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Queen In-hyun’s Man: Episode 6
by | May 15, 2012 | 334 Comments

There’s just so much to love in this show. This episode brings us more into Hee-jin’s world, where already-established characters become all the more colorful and real. I like the fact that while the supporting characters could be drawn in large strokes, there’s an attention to detail that makes the whole ensemble a treat to watch, with a fun rapport that remains engaging all the way through. There isn’t a slow moment to be had, which can partly be chalked up to the breezy running time as well as plain ol’ good execution. No one’s complaining here.


We backtrack a bit to see how Boong-do made his daring escape, both from his assassins and the fleet of guards sent after him. Both parties comb the forest for any sign of the missing scholar, though the assassins are set on killing him before the guards find him.

Boong-do evades capture by hiding up a tree, though he’s immediately attacked on land by both assassins brandishing swords, while he is both weaponless and shoeless. He fights valiantly, but in the end finds a sword leveled at his throat. The assassin draws back to make the killing blow…

And poof! The talisman is at work again, transporting Boong-do from near-death in Joseon times to near-death in the present, by plunking him right in the middle of a busy street. He rolls to safety just in time, though he seems slightly confused that he’s still bleeding from the temple (from that arrow wound earlier). Well, at least we know the time skips aren’t a magical cure-all.

He’s able to find modern clothes by dawn, though the wound continues to bleed. He comes upon a bustling tourist spot and for the first time we see our hero look truly lost in this world he doesn’t understand, now compounded due to the separation between him and the only thing he knows here – Hee-jin.

But fate is on his side as he finds a forgotten purse, with a wallet and maybe more importantly, a tourist’s guide to Korea. (In Chinese, which he can read!) He smiles – this’ll come in handy.

Back in Joseon times, the ranking official presiding over Jeju Island has to hear the bad news that Boong-do escaped, with not even a trace of him to be found. It’s with resignation that he’s forced to write a letter to his superiors of Boong-do’s escape.

Meanwhile, smartypants Boong-do uses the tourist’s guide to his full advantage – enough to find a pharmacy for some first aid supplies. His photographic memory also allowed him to memorize the different types of money, so he’s even able to pay correctly. Did I mention how much I love him?

While the messenger with the official’s letter goes on his way in Joseon, Boong-do sets to adjusting himself in modern times. He eyes a pair of scissors somewhat dubiously before giving himself a perfect haircut, and patches up his head wound with his newly-bought supplies.

That guide might be the best thing that’s ever happened to him. He even learns that what would take two weeks of travel in his time (from Jeju to the capital) takes only an hour by airplane. Meanwhile, the rider sent to deliver the news of Boong-do’s escape is forced to take that two week journey.

Now we make it back to the phone call, where even Hee-jin is stumped as to how he got her number. She escapes Soo-kyung’s prying as Boong-do tells her that he memorized her number from a post-it note she wrote. “At that time, I didn’t know what it was, so I just decided to remember it. Isn’t it useful?” I wish I could just decide to remember useful things.

Hee-jin is like, but you died from an illness! Boong-do informs her in a very matter of fact way that it wasn’t illness, but poison put into his food. She’s shocked that anyone would be out to kill him, but this is all part and parcel to Boong-do: “My family was killed like that. It’s not a rare matter.”

Turns out he’s calling her from the airport, and has a question about IDs. Soo-kyung hunts Hee-jin down (man, she is nothing if not persistent), and demands to know who Hee-jin is talking to. In a hurry, Hee-jin mentions a mutual friend named Yun-chul.

Ha – and wouldn’t you know it, he has about the same height and build as Boong-do, and even dresses like him. Hee-jin asks to borrow his ID in exchange for a picture, with the intent of giving it to Boong-do.

We find our girls on the next flight to Jeju, with Soo-kyung fuming in her seat. Hee-jin cheerfully reminds her manager that they have plenty of time before the broadcast tonight, and dispels her worries about the suspicious grad student without an ID.

And when words fail and Soo-kyung’s dogged questions persist, Hee-jin just pretends like she can’t hear her due to the air pressure, ha. Soo-kyung takes on the role of a worried friend – Hee-jin went down this same path with Dong-min, and look how that turned out?

