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Kim Hyun-joong to star as comic book hero
by | May 3, 2012 | 210 Comments

Does Kim Hyun-joong only get cast as manhwa characters? I’ve never encountered someone who only plays guys in drama adaptations of comic books, but I guess it makes a certain kind of sense, given that he’s famous for looking like one. So after Boys Before Flowers and Playful Kiss, he’s set to return to dramaland in an adaptation of the adult manhwa Conquer the City.

The original material by writer Shin Hyung-bin must be pretty racy, though that’s an assumption based on all the 19+ warnings and restrictions I got slapped with just trying to search for the books. I’m sure the drama will be your regular toned-down version. It’s a noir comic that centers on revenge — daddy revenge, to be exact, for running out on him and Mom, and for sending their family into ruin.

I just don’t know how this drama is going to escape comparison to City Hunter, though I’m sure they’re hoping to ride the positive associations and recreate its success. This character, Baek Miru (also how Koreans pronounce “back mirror,” meaning rearview mirror, though I don’t know if that’s the intent) has a rough childhood without his parents and grows up to be wild, but he’s weak when it comes to love.

Ha. So… he’s a savage beast who’s going to conquer the dark city and get his revenge… but he’s a puddle of goo when it comes to girls? I can’t tell if the description is literal as in moony over first love, or “weak” like he’s got a weakness for dames. If it’s really noir, I would think it’s the latter, but in dramaland, I’d put my money on the former.

Conquer the City is being produced by Media Baek and plans to air sometime this year. It’s still looking for a broadcaster.

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210 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. xlyngx

    hmm, interesting… wonder if he can carry it off…

    • 1.1 Vira

      Yup,, another actor from BBF who turns out to be a fighter in another drama besides Lee Min Ho.

      • 1.1.1 alissia

        he always wants manly charactor since athena.
        he could’t get the character in that time because his bike accident, but now he finally got it.
        i’m so excited and expect it.

  2. Amanda

    Dude–lay off the plastic surgery. I swear he has a new nose in every picture. Did Michael Jackson teach us nothing?

    • 2.1 MsB

      Yeah, he takes the plastic surgery too far. I definitely agree there.

      • 2.1.1 BZINDSC

        take a look at his most recent interviews, and look at him in the clips of him rehearsing etc. No Make up, no hair do and see he does look hot… and like his oldself when au natural..
        its make up and whatever else they do for pics. dont think we should state facts about PS when we dont know the facts.
        the main diff is he is maturing just like eveyone else and has lost some of the baby fat in his face, I have noticed that to be a very common thing. He my not be an Alist Actor but lets give him a chance, experience is the best teacher. I for one as an american am very proud of these young entertainers in Korea etc.. for the amount of hard work, and dedication they put into their careers, and the amount of sacrifices, I dont see that here in the US. and for some strange reason, I feel he my be able to pull of a dark character.

        • Kyuu

          Don’t want to burst your bubble, but he himself has admitted to having plastic surgery on his nose before.

          • carrie

            yes, he did.
            but can’t you see the scar on his nose?
            he need to fix his nose!
            if you break your nose by accident, won’t you gonna fix it?
            what a hater!

          • lulu

            yeah he admitted it, which the man deserves applause for. that’s how honest he is, would your kpop bias admit that he got one? hell may burn him or her but they wouldn’t admit to it straight away like he did. So shut up! and to get facts straight yes he got surgery for he broke his nose due to wild kids throwing rocks and that was ONCE and he is not ashamed of admitting it, but aside from that nothing else. And if you look at his childhood photos he looked PERFECT and nothing actually needs to be changed with his look hence he got the WALKING STATUE nametag. So for you stupid haters who make up things at least do some research, but i know you dont even understand what the word means.OBVIOUSLY. As for his changing looks, well he always change his style from time to time, mostly his hairstyle. He’s like a chameleon that adapts perfectly to every style and tend not to stick on just one boring style like all of you hater’s biases do.
            Funny how all haters bring this up always , its because they can hardly find anything wrong with him, that is why they bring these things that actually just makes these losers look dumber. KHJ is the BEST! Suck on that!

        • maldita

          Oh please. I’ve followed Hyunjoong’s career since 2005 or 2006. He’s had at least 2 nosejobs since he debuted, and whatever else he’s done to his face. He looks good, but no way is he natural.

        • altair

          He is maturing????!!!!! I DID NOT even recognize the guy! I thought he was an entirely different person! He doesn’t even look like himself! When I saw that he was indeed the same guy from BOF and PK I had a shock!

          • dude

            if you can’t recognize him, then you NEED eye glasses.
            i’m serious.
            what a rediculous reply it is.

        • Dkk

          Other than talking about someone else’s nose surgery,don’t u have any work to do? he admitted and why u all bother again and again? is that bcz you can’t find of others’ surgeries as they don’t admit.

    • 2.2 alua

      I thought that was a weird pic… but I thought it was the photoshopping.

      Well, whichever, had to do a double-take to recognise him!

      Not sure why people think he looks like a manhwa character though.

      • 2.2.1 nomu nomu nomu

        well, alua, it could be because he is also known as the ‘Man of Stills” or one of the members of the ‘Scene Stillers’ club and of course manhwa are just a bunch of stills put together.

        • Mystisith

          “Clap, clap”. I must confess i love Scene Stillers. Without them dramaland wouldn’t be a perfect place.

        • alua

          Manhwas aren’t just a bunch of stills put together… ๐Ÿ˜›


          (warning: not for the fainthearted)

          • Mystisith

            Gosh, i jumped on my seat! The scariest thing i’ve seen in a while. *Wiping cold sweat*.

