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Equator Man: Episode 15
by | May 12, 2012 | 102 Comments

Things took a while to really rev up this episode, but boy did they. Sun-woo arrives at the turning point we all hoped he’d come to – will he trust the justice system to avenge his father and himself, or will he take matters into his own hands? This sort of reasoning only seems to work in dramaland, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for him to start kicking some ass and taking some names. Go Sun-woo!


To Sun-woo’s question about his father’s involvement in the murder, Jang-il gives a chilling laugh. What nonsense is he spouting now?

But Sun-woo notices what we’ve all been noticing about Jang-il: “You don’t feel sorry for me at all.” And Jang-il doesn’t deny it, instead trying to bait Sun-woo with a threatening shove or two, asking what exactly it is that he should feel sorry about. It seems like he doesn’t remember that Sun-woo was the best fighter in school, and finds out when his back is roughly shoved against a wall. Sun-woo threatens him against ever laying a hand on him again.

Jang-il looks like he’s about to laugh again, which has Sun-woo shaking with rage and seeing some strange things once he’s left.

At his home/work, Ji-won can see that something is bothering him, though he won’t open up as to what it is. “I don’t like you going through everything alone,” she tells him. He asks to hold her hand, and they share a little heart to heart about who waited for whom and who didn’t wait because of the letter he left, with Ji-won claiming that she lived by forgetting about him. Sun-woo claims that he never forgot her for even a day, and she kisses him on the cheek before leaving.

He finally calls Kwang-choon and asks to meet for lunch, the handwriting match still fresh in his mind.

Meanwhile, it seems like Chairman Jin’s wife is spying on him, with photographs of him visiting the gravesite of his dead fiancée. She’s jealous, even though her rival is long gone.

Yong-bae gets a call from the prosecution to stand as a witness, and frets about it with his son. Jang-il coolly assures him that everything will be okay, they just need to practice how he’ll answer, starting tonight.

So the visual anomaly Sun-woo experienced after leaving his confrontation with Jang-il has him visiting the doctor, who tells him that he has to be careful of his eyes or he’ll risk going blind again. No sudden traumas, no extra stress. No more tree branches, either. Ji-won stays by his side to assure him that she’ll be there for him no matter what.

At least Jang-il’s colleague, Joon-ho, is suspecting something off about their investigation into Chairman Jin. He’s close to the truth in suspecting that he might have paid people to give false testimonies, a theory that Jang-il is quick to shoot down for obvious reasons. He claims that Joon-ho is too foolhardy, and it’s gotten them into trouble before. Hopefully Joon-ho doesn’t listen to his advice too closely.

Lunch with Kwang-choon starts off friendly, with him claiming that he and Sun-woo were/are friends. Acting on that friendship and effectively cutting to the chase, Sun-woo asks about the letter Kwang-choon sent, and slides a copy across the table.

Kwang-choon’s face goes still. He immediately denies all knowledge of the letter, and rips it up in front of Sun-woo to prove his point.

Jang-il takes a few long moments before signing off on an official document stating that the prosecution no longer wishes to prosecute Chairman Jin. Does he have the authority for that?

Whether Sun-woo has caught wind of that document or not is uncertain, but something sure is upsetting him. Both Ji-won and Min-yun urge him to chill a little, because the stress is causing him eye problems. (And seriously, I’m sad that I have to keep calling him Min-yun. Will someone in this show please give the poor man even one line of backstory? A name, even?)

Now this is cool. Kwang-choon seeks Soo-mi out to share some drinks over their sad state of affairs, only to find that his daughter isn’t there. He’s instead drawn to that giant yellow curtain… and pulls it back to reveal her Wall of Crazy. Uh oh.

Chairman Jin and Sun-woo can’t seem to escape each other’s orbit, as another businessman in the same industry ends up bringing them back together. Once they’re left to themselves the formalities end, with Sun-woo admitting to Chairman Jin that he knows Jang-il is dragging this case out for all its worth because it’s expiring soon.

He ends up proving that he does know Tae-joo, who’s a legend in the mining industry Chairman Jin is trying to break into. Oddly enough Sun-woo keeps giving him business advice, which stumps the chairman. Wouldn’t Sun-woo be happy if his business failed?

“I just need to find that out,” Sun-woo retorts. “If you are related to my father’s death.”

Chairman Jin simply smiles, and tells him that he’ll know soon enough.

Soo-mi returns home to an unhappy surprise – her father sitting in front of her Wall of Crazy, drinking himself into oblivion. Her insistence that she simply painted what was in her imagination falters, because Dad knows better. He knows that she wanted to keep Jang-il with the paintings, and that she would use them to threaten him.

She begins to tear up, because it’s true. Her father’s face isn’t all that different. “Not him,” he proclaims. “I know that I was a lousy father, and I couldn’t be one bit of help. But I’m still your father. I couldn’t do anything for you, so I could at least keep him away from you. Absolutely not him!”

He rips one of the paintings from the wall, and declares that the both of them should go to the prosecutor’s office. They owe it to Sun-woo.

Soo-mi: “I feel sorry for Jang-il. I feel like I’m looking at myself.”

