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Queen In-hyun’s Man: Episode 8
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This show brings a whole new level to the concept of distance dating, while some excellent swoon-worthy moments serve as padding for the inevitable drama to come. We get a bit more introspective as our characters navigate love over a three-hundred year divide, with one word or glance speaking volumes more than exposition ever could. I love that the sense of falling in love is so palpable here, helped along by sparkling chemistry, music that conveys a sense of longing, and a general, all-around synergy. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


The privacy screen moment between our two lovebirds ends, leaving Dong-min huffing and puffing enough to blow the house down. He returns to the filming set in the same foul mood, with Na-jung there to jokingly refer to him as “Your Highness,” and to ask how the lunch resolution went.

Dong-min all but orders her to have a drink with him after the shoot, but changes his tune when the director comes. After assuring him that the lunch went well he offers up a story suggestion… how about poisoning Queen In-hyun to death?

But the director points out that a king who wants to kill his ex-wife just because he’s sick and tired of her, as Dong-min said, makes him a psycho. Dong-min comes back with this long tirade about how King Sukjong was a psycho anyway with all his waffling about on wives. Ha.

Hee-jin is next to arrive on set and gets the news of some script changes due to the actor playing Lady Jang’s brother being in the hospital. There are some other changes that furrow her brow (uh oh), and she goes straight to the director… who has no idea what she’s talking about.

She recounts what she’d previously memorized about the gapsul hwanguk event, where King Sukjong purged the Soron faction for conspiring against Queen In-hyun and reinstated her to the throne (with Lady Jang being demoted as a result). The script reflects a slightly different version of the events, even though the end result is the same. The only problem is, the director and staff seem completely unaware that there was ever another version of the event. Only Hee-jin remembers.

Luckily, she’s quick on the uptake and remembers that Boong-do had mentioned a score to settle with Minister Min, and correctly guesses that he might have altered history.

So she turns to the internet to read the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, and is shocked at how different the events are. What she reads is what we saw in the previous episode, with Boong-do manipulating events so that Minister Min was caught red-handed in his attempt to kill the queen. The end result is the same, with Minister Min and his cohorts being exiled, but there’s a tiny addition where Kim Boong-do was cleared of charges and reinstated.

Soo-kyung is still at the cafe with Boong-do, and finally picks up her phone after multiple attempts by Hee-jin. She’s forced to hand it over to Boong-do, who claims he hasn’t left yet because he needs Soo-kyung – as to the ‘why,’ it’s a secret.

She’s eager to tell him about the changed events in her script, to which he calmly replies that he had to save his own life and tried to change the fate of others as little as possible. Now that it’s all settled (Queen In-hyun is back on the throne), he feels relieved. He quotes another proverb (“The planning lies with man, the outcome with heaven”) which has her scratching her head. He’s quick to try and put it in simpler terms, but she thinks he’s making fun of her intellect.

He defends himself – he wasn’t making fun of her, he was reproaching himself. As for the history matter that only the two of them know, he seems much less concerned than she is.

Now we find out what Boong-do needed Soo-kyung for – he wants to know what Hee-jin needs most, because he wants to give it to her. Soo-kyung: “You want to give her a present?” Aww.

She’s sure that whatever it is, Boong-do can’t afford it due to Hee-jin’s expensive tastes. She wants to know what his budget is, though he’s insistent that it doesn’t matter… and pulls out a few one-million won checks. Soo-kyung is floored, until he pulls out another, even bigger stack of bills. (Where did he get all this cash money from? Did he time-warp into a bank vault?)

With wide eyes, she wonders what kind of man walks around with that kind of cash sans a wallet. Smart cookie Boong-do doesn’t know what that is until he sees someone using one nearby, and tells her that he didn’t have the time. I love that he knows what to say to appease Soo-kyung, and when.

And the icing on the cake? He remembers how touched Hee-jin was at his heroic timing, and wants to do something corny and romantic like that for her to go with the gift. He asks Soo-kyung for advice, and my heart just flutters.

Back in Joseon, Minister Min is being carted off to exile. His main henchman Ja-soo edges near the cart and receives the order to investigate Boong-do, a man who entered a room and disappeared like smoke. If Minister Min is to die, he wants Boong-do to go with him.

Hee-jin is stuck filming into the night, and a frenzied Soo-kyung arrives on scene during one of the breaks… and begins to frantically wave her arms about in an attempt to mime her conversation with Boong-do along with her complete disbelief. Even better – Hee-jin starts signing back, so both girls are just flailing about. Hahaha.

When they can finally speak, Soo-kyung is properly frazzled. She doesn’t have words to explain her day with Boong-do so she mimed it – how can an actor not understand? (Ha!) She’s conflicted about Boong-do’s seemingly perfect perfection, and doesn’t know whether to encourage Hee-jin into this relationship or not. In the end her shoulders slump, and it’s with an air of defeat (like there’s no way she can’t like Boong-do) that she tells Hee-jin to go find her boyfriend, who’s waiting for her.

Hee-jin heads out, with Boong-do in a car a few feet away. He eyes the key studiously, before repeating the steps he’s memorized to start and drive the car. Haha. Scholar versus Car, welcome to the thunderdome.

He heads straight for Hee-jin, and remembers how to stop just in time before poking his head out of the window so she can recognize him. (I love that he has the steps memorized in numeric order. How much do you want to bet that he practiced the heck out of this grand gesture?)

She’s completely shocked – what is he doing driving a car? We’ve gone through nine steps in the Boong-do School of Driving, and the tenth step is to hand over the key to Hee-jin. Aww. Did he get her a car?

Closing her fingers around the key, he tells her to accept it as payment for her kindness to him. Gesturing to the car, he asks if this is what she wanted more than anything (she had to sell her previous car for rent money). Proudly, he tells her that learning to drive was much easier than riding a horse. Ha.

Hee-jin is speechless at first. Why does he do these things straight out of a manhwa? “Your friend said that if I did something this corny, you would love it,” he explains. Double aww. Add a side of swoon to that too, super sized.

At first she’s ecstatic, but then a thought occurs to her: did he steal it? He replies that he’s not a thief, but she points out that he has to steal clothes all the time. Ha. He reminds her that the clothes thing is different, and that he wanted to give her something more – but the car took all the money he had. He brandishes the one bill he has left over.