Hee-jin: “Don’t worry, this time it’s the last. There’s really no reason to meet him anymore.” But that last sentence is said with an air of sadness, since she doesn’t want it to be true. Adorably, she avoids further questioning by plugging her ears again, then cuddles up with Soo-kyung to keep her friend’s mood from going too sour.

We cut to a photo shoot on a windswept cliff with Na-jung and a reluctant Dong-min, who’d rather have a photo shoot with Hee-jin. He’s adorably cheeky and honest about preferring Hee-jin in all things, which makes his already nervous manager practically hopping because the stylists can overhear everything, and he’s got to protect his actor’s image.

When it’s his turn to pose next to Na-jung, he tells his manager that if it were Hee-jun he’d practically cartwheel over. But because it’s Na-jung, he makes a BIG show of the struggle it takes to walk over, as if his feet are weighed down. Hahaha.

Dong-min taunts Na-jung by asking her if she knows why he’s not dating Hee-jin – because he’s waiting for her to reach Na-jung’s level of fame. The actress scoffs. He’ll be waiting thirty years, then.

While waiting in the airport, Boong-do again thinks over his conversation with the monk and the meaning of the talisman. I like that he considers it so seriously (as well he should). But his eyes end up fixated on the TV screen where a trailer of Hee-jin’s upcoming drama plays, and time stands still for him as his eyes remain transfixed on her face.

Hee-jin finds him in the airport, and teases him with a sigh: What would he do without her? She’s put off by his serious facial expression, and he asks her if she’s playing the role of the queen (he just figured out what an actor does).

She puffs up – he must have seen the trailer. “Now you believe me! I told you I’m Queen In-hyun. I’m the one you’re risking your life to protect!” But his response is a smile, which has her on the rise. Is he trying to say she’s not fit to be queen?

Boong-do: “It’s the first time that I find you beautiful.”

Ha. It’s sort of a backwards compliment if you think about it, but Hee-jin seems to take it all the same. He tells her that he prefers her in hanbok (the traditional clothes she wore in the trailer) rather than what she’s wearing now. I like that touch, because it just makes sense. Why wouldn’t his beauty standards carry over from his own time?

Still, even she recognizes that it sounds more like an insult than a compliment. So did he honestly think she was ugly before? He just gives her his trademark smile, which is pretty much a ‘yes’ in the land of Boong-do. She scoffs, half-joking, that she’s offended and doesn’t know about helping him anymore.

But Boong-do, quick on the uptake, informs her that they should be even now. After all, he’s learned what the meaning of player is – and he assures her that he is not one. So with her seeing him as a player, and him seeing her as ugly, they should be even now. I don’t know why that’s so funny, but it is – he totally acknowledges that he thought she was ugly. Pfft. I love his honesty, but maybe learning a white lie or two wouldn’t hurt.

Hee-jin does some finagling to get Soo-kyung to agree to the three of them flying together back to Seoul, citing that it’s Boong-do’s first time on a plane. But more important than that, she asks her manager if a hanbok really suits her more. Does it show a more dignified side of her? Ha, I love that she took the positive side of his compliment.

But Soo-kyung, ever wary of Boong-do, shoots him a look that says, I’ve got my eye on you.

They’ve got a little time before their flight leaves, so Soo-kyung ends up as the third wheel on their coffee date. Hee-jin warns Boong-do against using ancient words around her manager, since that will only arouse her suspicions. Boong-do is already on it – he’s got the guide, remember? – and even says ‘thank you’ with a modern intonation.

Soo-kyung wants Boong-do to pay for the coffee, clearly trying to test whether he’s a freeloader or not. But Hee-jin insists on paying because she knows money will be of use to him in Seoul, which has her manager stomping off in a fit. “Your friend seems to hate me,” Boong-do notes. Hee-jin tells him not to mind, but he catches Soo-kyung’s less than subtle gaze ordering him over for a friendly chit chat.

She takes the stance that being a manager is no different from being Hee-jin’s family, and starts rattling off questions, like what university did he attend? She warned him explicitly about telling lies, so he tells her the truth: Sungkyunkwan. Ha! Of course she thinks he’s talking about the modern Sungkyunkwan, and not the Joseon academy. But hey, it’s the truth.

