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I Do, I Do: Episode 1
by | May 31, 2012 | 119 Comments

What initially appeared to be solely about shoes shapes up to be a fun zippy opening. The characters here are easily likable and if you’re recovering from a deeply emotional pain from a previous drama like I am and need a funny romantic comedy to lift your spirits, then this one might just be the perfect size for you.


A door creaks open and our heroine, HWANG JI-AN (Kim Sun-ah), pops her head out. She scans the surroundings before racing down the hallway, looking back to make sure no one or nothing is following her.

Either she must not care enough or in too much of a rush to stop as she loses a shoe on the stairwell and continues on barefoot. Once outside, she lifts her bag over her face, finding the bright sunlight too harsh for her eyes.

Cut to our hero, PARK TAE-KANG (Lee Jang-woo), who is currently being dragged by the ear by his father PARK KWANG-SEOK (Yoon Joo-sang). Dad presents his identification card and demands that his son be scratched out of the family register. But Tae-kang isn’t the type easily trifled with as he turns his as well, claiming that he wants to be taken out of this ajusshi’s registry.

Dad guffaws at the term and Tae-kang bites back that when it’s all settled they’ll be considered strangers anyway. Then he mimics defensive martial arts moves when Dad raises a hand to beat him. Omg, I love their relationship already.

Needless to say the family register remains unchanged when they leave. Dad fumes and Tae-kang tosses, “Do they need your permission to change the rules?” which elicits another potential slapdown.

Instead of avoiding it, he willingly offers his cheek… because he’ll just report it anyway. To where, Child Protection Services? HA – you’re a grown man.

Now we see the source of Dad’s anger as Tae-kang points to his shiny new ride, “Who would take off their one and only son from the family registry just because he bought a motorcycle?!” But that money came from Dad’s life savings; money that took three years of back-breaking work to accrue.

Tae-kang defends that he put in his part too with his reimbursed college tuition like it was some big sacrifice. Dad: “As if you had a choice!”

Dad continues, “Even though the law couldn’t break us apart, my heart has already abandoned you.” Tae-kang fully relishes in Dad’s misery and Dad kicks the bike before storming off. He runs to check for any damages to his baby named – wait for it – Beyonce. HA!

While taking Beyonce out for a joyride, a woman suddenly runs out and he swerves to avoid hitting her. They both end up on the ground but don’t sustain any serious injuries.

Ji-an picks herself up and scoffs when Tae-kang points to his injured bike – shouldn’t a person’s injuries come first? Plus, what’s he doing driving in a pedestrian area? He figures she’s fine and she barks how could he know – are his eyes an MRI?

He points his finger back, accusing her for someone out for insurance money. She’s had enough already, and switching to banmal, Ji-an tells him that he should consider himself lucky for getting off so easy today.

There’s a traffic jam and Ji-an steps back towards Tae-kang, who’s crying over Beyonce’s injuries, figuring he might be her best shot to get to where she needs to be. He interprets her concern for spite until she offers to pay for the repairs in exchange for a ride.

Tae-kang zips through the narrow streets as Ji-an holds on for dear life, screaming her head off at every turn.

On the other end of town, a fashion show is busy preparing for their big show. Problem is, they’re missing their opening piece and the hostess berates the staff, digging in that this is the reason she doesn’t use “domestic” brands. Jeez, what bit you this morning?

Ji-an arrives in one piece, her eyes tightly shut (Tae-kang has to knock his helmet against hers as if to say gerroff lady). It takes her a minute to realize she’s survived and then hurries in to meet her staff who was just lectured at earlier. They stifle their laughter as they sign to the helmet still stuck on her head.

Ji-an doesn’t buy her staff’s excuses that all Westerners look alike to them and today’s model was different than at fitting. They shift the blame towards the Dragon Lady hostess about the circulating rumors and she even had a backup ready as if she was expecting them to fail.

Telling them to stop spinning detective tales, she demands them to look for a solution. After one look at the shoe, the creative gears start churning, and soon she’s ripping fabric off of her staff’s skirt and calling out orders left and right.

She gets to work, reconstructing an entirely different shoe design on the spot and the staff compliment that the end product was even better than the original.

The bad news is that Dragon Lady Hostess has already lined up someone else. When the polite route fails, Ji-an declares that she’ll assume responsibility for the consequences. But their company is expendable, Dragon Lady seethes.

Ji-an clocks this in her head and then with a snap of her fingers, orders her staff to pull out and pack up every single pair of shoes in the place. It turns the place upside down into chaos. She’s completely unfazed at the hostess’ accusation that she’s out of her mind: “If you don’t have teeth, you eat with your gums. If you don’t have shoes, you walk barefoot. Isn’t that life?”

Even at the threat of legal action, Ji-an coolly says it’s no problem – she doesn’t have a husband or kids so she’ll consider her time in jail like dorm life. One minute to showtime and Ji-an challenges, “So what’ll it be? Should I take responsibility or should I go to jail?”

