 shows would definitely have done better.

  75. 75 LSGfan

    thanks for the recap GF! my heart feels heavy….

  76. 76 roseltv

    Seriously, I think I will just read recaps for this ep. I don’t have the courage to watch it. My heart can’t bear it, especially the last scene TT__TT

  77. 77 reglest

    It make me bittersweet to remember it, since when Jaeha setting his, he had this mixed feeling of anger and sadness, so Jaeha’s password is ‘are you happy’ and ‘what are you looking at’, which is reasonable, but seem a bit egoist now (I said a bit OK?). While Jaekang Password is ‘Aboji, Jaekang ibnida’ (Father, It’s Jaekang), I can imagina how jaekang faced the situation and overwhelmed by the feeling of missing his father, it’s Jaekang who is that sweet
    *Ugh, I’m still missing Jaekang, can’t we get him more in flashback please?

  78. 78 reglest

    Oro…My comments reply got a bit strange..it replied not in the real order, I’m so sorry for confusing you..*grabbing hair*It’s my phone doing*arhhh stresss!!

    Btw, I wonder when will we get Jaeha said that thing with playfully tone anymore..Though I want to slap Jerky Jaeha, I kind of missing him now..

  79. 79 tinnybo

    I don’t know why, but i see her taking a bullet for him, gee.

    • 79.1 jomo

      What about the reverse?
      We have seen, and prolly will see, JH shooting HA over and over. What if the King decides he needs to pay her back, and in a moment of heroism that surprises everyone, prevents his woman from dying?


      • 79.1.1 shl

        So would I! Totally with you on this one 😎

  80. 80 fan

    I love loved the part that congressmen barking at each other – so realistic and funny!

  81. 81 toystar

    Oh Secretary Eun didn’t you see the pain in your son’s eyes? Blaming the only N Korean with ties to the royals was just 2 easy we all saw it coming.
    Thanks GF!!!

    • 81.1 kumon

      I saw that coming! I’m feeling so sad for Shi Kyung ;( I’m glad attitudes are not so genetical :))

  82. 82 Brenda

    Thanks a lot! I can’t wait to see (read) the next episode! :)

  83. 83 namcha

    Calling the king trash was just too harsh. I cringed at that. Overall, this ep was just so so. I like those romantic moments btw the king and Hang ah.

    • 83.1 kumon

      I totally agree! 😀

  84. 84 Eevies

    I am so affected that i can’t breath, it’s been a long time since I felt this way about a drama. TK2H bring it on!

  85. 85 bfl

    thank you so much while im impatiently waiting for the subs i read this first :) thanks

  86. 86 SoyB

    Thanks GF for the recap… after I read yours, I feel a tad bit better about ep.10. May be I should just stick to reading recaps b/c if I have to watch another episode like this with such poor handling of the murder mystery (the “evidence” sucked and the whole story line was badly written), I may have to hurl something at my computer.

    I wish the OTP would just grab onto each other, hug and kiss away their misunderstandings and frustrations.

  87. 87 kumon

    Show, why do you crush my heart so much? :'(

    I love this show!
    I hate that secretary Eun! I wanna literally crush his face as in N-O-W. I can’t wait for episode 10! 😀

  88. 88 KDrama Fan

    Thanks for the recap GF.

    Another good episode.

    Don’t like Misunderstandings in drama but we need them to enjoy the good stuff.

  89. 89 meirav

    thank you for the recap:)

  90. 90 Catherine

    Ah! this episode was an emotional roller coaster. I’m glad the family is supporting her, but I’m super frustrated with the Head secretary’s unknown motive. (What is it? what’s your play ?!?!) and my heart is breaking from all of their romantic conflict.

  91. 91 ro

    okay… after watching (albeit with incomplete subs) i am really heart broken!

    especially the scenes like where Shi Kyung and his father, Secretary Eun, went to report the result of the discussion to Jae Ha…

    He was beaming so happily when he knew that the North was in no way involved in the assassination. For once when he was smiling so cheerily, his father went on to proclaim that they couldn’t find out anything that could prove the North”s innocence.

    Shi Kyung’s expression – a hint of betrayal. Then when he was told off by his father and asked to get out… Boy, I could see how his heart was crushed.