Dad’s reaction? “You’re out of your mind.” But she continues on that for as much as she hates him, she still feels sorry for him. “I like him. I can’t have him. So I wanted to destroy him so that no one else could have him either. But… that wasn’t so easy.” If she has so much pity to give, has she ever thought of giving even a little to Sun-woo?

Kwang-choon has had enough. He can’t stand the idea of Soo-mi being with a bastard like Jang-il. He wants to tell Sun-woo everything from that night, and Soo-mi, out of options and full of tears, tells him to do what he wants. Left alone, she cries.

Jang-il gets a cheat sheet of questions his colleague plans to ask Yong-bae at the hearing, and goes directly to his father for interrogation coaching. It’s creepy how he even mimes the action of opening the door as he describes the room in detail to his father, that way nothing is left to chance. He runs through the list of questions as if he were the prosecutor, and leads Yong-bae through the answers he’s supposed to give.

Meanwhile, Ji-won stays as a beacon of support for Sun-woo, there to hold his hand when he’s worried. She hears from Min-yun that a Lee Yong-bae is going for a prosecutor’s hearing tomorrow, and seems concerned when she learns that he’s Jang-il’s father. She read Kwang-choon’s letter, after all.

Jang-il pays a visit to Soo-mi, who acts completely disinterested in any conversation with him. “Why did you do it?” he asks. “Why did you lie? I thought you were going to make me regret.”

But she lies about lying, claiming that she just got some old memories back. He knows he isn’t true, and doesn’t ask as much as he tells her to pack up and leave for America. “I don’t trust you. You could stab me in the back saying that I asked you to commit perjury.”

This gets a laugh out of her. “You know me too well. You and I are alike. You’re the master at backstabbing.” True story, Soo-mi. True story.

Brief interlude with Chairman Jin’s wife. She’s looking for a picture, presumably of old and dead fiancée Eun-hae. I’m sure they’re building up to something with these scenes, but they are so out of place right now.

And, weirdly enough, Team Sun-woo (which includes Ji-won, Tae-joo, and Min-yun) have gone… camping? This affords Sun-woo and Ji-won some time to talk about their first meeting, when she broke the windshield of the car Sun-woo was hiding in and fell in love.

She explains that it was Chairman Jin’s car, and it was all because he unfairly stole her father’s company away. But in his will her father stated that she shouldn’t hate Chairman Jin forever, so she hasn’t, and considers living her life well as a form of revenge. Sun-woo considers her words, even though their reasons for hating Chairman Jin are vastly different.

Not Dad and Min-yun look on at the happy couple, though Tae-joo is worried about an impending tax investigation at his new firm. Someone’s behind it, and my money is on Chairman Jin. Probably Tae-joo’s money, too.

Ji-won presses Sun-woo for the story on how he became blind, and he tells her everything except for who hit him, claiming that he doesn’t know. Ji-won has an idea, though, and hopes that it isn’t the person she thinks it is. (Jang-il.)

The campfire goes out, and Ji-won falls asleep on his shoulder. “I hope that you don’t leave me,” he admits once she’s sleeping. “Please stay with me for a long time.”

Later that night, Not Dad and Not Son have a discussion over Dead Mother. Sun-woo decides to see her gravesite. As for the tax investigation, it’s because Jang-il leaked something to the internal revenue service to slow Sun-woo down.

Hearing day. Yong-bae passes his son with nary a glance – the two have to act like they don’t know each other, since no one has bothered to look into whether they might be father and son during this whole investigation.

We hear him tell his father in voiceover that everything will be all right, he just has to do as they practiced.

Yong-bae is nervous, but he’s able to give perfectly parroted answers at first. It’s only when Joon-ho asks about how people would get to Chairman Jin’s house that he starts to go off-script, which unnerves the son watching from behind the mirror.

And then Sun-woo arrives in the monitoring room, having been called by Jang-il’s other colleague. He’s there just in time to see Yong-bae deny ever having seen Kyung-pil, even when faced with a picture. He knows very well that Yong-bae is lying, and surprisingly enough does nothing about it even when asked by a fellow prosecutor. I hope he has something else in mind.

Regardless, the hearing has been successful on Yong-bae and Jang-il’s end, and he tells his father on his way out, “You did well.”

Sun-woo catches Yong-bae walking near the prosecutor’s office, and offers to give the reluctant man a ride. Once he’s inside, Sun-woo locks the doors. And things just got interesting.

It’s a pretty tense car ride as Yong-bae grows increasingly more uncomfortable the more Sun-woo probes into his investigation hearing. He wants to get out of that car as fast as possible, but Sun-woo steps on the gas for some aggressive driving. They’re still under the umbrella of civility, but I’m pretty sure Yong-bae knows what’s going on.

Sun-woo invites himself over to their house under the pretext of delivering some fruit, and Yong-bae texts his son a warning. He starts getting more visibly unnerved when Sun-woo starts asking how they got the money for this kind of place, since that answer would inevitably lead to Chairman Jin.