The opening continues as planned and the newly designed shoe takes center stage.

Ji-an sprints and slips in through the door we saw her exit in the beginning. Whatever celebration she hoped to get back to is now being cleaned up by the staff. Turns out she missed her father’s 70th birthday bash and her parents are already on their way home.

Meanwhile, Tae-kang waits downstairs and lays out his hand to collect his fare… and Ji-an walks right by him again. At the door, she signals at him to hurry up, and he follows like a dutiful puppy.

Ji-an catches her parents just before they board the train. She apologizes to her father but he remains gruff and then projects his anger on reserved Mom. She’s had enough of Dad’s behavior and raises her voice that she pulled out all the stops for him – she did her best.

“You…” Dad interjects, “… will walk out on my funeral too!” All he wanted was for his only daughter to celebrate with him since it’s hard enough seeing her as it is. Was that too much to ask?

He cuts ties with her right there that she needn’t send them money anymore and she can forget about visiting home. Harsh words, Dad. Calling her out on her workaholic lifestyle, he spits if she wants him to cut her out of their family register. It seems that she doesn’t want to be filial to her parents anyway.

Ouch. It’s an interesting contrast from Tae-kang’s situation where the family register was played up for comedy but those same words cut deep for Ji-an though she doesn’t let on to her parents that they do.

Ji-an strolls the streets with a brave face as Tae-kang follows behind, having overheard the entire exchange. He gives her the space to collect herself and then hands her a tissue to blot her oncoming tears.

And then Ji-an notices something written on the tissue and opens it to find the total repair bill for Beyonce. HAHAHA – oh you ass, Tae-kang.

He turns to leave once he receives the money, but looks back to tell her not to worry. Her father won’t be able to write her off of the family tree – ’cause his father tried it on him. He rambles that the laws are so well-established to protect horrible sons and daughters nowadays.

The fact that he went through the trouble to go to the district office makes her burst into laughter. He’s affronted at first but soon they’re both laughing at the absurdity.

And what better way to bond than over drinks as Tae-kang toasts to abandonment. If they switched families, she’d be considered the filial one because Dad is so obsessed about money. Ji-an sighs that she’s likely the only daughter in the world who would miss her father’s birthday.

He probes her about her occupation, clearly finding it impossible that a simple office worker could throw such a large event. She turns the question on him, figuring him for a student.

She passively listens as he rants about he could’ve gone to college but was financially strapped because of the tuition (pfft) until she raises an eyebrow when he mentions he wants to start up a business. His evident lack of a concrete plan clearly amuses her and they pour each other another drink.

Several bottles later, , Tae-kang offers Ji-an a word of advice that women should be babyish, full of aeygo, and be all cutesy instead of her curt attitude. She scoffs that she’s single because she chooses to be and adds that all guys are the same: immature, small-minded, and ignorant

I love that she says this while dangling a pepper between her fingers. The reference (pepper = gochu = slang for weenie) is so in your face.

Tae-kang has a moment of drunken insight as he comments that she must have been hurt a lot in the past. Ji-an pinches his cheek in response and tells him to run back to mommy. He whines that he doesn’t have one. The one he had ran off as soon as she gave birth to him so the mother he imagines are actresses who portray ideal maternal figures.

Tae-kang responds to Ji-an’s look of concern that he’s had enough of that look of pity people shoot at him. He defends his mother that he understands that someone can grow tired of their child and run off to search for meaning in their own lives.

He assures her that he’s totally fine… and she bonks him on the head calling him impudent for still acting like a manchild. She continues to knock him on the head as he tries to take her home.

They’re both drunken messes but he’s sober enough to realize that the destination she instructs the cabbie will come out to a hefty bill. We presume she wants to face her parents and she admits as much, wanting to ask her parents what exactly she did wrong.

As if on cue, it begins to rain, the rainfall blending with her tears. Tae-kang sits down and tells her that he may come across as a sensitive caring guy but he’s not. He returns her things and she sighs that people are always on their own like a lonely nomad.

The rain stops falling around her and she looks up to see Tae-kang covering her with a big umbrella. Aww.

She’s moved by the gesture but doesn’t let on, calling him soft-hearted. But he tells her that the abandoned needs to stick together. They drunkenly banter, adding –joo (a cutesy way to end a sentence which can also be attached to liquor) to their sentences, creating novel ways to lift their downtrodden spirits. So cute.

Morning. Ji-an is the first to rouse and her gasp effectively wakes Tae-kang up. Their faces spell out Oh crap and Tae-kang bites down to greet her first. Ji-an can’t place him right away and he embarrassingly reminds her: “Yesterday…the motorcycle.”

They both try to play it cool that they have no recollection of the previous night. Ji-an allows him to get dressed first to which he points across the room, “My underwear…” HA.