I love that the tide starts turning on Soo-kyung, since every answer Boong-do has makes it sound like he’s a big deal. Ahaha – she has to keep checking her reactions to maintain her tough facade, but it’s so apparent that what started out as a harsh interrogation has now turned into a potential match interview.

The usual questions are asked about his parents (dead), finances (inheritance), what his father did (national affairs, which she takes to mean public service, and literally gets giddy at the thought), etc. Soo-kyung excuses herself to basically squee outside – everything about him is positive, and a stark difference to Hee-jin’s latest suitors. If only she knew that all of his assets are frozen three hundred years in the past.

Hee-jin finally joins him for coffee, but practically does a spit-take when Boong-do asks her why she dropped everything to come running. She keeps trying to pass it off, but he’s persistent – isn’t she a busy person? She’s a bit stumped on how to respond, and claims that she was honestly worried after reading about his untimely death… and anyway, she came here to help, so why is he interrogating her instead of saying thanks?

He smiles and claims he just wanted to know the reason. “A master I know of once told me that nothing is incidental. The last time we met was probably because of fate. But this time, it was because I wanted to see you that I contacted you. And you also came here because you wanted to see me. So clearly it is not karma. Because of the talisman that I have with me, I met you. That’s why you came all the way here. This fate, what incidents it will cause, and what effect comes of it… aren’t you curious?”

But poor Hee-jin looks mighty confused at all the words that just came at her. He wanted to have a philosophical discussion about the ramifications of fate, but her head hurts. Ha.

In what seems to be a Secret Garden shout out, Hee-jin ends up with some cappuccino foam on her upper lip, which Boong-do doesn’t hesitate to wipe away with his thumb. He tries to explain his whole concept using simpler terms of cause and effect. “You disregarding the foam is the cause,” he informs her. “Me wiping it is the effect.”

But the touch seems to have affected her more than she’s letting on. In the sense that resistance is swiftly becoming futile, she blames him for being a player. Boong-do claims he was just trying to explain, but she fires back, “Using this method to explain is called flirting, you player.” Haha. Her theory? Him being like this is the cause, so her calling him a player is the effect. He just laughs, which she now recognizes as his go-to tactic when he has nothing to say. Cause and effect.

In Joseon times, Minister Min hears from one of his spies that they’ve lost track of Yoon-wol and another one of Boong-do’s attendants (Han-dong). While in the present, Boong-do tells Hee-jin that he’s here to find out whether it’ll be Minister Min’s death, or his own.

With an affronted gasp, Hee-jin wonders if he means to kill him. He reassures her that revenge isn’t only by killing – there’s politics, too. Isn’t this era like that? HA. Astute observation.

And Minister Min, remembering Boong-do’s card analogy, becomes incensed at the thought that he’s conspiring against him. But like Boong-do predicted, he can’t begin to imagine how.

Looks like Soo-kyung has caught Boong-do Fever like the rest of us, since she’s singing his praises on the flight home. Boong-do sits next to a boy with a book on airplanes (what luck), and is completely adorable as usual. Although he does seem a teensy bit afraid of flying.

And Minister Min looks like he’s losing it. What is Boong-do’s hidden card?

HAHA. As the plane starts taking off, Boong-do’s eyes widen, and for whatever reason Hee-jin thinks that miming the act of flying to him will make him feel better. It’s hilarious.

Dong-min is on the same flight, and gives the flight attendant a hard time when she offers “anything” but can’t get him a first class seat. He’s peeved over his manager’s scheduling slight, because he hasn’t had to sit in coach for three years. Aww, poor baby. Life is hard, isn’t it?

His manager tries to appease him by saying that Na-jung is in coach class too, but that hardly makes him feel any better. A cursory look toward the back of the plane lands his gaze on Boong-do, who he recognizes as the psycho stalker from the hospital.

His manager spies Hee-jin also on the flight, and compounded with the stalker, the two have a moment of revelation. Thinking that her stalker followed her into the plane, they devise a plan. Dong-min girds his loins.

Hilariously, both Boong-do and Dong-min lock gazes, with the Hallyu star miming a Robert De Niro-esque version of I’m watching you, and you’re going down.