          • nomu nomu nomu

            lol, Touchรฉ. I remember seeing that a long time ago, good stuff. In all seriousness, there are plenty of Manga/Manhwa/Manhua characters that really comes alive on the pages. Even though they’re just still picture, You can actually see the emotions and the feelings coming through the pages.

            but, with KHJ, I stand by my comment. He really is just a bunch of stills put together.

          • Mrs Scheduler

            OMG, that was scary. I had a 2 seconds heart attack, alone in my room.

          • shiku

            Oh wow! That was unexpected! LOL

          • Lazy Goose

            I didn’t heed your warning and I basically jumped of my seat and bolted for the door in one second when that head started to turn.

          • lindyb3ar07

            jajajaja!! I almost passed out!!:P

          • JoAnne

            oh my ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked that. Don’t make me start new things.

          • jyyjc


          • mihinikki

            I totally screamed! Hahahahahaha

          • hanie

            god!!!! I watched it at the office and end up screaming!!! that was gory especially when she turn her head!!! * shiver*

          • aya


          • YY

            OMG!!!! I screamed my head off! Twice!!!! And the creaky sound is creeepyyyyy!!!! Scariest thing I’ve seen since SSH’s orange hair in Summer Scent.

          • alua

            ๐Ÿ™‚ It gets me every time, and I have seen it a few times already…

            Sorry making you all scream! :-p

          • rawandful

            that was scary… i was like ok it’s just a pic… but then that head started to turn and i screamed like hell

          • Nafiza

            Holy mother of sunshine. My heart!!!

          • Carinne

            Haha~ I guess I have a habit now. When an action segment pops up, I scroll up and away then scroll back down again… every time.

            That surprised me and gave me a few jolts.

          • Mikunda

            Gosh this scared the daylights out of me!……

        • gingeranna

          I thought that’s because he has the same acting ability of a piece of sheet!!! XD

          No, really. I hope he’ll be better in this drama, he wasn’t so so so bad in Playful Kiss (but still… )

          • gingeranna

            Ok. Piece of sheet sounds rude.

            Sorry I’m not english. I wanted to type “piece of paper” or “sheet of paper” and I mixed up XD

          • muhloy

            hahaah i thought you meant it to sounds like that.

            and i laughed.

    • 2.3 Cruelsummer

      I thought I was going crazy because no one ever mentions it. That dude is barely recognizable, which is a shame because he was really hot.

    • 2.4 Alvina

      TMK, he’s only had cosmetic surgery once to fix a broken nose. It was pretty big news when he talked about it on a variety show, and all over daum. I think it’s unfair to state rumors as fact. Just saying.

      • 2.4.1 Lizzie

        lol he said that he broken his nose and since he was already fixing it he also did PS to make it higher, so basically he did PS but used the broken nose excuse to get away with it. lol

        • Alvina

          Lol Lizzie, I agree that KHJ had PS. That’s not in doubt. What I find ridiculous is OP (and other)’s allusions to ~multiple~ surgeries. That’s what “I swear he has a new nose in every picture” is implying.

          Look, I’m not a KHJ superfan, but I’m not one to be biased ~against~ someone just ’cause they cant act…If his looks do it for some people, that’s fine. But, it’s not necessary to make fun of them if his looks DONT do it for you.


      • 2.4.2 Pat

        the first nose job was very lopsided . Go look at old pics. the recent one after Flower boys was to fix the first one. Now that he has the same co as Bae yong Joon he probably has the same advisers and make up people that messed up BYJ’s looks.
        The Japanese think they even look alike. That is NOT a good trend. Keyeast make a ton of $ for both of them wooden acting and all.

        • funny

          people said that bea yong jun and kim hyun joong looks alike since KHJ debuted.
          that’s not news at all.
          there’re many articles about that around 2007 or 2008.
          it’s not about trend.

    • 2.5 zoe

      U guys shd stop talking abt his nose n face everytime he appears in any news…its getting old n lame. It happnd after BOF, b4, during n after Playful Kiss and now again…amean c’mon!
      He did it once and he openly admitted it…i think its amazing that a person can ve so many different looks. Maybe u may not find him hot enuf…but he’s got a huge fanbase! U guys shd check out d MBC documentary of him, that ll give u some idea.
      And anyway incase u guys dont kno, plastic surgeries never affected MJ’s popularity and these kind of baseless rumors will never affect KHJ’s popularity!

    • 2.6 gg

      yea agree, he’s not famous for “looking” like a character out of a manhwa, he’s famous for “making himself look like one”

    • 2.7 bd

      I know this guy is an “idol” and all, but never understood the hoopla over his looks (w/ or w/o the reconfigured nose).

      KHJ has what I refer to as a “mush-face” – when he smiles, there isn’t any type of jaw/mouth lines delineating his features.

      But then again, I suppose he is better looking than other idols who act like Lee Seung-gi (who is no way good-looking), Micky Yoochun or Jang Geun-suk (ughh) who are all fairly bleh in the looks dept.

      • 2.7.1 hawaiianseoul

        but all those three guys can act unlike the “korean yamapi” pictured above.

        • Jenlikeskettlecorn

          Yeah I agree, those three guys you mentioned aren’t exactly gorgeous but they definitely have presence and can act, and personally that’s more attractive to look at for long periods of time in something like a drama…

          • bd

            Not for me – personally I try to avoid anything w/ LSG or JGS since their faces make me cringe (don’t mind Micky tho); only reason why I got thru MGIAG is b/c of the power of Shin Mina.

            Micky’s facial features reminds me of Kang Dong won – don’t know how either became matinee idols or known as “pretty boys”, but I guess some people like the more androgynous look (KDW’s face is not very symmetrical).