It turns into this hilarious physical gag where if one pulls at the blanket, the other has no choice but to stay physically close to remain covered. They awkwardly exchange goodbyes without looking at each other and Tae-kang rushes to dress so he can bolt out of the room.

Ji-an tries to shake off the previous night in the shower and gets ready (zomg room of shoes!) to head to the office.

Her staff quake in her presence, ready to hear an earful about yesterday. But Ji-an doesn’t bring it up and singles out the worker whose skirt she ripped yesterday for creative design. Handing her a credit card, Ji-an tells her to buy a new one. So she does have heart hidden beneath the surface.

Tae-kang returns to the restaurant to collect Beyonce and the owner and friend, LEE CHOONG-BAEK (Shin Seung-hwan) mentions that Dad’s been calling.

It confuses him that Tae-kang gets overly defensive that nothing happened with that woman last night. But when the puzzle pieces fit together, Choong-baek laughs that this is his Walk of Shame and that he’s no longer a virgin.

As soon as he gets home, Dad grabs him in a headlock. There’s no use lying because he knows Tae-kang was out drinking. Staying out with a woman is fine but Dad warns him of the consequences for jumping the gun. He knows from first-hand experience and reminds him that accidents can happen in an instant.

After he leaves, Tae-kang gripes, “I’m sure you’re my stepfather! When I make money, I’m going to get a paternity test!”

Ji-an is displeased to hear that knockoffs are impeding their sales. She comments how lowly imitators are; that they don’t deserve to make a living off of counterfeit items.

A rude customer grates on her nerves when she complains that the shoes are too uncomfortable and expensive grabs her attention. Following that logic, then why bother putting on makeup or dressing in uncomfortable clothes? One might as well wear sweats.

The customer is affronted at the lack of customer service and throws the shoes to the ground. It makes Ji-an snap and her staff is forced to hold her back. She buffs the thrown shoes with her sleeves and whispers to them.

Well, well. Looks like the knockoffs are made by none other than Dad and sold by Tae-kang. Those values misalign again as Tae-kang insists that they launch their own brand, tired of the fear that they might be busted. Dad disagrees – his goal to feed his family.

After Choong-Baek pulls him aside to show that the woman, Ji-an, is a successful business director, he scoffs that she was more than just a mere office worker. His thoughts wander back to the previous night when they were drinking and the rain.

We meet up with Ji-an at her office, munching on a snack. She’s skipping lunch again (morning sickness?) and resolves to take matters into her own hands to patrol the neighborhoods herself. Her ears perk up when her manager mentions the hospital called.

Ji-an sits nervously as the doctor readies to disclose some difficult news. Thinking it might be a fatal illness, she asks after its severity. And the news is serious: Ji-an’s hormone levels are low so her uterus has aged faster, and she’ll likely to experience early menopause within one or two years.

Mom calls excitedly that she has an arranged blind date set up for her with a gynecologist. Oh the irony. She pulls at the guilt strings and her father gives a little smirk when he hears she agrees to it.

Meet JO EUN-SUNG (Park Gun-hyung) who regales her with tales about “Mommy” and Ji-an can barely last a few seconds before yawning. In order to dissuade him about their date, she comes clean about her premenopausal state and disinterest in marriage.

Surprisingly, Eun-sung admits the same about the “Momma’s boy” act. The rest of the evening turns out much better as they laugh over Eun-sung’s turnoff tactics (e.g. pretending that he wears makeup) and their similar workaholic lifestyles.

They’ve enjoyed each other’s companies so much that they’ve lost track of time and Eun-sung’s voice twinges that this meeting felt too short. He suggests that they continue to see each other – as friends – but Ji-an is uncomfortable with that kind of relationship as well and extends her hand for a professional handshake instead.

Dad and Tae-kang scan the streets with the knockoffs stuffed in their bags after they’re alerted that authorities are looking for knockoff sellers. They split ways and Tae-kang runs until he crashes into someone.

The counterfeit shoes spill out of the bag and the stranger curiously picks one up. He yells at the strange woman to watch where she’s going.

He looks up and his eyes meets Ji-an’s …and he bolts.


Considering I came in with little to no expectations about this drama, I think I can safely say that I’m oddly impressed and pleased with this episode. I personally haven’t seen Kim Sun-ah in a drama since My Name is Kim Sam-soon (hides from all the Scent of a Woman and City Hall fans), and I love that she’s back in a romantic comedy playing a character which she fits into perfectly and plays it fierce and sassy. Got to love a woman who doesn’t put up with crap… from anyone.

I find Ji-an’s alpha-girl status that conflicts directly with Tae-kang’s beta-male role to be downright hilarious and find the chemistry between our leads to be utterly hilarious and adorable. Lee Jang-woo is doing a splendid job of playing the manchild who dreams big but can’t get his ducks in a row while the successful shoe designer needs to live life a little. The snappy dialogue surely helps their dynamic and their presence onscreen is electrifying.

