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First promos for tvN’s I Need Romance 2012
by | May 30, 2012 | 46 Comments

Posters are out for I Need Romance 2012, which is the updated title for the second season of tvN’s successful trendy rom-com, which is either because they want to be very exact about the timeline of the seasons, or because they’re hopeful of more.

I think it would’ve been just as effective, and more elegant, to go with the standard numbering (seasons 1, 2, and so on), given that tvN has a handful of multiple-season shows on its roster, and I can see titles getting real unwieldy, real quick. (Chosun Police and God’s Quiz have three seasons apiece; Rude Miss Young-ae has ten.) But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, assuming there’ll be additional seasons at all.

In the drama, Jung Yumi (from The Crucible, not Rooftop Prince) gets caught between two love interests: longtime boyfriend Lee Jin-wook (Myung-wol the Spy) and new honey Kim Ji-suk (Personal Taste). (Side note: Will the real-life besties have to take a bromance break to get into character as rivals?) With this setup, I’m not gonna feel to bad for Lee Jin-wook for being the third wheel in the poster above, because I’m assuming his behavior led to the breakup (going off Season 1’s precedent), and he won’t realize he misses her till he sees that there’s a new jagi in town. The copy reads, “A false farewell, a real love.” The burning question: Do those two things refer to each love interest in turn, or is one person both things?

Jung’s sidekicks will be played by Kim Ji-woo and Kang Ye-sol; together the three 33-year-olds will navigate careers, loves, and friendships. Which is just about the boringest way to describe the premise, though a number of dramas have proven how well you can take that simple concept and tease out heart and laughs. (See: I Need Romance 1, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, Dal Ja’s Spring, My Sweet Seoul.)

I fully intend to watch the first season at some point, but I figure I may as well just dive in with the second season, since it’s got a new cast and new storyline (although it sounds like it’s really the same storyline, sorta). And I’m pretty excited about the new cast, more so than the original, mostly because of my love for Jung Yumi (Que Sera Sera, The Great Gye Choon-bin), which is strong and long-abiding. She’s a chameleon of an actress who can look vastly different depending on styling, who can take on a gamut of character types, and who always feels real. She’s also built a career playing slightly offbeat personalities, so I wonder if this drama will be her first mainstream type of role. It’ll be interesting to see her being the standard rom-com lead for once, but I’m sure she’ll find a way to make it her own.

I Need Romance 2012 is slated for 16 episodes and premieres on June 20.

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46 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. 15Between

    Wow! I’m excited 🙂

  2. cocoonedsoul

    i’m not sure if it’s the late night cramming session talking, but my brain kinda farted and somehow i read this as jinwook and jisuk finding true love… in each other.

    • 2.1 Ktb


  3. MsB

    Did not really like the first one so this is at the bottom of my list

  4. Mystisith

    Yeah for dramas targeting adults. I would praise again the channel who decided to do that male version of Sex and the City but i’m going to be labelled as a spammer…
    To be honest i’m not familiar with the female cast so i will have an open mind.

  5. gingeranna

    I liked the first season a lot more than I expected. It was a fluffy but realistic drama, with a mature feeling and real life problems.
    I’ll watch this one for sure, I really hope that it will set a trend for more realistic and mature dramas 🙂

  6. mrs kimchee

    excited is an understatement ^ ^
    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr excited!!!!

  7. Cynthia

    I don’t know if I’ll be watching for the romance or more importantly, the bromance. These two besties are beyond adorable – their appearance in Strong Heart (last month?) was sweet and hysterical. Jin-wook’s smile grabs me every time and after the awful Myung-wol, he deserves a good vehicle.
    This is a good ensemble.

  8. missjb

    those legs is to die for…

  9. Alicia

    When I read Lee Jin Wook and Kim Ji Suk were gping to love rivals, I was thinking the exact same thing: what about their bromance? These two are really really tight besties, but I’m sure these two will be pulling pranks on each other a lot on set.

  10. 10 rearwindow

    I’m so excited for this. I especially love the first poster.

