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Queen In-hyun’s Man: Episode 10
by | May 29, 2012 | 181 Comments

Another great episode, but what else is new? We get to spend a little more time in the Joseon era with Boong-do as he works to unravel the mystery of his missing memories, with plenty of intrigue and action to spare. I’m still amazed that this show can jump seamlessly from a high stakes period sword fight to a modern red carpet gala without the change feeling jarring or out of place, even though this drama has proven time and time again that it knows what it’s doing. Still, I can’t help feeling like it’s all like one realistic yet wonderfully whimsical dream. It just seems too good to be true.


Boong-do has his first audience with the king since his return from exile, and the king couldn’t be happier to hear that Boong-do can’t remember the last two months. This is perfect for the upbeat Sukjong, who sighs in relief; he’d fretted over facing Boong-do, seeing as he gave the order for his exile in the first place.

So in order to make up for exiling his advisor, he offers to play matchmaker and sets up a match with one of the prime minister’s supposedly-beautiful daughters. Boong-do looks vaguely uncomfortable, but he can’t very well refuse. The royal secretary jots down the proceedings nearby in what later becomes the Annals, which Hee-jin now reads in the present while she’s on standby.

Ha – I love that she gets all huffy reading about how Sukjong basically set Boong-do up with a dud – the prime minister’s third daughter wasn’t the most beautiful girl around, she was only the most beautiful out of her sisters. Wamp wamp.

Soo-kyung is unhappy to find Hee-jin going through her daily routine of googling Boong-do, asking exasperatingly, “So what is Kim Boong-do up to now?”, like Hee-jin is stalking his Facebook page. Hee-jin launches into the matchmaking story as if it’s happening now (which it technically is, 300 years ago), making sure to clarify that she knows it’s all dream, buuut she totally knew this was going to happen.

At her manager’s disapproving stare, Hee-jin defends herself by claiming that she can be emotionally invested even if it’s all fictional – like watching a drama or reading a book. Soo-kyung is about ready to throw her hands in the air, but she plays along and asks if Boong-do married the girl, launching Hee-jin into another tirade. Ha.

On the flip-side, no marriage records exist. Faking a swoon, Soo-kyung just feeds the flames: “He probably couldn’t forget about you and lived as a bachelor.” Hee-jin closes her laptop with a thud, incensed to find that her boyfriend might have cheated on her 300 years ago. Hee-jin: “Traitor.”

Back in Joseon, a reinstated Queen In-hyun asks after Boong-do’s health, and even displays concern that Lady Jang, the woman who took her crown when she was deposed, might have hurt feelings about this whole queen switcheroo. That’s pretty kind of her, and typical of the gentle heart she’s shown us so far.

Curiously, she then asks her entourage to leave so her and Boong-do can speak privately. Her voice is meek as she recounts the night he saved her from Minister Min’s assassins and how the fright of him possibly being harmed has kept her up at night… enough to where she can’t tell the king. Now this is interesting, though she’s talking about an event he doesn’t remember.

Boong-do admits that he doesn’t understand what she’s getting at, and her embarrassment shows as she stammers out that she won’t bring it up again, just as Sukjong’s arrival is announced.

When asked by the king about their conversation, In-hyun calmly claims that she was merely comforting Boong-do since his close brush with death. As Sukjong brings up his new role as Cupid, Boong-do’s eyes fall on In-hyun’s hanbok. Each detail, even down to her accessories, causes a flash of memory that brings to mind Hee-jin’s costume hanbok, though her face remains hidden.

Sukjong goes on about the marriage, even though Boong-do claims there’s no need to rush (and lucky for him, Queen In-hyun takes his side). More important than the conversation, at least for Boong-do, are the strange images flickering in his mind at the sight of the queen’s hanbok.

Han-dong has been turning the house upside down for the talisman while Boong-do has been away with no luck. The monk who wrote the talisman won’t be back for another two weeks, either.

In problem-solving mode, Boong-do asks his loyal servant if there’s a chance that a woman could wear the queen’s attire without being queen. Han-dong scoffs at the impossibility of such a thing, because a woman caught doing that would be beheaded. This isn’t the answer Boong-do wants to hear, and he admits that he desperately hopes it wasn’t the queen, for obvious reasons.

Boong-do only becomes more confused as he thinks of the Queen’s ambiguous-sounding words from earlier. He doesn’t remember the night he saved her life, so her words about being frightened and trembling that night, compounded with the hazy memory of kissing Hee-jin in the car (while she wore the queen’s clothing), leads him to the obvious and logical conclusion… that he was romantically involved with Queen In-hyun. Hahaha.

The best part about it is that he really believes he could have done it, which means he believes he’s capable of it, which makes everything Hee-jin ever said true: Boong-do, you ARE a player.

Hee-jin tries to go on with her every day life, though it’s hard to escape fond memories/dreams of Boong-do. With earphones firmly in place she’s off in her own world, leaving her completely caught off-guard when Dong-min suddenly comes up behind her. She screams, he screams. Ha. Hee-jin: “I thought you were a burglar!”

Dong-min eyes her suspiciously. Did she scream because she thought it was a burglar, or because it was him? Hee-jin: “It’s not like that.” Dong-min: “It doesn’t seem like it’s not like that.” But it’s all said in good humor, even though Hee-jin denies her involvement.

He decides to test out her reflex to him by turning on the charm, which causes her to take an instinctive step back. He warns her against running away and tries again, and to her credit Hee-jin does try to stay put… but in the end she’s too uncomfortable and fidgets away under the flimsy excuse that others could see them.

Aww, he’s cute. She attempts every method to avoid eye contact (“It’s gross!”) and he tries to find every way around it. It makes for some hilarious physical comedy until he finally catches her off guard and steals a kiss, eliciting a scandalized scream from Hee-jin.

He’s pleased as punch that things are back to normal (apparently he received no kisses for a month), though he notes that the look on her face is reminiscent of someone who’s just drank poison, not someone who’s kissed their lover.

He’s of the mind to try another kiss, the deeper kind, and the poor thing remains oblivious to Hee-jin’s discomfort. She’s spared from having to get herself out of a sticky situation by the arrival of Soo-kyung, returning home with Dong-min’s manager from her grocery trip.

Troubled, Hee-jin escapes to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. Normally I see this sort of moment played for comedy, so it’s interesting that the tone is so serious – Boong-do isn’t just a dream for her, and she knows it.

Soo-kyung stops her from storming outside to break up with Dong-min on the spot with a termination contract, and a moment that starts out with their usual comedic bickering quickly turns dour. If Hee-jin wants to break up with Dong-min, gain anti-fans, and shun all her good fortune, then Soo-kyung swears to quit. She can’t handle being her manager anymore because she can’t understand Hee-jin.

There’s a moment where you wonder if Soo-kyung is really serious about quitting, or if she knows Hee-jin so well that she knows she can use this card to turn her around. She tears into Hee-jin for not even having a real affair with a real person that she could try to sympathize with – Kim Boong-do is just a name in history to her. Because of a dream, she wants to break up with the Han Dong-min?

Hee-jin rips up the contract and apologizes to Soo-kyung, though she tries to explain how her memories with Boong-do don’t feel like a dream to her, no matter what everyone else says. Soo-kyung appeals to her as a friend, claiming that she’d be on Hee-jin’s side if only Boong-do were real. But that’s not how the cookie crumbles.