The cinematography is something I was very impressed with and the colors are bright and rich – perfect for a summer rom-com. I was hesitant when the trailers was a hot mess but the execution is far better than I anticipated. I can already foresee the innumerable shoe metaphors and the sexual innuendos that will inevitably come.

Oh and the shoes. God, I love the shoes.


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  1. Leona

    I just finished the first ep…. Real people doing…. hot sex…. being casual about it…. without love and hate and upper hand…
    OMG this show is looooooooooveeeeeeeeeeee

    • 1.1 aya

      I Know. I LOVE their reaction after waking up, no one screamed, or played the blame game it was a very mature reaction.

      • 1.1.1 zsa

        nado nado….I love this series because it is simple, but the characters are dimensional…if there’s a cut, it’ll be deep…if there’s happiness, it’ll be meaning ful…i loike!!

        and also, thanks and welcome back gummimochi!!!

      • 1.1.2 mariolawpanda

        Haha very mature. Like the way he raced out of the room as soon as he got his cute underpants on. Haha.

    • 1.2 mariolawpanda

      I really love the first episode. I hope it carries through though. Plus, Kim Sun-ah is just a wonderful actress isn’t she? She fills up the scenes she’s in. Its so real. Jang-woo’s cute and, since I haven’t seen any dramas he’s in, I wasn’t expecting much, but he was cute good. Haha.

  2. Bio

    Just as I was watching… Thanks!

  3. kewbie

    How timely! I just finished watching the first episode not 5 minutes before I came here. Thanks for recapping!

    • 3.1 rbee

      Me too…just finished watching and I loved it! Thanks Gummi for the recap. You’re all kinds of awesomeness!

  4. dd

    that what i said before the 3 drama are so good, i watch gaksital first, then ghost then i do i do, then i can’t choose which drama i like better coz all 3 are so good..

    • 4.1 jane

      I know riiiight? love the 3 of them. *-*

      • 4.1.1 cactus_alien

        same in here~ -_________-” need recommend please? *wink*

  5. pokepoke.monster

    This is so much better than the trailer promised! I thought the promotion posters were awful, but the first episode turned out to be surprisingly solid. Very engaging! I’ll definitely continue watching hehe 😀

  6. kyary

    I had very low expectation for this drama as well because the posters and trailer were kind of boring. I’m glad it’s better than I thought it would be.

    And Omg, Park Gun Hyung!! I haven’t seen him in anything since Innocent Steps. Best movie ever 🙂

  7. rr

    if not for my troublesome internet i could have watched it already!^^ i was actually looking forward to this one (yeah i am a cityhall fan) thanks for the recap i’m glad you liked it

  8. Noelle

    YAY! I’ve been waiting for this! Thank You for the recap, off to read.

  9. Min

    I want to love this drama more than I actually do 🙁

  10. 10 Qd

    Im loving this drama. Watched all the latest summer dramas and this is shaping up to be the best one yet. Cant wait for episode 2 and its only started! Oh dear… hehehe

  11. 11 Joe

    Thank you for recap.

    I crack up laughing yesterday when the 1st episode broadcast. (I surffed the websites of dramacrazy.net and dramastyle.com to see which site posted the 1st episode.) Tae-kang hands a tissue to Ji-an because she was crying then Ji-an blots her tears and she reads an itemize list with figures on the tissue she to fix the motorcycle that went down when they accident bump into each other. Did he also add other expenses like: gas for chauffeuring her around to places she need to get to.

  12. 12 ck1Oz

    Do you think the shoes are part of her salary? After all they are all her size anyway and it is $60 000 worth after all.

    • 12.1 Ladybug

      OMG I wouldn’t mind that.

    • 12.2 leonardswench

      cha-ching, nice bonus! (oh, if only)

    • 12.3 spjork

      People that work at fashion labels/houses usually receive clothing allowances as part of their salary. Even if she didn’t get one, she would’ve been able to buy the shoes at wholesale which is about 40-60% off retail depending on the mark-up.

  13. 13 kaceinpoint

    Jo Eunsung cracked me up when he kept using the whole “mommy” shtick. It was a pleasant delight to see that it was a tactic. Hilarious!

    • 13.1 aya

      LOL… All the viewers including Ji An were trick by his turnoff tactics. my radar was going off the charts when he kept talking about his “Mommy” i was like RUNNN!! girl.

      • 13.1.1 zsa

        but won’t you say that at this point, her chemistry with PGH is more palpable…so the drama really has to develop KSA chemistry with LJW slowly but surely…I can’t wait for that to happen???

        • jowest

          Yes, I agree. She has more chemistry with the doctor. But you can kind of already tell why she’ll end up with Tae Kang in the end. In the next episode, his words make a big impact on her, same goes for him. The saying goes, the ones you care about the most are the ones you hurt the most.

          In the morning scene, how did Tae Kang know exactly where his underwear was when he asked for them? He claimed he didn’t remember anything? I think he remembers more than what he admits.