  11. 11 jandoe

    ugh man is so damn fine (LJW) can’t stop staring at him haha. Didn’t watch the first one but soooo watching this one for the three leads!

  12. 12 Laica

    Love love love Jung Yumi. So glad to see her getting another lead role. I fell hard for her in Que Sera Sera and I have been waiting for her to do another drama ever since. She has an almost otherworldly quality that can’t be put into words, that puts her in a different category than other actresses.

    Also, Lee Jin-wook! Yay!

    So excited!

  13. 13 Noelle

    Holy, I didn’t recognize LJW. Ya know what it must be? That thing on his head!

    Never watched the first one because I didn’t find it necessary since I got the ending scoop early on. I don’t know if I’ll turn in here. Didn’t I hear this was a reversal with 30 something men instead of women?

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    I am so waiting for this.Yay.

  15. 15 niKai

    somehow jung yumi reminds me of natalie portman here. why is that???

  16. 16 Helen

    thanks jb,

    Where is choi ji woo ?.

  17. 17 Webfoot

    Lee Jin Wook is a hunk of smoldering man. Even the hair I can forgive, he’s that hot.

    I was watching the first two episodes of Strong Heart with Lee Dong Wook hosting (another one of this bestie crowd) and LJW was so hot I didn’t even pay attention to Wookie.

    See for yourself:
    Strong Heart eps 125 and 126 at http://www.kshownow.net/

    Bromantic moments as bonus!

    • 17.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      Yes! And I just want to him to get the girl, hell, get any girl, because… oh I dunno.. he deserves it soooo much *bias overpowers brain any time eh*

      • 17.1.1 asianromance

        I agree! He’s is so freaking hot, but yet there is this cute, awkward side of him that makes me want to throw myself at him!

    • 17.2 im_eve

      never really gave much care to kim ji suk but mayn WAS HE HOT IN THAT EP! RAWRRRRRRRR

  18. 18 canxi


    OK, I am so excited. But not just for LJW (Though mostly for LJW–my heart!) But I also love love love Jung Yoo Mi and Kim Ji Seok.

    There was a teaser trailer I saw, where they parodied a whole bunch of American movies (like Romeo+Juliet and Coyote Ugly) so, it’s safe to say these people aren’t really releasing much about the plot right now…or ever…at all??? But either way, I am excited. And the posters are really cute. I like how we get a glimpse of what each girl wants in the second one…except the little coffee cup? I’m still trying to ponder that one, hahaha

  19. 19 bourbon

    Queen In-Hyun’s Man had to end for I Need Romance 2 to air! Ahhh!!! The dilemma.

    • 19.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      But there will be a 2 episode special to QIHM before INR2 starts, so I’m… a wee bit satisfied? (Well, it’s not like I’ll ever be happy with QIHM ending, so this is better than nothing ^^~)

      • 19.1.1 bourbon

        Two-episode special?!! A link to this news article, perhaps?

        Oh, i hear you. After QIHM ends I’ll be a little loath to touch my laptop. You just don’t come across a drama this good!

  20. 20 WM

    I was so impressed by the first one that I’ve been anticipating this second season for a long time. Or at least it feels like a long time. lol The casting looks great, and if the writing is the same it’ll be fun to watch. I’m definitely in!

  21. 21 kopytko

    It seems I am the only one who liked the ending of the first season: the heroine chose to be herself with a very imperfect guy rather than to give up her identity for a chaebol hottie’s sake. I hope the characters in the season 2 will be as likable and diversified as their predecessors. I know only 2 actors, so I don’t know what to expect. I hope for lots of fun and lively relationships but no aegyo for me, please.

    • 21.1 canxi

      I liked it too!!! *high-five* It wouldn’t be my choice (I’d end up picking neither and being single 5ever) but I respected and liked her choice because she did what she thought was best for herself + she loved that very imperfect guy. Can’t help love, after all.