            “Pretty boys” to me would be Song Joong ki, Lee Ki woo, Kim Bum, etc. – guys who have youthful/boyish faces, but good male features.

          • Jenlikeskettlecorn

            @bd Yeah, I guess it does come down to personal preference. I’ve always been big fans of guys that are… guys, even if they’re less attractive than the ones that are obviously ‘pretty’. Or if they have a really strong screen presence. I’m not a huge fan of Leo Dicaprio for instance, and I don’t find him particularly attractive, but when he’s on screen you just can’t look away.

            And yes, Micky is definitely the most attractive out of those three actors, but LSG is doing such a kick ass job in his latest drama it’s hard not to give him points.

          • Ani

            “KDWโ€™s face is not very symmetrical”

            Hahaha. I wonder if that’s why I like Kang Dong-won’s looks. I don’t know why, but I like a guy with a not-quite-symmetrical face. Something about a crooked smile or a not-quite-straight nose added onto a pretty/handsome/rugged face with pretty eyes and excellent hair that makes me swoon. I say Kang Dong-won has a pretty face. I wonder if the army with transform him into a more rugged kind of guy. If not, hey, at least he’ll still be pretty.

            I’m no fan of Kim Hyun-joong’s looks either, but that really is just a personal preference thing.

      • 2.7.2 et

        @bd…beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..u may not find Lee Seung-gi good-looking, but lots of us do.

        • bd

          Only to a certain point.

          “Personal preferences” and “beauty in the eye of the beholder” is limited.

          LSG does not have good facial features at all (weak chin, uneven eyes, not having great cheek bones/facial bone structure).

          He would never get a male modeling contract around the world like an Oh Ji ho or a Kim Sung soo.

          There are plenty of actresses or female idols that I can acknowledge as being pretty or having good features, but who really don’t do it for me since they aren’t “my type.”

          • Jenlikeskettlecorn

            Omg, hilarious! How much time have you spent examining LSG’s face?! The man isn’t a troll for god’s sake!

      • 2.7.3 Clock

        I find those three very handsome O___o

      • 2.7.4 kimchi

        is it necessary to name drop? if you want to protect your idol, protect it without comparing it to/bashing others…

        “But then again, I suppose he is better looking than other idols who act. (period)” I think you should have end your sentence like this.

        The three that you have mentioned, they may not look like “flower boys” to you but with us they do. ^_^

        • bd

          Yeah, and some people find Tori Spelling attractive – doesn’t mean she is (objectively).

      • 2.7.5 Mikunda

        Sheesh, Micky and Geun-suk are such great actors, they are hot too, why would they need to be “beautiful” to be attractive tho?
        Maybe KHJ is really handsome live, I don’t know. I think all 5 ss501 guys were very good looking though. I think that he knows he is not very talented and compensates with lots of hard work, so what’s wrong with that? I respect people who work hard.

    • 2.8 am

      This pretty much. When they debuted his nose was pretty cute I don’t know why he had to eff it up.

      Another Q, I don’t know why they still give him acting jobs. I can’t for the life of me stand his fish eyes.

    • 2.9 GREEN GIRL

      What you know about surgery?And damn hell what about KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE NOSE?LOOK AT YOU FIRST.NOT COMMENT HERE,STUPID.

  3. observantzani

    I saw this news last month. It was originally suppose to go to a cable broadcaster (forgot which though). But in reference to javabeans’s prior post, I think cables opted not to show dramas anymore thus the reason why it lost it’s broadcaster-to-be.

  4. topper

    A 19+ manga should not be toned down, if it lands with broadcasting on cable can they push the envelope? Not just racy but gritty too. Like Sin City.

    • 4.1 MsB

      I agree. I was surprised when I watched Little Mom Scandal because in SK, that had to be pushing some serious envelopes!

  5. Yue

    I am a little skeptical about this. He might look like a manhwa/manga characters, but, it takes a lot more to play a role. So far, I haven’t seen a role he was in that I even come to like. It’s painful to watch him act oh-so-cool when he was so stiff. Seriously, it’s pure torture. Whatever happen to actors that can act with their eyes and facial expression? KHJ is just… Stoic…

    • 5.1 red

      100% agree with you. I was hoping his hiatus was him realising acting wasn’t for him. Or maybe hes invested the time in acting classes and hes improved? I guess we can only hope for the best.

      • 5.1.1 bjharm

        maybe because his acting like a cartoon, two dimensional, he always cast as one. So all he has to do is poise and that about the sum of his acting requirements, I think he can handle that. Though not to be too mean, his acting has gotten better from flowers though it would have been hard to get any worse. And in Playful Kiss, well it was the female lead that made saved that show, but at lest he seem to know that and was happy to let her carry the show and again just stand there and look pretty. I believe in Taiwan such actors {and there a heck of lot there} as a flower vase type actor….pretty to look at but empty.

  6. Mystisith

    I wasn’t convinced by City Hunter nor Playful Kiss to be honest (script wise). But i just ask to change my mind. Maybe dark characters are made for his range of acting? Man from Nowhere style.

  7. MsB

    I like him so I will be looking forward to this. Have to ask my daughter whether she ever read this series. And I like his stiff character and if this is anything like Sin City, I will love it!

  8. Carole McDonnell

    I really like Kim Hyun Joong and am hoping his acting skills have improved….really really really hoping.

    • 8.1 muhloy

      we can all hope

      • 8.1.1 MsB

        Just think, everyone panned Lee Seung Gi before King 2 Hearts came out and as we say, the rest is history. So, I have faith at least to give him a chance.