          • zsa

            I imagine so…it WAS his first time…maybe embarrassing, but never forgettable…I’d say….hehe, he’s such a boy!!!

          • aya

            he has got to remember because he was more sober than she was and was well aware of what he was going on and what he was doing, but honestly who can blame the guy its Kim Sun Ah we’re talking about here.

          • zsa

            My thoughts EXACTLY!!

  14. 14 aya

    I never ONCE doubted this drama. The first episode was hilarious, i find myself re-watching it.

  15. 15 Cynthia

    This is the rom/com I’ve been waiting for – pretty people, pretty shoes and lots of comedic fun. It’s a perfect ‘let’s kick off summertime and have some romantic fun’ watch!

    Jang-woo looks really good here. His hair is under control and his always present libido is in full force – that boyish sweet smile of his always carries an undercurrent of sexiness. To see onscreen chemistry between KSA and LJW in the very first episode is impressive. As for KSA, this is the type of role where she shines.
    My favorite pairing, so far, is the one with father and son. They’re hysterical with their love/hate dance. Love them!

    Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi – hope they continue!

    • 15.1 MJ

      I love the relationship between father and son too!

    • 15.2 alodia

      As for KSA, this is the type of role where she shines. –> I would have to agree on that. Too bad the ratings are not as good as say Kim Sam Soon’s first episodes… but there are still 14 episodes to go. 🙂

  16. 16 Gegia

    I can’t wait to watch it!!
    Thank you for your recap, I love Kim Sun Ah.

  17. 17 alua

    I’m not sure what to watch! Plenty new dramas starting, but what to choose… (though I could just watch some old ones that I didn’t get to yet instead).

    Not sure about this one. It doesn’t quite pull me in just yet. Might try watching an episode and see how it feels, or read recaps for the first 3-4 episodes to see how you all think it’s faring…

    • 17.1 alua

      And went and watch ep 1. It was good, but I can’t say I love it.

      I do like the chemistry between the leads, and each one plays their role well so far, but it still feels fluff – and I wonder how they are going to create a whole storyline for 16 episodes (if that’s how many eps are planned).

      The setting doesn’t do it for me. The fashion world feels quite empty to me (so not interested) and although I do like clothes, I’m not a shoe-girl at all (and I don’t get heels at all).

      The two leads are charming though so far. And I agree about the second male lead – but he is so going to fall for the main girl (he already did).

      • 17.1.1 alodia

        My reaction was the same when I first watched it. It was good but I don’t love it yet. However after I rewatched (twice) it, I was totally sold. 🙂

        • aya

          i was sold the first time, but i keep re-watching it. 😉

  18. 18 april

    This is almost hard to watch because of how often I have to say “He is sooooo cute!” ^^

  19. 19 July

    I had my reservations with this drama, but I was pleasanty surprised especially with the two leads chemistry. I also already like the second male lead. I also love the dialogue, its witty and had me laughing-out-loud at times.

    Thanks gummimochi for the recap and thanks for the pepper info, I didn’t know it had a double meaning. Knowing that makes that one scene even better.

    • 19.1 Dorotka

      Well, now I recall one scene from Kim Sam Soon when her mother does some gardening (at night) at her pepper-bed and they have this conversation about peppers… ^^

  20. 20 Dorotka

    I had very low expectations because of the promotional stuff, and I watched just because I needed to release some… STRESS, ah… ^^
    But I was positively surprised with the episode.
    The characters are engaging, I love the father-son relationship and the pragmatism of Ji An.
    I really didn’t expect this, but I enjoyed this episode much more than the one of the F44…

  21. 21 Lise

    Cute! Am not so much into cute romcoms nowadays but i am helpless before KSA!
    And is there a rule that wed/thurs dramas rule lols
    So far am totally loving ghost & bridal mask plus the F44 Gents on the weekend of cuz!
    Oh! And Gods Quiz 3 started already! I shall patiently await recaps-no one’s subbing it ; (

  22. 22 ladida

    Yay! Thanks for the recap!

  23. 23 mellowyel

    “It confuses him that Tae-kang gets overly defensive that nothing happened with that woman last night. But when the puzzle pieces fit together, Choong-baek laughs that this is his Walk of Shame and that he’s no longer a virgin.”

    This cracked me up to no end. His first ever partner is now his baby momma? LOOOOOL

    This looks cute. I’ll check it out, though I’ll keep my expectations low. I’ve been burned by cute first episodes before.

  24. 24 sleeplessinwgtn

    Kim Sun Ah at her best being an Alpha-female. She does it well, whatever her financial status. In MNIKSS, Kim Samsoon is ‘poor’ in relation to Samshik but KSS never buckled. Here, shas the upper hand, being more financially established than the younger and immature lead male. But the lead male character is not a push-over either. He’s obstinate and is ‘cruel’ to his equally ‘curel’ dad but kind-hearted deep down.

    I love the dialogue, at least the translated dialogue (as I don’t know Korean) and thanks to our recapper, we are given insight into the word-plays.