Dong-min has the authorities alerted on the ground, but becomes alarmed when Boong-do approaches Hee-jin. He’s recognized Dong-min and tells her that he might have to do his disappearing act – is there a private place he can go? Okay, Boong-do, let’s think about this for a second. If the talisman is as exact as it seems to be and you time-traveled from here, aren’t you afraid you’ll end up 30,000 feet in the Joseon air sans a plane?

This scene looks much different to Dong-min, who thinks her psycho stalker is planning something nefarious. Determined to be the hero, Dong-min attempts a leaping kick at Boong-do in the aisle, which our scholar evades. The flight attendants take hold of him shortly after.

Now they have the attention of the entire plane, and they’re instantly recognized. Against his manager’s orders, Dong-min volunteers to explain to the passengers what happened, and takes on a very press-friendly way of speaking as he paints the picture with him as the hero, which has the entranced audience ooh-ing and aww-ing.

Hee-jin watches him get taken away, conflicted. Finally she stands up and demands to know why they’re taking him to the police – he’s not a stalker. Soo-kyung closes her eyes – she knows they’re in for some trouble. She explains that she bought the tickets and that they boarded together, which has Dong-min wondering why.

Hee-jin: “Because… he’s my boyfriend.”

Dong-min is floored as she takes charge of the situation, which ends up being like an announcement to the entire plane. They’re to call the police and explain the misunderstanding at once. Soo-kyung fans herself, this is bad news.

To prove her point, Hee-jin walks straight up to Boong-do and interlaces her fingers with his. One of the girls in the aisle says astutely that Dong-min just became a complete joke, which, yikes.

People are staring and taking pictures, but Hee-jin and Boong-do remain in their own little world, their faces barely apart. She wants him to say something, but he remains quiet, his eyes fixated only on her. “Us becoming lovers… What will be the outcome of it?” she asks.

A small smile graces his face, and they stare deeply at one another.


There’s something about the close proximity in that last moment that had me reaching for a fan. Whew.

I like that Boong-do is not only using the talisman as an advantage in his time (i.e. avoiding death), but is now using it in the present to maneuver himself in the past. The fact that he could grasp how convenient modern transportation really is has me thinking that he’ll put that knowledge to good use, with a very high chance of making it back to Hanyang long before the messenger carrying the news of his escape does. Even if he does it just to blow Minister Min’s mind, I’ll count it as a win. He seems like he’s teetering on the edge of sanity anyway.

Boong-do’s desire to use the talisman on the plane did have me thinking about the time-traveling rules, though I doubt it would be in this drama’s favor for Boong-do to transport himself from a high rise building and end up in a Joseon tree. It’d still be pretty funny, though.

What this show does excel at, and what was especially shown here, is the juxtaposition between the Joseon/Minister Min scenes and the modern scenes. You’d think that jumping back and forth three hundred years in a matter of seconds would be jarring, but it’s shot and edited in such a way that lets us know that these two men are still very much at odds in a very real way, one that transcends the boundaries of time. Boong-do just has an ace in the pocket that he’s not against using, and I have to respect his resourcefulness. Along with every other thing about him.

Most of the bigger conflict up until this point has been centered around Boong-do’s life (and death) in the high-stakes game of Joseon politics, but this episode introduced us to the conflict he could bring to Hee-jin’s life. It’s no longer just about the smaller conflicts of their romance (which are plenty engaging and addicting) insulated from the public eye. Even though Hee-jin’s stakes may not be as high when you compare them directly, she’s a product of a different time, so it’s nice to see her world mean something and hold its own.



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      Our InGwa couple are Jjang and adorable. ^^

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      SeGa’s scene gets points because it came out of nowhere and hit us SMACK dab in the ooomph!
      QIHM gets points because most of us expected something and what we got was an extremely sexy and assertive move by BD, which he proceeds to explain/excuse using philosophical terms!!
      There needs to be a place in heaven for writers who make us spaz using our bodies and brains…

      I am going to spell this wrong, but because of this scene, they are calling them the Il-kwa couple.

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      I agree with Zie and jomo. What we actually ended up with was just as sweet if not much more intimate than a regular ol’ smooch. Just think, how common is it for people to touch lip to lip? Even by KDrama standards, kissing scenes are a dime a dozen but touching someone’s mouth with your fingers is an extremely intimate and caring act on a scale which is rarely seen outside of interactions between children and their mothers.