    Somehow, it seems like Eun Gyu Tae is really starting to grow horns… I’ve got this bad gut feeling. Either he’s really just trying to get someone to take the fall for him or he’s really gonna turn over to the evil side. Or maybe he might just let the monarch collapse to the ground before his own eyes without lifting a finger…

    anyway, im waiting for the next ep! (and recap too~) ^^

  92. 92 dramaqueen282

    such a sad and intense episode!! TK2H Ep 10 screenshots + recap is here!!!

  93. 93 HallyuFan32

    hold on to your hearts ladies and gentlemen, because in ep 10……it’ gets worse. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY worse. aigoo. i’m still shocked.

  94. 94 Farhanah

    Hi, where do you guys watch this drama with english sub? the ones who publish subbed episodes quick? thanks!

    • 94.1 jane

      ViKi is pretty fast. it has fully subbed the 9th episode now. if it’s not available, try google hotspot shield and download it. then you will be able to watch anything on viki :)

      • 94.1.1 Mia

        Wow, there’s such a thing as hotspot shield ? Very eager to check that out as Viki is blocked for my region. Any further tips on how to REALLY access Viki for kdramas/movies via this hotspot shield? May be today is my lucky day :)

      • 94.1.2 Farhanah

        Hi Jane!

        Thank you so much! But may I know in detail on how to work the google shield? thank u so much!

  95. 95 jane

    this episode kills me. I hate that secretary! :( he’s so evil. he caused all these misunderstandings. sigh. now all I can do is WAIT for the tenth episode. please please please just no more of misunderstandings. it’s so heartbreaking. -_-

  96. 96 ilikemangos

    I still dont get why our evil villain is so persistent in being the king.
    Where did the ambition come from?
    And how can he be so scarred from the time he stabbed the little prince and say that it gave him so much grief? Oh jeez.
    I am giving kudos to the actor, he was also great in TWDR.

    I’m serious so sad that our late king is no longer in our lives.. he was so kind and caring..
    But that being said, i’m so interested in seeing how our Jae Ha will possibly surpass his brother… being an even better king.
    He has that boldness to him — not allowing for anything bad to happen to him or his royal family, and is willing to put up a fight without backing down.
    I remember when he was first displayed… stabbing our evil villain because he was being mean to his older bro.
    Right there we got a sign of greatness in a King.
    Definitely excited to see the transition of our playboy to our being a wonderking.
    Cause i feel like the next episodes gonna break my heart even more. T_T

    • 96.1 ilikemangos

      oh wait correction — he was hitting another guy who was being mean to his bro, and then the evil villain stabbed him from behind

    • 96.2 ilikemangos

      And i am totally loving si gyung for telling the truth right then and there without hesitaiton. <3
      i always hate misunderstandings in dramas.

  97. 97 Meow

    somehow the drama is getting way off track from the mentioned genre.. i mean what part of it is being romantic comedy???????…
    Also i saw bits and pieces of ep 10… it gets way worse ppl…no doubts abt that..
    hope they clear this stupid misunderstanding by next week…
    though ep 10 ended was good with keeping the tension i am missing the cute between the leads.. hope they fess up soon and not drag like the usual K-dramas.

    • 97.1 genre

      the genre of this drama is not romantic comedy, many drama sites have its genre wrong making people confused about its content, actually its dark comedy romance so i don’t think its getting out of track.

    • 97.2 ccinta

      genre is right, I don’t know why many drama sites listed TK2H as rom-com; as TK2H is a black comedy – human melodrama.

      I read somewhere that the 2nd part of this drama is human melodrama, so even though I expect heart-wrenching scenes, I totally didn’t expect that the writer took us in an emotional roller coaster ride.

  98. 98 Ria

    Side note: Jae Ha has to guess the password is actually historically correct. (I mean I’m pretty sure that back when Korea had kings they weren’t this high tech) but according to historical records, Korea’s monarchy kept excellent records of everything and anything and once the current King passed away those records were sealed and not allowed to be read because they wanted an accurate portrayal of history and they didn’t want to have the future King to be able to rewrite things if they didn’t like what was being said etc.

  99. 99 kewbie

    Thank you for the recap GF! This was hard to watch so I’m glad you can recap it. :-)

  100. 100 vcdragoon

    Just watched episode 10. Oh s**t. OH S**T.

    Gah, the recap for 10 needs to go up so I can actually talk about it.




    • 100.1 MsB

      You are making me dread tonight :-(

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