    I’m a sucker for rom-com; I hope it does not get mushy.

  25. 25 Yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    I enjoyed the way the writer gave her character issues that justified their working together to keep the baby, despite their differences.

    Ji Ah’s rapidly aging uterus
    and Tae Kang’s abandonment issues

    would make the consider working something out even though it seems like a ridiculous proposition on the surface.

    • 25.1 alua

      That’s a good point – that certain personal issues make it credible why they would keep the baby.

      • 25.1.1 alodia

        I second the motion. Good point!

    • 25.2 sleeplessinwgtn

      That’s what I thought, too. They gave JA a compelling reason to keep the baby because this may be her last chance.

      This reminds me of Miranda in Sex And The City, when she had an accident with Steve. She kept the baby despite her ‘not being ready’ because she had a lazy ovary and that might be her only chance to conceive.

      And TK owning up because he would not want his own child to suffer the abandonment he suffered when his Mom left him.

      And I guess there’s always the moral side to keeping the baby.

    • 25.3 ravens_nest

      Definitely noticed that. My first thought upon hearing the premise of “career woman gets unexpectedly pregnant” was “Why not get an abortion?” While I know views of abortion are most likely different in Korea, they aren’t illegal and women do get them.

      Now there is reason I can understand that would really make her want to keep her child when otherwise she might not want to.

      Even with the early menopause reason, I kind of want her to think about it. Considering her characterization, I can’t see her NOT thinking about it at least a little.

  26. 26 DB5K

    The trailers weren’t a hot mess… Well, maybe the first one was, but the second one was really cute, breezy, and pretty much accurately hinted what the first episode would be like. I think you might have been too influenced by JB/GF’s opinions (?). Dr. Jin’s production process/pre-broadcast news/promos, on the other hand, were what I’d call a hot mess~~

    Overall, the drama is pretty good. But I worry that it will get more cliche or that the plot will slow down as the drama progresses. I can accept cliches at the beginning of a drama, because it’s a quick way to establish the foundation of the storyline, but it will get tiring if it continues. I hope there will be a lot more laughs in the future~~

  27. 27 Vikki

    I love this drama! It’s refreshing and the actors are so lovable!

  28. 28 babis

    I’ve just finished watching the first episode, and came right here to read the recap, thank for it. I have just one correction to make I beleive http://asianwiki.com/Yun_Ju-Sang is Ji-An’s father and not Tae-Gang.
    As for the episode I enjoyed it, but reading here made me realizing something I didn’t noticed while watching the drama, If she need him to give her a ride on his motorcycle because ther was a traffic jem, and they seem to be driving for quite some time even though he drove like crazy, so it looked as if the way from the party to the fashion show was long, and if that was the case how did she walked back to the place her father’s party took place, by foot? by car? either way it makes me wonder how did he chased her there and where was his motorcycle all of that time

    • 28.1 Yumi

      I was under the assumption that he was taxiing her around the city.

      I thought he stayed through the fashion show, took her back to the hotel, then to the train station.

      • 28.1.1 sleeplessinwgtn

        I think that was the case, too, that he drove her to the station, because she asked him to follow her.

        • babis

          I thought about that option, and it fits well with the long way it seemed to be, on the other hand, it seemed strange to me that he would agree to give her another ride before she pays him, and if he actually did it, then I find it strange that while they were leaving that place to chase her parents, she didn’t ask him to give her another ride to the train station but chose to run instead.

          • Yumi

            It’s a rom-com, real world logic may not apply.

            He’s is technically unemployed. His time is free. She hired him as a bike-chauffeur for the day.

            I think she was in a kind of low grade shock after her parent’s departure and had no destination in mind. She was just walking and might have forgotten his existence. So she couldn’t ask him to take her any where because she had no end point in mind.

      • 28.1.2 alodia

        My take, he took her to the fashion show. She didn’t stay that long. She just fixed the problem (but repairing a shoe takes time right?) but didn’t stay long enough to finish nor even watch the fashion show. She asked him to bring her back to the hotel. Maybe she already told him in advanced to bring her to the fashion show then back to the hotel. That could be their deal. Actually there was a scene when Tae Kang get off his bike and followed her somewhere in the lobby and enjoyed himself with the cameras of the press and the arrival of models – which would make it clearer that he is not expecting her to pay up yet and he’s willing to wait for her to go out. But it was deleted.
        When they arrived back at the hotel, he persisted on getting his payment. But she asked him to drop her off the station. And probably, just like how she just walked straight after arriving at the hotel, that was her attitude upon arriving to the station, prompting Tae Kang to follow/chase after her. 🙂

  29. 29 rearwindow

    I’m so glad you’re recapping this! I was really pleasantly surprised by the first episode. Kim Sun-ah was a revelation and her portrayal of Hwang Ji-an was beautifully complex, with strength, vulnerability, and passion all rolled into one. The situations had a subtlety to them that I was surprised to see, given the promos. I LOVED the “morning after” scene. Such a funny and understated portrayal of an awkward situation. Other highlights were Ji-an and Tae-kang’s wordplay during their walk through the rain, and Eun-sung’s “mommy’s boy” routine.