He explains how he got the money… by selling his father’s relic. Awww. It once belonged to King Taejo, the first king of the Joseon Dynasty, which is a pretty big deal. Even he knows it, because he thinks that he might have gotten scammed on the amount he was given for it. Boong-do: “Whether it’s now or then, the merchants have their tricks.” Ha.

She’s definitely moved by the gesture, though he notes her hesitancy and claims it’s not in keeping with her character, which he describes as “Someone shameless, but charming.” Oh boy. Boong-do is lucky Hee-jin is so positive, because he’s got a bit of a ways to go in the compliments department.

She asks if he’s insulting her, even though she knows he isn’t, and he replies that it’s a positive thing: “I sincerely think that you are charming.” Hee-jin puffs up at the compliment, even more so when he explains that if his father were still alive, he’d repay her kindness as well. Besides, it’s not like he can take the car back to Joseon.

When she finally accepts the gift, he laughs outright. She is shameless, but he’s right – she’s super charming while she’s at it. She decides to show him what real driving is and takes the car for a happy spin around the parking lot, laughing all the while as she circles around the standing Boong-do. Be still, my heart.

Things take a more serious turn as she begins to see Boong-do in a different light, and we can practically see her falling in love. Who can blame her?

So it’s with desperation and a hint of sorrow that she tries to name him as a con artist and a swindler – because any of those options would be better than him being from another era. She admits how hard it is to find someone you like, even if you don’t understand why. She asks again if everything was a lie, wanting so much for it to be true.

Boong-do seems to know this, and responds that yes, everything was a lie. She knows as well as he does that it isn’t, and calls him a liar. Aww, sad.

Ushering him into the car, she explains that he may think it’s just for transportation, but there’s another purpose… and kisses him.

Afterward she’s back to her bubbly self, though Boong-do’s face looks troubled and serious. Just as she’s about to leave the car he grabs her close, and after a slightly hesitant test kiss on his end, the two share a gentler, longer kiss.

They’re interrupted by a crew member whose job specialty is bad timing, and Boong-do muses that maybe selling that relic wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Hahaha. Hee-jin knows she has to leave, though no part of her wants to go.

She wants to know what he’ll do from here, and he explains that he’ll return to Jeju so that he can be found (still in exile) and reinstated to his position in Hanyang. She worries that he’ll have to return to daily life and get married while he’s there, even though he assures her that he’ll come back in about a month, once things are settled in his time. “Do you have any reason to come here anymore?” Hee-jin asks.

Boong-do: “My lover is here. Isn’t that a reason? Didn’t I say that I would try my best to be your lover?” Hee-jin’s jaw pops open. Wasn’t that just for today? He reminds her of the conversation they had on the plane, where she asked how things would end if they became lovers.

He tells her that several days of thought haven’t sorted out an answer, but until he knows, he’ll keep looking for her. Only if she agrees, and as long as he doesn’t misunderstand with whom he’s to do her special brand of goodbye kissing with. D’aww.

Hee-jin’s got a hope in her head and a song in her heart the next morning, greeting a drowsy Soo-kyung from her spot on cloud nine. Her manager can’t figure Boong-do out and asks for the truth – and hilariously, Hee-jin tells her the whole truth. You know, that he’s from the past. She knows Soo-kyung won’t believe it, and it’s enough to get her off the subject for now.

A kind old man sweeping the streets spots Hee-jin and laments that she hasn’t moved out of her crummy neighborhood even with such a nice car. While driving she touches her lips, remembering the kiss, and we flash back to see the end of her conversation with Boong-do. She wanted to go on a real date when they meet again in a month and spend the whole day together, only he didn’t know what a “date” was. She told him she’d explain when they see each other again.

And Boong-do, in modern-day Jeju, travels to his time-skip spot and finds his Joseon clothes hidden where he left them. I guess he did wear a topknot toupee when he was the Dark Avenger, because now he’s walking around with a modern haircut in Joseon clothes, and it’s just funny.

He uses the talisman to jump back while he’s sitting on a bench, which lands him flat on his bum in Joseon. Ha. Multiple arrows fly at him the second he gets up. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

An assassin charges him from the trees with a sword, while Boong-do remains unarmed. He hasn’t had a chance to tuck his talisman into his clothes, which results in it getting sliced in half before his eyes. Oh no!!

Something strange happens as a result, and Boong-do grips his head as the world around him grows fuzzy. The assassin uses this opportunity to attack and slices Boong-do on the chest, causing our scholar to fall to the ground, unconscious.

Memories of his fight in the library – when the talisman first saved his life – come and go. He wakes up in a bed to see his loyal servant Han-dong keeping vigil, though he doesn’t stay conscious long.

The Jeju officials are just happy to have him back, though he’s been unconscious for ten days. He expresses confusion at his surroundings, though the minister tells him that he’s in his private residence – he’s been reinstated, after all, and is no longer an exile.

But Boong-do’s confusion goes deeper than just the four walls around him. He seems surprised to even be in Jeju at all. “Why am I in Jeju, and why the reinstatement order?” he asks, eyes wide. Oh crap. This seems like some mystical mumbo jumbo caused by the torn talisman.

Boong-do doesn’t remember anything about his exile, and I wonder if his amnesia extends back to the library fight (judging from the flashback). So when Han-dong arrives to express happiness that his lord is in one piece, Boong-do only responds with more confusion. How did he get here?

Han-dong explains that the evil Minister Min sent an assassin to kill him, which sends us to a scene with Ja-soo receiving word of the failed assassination attempt. Boong-do was saved from death this time not by the talisman, but by guards that happened to be nearby.

He’s too excited to notice anything amiss about Boong-do, and exclaims that Minister Min will be coming to Jeju for exile soon, too. Our scholar looks like he’s checking his reactions very carefully, but this is all coming as news to him. (Also, where did he get that topknot?)

Back with Ja-soo, the assassin minion hands over the only thing he found at the scene – the two halves of Boong-do’s talisman. I love that Ja-soo is like, he carries a talisman with him? Which sounds akin to, He still plays with toys?

Boong-do asks Han-dong what day it is, and is shocked that it’s April 30th. The last day he remembers is the first of March. The last two months are a complete blank in his memory.