      Personally, I can totally picture putting my face up to someone else’s and going in for a kiss…imagining putting my hand out to someone’s face and wiping away cappucino foam from their lips…somehow much more difficult!

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    Anyway, I LOVE this show, and I love your recap. Boong-do is so smart and so cheeky, and Hee-jin’s got buckets of courage and adorableness. tvn sure is churning out winning dramas lately!

    • 16.1 anais

      You know, I think the show has been playing a little loose with the altitude issue. A later episode pokes a little fun at the whole altitude / locale issue, whereas you’re right that he did time jump from modern-day 13th floor onto solid ground in Joseon woods.

      • 16.1.1 NiaPop

        Yeah you are right, it was the 13th floor. If you look carefully the place where the hospital is in modern times, is a cliff in the past. Landscapes change all the time. Especially when humans want them to. He was just lucky that there was a cliff for him there. Or at least that is what I got out of it.

      • 16.1.2 spjork

        In the latest episode, when BD time jumps back in Jeju, he’s sitting on a bench in modern times and then flat on his hiney once he’s back in Joseon so…according to the show, altitude does matter.

        The hospital jump did bother me as it was in a suite on the 13th floor BUT I’m going to have to go with NiaPop’s theory about cliffs and changing landscapes because I love this show too much not to excuse away any and all glaring oversights/plot holes.

        • javabeans

          I’m going with the interpretation that altitude is less crucial than actual coordinates. Although I had the thought that warping was an impossibility in the air (due to the ocean below); I thought Boong-do wanted to lock himself in the lavatory until they landed.

          In the bench incident, I’m thinking he fell because he was in a sitting position, not because of the altitude. Had he been standing (even on a different floor), he would’ve been fine.

          • Swye

            Ahh… didn’t see this before I posted, but that’s exactly what I think.

          • spjork

            Ahhh, I see what you and Swye mean. Your ‘coordinates only’ theory would rather neatly wrap up in a bow any inconsistencies relating to dimension/space (yay!).

            What I think I’ve done, though, is to confuse the separate issues of altitude and objects in space between the two times. What does exist in one time does indeed have a bearing on BD when it doesn’t exist in another- but as you both pointed out, it’s only because BD was reacting to a certain object (crouching) that he was affected!


        • Swye

          I think he fell flat on his ass because he was sitting when he did the time travelling. If he had been sitting on the hospital bed when he recited the mantra, I think he would have fallen flat to the ground, but because he was standing he was fine. I thought it wasn’t the fact that he was higher than ground level that made him fall, but the fact that he was in such an odd posture sans the bench. Now if he had laid flat on the bench, he would just end up lying flat on the ground without having to experience the fall.

          wow that was long-winded, but hopefully that made sense. I could be completely off the mark, but that’s what I was thinking.

    • 16.2 Arhazivory

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    • 19.1 Zie

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      Anyway, there is scene between Boong Do and Soo-kyung that I think I need another opinion of what exactly Boong Do said..

      I think those who watched episode 8 would know what I meant. ^^

      • 19.1.1 Kira

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        The subs made it seem like he accidentally called her his wife. Did that actually happen?!
        (Spoiler end)

        • Swye

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        • CM

          Exactly! I want an answer from a person that is Korean on that scene! I still can’t believe my eyes…. I had to pause and re-watch the scene and I’m still confused

        • javabeans

          I never heard him call her wife. Mistranslation perhaps?

          • Kiara

            I think the only wife he ever mentioned was the one that was killed together with his parents. I hope thats not another mistranslation lol.

          • tarianant


            He was talking with SK when she asked him about why he doesnt have a cellphone, and he answered he doesn’t know anybody but “처자” Darksmurf translated it as “my wife”.

            I googled it, it could also means “lady”.
            Is it indeed mistranslation?

          • javabeans

            Mistranslation. He’s been calling Hee-jin that to her face the whole series, which is an antiquated form of saying “you.” (Literally, he’s calling her “lady” in the third person.) When he uses the word with Soo-kyung, he starts to say, “Lady…” then corrects himself because it’s a Joseon word and sounds strange. He then uses her name, “Choi Hee-jin-sshi…”

            Okay, enough spoilery deviation! I do hope we can stick to the episode at hand, just ’cause I don’t want to ruin things for people.