He’d rather not have Sun-woo stay for anything, but Jang-il surprises his father by texting back that he should invite Sun-woo for dinner. Yong-bae tells Sun-woo as much, but is startled when he’s suddenly mere inches behind him. Is Sun-woo playing mind games? I love it.

Jang-il comes home early from work, and both he and his father act unnaturally kind toward Sun-woo, possibly because Jang-il thinks the deal is done now. But Sun-woo compliments Yong-bae’s cooking claiming he ate it fifteen years ago… the day he came to Jang-il about something being strange in his father’s will. And wouldn’t you know it, the day after, the will just seemed to up and walk away when Yong-bae brought him chicken.

Yong-bae asks Sun-woo why he’s still suspecting him, as if such a suspicion is a slight. Sun-woo mentions the time he heard Yong-bae on the phone with Chairman Jin discussing his father, though Jang-il asserts that it was only a dream. Still, Sun-woo is getting too close to the truth, and he asks him to leave.

Once he’s gone, Jang-il smashes the box of fruit he brought in rage. But he sees a sheet of paper there… and it’s a copy of Kwang-choon’s letter, saying plainly that Yong-bae killed his father.

Jang-il crumples it up before his father can see.

In other news… Geum-jool is back! For two whole seconds! Kwang-choon has called him out to talk, but has only been drinking and crying so far. Ha.

This escapade leads him to wander drunkenly into Sun-woo’s house, where he falls to his knees in front of Sun-woo. He cries, “I’m sorry, Sun-woo. I have wronged you.” And then he begins to sob piteously.

Sun-woo kneels in front of him and asks if he’s here because of the letter. Ji-won is in the room nearby, overhearing everything, as Sun-woo asks Kwang-choon what it is that he knows.

Kwang-choon admits that Soo-mi still likes Jang-il, and that he has to stop it. “On that day, I saw Lee Jang-il’s father hanging your father,” he finally says, and Sun-woo’s eyes fill with tears. He’s sure that Yong-bae thought his father was already dead and wanted to make it look like a suicide… only, he was still breathing.

“But why didn’t you do anything?” Sun-woo asks. “Because I was afraid,” Kwang-choon replies. He also didn’t know it was his father until he murmured feebly, “I have to go see Sun-woo.”

Wow. The shock on Sun-woo’s face really sells this moment and puts chills down my spine. It’s about time they put his skills to use.

He yells at Kwang-choon to stop, because the tale is too painful. Kwang-choon apologizes over and over that he wronged Sun-woo, though Sun-woo can only scream at him. Why didn’t he report it to the police then? Why now?

Kwang-choon cries that he’ll atone, he’ll tell the police everything. Grabbing him by the collar and shaking him, Sun-woo roars, “Tell them! Tell them that you saw the murder that night. Go tell them that Lee Jang-il’s father killed my father!”

Sobbing, Kwang-choon agrees. He’ll tell them everything. He leaves Sun-woo on the floor, who begins to sob like every cry is being wrenched from his insides. Poor thing. Poor, poor thing.

Ji-won waits a while before making her presence known to Sun-woo, and embraces him without a word. In her arms he cries even more than before, letting out these truly gut-wrenching sounds that I can’t even describe. It’s terrible to listen to and to watch, because the heartbreak seems so horribly real. It’s just never fun to see a grown man cry.

Chairman Jin ends up learning the hard way that Sun-woo was right about warning him against an investment, because he went against his word and is paying for it now. He plans to defraud the stockholders to get something out of his investment, and claims that Jang-il will have to help him out of this one.

But first, he places a call to get Sun-woo into his office, which I just now realize is set up very much like a stage. He jokes that Sun-woo was right about the investment and that he should have trusted him, though Sun-woo is quick to tell him that those days are over. Remember how he was waiting to see what Chairman Jin’s involvement in his father’s death was? He hands over Kwang-choon’s letter, and asks what really happened on that day.

Chairman Jin’s response is dismissive. The case is expiring in a few days, but he does get a bit surprised when Sun-woo tells him, “That means nothing to me now.” He knows that even if Chairman Jin were to get convicted, he wouldn’t get a sentence worthy of his crimes due to his resources. Finally, Sun-woo!

So what kind of punishment does he want? “I want to take the most precious thing from you,” he tells his Maybe Dad, and Chairman Jin laughs and tells him to run on home like the child he is. Sun-woo smiles darkly in response.

But Chairman Jin calls him by his fake name, David, and claims that he won’t be his Goliath. He won’t lose.

Sun-woo seems glad at this challenge, and leaves the older man stewing. On his way out, he hears a crash – Chairman Jin has thrown something inside the room. He keeps walking.


It’s about time Sun-woo takes matters into his own hands, because his spectator status was beginning to wear a bit thin. As a character Sun-woo seemed to be lacking next to all of these complex figures (Jang-il, Soo-mi, Kwang-choon, even Yong-bae), strictly by punishment of being the only good guy around. It’s just how the cookie crumbles when you’re forced into an archetype where, by virtue alone, you can’t be as interesting as the baddies. Now that he might be done being That Guy, I started to root for him again. His powerful crying scene really helped in that regard.