    Lee Jang-woo is definitely the weak spot in this drama for me thus far. I really hope that he comes into his own as he settles into his role. He’s cute, but his lack of subtlety is all the more glaring since he’s playing off the queen of nuance, Kim Sun-ah.

    Sun-ah and Gun-hyung have fabulous chemistry. I’ll be interested in seeing how the drama steers us towards a Ji-an/Tae-kang pairing, since right now I’m rooting more for a Ji-an/Eun-sung pairing.

    • 29.1 zsa

      My thoughts exactly…I was watching the ‘matseon’ scene and wow…the chemistry was amazing..I was like ‘Where have u been all my life Park Gun Hyung?’ haha…so now LJW has to go up against KSA and PGH coz at this moment…their chemistry is overpowering…hehehe

      • 29.1.1 rearwindow

        Right?! I really look forward to seeing more of him as the drama progresses. Step up your game, LJW!

    • 29.2 alodia

      The queen of nuance, Kim Sun-ah. —> Agree!!! Love how she imbibes the ‘flick the fingers’ attitude here!

  30. 30 Ani

    I personally haven’t seen Kim Sun-ah in a drama since My Name is Kim Sam-soon (hides from all the Scent of a Woman and City Hall fans)

    Hahaha. I’ve only seen an episode here and there for City Hall while reading the recaps and I haven’t seen Scent of a Woman yet so you’re not alone. But I do love Kim Sun-ah and I’m looking forward to this one. Great recap.

    • 30.1 MsGB

      Please, Please see Scent of a Woman! You’ll come for Kim Sun Ah but you’ll stay for The Tango Scene!

      “I love that she says this while dangling a pepper between her fingers. The reference (pepper = gochu = slang for weenie) is so in your face.”

      Maybe she was trying to send a subliminal message!

      They’re the cutest drunks ever!

      • 30.1.1 zhill

        I love both of her tango scenes with Lee Dong Wook in Scent of a Woman, and the one with Cha Seung Won in City Hall … how nice if she will do it again with Park Gun Hyung … but wait can he dance lol!

        • zsa

          can PGH dance? can he dance? He beats CSW and LDW in no time…they are all amateurs….at least KSA was once ballet trained. check him out in ‘Innocent Steps’ playing a professional ballroom dancer…he is a gifted dancer…if he dances tango with KSA, the screen might just explode!!hehe

          • aya

            another tango scene with her and another guy might not be good for my HEART, SOAW was SO HOT!!! i needed both the AC and FAN on.

  31. 31 Rovi

    Love it~! XD ♥

  32. 32 Yumi

    Kim Sun Ah brought me into k-drama with MBKSS. I’ve loved every drama she’s done since then except When It’s At Night–I just couldn’t make heads or tail of it.

    Love City Hall. Loved Scent of a Woman (except I think she was meant to die and they copped out)

    I have never seen her look more beautiful than she does here.

    Yet I fear she is too thin. [I know those two sentences make no sense together–but I am human and filled with contradictions]

    • 32.1 leonardswench

      I get it, Yumi, too, she’s luminescent in this, but too thin by far. The luminescence can sometimes indicate fabulous make-up, or the skin’s desperate attempt to save itself from someone starving it of water and nutrients.

      I am hoping for interviews in which she candidly talks about getting her weight down for SoaW and if it has been a struggle since to get back to a ‘routine’ diet (not as in, trying to lose weight, but diet as in her regular food and nutrition plan).

      Being ultra-thin and receiving admiration for it can be addictive, just like gambling and drugs, and you never know if that is how you’re going to react until you’ve been there, so I hope that is not the case at all (and I’m really not suggesting it is, I just mentor girls who find the adulation of being anorexically thin seductive).

      She’s definitely one of the actresses I’ve admired for being fully into her roles, but I would like to see her re-gain her normally fuller figure. Maybe the pregnancy storyline will have her eating more and gaining some weight off-camera for her on-camera role and real-life health.

      • 32.1.1 alodia

        She posted on her facebook page that she realized that starving herself and deliberately not sleeping just to live up to her role as Yeon Jae was not something good and she said she’ll eat well and sleep well from then on. I don’t think she’ll grant an interview regarding her diet or anything related to gaining/loosing weight. She said she kinda hate questions about her weight. But who knows, maybe she’ll mention it sometime… all I wish for is good health for her. 🙂

  33. 33 Rovi

    …and by the way…


  34. 34 jastinel

    Thanks for the recap “gummimochi”, it helps a lot in understanding the drama!