          • tarianant

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    I realise here and in latter episodes that Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na spend less time together compare to Yoo In Na and the Dong Min (I dont know his real name) but the chemistry between Hyun Woo and In Na are Soooo out of this world.

    When they are together, locking eyes or just there side by side, I feel like my computer screen are about to explode. Even my heart beat for fast and I keep on saying OMG OMG OMG. Its unbearable but at the same time I’m loving it so much.

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    Both Hyun Woo and In Na are lucky to have each other in this drama.

    • 22.1 JC

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    and theyve got the cutest chemistry, and the whole longing staring thing down.

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          • Lizzie

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          • Kiara

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    LOL ! i hadn’t thought about that, but now that you’ve pointed it out…. it’s really funny.

    Maybe the writers didn’t thought about that too. I mean, since the beginning of the show, they are showing us a guy who is really intelligent and who think before act. Based on his character… he wouldn’t have done that.

    Anyway, thanks for the recap!
    I love this show, i love Hee Jin and Bong Do. The two of them are CUTES !

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        Queen In-hyuns man

        Sorry for not giving you the link as I’m not sure if I should.. >_<"

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      It can take me from low to very high in an instant, I physically miss it when I don’t have it, and I will do almost anything to get it…

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    Thanks for the awesome recap!

    • 33.1 ladida

      Oh, and so many great screencaps of Bong Do and Hee Jin’s smiling here! I could just stare at this post for hours.

    • 33.2 kip

      i LOVE soo kyung. her facial expressions are freakin hilarious. she’s a good friend that keeps hee jin in check.

    • 33.3 jomo

      I love Soo-kyung! No matter how big a reaction the script calls for, she never seems over the top, even when she is over the top. It takes a nuanced actor to be able to play THIS big and not seem to be over acting.

      No matter how much she complains, she totally loves HJ.

      Think about it, she didn’t HAVE to get on the plane and go to Jejudo. I think SK is just as curious about the hatted wonder as HJ is. OK, she is a LOT more suspicious, but even before the interrogation, she knew he was going to be special.

    • 33.4 Stacy

      “Dong frikkin’ Min. It is so delicious (and hilarious) to see an arrogant ego bag publicly deflated.”

      True that. But was I the only one who thought “uh-oh”? Up until now he’s simply been a charming rascal that you can’t help but like even though you dislike his arrogance. But now that he’s been publicly humiliated, I can see him taking a more severe dislike to Boong Do and taking stronger action to separate BD and HJ and win over HJ. Basically, this might be the impetus for him to get serious over HJ instead of her being his crush of the week.

      • 33.4.1 ladida

        Yes! I saw the previews for 9/10, and I’m kind of afraid that his pursuit of Hee Jin is gonna go from exasperating but funny to actually a threat to the Boong Do-Hee Jin relationship. I love that the drama doesn’t have a love triangle, that it’s just Hee Jin and Boong Do and no one stands a chance of getting in between them. They’re so adorable!

    • 33.5 am

      I love Hee Jin’s relationship with Soo Kyung! I love how the writers developed the characters and how the actors understand each other and each other’s characters and how well guided they are by the director.

      There’s that balance between everything (oh let me refrain myself from quoting something from episode 9!!!)

      But gosh! Soo Kyung’s reaction at the cafe when Hee Jin told her about Boong Do dying from 300 years ago was just loltastic! Plus her talk/interrogation with Boong Do at the Jeju Cafe!!!

  34. 34 bishbash

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    • 36.1 Princess61

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      • 36.1.1 Lazy Goose

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    • 36.2 Kittymommy

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      credit to the uploader…enjoy!

      • 36.2.1 jomo

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    The real Ji Hyun Woo are the few actors who attended and graduated from Sungkyunkwan University. He major in Theatre.

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    • 39.1 occupyKBD

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      • 39.1.1 ClaraD

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        I know that few celebs like Song Jong Ki, Moon Geun Young, Goo Hye Sun and Joo Won and Uee went there too.

      • 39.1.2 Oly

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        Some info for non-Koreans: SKK in Joseon and modern SKKU is the same. 😉
        SKK was established in 1398 and Japanese abolished it during the Japanese occupation(1910-1945).
        But after liberation, it was reopened as private Univ in 1946.