Unfortunately for Sun-woo, he doesn’t have Yong-bae to play off of like Jang-il does, or Kwang-choon like Soo-mi does. His father is dead and his father replacement is a zen master of calm, he gets a still-unnamed minion whose placement in the story remains a mystery that no one cares to solve, and last but still maybe least the consistently milquetoast Ji-won, who managed to suck the energy out of every scene she was in until about the forty minute mark. She’s incredibly pretty to look at (Lee Bo-young is a charismatic actress), but the romance between them still remains so very arbitrary to the main plot – and worse, she brings so little to the table as an individual. It’s good for Sun-woo to have a support structure, but it’d be nice if that structure got a little decoration. Or character depth. Attentions just tend to wander when she’s on screen because Nothing. Ever. Happens.

So in the absence of interesting characters around him, Sun-woo seemed to only come to life in scenes that involved anyone but his core circle. It’s a shame when we see scenes like the one he had with Kwang-choon, where his emotions were so raw and amazing to behold. He’s worthy of some really meaty scenes, but has so far been limited by what a good person should and should not do. What happened to the ultra-violent kid who would take on a group of gangsters and stab them with broken pool cues? At least we’re starting to see flashes of that persona coming back now (his brief tussle with Jang-il, the driving scene with Yong-bae) and I couldn’t be more excited. Let’s get this revenge on the road already, because I get the feeling that it’s gonna be good.


102 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Hannnnah

    This series is amazing! 🙂 Thanks so much for the recaps!

  2. Do-ra-ma

    God damn, Uhm Tae-woong. God damn.

    His scene with Kwang-choon is THE standout scene in this whole drama thus far. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any scene as powerful as this one since I started on K-dramas. The guy can ACT. The emotions on display by him in that scene…chills. And then it drove me to tears, too. For him to reach down into himself and bring that out and have it be completely REAL…he’s an amazing actor.

    All the emotions that Sun-woo has kept bottled inside, all the pain he’s experienced, all the grief, all the fury – it all poured out of him in that scene. How can Jang-il, his father, Soo-mi live with themselves with what they’ve done to him?

    I started watching this series because of Tae-woong-hyung and I will finish it because of him. His portrayal of Sun-woo is why I’ve stuck around in spite of all the little victories the villains have accumulated. I truly want to see him achieve some matter of justice (and peace) for him and his late father.

    • 2.1 Do-ra-ma

      Forgot to add that after I had watched all of the episode in its entirety, I went back and rewatched that scene with Kwang-choon. It was THAT good.

      • 2.1.1 houstontwin

        One thing that I really like about Tae Woong is that he doesn’t worry about looking “pretty.” His expressions are so real when he cries.
        By the way, the actor who plays Kwang Choon is offering a fine performance. He usually plays very 2-dimensional characters, but really has a chance to shine in this role.

        • NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

          Kwang-Choon was outstanding in this episode! For once, I felt he truly felt guilt and sorry. Who could not feel sorry for a man with a crazy daughter!!

    • 2.2 smile

      Very well said Do-ra-ma. Uhm Tae woong is really a versatile and amazing actor.

    • 2.3 Arhazivory

      This is why I love Tae Woong. He won my heart in Resurrection when he fell to the ground in tears with bloodshot eyes and quivering lips. Watching him bring the raw emotions to life then and watching him now, is truly spectacular.

      This scene really did steal the show.

  3. Toya

    I had to skip the sobbing part because of Ji-won. I can’t watch her scenes anymore.

    I’ll wait until the next episode recap to explain why as there are spoilers.

    • 3.1 muhloy

      everytime she is on the screen i dont see anything but her weird eyelids.

      • 3.1.1 ahha

        i can only see she always looks like with her mouth open ignorantly.. every expression the same…

        • iluvkdramas

          I agree with you. The Ji-won character is useless here – the actress cannot act at all. Ji-won and Soomi’s characters add nothing to the story. The biological father of Sung Woo (he was brilliant in CIty Hunter as the vengeful dad to Lee Min Ho) but here he is wasted.

          I think the story is okey but it is dragging! Why does Soomi and her dad keep the secret- what do they get out of it? Soomi is crazy hanging onto JangIl when he has not an iota of feelings or liking for her.

          Uhm Taewoon can act. I like the younger actors too.
          Because they revealed who killed who right in the beginning and they are just showing the revenge part – it is not holding my interest- i will probably watch the rest skipping most parts after the drama ends.

          • 김치

            I don’t think soomi is crazy(well maybe she is but not regarding jang-il)She can see through jangil’s cold facade,she knows that he feels regret and guilt about what he did that’s why she pities him,even though he has hurt her in past.I can totally understand her character in that sense.

    • 3.2 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      She is a blank character! You’re not sure why she is there and keep wishing someone else was.

  4. Nana

    Jang Il is a fucking fucker

    • 4.1 sally_b

      This^cracked me up. So true…to the point. heehee ~

      • 4.1.1 sally_b

        p.s. THANKS HeadsNo2 !

        I know this show doesn’t get the multi-pages of comments that other shows do…but please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. ~❤

        • houstontwin

          Yes, HeadsNo2! Thanks so so much! I am so happy, every week, when I see that your newest recap has been published.