With that out of the way, Soo-kyung attempts to lift Hee-jin’s spirits with talks of award ceremony dresses and how they can only go up from here. Even though it seems too good to be true, Soo-kyung points out that this is the reality. Fighting!

That night, both Boong-do and Hee-jin toss and turn in their own beds and time periods. He still can’t recall her face, nor does he know who Queen In-hyun is.

Yoon-wol is awake that night too, and finds Boong-do readying his horse to go to the temple. She knows it’s about the talisman and wonders if some things are better left alone – everything has worked out well, so why insist on finding it?

Boong-do gives her a reassuring smile as he explains that the memories he’s lost are not ones he thinks he can just forget and move on from. He’s referring to his concern about his possible affair with the queen, something he needs to set straight.

He pays a late night visit to the monk, and is surprised to hear that he’s come before for the same reason. Even more surprising is that he’d mentioned a woman whom the monk had once described as a fairy from paradise, eliciting a laugh from Boong-do at the time. Hee-jin was no fairy to him then.

The monk sighs – he also wanted to go to that paradise to see that non-fairy fairy. But now with a broken talisman…

Joseon senses tingling, Boong-do suddenly goes on high alert. He blows out the candle from inside the room just as we find two assassins crouching outside, and draws his sword for an offensive attack. He captures one at sword-point while the other runs away, demanding to know who his master is.

Cut to their master Ja-soo, as he receives the report from what the remaining assassin overheard: that the talisman can make one disappear and create life after death. He’s intrigued, but not enough to try it out himself, so he orders one of his minions to hold the talisman while he shoots him with an arrow. Ha, it’s kind of funny that Ja-soo uses this time to teach a lesson to his other minions to always check on their facts before they report.

And despite having the talisman, the minion simply dies without time warping. Interesting. So the talisman is user-specific?

Boong-do comes to crash the party, having been led by the assassin he’s still holding hostage. He marvels at Ja-soo’s nerve to stay in the capital now that Minister Min has been exiled, to which Ja-soo simply replies that he has matters left to attend to. “Are you here to kill me? What is your gain if you kill me now?” Boong-do asks.

Ja-soo just shakes his head like he’s dealing with the amateur hour, and tells Boong-do that he could have killed him long ago if he so wanted. Dangling the talisman in front of him, Ja-soo asks if this is what he’s been looking for.

But what he’s interested in is the talisman’s power, and how it allowed Boong-do to orchestrate Minister Min’s downfall. He’s been eavesdropping on our scholar to figure out the secret, though he claims that the method he heard – you know, the whole ‘dying to live’ thing – is a lie, seeing as how his minion died.

The minion Boong-do is holding hostage suddenly cuts in as though he’s about to tell Ja-soo an extra revelation, though Boong-do knocks him out before he can say more. Ja-soo’s already caught on: “Looks like I haven’t heard everything.”

Ja-soo is ruthless, and claims that if Boong-do won’t tell him, then he’ll just go up to the temple and ask/kill the monk. His choice. Our warrior scholar weighs the numbers against him and his options, wondering whether that elusive name, Queen In-hyun, is a name worth risking his life for.

Right before he’s about to be attacked, Boong-do speaks up, claiming that the talisman works if one recites the words first. Ja-soo takes the bait, and Boong-do uses the moment of distraction to make his move. There’s a fight with the minions as he manages to wrest the talisman from Ja-soo, which sends it flying into the air.

He makes a grab for it, and just as the talisman touches his fingertips Ja-soo readies a deathblow – causing the assassin who heard everything to cry out, since he knows Boong-do can escape that way. And sure enough, right as the sword is supposed to slice through him, Boong-do disappears. (Yay!)

Ja-soo is left fuming, and the assassin explains (while we see in flashback) the truth of the talisman. Boong-do had wondered over the dangers of the talisman making its user immortal (as in, it could fall into the wrong hands), though the monk presented a caveat: The talisman, as a gift to Boong-do infused with Yoon-wol’s loyalty, will only work in the hands of its master.

As predicted, Boong-do has warped to the present… though it’s unclear if he’s gained his memories back. His steps are hurried, but it’s like he’s looking at the world anew… until he sees a preview for Hee-jin’s drama on a jumbotron, bringing an onslaught of all his lost memories with it. He smiles – now the name Queen In-hyun makes sense.

Back in Joseon, Ja-soo decides that the talisman must be destroyed if they can’t harness its power. Uh oh.

Hee-jin’s at a salon getting ready for the awards ceremony she’ll be attending with Dong-min, which the hair stylist fawns over incessantly. Her phone rings with a foreign number (Boong-do Boong-do Boong-do!) and Soo-kyung answers, sputtering with a “What?” when the caller identifies himself. She steals away from Hee-jin to take the call.

It is Boong-do, and he’s at the same telephone booth where Hee-jin waited for him before. Awww. Soo-kyung repeats the name with wide eyes… Kim Boong-do? She can’t believe it, and frantically hangs up. Her hands are literally shaking as he calls again, and Soo-kyung can barely get a word out: “Is this really Kim Boong-do?” He’s real?

When he tells her he’s calling from the park he’d promised to meet Hee-jin at, Soo-kyung begins hyperventilating, unable to accept a truth she’s been calling a lie for so long. She looks to Hee-jin as if she’s weighing whether to tell her or not, but in the end she tells Boong-do that Hee-jin will call him back.

Soo-kyung finds a private place to fret, wondering how someone from a dream could have just popped into reality, and whether she should tell Hee-jin. (If she doesn’t tell her, so help me…)

And tell her she does not, even going so far as to warn Hee-jin against answering a call from that number, claiming that the caller was just asking for a nude model.

And poor Boong-do continues to wait in the telephone booth for a call that isn’t coming, while Hee-jin heads off to the award ceremony in her fancy gown. She doesn’t pick up when he calls her again per Soo-kyung’s warning, having no idea it’s him.

They stop the celebmobile to pick up Dong-min, and Soo-kyung goes ahead and confiscates Hee-jin’s phone for good measure. Argh. Soo-kyung, you’re killing me here.

Hee-jin waits as the van door opens… and after a painstakingly slow reveal, it’s just Dong-min. (I know, in a normal world “just” shouldn’t come before “Dong-min”, but we’re living in a Boong-do world now.)

Once again she ends up uncomfortable with his disrespect for her personal space, and grows even more concerned when he lets her in on his grand plan to announce their official couple status at the ceremony. She’s totally serious when she tells him not to do it, and only gets a playful “We’ll see” in response.

They step onto the red carpet arm in arm to the onslaught of camera flashes and screaming fans. Hee-jin even smiles for a moment, though her eyes scan the crowd… and stop on Boong-do, standing alone among the throng. Her arm drops from Dong-min’s immediately.

Her face is devastated, disbelieving, believing, relieved, and heartbroken all at once as Boong-do smiles, and time stands still as they stand apart, staring at one another.


I’m always grateful when mystical elements are given guidelines and rules in a drama, because it makes me feel like they won’t just turn into a deus ex machina later, subject to the whims of what the writer felt like that day. We’ve been getting just enough information on the talisman as we’ve been going along, and it’s been nice to discover its powers and limitations right along with our hero on his journey.