    • 21.2 Ani

      I liked the ending too. I actually saw that the remorse was fo’ real when it came to the first guy. And I respected how the heroine chose not to be with the guy (as perfect as he was) that would ask her to change who she was – or more like hide who she was. Yeah yeah. People will complain that was quite a left field move by the writers. But seriously? In the world of the drama, that was meant to be the chaebol dude’s flaw – and in real life, it can happen. So hey, I respect the heroine’s choice. And like I said, dude number one won’t be straying again, especially after that talk with the parents. The heroine chose her happiness, and although guy number one is going to have to work hard to make up for his mistakes, but they have a lifetime (assuming they marry) to work on their relationship.

      @canxi I would’ve chose to be single too. I just don’t have it in me to forgive cheating or to hide who I am.

  22. 22 amy

    very much enjoyed season 1. looking forward to 2.

  23. 23 SweetiePie54

    I really liked Season 1 so I am looking forward to Season 2. June 20th can’t come soon enough! 🙂

  24. 24 gokai

    I was a big fan of Jisuk when he starred in Likeable or Not, but seeing his works after that left more to be desired. He does well enough in his roles but he never really gives his character much depth. I’m hoping since he just got out of the army he’ll show improvement in this drama.

  25. 25 howforwardsale

    If the bromance btwn those two is true then I’m gonna have to look at that poster in a different light. Is he jealous of his friend or his ex? Oh the possibilities… Let’s do this INR2012!

    • 25.1 asianromance

      I know, right! XDD Maybe the ending of this one will have the guys end up being besties with each other and giving up on the girl.

  26. 26 FunnyBunny

    I”m pretty excited about this show, I adored Lee Jin-wook in Myung-wol. He just had this boyish charm about him, and he was so stoic and sexy *sigh* so I’m happy to see him in a leading man role.

    On another note…. Who the hell permed his hair???? He’s already a handsome guy, why ruin it? His hair looks like a dead animal… It just distracts the eye from the attractiveness…. Hopefully they’ll fix it, today…*crosses fingers*

  27. 27 SoyJade

    I have been liking the last 3 dramas that TVN has put out. SHut Up FBB, 12 Men in a year and my darling, QIHM. I hope they have realized that dramas that are both smart and outside the norm have been a success with viewers and that they continue this trend. I will wait for recaps on this one and then decide to watch or not. I was not interested enough to finish the first season.

  28. 28 Ani

    I’m pretty stoked about this. Yay.

  29. 29 malta

    Get excited! I am…although I wonder how different the lead ladies and the story will be from the last one. Is the main girl gonna have one sexy friend and one virgin friend?

  30. 30 Sunny

    This kind of sounds and looks exactly like the first season, haha! I hope this means the ending will be different this time, to spice things up a bit [SPOILER] didn’t like the ending of the 1st season at all, I felt like being by herself was the most sensible choice she could’ve made, both for her sake and to maintain the consistency in the story. [SPOILER END]

    Anyway, really looking forward to this.

  31. 31 Yeng

    interesting combination…i think the three would actually have better chemistry than the first season…lets hope so. I really love the first season, and now its a dream come true, though i hope its not gonna be like a carbon copy story

  32. 32 jyyjc

    Has Lee jinwook done a memorable role before that seems to have people fangirling over him more than kim jiseok? I’ve only ever seen him in spy myungwol and maybe it’s his character or the actor himself but I wasn’t drawn to him in any way. I am drawn to kim jiseok as I think he’s more charismatic so yeah…

  33. 33 Elizabeth

    I was rather confused with the Jung Yumi, I thot one got surgery to look become the other. Now I know there is two!

  34. 34 delta777

    I liked the 1st INR and will be watching 4 Lee Jin-wook.

  35. 35 Sabah

    I tried to like the first season but I never connected with the characters and stopped after a few episodes. I guess that says more about me than them.

    So I wasn’t really planning on watching the second incarnation. That first poster’s set up or charm is wonderful and I am intrigued.

    Thank you so much for sharing otherwise I might have opted out.

  36. 36 red

    Im so ridiculously excited for this, I love Jung Yumi….and I liked I need Romance, but mostly for Choi Jin Hyuk who was fabulous and smokin hot

  37. 37 jen

    I just marathoned the first season and it was so good! I don’t know why I had put off watching it, but now I’m so excited for a second season.

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