        • vrosemarie

          Me too!! I look forward to your recaps the most, mostly because I’m intrigued with this drama’s plot! 🙂

    • 4.2 muhloy


    • 4.3 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      Thanks, Nana, for the laugh!!

  5. missjb

    God, Jang il’s laugh is so scary, and SUn WOo’s eyes when he turn his back and looks in the corridor is scary, too…

    Ep 15 and 16 took Jang Il’s scary personality into new level… And Yay Sun Woo for going for his revenge.. I’ve waited this moment for too long already…
    please fo action and less talk.

    • 5.1 muhloy

      seriously, the laugh at the very beginning was shockingly scary! i wasn’t ready for it and i had to pause for a while cause damn it was so creepy!

      • 5.1.1 ahha

        the laugh makes me having gooseflesh really..so scary…

      • 5.1.2 Arhazivory

        It really was creepy…and when Seon U turned his head after that first scene to look at the hall – that was also creepy.

    • 5.2 mtoh

      What Jang Il is doing that’s called self-denial…
      Watching him with remote…ep 16, ooo…

      • 5.2.1 Toya

        IKR! It’s like those people who watch old films after someone’s died. You know they aren’t coming back, but you keep popping in those VHS.

        • mtoh

          Yes…totally unaware.

  6. s

    Sun Woo’s cries really broke my heart…until they started on that fucking music! What the heck is with that music placement?!?!?!

  7. muhloy

    i am so torn between my intense love for lee jun hyuk and my intense hatred for jang il.

    at first i was in denial about hating jang il, cause he’s just still so very pretty, but damn if he isn’t just the evilest fucker ever.

    i just want to hear “I’m sorry sun woo”

    or just even “sorry” mumbled while looking away. SOMETHING to make him human!

    • 7.1 missjb

      actualy i have hate him from very beginning, but still fascinating his character… (and still believe he is at least feel regret for what he did) But it seems the writers want to turn him into full villain teritory and it’s very obvious right now… seriously, He is no heart.

      sriously, everytime I watch Equator man, can’t help but re watch his previous drama when he can smile very warm and geniune to heal my heart lol

      • 7.1.1 muhloy

        i miss the prosecutor.

        maybe you are on the right track. i should go watch an episode of city hunter to see him smile sweetly.

        • missjb

          i have done it already, and it’s always make me feel better, everytime, lol

    • 7.2 mtoh

      If I cut in; I love his love for Ji won. He’s like puppy when he’s wit her. That’s the reason more for him to suppress what he did to SW, and convince him self he’s hating SW.
      Ep 16…’He’s not the only victim’…oooo…he lost his soul.
      Don’t know why…I can’t hate him to the core.

      • 7.2.1 missjb

        it seems his love for Ji won, is the only genuine feeling that’s remain in his heart

        • mtoh

          Yeah….I hope she’ll be the balance between him and SW.

        • houstontwin

          Jang Il’s strongest emotion is his love for his father (like Sun Woo)! Although JI has other motivations (selfishness, ambition, fear…), that love and protectiveness is the engine driving his actions.

          • ahha

            i have a feeling that jangil will lose his father before his remorse comes to him, if there is any..but i believe there is…he might lose soomi too..in the end…

          • mtoh

            @ahha: Maybe his dad will try to do something to SW, and during the process he’ll fall. That will be end for JI…revenge will be done.

          • ahha

            @mtoh jangil will never be aware of sunwoo’s pain unless he experiences it…

          • mtoh

            @ahha; You think? Let’s smack him in the head… he,hehhaa 😉

          • ahha

            @mtoh i won’t do that , because i love lee jun hyuk…haha

          • NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

            His father is most precious to him like SW and that is what I believe he will lose.

          • Arhazivory

            @ahha and mtoth. Heh…I’ll smack the character and tell the actor to duck. It should be possible right?

          • mtoh

            @ Arhazivory; I’m open minded, keep talking… Hehaa,heh…

        • 사라

          I don’t think JI loves jiwon though,he only care/love his dad.

    • 7.3 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      And Jang Il knows he is pretty; ergo, constantly rewinding and watching himself on TV. That was so disturbing!! I was like, what the f*ck!!! But LJH is putting the ball out of the park! Because I love him as a actor, I love him in this role!! He will never be typecast ever!

      • 7.3.1 ahha

        a lovely villain, i simply can’t hate him because he is so so lovely..kaka

        • mtoh

          He’s so goood. Male cast is wonderful…UTW my soft spot.
          How will you take his leavnig to army after drama…he.hehaaa

          • ahha

            utw is not my cup of tea, sorry…LJH goes to army, of course i will be missing him a lot…

          • NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

            You should watch Resurrection/Rebirth with UTW! Very, very good (except the ending)! I found all 20 episodes on Youtube in HD!