        So now, if you come to SKKU campus, you can see many buildings at that time and cultural heritage. They’re still in being and well preserved: Jongyeonggak (Library), Dongjae and Seojae (Dormitories), Bicheon-dang (Examination building) and so on. Maybe they’re familiar to you becuz of Sungkyunkwan Scandal! 😉

        And Traditional Korean Village, Bukchon (which is Boong-do live! lol but not buildings at that time) and old palaces from Joseon are five-minute bus away from the campus..

        • fan

          Really Top 5? Time must’ve changed. When I left in late 70s, it was not. LOL. (btw I went to Seoul Univ so it could be my prejudice)

          • javabeans

            I just had this conversation with the parents. According to them SKKU had not been a top school for a while, until Samsung started pouring tons of money into it in the ’80s, and it drastically improved and became a top school.

          • Ginko

            SKKU has been in the top 5 for more than decade now, like Javabeans said, it started when Samsung pouring tons of money into the university.

            The Sungkyunkwan University library we saw in Ep4 is one in a few libraries of the university. The Jongyeonggak Library as Oly mentioned and the Central Library are in Seoul campus. There are other ones, and the one in Ep4 is actually called “Sungkyunkwan University – Samsung Library” in Suwon (natural sciences campus). This digital library represents the symbol of an open book which is symbolic of analog information, as well as an image of a ginkgo leaf – the symbol of Sungkyunkwan University (source: SKKU’s website).

            I was an exchanged student at Suwon campus, but I left before the new building opened in 2009, it’s a shame I didn’t have a chance to enjoy the facilities in the library, but you see, that library is a spectacular environment for learning.

        • momosa

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          and ladida, yes…it’s OCCUPY KIM BOONG DO. do you want to join this ‘movement’? haha… (whenever i see ‘anonymous’ name, i can’t help picture that guy fawks mask and occupy wall street mm, but this is a k-drama blog so i change from activist mode to a fangirl one. ^^)

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    • 45.1 Rossi

      As far as I know, he’s fictional creation by this awesome writer 😀

      • 45.1.1 Kiara

        Oh I didnt see your post. I must have been typing mine when you post yours :).

    • 45.2 Kiara

      Betty I believe Kim Boong Do does not exist in history. The writers are so good that they make us believe he was somehow real.

      • 45.2.1 s

        OMG really??? But the book he was reading in the library looked like the actual thing! Now it makes sense why no one in the Chinese forum went ballistic in searching for the real Boong Do: there is nothing to find XD

        • alert

          Maybe that’s the whole point the writers are playing around with.

          The reason he’s not in the ‘real’ history is because he chose to be in the ‘future’ with Hee Jin, thus his existance 300 years ago is deleted heee.

          Thus, a happy ending to this drama! 🙂

          • jomo

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            It makes sense!
            Can you imagine if he ended up teaching at SKK?
            I would go to there and major in Joseon history!

          • Kiara

            I’m with you because I desperately wants a happy ending for our couple……But how is that going to happen?. His name is already on the history books. There has to be a really good explanation for it to suddenly disappear in 2012.

            Maybe Boong Do and Hee-jin are the only one who can see it?. If he was an important part of Queen In-hyun’s reinstatement I think that there should have been a Boong Do character in Hee-jin’s drama but there’s none.

          • jomo

            They have already changed history, and what is in the books; they can change it again.
            If he disappears in the past, they may report him as dead.
            Then he can live here with us and we can visit him in Seoul.

          • Kiara

            Yea they have changed some so far but what about those who have read it before he changed it?. Is it also being erased from their memory too?. Maybe I’m missing something because it doesnt make sense to me.

          • jomo

            The way I see it, what happened before the change is gone forever. NOBODY knows about it, but our OTP.

            But we are still mid-story, so it can still change several times. Every time he goes back, he changes it again.

            So when everything happens that is going to happen, they will still be the only ones to know all the versions of history. Meaning what happend before doesn’t matter anymore, just the final events.

          • Kiara

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            Thank you Jomo. I think I should stick to being a crazy Boong Do fan-girl for the rest of the show lol.

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