As he explains to his servant that his last memory was being stabbed in the library (in his first confrontation with Ja-soo), the same assassin who stabbed him puts the two pieces of the talisman together and begins to read the characters aloud.


An interesting turn, and that’s something I never thought I’d say about the amnesia plot device. Here’s the thing – the world has been so well established to where the mystical time-traveling bits seem like part and parcel to daily life, so in that sense, we believe in the power of the talisman just like Boong-do. When it was slashed in half I knew there’d be some sort of repercussion, because that’s just how the world has been set up. Because of that, I don’t believe that Boong-do’s amnesia was something randomly chosen from the grab bag of drama cliches inasmuch as it’s being used to hammer home the point that mystical circumstances beget mystical problems. It’s actually (gasp) being used believably.

Now that Boong-do has been playing with history, the choice to make Hee-jin’s career revolve around the historical events he’s living through – albeit in a TV drama – makes a lot of sense. It keeps Hee-jin intimately in tune with history enough to know when things change, and without a reason for her to care about historical events (so, if she worked any other kind of job sans historian), she’d be more out of the loop, and so would we. Her job isn’t just window dressing for her love story or something for her to do during scenes where she’s not with Boong-do; it’s been clearly thought out and serves a purpose. Love.

Time travel gets existential and funky when you start to think about the ramifications of what is and isn’t kosher to do in the past, though I like that Boong-do knows that he should meddle as little as possible. Still, it’s a pretty big deal that he changed the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty overnight, and that no one in the world remembers how history used to be, except for Hee-jin. I wonder what qualifies her to get a free memory pass – if it’s just a matter of knowing Boong-do, then Soo-kyung would remember the past events too, wouldn’t she? I’m guessing it comes down to who knows whether he’s a time traveler or not, and as of right now, Hee-jin is the only one to fill that quota.

With this new development things could take a more dramatic turn, though I’ve been loving the easy balance of comedy and drama so far. None of it ever feels forced, so when Boong-do was reciting the Ten Steps To Impress Your Girlfriend, I was laughing and swooning all at once. I like that they’re both frank in their own way about their future – they may not know all the answers, but they know that they want to face the questions together. Now with a broken talisman, the future becomes even more uncertain. To be separated from your lover by three-hundred years, and for him not to remember that you exist? That’s quite the pickle.


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      So don’t be discouraged by this twist! More goodness lies ahead!

    • 15.2 vivyip

      i’m mixed on the amnesia use… in this case, I don’t blame the writers for using it since, well, the couple is essentially already together by the end of 8 episodes. (remember it’s set for 16…if they’re already together by 8, what’s the use of the 16 run? remaining 8 episodes as filler? nah) I kinda say that they HAD to use it (to create something…I mean, what are they going to do? put hee-jin into the past? or is the audience going to have to watch boong do go legal? ^_^)

      I groaned when i hear amnesia, but in this show, it’s not too bad. (after all, he only got amnesia, not he went dumb and had a personality change)

      thank you dramabean recappers!

  16. 16 chillinducky

    Thanks for the recap!

    I agree about the amnesia bit– I’m glad it’s not used randomly, it does serve part of the fantasy element. At the same time, I kind of don’t want the amnesia because I just LOVE the cute scenes between these two!

  17. 17 am

    I want to further understand the rules surrounding the Talisman…and its limitations. I think there is something more to it than what we already know and it’s gonna inflict some major conflict that will make all of us weep for BD and HJ. What do we know about the Talisman so far?

  18. 18 -b-

    dang, this is really slow of an updates. There are already 10 episodes and you guys are only on 8. I do like that you guys are giving us a summary, but if possible, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys updates as fast as Rooftop Prince and the other dramas

    • 18.1 mandelbrotr

      You meant to just say, thank you, right?

      • 18.1.1 jomo

        Ah so funny! So true!
        That should be DB’s new tag line:
        “Deconstructing K-drama uptakes SLOWLY”


        • javabeans

          You may be on to something there:

          “Dramabeans: So slow we owe YOU time.”

          • fiske

            How do we apply to get our time refund? I’ll use mine to extend my time in Korea.

          • jomo

            Of course, you do!

            I will take mine in BDU’s:
            Boong Do Units – 43, please! ♥

          • MsB

            I’d like to apply to get my time back for some horrible dramas while we are at it 😀

          • skelly

            Oh, I like that idea – I can definitely think of some hours I would like back, hours spent hoping a drama would somehow get better (never happens…). For starters, I want back all 20 hours I wasted on The-Drama-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, even if it did have JHW in it.

          • rainerust

            LOL someone needs to get started on a header for this STAT.

            Hopefully it’ll act as a gracious reminder to those who come here demanding recaps as though our wonderful DB-ers owe them any. Tsk, these people.

    • 18.2 Makoto

      Dramabeans team have done their best to post the recaps. There are too many drama, not only QIHM. Please respect them for not doing quick update for this one. They do quick update for other drama such as Rooftop Prince, Equator Man and The King 2 Hearts.
      For me it doesn’t matter when the recap comes, eventhough I’ve watched it, I’ll still read the recap over again. 🙂

      • 18.2.1 Zie

        Ditto! Me too. Even though I have watch the episodes but reading Dramabeans recap is like seeing the little detail than I had missed. So yeah, it did not bother me if it comes out late. Cause I love the feeling seeing it being recap at the unexpected moment. Just like this one! xDD

        • daniela

          Right! when I sow the recap of this drama I was “YES! I KNEW IT SHE / THEY WILL LOVE IT!”

          There are some other drama / series that are recapped late (like TEN) but I simply enjoy reading the posts and comments, changing opinions, like in high school. It feels good to read and rave/rant and not just watching the shows, I feel more active, I use my brain and I “meet” people with same / different opinions.

          So, thank you Dramabeans!

    • 18.3 Manu

      They don’t really have to write any updates at all, so just appreciate what you’ve got

    • 18.4 21

      Javabeans said right at the beginning that this show would only be recap 1 episode per week. We are lucky that HeadsNo2 is helping with the recaps so that we get 2 per week. So stop complaining about slow updates and just say thankyou.

    • 18.5 JC

      Hey, if it wasn’t for dramabeans, I wouldn’t even know enough about this drama to give it a chance. So thank you DB!