  9. jomo

    Aren’t you happy?
    Do you think you will LOVE this?
    I have NOTHING to say about this show!
    I will only watch the comment count climb higher and higher in the next few days as folks discuss his face and hair* and acting abilities!

    • 9.1 leonardswench

      LOL He brings out the snark beast in many, and the fangirling in many …

      one thing to be said, his casting seems to always cause hype, and that’s never bad for any drama, and then there’s that rabid fanbase that will tear you limb-for-limb at any suggestion of criticism.

      Popcorn? I’ll go get our drinks while we watch the carnage.

      • 9.1.1 aya

        I will order in the Pizza, but i need someone to get some chips. anyone care to volunteer?

        • Shiku

          I have the chips! This should be fun!

        • Minji

          i’ll bring the chips with spinach-artichoke dip…hehehe

          • KStyle

            I’ll bring the liquor when the action really starts to go down.

            I think that KHJ is an ok actor, he can get better with time.

    • 9.2 YY

      Alas! my joy is but short-lived for there is a high possibility my yellow-hair poochykoochy may possibly be cut into a million pieces by show’s end. This revenge thing is such a drag; it’s definitely going to eat into his violin-playing time.

      • 9.2.1 jomo

        “itโ€™s definitely going to eat into his violin-playing time.”

        You say that like it’s a BAD thing!
        Don’t you remember:

        Na na NONT na na NONT na na NONT nah
        Na na na nont-na-na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
        Na na NONT na na NONT na na NONT nah
        Na na na nont-na-na na na na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah


      • 9.2.2 Cynthia

        Excuse me? I see that my cyber-hubby is under discussion again. You all know how long I’ve had him handcuffed – JoAnne and I have had many a friendly stand-off over our two (or for her, 3!) guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

        This acting role came up for him weeks ago. The reason he keeps going for this material source is because manhwa(s) is the only thing he reads, and has read since his school days. He makes no bones about it. So, it’s material he’s comfortable with.

        As for him doing “dark” – I’m pretty sure people will be really surprised at how well he might pull off this genre. He’s done that 5-part ‘Collection’ drama with SS501 where he played an assassin with a love interest. Dark and twisted summed up that relationship – add in hot cars, guns and hot guys and it was a surprisingly good watch.
        This is the kind of role he’s wanted to do all along and with that as motivation, I expect him to turn out a good product.
        His acting has improved with each project, this should be no different.

        • JoAnne

          He was hot as the assassin, I agree. But he needs the wavy hair and less shirt.

          and I shamelessly admit to enjoying him in each of his roles, and will steal him away from Cynthia given 30 seconds lead time.

          I will watch this, but after reading the synopsis, I said that this was going to be called Bad City Hunter Swallowing Eden, or Somewhere East of There.

          • Cynthia

            Heh. Like I’d ever give you 30 seconds – not.

            He was good as the Assassin – particularly after being riddled with bullets (from ScarFaceCrazyCakes), writhing on the garage floor in his agony-filled bloody death throes, he STILL managed to drag himself back to his modern loft for a terrific, blood down the drain, water sluicing over his hot, naked torso, shower scene and came out, threw on his fancy studded jacket, jumped on his hot motorcycle and drove right onto his SS501 concert stage! Now, that’s acting, Hamlet!

          • Cruelsummer

            OK…I must watch this now, lol.

          • jomo

            You mentioned his hair.

          • JoAnne

            But not because I was trying to prevent fangirling. I doubt you will ever see me pull a So Ji Sub about KHJ drama and only say ‘His hair looked good.’

          • JoAnne

            Cynthia…I don’t need 30 seconds. *sneakin’ off wit’yo man right now*

          • Cynthia

            Forget it. I bought those handcuffs from the ACME Roadrunner Company – plus, you’ll have to DRAG his well-used but dead-tired sculpted body by the feet cause he’s WAY to tired to walk. I made sure.
            And while you’ve been busy with your sneakiness, I, on the other hand, have been making tracks over to the barracks cot of a certain baby-faced hunk ‘o man meat who’s been complaining about being neglected. Wait! Is it RAINing?!?!

          • JoAnne

            That thunk you heard was me dropping KHJ like a hot potato. If My Beloved needs some attention…I’m there.

          • YY

            They should cast him in a vampire drama playing a confused undead who switches back and forth between straight hair and wavy hair on different episodes (straight combed hair for human past , wavy uncombed mess for undead present) and stumbles around Seoul, desperately trying to remember the events that led to his being trapped in this hellish limbo, only pausing occasionally to play heartwrenchingly mournful tunes on his violin beneath the window of his first love….

          • JoAnne

            YY…so…BOF, but with blood?

    • 9.3 JoAnne

      Ah but I LOVE KHJ so I won’t be mean. And I thought his acting fit the roles. But I do want to see him do something comic and goofy.

      • 9.3.1 YY

        I think to be fair to him all he’s been given so far are roles requiring him to play cold undead characters immune to life and love. Like JoAnne, I wonder what he’d be like acting a role that’s closer to his real life persona. Comic and goofy and wacko as in We Got Married and in the variety shows he’s appeared on on TV. He’s so so funny there and pokes fun at his own self. I remember someone asking him what he thinks of his character Ji-hoo spouting poetic lines as he sails his yacht, and he replied, quick as a flash and as deadpan as ever, “That’s the kind of character I hate the most…I mean, who TALKS like that??” And he shuddered…so funny! So he’s going to act mean and gritty here….hm, can’t really see him doing the descent into darkness thing. Oh, well, I’ll just sit and gaze at him then – good or bad, I’m in!