If we take it that only one such talisman exists then we don’t exactly know quite why Boong-do was chosen as its sole master in the first place, but I’m content with what’s left to the imagination and what’s explained. It’s good to know that not just anyone can use it (though I admit to thinking that it’d be funny to see Ja-soo take a holiday jaunt to the future), and how it clearly sets up our antagonists’ motivations to keep hunting Boong-do – if they can’t use its power, then they’ll destroy it so that it can’t be used against them. It’s a great way to keep the tension high in the Joseon scenes, because I’d been worried about what opposition Boong-do would face now that he’s helped In-hyun back to the throne.

The ensemble cast is the bee’s knees, and this was a great episode to see Soo-kyung and Dong-min shine even more than usual. I love that the energy in the modern scenes is always so high, which lends them an extra sort of realism because nothing sounds like memorized dialogue and no one Tries Too Hard. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find some ad-libbing going on. It’s nice because a lot of actions I’d normally get turned off by (Soo-kyung withholding the phone, Dong-min being forward) are handled in a way that seems true to life. Dong-min is a cad, but he’s a nice, dense cad, and instead of feeling upset with him for being unable to read Hee-jin’s body language I felt pity. He’s like a good-natured but naive kid, he just doesn’t know any better (yet). It doesn’t help that he’s so darn charismatic. And that aegyo!

As for Soo-kyung, even though her actions frustrated me, her character didn’t. It’s a pretty unusual occurrence since dramas have long taught us that those who meddle in the One True Pairing’s one true love are Evil, but the episode (and those before it) did a great job of setting up Soo-kyung’s stake in Hee-jin’s life. She’s got a misguided sense of what’s best for Hee-jin (let the girl make her own choices!), but you almost can’t blame her being in a state of shock after she’s spent so much time and effort trying to convince her friend that she’s crazy. And it’s not like Soo-kyung regained her memories along with Boong-do, so it’s going to be doubly interesting now that we know we’re in this alternate universe for good, and that the old one will really have been just a dream to everyone but Hee-jin and Boong-do (and I’m just guessing on the latter). That’s not going to get confusing or anything.


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      • 2.1.1 JC

        It’s hilarious. He *does* believe it might have done it, but he’s also horrified — “What a treacherous thing to do!” he whispers to himself.

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          Iread all the recaps as well, and I find HeadsNo2’s interpretation very interesting, especially about Boong Do’s reaction to his possible “flirtation” with the queen , considering the current debate about this show on “A Koala’s Playground”. I am not going to talk about it here because they are talking about several episodes ahead, and I am respectful (afraid?) of the spoiler warning.

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          As I said in a different forum, it is not just that I really like the male lead (he is so likeable rather than the cold, childish, I will change once I know real love lead), but I really like Hee Jin. I like her honesty; it shows here in how she really cannot take Dong Min trying to kiss her because her heart is truly somewhere else. It would be believable if she just allowed a peck because after all, she is an actress, but she really cannot “act” in real life. She seems like she would be a great friend, which is why her concern about Soo-Kyung works so well. All the secondary characters do not seem to be merely props in out OTPs road to romance, which I also greatly appreciate.

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    That said, this episode is just amazing. BD’s face when he remember, I could even swear he got a lil’ teary-eyed there.

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      I thought she was the most beautiful girl in Joseon. Kind of too late cause I’m already hating on Sukjong.

  13. 13 Alexwalksin

    I love the look on Heejin’s face during the last few minutes. Beautiful! Yoo Inna did a great job portraying all those conflicting emotions of hope, disbelief, belief, relief and heartbreak all at once. i really cant describe how much i adore her since i’ve started following QIHM.

    Like everyone above, i love how you said “he really believes he could have done it, which means he believes he’s capable of it” LOL i always thought he was a gentleman. Who knew he hid a player in his closet. XD

    And who else punched the air when Boong Do caught the talisman?!? Dayum!

    • 13.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      Oh yes, I did the Dokko Jin dance both then, and when he saw Hee Jin on le giant screen and was flooded with memories. Let me share a secret with you all: The Dokko Jin dance? It’s really not that easy to do in bed.

      • 13.1.1 rearwindow

        OMO! I haven’t been swept away by the QIHM train yet, but I LOVE your new name. Also, is QIHM a good replacement crack for TK2H?

        Also, is your stye gone?

        • The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

          EeeEEeeeee *fangirl squeal* rearwindow~ I mished yew *pout* *giggle* Thankies~ And yes, jump on this train right now! *extends hand in cliche romantic catching train fashion* I don’t know about the future, but I can safely say that the first 12 episode are gorgeous and brilliant and pure pure pure essence of crack mmmmm~ It’s a lush replacement for TK2H, with the following common ingredients: high stakes (our world as we know it), sizzling chemistry (the OTP looks like they’re barely restraining themselves rawr), detailed and logical (I know! It’s a miracle!) plot, and beautiful, non-erratic editing and cinematography. Really, I don’t understand what’s not to adore. Watch this so I can fangirl with you!!1!!1

          And yes, the stye is completely gonegonegone, although it left a summer cold as a parting gift. So now I’m slathered in Tiger Balm (bless it’s inventors) instead of taping teabags to my eye. Oh well, I’ll live X3

        • MsB

          @rearwindow, definitely a nice replacement. First 12 episodes are so cute! Have not seen the rest and its helped lessen the blow which is TK2H is gone and so is ESK! *TEARS*

    • 13.2 Saa

      I shouted “HALLELUJAH” while crying from joy…
      I’M NOT CRAZY.

    • 13.3 Meow

      i was jumping up and down during the fight scene.. when he caught the talisman i was like … ah awesome finally..
      Further more i love the detailing of expressions in boong do’s face especially after the queen was talking in cryptic language abt the incident..
      i second the line
      “he really believes he could have done it, which means he believes he’s capable of it”…

      ha he is a natural born player through and through…
      argh!! i am too addicted to the drama that i am googling about it like “n” number of times a day( i have lost count)

  14. 14 Nanuki

    What I want to know is this: who on the staff is a Dr Who fan? I mean… A PHONE BOX in a time-travelling drama. That cannot be a coincidence. Boong Do said so.

    • 14.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      I said the same thing! My brother pointed out that it’s not TARDIS blue, but I insist that it’s disguising itself to camouflage in Seoul o(^u^)o

    • 14.2 starlight

      I THOUGHT SO TOO. not specifically on the phonebox, just realised that now but its very similiar to the episode “turn left” with donna and doctor whos explanation of time how her whole life changed just because she turned right instead of left one day, at the end how he was like “changes our life in tiny little ways, usually the universe just compensates around it.” so if we take that into account, even if boong do wasnt around, dong min and heeejin still wouldnt have worked out, exactly like the first time! i think the writers fantastic, its very much like the doctor who theory of time 🙂

      i like how jb said it wasnt full on fate, but it wasnt full on butterfly effect either, which makes so much more sense 😀

      • 14.2.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

        Yeah, that was one thing that the Doctor taught me that came as a huge help in my history classes, where we were always thought that the Universe would always somehow compensate. For example, if it wasn’t Franz Ferdinand who was assassinated (which lead to WWI) it would have been some other trigger. The fact that the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was the spark that caused the war was just how it turned out to be. Similarly, in the aftermath of WWI, if Hitler hadn’t risen to power with his popularity, it would have been some other guy, since the Universe was leading up to it, what with the reparations and all. The fact that it was Hitler is just how it happened. So, the fact that Boong Do’s time shifting lead to the reinstating of Queen In Hyun oughtn’t do that much damage seeing as how it was to happen anyway.