      I’d much rather they recap a little late than not at all! They don’t always recap even the shows they love to death, like The Princess’s Man. Their recaps are always worth reading, even after watching the episode.

      There are two other (small) fansites, Scattered Jooni and DramaTalk, who are doing recaps faster, so I have been refreshing their sites as well as Dramabeans. I’m so obsessed with this show that I am reading three recaps of episodes I have already watched. Crazy!!!

      • 18.5.1 Asiatic rock

        Same here. This drama has made me go CRAZY. I have completed watching all 10 episodes but still cant help reading the recaps from scattered Joonni and drama talk. BUT my most awaited recap is always of DB. So when ever DB posts a recap of QIHM it simply makes my day :))

      • 18.5.2 SoyB

        DITTO! I wasn’t planning on watching it until I started reading the recaps here while waiting for RTP and K2H episodes… *shudder* I can’t believe I might have missed out on this fantastic experience without them so stop complaining. If you want faster recaps, there are places you can go as someone mentioned already. But it’s so nice to read multiple versions and takes and JB and NO do such a fantastic job of making really great points that we might have missed.

        • MsB

          Me too! When JB and HeadsNo2 get excited about a drama, it means something!

      • 18.5.3 lil

        LOL! me too, i read scattered jooni and dramatalk but i enjoy reading dramabeans, as well. haha… reading all of them makes me feel giddy with joy, no matter when they do their recaps… (,”0

    • 18.6 sally_b

      Wow…-b- …I’m really hoping the rudeness of your comment is based on limited English skills.

      Considering that this website is FREE and not a single one of the writers are obligated to do *anything* for any one of us ‘free-loaders’…I suggest you offer a word of THANKS first….then gently make your request like the stranger that you are.


      • 18.6.1 Alex

        Exactly. It’s not like they (all the writers) charge anything, its something theyre doing for fun and because they enjoy what they do. And they get a huge audience because of it.

    • 18.7 Zie

      Owh… stop it.. Its better than nothing at all. The girls are already being awesome for picking this up and I for one do not mind the late update.

      Let just be thankful for this cause seriously if not because of Javabean first episode recap, I think lots of us not even bother to pick up this drama. I mean, the reason I even bother to watch it in the first place is because of Javabean awesome first episode’s recap of the first scene where they met again. That scene was beautiful and when I read it here, I know i have to watch it and I did.

      So, yeah… be grateful! ^^

      • 18.7.1 JC

        Totally agree with you…javabean’s first couple recaps convinced me to watch the drama.

    • 18.8 anotheraddict

      Considering that both jb and H#2 are solo-recapping another Weds.-Thurs. drama, and that they are not machines (though I sometimes suspect they might be cyborgs or something because they seem to have superhuman abilities), it’s actually ridiculous to expect them to be able to get the recaps out that quickly. Unless of course you provide them with a way to travel to the future, write the recap, then come back and post it right after the drama airs. (But then you’d probably be griping about the lack of precaps.)

      I like that the recaps are spaced out during the week even though most of them are for Weds.-Thurs. dramas, and since the subs for this show usually take 3-4 days, I’m actually glad that the recaps have been a bit behind so far.

    • 18.9 Duncerblur

      Cool comment. So how much you gonna pay them to do your bidding? 🙂

    • 18.10 trotwood

      The comments to this thread should be an official notice to people. We may disagree about dramas on this site. We may fight about who really has prior claims to any one of our favorite stars. But don’t mess with the dramabeaners!!! Usually, people in these comments are very welcoming, but when the drambeaners are attacked, we circle the wagons. You’ve been warned.

      • 18.10.1 Mystisith

        LOL! So true. One for all and all for one!
        Random readers just don’t understand how many hours of work are needed for 1 exhaustive recap. Hours of sleep and eating are sacrificed: You really have to be fueled by passion for the show. And the only reward is the *THANK YOU* left in the comments section.
        So, thank you JB and Heads#2.

    • 18.11 skelly

      Ooooh, saying our dear Dramabeans team are “slow”, labelling their detailed, insightful recaps a “summary” – them’s fightin’ words.

      If this were a Western, the saloon would go silent at this point, and you would hear the swish and click of several guns being drawn and cocked. A voice would ring out, “What’d you say there, mister? You got a problem with this here town?” Cue indignant muttering in the background. Newcomer makes a hasty retreat, the saloon doors swing shut. The guns are re-holstered, the piano begins playing again, and everyone turns back to their drinks, order restored.

      • 18.11.1 Ivoire

        Very good analogy and visual Skelly 🙂

        • j27844

          i agree!!!

          i kind of had an “Oh. Crap…did i just hear (read) it right?” moment when i read it first.

      • 18.11.2 daniela

        It’s so realistic 😀
        10 points!

    • 18.12 ADramabeansFan

      Aww.. You’re so MEAN!!! And why do you still visit Dramabeans if there are others who can update immediately to your favorite dramas?! Huh?!

  19. 19 mandelbrotr

    Thank you for the recap. It was an incredible scene where Hee-jin drove around Boong-do; watching her face as the realization of their situation comes down like an oppressive weight. And I loved how they used the car for its non-transportation use.

    just watched ep 9 . . . awhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    almost ready to watch 10 unsubbed

    • 19.1 jomo

      OMG I loved how she showed a range of emotions driving around him.
      HE remained unchanged as her mood sobers, but her perception of him and them and their future flashes before her making us ALL suddenly sad.
      The music was great, too.

      • 19.1.1 Kiara

        I think that was one of the saddest scene but the kiss made up for it and his promise to come back.

    • 19.2 Kas

      Hee-Jin driving around him was an amazing scene! You can feel her falling in love with him (so was I).

      • 19.2.1 skelly

        Yes, my favorite scene was not so much the kiss, but when Hee Jin circles around BD in the car. At first she is giddy, and then you can see in her face as the ramifications of what she is doing and feeling fall into place, and suddenly she is no longer in the moment, but looking ahead and realizing the path they have set themselves on…and the music reflects this change perfectly.

    • 19.3 anotheraddict

      And I loved how they used the car for its non-transportation use.

      It was so cute how she got that in under the guise of a lesson about how things are done in 2012.

    • 19.4 SoyB

      I know… *pout* made me cry that scene… it was so well done.