    I knew people will like KSA drama, she`s a wonderful actress and her superb acting ability can go beyond expectation.
    The shower scene in the first episode was daebak and the bed scene was hilarious. I like KSA total look in this drama and she looked really pretty in every scene.
    Episode 2, was awesome and from the teaser, I think Ep.3 would be more interesting and fun to watch.

  35. 35 donnapie

    I loved… LOVED the first episode of this drama to bits. Not just because i’m a big KSA fan and a LJW fangirl but mostly because the first episode has already brought out all these emotions out in me which i normally have to wait quite a few episodes out to feel for other dramas.

    I can’t believe it but yes, KSA has once again managed to create chemistry with her onscreen partner. I made quite a lengthy first impression on my blog and i would just let it say the words i cannot say here.


  36. 36 Rin

    They won’t kill anyone in this right???
    *still recovering from MBC’s last two dramas who always end up killing their second leads.sobs*
    anyway Lee Jang Woo,why so hot??hehe

  37. 37 1lostbear

    Kim Sun Ah knows how to steal a show! And I love Lee Jang Woo in this. Although I was kind of worried about the age difference, I think they’ll do well together.

    So cute! I’m probably the only person on here not loving the shoes. Not that I know much about shoes, but those look super uncomfortable. Can I just get flats or tennis shoes please?

    • 37.1 oi

      I know, I would rather wear tennis shoes, but I still think the shoes here are gorgeous. I wish I had them all and could wear them. But I can’t really wear them, because they are most uncomfortable, but still…
      I know, wear them only while sitting down 🙂

      • 37.1.1 1lostbear

        LOL! Seems kind of inefficient! 😛

  38. 38 Kim Yoonmi

    I thought the first episode was a little slow, but I’ll watch it, because I think it’ll warm up even more.

    (probably I thought it was slow because of Hong Sister’s Drama Big–which I’m also looking forward to)

  39. 39 Natalie

    Thank you! I’m happy to see the show is recapped, I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes! 🙂

  40. 40 Quiet Thought

    Kim Sun Ah rules. In ‘The City Hall’ the episode where she does the glamorous, romantic tango scene comes right after the episode where she runs a full minute with a fart joke. That’s acting, people.

  41. 41 kirst3n

    Out of the three, decided to watch this first. Kim Sun-Ah is looking good here despite the mushroom hair. LOL. Plus, loving the shoes!

  42. 42 Linh

    Loving this show. The plot, the actors, the shoes, omg the shoes, yes I am definitely continuing this one. Great recap

  43. 43 MsB

    I am watching for the shoes alone. Its not bad, not great. If I had a choice of watching this or Dr Jin; this would win hands down! Now Ghost, WOW!! Wish someone was recapping that!

  44. 44 leonardswench

    It took me five minutes to remember that Dragon Lady Hostess was in Perfect Couple with Lee Don Wook …

    I have never attempted the 7 degrees of separation game in K-dramas, but am sorely tempted to now ….

  45. 45 Laya

    Thanks for the recap!

    And now for the first time ever, I am trying to watch a drama raw. (This one) 😀 The rom-coms always get me that way.

  46. 46 Mari

    Some people hate Sun-ah’s new ‘do’ but I love it! Some of the scenes were truly funny, but I can see that LJW is a bit lacking as the male lead. I hope he quickly, very quickly improves.

    • 46.1 skelly

      Same here. Sorry, but KSA is wiping the floor with him, right now, in terms of acting chops. And why are the parents these horrible cliches?

      And the soundtrack (or lack thereof) is really cheesy. I think they spent all the money on shoes, and KSA’s wardrobe, and sets.

  47. 47 mjfan

    I loved this episode sooooooo much and I hope it continues like that ,
    that daddy from protect the boss, I was sure that all next father – son realationships are gonna be like PTB , hilarious >>>

  48. 48 sulyn

    Am enjoying the drama. KSA is just awesome.
    Thanks for the recap.

  49. 49 Aisu

    What a beautiful words how you recap it, of the There I prefer this, there’s a Lot of technically flaws in the drama actually, first I would say Kim Sun Ah has excellence acting and Image tranformation, and I’m totally pleased With it, but she’s too good for the drama, why? Because the director’s inconsistency if you watch it Many time you’ll know, “the traffic and Suna’s hair” whose the editing staffs anyway??? Everything needs to be perfect, typically korean. Plus I’m afraid LJW’s super comical acting feels so fake but I admit he’s very very cute. Don’t know why, did the drama purposely Made the 2nd male lead more appealing than the 1st or it’s just me?. Anyway I’m so excited of the drama’s story and Kim Sun Ah, can’t wait your recap for 2nd episode

    • 49.1 alodia

      I’d say they intentionally did that to build on the conflict later on. Choose manchild father of my baby, or this uber capable and hot good looking doctor. Sigh, the lives of second leads in Kdramaland…

  50. 50 Cincinn (@chinche09)

    Lee Jang woo is so funny in ep 2, will not give up any spoilers, but found myself laughing out loud…. which sometimes is hard to do.

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