        The thing is though, now that gives the Talisman great powers (just like the TARDIS). If cutting it once can cause a timeskip/anomaly, imagine what destroying it (which is what Ja Soo wants to do) would do to the timeline and everyone involved. This potentially gives the writers a huge object to wrap their story around, sort of like protecting the Death Note or the Holy Grail. However, if they manage to hash it… Nonono, I must have faith. Thing is, this drama feels too good to be true, which constantly keeps me on edge. Yes yes, shutting up now >.<;;

        • spjork


          You of all people should know that WW2 could have in fact been avoided had Jae Ha and Hang Ah been around.

          ALSO: Nutella + Tiger Balm= Girl Scout Thin Mints?

          • The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

            Spjork! Yes, but Jae Ha and Hang Ah were destined to stop the third world war, and therefore couldn’t make an appearance prior to WWII (I suppose it’s sorta hard for Fate to manage to get them reincarnated and all grown up in the relatively short time of approximately a century, give or take a decade *shrug*).

            And hmm… how about Godiva mint truffles instead xP

          • spjork

            All they’d need is a butterfly which rips the fabric of time and space with its wings or a yellow piece of paper with a bunch of red scribbles on it that creates time vortexes.

            Time travelling ain’t no thang.

            Nothing is a coincidence.

            Boong-Do said so.

            Your mind? BLOWN.

    • 14.3 JC

      Heh. Heheheh. Nanuki, your line “That cannot be a coincidence. Boong Do said so.” is going to become something I say with very little provocation from now on, possibly around people who have no idea what I’m talking about.

      • 14.3.1 Stacy

        Ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that. And I love practicing Korean phrases on my students 😀

      • 14.3.2 skelly

        OOh, yes, that’s a great line. I want to try it out on my kids, when they need to be reminded how weird their mom is. I’ll be sure and draw out the name properly: booooong doh.

      • 14.3.3 KoreanGrace

        tat is a great phase…. would be fun to use it on someone who has no idea wat it is 😉

  15. 15 SoyJade

    “The best part about it is that he really believes he could have done it, which means he believes he’s capable of it, which makes everything Hee-jin ever said true: Boong-do, you ARE a player.”

    jajaja!! I had not thought about it this way. But you are absolutely right. Excellent point! LOL!

    I knew the way she was dressed when they were kissing in the car was important!

    I know it may sound dumb, but, I just recently noticed the difference in lighting between the Joseon era and the modern one. There’s always a feeling of it being “Dawn” in Joseon. (The dawn of time?)

    This show’s pace is amazing. Never boring.There is so much attention to detail. 10 episodes in and the story continues strong!
    Thanks for the recap.

    • 15.1 JC

      Hi SoyJade, I read on a fansite somewhere that the Joseon scenes are shot with a blue light filter. Can anyone confirm that? It produces a noticeable but not-too-distracting change in atmosphere and light, so that it always looks like dawn/dusk.

      It might just be to differentiate the two periods, but I also heard speculation that this is also to show that Joseon is mostly not a happy place for Boong Do (all that death, having to avenge his honor and his family), even if it is his “home” time era.

      • 15.1.1 SoyJade

        Hello JC,
        Thank you for responding. I think that is a good point. The whole mood changes with the lighting. I keep saying this over and over again,I love the attention to every detail.

      • 15.1.2 spjork

        They might use some filters while filming but they most likely color-correct all the footage in post-production for consistency in tone.

  16. 16 hanie

    Thanks for the recap.
    I love this episode especially when Boong Do sweating thinking he has an affair with the Queen. The panic in his face is priceless. But one complaint though. Why oh why you let him strip only to zoom in? really? REALLY? such a tease.

    I don’t hate sookyung and understand her point of view. If Heejin break up with HDM, fans will said that she just used him and as far as she know, Boong Do is a guy in the Annal.

    • 16.1 Delicatecloud

      It was a tease alright! At least we got to see his chest a wee bit! Hoping there will be more shots of his six packs!!

      • 16.1.1 risa

        Why oh why you let him strip only to zoom in? really? REALLY? such a tease.

        I came across a blog that has some very interesting and entertaining QIHM commentary, and what she had to say or rather, shout (at the cameraman) about the zooming in had me guffawing. (If you prefer to avoid profanity and references to phallic symbols, then I’d skip this one.) http://rasmalaiwin.tumblr.com/post/23270327868/episode-10-fangasms-and-critiquing

        Thanks, HeadsNo2– you make living in a Boong Do world even better. 😀

        • danny

          that was detailed scrutiny of every angle. i love reading it she’s thorough. thanks for the link.

        • MsB

          Best line: “But then I loved this ending moment. Boong-do just…FEMINIST HERO FOR THE WIN. He does not force her. He does not grab her. He just watches her, hoping she notices. And it’s HER CHOICE. He makes it HER CHOICE TO DO ANYTHING. To reciprocate, to go on, to nod, to ignore, to do anything.

          And I love him for it omg. USUALLY, the hero would charge in, grab her by the wrist, and then drag her out. NOT HERE AND I LOVE YOU FOR THAT.”

          That is so true! Thanks for the link! Very entertaining.

          • kahlanrich

            great, great commentary.

            especially the zooming part. pwahaha!

  17. 17 danny

    I was wondering too where will the story goes after Boong Do help reinstate Queen In Hyun. It’s like the drama purpose in the Joseon era is done and finish, so no more danger on Boong Do’s life.

    But wait, i’m guessing that the next conflict would be the missing memory of Boong Do and the Joseon Queen In Hyun. This is not a spoiler, I’m just guessing ! OK!
    Maybe , there must be something between the two,
    maybe secretly they have feelings for each other , and that fateful night were the assasins came to kill her, boong Do save her and they shared a passionate kiss.
    Just maybe, dramas are good in revealing hidden scenes after many episodes. Coz I ‘d really like to know , what’s the connection of Hee-Jin in Queen In hyuns role in modern times to Queen In -hyun in Joseon era. usually, with time warping, it’s more likely like an unfulfilled love like RTP, or a correction or setting the record straight, like a dream for the lead roles to wake up that they are treading a wrong path. Well, four more episodes, and honestly, I’m loving this drama , if the ending is good, it might end up in my all-time favourite Korean dramas, joining MGIG and SKS.

    • 17.1 Kiara

      Well, it might end with her death and Min’s execution so there is still more Joseon to come. I really like that there is a good balance between the two eras. I’d be bored already if the story only focus on one side like RTP.

      It’s possible that they may secretly have feelings for each other but, I doubt Boong Do would covet the king’s woman jeopardizing his plan to avenge his family’s wrongful death and restoring their honor.

      • 17.1.1 CM

        There is actually a chance for a change in the Joseon Queen In Hyun’s destiny! Remember the name of the drama HJ is starring in!? “New Jang Hee Bin”!!! If the writer decides to play this card it still has backing lol. But still, there was not much butterfly effect when BD changed the history a bit, but that is also because time progresses simultaneously in both eras. We have cause and effect here, so, I do expect this butterfly effect to kick in sooner or later…
        But that might not be the case, from the very same reason LOL. For the drama to be “New Jang Hee Bin” it needs to be different from the “historic reality”, ain’t that so . And that just got me thinking, why is that drama so boring and just follows the history so well if it has such a title? Till now, the plot of that drama made HJ aware that the history changed and she is the only one in 2012 that remembers it.That was smooth, but I feel like the writer has more in store for us with this drama in drama thing-y. Hmmm… that would be so meta!