  20. 20 melonhead

    오글 오글 ~~ <3

    • 20.1 am

      ( ̄ー ̄)

    • 20.2 melonhead

      oh, and that kiss? Sooo much better than the sliiiiiiiiiiiight brushes most k-dramas have, or the face eating ones. Thank God for cable.

      • 20.2.1 JC

        Yes! I thank the drama gods for TVN!!! And for directors who take extra time with the important kissing scenes!

        I loved Shut Up Flower Boy Band, but right now my love for QIHM surpasses even that.

        • SoyJade

          Completely agree.

        • MsB

          Agree! And I loved me some SUFBB!

        • spjork

          I thought SUFBB was alright.

          Flower Boy Ramyun Shop… now THAT was my show! With the kissing scene to end all kissing scenes (and I’m not talking about the one with the literal face-eating).

          *sigh* I miss the Chwaaaa.

      • 20.2.2 jomo

        The kiss was perfect.

        • Ivoire

          Yes it was!

      • 20.2.3 Ivoire

        @ Melonhead: I am with you on the kiss. I personally don’t mind the sliiiiight brushes most k-dramas have, but I did like (a lot) that this was not a face eating kiss, (please don’t shoot me, it is just my opinion and I believe I am entitled to it).
        I just felt that this kiss (both of them) fitted Boong-do’s character and the way he has been presented to us, as well as the way he cares about her. He is a courteous and gentle guy, around her and with her. I LOVE that we could see and feel the tension between them, the hesitation, the anticipation and that we could feel and see the second kiss coming, and the whole scene looked and felt natural, not acted, not forced. And it WAS a kiss, a different one, “a gentler, longer kiss,” as HeadsNo2 aptly put it, and it came to an end naturally as well. I personally felt that the kiss fitted both of the characters.
        Ok, I will stop raving about the kiss now, nicely written, nicely done. It was nice to see something different that still showed the attraction (and the growing love) they both have for each other.
        P.S.: Again Ricky, I really don’t mean to evoke traumatic images for you (too late for that I guess, the scenes are there for us to see), please don’t strangle or curse our Boong-do :-). I honestly hope you will survive all their lovey dovey scenes. Man, I am having so much fun teasing you :-), this is great!!!!

        • daniela

          Now I need to kiss somebody :)))

          And Who is Ricky? this is the second post with/ about him 😀

          • momosa

            Lol! You too need to kiss someone!

          • Ivoire

            Hi Daniela, how are you?

            LOL!!! So Ricky (actually it’s Ricky The Royal Highness aka Ricky TRH) is one of the very few guys who participates and comments on this blog. He is also a regular on Open Thread aka as OT on Fridays.
            So I found out a few months ago that Ricky likes (maybe even love or lube, lube as Kim Sam Soon would say) Yoo Inna and that he had “MINED” her, meaning that he had let us know that she was his. Some of the commentators here have *MINED* their favorite(s) actor/singer/model etc…, so we have a sense of who likes who and to what extent 🙂
            I get a kick out of messing with Ricky because his *LOVE* is *in love* with someone else (in the drama) and is being lovey dovey with someone else. Ricky is currently finishing his last exams and papers, which explains why he hasn’t responded to my posts yet. I think he will, eventually when he reads the recaps and the comments here (Hi Ricky *waves*).
            I hope this long explanation helped. Also, “Now, I need to kiss somebody,” Oh, oh, I opened a can of worms, didn’t I? I hope you are OK 🙂

          • daniela

            @ ivoire: thanks for the enlightenment about Ricky. (Hi Ricky *waves*) – 😀
            It’s almost 1 a.m., I’ve just finished the 11-th episode and NOW I really really need to go and kiss someone (actually, my husband :D, he is not BD but he does kiss like BD).

          • ricky trh

            Hi daniela! *waves*

            Need I remind you that I have a very hi-tech long range missile launcher? *pretends to be menacing*

          • Ivoire

            Hi Daniela and Ricky,
            LOL literally at Ricky’s comment. You had me chuckling for a while. I am currently packing and getting ready for a weekend trip, so I can’t stay long. I will be back later tonight or tomorrow to comment because I really want to, so please check back later 🙂

        • SoyB

          Okay wait… what is a face eating kiss? I have to say, most of the kisses are the sort of cold passionless lips on lips. Could you give me an example i.e. a name of a drama?

          • Kiara

            Rain and Shin Minah in “A Love To Kill”. He was basically eating her face after she threw up in one scene.

            Totally gross me out.

          • daniela

            Even one of the kisses from FBRS was kind of face eating kiss. ( http://youtu.be/sO0e-Zu5qis )

      • 20.2.4 momosa

        Yeah! Feel like kissing after watching that kiss…lol!

  21. 21 Arhazivory

    “They’re interrupted by a crew member whose job specialty is bad timing”

    That guy! I could’ve punched him. Didn’t he read the script?! *grumbles*

    • 21.1 Mystisith


    • 21.2 daniela

      I think it’s Ricky!:)))

      • 21.2.1 Ivoire

        Very good one, Daniela. You are like Boong-do, quick on the uptake. So LOL at your comment. Yeah Ricky, get off the set already and stop stalking Yoo Inna 🙂

  22. 22 21

    Thanks for the recap! I inwardly cringe when the talisman was cut in half and then he lost his memory as a result! However I am not too worry that his memory loss would be drag on too long because this show is just too awesome for all that drama! <3

    • 22.1 Hagar

      This show never drags anything longer than it should so if I were you I wouldn’t worry too much.

  23. 23 Manu

    Be still my heart ♥
    I love this drama and everything about it, which kinda surprises me. I really like HJ and BD and even DM lol

    After watching ep 10, I don’t even know what’ll I’ll do with myself after it finishes. I was honestly so surprised that I ended up loving this as much as I do after watching the first episode on a whim.

    I did not expect a lot from it considering it sounded so similar to RP, but that could be the farthest thing from it now.

    • 23.1 ninsarama

      I totally agree with you! I was just sticking to King 2Hearts when I started reading these recaps. I sampled an episode starting from Ep5, and then I fell in love.