          • ahha

            @NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB) thanks for your recommendations..but i can’t stand for his face..i do not like his appearance at all…i like handsome boys…also i don’t think UTW is acting that good, just soso..i watched “Queen Seondeok” and i don’t like him there too.. i like Ko Hyun Jung better in that drama…:P

          • NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

            @ahha, I just like good acting. Sometimes a pretty face can’t carry a drama. Take Love Rain, sure a lot of people like it but its simply because JGS is in it not because its good. I’m like 5 episodes behind because its just not that interesting.

          • ahha

            @NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB) utw’s acting not appealing to me either….:) i got zero interest in this actor…sorry…

      • 7.3.2 mtoh

        Thank you…I’ll check it out!

  8. mtoh

    Ooo EQMtch , I marathon 8 episodes, and then started to watch every week with subs.
    It’s intrigue and spin up emotions what get me hook.
    I love, love UTW acting…one of the best.
    Directing is different and close shots are amazing, they can act without saying a word…I’m likin’.

  9. Joshua_Ahjussi

    Hi HeadsNo2, just wanted to emphasise what sally_b wrote, that this drama has a different kind of power and your recaps are capturing it so well.

    I don’t agree with all of your comments on the characters however that’s part of the pleasure of seeing your thoughts and reviewing our own to deepen the experience.

    Thank you very much for your work.

  10. 10 bgr

    looking at the last picture, where Jang Il is looking at SooMi, there are some questions that come to mind.

    Which artist paints while wearing so much bling bling?

    Ain’t she worried she’d splash any hyper-realism paint on it? or she too rich a bitch to worry over such minor details?

    Who wears blinged out collars with tank tops & overalls?

    SooMi – You need to hire a stylist with all that $ you are making! Pronto!

    • 10.1 mtoh

      Watch ep 16 you’ll get you answer. Let’s just say; Soo Mi get some help…

  11. 11 dee

    Thanks for the recap. Sun woo keep fighting

  12. 12 trotwood

    I have not read the recap yet, but I want to thank Headsno2 for giving me the Mothers Day present I REALLY wanted–an Equator Man recap. As I turned on my computer (4AM my time zone) I repeated a mantra–“Happy Mother’s day to me, Happy Mothers Day to me” hoping for an Equator Man recap. I actually did a fist bump (to myself–I know; I’m anerd) and a silent sqeal (I do NOT want to wake anyone else up). Off to read before going off to walk 11 miles (in training to walk a half marathon in a couple of weeks and so I can have as much cake as I want today!).

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

    • 12.1 houstontwin

      Happy Mother’s Day!

    • 12.2 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      Happy Mother’s Day to you too! First I did was go to DB in hopes of a recap! I have so many comments churning inside right now; especially for ep 16!!

  13. 13 sara

    I hate hate jang-il he needs to be completely destroyed,the only thing good about his character is his hotness.Soo-mi too I really liked her but now?She needs to pay big time.Her and jang-il make a perfect match,they’re both selfish and psychotic.I cannot wait to see them both suffer!

  14. 14 craziluver

    Am i the only who feels like their make up is so thick and pale, it makes them look unnatural. BB cream much???

    • 14.1 mtoh

      Heehhhaaa nice notice…yeah sometimes.

    • 14.2 bgr

      Oh, so that’s where the rest of SooMi’s paint ended up

  15. 15 Arishia

    At this point, Sun Woo knows all the elements of the crimes except one. Jin’s motive. Interestingly, his ‘maybe not father’ is the one withholding that piece, or at least the key to it. If he is also only using Sun Woo while pretending to care, that would just be too sad for words. I’m thoroughly enjoying Sun Woo’s chess game, enticing each bad actor to move themselves into weaker and weaker positions as they try to avoid facing the truth, until they shatter under their own weight when the wind blows. My bet on Mi Soo having a come to Jesus moment and helping Sun Woo is losing odds. But a bet is a bet, so, here’s hoping she comes to her senses before it’s too late.

    • 15.1 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      Think about it. He knows that Sun Woo went to Jin to tell him about Sun Woo being his son! I don’t think he is holding back that information for any other reason than what effect it will have on Sun Woo. We all know if his Dad had not gone to Jin to tell him this, he’d still be alive or probably would have died from illness. I think Not Dad Tae Joo is trying to save him from this heartache! Jin being his Dad will not make Sun Woo love him, that’s for sure!

      • 15.1.1 houstontwin

        You’re right. Tae Joo is protecting Sun Woo. He will be devasted when he learns the whole truth about Jin. Of course, Jin will also be crushed. If Jin hadn’t been a jealous nutcase he could have lived happily ever after with the woman he loved and his own son.

        • Arishia

          Well, the translations of Ep.1 that I’ve seen say this: “If Kim Sun Woo had been President Jin’s son, how great that would have been for President Jin.” That lead me to believe that Sun Woo is not Jin’s son, though it’s possible he was being hypothetical, and whether or not he is the son hadn’t been explored yet. That would mean the writers were intentionally misleading us? The only clue to indicate he might be, is the adoptive father’s belief. The flashback convos only reveal that she is pregnant and hasn’t told Jin. Not dad says he will tell him, but she says not to. I’ll stick with ‘not Jin’s son’ until something more determinative is presented.