        • Pipit

          As am I! I don’t mind staring at the screen just to see his smiles appear and blind me with its brilliance.

      • 9.3.2 Big Unni

        Okay so I was trying to reply to the comment above this one from you and the conversation between you and Cynthia, which had me in tears!
        It reminds me of the tall drink of water called Lee Min Ho that I have made a burlap sack for. I’m just waiting for the perfect moment…when he’s alone…and no one can hear him scream for help *ahem* call for assistance. Then I shall make move and lock him up in my beautiful little cage with his name on it. And no this not kidnapping *that’s right umma!* this is simply me making my dreams come true.
        Tell me is that wrong?! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Cynthia

          Lol. When you described your dreamy LMH cage, I got an immediate flashback visual of the interior of the ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ genie bottle – all colorful satin and fluffy pillows….

          • JoAnne

            Brings a whole new meaning to ‘Pop the cork’

    • 9.4 leonardswench

      I brought soju and pork to grill, we are at about 70% snark and 30% fangirling, +/- 10%.

      • 9.4.1 jomo

        I am surprised, actually. I thought he would have more defenders.

        Anyway, we have to see what the writers write. They would be smart to customize the character around his known 4D persona.
        He had really good moments in BOF; I think he can bring it.
        He’s a smart kid, and hopefully has learned a thing or two about himself in the past few years.

  10. 10 akikisetsu

    Based on the plot, looks like his character is gonna be full of angst and kinda needs nuances. I’m just not convince that he can deliver, but I hope he can prove us all wrong.^^

  11. 11 Jules

    I’m not exactly a Kim Hyun-joong fan, but I liked him well enough in Playful Kiss… though, really, his ‘acting’ consisted of expressionless standing/sitting/walking (and looking pretty, of course).

    He’s still pretty, don’t get me wrong, but unless his acting has vastly improved since 2010, I don’t think he can carry a show.

  12. 12 S2K

    That’s him? Totally didn’t recongize….had to google his name to make sure…

    • 12.1 Cruelsummer

      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Googled his name to make sure I’m looking at the right guy. His face changes every six months.

  13. 13 ahjummabunny

    I don’t agree with you guys that he looks different. Same eyes, same nose it’s just a different pose.

    • 13.1 Cruelsummer

      Maybe he just has one of those chameleon faces. I have that problem. If I even part my hair on the opposite side people swear I look like a different person *shrugs*

    • 13.2 Lizzie

      Same Nose? Are you sure?

      He admited he did PS… so yeah you are wrong.

  14. 14 cv

    I liked him playful kiss. Such a cutie. I’ll check this out. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 14.1 Ace

      Ha! Me too! I’m not really fan of his as I am of LMH, but PK did make me watch his stint in WGM and until now, I’m putting off watching the last few episodes coz I don’t want his marriage with his Bo-in to end.

      And anyway, say what you will about PK’s writing, but the characters there were memorable (Jung! So! Min!) and for me it’s better than the Taiwanese version which was soooo long and Ariel Lin was sooooo annoying.

      So having said that, I’m said about reading some of the comments here, but I guess it’s not as awful as some of the posts before (or as awful as posts about GHS for example). It’s not that some of the comments aren’t based on facts but if I were to choose between him or Yunho (or Changmin or Yoona or Lee Yeon Hee), I’d choose KHJ. But if it was between him and Siwon, Siwon of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 14.1.1 Ace

        *I’m sad*

      • 14.1.2 cv

        Yea, I like PK and I had no problem with KHJ’s acting… if thats how his character is suppose to be like. And I agree with u, PK is better than the Taiwan version.

        There’s always going to be people who don’t like him/his acting. We will just have to wait and watch and then give our opinions. LOL

        Siwon—Hottie! KHJ—cute as ever! Gosh, who to pick? Can I have both? ahahahahha:D
        IF I had to pick, Siwon takes the win with me too. (sigh)

        • Nouastella

          “PK is better than the Taiwan version”!!!Seriously,are you joking?I like Kim Hyun Joong but I’m not blind nor deaf.PK is not even close to the Taiwan version. The original is the best. I don’t know where you based your opinion.

          • cv

            To each and their own. ^^

          • Ace

            The original had a zillion episodes (okay, it was less than 30 but it was so draggy I had to skip to the last few episodes to know what happened) and was too melodramatic. I do agree that the hero there was a better actor than KHJ and the wedding scene was hilarious but that’s the only thing I can say positive about it. I don’t know how I stood half of the episodes listening & looking at Ariel Lin. I admit that I skipped the first 2 episodes of PK and just read the recaps, but when I watched the whole series again with some friends, I appreciated it better the second time. Any drama that I could watch the second or third time is a better drama for me. And the YT episodes are adorable.

            Nevertheless, I liked KHJ’s take on the character because he was warmer and had more heart despite his teasing and tormenting of Hani.

  15. 15 mew

    woohoo I’m so excited for his comeback on the small screen. The character description sounds interesting too!

    Nice choice of photo, GF. He looks so hot in here^^

  16. 16 jubilantia

    Um. I’m not sure Hyun-joong can carry something like this. Still, the parts of PK I got through showed him improving at being sort of a douchebag character, to which this drama seems similar. If they’re trying to draw comparisons with City Hunter, though, it’s not going to work, because Lee Min-ho is massively better at acting and being charismatic than Kim Hyun-joong.

    • 16.1 diorama

      Exactly. It’s a shame that such a great role is going to this guy. I wish some other, better actor had gotten it. Someone who could use a lead role and can actually, yunno, act.