  18. 18 Bubbers

    This is all hood and dandy…but does Heejin know that Boongdo had a wife prior to this yet??

    Bothers me.

    • 18.1 Kiara

      No, they havent talked about their families yet but I wont be surprise if she read about it on the internet.

    • 18.2 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

      She probably does, seeing as how she’s scoured the annals for his name with an intensity similar to that of a 14-year-old on her crush’s facebook page.

      • 18.2.1 Meow

        but isnt his wife dead?? i mean his entire family was killed right.. so it might not pose any prblms to hj

        • The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

          I think no one thinks that it will pose problems or change anything.. it’s just that a girlfriend ought to know if her boyfriend’s used to have a wife who passed away, ne?

          • Meow

            maybe or maybe not.. btw nice name.. the ring of it is very delicious..

    • 18.3 Delicatecloud

      In an earlier episode Bong Doo mentioned that his whole family was killed including his wife.

      • 18.3.1 lenrasoon

        yeah i remember this too but i don’t know the exact episode.

    • 18.4 SoyJade

      I don’t think he has been mentioned it. Though I think that if he has read the annals, maybe the fact that he was married before was mentioned?.

      I don’t know why it would really matter at this point. It has been 5 years since she died.

      • 18.4.1 IBELIS

        I agree with Delicatecloud, Bong Doo mentioned to her in an earlier episode that his whole family had been killed and that included his wife.

        • anais

          Yup, he mentioned it.

          For the first time, I am really appreciating the fact that I understand Korean well enough to follow most of the plot on my own. The non-Korean speakers are missing a lot and coming up with very interesting theories to fill in those gaps or misunderstandings resulting from seemingly inadequate translations.

          • anais

            BTW, that above comment was not at all meant to make anyone feel bad. After posting it, though, I realized it could. I’m just grateful that I can follow the drama. I wish you all could too.

          • Kiara

            I’m definitely missing something because I thought he didnt mention his wife. I’m talking about their conversation in the library. Thanks for clearing that up.

  19. 19 kimberlinnn

    I have to admit, I don’t watch dramas as often anymore. I usually read your recaps because they provide much more insight than what I would have gotten from it by watching it alone. I honestly love the way you write, and the way you describe the episodes are more liberating than watching the episode myself.

    This drama, though, seems good enough for me to watch myself. Because I don’t think I can pass Boong Do in action over Boong Do in screencaps (although those are also pretty nice too).

    • 19.1 Herbert

      Even if you’ve already read all the recaps available on the ‘Net, this drama is so much more satisfying to watch yourself.

      • 19.1.1 floyd

        Yes! Usually I feel a bit disappointed watching episodes of a drama after recaps on DB, but definitely not QIHM! It surprises you and more!

        • Meow

          i want a happy ending.. i want a happy ending.. not like RTP.. god answer my prayers pls!!1

          • vivyip

            remember, watch the beginning of episode 1. ^_^

          • Meow

            see the latest episodes ans you will realise that my worry is justified.. i will not be at ease till i see it with my own 2 eyes.. this drama has got an proper hold on me..

  20. 20 Delicatecloud

    It is so satisfying that in the end they both met, at least saw each other across the sea of people despite Sookyung attempts to thwart the meet-up between our two main leads. Is this fate? They are meant to meet despite the obstacles others pit inlace? Or “cause and effect” – as Bong Doo explained in an earlier episode in that he looked for her and she seeing him in the crowd. I liked the effect of a “parallel reality” for Heejin – both “realities” happened but in dofferent timeframe and it is due to the fact that the talisman has been sliced. Why only Heejin? Bong Doo suffered from amnesia and memories flooded back when he saw her drama on the screen. He sighed a big sigh of relief when he realized that this was the Queen that he kissed! He could not have fathomed that he would have done something like that to the real Queen! It would have been treason! And he knows it!
    This drama really rocks and as you have indicated the two timeframes somehow blended well and there is a connecting thread between the two time frames.
    Thanks for the recaps.

  21. 21 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

    This episode… I have to say that I don’t really deal well with separation episodes, so I powered through it more because there were no recaps up and I needed to get to the next episode so I could breathe easy. I’m glad I did, because the little beats in the episode (Boong Do’s foregone conclusion, the Dong Min related physical comedy and Hee Jin’s jealousy over a maybe-wife) were all cute and kept me going.

    How much do I love that even the physical comedy between Dong Min and Hee Jin serves a purpose? It not only shows us how much Hee Jin believe in Boong Do, and how she’s been keeping Dong Min at leg’s reach (so she can knee him if necessary), but it also allows us to see Soo Kyung reach breaking point and offer her resignation, even though she loves Hee Jin like a sister. The most important line in that exchange, to me, was the fact that she said “If it was a real guy you really loved, I would always be on your side.” (yes yes, I paraphrased). Now that Boong Do’s back, Soo Kyung needs to keep her promise, and protect and help Hee Jin, right?

    Talking about Soo Kyung, the meddling, while not eeevviilll, is specially annoying. It falls into the same category as Secretary Eun meddling for what he saw best. And we all know how that ended (LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BAOBEI!!1!). *ahem* Remember how they say that the road to hell is paved with the best intentions? I think it should have been dedicated to these two. I only hope this doesn’t end badly.

    P.S. This won’t bug me to death or anything, but how did Boong Do know of the red carpet appearance? Another handy jumbotron?

    • 21.1 shl

      Did Soo-kyung mention that Hee-jin would be at an awards ceremony? I kinda just assumed that, oops. But that it would explain how Boong-do knew where it was, or how to get there. Maybe he just has a Hee-jin homing device.

      • 21.1.1 shl

        Oops – ‘but that would not explain’ sorry.

      • 21.1.2 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

        They both have inbuilt homing devices for each other… otherwise how on earth would you spot Boong Do in one go from amongst such a large and chaotic crowd?

        • Meow

          They definitely bring a new definition to the term Soul-mates!!

          • MsB

            In a better drama at that!

    • 21.2 starlight

      agree! shes bordering on second lead territory if she doesnt help heejin after making that promise but unfortunately she just broke it like a zillion times at the end of the episode by not telling heejin twice and then taking away her phone. not cool.

    • 21.3 Meow

      he probably saw the news and made the “2+2=4” connection..

      • 21.3.1 Kiara

        I think so too.

        • Meow

          Gha!! it might be very selfish but pls recap ep 11… cant wait.. heads &jb..

    • 21.4 spjork

      That’s what I’m saying!

      It’s never the meddling of the evildoers in dramas that annoys me (like, duh, they’re evil?), it’s the well-meaning idiot interlopers that always get my dander up and screaming at my computer screen.