          • Arishia

            Wait… unless you mean not dad is protecting SW from knowing that adoptive dad ‘thought’ he was Jin’s son, and went there for that reason, which SW then might feel guilty about. Amirite?

          • houstontwin

            Arishia, I guess that I need to look at Episode 1 again. Maybe that quotation means “President Jin would have been a better and happier man if he had raised Kim Sun Woo as his son.” I am probably way off the mark!

    • 15.2 mtoh

      Soo Mi flew to China…after talk with SW. When got back…pufff…her paintings are gone. I think she cares about SW, but her obsession with JL is to much…She kneeled in front of her father…and man/JI doesn’t want to look at her. How petty is that?

  16. 16 faraz3500

    thank u headsNo2
    every time I watch this drama I love it even more , watching sun woo cries over his dad made me to tears , it was really heartbreaking , I hate it when men cry I just cant stand it!
    thank u

  17. 17 NewKDramaAddict

    “the consistently milquetoast Ji-won, who managed to suck the energy out of every scene she was in until about the forty minute mark. She’s incredibly pretty to look at”- Let me be the first to say, she sucks in this role! I don’t know if the writers intentionally wanted a doormat performance or if she is just not there! When Sun-Woo was crying his heart out and she shed nary a tear, I kept saying to myself, “What a heartless bitch!” Here I am crying profusely, he’s not even my man and you cannot shed a tear?!! I was so upset not only for Sun-Woo but also the reality that he has no real female support! Not-Dad is always trying to bring him back from his old days! Min-yon now, he will be all for him going for the throat! Yes, Min-yon deserves a name! Some of his one lines are classics! A lot of the scenes were dis-jointed and I am not sure what importance they hold. The vision scare is definitely scaring me. Please, writers…..don’t go there!

    • 17.1 missjb

      the irony thing is Jang Il is the one who has female support… Practically Soo Mi cries for Jang Il in this episode because he feels sorry for him. nah .. 🙂

      • 17.1.1 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

        That’s what so sad and become more evident in ep 16! I’m just mad at the Ji Won character!

      • 17.1.2 ahha

        in acting wise, soomi (sorry don’t know how to spell the name of the actress) does a better job than jiwon..soomi is not a welcoming character,but the actress is good and i like watching her parts…

    • 17.2 사라

      Yeah jiwon just sucks,I wanted her off the show since the earlier episodes,but the writers keep giving her longer scenes which is pissing me off I ffs when she is onscreen.Her character serves no purpose other than being the hero’s love interest,and is not interesting or relatable in anyway.Soo-mi otoh is a selfish,manipulative bitch but at least she’s interesting to watch esp her scenes with jang-il.

    • 17.3 houstontwin

      You really have to blame the writers and director for the insipid Jiwon. The actress has virtually nothing to work with. Shame on them!

    • 17.4 mtoh

      Agree…Cry scene, broke my heart…My heart are being broke a lot lately…oh well…point, she’s acting like nothing effect her, she’s so calm, with talk ‘I’m here for you’…I know she doesn’t want SW to do something he’ll regret later…but let the man be, man gota do what man gota do.
      She pushes him to read books for blind people, and it scares me.

      • 17.4.1 houstontwin

        Now that you mention it, it is creepy to romanticize the time when he was blind. She misses his helplessness. Maybe she even (in a deep, subconscious way) wants him to be helpless so that she is needed.

        • NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

          Did not think about that. I actually like her role better when he was blind. And then her comment about if he goes blind again, she will be there to take care of him. That is creepy!

        • mtoh

          You mean so he can’t leave her again…

  18. 18 Lise

    After comments saying JI needs to lose his dad to finally see how hes wronged SW am almost sure that scene at the beginning of the drama will have sth to do with Jin having killed his dad or sth along those lines. But i dont get why SW was telling him to stop, dad or not…i guess am heartless that way! And am i the only one that thinks SW atleast knows Jin being his dad is a posibility? I thot not dad had hinted that at the beginning he had thought its either him or Jin…ok maybe am hallucinating or sth must have hit the back of my head too!

    • 18.1 NewKDramaAddict (aka MsB)

      I think so too. I predict the loss of his Dad as well as his job but all of these underhand dealings will come to light! But I don’t think SW has a clue who his Dad is though.

    • 18.2 houstontwin

      I really don’t remember Sun Woo having any hints at all about Jin possibly being his father. I really don’t think he has an inkling. It would definitely alter his actions if he had that information.

    • 18.3 ahha

      it seems sunwoo not know jin might be his father, but jin has hints that sunwoo might be his son, i don’t know why jin never try to find out the truth…he might act against his biological son and he has no offspring but only a step daughter..this is strange..also is no dad a bad guy? he tries to set sunwoo up to have him killing his own father?? what is no dad’s purpose to save and help sunwoo?? i am confused now….

      • 18.3.1 houstontwin

        Not Dad warned Sun Woo earlier that revenge is not what’s most important and also not to assume anything about Jin. I really don’t think that he wants the confrontation.

      • 18.3.2 MEalways

        Jin was full of himself, full of hatred and already believed that his girlfriend (I take it his not married?) betrayed him. When you full of hatred, you didn’t think other reason might exist or might be the truth. Hate is stronger than love in most cases.