      • 16.1.1 jubilantia

        Right? Can I put in a vote for Lee Tae Sung? He hasn’t had a lead role, and I think he could play the jovial but secretly vengeful playboy really well. So long as it isn’t as dramaaaatic as his Rooftop Prince character, anyway.

        Or Im Joo Hwan if he wasn’t in the army. Or Jo Jung Suk. The combined might of his What’s Up and King 2 Hearts roles have made me believe that he can do anything, and I love him to pieces.

        • JoAnne

          Jo Jung Suk is God.

          Not really, hope I didn’t offend anyone. I guess I mean more that between Byeong Gun and Shi Kyung, he has become ruler of our universe.

          • jubilantia

            Of course he’s not God, silly. We don’t want no virgin birth up in this piece!

            Also, I retract my previous suggestions- can we have Being John Malkovich, except it’s Being Jo Jung Suk and he plays all the roles? Maybe he should play every role ever. Sorry other Korean actors! You’re out of a job!

          • JoAnne

            YES. MAKE IT SO.

          • JoAnne

            Kame just got cast in some J-movie called It’s Me, It’s Me, It’s Me, and he plays, like, 20 different people. I’m interested. But I would be INSANE if it were JJS.

        • Linda165

          There you’re wrong. Lee Tae Sung was the lead in Hooray for Love.

        • Laica

          He was the lead in Hooray for Love, and he was really funny and cute in it. The OTP was lovely, too bad the story got hijacked by the middle-aged divorced couple storyline, i.e. the man who always cheats on his current wife. I dropped it halfway because they were driving me crazy.

          I kind of hate LTS in Rooftop Prince. I think it’s a combination of the haircut and the character.

  17. 17 Linda165

    So yeah… I’m in. That’s it. That’s what your biases do to you.

    • 17.1 YY

      Yeah, yeah, yeah, me toooooooo!!!!! I LOVEEEEEE KHJ!!!! I’ve been waiting for forever for him to act again. Don’t care what his nose looks like, don’t care about anything but that he’s back! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

  18. 18 Cruelsummer

    I like him and I wish him much success. The plot sounds interesting and I hope he can pull it off, but sometimes I can’t help but to flinch when I see the words “Kim Hyun-joong” and “acting” in the same sentence. It’s like knowing that your kid isn’t talented, but cheering them on anyway.

    He seems like a really busy guy, but I hope he’s been taking some time to hone his acting skills.

    • 18.1 ~~ July ~~

      Yes he has taken acting classes since PK ended … he had mention on interviews that he knows he has to improve and is working hard on it. He is also working hard on his mini albums and fan meetings and traveling for PR work for whatever he is selling. The guy has been working his pretty ass off and yet there are people out there that won’t give him a second chance OR wait to see if he can prove himself with a new drama. Which is fine he is not everyones cup of tea …

      • 18.1.1 Anna


        I’m fine with criticism, it allows artistic growth. I mean, even HE realizes that he is only decent at acting, but that’s the reason he wants to improve. Can’t just people give him a chance? He is taking lessons from two acting teachers. He is seriously about learning.

  19. 19 Alvina

    ehh, considering the dismal ratings of Playful Kiss, it seems that most people aren’t as content as I am to just look and enjoy the pretty ๐Ÿ™

    That said, KHJ come back to music-land where you’re much more appreciated (and have talent!) and leave the pretty boy manhwa characters to the hundreds of other pretty boy koreans that want to break out into acting. I mean, seriously.

  20. 20 Ladymoonstone143

    I admit I am so shallow sometimes…am happy KHJ is back on tv. lol. I just hope that he will have a chemistry to whoever stars opposite him like what he had with Jung Su Min in PK. The intense chemistry between leads is what usually sucked me in for the long haul with Kdrama.

  21. 21 TammieR

    I’m shallow. He’s darling. I’ll watch.

    • 21.1 come2noona

      Me too.. for the exact same reasons!

      • 21.1.1 muhloy

        me three…because i loved him in ‘we got married’ and i know he has potential.

  22. 22 canxi

    I wonder if he can pull this off though…only few can play the ruthless revenge seeker well. You have to be a little scary and I don’t think he has that.

    • 22.1 BZINDSC

      he did a 5 part mini movie video, find that on you tube and watch him LOL

      then decide…..

  23. 23 ajewell

    Yay, one less drama I’ll be tempted to watch. I really can’t stand him. . .

    • 23.1 Verรณnica

      We may be the pariahs here. I can stand him, but I can’t seem to find what’s so appealing about him. He’s not that attractive(though he has a killer body) and his previous acting has been less than stellar. At least to me, that is. The only thing that may make me watch his drama is that 1)I like the general storyline, and 2)one of my best friends(and her mom) are totally obsessed with him so I know I’ll end up being sucked up on this one. ๐Ÿ™‚

      But yeah, all the girls who adore him can carry on and fangirl/catfight for him. As long as they don’t mess with my Gong Yoo. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. 24 ~~ July ~~

    It is clear that girlfriday is not a Kim Hyun Joong fan cuz of her picture post jajaaaa BUT it’s ok. He is still HOT!.

    BUT this pictures were taken 2 days ago at the airport .. take a look




    All normal looking and all ;o)

    I can’t wait to see his new drama!!

    • 24.1 Cruelsummer

      He does look gorgeous in those pics. But still different from his BoF, WGM and PK days.

      But why do all of his promotional pics make him look like a puppet? Photoshop seems to be doing him a disservice. Do people buying stuff in Korea/Japan like that look? His adds for that Japanese make-up company were downright creepy. I’m truly not trying to be snarky. The reason why I care is because I find him really like-able and can’t wrap my brain around the many sides of KHJ. One side I adore and the other side creeps me out.