  22. 22 floyd

    Dear heads and jb, I want to sincerely thank both of you for taking the trouble to recap QIHM, else I would never found this gem of a drama. I was just sitting around refreshing for K2H and RTP’s recaps, and while waiting I just decided to read one of the recaps. I laughed at the embarrassing scene where boong do found out that a kiss isn’t the usual goodbye gesture, and just decided to check out that scene for fun. One thing led to another, and I have not been this obsessed since coffee prince. For the past 2 years I have not watched any dramas but merely contented myself with recaps, as I always felt so underwhelmed when I watched it, and felt the recap was better. Only with QIHM, that there is so so much more than a recap cannot capture without watching it for yourself, the writing and flow, the directing and cinematography, the delicate and nuanced acting from JHW and YIN, how it feels so real and refreshing everything is put together. KBD is smart/logical and funny and self depreciating, and CHJ is a strong, kind heroine with a normal girl’s fears and beliefs. Their romance is so gentle and uplifting, without the usual misunderstandings and bickering and angst. I have never felt so strongly that a OTP deserve each other more than these two, and even in my fantasies I feel I am not worthy. Only HJ deserves BD for showing him kindness and believing in him, and only BD deserves such a kind, loving soul like HJ because he will truly cherish and appreciate her. I am just so thankful that this site brought me to QIHM, and I am part of the whole fervour that this drama deserves. Thank you again heads and DB, QIHM and everybody supporting it!

    • 22.1 dramabliss

      Yup, so thankful to both JB and Heads for the recaps.

      This drama is just Daebak all around!

      What is likewise amazing, beyond the drama, is how I can not distinguish (without looking at the recap byline) whether the recap is written by Javabeans or HeadsNo2. The style is so similar. Come to think of it, girlfriday’s writing styles is the same.

      But no matter, the recaps are excellent!

    • 22.2 skelly

      floyd, lovely comment!

  23. 23 Blue

    I Enjoyed this recape, thank you

    In this episode I can totally relate with Heejin’s character when shes trying to avoid Dong Min because he gross’s her out. A guy that wanted to date me once behaved the exact same way and when he stole a kiss from me I actually vomited. It was an instant reaction too he grossed me out so much.

    Of ccourse to keep from hurting his feelings and embarassing the guy I faked an upset stomach.

    • 23.1 Miz

      hahahaha…. poor you… and the poor guy…

  24. 24 starlight

    i have never screamed so much in my life over that frustration of sookyung not giving heejin the phone. understandable but right after her “i promise to be on your side if you have a guy you like.” she started to lose my like for her character because in this timeline, shes all manager, zero friend, due to heejins rise in popularity.

    in the other one, heejin wasnt famous yet so her disapproval was fine if not super funny but yeah. no dice, sookyung.

    on the otherhand i found it SO funny that boong do would arrive to that conclusion, its super logical just in like with our scholar but heads is so right, he TOTALLY thinks that queen inhyun would cheat on the king with him ehehehe! cant help it when he looks like that but geez boongo, ego much haha! love him 🙂

  25. 25 lezzy

    Yay! Thank you soo much! These recaps are the only reason I know what day od the week it is haha 😀

  26. 26 Ree

    I’ve been silently stalking this website for a couple of weeks (been living under a rock for years, apparently) and I’m finally putting in a comment because you guys are totally fueling my love for this show. Thank you! I haven’t fallen this hard for a kdrama since… well, since Delightful Girl Chunhyang. ^^ More please and thank you!

  27. 27 panshel

    My favorite part of this episode was Hee Jin googling Boong Do again. She is so cute! Her conversation with Soo Kyung was love. It was like talking to a nut. And when she said, “We watch dramas and know it’s fictitious, but we still get emotionally involved, don’t we?” She was totally talking about us! ^^;

    In Boong Do’s fuzzy flashbacks, why didn’t he just look down at the clothes he was wearing while he was kissing Queen In Hyun? FINALLY he warped! My heart was beating out of my chest. How can this drama make us melt one moment then turn around and be so intense? Thank you, writers, for letting Boong Do remember in one episode. Never has a drama not dragged out a conflict like amnesia…

    In any other drama, Soo Kyung would be withholding the information because she’s plain evil. But here I understand Soo Kyung is just looking out for Hee Jin. It could be a lunatic on the other line for all she knows, so I’m not too mad. Especially because our hero is so smart!! No sulking in the phone booth… no brooding in the park… no moping back in Joseon… just all doing and finding her!! I. Love. Him. <3 I am so happy for Hee Jin. I'm happy for Boong Do, too, but more happy for Hee Jin because at least she knows now that she's not crazy.

    Even with our OTP being apart the entire episode, I really enjoyed this episode. Thanks a bunch for the recap, HeadsNo2!

    • 27.1 panshel

      “(I know, in a normal world “just” shouldn’t come before “Dong-min”, but we’re living in a Boong-do world now.)”

      I love living in this world… I never want to leave… <3

    • 27.2 Momos

      ‘In Boong Do’s fuzzy flashbacks, why didn’t he just look down at the clothes he was wearing while he was kissing Queen In Hyun?’
      Oh, I got it now, this is the missing link with the significance of Boong Do stripping down while having flash of memory of kissing the queen (actually Hee Jin in the new car).
      This maybe also why BD wonder if any other woman can wear the queen’s costumes. He remembered only about a woman n the kissing, but he was not too clear about the who, where, when n why.
      At least this much is clear to me personally.

  28. 28 Elspeth

    Ugh! I freakin’ love this show! But what I especially loved about this episode (and reading your recap made me realize it) is that both of our leads didn’t have a reason to need the other. Their worldly status was good (especially Hee-jin) and if they just let go of their memories of each other then they would probably live a great life. So it makes the bond they share, and the romance, that much stronger because they were choosing to find each other.

    I just really love the theme in this show that Fate may have introduced them but they keep choosing to be together. It’s much more endearing and satisfying than having Fate control everything.

    • 28.1 Ning

      I like this view of yours!

      So many time, in manga especially, that girl has to be with guy because he is her redemption, and because she loves him of course. But here, they can live better forgetting each other and yet, they did the opposite. So. Romantic. Sigh, I don’t even know I like romantic until this drama comes along.

  29. 29 Kiohpi

    I think what’s more worrying is, now that they’re in this alternate universe, won’t it be harder to be together? With the whole (assuming) public eye on Dong Min and Hee Jin, this’ll be an ever bigger scandal than previously which would suck! But the world before was just so perfect! You could almost imagine that if that talisman hadn’t been sliced in half, Boong Do and Hee Jin could’ve just had a less angsty (although there could still be obstacles) romance.

    I’m so not looking forward to all the smackdown our OTP is gonna get in the future!! I’m really hoping for the traditions of romcoms to dish out their happy endings. No one’s labelled this a melo yet, so I’m holding out for the cliche!

  30. 30 Lami

    Thank you!
    I have been a silent lurker for sometime now, but decided to give credit where it is due. Due to my impulsive nature, I make due with superficial recaps elsewhere. But, I always return to read your recaps because I can appreciate your intellectual insight and savvy wit.

    Muchos gracias 😀

  31. 31 crazykel

    I also really enjoyed this episode. Perhaps the most intriguing thing in my opinion is the mysteries surrounding the talisman. In this episode, we learned that Boong-Do has access to the talisman’s power via the loyalty of Yoon Wol.

    I’m only predicting here, but what if said loyalty fades? I’m not saying that I want Yoon Wol to betray Boong-Do in any way, but as girl who harbors feelings for him, Yoon Wol’s loyalty may hinge on Boong-Do’s actions in the modern time with Hee-Jin.

    Jealousy is a green-eyed monster, after all.