        I wish that no dad actually Sun Woo’s real dad, but that was not going to happen…. I think he has made peace with himself and forgave Jin. For he was the one who reminded Sun Woo that the real forgiveness was when you got the power to crush someone, yet you let it go.

        Try to do that to the real life (never success in my case, anyway….).

        And that revenge wasn’t what really matter here.

        That’s why I think Sun Woo cease to become a background (or spectator) and hold himself hard before he really does his revenge.

        As much as I want Sun Woo to revenge, I also want that much that he can forgive Jang Il, Soo Mi & Jin. That means he much, much, much better persons than the rest and can live his live happier.

        Forgive is such a hard word to live up to.
        But, that won’t happen… It’s drama, not reality show.
        And, like my Boss always emphasized to me… ‘There’s no Angel in Earth’, everyone has their own agenda.

        This drama in a way, remind me a lot of ‘City Hunter’. Both tell the story about revenge, both try to make the hero still human though they have to live through hell… Both has ‘no dads’ who love them dearly….

        I wonder how this one ends… Since in ‘City Hunter’ the ‘no dad’ sacrificed himself in order to let ‘no son’ live.


        • mtoh

          I also thought SW had his one Shakespeare question; forgive or not forgive. He was almost there to forgive JI, he only needed reason why and word sorry from JI…
          In the end JI made decision for him. So SW heart and soul are in peace for now.

  19. 19 Fab

    While watching this episoe I suddenly got flashbacks of the first scene of this drama. OMG. I hope it keeps its steadiness, b/c I am gonna hate it otherwise.

  20. 20 Fab


  21. 21 Arhazivory

    Just finished this episode. Tae Woong…I’m glad you can finally show us some raw emotions. That scene really killed me. I started saying out loud ‘don’t cry. Don’t cry.’

    Soo Mi’s tears did absolutely nothing for me. I hope her love for Jang Il will make her sacrifice her life to save his. Do it Soo Mi. Just do it.

    I also agree with what other comments have stated – Ji Won is really too pointless. Somebody give her something to do please. Let her seduce the Chairman to get closer to him, or smash more windows. Pick a fight even, lime she did to protect Seon U when he was blind.

    • 21.1 mtoh

      @Arhazivory; Please let it be Jin…he,hhaaaeee 😉

  22. 22 iluvkdramas

    This story provides for a good character study especially for the Jang Il character.

    How he turned and shut off his conscience and now he reached the point of no return- He cannot even feel any remorse for clubbing his best friend. Sun Woo is giving him a long time to repent but nope – he could not. I understand that he is protecting his father’s part of the crime. Does Jang Il know that SunWoo’s dad was still breathing and that he strangled him?

    The young Jang Il showed scenes where he was wracked with guilt but the adult Jang Il has since killed his conscience- I do not know how he will redeem himself in the end. It is ironic that he is a Prosecutor who is supposedly upholding justice yet he is as disconnected with his own conscience. Psychotic? Evil? It is scary..

    Sun Woo obviously cares about his friend still – but what can he do to make his friend repent?
    Revenge won’t give Sun Woo happiness -he should just live his life with his sweetheart. Leave Jang Il alone – he is a psycho anyway. Let the divine powers judge him.

    Soomi- for all her smarts, she is wasting her life … tsk tsk tsk.

    • 22.1 mtoh

      Agree…SW already has his revenge…he survived, became rich, has his love, real friends and clean hands.
      I understand JI, he has done so much wrong, so there’s no need for him to step back now, he can’t gain anything (he lost his soul and heart), but he can lose a lot (dad, career). It’s not easy for boy to do what he did, and live with it..but he convinced himself that was right decision.
      I said I understand but I don’t justify…

  23. 23 iluvkdramas

    I love the books and poems read in this drama.

  24. 24 Nida

    I loved the scene with Uhm tae woong crying. As I was watching the scene I kept nodding my head and thought, “This is how a person cries when one one of their parents die: loud, uncontrollable crying.” Time and time again, I see dramas with characters crying prettily when someone close to them dies and doesn’t do the scene any justice. I love how uhm tae woong doesn’t worry about focus on looking pretty. It’s really hard for genuine, man tears.

    When I saw that scene, I could remember the time my father sat crying at my grandfather’s feet, when he died. It was not loud like here in this episode, but even those silent tears of his spoke volume because I’ve never seen him cry before.

    • 24.1 Nida

      EDIT; Another thing I’d like to say, I truly love the ending song and the one with the raspy voiced singer during Sun-woo’s crying scene. I can feel an ache in my heart as I see the ending shots. Both songs are AMAZING!

  25. 25 Fräulein

    I hvnt seen anything else lee bo young has done but if this is all she can do, she makes a terrible actress. In that scene where UtW is bawling his butt off even I cried. And she still looks the same – deadpan- and like every other scene she appears in

    Someone pls tell me she is capable of emoting

  26. 26 Mr. Min Yun

    I’m about one year late but Mr. Min Yun’s real name is Mr Koon/Goon

    Look it up at Dramawiki! 🙂


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