    • 23.2 daniela

      Actually, I watch the shows that I love every time i feel down, or tired. ( I know by hart “Full house ” :D)

  24. 24 ninsarama

    LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE IT!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m going to be soo depressed when this is over! (SIGH) 🙁

  25. 25 Zie

    OMG! Another recap? Thanks Headsno2.. ^^ You are awesome. I was here about an hour ago, I think and there was no new recap of QIHM but here I am and the comments is already over 40+.

    Anyway, this is the episode I feel Boong Do likes Hee Jin. Especially when he blurt out lets meet up in a month. and of course when he ended up kissing her in the car. I was like Swoon.

    This is a really well acted and well script Drama and I’m loving it to bits.

    • 25.1 Zie

      And here I am waiting and expecting for the page to be full with <3 <3 <3 by Javabean shooting across the page.

      Javabean, just come out and fangirl with us again.. xDDD

      • 25.1.1 Arhazivory

        LOL. Yeah, that was kinda cool.

  26. 26 SoyJade

    I love this drama so much, I kind of regret not waiting until it was finished to get it started. I am suffering so much waiting for the episodes to be subbed and a recap in order to help me understand what is going on. There is so much compacted in 45 mins. It isn’t until I read the recaps that I realized that as attentive as I think I am watching, there is still a lot I do not understand or I am missing. So, thanks so much for the recap. I actually kind of blame you and your enthusiasm for the drama for not being able to stay away :).

    One thing I like and I think is important about the car scene, is the the way she was dressed. I think that might have helped him see her as more of a love interest. She is more beautiful to him in those clothes.

    When KBG mentions about not being able to take the car back to Joseon, it makes me wonder how he got his horse to the current era. Also, about the assassin in ep.2, how did he get through?.

    I wasn’t even planning to watch this drama, but I think it has become one of my favorite Kdrama EVER. TVN Keep up the good work. You are making me happy this year.

    • 26.1 jomo

      “One thing I like and I think is important about the car scene, is the the way she was dressed.”

      I agree – for the reason you mentioned -she looked more beautiful to him, but also because HE was dressed in modern clothes.

      That image makes for a powerful reversal of their realities.

      • 26.1.1 SoyJade

        Yes, very good point “the reversal of their realities is powerful imagery”. They each become more relate-able to the other. He can probably imagine living with her in his era. She can imagine being with him in the current one. This drama is so awesome.

        • Arhazivory

          Nicely said. They each can compromise and I really believe that one of them will.

        • Alex

          It’s also an awesome reversal of the opening scene, which we can only assume happens later.

          There, she’s in modern clothing and he’s in Hanbok and yet neither cares.

          It seems that the reversal of realities is a great way for them to fall for one another, but once it happens, it doesn’t matter anymore. Just the presence of the other is sufficient. And that’s beautiful.

    • 26.2 Zie

      I think the reason why he said he unable to take the car beck to Joseon is well, its a car and there is no car in Joseon. It would be weird and not to mention what would happen to the history if he in fact bring the car to Joseon.

      And as for the horse and assassin in ep2, i think he is able to bring stuff in and out of Joseon. Just like he did with his sword. For the horse, he was on it and cross the portal with it and as for the assassin, I think he was too close to Boong Do and slide into the portal too.

      • 26.2.1 SoyJade

        @Zie, I think what that makes sense. I kind of figured about the car,lol. It’s just that comment led me to wonder about the other things. Thank you.

  27. 27 news

    This is my favorite drama so far this year! Everything actually makes SENSE in a compelling and suspenseful way, even the amnesia. Not only that, but they never drag out a scenario to the point where we’re like, ‘Ok, let’s move on already.’

    I’m also really enjoying Stroke of Good Luck / Unexpected You / My Husband Got a Family.

    • 27.1 ninsarama

      me too! Such a refreshing drama!

  28. 28 kelinci biru

    I was questioning why only Hee Jin remembers, I like Headsno2 theory that they are the only people knows and believe the time-travel.

    I agree with Headsno2 that this time the overused plot device (read: amnesia) is used wisely and believably. Thanks so much Heads!

    Again, I want to praise the director-nim. Sir/Ma’am? I really like your work here. Everything is beautiful and has such a nice pace that never bores me, keep us viewer on the edge and makes us swoon all the time. *bow*

    Ji Hyun Woo oppa, I found out during my research that you played in a movie that I watched before! I’m going to turn my room upside down for that dvd. Or I’ll just download it again.

    And, oh, girls, if internet is correct, he graduated from Sungkyunkwan university! *swoon*

  29. 29 lyra

    another MV released by CJ E& M drama
    (summary of episode 1-10 )

  30. 30 reallycool

    Don’t wanna spoil anything but Yoo In Na really shines in episode 9 & 10 acting wise. As we get to see another side of her other than just being bubbly.

  31. 31 Deets

    I had the same question as HeadsNo2 when Boong Do woke up – Where the heck did he get his topknot from?!!

    • 31.1 SoyJade

      I think I read somewhere that that is explained in Episode 9. I don’t know the answer yet.

    • 31.2 JC

      This is answered in eps. 9 and 10!

  32. 32 anotheraddict

    First of all, “comments from the beanut gallery”– haha, and, I resemble that remark!

    Thanks, H#2– splendid recap and insights, as per usual. Gotta love a recap that has ♥s in it. And the fact that you ended it with a screencap of a bare-shouldered Boong Do lying in bed, looking directly at me, makes it even better. 😀

    Double aww. Add a side of swoon to that too, super sized. That about sums up what so many of us are feeling about Boong Do. What a great guy! I loved that he was hitting up Soo Kyung for advice about the ultimate corny and romantic gesture, while nearby yet long ago, Minister Min was being carted off to exile. In yo face, Sinister! And I agree with all the appreciation above for Soo Kyung’s reactions. There’s just so much to love about this smart, sweet show (and man)!

    • 32.1 Ivoire

      Hi Anotheraddict: “There’s just so much to love about this smart, sweet show (and man)!” I don’t know if you are watching (have watched) the King 2 Hearts, but I was thinking that after we kidnap Shi Kyung and clone him (and return him to the princess), we should kidnap Boong-do and clone him (for those of us who are interested) and then return him to Hee-jin. A sweet man indeed, who doesn’t mind doing corny things for the woman he loves. He actually seeks out to do them 🙂

      Do you think you could top that, Ricky? (Ok, you are actually still a student, so you get a pass :-))

      • 32.1.1 anotheraddict

        Hi Ivoire! I love uri EarnestBot too! This was part of my comment in the ep.7 recap: “I feel especially spoiled to have two heroes making me giddy these days: Eun Shi Kyung and Kim Boong Do. They’re both extraordinarily awesome and yet, so unassuming. I dies.”