      • 24.1.1 ~~ July ~~

        Of course he looks different from back in the day. He was a kid … NOW he is grown up man at the age of 25 ( Korea 26 ). He has change and will keep changing. Some pictures from ads are not that wow true but I think whoever is in charge needs a new job jajaa cuz by looking at him at the airport pics .. and he looks like that … DAMN! what are those ads people thinking!

        • Cruelsummer

          I agree that his make-up people need to be fired ASAP. I was looking at his Singapore pics and his face was so incredibly oily it was distracting. They should have blotted him or used a different product on his face that would reduce the shine, not enhance it.

  25. 25 Momos

    I’ll say “fighting KHJ”!!!!
    Break a leg or two… I have that much confidence in him.
    KHJ is just smokin’ hot!,,,

  26. 26 Cinderella

    I can’t help but be somewhat worried. If this drama is planning to lean more on the hero aspect like “City Hunter” or more on the revenge side like “Bad Guy”, then I have to say… I’m worried about his acting chops.

    He is getting better wIth his acting but he isn’t exactly there yet. Especially with the talent and intensity that Lee Min-ho and Kim Nam-gil delivered on both dramas, it would definitely be a long while until Kim Hyun-joong’s at the same level as those two, as an actor that is.

    Now, I’m not bagging on him. I’m a fan of his as well, it’s just that he needs some help with his acting. I’m sure that’s something others can’t deny.

  27. 27 Lise

    Why i love DB is because we can actually state our opinions without delusional little girls causing a ruckus defending their oppas… I kept my comments to myself when i read this over on another site famous for dangerous fangirls but thank God i can now say just how i dont appreciate it when people use good looks to get away with anything… its insulting to all actors out there and i wish hed stop ‘practising’ with all these lead roles hes getting and go away and learn the craft first or just stick to singing and looking pretty eh?!!

    • 27.1 Cruelsummer

      OMG! Leave Oppa alone!! He’s working on it, ok?! You’ll see! He’s gonna be awesome and you’re going to look stupid! Stupid!

      Haha…just kidding. This is exactly why I only comment in Dramabeans. Any little thing can be taken out of context on some of these other sites and fighting with children on-line is never a good look.

      • 27.1.1 revolu

        this made me lol, no joke

  28. 28 me

    leader get this dramas couz his a fan of mangas :))

  29. 29 Lise

    @cruelsummer high 5! Could we have an age restriction on here for good measure lols

  30. 30 Jemrie

    Wow, I don’t really know much about this actor, whether he is good or not but based on all the negative comments I am suddenly rooting for him. I have always been the type to go for the underdog. Besides I have noticed a lot of actors who are criticized for their poor acting and unsuitability for certain roles proving people way wrong. It will be interesting to see if he can as well. I wish him luck.

    • 30.1 shiku

      KHJ? Underdog? Pffft

  31. 31 june

    gawd…i love his sexiness! i hope he can pull off the whole sexy dangerous part! he’s more the sexy romantic…

  32. 32 Aya

    this guy needs to stop. just stop.

  33. 33 Daniella

    Lol, this is going to be awkwaarrrddd!

  34. 34 kay

    LMAO people always saying they can’t recognize him due to excessive ps. i don’t know what the guy’s got done except his nose but c’mon. his roomy nostrils are still there. how do you not recognize them? haha the only other famous nostrils in kpop i can think of is gdragon.

  35. 35 kopytko

    KHG to go dark? Sure! I think guyeliner will seal the deal!

    But now, let’s talk business. Fact #1: he’s been described as a manhwa-lookalike for ages. Fact #2: He’s popular. Fact #3: He seems proficient in endorsing anything. Conclusion: He should have a manhwa series published with the hero modeled after himself (at leat visually) and then have it filmed. I’m pretty sure it would sell. And by the way he would endorse some cosmetics, clothes, cars, sweets, etc. Wait, have I just invented a perpetuum mobile?

  36. 36 Addicted2KDrama

    KYJ Fighting! Looking forward to it!

    • 36.1 cv

      Yes, KHJ fighting! ^^

      never under estimate him—he may surprise us. LOL

  37. 37 Heather

    Sad to see all the KHJ hatin here :/ But then again I watched ALL of Playful Kiss and so I totally understand where you guys are coming from…

    I love KHJ so much, yes because he is insanely attractive, but also b/c of his 4d personality…but it sounds like this role isn’t going to let that shine through at all and so rather than falling back onto his own personality, he might have to stretch a bit more to be this character…which may be…ambitious…

    As GF said..this is really just going to be compared to City Hunter and despite my preference for Ji Hoo of Jun Pyo…I don’t know if, even if he does well, if he’s going to be able to live up to Min Ho’s portrayal……

    • 37.1 Ashley

      Heather, I completely agree with you! I am joonie fan, and a big part of it has to do with his hilarious personality (i will always love WGM). So I was hoping for his next role he would choose a character similar to himself, where he does not need to push the acting and just be natural.

      I will watch the series all the way through, no matter how the acting turns out. I am just hoping for his sake he has people who are guiding him, and that would stop him if they thought he really could not pull this off. This is his third time up to bat, and if he strikes out I do not think he will be given another chance.

      And while I am at it, does anyone know where I can get tickets to his fan meeting in Chengdu China? I have searched and I can not find a place to buy them anywhere.

  38. 38 Gigi

    Interesting! I love this kind of drama. It’s a big change for him. Can’t wait!

  39. 39 kfan

    he admitted to doing plastic surgery on his nose. so too bad, those out there who blindly deny it. still a fan thought, can’t expect no surgery from k pop stars ha

  40. 40 Noelle

    Can he pull it off is my question. He was pretty dry in both dramas.