    • 31.1 anais

      Yeah, that’s my concern.

      • 31.1.1 Zie

        Mine too… I love Yoon Wol and I love how the drama portray her but for how long can she be able to see him travel 300 years into the future to be with some woman and not feeling jealous. I’m afraid of what she can do.

      • 31.1.2 jomo

        I think it is something other than pure jealousy but I may be splitting hairs. What I mean is she doesn’t necessarily want him to love HER back, but she doesn’t want anyone else to be as important to him as she is.

        By giving him the amulet, she was trying to make a difference in his life – to be the one that can keep him safe. But caring that much for a person starts to feel like ownership.

        She cannot control him, nor should she really want to.
        She is desparate to hold on to him, and by advising him to just forget about the talisman since he IS safe, continues this possessiveness.

        This is a case of “Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.” She succeeded HUGELY in saving his life, but never counted on the consequences. But who can when it comes to magic? I love that in stories. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

        • anais

          she doesn’t necessarily want him to love HER back, but she doesn’t want anyone else to be as important to him as she is

          In absolute agreement.

  32. 32 IBELIS

    In episode 2 when he came riding the horse and bringing an assassin along with him, it was never shown or explained how this happened. Is there another way for Boong Do to come to the present?

    • 32.1 stratosphere

      Actually, later (I think in episode 3) there was a flashback showing how he got there. But they never gave a great explanation for how the assassin managed to follow him. I think there’s bound to be some apparent plot holes with a story like this and limited screen time–another example is how he jumped back and forth in episode 7, which was never shown–but so far, we have to assume that being on the brink of death is the only way to activate the talisman.

      • 32.1.1 Stacy

        When I watched ep 2, my initial impression was that the assassin was so close on Boong-do heels that when Boon-do was transported to the future, the assassin was sucked along with him – kinda like the horse.

        But this episode kinda nixed that idea for me. If close enough proximity would cause someone to go along for the ride, then when Boong-do gets the talisman back and is transported, one or more assassins should’ve been transported too.

        So now I’m wondering if the talisman actually opens a portal – as opposed to simply transporting its owner. If so, then the assassin in ep 2 could’ve made it through before it closed. Looking back at that scene, the special effects does make it look a lot like a portal.

        Also, my take on the talisman looking to Boong-do as its owner is that it was Boong-do’s blood that activated it to start with, back in the library in ep 1.

        • MsB

          agree. I thought there was blood somewhere.

  33. 33 Hat

    Oh thanks so much for the recap!
    This is really becoming one of my favourite dramas… time skip/travel is really tricking matter, if handled wrongly, it ends up really annoying and nonsensical, but I just love how well they handled the whole thing. Everything makes sense, incredibly, EVERYTHING!
    I’ve never seen Kim Jin-Woo in anything before, but oh my god, is he cute or what?! I could totally understand how Hee-Jin would have fallen for the sweet Dong-Min, so cute. Except Boong-do is totally sweet with his ability to learn everything quickly.
    Oh I can’t wait for jb and heads’ recaps, it makes the drama even better!
    Thanks, thanks thanks!

    • 33.1 Mystisith

      Kim Jin-woo is adorable. If BD hadn’t crashed in Hee-jin’s life i think they could have been happy together (and i usually hate the Let’s Get Back Together, Dear Ex storyline). Actually i really want Dong Min and Hee-jin’s manager to get together. Maybe Bong Doo could tamper the past so both of them would have an occasion to know each other romantically.
      -Matchmaker fantasy queen here-

  34. 34 eternalfive

    “I know, in a normal world “just” shouldn’t come before “Dong-min”, but we’re living in a Boong-do world now.” – THIS, so much. XD

    Thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2! Omg, when Boong-do caught the talisman and travelled to the future, I literally jumped around the room, clapping my hands with glee like a madwoman. 😛 The ending for this episode was so sweet! <3 And the more I watch this drama, the more I appreciate the cinematography – it's SO PRETTY and gorgeous and I'm just in love with it.

    "Boong-do, you ARE a player." – Oh yeah, definitely, whether he knows it or not. I mean gosh Boong-do, you're pretty confident in your abilities, seeing as this is the Queen we're talking about. 😉

  35. 35 shl

    Dear ladies, thanks for the awesome recaps, insightful comments, and gorgeous screenshots! I cannot imagine how many people whose days you make brighter with your writing and efforts. Our days may be more productive work-wise without your hooked-into-watching quality recaps, but they certainly wouldn’t be as delicious!

    It’s looking like a good year for kdramas, isn’t it?

  36. 36 Rong Er

    “The best part about it is that he really believes he could have done it, which means he believes he’s capable of it, which makes everything Hee-jin ever said true: Boong-do, you ARE a player.”

    Well-said:) I watched this episode prior to your recap and have not seen this situation this way. Haha… I like:)

  37. 37 Itoshi

    My favourite, favourite scene in this eps (or in any other eps maybe) is the moment he sees Hee Jin on the big screen… you could see his myriad of emotions he goes through when he remembers everything and her.. at first there is that smile, as he recognizes her, but then in seconds he shows a longing face, and is like choking his tears (from maybe, omg this girl i love her so much, and i miss her, and how could i ever forget her and i wanna see her now!!) and after that he smiles again, remembering what queen in hyun means… I mean OMG Ji Hyun Woo does it PERFECTLY… and the gayageum song in the background enhances it more..

    and the ending scene is amazing too… i especially like how Hee Jin looks at him… if only there was nobody around.. 🙂

    • 37.1 vivyip

      is there a soundtrack for the gayageum parts? (i sorta like the plucking sounds in the show…that and the music for the trailer)

  38. 38 Onichick

    I love this show so much. I was so relieved that they found each other at the end of this episode. With those two, I know things will be ok as long as they find each other.

    And I cant wait for you guys to get to next weeks episodes.

  39. 39 scarlett

    the red phone box just reminds me of how Neo and the rest of the crew in “The Matrix” teleport themselves to the real world.

  40. 40 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves


    2 THINGS

    1) “Just saw this tweet from TvN for those curious to know what happens after Queen In Hyun’s Man Episode 16 ends…

    After QIHM ends its run, there will be a 2 episode special on Queen In Hyun’s Man before I Need Romance 2 (2012) starts on 30 June 2012. ” -vingle.net c/o Luka (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4tn1mzVI41ruus1so1_500.jpg) Credit: ( http://lyrayoo.tumblr.com/post/24050085615/its-not-over-yet-squeeeee-just-saw-this-tweet )

    2) The DVD is being finalised (i.e. what to put in it etc.)


    • 40.1 Zie

      So…………. the release of the DVD is confirm now? HELL YEAH! I’m soooooooooooooooooooo gonna own it!

      Thanks for the info my delicious Nutella you so yummy Tella. (I’m not being a creep here am I?) LoL

      • 40.1.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

        Hehe, not at all… actually, my real name is Yumna, and most people shorten it to Yummy anyways, so what you said is accurate in two ways. And no one will ever be a creep to me… I shall hug everyone to my sadly-not-so-ample bosom *huggles*

        I wish I had money to buy the DVD.. it’ll probably cost upwards of $70 with shipping, waayyy out of my budget, especially since I don’t have a DVD player TT_TT

        • Meow

          Download the episodes online na.. thats very very cost effective.. Dramaload.com has pretty good prints

    • 40.2 trotwood


      Okay, I will stop jumping up and down now because my children will probably think I am crazy, but I know what I am asking for for Christmas! I usually do not buy DVDs of shows because most shows I don’t want to rewatch completely and I have just a few favorite episodes that I want to see (which I can get on the internet), but can you imagine owning the Boong-Do–Hee-Jin world? Can you imagine after that rotten day at work when no remembered the deadline and you were blamed, when you got a flat tire, when your children decided that you were too old to understand them anymore, when your students don’t listen–coming home with some hot chocolate as it rains/snows and slipping in a DVD to go back to this time again?!?!?!