        • Duncerblur

          Notice the resemblance of the two when Boong Do was going through the steps of driving? I was thinking … Bot’s Bro! Ernest Bros!

          • Ivoire

            Hi Duncerblur,
            Now that you mention it, Boong Do could be Earnest Bot hyung, since he is 300 years older and all 🙂 Good thinking, realizing how alike they can be even though both characters are in different genres regarding their dramas.

        • Ivoire

          @ Anotheraddict, we are spoiled to have such heroes (two of them in the same time frame) but I think we deserve them for the painful, watch-me-be-a-jerk-then-grow/change heroes we have had to put up with and endure through the many dramas we have watched over the years. So, let’s embrace our heroes, root for them, and hope that the ending of the drama will be fitting to what they (rightly) deserve (a happy ending in both cases).
          “They are both extraordinarily awesome and yet, so unassuming,” I know, right? And to think that some women on this planet are actually blessed enough to have such men in their lives as dads/brothers/cousins/partners/husbands/fiances/boyfriends/colleagues etc… Where does one go to meet such guys? (I’m just kidding, I know it can happen anywhere).
          I LOVE especially that they are “UNASSUMING,” Oh I love that about them. It makes them feel so earthy, so real in a way that they are not (and don’t act) easily affected, they are not wishy washy. SO REFRESHING!!!!! I love people who are great, and yet unassuming, that gets me every time!

      • 32.1.2 Arhazivory

        I’m all for that kidnapping idea. Since so many of us want one of each – we’ll need to do a lot of cloning.

        • Qua Trang

          No, I am SO NOT joining this conspiracy! I DON’T do unlawful thing! But I happen to know a place large enough to house your scientific research on cloning! For the sake of science! All I ask for is one of your final perfect products! I am a scientist and I always support research!

          • Ivoire

            Hi Qua Trang,

            LOL, I loved your comment!!!! You don’t do anything unlawful, BUT for the sake of science, you would help us find a place where we can do the research, bwahaha 🙂
            Thank you (very much) and we will let you know when we have perfected our products (both guys) 🙂

        • Mystisith

          I’m building the factory right now… I already accept pre-orders. 🙂

          • Ivoire

            Ok, people should just stand in line then 🙂

          • daniela

            It was quite late last night when I read this, but (PLEASE) if it’s not to late to receive orders, have mine too. (I remember having the first idea about a list for BD) but he must have the talisman, cause I can’t keep him to my place all the time, you know, I have a husband 😀

        • Ivoire

          Ok Arhazivory,
          we’ll make a list to figure out how many clones we need to have. Then, each one of us can personalize their particular clone to fit their needs/likes/preferences. We might also need a time machine to be able to go into the future (or a talisman, a la Boong Do) to see what kinds of advances they have made regarding cloning so we don’t make any mistakes when we make our clones. Maybe we could also talk to prince Yi Gak about that (I got the idea from “slfowie” [I think that’s her screen name] about the time machine and talking to Yi Gak). I wonder how long it would take us to do all the cloning :-)…

          • daniela

            I don’t need a personalized one (maybe some English dictionaries, I believe he can learn it faster than me Korean).

          • Ivoire

            Daniela, you are so funny (what part of the world do you live in? Just curious). I will comment on your response later…

          • daniela

            @ivoire: Im from roumania :d

          • Ivoire

            @ Daniela, Oh cool. I am from Cameroon in Central Africa, but I live in Northern California. Nice to meet you here.

          • daniela

            The world si so small 😀 Nice to meet you too!

  33. 33 news

    I just want to add that I’m so glad to see Ji Hyun Woo in the lead role. I remember liking his acting a lot in My Sweet Seoul and wondering when someone will recognize his understated charm and upgrade him to Leading Man.

    • 33.1 SoyJade

      I really like the way Ji Hyun Woo is playing his role. He is perfect for the drama. I remember liking him in the first few episodes of ATK and watching it for him, but all the other bad things and what they did to his character made me drop that drama. I cannot see anyone else in this role.

    • 33.2 dramabliss

      I so love QIHM, and of course Kim Boong-Do that I recently marathoned Birth of the Rich. He was the male lead in that drama and his character was likeable enough but not as perfect as our KBD.

  34. 34 stars4u

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    I figured something would happen to the talisman but am not sure how I feel about an amnesia arc being the conflict in the drama. I hope Hee Jin doesn’t have to win Boong Do’s love all over again since she was the active pursuer in their relationship this whole time.

    Many thanks for the recap, HeadsNo2!

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    Please and thank you. ^^

    • 37.1 Naddie

      Word. I was spoiled for the ending of this ep in the previous recaps and now I’m spoiled for the ending of ep 10 🙁 Maybe I should stop reading the comments for a while until I’m caught up with the subs…

      The very least any commenter could do is to label it as spoilers. Pretty please? 🙂

      • 37.1.1 javabeans

        I just deleted a bunch of spoilers. (Grarr.)

        Really, the best way to deal with it is to email us directly (faster than posting a comment, since I may not read the thread right away but I check my email regularly) and I’ll delete ’em.

        • Lizzie

          Thank you Javabeans!

          People really should respect the others.

          I mean, their fingers won’t fall if they put a ”warning” in their comment.

        • MsB

          I promise that I will only comment on a person without saying what! I don’t like spoilers unless I seek them out! *HAND PLEDGE*

      • 37.1.2 Mystisith

        Hi Naddie,
        Sad reality: The majority of the commenters here have watched ALL the episodes available, subbed AND raw (countless times). There is a QIHM crazy mania party going on and wanting to stop the spoilers is like trying to stop the Amazon. Yes, i think than avoiding the comments is the best solution for you…
        PS: I’m not encouraging spoilers but i just acknowledge what is happening with this magical drama.