  41. 41 Yeng

    woah almost didnt recognize him! dont know about this drama-manga plot, but hope his role wont be just a cool/cold doll again.

  42. 42 yeez

    I. WANT. TO. SEE. THIS. ! lol. yup, it’s been decided for me.

  43. 43 Athena

    I watched PK and loved it too. While KHJ is not the best actor in kdrama land, I can see why he has such a large fan base. I’ve learned a lot about him and he seems to be an extremely hard working guy with an interesting personality (“4D” as they say in Korea).

    I think he’s had work on his nose twice at least, and he does look very different when styled. His face is can be chameleon. I was surprised to from PK to his new album look. This can only be a plus if he continues to work on his acting. I think he improved loads from BOF to PK.

    So I’m in, and I hope the drama does well.

    • 43.1 xianzhongfan

      Athena, i totally agree with your comments. He has improved loads fm BOF to PK. Like LSG in TK2H, he has improved tremendously, so i dont see why KHJ can’t do the same. And yes he is really hardworking. I will definitely give him a chance on this.

      Going to see him tonight in Singapore!! Woo-hoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. 44 am

    I love how there is so much wank in whatever KHJ post I go into, whether Dramabeans or elsewhere. My popcorn is ready!hahaha!

  45. 45 mikimotoable

    I like how every time the news about KHJ will be commented by his plastic surgery hahaha

    well, i wont put so much hope in his acting skill..

  46. 46 Toya

    I think the reason he is always in comic book adaptations is because he is a manhwa nerd.

  47. 47 Viki

    I want him to do a breakthru role! although I loved his role in BoF and PK, a lot of ppl still thinks he can’t act…that well.

  48. 48 21

    I never thought Kim Hyun-joong to be that good looking when you only look at his face but overall he is quite amazing. Although his acting skills are another story. I’m kind of interested to maybe watch this if it’s not too dark. Can’t really stand those melodramas.

  49. 49 anna

    lets just wait and see about his acting skill. I’m sure he improved.
    I will watch it no matter what because I’m so in love with this guy and his 4D personality.
    even if you don’t like his acting,you should learn more about him.
    I used to dislike him but the real him is such a darling.

    • 49.1 Pat

      I agree his real self is charming. WGM was great TV. And is what made him a bigger star than just the music. But unless they can utilize his personality in a drama, it won’t work he is not an actor. I think his singing and dancing are very forced too, the product of very hard work. I like his low key guitar ballad singing much more. He is a nice guy and there is nothing wrong with being famous for being famous. He is doing alright with good management and relentless merchandising in Japan so good luck to him.

      • 49.1.1 Cruelsummer

        “I think his singing and dancing are very forced too”

        I thought I was the only person that thought this. I love him from WGM, but everything outside of that has me scratching my head. His songs are catchy, but the live performances are a bit off. Even in the videos you can tell that dancing is just not his thing. I think what bothers me the most is that everything seems so forced. I think he would fit better as a slightly rock guy that can just sing and play his guitar without wearing a lifetime supply of make-up on his face. The idol mask that his company has made is making them money, but it just looks like one giant puppet show to me.

        • Po

          Oh my gosh, i thought i was alone in this. i watched BOF (thought he was just so AWFUL there) and PK (improved, but some scenes he was sooo expressionless, nevertheless i let it go as i adored the lead female there). Of course I was drawn to his hotness/charm (lol) so I followed his music career both in the past until the present, and YES his dancing and singing is quite forced, like there’s really no conviction at all. I think he should go back to his roots from when he was younger and started out in rock bands, that’s where his passion lays I think. And personally, even if he’s stated that he wants to be passionate about acting, i think this is just one of those things his management is pressuring him to do. Its kinda sad really, and acting just isn’t one of those things you can force, it’s always gotta be natural and something that comes from within you.

          • BZINDSC

            ” and YES his dancing and singing is quite forced, like thereโ€™s really no conviction at all.”

            Please see post numbered 49.1.2

            I will use that response again, I’m too busy shaking my head to reply with all that I would love to say.

      • 49.1.2 BZINDSC

        “there is nothing wrong with being famous for being famous’

        What a hilarious comment in reference to KHJ the first thing that comes to my mind as a response is “they say Ignorance is Bliss.”

        I could say more, but I will refrain.

        • Po

          ohh goodie then we wouldnt have to endure your fangirl rants.

  50. 50 E_Kun

    I’m not in the mood… I think that we all have a number of talents that we are blessed with whether natural or developed. With that being said we also have things we should just leave for other people…. KHJ needs to leave the acting for other people.

    This sound semi- interesting too.

    P.S. We had a deal drama gods…. How can you just renege like this!

    • 50.1 Po

      This project was probably given to him through the many many connections of keyeast, and its a no brainer that when a drama production company hires an inexperienced idol to act as the lead role, their main motive is for PROFIT and nothing else (uhmm..think Love Rain?) KHJ’s past project Playful Kiss was not well recieved at all in Korea (5% ratings, anyone?) but globally it did so well, and because of this the company earned so much money than the dramas who did suceed locally but not so well internationally. It’s all about money!

      “KHJ leave acting to other people”

      I can’t blame him for wanting to pursue other things, be it for himself or for his management. However its just awfully sad for the other actors there who actually deserve to get lead roles yet can’t because they’re not famous enough, or lack connections. I know the dude works hard, I mean having two acting coaches is more than enough, but I just think the right step for him is to gracefully bow out of the leading roles he’s offered and instead choose supporting characters. That way, he would still get experienced yet there would be less pressure on his part.

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