      I said above that reading the recaps daily was like vitamin C, but owning the DVD would be like health insurance. Hmm, I wonder if my health insurance would cover it; could we not count this as therapy?

      • 40.2.1 The Nutella-Filled-Doughnuts Jae Ha Loves

        Your bad days and my Mama’s sound very similar *giggle* (except the fact that my mum never feels that we think she’s too old to understand us.. mainly because we never shut up ^^)

        I have all the episodes to QIHM anyway, so I won’t be traumatised, but I will be a sad nutella-panda.

        The DVD ought to count as therapy in too ways: shopping therapy and Boong Do-Hee Jin therapy. I say let it be covered o(^u^)o

    • 40.3 Mystisith

      tvN rocks. It has to be said. They are so kind and obliging to their viewers (Korean or not). I wish the other channels would understand that: We are not only passive consumers. We have a brain and a heart too… A two episodes special? Please, and thank you.

  41. 41 leddik

    I love this episode so much. I loved hysterically at the scene between Dong min and Hee jin screaming at each other in the balcony. And during the part where he was trying to establish eye contact with her was super funny. Especially when she was confused as to why he would want to do it and he was all like lovers should be able to do this. So oblivious.

    Heejin getting mad at Bong do’s supposed fiance is so funny too. See, that’s what I love about this drama. You can really see the chemistry between the two characters and you totally understand why she’d be all pissed. Even though everyone around her doesn’t get why she has feelings for a dream. Their feelings are so strong for each other, you can feel it, even through the amnesia and time difference. Great show. I hope it holds up til the end.

  42. 42 leddik

    sorry. *laughed not loved hysterically

  43. 43 Carole McDonnell

    I have no officially fallen into the Ji Hyun Woo fan club. At first I only admired Boong Do. His character is such a great creation, as is Hee Jin’s. She is such a mother hen with him sometimes, taking care of him (giving him a donut when they first meet, fastening his seat belt) and the sweetness isn’t cloying or fake. Too much innocence can be downright nauseating so she has the sweetness with a sweet competitiveness toward him, and an earnestness to get along with drama queen Jang.

    Boong Do is intelligent, playful, centered, insightful, looks hot and noble in his scholar’s Lord of Doctrines mode, and looks like the hottie sweet guy next door in regular clothes.

    But after finding Ji Hyun Woo’s band on youtube I am now a super fan of the actor singer guitarist songwriter. He has an originality that is wonderful, and that he could become that character so easily wow! Sometimes a really good singer cannot act his way out of a paperbag.
    But a true performer who is more than a singer often has major skillz. So yeah….am now totally enamoured.

    And yeah, I totally loved Boong Do’s confusion about whether he could’ve slept with the queen. One the one hand, it’s good to see him as a kind of virginal type who has had only one wife. But he may be a scholar but he is not dead and he might have left a trail of sexual escapades behind him. The sexuality of the OTP is so there. One could believe them virginal or sexually active and yet never judge. Such a great drama.

  44. 44 Zie

    Thanks for the recap headno2… ^^

    Another great episode of QIHM. I like the pacing of the drama and I like the fact that even thou, our OTP was not together but the story did not bore me a bit. I love that.

    • 44.1 Zie

      Btw, one of the reason the talisman works is due to YW’s loyalty. So, my question here if YW no longer loyal to BD, will it still work? cause I think there is the possibility taht she won’t be…

      And as for SK, I’m still holding my judgement on her and yes, what she did here is frustrated but somehow I can fully understand it. I too would do the same thing like what she did. HJ needs a wake up called. Thus SK use “I’m gonna quit if you broke up with him” card. I mean HJ in SK’s eyes was happy with DM before the accident and now she wants to break it off cause of some guy in her ‘dream’.

      And for her not telling HJ that BD is calling, would you tell your best friend that someone who is suppose to be just a dream came to life and want to talk to your best friend? Cause I know I won’t. I need to check him self first and see how will I proceed with it.

      And as for DM.. I just hope he won’t turn into a devil now that BD is back..

  45. 45 s

    I think the fact that these leads aren’t even together and we are still gobsmacked over these two episodes just means how good the story telling is as a whole. The characters are written so well and I love each and everyone of them, including irritating Dong Min (he is SO. ANNOYING) and Soo Kyung, whom I wanted to strangle.

    I was wholly entertained despite wanting to kill the abovementioned two. They are quite similar, aren’t they? Which part of Hee Jin’s physical discomfort did they not understand???? Is it Hee Jin’s kindness as a person that made them think they can impose their will on her?

  46. 46 ceire

    Simply put: this drama ticks all the right boxes.

  47. 47 Aya

    Love love and just love :)))…

  48. 48 jomo

    Thanks for the recap, Heads!
    Your explanation of the minister’s daughter clears up the confusion from the subs.
    The King says “She’s a beauty,” but the court reporter, for lack of a better term, says she’s NOT a beauty but the prettiest of the daughters. I love that this person actually writing down the history that HJ reads does his best to make it accurate, despite being slightly subversive.

    As far as him considering the possibility that he kissed the queen? My take was his shock consisted of two things: terror that he would commit that crime, with a side of, “She’s not THAT hot!”
    I realize a man could kiss a woman out of lust, but quoting Koala: “He spent nearly 30 years as a Joseon scholar, steeped in the very essence of Confucian behavior where how low one bows is perfectly timed and every word out of his mouth is correctly used depending on who he is talking to.” THAT guy is NOT just going to go after the King’s woman!

    As an aside, while watching the “ANSWER the PHONE! sequence, did anyone notice that hair stylist was doing NOTHING to HJ’s hair? The curling iron could NOT have been on. She kept wrapping the hair, or bending the hair, but to no avail. It didn’t change!

    • 48.1 Kiara

      “…with a side of, “She’s not THAT hot!”

      Lol Jomo. Too bad this isnt the Dong Yi version of Queen In-hyun because she was pretty darn gorgeous.

      I like Koala’s explanation because its helpful look at the Joseon events with that in mind and not from a 2012 mind set so I do understand her complains.

    • 48.2 gretac

      Agree re: kissing the queen is not because he’s a player. In addition to Koala’s points re: his training as a Confucian, he’s highly logical, and he’s trying to make logical sense of remembering feeling sexual with a woman in Queen’s clothing, when the only possible candidate is the queen (since in his memory time travel and actresses don’t exist), and is horrified at the idea; but what other conclusion could he possibly draw from the data he has?

  49. 49 MsB

    An absolutely refreshing drama that successfully took me out of the K2H funk! Ok, after your explanation of Soo-Kyung, I am a little less frustrated with her. Dong-Min still annoys me but still in a good way (not evil)!

  50. 50 dee

    what a good drama so far.. thanks for recaping

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