  38. 38 Leslie

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    I can’t even imagine how the writer is going to resolve this both from the angle of the love story and also the historical perspective. If historical events were changed by Boong-do’s actions, but the version we have in reality today is the unchanged version, then does that mean that the ending will have all of Boong-do’s actions negated? (i mean, assuming that the ‘reality’ in the drama is our ‘reality’ as well) What does that mean for him, and the two of them?

    Oh well, I’m enjoying the drama as it is, and each episode has me wondering what will come next. Love the silent moments and glances with such undercurrents of meaning and longing.

  43. 43 jomo

    Thanks for yet another awesomely written and explained recap! You must have a well out back where you can pull up all those words, eh? They just keep coming at us!

    I really haven’t stopped thinking about this show since I started watching it. Even though the subs are not immediately available like RP, the mess that is FK, K2H and LR, fanbase hasn’t stopped enjoying this drama.
    We can be a determined lot, I think, when we find something as tasty as this show. I guess we are like pigs and this show is like truffles to us!

    Everything everyone says is true with how perfect this is.

    The one thing I wanted to point out is how really well acted and written the kisses were.
    First, we get HJ continuing her education of the scholar with her “I can’t stop this” kiss, followed by the nervous, flutter gibberish she starts to cover the adrenaline shooting through her body.
    Then we get his reaction. Not surprise this time, like in the elevator. This time he seems to be carefully considering their situation, his feelings. He thinks for a while before pulling her back towards him, which shuts her up!

    Who are you, little queen? What are you doing to me?
    Being the deep thinker that he is, he verifies with the little peck, to see if what he’s feeling is really what he’s feeling. Decides, yes, he is.
    She waits for his next move and her darting gaze shows that she may have just fallen even deeper than she expected.
    His tenderness with her seems to be telling her so much in that moment, she actually flinches. More than once, she closes her eyes even tighter in reaction to him. I have never seen THAT before from an actress in a Kdrama. What? She has nerve endings that function? Wow!
    Then, they both relax until the “crew member whose job specialty is bad timing” interrupts.


    • 43.1 shl

      @Jomo I love your description of what was going on when the 2 of them kissed! Spot on, I think. Ah, I can’t get that kiss out of my head. Gotta try it out on the husband tonight . . . 😎

    • 43.2 SoyJade

      Wow! The way you describe it point by point just made an amazing kiss, impossibly better. I agree with you. Again, I love how this show gives attention to the slightest details.

      I was re-watching a scene where I noticed KBD’s scars on his hand. he was in modern time, but he had been fighting in the Joseon one.

    • 43.3 SoyB

      Wow… you’ve made me go watch the scene… yet again… to see if I can see what you wrote.

      *running off to watch the kissing scene*

    • 43.4 daniela

      “I guess we are like pigs and this show is like truffles to us!” LOL being compared to a pig should be an insult, but eating truffles makes it sound so good.

  44. 44 Lizzie

    Please everyone, no spoiler!

    Why can’t you say what you loved about this episode.

    Why talk about the others episodes in the recap of episode 8.

    Let’s respect the others too!

    Or at least put a spoiler warning.

    Thanks for the recap H2!

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    usually i say that i “love” a drama “so much,” but i think “appreciate” expresses my sentiments much more finely in this case. it’s one of the most solid shows i’ve ever watched in recent recall. i actually do think i might love this one straight through to the end.

    how many times does a drama start out all rosy and promising (hem rooftop prince HEM HEM) and then fizzle into mediocrity or crazy? but this drama’s got a brain. and typically, i don’t get so invested a romance where i’m really rooting for a particular side; i’ll just go wherever the writers take me.

    but with this drama, for what may be the first time in my life, I REALLY WANT THESE TWO TOGETHER. it really might break my heart otherwise, like how it did when youknowwhat happened to the kim young-ju from city hunter…

  46. 46 misachan

    it’s getting ridiculous. I just can’t seem to get enough of this drama.. it’s like crack (except I don’t really know what that is supposed to be like.. but if I were to guess, it’d be like this.)

    I’m having withdrawal symptoms on days other than wednesday and thursday.

    So this recap came as a welcomed surprise. Especially since it’s almost caught up with the current episodes.


  47. 47 Yumi

    Thanks for the recap.

    “Do you have any reason to come here anymore?” Hee-jin asks.

    Boong-do: “My lover is here. Isn’t that a reason? Didn’t I say that I would try my best to be your lover?”

    I love the sweetness of their relationship.

    Two people meet, like each other. Interact honestly, fall in love. No obstacles to get in their way, except for a ex-boyfriends with and big ego, (and the 300 years that separate their individual time frames.)

    So sweet.

    • 47.1 kyary

      Even though there is the “ex-boyfriend with the big ego and 300 years that separate” them, they don’t let it get in the way of their relationship :))

  48. 48 eternalfive

    Hahaha HeadsNo2, the number of times you say “aww” in the recap just perfectly sums up my reaction to this ep too. XD Thank you so much for recapping this! And AWWWW THE FIRST PIC <3 This episode was AWESOME, and the car scene was SOSOSOSOSOSOSOS SWEEEEET, it made me melt into an incoherent puddle of goo. It *still* makes me melt into an incoherent puddle of goo obviously, just from the thought of it. *fangirl flailing*

    I don't know how I feel about the amnesia thing though. I don't feel like it's manufactured conflict, and it didn't make me headdesk like it might've in another drama, but…hm, I guess I'm just hoping that it serves another, more important purpose in the overall storyline other than just keeping the couple apart and whatnot. I mean, I want that angst to pay off somehow. 😛

    • 48.1 skelly

      I actually like the amnesia – to me, it seems like the opening salvo in a battle. BD has been manipulating time to serve his own ends, it stands to reason that there will be repercussions…and amnesia is a slap on the wrist compared to what could happen.

  49. 49 Aya

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    Thanks a lot!

    A few more hours to watch todays episode :))…
    Be still my heart….

    • 49.1 Zie

      Yup.. Few more hours to go til the next episode.. I can’t wait. So… gonna camp later in Soompi. xDD Haven’t done that since Prosecutor Princess and heck I was not as obsess with it like I am with Queen InHyun’s Man. hehehehe

  50. 50 Alex

    He is soo adorable and I love how the amnesia is finally used in an interesting manner.

    I have full confidence it’s not going to be just some plot point to entirely rebuild drama that didn’t exist any more.

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